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Unbroken - 1. Chapter 1


Aidan opened the door to his house, rushing right through. He was really happy and there was nothing he wanted more than to break the news of his happiness to his family. Entering the house, he met a beautiful blonde woman with a great smile. She was putting on an apron, probably cooking one of her favorite dishes. After all, cooking was her specialty.

"Granny," Aidan shouted, running into the arms of the lady he loved more than anything. He held her tightly, not even stopping for a moment. He loved being in his granny's arms. They were like his place of security.

"Hmm," Diana chuckled, ruffling her grandson's long hair. "Someone sure looks happy."

"I am," Aidan enthused, pulling away from her strong arms.

Aidan was almost 18...well in a month's time he would be eighteen years old. He was a high school graduate from one of the schools in Angria. He had long hair, really long dark hair which went all the way down to his butt. Well, tried to cut it but it grew right back. Both his parents had died in a motor accident when he was only five years. Since then, it was only his grandmother and his elder brother who he knew as his only family. He had deep green eyes which his granny said was absolutely beautiful.

He had finished school just a few months back and now he had found a job at one of the best cafeteria's in town just 3 months ago. Now he was happy because he had gotten his salary. He had dreamt of becoming rich and living a comfortable life after finishing school.

"Okay," granny chuckled softly. "Can you tell me what has made you this happy?"

Aidan gave a really happy chuckle and slipped his hands through his trouser pocket, bringing out a small envelope. Then he handed it to his grandmother and watched as her smile faded.

"What's this?" She asked, getting the envelope from Aidan.

"My salary," Aidan smiled brightly.

"Your salary?" Granny sounded not happy. "But I can't..."

"You can," Aidan said, holding her hand tightly. "And you will. Don't you remember what I said? I told you that I would take care of you."

"What about your dreams?"

"My dreams will come later." Aidan said softly, giving his granny a great smile. "Right now I have to make sure that I provide the money to you. Besides, I will apply for one of the king's scholarships next year. I am sure that with my grades, I will get accepted. Right now, I just want us to have enough food."

"But you know that Ethan does that." Granny said softly. "You should just..."

"Forget it granny." Aidan heard the voice of his brother as he rushed through the house. "You know how stubborn this brother of mine can get."

Aidan took a quick glance behind and found his brother looking at him with a smile. Ethan was 24, chocolate brown hair which was cut short and matched with his light brown eyes. He was really handsome and worked as a security guard at one of the companies in town, since he had no chance of completing his high school. In fact, they were not rich and lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the capital of Angria. It didn't matter as long as they had each other and had food on the table. All Aidan wished for was to go to the university and at least become someone in the kingdom.

"How is my sweet brother?" Ethan said, cupping his brother's cheeks. Then he gave them a small pinch and the both of them laughed softly.

"I am absolutely fine." Aidan chuckled softly, enjoying the wonderful hands on his cheeks.

"Good," Ethan said softly. "Please, don't work yourself too hard."

"I won't." Aidan said, pulling away from his brother. He loved his brother and his granny so much. They were the reason he lived his life on earth. Without them, his life would have been absolutely meaningless. He might have not have known his parents for long but he still loved them a lot.

After laughing and chatting for so long with his granny and brother, Aidan felt his stomach rumbling and he knew just what he wanted.

"Hey, granny," Aidan said, rubbing his tummy through his t-shirt. "What's for dinner?"

Granny chuckled softly. "I thought you'd never ask." She cupped his hands in hers. "Why don't you go to the dining table and I'll bring your dinner for you?"

"Thanks, granny. You are the best." Aidan kissed both his granny's cheeks and he went with his brother to wait for the wonderful dinner which his granny had cooked. She cooked the best food he had ever tasted. Even at 63, she was the best cook he had ever encountered.

The house they lived in was just a small three bedroom house. It was really tiny but he couldn't have wished for anything bigger. The house had a lot of memories with it since he was only a child.

Aidan sat with his brother, waiting for the wonderful dinner his granny was going to bring. They just talked about work and stuff and that was all. In no time, dinner was served and as he expected, it was scrumptious and absolutely mouthwatering. He loved how good it felt in his mouth. It was an unforgettable dinner.

After dinner, Aidan helped his brother get ready for work and thereafter he escorted him. He came back and chatted with his granny before finally retiring to his small room. Lying down on the bed as he tried to sleep, Aidan did what he always did every night ever since he was in high school, think. He always thought about how his life would be if he finally got rich. He wondered when his life would suddenly take a turn and bring someone in his life, someone that he would he love and someone that would love him.

Aidan was gay and he had known it since he was just a small boy. In high school, he had been in a really bad relationship and it didn't end well. That relationship was with one of the popular guys in school who had suddenly gotten interested in him. The guy was somewhat a hunk and Aidan had thought they were in love. At first he had been confused as to how someone who was rich could fall for someone many people called a pauper. He wasn't that surprised because many people had told him how absolutely handsome he was.

Anyway, that had been his first relationship and he had thought the guy loved him like crazy. They had never had sex because Aidan wanted to know if the guy was the one for him. They dated for months until Aidan felt he was ready. Just when things were about to get beautiful, Aidan had found his boyfriend in bed, having sex with his best friend. It had hurt but there was nothing he could do. Maybe it was just life telling him that someone else was for him and not that stupid boy. Since then, Aidan didn't have that many friends. Even the few that he had were not...well, what you might call a friend-friend.

Aidan was still hoping and praying for him to find his prince charming, anyone who life had for him, someone to love him even though he was a pauper, someone to marry him and give him a beautiful life. Gay marriages in Angria were legal, the king had legalized many years ago. And he was hoping that he would be one of the lucky men to get married.

He loved fairytale stories and how they ended. He wished his love story to be just like a fairytale but he dropped his reverie when he felt his eyes getting heavy. He drew the blanket on his body and drifted off to sleep, smiling brightly.


The elevator opened and the queen came rushing out with two of her personal maids behind her. She was wearing a beautiful blue flared dress which went all the way down to the floor. Her blonde hair was curled and tied behind. Her makeup was beautiful and her skin was glowing.

Queen Ruby was rushing to the large living room which would fit about 200 people. She had a beautiful smile on her face and she was rushing to her husband. She had great news for him. Their son was coming home after being abroad for long. He had been studying and now he was gonna be back to his country.

"My lord," The queen announced, rushing to her husband who was seated on a beautiful and most elegant couch, reading a big newspaper about things happening in his kingdom.

The king was putting on a beautiful black designer's suit and white shoes. His chocolate brown hair was combed beautifully and he was neither having his crown nor his beautiful golden scepter. He was looking really lovely and the queen couldn't help but admire him. The king was 54 years of age and the queen was 49 though they were both as young as they come.

"My queen," The king smiled, putting the newspaper down. "What is it?"

The living room had about 5 guards who stood in different positions, making sure that everything was alright. Not that anyone could come into the great palace and do something bad. It was really impossible to penetrate the palace.

"The prince," Queen Ruby said happily, sitting beside her husband. "The prince has arrived in the country. He is on his way to the palace as we speak."

"Hmm," The king chuckled, wrapping his left arm on his lovely wife. "He didn't even tell me he has arrived. But either way, has..."

"Everything has been prepared." The queen spoke with the brightest smile ever. "His room is in perfect shape and I am sure he will love it. He has no choice." The queen laughed softly. "After all, I have personally made sure that his room was in perfect shape."

"You and your son," The king gave a teasing chuckle, drawing a soft chuckle from the lovely queen.

"That's my son for you." The queen really loved the prince a lot. He was the only male child she had and she adored him big time. She knew that sooner or later he was gonna take the throne and she knew that he was gonna be a great king, adored by all.

"By the way," The king started, repositioning himself on the couch. He sat facing his queen while giving her a beautiful smile. "I have to talk to you about something."

The queen dismissed her maids and then began talking with her husband. Her husband suggested they found the prince a bride so that he could be fully settled down. They wanted him to be responsible when he took over the throne. It was a really great discussion and the queen got interested too. She had always thought about what it would feel like to have grandkids around the house. It was what she wanted more than anything. But in the end, it was the prince's decision.

As they were still discussing about the prince's marriage, footsteps could be heard coming from the stairs. Both the king and queen moved their gaze to the staircase and saw the princess coming downstairs. Princess Hanna was 20 and absolutely beautiful. She had brown eyes, beautiful dark hair and she looked a lot like Queen Ruby. Coming down the stairs, she was wearing a beautiful, green dress which was fitted on her beautiful body. She had a tiara on her head and she was wearing pretty black high heeled shoes. She had all kinds of jewels on her and being a jewel herself, she was really beautiful.

"Father," Hanna shouted, happily rushing down the stairs while holding her long dress.

"My beauty," The king said, getting up from the couch. "What is it?"

"He's here," Hanna gushed, rushing to the living room. Her joy emanated throughout the living room and got to everyone there. They couldn't help but smile.

"Who is here?"

"My brother," Hanna smiled, literally jumping of joy. "My brother is here."

"How do you know that?" Ruby asked, holding her daughter's hand. "I don't see him."

"That's because I told one of the drivers to inform me when they are near." She said, feeling joy fill her up. "I wanted to give him a warm welcome."

"Really," Ruby raised her eyebrow. "Then let's all go and give him a warm welcome."

"Sure," The king said happily. "It will be better if we show him just how much we missed him. He's been gone for so long."

They all agreed and went outside, which seemed like forever to reach.

The whole palace was absolutely beautiful...in fact, more than beautiful. Angria was a modern day kingdom, more like a sovereign state, filled with beautiful traditions. Its palace was a modern day 11 floor palace, extremely huge, absolutely amazing, and breathtakingly beautiful. The palace was like a five star hotel, fancy, elegant, glamorous but everyone knew that no five star hotel in the whole wide world was as beautiful as the huge palace. It was all white, made of gold which shone everywhere with sparkling diamonds in all places. Anyone could see the palace from afar because it was that beautiful and elegant. There were golden pillars leading to the entrance, and a large golden double door, with diamonds at the top. There were three beautiful door bells.

There was a long pool on the left side of the palace with luxurious things there. There was also a beautiful courtyard filled with beautiful fountains with glass chairs were people could relax. The palace also had a huge garden behind the palace filled with lots of trees and fruits. It was a beautiful place to be and many people came to admire its beauty.

The palace had a huge gym, three pools and lots of luxurious things needed for any rich man. Nothing was lacking on that gorgeous palace. Every luxurious thing was there. The king had even made his two lovely children swimming pool balconies just to enjoy their lives. He was surely a really rich king.

The whole palace was surrounded by a tall white wall fence, surrounded by top outdoor security. Guards where everywhere and they made sure the palace was safe from everything.

To top it off, King Julian was one of the richest and most powerful kings in the world. He owned 3 gold mines, 5 huge companies, hotels, gardens and orchards. His kingdom or rather country was really huge and most of it was a town. He was loved by his people and he loved them as well. He was a good king and he helped people a lot. He was not a bad ruler and he gave people their freedom.

Angria was probably the richest kingdom ever.


The huge white gates opened, revealing a huge car which was coming in. It was followed by three more cars which followed behind. Everyone knew the time had come, the time to welcome the prince. They were really happy and Hanna had even asked the maids to be present at the prince's welcoming. They were filled with so much joy and waited impatiently as a car headed towards them. The compound was huge so it took quite some time to reach but it reached them anyway.

The car was tinted so no one was able to see the prince even though they were eager to. In no time, the car stopped in front of them, followed by other cars. A guard quickly got out from the second car and rushed to the big car in front. Holding the knob softly, he opened the back door and knelt down. Then he bowed and greeted.
"Your highness,"

The king, the queen and the princess' hearts were racing, dying to see the return of the crown prince. They were more than happy of his return. Nothing in this world could describe the deep emotions that they felt at that particular time. It was like they were in heaven but more than that.

Finally, the moment they had been waiting for arrived. The prince got out of the car and took their breaths away. He was looking really handsome in a pink designer's shirt, a golden brown, shiny designer's trouser and white shoes. Joy filled all of their hearts. They couldn't quite see his face because he was wearing the most beautiful black glasses they had ever seen. He was looking really classy and stylish, just like they knew him to be.

Prince Luis was 23 years old. He was a tall, tan skinned guy. He was really muscular, well built and people called him a sexy hunk. He had the most beautiful grey eyes, so people told him. He had really dark hair which was shaven and made him look sexier and most of all, he had the most beautiful manly voice, so people told.

"Dad," Luis shouted, removing glasses from his face. He was more than happy to be back, in a land which belonged to him. "Oh my..."

Before he could even finish the sentence, he rushed to his father, the king and wrapped his arms around him, holding him tightly. He felt him hugging him tightly, giving him a warm embrace. OMG he had missed his father like crazy.

"Son," King Julian said happily, patting on his son's back. "I can't believe you are back. I missed you so much."

"I missed you too, dad." Luis pulled away from his father and smiled like crazy, moving to his mother, his sweet-sweet mother.

"My son," Ruby said softly, tears of joy forming in her eyes. She couldn't believe that he had finally come back after years of being away. The last time he had come back was on the day of his coronation when he turned 18. That had been the day he had been crowned as the crown prince.

With a deep sigh and a smile, queen ruby pulled her son into a fierce hug. She held him tightly, enjoying his warmth and his cologne. She had missed that boy a lot. But now he was back for good, his studies had been done and he was now at the highest level in his studies.

"Mom," Luis said softly, kissing her cheek. Then he held her tightly in the most embracing hug he had ever given anyone in his life. It was emotional since he had missed her a lot but he was now here and with a few surprises of his own.

"I missed you a lot, mother." He said, feeling her hand on his back. "So much," He whispered, loving the wonderful hug he was being given.

"I am glad you are back." The queen said.

Luis gave a soft chuckle, pulling away from her. She cupped his cheeks, dipped in and kissed both his cheeks, making him feeling embarrassed. He was not a child anymore.


"What?" The queen gave a soft laugh. She knew that he was probably embarrassed with the whole kissing scene.

"I am not a child anymore."

"Of course," The queen said softly. "But you'll remain my sweet little prince. And that is the way it will be young man."

The royal family laughed together even as Luis moved to his sister, his beautiful sister. Her beauty was radiating and he couldn't help but admire her. Whoever was gonna marry her beautiful sister was gonna be one lucky guy.

"Hanna," Luis said softly, reaching for her hands. Then he held her hands, pulled her into a fierce hug and held her tightly. "I missed you a lot."

"You have no idea." Hanna said, enjoying her big brother's hug. "Welcome home, future king."

Luis chuckled softly. "Thank you so much, future queen."

They all laughed at the way they called each other names. They hugged for long, just patting on each other's back. Now Luis felt that he was home. He felt that his life was complete. There was nothing else left in his life.

"Welcome home, your highness." The maids bowed down to welcome the handsome prince. Hearing their wonderful welcome praises, Luis pulled away from his sister but held her hand. Then he looked at the wonderful maids in beautiful uniforms and smiled softly.

"Thank you so much."

With a final smile, a wink at his sister and a soft laugh, Luis moved his eyes to his mother and saw just how happy she was that he was home. He could see it from that wonderful radiating smile which seemed to call to his very soul.

"I hope it is not just that smile mom." Luis joked, winking at his mother. "I hope that there is something special waiting for me?"

"There is." The queen said, holding his hand. "Come inside and I'll show you how special your room is."

Luis looked at everyone and smiled. Then he followed his mother inside, walking on the huge red carpet which led inside the beautiful mansion. Entering the palace, Luis couldn't help but look around the huge living room they had entered. It was extremely beautiful and just on the left was another door which he clearly knew led to the throne room. Looking all around, he noticed that a lot of things had changed ever since he had left. The three diamond chandeliers in the living room were not there when he left.

He also noticed that there were many new things but everything else was still the same, elegant and classy. He had been to many places in the world but none of them were as elegant and beautiful as his palace. It was absolutely stunning. I mean, who lives in an 11 floor house. That person must be really rich but he understood since they were a royal family and one of the greatest rulers in the world. Their kingdom was the most peaceful one. People lived happily and enjoyed their beautiful rights.

He was walking towards the elevator, on a beautiful marble floor. On the near left was a huge door which led to the courtyard behind. He moved his eyes and stared at the longest spiral, gold staircase but why use a staircase when he had the best luxurious elevator?

He watched on the walls and saw beautiful pictures and got caught in them before his mother grabbed his attention and took him to the elevator. The king remained in the living room, reading his newspaper. It was just him, his mother and his sister. They climbed the elevator and talked about his life abroad, all the way to the 7th floor.

Reaching the 7th floor, they just walked a bit and reached a huge golden door, which was gonna, be his room. He was really excited to see what was waiting inside and how his mother had prepared the room. His heart was racing, literally dying to see what that room had to offer. He knew it was the best since his mother was a pro when it came to decorations.

"Alright, son," The queen smiled, letting go of his hand. "You may now open the door. But..." She held his hand which had already started moving to the knob. He looked at her and wondered what she was going to say. "...you need to tell me what you think of everything."

Luis smiled. "Of course, I will tell you as soon as I see what's behind this door." He said, quickly holding the golden knob.

Luis then took a deep and nervous breath. Then he quickly opened the door and froze, moving his eyes from side to side before he finally started entering the room. It was amazing...it was beautiful...it was classy...it was big, monster big. The aroma of the room filled his heart with joy and he just stood there, gaping at the room.

It was really huge and he couldn't believe it was his. In that room was the biggest bed that he had ever seen. It was really big. There was pink and white bedding which brightened the whole white room. On the far end was a living room, a fucking room with beautiful couches, a glass table and a fucking fire place. There was also a small wine dispenser...in his fucking room. There were also three other doors which he had no idea where they led but he was gonna find out. He tried the first door and found that it led to another room which had everything else that was in his other room, except the bed in that room was a water bed...a fucking water bed. What else could he ask for?

Luis checked the other room, a bathroom and what he saw was absolutely beautiful. There was the hugest hot water tub he had ever seen, a big Jacuzzi and multiple shower head system. Now this was the life he was gonna enjoy living and he was gonna show the people that he was back.

He checked the last room and it was huge, bigger than the room he was staying in at a five star hotel while he was abroad. It could take him forever to explore that room. It was a room where he would keep his clothes but what surprised him was that there were many clothes, shoes and different golden crowns for him there. He was in a hurry so he would ask later. There was only one place left, the balcony.

Without wasting anytime, Luis rushed to the balcony and opened the huge glass door, freezing on the way. He found another great surprise there. It was not an ordinary balcony. It was beautiful, elegant and contained luxurious things like a huge balcony swimming pool which wasn't there when he left and on the left was an outdoor fire pit living room. Now he was gonna be living the life with all the luxurious things. And there was also another wine dispenser. Fuck, his parents loved him too much.

Checking every beautiful thing, Luis rushed inside his room and found his mother, the queen smiling. He just rushed into her arms and planted kisses all over her face. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you."

He had no idea how to express the happiness that he felt. He only found he would express it through kissing her. He wanted to show her how special she was and how happy she had made him even though he was a dick at time. But she wouldn't know that because he had been abroad, he had been living his life.

"I will take that you like it." The queen literally sang, pulling Luis away from her. He looked deep in her eyes and gave her a happy smile just by looking at her. "I had the whole room renovated."

"It's beautiful." Luis babbled, looking around the room. That was when he noticed them, his photos and they were from the time he was really young. "And those are coming out." Luis pointed to his pictures. "There is no way I will be coming with my friends and they see those pictures."

"I think they are kinda cute." The queen jested, taking a quick glance at the pictures. "You were so cute and I love them a lot. Besides, which friend will come here and talk about them. Everyone passes through infancy and it is nothing to be ashamed of."

"Of course," The prince said, pulling away from his mother's arms. "I am not ashamed. I just don't like them. That's all."

"Okay." The queen had given up. Her son was as stubborn as ever. "I give up. You win. I will have someone remove them. Is that alright for you?"

"I am sure it's more than fine." Hanna jested, getting closer to her brother. "He is back so he will put anything that he wants. Besides, it is his room. And I must say," She moved her eyes to her brother. "You were one ugly baby.'

"Oh," Luis groaned, putting his arm on his sister's shoulder. He pulled her closer and ruffled her hair. "That is the definition of beauty. If you haven't seen that baby," He pointed to his baby pictures. "Then you haven't seen a beautiful baby."

They all laughed together. Luis was tired, he was sweaty though he knew he smelt of his cologne. He knew many would be dying to lick him clean if he just gave the word. But he needed a hot shower before hitting town to try and get raid. Did I forget to mention that little detail?

Well, Luis is gay and his not just gay. He's a gay playboy and he is very good at it. Man, he has even lost count of the number of asses that he had fucked while abroad. They were quite many and he really enjoyed them a lot, especially when they dance on his cock. Fuck! The guy doesn't even believe in love at all. His motto is, 'use them and dump them.' Why have money and stick to one guy? The more the merrier...the more the sweeter...the more he enjoys life. He loves them young and sweet and fresh, People from his age going down.

Actually, he hadn't been gay all his life. He became gay when he was 17 after breaking up with his girlfriend from high school. He had never believed in love since then and he had no idea if he was gonna get married, at least he had to enjoy them. Only fools believed in love...only idiots believed in meant to be...only stupid people fell in love. He had believed in love once but now, now he was gonna enjoy slamming his cock in men's asses and giving them money. Fuck, actually thinking about it was making him hungry, hungry for some hot, steaming sex.

"Luis," The queen got him out of his thoughts.


"I was saying I will assign a guard and a maid to your room."

"What?" Luis didn't need any pesky guard disturbing his privacy. He was the prince but he also needed his privacy. "Why? I don't need any guards in my room."

"Are you sure?" The queen nodded. "You need a maid to see to your every need, help you bath, clothe you, bring you breakfast and make sure that your clothes are in perfect conditions."

"Yeah," Luis sounded as if he was being forced to. In fact, he didn't want to. But a maid helping him bath? Yuck! Why would he allow a lady to touch his body? Fuck, No, maybe a guard at times. He could sure use a man's touch in the palace at times.

"I think I will call a guard when I need one. You may send anyone, I mean a male servant to help clean my room and stuff. I think I can manage on my own though. I will call one when I need one."

"Okay." Ruby caressed her son's cheeks. She didn't want to leave his side but she knew she had to leave him alone for a bit. After all, he had just arrived after a long journey. He was bound to be tired and probably needed a hot shower. "I think we will leave you to take a hot shower. Then you'll come down and join us for lunch."

"Sounds good." Luis smiled. "I'll see you in a bit."

Ruby was about to turn before she realized something. "Care for someone's help?"

"I think I can handle my own shower and clothes." Speaking of clothes, something crossed his mind. "By the way mom, I saw clothes in the..." He pointed towards the third door on the left. "What's up with that?"

"Oh," The queen cleared her voice. "I couldn't help but shop for you."

"And the size?"

"There is so much that you can find on social media nowadays." Hanna laughed, enjoying the stunned look on her brother's face.

"Thanks..." Luis gave a shy smile. "Thanks a lot. You saved from...thanks mom."

"It's fine," The queen smiled. "Now go take a shower and hurry up. We will be waiting for you downstairs okay?"

The queen and the princess gave Luis one final hug and then left him all alone. Luis still couldn't believe he was back home. He quickly took another exploration before finally throwing himself on the wonderfully comfortable bed. After what felt like an hour which was merely a few seconds, Luis got up, went to the huge TV and took out his flash from his pocket. He slipped it in the huge home theatre and Katy Perry's 'swish swish' filled the room.

Then slowly stretching, he stripped, buck naked and went to the huge bathroom where he had the most luxurious shower he had ever had in...forever. It was really beautiful and the song was adding to his pleasure. The good thing was that the speakers were also in the bathroom and he enjoyed the song. Especially Nicki Minaj's part,

'Mirror, mirror who's the fairest bitch in all the land?'

After shower, he found his bags already in the room. Luis slipped in a beautiful, black designer's skinny jean which fit on his body like a second skin. He matched it with a pink shirt which he tucked in. Then he slipped his feet into white snickers that made him look super cute. With gelled hair, a wonderful smile and the most expensive cologne, he was ready to hit town and probably get raid. But no way would he go alone, he needed to call his best friend, Charles. They literally did everything together and they had come back together from abroad.

Charles Roberts was the son of one of the richest men and cabinet member in Angria. They were both gay and did everything together, literally.

Realizing that he couldn't go alone, Luis quickly picked up his huge phone from the bed and dialed his friend's number. It was not long and the phone began ringing.

"What's up?"

"Where are we hanging?" Luis asked.

"I don't know." Charles' voice from the other end answered. "You tell me."

"Man, you know some cool places here. Just tell me."

"Are you planning on getting raid?" Charles laughed.

"Of course," Luis said, rolling his eyes even though he knew that Charles couldn't see him. "It's been four days man. I need some action. I don't know about you but..." He paused and looked around his room. Then he sighed audibly. "...I could use some ecstatic pleasure right now."

"You know where I stand." Charles said. "I might not be a play boy like you but..." he chuckled. "I do need to get raid once in a while. And I can gladly tell you that I need a good one right now."

Luis sighed. "What do you suggest we do?"

"We will meet at Ricardo hotel in town. It's one of the best."

"I have no problem with it." Luis sat on the bed. "But what about...the guys," He breathed, feeling his cock pulse when he thought about his sex days. "You know we need some guys to..." He breathed in between his teeth. "...satisfy us without fail."

"Don't worry," Charles reassured. "I have an old friend in town. He will be able to get some guys for us. They will meet us there and we are gonna have a good time. I don't know about you but I am going to fuck him good."

"Hmm," Luis licked his lips sensually. "Yummy!" He gave a low moan of pleasure, drawing an ecstatic laugh from Charles. "See you later."

Luis cut the call and slipped the phone in his pocket. He loved the conversation he had just had with his best friend. He could almost taste the smell of sex in the air. He could almost hear the moans of ecstatic pleasure while fucking the guy. He could almost feel the vibrations of ecstasy travelling to his entire body while he moans in pleasure. Fuck, he just wanted to taste an Angrian ass and then more and more.

Shaking his head, Luis quickly pulled his mind from the erotic thoughts in his mind. Why think about them when he was actually gonna do them in a few hours?

Luis got up from the bed and went downstairs to the huge dining room which was elegant in its own style. He had a wonderful conversation over a scrumptious lunch with his parents. The lunch might have taken quite some time but it was worth every second. He loved being with his family once more. After lunch, he talked some more but when he glanced at his watch, he realized that it was rather getting late. It was almost 2 in the afternoon. He had to leave so that he could come back early.

"Um..." He started. "Father, I need to go out."

"Go out?" The king sounded confused. His son had just come back a few hours ago and now he was talking about going out. "Why do you wanna out?"

"We wanna take a ride around town."


"Yes," He chuckled softly. "Charles and I. We had planned on doing this for a long time and now we wanna check it out. You know a lot has changed ever since I left. I am a prince of this land and I need to be familiar with everything, don't you agree?"

"Sure," The king nodded, smiling at his son. "Just take some guards with you."

"Guards?" Luis didn't like the idea at all. Why would he need guards to be monitoring him? Oh hell no! He needed his privacy. "I don't think I need guards." He chuckled. "I can handle myself, father."

"No!" The king disagreed. "You can't go out without guards. What about your crown?"

"I am going to explore the city." Luis laughed. "I am not going to some social gathering or something. I will be back."
"It's either you take guards or you won't go anywhere." The queen said in a commanding voice. "It's for your safety son."

"Okay." Luis raised his hands in the air as if he was surrendering. He knew the conversation wasn't gonna go anywhere especially with persistent parents like his. "Can I at least take one guard and a driver?"

"As long as you have a guard," The king said simply.

"Thanks." Luis quickly rose from the couch and gave kisses to everyone in the living room. He sure loved how things worked out for him. But that issue of taking guards was something that he was gonna have to deal with. He was not some kid anymore.

Happy with the outcome of the situation, Luis began heading for the door before he suddenly turned back. He had remembered something else. "Wait! Where is granny?"

The king smiled. "Mother just went to visit the next town. She will be back tomorrow before the royal ball."

"Royal ball?" Luis gasped, wondering why there was gonna be a royal ball. "May I know what that royal ball is all about? Anyway, forget it."

Then Luis left with a guard and a driver. He had no idea what the king had planned for him. King Julian's plan was to make his son choose a bride from daughters of the richest and influential men in his kingdom. That was the plan.

Luis on the other hand was happy. He was happy he was gonna nail some guy in just a matter of few minutes. That guy was gonna remember him for sure because he was a great fucker. He always gave it to them hard and rough, just the way he liked it.

Luis gave the address to his driver and in just an hour, they reached the hotel and boy was it big. It was really big but nothing compared to the royal hotel which they owned in the town centre. Luis quickly got out, called his friend and told his guard and driver to wait for him outside.

"But your highness," The guard stuttered. "I am told to keep an eye on you. I must never..."

"What?" Luis' voice sounded angry. First his father had told him to take a stupid guard. And now the stupid guard was not following his orders. "Are you trying to ruin my privacy? Haven't you heard of privacy?"

"I am sorry my prince." The guard bowed. "But..."

"Wait for me here and that's an order. Now if you don't want to follow orders then you are useless. I will have you fired in no time."

"I am sorry my prince."

Without responding, Luis turned around and made a grand entrance into the elegant hotel. It was really beautiful but not like his hotel. It was just unique in its own way. Entering the beautiful hotel, Luis noticed that he was already gathering some people's attention. Some people might have recognized him as a prince but others just stared at him because he was really handsome and he knew it very well. He walked elegantly while some people drooled just by looking him. He was a really delicious looking man and he loved the attention but he was going to meet his friend at the reception so the fans had to wait until later.


"Thank you so much." Aidan said to the lovely looking guest who had left a wallet in the restaurant. He had just brought the wallet to the man and received a huge tip. Aidan loved the tip and there was no way he could have denied such a great tip.

Quickly turning away from the man, Aidan slipped the money into his pocket and began heading towards the restaurant. He had a tray and a menu with him since he waited the restaurant at Ricardo hotel. It was such a great hotel and it was an honor to have been accepted as a waiter. Aidan was putting on a black and white uniform and a tight bowtie which made him look sexy. He had his hair in a pony tail and it still surprised him how the hair could still reach his back.

Aidan was smiling, heading to the restaurant which was pretty close to him. He was happy with the tip but he had his mind concentrated all the time. He was almost near before he felt someone bump into him. The man seemed strong and Aidan was sent flying to the tiled floor. He dropped his tray and menu and fell down on his ass. It hurt and he expected whoever had bumped into him to at least apologize for doing it.

Hitting the floor, Aidan quickly raised his face to see whoever that had bumped into him. It was just a muscular guy who seemed pretty rich too. He couldn't quite see his face but he saw a pink shirt and black skinny jean. What surprised him was that he expected the man to say a simple 'sorry' but he just passed him without even looking down at him. Aidan's eyes moved to look at the man who was going away, without uttering a word. He was greatly surprised.

"What a jerk." Aidan said softly, getting up from the floor. He wanted to confront the man, tell him just what was on his mind but he was gonna let it slip. He was probably some rich guy who was full of himself. Aidan wasn't used to being quite but he was gonna letting it.

Getting up from the floor as he slowly nodded, he quickly picked up the menu and tray. Then he took a quick glance at the jerk that had bumped into him. Then he hissed and went back to the restaurant and continued with his daily job. He couldn't let a stupid man to get to him. He was gonna pretend as if nothing happened.


Luis on the other hand had felt that he bumped into someone while going to the reception. Of course, he had known the person he had bumped into had fallen down. But he didn't care about anything. He was the prince and deserved to be respected like one so apologizing was out of the league. He couldn't apologize to someone. In fact, that someone should have apologized to him for bumping into royalty. Lucky for that person, Luis had just spotted his friend. Otherwise he would have demanded for an apology.

"Hey," Luis said softly, extending his hand to greet his friend. He pulled him into a great and fierce hug that was warm and cozy.

"What's up?" Charles chuckled.

"Is everything ready?"

"Everything is ready." Charles laughed. "You will find yours in room 552 while I screw mine in 553."

Luis couldn't bring himself to saying anything. He just gave a teasing laugh and stared at his friend. Charles was 25, tall, muscular and a great child friend of Luis. He had deep blue eyes, black hair and his skin was tanned. He was a really great friend and a major in business management.

"Are you ready?"

"Sure." Luis chuckled.

With a smirk and an evil grin, both guys laughed and headed towards the elevator. Their day of fun had just begun for them. They were gonna fuck and fuck and fuck till they satisfy their sexual appetites. It was game on.


"Fuck!" Luis groaned as he slammed his cock deeper into the guy's ass, feeling the pleasure travelling to the rest of his body. He had the guy on all fours, slamming his cock deeper and fucking him doggy style.

"Yeah," The guy moaned, pushing his ass out to meet Luis' hard and relentless thrusts. "Right there...oh, fuck...oh..."

Luis enjoyed the great moans of pleasure and the erotic sound coming from the guy he was fucking. It seemed like the guy was enjoying his cock more than Luis was enjoying his ass. But he understood the guy very well. Everyone he had fucked in his life couldn't get enough of his pleasuring dick.

"Do you want this cock?" Luis moaned, thrusting his hips forward. His cock went in deeper than it had gone before, violating the guy's prostate. He enjoyed the wonderful pleasurable vibration that overtook his body each time he thrust in. He had a rubber on but he could still feel the pleasure each time he fucked into the guy.

"Oh yes," The guy moaned, moving his hands to his own cock. He loved feeling that huge cock in his ass. He began stroking his cock, enjoying the wonderful pleasure he was getting. "Fuck me...harder."

Hearing the guy's demands, Luis gave an evil chuckle. He loved it when they begged to be fucked harder than he was fucking them. Luis gripped the guy's hips, holding him firmly. Then he got his cock almost all the way out and then with a swift, drove his cock, harder, deeper and violently.

"Ah."The guy groaned. Luis could feel him squirming in his arms.

Then again, Luis got his cock out and dug in, making sure that he was hitting the prostate as hard as he could. The way his cock vibrated was intensifying, pleasurable and captivating. He could feel strands of sweet vibrations moving up and down his cock. He moaned loudly, fucking the guy so deep...so hard...so violent. He loved how the guy moaned and clenched on the sheets while shuddering and squirming. Luis could feel the guy's gasps, telling him that the guy was in immense pleasure.

"You enjoy that, uh?"

"Yeah..." The guy's voice was a loud cry of ecstasy. Luis could tell that the guy was enjoying it from the way his cries of ecstasy escaped his throats and the way he moved his ass to meet his pulsing cock. Luis moved his hand, pushed the guy's back and pinned him to the mattress. Then the real fucking began. Luis began thrusting into the guy like never before. He fucked him...fucked his brains out and everything that the guy had. He fucked him real good, feeling each thrust bring him closer.

Moans of pleasure filled the entire room and the prince was sweating like he had never sweated before. The guy he was fucking was a bit fat and his ass was huge...it was sweet. And the way it vibrated each time his pubes hit on it was just amazing. Luis couldn't help but watch it wiggle while he fucked.

Watching that big ass wiggle, Luis moved his hands and held his head while he fucked the guy. There was a time he stopped fucking the guy and the guy took over and danced on his cock. Fuck, it was too much and his orgasm built up real quickly. He breathed in deeply, fucked the guy so hard and then arched his back. He gave out a loud cry of ecstasy and began coming. He came so hard that he felt the condom being filled. His cock just swam in his cum. Fuck, it was beautiful.

Luis pulled his cock and collapsed on the bed. He watched the guy stroke himself till he came. There were no emotions attached so he didn't quite care whether the guy hadn't gotten off when he was fucking him. Come to think of it, he could remember very well the guy had come twice while fucking him. Guess, the guy couldn't get enough of him.

Luis removed his condom, threw it on the floor and he rested for a few minutes. Then it was game time once again. This time the guy rode his cock and the other two he just fucked him in the positions that he loved the most. It was exquisite and by the time he finished the fifth round, he felt tired...he was sweaty...he felt drained and sleepy. He just lay on the bed watching his flaccid cock as he breathed like it was the end of the world. Fuck that had been an adventurous fuck.

"So," the guy started, moving seductively closer to Luis as if he was about to kiss him. "Do you want..."

"No!" Luis blocked his lips with his hands. He never kissed. It was disgusting. "I think you should go and take a shower." Luis said, grabbing a glass of wine from the small table.

He watched as the guy moved from the bed, wiggling his big ass. Fuck, he loved that ass a lot. It was big and bubbly, just the way he liked it. He couldn't help but give a teasing whistle. If only he could fuck that ass again. But he couldn't do it. Five rounds was enough and the day was almost over.

Luis enjoyed his wine, waiting for the guy to come out of the shower. In just a few minutes, the guy came out, got dressed and climbed on the bed, probably waiting to get paid.

Luis got the hint. He took his jean from the floor and pulled out his wallet. Then he got out all the money he had in there, not caring how much. He handed the money to the guy and watched as his face brightened up. He loved teasing them with his money after giving them a hot fuck.

"Is all this..."

"Take it all." Luis signaled. "It's all yours. Call it a reward for the great fucking. You sure have a great ass." He slowly rose and slapped the guy's ass.

"No client has ever given me this much." The guy smiled, giving Luis a seductive look. It was clear the guy had no idea Luis was the prince. "This money is so much. If you want, we can meet again and you can fuck me anytime you want. I want to see you again."

Luis gave a mocking laughter, slowly balancing between the pillows. "Look...Serious..."

"Salas," The guy corrected.

"Whatever," Luis didn't care what the guy's name. "It was good and I mean it was good. But I am just a onetime guy. I usually don't stick to one guy okay. But maybe if you get lucky, you might get a taste of my joystick. But don't sweat it."


"I said don't sweat it." He said, rising from the bed. Then he moved away. "Now if you excuse me, I have to get ready. I have other things to do."

After saying what he had to say, Luis picked cum filled condoms from the floor and flushed them down the toilet. Then he took a hot, massaging shower that made him feel good. By the time he came back to the room, the guy was already gone. It was good while it lasted. He wondered who was gonna be the next guy to feel the impact of his cock.

Fuck! His adventures had just begun. Luis gave a soft chuckle and then picked his clothes from the floor. He got dressed, fixed himself up and left the room. He was now sexually satisfied. He could now have a goodnight sleep without thinking about sex, at least for a day.


Luis was seated in the back of his car, reliving the wonderful moments that had happened to him. He was sexually satisfied and most importantly, he was able to breathe again. He felt alive and like he was on top of the world. After fucking the guy, he had gone to Charles' room and they had talked about the satisfaction they got from the guys they fucked. After, they had a few glasses of champagne and parted ways after that. But they promised each other that it was not going to be their last day of fun. They promised to taste what Angria had to offer.

Luis was so lost in his memories that he had no idea they had stopped to give way to the people passing in the street. The next thing he heard was a loud bang, getting him out of his memory lane. He looked confused and wondered what was going on. He had glasses on and he was not planning on removing them.

"What's going on?" Luis asked his driver and guard. "What was that loud sound?"

The guard turned and looked at him. "Someone bumped into the car." The guard said simply. "I think it is a man with a rickshaw."

"What?" Luis didn't like the idea of a rickshaw bumping into his car. "You mean someone with a common rickshaw bumped into my expensive machine?"

"Don't worry, my prince." The guard said, bowing his head to show respect. "I will handle it."

"This car better not be scratched." Luis' mood just changed. He didn't like the idea of his expensive car getting scratched. "If it is, make that man pay for it okay?"

"Don't worry, my prince." The guard said, opening the front door. He got out and found a scared man in a rickshaw. His eyes just went to the place where it had bumped the car. And his suspicions were right. The car had been scratched badly. Just in front, near the headlight was a really big scratch. He knew how to handle such issues and he was gonna make the man regret his decisions.

"Hey," The guard said, signaling the scared man with his hand. He had a sword with him and a gun but he was not gonna use them. He had even left them in the car. "Hey, come out here."

"Please," The man begged, quickly coming out of his rickshaw. "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"Have you seen what you have done?" The guard's voice was harsh and loud. He immediately drew the attention of few people passing in the street. "Just look," He pointed to the huge scratch. "Look what you have done. Now what are you going to do about it."

"I am sorry," The blonde middle aged man seemed scared. "It wasn't intentional and..."

"I don't care what it was." The guard dismissed rudely. "I need you to pay for it. This car costs a billion times more than that rickshaw." He said, pointing to the small green rickshaw. "I will need money to repair it so..."

"Please," The man begged, throwing himself at the feet of the guard. "I can tell that you are a guard from the royal palace. The king will..."

"The king will do nothing so..." He extended his hand and opened his palms. "...put it there."

"Even if I sell my rickshaw and everything that I own I will not have the money." The man begged. People were watching from a distance. They couldn't get into the affairs of what was going on. They just watched as the guard harassed the poor man. "Just look at me and my clothes." His clothes sure looked dirty. "I am nothing but a poor man. The rickshaw is what I use to support myself. Please, at least, let me talk to your boss. I am sure he will understand."

"The prince will not be talked to." The guard dismissed. "Now give me the money or I'll deal with you physically."

"Please," the man begged, crying. "Have mercy on me."

The guard was getting impatient. He quickly rushed to the man and got him up, looking at him as if he was gonna beat the hell out of him. The man simply put his hands together and begged while the guard demanded money from him.


Aidan had just completed his shift at the hotel. He was now going back home, to see his granny and his brother. He was really excited and couldn't wait to get home and see them. He had been at the hotel since morning and had just knocked off at exactly 5.pm. He was just in an old t-shirt which his granny had bought him on his last birthday and a blue cargo short. He had a bag on his back and his long hair was still in a ponytail.

Aidan was slowly walking in the street when he saw the whole commotion. It was a guard and he was harassing a man in the street. He could tell from that dark green uniform which looked like a combat, a black shiny hat and a big belt that the guard was from the palace. Realizing that the guard was from the royal palace, Aidan wondered what the man had done wrong.

Looking at him, Aidan could tell that the man was even older than the royal guard, making him wonder what the man had done to anger the guard. Guards couldn't go out alone, especially not with that type of car. From the look of things he was either with the royal official but not one of the royal family members because if so then many cars would have accompanied them.

Looking at the man, Aidan felt really sorry for him. He tried to avoid the issue but he just couldn't watch it go like that. And when he heard about the topic of the whole commotion, he couldn't just stand and watch. He knew that his job was to at least help the man.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan ran faster towards the scene. He was just in time to stop the guard from making a big mistake of trying to slap the man.

"Hey," Aidan called, rushing towards the guard and the man. Everyone else was just watching from a distance. "Hey stop that."

He quickly rushed to the guard and used his little power to let the guard leave the man.

"What has he done?"

"Hey, little boy," The guard warned, pointing his finger angrily. "Stay out issues which do not concern you."

Aidan ignored the guard and turned to the trembling man. He held his trembling hands. "What did you do?"

"I...I accidentally bumped into his car and..." He gulped, pointing to the scratch on the big car. "He is demanding a huge sum of money. I told him I don't have the money and..."

"It's okay." Aidan turned to the guard and lost his smile. "Is that the reason why you wanted to beat him, because of a scratch?"

"Hey little boy, I told you to stay out of this so..."

"You should be ashamed of yourself." Aidan reprimanded. "Just take a good look at the man you are harassing. He is poor and he told you that he doesn't have the money. Where do you expect him to get such a huge amount of money?"
"Little boy..."

"What?" Aidan yelled, getting closer to the guard. "Are you gonna beat me up or what? It is just a scratch and I can see that you come from the royal palace. You can easily fix that scratch and it will be as good as new. You can beat this poor man here but he will never give you anything because he is poor."

"Look, the prince..."

"The prince," Aidan gave a teasing chuckle. "So the prince is the one in that car, uh?" He asked. "That is the more reason why he should understand and..."

"I told you little..."

"It is useless talking to you." Aidan shrugged, feeling himself get angry. "We are poor but that doesn't mean that we will allow anyone to step on us. I want to see your prince."


"You know what?" Aidan moved away and went to the dark tinted window. He couldn't see a thing but he knew the prince was in there. And he had been thinking that the prince was abroad. The most annoying part was that the prince just watched as his guard harassed that poor man.

Aidan moved his hand up and knocked on the window.

"What are you doing?" The guard yelled. "Who gave you the right to..."

But Aidan was deaf to those words. He just gave a loud knock and hoped the prince would open the window. He didn't care the consequences because he was the type of guy who liked to speak his mind. He was not scared or anything.

On the other hand, Luis watched through the glass as the cute guy who he had been eyeing ever since he saved the man knock on the window. He was really cute, the cutest guy Luis had ever laid his eyes on. He had the longest hair he had ever seen on anyone before. His green eyes were really beautiful and his body was appealing. That was the type of boy Luis would love to fuck each day. But he hated the guy. He was more than pissed, who gave the boy the audacity to knock on the window of the prince. He didn't appreciate it at all.

"Lower the window." The prince commanded.

Aidan watched as the window started to lower, revealing a man who seemed muscular and cute. He was really handsome even while he was wearing glasses and the car was elegant too. But he had a mission and his mission was to tell the man what was on his mind.

"Excuse me." Aidan said softly. "How can you sit here and watch as your guard harasses a man like that?"

"Hey, don't talk to the prince."

"So he is the prince." Aidan chuckled. Normally, he was supposed to fear like the people who were watching from a distance but he didn't even have any sense of fear. He was gonna be courageous and help the poor old man out.

"You should stop that guard of yours." Aidan suggested. His eyes never left the arrogant looking prince. "These people are gonna be your subjects one day."

"And why should I?" The prince didn't even get his glasses off or look at Aidan once. His voice even sounded quite rude.

"The man has no money." Aidan was trying to make himself calm. "He is just a poor man."

"Well, he should have thought of that before bumping into my car. He is going to pay for that scratch and I don't know how. But I am not leaving here without my..."

"And where do you expect that money to come from?" Aidan's voice was rising. He didn't care whether he was talking to the prince or not. "I should have known. It is useless to talk to you. You have a whole lot of money and many business firms but you just decide to prey on the poor like us. Haven't you even learnt about respecting your elders? That man you just allowed your guard to harass is your elder. Just because you are prince doesn't give you the right to step on people."

"What?" Luis had lost it. The boy speaking to him didn't even show any form of respect. He could feel anger building in him. The boy was disrespecting him in public.

"Hey, little boy..."

"Is the prince dumb or what?" Aidan said rudely. "I am talking to him so don't you dare interfere buddy." The guard took a step behind. Never had he encountered such a fierce boy, a boy who could talk to a prince as if he was talking to his mate. Aidan then moved his eyes to the prince. "Now, your highness, will you allow the..."

"How dare you?" The prince yelled, panting. "Who do you think you are to talk to me in that manner? Don't you..."

Aidan gave a soft chuckle. "Like I said your highness, let the man go. I am sure that you have plenty of money at home and you can easily repair your car. Leave the poor man alone. He's older than you and I think he deserves some respect even from you."

Luis couldn't believe what he was hearing. Never in his life had he been humiliated like that. And that too in front of the people that was watching. He couldn't take it anymore. He was gonna show the boy why he was the prince of Angria. He was gonna show him why he deserved respect from everyone.

"How dare..."

"I will handle it." The prince said before the guard could even finish his sentence. "Open the door."

The guard rushed to the door and opened it, bowing before moving away. The prince slowly got out of the car, stood in front of the boy and took a long look at him, enjoying the look on his face. It was clear the boy was definitely interested in him.

On the other hand, Aidan's eyes widened and his mouth gaped when he realized just who the guy who was standing in front of him was. A pink shirt, black skinny jean...this was the same guy that had rudely bumped into him without apologizing. He couldn't take his eyes off him. This was definitely the guy and he was gonna give him a piece of his mind.

"You," Aidan gasped, touching his chest in mocking astonishment. "So it's you, uh?"

"What?" Luis shrugged, trying to understand the crazy boy. "Look, I don't have time for..."

"I know you." Aidan said, rubbing the side of his temple. "You are the jerk who bumped into me at the hotel without apologizing."

"Excuse me?" Luis was getting mad by the second. "Did you just call me...a jerk? You do realize you are talking to a prince, right?"

"Right now, I don't even care if I am talking to the prime minister." Aidan said simply as if it was not a big deal. "You are a prince, I agree. But has anybody ever told you that you are a jerk?" The gasp from the crowd of people after Aidan called the prince a jerk made him realize just how high his voice was but he definitely didn't care. Someone needed to put some sense into the crazy guy.

"Hey..." The signal from the prince's hand had the guard's mouth shut.

"Did you just call me a jerk?"

"Do you see anyone else here who fits that description?" Aidan declared, moving his little finger around. "I only see one and that's you. First, you bumped into me at work and you didn't even apologize and now you are allowing your guard to harass a poor man. We might be poor but we have the rights to speech okay? I don't see in the part of the constitution where..."

"You know, I will pretend as if I didn't hear that." The prince chuckled softly, meanwhile anger was building up. He had never been disrespected like that in his life before and from the look of things, by a pauper. "You bumped into me and you are very lucky I didn't retaliate otherwise, you are just a stupid little boy who definitely needs some spanking. Coming back to the issue at hand, that man," He pointed to the scared looking man. "He scratched my machine and he is going to pay for it. There is nothing you can do about it because I have spoken."

Aidan gave a soft teasing chuckle. "Is that a challenge, your highness?"

"No!" The prince said simply. "It's an order. Now if you excuse me, I have better things to do. I don't have time for the likes of you." The prince turned to leave before he heard Aidan speak.

"You have said what you had to say, but look what a pauper can do." With that, the prince turned, folded his arms and leaned to the car. He watched as the boy moved towards the man he was defending.

Reaching the man, Aidan smiled softly. "I am really sorry for all this okay." The man nodded but he was still trembling. "Everything is fine now. You can go home."

The man's face brightened as his eyes watered. "Thank you so much for this. May the almighty bless you and grant you with your every wish. I will never forget your kindness."

"It's fine." Aidan smiled. "Everything is fine now."

The man held Aidan's hands and then he rushed in his rickshaw and drove off while the prince and everyone else watched. People wondered who the boy was, the boy who had the nerves to challenge a great and powerful prince like Luis. They wondered why he spoke with so much confidence and power. But they were scared of what the prince might do.

Luis on the other hand had watched what the boy had done. He was instantly filled with so much anger and rage. That was definitely a challenge and he was not gonna allow a commoner to disrespect him in front of all those people, never.

Realizing what the boy had done, Luis quickly removed his glasses and gave them to the stunned guard. Then he abruptly moved towards the boy and waited for him to turn before he gave him angry eyes. He hated what the boy had done. But he couldn't help hide the fact that the boy was stunningly beautiful with his green eyes. He was perfect.

Slowly turning with a smile on his face which he lost when he looked at Luis, Aidan met the angry eyes of the prince. The guy had grey eyes but he didn't care because the prince was such a jerk.

"What are you trying to do, uh?" The prince yelled, gripping the boy's arm. "Are you trying to get my attention or what?"

So the prince could get angry, Aidan thought as he looked at the hands that gripped him. Well, news flash, so could he.

"First you can start by getting your hands off me." Aidan said as he used his hands to pull away from the prince, leaving him stunned. "You don't wanna touch a pauper like me." He gave a soft chuckle. "Secondly, I am not trying to catch your attention or stuff. I was only trying to get you to understand which you didn't." Then he got closer to the prince. "I expected you to show some respect to elders but turns out you are just too spoilt."

"Excuse me?"

"Yes!" Aidan hollered. "The king is a very generous man, he would have definitely understood the situation but you...you are the opposite of him. You are such a jerk and I am sorry for saying this. But I don't care where I end up from now but the thing is that I have already told you what I needed to tell you."

"Don't you dare speak to me in that..."

"Well, respect is reciprocal, my prince." Aidan said as if it was such a good thing. "And for the attention thing, I wouldn't do that because you are the last thing on my mind right now. Why would I want to seek the attention of the greatest jerk I have ever met in my life? You might be a prince and all but seriously I simply don't care. The thing I know is that you are jerk and even if you were the last man on earth, i wouldn't even look at you twice."

The gasps from the people that were watching hit Prince Luis like lightning. He had been in a good mood, fucked a big ass guy and got satisfied but now, now he was angry. He was fuming. A commoner had just disrespected him in public.

"You have just exceeded your limit young boy." Luis warned, pointing his finger angrily. "But I know that you are seeking my attention. Boys like you want men like us and..."

Aidan gave a teasing chuckle. "You." He pointed at the prince. "Me, seek attention from you? Not even in your dreams. I am trying not to be disrespectful but you are pushing me to the wall. I am really sorry my prince but I am not like that. I am not an attention seeker. In fact, I have so much attention that I don't need any more. I can't seek attention from the greatest jerk I have ever met. But what can I expect? Rich people always think they are above all. You need to learn about respect and maybe, just maybe people can seek attention from you."

The word hit Luis like a million volts of electricity. His body jerked, followed by a tightening in his chest.

"I think boys like you..."

"I would have loved to stay and chat a bit but I have better things to do." Aidan said with a chuckle. "And I have more important people waiting. I don't have to stay here and exchange words with a jerk."

After saying that to Prince Luis, Aidan smiled mocking and quickly turned to leave before he was blocked by the guard. He stopped and took a quick look at him, and then he used his hand and got the stunned guard out of the way. Then he began walking away to the stunned looks of people's faces. It was clear that they were scared. As he was walking he suddenly started wondering

What he had done. But who cares? He just hoped it wouldn't land him into much trouble.


"Should I..."

"No!" Prince Luis said. He was angry and he was gonna make the boy pay should he see him somewhere. "Let's go."

The guard opened the door for Prince Luis and they drove off. Luis was really mad and the anger he felt couldn't be masked. It was clear from his face. A commoner had just insulted him in public which had never happened to him before. Instead of using force to make the boy pay, he was gonna return the gesture should he see the boy. He was madder than he had ever been.

The rest of the journey home, Luis only thought about the incident that had happened to him a few minutes ago. It kept on playing on his mind but he was find that boy and he was gonna make him regret ever crossing his path. He was gonna show him exactly while he was not to be messed with.

Reaching the palace, Luis entered and it was already dark. He was welcomed by his family but he was not thinking straight. Normally, he would have forgotten about everything and just think about the fucking session but he had been insulted, humiliated and embarrassed. He was not gonna let it go and...

"Luis," King Julian called, wondering what the hell was wrong with his son. "Are you okay?"

Luis raised his face to his father. "No!" He said angrily.

"What is it?" The queen was concerned for her son. "You sound angry. Did anything happen?"

"Why shouldn't I be angry?" Luis realized that he had just yelled. "I am sorry, mom." He apologized.

"It's okay." She said softly. "Why are you angry?"

"Someone had just insulted and humiliated me." Thinking about what had happened really made him clench his fists. He swore he was gonna find that boy and make him pay for what he did.

"What?" Queen Ruby yelled. "And what did your guard do? Did that person hurt you or something?"

"No!" Luis smiled faintly. He was burning up with anger.

"Tell me the name of that person and I will punish..."

"No mother," Luis chimed in. "Don't worry about it. I will handle it myself."

"Are you sure?" the king asked. "You know you can always..."

"It's fine, dad." Luis said. "I will handle it."

Luis felt he needed to brighten his face up. He had a long chat with his family and then had a wonderful dinner with them. Then he chatted some more before finally retiring to his room. He poured himself some wine to get things off his mind and made use of his swimming pool balcony. But no matter what he did, the incident couldn't leave his mind.

Realizing how restless he was becoming, Luis grabbed a robe and called the guard he had been with to his room. He realized that there was only one way he was gonna have some peace of mind.

"You do remember that boy from earlier, right?"

"Yes, my prince." The guard bowed.

"Okay." He was really happy. "I need you to find him and give me every detail about him."

"I am so sorry, your highness." The guard apologized. "I don't know if I will find him. You know Angria is such a big kingdom."

"He spoke of work." Luis said, travelling down memory lane. "He said that I bumped into him while he was at work. My guess is, he works at Ricardo hotel. I am sure you will find something there. Go there and find him."

"Yes," The guard bowed and left.

Luis removed his robe and just remained in his boxer brief. He was really happy with the outcome of the situation. No one insults him and gets away with it, no one. He was gonna show that boy why he was the future king of Angria.

With a soft chuckle and an evil grin, Luis climbed into bed and slipped the covers on himself. He was gonna find that boy and give him a piece of hard coal. The game was not over yet. It was only gonna be over when he gets his revenge.

Will Luis' revenge on Aidan be fulfilled or will he get another bitter pill?

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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