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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Tattoo for Lex - 19. Chapter 19

Lex puts Cassie to work and makes an interesting discovery.

Ian woke up on Friday with the usual morning wood. He rolled over, still half asleep and grabbed for Lex. Instead he got a handful of boob. “Ew!” he exclaimed.

Cassie sat up and stretched, yawning loudly. “Oh please, don’t tell me you’ve never squeezed a tit before?”she asked sleepily as she crawled over him to head to the bathroom.

“Only on a cow!” Ian shot back at her.

Lex pulled the covers up over his head and told both of them “Shut up! It’s too early!”

They heard Cassie flush the toilet and the water running as she washed her hands. She came back and jumped over Lex this time, making sure to rub her still wet hands on his neck after pulling the covers down.

“I thought you said you were sleeping now that you have an Ian Bear to cuddle with at night?” Cassie remarked.

“I sleep much better when I don’t have a bed hogging cover thief with her bony knee wedged between my legs kneeing me in the balls all night.” He growled at her.

Ian snickered as he threw back the covers, morning wood still evident as he headed to the bathroom. “I’ve got to get to work. Do you need the truck today?” he asked Lex.

Lex heard the shower turn on and looked at Cassie and answered “No. I’m going to put the evil step sister to work out in the yard with me today” Staring at her he ordered “Get OUT!” as he threw the covers back and walked toward the bathroom with his own morning wood leading the way through his shorts.

Cassie giggled as she scooted off the bed. “Fine, go take care of your boyfriend. Make sure you wash behind his balls, oops I meant ears! And I want egg sandwiches for breakfast!” she called out as she left the bedroom.

Lex closed the door and locked it. After unleashing a torrent of piss into toilet which did little to help his hard on, he stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around his lover. “Sorry about Cass cock blocking us. I’ll get a dog crate to keep her in from now on.” he promised.

Ian laughed and pulled Lex into a heated kiss, his laugh turning into a groan of desire. He reached behind Lex and grabbed the shower gel and washcloth and proceeded to lather up every inch of skin before him.

Lex took the cloth from him and returned the favor, paying extra attention to the sensitive skin behind Ian’s balls, gently massaging the sac and rolling the two orbs around. Ian was panting and had grabbed his cock and started to pump it. Lex knocked his hand away and dropped to his knees and after rinsing the soap away swallowed the shaft down the back of his throat. He was rewarded with the sweet taste of Ian’s precum as he pulled back and ran his tongue around the crowned tip. His hands grabbed Ian’s ass and pulled him close, pushing the hard prick back to his throat. At the same time he ran one finger along the still soapy ass crack and teased the hole that flexed under his ministrations. His tongue played with the slit as his finger breached the needy hole. He zeroed in on that hot spot and crooked his finger forward to hit the prostate head on. Ian tensed up and started pumping his cock in and out Lex’s scorching mouth. Lex gave another hard suck on the shaft as he stimulated Ian’s gland with his finger and was rewarded with shot after shot of cum straight down his gullet. Ian’s hands were threaded through his wet hair and as the final spasms tapered off he reached down and pulled Lex up to him, practically shoving his tongue down his throat, tasting himself as he did.

Lex moaned loudly as Ian took hold of his aching cock and jacked it firmly, stroking from the base all the way up to the leaking head with an urgent pace. It did not take long at all before Lex cried out Ian’s name and released himself all over the man’s hand, his body convulsing in pleasure. When Lex had finished coming Ian brought his hand up to his lips and cleaned off Lex’s essence with a sexy grin. Lex let out another moan. Fuck that was hot.

They stood there under the warm spray for a couple of minutes enjoying the afterglow and then finished rinsing off. Shutting off the water Ian grabbed two towels from the rack and handed one to Lex informing him “My day isn’t as long today. I should be home before 6:30. I have one appointment tomorrow morning and I should be done with that in plenty of time to go meet Duke. I took the rest of the weekend off. I hope you don’t mind getting roped into dinner with the folks. I told you Mom was hard to say no to. “

Lex pondered for a moment before replying “If Cassie didn’t look so much like her mom I could’ve really believed that Kathy secretly gave birth to her.”

Ian gave one of those sounds that sounded like a laugh, snort and giggle all rolled into one, a lortle. Or was it a snaufle? Whatever. He choked out “Oh God, I don’t think Dad, Sean or I would have survived having Mom AND a Cassie!”

Lex snickered and said “I don’t mind doing dinner with your parents. I like them. It’s Cassie and your mom together that scares me.”

The two finished getting dressed and headed for the kitchen. Cassie was just pulling out a pan of biscuits from the oven and looked up with a knowing grin. “I think by the sounds I heard coming from down the hall you two figured out a way around the cock block?” she chuckled.

“Shut up Dory.” Lex said trying to hide his smile. He turned to Ian and asked “You want some egg sandwiches? It won’t take long.”

Ian kissed him soundly and shook his head. “No, thanks. I told Casey last night I’d stop for coffee on the way in. I’m also picking up some mmmmmmmmmuuffins, yup, blueberry.” he teased.

“Fine. Go eat your cake for breakfast. I’ll see you tonight.” Lex replied as he smacked Ian’s ass.

“Bye Ian!” Cassie shot at him after landing her own smack on his ass cheek. Ian just grabbed a banana off the counter and waved it at her as he went out the door.

Cassie laughed and turned to Lex “I like him Nemo. He’s really good for you. It doesn’t take aura reading skills to see that he really loves you.”

Lex smiled at her and reached under the counter to pull the griddle out and plugged it in. While it was heating up he took eggs, cheese and ham out of the fridge. He set them on the counter and looked at Cass who was pouring two cups of coffee. As he took one from her he stated “It scares me sometimes Cass. I can’t believe that I found someone who loves me despite all my shortcomings. I mean really, I’m a social misfit. I have no clue how to be in a relationship and even though I can see his aura now, it’s usually muted. Most of the time I can see that there’s an aura there but it’s only bright and vivid during, uh, umm, you know, sex.” He turned back to the counter, taking the eggs and started cracking them onto the hot surface.

Cassie came over and turned him to face her. “Lex, you are an amazing person. Ian can see that. I think you don’t see his aura all the time because you know deep down that you don’t need to. You said it yourself, he’s your soulmate. You know he loves you. I think it’s probably brighter and more vivid when you guys are banging because let’s face it, emotions are at their highest peak when you’re physically connected to each other. You’ll figure out how to be in this relationship. It’ll come naturally because you love him. Trust yourself Lex. You trust him. You trust me. Now trust yourself. I trust you. I trust that you won’t overcook my eggs. I want four sandwiches” she informed him, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Lex said nothing as he flipped the eggs and added two more. Damn that girl was a bottomless pit when it came to food. She was right. She always knew exactly what to say to him. He needed to trust himself. As he fixed the biscuit sandwiches for them he knew he had to let go of all the angst that had been haunting him for the past twelve years. He had pushed past the anger that he had felt with the help of therapy. He had accepted that it wasn’t his fault and had come to terms with the fact that his mom was gone. Reading her letters always helped. What he knew that he had to come to terms with was the issue of meeting his biological father. Once he got that out of the way then he could put the whole ordeal behind him where it belonged.

He shook his head and as he put the plate with Cassie’s four, yes four egg sandwiches in front of her he told her. “I’m working on it Cass. I’ve got an appointment to meet him. September 21st. I finally did it.” He didn't need to tell her who 'him' was.

Cassie smiled as she took a big bite. After a couple of chews, she muffled “I awaze ew ooo ood fee uh ite.”

“Ewww, don’t talk with your mouth full. That’s gross.” Lex reprimanded her.

Cassie opened wide, displaying the mashed up food in her mouth as she played looky looky with him. She finished chewing and swallowed, repeating “I always knew you would finally see the light. I’m proud of you.”

Lex smiled at her and took a huge bite of his own sandwich and made sure she saw the chewed up mess in his mouth. Cassie just eye rolled and kept on eating.

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes Lex dragged Cassie out back and set up the power washer and told her to clean the patio. He grabbed the work gloves and big hedge clippers and headed to the far end of the yard. He set off at a run as soon as he hit the grass and just narrowly missed the spray of water that she launched his way. Yup, she was so predictable.

Nearly an hour later Lex pulled back a huge clump of dead vines and halted. There was something back there. Clearing a little more away he discovered an old gazebo which had become completely overgrown. At one point this section of the yard must have been completely cleared. He carefully set about removing more of the old growth and when Cassie came over forty-five minutes later he had cleared almost all of the brush and vine that had been obscuring it.

“Cool” Cassie remarked.

Lex examined the structure and other than a couple of boards that were rotted the gazebo was in surprisingly decent shape. Lex knew that winters around here could be harsh, but whoever had constructed the gazebo had built it to last.

“I wonder how hard it would be to move this closer to the house? It’s wouldn’t take more than a few days to replace the rotted boards, sand it down and either refinish or paint it. This would be perfect for the wedding? What do you think Cass?” he asked with a grin.

“I think I need a break and that you should call one of your new construction dude friends and see if they have any suggestions on how to move this beast.” she replied.

"Good idea! I suppose you want a snack with your break?” he remarked.

“Of course I do!” she answered and shoving his arm hard, nearly toppling him over she took off across the yard at dead run and yelled “Gotcha last!”

Catching him off guard, Lex took off after her running, knowing he could catch her but letting her win this round, He’s get her back. It’s just the way they were. He was so happy to have her around again. He really had missed seeing her everyday.

Cassie ran to the house and turned around and did the whole ‘Rocky at the top of the stairs’ dance when she reached the top step of the patio leading into the porch. Lex stopped at the bottom step and laughed “Fine, you win this one!”

Cassie led the way to the kitchen and took two bottles of water from the fridge and helped herself to a container of yogurt and some strawberries. Lex took the water and chugged down the whole bottle. It was early August and hot, but at least it wasn’t heat wave hot. Lex didn’t mind the temperatures in the upper 80s, but when it hit the 90s in this area and the humidity shot up he preferred not to roast. He had asked Sean how he made it through the Florida summers and Sean informed him that they just flipped their seasons around. Here in New England most people stayed indoors more in the winter. In Florida most people stayed indoors more in the summer. Sean had added that it was worth it to him to be able to go outside in shorts and flip flops in January and February when people up here were buried under snow and ice. Lex could see his point.

Lex grabbed his phone off the counter and pulled up his contacts. He hit Jarren’s name and waited for the call to connect. When his friend picked up Lex explained about the gazebo and asked he had any ideas on how to move it. Jarren offered to swing by on his lunch hour and take a look. After hanging up and looking at the time he figured they could get in another hour of working outside before having to come in and fix lunch. Lex had promised Jarren he would feed him.

The rest of the morning flew by and when Jarren pulled in the driveway Lex and Cassie were in the kitchen taking out the fixings for sandwiches. Lex had bought an assortment of cold cuts and Cassie was slicing up a tomato. Lex yelled for Jarren to come on in when he rapped on the slider leading to the kitchen. Lex had told Cassie to behave herself. He knew from Jarren’s aura that he was gay, but he could also see that while Jarren didn’t deny it he didn’t exactly embrace it either. It was difficult when someone wasn’t comfortable with themselves, but it was also something that Jarren had to work out on his own. Lex had offered his friendship and was happy Jarren had accepted it. It was all that he could do.

“Hey Jarren! Thanks for stopping by.” Lex greeted his friend.

“Ooooooooo, you didn’t mention that he was eye candy!” Cassie remarked.

“Jarren, that unfiltered mouthpiece over there is Cassie. Feel free to ignore her. I do.” Lex directed at the young man who was now ten shades of pink. “Just push it out of the way and fix yourself a sandwich. I didn’t know what you liked so I figured you could put together whatever you wanted.” he added.

Seeing that Jarren was hesitant to push Cassie out of the way, Lex did it, garnering an indignant “Oof” from her as he hip checked her away from the counter. She stuck out her tongue at him. Jarren laughed and the ice was broken. He stepped over and grabbed a soft roll and proceeded to fix himself a sandwich.

“I got a glimpse of the gazebo when I came in. It shouldn’t be too difficult to move from what I can tell but I need to take a closer look after we eat just to make sure.” Jarren offered.

“So Jarren, Lex tells me that you’re renovating an old house with your brother. How’s that coming along?” Cassie inquired.

“We’re wrapping it up pretty soon. Hopefully another two, maybe three weeks at the most. The couple that owns the house are not the brightest bulbs when it comes to being realistic.” Jarren answered her and then gave her a short version of how picky the wife was and how she really had no clue. He said that Mazen had stormed off right before lunch and he was a little afraid of what he was going to go back to.

“Want me to come back with you and bitch slap her? I’m good at it and it’s more fun than yard work and power washing.” Cassie offered.

Jarren chuckled and said “I’ll pass for now, but keep the option on the table. We may need you.”

When the food was gone and the leftovers put away they went outside and Jarren inspected the old gazebo.

“I’m actually pretty impressed. I’m not positive but this looks like teak wood, which explains why it’s in such good shape. Teak is what they usually use in boat building. It’s pretty water resistant. It has natural oils in it that helps it stand up to the test of time. Whoever built this meant for it to last. I think moving it will be easy. We can bring a forklift over and hoist it on to our small flatbed and bring it to wherever you want it to go. You thinking of getting this refinished for your wedding?” Jarren asked.

“Exactly my thoughts, my friend. This will look awesome once the leaves change, don’t you think?” Lex stated rather than asked.

Both Jarren and Cassie agreed.

Jarren stated “I don’t think we’ll be able to move it until after we finish up with the reno we’re doing. Then we have our Labor Day weekend barbeque that we do every year. You and Ian are coming right? Mazen said he invited you. So maybe the weekend after that I can get a small crew together and we can haul it across the yard for you. Will that work?”

Lex nodded, “Yeah, that will still give me plenty of time to sand it down and seal it. If it’s teak then I’m probably going to leave its natural finish I think, and just make sure to give it a good coat of protection so it lasts. Write me up an invoice and let me know how many of your crew you’re gonna bring and we’ll feed everyone.”

“Don’t worry about an invoice. I think with the two of us, Mazen, Ian and maybe one or two of my guys we can get in done pretty quickly.” replied Jarren.

“Invoice Jarren, invoice. You’ll get paid for your work, just like anyone else would.” insisted Lex.

Cassie piped in and added “Yeah, ummmm Jarren, when it comes to having stuff done Lex insists on making sure people get paid. Trust me, you won’t win this battle. He’s pig headed that way. Or is that just plain pig? I always get that confused.”

Jarren smiled and shook his head “OK, I’ll give you this one, but you’re getting the ‘friends and family discount’ and we’ll need beer when we’re done.”

Lex smiled, knowing that Jarren would be fair and told him “That I can do my friend!”

Jarren clapped Lex on the shoulder and said goodbye to him and Cassie.

After Jarren’s departure Lex decided it was getting too hot to keep working outside so he and Cassie decided to just hang out for the rest of the afternoon. After quick showers,they spent their time just talking and reminiscing. They both dozed off for a short while and when Lex woke he saw that Ian would be home shortly. He gave Cassie a shove to wake her up and asked “What do you want for supper? I’ve got fixings for spaghetti and meatballs, tacos, we could throw some chicken or steaks on the grill. What are you in the mood for?”

“Tacos” she replied. “You start cooking and I’ll make the margaritas.”

Lex pointed her to the porch and told her she should find everything she needed at the bar. He pulled out some ground beef and put it in the microwave and set it to thaw. Then he took tomatoes, lettuce and onion out of the fridge and started chopping and shredding. He heard the blender whirring and it reminded him of the tattoo machine. Cassie came back in the kitchen with three margarita glasses in one hand and a full pitcher in the other. Lex took the glasses from her and set them on the counter. Cassie poured the sweet, tangy mixture into two of the glasses and put the rest in the fridge.

By the time the ground beef was thawed and on the stove cooking the margaritas were half empty. Ian came through the door and came up behind Lex who was putting the veggies on a plate and wrapped his hands around his waist and kissed the side of his neck. Lex turned and caught those delectable lips with his own.

Cassie waited for them to pull themselves apart, then handed Ian his margarita and blurted out “Guess what Lex found today while playing Mr. Landscaper?”

“I have no idea Cass, but I’m sure you’ll tell me.” Ian chuckled at her exuberance.

“A gazebo. A really nice one too. His smokin’ hot, sort of in the closet buddy came over and told him it was in really good condition so they’re going to move it closer to the house so you guys can use it for your wedding.” she told him.

Lex rolled his eyes and said sarcastically “Well I guess that’s all the news for today. Thank you Miss Reporter. I could never have found a way to deliver the information the way you did.”

Ian shook his head and diffused the two of them by saying “Can we just eat? I’m starving and that smells delicious.”

Cassie and Lex called a truce for the rest of the evening and the three were able to enjoy their tacos and margaritas while filling each other in on how their day went. After dinner Lex took Ian outside to show him the gazebo while Cassie offered to clean up. Ian had no clue that it had been there as he never really ventured back that far into the yard. He agreed that it would make the perfect place to say their vows.

They returned to the house and decided to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy before getting ready for bed. After the show Lex glared at Cassie until she giggled and headed for the guest room. Lex made sure to lock the bedroom door this time. He needed to sleep.

‘Well maybe not’, he thought to himself as Ian climbed into bed and scooted up behind him and ran his hand down his chest and kept venturing downward. Sleep was overrated anyways.

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments!

On a side note, I'm currently working my own way through all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy, but next time I write a story and pick out something that gets referred to several times I need to make sure it's something I can spell properly. I hate that the word 'grey' can be spelled with an 'a' or an 'e'!! I always want to spell it with an "a" 🤔

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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1 hour ago, Sweetlion said:

Didn't Mazen break with his last girlfriend? We need to introduce him to Cassie.

I was more thinking Ian's best friend but can't remember if he had anyone  Mazen was too quiet and Cassie would just overshadow him 

Edited by mrbossmant
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2 hours ago, Sweetlion said:

Didn't Mazen break with his last girlfriend? We need to introduce him to Cassie.

He did, but I'm still not sure if he can handle Cassie! 

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1 hour ago, mrbossmant said:

I was more thinking Ian's best friend but can't remember if he had anyone  Mazen was too quiet and Cassie would just overshadow him 

That would be Jase. We'll be seeing him in a few chapters. Wonder what he'll think of Cassie? 🤔

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I think I lortle'd whilst reading this.  Either that or I need a doctor.

That gazebo wedding will be lovely in the autumn   <sigh>


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On 4/12/2019 at 4:39 PM, Sweetlion said:

Didn't Mazen break with his last girlfriend? We need to introduce him to Cassie.

Oh god no, don’t do that to poor Mazen 😒

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Great chapter, Cassie is a bit full on. 
Spelling Gray with an a is the American way of spelling the word Grey is the way it’s spelt in England and Australia. 

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Cassie is Cassie, she still shows up in my brain from time to time!

She's one of my favorite characters. 

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1 hour ago, Bft said:

Oh god no, don’t do that to poor Mazen 😒

Keep reading... 😃

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1 hour ago, Bft said:

Great chapter, Cassie is a bit full on. 
Spelling Gray with an a is the American way of spelling the word Grey is the way it’s spelt in England and Australia. 

It's one word that has always confused me!

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Cassie is a great character. I imagine making her a main character would be difficult to pull off, but she's very well built and defined. Her antics are borderline annoying, but her humor is sharp and witty! After reading Spirit Wolves and the comments, the mentions of her built her reputation. Needless to say, she's met the standard. 

Lovely writing!

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10 minutes ago, astone2292 said:

Cassie is a great character. I imagine making her a main character would be difficult to pull off, but she's very well built and defined. Her antics are borderline annoying, but her humor is sharp and witty! After reading Spirit Wolves and the comments, the mentions of her built her reputation. Needless to say, she's met the standard. 

Lovely writing!

Cassie is definitely not for everyone. A bold character like her has to be strong. She needs the strength to handle the past. In sure it affects her ways we can't imagine. 

Wonder where she gets her sense of humor from? 🙄🤔

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