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Johnny Breeze & Me - 16. A New Family

Yes, it's another cavity-inducing sweet chapter! We get to see Johnny and Jason's new family flourish. We also get to see the extended family get closer.



Chapter 16 – A New Family

Cade’s first week with us was exciting for all as we began to fall into a temporary routine. I call it temporary because JJ was still crashing at the loft.

While Johnny and I went off to work, JJ and Cade spent the day together. JJ was in heaven as he and our son bonded. JJ said he finally had the little brother he always wanted. Cade was thrilled to spend time with JJ and “help” get the house ready for Zach. Of course, most of the help consisted of swimming and horsing around.

I was happy that JJ called Johnny to let him know that Cade wanted to go skinny dipping. I was even happier when Johnny came to me to talk about it before a decision was made. Johnny felt strongly that since the pool was isolated from the neighbors, there should be no problem. More importantly, he didn’t want Cade to grow up with the embarrassment or shame society tries to put on the human body.

I was more concerned that he not swim unsupervised than what he wore in the pool. Of course, that brought up the question of whether JJ or Zach should wear suits when swimming with Cade. We talked some more and decided the most important thing was that Cade was comfortable and that we trusted JJ and Zach. Johnny called JJ back and told him our thoughts, and all was good.

Tuesday night Johnny and I got home from the theatre and were greeted with kisses from Cade. JJ was out on the balcony on the phone, and Cade explained, “Uncle JJ’s on the phone with Uncle Zach, so I made dinner!” He took us by the hands and led us into the kitchen. I had to smile when I saw a stack of ham and cheese sandwiches. “Papa, that’s all I know how to make. I hope you and Dad can help me with the other stuff.”

So, Johnny and I began Cade’s first cooking lesson. Johnny and Cade decided to grill the sandwiches, and he showed him how to use a spatula to turn the sandwiches. Cade said he learned how to use a stove when he was taking care of his mother and he knew how to be safe, as long as he had a step so he could reach things safely. I began putting together a salad, and Johnny showed Cade how to use a knife to cut vegetables by holding on to the cucumber with his fingers curled under and using his other hand to work the knife. I was impressed that he did such a good job, especially for a kid.

While we were having dinner, JJ started to talk about the changes he was making to the house. We’d not yet heard anything so it was exciting to hear. He had all the carpeting ripped out of the house and had hardwood floors installed in every room except the bathrooms. They get tiled floors. Simon’s study was being transformed into a media room. The largest guest room (which was JJ’s old room) will be a dance studio. Of the four upstairs bedrooms, the master suite will be for Zach and JJ, one will be for Cade and the other two will be converted to a deluxe guest suite with a sitting room, bedroom, and bath.

He suggested that the theatre’s guest artists could stay there if we wanted. I thought it was a good idea, but I would have to check with the Board as well as the guest artists and see what they thought. Cade was especially excited about the dance studio. He told us that JJ had offered to give him some private lessons whenever he was able.

The next morning, I asked Shirley to come into my office so I could pick her brain from her knowledge of local progressive schools. She was thrilled to help me find a school for Cade and had two former clients she thought would be good for him.

One was the Khabele School which was known for its progressive and international curriculum but always had quite a long waiting list. The other was the Austin School for the Performing and Visual Arts. The students at ASPVA spend half of their day in their fine arts classes and the other half working on their academics through a program of online and computer-based classes while being supervised by academic specialists. Cade would have to audition for that school, and although I had yet to see him dance, we could probably have him ready for an audition after a couple of camp sessions.

By the end of the week, we had Cade’s audition set up and had him on the waiting list for the Khabele School. Johnny and I took Friday off and took Cade shopping for a new wardrobe and some extra goodies. We took him to The Domain and spent some more time at Gap Kids while picking up some great looking clothes at Macy’s and Dillard’s. We also got him an iPad and went down to the Microsoft store and got him a laptop. Johnny didn’t want to invest in a MacBook until he was a little older.

As our day ended, I asked Johnny to follow me into the Baily, Banks, and Biddle store. He gave me a confused look, and I lifted the chain with his father’s wedding band off my neck. “Johnny, when I committed to being a Dad to your beautiful son, I also committed to you... and us.” I took the ring off the chain and placed it on my right hand. When the day comes that you and I can be married, I will happily move the ring to my left hand. In the meantime, I would like nothing more than to have you pick out a ring so I can properly ask you to become my partner for life.”

Cade looked up at me and said, “Dad, are you and Papa gonna get married?”

Johnny looked at his son with tears in his eyes. “Someday we will Cade... as soon as the law allows us to. And then, only if you think it’s something you would like.”

“Well, duh! You’re my dads! You should be married to each other!”

“One more thing Johnny... if it’s okay with you and our beautiful boy, I would like to adopt him legally.”

“Damn you, Jason! Could you have picked a more public place to make my life perfect?” Johnny was fighting back the tears as we walked into the jewelry store.

Johnny tried on different rings, and the fourth one he tried on caught Cade’s eye. It was a two-tone band with rings of gold on the outside and a band of white gold on the inside. “I like that one, Papa.”

“Well, baby boy, so do I, and you just helped me pick out the most beautiful ring in the world!”

Cade had to go to the restroom, so Johnny offered to take him while I finished up with the jeweler. I paid a little extra so they would size the ring while we had lunch. I met the rest of my wonderful family outside, and we decided to have lunch at North, an Italian restaurant just down the street from the jewelry store.

Lunch was spectacular, and the wait staff did all they could to spoil Cade. He loved the attention, of course, and won them all over with his adorable dimples and wit. Just as we were finishing up lunch, I got a text from JJ. The house was done, and he wanted us to stop by and have a look on our way home.

We stopped by the jewelry store, and I picked up the bag they had waiting for me, and we piled into the car with all the bags from our shopping expedition. We were soon on our way, and fifteen minutes later, we were pulling into the driveway to JJ’s home. We immediately found the first change... a gate. There was a box outside and I pressed the call button and JJ answered, “Hi guys!” There was a buzz and the gate opened for us.

JJ was standing out front and said, “Sorry about the gate. Mom insisted we get some security here. She’s afraid that I might be a target now. I don’t know about that, but I do feel safer with the security system.” He then handed me an electric switch for my car and another for Johnny’s truck. “Now you won’t have to buzz to get in.”

We walked in, and I was stunned at the changes. What was once a very “Ethan Allen” traditional home was now ultra-sleek and modern. The floors were a dark, high-gloss hardwood, and the one-time boring white walls in the living room were now a rich pumpkin color. The furnishings were white leather with chrome trim with beautiful glass tables. In the center of the living room was a plush white area rug that looked like it came from some kind of animal with very long hair.

Simon’s study was now an awesome media room. The short wall at the end of the room had a floor-to-ceiling screen, and there was a ceiling-mounted projector. There were five black leather recliners all connected in a semicircle with cup holders in the armrests and rolling small tables that could be used for refreshments. The room was outfitted with state-of-the-art HD television, blue ray player, Xbox, and Wii. At the back of the room, the boys even had a popcorn machine. I could see how this will easily become the most popular room in the house!

The kitchen was amazing. It was ultra-modern with stainless steel, restaurant-grade appliances. The floors had the same dark hardwood that the living room had, and the tiled walls had a retro 1960’s look. The unique part was that every cabinet door was a different color. JJ said that the colors in the kitchen were all the different colors in the house. He told us that when the decorator described it to him, he told her it sounded like a box of crayons would have thrown up in the kitchen. When he saw it for the first time yesterday, he fell in love with it instantly. I must say I agree with him. It was something I would have never thought of doing... or even wanted done. But now that I see it, it was stunning.

The room JJ was proudest of (and Cade was the most excited about) used to be his bedroom and bath. Cade grabbed Johnny’s and my hands and quickly led us back to the other side of the living room. We walked into a small, but professional-quality dance studio. There were two portable barres... one adult-sized, one child. The floor was covered in a seamless deep gray Marley surface. Since all the rooms on the first floor had at least 12’ ceilings, it was perfect for dance workouts. JJ had removed the large walk-in closet to give more room for the studio and had completely redone the bathroom, so it was now a changing room with a shower. Where there was once a large, square bathtub, there was now a sauna that would easily sit three or four people.

We went back out to the foyer to the new open chrome and Lucite staircase. Upstairs there used to be a long hallway that ran the length of the house with all the bedrooms on the left side. Although JJ had said he didn’t want any construction done, the decorator convinced him to remove the top five feet of the nine-foot walls, so the hallway was now open to the living room below. It was a great touch!

JJ took us to the far end of the hallway first. We walked into a beautiful sitting room with two comfortable sofas, a television, and a wet bar where the closet used to be. There was a door next to the wet bar that led to a beautiful forest-green and white trim bedroom.

The two rooms shared a bathroom, which was pretty much left alone. Only the sink and bath fixtures were replaced with sparkling new ones. JJ said this was the new guest suite that he had offered to the theatre for the occasional visiting guest star. I must admit that this was just as nice as the suite we had at the W hotel last week.

The next room was the master suite. It had also been stripped of everything that once was there. It had the same hardwood floors that now ran throughout the house, and the walls were a delicious burgundy wine color with white trim. The bathroom was done in black tile, chrome, and glass. It was gorgeous. I noticed there were multiple shower heads on the ceiling and the walls of the shower. “Nice shower, JJ!”

“Yeah, that’s really the only thing that Simon had that I left.” He then looked down at Cade. “I saved the best room for last, Cade! Are you ready?”

“Yeah! You wouldn’t let me look at it when I was here before, and I’ve been dying to see it!”

We stood outside the door. JJ asked Johnny and me to wait a minute with him as Cade opened the door and walked in. All we heard was Cade gasp, and another voice in a British accent saying, “Welcome to your room Master Cade.”

“Dumbledore?” JJ nodded to us, and we all walked in. I was stunned. The room looked like a Hollywood set! The floors and walls looked like stone. The window treatments looked like the windows of the Gryffindor Dormitory. The bed was surrounded by a wood frame with red velvet curtains. There was what looked like a bunk bed above the main double bed but it ran along the wall. There were wooden stairs that went up to the bunk, and each step was a drawer. The wall in the bunk was lined with books, and the bed was filled with red, blue, and purple pillows of every shape and size.

On the wall were two broomsticks like the ones used in the Quidditch games and a small shelf that held a duplicate wand like the one Harry Potter uses. In the corner of the room by the bathroom door was a perch with a stuffed toy owl. Even the bathroom was made to look like it belonged in an old English castle.

“Dumbledore” looked down at Cade and said, “I hope this room meets your satisfaction, Master Cade.”

“It’s amazing, Dumbledore... Wait a minute! Who are you really?” The mask was removed, and Zach appeared.

“Uncle Zach! You came home early!”

“Hey, Cadester! I had to be here for the big reveal!”

Hugs were exchanged all around, and JJ said, “We had such a good time putting this room together. I’m glad you like it, Cade!”

Johnny was mesmerized. “Hell, guys... I want to stay here!”

“I don’t think so, Mr. Breeze!”

We all went downstairs and out to the patio. JJ brought out some fresh-squeezed lemonade, and we all sat around talking. Cade asked if he could swim. I mentioned he didn’t have a suit. “Dad, it’s just us guys here. We don’t have to wear suits!”

“Well, don’t you think we should head home soon so Uncle JJ and Uncle Zach can have some time alone?”

JJ spoke up with, “Don’t worry, Jason, Zach and I had plenty of alone time this morning. We were going to suggest you leave Cade here so you and Johnny could have some much-needed alone time yourselves.”

Johnny looked at me with a wicked smile. Without even looking away, he said, “Would you like to stay here tonight, Cade?”

“We would love to have him stay here for the night, Jason. Zach and I would love to both get to know our new nephew a little better.”

I looked at Johnny and said, “Before we go, I need to grab something out of the car.” I ran out to the car and pulled out a small, gift-wrapped box from the jewelry store.

When I got back, I called Cade over to me. “Cade, today I made a decision about something I want to do. But I can’t do it unless you say you would like me to do it.”

Cade walked up to me and put his arms around my waist. “Dad, why are you nervous?”

I took a deep breath and said, “Cade, I know you call me Dad, but the thing is legally, I’m just a friend. I want to make it so I’m just as much your Dad as your Papa is. Would you like that?”

“How can you make that happen, Dad?”

“Well, I could go to a judge and tell him or her that I want to be your real dad, too. If the judge thinks it’s a good idea, then I’ll sign some papers, and I’ll officially adopt you and make you my real son. But I won’t ask the judge if you don’t want me to be your real dad.”

“Duh! You’re way more than a friend! I want the judge to make you my real dad, too. Can we do it tomorrow?” Johnny and I both had huge smiles on our faces. “Oh, and can we ask the judge to make JJ and Zach my real uncles?”

“Well, it will probably take a while for the judge to fit me into their schedule, so we’ll have to wait a bit. Also, Uncle JJ and Uncle Zach are already your real uncles because they decided they wanted you to call them that. We don’t need a judge to make that happen!”


Cade gave his uncles hugs and kisses, and I pulled the box out of my pocket. “Cade, I love you and your Papa more than life itself. I got you a little present.”

He opened the package and pulled out a gold chain with a white gold dog tag that was surrounded by a border of yellow gold. At the top was engraved today’s date, followed by “Cade Manning-Richardson-Breeze.” The next lines read, “Love forever from Papa and Dad.” There was a blank space at the bottom. “Cade, the bottom space will have the date the judge says I can adopt you.”

Cade came back to me and climbed up, so his arms were around my neck, and his legs wrapped around my waist. “Dad, when my mom told me I would be living with my Papa after she was gone, I already knew a lot about him and was pretty sure it was going to be good. But when I found out I was going to have two dads, I thought that was pretty cool. But I never thought I would love both you and Papa so much. It’s like I’ve known you my whole life. I love you Dad. You and Papa make me the happiest boy in the whole world!”

There wasn’t a dry eye on the patio as I put the chain around my son’s neck. Johnny came over to Cade and me and wrapped his muscular arms around us. Between his sniffs, he said, “I’m the luckiest man in the world to have such a beautiful son and amazing lover!”

And then, just like a typical seven-year-old, Cade said, “Can I go swimming now?” We let Cade down, and he immediately stripped off his clothes and ran towards the pool. JJ stopped him.

“Hey, Cadester! What are you supposed to do with your clothes?”

“Oh, sorry, Uncle JJ.” He ran back and picked up his clothes and folded them neatly and put them on a bench alongside the house. Then he ran and jumped into the pool with a shriek.

Zach looked up at Johnny. “Jesus, Johnny! Your kid already has a bigger dick than most twelve and thirteen-year-olds. He’s definitely his daddy’s boy!”

Johnny just chuckled and said, “Yeah, I’m not looking forward to puberty. It was rough enough for me!”

We all had a good laugh, and I looked back into Johnny’s eyes. “Johnny, today I told you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Of course, that includes your... OUR beautiful son. I love you with all my heart, soul, and life Johnny Breeze.”

I took the new ring out of my pocket and slipped it on his right hand. We both had moist eyes (again) while JJ and Zach were watching us like a couple of hopeless romantics. I walked over to them, kissed Zach… then JJ.

“I’m going to take my man home and have him make love to me. Give us a call in the morning, and we’ll come pick up Cade.”

“How about we call you, and we’ll bring him over?”

Johnny came over and kissed the guys. “I think I need to take my man home now.” He walked over to the edge of the pool, and Cade swam over to him. We’ll see you tomorrow Cade. I love you so much!”

Johnny kissed his wet forehead. I joined Johnny and kissed Cade goodbye. “I love you, Dads. I promise I’ll be good for Uncle JJ and Uncle Zach!”

One thing I’m learning about Austin traffic is that the Friday rush hour starts about two hours earlier than the rest of the week. Johnny guided me back to the loft using side streets, and although we cut our drive time in half, it still took us thirty minutes to make a ten-minute drive. I just needed to get home! I was so horny for Johnny’s love!

We walked into the loft, and as soon as the door closed, Johnny took me into his arms, and we shared a kiss filled with the perfect mixture of love, passion, and animal lust. When we finally broke apart, Johnny ran his fingers down the side of my face and said, “Why don’t you pour us a couple of glasses of wine and a put together a plate of fruit.”


“Really. Trust me, baby.”

Johnny ran upstairs while I, with my raging hard cock, went into the kitchen. I poured the wine, sliced up an apple, got some grapes, and sliced up some cheddar cheese. When I finished preparing the “refreshments,” I carried everything upstairs. Johnny called me from the bathroom.

He was lying back in the large bathtub with the Jacuzzi jets going full force. His hard cock was pointing straight, up and at least three inches of it was sticking out of the water. “Hi handsome. Care to join me?” I walked over to the tub and set the glasses and plate on the ledge. I quickly undressed and eased myself into the warm, lavender-scented water facing Johnny. I leaned in to my lover and whispered, “We’re all alone. No guests, no celebrities, no children. Just us.” Johnny lovingly took my head in his hands and touched his lips to mine with a tenderness that set me on fire.

Johnny’s tongue gently broke through my lips, and I opened my mouth to welcome him inside. Our tongues did a slow, sensuous dance as Johnny began running his hands up and down my back. I put my hands on Johnny’s lower back and gently pushed him into me, so our bodies were separated only by our raging hard cocks. Our kisses became more passionate and intense. The moans began from deep within and escaped into each other’s mouths. Johnny reached over to the plate and picked up a piece of apple. He pulled away from my lips and ran the apple over them. He put the tip of the apple in my mouth and the other tip in his. He bit down and broke in to two pieces. We chewed and kissed some more as he took hold of a wine glass. He tipped the glass into my mouth and then took a sip for himself.

After another round of sensuous kissing, Johnny put his hands under my arms and stood me up in front of him. He began rubbing his hands up and down my legs and planted kisses on my abs. My eight inches were rubbing along Johnny’s face, leaving trails of precum along his cheek. I reached down and scooped it up with my thumb and fed it to Johnny. He took my thumb into his mouth and sucked on it like it was a miniature cock. I pulled my thumb out of his sensuous mouth and aimed my cock for his lips. In one smooth motion, my cock was sliding down Johnny’s throat, and his nose pressed against my trimmed pubes.

My legs began to tremble from the rush of feelings coming from my cock. Normally Johnny would pull off so I wouldn’t cum so quickly. This time he grabbed on to my ass and pushed me even deeper into his massaging throat. “Baby, I’m not gonna last long!” That’s when he took a finger and stuck it into my ass.

Johnny’s magic throat milked my cock to the edge, and beyond Soon, I was dumping a copious load of into the love of my life. “Ohhhhhh God!! Ohhhhhh!! Fuuuuuuck!!” I was wailing like an animal and my legs were about to give out when Johnny finally released me from his mouth. I got down on my knees and kissed my lover deeply. I could taste the remnants of my cum, which surprised me since most of it went straight down his throat while he deep-throated my eight inches.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Johnny pulled himself to the back of the tub and sat on the ledge. I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by his magnificent cock. Although I had never measured it, I’m sure it was at least six inches around. Not that I’ve had a lot of experience with huge cocks, but the few I’ve seen tend to stick straight out when hard. Johnny was so primed and horny his eleven inches were pointing to the ceiling, his foreskin pulled back, revealing the purple mushroom head.

I moved forward and gazed into Johnny’s lust-filled eyes. I reached down and began massaging his massive balls. “Ooooooooooh baby, that feels sooooooo good!” I grabbed his huge rod with my other hand and gave it a couple of long, firm strokes. His nectar began flowing from the head. I bent down and swirled my tongue around his sensitive head, causing him to moan and pant. I then took a deep breath and began easing him down my throat. God, I love taking that cock all the way in. I moaned and swallowed, creating a vibrating massage along the length of Johnny’s substantial manhood.

Johnny was bracing himself on the edge of the tub with both arms and had his head thrown back. I began long-stroking his delicious cock with my mouth and throat. Every time the head would pass over my tongue, I would get a fresh dose of his sweet precum. I began massaging his plum-sized balls with more vigor as I increased the pace with my mouth. Every time his cock traveled down my throat, Johnny would moan with and “Oooooh” or a “Yeahhhhh.”

When I reached up with my free hand and began tweaking his erect nipple, and that sent my lover over the edge. “Here it comes, baby! Gonna... Cummmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhh! Fuck, Yeahhhhh!”

I pulled his cock out of my throat so I could taste each delicious stream of his hot load. I was ready for the massive amounts of cum and was swallowing every bit of it without losing a drop.

I pulled myself up and began kissing Johnny, sharing what was left of his deposit. He slowly slid back down into the tub, taking me with him. Once we were back in the water, I slid to the side and rested my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. “I wanted to get the sex out of the way so we could begin making love. We were both so horny, and we needed a quick nut so we could relax and take our time.”

Johnny sat me up so I was facing him again. He took the plate of fruit and cheese and slid it down the ledge, so it was between us. He handed me one of the wine glasses and took the other for himself. We silently fed each other and sipped from the wine, interspersed with tender kisses.

After about twenty minutes, we stood up, dried off, and made our way to the bedroom. Our cocks had never quite deflated since those mind-blowing blowjobs and soon, we were kissing, caressing, and rolling around on the bed in a wild abandon.

“Johnny, take me... make me yours tonight,” I said breathlessly, as I needed his cock deep inside me more and more.

“Eat my ass, Jay!” Johnny shifted up on all fours with his amazing ass settling into my face. He grabbed my legs and pulled them up, lifting my own ass in the air. Nothing gets me going more than an extremely hot rimming 69! The two of us were licking, probing, slurping, and moaning for all it’s worth. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. “Fuck me Johnny! I need you inside me now!”

I don’t know where he got it, or when he got it, but my ever-ready Boy Scout had the lube right where he needed it and was soon working a generous amount into my ass with one, then two, then three fingers. Johnny grabbed a couple of pillows and placed them under my ass as he lowered me. I wrapped my legs around his slender waist while he leaned forward to kiss me. “I’m not going to fuck you, Jason. I’m going to give my all to you. I’m going to make love to you.” While he kissed me again, he reached down to guide his rod to my twitching hole.

I was so relaxed and filled with so much desire. Johnny was able to slide the bulging head of his cock inside me with little resistance. I lovingly gazed into his eyes as he filled me with his massive tool. I was panting and moaning as he passed by and pressed against my prostate. Precum was flowing out of my cock and all over my abs. I scooped some up with my fingers and fed it to Johnny. He then did the same and fed some to me.

While I was sucking Johnny’s fingers dry, he hit bottom. I felt the smooth, silky hairs of his small bush tickling my spread ass. He started thrusting slowly—first, just a couple inches at a time. Soon Johnny began to increase the length of his strokes and before long, he was long-dicking me but keeping a slow and steady pace.

He never went fast. He kept his movement slow, deep, and sensual. It was one of the most thrilling feelings I’d ever experienced. I could almost feel every vein and ridge of his cock as it made its way deep inside me then slowly pull away, so just the head was inside me. “Oh baby! I love the way you feel inside me.”

“I love you, Jason. You are my life.”

He lubed up his hand and grabbed hold of my cock and began stroking it in the same slow rhythm he was sliding in and out of my very satisfied ass. “Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Baby!” Johnny shifted slightly and began applying more pressure to my spot, and soon, I felt the familiar tingle as my balls drew up. “I’m close, baby! Soooo close!” And then it happened... the most intense orgasm of my life. My face, chest, and abs were covered in more cum than I can ever remember shooting.

As I was coming down from my orgasm, Johnny threw his head back and wailed, “I love you Jason! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!” His cock fired at least ten volleys of scalding cum deep inside me. Johnny gently laid me down on the bed and pulled out. He lowered his head to my abs and began licking up my load, cleaning with the tenderness he had shown me all evening.

He led me into the shower, and we lovingly cleaned each other, dried each other, and then got dressed. Johnny was going to cook dinner and I told him that it was my turn to take control of things. We were going out to dinner. I called ahead for seats and headed to the Hyde Park neighborhood of the city. Shirley Cobb had told me about her favorite Italian bistro called Asti.

She was spot on with her recommendation! It reminded me of the small family-owned restaurants in Italy with its warm and inviting atmosphere. We started our dinner with a beautiful Antipasti. Johnny had the pan-seared Salmon and I had the seafood risotto. Dinner was delicious and served at a nice and leisurely pace. We arrived back home about two hours later and decided to chill with each other on the sofa with the television.

That’s about all I remember as I fell asleep with my head on Johnny’s lap and his fingers running gently through my hair. Not long after, Johnny nudged me awake, and we went upstairs and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

About 10:30 Saturday morning, my cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hi Dad! It’s your son... Cade... remember me?”

“Good morning, kiddo! You ready to come home?”

“Yeah, we just left the house. Uncle JJ said to get some clothes on and start the coffee.”

“Okay, baby boy. We’ll see you in a bit. I love you!”

“I love you, too Dad! Give Papa a good morning kiss for me, okay?”

Johnny was awake by the time I ended the call with Cade. “Good morning, sunshine!” I kissed my lover good morning and then added a quick, short kiss. “That was from Cade. They are on the way over so we need to get going.” We got up, quickly made the bed and got dressed.

The coffee was brewing, and I had some bagels in the toaster when the door opened. “Papa! Dad!”

Cade ran into the kitchen and jumped into Johnny’s arms. “Good morning Cade. Did you miss us?”

“Well, not really. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to be home!”

We all enjoyed some coffee while Cade had some orange juice. Toasted bagels with cream cheese seemed to be a hit as well. While we were sitting around the table and talking a lot about nothing, Cade piped up, “Papa, Dad? Can we go to church tomorrow? I used to go all the time, and I kinda miss it.”

Johnny and I looked at each other, then at JJ and Zach, and then back to Cade. “Well, kiddo... your Dad and I have talked about that and think we would like to try out a few of the churches in town... but only on one condition.”

Cade looked at us with a quizzical look. “What condition, Papa?”

Johnny took both of our hands. “That we go as a family.”

“Papa, if we’re going to go as a family, that means Uncle JJ and Uncle Zach can go with us then, right?”

“Well, I think that’s a wonderful idea, son!” Johnny smiled and looked at the two surprised boys. JJ was the first to speak up. “Guys, you know my history with church. I don’t know if I want to get back into that scene.”

I looked at JJ and smiled. “JJ, Zach, I’ve already done some research on the subject, and I think tomorrow we’ll go to the most obvious church on the list. Austin has an MCC church.”


“Yeah, Metropolitan Community Church. The one in Austin has been around for decades and is one of the largest in the world. It started as a church for gays and lesbians who had been forced out of the churches they grew up in. The one here in Austin likes to think of themselves as a progressive church rather than a ‘gay’ church. I think we all might enjoy it.”

“Okay, I’ll give it a try. But I’m not making any promises!”

Zach spoke up with, “Then I’m in, too.”

We spent the rest of the day doing a lot of nothing remarkable. We all did watch Cade model his new clothes. Tyra Banks would have named him America’s Next Top Model with the struts and poses he would hit as he showed us his new looks. He was quite the ham. During his dancewear segment, he also showed us some of the “Fosse” moves he learned from JJ yesterday. JJ was beaming and told us that Cade was advanced for his age, and he couldn’t wait to work with him over the summer.

The boys left in the middle of the afternoon and said they were going to go to Hippie Hollow, the area’s nude beach. Cade wanted to go with them, but Johnny and his rapidly developing parental skills convinced him that he was needed to help cook dinner.

On yesterday’s shopping expedition, Johnny stopped into Williams Sonoma and picked up a knife set sized for a child’s hands. He took Cade into the kitchen, and all I heard was, “Cooooool!” I decided to sit at the breakfast bar and watch the cooking lesson.

The two most important men in my life stood in front of the refrigerator and began to plan the menu.

“I know how to make a salad, Papa!”

“Excellent! We’ll start with a garden salad, and we’ll make a nice Dijon Vinaigrette to go with it! We have some beautiful boneless chicken breasts. We can stuff them, or we can grill them, or we could...”

“Stuff them! What’ll we stuff them with?”

“Well, let’s see... we have some prosciutto, which is a kind of Italian bacon, and some white cheddar cheese. That would be good, don’t you think?”

“Heck yeah Papa, everything’s better with bacon, right?”

“Now, we have to pick a vegetable. What kind of vegetables do you like, Cade?”

“Mom used to call me a weird kid, `cause I like just about any vegetable... except asparagus. Yuk!”

“Brussel sprouts?”

“Yeah, that’s one of my favorites!”

“Awesome! We’ll sauté them with butter and add a little of the prosciutto and some onion. And to finish up the dinner, we’ll roast some red potatoes.”

“What about dessert? Do we have any chocolate?”

Johnny looked in the pantry and found a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. “Will these do?”

“Perfect! I’ll make chocolate mousse. Mom taught me how to make that since it was my favorite dessert, and she didn’t like whipping up the egg whites.”

Johnny looked over at me and smiled. I looked at Cade and smiled. “Are you sure you’re just seven?”

“I’m seven-and-a-half now!”

“Well, you’re a pretty remarkable seven-and-a-half-year-old boy!”

“Yeah, I know. But it’s okay, Dad. I’m learning how to live with it.” I’m beginning to think that Cade isn’t even aware of how hysterical his comments can be. It seems he just says what’s on his mind.

Johnny worked on the chicken dish after he showed Cade how to prepare the Brussel sprouts. He very carefully sliced off the bottom of the stem and peeled the outer layers of leaves and then would slice them in half. When he finished with that, he took a couple of prosciutto slices and cut them into small pieces. As the chicken and potatoes were cooking in the oven, Johnny started up the sauté pan for the sprouts. Cade reached into the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs. I was impressed with how easily he could separate that yolks and whites. Johnny set up a double boiler to melt the chocolate while Cade added some sugar to the egg whites and began whisking them. Cade wanted to do some of the cooking but Johnny decided he shouldn’t since he didn’t have a step to help him stand a little higher.

It didn’t take long for the egg whites to be nice and firm. Johnny told Cade that the chocolate was ready. “Do you want me just to pour the chocolate into the egg whites?”

“Not yet, Papa. We need to whip the cream next.” In another bowl, Cade poured in a cup of whipping cream. Johnny added a little cream of tartar and vanilla extract, as per Cade’s instructions. Cade easily whisked the mixture into a fluffy whipped cream while Johnny went back to work on the Brussel sprouts. “Can I have the chocolate now, Papa?” Johnny put the bowl of melted chocolate on the counter. “Be careful, kiddo. The bowl is pretty hot.”

Cade took a towel in his left hand and held the bowl with the melted chocolate while he took a wooden spoon in his right hand and began to stir the egg whites into the chocolate, one spoonful at a time. “Very good Cade! Do you know what happens if you put all the egg whites in the hot chocolate at once?”

“Yeah, you get scrambled egg mousse, which isn’t very good!”

“Excellent! You’re already a pretty good chef!”

That brought a huge smile to Cade’s face as he continued combining the egg whites into the chocolate without missing a beat. I grabbed my phone a snapped a picture of our little chef.

Cade then moved to the whipped cream and began folding it into the egg and chocolate mixture. Soon, everything was ready, and Cade began spooning the mousse into margarita glasses. Once it was all dished out, he placed them into the fridge. Within minutes Johnny pulled the chicken out of the oven. He moved the pan of potatoes to the top shelf and turned on the broiler to finish them off.

I had set the table while my men were preparing our feast. Soon everything was transferred to platters and serving bowls. Johnny poured us glasses of Merlot and poured a glass of milk for Cade. Johnny fixed plates for all of us when Cade said, “You know, we should say grace before we eat.”

Johnny looked at me, and I smiled back at him and nodded. He then looked at Cade and said, “Would you do the honors, son?” Cade took each of our hands while Johnny and completed the circle. I was overcome with emotion as I suddenly got a sense of family.

“Dear God, thank you for all the food we are about to eat. And thank you for bringing me two dads and two uncles. That was more than I ever dreamed of! Please take care of Mom, and we’ll see you tomorrow at church. Amen.”

I woke up Sunday morning to the aroma of fresh coffee. My morning wood was nestled in Johnny’s muscled ass. I was torn! Do I grab Johnny’s tool and start some fun, or do I slide out of bed and get some coffee? Then it hit me. I didn’t set the timer on the coffee pot. Just as I was beginning to make sense of things, my beautiful mini-Johnny slid onto our bed and wriggled his way between his two dads.

Cade leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek. “Good morning, Dad. I made you some coffee ‘cause I know you need it in the morning!”

I threw my arms around him and planted a big wet kiss on his cheek. “You’re the best son I ever had! I think I’ll keep you!”

Cade was giggling as Johnny started to stir. “Fee Fie Fo Fum! I smell coffee and my son!” He turned around and started to tickle Cade, who started screaming in fits of laughter.

“Papa! Stop! I’m gonna pee my pants!” Johnny stopped and gave Cade a hug and a kiss.

“Did you make coffee for us?”

“Uh-huh. I wanted to surprise you!”

I smacked Cade on the bottom. “Okay, kiddo. Head on downstairs and we’ll get down there right away.

Cade hopped off the bed and headed to the door. Just before he left the room, he turned around and put his hands on his hips. “And no sex stuff! We can’t be late for church.”

Cade headed back downstairs, and I looked at Johnny. We couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Johnny, did our son just become our mother?” We kissed and headed to the bathroom to relieve ourselves. We then threw on our bathrobes and headed downstairs and into the kitchen.

Cade had pulled out the package of bagels and was slipping them into the toaster. Johnny poured the coffee and brought me my cup. “It’s a little on the strong side, but I think a little extra cream might take care of it.” It was a little strong, but I didn’t have the heart to tell Cade as he was beaming with pride that he not only fixed us breakfast, but he also kept us from some morning love.

About 10:15, JJ and Zach knocked on the door. I was putting some mousse in Cade’s hair. He has learned how to blow dry it but he wanted “cool hair” for church. I love that he comes to me to fix his hair. The five of us looked like the perfect extended family. Johnny, Cade, and I were all wearing khakis and dress shirts. JJ and Zach were in very nice jeans and polo shirts.

We all piled into the SUV and headed south to the MCC Church. I was a little surprised to drive into a beautifully wooded setting and a large tent-like building. We walked in and were greeted and hugged by some extremely friendly people. They asked Cade if he wanted to go to Sunday school and then join us right after the sermon. “No, thank you. I think I want to sit with my dads and uncles today.”

Johnny was fairly quiet the entire morning. I asked him if he was okay. “I’m fine... I’m just a little nervous. I’ve not been in a church in such a long time. I just don’t know what to do. It’s not a belief thing. We went to a Baptist church when I was a kid on the reservation, but I didn’t like their message. Mom never made me go back.”

“I’m so sorry Johnny. I never even thought about your past experiences with church.”

Cade was sitting between us. He looked up at Johnny. “Don’t you believe in God, Papa?”

“Of course I do. I just haven’t thought about Him in such a long time.”

“It’s okay Papa. God already knows how you feel, and He’s cool with it. He also knows that you brought me to live with you and Dad and He’s REAL cool with that.”

I thought back to the letter Cade’s mother wrote to Johnny and remembered that he had been attending a progressive church. No wonder this amazing boy was so comfortable. Johnny pulled Cade up onto his lap. “You are an amazing boy Cade. You just took away all my fears and doubts. I love you!”

Cade laid his head on Johnny’s chest and just said, “That’s what I’m here for Papa.” He looked at me a smiled, and I kissed him on the forehead.

It was about ten minutes before the beginning of the service, and the room began filling up. We were made to feel completely welcome by a constant flow of people. Three pastors came up to us and introduced themselves. The pianist came up to JJ and hugged him. It turned out that he had played the piano for a show at JJ’s high school several years ago.

JJ leaned over to me. “This is so different. Everyone is hugging and seems to be happy to be here. This never happened at my father’s church.”

Soon one of the pastors stood in front of the crowd and made several announcements, including the announcements of anniversaries. There were three couples mentioned. One had been together for eight years, and the other two had been together 22 and 37 years! Everyone received applause from the congregation.

The service was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. The theme of God’s unconditional love was carried throughout, and the message that He made each and every one of us just the way we are was both beautiful and moving. The thing that moved me the most, however, was that we could take Communion as a family. Cade and I both took Communion and Johnny asked for a blessing. Standing next to us was JJ and Zach. JJ was moved to tears several times during the service, but this part of the service touched him the deepest.

When we returned to our seats, Cade slid over to JJ and climbed up on his lap. “Don’t be sad, Uncle JJ.”

“I’m not sad baby boy. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier!” Cade gave JJ another hug then moved back to his place between Johnny and me.

When he sat, he just shook his head and said, “Grownups can be so weird!”

I should say I loved the music. They used music that ranged from traditional hymns to Gospel hymns, to contemporary music. The pianist was magnificent and the choir was amazing. I could be very comfortable with this church.

After the service, we all headed downtown to Bess, a delightful restaurant owned by Sandra Bullock. While we were eating, it hit me that Bess was Sandra’s late mother. Her mother was a terrific voice teacher in Virginia, and I had the privilege of playing for some of her students back in college. Brunch was wonderful, and we all decided that we would have to make this one of our regular places.

JJ invited us all back to his house for an afternoon swim. I mentioned that we could stop by the loft and pick up our suits. Cade wasted no time to remind me that it was just us guys, and we didn’t need suits. He was right of course, and if we wanted him to be comfortable with his and other’s bodies, not participating would have made us hypocrites. I looked at Johnny and he seemed to be enjoying the apprehension that apparently was showing in my face. He smiled and took my hand. “Sound like a great idea JJ.” He squeezed my hand, and of course, that just made everything alright.

We arrived at JJ’s and made our way to the patio. Cade was out of his clothes in a flash and neatly placed them on a bench before he dove into the pool. Johnny, JJ, Zach, and I took a little longer but we also neatly folded our clothes and placed them next to Cade’s and made our way into the pool. We spent the first twenty minutes tossing Cade into the air and letting him splash down. He also enjoyed swimming underwater and trying to move between our legs so he could knock us over.

After about thirty minutes of horsing around in the pool, JJ suggested we move to the hot tub. We all made our way to the hot tub area that was attached to the pool. JJ turned on the jets, and it felt great. After about five minutes, Cade was starting to get sleepy and asked if he could go inside and take a nap in his room. After drying off, he bounced his naked little body into the house.

The four of us sat in the tub, enjoying the jets and the heat. Johnny put his arms up on the edge of the tub, and I leaned into him. He kissed me on the top of my head. “Thank you for being so wonderful and patient with me this morning. I was a little nervous when we got to church, but I have to say I really enjoyed it.”

“Do you think you’ll want to go back?”

“Yeah. Not just because it’s important to Cade, but I really had a nice experience.”

I tilted my head up and kissed Johnny. “I love you, Johnny. You are an amazing lover and father, just in case you were wondering.”

Johnny kissed with more passion this time. All it took was a moan from me for JJ to speak up. “Why don’t I check on the boy and see if he’s sleeping.” Apparently, JJ and Zach were playing around a bit, too. When JJ stood up, his cock was fully erect and pointing to the sky. JJ dried off quickly and ran into the house.

In less than a minute, he was stepping back into the tub. “Out like a light. And from what I’ve seen, when Cade falls asleep, nothing wakes him up.” He leaned in and kissed me deeply for a few seconds. “Nothing.” JJ moved over to Johnny and kissed him as well. “Absolutely nothing.” JJ went over to Zach and sat in his lap and kissed him with a passionate abandon. I took the cue and sat on my lover’s lap and thrilled at the growth of his mighty cock as we kissed.

We were soon both moaning and grinding our hard cocks against each other when JJ “ordered” the two of us to join Zack sitting up on the edge of the hot tub. “I need a lot of cock right now.”

He moved to me and swallowed my entire shaft in one gulp. I leaned back and threw my head to the air as I moaned from the incredible feeling. I glanced over and saw Zach and Johnny kissing. JJ released himself from my cock and went to Johnny’s. He didn’t take the whole thing in one gulp but managed in two. Damn, that boy is talented! As Johnny leaned back, Zach and I joined lips in front of him.

JJ repeated the cocksucking routine several times and soon had the three of us dripping and throbbing. JJ returned to me only this time he pushed me back onto the deck and pushed my legs back to my chest. He plunged his head into my ass and began rimming me like a starved madman. My head was thrashing back and forth as JJ drove me wild with desire. I soon heard the familiar sounds of Johnny’s moans and looked over at my lover. Zach had his face buried in his tanned ass. Johnny and I grabbed hands between us and were soon joined in a moan-filled kiss.

JJ and Zach were driving us crazy with their talented tongues. JJ was now working his up and down my cock, then rolling it around my balls, up and down my sensitive perineum and then back into my quivering ass. “Fuck me JJ. C’mon and give me that cock of yours!”

Together, JJ and Zach spit-slicked their cocks and began pushing into our wet and ready holes. The boys were soon pounding our asses in identical motions. I reached down to stroke my cock, and JJ slapped my hand away. “No you don’t! You get to save that. You two are gonna fuck us next!” I never expected JJ to be such a take-charge type, but it was turning me on.

Without missing a stroke, JJ and Zach leaned into each other and shared a kiss while they both began to pick up their pace and began to pound our asses. Gasps, grunts, and moans filled the air. I could only imagine what the neighbors might be thinking! Johnny looked over at me and smiled. “God, I love you Jay!” We both grabbed our legs and pushed them back further so they were over our heads. The new angle must have been good for the boys fucking us as they both groaned.

After about ten long and deep strokes, Zach groaned, “Oooooh Fuuuuuck! I’m gonna nut!”

“Me too, baby!”

They both pulled out of our asses and fired eight or nine shots of hot cum across our chests and abs. They then leaned down and kissed us. Zach moved over to me and began to clean his lover’s cum off my torso with his tongue as JJ did the same to Johnny. While the boys were feasting on each other’s cum, Johnny and I were kissing each other.

Zach pulled me up off the deck as JJ did the same to Johnny. The four of us were entwined in a hot four-way kiss. JJ then “ordered” us into the pool to cool off. Johnny started to protest and pointed to his throbbing cock. JJ kissed him and said, “Don’t worry, baby. We’re gonna take care of that in time!”

We all dove into the pool, holding hands and surfaced together. We were treading the water when I mentioned that the neighbors probably enjoyed the show. JJ replied, “Oh, Mr. Adamson is old and can’t hear shit. But if his grandson Davey were visiting, he would have heard us and practically jumped over the fence to join us!”

After several minutes in the pool, JJ told us to follow him. We dried off and followed JJ into the house. We walked into the dance studio and into the bath, where JJ had the sauna installed. “I turned it on when I checked on Cade. I figure we have another half-hour before our boy starts to wake up.” JJ sat me down on the top wooden bench and opened my towel. Zack did the same with Johnny. They both went down on us and began working our cocks back to their full hardness. That took no time at all.

JJ reached down to the floor and picked up a bottle of Gun Oil. He began to slather it on my cock. The warm lube felt great on my cock. JJ lubed up his fingers and worked some into his ass as he passed the bottle over to Zach, who did the same with Johnny.

As Zach lubed up Johnny’s cock, it apparently hit him what he was about to do. “Jesus, Johnny! I’ll never stop being amazed by the size of this monster!”

Zach took a deep breath and positioned himself above the purple head. Johnny pulled his foreskin back. Zach began to exhale as he slowly lowered himself on the giant cock. Zach took the “down one inch/up 1/2 inch” approach. Each small plunge garnered an “Ohhhh” that was louder and more intense than the previous one.

When Zach finally hit bottom, he let out an “Ohhhhh. Fuck. Yessss!” and he began kissing Johnny with a wild abandon as he slowly began an up and down rhythm.

I looked up at JJ. “Um, excuse me, buddy. I got one helluva hard cock that’s dying for some hot JJ ass!!”

JJ smiled and positioned himself above my cock as he leaned in to kiss me. “Fuck me, Jason!” With that, JJ plunged himself down the full length of my eight inches. As he began a slow bounce on my cock, JJ said, “You know guys, Zach and I love you both almost as much as we love each other. That we can share our love like this only makes it better!”

The four of us slowed down our fucking enough to engage in a loving four-way kiss. Zach broke the kiss with “JJ, I love you with all my heart and soul, but damn Johnny! You have the most amazing cock I’ve ever felt!”

“You like this big dick, Zach?”

“Fuck yes! And if you don’t start pounding me with it soon, someone might just get hurt!”

Johnny held Zach in his muscular arms and stood up, still impaling the boy with his eleven inches. Johnny laid Zack down on the bench and grabbed Zach by the ankles, holding them straight up in the air. “Here you go, Zach. You’ve talked the talk, and now you’re gonna get just what you asked for!”

The heat from the sauna made Johnny’s hard body glisten from the sweat. He added even more definition as he flexed nearly every muscle in his amazing body, transforming into a powerful fuck machine. Zach was soon moaning like a dog in heat and was getting louder and louder as he was lost in the fuck of his life.

JJ leaned into me and whispered. “You know you have a pretty magnificent cock too. Don’t do a thing. Just sit there, and I’m gonna give YOU the fuck of your life!” Now in all my years working in theatre, I’ve fucked more dancers than I can remember. All of them were great, but I’ve never felt what JJ was giving me!

JJ took my face in his hands and began kissing me deeply. I then realized what made the boy such a wonderful dancer. His ability to isolate and control every muscle made him a standout... especially when it came to taking care of a cock in his ass. JJ was hardly moving at all, yet the muscles of his ass were contracting up and down the length of my shaft like a hundred little fingers. “Fuck, JJ! That’s the most amazing feeling! It’s like... OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKK!”

Just then, he clamped down every muscle around my cock and held it like a vice. He then started moving up and down, and I thought he was going to yank my cock right out of my body with the incredible strength he had!

I was soon adding my constant moans to Zach’s just as Johnny announced he was about to blow his load. “Cover me with your load Johnny! I want to see that monster shoot!” Johnny pulled out of Zach with a plop and, in less than ten strokes, was soon spraying his load all over the boy. Zack was covered with Johnny’s nut. He had cum in his hair, on his face and neck, and all over his chest and abs.

Zack scooped some of Johnny’s cum up with his right hand and began stroking his throbbing cock. He scooped some up with his left hand and began working it into JJ’s cock. Johnny knelt down and rimmed Zach’s sweating ass until the boy screamed with an incredibly intense orgasm that sprayed all over the four of us.

That pretty much was all it took for JJ to begin to spew his load all over me, which caused him to milk my load deep inside his hot dancer’s ass. We all caught our breath and surveyed the scene. Damn! We were all one hot and sweaty mess.

Zach kissed me, JJ kissed Johnny, and then we all kissed our lovers. Zach shouted, “To the pool!” The cool, air-conditioned air hit our sweaty and cum-covered bodies and it felt great as we ran through the dance studio, through the living room, and out to the patio.

We dove into the pool with a loud splash. We were swimming and horsing around in the water, and the cum was soon washed off our skin. I looked over to JJ and said, “I bet your pool boy is just gonna love cleaning out the filters with all that cum passing through!” “Ha! Alex doesn’t mind... since a good portion of it is his!”

JJ proceeded to tell us that Alex was the pool boy for Simon. He was pretty sure that Simon had tried on many occasions to get the hot Latino boy into his bed, but according to Alex, that never happened. However, JJ and Alex have been having fun in the pool for years and it just became more fun since Zach has moved in.

We finally got out of the water, dried off, and got dressed. JJ went into the kitchen and brought out a pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade while I went upstairs to the wonderful world of Harry Potter to wake up my little wizard. I tapped on the door and then entered the room. Cade was still sound asleep so I sat on the edge of the bed and kissed him on the forehead and brushed some hair out of his face. He started to stir and slowly opened his eyes. “Hey there little one, did you have a nice nap?”

“Daddy. What time is it?”

Hearing Cade call me Daddy brought some tears to my eyes. That was another of so many firsts, and I don’t know if I will ever get used to them. “It’s 3:30 in the afternoon. You need to get up and get dressed.”

I looked around the spectacularly decorated room and then down at Cade. “Would you like us to fix up your room at the loft, so it looks a little more like this?”


“No, Daddy! I love my room at home. This is really cool, but it doesn’t feel like MY room. It feels like a place where I go to visit... and I like it that way! My room at home is perfect!” I reached down and pulled Cade up into a hug. “I love you Dad. I can’t wait until the judge says you can be my real dad, too!”

I carried Cade in my arms downstairs and out to the patio. He got dressed and joined us for a glass of lemonade. We talked about the beginning of camp tomorrow, and Cade was excited to be taking dance class again. JJ bragged on how well he was doing on his audition piece for school but Cade announced we wouldn’t get to see it until it was ready. He looked over at JJ and smiled.

About thirty minutes later, we decided to head home. Five minutes into the ride home, Cade announced he was hungry. Johnny looked at me and asked if we should go out or fix something at home. Frankly, we were both more than a little tired after the afternoon fun and games so we decided to go out.

Johnny looked back at Cade and asked him where he wanted to eat. He said he wanted some spaghetti, so Johnny suggested we go to Mandola’s Italian Restaurant in the Triangle. After circling the area a few times, we were able to park rather close to the restaurant and headed in. We all had spaghetti with the meat sauce. Johnny and Cade added meatballs, and I added Italian Sausage. It was quite good and seemed to hit the spot. As we were finishing up dinner, Cade noticed the case of gelato across the dining room.

So yes, we all enjoyed a scoop of gelato before we headed home. We sat around and enjoyed some television and got Cade into bed by 9:30. Johnny and I enjoyed a glass of wine and a cigarette as we sat out on the balcony and talked.

“Johnny, I want to talk to you about Cade.”

“What’s up, Love? Is everything alright?”

“Johnny, he called me `Daddy’ today, and I nearly lost it. I completely fell in love with the boy.”

“He is amazing, isn’t he? I mean, six months ago, if anyone would have told me that I would find the love of my life AND discover that I had a beautiful son, I would have asked them if they planned to share the drugs they were on. But it’s the most beautiful reality I could have ever imagined for myself.”

“Johnny ...”

“Let me finish, okay?”


“I’ve had a lot on my mind the last few weeks, and I know I’ve seemed a little withdrawn and quiet. I know you’ve been a little worried about what was going on in my head. And I’m sorry... SO sorry... that I haven’t communicated with you like I should have.”

“Johnny, you’re scaring me right now.”

“What? No! Don’t be scared, baby! You are my life and my love. You have filled places in my heart that I never knew existed. And then Cade comes into our life. I admit that I was shocked and spinning in circles when that happened. But the first time I held my son in my arms, my heart grew even larger and he filled all the new space.

“When I see how you are with Cade, it amazes me at how great a father you are. You inspire me to be a better father every day. You make me want to be a better lover every day. Yes, I was a little overwhelmed at everything that has happened with us over the past month. I’m sorry that when things get like that, I tend to withdraw and try to sort things out on my own. But today we sat in church as a family. And it hit me that I don’t get to face those things alone anymore. I don’t get to shut you out anymore. I love you Jason.”

“I love you too, Johnny. Every day I wake up and love you more than I did when I fell asleep with you the night before. Today, we sat in church as a family, and I plan to call Sam in the morning and make our family official. The first step is to adopt Cade. The second step is, well...” I got down on my knee in front of Johnny. “The second step is to ask you to marry me. There are a lot of states in this country where we can do it. I want you to be my husband. I want to be yours.”

“Oh my God, Jason! Yes! I will marry you! Yes!”

Johnny pulled me up into his arms and drew me into a tear-filled kiss. He led me upstairs, and we made love for hours. We talked, laughed, and cried together until the wee hours of the morning. True, we didn’t get much sleep, but it didn’t matter to me. I have a beautiful son and will soon have a beautiful husband. I fell asleep with Johnny spooning me with his cock buried deep inside me. We were one.

I love writing sweet chapters, but as most of you know, the more sweetness you read, the more a balancing amount of drama is ahead. Just sayin'...

Keep those cards and letters coming! It's how we authors get "paid" for our work here! hehe

Love you all!


Copyright © 2020 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.

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Awesome chapter. Johnny, Jason and Cade are bonding nicely as as a family. JJ and Zach are perfect as Uncle's to Cade. 

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FlyOnTheWall, no egg whites go in the recipe of 'Chocolate Mousse'! Quite the other way around, the 'yolks are the ones that a beaten with sugar until it reaches a thick  pale yellow foam. That's the reason you should not pour the melted chocolate while hot over the yolks and turn the mixture into scrambold eggs. 

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Posted (edited)

9 hours ago, Tonyr said:

FlyOnTheWall, no egg whites go in the recipe of 'Chocolate Mousse'! Quite the other way around, the 'yolks are the ones that a beaten with sugar until it reaches a thick  pale yellow foam. That's the reason you should not pour the melted chocolate while hot over the yolks and turn the mixture into scrambold eggs. 

Actually, Geoff AKA “Fly”, is correct.  Julia Child’s chocolate mousse recipe, which is the one I learned to make as a kid, is an adaptation of The classic French formula. It contains beaten egg whites. Even a number of Brazilian chocolate mousse recipes contain egg whites.

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Cade cracks me up. First, the kid knows how to make chocolate mousse (which I also learned to do as a kid because Julia Child did it on PBS), and then when his dad asked him if he missed them during his overnight stay at JJs, he responded “Well not really. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to be home.”  😂  He will constantly challenge and entertain them.

This was a terrific chapter, from the touching experience at MCC Austin to the proposal, and everything in between. Excellent story.

By the way, you have a great imagination and excellent taste; I love what JJ and Zach did to their house.  Beats Ethan Allen crap any day, not that there’s anything wrong with Ethan Allen - if that’s what one likes. 🙄

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Posted (edited)

16 hours ago, Tonyr said:

FlyOnTheWall, no egg whites go in the recipe of 'Chocolate Mousse'! Quite the other way around, the 'yolks are the ones that a beaten with sugar until it reaches a thick  pale yellow foam. That's the reason you should not pour the melted chocolate while hot over the yolks and turn the mixture into scrambold eggs. 

Michelin Star Oxford (UK) based  French Chef Raymond Blanc’s recipe for chocolate mousse uses egg whites 





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I am really enjoying reading this story, they are just an awesome family🏳️‍🌈

To make really good roast spuds use a floury 🥔 like Maris Piper or baking  🥔 par boil them with a little salt and a bay leaf for 15 minutes then put them on a baking tray then crush 2-3 cloves of garlic leave the skin on the garlic sprinkle a little table salt on the tray and add vegetable oil, cook in the oven for 50-60 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, they should be golden brown on the outside and fluffy inside 

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2 hours ago, Bft said:

I am really enjoying reading this story, they are just an awesome family🏳️‍🌈

To make really good roast spuds use a floury 🥔 like Maris Piper or baking  🥔 par boil them with a little salt and a bay leaf for 15 minutes then put them on a baking tray then crush 2-3 cloves of garlic leave the skin on the garlic sprinkle a little table salt on the tray and add vegetable oil, cook in the oven for 50-60 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, they should be golden brown on the outside and fluffy inside 

Your baked potato recipe sounds yummy!! In the US, the equivalent potato would be a russet or Idaho potato.  A bit of truffle butter melted into a finished split potato would be decadent, especially if paired with a Gevrey-Chambertin.

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10 minutes ago, tesao said:

Your baked potato recipe sounds yummy!! In the US, the equivalent potato would be a russet or Idaho potato.  A bit of truffle butter melted into a finished split potato would be decadent, especially if paired with a Gevrey-Chambertin.

Thanks very much, I always do my potatoes that way when I am cooking a roast chicken it can be done with lamb or beef depending on the person’s taste.

a large baked potato partially sliced and wrapped in aluminium foil, then add a knob of butter, baked beans (Heinz type) with grated cheese is just yummy for lunch on a cold and wet day. spacer.png

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3 minutes ago, Bft said:

Thanks very much, I always do my potatoes that way when I am cooking a roast chicken it can be done with lamb or beef depending on the person’s taste.

a large baked potato partially sliced and wrapped in aluminium foil, then add a knob of butter, baked beans (Heinz type) with grated cheese is just yummy for lunch on a cold and wet day. spacer.pngYou may find tins of these beans in a Ex Pat British store

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