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The Challenge

   (3 reviews)

Out of necessity, Armie accepts what his life has become, but when a handsome stranger issues an unexpected challenge, the walls he's so carefully constructed begin to weaken. Once the dust settles, will they crumble altogether?

This little story is about courage, and faith that life holds magic if we let ourselves be open to it.

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I'll be truthful and say that once I realised what the background was behind this short story I very nearly stopped reading, if only because it's a trope I've come across before and it doesn't usually work for me. However, @Headstall managed to grab my attention early on and hold onto it until the end.

Two lost souls come together one evening. Trent is willing to take a chance, but Armie is reluctant as he feels it can't work. As the pair talk, and I learnt more about what has brought each of them to this point in their lives, I found myself liking each of them more and more.

I'm not usually one to give spoilers in story comments so, if you want to find out whether Arnie's walls finally crumble (to use the metaphor that @Headstall uses in the story synopsis), you'll just have to read the story for yourself. I think you will enjoy it.

Response from the author:

Thank you, Marty! I've always wanted to write a story along these lines, mainly because of people and situations I know. I'm pleased you were drawn in, and hope others will be inspired to read this. Cheers!

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Great story! This would make a fantastic multi-chapter story! 😉

Response from the author:

Thanks, Ian. I enjoyed writing this one a lot. We could see more of Trent and Armie one day, if I ever find the time. Happy to hear you enjoyed it, and hope this review convinces others to give the story a try. Cheers! 

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Loved the story and sorry that it came to an end... I've known people like Armie and even befriended a few. They're tough nuts because they have to be. They only accepted my friendship because they figured out that I truly liked them and wanted nothing from them other than friendship. It's a tough life sometimes.

Response from the author:

Thank you, Nahrung! I agree... it is a tough life, but it is possible to find some happiness. Glad you liked Trent and Armie's story. Cheers!

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