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This story is an original work of gay fiction. None of the people or events are real. While some of the town names used may be real, any other geographic references (school, events) are purely fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between high school aged males. If reading this is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, you are reading at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Lee R Wilson, and shall not be reproduced and/or re-posted without his permission.

Rocked To The Core - 12. The Berger/Burlington Transition Continues

Friday June 23 - With Jeremy for a bit

I couldn't sleep once the sun came up, so an early breakfast it is. I'm just sitting down to eat when the phone rings. It's kind of early for Derek on a day off, not quite 8:30.


"Bryson Burlington?"

"Who is this?"

"It's Boyd Hamilton."

"Oh, hello Mr. Hamilton. This is Bryson. I should have figured it was you, nobody else calls me that yet. What can I do for you?"

"This is difficult, especially after the initial indications by the ADA."

This didn't sound like the opening for a bit of good news, so I got nervous.

"Um, w-what is it?"

"Apparently, there was some miscommunication between myself, ADA Milton and DA Spencer. After receiving your statement, I guess they underestimated the extent of the fraud. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, and I'll be here for you, but there's a warrant out for your arrest. They decided to charge you with a second-degree misdemeanor."

"What does that mean? Jail?"

"Unfortunately, that’s very likely. The penalties for a second-degree misdemeanor in Florida may include a sentence of up to 60 days in jail, a fine of up to $500, and/or a probation period of up to 6 months. They're asking for all of that. Technically they could have gone for a third-degree felony."

"That would be worse, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, quite a bit worse. Third-degree felonies are punishable in Florida by up to 5 years in prison, a $5000 fine, and/or 5 years of probation. Not only that, but your driver’s license may also be suspended for up to a year. I would assume that would come after serving your sentence."

"Fuck. So, what do I do?"

"It would be in your best interests to surrender yourself to the police, I may be able to negotiate the 60 days down if you do so. Although, based on the conversation I just had with ADA Milton, that's probably not very likely."

"What about Zeppo? Don't I get a break because of informing on him?"

"Unfortunately, they're familiar with him. He's small-time. Yeah, they'll probably arrest him as well, but it's not going to help you whether you testify or not."

"Well, fuck it then. I'm not testifying. I don't need one of his thugs going after me if testifying doesn't help me."

"That's your prerogative. If you can surrender today around 12:00, I can be there with you, and you'll be able to get on the docket for an arraignment this afternoon. I'm sure you'll be given bail. Have you gotten your Florida driver's license yet?"

"Yes. I did that yesterday."

"Good. That will show the court you're not planning on continuing the fraud. Obviously, I'll do the best I can for you. Can you be at the 4th precinct at noon?"

"Yeah, I guess I don't have much of a choice."

"No, trying to avoid this would only make it worse."

"OK, I'll see you there then. Forgive me if I don't say thank you."

"I understand completely. I'll see you later. Goodbye."


Fuck, fuck FUUUUUUCK!!!! What a fucking mess this turned into. I need to call Derek. Hopefully he can give me a ride to the police station. I'm sure he will. He’d better, it's his fucking fault anyway. I should have just stuck with being Jeremy Berger. Nobody cared.

"Hmmmm. Hello?"

"Hi Derek. It's Bryson."

"Good morning Jeremy, you sound angry."

"You're damn right I am. You fucked me. If you hadn't convinced me to come forward on the fraud, I wouldn't be going to jail."

"Wait. What happened? The lawyer said only probation."

"Hamilton just called. When the DA got my statement, they changed their minds. Fortunately, they didn't go for the worst case scenario, up to five years. But I'm probably still looking at 60 days, a fine and probation. I really don't want to see you right now, but if I surrender around noon, Boyd will be there and I might get bail."

"I'm sorry. I had no idea this could happen. Sure, I'll take you. I'll call my dad too. Maybe he can do something."

"Whatever. Just be here quarter to twelve."

I didn't wait for a response. I hung up. I wish I had an old-fashioned phone so I could have slammed it down on him. I guess I should finish my breakfast, who knows when I'll be able to eat again. It's not like I'm hungry anymore, though.

Derek's POV

Fuck. I never expected anything like this. Jeremy's pissed at me. He probably won't listen if I tell him that if he continued with the fraud, those five years would probably be the result. He's probably getting off easy, but he won't see that. I don't know if dad can do anything, but I gotta try.

"Good morning Derek. What's up?"

"Hi dad. Jeremy's going to be arrested. I'll be bringing him in at noon."

"Wait. What happened?"

"It's a long story. The short version is Jeremy Berger isn't his real name and he's being arrested for fraud. The lawyer says he should turn himself in today."

"He has a lawyer already?"

"Yes, we thought it would be a good idea to get out in front of it. I took him to consult with a lawyer on Tuesday. The lawyer spoke to the DA's office, and they initially said it would just be probation. After they got his full statement, they're pushing for some kind of misdemeanor. Do you think you can do anything?"

"Let me look into it, but if it's already with the DA, I may not be able to help. Do you know where he's going to surrender?"

"No. He didn't tell me that. He's mad at me because admitting the fraud was my idea."

"I can find that out. I'll be there. What time?"


"OK. I'll see you later then. Don't panic, we still may be able to limit the damage."

"Thanks, dad. I'll see you then."

I pull up to Jeremy's a bit before 11:45. He's sitting at the bottom of the steps. I guess he didn't want me to come in. He walks up to my SUV and gets in the back seat.

"Why are you sitting back there?"

"I was hoping to avoid talking to you."

"Well, you at least need to tell me where we're going."

"Fourth precinct."

And not another word from him until we pull up to the police station. I head for a parking spot, but don't get to one.

"You don't need to park. Just drop me off at the door."


"The door. Please."

I'm not going to argue with him. I can still park after I let him out. Which I will because I want to see if my dad is here. He gets out without another word. It's starting to piss me off now too. I'm not the one who christened him Jeremy Berger. This whole mess is more his fault than mine. I park and get out to look for my dad.

"Hi Sergeant Baines. Is Captain Arriens here?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact he is. You must be his son. He said he was going to stop in at Captain Lutz's office. Do you know where that is?"

"I am. If you're set up like everywhere else in town, through the bullpen and one or the other of the back corners."

"Yep. On the left."


I walk back to the office and just wait outside, telling his assistant I'm waiting for Captain Arriens. I get announced anyway.

"You can go in."

"Thank you."

"Hi dad, Captain Lutz."

"Hi Derek. James, this is my son Derek."

"Pleased to meet you Derek. Aside from being a few inches taller, you could be a younger version of your dad."

"Yes, we get that a lot."

"Your father was telling me about your friend's situation. We already made a call to DA Spencer, but he's not going to budge. Is Bryson here?"

"Yes. I just dropped him off. I'm guessing Mr. Hamilton found him already."

"OK. It'll take a little while for him to be processed, then I'm sure we can get you back to sit with him."

"He's not going to want me there. He's blaming me for this since I suggested going to a lawyer and getting out in front of it."

"Oh, I see. Well, hopefully he'll realize at some point that he got himself into this mess."

"Yeah, hopefully. He mentioned possibly getting out on bail. Would he be arraigned today?"

"Yes, there's a 3:00 session. That's probably why he's here at noon. Enough time to make it on the docket. I can have officer Barton show you to our break room. It'll be a fairly long wait if you plan on staying."

"No. I think I'll go grab some lunch and come back closer to three."

"OK. It should be courtroom 2, upstairs, for the arraignments."

"Thanks. And thanks for calling the DA."

"No thanks necessary. We take care of our own and those close to them. I just wish Spencer wasn't so damn stubborn."

"I guess it's just him doing his job. Bye."

"Bye." "See you tonight, son."

I find the nearest fast-food place and head for something to eat. After Jeremy's call this morning, I was too upset to eat anything. There was still coffee, so I had that. I could go home, but why bother? After I finish eating, I just sit in the restaurant, refilling my soda every so often. I've calmed down, so I'm not angry at Jeremy for blaming me. He was obviously thrown for a loop with the call from the lawyer this morning. I can't really fault him for thinking it was my fault. More his, but I'll shoulder a little of the blame if it makes him feel better. He was still pretty pissed off when I drove him to the police station, but hopefully after a couple hours in a cell, he'll calm down a little.

These past two-plus weeks have been brutal. The accident, amnesia, relapse, family abducted, and now this. I've almost lost Jeremy three times in less than three weeks. I just hope all this doesn't make him want to break up.

3:00 - Courtroom 2

I'll just sit in the back. Hopefully, Jeremy will have calmed down some. If he gets bail, I'll take care of it so he doesn't have to spend the weekend here. He's called after three other cases.

"State of Florida vs. Bryson Jeremiah Burlington."

He and Hamilton move to the defense table.

"Boyd Hamilton for the defense, your honor."

"Your client has been charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for fraud. How does he wish to plead?"

"Not guilty, your honor."

"Mr. Milton, care to add anything?"

"Yes, your honor. The fraud has been perpetrated for over two years. It could have gone on indefinitely if he hadn't decided to seek a lawyer's advice. We believe there is a risk of him changing identities once again and disappearing. We move that bail be withheld."

"Mr. Burlington, do you wish to say anything before I determine bail?"

"Yes, your honor. I believe I should be released on my own recognizance. I'm currently recovering from an accident at my job and my options of going anywhere are limited. I have valid Florida identification and have no reason to flee. I'll appear whenever I'm needed."

"Thank you. Apparently, no victims of the alleged fraud have been named. Bail is set at $250. Trial is set for three weeks from Monday, July 17. Next case."

"Mr. Hamilton. I haven't worked for a couple weeks, I don't have $250. Can you do something?"

"Your friend Derek is in the back. I will see if he'll be able to bail you out."

"I don’t really want to rely on him, but I guess if that's my only choice."

"Well, it's not unheard of that the lawyer bails out the client, but Judge Paul frowns upon it. You don't want to do anything to annoy the judge."

"OK. Whatever. If Derek's willing, I guess I shouldn't say no."

"No. You don't want to spend the weekend here if you don't have to. I'll be in touch after I talk to ADA Milton again."


Jeremy is led away and Mr. Hamilton comes up to me.

"Are you planning on posting bail?"


"OK. Give the clerk around the corner about fifteen minutes before you check in."

"Will do."

"I'll wait until ADA Milton is done here and try to negotiate a lighter sentence."

"Do you think he'd be found guilty?"

"Oh, without a doubt, yes. A plea bargain is his best option. I'm just not sure the DA's office is willing to offer a plea. We'll see."

"OK. Thanks for everything so far."

"You're welcome."

I go out to the clerk's office to wait until I can post Jeremy's bail. After the recommended fifteen minutes, I step up to the window and charge $250 on my Visa. Then it's another fifteen minutes before Jeremy is escorted into the area.

"Hey Jeremy."

"Hi. Thanks for posting my bail."

"No problem."

"Can you take me home now?"

"Of course."

I drive Jeremy home, and he's quiet the entire way there. He's still not completely past his anger, so he goes inside alone. I have no choice but to go home and wait until something happens.

Meanwhile, a telephone rings in Cleveland, Georgia.

"Burlington here."

"Mr. Burlington, Rick Parker here, your PI."

"Yes. Hello Rick. It's been a while."

"Sorry, sir, but up until today, there's been no trace of your son. He was obviously off the grid."

"What happened today?"

"The daily search I run had two hits, both in Davie, Florida."

"What type of hits?"

"Your son applied for a Florida driver's license yesterday, and had a warrant put out for his arrest last night."

"Hmmm. He must have needed ID for something. What was the charge?"

"Fraud sir. I couldn't get too many details, but apparently he's been living under an assumed name, with a false ID, um, Jeremy Berger. That explains why we couldn't find him until now."

"Interesting. Do you have an address?"

Parker gave Mr. Burlington the address of Jeremy's apartment. Mr. Burlington then gave his secretary a call.

"Kathy, I need you to make me reservation for a flight to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow morning."

"Sure thing, Mr. B. Any specific time?"

"Make it mid-morning, please."

"And a return?"

"Tomorrow as well, late afternoon. But I'll need two tickets for the return. I can change them if I am able to return earlier."

"Second traveller for the return flight?"

"Bryson Jeremiah Burlington."

"You've located your son?"

"Yes, we have."

"Excellent. Refundable first class as usual?"


“Car service or rental car?”

“Really, Kathy?”

"Sorry. Car service. I'll get right on it, sir."

Saturday June 24 - Tagging along with Aloysius Burlington

Kathy got me on the 8:55 AM flight. I'm in the air and should get into Fort Lauderdale by 11. Assuming I can locate Bryson relatively quickly, we can probably catch an earlier flight than the 6:20 we're booked on. He thinks he can run away from me. He succeeded for a couple years, but I'm going to drag his ass back to Georgia and put him into a behavior modification program. No son of mine is going to stay queer if I have anything to say about it.

Next Up - "Confrontation and Escape"

Copyright © 2023 Lee Wilson; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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1 hour ago, drsawzall said:

If Jeremy is over 18 then the father could be charged with kidnapping. 

Stealing the manuscript seems to run rampant in this community. Well, tough. The next chapter is just about complete. Kidnapping it stays. Not to mention unlawful imprisonment.

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On 11/10/2023 at 3:22 PM, Lee Wilson said:

Stealing the manuscript seems to run rampant in this community. Well, tough. The next chapter is just about complete. Kidnapping it stays. Not to mention unlawful imprisonment.

@weinerdog is correct in his assessment of Aloysius so far, as is @drsawzall vis-à-vis kidnapping Bryson/Jeremy.

This just became a federal crime since it involves Assholelysious transporting Jeremy across State line into Georgia. Add to that 'forcible confinement' of kidnapped person, along with 'intent' and 'premeditation', means Aloysius is in for a world of hurt. It also gives Jeremy's lawyer significant evidence proofing Jeremy assumed a false identity out of fear for his life, enough proof to have the judge quash the arrest, and vacate the charges the DA & ADA want (election year or not), as long as Jeremy makes everything 'right' with back taxes paid to IRS.

On the housing issue Jeremy and Derek are facing, I suspect Jenny may offer them refuge in her house since she is all alone. 


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