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  • 3,486 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Tattoo for Lex - 20. Chapter 20

Time for a fun chapter filled with food and booze! Oh, and a little bit more sex too!

When Lex ventured toward wakefulness on Saturday morning he unconsciously scooted up closer to Ian who had an arm and a leg thrown lightly over him. Ian pulled him closer instinctively as his own state of consciousness edged closer to being awake.

Just as Lex became aware of Ian’s hardness poking him, his nose became aware of something as well. Bacon. He smelled bacon. His eyes shot open a the same time that his feet hit the floor.

Startled, Ian shot out of bed wide eyed and in a panicky voice asked “Lex, what’s the matter?”

Lex was shoving his feet into a pair of shorts and only said “Cassie” and took off down the hallway.

Now fully awake Ian grabbed his own shorts and quickly followed. As he nearly skidded into the kitchen he found Cassie at the stove tending to the bacon while Lex was standing there with his mouth hanging open “Uh, Lex? Ian prompted.

Lex’s eyes were wide in disbelief as he looked at Cassie and said incredulously “Since when do you get up early to fix breakfast? And since when do you cook?”

Turning around wielding her spatula in a way that wasn’t supposed to be threatening but actually was, Cassie stated “I’ll have you know that just because I’m not a morning person doesn’t mean I can’t get up once for a change and make breakfast for my lazy ass best friend and his equally lazy ass fiance. Besides some stupid bird was chirping right outside my window and I couldn’t sleep so I gave up and said what the fuck.”

Lex laughed and told Ian “Watch her and make sure she doesn’t burn the bacon. I’ve got to pee.” He then added “Cass, you need to download a white noise app. It helps!”

As Lex turned away, Cassie looked at Ian and informed him “I can cook. I just don’t do it often. I had to learn when Lex took off or I would’ve starved. I can only do so much take out or pre-packaged food before I feel like one of the balloons in the Macy’s parade.”

When Lex returned he gave Ian the good morning kiss that they were cheated out of and then Ian headed back to the bedroom to pee and grab shirts for them. The early morning air was a little cool and they had left the windows open last night.

Ian came back in the kitchen and tossed Lex a shirt then donned his own. Cassie looked over and commented “That’s a cool tattoo you have Ian. Do you have more?”

Ian shook his head and explained “Nope, that‘s the only one. I’m wicked picky about who I let near me with ink. I only trust one guy and he’s super busy. I’m also picky about what I put on me. It has to mean something.”

Cassie just gave him one of those looks and said “Don’t leave me hanging. You can’t say that and then not tell me the meaning of your tat. Those are the rules. Right Nemo?”

“Don’t argue with her. It’s just not worth it.” Lex sighed and reached for some bacon.

So while they ate the bacon, eggs and toast that Cassie had made Ian gave her a quick rundown of his relationship with Jase and how the tattoo came about. As soon as the words ‘best friends and matching tattoos’ left his mouth he saw Lex wince.

Sure enough Cassie was all over that idea. “Lex! We have to get matching tattoos! It’s perfect! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeee??? she begged.

Lex looked to Ian for help and Ian just shrugged and repeated “Don’t argue with her. It’s just not worth it.”

Lex had to give in. “Fine. But Ian gets to decide the design. Got it?”

Cassie jumped up and hugged him “Yay!” she cried. Then she bounced over to Ian and grabbed him tight asking “Can we do it today? Can you draw something now?”

Ian looked at her like she had two heads and declared “You are an instant gratification child. Patrick and Kevin are like that. They want everything right now and hate waiting.” Turning to Lex he inquired “How to you stand it?”

Cassie giggled and somehow managed not to look too smug. She started to say something but Lex cut her off, shaking his head he told her “Uh uh. Ian gets to choose. No input from the peanut gallery.”

Ian jumped in before they could start up and asked Lex “What color is your connection with Cassie?”

Lex smiled and said “That’s easy. Robin’s egg blue. Just like.....”

“The crayon.” Cassie finished. “Oh my God. How come you never told me?” she wondered.

"Honestly Cass? It never really occurred to me. It’s just something that I guess I took for granted all these years. What do you want? I was four when it happened,” he answered.

Cassie looked at Ian and said “Our first day of preschool together I can remember sitting at a table with a bunch of crayons. The teacher had passed out different pictures to color. Lex and I were sitting next to each other. I got a picture of a horse and he got a picture of a dog. We both reached for the same crayon. It was Robin’s egg blue. I wanted to color in the horse. Lex wanted to color the collar on the dog. It’s my very first memory of him.”

Lex smiled and added “She got the crayon first. I had to wait. But when our fingers had touched reaching for the crayon it was like the color floated away from the crayon and wrapped itself around us. While she colored in her horse I watched the color weave itself around us and finally settled into a strand that always connected us. So yeah, Robin’s egg blue. That’s our color. I haven’t seen it in anyone else.”

Ian nodded and said “That’s amazing. I do have an idea and if you want we can get it done this afternoon when we’re done with menu selection at Duke’s. It should only take a couple of hours, maybe a little more.”

Cassie looked at Lex with her eyes bright and he nodded and gave in. “What the hell, why not?” he capitulated.

The three of them finished up breakfast and took their respective showers. Ian left for his appointment at the shop and to make sure he had everything he needed for later. Lex started some laundry while Cassie played on her phone.

It wasn’t long after Ian got back and it was time to leave to meet Duke. They piled into the truck settling into the easy banter that was becoming familiar. Once they got to The Barn Lex reminded Cassie to behave herself. She turned her back on him and flipped him off.

Duke was waiting for them when they stepped into the restaurant. He greeted both men with a hug and once again extended his congratulations. Lex introduced Cassie and then Duke led them to a private dining area.that would normally accommodate 10-12 people.

Duke piped up and informed them “I’m going to have one of my staff bring out samples of several dishes for you to try. Everything I’ve selected is easy to prepare here and transport so I won’t have to monopolize or make a big mess in your kitchen. You said you wanted buffet style and I say ‘thank you’. It’s so much easier that way. Are you ready to get started?”

All three answered “Yes!”

Duke’s waitress proceeded to bring out the most incredible samples of food. There was pulled pork, a succulent beef brisket, marinated chicken, fried chicken, sirloin beef tips, shrimp and scallop kabobs, loaded baked potato, roasted zucchini and tomatoes, cauliflower casserole, tempura mixed veggies and macaroni and cheese.

Cassie thought she had died and gone to heaven “Can you just have it ALL?” she pleaded.

They spent a good amount of time taking a bite of this or a bite of that and going back and forth listing the merits of each dish. Finally after sampling and resampling everything several times Lex and Ian finally decided on pulled pork, sirloin beef tips and shrimp and scallop kabobs for the main entrees. Loaded baked potatoes was the first thing they had unanimously agreed on. They added the mac and cheese as a carb alternative to those who didn’t like potatoes and because Ian knew the kids would love it. The roasted zucchini/tomato combo and cauliflower casserole got the final votes for vegetable choices. Cassie pointed out that the shrimp and scallop kabobs would fit the veggie requirement as well.

By the time they were done everyone was stuffed, even Cassie.

Duke said that the catering would be his wedding gift. Lex, being Lex, completely resisted. Ian, knowing how stubborn they both were offered a compromise. Duke would pay for the food and disposable serving items and Lex and Ian would pay for the staff. Duke readily agreed knowing that the food costs would be more than the labor. After a pleading look from Ian Lex begrudgingly agreed. He still wasn’t used to the genuine generosity of others.

They said their goodbyes to Duke and Lex slipped the waitress who had helped out a generous tip.

Getting into the truck Cassie could barely contain her excitement. She was worse than a puppy that had just woken up from a nap and was raring to go. Her train of thought bounced from one thing to the next until they got to the shop.

Ian opened up the door and let the other two go by first, managing to pinch Lex’s ass as he passed by. Lex swatted at him and half heartedly told him to knock it off.

Ian led them to the same room that he had used for Lex’s tattoo. The table was set up with one end up like a backrest. All of the paraphernalia he would need was set on the rolling table next to his stool. “OK, both of you hop up on the table and put your inside legs together and let the other one dangle off the edge, I’ll get you footrests once I have you in position.”

The two friends did as they were told. Ian had them shift around a bit, maneuvering their legs until he was satisfied. He grabbed two low foot stools and set one on each side so they could have something to rest their other foot on.

Noticing Cassie’s stubble on her legs he remarked “No time to shave this week?”

“I’m on vacation, I can take a break if I want to.” she shot back.

Ian then informed her “I’m going to shave your leg where the tattoo is going.” Then looking at Lex he said with a grin “You get shaved too, but don’t worry I don’t need to do too much.” He then proceeded to make quick work of shaving around both of their lower calves.

He then grinned evilly and reached over to the counter and grabbed two bandanas that were lying there. He said with a laugh “I’m blindfolding both of you because I know you.” looking at Cassie, “will peek. And if I don’t blindfold you,” looking at Lex, “she will pitch a fit,” looking back at Cassie. Cassie stuck out her tongue at him as he wrapped the blindfold around her eyes and fastened it behind her head. He did the same to Lex and added a kiss with just a little bit of tongue.

Ian repositioned them the way he wanted and then told Cassie “Don’t move. I’m starting with you.”

Lex heard the familiar buzz and then heard “OW! Shit! Fuck! Dammit!” spew from Cassie’s lips. He couldn’t help but snicker.

"Hold still" Ian admonished, and Lex couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Cassie continued to let loose with a string of profanity every once in a while. Lex guessed it was her way of dealing with the pain.

After what Lex guessed was close to an hour he heard the machine stop and Ian told Cassie to relax. He was done with her. He heard Ian swapping out the needle cartridge and then felt him wipe off the bottom of his leg. Soon the buzzing started up again and he felt that oh so familiar sting. He had already braced himself and was ready for it. Not a single sound escaped his lips and he knew Cassie was probably seething. He focused on the music Ian had pulled up on his playlist. Today it was a mixture of more recent bands and some indie stuff he had come across. Before he knew it the buzzing stopped and he could feel Ian inspecting his work.

Ian finally spoke and said “It’s done. Keep your legs together and take off your blindfolds.”

Cassie cracked up at that statement, reading more into it. Lex was rolling his eyes as he pulled the blindfold off.

Cassie gasped as she saw their legs. Ian had made it look as if their calves and ankles were bound together by an intricate knotted rope . The rope was Robin’s egg blue. Once again Ian had struck gold. It was beautiful and classy. It worked by itself and was twice as gorgeous when seen together with their legs side by side.

Cassie slid off the table and pulled Ian close giving him one of her signature boa constrictor hugs. “Oh my God! It’s absolutely perfect! “ She kissed his cheek and turned to Lex announcing “You definitely hit the jackpot with this one! Now let’s go back to the house and get shitfaced so I can forget how much this fucking hurt!”

Ian laughed and told ordered Cassie to put her leg up so he could cover the newly inked skin. Then he quickly cleaned up and put everything away.

It was early evening when they pulled in the driveway, the sun just hitting the tops of the trees. No one was hungry yet, so they settled on the porch. Cassie squealed with glee when she saw the big bottles of Fireball and Rum Chata. Ian raised an eyebrow at Lex who replied “Buckle up. Let the drinking begin.”

Cassie rummaged around the bar and turned to Ian and asked “Don’t you have anything bigger than these glasses?”

Ian shot a look at Lex, who merely shrugged. He headed back in the house and came back with three big Tervis tumblers that Sean had sent up from Florida. They were insulated and held 24oz. “Will these do?” he inquired.

Cassie grinned widely and proceeded to dump some ice in the tumblers. Then Ian watched incredulously as she opened both bottles and just started pouring the alcohol into each one, filling all three to the top. She snapped the lids on and handed one to each of the guys “Bottoms up” she called an took a healthy mouthful.

Ian sniffed at the pure alcohol and raised his tumbler toward Lex and tentatively took a sip. Damn, it did taste like liquid Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Lex suggested that they play the question and answer game that he and Ian used to get to know each and of course Cassie readily agreed and suggested that with every yes answer the one being questioned had to drink and you could only ask a choice question twice in a row. Ian grabbed Alexa and synched her to his phone and told her which playlist to play first. It didn’t take long before the three of them were feeling pretty good with Cassie well into her second full tumbler of booze. She basically answered yes to everything.

Queen started playing and Cassie jumped up, grabbed an imaginary microphone and started singing along to “Somebody to Love”. Ian was pleasantly surprised to hear that Cassie had a really nice voice. She hopped up onto the coffee table, thankfully made of solid oak, and belted out

Can anybody fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind mmeeeeee somebo-deee to loooooooouuuuuuuvvvve?

Somebody find me oh

Somebody find me

Somebody love

Somebody, somebody to love”

As the song ended Cassie flopped on top of Lex and lamented “Lexie, when am I gonna get my own Prince Charming? How come nobody wants to love me like Ian loves you? Maybe I should switch to girls? Do you think I should switch to girls?”

Lex laughed and told her “No, Cass, you shouldn’t switch to girls. You like dick too much. Don’t worry your Prince Charming is out there. Be patient. Now bring back Happy Drunk Cassie.”

He looked at Ian and whined “Cassie has two drunk personas, Happy Drunk and Philosophical Drunk. I want Happy Drunk back.”

Cassie ignored Lex, took another swig of her drink and continued on “You’d tell me if I meet my one and only won’t you Lex? I know you’ll know. When my Prince comes you’ll let me know it’s him right?”

“No, Cass. When your Prince comes I won’t have to tell you. You’ll know. You’ll really know. Now bring back Happy Drunk before I cut you off.” Lex said.

Cassie grabbed her drink, guarding it with her life and as if a switch was thrown Happy Drunk Cassie was back. Ian just stared in amazement. By ten o’clock they were all hungry and Ian ordered pizza. Drunk Cassie tried to pick up the delivery guy only to be admonished by Lex.

“Cassie, you hussy. He was like, 16. You need to be cut off.” he informed her.

She just laughed and grabbed a slice of pizza out of his hands, took a big bite and washed it down with more booze.

It was shortly after one o’clock in the morning that a slurring Ian dragged an equally slurring Lex off the couch they were lounging on. Drinking always made him horny and tonight was no exception. Cassie had finally tapered off her drinking and was laying on the couch humming to whatever weird music was floating through her brain. She had outdrank both him and Lex. Cassie moaned and Ian tossed the blanket that was hanging over the couch toward her, not really caring where it landed.

He led Lex down the hall, stumbling only once. They were both giggling and half undressed, clothes leaving a trail behind them. Ian shoved Lex through the bedroom door and after a few fumbles managed to lock it, just in case Cassie managed to find her way off the couch she had passed out on. He turned around and stopped dead in his tracks. Lex was on the bed totally naked, hard cock in his hand being slowly stroked. Fuuuucccckkkk, that was sexy. Ian shed his boxers and let his own hard shaft spring free. It bounced off his tight abs and then pointed the way to Lex. His gorgeous Lex. Damn he was fine. Ian crawled on the bed and stopped in between Lex’s legs, which he had spread apart. Putting his hands on either side of his hips, Ian brought his head down and inhaled the musky, spicy scent that was uniquely Lex. He felt his cock ooze as he softly nuzzled the sac holding the two sensitive orbs, taking each one in his mouth one at a time and gently sucked each one. He was rewarded with a long drawn out moan.

Lex grabbed Ian’s hair and ordered “Flip around. I need to taste you too.”

Ian somehow managed to wriggle his way into the age old sixty-nine position and damn near lost control when Lex sucked down his entire length in one breath. His hips bucked and he had to fight for control. “Son of a bitch!” he choked out as Lex’s throat constricted around his leaking head. Determined not to lose it first he grabbed Lex’s ass cheeks as he swiped his tongue up in a long line from his balls to the tip of his dick. When he reached the tip of Lex’s steely hard cock he was rewarded with a burst of pre cum. He engulfed the head and swallowed it down. They both savored one another, neither wanting to be the first one to lose it. How they managed to last as long as they did, they were never able to figure out. At long last Ian couldn’t stave off the tightness in his balls and they drew up close to his body and with a muffled shout he started pumping hot jets of cream into Lex. As for Lex, he managed to hang on for another five seconds before the vibrations from Ian’s mouth moaning around his own cock sent him over the edge and he returned the favor.

They both lay there panting for several minutes until finally Ian swung himself back around and Lex cuddled up to him, entwining their limbs, letting sleep take over.

Yes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is real, and yes you can get mighty shitfaced from it!!

Looking forward to your comments!  Please let me know what you  think! :2thumbs:

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Chapter Comments

12 minutes ago, avidreadr said:

Fun chapter.   Love the tattoo. I hope Cassie finds her Prince soon.  

It was fun to write.  I think I was hungry when I wrote it though!  Cassie will find someone. Just not sure when or who! 

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26 minutes ago, Blueboyindy said:

I’m in love with this story,  so much so, I had to try the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cocktail.  After a trip to my favorite liquor story for the main ingredients, I mixed up a couple of these lovely liquid libations.   Shortly there after I found myself “shit faced”......   Well done....lol. 

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! I've had a shitty day and you just made it a little better! Be careful with those liquid libations....they can hit you like a mack truck!🤣🤣

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I honestly did not know this drink had a name!  LOL. My best friend and I have been drinking it for years. Yummm!

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41 minutes ago, Normischell said:

I honestly did not know this drink had a name!  LOL. My best friend and I have been drinking it for years. Yummm!

I have killed more than my fair share of Tervis tumblers filled with the stuff.....and how Cassie makes it...throw in ice and then tip both bottles at the same time? Oh yeah, ONLY way to make them!!! :thumbup::rofl:

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The Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my husband's go-to drink. I enjoy it in the colder months, but as it gets warmer I switch to Tom Collins 24/7. 

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1 hour ago, astone2292 said:

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my husband's go-to drink. I enjoy it in the colder months, but as it gets warmer I switch to Tom Collins 24/7. 

Well.... as you can see by my avatar (new btw) I have been drawn over to the peanut butter side. Which explains so many comments in Spirit Wolves 🤣🤣

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I love the way your story flows so seamlessly...  I.m sure it's hard work for you but as a reader I appreciate the effort you put into your writing. I'm a big fan xx  yes follow and recommend buttons being pushed.

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31 minutes ago, mansexlover said:

I love the way your story flows so seamlessly...  I.m sure it's hard work for you but as a reader I appreciate the effort you put into your writing. I'm a big fan xx  yes follow and recommend buttons being pushed.

Best praise an author can get. ❤

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