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the Scuffy - 21. Chapter 21

Sleeping with Peter is something else. I don’t know how he does it, but he has one arm around Glen’s neck and one arm around mine. Of course he’s laying on part of Glenn and me. Uncle was on the ball, the horn sounded at four am.

I took Peter to the head, he did his business, washed his hand and gave me a hug. I met Glen on the stern to bless the ocean. We were soon joined by three.

When I walked into the cabin, there was Peter talking a mile a minute to Uncle. I smiled, put the coffee on, microwaved two breakfast sandwiches, handed one to Uncle and one to Peter.

“Let’s go guys and see what we’ve caught. Nicky, show Jamie what to do. Charles, you know so pitch right in.” The net was full and there was some tuna as well. "Glen, put the tuna in the tins."

When all of the fish from the port net was in the holding tank, “Nicky, come and help me with the starboard net.” The net was full as well, the boys really hustled to get the fish in the holding tank and three tuna in the tins. I dropped the nets again and was ready for breakfast.

I looked at Jamie, “You okay?”

“Yes, that was a lot of work. No wonder you guys are built like that.”

“Do you work out at all?”

“No, there are no clubs around and dad said I didn't need to become muscle bound.”

“I don’t think Glen or I are muscle bound, but we do work out at a private gym. I might get you a membership card. You can work out with Nicky and Charles.”

He looked at Nicky, “You belong to a private gym and never said anything to me.”

“Yes, I do and I couldn’t because you know how gossip goes. But if you’re interested, I’ll put in a good word for you.” That was it, Nicky couldn’t keep a serious face. He began to laugh, Jamie looked like ‘what’s so funny’.

“Jamie, the private gym is at my house and it’s in the basement as well. Nicky will show it to you when we go home.”

I thought Jamie was a nice kid and he certainly didn’t shirk the work. He was pushing those fish around like he had done it his whole life. “Let’s eat guys” I took out the cartons of juice, Glen started to fill glasses. Coffee was done, he asked who wanted coffee. The biscuits were in the microwave heating and soon everyone was eating. I had enough for everyone to have three knowing Glen and I would only have two.

“What do we do now?”

“We need to bring more tins up from storage. Charles, can you show Jamie where they are.” While they're bringing them up, Glen was showing them where to put them.


“Uncle, I’d like to rename the boat. How do you feel about it?”

“When I bought this boat, that was the name. I never thought about it one way or another.”

“I’d like to name it, the Peter Charles. What do you think?”

Uncle started to laugh, “There was a time I was going to name it ‘the Kevin’. Just never got around to it. I think that’s a good name for this old piece of wood. With the crew getting younger and younger, it sounds good.”

“You’re right, the crew is getting younger and younger. I don’t think that’s a bad idea, do you?”

“No, I think it’s a good idea. It teaches then about fishing and keeps them out of trouble.”

“I don’t think the kids working on the boat would get into trouble. They are good kids but it does give me food for thought.”


I was sitting on the bench at the stern with a cup of coffee when Glen came and sat down beside me. “Glen, what do you think about inviting Johnny to become a part of my crew?”

“If we can get him to work like Nicky and Jamie, it would make our lives easier. What brought this about?”

“I was talking to Uncle and he mentioned the age of our crew. He said that taking the young kids fishing keeps them out of trouble. I thought of Johnny, I think he’s probably a good kid that may have been mixed up with the wrong crowd.”

“You’re always thinking about helping others, look what you have done for Nicky. I use to worry about him getting mixed up with the wrong people. Not any more, he has become very serious and the fact that he’s piloting your boat,” “Our boat” “Our boat gives him confidence and your support further builds his confidence.”

“Before we do anything, I need to talk to Nicky.”

Glen started to laugh, “Point made”


“I think it’s time to bring those nets in and then have lunch.” Walking to the bow, “You guys ready to work again?” I saw smiles, and who was the first one out, Charles.

“Okay Nicky, I want you to help me pull in the port net. Get ready guys.” The net was full again, and we had tuna. I watched the boys start to push the fish to the holding tank while Glen took care of the tuna. “Okay, Jamie, help Glen with the starboard net.”

I stood by in case I was needed, I wasn’t. Charles was really working hard pushing those fish. I took care of the tuna and then helped with filling the holding tank. I looked up and Uncle was smiling. I waved, he nodded his head and Peter waved back. Nets were dropped again. “Let’s have lunch guys.”

Stella’s sandwiches were a big hit. We had our beer except Uncle who had coffee. We kept teasing Peter, “Peter, don’t tell Gram you were drinking beer.”

“Peter, are you drinking beer?” Peter was giggling all the time.

I took this opportunity to approach the subject of Johnny. “Nicky, what do you think about asking Johnny to join us?”

Nicky looked at Jamie, “I don’t know if his dad will let him after the trouble he has been in.”

“If his dad said yes, what do you think?”

“I don’t know. Thursday night he was okay, he had fun and I think he’ll want to come back.”

I thought Stella’s sandwiched were huge. I watched two boys devour them, I looked at Glen, he was smiling. Dare I offer them another. “Do you boys want another sandwich?”

“Maybe a half” I took another sandwich, which was cut in half at the deli, handed each boy half and sat back watching them devour the half. I looked at Glen, he went outside and I heard him laugh.

We’ll pull the nets at six. “Glen, if the nets at six are as full as the last two pulls, we’ll be heading home.”

“With the nets in the water”

“Yes, got to give Nicky credit, it does add to the catch. How many empty tins do we have?”


“Only the ones in storage”

“Charles, can you go to the storage area and count how many empty tins we have ?”

He was gone in a flash. Coming back on deck, “Dad, I counted thirteen.”

“Thanks, for that you get thirteen hugs.”

“Next time I’ll go and count if you’re giving hugs.” I stood up and grabbed Glen and started to give him hugs. Charles started to laugh, then Glen grabbed him and started to give him hugs.

Charles sat on the bench between Glen and I. Peter gets a lot of attention because of his age, Charles doesn’t because of his age. Like all kids, they like the fuss when they are the recipient. This, I must remember.


Walking toward the bow, “Okay gang, time to get to work.” This time I let Nicky work with Glen and Jamie work with me. The boys pitched right in and we filled the empty tins with tuna. The holds were full, we decided to head for home at a slow pace, per Nicky, with the nets were in the water.


We sat around and had dinner, which really was leftovers. I looked at Uncle, “Well, what do you think of my crew?”


Uncle must have been feeling good, “Best group of land lubbers I have ever seen. In twenty years they might be good sailors.”


“Aw come on Uncle, even Peter is better than Lou.”


That set Uncle off, “My parrot is better than that land lubber.”


Glen and I were the only ones who knew Lou. We laughed as well, the funny part was that was true.


When we got in sight of the dock, “Nicky, let’s cut the engine and I’ll drop the anchor. We can get a good night’s sleep.” That’s what we did.

Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.

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The Peter Charles that's cool. And Uncles parrot is better than Lou.

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Monty Python's Parrot skit comes to mind.  Awesome story and chapter thank you for sharing.

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Entertaining chapter, I see a bit of drama ahead 

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12 hours ago, mikedup said:

Entertaining chapter, I see a bit of drama ahead 


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12 hours ago, Dathi said:

Monty Python's Parrot skit comes to mind.  Awesome story and chapter thank you for sharing.

thank you for reading 

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13 hours ago, weinerdog said:

The Peter Charles that's cool. And Uncles parrot is better than Lou.


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