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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Tattoo for Lex - 24. Chapter 24

Tying up a few loose ends and dealing with Lex's ever increasing anxiety.

The following week Ian had one more person scheduled for an interview for an apprenticeship. He had already seen five other candidates and while they were all talented none of them really stood out to him. His next interview was with a girl, one of only two who had applied. Her name was Brieann and Ian was impressed. Her portfolio showed her talents off well. He could see the potential there. Her shading techniques were good, but could definitely use some improvement. She had a great, outgoing personality as well. She struck him as a balance between quiet Casey and brash Cassie. He was impressed enough to offer her the position on the spot and was happy when she agreed.

Lex kept himself occupied as well. He had called Jarren and they decided that, weather permitting, they would move the gazebo on Saturday. Lex had managed to sand most of the railing and benches, but wanted to wait until the gazebo was moved before getting up on a ladder and sanding down the roof. He preferred to be on ground he knew was solid and to have someone else around. He had learned the hard way when he was putting up Christmas decorations outside one year and was stuck on the roof when the ladder fell over leaving him stranded. Not one of his finest moments and Cassie still brought it up occasionally.

The Lexus dealer finally got his SUV delivered. One of the features he wanted required a part that was back ordered so delivery was delayed. He and Ian had gone to pick it up and ended up having dinner with Ian’s parents who oohed and aahed over the new vehicle. Lex was a little concerned as they hadn’t told Ian’s parents about his huge inheritance, but luckily they didn’t say a word. Lex wasn’t sure if he wanted to broach the subject just yet. He knew eventually they would need to tell them, but for now he just wanted to remain in his little bubble. The ride was sweet and it didn’t take long for Lex to get used to how it handled. He wasn’t fond of parking it however as it took up way more space that the Chief, but overall he loved his new ride. The weather was starting to cool off and riding the Chief now required a jacket if he went out in the morning. Most afternoons were still warm, but colder weather was right around the corner.

Speaking of corners, Kathy had managed to corner them when they were there for dinner. The clothes that she and Cassie had chosen had arrived and needed to be tried on. Lex and Ian both had to admit that the ladies had scored an impressive goal with their choices, Both men were given super soft, dark gray wool pants. Lex wasn’t sure but he figured they must’ve been some of the nicest wool pants ever made. He wasn’t up on fashion and didn’t care about designer labels, but with the way they fit and the softness of the material, and knowing Cassie's tastes, he knew they were expensive. There were two long sleeved button up dress shirts, one was a few shades lighter than what Lex would’ve considered forest green. The other was a few shades darker than royal blue. Kathy grabbed the blue shirt from Ian when he reached for it and handed it to Lex and then handed the green shirt to Ian. They both looked puzzled until Kathy opened up two boxes and pulled an absolutely gorgeous cashmere v-neck sweater from each one. She handed Ian the blue sweater that perfectly matched the blue shirt she had given Lex and handed the green one which perfectly matched Ian’s shirt to Lex and told the boys to go try everything on. Lex had thought the pants were soft. The cashmere put them to shame.

Once they had everything buttoned, zipped and tucked into place they looked at each other and at the same time exclaimed “Wow!”

Kathy knocked on the door and her smile lit up her entire face when she saw them. “Oh my! You both look so handsome! Cassie really knows how to choose clothes.” she beamed.

Kathy then took their picture with Lex’s phone and he texted it to Cassie. Within a few minutes she shot back a meme with a picture of Betty White with the caption ‘Damn I’m good’. Lex laughed and showed it to Kathy and Ian. Kathy smiled and told them to get changed so she could hang up the pants and shirts and fold the sweaters. She told them she would make sure everything was ironed before the big day. Both men thanked her profusely for helping to pick out the clothes. They both knew they couldn’t have chosen anything even half as nice as what the girls did.

On Saturday Jarren and Mazen arrived with two guys from their regular crew. There was a forklift strapped down on the back of their flatbed truck. Ian guided them up the slight slope and then back to where the gazebo currently stood. Lex had spent the past couple of days clearing and levelling the area where they had decided to place the gazebo. The whole thing was going to be moved about 50 feet. Mazen and Jarren introduced Ian to Chase and Brian, both had been there the day Lex had lunch with them at Jake’s. The four of them made quick work of loosening the tie down straps and getting the forklift off the flatbed. Mazen surveyed the gazebo before deciding on the best approach. Ian and Lex watched with respect as the men got the fork lift into place. When everything was secured to Mazen’s satisfaction, Ian and Lex jumped up on the truck to help Chance and Brian guide the forklift in placing the gazebo up there for the short ride.

After checking everything one more time Mazen slowly lifted the gazebo while Jarren checked underneath from a safe distance making sure nothing was shifting or cracking. The four on the flatbed stood two on each end and Brian took lead, calling out instructions and using hand signals for Mazen as he managed to maneuver the structure onto the truck.

Once everything was secure and the forklift clear Jarren slowly drove the flatbed over to where Lex wanted the gazebo placed. Then, just as carefully as the had loaded the gazebo onto the truck they unloaded with just as much care. Lex explained to Jarren how he wanted the gazebo and Jarren guided Mazen perfectly. It was clear that they had worked together for a long time.

The whole transfer took just over an hour and once the forklift was back up and secured on the flatbed the six men headed into the house. Ian ordered several pizzas and they sat out on the enclosed portion of the patio and enjoyed the mild afternoon. Lex had filled a cooler with ice and a twelve pack of beer and everyone except Brian grabbed one. Brian didn’t drink by choice and was usually the designated driver. Once the pizzas were delivered they all dug in with gusto.

Brian and Chance were younger than the others being 21 and 22 respectively. They had been friends since high school and had been working for the twin’s dad for three years, ever since graduating. They had a good rapport with the older guys and Jarren and Mazen liked having them as part of their crew.

Each man polished off several slices of pizza and a couple of beers each with soda for Brian. All together it was a productive and pleasant afternoon. Lex had already taken care of paying the boys for their work. He insisted on paying Jarren before they even came over. While the invoice was lower than he expected, Lex respected Jarren and Mazen’s generosity. He was starting to get used to this friends thing and was discovering it wasn’t so bad. He just wished that he could do something to help Jarren. He noticed that his friend was more subdued lately. He could see the conflict that Jarren had within himself reflected in the man's aura. Jarren was heading toward a crossroad in his life and Lex hoped for the best for him.

The afternoon wound its way into early evening. The sun was setting much earlier and as the light of day started to fade the four crew mates piled into the flatbed and waved goodbye as Brian pulled away. Lex looked at the gazebo in its new home and decided it really did look good and would look even better after he finished sanding it. He had decided that the wood was in good enough shape to warrant giving it a good coat or two of sealant and not staining it.

Ian grabbed the empty pizza boxes as Lex gathered the empty beer bottles and rinsed them and put them in the bin they used for deposit returns. Most of the time Lex wished that Massachusetts would do away with deposits, but he understood that people were more likely to recycle when there was an incentive to do so. Still, it was a pain in the ass.

Over the next week Lex continued to keep himself as busy as he could. Each day that passed brought him closer to the 21st and his appointment with his father. Every day increased his anxiety level just a little bit. He spoke to Cassie frequently and he could hear her frustration increase with her job whenever she spoke of it. Finally after listening to her bitch for the hundredth time Lex had had enough. He very rarely yelled at Cassie, but with his increased anxiety he wasn’t thinking straight.

“Cassidy Marie would you just fucking QUIT ALREADY!” he shouted at her as she ranted about some project they were currently in the middle of.

There was a moment or two of silence and Cassie, realizing that Lex was truly stressed out merely said “OK.”

Lex was taken aback. Cassie rarely capitulated so easily. Knowing that he shouldn’t have yelled he apologized “I’m sorry I yelled at you Cass. You do whatever you want. I just need to chill out, but I can’t.”

Cassie, in one of her rare diplomatic moments replied “Lexie, you need to settle yourself. Take an evening with Hot Tattoo Dude and chill out with some wine and have some hot monkey sex. You really need it.”

Lex sighed and told her “Maybe you’re right. I’ve been wound up tighter than a drum. Something’s gotta give before I snap in half. Love you Dory, I’m gonna go, not really in the mood to talk anymore. I'll call you later.” He hung up, barely registering her goodbye.

When he looked up he saw Ian standing in the doorway and he sighed again “You heard all that didn’t you?”

Ian came over and hugged him close, kissing the top of his head. “Yeah, and Cassie’s right. We’ve both been so busy lately that we’ve forgotten to take time for just us. Now while I enjoy the blowjobs and quickies we fit in I think we both need a date night. I know just the place.”

“Where?” asked Lex.

“Right here.” was the answer. “Go open up the bottle of Grenache my client gave me that he brought back from his river cruise in France. It’s a good night for it. Meet me in the bedroom” Ian looked at him with a heat starting to smolder in his eyes.

Lex turned to do as he was told. After uncorking the bottle he breathed in the fruity scent wafting off the cork and smiled. He took two wine glasses and grabbed the bottle and headed back to the bedroom. Ian was in the bathroom, having lit a few of the cinnamon scented candles that he favored and was currently sitting on the side of the large jetted tub stark naked. The soft candlelight made his skin glow. He slid down into the steaming water and crooked his finger at Lex. Lex handed him the wine glasses and set the bottle on the wide ledge and proceeded to strip off his clothes as Ian hummed his approval. Lex hissed at the temperature as it was just a few degrees hotter than he liked but he quickly got used to it as he settled himself between Ian’s legs and let his head rest on the firm chest.

The two men just sat back and let the heated, gently bubbling water lull them into a relaxed state as they slowly sipped the fruity, slightly acidic wine. After a while Ian set his glass on the ledge and picked up a washcloth and squeezed some of Lex’s favorite body wash over it. He ran the sudsy cloth soothingly across his lover’s firm chest and up over his shoulders. He pushed him forward and rubbed circles over the beautiful mural tattooed on the skin. He massaged the still tense muscles until he felt the knots give way. Ian reached for a plastic cup he had set on the ledge earlier and poured water over Lex’s hair before lathering it up with shampoo. Lex groaned as the fingers threaded through the strands of hair and massaged his scalp. Ian pulled the plug as he turned the water back on to refresh the warmth and to pour clean water over Lex’s head to rinse the shampoo.

When his hair was rinsed Lex shut off the water and leaned back once more into Ian’s embrace. He ran his hands over the firm muscles of Ian’s calves, up over his knees and as high as he could reach on his thighs. He kept up the soft touches as Ian started to kiss the back of his neck, nibbling softly and with no sense of urgency, over the sensitive cords of his neck. The two kept on touching and caressing each other until the stress of the past few weeks disappeared and started to be replaced with familiar desire.

Lex shifted as Ian’s hard cocked pressed into his back. His own shaft had risen above the water and Ian couldn’t resist the temptation. He took Lex’s hand and placed it on the inviting hardness and kept his own hand covering Lex’s. Together they stroked long and slow. Pulling low groans from Lex and moans of approval from Ian. They were able to keep up that pace until the water cooled off. Ian squeezed Lex gently with his knees and Lex stood up with Ian following after him. They dried each other off with the towels Ian had placed on the rack and Lex followed him to the bed. Ian looked into Lex’s eyes and saw his pupils darken with desire. He knew his own were a mirror image. Lex slid onto the bed as Ian followed, covering Lex’s body with his own. Ian took control and enveloped Lex’s mouth, demanding entrance. Their tongues dances together, each savoring the flavor of wine and man.

Lex was panting softly as Ian made his way down his chest, stopping to give attention to both nipples that begged to be sucked. Lex bucked underneath the onslaught his head thrown back as the heated waves of need shot straight to his groin. Ian journeyed downward and zeroed in on the hard cock now twitching in front of him. He played with the soft, silky steel rod, licking and sucking just enough to keep those sexy moans coming from Lex’s equally sexy lips, but not enough to fuel the flames beyond control.

Ian moved down and pushed Lex’s legs further apart, exposing his final goal. Gently rolling each of Lex’s sensitive balls over his tongue Ian slid down until he reached his destination and proceeded to lick and prod Lex’s ass with his tongue. Fingers joined in, pressing and teasing until Lex thought he couldn’t take any more. The sensations were like exquisite torture, bringing him closer and closer to the edge, until he felt like he was going to shatter.

Ian pulled back and reached for the lube, coated his rock hard cock and in one long stroke slid it home, deep into Lex where he belonged. There was no place he would rather be at that moment. Ian wedged his cock in as deep as he could go wanting to be completely connected. Lex’s whole body shook with desire and need. Slowly, ever so slowly, Ian started rocking back and forth. They both wanted this feeling of total oneness to last as long as possible.

Ian pushed Lex’s knees back, allowing him to hit the sweet spot on every stroke, slowly building up the flames, the heat just enough to keep them hovering on that fine line between agony and ecstasy. Their need gradually building like a stream flowing faster and faster until it turned into a river and they both exploded like a geyser. Ian pumped himself into Lex, emptying every last drop into his heated channel. Lex wasn't far behind, covering both their bellies in hot streams of milky white cum.

Ian stayed connected to Lex as long as could, not wanting to leave the heat that surrounded him. Finally unable to remain inside, Ian’s softened cock slid out on its own accord and he rolled to the side, pulling Lex with him, maintaining their embrace. They lay there in a comfortable silence for quite a while until Ian felt Lex start to drift off. He nudged him awake and had to cajole the sleepy man into taking a quick shower to rinse off. Lex begrudgingly followed Ian into the bathroom and brushed his teeth, then took care of emptying his bladder while the water warmed up. Ian did the same and after a quick check of the temperature the two stepped under the warm spray and washed each other off, still wanting as much of a connection as possible.

They dried off once again and settled into bed, spooned together. Lex sighed and pulled Ian’s arms tighter to him. “Can I ask you something?” he said softly.

“You can ask me anything, you know that.” Ian confirmed.

“Do you ever wonder why things happen? I mean so many people say that things happen for a reason but don’t you think that’s a little warped?” Lex stated.

“What do you mean?” Ian asked as he tightened his hold.

“I mean it’s warped how you and I came to be together. I had to have my back ripped open by a guy with unstable mental issues and endure so much pain. Don’t get me wrong, you’re worth it, but you would think that there would’ve been an easier way. You know maybe we could’ve met in a coffee shop or through a friend of a friend? I feel like I’ve had to go through so much more to get where I am, and I’m still not done. Really, how many people have to wait until they’re 26 to meet their biological father who probably doesn’t even know that he exists. What did I ever do that life has made it so difficult for me to be happy? I feel like this whole thing with my father is just another giant hurdle that I have to get over in order to move on. God, I’m still so fucked up!” Lex lamented.

Ian replied “I think we’re all fucked up. As far as why you have to go through so much, I don’t have an answer. Some people have things so easy. Some people can continually fall in a pile of shit and come out smelling like a rose. Other people like you seem to get kicked down time and again. Does that make you not as good of a person as the guy who smokes and snorts his way through life and still has things handed to him on a silver platter? Not by a long shot. I think the things you have endured have made you the man you are right now. The things that you will go through in the future will shape the man you will become. I won’t be the same person ten years from now. I know I’ll still love you though. We constantly change. Think about all the titles one wears throughout their life. We start out as so and so’s son or daughter. Some of us get the title of brother or sister. We find out we’re a neighbor, a student, a friend. Eventually we become girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, mom or dad. The list goes on. We can’t change the way things are, we can only cope with each day as it happens. No matter what happens with your father I will always be here for you, no matter how we evolve in our relationship. I love you, Lex. So yes, you are fucked up. So am I, so is Cassie. Especially Cassie, she’s a special kind of fucked up. I for one truly hope she’s always fucked up.”

Lex chuckled softly as he closed his eyes and softly murmured “I love you too. Thank you for being the fucked up person you are and for dealing with my fucked up insecurities. I feel better, still fucked up, but better. And besides, I can sleep better knowing that Cassie is more fucked up than I am.”

Both men were smiling as they settled into each other and gradually drifted off to sleep.

Ian is so good at calming Lex down and centering him. Don't you think? 😁

Get ready to see what happens in Boston!

Also, keep those fingers and toes crossed. My interview went very well and I have a second one scheduled in a couple of days. Hopefully by the time I post the next chapter I'll be employed again!

Please let me know how you like things so far, I always enjoy the comments!

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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19 minutes ago, booklove said:

Yes. Taking back the ground their relationship stands on. Beautyfully told.

pink thank you GIF by Lisa Vertudaches

You're welcome. It was a little overdue, but I'm working on Lex's agenda, not mine! I'm happy you're enjoying the story!

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5 hours ago, kbois said:

MMmmmmm...warm Brie! Thanks for bringing up the connection. Now I'll be craving some!🤤

I think you hit Kathy's reaction spot on! {I may have to re-work that into a future chapter..lol}

The ring issue is being addressed in the next chapter and yes, I'll actually have a picture when the time is right.!

Jarren has been bugging me since Chapter 1. I knew that he fit in somehow but it wasn't until I had finished most of the chapters of this story that he finally began to speak up. Jarren has a story all his own about dealing with his issues. I've been working on it for about a week now. I had to rewrite some part of this story so it can relate to Jarren's tale. But, anyway, that's why Lex isn't jumping in to help his friend just yet. You're definitely going to have to wait until this one is done before I can even think about posting Jarren's little saga! 

I was wondering the same thing that Travlbug asked - about Ian not asking directly what was up. Guess we'll try to be patient.

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Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!

Say, is Ian ever gonna get life-size pics of Lex’s back for the shop and the marketing campaign Cassie will create? (She’ll need a job soon.) I’m with Lex. I firmly believe if you aren’t satisfied with your job, do the work to get another one. Life is too short to spend so many hours in a place you hate.

Edited by Geemeedee
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1 hour ago, Geemeedee said:

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!

Say, is Ian ever gonna get life-size pics of Lex’s back for the shop and the marketing campaign Cassie will create? (She’ll need a job soon.) I’m with Lex. I firmly believe if you aren’t satisfied with your job, do the work to get another one. Life is too short to spend so many hours in a place you hate.


1 hour ago, Fae Briona said:

I was wondering the same thing that Travlbug asked - about Ian not asking directly what was up. Guess we'll try to be patient.

I'm going to try to get as much of Jarren's story written as I can before this one is done. I'm on ch 8 and would like it to have at least 15-20 chapters written (even if I end up edited most of them) before I post anything. I'm a little anal retentive... I'm afraid of something coming up and not being able to post for a long time. I can't read stories that are in process. I'm too damn impatient! 

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1 hour ago, Geemeedee said:

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!

Say, is Ian ever gonna get life-size pics of Lex’s back for the shop and the marketing campaign Cassie will create? (She’ll need a job soon.) I’m with Lex. I firmly believe if you aren’t satisfied with your job, do the work to get another one. Life is too short to spend so many hours in a place you hate.

Ian will get his picture...

Cassie will figure something out... she's a smart cookie!

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56 minutes ago, FanLit said:

I loved the grooms’ wear, the concept of mixing matching fit the guys perfectly (well done Cassie!!) and I LOVED the “things happen for a reason” conversation.

VERY NICE chapter.  

And it sounds like you’re on your way to gainful employment (I’m claiming this for you). Congratulations. 🎉🎊 

I've always liked mix and match ensembles and I really do  believe that things happen for a  reason! Cassie may tease Lex to no end but when push comes to shove she'll always come through for him!

Thank you and keep those positive thoughts flowing! I should know soon!

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Cassie has missed her calling, she should be a personal shopper to the rich and famous. 😂

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14 minutes ago, Bft said:

Cassie has missed her calling, she should be a personal shopper to the rich and famous. 😂


All it would take is one diva and Lex would either be bailing her out of jail or helping her hide a body!

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The ending conversation between Ian and Lex was touching and heartfelt. Very well done!

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5 minutes ago, astone2292 said:

The ending conversation between Ian and Lex was touching and heartfelt. Very well done!

Why thank you, kind sir!

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