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Obey - 1. Chapter 1 -- Obey



From Obey: Hi, Sir. A sub here. Another Dom I was chatting with online suggested we might find ourselves more compatible.

From Alan: I’m in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You’re just north of Atlanta. We’re not even close. I don’t know what the guy was thinking, but thanks.

From Obey: I think he was thinking I was into forced nudity, Sir, and what some folks might call borderline depravity. And he thought you might be interested. Sorry, Sir.

From Alan: You’re already living in small town Georgia. As a gay man, isn’t that depraved enough?

From Obey: Thank you, Sir. I’m glad someone understands.

From Alan: If you only want to play online, that could be fine. I’m really not very active otherwise. And I’m not sure how long it would last or what you’d be getting out of it. In any case, the first thing I’d need to see is a photo: Full-length. Face forward. Naked. You can block your dick if you’d like, if only with your hand. You can even wear sunglasses.

From Obey: Photo sent, Sir. I’m seeking a dominant kink master. I’m into most aspects of nudity, bondage, cock and ball torture, tit torture, water sports, shaving, forced scenes, humiliation, foot and boot service, cum control, forced barefoot, and pig training. Other possibilities include: telling me what to wear, haircuts, dirt and grunge, toys, toilet, chastity, nip training, and imaginative play. What I’m absolutely looking for is dominance, humiliation, kink, and all types of control – lots of control.

From Alan: Whoa! WHOA! I don’t mean to be rude or anything, because you’ve been very open with me. And I don’t know who you were writing. But anyone who knows me well knows my mind doesn’t twist in most of those directions. So I don’t mean to disappoint you, but I need to be honest. That’s a good photo, by the way. Exactly what I wanted, and many guys can’t follow directions.

From Obey: I don’t mean to be rude either, Sir. And the Dom didn’t say you were interested in all those things. I was just telling you what I liked. But he did tell me you were kind of conservative, half because of what you do and half because of where you live. Though he said you had a great imagination and the fact that I’ll do anything you command might stretch that. So this could be fun for us both.

From Alan: Now that sounds like someone who knows me. But I can think of a dozen guys like that.

From Obey: His name online is BluntCigar, Sir.

From Alan: That makes sense. Thanks. I’ll write him. How long did you two chat?

From Obey: Not very, Sir. Maybe 5 or 6 messages back and forth. Then he said he wasn’t big on writing but thought you might be.

From Alan: It all depends. I usually come on here late at night, somewhere around 12. And I stay for maybe 5 minutes, checking and answering messages. So if you’re expecting steady contact, this may not work. Also, there’s an hour’s difference between us, so you’d have to stay up pretty late.

From Obey: I wouldn’t do that, Sir. I normally get up early, like around 6. So I’m in bed by 10. But if you left me instructions, I could follow them each day. And I’d send you reports on what I did.

From Alan: It sounds complicated.

From Obey: I really want this, Sir. I’ve been trying for more than a year, writing to different Masters all over the country – all over the world to tell you the truth. So the time zone thing isn’t big. And I follow orders well, Sir. You said that yourself. Please give me a chance.

From Alan: What happened with your other masters?

From Obey: Most of them gave out after a day or 2, Sir. Or they didn’t really get what I wanted so playing with them wasn’t fun. I don’t mean to offend you, Sir.

From Alan: You’re not, though your groveling could get a bit irritating. You can stand up straight. I’ve seen that. You’ve got great posture. And what makes you think I’d last longer than the other guys? Or understand you better?

From Obey: I didn’t mean to grovel, Sir. But we seem to be starting something good and we won’t know till we’ve tried.

From Alan: Playing long distance is certainly safe. Did Johnny tell you how inactive I am?

From Obey: Who’s Johnny, Sir?

From Alan: Sorry. BluntCigar. He’s a good friend – an older guy, very experienced. Maybe because of that, he trusts people, even online. So he tells them his real name.

From Obey: Is Alan yours, Sir?

From Alan: Yep. I follow his example and take it further by not using a screen name.

From Obey: I’d rather be called Obey, Sir. It makes me feel less like a person

From Alan: Your choice.

From Obey: And BluntCigar didn’t tell me his name, Sir.

From Alan: It doesn’t matter. But what I said about being inactive is true. So this would be something different.

From Obey: What do you mean by Inactive, Sir?

From Alan: As my description says, I’m married. And I have a great family, and I won’t risk that by sleeping with guys much any more.

From Obey: What do you mean by Much, Sir?

From Alan: You ask a lot of questions.

From Obey: I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Sir.

From Alan: That “Sir” is reflexive, isn’t it? You make even the slightest mistake, and you immediately drop to the ground and bare your belly.

From Obey: I didn’t mean to push, Sir.

From Alan: You’re not. And Johnny would have told you almost anything about me – most of my online friends would. We share information with guys who might be interested. As for the “much” – there are one-or-two friends I couldn’t deny anything. It would seem coy, considering our history. But I don’t see them very often, and when I do, we’re very safe.

From Obey: Thank you for telling me that, Sir.

From Alan: No problem.

From Obey: And if this works, Sir, you won’t be disappointed. I just sent you some more pics to show you my trust. Some are online already but I don’t know if you’ve seen them. And some are more extreme.

From Alan: I hadn’t looked at your online photos because I didn’t know where this was heading. But I did now, and I looked at your new ones. Is that a chastity device you’re wearing? It’s a little blurry.

From Obey: Yes, Sir. Since I’m not going to have kids, I don’t feel it’s right to use my dick for fun.

From Alan: Were you raised in Georgia?

From Obey: Been here all my life, Sir. Sorry if that disappoints you.

From Alan: Why would it? We’re pretty much the same – I’ve spent most of my life in Iowa. I only asked because you sound fairly restricted.

From Obey: In what way, Sir?

From Alan: About sex.

From Obey: Some of that’s the game, Sir. And maybe some of it’s real. I haven’t thought it out.

From Alan: But you like being ordered around?

From Obey: Yes, Sir!

From Alan: Online and off?

From Obey: Mainly when I’m naked, Sir. If I’m hard, you can just about make me do anything. And it’s been 3 days since I’ve cum, Sir, so I’m very horned up. I’d like to be told what to do about that.

From Alan: Shoot. What would any guy do?

From Obey: I don’t want to, Sir.

From Alan: Why not?

From Obey: I told you – I like chastity.

From Alan: What happens when you have sex with a guy?

From Obey: I have a live-in partner, Sir. That’s kind of hard.

From Alan: What happens when you have sex with him – or her, for that matter?

From Obey: Him, Sir – definitely. And it’s been a couple of weeks since that’s happened.

From Alan: Why?

From Obey: I don’t know, Sir. He doesn’t have the drive I do.

From Alan: I’m sorry to hear that.

From Obey: Me too, Sir.

From Alan: Your description also mentions – more than once – that you like being barefoot and shirtless. Why?

From Obey: I take my shirt off to embarrass myself, Sir. I don’t have the best body.

From Alan: Oh, come on – I’ve seen it. You look great. Are those recent photos?

From Obey: Yes, Sir. And I admit my body’s all right. But I’d like to be taller. All my working out can’t fix that.

From Alan: How much do you work out?

From Obey: Almost every day, Sir. Every morning, we’re down at the gym. I’ll never have a 6-pack and I don’t have the face for it anyway. But it makes me feel good.

From Alan: Your face is as good as your body.

From Obey: Thank you, Sir, but I look like white trash. You see guys like me here in every pick-up. I even go in for police line-ups because I look like so many other guys.

From Alan: How often have you been in line-ups?

From Obey: All the time, Sir. I’m at the station for work so I do it as a favor.

From Alan: I don’t want to know what your work is. If it comes up, we’ll handle it.

From Obey: Don’t worry, Sir – I’m a good guy..

From Alan: I’ll trust you.

From Obey: And I like going barefoot, Sir, when I can’t take my shirt off but still want to embarrass myself. Like when I’m in J & J.

From Alan: What’s that?

From Obey: A supermarket, Sir. I guess you don’t have them.

From Alan: Not J & J.

From Obey: That’s what I meant, Sir. And at movies. And places like Dairy Queen. Anywhere having no shoes on would seem like white trash.

From Alan: You like feeling cheap?

From Obey: I love, it, Sir. And I deserve to be treated that way. Stupid. Uneducated.

From Alan: I’m surprised you’re not tattooed.

From Obey: I would be, Sir, if my partner allowed. I’d get the worst tattoos.

From Alan: Where?

From Obey: Nowhere they’d show, Sir. Everything would have to be covered for work. And I wear tank tops around the office, and I wear them loose so everyone can see my nips. The women all joke about it.

From Alan: Does that make you hard?

From Obey: I’m in chastity at the office, Sir. I can never get hard.

From Alan: There’s also a photo of you pissing on yourself.

From Obey: I do that as much as I can, Sir. At the office, I sometimes strip in the john, sit on the can and piss up my chest. Then I clean up. That’s easy since I mostly wear shorts, my tanks and sandals.

From Alan: You’d be a hit at funerals.

From Obey: I’d never disrespect anyone, Sir. When I’m out on business, I wear khakis and button-down shirts. And I dress for church.

From Alan: What do you wear?

From Obey: A dark suit, Sir. And a white shirt, dark tie, dark socks, normal underwear and dress shoes. I look really slick though I’m overdressed compared to some guys.

From Alan: Do you do it purposely?

From Obey: I don’t stand out, Sir. There are plenty of guys in suits. We go to a conservative church.

From Alan: You and your partner?

From Obey: And my folks, Sir.

From Alan: Do you live with them?

From Obey: I’m 38, Sir.

From Alan: I knew that. But lots of gay men take care of their parents.

From Obey: Mine aren’t 60 yet, Sir.

From Alan: Are you the oldest?

From Obey: The youngest of 3, Sir. But my folks aren’t trash and they never were. A lot of folks marry young around here.

From Alan: How do you live openly with your partner? In such a conservative place?

From Obey: It’s weird what people will accept, Sir. Especially if you don’t push. Everyone likes me. I’m a local boy and I do good. And it’s a tourist area. People retire here. There’s a college with some liberal faculty. That means they’re slightly left of far right, Sir.

From Alan: I knew you had a sense of humor.

From Obey: I try, Sir.

From Alan: How long have you been with your partner?

From Obey: Over 9 years, Sir.

From Alan: People have to know.

From Obey: They do, Sir. But they like me and my family too much to bother.

From Alan: Have you dated women?

From Obey: No, Sir. Not in high school and not in college. They weren’t interested.

From Alan: I find that hard to believe. You’re intelligent and cute.

From Obey: Cute’s fine, Sir, when you’re 4. It doesn’t cut it when other guys are hot.

From Alan: From your point of view.

From Obey: From everybody’s, Sir – I could tell where the girls were looking. I was looking there too. And don’t get me wrong, Sir – I like women. I work in an office full of them. I just never wanted to get married.

From Alan: And your partner?

From Obey: He’d get married if we could.

From Alan: I mean “Did he date women?”

From Obey: We’re not the type women choose, Sir. Not to have families. That’s the whole deal.

From Alan: No matter what you think, you’re very good-looking.

From Obey: But I’m short, Sir. I say 5'7", but it’s more like 5'5". I’m almost 5'7" in my Sunday shoes.

From Alan: Is that the reason you go barefoot? So you seem even shorter?

From Obey: It may be, Sir. I haven’t thought about it.

From Alan: What’s your partner look like?

From Obey: He’s very hot, Sir, and that’s not just me talking. But he’s only 5'9" and he has funny ears that stick out. I love them. I love everything about him. But other folks make jokes.

From Alan: He sounds great.

From Obey: He is, Sir, but we’re still geeks. He’s a tech geek and I do good deeds. We’re like a couple of old maids.

From Alan: I doubt women would like to hear that.

From Obey: Why not, Sir? Mom calls us “the boys.” As in, “No, I can’t go out tonight. I got the boys coming in for supper.”

From Alan: That’s pretty funny. Hide in plain sight. I wouldn’t have thought you could do that.

From Obey: You can do a lot of things, Sir, if you don’t push.

From Alan: That’s something we’ll have to explore.

From Obey: I haven’t messed up yet, Sir. And I’ve been naked in some pretty strange places.

From Alan: Like?

From Obey: Well, like you know those little fenced in areas where people put out their trash? At the gas station, I’ll pretend to throw something away and I’ll slip behind the fence and drop my shorts.

From Alan: What if someone sees you?

From Obey: I’m only there for a couple seconds, Sir. 5 or 10 at the most. I can always say I’m peeing.

From Alan: Can you get away with that?

From Obey: White trash pees where it wants, Sir.

From Alan: Not around here.

From Obey: I could do that 5 times a day, Sir. Whenever I pass one of those spots, it’s a challenge. Can I get away with it? Is it worth it? Do I have time to stop? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place I didn’t want to be naked.

From Alan: Then make sure you don’t get caught. You don’t want to be in a line-up for real. But if there are other things like that – like being barefoot and shirtless and always wearing your chastity device – other things that would let me know you better – send them along.

From Obey: That’s pretty much it, Sir. I’m not good at making things up. That’s why I need a Master.

From Alan: I’ll see what I can manage. But you know how to embarrass yourself better than I do. So if there are things you hate, tell me.

From Obey: I can follow phone orders too, Sir. If you suddenly ordered me to find a place to be naked in like 2 minutes, I could do that. My cell’s 706-555-1212.

From Alan: That’s where my conservative side kicks in. I’d rather stick to this site – and photos and messages.

From Obey: I’m good with that, Sir.

From Alan: Then here’s a couple of photos to get you started. I didn’t see these either online or in the ones you sent:
A close-up of your dick, soft
A close-up of your dick, hard
A close-up of your face, just after you’ve come
A picture of your partner, because I’m curious what he looks like. He can be dressed.

From Obey: I’m good with the first 2, Sir, but not the cumming. I love chastity – remember? I keep the key to my device because my partner hates me using toys. We may not have sex all the time but we still sleep together. I wear tanks and boxers but no matter how baggy my shorts are, he’d know I was in chastity. So my device stays in the office. I put it on when I get to work and take it off before I leave. I used to take it home and sometimes sneak it on when some guy ordered me to while we were chatting. But only if my partner was sleeping. I stopped doing that when I was almost caught. That’s why I’m not online at night much for more than 10 minutes. I’m taking a chance with you but I think it might be worth it.

From Alan: Then let’s end this now, before you get in trouble.

From Obey: It’s okay, Sir. I can always tell him I woke up to pee and couldn’t get to back to sleep. That’s sometimes the truth and he doesn’t miss me for an hour. Then he gets up.

From Alan: You’ve got this all worked out.

From Obey: I’ve got to, Sir. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and want to cum so badly. I have to do something to punish myself.

From Alan: I’d just shoot. Go into the bathroom. No punishment needed.

From Obey: You must like cumming, Sir.

From Alan: And you don’t. Or so I’m learning.

From Obey: I’ll have those 2 pics for you tomorrow, Sir. But not one of my partner. He needs to stay out of this.

From Alan: Then replace the shot of your face with a close-up of your dick in the chastity device. And replace the one of your partner with one of you in your Sunday suit. And, tomorrow, you can explain to me why – at your age – you’re in a long term relationship without regular sex.

From Obey: The pics will be waiting, Sir. And since I won’t be online at midnight your time, I’ll send you a message explaining the sex. If you’re satisfied, please leave me another list of things to do.

From Alan: All right. Good meeting you. And though you haven’t asked for it, here’s my photo.

From Obey: Thank you, Sir. BluntCigar said you were a good-looking man and I believed him.

From Alan: As I said, Johnny’s a sweet guy.

From Obey: You sleep well, Sir. This has been a very good first session.

From Alan: Yes, it has.


copyright 2018 by Richard Eisbrouch
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