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A Decision for Jarren - 26. Chapter 26

Time to head back home!

Early Monday morning the guys hit the ground running, so to speak. They packed up the rest of the kitchen things, pulled the linens off the bed and cleaned them. They made a run to Goodwill with the stuff that was being donated. The shipping company had sent two guys out to get the boxes that were being shipped up. Maddie came to help clean up like she had promised. Both Jarren and Nash thanked her for everything. She started crying as Nash hugged her tightly. He knew he was going to miss her and Jeff and all the kids at the farm.

Before they knew it they were being dropped off at the airport by the Uber driver and Jarren gave the guy a good tip for helping out with the five boxes of stuff, plus a couple of large duffel bags that they stuffed all of the odds and ends into.

Jarren grew apprehensive when he saw the plane that Lex had chartered for them. It was a Gulfstream G650. Jarren thought it looked tiny. Going into the small terminal that the charter company used they were greeted by one of the staff. He had one of the ground crewmen come and get their boxes and duffel bags to be stored in the small cargo space for the flight.

The staff member introduced them to their pilot, Keith and flight attendant, Haru. Jarren was quick to admit that he was scared shitless to fly and the pilot assured him that while small planes still were subject to turbulence, they could fly faster than commercial jets, and therefore they could climb more quickly above the unstable air. The pilot was quick to reassure him that the weather was pretty clear all the way to Pittsfield, where they would be landing, so the likelihood of major turbulence was pretty slim. He also said that their flight attendant Haru’s name meant peaceful weather in Japanese and they had flown together often, rarely encountering bad weather when Haru was on board. That made Haru laugh, as well as Nash.

No matter how much anyone tried to allay his fears, Jarren could still remember the horrific bouncing and loud banging during the last plane ride he took like it was yesterday. He merely gave the pilot a grim smile and followed them out to the tarmac to the waiting jet.

Jarren followed Nash who had climbed the stairs after the pilot, hopping one-footed up each step. The flight attendant was behind Jarren, probably to prevent him from bolting. The pilot told them to take any seat. This particular jet was configured for twelve passengers. There were six roomy leather seats on each side. Each seat other than the last two could swivel to face forward or aft. There was a lot of room between the seats and after Haru had closed and sealed the door he explained that the panels along the wall could be converted to a table between the chairs which businessmen normally utilized to conduct work. The plane was equipped with secure wi-fi as well.

While the pilot prepared for takeoff, Haru explained all of the safety features of the plane, which put Jarren’s mind at ease slightly. Within fifteen minutes they were cleared for takeoff and taxiing toward the runway. As the plane started picking up speed, Nash reached over and took Jarren’s shaking hand. Jarren had his eyes squeezed shut and his head was down. He had made sure that the shade on the window next to him was pulled down. As soon as Nash’s fingers touched Jarren’s hand, Jarren gripped Nash’s hand like a vise. Nash hoped he wouldn’t end up with anything broken. It would make getting around on crutches more difficult.

The ascent of the plane was smooth and they gradually evened out as they approached their cruising altitude. Once they did, Haru came over to check on them and to see if they wanted anything. Jarren’s nervousness had completely dried out his mouth so he asked for some water and Nash parroted his request. Jarren sucked down the entire bottle without stopping for a breath. Nash had to hide his amusement.

Nash decided to try to divert Jarren’s attention from being focused on the fact that he was in a plane so he asked Haru about himself.

Haru explained that he was a third generation American, his grandmother’s parents had emigrated shortly before WWII. Her parents had a difficult time after Pearl Harbor was bombed and had spent nearly two years detained at Heart Mountain in Wyoming, which was one of the many Japanese internment camps that those of Japanese ancestry were forced into by the U.S. government. His grandmother had been born a year and a half after they had been released when the camps were shut down at the end of 1945. His grandfather had been born in the U.S in 1941 and luckily lived in New York city during the war, and while his family was taunted, they did not suffer the hardships of being sent away to live in a camp.

It was Haru’s parents who were finally able to build a successful life when they came of age in the late seventies, early eighties. Haru was the middle child, with an older brother and younger sister. His parents had taken care of his grandparents, as is so typical in Japanese culture. He and his siblings had been raised to respect their elders and to work hard. His older brother was a successful entrepreneur, having started his own commercial cleaning business in Texas. His younger sister was a teacher and had just completed her master’s degree and wanted to be a principal eventually. Both siblings were married and he had two nephews from his brother and another nephew and two nieces from his sister.

Haru was single and liked to travel too much to settle down in one place. He loved being a flight attendant for the charter company. He had met a lot of interesting people and had been all over the world, and was occasionally gone for several weeks at a time. He didn’t think it would be fair to a wife and kids to be gone so much. He admitted that he was a little selfish and didn’t want to stay in one place and put down roots. He was happy, he had lots of friends all over the world and felt no need to be tied down. He was thankful that his parents took it in stride, as he has always been an independent free spirit, even as a child. It was his grandparents who couldn’t understand why he didn’t get married, settle down and have kids.

Haru excused himself to prepare some light snacks for them and to check to see if Keith needed anything. Haru came back with a plate of fruit, cheese and crackers. Nash moved to the seat behind Jarren and Haru set up the table between them so they could share the food as Jarren swivelled around to face Nash. Nash asked Haru what kinds of cheese there were and Haru pointed out the various types. There was the usual sharp cheddar, and interestingly enough there was also a Guinness Cheddar, an Occelli with Barley Malt and Whiskey, and a honey and pistachio cream cheese spread. An assortment of crackers and flatbreads accompanied the cheese selection.

Jarren had calmed down enough and had been sufficiently distracted by Haru’s life story that he was able to share some of the assortment with Nash. Nash distracted him further by forbidding him to feed himself. Nash selected the cheese and cracker pairings, occasionally adding some fruit as well and fed it to Jarren in a mildly seductive way. Nash loved teasing Jarren this way, firing him up just enough to get him going, but not so much as to leave him hanging. He enjoyed that too, but today Jarren needed a diversion, rather than being sexually tormented.

Jarren himself was grateful. He knew exactly what Nash was up to and it was working. By the time they had finished their snack and Haru had cleaned up and stowed everything away they were descending and almost ready for the final approach. Nash returned to the seat across from Jarren as he swung around to face forward again, buckled in and reached over to hold Jarren’s hand. This time the grip wasn’t quite so death-like.

Keith managed to touch down with just the slightest of bumps and next thing they knew they were rolling up to the private terminal. Pittsfield Municipal Airport was a small regional airport that catered mostly to small planes and private jets. The Berkshires may seem like a sleepy little area, but it was home to an eclectic arts community, as well as the summer home of the Boston Pops. While there were plenty of poor and middle class inhabitants, there were also small pockets of upper class denizens as well. Plus the area was in close proximity to many upscale private schools and camps, not to mention the ski resorts in neighboring Vermont and New Hampshire, so the airport was convenient for those who could afford to utilize private transportation.

Jarren thanked Haru and Keith for making the flight manageable for him. He still didn’t want to get on a big plane, but at least he knew he probably could if he absolutely had to. Nash chimed in with his thanks as well. They both wished Haru good luck in his travels and told him to get in touch if he was ever in the area again.

Mazen was waiting for them inside the terminal and Jarren gave his brother a warm hug. Mazen pulled Nash in for a hug as well, being careful not to tip him off balance or knock his crutches out from under him.

The local ground crew consisted of two burly college kids who had quickly unloaded the boxes from the plane onto a small trailer hitched behind a golf cart and then pulled the trailer out to Mazen’s truck. Jarren tipped both of the guys after the boxes were secured in the back of the truck.

Jarren helped Nash balance as he hopped up and slid over to the middle. Once they were on their way Jarren asked Mazen, “Where’s Cassie? I thought she’d be with you.”

Mazen replied “She had to take a run to Boston to do some stuff for the Inkwell Foundation. She’s putting together the Grand Opening Gala and has been super busy. The Foundation is up and running and now it’s her job to keep it that way. The premier Gala is going to be in September, the weekend after Labor Day. Keep your calendars open, Lex has already made arrangements for you guys. Ryan and Seth are renting an Airbnb around the corner from them so accommodations are taken care of. You’ll just need to rent penguin suits. Liam is included too. Lex says telling Keon that they would be taking care of Liam for a while was the first time he had shown any enthusiasm for anything since his injuries happened. The poor kid has had a tough time. I really hope Liam and him hit it off. If they don’t it might get messy.”

“Liam is a pretty easy going boy. I’m just worried that Cassie will corrupt him. His sense of humor is already a little warped. I’m glad she’s busy with the Foundation, less time for her to inflict permanent damage to the kids.” Jarren teased.

Mazen made a weird noise like he swallowed a snort. Cassie was a unique entity and he loved each and every quirk. He completely understood his brother’s wariness. He was actually a little scared himself with the thought of starting a family and life together with his crazy fiancee.

“C’mon. Mom cooked supper and expects you there. I made sure your house is ready. I got you some basics like milk, eggs and bread, but you’ll need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.” Mazen told him. “Fair warning, Mom’s going to grill you about Liam, you know how she is with kids. Another grandkid to spoil. Dad’s going to want to give his two cents worth when it comes to the modifications you’re going to need. He’s been much better now that he’s fully mobile again. FYI, he’s fine walking on level surfaces, but he uses a cane if the ground is uneven. It’s just going to be us. I made sure to warn the girls and they both told Mom they’re ‘busy’ tonight. Robbie has a baseball game, but he might get back before I take you home.”

“Thanks, Maze. I can handle Mom and Dad, that’s nothing new.” Jarren replied.

Jarren had told his parents about Nash proposing and his acceptance and they were thrilled. They hadn’t set a date yet. Mazen and Cassie had decided to get married September 28th. He thought Cassie was nuts trying to plan a huge fundraising gala and then a wedding two weeks later, but if anyone could do it, she could. Jarren was pretty sure that his Mom and sisters were going to help with the wedding planning as well. Jarren thought that maybe he and Nash should just elope. It was something they could discuss later. Right now with everything they had going on he in no way wanted to add wedding plans into the mix.

Mazen pulled into their parent’s driveway and the three men headed into the house. Jarren’s Mom was in the kitchen, and after wiping her hands on a towel came over to hug Jarren to pieces and then promptly did the same to Nash. Dad came in, limping slightly and introductions were made. Bill Dalton was quick to welcome Nash to the chaos that was their family.

The boys all pitched in and dinner made it to the table by six o’clock. Mom had made homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a cauliflower and carrot casserole that Jarren loved, plus biscuits from scratch. The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of silverware clanking and ‘please pass the, whatever’. Jarren had certainly missed his Mom’s cooking. Everything tasted fantastic. Nash sang her praises as well and said that he would need the recipe for the cauliflower and carrot casserole, especially seeing how it was Jarren’s favorite.

When they were firmly ensconced with enjoying the meal, Jarren’s mom struck. “So boys, tell me about Liam. I’m so excited for you!”

Nash looked at Jarren and sent a message with his eyes that dropped this answer squarely in Jarren’s lap. Jarren shot him a dirty look for chickening out.

“Liam is awesome,” Jarren extolled. He went on to describe the youngster and managed to do a great job giving his parents and Mazen a good impression of the boy. Nash finally loosened up and chimed in as well. Despite the ‘no phone at the table’ rule, Jarren and Nash both pulled theirs out to show Bill and Maggie pictures of the boy. Maggie, of course was smitten immediately.

Jarren’s Dad took the opening and segued the conversation into the modifications that were needed. As Mom and Mazen cleared the table off, Jarren told his Dad what he thought would be needed. It was decided that Dad would come by after lunch tomorrow and they could start drawing out and measuring for things that needed to be done. Jarren knew that he and his Dad brainstormed best when they could actually visualize what had to happen.

Mom brought out homemade apple crumb pie and vanilla ice cream. The pie was amazing and Jarren asked “What did you do to the pie? It doesn’t taste like it normally does. Is there extra cinnamon or something in it?”

Mom laughed and replied “Cassie introduced me to Fireball and told me it was the best thing for apple pies. I just splashed some over the apples along with the sugar before I baked it. Makes a big difference huh?”

Jarren should have known. Cassie and her damned Fireball. Personally he wasn’t a fan of the stuff, but to each his own, he guessed. It sure as hell made the pie taste incredible.

They polished off all but one piece of the pie, Mom making sure to save it for Robbie who still wasn’t home yet. The game probably went into extra innings. Dad said they were playing one of the better teams and it was always a well matched competition.

Jarren gave his brother the silent look that needed no further interpretation. It was time to go. Nash thanked Mom for an incredible meal and hugs and kisses were given out. Jarren slid into Mazen’s truck with a sigh of relief. He loved his parents and was happy to see them but he loved Nash more and was anxious to get home. He still had Nash’s teasing with the cheese and crackers fresh in his mind and his dick was thinking of better things to do than hanging out with the folks.

Finally Mazen pulled into the driveway, the motion sensor lights kicking on as he parked. Nash was able to carry the duffel bags slung over his shoulders and it didn’t take Jarren and Mazen too long to cart the boxes into the house. The sun had set and the air was now chilly. Mazen bade them goodnight and was gone quickly.

They stacked the boxes in the living room and Jarren made his way across to the kitchen and turned on the lights. Nash whistled his approval. Jarren was proud of the kitchen and living room. When he had first bought the house the rooms were divided into a separate kitchen area connected to the dining room by a door. The living room had run the length of the kitchen and dining room, and had access to the kitchen by a door and the dining room by a second door as well.

The beginning of last year saw a major storm plow through the area. Heavy snow, ice and wind had caused an old oak tree to come crashing down on that end of the house. Jarren had really good insurance coverage and because he, Mazen and their Dad did all of the labor themselves he was able to spend the insurance money on high quality materials. All of the walls had been opened up and now the kitchen was open to the dining room and was separated from the living area by a long island. The floors were a dark gray stained wood. Jarren made sure that they ran heating coils under the flooring so that in the winter the floor wouldn’t be cold. Tiles also kept the house cooler in the summer. Granted they didn’t get really hot days too often, but when they did they were always accompanied by high humidity. Window air conditioner units were a must, even though they didn’t get used too much. Jarren hated being too hot when he was indoors. Outdoors could feel like Satan’s barbeque and it didn’t faze him. Too hot inside was a different story.

In addition to heated floors the countertops were granite, all the appliances were almost top of the line. Jarren referred to them as the deluxe version, not the luxury model. The dining area now held a large, solid oak table. Jarren had it custom made using wood from the tree that fell. The top had been inlaid with several different shades of stained wood pieces, interlocked together in a sort of abstract geometric pattern. The polished oak gleamed with the various shades. Without the leaves it could seat six comfortably. Full expanded out it would accommodate sixteen. He had eight matching chairs made as well. It had cost more than all of the appliances together, but Jarren loved it.

The furniture in the living room was comfortable and functional. A huge flat screen was mounted on the wall over a fireplace. There were two couches and a few recliners arranged so that all offered a view of the big screen. Football season found the roomed filled nearly every Sunday.

“Jarren, this place is awesome. You won’t need to make any changes. Liam will be able to get around just fine, and so will I. There’s more than enough space for two wheelchairs if needed.” Nash told him.

“Thanks,” Jarren responded. “Let me show you the rest of the house.”

Jarren flipped on the lights to the backyard and Nash looked out the sliding glass doors that had been installed where the old wall of the dining room had met the kitchen. Jarren had close to three-quarters of an acre and a large deck was built along the entire length of the back of the house. Nash could see an area where someone had built a good size fire pit. The deck housed two gas grills, two large outdoor tables that could seat six and eight respectively. It was the perfect entertainment area. A small copse of trees separated Jarren’s yard from the neighbors behind him.

Next Jarren led Nash down the hallway, his crutches making a soft clunking sound on the tiles. Nash got a quick look at the spare room. While not huge, it was perfect for occasional guests, holding a queen bed and dresser with decent room to walk around. Across the hallway was the bathroom that Liam would be using. It abutted another bedroom that was larger than the guest room. Nash looked in at what Jarren said would be Liam’s room. It had been Mazen’s room and was a good size space, probably 14x16 feet. It currently held a queen bed, a long, low dresser, as well as a tall highboy. Jarren figured they could let Liam pick out what he wanted for furniture. The highboy wouldn’t be very practical for him anyway.

Jarren turned to Nash, and with a knowing look, said “Back this way, our bedroom is over there. The house was split so that the master bedroom was on the opposite end from the other two bedrooms. Leading Nash back through the dining room he opened the door that had been hidden by a small alcove. Jarren’s bedroom was definitely masculine. It was a good size, Nash estimated 18x22 feet. The king bed had a solid, mahogany headboard and footboard. Both were simply designed, just beautifully polished wood, no carvings or designs. The comforter that covered the bed was a dark navy blue that was solid at the top and then starting in the middle and travelling down to the foot of the bed had stripes of gradually thicker widths. The stripes were varying shades of lighter grays and alternating turquoise and cobalt blues. The floors were polished wood and the windows were covered by horizontal blinds almost the same shade of navy blue as the top part of the comforter. Jarren also had a dresser and mirror that matched the mahogany bed. Over the bed was a large 5 panelled print that together depicted snow capped, slate gray mountains looming over an ice covered lake. The reflection of the mountains were shades of glacial blue which nearly matched the turquoise in the bed covering. It was simple, but stunning.

Nash didn’t get to see anything else as Jarren bent down and quickly slung Nash over his shoulder and in three steps was at the side of the bed dropping him down and then covering his body with his own. Jarren’s lips took possession of Nash. His kisses were all over the map, hot and demanding one second and then gentle and caressing the next. It was hotter than hell.

Nash felt Jarren’s hands pull his shirttails out and the cool, calloused fingertips teased their way up his torso before stopping to inflict sweet torture on his right nipple. The nipple beaded itself into a firm nub, sending bolts of pleasure straight down to his groin.

Jarren was intent on inflicting sweet torture in retribution for Nash’s subtle kindling of his libido while feeding him on the plane. Jarren pulled Nash’s shirt over his head and dropped his mouth down over the peaked bud, letting his tongue dance across the surface. He was rewarded with a strained moan from Nash.

Jarren had been fired up ever since they landed. Dinner at his parents had only been tolerable because he knew that at the end of the evening it would be just him and Nash, no one else to hear their moans and screams.

Impatiently, Jarren quickly divested them both of their clothing. He let Nash reposition himself so that he lay in the middle of the bed. Jarren scooted over so that his knees were between Nash’s lower legs. He reached down and placed his hands on the inner part of Nash’s knees and pushed them apart. Nash’s body spread out in front of him was a sight to behold and Jarren just took a moment to admire it.

Horniness took over and he covered Nash’s body with his own. The two hard cocks lined up perfectly. Jarren let their combined pre-cum lubricate them, and it wasn’t long before the two shafts were gliding smoothly against each other. Jarren loved the feel of Nash’s balls rubbing against his. He let himself frot up against Nash in a leisurely manner for a while, just enjoying the sensations of skin on skin. Eventually nerve endings heated up, sending more urgent messages to the brain. Jarren and Nash moved in tandem, each in tune with the other. Friction built at an ever increasing pace. Mouths were melded together, tongues duelling, each absorbing the other’s moans that multiplied with each passing second. Finally the nerves hit their apex and Jarren was the first to launch copious amounts of heated, creamy white fluid between them. Nash bucked up against Jarren a few more times and he, too, added his load to the glaze of cum that came between them.

Jarren collapsed on top of Nash and allowed his body to slide to the side. Nash’s arms remained firmly locked around him. They lay there together, enjoying the post orgasmic bliss until their breathing returned to normal. The room was cool, but Jarren was comfortable, lazing in the heat that Nash emitted.

Nash pulled Jarren in tight and murmured “You are fucking incredible. I think I want to be tied up next time we go that route. You taking charge really revved me up. There are so many things I want to try with you and it makes me so happy that you’re giving me a lifetime to do it. I love you Jarren.”

“I love you too Nash.” Jarren echoed.

They had to force themselves to get up and get cleaned off. Dried cum stuck in body hair was never fun. Nash, having more body hair than Jarren, poked him in the side to prod him to get up. Jarren would have had to get up first anyway as Nash’s crutches were on the floor too far away for Nash to reach.

Grudgingly, Jarren rolled himself out of bed, ignoring the cum that dropped on the floor. He scooped up the crutches and handed them to Nash, then led him into the bathroom. Jarren’s bathroom was large. It would be able to accommodate Nash’s wheelchair if ever needed. The vanity had double sinks and the walk in shower was equipped with hand-held dual heads with multiple settings which faced each other on opposing walls. Jarren appreciated the full force massage setting when he worked long hours and his muscles were sore and tight.

They took their time showering, washing each other lazily. Nash loved the smoothness of Jarren’s skin and Jarren loved the silky feel of Nash’s chest hair. Jarren added installing grab bars and a shower chair to his ever increasing mental list of things that needed to be written down that they needed to do.

Once they finished cleaning each other they dried off and Nash jumped on Jarren’s back for a ride over to the bed, holding his crutches. Jarren propped them up between the bed and the nightstand before dumping Nash onto the bed. They both slid under the covers and Jarren instinctively took up position with his head on Nash’s chest and upper arm and threw his leg over Nash’s. Nash pulled him close and together they drifted off, eager to start preparing for Liam to arrive.

This has been a busy week so editing was not on the top of my priority list so I'm sorry if there are any glaring or non glaring mistakes.

The fun thing about writing is the ability to add in random characters that pop into the story and then they're gone. I saw a show on tv about the Japanese internment camps and hence...a little side character Haru. Life is quirky!

As always let me know what you think!

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

I am totally enjoying this story. Glad the boys are home at last and looking for ward to Liam arriving and how he will like his new home.

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This was an extra happy chapter. Your characters, as always, are people I'd like to know IRL.

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Such a great chapter, can't wait till Nash gets to meet Cassie. Also excited for Liam to arrive and see how him and Keon act together, see how he reacts to his new home with Jarren and Nash, also how he reacts to meeting Jarrens family, especially Cassie. FYI I didn't notice any mistakes or anything that needed editing. So as usual damn good job with the chapter.

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3 hours ago, brbear1 said:

I am totally enjoying this story. Glad the boys are home at last and looking for ward to Liam arriving and how he will like his new home.

Thank you! It won't be much longer before Liam gets to meet the northern clan.  There's a couple of housekeeping items to go through first! 

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3 hours ago, Estiveo said:

This was an extra happy chapter. Your characters, as always, are people I'd like to know IRL.

Thanks!  I try to create characters that are relatable.  Sometimes really weird ones pop into my brain.  I'm a little scared to put them into a story! 🤪

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I suspect someone has an insight into fear of flying. As someone who previously held a private pilots licence, I have never quite understood why flying is any more scary that half a dozen other things we do in the  21 century, but your description implied a considerable amount of knowledge/experience in the area...🤔

Great story, yes, the random "drop in" characters do add dimension to your story.


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1 hour ago, Brokenbind said:

Jarren's place sounds wonderful.  And I want that comforter.

Liam will love being there.

I know for a fact I saw both the picture above his bed and the comforter on Amazon.  Do you think I could find them again?  I spent an hour looking and...nada.  so the description will have to suffice! 

I think Liam will love it too!

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1 hour ago, Canuk said:

I suspect someone has an insight into fear of flying. As someone who previously held a private pilots licence, I have never quite understood why flying is any more scary that half a dozen other things we do in the  21 century, but your description implied a considerable amount of knowledge/experience in the area...🤔

Great story, yes, the random "drop in" characters do add dimension to your story.


I actually like flying.  It's  the airports that suck! Window seat is the best.  However,  I do know a couple of white knuckle fliers that I've had to accompany on flights. So I'm more like Nash!

Personally I can't stand anything creepy crawly. 

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I want that dining table. 
an error that you missed is when you are describing the mountain picture above Jarren’s bed you said that it depicted showed snow cap mountains.

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5 hours ago, Bft said:

I want that dining table. 
an error that you missed is when you are describing the mountain picture above Jarren’s bed you said that it depicted showed snow cap mountains.

Nice catch, thanks!

I fixed it.

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