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Trouble Plus Trouble. - 38. Chapter 38

Double The Trouble.

Double The Trouble.

Chapter 38.


The food at their favourite restaurant was wonderful, again, but Peter wondered about the surprise decision to all go out and eat. Something was going on. Rob was full of life, but kept smiling when nothing funny had happened, and Matthew kept looking at him.

"He's up to something Peter. He gets like that when he tries to surprise me. And look at Beth. She knows what it is."

They were standing at the buffet selecting their sweets and Peter had to agree. Beth always loved going out for a special meal but she sure looked extra happy at the moment, and Peter nodded as he watched his mum whisper something in Rob's ear and receive a quick hug. Peter selected a huge slice of pavlova with strawberries and kiwi fruit, a piece of cheese cake, and then some fruit salad. They'd all stir him about his sweet tooth, but too bad. Since he’d started doing all the training his appetite amazed him. Sure enough.

"Peter, I'll have to feed you health food for a month. Your teeth will dissolve with all that sugar."

They nearly always had healthy food at home but Peter enjoyed it anyway, so that was no threat. He couldn't understand fussy eaters because everything tasted great as far as he was concerned.

"You're meant to take one slice and leave the rest Peter. Not the other way round. Is that cheesecake? You're not even meant to eat it."

"What? So there’s more left for you?"

"Listen to that Beth. My own son, and he gives me cheek all time. Do you think you could keep him in line for me?"

"Have you tried spanking?"

"I'd never catch him."

"What about grounding?"

"Ha, he'd never notice. He spends too much time in his room already."

"A strict talking to then? They need a firm hand in their rebellious teenage years."

"A firm hand? It sounds like we're back to the spanking idea again."

Weird! Peter felt rather baffled. Besides the obvious stirring, there seemed to be some other kind of communication happening. He stared at his mum and received a special nod. She leaned towards Rob and gave him a nudge.

"They're onto us Rob!"

Rob's arm slipped round her for a hug. It stayed there. Sheba! He'd seen them hug a zillion times and never thought twice about it. It was just part of them, but this time it was different. Peter sat, stunned for a few seconds, till a huge, huge, smile took over. Rob laughed, Beth nodded to tell Peter he was right and Matthew spoke up.

"Did I miss a joke or something?"

Rob just laughed again so Peter helped out with a whisper in Matthew's ear.

"They’re together Matthew. Can't you see?"

My God, no wonder Rob laughed again. Peter had to join in as the light dawned on Matthew's features, but then his own excitement flooded and he rushed to give Beth a kiss. He felt like doing the same to Rob but gave his shoulders a squeeze instead. The next few minutes were all laughs and smiles and then Peter started to think. He didn't have much chance though because Rob started speaking.

"Well, we're glad you're both happy. We knew you would be. Now we've got a proposition for you.

We’d like to move Hall Accounting to a new address, but we’d also like to be sure you're both happy about it."


"Peter jumped at Matthew's yell. It was his turn to be the slow one this time, and Matthew's turn to give the enlightenment.

"Our place Peter! Our place! Say yes!"

The penny dropped with even stronger force than the first time.

"To live?"

"Of course. Do you think you'd be able to put up with Matthew though? That's the biggest thing we're worried about."

Peter was nearly going to pretend it would worry him too, but Matthew was practically glowing with excitement and one glance told him Beth was also waiting for the yes. God, this was unbelievable. All he had to do was say yes and to be he'd be living with Matthew.

"As long as I can be the one to spank him when you need to keep him in line."

Rob roared with laughter, Matthew cheered and Beth looked so happy. There was a quiet moment as everyone settled back to their seats. Matthew wanted to know when it was all happening.

"Straight-away Matthew. Peter and I have paid our rent till the end of the month so we’ll have the house till then, and Hall Accounting will move the weekend after next. I hope you’ll help me get the computer all set up again."

As if he wouldn’t. Wow! The end of the month was only three weeks away. Peter's head started whirling. What did this mean? Would he share Matthew's room? What about all his things? All his books? Well, that would all work out. He wasn't going to ask about his own concerns right now. For some reason Rob seemed to be in a hurry to leave and on the way home there was lots more discussion and then a bit of a surprise when Rob and Beth left them and headed off to the other house.

"Did you have any idea this was happening Peter?"

They’d had their shower, and Matthew was lying on top of him so that Mr Long and Mr Fat could talk to each other properly. Well that's how Matthew described it.

"I thought that software program was taking a long time to learn but that's all."

Matthew giggled.

"And they always seemed to be at the other house to where we were."

"Mum liked Rob the first time she saw him."

"Hey, what if they get married?"

"I know. I've been wondering about that all might."

"No, I mean we'd be brothers then."

Peter thought that one over.

"Double brothers!"

"Double?... How come?"

"Well, that would make us step brothers as well as special brothers."

Matthew wriggled his whole body against Peter and there was no talking while some serious kissing took priority.



"Mr Long’s getting too horny."

Matthew's hand slipped into place and took very definite charge.

"Good, I'm going to tease him."

Matthew and his games. They nearly drove Mr Long crazy. Peter loved them of course, but it was just as well they had the house to themselves as he couldn't help making lots of funny noises. Peter finished and after a pause to gather his energy, took over. Mostly they did things together but the teasing game didn't work that way. Poor Matthew. He’d just passed the point of no return when the door clicked. It had to be Andy, and it was, but this time Marty was with him as well. Mr Fat was in control though and there was no stopping him.

Marty stood, gawping. Andy watched with a grin a mile wide. Peter felt embarrassed. Matthew collapsed, closed his eyes, then after about ten seconds opened them and smiled.

"I hope they're going to pay me for the show."

Talk about caught in the act! Peter didn't do anything. He couldn't anyway with Matthew on top of him, and Matthew wasn't ready to move. Marty pretended to cover his eyes while Andy picked up one of the damp towels and tossed it over. Matthew came to life and there was an awkward moment while they cleaned up. Andy sat down on one side of the bed.

"It's only ten o'clock. Isn't it a bit early for this?"

"Not tonight it's not! Anyhow, it's never too early for Peter."

"Matthew, that a bit of a serve. It wasn't Peter’s butt that was bouncing when we came in. Anyhow where’ve you been? We came over earlier, and then we couldn't find you at Matthew's place either."

Matthew looked at Peter and Peter looked at Matthew before answering.

"Guess what? We’re moving!"

Andy's head jerked in startlement, then a look of regret or disappointment started to build so Peter rushed on.

"Not far Andy. To Matthew's place."

The look changed to a ‘you can't fool us’ one, but Matthew was nodding his head vigorously and that reinforced Peter's message.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, Rob says we're going to be a family that lives in one house instead of two."

"All together? Ho - ly! Are Beth and Rob getting married?"

"Um, we don't know. They didn’t talk about it"

They had to know all the details of course and after Andy had offered his time and the wagon to help with the move, more stirring started.

"Hey Marty, d’you reckon Peter will have his own bed?"

"What for? He'd never use it."

"Yes he will. They'll wear Matthew’s out in a week."

God yeah! Rob’ll be buying them a new bed every month!"

"Jeez, I just thought. They’ll have to stop this stuff because brothers aren’t allowed to do it to each other."

"Hey yeah! The kids turn out mutants."

"Kids? They can't have kids!"

"They were trying to when we came in."

What a pair of idiots! Peter could tell they were pleased though and quite excited. Marty kept saying wow.

"What did you want Andy?"

"What d’you mean?"

"You said you were looking for us earlier."

"Yeah, but forget it. I've got an essay for English and I can't think of any good ideas. Mum says I'm grounded until it's finished and Marty's panicking about getting to see Amy on the weekend."

That was unthinkable, and twenty minutes later Andy had more ideas than he could possibly use, listed down on a sheet of paper. They left, and Peter and Matthew were laughing at the idea of Marty encouraging Andy to get into his studying.

"You weren't even embarrassed Matthew?"

"I know. I've learnt from you haven't I? Anyhow I'm getting used to it. That's the fifth time they've walked in on us."

"Yes, but not like that."

Matthew grinned.

"Well it's your fault for teasing Mr Fat."

"My fault? All right, I won't tease him then."

Matthew's face lit up in that way which turned Peters fake resolve to marshmallow and two minutes later the teasing had started all over again.




"Tonight? The party’s tomorrow night."

"This isn't a birthday party. Andy and Marty have organised a special. It's like a stag night."

"Stag night? You don't have stag nights for 19th birthdays."

"You do when Andy and Marty organise it."

Oh God, why do I feel nervous? Do you know what’s happening?"

"Some of it. But I'm not telling."

Peter turned on one of his pleading looks and Matthew gave in. Not really, he just said the exact amount to tease Peter’s curiosity.

"Well, we’re going as Big D. and Bluey."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"We have to wear our Year Eleven speedos."

"They won't even fit."

"That's the whole idea I think."

"Where are we going? It can't be in public."

"Andrew's place."

"Matthew, now you're really making the nervous."

Matthew's eyes twinkled.

"Where else would it be?"

Where else indeed? Andrew’s place had been their home away from home ever since they'd started playing squash almost two and a half years ago, and since Andy moved in was pretty much the centre for their social life.

"Well, tell me who's going to be there?"

"Not many. It's a private affair."

There was just enough emphasis on the way Matthew said private to earn him a look.

"Ha, so I'm going to be embarrassed am I?"

"Embarrassed? Would Andy ever do anything to embarrass you?"

It was definite then. Matthew rummaged through the second top drawer of the big cupboard they shared till he found what he was looking for.

"Here, put these on. We'll wear them under our jeans."

Peter held up his old speedos and examined them. He'd never get rid of them because they’d played such a big part in his life.

"They've shrunk!"

"Well suffer, so have mine."

They hadn't really, but a surprise growth spurt at the end of Year Eleven had meant Peter ended up slightly taller than Matthew and definitely more solid.

"Peter, remember how I used to say you were rude? Now I can see why."

"Put your own on before you say too much Matthew."

Matthew did and they shared a grin. The low-cut blue racers had even less of the required space than Peter’s.

"We could put on last year's racers."

"Don't be a wimp. Anyhow Andy would know straight away."

That was true and then he'd check for the name tag his mum had sowed inside and give Peter a hard time about it. Matthew pulled on comfy jeans, a loose light blue t-shirt and his reef sandals, then watched Peter dress almost identically. Well almost. Peter’s jeans were stone wash black where Matthew’s were stone wash blue.

"Hey, I know what we should wear. Get the jackets Peter. That'll make them all smile."

Peter's leather jacket was a legend. He still loved it and despite all the stirring everyone agreed it suited him as much as ever. The drive to Andrew's house took just on ten minutes and tonight Peter was the passenger. Rob’s hatch-back had been a surprise gift two weeks before he and Matthew started Uni at the beginning of the year. It wasn't his car, it was their car, though Peter mostly did the driving. As they parked Peter checked the other cars. He knew them all, Andy's wagon, still going strong, Brent’s mini car, the successor to the old bomb which had finally given up the ghost, the little red car that Ricky drove, and Marty's good sedan.

Good. They didn't see quite as much of Marty now that he was helping run his dad's business, though of course they heard all his news through Andy. Uncle Andy really, ever since little Emma arrived six months ago in February. Peter remembered back with a smile to the night Andy turned up, bursting with amazement. It was late on a Sunday night with Matthew already asleep and Peter feeling pleasantly dozy, when his eyes complained at the sudden brightness of the light switching on. By the time they’d adjusted, Andy was next to the bed and pulling his gear off. Hmm, that meant he was going to stay the night. Peter sat up and watched sleepily as Andy crawled over him, squeezed his way into the middle and started shaking Matthew. It wasn't unusual for Andy to stay, but waking Matthew set Peter wondering.

"What's going on?"

"You won't believe it. I don't! God, Matthew’s a log. How do I wake him up?"

There was a sleepy mumble and Matthew’s eye cracked half-open, then fully when Andy poked his stomach.

"Go away!"

Fat chance of that. His nose was grabbed next and he had to follow as he was pulled to a sitting position. Peter made an attempt to push Andy down, thinking he might be in a mood to have a friendly tussle. He wasn't.

"What's wrong?"

"Amy's pregnant!"

The last wisps of sleepiness disappeared in a flash as two sets of eyes watched closely, trying to figure if this was yet another stir.

"Marty's gone bonkers! He wants to get married but Amy doesn't.

Peter started to feel left behind.

"They're going to live together as soon as she finishes her exams."

The questions piled on top of each other.

"Andy, are they sure?"

"Sure what?"

"That she is pregnant."

"Yeah, she's been to the doctor and everything."

"Well, what's he upset about? The baby, or not getting married?"

"Upset? He's not upset. He is so happy it's like he’s crazy. He was acting funny all week and I couldn't find out why. Then he told me tonight when he got back from Anglesea."

"Why doesn't Amy want to get married?"

"She reckons they have to wait a couple of years to see how everything works out. Marty doesn't really understand why not, but they'll be together by November so he doesn't care."

November? Where are they going to live?"

"At that back part of his place. His parents are going to fix it up for them."

Well, that was easy to believe. Marty's parents both thought Amy was wonderful and his mum got on particularly well with her.

"What happened Andy? I thought she was using the pill."

"She was, but it had a bad reaction and she had to go off it for a while before she could try a different kind. They were using condoms but something went wrong."

Andy grinned.

"I got mangled when I told him they're meant to go on his dick."


"Big D.! Bluey!"

Kenny? It was too, and Peter lunged at the friendly character leering at them from the open door. This was most definitely going to be an interesting night.

"Kenny! You pervert! What have you been doing with yourself?"

They didn't really see much of Kenny since he started his apprenticeship.

"Pervert yourself, Peter. Working too hard that's what."

He gave them both a hug and Peter braced himself for the expected grope. Surprisingly it didn't happen and Peter asked if Kenny was getting sensible.

"You know me Peter. I'm always sensible."

"Sure! Does that mean it’ll be safe to have a drink once we’re inside?"

Kenny laughed.

"Don't touch the fruit punch and you'll be okay."

Kenny had been a constant member of the group right through till the end of Year Twelve and was always in the middle of trouble. The prank Peter was referring to was his most notorious though, and it would never be forgotten how he spiked the fruit punch at the famous pool party after they'd won the swimming comp in Year Eleven. Peter would never forget it. That was certain, as it was the night for the show he’d promised the whole team. It was his last official night to be King Dick too, and to make the most of it, Kenny, Justin and Brad had de-speedoed him soon after he arrived and set the lucky boner going. That was all expected, but about half an hour later there was consternation and much laughter when, one after the other, the rest of the team started getting boners. Full boners too, which didn't want to stay in their speedos. Matthew figured it out when he realised that Kenny was being extra enthusiastic in passing out the fruit punch.

"How many drinks has he given you Peter?"

"Four, why?"

"I'm suspicious of him. He's the only one left without a bone and he's been giving out drinks all night. He's never done that before. He usually just mucks round."

As they watched it became obvious that Kenny was a man on a mission, taking drinks everywhere. Andy came over with the hugest grin.

"They've all got boners, not just the growers. Marty wants to put shorts on but we won't let him."

"Kenny’s done something to the punch Andy. He's been handing it out all night but he never has any himself."

Andy's eyes lit up. He put his fingers to his mouth, gave that piercing whistle, and with an instant audience, yelled to Kenny.

"Hey, Kenny! Bring the drinks here!"

Like a rabbit caught in a spotlight, Kenny froze, then with an ever so guilty look walked over with the tray he'd just been loading up.

"Nice fruit punch Kenny! How come you haven't had any?"

"Um. … Ah… Well…. I…"

Andy took the tray and passed one of the four glasses over.

"Drink it down!"

With a sheepish look, Kenny did just that.

"Good, next one!"

By now everyone had caught on that something of special interest was happening and they gathered round to watch. It was quite a sight. The third glass disappeared, then, at a slower rate, the fourth and last one.

"Justin, we need four more glasses. Kenny’s still thirsty."

A worried look appeared.

"Four more? Um.. That might be a bit much."

"A bit much for what Kenny? And how come you're the only one of us without a bone?"

Everyone had cottoned on by now, especially after Andy's last comment. The game was up, so to speak, and Kenny laughed at the excited group around him. Peter was totally curious to know how the drinks were going to affect him, and he wasn't the only one.

"Um… About twenty minutes for every glass it should be."

"Twenty minutes! Hell, I've had at least four!"

Justin's yell prompted others as everyone did their own figuring, and a general check showed that no one had had less than two glasses. God, everyone would have boners for at least another half an hour at that rate, and some for maybe twice as long. Kenny wasn't allowed to get away with that and under pressure from the group slowly swallowed two more of the refill glasses on the tray.


"Big D! Bluey!"

So? That was definitely their names tonight? That was going to be interesting, Peter thought, as he and Matthew received a big welcome from Brent and Ricky. Brent and Ricky were both part of the furniture because Ricky still lived here and Brent stayed one or two nights, usually on the weekends. One of Andy's favorite stirs was about the way they’d often spend half of Sunday in Ricky's bedroom. You couldn't blame them really, because they found it difficult to get together. Ricky's course as a sound engineer, which dragged him out several nights a week plus almost every Saturday to a gig somewhere, and Brent's growing involvement with Hall Accounting, made sure of that. Those fortnightly squash sessions had very quickly included Brent after he met Ricky, as their interest in each other had been instant and strong. Beth said it was love at first sight, but the description they got stuck with was Andy's variation, which said sex at first sight. They were good for each other though and everyone loved the way Ricky's reserve crumbled and his confidence built.

"How's it hanging Peter? Kenny can't wait."

"How's it hanging yourself Brent, and what's he waiting for?"

Brent finished his hug and grinned.

"Andy's given him his old job for the night."

Peter gave Brent a look and just got an even bigger grin in return.

"Hey Brent, mum wants you to work all day tomorrow and Sunday morning too."

"Yeah? Well you can do it for me then."

Oh well, that one didn't work. Maybe if he’d left out the Sunday morning bit Brent might have believed him. Brent's days of working at the supermarket were completely gone now that he was part of Hall Accounting. He'd chosen accounting and business studies in Year Twelve and as soon as Beth found out she had him helping with data entry, correspondence, and any general work he could manage. This year he was working the equivalent of at least two full days and paying for all his Uni courses with it. Beth reckoned he was wonderful because he showed the same dedication to Hall Accounting as he had for his training.

Brent reckoned it was Beth who was wonderful because she made it possible for him to go to Uni, and just recently he'd been totally excited when she let him know that if he was interested, she wanted him to be a partner in the business as soon as he had his accounting certificate.

Hall Accounting itself was working so well that it now used two rooms in the house - the front living room, and the downstairs bedroom which had been set up very nicely. This happened when Rob was so pleased with the way it worked for Beth, that he joined in and became the taxation Department.


Brent and Ricky moved aside to let Peter through and the first thing he saw was Andrew and Andy sitting on the sofa. He was about to go over to them when he took in the changes to the room. For a start it was dimmer, with coloured light globes in place of the normal ones. There were candles as well to add to the atmosphere, and almost every bit of wall space was plastered with pictures. He took one look and grabbed Matthew in a headlock. The rat!

"My God Matthew, you just wait!"

He went from picture to picture, dragging Matthew with him and giving him a head knuckle at each new revelation. Every picture was an A3 blow-up, of himself nude. Someone, it turned out to be Matthew using the big printer at home, had collected them from all over and arranged them roughly in chronological order. The red photo album had been raided for four or five pics, with of course the flag at the surf beach, the one standing in the bath and the one on the lawn under a sprinkler. It was strange seeing them blown up so much. The rest were taken in the last couple of years, at the river the day their clothes were pinched, modelling in the bedroom for Matthew and Brent, in bed with his hand on his morning woody, under that waterfall at the Grampians last summer holidays, and the one where he had a startled look because Kenny was checking his bags.

What? He'd never seen these before. Someone had captured him putting on his show at the winning pool party. God, they really were embarrassing.

"Where did these come from?"

Peter looked at all the evil grins. They'd been watching his reaction to every picture and loving every moment. There was a general look in Kenny's direction. Well that was no surprise. He’d certainly made the most of that night, with the excitement from the big win, Peter's special show, and the spiked drinks.

"Typical, Kenny! How come I’ve never seen these before?"

There were laughs all round. So, there was a story and they weren’t going to tell him. Well, Matthew would know and he’d get it out of him later. Peter’s attention went back to the last three pictures, each covered by a piece of paper with an XXX sign. Wondering what on earth they could be, he lifted the cover on the first one. The heading was, “Big D.”, the caption at the bottom said, “Yes it does reach his knees”, and the picture showed his dick dangling past his kneecaps. This had to be Matthew or Brent's contribution. Most likely Matthew’s, as he was always mucking around with photoshop.

Holy hell. The second one showed him with an enormous coiled up penis resting in a wheelbarrow. That was a take from Andy, who always used to stir him about having to carry it round that way.

The last one was just plain rude, his massive boner towering up past his head, miniaturised images of Matthew, Brent, Ricky, Kenny and Andy dangling from it, and the caption, “Hanging out with Big D.” Peter's eyes goggled, then he looked at the laughing group watching his reactions. Well, the picture was rather blatant, but they all knew who he'd “experimented with” in Year Eleven.

"Matthew, your time will come!"

Peter's gaze went back to the first two XXX pics. He couldn't believe how real they looked despite their impossibility and then he laughed with enjoyment.

"Trust you Andy. Every single picture here is nude."

"What else could we have Peter? It’s your stag night."

There was the stag night reference again. It was obviously the term they'd used amongst themselves beforehand. The pictures remained the centre of attention for the next few minutes, mainly the three doctored ones because Matthew had the covers on so Peter would be the first to see them.

"Big D.! Big D.!"

Peter whipped round at the sound of Andy's chant.

"Big D.! Big D.!"

Everyone else joined in. It sounded strange hearing this because it had mostly died out as his nick name at the end of Year 12, and usually only cropped up when someone was having a friendly stir. The chant stopped abruptly and everyone looked at him expectantly.


"Get that jacket off, you hood. Didn't Bluey tell you you're meant to be Big D. tonight?"

Peter didn't get a chance to respond. Before Brent had even finished his sentence, Kenny leapt forward and tugged the coat away. Brent turned all the lights off except one on the side, Andy started some music, and Matthew held Peter close and started a slow dance. After a minute he stopped, pulled his t-shirt over his head, cast it to the side in time to the music, then held Peter close again. So, it was a strip dance was it? Well, this was very nice. Matthew’s hands slipped under Peters t, steadily lifted it over his head, and with another dramatic gesture flung it after his own. In time with the music, shoes, socks and then jeans followed till they were in their original Big D. and Bluey costumes. The music stopped, to cheers and clapping, and Andy moved close enough to grab Peter in a shoulder grip.

Gaah! Peter winced as the fingers dug in and squeezed. Andy's methods of greeting hadn't changed, and neither had their effect, as the familiar tingles started.

"Well Peter, you're nearly Big D. again. What do you think is going to happen next?"

"I have no idea Andy, except that you’ll make it embarrassing."

"Of course you know. What always happened when we wanted Big D. to show up?"

"Um, you set Kenny on to me?"

"See you do know, and that's his job for the night, but I mean before that."

"You mean the grabbing game?"

"You're doing that later with Brent. No, your belly button. No one's done that for ages so we're giving you a special treat."

"A treat? My belly button’s a treat for you?"

"It is tonight. Andrew’s doing it."

Peter looked at Andrew in disbelief and got a nod, and that calm, friendly, smile that was one of his trademarks. Ever since Andrew's first visit, Peter had been stirred about how much they liked each other. Well, Andrew wasn't one to back away from Andy's pranks, as Andy had learnt very early on. Andrew was the biggest thing ever to happen in Andy's life and everyone had been astonished at the interaction that built between them.

The first time they'd really met was at squash when Andy came along one Friday to check out Ricky. Andy thought he was quite good at squash, as it had been his sport before he changed to swimming, and challenged Andrew before he'd even seen him play. Matthew said he was crazy and bet him that he wouldn’t even win one point. Andy always took bets, but this time he was totally flabbergasted when he lost and Matthew handed the penalty over to Andrew, who said Andy had to spend one night a week for the next four weeks studying at his place.


His expression had been unforgettable. Then the once a week visit extended to the rest of the year, and in the summer holidays Andrew had led the group on an amazing eight days of hiking, rock scrambling and abseiling in the Grampians Mountains range, which had blown Andy's mind, and everyone else's too, with the excitement and beauty of the place. That trip with its companionship and enjoyment had set the bonds of friendship forever. In Year Twelve Andy was round at Andrew's house at least two nights a week for study sessions. He needed the help as he’d only just scraped through Year Eleven, and if his amazing decision to try for a teaching career was to have any chance he'd need good results.

Andy reckoned Andrew had some kind of strange power over him and with the change in his approach to school no one was going to disagree with that. The power worked the other way too and Andrew said there was no one anywhere like Andy, and from the start of last year they'd spent more and more time together. Because Andy wasn't eighteen till October and Andrew had a duty of care role, they had to be content with friendship till the school year officially finished, and then the two of them took off together in the first week of the summer holidays for a tour of the beaches along the great Ocean Road and then further to the west of the State.

It had been very strange for Peter in Year Twelve to know that his best teacher and his best friend were so drawn to each other. Not as strange as it was for Andy, who carried on with the group that it was driving him crazy. Andrew was very strong about it though, and after a big discussion with Andy their physical contact was limited to an occasional hug. It was a very close secret within the group. Much closer even than when they'd discovered way back in Year Eleven that Andrew was gay . Ricky had told them at Andrew's suggestion, the second time he'd stayed for the night after their Saturday swimming and squash session.


"Come on, up on the coffee table Peter. You're the show tonight."

At least the low coffee table was strong and sturdy. As Peter stepped up, Brent swivelled the light on the side wall to shine directly at him, almost like a spotlight. Andrew approached but the belly buttoning was all bluff. Instead, he rested the base of his hand on Peter’s neck, took a firm grip of a tuft of hair and gave a tug.

“What do you call me Peter?”


“Say it again.”


Andrew repeated the tug several times, making a point of giving Peter’s neck a squeeze in between, giving Peter goose-bumps and tingles. So! Andy had blabbed another secret. It still had the same effect and Peter’s speedos started feeling tighter.

"Big D.!"

Well, he was on show now.

“Have you got him primed for us Andrew?"

"Most definitely!"

"Put the camera down and check for us, Matthew."

For some reason Matthew's checking wasn't enough and one by one everyone else was directed to try, with Andy last.

"Okay Bluey, up on the table."

Matthew’s arm went round Peter's waist in the need for mutual support on the small table-top and Peter felt a glow of happiness at the touch. Where did someone like Matthew come from? He always got a laugh when he said he was the luckiest person in the world to have Matthew. Matthew's assertion was that it was the other way round. Peter was awed by the way Matthew continually helped other people. Like when he steadily worked his way through the swim team, helping each guy get better, like when he taught Brent the guitar to stop him feeling lonely, like when he helped everyone, not just Peter and Beth, with their computers, and like the time he spent on the services group in Year Twelve.

Marty was the perfect example with his butterfly stroke. When Matthew was finally beaten in their Thursday race, all he did was get excited that Marty was improving and then help him so much more that in Year Twelve Marty ended up coming second in the whole of State finals. Matthew was a bit of a worrier and he’d stress sometimes, but whatever it was, that just made Peter think he was brave when he faced up to it.

There was the quickest tightening of Matthew's arm and Peter understood straight away that it was a message saying, come on Peter, we’ll show them. Peter loved the way they could do this, pass their feelings and messages without saying anything. Beth said it was because they were such a good fit for each other. Brent reckoned it was voodoo, and Andy's theory was that they spent so much time in bed together they thought they were one person. They did too, sleep together that is, ever since the move to Matthew's house, and Peter could hardly remember what it was like to be in a bed by himself. They'd finally both agreed that Matthew was the rude one because of the games he was always inventing.

Matthew couldn't make up his mind about any particular type of career, which drove everyone else mad, but as far as Peter was concerned it worked well because they were studying the same maths and science Uni subjects and their special working together pattern was able to continue. Peter wasn't quite sure about his own future either, but after the kudos from the bursary and his special enjoyment of maths and science he knew his general direction. At any rate they both reckoned Uni life was great.

Matthew pulled Peter’s head close for a very intense kiss, which lasted till there were cheers and some clapping. What was happening now? Marty was approaching with a can of drink. Beer? What was that for? They all knew he didn't drink the stuff. Andy held up a packet of cigarettes and Peter had to laugh as he recalled their attempt at making him a real person.

"You idiots! Do I have to go through this again?"

There was a chorus of “yes” from around the room, then much merriment as he had a drink, puffed on a cigarette, and with a bit of prompting, pronounced an appropriately evil swear word.

"That's disgusting. Now come and sit in the seat of honur for your next treat."

The seat of honour was the sofa, with Marty and Ricky sitting next to him. The light went off and by the glow of the candles Peter watched the coffee table get dragged away. When the light came back on, Matthew and Brent rushed in with their guitars, Brent now in speedos as well. They bumped their hips, winked at Peter, and started playing one of his favorite songs. Peter nearly choked from laughter. They'd rewritten the words and inserted some of his exploits, highly exaggerated, and worked out a corny dance routine to go with it as well. When they finished Andy presented Peter with a computer printed program of the night's events.

1. The real man.

2. Peter's song.

3. Kenny's caper.

4. Up for grabs.

5. The stud cake.

6. Big D.

7. Peter's speech.

8. The champion.

9. Food.

Peter laughed all night and basked in the well wishing from these amazing friends. Andrew and Andy had prepared a great feast, complete with plenty of roast potatoes, and the good humor continued as they tucked in. Peter gave Matthew a special hug when Andy proposed the toast.

"Well, our trouble started with Peter, then got twice as bad when Matthew turned up.

So everybody, here's to double the trouble."

The End.


Double The Trouble.

Copyright © 2011 Palantir; All Rights Reserved.
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On 02/20/2011 11:41 AM, MontrealOrmolu said:
This has been a lovely story. Enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.thumbsupsmileyanim.gif
Thanks MontrealOrmolu, It's a real kick for an author to hear that they've given some enjoyment - and the 'immensely' has certainly put a giant smile on my face. :)
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Yes, yes, very enjoyable. I liked how you wrapped things up this chapter, too. I seriously wondered for a minute if not everything would get resolved, but all my questions and queries were answered. Except maybe for Kenny. Still clueless?


I laughed really hard reading this, and there were also so many sweet moments, it felt a privilege to be allowed into these boys' lives.


Thank you very much for writing and sharing. I hope you continue to post other stories. I thought Andy's development was interesting. That sounds full of conflict, could be a whole story in itself. Forbidden and yet, by the sounds of it, very real.


Cheers again. :) --Anyta

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On 02/23/2011 08:52 AM, AnytaSunday said:
Yes, yes, very enjoyable. I liked how you wrapped things up this chapter, too. I seriously wondered for a minute if not everything would get resolved, but all my questions and queries were answered. Except maybe for Kenny. Still clueless?


I laughed really hard reading this, and there were also so many sweet moments, it felt a privilege to be allowed into these boys' lives.


Thank you very much for writing and sharing. I hope you continue to post other stories. I thought Andy's development was interesting. That sounds full of conflict, could be a whole story in itself. Forbidden and yet, by the sounds of it, very real.


Cheers again. :) --Anyta

Hi Anyta, Yes , there was a lot of ground covered in the last chapter and you're right about Andy. I actually had a major theme involving him (not even to do with the Andy/Andrew relationship) but decided it would broaden the story too much. Thanks so much for your support and kind comments. Iarwain. :)
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On 02/27/2013 02:34 PM, Foster said:
Thanks for a good time reading.
It has been a great pleasure to know that I've been able to give you some reading enjoyment Foster_.

Thanks again for uplifting reviews. :)

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What a beautiful story. This last chapter was the icing on the cake. It goes up all the loose ends and took a quick trip back to the first chapters so we could remember how the boys started. I like how no one was left out and I'm also happy that both Andy and Andrew got together. I was hoping that between Andy, Brent Ricky and Andrew that they all would get a partner. Brent and Andy were to great of guys not to be loved for themselves, a division I knew Andrew was going to end up with one of them.

Thank you for a very funny and heartwarming story....just sorry it's all done, I will miss these guys.

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On 06/02/2013 10:52 AM, Daithi said:
What a beautiful story. This last chapter was the icing on the cake. It goes up all the loose ends and took a quick trip back to the first chapters so we could remember how the boys started. I like how no one was left out and I'm also happy that both Andy and Andrew got together. I was hoping that between Andy, Brent Ricky and Andrew that they all would get a partner. Brent and Andy were to great of guys not to be loved for themselves, a division I knew Andrew was going to end up with one of them.

Thank you for a very funny and heartwarming story....just sorry it's all done, I will miss these guys.

Double Wow! - you finished the whole thing in about a day?


In fact I wasn't satisfied with the last chapter. When I reread it now it does feel like a 'tie up the loose ends' chapter rather than an integral part of the story. Oh well!

And once again - THANK YOU for all the feedback.

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Thanks for such a lovely story. It was heartwarming, and the last chapter was a very fitting end, very cleverly done. I don't usually go for teen stories but this really caught me up and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

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On 01/28/2014 02:57 AM, Jaro_423 said:
Thanks for such a lovely story. It was heartwarming, and the last chapter was a very fitting end, very cleverly done. I don't usually go for teen stories but this really caught me up and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.
Thanks again for your kind words and I'm delighted at your obvious enjoyment.
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Fantastic story. Amazing group of characters who take friendship , caring and giving each other sheer hell to a completely unheard of level. Thank you for an excellent read. 

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Very entertaining read.  Excellent characters and it was quite enjoyable to read them pulling together when needed, as well as their general hijinks.  Thanks for the journey!

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Loved every minute of this story!  I wish I'd had friends like these when I was in high school!  Such a beautiful happy tale that resonates with love, friendship and family.  I'm sad it's over, but I will reread it over and over again I'm sure!  Thank you Palantir!  <3

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This was very enjoyable and positive.  I left 38 chapters behind with good feelings. Thanks for writing this.   


Did not see Andy/Andrew coming - cool.

Edited by GanymedeRex
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Many thanks Iarwain (@Palantir) for posting such a great story.


I only came across it yesterday and finished it today as it was so easy to read.


All of the characters were so easy to envisage in my mind and I'll miss reading about their antics.


Thanks again.



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I'm stumped at what to write. All the best compliments have already been written.

So all I can offer is a simple thank you for a great story, well written.

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