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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Tattoo for Lex - 15. Chapter 15

I was going to post this yesterday but held off due the updates they were doing.

So time to find out a little more about Ian's background.

Oh yeah, and Cassie finds out about the upcoming nuptials!

Sunday morning was spent having some pretty hot sex. Ian discovered that he loved to be sitting up, leaning against the headboard with Lex facing away from him reverse cowboy, riding his cock. He was able to bury himself so deep he thought he would buried forever. Lex rather enjoyed it himself. He was able to set the pace and allow Ian to peg his prostate on every downstroke. Ian couldn’t take his eyes off of the sight of his swollen prick being engulfed and sliding in and out of Lex’s tight ass, not to mention he could gaze at his magnificent creation covering Lex’s back. Yep, neither one of them lasted long in that position.

When they finally managed to pry themselves apart for breakfast it was closer to brunch. Side by side they worked together and whipped up a couple of ham and cheese omelets and potatoes. Ian worked on the omelets and Lex managed to fry up the potatoes, seasoning them with spices he found in one of the cabinets. Coffee and orange juice rounded out the menu.

As they enjoyed the simple meal Lex asked Ian “How did you end up in this house? It’s gorgeous.” Earlier Ian had shown him the basement which was finished into a workshop area, laundry room and a large room which was currently being used for storage.

Ian replied “I was in the right place at the right time. One of my very first clients that I had after opening the shop became a good friend. Tom Wells. He started out getting a full arm sleeve and eventually ended up with both arms, chest and back covered. He owned this house. He had inherited it from his parents and completely overhauled it. He did everything you see by taking out a pretty large home equity loan. Mazen and Jarren’s dad was the contractor on the project.

Then, about five years ago he was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. It progressed pretty quickly and he couldn’t work. Being single and losing his income, he blew through his savings pretty quickly. He defaulted on his loan and the bank was going to put a lien on the place. He still owed close to $50,000. He told me if I paid off the loan he would sell me the house for $1.00 as long as I would let him stay until the end.

I wasn’t too keen on the idea. To me it seemed like taking advantage of him, but he pushed me and explained that he had no other family and once he was gone he didn’t want the house taken over by the bank and neglected for years until they unloaded it. So I finally took him up on his offer. Three months after I bought the house I had to make arrangements for Hospice to come in and within two months he was gone. I’ve been here about four years. I didn’t move in until after Tom was gone.

“I’m sorry your lost your friend.” Lex said. “What about your shop? How did you end up out here when you grew up in Springfield?”

“Ahh, that would be Casey’s doing. It’s really her story but I’ll give you the abridged version. But first let me ask you, have you seen her aura?”

Lex nodded, already knowing what he was referring to.

Ian smiled sadly and continued, “OK, so I really don’t need to elaborate other than Casey is an addict. She’s been clean for eight years now but for a while it was really rough. Casey is the younger sister of a friend Jase and I had in high school. She’s 27, two years younger than me and Jase. Her brother Aiden was the one who got her started. He dabbled in dealing. Hell, when we were in high school he’s the one who scored weed for us.

Casey was the typical tag-along little sister. Aiden didn’t care and she picked up her weed habit from him. She also managed to get involved with Aiden’s supplier. Through that connection she ended up moving on from weed to harder stuff. It didn’t take long before she was hooked on heroin with the occasional prescription painkiller thrown in. Whatever she could get her hands on.

Jase had gone on to college and Aiden and I still hung out occasionally. I was getting more involved with tattooing, apprenticing for a shop in Springfield. Every time I saw Casey it seemed she was strung out. I started to get worried and told Aiden she needed help. Now Aiden was your garden variety pothead, think Jeff Spicoli from that old 80’s movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Not really the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Casey landed in the hospital twice by overdosing. Thirty day stint in rehab after each one didn’t do anything. So a little over eight years ago I stopped by the apartment Aiden was living in to drop off some food my mom had made for him. She knew what he was like and took pity on him. He loved her lasagna and whenever she made it she would make a tray for him. While I was there Aiden was actually pretty sober for a change. He had cut way back on the weed and was actually trying to become a productive citizen. I think he was finally starting to grow up. Casey, fresh out of rehab, stumbled in higher than a kite, strung out on God knows what. She started arguing with Aiden and it escalated to a physical confrontation. Aiden’s apartment was on the second floor. He was trying to get her out of the apartment and they were on the landing. She stumbled over her own feet and knocked into Aiden. He lost his balance and fell down the stairs. His neck was broken and he was dead before he even hit the bottom. I ran down the stairs with Casey right behind me screaming. When we reached Aiden she tried to shove me aside to get to him. I fell over and hit my head on the pavement.

The next several hours are still really fuzzy. The cops showed up. Casey was handcuffed and hauled away. I guess when I tried to give a statement my words were slurred and they thought I was high. I got sent to the ER. By the time anyone figured out that I wasn’t high my brain had swelled enough that I was rushed into surgery. They put in a stent to relieve the pressure. Nine days in the hospital, five of those in ICU. They say there was no permanent brain damage.”

Lex managed to smile in spite of the seriousness of the situation. “So then what happened?”

Ian continued on “Luckily for Casey I was able to tell the police what had happened and it was an accident. Casey lost her balance and Aiden fell down the stairs. A split second and a life is gone. It tore Casey up. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how she’s been affected. It scared her straight. She went off drugs cold turkey, goes to a support group regularly and she hasn’t looked back. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy for her and I felt that I owed it to Aiden to look out for her. I feel like I should’ve done more when I saw her sliding deeper into her addiction, but we can’t live our lives with the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve mentality. I could only move forward.

Nate, the guy I was apprenticing under suggested I get Casey out of the environment she was in and go somewhere new. Well this town was new enough and Nate told me that an acquaintance of his was moving out west and said I should look into buying his shop. I was familiar with the area having worked at The Barn and it’s still close enough to Mom and Dad that it’s easy to see them. Anyway, Nate gave me his buddy’s contact information and lo and behold I became the owner of the shop at the ripe old age of 22. My parents loaned me money for the down payment and helped me get a business loan. They actually have a ten percent stake in the place. I lived in the apartment until I bought the house. Casey learned how to do piercings and has been with me from the start. That, my love is how I ended up in this little hamlet. It’s grown on me and it led you to me as well. I know Aiden would have liked you.”

“I think I would have liked him too.” replied Lex.

The remainder of Sunday afternoon was spent lounging around. They continued with the conversation game they had started at the restaurant on their first date. It was a fun way to continue to discover little tidbits about each other.

Lex’s phone buzzed and when he checked his phone he started cracking up. Cassie had sent him a meme of Dory about to touch the tiny jellyfish and the caption said ‘Look, Mom’s last nerve. I wanna touch it’. He showed Ian and said “That my dear, is Cassie code for ‘call me before I kill my mom’. Do you mind? I need to tell her about us anyway.”

Ian snorted and told him “Go ahead, I’ll call my mom while you’re doing that.” He moved over to the kitchen area so they wouldn’t talk over each other’s conversations.

Lex hit Cassie’s number and waited for her to pick up

.“Nemo save me!” was the cry from the other end.

“Hello Dory, what’s Reets done this time?” Lex laughed. He absolutely adored Cassie’s mom, Rita.

“She’s trying to set me up with the old dude’s grandson!” she cried. The old dude was the senior most lawyer in the firm that Rita worked for. It was a huge firm with about two dozen lawyers, oodles of paralegals, administrative assistants, research specialists and several other titles that were probably made up. Rita had tried to set Cassie up with just about every eligible son, grandson, brother or cousin of almost everyone who worked there. It was now a running joke that HR was asking potential employees if they had any single, straight men 25-35 in their family during the interview process. Cassie hadn’t shown her face at the office in years.

“Tell her no Cassidy. Just tell her no!” Lex said firmly.

“Arrrggghhh! I’ve tried Lexie, I really have.” she whined.

Lex smiled as she she regressed to calling him Lexie. She did that when they were little.

“OK, then give her something else to focus on.” he came back with.

“Like what?” she demanded.

Lex dropped his bomb “Tell her I’m getting married,” and quickly pulled the phone away from his head. A split second later the ear splitting shriek blasted out of the tiny speaker. He looked over at Ian who was in an identical position but with his mom as the source of the shriek coming from his phone. The two men rolled their eyes and grinned. When the shriek finally faded away Lex braced himself for the volley of questions he knew were going to be fired at him.

Sure enough, he heard “OH MY GOD! Is it your hottie tattoo dude? Please tell me it’s him. Ack! It’s gotta be him! When did this happen? Did he get down on one knee? Or you? Did you get down on one knee? Was it romantic? Have you had sex with him? What am I saying? Of course you have! Holy shit did you get your ass plowed? You did, didn’t you? Did you get to plow his ass too? Please at least tell me it was hot!!! Oh Sweet Jesus are you pregnant? Oh wait, scratch that one. When’s the wedding? GODDAMMIT LEX! TALK TO ME!!!”

Lex was laughing so hard he couldn’t speak. He finally managed to make his tongue form words and scolded her “Cassie slow down. He asked me to marry him and and I said yes. No other details are needed. As for the rest of it you’re going to have to use your imagination. But yes. It was hot. I’m not going to touch the pregnant remark with a ten foot pole. We’re looking at getting married in October so pull up your calendar and tell me what’s better for you the 6th or the 13th? I need you to stand up for me.”

“Mom is going to shit a brick when I tell her! Either date works for me sweetie, but why so fast?” Cassie answered him, still a little out of breath.

Lex came clean and told Cassie about not being able to see Ian’s aura and how it scared the shit out of him. He told her about falling asleep with him that first night and sleeping fourteen hours. He told her about the dinner and how he revealed how he got his scars. He told her about Ian insisting on waiting to kiss him until the tattoo was finished. He told her about meeting his family and taking the kids to the zoo.

Finally he told her “He finished the tattoo and when he showed it to me, God Cassie, there are no words to describe how I felt. It was like I was looking at proof of how much of a connection we have. No one, I mean NO ONE puts that much effort into something for someone they don’t care about. He was right. He owned my back, every whip mark, every cigarette burn. He owned them and he made them his. He took something vile and ugly away from me and replaced it with something that is beautiful beyond words. That’s why I trusted him even without seeing his aura. I felt it that very first moment when instead of looking at my back with horror or pity he told me it was the most beautiful canvas he had ever seen. After he showed me the tattoo he took the rest of me and made me his. Cassie, when we came together, when we connected in the most intimate way possible, I saw his aura and he saw it too. It’s like liquid opal surrounded by gold. We’re soulmates. He’s mine forever. What do we need to wait for?”

He heard Cassie crying softly on the other end of the phone and he smiled, knowing they were tears of joy for him. She knew everything about him and loved him anyways. She knew he had thought he would never find someone to love because of his painful past and she was overjoyed that he found his soulmate. She knew how rare it was.

Cassie sniffed in his ear and lamented “I wish I was there right now so I could hug you. I love you Nemo.”

“I love you too Dory. You could get on a plane and get your ass out here you know. I can’t show anyone else my tattoo because I promised you that you would be the first one to see it. I will definitely have to break it if Ian’s mom wants to see it. You don’t say no to her and live.”

Cassie laughed. “Sounds like my kind of woman! Tell you what, I have a project at work that I need a couple of days to finish up on. Let me see how quick I can get it done and arrange coverage for a week or so. I’ll see if I can catch a red eye Wednesday or Thursday night. What airport is closest to your little slice of nowhere?”

Lex thought a moment and replied “Hartford or Albany. I can charter you a jet to the airfield in Pittsfield. It’s close.”

Cassie firmly stated “No, you will not charter me a jet. Save that for hauling Reets out there for the wedding. You know how much she loves to fly. I should call her doctor and get him to up her dosage of Xanax. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if he would prescribe a horse tranquilizer for her? Better yet, maybe for me.”

“CASS! Focus!” Lex yelled. Damn that girl could squirrel.

“Tell me you did not just yell focus to me Lex” Cassie demanded.

“Cassidy Marie, I meant focus focus and NOT fuck off cuz ur stupid focus! But I’m getting tempted!! Lex huffed. “Keep it up and you’re flying coach and paying for your bags instead of being up in first class with free booze and decent food.”

“God, Lex, a little touchy are we? Tell you what, you go have hot wild monkey sex with Tattoo Dude and I’ll go grab my vibrator and get off picturing your hot wild monkey sex and then get some work done on my project so I can get the hell out of here by Wednesday hopefully. I’ll text you and let you know what flight I’ll be on. Noggin!” she laughed as she said goodbye.

Lex shook his head, smiling. Sometimes he wondered how she made it through her day. He looked over and saw that Ian had been watching him. He saw the looks of amusement on his face and he also saw the heat that flashed beneath those lashes. He felt his cock start to perk up and he made his way over to where Ian was standing, his firm ass resting against the counter.

“How did your mom take the news?” he asked.

“She was thrilled.” that deep, sexy voice replied, sending shivers up Lex's spine.

“How much did you just hear?” Lex questioned.

“Enough, she’s kinda loud” was the response as Ian leaned forward and grabbed Lex’s ass pulling him up against the rock hard bulge in his shorts.

Lex moaned as Ian’s lips captured his. His tongue invaded, molten hot, demanding in its intensity.

Ian broke the kiss in his quest for air. His eyes bore into Lex with a look that seared his soul. “I felt that connection too Lex. That first day when you told me to trust you. I felt it too. Your back. Still the most amazing canvas I will ever see. I don’t need an aura to know that we’re soulmates. I love you so much.” He captured Lex’s lips again and felt like he couldn’t get enough of his sweet taste.

Lex drank in the kiss. He didn’t want to stop, but he need more. He need more right now. He tore his lips away from the heat that had fused them together. Clothes went flying and he grabbed Ian and spun him around so he was facing the cabinets leaning over the counter. He kicked Ian's ankles gently to get him to spread them apart. This brought Ian down enough to even out their height. He reached up and opened a cabinet and with a silent thanks grabbed a bottle of olive oil. Not caring if he made a mess his tilted the bottle and poured some of the oil over the hard shaft sticking straight out from his groin. Shockwaves traveled along his cock as he stroked to coat the entire length. He dribbled a little of the oil along Ian’s crack and slid his finger along the hot, slick crease and in one long stab buried his first finger in to the hilt. Not ten seconds later his middle finger joined in, quickly scissoring. Lex brought his mouth down on Ian’s shoulder and sucked up several marks, bruising the skin a dark purple.

Ian growled “Now Lex, dammit NOW!’

Lex pulled his fingers out, eliciting a quick hiss from Ian and without a pause he lined up his cock and shoved it in to the hilt. Ian shouted out. The shout morphed into a long, low moan as the initial burn melted away and was replaced by the sweet heat of pleasure. Lex gave him barely any time to adjust and started rocking into him, building a steady motion, gradually getting faster and faster until he was jack rabbiting in and out in a frenzy. As Lex got close he reached around and stroked Ian’s weeping cock until he felt it pulse in his fist. At the same instant he felt the first pulse he also felt the first tight squeeze around his own cock as Ian’s orgasm hit. His followed a nanosecond later. He cried out Ian’s name as his body shuddered and contracted, bathing the hot channel with his cum.

The two lovers braced each other as their bodies continued to shake with the intensity of their orgasms. Ian leaned on the counter and Lex leaned on him, both panting and sweating. It took several minutes before they were able to move or speak.

Finally Ian hummed contentedly and still slightly out of breath remarked “I like hot, wild monkey sex.”

They both roared with laughter.

On a side note... I was channel surfing yesterday and lo and behold what movie do I come across?

Finding Nemo! You know I had to watch...best kids movie EVER! Still cracks me up!

Thanks for staying with me so far!

As always your thoughts and comments are always welcome!

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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35 minutes ago, ObicanDecko said:

Hot chapter!! 

interested water bottle GIF

I expected nothing less from Cassie's reaction! And I agree, Finding Nemo is super fun! :)

Love it!

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30 minutes ago, ColumbusGuy said:

I hope Cassie gets to visit soon and perhaps find her man in one of Ian's family...





I have a feeling I'm going to have to look high and low along the entire East  Coast to find someone who can go toe to toe with Cassie!

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30 minutes ago, kbois said:

I have a feeling I'm going to have to look high and low along the entire East  Coast to find someone who can go toe to toe with Cassie!

Jarren’s quiet brother? Opposites attract.

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18 minutes ago, Geemeedee said:

Jarren’s quiet brother? Opposites attract.

I'm not sure if I can send Mazen down that road.  He's such a nice guy!  

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🌡 🔥 ☄️ 💥  


“Sunday morning was spent having some pretty hot sex.”

There are few better ways to start a morning.

Cassidy is a hoot and a holler!!  I can’t wait for Ian and she to meet.

Nice informative chapter about Ian and nice hot wild monkey sex too, lol!!

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8 hours ago, FanLit said:

🌡 🔥 ☄️ 💥  


“Sunday morning was spent having some pretty hot sex.”

There are few better ways to start a morning.

Cassidy is a hoot and a holler!!  I can’t wait for Ian and she to meet.

Nice informative chapter about Ian and nice hot wild monkey sex too, lol!!

As long as it's not too early in the morning! 

We  all need a Cassie.

It was time to learn a little more about Ian.. and the monkey sex..... we all need a little of that sometimes too!

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10 hours ago, BlueIvyNorth said:

I was just in Albany a couple weeks ago! Ian and Lex are so adorable 🥰

I try to avoid anywhere up north in the winter. I'm so done with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures! It's going to be a nice balmy 70 here in Florida today!

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I have a blue plastic jug in the shape of Bruce the Shark, a friend of mine bought for me when she went to Disneyland, although I am not a shark my name is Bruce. 

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10 minutes ago, Bft said:

I have a blue plastic jug in the shape of Bruce the Shark, a friend of mine bought for me when she went to Disneyland, although I am not a shark my name is Bruce. 

Finding Nemo will forever be my favorite movie of all time! Absolute classic! 

Bruce's Jack Nicholson imitation was spot on!🤣🤣

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