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Obey 3. A Triumvirate of Saints

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The continued adventures in sex and friendship, online and off, of Alan Damshroeder, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, high school teacher.


This book is different from the previous two because there are two long sections -- "Obey," and "Variation," which only contain two characters -- Alan and another man.  Next, there's a conventionally written short story, "Bob," and the last section, "Other Nights," is composed of the usual short exchanges between Alan and a host of men he often never gets to meet.

I'm posting this series here because I like and respect this audience's opinions, so please feel free to comment.  But the series is narrower in focus than my other books and told in a different way.  Still, the great thing about Alan is he slowly evolves as he moves through his 40s.  The first book takes place when he's 42, and the next three follow at two-year intervals, so he's now 46.


Still, because of the specialized interest, I need to caution readers:  I don't want people stumbling on this series when they're expecting a different kind of writing from me.


Again, thanks, to everyone who follows my writing.

copyright 2018 by Richard Eisbrouch

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