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Sidewinder - 17. Chapter 17 Lessons Learned

Warning: Sexual content ahead.


1 John 4:7

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.


Lessons Learned



Boone could hardly believe what was happening as he stood naked in the tent with Coy only feet away, shucking the last of his clothes. For weeks he’d been preparing himself for his friend leaving, and had pretty much convinced himself Coy would, and should, make a different choice. Build a good life with a woman and have a pack of little ones.

Looking at him now, in the light of the new kerosene lantern bought from “Bright’s Mercantile,” he saw a man nervous but sure. He’d made his choice, and that choice was Boone.

Everything he found appealing in a man was right in front of him. His eyes swept over every inch, finally able to stare without feeling shame, and without the need for caution. Coy was doing the same with him, and even though they’d seen each other naked hundreds of times, this was as new a territory as what was outside their tent.

Yep, this was different, and his gaze lingered on the erection pointed his way, the dark red head partially escaping its skin. In the close confines of the tent, the air felt like it did after a lightning storm, causing the hair on his body to lift. Coy’s obvious shiver snapped him from his thoughts, and the object of his focus.

“You cold?”

“Ah… no, not a bit. Feels warm in here… the lantern… it’s giving some heat.” Coy’s eyes dropped to Boone’s erection and then back up. “You’re… you are… you sure are a beautiful man, Boone… and I’m glad I can finally say it to you.”

“Well, I ain’t seen anything prettier than you in my whole life.”

Coy snickered, looking less nervous as his posture relaxed a mite. “Are you and me courting again?”

“Yep, but it might be easier if we stand closer, now that you’re done getting out of your britches.”

Coy’s movement was quick, and he groaned when their bodies came together, their hard cocks pushing against firm, flat bellies. A slight thrust from the man caused Boone to groan as well. He felt wetness smear across his skin, and copied Coy’s thrust, wanting… needing more contact.

“I’m ready for more lessons,” Coy whispered into Boone’s neck as he planted soft kisses in the crook of it. “Your skin is so soft where there ain’t no whiskers.”

His attention was making it hard to speak words, and Boone hissed loudly when his nipples were scraped by Coy’s chest hair.

“Did I do something?” Coy asked as he drew back and met Boone’s eyes with a curious look.

Feeling flushed and light-headed, he gave the man a sheepish smile. “My nipples… they get a mite tetchy when they’re touched, and your chest hair….”

“Oh, ah—should I—”

“Feels damn nice, Coy,” Boone murmured as he slid his chest sideways against Coy’s to make sure he understood.

Coy sighed. “Ah… another lesson. Tetchy is good. Know what you mean now… gotta say yours feels really good on mine too. Never knew that about a man’s nipples.”

“I think mine are joined to my cock… when it goes hard, so do they. See what there is to learn?” he asked with a grin while his hands explored the muscled furrow in Coy’s back, sliding up and down the smooth skin.

Coy, smiling, returned the favor and brushed Boone’s nipples again with a slight side to side motion. “Lord almighty, being up close like this feels so damn good. I want to learn everything, Boone. Is it okay to… to…?”

“To what?”

“I… I want to touch it… to touch you down there. Can I?”

Boone’s heart responded to Coy’s request, and his exposed desire. “You can touch anything you want. We belong to each other now, right?”

Coy nodded, and then grunted when one of Boone’s hands slid around to his cock, gripping it gently and squeezing.

“Feel good?”

“Lord, almighty! Like nothing else.” Coy kissed him again while his hand found Boone’s erection.

Boone moved his body back enough that Coy had more room to explore, but he kept their lips glued together. Coy was breathing heavily through his nose now, his excitement clear, and Boone realized what his own stroking grip would soon accomplish once Coy started thrusting into his hand.

He let go and stepped back. “Are you close?”

“Close?” Coy asked through eyes that had quickly gone from slits to wide open, and possibly disappointed. “You mean was I about to burst? Hell, ya, I was. Wasn’t I supposed to?”

Boone snickered as he moved forward and found those lips again… he’d already developed a big hankering for them that would likely last a lifetime. Their cocks were grinding together once more, and Boone, feeling the same warning signs, forced himself to get control. “We got time,” he whispered as he gulped some needed air. “I’m feeling the same powerful need you do, but you got one more lesson first.” Coy gaped when Boone held onto his arms and knelt to the floor of the tent.

“Are you… are you going to take me in your mouth?”

Boone looked up and searched the man’s face. “Don’t you want me to?”

Coy swallowed, and then nodded. “I’ve heard tell, but… I didn’t know if that was….” He stopped talking when his cock jerked up to his belly. Its heaviness brought it back down, and it bobbed inches from Boone’s lips, clear liquid hanging from it.

“They didn’t offer this at Miss Patty’s?”

Coy shook his head, and his cock jerked high again. Boone took it as a sign he liked the idea. He took one more look upward, and saw the man’s gaze fixed on his mouth. The first flick of his tongue captured the liquid before it made contact and caused Coy to grunt. He immediately gripped Boone’s shoulders. “Sweet Jesus in heaven,” he uttered, eyes still intent on his lips and what they were doing.

Another oath was uttered when Boone’s mouth opened wide and closed over the entire head, but he didn’t pay much attention to the words. The taste of the man, and getting more of it, was all he cared about. He’d done this before, with Lucas, but he was by no means an expert, and Coy’s cock was a lot more sizable, both in length and thickness, than the red-haired cowboy’s had been.

Holding the base with one hand, his other ran up the back of Coy’s leg until he was holding on to his solidly muscled ass cheek. The feel of it had his own cock jerking. He was experiencing so many sensations at once, so much desire, that he had to calm hisself before he erupted without any touching.

He concentrated on the taste and the manly smell that had a hint of the river he’d just washed up in. His tongue spread his saliva around, and when it pushed the skin back off Coy’s cock head, he felt a tremor run through the man’s body.

Boone knew from his little experience that Coy wouldn’t be lasting long enough to do this part of lovemaking justice, so he stopped playing and did some serious sucking. He managed to get enough of the thick length in to hit the back of his throat, and then started an in and out rhythm, helped along by his stroking hand.

Coy’s hips started bucking almost immediately, and hands soon gripped Boone’s head, which only spurred him on. A howl erupted from above at the same time his mouth felt a steady stream of spurts. It was what he’d been waiting for, the thing he didn’t expect would ever happen, and he didn’t take it for granted.

He’d never tasted anything that took over his senses like this seed did—the slight saltiness only added to the flavor he would forever know as Coy. Lucas’s had been bitter, and Boone had balked at swallowing after the first taste. But this wasn’t Lucas… this was Coy, and Boone wasn’t content until he’d consumed it all.

Coy’s cock hadn’t softened, which suited Boone just fine, but he tuned into the man’s whimpers, and finally let it slip from his mouth. His hands moved to Coy’s thighs, and he could feel the muscles jumping. He looked up, suddenly feeling shy-like, and more exposed than he’d ever been. Now that it was done, what would Coy be feeling?

He got his answer pretty quick when Coy hauled him up into a bear hug. Boone was surprised further when an honest to goodness sob came out of Coy’s mouth.

“Hey, you all right?”

He felt Coy’s head nod. “I never felt anything like that in my life… the way you made me feel when you were doing that. It was… it was something special... like you said. We’re sharing something special… and you… you took my seed inside you. Wish I hadn’t taken so damn long to figure myself out, Boone, cause we shouldn’t have been missing out on this love we have.”

“Don’t be wishing anything different than what is, Coy. Don’t be doing that, because this was the best thing I could ever imagine, and it don't matter how long it took us to be ready. Do you want to lay down now? You’re shaking some.”

Coy pulled back until his face was in view, and shook his head. “That much pleasure can make a man’s knees weak for a spell. Can I do that to you? I want to….”

Boone could feel the full hardness of Coy’s cock pushing against his hip, and he spoke serious to the man who was fast becoming more than he ever hoped for. “You can do anything you want.”

A slow smile appeared, and Boone saw the hunger in Coy’s eyes. “I likely won’t be good at it like you were, but I’ll do my best to make you feel like you did me.”

Boone was shook by the earnestness of the man. It made him happy to see Coy really was made the same as him. “You can’t do it wrong… unless you plan on gnawing on it.”

Coy, already kneeling by the time he finished his sentence, gave a snort before he grinned. “I’ll try not to. Wouldn’t do to damage it.” Gripping Boone’s cock in a rough hand, he stared at it as if frozen. Boone watched him curiously, biting his lip at the jolts of pleasure the sight gave him.

“You don’t have to take it in your mouth. This is all new for you and we can take it slow if—”

“Just never been this close to one before. It looks… pretty… and strong enough I could hang my boots and spurs off it.” He rolled the skin forward and back, uncovering and recovering the head, slow-like, as if he had all the time in the world. “Is it as… tetchy… as mine… when I roll the skin over it like this?”

Boone half chuckled, half hissed. “I reckon it’s every bit so, and if you keep doing that you’re going to get proof of it in the flick of a horse’s tail.”

Coy looked up at him with eyes sparkling. “This is fun, sure enough.”

Boone almost choked when laughter bubbled up at the man’s happy expression, and he fell in love with him just a little bit more. “Glad you’re enjoying yourself.”

“I am… I truly am. It’s like finally getting that first hunk of venison after a long spell of eating rabbit. You want to wolf it down, but you want to savor it too, cause you know your belly can only handle so much.” He kept the stroking up, and Boone thought he might die from the pleasure of it.

There was no teasing tongue flick like he had done—the entire head was suddenly engulfed by Coy’s warm mouth. Only then did he feel the tongue, swirling around beneath his foreskin. Lucas had never done that, and it about drove him crazy, enough that noises came out of him he was certain he’d never made before.

Coy backed off. “Are you liking that?”

“Lord, yes.”

“I do too. Didn’t expect the taste would be something I’d like, but I surely do.” Apparently, the conversation was over as he went back to work. He was figuring out the suction, and was doing a damn good job of it after he stopped trying to suck Boone’s innards out through his pee hole. More of Boone’s length was disappearing with each slide of Coy’s lips, and it was soon hitting the back of the man’s throat.

The determined man backed off a bit after choking a few times, and his eyes were watering something fierce, but he didn’t lose his pace. Boone did feel teeth, the once, but it was just a gentle scrape before Coy adjusted. Boone fought to last, but when rough, calloused hands found his ass and pulled enough that cool air reached his center, he lost all control.

“Coy! I’m about there!” he warned.

His words spurred the man to increase his speed, and one hand diverted from his ass back to his cock. While Boone’s seed rose, the thought flashed in his brain that Coy was a natural at pleasing a man. All other thoughts left as he blasted inside the man’s mouth, powerful spurts shooting until he felt truly drained. Coy kept nursing on him, same as he’d done, and Boone finally yelped at the intensity.

When Coy sat back on his haunches, he looked content, and proud as a rooster. “Did I do good by you?”

Boone’s cock lifted in response, and he turned his focus from the sight of Coy’s own hardness, still standing tall, to the man himself. “Never had it better, and that’s the god’s honest truth. Is your cock ever going to go soft?”

Coy glanced downward before looking up again. “Probably not… is yours?”

“Might never go soft again while you’re around.”

“Always going to be around, Boone.” He sprung up quick as a cat. “I’ve found my new home, here with you, and ain’t nothing going to make me leave… not ever… that I promise you.”

“Damn, you’re getting good at the sweet talking,” he said just before they shared a kiss he could taste hisself in.

“Turns out, it ain’t such a hard a thing to do.”

“Said you was going to be a professional courter, and you are. Just needed a few lessons is all.”

“You’re a good teacher, Boone Dixon.” His face got serious. “Thanks for not turning me all the way loose after I punched you. I know you thought about it some, and I wouldn’t have blamed you if you’d done it.”

“Thought we were only looking forward from now on?”

“We are, but can’t a man ask for forgiveness till he gets it out of his mind? I finally understand what a mistake it was, and what it near cost me. But, more than that—these feelings we share with each other—it sure must have been hard for someone you love to do such a thing. I know it hurt me something awful at the time, and I wasn’t the one being hit.”

“I admit it was a bigger hurt than the punch itself, but let’s make this the last time we talk about it. I’d rather think about how I can feel your cock pointing up like an axe handle.”

A smile took some time to appear on Coy’s serious face. “There happens to be two axe handles down there, and I’m ready for my next lesson.”

Boone snorted with amusement. “The next lesson’s a mite tricky, and I might be the one having the most trouble.”

“Trouble? What kind of trouble you meaning?”

“Getting the picture of you naked out of my head so I can piss through this thing.”

“Well then,” Coy drawled out. “Maybe we need to tire them out first.”

“You sure are a randy fellow, Coy Diamond.”

The man's now dancing eyes glanced downward. “Not the only one who’s randy.”

“You ain’t wrong, but let’s go for a walk and see if we can think of something else. I need to piss a lake.”

“Truth be told, I do too.” Coy held Boone’s hand as they stepped out into a moonlit night.

Blue and the horses could be heard moving about, and a gentle breeze cooled Boone’s heated body some. They stood side by side, enjoying the beauty of the night. Boone had never felt so content in all his life. Breathing sunbaked air for much of his years, he understood and appreciated the difference of this new land. The air was fresh and clean, and a lungful didn’t make you cough up dirt. The earth was rich and fertile—nature’s truest gold in his opinion— and this was the ideal place for a new start. And, the man beside him was the right one to start it with. “What are you thinking about, Coy?”

“Well, firstly,” he drawled again in that humorous way that tickled Boone deep, “I’m trying not to think about what you look like naked with your cock pointing to the stars, but I’m also thinking we’re going to be happy here… and I ain’t one bit afraid of anything we might face. Think I might have swallowed some of your courage.”

Boone snickered. “Think you swallowed lots of it.”

“Every drop you had to offer, and I plan on swallowing lots more if you’re willing.”

“I’ll share if you share.”

“In that case, I’m going to pull my boots on and walk over there. Might never be able to piss beside you again.”

“Is that you complaining?”

“No, sir, it’s not. I can piss anywhere. You want your boots?”

“Yep… it’s gonna take a long walk.”

Boone looked up to the sky and smiled after Coy slipped back into the tent. “Thank you, Lord,” he whispered softly. “I knew you had love in your heart for the likes of me.”


An hour later, they were finally spent enough to sleep after having done more exploring from a different position, this time in unison while laying head to toe. Their mouths and hands had done a thorough job of learning each other bodies by the time they’d finally erupted, Coy first, followed quickly by Boone.

Now, after having licked each other clean, Boone lay on his back while Coy lay on his side. His head rested on Boone’s shoulder, and one leg was hooked over his. The man’s breathing had settled into a steady rhythm—the warmth of it floating across Boone’s exposed chest—and the fingers that splayed over his stomach, beneath the blankets, had slowly stopped their gentle movement.

Boone doubted Coy was actually worn out—the man still had an erection after all—but it had been a long day. He reflected on it, and the place where his mind landed was how open and happy his friend… his… his man… had been. He’d not held back in any way, and his confidence had grown with each moment they shared. Removed from the influences of his family’s judgements, cloaked wrongly as biblical truths, Coy had found hisself, and in that happening, they’d found each other.

Coy had said the final piece had come to him with the land, and maybe that was so, but Boone suspected the most important piece was Will Diamond’s absence from Coy’s life. The hateful, sidewinding snake of a brother had heaped pain on everyone he touched, and he’d done his slithering best to turn best friend against best friend.

There was a time when Boone thought he might have succeeded, and that was when he’d begun to pull back. Now, seeing how Coy was tonight, he didn’t give Will near as much credit. He might have confused his brother—shamed him even—but it was more likely Coy had more been trying to protect Boone than anything else. The love he’d felt from the man tonight, in every word and touch, was a love that had been around a good while, even if Coy hadn’t admitted it to himself. The thought made him happy.

Entwining his fingers with Coy’s, he felt a gentle squeeze, and silently thanked the Lord once more for seeing fit to love him. Prayers over, he drifted toward dreams where Coy didn’t shed tears or disappear… and where he could hear the man tell Boone he loved him.




Thanks to my editor, Timothy M., and thanks to the readers. Did you enjoy this intimate look inside the tent? Please share your thoughts, and leave story likes and story recommendations if you feel they're warranted. Just a few more chapters to go. Cheers! Gary.

Copyright © 2020 Headstall; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

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1 hour ago, centexhairysub said:

I demand at least another 63 chapters for this story.  That is the very least that is acceptable.

That being said, On my God was that hot....  The passion and feelings of first true love just leapt off the page.  The writing and flow created such a truly magical moment that it was just near perfection.  

They may have trials and tribulations but this chapter convinced me that they will be together until only death separates them.


Um... sixty-three more? Man, are you going to be disappointed, centex. :P  But I'll take that as a great compliment. I love when readers fall in love with my characters. :D  Yep, it'll take death to separate these two young cowboys. 

I only write lovemaking scenes I feel are warranted by the story, so I'm really pleased you felt the way you did about their first time together. Your praise is very kind, buddy, and I think it's okay to say we are not done yet. ;)  Only a few chapters left, though, so don't be bringing out any pitchforks. :unsure: 

"Bravo"... I love hearing that! Thanks for the encouraging and satisfying comment, my friend. Cheers! :hug: 

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On 1/4/2021 at 1:14 PM, starboardtack said:

Enjoyed this chapter and for some reason, these are my favorite lines:

"Coy looked up at him with eyes sparkling. “This is fun, sure enough.”

Boone almost choked when laughter bubbled up at the man’s happy expression, and he fell in love with him just a little bit more. “Glad you’re enjoying yourself.”"

Maybe it is the sense of wonder that can be a part of first encounters and discoveries. Nice writing.

Hey, my friend. I'm really not surprised those lines were your favorites. We are seeing the very best of Coy here... completely open to this new experience, and enthralled with being able to share this with Boone, and yes, that sense of wonder we all can understand. He's a man in love. :) 

I fell in love with Coy a little bit more as well while I was writing this chapter, and letting him show me who he was. :) 

Thanks for the kind words, my friend, and for sharing your thoughts. The end is getting closer, but there is still more to come. Cheers... Gary.... :hug: 

Edited by Headstall
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53 minutes ago, mayday said:

Beautiful and more than welcome on this dreary day, Gary!

I wonder what more will come? Will they hit any obstacles buying their lots? Will they be accepted by the locals? Will they be able to prepare for winter? Will they take in orphans? There are so many ways this can go on, I just hope it does...

Thanks, mayday! I was hoping readers would find it hot, but beautiful too. :)  There certainly a lot of ways this can go, but this wasn't meant to be an epic like a couple of my other stories. I can say I will answer a lot of your questions before we're done, though. This chapter could well have been the last one, even the previous one could have, but I didn't want to end it until we got a glimpse or two into what happens with their lives. Thanks so much for the support... see you Monday, my friend... Cheers... Gary.... :hug: 

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53 minutes ago, CincyKris said:

This makes me so happy!  It's refreshing (and very unusual) to read unbridled happiness that doesn't make me want to gag (not in the good way).  Great writing!  We'll take as many more chapters you're willing to give us. I don't think I could get tired of these two.

Hey, Kris! I can't even begin to tell you how much your comment means to me. I am constantly trying to straddle the line between romance and sappy, and with being real. It's very important to me to show love without readers getting a sugar overload, yet I never want to shortchange the characters. :unsure:  Thanks for the kind words about my writing... and I'll give you the chapters I think the story needs before it is complete. :)  Cheers, my kind friend... G. :hug: 

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58 minutes ago, drpaladin said:

Gee Gary, the distance between Mondays seems much longer than a week these days. I've been waiting expectantly for this next chapter and you didn't disappoint in any way.

You made it hot and sexy and yet also beautiful and loving, a memory both can cherish forever.



Thanks, DP! This is a comment I will go back to again and again. Only six and a half days to go now, buddy. :P  

I appreciate you validating my efforts as you have... these scenes do come naturally from knowing my characters so well, but they take a lot of care as well, in order to get them right. Yes, I'd say these guys will remember this first act of lovemaking for the rest of their lives. It was when they found out just how right they were for each other. :)  Cheers and thanks, my friend... G. :hug: 

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22 minutes ago, Headstall said:

You can keep it up all day? I'm impressed, Wes. :P  Seriously, two rats in a wool sock? :rofl:  OMG! I won't be forgetting that one. Happy to hear I could raise your temperature, buddy. And yes, Coy is a natural... at courting and other stuff, once he stopped trying to such Boone's innards out his pee hole. :D Thanks and cheers! :hug: 

Well the rats is a bit more colorful but i tried to keep it clean.

Edited by Wesley8890
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2 hours ago, Albert1434 said:

Wow a great, powerful and magic fulled love sence! The love they have for each other and shown with the heat of a forest fire consuming them both in such deep passion!

So much yet to come and love will grow! As will the land and there dreams I can hardly wait.

A perfect chapter:yes: :yes: :2thumbs::worship: :thankyou:

Thanks, buddy! Each other is really all they have in this world, and they had an incredible close friendship, but they were destined for more. A lot of times, the stars don't align, and love doesn't get a chance to flourish, but that isn't the case here. Coy might have been confused for a time (I've been there) but he got himself sorted, and he never forgot how Boone had always had his back. The trip to Larkspur was exactly what these men needed. Even if they didn't find land, I'm convinced they would have ended up together. :yes:  As always, I appreciate your kind words and support, my dear friend. Less than a handful of chapters to go, but we'll get to see a lot in them. :)  Cheers! :hug: 

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2 hours ago, Bard Simpson said:

At long last, both Boone and Coy get to share eachother, with all the consumate intimacy that their young hormone ravaged bodies had finally demanded for release.

I often feel that your stories focus but sparingly, on the most intimate details of the sexual acts between your leading characters. In doing so, it profers your readers enough breathing space, to focus on the purest of passions, that first exists between your protagonists, before they give full vent to that passion's release, in physical form. Quite simply, it's what distinguishes a romantic and artful representation of true love from a mere act of pornography.

I was ever so mindful, throughout of the major differences for youths in those days and now. The internet makes it so easy for today's youths to learn everything there is to know about sex, in full graphical as well as textual detail. But back in the days of Coy and Boone, they would have only acquired that knowledge by vocal offerings from a few close peers and the odd experienced youth like Lucas. I also imagine that the guilt may have been far greater to overcome, given that they would have been so isolated and possibly unaware of any others, like themselves.

A brilliantly written chapter Gary. I knew you wouldn't leave us hanging for too long. 😘 

I'm looking forward to seeing whether the guys can acquire the land of their dreams, and how everything will pan out (a clear reference to panning for gold, I now realise). Maybe I do need more time than everyone else, as you previously pointed out. :gikkle:   :hug:

Thanks, Bard! I appreciate you saying this... it truly means a lot. Love is what the act is all about for me, and I always try to convey that in an emotionally satisfying way. :)  You are spot on about the difference in those times. There was no internet, and there was much ignorance about sex. That applies to straight or gay, but yeah, it would have been especially hard for a gay or lesbian who were taught in church who they were was evil... that they were damned for loving the same sex. 

Coy is an innocent here, but he has come to accept, with Boone's help, that the church, his mother, and Will were wrong. We see him empowered here, trusting fully in Boone, and letting himself feel love without imposed restrictions. That would be a head y feeling. :yes:  One more thing... Coy does have as much courage as Boone... it took a lot to get to this point, and he just proved he won't allow his love to be judged.

Lol. You don't need more time... you just take more time. I like a man who doesn't hurry. ;) 

Cheers, and thanks for the wonderful, thoughtful comment, buddy. :hug: 


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2 hours ago, Ivor Slipper said:

A beautifully crafted mind blowing chapter. Well worth having to wait a week for.

Thanks so much, Ivor. This praise makes me happy... I'd like to think I'm always worth the wait. :P  Cheers! :hug: 

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1 hour ago, Wesley8890 said:

Well the rats is a bit more colorful but i tried to keep it clean.

Since when? :P  I can imagine what the full saying is. :yes: 

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1 hour ago, spikey582 said:

Gary, the way you write sex scenes are always a bit of an art.  They’re spicy without being salacious.  For instance here, there’s a bit of arousal, but I’m so focused on how Boone and Coy are connecting, I almost don’t even notice.  This was beautiful, and again... it’s about time :yes:

Aww... thanks, spikeman. I really do try. If a writer focuses on the sex, the scenes become repetitive and boring, in my opinion. I'm always interested in the connection... the love that ignites the passion. I'm pleased you appreciate the difference, and I already knew that from past wonderful comments. I must say Coy and Boone were a joy to write in this chapter. :yes: 

Lol. Yes. I concede it was about time. :P  Cheers, my friend. :hug: 

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1 hour ago, 84Mags said:

If only everyone’s first experience could be so perfect... I can’t stop smiling.  

Yeah, if only. Full disclosure. Mine couldn't have been better. :)  

This chapter and these wonderful comments have kept me smiling today... I'm glad you liked Boone and Coy finally connecting on every level. It is a beautiful thing. Thanks, Mags... your comment is much appreciated... see you Monday... cheers! :hug: 

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    You probably have a crazy and hectic schedule and find it hard to keep up with everything going on.  We get it, because we feel it too.  Signing up here is a great way to keep in touch and find something relaxing to read when you get a few moments to spare.

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