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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Tattoo for Lex - 3. Chapter 3

Here's the next installment. I'm hoping to post a chapter at least twice a week. I have roughly 20 chapters written. I'm not sure exactly how long it's going to be. Just when I think I know where I want the story to go Lex decides to lead me in another direction. Funny how a character takes over!

Lex rolled over and stretched his lean frame. Looking at his phone he saw it was just after 7:00. He had managed to sleep three and a half hours, not bad for him, especially being in a strange place. David had told him yesterday to come in whenever he wanted to in the morning as he was always there by 6:00. He sighed and let himself reflect on everything that had happened in the last 24 hours. He was in no way, shape, or form what he consider to be a people person. As a matter of fact he normally avoided people as much as he could. He was an introvert. Plain and simple. Yet, in less than 24 hours he had interacted with no less than six different persons. Seven if you counted the bartender. Lex couldn’t remember the last time he had any type of conversation with more than one or two people on any given day. He was a loner and he liked it that way.

Cassie will have a field day with this, he thought to himself. Cassie was the only person on the face of the earth who knew his secrets. She had been a part of his life since they were 4 years old and were in the same preschool class. Their moms had discovered they were back door neighbors separated by a stockade fence. At some point the fence was taken down and they shared a huge backyard for years.

Lex’s phone buzzed and picking it up he looked at the screen and said to no one in particular, “Is she fucking psychic or what?” He tapped his phone, read the screen and laughed. ‘Get ur lazy ass outta bed bitch. U owe me a phone call.

Tapping the screen he shot off a reply. ‘I'm up wench. Call u l8r. Bike is in shop. Gotta go check on him.’ An emoji sticking out its tongue was the reply.

Lex tossed back the covers, shed his boxer briefs and headed into the bathroom to get his day started. As the hot water sluiced its way across his body he couldn’t help but to think of Ian. As he pictured those tight muscles his cock perked up. It didn’t take long before it was standing at full attention, just over seven inches and a nice girth. Lex slid his soapy hands across his tight chest, lightly brushing his sensitive nipples. Sliding down across his tight six pack he threaded his fingers through the short, neatly trimmed hairs at the base of his shaft. Feeling himself throb, his hand grasped his hard shaft and gave it a firm long stroke. He moaned softly at the sensation. Picturing those captivating blue eyes and hearing echoes of that sexy voice Lex started stroking faster. Building up a rhythm, he imagined that it was Ian’s hand stroking him. Small shocks of pleasure made him shiver despite the hot water each time his hand slid over the weeping tip of his dick. Out of nowhere it hit him. Cum burst forth, shooting onto the wall in front of him. He stood shaking and panting as the last spasms of his orgasm squeezed out another dribble of seed. Now that’s a great way to start the day!

Fifteen minutes later he headed into the kitchen. Ms. Helen was at the counter slicing something that instantly made his mouth water. “I have fresh baked banana nut bread, and there’s coffee on the counter. There’s always an assortment of fruit and yogurt too. I can whip you up some bacon and eggs if you want. I wasn’t sure what time you’d be up.”

"Coffee and banana bread is just fine. I don’t normally eat a big breakfast. Occasionally on Sunday mornings I’ll go all out,” he said.

Smiling, Ms. Helen replied, “I’ll keep that in mind. That is if you’re planning on staying a while?”

Lex thought about what had happened last night and looked over at Ms. Helen hopefully. “Well I think I may have just committed myself to something that may take a couple of months to complete. I’ll know more this afternoon. Is that OK?”

Ms. Helen gave him a warm smile and turning back to the counter she was cleaning replied, “Well, we can cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Lex finished up his coffee and waved goodbye to Ms. Helen as he struck out in the direction of the garage.

What had been a quick 10 minute drive yesterday turned out to be a 45 minute walk. Not that he minded. It wasn’t like he had anything better to do. It was a little after 9:00am when he turned down the short dead end street the garage was on. Seeing that the bay doors were open Lex sauntered up and saw David crouched down beside the Chief.

The Chief was his pride and joy. He had belonged to Lex’s next door neighbor when he was growing up. Mr. Hansen and his wife were retired and when Lex and Cassie were little they often babysat them when both their moms had to work. Lex and Cassie had both been raised by single mothers.

His mom was a nurse who worked at one of the local hospitals. Cassie’s mom was a paralegal who worked at one of the law firms downtown in the city they grew up in. She also tended bar every other weekend to help make ends meet. The moms looked after each other’s kid so often that Lex and Cassie grew up thinking they were brother and sister. Finding out they shared the same birthday and were even born at the same time in different hospitals sealed the deal for them. They got used to the “brother from another mother’ and sister from another mister’ comments pretty quick.

Mr. Hansen had started working odd jobs and such when he was twelve and by the time he was 17 had saved enough to buy the Indian Chief brand new back in 1953. After graduating high school in 1954 he enlisted in the Air Force. He showed an aptitude for fixing things and ended up becoming an aircraft mechanic. A hard landing by an idiot of a pilot brought his military career to an end in 1958. The pilot of the B-52 overshot the runway while trying to land after finishing maneuvers. The plane hit a drainage ditch and flipped over. Thankfully no one was killed but Mr. Hansen ended up with a rather large piece of debris tearing out a chunk of his calf muscle. Gave him a gnarly ass scar and a permanent limp.

So with a medical discharge and a mechanics certificate he headed back home. He ended up working for Boeing for 40 years. He met Mrs. Hansen through a mutual friend not long after he got back home. She was a young teacher-to-be, in her last year of college when they met at a get together their mutual friend had thrown. As they say, they rest was history. They were married in 1960 and their only child, Danielle, was born in 1962.

The Chief took a backseat in Mr. Hansen’s life as he raised his little family, but he was never neglected. He was brought out for the occasional ride and for maintenance. Danielle grew up and eventually married sometime in the mid 80’s. Tragically she and her husband and two little girls were killed by a drunk driver on their way home from the movies. It tore the Hansen’s hearts apart. Even as a little kid Lex saw the pulses of burnt umber constantly swirling around them highlighting their permanent sorrow.

Whenever Mr. Hansen took the bike out Lex was drawn in like a bee to nectar. To this day he couldn’t say what it was about that fascinated him. He loved the solid look of the bike. It was the bright turquoise blue that was all Indian. The soft sided saddlebags with their leather fringe were just plain cool. The smooth curve of the seat and the smooth long lines of the exhaust pipe seemed to call out to him. Yep, Lex was enamoured with the Chief from the get go. Mr. Hansen taught Lex how to care for the bike and took him out for rides. Looking back at everything that had happened in his life Lex cherished those memories. Memories that were truly carefree and not haunted by the demons that came later.

When Mrs. Hansen passed away in 2004 the Chief went into storage. Without the strength of his wife Mr. Hansen seemed to fade away. Merely six months after losing his wife Mr. Hansen passed away as well.

The next few years ended up being a dark time for Lex. Not even Cassie could pull him back from the brink of despair he teetered on. Shortly after he turned 18 he received a certified letter from an attorney. It seemed that Mr. Hansen had left the Chief to Lex in his will. He also left a small amount of life insurance to cover the costs of storage and upkeep. When Lex went to the garage the bike was kept at it was like seeing an old friend. For the first time in ages it had brought a genuine smile to Lex’s face. The two had been inseparable ever since. The bike understood his moods and never talked back.

Pulling himself back into the present Lex looked over at David and asked, “Did you find out what’s wrong?”

David pulled himself up and wiped his hands on a rag. “Looks like the alternator is shot. I’ll have to go online and see if I can find the parts. It might take a couple of days to track down and have them shipped. Once I have them it shouldn’t take too long to fix.”

"Use this to cover the cost of the parts and labor.” Lex reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He handed a credit card over to David.

David took the card looked at it and merely raised an eyebrow. It’s not everyday that someone pulls a black American Express card out. Especially in a small town like this.

Lex merely shrugged. “Is there anywhere around here where I can rent a car. I’m going to need some wheels while the Chief is out of commission.”

After inputting the information into the computer David handed him back his card and told him “As soon as Charlie is back from his parts run I’ll have him take you over to Pittsfield. There’s a couple of car rental offices there that you can use.”

“Thanks.” Lex acknowledged, pulling out his phone so he could look up car rental places while he waited for David’s employee Charlie to return. By the time he had finished making a reservation online Charlie was back. The ride into Pittsfield was quiet as neither man was a talkative type for which Lex was grateful. He struggled with social anxiety and the past couple of days were getting to him.

After picking up his rental car, a rather nondescript Nissan Altima, Lex stopped at a grocery store to pick up some staples to have on hand so he wouldn’t have to eat out all the time. By the time he got back to Ms. Helen’s, put his groceries away and made himself a quick sandwich it was after 2:00.

He made his way up the stairs and after taking a short sniff at his pits and deciding they didn’t stink made his way into the bathroom. As he washed his hands after taking a piss he looked at the image in the mirror staring back at him. Cassie had told him that he was pretty hot. Personally he didn’t see it. The man staring back at him with hazel green eyes had a guarded look about him. His sandy brown locks were in need of a haircut. The soft waves, not really curls, were almost down to his shoulders and there was a strand that always fell forward. His lips were too full he thought, but Cassie told him they were pouty. What the hell did that mean anyways? He hadn’t shaved that morning and the scruff along his jawline seemed to define their sharp edges. Shaking his head, Lex pulled in a sharp breath and muttered ‘let’s get this over with’ to himself.

After the short walk to the tattoo shop Lex stood with his hand on the doorknob. Gathering up his nerves he pulled open the door and heard the chimes signalling his entrance.

The girl from last night, Casey, he remembered, looked up from the front desk and smiled at him. “Hey Lex, nice to see you again. Have a seat. Ian’s still getting his shit together for your mold.”

Lex chuckled at her bluntness and sat down in one of the chairs along the wall. He looked around at the photos hanging on the walls. Most were close ups of various tattoos, although there was a stray picture of a body piercing here and there. All of them were tastefully done and quite stunning. Lex stood up and went over to a 16x20 picture of someone’s lower torso, highlighting the ribs, part of the abdomen and hip bone. It looked like a scene from a Chinese painting. There was a tall pagoda with a tree covered mountain looming in the distance behind it. A stone walkway wound its way across the front of the pagoda, the images of a couple strolling along its path. The girl wore a striking kimono and the boy looked like a young warrior. A koi pond stretched out along the edge of the picture with one bright orange fish looking larger than the rest. It seemed to be watching over the young couple. The fine details were incredible.

“That is one of my favorites.”

Lex couldn’t help the shiver that ran its way up his spine at the deep, sexy voice that came from behind him. Close behind him.

He chuckled nervously. “I didn’t hear you come come over. This is really beautiful. You’re extremely talented,” still looking at the photo, not trusting himself to look into those captivating blue eyes he could feel boring into him.

It was Ian’s turn to blush and he managed to smile. “Thanks. Are you ready to get started?”

When Lex nodded he went over to the door and flipped the Closed sign. Turning to Casey he asked “Are you ready?”

Casey merely got up from the desk and headed toward the back.

Ian looked at Lex again and said softly, “I told her about the scars. You don’t have to worry. Casey’s a good person, she doesn’t judge someone based on how they look. We all have our secrets we keep hidden from the rest of the world.”

This placated Lex somewhat even though he could still not see Ian’s aura and had no way of knowing if he spoke the truth. He couldn’t tell Ian that when he saw Casey’s aura he saw her secrets as well. It’s not something you could bring up in casual conversation.

On that note the two men made their way towards the back. Ian led him into a different room than the one from last night. It was a little larger and had a wide workbench along almost the entire back wall. A large utility sink sat at the end of the workbench. The bench was laid out with several stacks of strips of thin cloth. A large bowl with some kind of powder in it was next to the stacks. A flat, cushioned table stood in the center of the room. It must have served as a massage table as there was an extension at one end that when brought into alignment with the table had a hole in it the size of someone’s face. Sheets of plastic were laid out on the floor under the table.

Lex raised an eyebrow, looked at the other two and said, “Should I be worried?”

Casey snorted. “Nah, he’s not Dexter. The plaster material tends to drip and Ian over there doesn’t like to mop.”

“Watch it Little Girl.” was the snarky reply.

Lex smiled at the rapport between the two. “So what now?” he asked.

Casey gave him an evil grin and said “Strip down Lex.”

Ian swallowed and went “Uh, what?”

Ian shot Casey a look that made the poor girl blush. Ian then turned to Lex apologetically, “I need your back as smooth as possible. We’re going to wax it.”

Luckily between genetics and the scarring Lex really didn’t have too much hair on his back. The only thing he ever felt was a small patch at the small of his back and a light fur over his ass cheeks. Oh shit. He looked at Ian wide eyed when he realized the man was going to wax his ass. Right then he wished the floor would open up and swallow him.

Ian, sensing that he was on the verge of bolting put his hand on Lex’s shoulder. For a split second Lex tensed at the touch and then relaxed as he realized Ian only wanted to calm him.

“Take a deep breath,” Ian said, only to Lex it felt like a rumble flowing out of the other man. Lex took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Ian smiled and promised, “I’ll make it as quick as I can. Although it’s not going to be painless. It’ll probably hurt like a bitch.”

He turned to Casey and said firmly, “Turn around.” a small grunt of disappointment escaped her lips.

Ian then handed Lex a large bath sheet and instructed, “Strip and lay face down on the table. Cover up with the towel and we’ll get started.” He turned his back to Lex to give him some privacy.

Lex took in another breath to steady himself, kicked off his sneakers and took off his shirt. He folded and laid it on the end of the work bench. His jeans and boxer briefs followed. Grabbing the large towel he laid down on the table, grateful for the soft blanket covering it. After covering his ass and upper legs he folded his arms under his head.


He heard a quick intake of air from Casey, grateful that he couldn’t see whatever emotions were crossing over her face as she caught sight of his back.

Ian, still realizing how skittish Lex was told him gently, “I’m going to to run my hands along your back so I can feel any areas I can’t see that might need some hairs removed, OK?”

Lex could only nod. At the first soft touch of Ian’s fingers Lex had to stifle a moan. Thoughts of naked old ladies holding roadkill was the only way he could keep his cock from stiffening. This was going to be a long afternoon.

“Not much other than a few stray hairs along your upper back, I can take care of those with the tweezers. “Casey, hand me the wax and we’ll get started. Lex, I’m going to let you know what I’m going to do before each step. If you feel like you need a break just say so. There’s no need for you to suffer. The waxing shouldn’t take too long. But the molding process will take a while. OK, here we go. I’m going to spread the wax along a small area of your lower back then press the waxing strip down. Then I’ll rip it off. No other warning,” Ian cautioned.

Lex felt the warm wax being smoothed over his lower back. It actually felt good. Ian’s strong hands the rubbed the cloth strip over the same area. Yeah, he could get used to that touch. The next thing Lex felt was a searing pain ripping across his lower back.

Sucking in a sharp breath he hissed, “Whoa, that fucking smarts!”

Casey giggled. “He did warn you!”

“Are you alright Lex?” Ian asked, concern showing in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m OK. Now that I know what to expect it really isn’t that bad. I’ve felt worse,” he replied.

Thinking about how those scars may have gotten there Ian whispered, “I’m sorry.”

The three were silent for the next several minutes while Ian stripped the remainder of the patch of hair from Lex’s lower back. After making sure all the hair was gone and the few hairs scattered over the upper back were tweezed away Ian cleared his throat and said “I need to move further down. Do you need a break?”

Lex sighed, just wanting to get the next part over with. “No. I’m good. It barely even stings. Let’s just keep moving.”

Ian, true to his word told Lex he was moving the towel down and the process would be the same.

“The only difference will be I need Casey to hold the skin taut when I pull the strip off. It’s easier that way,” he informed Lex.

Lex had slightly tensed when the cool air hit his ass. He then felt the warm wax being spread over part of his right ass cheek. He then felt the softer touch of Casey’s hands pressing slightly down and the skin being pulled taut. It took everything he had in him to stifle the groan he felt bubbling up when Ian pressed the cloth strip down and started rubbing it over the wax.


Lex’s breath sucked in sharply at the sudden sear of heat across his ass. At the same time he could have sworn he heard Ian suck in his breath too. If he had looked at Ian in that moment he would’ve seen a look of pure, wanton desire. He didn’t know it but when Ian had ripped the wax strip off it pulled his cheeks apart just enough to give Ian a quick flash of his pink hole.

Casey had to nudge Ian and she shot him a questioning look.

Ian merely shook his head and took in a long deep breath to steady himself. Focusing his attention back onto Lex he asked, “You still doing OK? I could tell that one was tough. Do you want to keep going or take a break?”

“Keep going,” was the muffled reply as Lex had his face buried in his arms folded under him.

Ian and Casey continued on and in less than a half hour they were done. After Casey finished wiping off any remnants of wax she handed him a soft terry cloth robe and left the room. Ian told Lex to put the robe on and relax for a few minutes while they got the materials ready for the mold casting. Lex sat up the slid off of the table while pulling the robe on.

“Where’s the bathroom?”

Ian pointed down the hallway. “Last door on the left.”

Lex went in and closed the door behind him. Looking at his reflection in the mirror he wondered, “What the hell have I gotten myself into?

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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At this moment this is one of my favorite stories! You have a way with words and writing this story, that’s awesome. The way you describe certain acts and processes are outstanding. You create this urge to keep on reading because I don’t want to miss anything! Great story and I can barely wait fot the next installments 🤗🤗

Keep it coming please 🙏🤧

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The black AMX card can be either personal or corporate, but so far we have been told nothing that would warrant either one and the initiation fee is rather significant. Let's see where you lead us, Kbois

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ouch the wax scene was just hot ! 🙈

no wonder that everyone was holding breath 😁

hopefully, you can now remove easily furs with creams , so no more screams 😜

(i tried and it works fine within 5 mins)

but no more hot scene as well 🙊

Edited by Danilo Syrtis
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On 3/10/2019 at 3:04 PM, AusGlitterati said:

Oooh ooh ooh this is goooood! The mystery around Lex intensifies. I have a million questions and I'm mad that I have to wait for the answers! Ian is the perfect one to help Lex stop running from his past.

Ian also has his fair share of mystery. No aura? Could it mean kindred spirits or soul mates?


Thank you!

I think that it’s kindred spirits and soul mates 

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I am a chicken no one is going to wax me, ouch 😓 

I am liking were this is going 

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On 3/20/2019 at 6:36 PM, Will Hawkins said:

The black AMX card can be either personal or corporate, but so far we have been told nothing that would warrant either one and the initiation fee is rather significant. Let's see where you lead us, Kbois

And the annual fee is expensive on the Black Amex 

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The black Amex is interesting. I'm betting on loaded parents who didn't know how to parent. 

Poor Ian. He'll be the one needing to take breaks when he starts working on Lex's lower back...

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17 minutes ago, astone2292 said:

The black Amex is interesting. I'm betting on loaded parents who didn't know how to parent. 

Poor Ian. He'll be the one needing to take breaks when he starts working on Lex's lower back...

I'll take that bet...

Oh wait. I know how it ends.....

I don't think breaks are gonna help. 

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On 3/26/2022 at 2:23 AM, kbois said:

I'll take that bet...

Oh wait. I know how it ends.....

I don't think breaks are gonna help. 

cold shower breaks?

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5 hours ago, mansexlover said:

cold shower breaks?

Cold, icy, frigid.... whatever works!

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