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  • 3,708 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Tattoo for Lex - 32. Chapter 32

This is the last "filler" chapter. The next three chapters will all be wedding related. This one just needs to get us there!

It wasn’t until noon on Sunday that Lex and Ian managed to find their way to the kitchen. Mazen and Cassie were there and Cassie was sitting on Mazen’s lap enjoying a bagel. Mazen smiled when he saw them and told them to help themselves to coffee and bagels. There was also a large bottle of ibuprofen on the counter which was the first thing Lex grabbed as he shot a look at Cassie. He knew that she had slept in Mazen’s bed and he also knew that was all they did. He was glad that they hadn’t gotten carried away and had drunken sex. He really believed that the first time with your soulmate should be special. He was happy for her, but couldn't help feeling pity for Mazen. That man was in for the ride of his life. Even though Cassie was a handful, when Lex thought about it he realized that Mazen was perfect for her. He had a laid back personality that would balance out well with Cassie’s wild side and at the same time he had a calmness about him that would settle her down when needed. She in turn would definitely teach him to loosen up.

Ian had slathered two everything bagels with cream cheese and handed one to Lex. “So what’s on the agenda for today?”

Rick was the one who answered as he walked in the kitchen and made his way straight to the coffee maker to pour a cup for himself. “I think you should get your dad and Seth and come down to our house. I think the kids are probably driving your mom and Jessie insane by now. They kept asking where Unkin and Uncalex were all afternoon before I had to leave.” he informed them.

“Uncalex?’ Ian and Lex both said at the same time.

Rick smiled and answered “You’ve been officially christened.”

Gradually the rest of the group roused themselves and found their way to the kitchen. Brian set all the keys on the counter and after finishing his bagel he and Chance said their goodbyes and thanked them for a fun evening. Rick and Sean left shortly after and Ian told them they’d bring Ryan and Seth down to the house a little later. Ryan told Lex that they had checked in with Ms. Helen yesterday and all of their stuff was there. Kathy had come and picked up the girls and Cassie had given them a ride to the party. Cassie told Lex she would take them back to Ms. Helen’s so they could shower and change then Lex and Ian could pick them up there to drive down to Rick and Kathy’s. They agreed to meet at three. Everyone thanked Mazen and Jarren for hosting and Cassie gave Mazen a pretty intense kiss goodbye telling him she’d call later. He was smiling as he watched them leave.

Lex’s hangover wasn’t as bad as the one Cassie had induced on her previous visit so the ibuprofen he had taken kicked in pretty quickly and by the time they reached home he was feeling pretty good. He and Ian showered together and Ian of course had to double check to make sure his balls weren’t permanently damaged from his attempt at acrobats last night. Lex moaned as he felt his smooth sac enveloped by Ian’s hot mouth. The heat spread as Ian’s tongue ran up the length of Lex’s hard shaft and engulfed the head. Lex felt the exquisite pull of Ian’s mouth ignite a wave of pleasure so intense it ripped an orgasm from him that had his knees shaking as he emptied his balls into Ian’s mouth. Holy Hell! That took all of 30 seconds from start to finish. Lex hadn’t cum so fast since he was thirteen and discovering the joys of what his appendage could do. He pulled Ian up and sealed their mouths together, sharing the sweet, salty remnants. Ian had to finished washing both of them as Lex’s legs were still trembling. He promised Ian to return the favor later when he was able to function again.

By the time they had dried off and dressed in clean jeans and t-shirts Lex’s muscles were able to move properly again. He grinned at Ian and said “You have a magic way with that mouth of yours, my love. Don’t ever change.”

Ian smacked Lex’s ass and promised “I’ll give you lessons later so be prepared to practice. A lot.” Looking at the time he said “Come on. Let’s go. We’re going to be a little late as it is.”

It was 3:05 when they left the house and Lex shot a quick text to Cassie to let her know they were on the way. Cassie, Ryan and Seth were waiting on the porch when they pulled in the driveway ten minutes later.

As Cassie got in the SUV she looked at Ian and told him “You missed a spot,” as she pointed to the corner of his mouth. Ian fell for it and instinctively brought his hand up to wipe at the nonexistent “spot”. Cassie just bust out laughing.

Ryan and Seth had witnessed the exchanged and they laughed as well and Ryan guessed “I think we all know why you were running late.” Ian turned red and Lex covered his face as Ian backed out of the driveway.

The rest of the drive was thankfully embarrassment free. Ryan and Seth caught them up on what had been going on with them and the girls the past few weeks and reiterated how excited they all were for the wedding. The leaves were turning and the rolling hills along the Mass Pike were resplendent in hues of red, orange and yellow. There was still plenty of green but Ian knew that would change over the next several days. The following weekend should be full peak in their area and he hoped the weather held. The forecast had rain possible for Wednesday or Thursday and he hoped it didn’t turn into a big storm. Wind and heavy rain was the enemy at this time of year as it could quickly strip the trees of the beautiful leaves.

When the SUV pulled in the driveway they could see five sets of eyes looking out the big window in the front room. As they opened the vehicle’s doors and stepped out the front doors opened and five excited kids came flying out. The adults found themselves surrounded by chattering children until finally Ryan let go with a piercing whistle which stopped them in their tracks. Kathy came to the door and was duly impressed.

Cassie looked impressed as well and said “You have GOT to teach me how to do that!”

Behind her back Lex looked at Ryan shook his head back and forth and mouthed “Don’t do it!”

Kathy herded everyone into the house where the kids promptly inundated Unkin and Uncalex with their attention. After greeting the ladies Lex and Ian took the reins and told the others they would keep the kids occupied for a little while. They ordered the kids outside and managed to engage them in a competitive game of tag. Cassie joined them and encouraged the little ones to be as loud and obnoxious as possible. Lex and Ian found themselves at somewhat of a disadvantage as while they were faster than the kids, the kid’s smaller sizes allowed them to out dodge the adults who often found themselves flat on the ground. Patrick especially was able to drop and duck under an outstretched arm, then roll away laughing, Cassie cajoling the little imp the entire time. He suckered them with that move more than once. Finally after an hour the kids as well as Cassie, Lex and Ian were sufficiently tired out and moved back inside to catch their breath. Jessie set them up at the table with a deck of Uno cards and she and Kathy supervised while they waited for the roast to finish cooking.

Kathy shooed away anyone who offered to help. She and Jessie had everything under control. When the meat was done she called Rick over to slice it while she and Jessie made sure the rest of the food was set up on the long table they had designated as the buffet table. Kathy always served food buffet style if there were more than ten people. It was just easier that way. She let Ryan and Seth and the girls go first as they were guests. Lex and Ian fell into place behind them. In addition to the rare roast beef there were mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, and sweet potato casserole. A large basket with homemade rolls and sweet cream butter rounded out the selection.

Lex put a good size helping of everything on his plate and knew he’d be back for seconds. Cassie, however, was quite skilled at managing two plates and Lex shook his head when she parked herself next to him at the table.. “You are a pig,” he commented.

She just smiled and went “Oink,” which set the little kids off laughing.

Wine was poured for the adults and water for the kids and anyone else who wanted it. Conversation seemed to center around Ryan and Seth as they were new. Ryan gave Rick and Kathy a quick rundown of his life history, where he grew up, went to school, how he met Seth, that kind of thing.

Sean asked Seth where he was from and was pleasantly surprised when Seth mentioned that he was from Ocala, Fl. That was about two hours from where Sean and his family lived. Seth explained that he had grown up on a small horse farm. Ocala was a large horse community. He enjoyed riding but was never really into competing like some of his friends were. He said he preferred to keep his rear end in the saddle rather than flying over the top of a horse when it decided to refuse a jump. That’s exactly what happened to him when he was ten and ended up with a broken wrist and tailbone. He stuck to pleasure riding after that.

He explained that he had taken a real interest in music when his middle school teacher assigned him the French Horn to play. He stuck with it through high school and briefly considered a career in music, possibly music composition or music education. He joined the marching band at his high school and also made the cut for the Marching Chiefs when he got into Florida State College. By the time he entered his freshman year at FSU his interests had turned to science and he had decided that he wanted to pursue medicine. He finished his college degree, graduating in the top five percent of his class. He scored an academic scholarship to Boston University Medical School and had been in Boston ever since.

Cassie looked at him and said “You were a band geek?”

Seth shot her a look and informed her “I was NOT a band geek. Florida does not have band geeks. In that state football and band go hand in hand. In high school we were a competitive band and travelled all over. You think football is hard? Try playing an instrument while constantly in motion, having to hit your mark while keeping up, all in 95 degree heat in full uniform.”

At this point Ryan jumped in and informed them “Yeah, those band kids work harder than a lot of athletes. It’s a cult mentality. We go to Tallahassee for at least one football game every year and I really look forward to the halftime shows the band performs. They are really talented.”

Seth went on to say “Yeah, I’ve got to give my Mom props though, all four years of high school she was the ultimate Band Mom. Always had a bag with extra black socks, combs, those bobby pin things for the girls, tape. You name it she probably had it. Was on the board for the high school booster organization, worked concession, ran up and down the bleachers with water. Kept the drumline out of trouble as best that anyone could. You know how drumline kids are.”

Ryan looked at him and said “Yeah, your mom can kick ass that’s for sure!”

Lex asked “Do your parents still live in Ocala?”

Seth shook his head and answered “No, Dad developed rheumatoid arthritis and the farm got to be too much for him. They sold it to our neighbor who wanted to expand her farm and they moved to the Villages. That’s a huge retirement community not too far from Ocala.”

Ian laughed and remarked “They’re Village People now?”

Seth laughed as well as he replied “Yup, they’re never going to live that one down. My sister called them the Village idiots when they first decided to move. She regretted it when for Christmas that year she found coal in her stocking. My parents had the last laugh that year. They’ve adjusted pretty well. They have a really good doctor down there that is managing my dad’s condition closely. I’m happy with his treatment plan and how well it’s working. My mom has her little clique of friends and they both get out and socialize more than they would if they were still on the farm.”

Kathy had brought out several apple pies that she had baked and everyone took a slice and went outside to enjoy the evening. Rick started the fire pit and soon the area was warm enough to be comfortable sitting outside. Most everyone had thrown on a light jacket or sweatshirt. Jessie and Ryan zipped up hoodies for the younger kids. Everyone enjoyed the rest of the evening. Cassie, Kathy and Jessie made plans to get their nails done later in the week. Ryan wanted to know what they could see and do in the area. Hannah of course suggested Dr. Seuss and the zoo. Seth was a big basketball fan and wanted to go to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Smallfoot had just come out and Kathy said that could be a backup plan if it rained. Cassie wanted to go hiking and soon the suggestions were out of control. After much discussion it was decided that Monday would be be Dr. Suess and the zoo for those who wanted to go and the Basketball Hall of Fame for anyone who wanted to do that. Tuesday would be hiking day and Wednesday would tentatively be movie day as the forecast currently called for rain that day.

Kathy volunteered to take the kids to Suess and the zoo. Jessie and Cassie opting to help her. Sean, Ryan, Seth, Lex and Ian would hit the Hall of Fame and then the new MGM casino that had just opened in downtown Springfield. Rick was working and bowed out of the activities. He would be off on Thursday and Friday to help out if needed.

The girls begged to stay the night again and Kathy told Ryan and Seth that they should just bring their stuff with them tomorrow. The girls could stay for the rest of the week if was ok with their fathers. It would be easier all around and Hannah, Kevin and Patrick all begged for them to say yes.

Seth looked at Ryan and said “Well what do you think?” A week with someone else making sure teeth are brushed and ears are clean?

Ryan didn’t even hesitate before answering “I’m in!”

All five little voices raised a cheer. When Ryan asked Kathy if she was sure she wanted two extra kids, Kathy assured him they would be no problem.

Kathy pulled Lex and Ian aside and let them know that she and Jessie had already decided that they would entertain the kids for the majority of the week. She wanted them to concentrate on getting ready for the wedding and getting to know Ryan and Seth better. They both thanked her with a big hug and kiss before they left. They dropped off Ryan, Seth and Cassie at Ms. Helen’s and agreed to leave at nine the following morning.

Monday was fun for everyone. The guys spent a few hours at the Basketball Hall of Fame and when they were done Ryan, Seth and Sean walked over to the new casino and while Lex and Ian stopped at the City Clerk’s office to get their marriage license. Thankfully it didn’t take too long and they made their way over to meet the other guys. Lex and Ian decided to play a few games of Blackjack while the other three had fun at the slots. By the time they were done each couple was up around $100 and Sean managed win almost $60. None of them were big gamblers, they just like to have a little fun. They decided to pool their winnings and treat the girls and kids to pizza. Ian sent a text to Kathy to let her know they would take care of feeding everyone and they would go get a table at Red Rose which was not far from downtown.

Dinner was a lively affair dominated by the kid’s chattering about all they had seen. It was fun to get the girl’s opinions of the Suess characters and the cool animals at the zoo. Cassie had tons of pictures, most of them with goofy faces. The adults discussed where to hike the following day. Kathy suggested Skinner Mountain. It would be challenging but not overwhelming. She suggested that they only take the girls for the hike. She would keep the boys entertained while they hiked the trail up the mountain and then she would drive to the top and meet them with the boys. Kathy felt that they weren’t able to handle two hours of climbing and Jessie agreed. Sean volunteered to help Kathy as he had twisted his ankle that morning and didn’t want to aggravate it. They agreed to meet in Holyoke the next day at the Children’s Museum and they could get the girls. They debated taking two vehicles to the mountain as Lex’s SUV only had eight seat belts but Ryan and Seth were surprisingly alright with the twins sharing a seat belt. All three girls were small and would fit in the third row with room to spare. It wasn’t that long of a drive and they felt it was ok for the short amount of time. They knew not everyone would agree but it did make sense. Cassie or Jessie would be in the back with them to make sure they were secured.

The plans for Tuesday went smoothly. They made it to the parking lot at the base of the mountain and making sure everyone’s hiking boots were properly tied and pant legs tucked in and insect repellent sprayed to help ward off ticks they were ready to go. The trail to the top of the mountain was about a mile and a half but close to 900 feet of elevation. They took their time knowing that Hannah, Mia and Shannon had much shorter legs. However they seemed to have much higher stamina and probably covered twice the distance as the adults going back and forth, running ahead and then scampering back. They stopped several times to let whoever needed a short break rest. The day was warming up and there was a little breeze which would occasionally pick up and send a shower of leaves falling to the ground. It took them about two and a half hours to reach the summit and Lex was awed by the views.

There was a large house with a huge wrap around porch sitting on top of the mountain. The front of the house looked out over the entire Pioneer Valley. It had been built in the 1800’s and had served as a hotel and restaurant at various times. Now it was just an historical site and information center. The house itself had just closed for the season. There used to be a cable car that carried visitors up the mountain and you could still see the remnants scoring a divide in the vegetation on the side of the mountain.

They could see the top of Mt. Greylock in the distance and to the north the tall mountains of Vermont. The Connecticut River was a silver ribbon winding its way through the farmland below them. To the south they could see the the taller buildings of Springfield along the river. They could even see Hartford, Ct in the distance. Everyone took out their phones and started taking pictures. Kathy, Sean and the boys were already there and they managed to persuade a nice young college couple to take pictures of their group with all the phones. Cassie of course had to make faces and sure enough encouraged the kids to do the same. There were, however, several shots where everyone was smiling normally.

Kathy informed them that she had stopped at the grocery store earlier and had a couple of coolers with cold cuts, rolls, and a bag with chips and cookies. They took over a couple of tables in the picnic area and everyone enjoyed the simple food as they were all pretty hungry after their workout. When they were done it was mid afternoon and all the kids were dragging. Kathy and Jessie decided to drive the adults down to the parking lot where Lex’s vehicle was and then come back for the kids and Sean and Jessie. That way they would only have to buckle the little ones up once. Ryan, Seth, Lex, Ian and Cassie all piled into Kathy’s SUV for what was a short drive down the many switchbacks winding their way down the mountain. They waited at the bottom while she went back up for the rest of the group. When Kathy stopped her vehicle behind Lex’s they exchanged goodbyes and left the plans for Wednesday TBA. Patrick was already asleep strapped into his booster seat and Jessie agreed that the other kids wouldn’t be far behind. Everyone agreed they would all sleep well that night.

Well, we just rounded the corner now we're coming down the home stretch. Three more chapters to go. (Plus epilogue, which I still have to write)

So kick back and enjoy!

Copyright © 2019 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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36 minutes ago, Fae Briona said:

Love how the families are mingling and getting to know one another.

Good family dynamics are important to Lex and Ian. I'm happy that they're getting along. 

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1 hour ago, travlbug said:

Cassie has discovered her soul mate and has found that he's "a Mazen!" (Yes, I went there. Sorry, couldn't help myself! :D)

I love that the pre-wedding events are so well organized, that the kids are so well behaved, and that the adults get along so well together. It's almost like a fairy tale! Oh, wait.... 😂

I was just WAITING for someone to make make that comment.  🤣

I almost went there myself! 

The kids are having meltdowns I'm sure.  Kids do.  Luckily Lex and Ian don't have to deal with them.  Kathy and Jessie are troopers!

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Posted (edited)

Sorry, almost spewed my soda. Had to go back to last chapter's Lex laughter fit. SOULMATES?! CASSIE AND MAZEN?! 

Excuse Me What GIF by Nickelodeon

I can only imagine their eventually children.  Silent, concocting masterminds! 

Edited by astone2292
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6 minutes ago, astone2292 said:

Sorry, almost spewed my soda. Had to go back to last chapter's Lex laughter fit. SOULMATES?! CASSIE AND MAZEN?! 

Excuse Me What GIF by Nickelodeon

I can only imagine their eventually children.  Silent, concocting masterminds! 

Apparently the author has an evil streak.

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This reminds me so much of growing up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee! It was fun heading out and finding a perfect spot for a picnic and fun in the woods, then falling asleep in the car on the drive home.

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44 minutes ago, Tim Hobson said:

This reminds me so much of growing up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee! It was fun heading out and finding a perfect spot for a picnic and fun in the woods, then falling asleep in the car on the drive home.

I have some good memories too!

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