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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Tattoo for Lex - 18. Chapter 18

Cassie's here. Brace yourselves! :D

Thursday morning arrived much too quickly for either man. They had spent the remainder of their evening discovering the pleasures of edging and after finally falling asleep somewhere around midnight they were up at six. It would take about an hour to get to the airport and Ian said he wasn’t going anywhere until after they hit the drive thru at Dunkin. So after showering off the remnants of their fun the night before they managed to get dressed and head out the door. Two large coffees later, both with caramel flavoring and cream and a couple of donuts each they were on their way.

Ian parked the truck in the short term lot and they made their way inside. Checking the arrivals board they saw that Cassie’s flight had landed a few minutes earlier. They made their way over to where passengers exited the secured area of the terminal. It was close to fifteen minutes later when Lex, who had been watching the passengers coming from the gates intently, suddenly stiffened as if bracing himself. Ian looked on in wonder and amusement as a streak of blonde came running at Lex, dropped her backpack on the ground and literally took a flying leap into his now outstretched arms. Legs and feet wrapped themselves around the man’s waist and his face all but disappeared under an onslaught of kisses peppered all over his forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and even his lips. Arms practically headlocked him into place.

All the while a wail of “NEEEEEEEMMMMMMOOOOOOOO!!!!! I”VE MISSED YOU!!” could be heard throughout the terminal.

Lex’s laughter was genuine in its happiness. His arms locked around the girl’s back and he returned her kisses with a smattering of his own. “I’ve missed you too Dory!” he shot back.

Cassie remained firmly attached to Lex. She pulled her head back and looked at Ian and grinned “Hello Hot Tattoo Dude! You must be Ian!”

Lex groaned and Ian laughed. Lex tried to dislodge Cassie by prying her ams away but they were locked firmly into place. He tried jumping up and down to shake her off. No luck. Turning to Ian he pleaded “A little help here?

Still laughing Ian suggested “Try tickling her?”

Lex merely shook his head “She’s not ticklish.” he whined. All of a sudden his eyes brightened and he said to Cassie. ”Cass, I think Hot Tattoo Dude wants a hug too.”

Before he knew what happened Ian had an armful of Cassie and she demonstrated her boa constrictor hold on him. He turned to Lex with a look of mock panic and mouthed “Thanks a lot”.

Cassie finally slid down Ian’s long body after giving him a big hug and smooch on his cheek. He looked her over appraisingly. Cassie was average height for a girl at 5’6”. She was a true blonde, with shades of honey and her long hair was pulled back in a French braid, hanging down to the middle of her back. She had an athletic build but wasn’t stocky. Her shoulders were wide like a swimmers but she had a trim waist and long legs. Pretty blue eyes shone with mischief. Her nose was slightly upturned, giving her a permanent cute look.

Laughing she looked at both men and said “We are gonna have so much fun!” as she led them down the stairs and over to baggage claim. They lucked out and her bags were some of the first to roll out onto the belt. Each man grabbed a bag that she pointed at and they headed out to the truck.

Slinging Cassie’s bags and backpack that she used as her carry on into the truck bed Ian got in the driver’s side and Cassie scooted to the middle leaving Lex the window. As Ian started the truck Cassie looked at Ian and declared “ OK Hot Tattoo Dude, you need to stop somewhere and feed me. I’m starving!”

Lex nudged her and said “Didn’t you eat on the plane? First Class usually has good food.”

Cassie rolled her eyes and informed him “I didn’t fly First Class. Don’t worry I sprung for Premium Economy and got a window seat toward the front. You know me. I can sleep anywhere.”

Lex snorted and laughed “That’s true Ian, she can. I once got up and she was in the bathroom fast asleep on the toilet. The toilet for God’s sake! How does that even happen?”

Cassie smiled then huffed “I told you, I had to pee and it was taking too long. I fell asleep. Don’t tell me you’ve never had one of those neverending pees.”

Lex still laughing, teased “Yeah, but I’ve never fallen asleep in the middle of it!”

“That’s cuz you don’t sleep.” she shot back.

“I do now.” Lex fired back with a smirk.

Cassie ignored him and turned back to Ian “Seriously Dude, you need to feed me. They had a freaking assortment of muffins. Muffins, Nemo. Muffins!” she said indignantly.

Ian shook his head as he turned onto Rt 75 taking the backroads instead of the highway and asked “What is it with you guys and muffins?” remembering the Great Pastry Debate.

“It’s cake!” answered Cassie and Lex at the same time.

Ian laughed and then told Cassie “We’re stopping at my parents house. My mom said she’d have food ready for us. I told her not to make muffins.”

Lex looked at Cassie with mock disgust and ratted out Ian “He likes muffins. Even blueberry.”

“Especially blueberry”. Ian teased.

Turning to face Ian, Cassie widened her eyes and remarked “Wow, he must really like you if you can eat blueberry muffins in front of him and then he still lets you take his clothes off and have your way with him.”

Ian laughed and replied “What if I’m the one letting him have his way with me?”

Cassie and Lex both joined in the laughter and they continued to banter for the remainder of the ride to the McColm’s. They were still laughing when they pulled into the driveway and tumbled out of the vehicle and made their way inside.

The laughter died down when they reached the kitchen and saw Kathy at the fridge pulling out a carton of orange juice. Introductions were made and neither Lex nor Ian missed the look that passed between the two women. It was like watching two gunslingers from an old Western square off in front of the saloon, trigger fingers at the ready. They were sizing each other up, the air seemed thick with anticipation and both men were holding their breath waiting for one of them to break first.

It was Cassie. She looked right at Kathy and said “So you’re the one who spawned Hot Tattoo Dude?" She hesitated a couple of seconds before adding "Nice job!”

Kathy was silent for a moment. Her eyes narrowed slightly before she cracked up and declared “Thanks! I had a little help but I think he came out OK. You must be hungry. Airplane food sucks. I made a breakfast casserole and pancakes. Go, have a seat and these two hoodlums can bring everything over to the table. Do you want coffee?”

Cassie looked her in the eye at the mention of food and declared “Breakfast casserole? I love you. And yes I’d love some coffee.”

Kathy grabbed the carafe and poured two cups and set one down in front of Cassie. “Boys, what are you waiting for? The Second Coming? Get the food and bring it over. Grab some coffee for yourselves while you’re at it.” She turned back to Cassie and started talking to her.

Ian looked at Lex incredulously. “I think we’ve been usurped, we’re now the hired help.”

Lex laughed and grabbed the potholders, picking up the large pan of egg casserole filled with bacon, sausage, ham, cheese and hash browns. “”Get the pancakes before we’re demoted down to pool boys.” he teased.

Cassie groaned loudly as the food was set on the table. She loaded her plate with a huge serving of the casserole and three pancakes. Spying the bottle of syrup she exclaimed “Pure maple syrup! Hell, can I move in?”

Kathy laughed and replied “Sure, we have plenty of room. Rick won’t mind. He’s my husband. He had to work today but I’m sure you’ll get to meet him this weekend.” Looking at the boys she added “You are coming for dinner on Sunday aren’t you?”

Ian sighed and mumbled “We are now.”

Lex kicked his leg under the table and hid his smile. Kathy merely shot Ian one of those ‘Mom’ looks. Cassie continued to eat, helping herself to more egg casserole and two more pancakes. Kathy looked at her and didn’t bother to hide her amusement at the voracious appetite the younger girl displayed. She actually looked impressed. Cassie loved to eat and she didn’t care what other people thought about her more than healthy appetite. The rest of breakfast was relatively quiet as everyone was busy devouring the delicious food.

When all the plates had been cleaned off they sat back with their coffees and Kathy asked Cassie “So have you seen Lex’s tattoo yet?

Cassie wiped her mouth on her napkin and said “Nope. But I’m about too. You wanna join me?” as she stood up and grabbed Lex, hauling him out of his chair.

“Hey!” he exclaimed as some of his coffee spilled on his shirt.

“Oh look. You spilled your coffee on your shirt. I guess now you’ll have to take it off.” Cassie declared.

“You could’ve just asked you know?” Lex pouted.

Cassie tugged at the hem of Lex’s shirt. “Come on Lexie. I’ve been waiting For. Ev. Er.” she drawled.

Lex looked at Kathy who was waiting expectantly then he looked at Ian for support. Ian took his hand and pulled him close so that they were face to face and Lex’s back faced the ladies. He reached down and grasping the bottom of Lex’s t-shirt pulled it up and over his head to reveal his creation.

Lex heard both Cassie and Kathy gasp. He looked up at Ian who was smiling broadly.

Cassie came over and whispered “Lex can I touch it?”

Lex nodded. Cassie had seen his scars when they were open, gaping wounds. She had helped change the bandages whenever he was home in between surgeries and rehab. Other than doctors and nurses she was the only one he had trusted to touch his back and spread the various medications, lotions and moisturizers over him while he was still healing. He had no qualms whatsoever as he unbuckled his jeans and slid them down so she could see the entire canvas , totally forgetting that Kathy was still there. Once he remembered it was too late as his ass was already on display. Oh well.

He now felt Cassie’s hands run themselves lovingly over his back, tracing the various ridges and bumps. He felt her fingers outline the scar that was now part of a full moon. He felt her touch the stars and planets that had transformed the old cigarette burns. He felt her gently skim the long whip of the manta’s tail. He heard her breath hitch as she started to cry.

Then he felt her shove him out of the way.

Startled, Lex stumbled to the side, almost falling over, as Cassie grabbed Ian and pulled him into a fierce hug. She gripped him with every ounce of strength that she had and pulled his head down and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Thank you!” she cried as tears slid down her cheeks. “That is the most incredible thing I have EVER seen. I can’t believe that is his back. You can’t tell unless you look really close that the scars even exist. This is absolutely amazing!”

Ian hugged her back and said “Thanks, I am really proud of it. And I’m proud of Lex. It was a lot of work and most of it painful. He’s the one who deserves the credit for bearing the pain and discomfort of sitting still for so long.”

Lex blushed and pulled up his jeans. “Ian is the artist. I was just the canvas.”

Kathy finally spoke saying “You are a beautiful canvas Lex. Ian, I can’t find the right words to even describe how beautiful this is. Your detail and shading make everything look as though it’s jumping off his back. I knew you were extremely talented, but this. This is Michelangelo Sistine Chapel good. Your Dad is going to be blown away ”

All of a sudden Cassie started laughing. She was staring at Lex’s lower back and exclaimed “You tattooed Nemo and Dory in the reef. I love it!”

Lex looked at him in surprise “You did? How did I miss that? Lemme see. Take a picture.”

Cassie grabbed her phone and snapped an image and held it out to Lex. Sure enough, Nemo and Dory were hanging out by the coral reef in the background.

Ian smiled sheepishly and admitted “I overheard you one day talking to Cassie and you were using your nicknames. I knew she was really important to you so I added them in. As for how you missed it, well you were rather preoccupied and there’s a lot to take in.” Then glancing at the time he informed the troops “We need to head out soon. I have an appointment at 1:00 coming in.”

They helped Kathy clear the table and then she shooed them away saying that she would clean up after they left.

As they were saying goodbye Lex said “I almost forgot. Cassie, would you go shopping with Kathy while you’re here and pick out something for Ian and I to wear for the wedding? You know I hate clothes shopping and so does Ian. Nothing fancy. We’re keeping it casual.”

Cassie jumped up and down with excitement and declared “Girl Day!” and looked at Kathy and asked “When are you free?”

Kathy giggled at her enthusiasm and said “Why don’t you stay here Sunday night and we can go over to the Mall on Monday?”

Cassie squealed with delight and quickly agreed.

Hugs were given out and soon the Three Musketeers were on their way back. Cassie caught Lex up with some of the gossip from home. Lex and Ian talked about what plans they had for the wedding and Cassie agreed wholeheartedly that keeping it small and simple was best.

They reached the tattoo shop and Lex turned to Cassie and said “You need to come and see the pictures he has up on his wall of his tattoos. They’re wicked awesome!”

She giggled and repeated “Wicked? My you have spent a lot of time here if you’ve picked up the slang!”

Once inside Cassie marvelled over the detail in the pictures. She asked Ian “Do you advertise much? If not, you should. Lex is right. You are incredibly talented. You could reach so many people with the right marketing.”

Cassie was a research analyst for a marketing firm in Seattle. She gathered data on current trends to try and determine what the short and long term demand for certain products would be. She left the actual marketing to others. She liked research, not giving presentations and trying to win over clients even though she was great with people. She only had to meet with her own team members and deliver their findings to the other departments that needed the information and let them take it from there. However there were always a few clients who needed a little extra convincing and Cassie never failed to win them over. The marketing manager was constantly trying to steal her away from the Research Department.

Lex replied “I do some advertising but mostly it’s word of mouth. There’s only so much I can do by myself. Casey only does piercings, she has no interest in tattooing. I would need to hire another artist or take on an apprentice.”

“You should seriously consider it.” Cassie suggested. “And you.” she said, turning her attention to Lex. “Your back needs to be up on this wall. Life size. Something that amazing needs to be seen.”

Ian smiled and before he could say anything a voice piped up from the back and said “Lex, can I see the finished product?” Casey came out from the hallway and introduced herself to Cassie.

Lex grinned at her and told her “Let’s go in the back. I don’t need to be arrested for indecency if I drop my jeans in the lobby for all the world to see.” Casey had already seen his ass so he didn't mind showing her the entire tattoo.

Once they were in one of the back rooms Lex pulled off his shirt and lowered his jeans enough to show the manta’s tail. Casey oohed in delight. “Wicked” she exclaimed. “Your friend is right. This needs to be on the wall. It has to be the focal point of the whole room. Can I call Shelley?” she asked Ian. Shelley was the photographer who had taken the other pictures.

Ian deferred to Lex. “That would be up to you. I would absolutely love to have your back up on the wall.”

Cassie piped in “I’m sure that’s not the only way he prefers your backside.”

Casey giggled as Lex told Cassie to shut it.

Lex thought about what they were suggesting. He had kept his back hidden from everyone for so long the thought of it being out there for anyone to see almost made him sick. He bit his lower lip and pondered the possibility. Could he do it? He still had a hard time accepting that his scars had been completely transformed. His mind spun with indecision. Then he remembered what he had told Cassie on the phone last week. He had told her that Ian had taken away the vile and ugly scars and made them into something beautiful. He looked at Casey and bit the bullet “Call your friend. I’ll do it.”

“Yay!” Casey and Cassie both cried out.

Ian looked at Lex and kissed him soundly. “I am so proud of you.” he praised.

Lex turned red and grabbed Cassie’s hand, leaned over and gave Ian a kiss good-bye.

Ian called out after them “I’ll be home late. My last appointment is at 7 and should be an hour and a half or so. Love you!”

“Love you too!” was the tandem reply. Casey giggled as they went out the door.

Lex slid behind the steering wheel and asked Cassie “What do you want to do this afternoon?”

Cassie grinned knowingly and commanded “Take me out on the Chief.”

After a quick stop at the house to swap the truck for the bike, Lex and Cassie donned helmets and spent the afternoon exploring the hills of the Berkshires. They drove to the top of Mt. Greylock, the highest point in the state. They climbed the tower at the summit and took goofy selfies. They, or rather Cassie shopped in a couple of antique stores they discovered. Overall the afternoon was spent enjoying the weather which was perfect. Blue skies and temps in the low 80’s with low humidity made for ideal bike riding. Cassie was ecstatic to have Lex back.

It was early evening when they finally made it back to the house after stopping at one of the Chinese restaurants in town for some take out. They settled down in front of the TV and devoured steamed dumplings, Crab Rangoon, General Tso’s chicken, Beef Lo Mein, fried rice, Pork Chow Mein and egg rolls and washed it all down with a couple of beers. When Ian strolled through the door a little before nine he took in in the cartons of leftover food and smiled at the sight of his fiance cuddled up on the couch with his best friend, both their eyes glued to what else but Finding Nemo. He grabbed the carton with the leftover General Tso’s and flopped in the chair near the couch.

Lex looked up and grinned at him. He shoved Cassie, who had draped herself between his legs with her head resting on his chest, off the couch and went over and deposited himself on Ian’s lap.

“Hey! I was comfy!” chastised Cassie indignantly as she pulled herself up off the floor.

“Get over it.” Lex retorted as he kissed his lover, tasting the spicy chicken on his lips.

Ian just shook his head and smiled at their antics and shovelled another forkful of chicken into his mouth. The three of them finished watching the movie, Cassie and Lex driving Ian crazy by reciting the dialogue line for line. When the movie was done they put away the remaining leftovers and headed to their respective bedrooms.

Ian had just climbed under the covers when Lex came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of shorts. He was holding another pair of shorts and tossed them to Ian, telling him “Don’t ask. Just put them on.” as he slid under the covers next to him.

No sooner than Ian had the shorts up over his hips and was giving Lex a puzzled look, Cassie came flying through the door and with a leap that would put a gazelle to shame landed between them with a loud “Ooof.” She scooted under the covers with them and in true Cassie style announced “Sleepover!”

Ian looked over her laughing form at Lex and stated “You never told me she was a cock blocker.”

Lex rolled his eyes and shook his head and answered “I never had a reason to be cock blocked before. I just know her. This is what Cassie does. It’s like the Earth turning. You can’t stop it.”

Cassie laughed even more and finally rationalized “It’s been over 2 years Lex! Two years since we had a sleepover. I missed you! Didn’t you miss me?”

“You know I missed you Cass.” Still looking over her head he stared at Ian and placated “It’s only a few nights. I promise I’ll kick her out if we need some ‘special time’”

Ian cracked up and pulled Cassie toward him and informed her “Just so you know I like to be the big spoon, and if I’m dreaming of my hot boyfriend slash fiance over there and poke you in the ass with my hard on, don’t say you weren’t warned!”

Cassie played along and in a sing song voice answered “Ooooooo, butt sex, I’ve never done that before. Any pointers Lex?”

“Lube Cass. Lots and lots of lube!” was the smart ass reply.

Looking forward to your comments! I love reading what everyone has to say. It honestly helps when I'm stuck.

I actually finished the last chapter a couple of days ago. Now I just have to polish it up a little bit. I have a couple of new ideas that I'm trying to nail down, but the characters aren't talking to me like Lex did.

Hopefully hearing from you will help me figure out which story to work on first. I think I just need a little encouragement that this story is worth it and I can actually do this!

Thanks again for sticking with me!

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Chapter Comments

4 hours ago, avidreadr said:

Cassie  is a trip and a half and definitely worth waiting for.  It's wonderful how she just slid in effortlessly with everyone.  I really look forward to reading more.  

Cassie is definitely unique. I don't think the boys truly realize what they're in for the few days!

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3 hours ago, Ivor Slipper said:

Cassie sure is a character. Life is going to be a storm while she's around. :)

Cassie is , loud, obnoxious, sarcastic as all shit and above all else, loves Lex to bits and is beyond fiercely loyal.  The winds will blow wildly when she's around, but they'll all survive!

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23 minutes ago, Brokenbind said:

Cass seems like a sweet ball of energy, with steel when she needs it.  An instant hit.


Just don't underestimate her! She may be a sweet ball of energy, but she's also one smart cookie🍪! She often has insights that surprise even me!

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I could never handle a Cassie in my personal life, but I've always had a blast watching a Cassie wreak havoc on someone else. 

Time to meet with dear old dad!!

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Cassie is who I sort of wish I had the balls to be.

Although a lot of her personality is part me and part my best friend. 


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I love Cassie to bits. I can see how good she was for Lex when they were growing up  and that is still the case. I love the sleepover idea. Just brilliant. After not having seen Lex for 2 years she was going to do exactly what they had obviously done growing up....  have a sleepover and share the bed.  Well done Ian for going along with it.

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1 hour ago, mansexlover said:

I love Cassie to bits. I can see how good she was for Lex when they were growing up  and that is still the case. I love the sleepover idea. Just brilliant. After not having seen Lex for 2 years she was going to do exactly what they had obviously done growing up....  have a sleepover and share the bed.  Well done Ian for going along with it.

Cassie is my favorite secondary character. So much of myself and .y best friend went into her. It's no wonder she's so crazy!

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