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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Tattoo for Lex - 14. Chapter 14

Time to find out a little more about Ian.

They both slept in the next morning and this time when Lex woke up and took in his surroundings he didn’t panic when he felt Ian’s stiff cock poking his backside. Instead he rolled over and slid under the covers and engulfed the swollen head into his mouth. Ian’s eyes popped open and, as Lex gave a hard pull with his tongue, he let out a long moan “Oh God what a way to wake up!”

Lex continued his assault on the hard cock knocking against the back of his throat. He gave it all he had, alternately sucking and licking. He let his tongue circle around the head, drawing out beads of pre-cum. He nipped lightly at the the sensitive spot on the underside right beneath that leaking head. Ian’s cock quickly filled with even more blood turning the end red and the shaft bright pink. His tongue flicked over the slit and then engulfed as much of the shaft as he could slide down his throat. Luckily for Ian, Lex didn’t have much of a gag reflex. He was able to push the flared end, still leaking steadily, helping to lubricate the way, down into his throat and after a few attempts his nose brushed the neatly trimmed pubes at the base of Ian’s cock.

Lex inhaled the scent and moaned. The vibrations along the shaft did it. Ian thrust involuntarily as his cock erupted and shot down into Lex’s throat. Lex pulled back, wanting to taste the salty-sweet cum that pulsed out. Lex sucked and swallowed rapidly until the pulses tapered off. He then gave the softening cock one more lick to catch the last drop and slid his way up to Ian’s mouth sharing the remnants of cum in a searing kiss.

“Good morning” he said with a broad grin.

Ian laughed and told him “I need you to wake me up like that every morning. Move in with me.”

Lex asked “Are you serious? This place is a little small, but we could make it work, unless you wanted to find something bigger?”

Ian had to remind Lex “I have a bigger place, you just haven’t been there.”

Lex chuffed and realized Ian was right. In his mind he knew that Ian didn’t actually live above the shop but his brain wasn’t functioning properly at the moment. It seemed that all of his blood had flowed south and was firmly encased in his dick. “We need to fix that. We need to do a lot of things ,but first I need to pee, then I believe you had mentioned something about me doing the same to you after you finished doing what you said you were going to do to me.”

As he headed for the bathroom Ian called out after him laughing “That doesn’t even make any sense!” and then followed him into the bathroom.

They quickly took care of their business and Lex pushed Ian the short distance back into the bedroom and onto the bed. He then proceeded to explore Ian. Using his hands and mouth Lex ignited the embers that had smoldered overnight. This time he was the one to elicit various moans and whimpers from his lover. The heady knowledge that this beautiful man beneath him was his soulmate and fiance drove Lex to the edge pretty quickly. He laid himself over Ian’s body, their cocks rubbing against each other, frotting and humping, leaving wet trails along their stomachs.

Lex dragged himself down and having learned from Ian last night what he liked done to himself, he did to Ian. His tongue bathed both of Ian’s balls, then tasted the firm ridge along his taint and finally speared into Ian’s tight pucker. He made quick work of softening up the skin and then applied the other lesson he learned. Grabbing the lube he slicked up his fingers, working them gently into Ian’s ass one at a time slowly stretching him out.

Ian let out a long groan when Lex’s fingers pressed his hot spot. “Now Lex. Now.” he begged.

Lex slowly pulled his fingers out and slathered lube down his shaft. He pushed Ian’s legs up over his chest and slowly, steadily pushed his way past the tight outer ring of muscle and then stopped to let Ian adjust. Ian, however, wanted no part of stopping. He flexed his hips forward sucking Lex’s cock further in. Lex took the hint and with one long push, thrust himself all the way into the hilt. He immediately started to hump into that tight ass. Setting a fast and rough pace causing Ian to moan loudly at the incredible sensation that rode that fine line between pleasure and pain.

They both knew they weren’t going to last long. Not at the pace Lex had set. He hammered himself home into Ian’s ass, pegging his prostate sharply with every thrust. Sweat covered them both and in the next moment Lex felt his balls draw up tight in their sac as they prepared to burst wide open. He gave one last hard, demanding thrust and exploded into the intense heat. Ian busted his own nut as soon as the first volley of Lex’s cum hit the inside of his chute. Ian’s ass clamped down on Lex pulling every drop of cum out of it.

The colors of their auras flared brightly once more, but faded into the background quicker than the night before.

They both were panting as they came down from the rush of endorphins that flooded their bloodstreams. Once they had their breathing back to normal Ian grabbed a towel off the floor and wiped off the cum before it could dry and get crusty. “You are amazing.” he told Lex.

“Yeah, I am.” Lex laughed and as Ian smacked his ass he added “I need breakfast. Come on. I do believe you said I’m buying the next meal. Breakfast is cheaper than dinner!”

Ian headed for the bathroom again. “Dinner, I said. You owe me dinner. Breakfast is just a bonus as far as I’m concerned. Let’s make the shower quick, I hear bacon calling me.”

The boys ended up at Betty Anne’s. Betty Anne’s was a local diner that had been around forever. Betty Anne was long gone having been buried sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s depending on who you asked. Then there were those who said she was merely an urban legend. It was only open for breakfast and lunch and was known for its homemade pastries. The diner had been sold several times and handed down a few as well, but through every change of hands the recipes for the pastries was included as part of the sale.

After ordering coffee and looking over the menu they decided to order a bunch of things and share. Eggs, both scrambled and fried, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hash browns and biscuits were ordered.

Then began what later became known as the Great Pastry Debate.

Looking over the separate pastry menu Lex mused “Why bother with muffins? It’s just cake, only in a single serving, especially chocolate muffins. Just say chocolate cake. That’s what it is.”

Ian looked up at him and countered “What have you got against muffins? They’re good. Especially the cranberry nut, and banana nut, not to mention blueberry. Who doesn’t like blueberry muffins?”

Lex shot him a dirty look and said “Me. I don’t like blueberry muffins.”

“Are you even human? How could you not like blueberry muffins?” Ian shot back.

“Cheese danish. Now there’s pastry I can wrap my taste buds around” Lex pondered, ignoring the fake scathing look Ian was shooting his way.

“OK, Danish I can agree with, but I’m still trying to get over you not liking muffins” said Ian.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like muffins. I said I don’t like blueberry muffins. I just don’t see the point of muffins.” countered Lex.

There was an older couple who were definitely into their retirement years at the table next to them. The wife was doing her best not to laugh. The husband leaned over and suggested “Donuts. Why don’t you just get some donuts?”

His wife, now laughing out loud, added her two cents. “Scones. There is nothing like a fresh scone.”

“Too dry.” was the unanimous cry from all three men.

The debate continued with several other diners joining in. Donuts seemed to edge out all the other pastries and more than a few minutes were spent debating the merits of various donuts. Lex favored glazed and Ian was partial to Boston creme. Both men agreed that jelly donuts should be banned.

Everyone, however agreed that homemade trumped store bought. If you couldn’t pronounce the names of the ingredients then you shouldn’t bother to eat it. By the time they decided what pastries to get their breakfast was brought out. Coffee cups were refilled and they quickly tucked in and the conversation paused as they devoured the delicious food.

The Great Pastry Debate ended with them ordering a whole cheese danish, a whole cherry danish, and a dozen assorted donuts (no jelly) and one blueberry muffin to go.

When they were done Lex paid for breakfast and left the waitress a really good tip. She had been a good sport throughout the entire pastry debate.

Upon leaving the restaurant Ian grabbed the bag with their pastries in one hand and took Lex’s hand in the other. They decided to go for a walk along the town commons before it got too hot. It was late July and they were forecasting temperatures in the low 90’s and in New England that also meant higher humidity. There were times when Florida was cooler than Massachusetts when a heat wave hit the northern states.

They strolled along the sidewalk occasionally stopping to check out a window display in one of the shops. Most of the businesses had just opened up. This time of year many of them were advertising back to school sales even though school didn’t start for another month.

Looking into a window of a bookstore Lex suddenly asked Ian “How come you don’t have many tattoos?”

Ian cocked his head to the side and said “Wow. That was random. What brought that up?”

Lex blushed and replied “That book cover right there reminds me of the tattoo on your side and I realized that it’s the only one you have. Aren’t tattoo artists usually covered with ink?”

Ian smiled at him and explained “A lot of artists have a lot of tattoos, that’s true. Many of them practiced on themselves especially on the legs where mistakes could be easily covered. Not to brag but even starting out I had a lot of natural talent. I occasionally practiced on pig cadavers and no you can’t ask where I got them. I can’t really say why but I just didn’t want the usual practice designs or a dragon or eagle or some other common theme inked onto me. I wanted it to mean something. Also the guy I apprenticed under was the only one I would trust to do anything on my skin. And he was crazy busy.

“Anyway, remember Duke? You met him at the restaurant we went to, The Barn.” Ian asked.

Lex nodded.

Ian continued his train of thought “Well he mentioned his son Jase and I believe I mentioned that Jase and I were best friends growing up. We still are even though we don’t keep in touch as often as we should. It’s one of those friendships that just picks up where it left off regardless of how much time has passed. Seven days or seven months, it makes no difference.

Jase was leaving for college the summer after we were both 18. I had been drawing up designs and such for about a year and Jase decided that we should get matching tattoos before he left. So what you see is what I came up with.”

Ian’s tattoo was on his left side and covered a good portion of his rib cage. It was an old looking antique map of Massachusetts Bay Colony from back in the whaling days. The kind of map you might see in a museum. The edges of the map looked jagged and worn, all of the words on the map looked like they were hand written in an old fashioned script. Laying on top of the map was an antique, hand held navigator’s compass. The needle was pointing to Western Mass and the general area of the town they grew up in.

Ian looked over at Lex and said “Jase’s tattoo is the exact same only it’s on his right side.”

Lex smiled and responded “It makes sense now. I think it’s pretty awesome. You should call him soon.”

Ian nodded “Yeah. I really need to. I can’t wait to tell him about you. I actually have a lot to tell him. I’ll have to call him this week.”

The two strolled back to Ian’s truck, grateful when the A/C kicked in quickly. On the way back Ian made a suggestion. “Why don’t we stop by Ms. Helen’s and we can pack up your stuff then stop by the shop and grab the few things you have there and go back to my house. You know, the one you haven’t seen yet?” he teased.

“Are you saying you want me to move in with you today?” Lex asked.

“That is exactly what I am saying.” was the response.

“Well, OK then. Let’s do this.” Lex agreed.

When they got to Ms.Helen’s they found her in the kitchen sweeping the floor. Looking up she smiled and said “Well there you are. I haven’t seen much of you lately.”

Lex looked a little chagrined as he looked at her and told her “Ms. Helen, I'm sorry I haven't been around much. But I have great news. Ian has proposed to me and as of last night he is my fiance and has asked me to move in with him. So I am really sorry for the short notice but we are just here to get my things. I’ll pay you through the next two weeks seeing how I wasn’t able to give you proper notice. I’ve really enjoyed my stay here and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you.”

Ms. Helen smiled at them and answered “Oh Lex dear, you are an absolute joy! Congratulations! You are truly a good soul. My husband John always said I had a knack for sifting out the people with good hearts and you my boy are one of them. He always said I had a knack for matchmaking too. I just always knew when I saw certain people that they would be perfect for each other. You two look like you’re absolutely perfect together.”

She looked at Ian and told him "I can tell by the way you look at Lex that you are a good person as well with a good heart. I just know that you two are meant for each other. I knew when Lex walked into my house that he was going to find someone he didn’t even know he was looking for.”

Lex smiled, remembering their first meeting and asked her “Is that why you told me Jarren wasn’t meant for me?”

Ms. Helen nodded,“Jarren has someone out there for him. We all do. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the love of their life but Jarren will someday. He needs to figure out who he is first.” Then shaking her head as if to clear it she admonished Lex “Now you had better stop by here now and again. I am going to miss you my dear boy.”

Lex walked over and gave her a warm hug, something he would have never done two months ago. “I’m going to miss you too and I’ll make sure to come and visit. You have my number so you call me if you need anything or if you just want to talk.”

The two men left her in the kitchen and went upstairs. Packing up Lex’s belongings didn’t take much time at all and after they packed Lex’s stuff into a few of the bags that he had kept from his mall trip and a large duffel bag that Ian had in his truck they gave the room and the bathroom a quick inspection to make sure nothing was left behind. Lex was glad that he had cleaned thoroughly before going to meet Ian yesterday

They said goodbye to the older woman and again promised to visit and then they were on their way. The stop at the shop was short as there were only a few items of clothes Lex needed to grab. He also needed his helmet so he could take the Chief and follow Ian back to his house.

Ian lived about 10 minutes from his shop in a nice size ranch style home. The house was built into a slight hill. The two car garage was attached to the cellar on the left side of house. Directly above it was a large room enclosed on three sides with three sets of sliding glass doors on each side. The front yard sloped down gently to the street while the large back yard abutted a dense copse of woods. To the right side of the house was a wide stretch of yard that ended at a fence that separated his property from his neighbors. The house had a stone facade on the lower half of its front side which were a nice blend of mostly slate gray tones with a few sandstone colors mixed in. The rest of the house had light gray siding and charcoal shutters and trim. There were concrete stairs leading up from the driveway and around to the back of the house where a large patio had been built on. The patio ran the entire length of the house and extended outward about 25 feet. It was screened in from the end of the large room above the garage to about the middle of the house where another set of sliding glass doors have access to what Lex guessed was either the kitchen or living area.

Ian pulled his truck into the driveway and indicated that Lex could park the bike next to him. Getting out he waited for Lex to shut down the bike and pull off his helmet. He planted a searing kiss on those delicious lips, pulling back with a loud ‘smack’ he grinned and said “Welcome Home”.

Lex returned the grin and the kiss and then grabbing a bag from the back of the truck replied “Show me.”

Ian grabbed one as well and led him up the stairs to the screened in patio. He unlocked the slider and they deposited the bags on the floor to be dealt with later. The enclosed room was about 30x30. All of the sets of glass doors were covered by a double set of long drapes. The outer, heavier drapes helped to insulate the room, while the sheer inner drapes allowed the light to fill the room when the heavier drapes were pulled back while obscuring the view from anyone outside.

The room was set up for entertaining. Along one side of the wall that abutted the house was a huge built in china cabinet with etched glass doors. A door leading into the house separated that from the bar area which abutted the house on the other side. Ian had a great wet bar set up with a small refrigerator and built in wine cooler. There was also an impressive custom made wine rack holding about two dozen bottles of various reds. Shelves above the small sink area held a variety of liquor bottles and a glass door cabinet showed an arrangement of glasses for various drinks.

A mahogany table that could easily seat eight was set up along one side of the room. The rest of the room held a pool table and a few comfortable couches and chairs. A large flat screen TV was set on top of a beautiful polished wood stand. Overall the room was amazing and perfect for entertaining.

“This is beautiful.” Lex told Ian.

Ian just thanked him and led him into the main house. They entered into a large open space with the kitchen taking up most of it. There was a door on the right which Ian said led to the cellar. The kitchen was on the backside of the house and had a very modern look. The countertops were polished granite in hues of gray and black. The backsplash was made of long narrow tiles in various shades of green. The appliances were stainless steel. The cabinets were painted a dark forest green. There was an eat in area that held a table and four chairs. The table was in front of another set of sliders that led out onto the screened in patio. A large, long island separated the kitchen area from the living area. The living area was comfy looking. A large couch and two recliners faced another TV, not quite as big as the other one. A large bay window looked out over the front yard and a solid door gave access to the front. The decor in this area had an old world navigational theme to it. Several pieces of artwork adorned the wall, each a different version of an antique world map. There were also several framed prints of Ian’s tattoo works, all with a globe or old navigational theme. A curio cabinet stood in the corner housed an actual old compass and sextant. There were a few decorative globes in there as well. The centerpiece was an actual logbook of a sea captain from the days of the whaling ships.

They continued through the house down a hallway . A full bathroom was on the left, a large guest bedroom was on the right and a smaller bedroom which Ian had turned into an office was on the left after the bathroom.

At the end of the hallway was the master bedroom. A huge king size bed was centered on the back wall with a nightstand on each side. The headboard and footboard were simple wood beams with smooth lines. Ian flipped a switch and the room brightened as it was illuminated by the lighting recessed into the ceiling. Two windows, one looking out the front and one out the back let in natural light as well. A door to the right of the bed on the other side of the nightstand led to the master bathroom. Its twin on the left side of the bed led into a walk in closet. Peeking into the bathroom Lex saw that the walk in closet was accessible to the bathroom as well. He stepped in and saw that the closet was bigger that he thought. It had one whole wall of built in drawers and shelves while another wall was dedicated to hanging up clothes. The upper bar held shirts and the lower bar held pants. Ian didn’t have a huge wardrobe and there was plenty of empty space for Lex to eventually put his things there. The bathroom itself had a toilet, double sink, a huge shower that would easily accommodate them both and a large jetted tub.

Stepping back into the bedroom Lex saw Ian looking at him with those beautiful blue eyes. Seeing them start to darken Lex went over and leaned in close to Ian’s ear and in a husky voice growled “Why don’t you show me how comfortable the bed is.”

The rest of the day was spent exploring each other, learning how each muscle was defined, which spot of skin would elicit a groan and which spot would cause a burst of laughter. They learned what action would create a full body shiver and they learned what each other didn’t like.

When they were finally sated they drifted off, holding each other. When they woke it was early evening. After a shower that lasted long enough for the water to get cool they got the rest of Lex’s things from the truck and put them away. Lex was awed at how absolutely right it felt.

Ian took some ground beef out of the freezer and defrosted it in the microwave. Lex helped him make a meat sauce and dropped some pasta into a pot of boiling water. Ian went out to the porch, as he called the huge room over the garage, and pulled a bottle of pinot noir out of the rack and uncorked it, leaving it to breathe. Lex set the table and in short order they were sitting down to a hearty meal.

The conversation was comfortable and eventually drifted to the topic of getting married. Ian asked Lex “What kind of wedding would you like?”

Lex quickly replied “Small. Like me and you and a Justice of the Peace small.”

Ian laughed having quickly learned of Lex’s aversion to people. He shook his head and said “No can do. You do remember meeting my mom don’t you? If you want it to be just you and me and a JP then you will have to be the one to tell her. I won’t have any part of breaking that kind of news to her. I want us to have a long, happy marriage and if we eloped, she would kill us.”

Lex rolled his eyes and sighed. “You’re absolutely right. Ok, no JP elopement, but it’s got to be small. I can’t do the whole long service and big reception with a band and photographer milling around. Besides, I really don’t know all that many people that I would want to invite.” he said.

Ian grabbed a notebook and pen from a drawer and started a list. “OK, my family makes seven, Jase and his parents are ten, Casey is eleven. What about you?” he questioned.

Lex thought for a moment and answered “Cassie and her mom, Ms. Helen, and Jarren and Mazen. That’s five more. So we’re at sixteen. That’s doable I think.”

Ian nodded and with a smirk he added “I’ll tell my mom no more than twenty. That gives her a little wiggle room to invite a couple of her friends. Now the question is when and where?”

Lex suggested “Let’s have it here. This place can easily accommodate twenty people. We can set up a tent in the backyard and if the weather is bad we can use the porch. Maybe your friend Duke could cater it.”

Ian’s face lit up and he said “You are brilliant. We can pull it off no problem. If we have it here then there is no way my mom can go overboard. So that leaves when. I’m thinking October. The backyard is gorgeous when the leaves turn and the weather will be a lot cooler.”

Lex’s brow drew together as he thought about this. “Two months? Do you think we can pull it off that quickly?”

Ian replied “As long as you can get get your friend Cassie and her mom here I think we can make it work. I’ll call Duke on Monday. I think if we keep it casual we can set up a buffet with grilled chicken, pulled pork or maybe a beef brisket. Those loaded baked potatoes of his. Salad, baked beans. That kind of thing. What do you think?”

“I think I love you.” was the response.

Ian pushed his chair back and pulled Lex up to him and planted an intense kiss on his lips. Drawing back, his bright blue eyes looked into Lex’s hazel green ones and he echoed “I love you too.”

They made quick work of cleaning up the dishes and when everything was dried and put away they settled into the living room and decide to watch Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning on Netflix. Neither of them had seen the show before and it had been on for about fourteen seasons so they knew they would be in it for the long haul. Lex recognized many of the places they showed in Seattle. They binged four episodes before Lex started to drift off.

Ian turned off the TV, made sure everything was locked up and then nudged Lex awake and led him to the bedroom. He gave him a gentle push toward the bathroom where they both brushed their teeth and took turns relieving their bladders before turning in. They stripped down and migrated to the center of the big bed and Ian pulled Lex close. Lex pushed his back up against Ian and settled into his own familiar little spoon position and drifted off. Ian wasn’t far behind.

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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3 hours ago, JCtoGO2 said:

A great chapter that left you feeling very good.

It was time for a nice light, feel good chapter!

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1 hour ago, avidreadr said:

A great chapter.  I look forward to meeting Cassie.  

Thanks! Meeting Cassie should come with a disclaimer I think! :rofl:

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48 minutes ago, Brokenbind said:

Twenty people, but two forces of nature in Mom and Cassie.  Hope they get on.


The decor of that home sounds masculine and stylish.  Lex seems to be instantly comfortable there, and maybe this finally is home for him.

Let's hope that Ian's Mom and Cassie don't team up...the boys will end up up in top hats, tails, and canes! 🤣

Ian does have good decorating style, but he can't take all the credit.......

Let's hope that Lex has finally found his home! 

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1 hour ago, Parker Owens said:

Lex and Ian seem so good together. You’re writing an idyllic moment in their lives. 

We all need those moments! 

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i don’t like donuts 🤣

blueberry muffin is ok but my favorite are french pastries 😍 german and austrian are tasty too :)

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1 hour ago, Danilo Syrtis said:

i don’t like donuts 🤣

blueberry muffin is ok but my favorite are french pastries 😍 german and austrian are tasty too :)

Any French pastry is better than donuts, except for Boston cream...mmmmmm.! 

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I side with Lex. Muffins are cake. However, blueberry reigns supreme! 

The wedding will be exciting. I can't wait to see Cassie! The verbal assault Lex's gonna get has me giddy. 

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25 minutes ago, astone2292 said:

I side with Lex. Muffins are cake. However, blueberry reigns supreme! 

The wedding will be exciting. I can't wait to see Cassie! The verbal assault Lex's gonna get has me giddy. 

I can deal with blueberry anything in small doses. 

Cassie... just.... Cassie! Love her. 

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