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Obey - 31. Chapter 31 -- Other Nights


From Alan: Can you tell me a little more about yourself? I’m in town for a conference.

From koolguy: just read my profile

From Alan: There’s not a lot there besides your stats. That’s why I asked.

From koolguy: there is as much as urs

From Alan: Well, the thing about masters is we don’t have to explain a lot. Just as, once the two of us are naked, we don’t have to do much besides relax. Could you tell me something that might interest me? You’ve got a very nice photo.

From koolguy: well we have 2 meet 2 see if there is chemistry then we will play. there is a bondage club on friday. we can meet there and perhaps play in the club

From Alan: That might be fun if I were still going to be here on Friday and if I went to clubs. But I’m only here overnight, and I prefer being a bit more private. But thanks for the thought and the caution..

From koolguy: ok you want 2 play now. how hung r u and do u have a phone

From Alan: Now, you sound a little too eager after I admired your caution. I’m proportionate to being 6'-1" but that’s not my selling point. That would be us, naked and happy. When I’m in bed, the focus isn’t on me.

From koolguy: do u like to be sucked or do you fuck. what do you like to do in bdsm and where are you staying

From Alan: I’d like to see us both smiling for a couple of hours, however we can best make that happen. And you’re right – it all depends on what happens when we meet. You want to go for coffee first, fine, but we have to end up at your place because I’m in a shared hotel room.

From koolguy: shared with who

From Alan: Another guy from work who came to the conference.

From koolguy: do u like sex and do u have other pics

From Alan: I’m a one-picture guy, and I’ve already sent that. And yeah, I like sex. Almost any kind, as long as it’s safe.

From koolguy: so u want to meet?

From Alan: As soon as you’re free.

From koolguy: I need 2 see ur dick 1st.

From Alan: Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen until you unzip my pants. And I don’t have a lot of time to negotiate here. I’d like to play tonight and then get a good night’s sleep. So I’m afraid I have to move on.

From koolguy: k

From Alan: No regrets?

From koolguy: nah

Roman Style

From Roman Style: Will you send me a pic?

From Alan: Sure. All a guy usually needs to do is ask politely.

From Roman Style: Thanks. Though I’m usually a sub, I’d love to whip you. There’s something about your goodie boy looks that makes me want to fuck them up. I’m thinking Bullwhipping, full Roman style, like the crucifixion. Let me know.

From Alan: You really need to read my description more carefully and not fantasize about my guy-next-door looks and blond hair. Though I’ll admit I’ve never been whipped and have never been asked. I don’t think I’d mind the pain. I’m use to that from sports. I might even enjoy a bit of it. But I hate blood and guess you can’t get around that.

From Roman Style: Whipping doesn’t need to get into blood. Maybe you want to get fisted as well as whipped.

From Alan: I’m not too sure about that, but I would like to ask you a question, since you seem to like these things: Do you enjoy being fisted and whipped? I don’t mind being restrained occasionally, and certain kinds of light pain take me out of myself and shut down my brain in ways nothing else ever has. And I enjoy having a tongue up my ass and even a dexterous finger or two. But I can’t see clearly to having an arm up my butt, and I can’t separate images of being whipped for fun from those of Christians dying horribly before the cross. So I don’t see that pleasure. And here’s another innocent question: How do you get whipped without bleeding?

From Roman Style: I like to get whipped, flogged, and caned, all done hard, but not to the point of bleeding. And I like dildos and fingers working up my ass. I’m working to taking a full fist up there.
On Friday, I’ll be getting flogged and whipped with a single tail, which results in welts and some possible bleeding. A TENS electro unit will be attached to my balls, sending electric pulses through them while I get whipped. After getting well marked and welted, I’ll be put in a sling and have my ass worked on and possibly fisted while the electro pulses continue working my balls. People will be looking on. It’s a private house and invitation only. I’m looking forward to it. Come and see for yourself.

From Alan: Sounds a bit macabre.

From Roman Style. That’s only the beginning. On Saturday, I’ll go to a real sadist’s house, get naked, and clean his place while he whips me. On Sunday, I’ll go to a bar – it’s leather jock nite in the back room – and show off my marks and welts.

From Alan: Hard to believe this is all happening in town.

From Roman Style: Probably a lot of things happening here that guys like you don’t know about.

From Alan: You’re getting sucked in by my face again.

From Roman Style: Nah, it’s clear through your description. But not mine. In December, I’m flying to Mexico for 2 weeks to be a naked slave to be whipped every day, pissed on, fisted and otherwise used and abused. In January, I’m going to Chicago to be a naked slave in chains for a long weekend of abuse. I’m looking forward to it all. Guess you could call me a real masochist.

From Alan: Yep, though it makes me a little hard thinking about your pain – well, a lot hard, actually. And I’m trying to picture myself naked and enslaved, but I can’t do it. First, I could never get away from work and family for that long, and second, it would give me too much time to think. But I envy your pleasure. There’s something to be said for being passionate about your debasement.

From Roman Style: I could give you a light flogging sometime. There’d be no marks or welts. It’s like a massage. You should try it.

From Alan: Let me think about that. I’m still trying to imagine getting pleasure from being stripped, restrained, and whipped. I like the stripped and restrained part, and I like the idea of being naked and whipped in front of a group of guys. Even the thought has me hard. And since I’ve never seen anyone whipped, outside of a movie, there’s a good chance I’d also enjoy being one of the guys anonymously watching. But maybe not this weekend. Still, thanks for asking.

From Roman Style: I wouldn’t have to know who you are. The guys coming are getting anonymous texts.

From Alan: How many guys?

From Roman Style: It’s not my call. I’m the entertainment. There’s women coming too.

From Alan: Is this a party?

From Roman Style: It’s always a party. But I have the most fun.

From Alan: And I’d be curious to see you. You’ve got me on the edge right now. That’s a surprise because I’m at work, and I’ll have to do something about it. And I hate jerking off at work because there’s limited pleasure. But I’ll find a way.

From Roman Style: Always happy to bring a little joy to the workplace. I’ll send you an invite, and if you do come by, introduce yourself after I am finished. In fact, come over and twist my nipples and slap my ass and balls a few times.

From Alan: It might be fun just to look in your eyes and see the pain. I’ll definitely think about it. How many folks usually show up, and would they take a volunteer after you, if I suddenly felt brave?

From Roman Style: It’s a Halloween Party for men, women, TV’s and everything in between. I usually play with Andy, who only plays with me. But if you had the balls to show up and strip, I’d whip you so lightly, you’d think I was licking your skin. Though I’d rather flog you at a men’s only party in a couple of weeks. And if you look in my eyes, you won’t see pain.

From Alan: I’ll try to be there, and I’ll see how badly you’re hurt, and think about stripping next month. Or if I’m hard enough not to think straight, I’ll do it this weekend. I’m not sure I could wait another couple of weeks if I convinced myself. But there can’t be marks. Absolutely. I’m a married man.

From Roman Style: Yeah, I know – that the other part I’d like to fuck with.

From Alan: And that’s the part that softens me right up.

From Roman Style: Nah, once you start thinking about my pain, you’ll be hard again.

From Alan: Well, I like the idea of being in front of a group. I’ve only been with a couple of guys together, and that was years ago, in college. And I’ve only let one or two guys hurt me, in private, and that was hard enough. And this is all enough to get me off, no hands. You’re right.

From Roman Style: It’s that cute little boy brain.

From Alan: You’re wrong there, but I guess you’ve got the right to fantasize. And I can’t tell you how much this is distracting me. Maybe that’s how you stand the hours of being naked and a slave – you’re too busy to think about anything else.

From Roman Style: You sound like a closet masochist. You need to change your description. I like to top, too, occasionally, and you sound like you need it.

From Alan: I’ve never taken one side or the other. I’ll admit that. It’s all good play. And I’ll try to see you for a while on Friday. I look forward to that. It should be hot. And if I get carried away, yeah, you can whip me. But the massage – no blood. Now, I’ve got work to do. If I can think about that.

From Roman Style: I’ll send you that invite.

From Alan: Great.

From Roman Style: Where were you? Were you there? Why didn’t you introduce yourself?

From Alan: I was there. For maybe a half-hour. And it was intense. I was leaking steadily. But I didn’t introduce myself because I didn’t stay that long. You were still tied and groaning.

From Roman Style: Too bad. It got really hot. One of the women whipped me, and that almost never happens. She was great. Took her top off and let her tits fly.

From Alan: A straight woman?

From Roman Style: I didn’t ask.

From Alan: The funny thing is, once I watched you, I lost the need to be whipped and humiliated. That’s fine for you. Obviously, you enjoy it. And though it’s given me three days of pleasure, once I was there, I realized it wasn’t something I wanted. I like to be taken out of myself but didn’t realize the whipping was so fierce. You were soaking wet. And you know I’m fairly conservative. I don’t even go into bars. The thought of opening myself like that would be too much.

From Roman Style: You need to be fist fucked, publically, in a sling.

From Alan: Maybe. It’s wild thinking about that. And that’s how the last 3 days have been. And I thank you for that. And hope you have fun tonight and Sunday.

From Roman Style: I’m glad you saw me taking it. What you didn’t see but I felt was the electro pulsing thru my cock the entire time. That’ why I was wet. And I will go to the bar Sunday to show off the marks and welts. Today I’ll clean and get whipped some more.

From Alan: I forgot about the wire. That must have been unrelenting. I was shocked once, in the balls, and felt like a horse. And I’m surprised there wasn’t blood. There were welts, but you weren’t bleeding. I’ll try to remember it all. Again, thanks.

From Roman Style: Cool.


copyright 2018 by Richard Eisbrouch

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