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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
This story is an original work of gay fiction. None of the people or events are real. While some of the town names used may be real, any other geographic references (school, events) are purely fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between high school aged males. If reading this is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, you are reading at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Lee R Wilson, and shall not be reproduced and/or re-posted without his permission.

Rocked To The Core - 15. A Teary Reunion, the Hearing, and Florida

Jeremy's testimony against his father necessarily has to use homophobic slurs, so there are a few of them.

Saturday July 1 - Continuing with Jeremy

"Bryson, you have a visitor."

Once again, I'm led to an interview room, for the second straight day. I'm somewhat surprised to see my older brother, Al the Fifth, even though I was told he'd be coming.

"Oh, my God, Al. It's so good to see you."

"Same here, Bry. But when some lawyer called and said you were here in jail, I knew I had to come back. He didn't give me a lot of details, just that you're being held for fraud? That and dad kidnapped you. What the fuck?"

"It's a long, fucked up story, but I can give you a summary. After I left home, I went to Davie, Florida..."

"No shit? I'm in Boca Raton."

"Wow. I wish I knew. But I had to sever all ties so Dad couldn't find me."

"And before you get too far, why did you leave? I doubt it's because you wanted to 'experience the world' like dad told us."

"The short answer is dad found out I was gay, he, um, caught me in the act."

"Oh geez. That had to suck."

"Hehe, yeah, that was the act."

"I meant..."

"I know. Anyway, when I got there I got some fake ID and have been using the name Jeremy Berger for the last two years plus. Anyway, my boyfriend, Derek, felt it would be best to end the fraud - having a false ID is obviously a crime. I agreed with him at the time, well, I do again, but I had some doubts there for a while. I had an accident at work recently, I had a head injury and lost my memory for a while. Derek was really good to me. That's another reason I went along with his idea of turning myself in on the fraud. So, we went to talk to a lawyer, he initially got word from the DA's office I'd only get probation. He suggested I stop using the Jeremy Berger ID ASAP. So, I go get a Florida driver's license using my old Georgia IDs. About the same time, the DA decides he's charging me with a misdemeanor. I'm looking at 60 days in jail, a fine, AND probation. So, between getting a license, and getting arrested, it sends up a couple flags. Apparently, dad never stopped looking for me. He shows up at my apartment last week, knocks me out, and flies me back home. He locked me in my old room, but as soon as I woke up with something on a rag, I broke out of there. Nothing I could have done but contact the police. They put me in here, my Georgia lawyer, Mr. Abington, suggested I stay here, just in case dad tried to reach out from his jail cell. So, I'm here. The 10 days or so I'll spend here will go toward my final sentence."

"Wow. He's a bigger asshole than I thought. You've really had an exciting time of it."

"You aren't kidding. On top of that, finding out that mom was dead, and dad probably killed her..."

Al couldn't have looked more shocked if he stuck his dick in an electric outlet.


"Yeah, while the cops were looking for evidence of my kidnapping, they found something implicating him in her murder."

I could see him clench his fists in anger.

"That fucking bastard. He acted so broken up when she died. Falling down the stairs. I should have known it wasn't that simple. Damn. Being in jail and finding out about mom, and then dad killing her on that on top of it must have thrown you for a loop."

"Yeah, I cried for a few days, but anger took over after a while. And now..."

I broke down. We cried together for a while. Just as we were finally getting hold of our emotions, there's a knock on the door and Winslow walks in.

"Geez Bry. What did you get yourself into?"

So, I went through the story once again. Afterwards, the three of us had a cry together.

"I can't believe dad did that to you, and mom. I mean I believe you, but man, what a fuckhead. Do you think he killed her because he kicked you out?"

"Fuck. I hope not. I have enough baggage to carry around as it is."

"Sorry, but they argued about it constantly for a week or so after you left. After that, mom just stopped talking to dad. Another couple weeks later, she fell down the stairs. Probably pushed."

Actually, smacked in the head with a pole from a closet and then pushed. Aloysius didn't notice a spot of blood on it when he put it away. It wasn't missed by the cops though.

Winslow was a sophomore at Georgia Southern University studying Elementary Education. He was relatively local, but it was too long a drive for a couple hours' worth of visits, he was taking a couple summer classes to try to graduate early. With the 4th of July coming up, there were no classes Monday. So, both he and Al decided to go to the hearing with me on Monday. I'd be freed Monday morning to make it to the hearing, technically supposed to go with my lawyer. I decided I'd ride down with Al, Winslow would follow since Augusta was pretty much on the way back to Statesboro, where the university was, and South Florida for that matter. I have to check in with the Davie PD after I get back in town, but seeing as I was abducted, I won’t serve any additional penalty for jumping bail.

Then we spent some time catching up. Al was a software engineer for a large company in Boca. He got home from a business trip yesterday morning, drove back here to Cleveland into the night so he could be here this morning. I had wondered how I'd be getting back to Davie. Riding along with him works great.

Al and Winslow stayed at the house Saturday and Sunday nights, catching up with each other as well.

Monday July 3

Al and Winslow come by the jail Monday morning when I get released. I thank Mr. Abington for all that he's done, even though he'll be going to the hearing too, but not in any official capacity. I then figuratively say goodbye to Cleveland. Not for the last time, as it turns out, but we'll come back to that. We arrive in Augusta a little before noon. Then a stop at a nearby fast-food restaurant for a quick lunch so we can make it to the courthouse by 1:00 for the hearing.

US District Court for the Southern District of Georgia - Augusta Georgia

As dad walks into the courtroom and sees his three sons, he smiles. The smile quickly disappears when I surreptitiously flip him the bird. Mr. Ferguson is there as well. I give him a nod and remind myself to try to catch up with him afterward.

After some formalities, including the AG's attorney indicating this is a federal crime due to the fact that I was transported via an aircraft. Ferguson is called to the witness stand. He tells the court what he saw. I'm happy that he saw me climb out the window as well as running away from the house. That is the first nail in dad's coffin. The next nail is provided by Detective Dawson, summarizing the forensic evidence found in my old room. Then the state police that went to check if I was there took the stand, indicating what they saw and that my father lied to them about my whereabouts. Another nail. Then they call me to the stand. I have a whole pocketful of nails I plan on using. The Attorney from the AG's office, Alexander Peterson, came to see me on Friday, both to hear my story, and prepare me for his questions. I get sworn in and then the fun begins.

"State your full name for the record."

"Bryson Jeremiah Burlington."

"May I call you Bryson?"

"Yes, Mr. Peterson."

"Bryson, in your own words, can you describe the circumstances around your abduction on Saturday, June 24th?"

I go through the whole speil and then Peterson starts serving me questions to paint my father in the worst light possible.

"Thank you Bryson. Can you describe the circumstances when you left home?"

This is going to be a little embarrassing, but it'll be worth it to start driving those nails. Plus, if I'm OK with myself, it shouldn't be a problem. Turns out it wasn't hard to do.

"On March 21st, 2021, my father caught me in a compromising position with another young man. He called us both fucking faggots, sorry for the language, but those were his exact words. Then he hit me so hard it knocked me unconscious. When I came to, he said to me 'get the fuck out of my house and I never want to see your faggy ass again'. Again, his exact words. He gave me thirty minutes to pack some things and leave."

"Was there any interaction between you and he on your way to Cleveland after he abducted you?"

"Yes. While driving to Cleveland from the airport, he said he was taking me to get 'fixed.' I said I didn't need to be fixed. His response was 'Yes, you do. I can't have a faggot for a son.' I told him he couldn't fix that, called him a name, and he hit me on the side of my face. After a few more words were exchanged, he pulled a rag out of his pocket and put it over my face. I lost consciousness until I woke up later in my old bedroom."

"And what did you do then?"

"I checked the doors and windows, and discovered I was locked in. I put tape on the window so it wouldn't be as loud when I broke the panes. I broke both panes of the lower window and climbed out."

"And my apologies for making you say this, but all of this occurred simply because you are gay, is that correct?"

"Yes. And there's no need to be sorry. I'm proud of who I am."

"No further questions."

"Cross-examine Mr. Parlon?"

"Yes, your honor. Mr. Burlington, is it true that you recently sustained a head injury and completely lost your memory for a time?"

"Yes, that did happen, as I previously stated."

"So, why are we to believe you remember all these details? You could easily be making it up."

"Objection. The witness is under oath."

The judge scowled at the accusation. Apparently thankful for Mr. Peterson's objection.

"Sustained. Do not make accusations you cannot prove Mr. Parlon."

"Sorry, your honor. Mr. Burlington, is it not true that you were living under an assumed name prior to your father allegedly abducting you?"

"Yes, that is true. Again, I've already stated that."

"Doesn't that indicate some level of dishonesty on your part?"

"It does, and I was arrested..."

"Just answer the question."

"Mr. Parlon, you opened the door. Mr. Burlington, you may finish your statement."

"Yes, your honor. I was arrested after I turned myself in for perpetrating that fraud and am currently out on bail for that crime."

"No more questions."

"Redirect Mr. Peterson?"

"Yes, just one your honor. Bryson, to be certain, you were arrested after you voluntarily surrendered to your lawyer. Correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"Nothing further. The people rest."

"Witnesses for the defense?"

"No, your honor."

Dad's lawyer chose not to put him on the stand, knowing he'd be chewed up and spit out by Mr. Peterson on cross-examination. Apparently, dad's lawyer was smart in that sense, but otherwise, an idiot, as illustrated by asking me questions for which answers were already on the record. Not to mention accusing me of lying. The judge didn't take that lightly, based on his expression.

"Thank you all for your attention. We will make our decision with the most haste feasible. Return the suspect back into custody. We are adjourned."

I told Mr. Ferguson how thankful I was that he came to testify. He waved it off as if to say it was nothing. After that, I once again said goodbye and thank you to Mr. Abington, who told me I did a good job. Finally, my brothers and I went on the road. I called Derek to tell him I was on my way back, but we wouldn't be getting in until late and I would be spending the night at my brother's apartment in Boca Raton. Derek was off the next day, fortunately, so he'd be around when Al drove me the rest of the way. We said goodbye to Winslow. We shared each other's contact information. It felt good to reconnect with the two of them. Dad pretty much forced me to not contact them. I was glad to rekindle the relationships.

On the trip home, Al probed a little more into my personal life.

"Dad never gave us any sort of reasonable explanation why you left, experience the world, ha. So, you're really gay?"

"Yes. Does that bother you?"

"Yes, get out of the car now. Of course not. If for no other reason than to not be like HIM, but it wouldn't anyway. So, what's this Derek guy like?"

"He's tall, like 6 foot 3 or 4. Probably close to 250 pounds. Brown hair, hazel eyes. He's built like a hockey player. Big in the thighs, chest, and shoulders, pretty much average everywhere else. I'd have to say he's hot. But he's also the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Always willing to help people out. It makes sense that he's an EMT."

"Wow, and you said all that without drooling. I'm impressed."

"Fuck you."

"Hehe. Well, I hope he's not too pissed off at you for treating him like shit before you got kidnapped."

"I'd be very surprised if he is mad. He's not one to hold a grudge."

"Well, it sounds like you found a good one."

"I did, didn't I?"

"And you work as an electrician's assistant. That's got to be interesting."

"Usually, until a carpenter knocks down the wrong wall."

"Is there an insurance claim or something going on there?"

"Not that I know of. I'll have to check with my late boss' wife."

"Did he die in the same accident you got injured?"

"Yeah. Things have been so crazy for me since then, I haven't kept up with shit like that. I don't know how the fraud will affect any insurance claim. I'll probably get screwed out of any settlement. At least I won't need to worry about hospital bills. The company should take care of all that."

"You think the company will still take you back if you end up spending more time in jail?"

"They seemed willing to wait just from the injury standpoint. But potentially two more months. Who knows? And who knows whether or not just getting arrested is going to make a difference? Derek and I talked about me finding something else. That may be necessary with jail time behind me. I'll talk to the personnel department Wednesday and fill them in on everything as soon as I know if it will be a longer or shorter stay in jail."

We were quiet for a little while after that. I even fell asleep. Al had to wake me when he stopped for gas, a pee break, and dinner. I took the next shift behind the wheel; he'd driven quite a bit since early Friday afternoon. I knew he needed a break. My two-week prohibition against driving was up Friday. Unfortunately, I only lasted three hours before I needed a break myself.

We didn't get to his place until almost 12:30 AM. Pretty good time considering the two stops, one of them to eat. He didn't need anything more than a one bedroom, but he has a king-sized bed, so I wasn't banished to the couch. I had to promise not to rape him while he slept, jokingly, of course. I texted Derek when we got to his apartment. With the long drive, we crashed pretty much right away.

Tuesday July 4

After we woke up, Al let me take a shower and he gave me some of his clothes to wear. Fortunately, we were pretty much the same size. The pants were a little loose and the shirt a size too large, but neither was far enough off to be uncomfortable. He took me out for breakfast and then we headed to my apartment. We fortunately found a parking space pretty close. I had called Derek when we left Boca so he could meet us there. I, of course, had to introduce Al to Mrs. Linden. I told her I'd catch her up on the kidnapping later. Derek arrived a few minutes after we did. The smile he gave me could have lit up all of South Florida.

"I'm so glad you're back. I hope your brother doesn't mind, but I'm kissing you."

"I've seen guys kiss before. Knock yourself out."

After about a 30-second-long kiss, I formally introduced my brother.

"Derek, this is my older brother Al. Al, Derek Arriens."

"Nice to meet you Al."

"Same here. Bry told me a little about you on the way to Florida. It sounded like you two are pretty good for each other."

"I think so too. I'm glad he's not angry with me anymore. I'd be a mess if all this shit that's happened drove a spike between us."

"I just needed time to process it all I guess, Derek. We're good from my perspective too."

"So, and sorry if you heard it all already, Al, but what all happened after your dad kidnapped you?"

I went through it all once again. Al was intrigued anyway, even hearing it for the fourth time. He said it's one of those stories you never get tired of hearing.

"Holy fuck! They think your father killed your mother?"

"Yes, supposedly they found some evidence implicating him. Whether he'll be convicted or not, I can't say. Mr. Abington said he couldn't share what that evidence was, so how conclusive it is... Who knows? I have to believe he'll be sent away for quite a long time on the kidnapping and related charges."

"He'd better. If not, I'll find a way to punish him."

"Don't do anything stupid, Al. He's got absolutely no defense. He'll be doing time. I just hope it's enough."

The three of us hung out the rest of the day. Al took us both out to lunch and dinner. He left after dinner; it was back to work for him tomorrow. We traded contact information and promised to keep in touch.

"I need two things, Derek."


"The first is you. I missed you so much. The second is to do something mindless for a while. I'm thinking later we go watch fireworks somewhere."

"Both sound good to me."

We took care of the first one right away. Even though Derek's usually the bottom, I had him make love to me first. I needed to reconnect with him in every way possible. Afterward, I made love to him. It was still early, so after a little while to recover, we made love to each other again. So, there were actually five fireworks displays before that night was over.

Next Up - "Convictions, and Moving Forward"

Copyright © 2023 Lee Wilson; All Rights Reserved.
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45 minutes ago, drsawzall said:

Personally, I'd use 120V when powering up the electric chair...

Season 18 Nbc GIF by America's Got Talent


FYI, the death penalty is legal in Georgia, but it’s the needle, not the shock.

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Well glad that Jeremy ended up back with Derek; and his brothers seem cool.  I hope they do give the needle to his father, what an ass.  

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14 minutes ago, centexhairysub said:

Well glad that Jeremy ended up back with Derek; and his brothers seem cool.  I hope they do give the needle to his father, what an ass.  

If I set this in Texas, he’d for sure get the needle. Most other states it takes a while. It’s going on 4 years since Georgia did one. Sometimes I think death is an easy out for a criminal. Life without parole makes them suffer longer.

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