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Unbroken - 18. Chapter 18: Aidan is faced with a very tough situation. How will he handle it?

Aidan and granny appeared right in the castle living room, holding each other's hands. As soon as he appeared, Aidan quickly rubbed the tear which had fallen when he appeared. He let go of granny's hand and stood still, staring down at the floor.

"Hey!" He heard Ethan's happy voice.

Aidan quickly moved his eyes to the direction of the voice and got emotional when he saw Ethan and his baby rushing towards him. Even though he was happy seeing Ethan, his eyes were on his baby. He was looking cute and Aidan hadn't realized how much he had missed him until he saw him at that very time.

With a happy smile, Aidan rushed to his brother and gripped his arm, pulling him into a tight hug. Tears started coming out on their own and he couldn't control them. He just wanted to cry and hold his brother and later his baby. He was just too emotional.

"Oh my God!" Ethan chuckled. "You don't know how much I missed you. I was so scared that you wouldn't come back."

"No." Aidan chuckled, trying his best to hide his pain. "I told you I would return, didn't I?"

"Yes!" Ethan pulled away and then kissed his head, rubbing softly on his sweet cheeks.

By the time Ethan was pulling away from him, Aidan was in tears. They had completely flooded his face. He tried his best to hide those tears but his brother already saw them. He moved his hands up and started rubbing them from his brother's face. Aidan chuckled and grinned at his brother.

"Hey!" Ethan sighed. "Why are you crying? Did something bad happen to you while you were there?"

"I just missed all of you." He looked at everyone including Justin who looked like he was frozen, standing a distance away from them all. "And I... I missed my son." Aidan leant forward, taking his son from Ethan's arms. He held him tighter, planting soft kisses on his head. His son seemed to have missed him too as he started crying.

"Shh..." Aidan said softly, holding him tightly. "Daddy is here. I will never leave you again."

Aidan smiled at everyone and started soothing his baby, trying to make him calm. In a few seconds the baby's cries seized and he started giggling. Aidan was happy. He was really happy but the tears in his eyes couldn't stop flowing. It was like they had a mind of their own. They just flowed even through the happiness that he felt. He had missed his baby so much that he wanted to just spend his entire day with him. He didn't want to leave him all alone.

Granny just stood still, staring at Aidan and the baby. She could see through Aidan's pain and happiness. She completely understood him. She knew exactly why he was crying even though he was hiding it in those gorgeous smiles. Oh! She was happy he was back and that he had defeated the evil seeker but something more had come. It was really painful for her too but she had to support him.

"I missed you." Aidan heard Justin's voice right behind him. He made a quick turn, finding Justin with the brightest smile ever.

Aidan smiled and tried to open his mouth but before he did, Justin rushed to him and gave him a really tight hug. That was actually the first hug that they shared together but it was absolutely wonderful and it made Aidan really happy. Justin was holding him tightly, patting on his back.

"I wanted to come but... we had to remain with the baby. I am glad you are back."

Aidan took a deep sigh. "I am glad I am back too. I missed all of you. Thank you so much."

Justin smiled brightly and then pulled away from the hug. Aidan smiled back, holding his baby tightly. He felt a hand on his shoulder and when he looked past his shoulder he found granny with a bright smile. She squeezed his shoulder and then chuckled happily.

"Thank you." Aidan said.

Granny came right in front of him and rubbed his face clean. "You look so much better without those tears. Now stop this entire emotional thing unless you want me to start crying. We are no longer in Angria."

"I will." Aidan said with a smile. "I will stop and I won't cry anymore." He held his son tighter with the other hand and then squeezed granny's hand with the other. "Thanks for coming there for me. You really, really made me feel better. You are the best granny in the whole wide world."

"Oh..." Granny pulled him close and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. "That's sweet of you. You actually don't know what that makes me feel. I feel really happy and I am glad you are back." She chuckled. "And I know that you are hungry..."

"I am starving." Aidan said. "I never had anything to eat since I left this place."

"Alright." Granny said, pinching his cheeks softly. "Why don't you stay here with the boys while I fix something for all of us? I am pretty sure that you they too are really hungry."

Aidan nodded and then smiled. Granny patted on his shoulder and then left for the kitchen. Aidan sat on the couch, still holding his bundle of joy. He didn't want to let him go. The way he was staring at Aidan... the little smile on his cute face... the warmth emanating from him... his smells. They were all adding to his joy and happiness. But his handsome little face was reminding him of Luis and the words that he had been saying. Instead of seeing his son each time he stared at him, he kept on seeing two faces, that of his son and that of Luis. It was hurting him terribly but he wasn't gonna show that or even tell anyone about it.

"Hey..." Ethan rested his hand on his shoulder. "How did it go? Did you send his ass to hell or what?"

Ethan's words sent the three men into laughter. Aidan knew that Ethan was trying to make him feel better. He loved his brother so much because he always did everything just for him and his happiness. That was what he wanted in a true brother. If in his next life he would be asked to choose a brother, it would definitely be Ethan and no one else. He would love to have a family just like that.

"Yes!" Aidan laughed softly. "I did exactly that..."

"Oh come on." Justin chirped. "We all want details on what was going on..."

"Yes!" Granny hollered all the way from the kitchen. "Do just that. I am also dying to listen to that story."

Aidan chuckled and planted another kiss on his son's cheeks. Then he dived into the story. He told them everything that had happened. There were moments when he was laughing after remembering what had happened and there were moments when he was just scaring them with the story. They were really happy. He had to shout out just to make granny listen to his story. He was just happy that he was able to make them smile and feel extremely happy.

"... and then I restored the kingdom but I definitely had no idea that I had used too much energy. I lost consciousness and woke up in Luis'..." Aidan trailed off when he realized what he had just been about to say. His smile faded, replaced by a frown. He was mad again. He was hurt and all the words that Luis had said to him came back to haunt him. He remembered the way he had pleaded with him and then asked for his forgiveness. He couldn't explain what he was feeling deep inside his heart but he was still mad at Luis for not being there for him.

"That's good." Ethan might have noticed his brother's change in mood. He had to cheer him up and make him forget. He knew going back to Angria and seeing Luis again was just painful for his brother. He didn't need to make him feel worse. All he wanted was to just make him feel happy and forget about Luis and his troubles.

"My brother is a hero." He squeezed Aidan's shoulder, getting him out of his bad mood. He smiled brightly. "You sure did kick his ass and I bet he's in hell right now burning. Not only did you kill him, you destroyed all the evil powers. I think you are my superhero. Big brothers are supposed to be superheroes to their kid brothers but you are my superhero."

"No..." Aidan shook his head, gripping his brother's hand. He gave it a tight squeeze. "No matter how powerful I am, you will always be my hero. I don't even know how my life would have turned out without you."

"That's sweet." Ethan couldn't have been prouder of Aidan. "You saved the entire kingdom from pain and sorrow even though they deserted you." He wasn't trying to remind Aidan about the past. He was just trying to tell him how generous he was. "That makes you a hero. But do you know what I love most about all this?"

"What?" Aidan chuckled, trying to sound as confident as he could. He didn't want to let the incident that had happened with Luis to ruin his happy mood.

Ethan chuckled manically, moving closer to Aidan. "That bastard William is already gone. I wish I was there to see him giving up his life. I wish he could have seen him bleeding when you stabbed him to death." He laughed.

"Err... sorry to ask guys," William cleared his voice. He had been listening quietly but he had no idea what was going on. "But who is William?"

Aidan moved his eyes to Justin and then glowered. "The bastard that killed my guide and also started this no sense. He was the reason why I was accused of doing all those things."

"Oh!" Justin gasped. "I had no idea. I didn't know that..."

"Why are you apologizing?" Aidan smiled faintly. "All that is in the past, I have killed him already and that's what matters right now. I hated that guy and I enjoyed watching him pay." Even though William was already gone, Aidan still had hatred for him. He hated him more and more and if he could kill him over and over again, he'd have definitely done it.

Ethan took a deep breath and then cupped Aidan's hands in his. "This is one of the happiest days of my life. Not only did you defeat the evil warlock but you also saved innocent lives. To be honest, I was really scared something bad might happen to you but now you are back to me, safe and sound. I really appreciate all this, okay?"

"I couldn't leave you just like that and..."

"Enough talking." Granny said as she rushed to the living room. "I have already prepared some food for all of us here. Why don't we take this conversation to the dining room?"

Granny rushed to Aidan and picked Jacob from Aidan's arms. Even though Aidan didn't really want to let him go, he let her have him. He smiled brightly and then went to the dining room together with his family. He was happy he was back into his own castle, his own land and his own kingdom. He didn't want Luis to disturb him anymore. Although so many things had definitely happened, Luis was to be blamed. He had caused Aidan more pain than he could have possibly imagined. Luis had abandoned him with his pregnancy. It was not fair at all.

Aidan and his family went to the dining table to have one of granny's specialties. She had prepared the best food available and it was really scrumptious. Aidan was glad he was back to granny and his other family members. Although it hadn't been long he spent in Angria, he knew very well that it had brought a lot of memories to him.

Aidan's past had once again come back to him but he was glad people no longer viewed him as a bad warlock but their savior. His past with Luis was haunting him a whole lot. But of course, he knew he had to forget it. Although he still had Jacob to remind him of everything that had happened, he was gonna forget it all. He didn't care how long it was gonna take him. He was gonna forget about all the pain he had.


Luis was seated on the couch with his head low. He had his arms crossed... his legs were vibrating... his heart was still pounding... his breaths were now calm but they were painful... his whole body was shuddering in pain. His head was still pulsing, giving him a little headache. He could have sworn that he could feel the blood passing through his ears.

‘I needed you. I cried at night just for you to hold me. I don't need you. We will be fine without you.’

Those words kept ringing in Luis' head, causing him even more pain. His eyes were a little red though he wasn't crying. He hadn't shed a tear since Aidan left but there were more tears accumulated in his eyes. He wanted to cry. He wanted to die. He wanted to look for Aidan. But he was helpless and vulnerable. The pain he was experiencing at that time was intense. It couldn't go away no matter what.

He hadn't moved an inch since Aidan left about five hours back. He had just moved into the palace, sat on the couch and had remained stationary there. For the last four hours he hadn’t seen any members of his family but he didn't mind. The only thing on his mind was Aidan and the child he had told him about. He couldn't understand a freaking thing. He didn't even know where to find Aidan even though he wanted to see him.

Luis had been staring at the floor just remembering what had happened. He hadn't even had any breakfast because he wasn't hungry. He had no idea if he was hungry because he couldn't feel a thing. A myriad of emotions had taken control of his body making him a confused man. He just wanted everything to be clear.

After quite some time, Luis heard a noise coming from the entrance of the palace. He slowly moved his eyes to the entrance and found his family entering. They were looking elegant like they had been before all the problems began.

The king was dressed in a beautiful royal attire with a huge golden and diamond crown on his head, smiling while talking to his wife, his mother and his daughter. The queen was dressed in a deep blue designer's dress which went all the way down to the floor. She took was putting on a beautiful golden crown, smiling at her husband. She had her hair tied in a knot. Granny was putting on a white dress and green slipper with a crown on her head. Hanna was looking beautiful in a ponytail, yellow designer's dress and blue high heels. She was looking spectacular and really beautiful. All of them weren't gloomed by designers and Luis had no idea where they had come from but he didn't even care.

The royal family had just come from checking on their people and checking how the entire kingdom had been after the battle. The entire kingdom and the people were absolutely fine. None of his people had died but most of them had been injured but they were getting better.

The royal family was surprised at how their kingdom had no scratch. Everything seemed brand new and the people were really happy. They didn't blame the king for anything that had happened but rather praised Aidan for his powers and bravery. Those that had seen the battle had told the king how it went. Everything was back to normal in the kingdom. It was as if nothing had happened. Everyone was fine except for less than 10 guards that Wyatt had killed when he attacked the kingdom. It had been really sad and the king was gonna make sure those guards are remembered. Their families were gonna be taken care of by the royal family.

The royal family went into the living room and then sat on the couch, stretching their arms. When they saw Luis they smiled brightly, not even realizing how sad he was.

"Hey, son?" The king said happily. "How has been your day? We are sorry we had to meet with the cabinet members and then with the people. Guess what?" He chuckled nervously, rubbing on his hands. "I heard news that Alerna Kingdom was in flames yesterday. In fact, there is nothing left of it. But our kingdom is doing great. The kingdom is back to normal. Everything in the palace is back to normal and it is because of Aidan. He has made everything possible."

"Yes!" Hanna wrapped her arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly. "Aidan is simply the best. Everyone wants to meet him. They are dying to see him. I think you are the luckiest prince on earth because your groom has saved the kingdom. He came back for all of us and I think that he came especially back for you. I still can't believe he still loves you." She chuckled.

"Yeah." The queen made a quick look around. "By the way, why are you still sitting here all alone? Where is Aidan? We couldn't wake you up because you were sleeping but now... I would like to see him."

"Yes!" Granny said happily. "There is still a lot that we have to say to him. We still need his forgiveness. He needs to forgive us for everything that we've done."

Luis took a sigh and slowly raised his face to stare into the eyes of his family. When they saw him, a loud gasp rang throughout the room. They were all surprised to see him looking like that. He was supposed to be happy but now he was looking as sad as ever.

"Luis?" The king was now worried. "What's wrong?" He quickly rushed to him and sat with him on the couch wrapping his arms around him. "Why do you look like this?"

"Did something happen?" Hanna felt really terrible. She didn't like the state her brother was in. Then something came to her mind but she didn't want it to be true. "Where is Aidan?"

Luis took a deep breath as a tear fell down his cheeks. "He's gone back."

"What?" The queen gasped, losing the smile that was on her face. Her heart immediately started pounding. "Why? I thought he was gonna stay here for good and... no!" She shook her head in sadness. "He cannot just leave like that. How can he leave? This is impossible."

"What had happened?" The king couldn't hide the fear in his voice. "Did he say something before he left?"

A sharp pain slipped through Luis' body. "Yes!" He chuckled bitterly. "He did say a lot before he eventually left this palace. He said some painful and confusing words to me."

The king didn't want to make his son feel worse but he had a lot of questions in his mind that he had to ask.

"What did he say? Did he..."

"He still hates me." Luis said with a sigh that just showed how sad he was. "He still hates me a lot. He told me about what I had done to him and what it had caused him." he moved his eyes to his father as another tear rolled down. "He told me how much I had hurt him, father. I saw his pain and his tears. He was mad at me for even bringing him here, father."

"Luis!" Hanna said softly, rubbing on his shoulder to make him feel good. "Please. Don't do this to..."

"I was hurt," He said softly, feeling his paining heart. "I had caused the only boy I haved loved so much pain. You should have seen him. He hates me so much. He didn't even want to talk to me. I pleaded with him. I begged him to forgive him. I tried everything to talk to him but... he just turned around and went away."

"That's bad." The queen nodded, burying her face between her palms. "I thought he had come back to us after so long. I... what are we going to do? How is he ever going to understand us?"

Luis gave a bitter chuckle, more tears flooding his face. He remembered what exactly Aidan had told him. He remembered his words clearly. He actually laughed as more tears rushed down his face in billions. He just didn't know what to do anymore.
"The world is funny, isn't it?" he laughed softly. "It has a way of playing tricks on us. It has a way of hurting us a lot."

The king squeezed his shoulder, staring at him with a shocked expression. "What is wrong?"

"Do you know that I am a father?" He sniveled, laughing bitterly. "Do you actually know that I have a son?"
"What?" The king moved his hand away from Luis, looking at him like he’d sprouted horns. He moved his eyes to stare at all the other family members and noticed that they had the same expression on their faces. They all seemed lost; in fact they were more than lost. They just couldn't understand the word he had used on them. "Luis!" The king gasped, resting his hand on him again.

Luis moved his eyes to his father and chuckled bitterly. "Yes! I have a son."

"How come you never told us about this? You are gay, remember? Or did you actually..." She paused and nodded. "Where is the woman then and..."

"I even had no idea that I am a father." Luis couldn't stop laughing. "I only found out today, five hours ago to be precise."

"What?" The king gasped, opening his eyes wider. "Who told you? Where is the child and the mother?"

Luis moved his eyes to his father and cried softly. Then he laughed bitterly, feeling tears building in his eyes. He had no idea how the family members were gonna take it or even if they were gonna believe it or not.

"Aidan has a son. He left here pregnant." Luis announced, tears falling down his cheeks. "I had impregnated him before he left this place."

"What?" Hanna furiously rose up from the couch, gasping for air.

Hearing him, the king got shocked at first but he burst into laughter, holding his son tightly. He laughed his lungs out and the family members joined him. They all laughed together, staring at Luis whose face just got even more serious than they had expected.

"Funny, isn't it?" Luis asked, rubbing the tears from his face. "It might be funny to you but it's the truth. Aidan was pregnant when he left this place. I had impregnated him. It's the reason he hates me so much right now."

Hearing him the royal family stopped laughing and just stared at him, trying to get what was going on. Luis seemed serious and they later realized that he might have been telling the truth. All of them were really confused and they couldn't quite understand anything.

"You are not serious." Hanna nodded, sitting back on the couch. "You do realize that... he is a man, right? This is impossible. Aidan can't possibly be pregnant and..."

"He was pregnant," Luis yelled. He had no idea where that anger came from. "He was pregnant and now he has a child. All this was confirmed to me. The priest was the one that said it and then confirmed it to me. I... I don't know how he could have been pregnant and..."
"The priest?" The king gasped. "If the priest was the one that told you then..." He paused and nodded, still staring at Luis' face. "Then... then that means that..." The king was visibly trembling. He was scared of what Luis had said to him. A man couldn't give birth. It was just impossible. "I need to see the priest."
The king quickly got up from the couch and just when he was about to make a move the priest appeared right in front of him with his trident. He was staring at him, gripping the trident even harder. Then he slowly started coming closer to the king, sniffing the air.

"Congratulations, my Lord..." The priest chuckled in a really deep manly voice. "Your kingdom and your household are finally safe. You can now live peacefully because Aidan has saved your kingdom."

"Thank you..." The king said, getting closer to the priest. "I am happy but now I am confused. Can you please..."

"Don't be confused my king." He hollered, hitting his trident harder on the floor as he moved his eyes to Luis. "What the prince has just told you is the truth. The prince's groom was actually pregnant when he left this kingdom. Now he has a one year old son."

"What?" the king felt as if his entire strength had left him completely. He sat back on the couch with his eyes fixed on the priest. "How is this even possible? You and I know that..."

"Aidan is not an ordinary boy." The priest moved his head robotically, sniffing the air. "He is different from any other man on this earth. Do you think the almighty chose him for no reason? The almighty chose him because he is unique. He is not completely mortal. While you thought that the prince wouldn't produce an heir, the almighty had other plans. He knew the prince would have a child, his heir."

"I am still confused..." Luis sighed. "I can't believe that I am actually a father. I don't even..."

"Do you remember that night Aidan woke you up because he wanted you to make love to him?" The priest asked Luis.

Luis stared at the priest and without hesitation said, "Yes!"

"Good!" The priest chuckled. "That day, Aidan was different and you noticed it too. When you actually made love to him, you got him pregnant. The process might have taken some time but he took in and got pregnant in the next two weeks. But it was rather too late because you had accused him of being a warlock..."

"Oh my God..." Hanna's voice was barely above a whisper. "I can't believe that Aidan actually gave birth. Now I understand him but..."

"It's my fault..." Luis cried softly, nodding his head. "It's actually my fault and now I can't even see my son because I had hurt him. He can't even forgive me because he hates me so much. What am I going to do?"

"This is bad..." The king felt tears building in his eyes but he managed to suppress them. "This is really bad."

"I don't know what to do." Luis cried softly. "I love Aidan so much and I need him in my life. I need to show him that I love him so much. I need him and our baby. I can't live without him."

Moving his eyes up to stare at the priest, Luis got up quickly and rushed to the priest. Reaching him, he raised his hands and put them together. More tears made his face wet as a he felt a really sharp pain. His heart was pounding in his chest, torturing him.

"Priest..." Luis said in the most painful voice ever. "Please. Help me. I need to see Aidan. I need to find him and our baby. I am begging you. I can't live without Aidan. You, yourself said that he and I are meant to be. Help me find him."

The priest looked at Luis and gave a gloomy sigh. Then his face got serious and he hit the trident harder on the floor. "My prince," He said deeply. "You have to leave everything to time. Be patient and..."

"Time?" Luis sobbed, getting surprised at the priest's answer. "Time you say? How long is that going to be? I can't give anything to time because before that time you are talking about... I will probably be dead." He cried. "I cannot live without my Aidan. I need him in my life to survive. I might have been fooling myself..."

"Time is the best remedy." The priest groaned. "You must leave everything to time. Those are the almighty's words and..."

"No!" Luis nodded as more tears covered his eyes. "I need to find him as soon as possible. I need to ask for his forgiveness. I need to... I need him to come back and fill this space in me. I need him to come and..."

"My prince?" The priest raised his voice. "Aidan and your destiny were intertwined. These are my words. Only leave it to time. Don't even bother to look for him because you will never find him. For now, just pray that he comes back real soon."

With those words, the priest hit his trident harder on the floor. Before Luis could even say a word to him, he disappeared with a loud swoosh. Luis felt as if his heart had just been pierced. He had expected the priest to help him find Aidan but that wasn't the case. For a second he couldn't breathe. But when he did he felt like his strength had just left him, leaving him weak. He dropped to his knees and just drowned in his pain. He couldn't find his voice but everything that was happening to him was painful. He couldn't help but start crying.

"Luis!" The queen rushed to him and held him tightly. She had tears in her eyes. "Please, my son, don't do this to yourself."

"What am I supposed to do?" Luis's voice was filled with pain. He was so much pain than he could ever imagine. "For how long will I continue to pay for my sin? My groom doesn't want to come back to me because I had hurt him."

"Luis..." She hugged him tightly. "Aidan will..."

"When?" He cried, ripping away from her. "When will he return to me? Does he even love me? Does he still have the same feelings I have for me?"

"Yes!" The queen nodded, rubbing on his cheek. "I am sure he still loves you so much. I am pretty sure that he will come back. The priest has told you that..."

"Why is it so hard to believe?" Luis sobbed, holding his mother tightly. "Why does it fucking hurt so much? I am useless without him. I need him to take hold of my life. I need to feel him close to me again. I wanna hold him in my arms again."

Luis buried his head into his mother's chest, pouring his entire heart out. The love he felt for Aidan was even deeper than he had thought. He now felt triple the love he felt for him back in the day. It was overflowing and he needed to show him that. Now that he knew his son was born... he loved Aidan even more.

"Why can't he just come back to me? Is it hard to love me?"

"No, sweetie..." The queen was equally in pain. She couldn't mask the heavy pain in her heart. It was excruciating and she couldn't help but shed tears just like everyone else in that room. "It is not hard to love you. Aidan is probably in so much pain but that will go away. What matters is that you told him how you feel and..."

"I can't even hold my son. I don't even know how he looks like. Aidan said he doesn't need me in his life or my son's life. He told me to forget about him but I can't do that." He wailed. "I can't forget about the boy that opened my heart to love. How can I forget about the bond that we share? I was an idiot. Now I have realized just what kind of fool I was. It is really painful and..."

"You will be fine." Granny came closer and squeezed his shoulder. "Just pray to the almighty like the priest said so that Aidan can return to this kingdom. Just let him come and then you can tell him how you feel about him. Tell him that... that you will never leave him. Pray to the almighty with all your heart and I am sure he will return."

Hearing granny's words, Luis cried even harder than before. There was just a lot in his mind that he needed to clear up. He couldn't think clearly. The only person he was thinking of was Aidan. He needed him in his life. He needed him like air and food. He needed him to be back in his heart. That was all he prayed for.

"I love him so much and I can't bear to be apart from him." He cried, gripping his mother tightly. "I need him in my life."

Luis was crying so hard. The king had no words to say to Luis. He had no words to use to encourage him. His son had never seemed as vulnerable as he did at that time. He was crying heavily, filling his wails throughout the room. That was when the king realized that his son truly loved Aidan. He truly loved him but the situation at hand was too intense. He had no idea what to do to help out his son. He looked at the rest of the family members and they had tears in their eyes. Damn! Even he was getting teary. But he knew he had to be strong for his son.

Taking a deep breath, King Julian moved his eyes to the door. Looking towards the door he found Henry and Charles rushing inside. They were both dressed elegantly and they all seemed happy, talking and laughing with each other.

But when they heard the loud cries and moved their eyes forward, the smiles on their faces turned to frowns. They looked at each other and then rushed towards the living room. Henry quickly went to Hanna and she gripped him tightly, crying even harder. Charles on the other hand knelt and stared at his friend. Tears built in his eyes immediately.

"What's going on?" Henry asked, holding Hanna tightly. "Did something..."

"Aidan!" Hanna said in between sobs.

"What?" Charles gasped, looking in the direction of his friend. "What had happened? I thought Aidan had returned."

"He's gone." Hanna said in a weak voice. "He just woke up and then..." She buried her head deeper into Henry's chest. "He went away just like that and he... he has a son, Luis' son."

"What?" Both Charles and Henry gasped, looking at each other. "How's that possible?"

"Aidan was pregnant for Luis when he left here." The king sighed. "He has a son. But he has refused to come back to Luis. He couldn't even... he didn't want to come back here. He only saved us and then went back to his kingdom. Now we don't even know what is going to happen."

"Oh my God," Charles covered his mouth as his eyes widened.

"Yeah." The king took another deep sigh. "I think Luis needs to rest. Charles," He looked at Charles. "Please. Take him to his room and make sure that he rests. He is really tired and this situation is making things worse."

"Yes!" Charles nodded, slowly getting to Luis. The queen let go of Luis and he gripped Charles harder, wrapping his arms tightly around him. Charles hugged him tightly and then helped him get up. The two of them slowly walked out of the living room and went through the elevator to Luis's wonderful room. As soon as they reached, Charles got off his shoes and then climbed into bed with Luis, holding him tightly.

Charles then held him tightly as they both lay on the bed. Luis continued crying but Charles knew exactly what to do. He kept on rubbing his back to make him calm. And just like that, in no time at all Luis' cries softened. Then his soft cries seized and in no time he was snoring softly. He was fast asleep and Charles thanked his lucky stars he did.

"You've gone through a lot." Charles whispered, holding him tightly. "Problems seem to be coming your way all the time. But I know you will pass through this. I will never leave you to handle these problems alone. I will always be by your side."

With those words, Charles gripped Luis harder, planting a soft kiss on his head. He took a deep sigh and prayed for his friend to be fine. He just wanted the old Luis back.


Aidan was seated on his bed in his pajamas with no expression on his face. He had his hand on his baby who was sleeping peacefully and calmly in his tiny bed. He was looking really peaceful and lovely. He had a small stuffed doll that Aidan had made for, his very first toy.

Aidan had his eyes on the baby, staring deeply at him. He was a true image of Luis and no one could argue with that. He was really cute and his skin was perfect. Aidan loved holding him in his arms because he always made him feel happy and at peace.

The rest of the day had gone perfectly and Aidan had a good time. He had spent his time with his family, telling them different stories and joking with them. Everything had seemed better and he hadn't even had any time to think or get worried but after putting his son to sleep, he was so confused and worried at the same time.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan slowly moved his hand away from his baby and got up. He started slowly moving about the room from side to side, trying to make himself think properly so he could go to sleep but he was finding it impossible as so many thoughts were in his head.

"I still love you so much." Luis's words rang through his head. "Please. Come back to me. Don't leave me again. Please, forgive me. Let's come together..."

"God!" Aidan tried to raise his voice, gripping his head harder. He pulled on his hair and gave a low growl. "Why do I keep thinking about this?" He whispered, taking a really deep breath. "Why are his words haunting me? I need to forget about him and his troubles. I saved his kingdom and he is..."


"Get out of my head!" Aidan groaned, pulling harder on his hair. He'd never experienced a headache as he did at that particular time. It was splitting and it was so damn painful. He couldn't think clearly. He just wanted to forget. He'd wanted to forget but his words kept on coming to him all the time.

"Please." He sighed, trying to get himself under control. None of what he was doing seemed to be working. He didn't like it.

Before Aidan could even finish his thoughts, he heard a loud knock on the door. He quickly snapped out of his mood, moving his eyes towards the door. He took a quick breath and said, "Come on in."

The door opened wider, revealing a smiling granny. She was putting on a deep blue night dress that made her look younger. She had her hair covered and she was just looking amazing. She closed the door and walked to Aidan, staring at the sleeping baby. Aidan just hoped granny hadn't heard what he been saying.

"How is he?" She gestured towards the baby.

"He's fine." Aidan smiled as brightly as he could. "He had slept about an hour and a half ago. But..."

"And you?" Granny chuckled happily. "Why are you still up? Do you realize what time it is? You had quite a day and I think you should go and sleep. I will put you to bed and then go to sleep."

"Me?" Aidan chuckled nervously, scratching his head. "I will sleep later and..."

"Are you still thinking about Angria?"

Hearing granny's words, Aidan lost his smile and frowned. "No, I..."

"Or perhaps it is Luis, right?"

Aidan's heart gave a sharp pound in his chest. He swallowed his saliva hard, gulping in the process. "Granny, I am not thinking about him." But his eyes were betraying him because granny could see right through him. "Why should I?"

"Are you thinking about what he had said to you?"

Aidan didn't know what had happened to him but... he felt tears building in his eyes. He tried to hide his face away from granny but she cupped his cheeks and made sure he was looking right at her. Aidan couldn't control himself. More tears accumulated in his eyes and he knew that granny could see through him.

"No." He said as a tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly rubbed it and dropped his head, trying to suppress his tears. "I am not thinking about him."

"You cannot lie to me." Granny sighed, holding both his shoulders. "I know you. I have known you since you were a baby and I think I know exactly what's in your mind." She chuckled. "What do you think?"

"About what?" Aidan said as he looked into her eyes.

Granny took a deep sigh of relief. "What Luis was telling you that he loves you and..."

"No!" Aidan made a quick turn, glowering. "I don't want to think about that. Luis might have said it but what do I need him in my life for? I have everything that I have ever needed and I don't think that..."

"You have everything." Granny chuckled, holding his shoulders. "Except a man's love, your husband's..."

"Luis and I were over years ago and..."

"But you never got divorced," Granny said with a smile on her face. "You are still..."

"I don't care about that, granny." He sighed, sitting furiously on the bed, clenching hard on the beddings. "I don't need him. I never needed him the past two years so why should I need him now? He abandoned me and our son... my son." He corrected.

Granny smiled brightly shaking her head. She was laughing inwardly because she knew exactly what was in his mind. She knew what he was thinking and why he had said what he had just done. All that she wanted to do was make him understand.

"Look, I understand you," Granny said softly. "I do understand you completely but I am here." She sat with him. "I am here because I can't watch my grandson like this okay. If you are thinking about going back or thinking about your child then I will support you in anything. I promise I won't ever judge you in anything."

"I am all right, granny." Aidan grinned. "You don't have to worry about anything. Luis is in my past right now. I was just thinking about... about what has happened in my life earlier."
Granny raised her eyebrow at Aidan. "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Aidan shrugged, grinning at her. "There is nothing to worry about. I am all right. You shouldn't be worried about anything. I promise you that..."

"Go to sleep..." Granny gripped his hands, cupping them in hers. She slowly rubbed on the tip of his hands, giving each of them. "I want you to forget about everything and go back to sleep. You know that you need to rest."

Hearing granny's demands, Aidan took a really deep sigh, staring back at her. "Okay." He nodded. "I will go back to sleep if it makes you happy."

"It does." Granny smiled brightly, getting up with him.

Granny slowly removed the beddings and made sure that she tucked Aidan inside like a little child. She cupped his sweet cheeks, planting wonderful kisses all over them, drawing chuckles from him. She knew what he had been thinking but never was she going to tell him about it. She was just gonna let it go for another day.

"Goodnight," She rubbed on his cheeks.


With a final grin, granny left the room but that was after waving at him. Aidan took a deep sigh and moved his eyes to his son. He slowly held out his hand, reaching for him. He felt a warm sensation through his body once his hand touched the cute baby. He was fine and he loved it like crazy. But he was still thinking about Luis' words. He didn't want them to bother him anymore so he concentrated on his son, giving all his love.

The strategy Aidan was using seemed to be working as he found himself feeling sleepy. His eyes were getting heavy and in no time... he was fast asleep. The only thing he was hoping for was for Luis to leave him the hell alone.


Luis was seated on his bed, leaning to the bed headboard. He was sitting quietly, still thinking about Aidan. But he was slowly coming into terms with it. Only God knows how many prayers he had offered to the almighty to bring his Aidan back to him. He was the only thing that mattered to him and his son.

It has been three days since that incident and he had never left his room, not even to greet his parents. They are the ones that had been checking upon him. Even though the first day he'd shed tears he had never shed any tear in the last two days. He had just been in his room, really sad and vulnerable. His friend had been coming to check on him but nothing else had happened. Luis hadn't uttered any word to anyone. He has just been sitting quietly in his room.

He has been refusing to eat but for his mother who had made sure that he was fine. Things haven't been the same. Not a single second has gone without him thinking about Aidan and the son he doesn't even know. They are the best things to have ever happened to him even though he can't even be with them because they hate, well Aidan does. But it was really painful. All he has been doing is praying for Aidan to come back to him soon. He has been praying with his heart.

The door to his room opened slowly, making Luis move his eyes. He saw Charles looking straight at him as he came towards the bed.

Charles came and sat on his bed, nodding his head sadly. He got closer to him and rubbed on his cheeks. For the last three days, Luis hadn't told him anything even though the other family members have told him. It has been really painful.

"How are you feeling?" Charles said softly. But Luis just stared at him without even saying anything to him, not even a single smile. "Please. Say something to me, Luis. You are killing me inside. I am not used to your quietness. Say something please."

But no matter what he told Luis, the guy just stared at him. He felt really sad and mad at the same time. He furiously got up, still staring at Luis.

"Why are you doing this to me?" He snapped, pointing angrily at Luis. "Why are you giving me a silent treatment? I know you are suffering inside your heart but please, say something, do something, anything."

But Luis was just staring at him.

"Man..." He made a quick turn. "I don't think I can deal with this. I will not come back here until you decide to talk to..."

"Charles!" Luis's voice was barely above a whisper.

Charles made a quick turn and sat back on the bed. "What's really happening to you?" He cupped Luis' cheeks. "Why are you..."

"What am I supposed to do?" Luis responded. "You don't know what I am going through right now. You have..."

"Luis," He cupped his hands. "I do understand what you are going through and I feel your pain. Your soul and mine are somehow connected. Don't you think I feel every pain that you feel? I feel your pain and it pains me too to see you like this." He sighed. "Please. I want you to take heart. Just believe that with time... Aidan will return to you. I am not saying you should be out there partying or something. I am only saying that you should at least feel happy and be confident."

Luis was staring at his friend, trying to understand what he was telling him. Honestly, Luis knew his friend was telling him that for his good but...

"I am a father," Luis chuckled bitterly. "I have a son. I have an heir when I am gone. I am in love with Aidan and..."

"I know that."

"Yes!" Luis nodded. "I can't even hold my son. I don't even know what he looks like. I don't even know whom he looks like. I had sent Aidan away without even realizing that I had impregnated him. I had sent him away not knowing that I would somehow find myself in this situation. I don't even know..."

"Luis, try to listen to me and..."

"No..." Luis nodded. "I don't even know what to do anymore. I want to get back Aidan so much. I want him to be here with me. I want him to be here with our son. I am dying to hold my son. I am dying to hold Aidan and feel the pleasures of our love once again but no..." He sniveled. "I am such a fool that I had no idea that Aidan was hating when I sent him away."

Charles completely understood his friend. "I know what you are saying is right. But being in this condition won't bring Aidan back to you. Just hold on to the love that you feel for him. That love will surely bring Aidan back to you. You will be holding him again and you two will raise your son together. I trust he will come back real soon okay."

Luis moved his eyes to his friend and stared at him for a long time. He had no idea what he had done in his past life to deserve such a great person in his life. Charles was the person that always made him feel happy when he was sad. Charles was always there for him in difficult times like that. He was more than a friend or a brother. He was special to Luis.

"Thank you," Luis said with a faint smile. "You have no idea what that means to me. Thank you so much."

"No..." Charles quickly gripped his friend's arms and hugged him tightly. "Thank you."

Luis held his friend tighter as he went on another emotional journey. He had no idea what was happening to him but the truth was that he didn't want to feel like that anymore. He just wanted to be happy, holding Aidan like that and kissing him softly. Luis remembered the kiss he'd shared with Aidan that night he'd taken him to the palace. He remembered how beautiful it had been and how his body had reacted. Thinking about the kiss was making his heart pounding deep in his chest, making him feel like he was about to explode. He just needed Aidan.

"Almighty, if you truly exist," He thought as he hugged his friend tighter. "Manifest yourself and bring Aidan back to me. If you truly exist and you are powerful then... let a miracle happen in my life. I am not trying to challenge you but show me how powerful you are."

Luis took a deep sigh. He had made a prayer and now he just had to wait on it. Now all he had to do was wait for the results. He was gonna know if the almighty was powerful.


"Hello..." Aidan called loudly.

Aidan was in a beautiful place that was filled with nothing but beautiful flowers that smelled beautifully. The aroma was wonderful and he felt alive and at peace. Aidan was putting on a beautiful, sparkly white shirt, beautiful blue skinny jeans and yellow snickers. He had his hair tied in a twist in a bun which made him look cute. He had his eyes everywhere.

There were several trees in that particular area and the canopy was lovely. Aidan couldn't believe the peace that was in that place. The wind was blowing softly, hitting his face. He raised his face in the air, getting hold of that some of that aroma. The air smelt and felt like a cool breeze hitting his face even though he was nowhere near a sea or a river. Everything was just amazing and beautiful.

Aidan opened his arms wider, enjoying the beautiful flower-filled land which seemed to calm him. He smiled even brighter, opening his arms wider. He was all alone with nobody in his family, not even his son but he was fine. There were no more worries in his head. He just wanted to stay in that place for as long as he lived. It was just...

"Aidan!" He heard the sweet voice of a woman right behind him.

Hearing the voice, Aidan made a quick turn to see who it was that was behind him. There was a beautiful woman with dark long hair, smiling brightly at him. She was with a man who was really handsome and smiling brightly.

The woman was dressed in a beautiful white dress that looked pure like snow. It went all the way to the ground, on the flowers. The man on the other hand was putting on a beautiful pure white suit that was fitted on his body perfectly.

When Aidan saw those people, the smile on his face disappeared, replaced by a big frown. He was looking at them without any expression on his face. He couldn't understand any of what was going on. He had never laid his eyes on the woman and yet she called his name as if she knew him from somewhere.

"Who... who are you?" Aidan stuttered.

The woman looked at the man and both of them smiled brightly.

"My name is Clara." She beamed. "You have grown into a handsome young man, Aidan. I can't believe I am seeing this."

"I am sorry," Aidan shook his head. "I still don't remember seeing you anywhere. How do you know my name?"

"Aidan!" the man chuckled, wrapping his arms around the woman. "My name is Tony. I know you wouldn't remember us because you were only a day old when you last saw. You see... we are your parents."

Aidan's heart gave a pound when he heard what the man had just said to him. He gaped at the two people, trying to understand what was going on. He was just too confused to understand anything. Then he did a quick check and realized something that he didn't notice at first. The man had his deep green eyes and he looked a little like him. The woman had his hair and his skin. There was no denying that two people were related to them.

"My parents?" Aidan's voice was barely above a whisper. He took a few steps behind as he couldn't understand any of the things that were happening. "You are..."

"Don't be afraid." The woman said, getting a little closer to him. "We know what you must be thinking right now but... we are your parents."

"Mom," Aidan's tears came flowing. "Dad!"

Aidan had never felt the way he was feeling at that time. His heart was pounding. His entire body was vibrating and there was a warm sensation that took over his body. He felt really happy and emotional at the same time. He didn't even how to express it.

"Yes!" The woman's eyes watered, opening her arms widely. "We are your parents."

"Son..." The man opened his eyes wider.

With a deep sigh of relief, Aidan's tears flowed even more. He started running, rushing into the arms of the two people. And when they wrapped their arms around him, Aidan felt as if he was in heaven. He felt at peace and his heartbeat rhythmically. He hadn't experienced such peace in his life before. He was on cloud nine.

Aidan wrapped his arms tightly around the two people, his parents. He had never been as happy and he cried like a baby. They hugged for a long time before they broke that wonderful hug that had seemed like an eternal hug.

"My son..." Clara sobbed softly. She moved her hands up to wipe Aidan's tears off. She completely rubbed his tears but they came right back. Her son was just too emotional and it could be felt.

"Mom..." Aidan exclaimed. "You are here. You don't know how it feels like. You don't know how happy..."

"We can feel it, son." Tony took his hands and planted soft kisses on them. "You are a grown-up boy now. You have a son."

"Yes!" Aidan nodded. "But you don't know how I feel right now."

"Yes!" Clara nodded, wrapping her arms around him. Then she slowly led him under the shed of the big tree where they all sat down. Aidan was seated between his parents looking at every one of them. He was emotional and confused at the same time.

Aidan sobbed softly. "Why did you leave me all alone in this world?"

Tony nodded, kissing Aidan's neck. "We didn't want to leave you. But we didn't have a choice. We had to protect you at all costs. We had to sacrifice ourselves so that you could survive."

"I know and..."

"Besides," Clara smiled brightly. "You have the best family ever. They love you so much just like we would have loved you."

Aidan nodded when he remembered about granny and Ethan, his family. "You are right. But why now?"

"We couldn't," Tony said softly. "This is the only time we were allowed to see you by the almighty. You are unique my love. You are not ordinary and we are proud of you. Your powers are your gift and you have used them to help and save the people. That makes us so happy."

Aidan stared at his father and smiled brightly, feeling a deep warm feeling in his heart. His father was handsome and he loved him instantly. He had a great connection with them and he could feel it getting stronger. Why did the almighty take his beautiful parents away from him, he thought as he laid his head on his father? He wanted to use that moment to feel their love and affection. He was on cloud nine.

"Yes!" Aidan nodded.

"Now you have removed that threat." Clara passed her fingers through his hair. "You have finally brought peace. Your powers are stronger and nothing can defeat you."

"And you are here." Aidan felt his parents' arms wrapping around him. He felt really warm. "This is one of the happiest days of my life. I just wish you could stay with me forever. Let's stay together. Please. I need you to meet..."

"No..." Tony took a gloomy sigh. "We can't do that. This is the only time you will get to see us."

Hearing what his father had just said, Aidan gasped and then stared at him, tears pouring down his face. "Why dad? I need to spend more time with you. I need you in my life and..."

"Yes, sweetie." Tony rubbed his son's tears. "We completely understand. We do understand how you feel but we do not belong to the same world. You do not need us. You have a son and a family."

"Yes!" Clara nodded, squeezing his shoulder. "Your father is right about this. Both of us love you so much that we just wanna see you happy. We don't ever want to see you sad."

"I know that." Aidan sighed. "I wanna be happy too/"

"We want to see you very happy." Tony smiled brightly, rubbing on his shoulder. "Nothing can make us happier than that. The only thing that matters to us is your happiness. You can have anything that you want on this earth."

"But I want you to stay with me." He laid his head on his mother's lap while she cuddled his hair. She was being gentle and he loved her touch. "Don't ever leave me alone, please. Just stay here with me and we can be

"No," Clara said softly. "We don't even have much time with you. Our time with you is limited. We just wanted to see you one last time. We wanted to help you out. You have given a lot of souls peace after killing that evil seeker. Now we can leave in peace. We also know that you will live in peace with your son." She smiled brightly. "You are our son and we love you so much. We just want you to live happily and peacefully."

"But I can sense that something is bothering you. You are confused." Tony said softly. "Something has been bothering you a lot. We can feel that our son hasn't been the same since he defeated the evil seeker. Shouldn't this time be used to celebrate?"

"Mother..." Aidan got up and stared at her. "I..."

"We are here to help you," Tony said softly. "We know you love your son a lot and that you love your family too. You shouldn't be confused anymore. You had run away from Angria because you were hurt and you were afraid. But now that everything is cleared... I think it's time you went back there and live among other people."

"What?" Aidan gasped. "Why do..."

"Yes!" Clara smiled, rubbing on his cheek. "I can feel your confusion is over what you should..."

"I don't want to go back to Angria." Aidan nodded, staring at his mother. "Why should I go back there? I don't have anything to do there. I don't want to go back to Luis and..."

"I didn't say anything about Luis," Clara said softly. "I can feel your family's feelings. They want to go back to where other people are. You should remember that they had lived there their entire lives. Your foster parents are also buried there. They might not be saying anything but they do miss it a lot."

"Really?" Aidan dropped his face to the ground but his mother raised it again and smiled.

"You don't have to be scared of anything, my love. Nothing will ever harm you because you are very special and you can protect yourself."

"Your mother is right." Tony sighed. "We came here to see our son but to also direct you. Besides, don't you think your son needs the love of a father?"

"No!" He nodded. "I will give my son everything that he wants. He doesn't need to know that his father is Luis. His father is Ethan and it will..."

"There is a difference between a real father and a foster father. You have felt that before and you know how exactly you felt when you realized the truth. You were very much hurt and... You cried a lot."


"Listen to me, my son." Clara cupped his cheeks and smiled brightly. "No matter what you are, it is really important to be around your people."

"My people?" Aidan gulped. "They are not..."

"They are Lord Mang's people and you are Lord Mang's successor. You know exactly what that means. You are the guardian of those people. Your destiny lies in that kingdom. Believe me, your pain will go away as soon as you get attached to that kingdom. Every confusion will be cleared."

"Your mother is right." Tony kissed him softly. "Your destiny is in that kingdom. You are their guardian."

"I don't understand." Aidan shook his head, trying to understand what they were trying to tell him. "I thought all the trouble..."

"The trouble is over." Tony smiled brightly. "But as Lord Mang's successor and the kingdom's guardian, you must stay with your people. You belong to them and they belong to you. You don't have to go back to Luis if you don't want to. What matters is being with your people."

"But..." He sighed, taking a really deep breath. What Aidan didn't want was to stay in Angria where Luis lived. He didn't like it at all. "How can I leave my home like that? I can't just leave my castle. It has become my home and I really can't leave it just like that. I have created a home there and..."

"Aidan," Tony chuckled. "You don't have to ask us that question." He took Aidan's hand and put it on his heart. Aidan could feel his heart beating rhythmically. He couldn't understand why his father did that. "Listen to your heart, my son. You don't have to fight it. Besides, you don't have to worry about your home, all right? You know you have the power to take your home anywhere you want. All you have to do is to will it. Set your mind on relocating the castle elsewhere and it will happen. You won't even feel as if you are in a different place."
"I... I..."

"Promise us..." Clara said softly. "Promise us that you will..."

"I don't think I can..."

"At least, think about that." Tony pleaded with him. "Think about it and come with a conclusion. Think about it because it is really important to us. This is the almighty's..."

Aidan took a sigh of relief, slightly closing his eyes. "If it will make you happy then I will think about it okay?"

Tony and Clara smiled brightly, kissing Aidan at the same time. He smiled brightly and just enjoyed the warm embrace they were giving him. He loved how they took his worries away. It was like that was the only peaceful place in the entire world. Things were really beautiful for Aidan that all his troubles went away at that particular time. The only thing that was on his mind was his parents. He just wanted to stay with them and make himself happy.

"We love you so much."

"I love you too."

His parents chuckled, kissing him softly. "Always remember that we will always love you so much. Always remember that we will always be with you. Although we won't be here with you, you will not see us just remember that we will watch over you. We will always watch over you."

Aidan felt emotional after hearing the words from his parents. "Are you leaving me here all alone?"

"You won't be alone." Tony sobbed softly. "You have your family and your son. They will always guide you no matter what happens. They will always be there for you. They won't abandon you okay."

Aidan nodded as he sobbed. "I want you to stay a little longer with me."

"Yes," They nodded.

Aidan smiled brightly and then lay on his parent's laps while they played with his hair. He had never felt at peace for such a long time. He just wanted to stay with them for the rest of his life. He loved being with them a whole lot.


When Aidan suddenly woke up and opened his eyes, he was sweating terribly. His heart was pounding deeply in his chest. He was panting and his body was vibrating. He quickly sat up on the bed, breathing as if he had just been running from a deadly predator. He couldn't understand what was going on with him.

Taking a slow groan, Aidan moved his hands to his face, wiping his sweat off. But he also realized that there were tears. That was when it hit him that he had been crying. That night he was just in clothes instead of pajamas and then he had a dream.

Aidan felt confused and lost. He couldn't understand a thing about what was going on. The dream he had just had was too real. It had taken long but it was real. He swore with his life that he could feel the two people's touch, his parents.

Aidan was still emotional, especially after he remembered what had just happened. He had just seen his parents in his dreams. He couldn't deny that dream was real because most of his dreams were real. But that was different. He felt it for real. There was no denying that fact. The dream he had was really real. He could still feel his parent's touch.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan felt his body getting hotter. A tear fell to his cheeks which he didn't even bother rubbing. Seeing his parents in the dream brought so many emotions to him. His tears came rushing down his cheeks. He could still remember their words... he could still remember their wonderful kisses... he could still feel their breaths... he could still feel their embrace and their warm hugs... he could feel their bodies. It was emotional to him.

"Father..." Aidan breathed in softly. "Mother..."

Aidan was really glad that he had seen his parents even if it was just for a little time. He was gonna hold on to that dream and all the moments he had spent with them. He was gonna remember them all his life.

"Clara and Tony," Aidan said softly. "Those were your names." He chuckled softly, rubbing his tears softly.

With a deep sigh, Aidan got up from the bed and then went to his sleeping son. Kneeling in front of his baby bed, Aidan laid his head on it and looked at his son. Tears started forming in his eyes as he extended his hand to his sleeping son. He got emotional.

"I just had a dream about my parents," Aidan said as tears poured down his cheeks. "They were so beautiful. Right now," he sobbed, smiling through his tears. "I need to hold you like so much. Can... can I hold you?"

Aidan chuckled nervously. He slowly got up and lifted his son from his little bed. Jacob moved in his sleep but he didn't wake up. Aidan got him in his arms, holding him tightly. He started moving around the room, soothing his little son even though he was asleep.

"You are my only source of joy." Aidan kissed his son, rubbing on his sweet cheeks. "I love you so much and I will never leave you alone for as long as I live. Thank you for being here with me."

Aidan held his son tightly. He started crying afterward, remembering how they were looking like and all their words. His tears couldn't stop flowing. He was gonna miss them for the rest of his life.

"I love you, mom, and dad."

Aidan then continued about the room, crying softly. He didn't care about anything at all. The only thing he wanted to do was spend some time with the memories of his parents. That was all that he needed from that time onwards.


The next day, Aidan was sitting in the living room with his family, staring down on the floor. He was really quiet and wasn't speaking a lot that day. He had left his room late and then had lunch while trying his best to talk to his family and make them extremely happy. But his mood wasn't bright that day as he still had his parents in his mind.

Granny was with Jacob, playing with him on the floor. Justin and Ethan were seated together, staring at granny and Jacob, playing and teasing Jacob at times. They were busy laughing and having a good time together but Aidan was quiet. Nothing like that had ever happened. Even though Aidan was quiet at times, he usually did his best to talk to his family.

When Ethan raised his face with a bright smile, he instantly lost that smile on his face. Seeing his brother looking so down was too much for him. Without even saying anything, he moved from his seat to Aidan's. He slowly extended his hand, resting it on Aidan's shoulder.

When Aidan felt a hand on his shoulder, he gasped, getting out of his thoughts and looked past his shoulder. He saw his brother looking down and sad. He tried to open his mouth but realized he couldn't do anything so he decided to give his brother a brilliant smile which didn't work because Ethan just got more worried.

"Are you okay?"

Aidan took a really deep breath. "Yes! I think..."

"Aidan, I have known you my entire life. You cannot lie to me. I am your brother and you know very well how it does to me, seeing you like this. Please. Tell me the truth. Is there anything wrong with you? Share it with me."

Aidan looked at Ethan and then at granny who seemed to be looking at him with a worried expression on her face. He took a really deep sigh.

"Can I ask you both a really important question?" They both nodded, staring at him. "I need you to be honest with me. Please, swear to me that you will answer this question truthfully. It is really important and..."

"We swear." Both granny and Ethan said softly. "Please, tell us what you want. As any question and we will be able to answer truthfully."

Aidan took a really deep sigh, squeezing his brother's hand. "Do you... do you perhaps think about living with other people?" He asked confidently. "Have you ever thought about going to Angria now that everything has been settled?"

Hearing Aidan's question, both granny and Ethan looked at each other with shock. They couldn't believe Aidan had just asked them that question. But he seemed serious and they knew they had to do something to make him feel better.

"Aidan, why..."

"Please..." Aidan breathed. "I need to know your honest answers. Besides," He smiled at them, wondering what their answers were gonna be. "There is no harm in knowing. I just wanted to know what you feel about it."

Ethan looked at granny, dropping his eyes to the floor. "The truth is..." He paused and then gathered his confidence. Aidan's heart was now racing as he had no idea the answer he was gonna get from him. "...I do miss Angria at times, a lot. I can't forget about it because I was born there. My parents were born there and they were buried there. I miss visiting their graves and talking to them at times. I miss my friends and I also miss the environment." He looked at Aidan, squeezing his hand. "But I love this wonderful place. This has become my home and I don't ever want to leave this place because it was always my dream to live in such a place. I am happy with anything but I wish I could my parent's graves for just once."

Aidan smiled brightly, moving his eyes to granny. Granny on the other hand knew what he wanted from her and he was gonna give it to him. She didn't want to hurt him or anything so she was just gonna go with the truth.

"To be honest, I miss Angria and times and the environment. But this place is my home now and I am happy here. My place is where my grandsons and my great-grandson are."

Aidan smiled and moved his eyes to Justin. "What about you? Have you ever thought of living where there are a lot of people?"

Justin took a deep breath. "The truth is, I don't care about anything or where I live. You are the only family that I know and my place is with you. I am happy in this castle and I don't care about anything else."

Aidan had now gotten all the answers that he had been seeking. He now knew exactly what his family's views were about going back to Angria. He wasn't mad or anything. He was rather proud of them for being strong and telling him that. He was...

"Aidan..." Granny got up with the baby in her arms. "What's going on?" She sat closer to him, resting her hand on his thigh, giving it a tight squeeze. "Is there anything bothering you or something? Why did you ask us about Angria? Look, son, I know that..."

"No, granny..." Aidan smiled. "This is not what you think. The truth is..." He paused and gave a deep gloomy sigh. "I had a dream last night about my parents. They just told me about this but don't worry about anything okay?"

"Your parents?" Granny gasped. "But how..."

"Don't worry," Aidan squeezed her hand tightly. "It was probably a dream and I had been thinking about asking it for a long time. Thank you for being honest with me. I love you all so much and I will always love you."

"Oh..." Granny and Ethan gripped him, tightly holding him. "That's sweet. We both love you too and you are the most important thing in our lives."

Aidan could feel something deep inside of him. He had now known that his family missed Angria at times but they didn't want to leave the castle. They just wanted to be with him, making him happy. He appreciated them for that and he loved them even more. Aidan then remembered what he had just dreamed about his parents. They had told him something important,

"Promise us you will think about it."

How was he going to handle that situation?


That night after putting Jacob to sleep, Aidan went down the stairs and sat on the couch with his face buried in his palm. He had a lot of thinking to do. His mind was on all the answers that his family had given him. He couldn't stop thinking about them. Whatever he was doing, he was doing it for his family and his baby.

"You are the guardian of that kingdom." His parents' voice rang through his head. "You are Mang's successor that means that you are the guardian of Angria."

After a long time of thinking about everything that was on his mind, Aidan got up and took a deep breath, staring all around. He loved the castle. It was his home. It was his place. It was his refuge. It was his perfect place. He was never gonna let it go because he had a beautiful past with it.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan got to the center of the living room, looking all around. He gathered so much confidence, breathing in deeply. He closed his eyes and willed with all his energy what he wanted to do.

"I will never let go of this castle."

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan extended raised his hands, hurling them forward. A powerful thin ball of light got released from his palms, heading for the castle. Once it hits the castle, Aidan knew what was gonna happen.

"Never..." He breathed.


Aidan was seated on the couch early in the morning, smiling at his son. He had his baby in a baby bouncer. Aidan was slowly teasing his son, playing with him a little. It was early morning and he was busy playing with his son because his son had woken up early that day, well maybe he might have been the cause of it but his son had woken up.

Aidan was dressed in a pretty sky blue shirt, a deep red skinny jean, and yellow sandals on his feet. He had his hair in braids which he had made that morning after taking a shower. The braids were of really different colors ranging from red to orange. His mood was a little better that morning and he was feeling a little fine.

Aidan heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He quickly moved his eyes to the staircase and saw his granny and his brother coming down. They were looking beautiful and they made him smile brightly at them.

"Good morning?" Granny greeted.

"Morning..." Aidan responded.

He quickly got up and rushed towards them, giving them a warm morning kiss that made both of them smile with their million-dollar smile. Aidan chuckled and then hugged them tightly. He then went to the couch and started playing with his son again.

"I am sure you both need breakfast," Granny said, pointing at Aidan.

"Yes!" Aidan smiled brightly. "I had some tea but I am need of food okay?"

"Okay." Granny smiled, heading for the kitchen.

"And I will be outside to take a breath of fresh air," Ethan said softly, squeezing Aidan on the shoulder. Aidan rubbed on his brother's hand and then chuckled nervously.

Ethan smiled brightly and then leaned down to plant a kiss on his beautiful son. He smiled, getting up. Then he headed for the door, stretching his arms widely. He took a deep breath as he held the door, ready for opening.

And after a really deep and confident breath, Ethan opened the door wider, grinning at the wonderful nature. But as soon as the doors opened, Ethan's smile faded completely to nothing. His eyes widened and his mouth gaped. He gasped, touching his chest. Then he quickly took a step back as his heart gave a deep pound. He was immediately gasping for air.

With a loud groan, Ethan gave a deafening scream, filling the entire castle. He couldn't do anything at that time. The only thing that came to his mind was screaming and that's what he did. He screamed everyone's name.

It wasn't wrong before Aidan got his son into his arms and then started rushing to him. Granny came out of the kitchen and rushed to him. Justin who had been in his room dressing up came down the stairs, buttoning himself up. They all rushed to Ethan and found him screaming and trembling. He seemed to be in fear.

"Son," Granny's voice trembled. She had no idea what would make a grown man like Ethan to actually scream like that. It had never happened before so she got worried and scared at that time. "What's wrong with you? Why would you..."

But Granny didn't finish her sentence and Ethan pointed out the door and said, "Look."

Without even wasting any time, all the family members looked in the direction where Ethan was pointing them. Once their eyes caught at what Ethan's was pointing at, they all gasped except Aidan. They couldn't believe it.

When they stared outside, they got the surprise of their lives. They could see Angria palace in its beauty and elegance as well. It was shining brightly even though it was from a distance. Not only could they see the palace but they saw the city as well. The big city was still a bit far but they saw the tall buildings and their labels. There was no denying that they were in Angria. It was a surprising thing.

"What?" Granny gasped, moving her eyes to Aidan. "How? What... what did you do?"

Aidan took a deep sigh and then held granny's hand. "I did what I thought all of you wanted and what I thought was for the best. I thought a lot about what you said to me. So last night, I came to the living room and did a lot of thinking. You wanted to be in Angria but also to live in this castle so... I have given you both." He smiled.

"But Aidan..." Granny gasped. "Why would you do this knowing what will happen?"

"I love my family and I want what's best for all of them." He chuckled.

Aidan's heart was racing. He was scared but nothing was gonna tear him apart. He was gonna stay in Angria now. He had promised his parents and now he had done it. He had made sure that his castle was on the outskirts of town near the beautiful river. Everything that was in his compound had followed so he was good with it as long as his family and he were together.

"Aidan!" Ethan moved his eyes to him. They were still as wide as hell. "Why would you choose to come back here? I thought I told you that I was happy living anywhere with you. I don't think that... you should have asked us."

Granny took a really deep and nervous breath. "Do you know what this means? You know that he will..."

"I don't care anymore, granny," Aidan said confidently. "I am ready to face anyone. I don't even care about him. What matters the most is that we will be happy here. My name is Aidan and I will not let anyone bring me down or cause me pain."

Ethan moved towards Aidan, facing him. He quickly gripped him and held him tightly. "Thank you so much, Aidan. You did this because you love us all so much. I promise I will not allow anyone to mess with you or my son. I will always be here with you."

"Thank you." Aidan looked at all of them confidently. "You are all the best and it makes me happy to see you happy. Thank you so much for everything that you've done in my life. Now just enjoy all this. You can do anything that you want now."

They all smiled and kissed his cheeks. Then they slowly got outside, looking everywhere. Aidan however remained in the doorway, smiling brightly. He moved his eyes to his son who was sucking his thumb. He lost the smile and just took in a deep sigh. He knew the consequences of coming back to Angria but he was ready for anything. He wasn't gonna allow anyone to make him... weak. He knew exactly what he had to do and he wasn't gonna give a damn.


The royal family was seated on the dining table, slowly enjoying their breakfast. They had just woken up a few minutes and decided to head to the dining table. Luis was with them and he was barely eating like he had been doing the past few days. Charles was with him every step of the way, making sure that he was doing all right. He was such a great help to Luis.

Then suddenly they heard someone screaming the king's voice, rushing everywhere. The king got up, wondering who had the nerves to call his name like that. He quickly dropped his breakfast and started rushing out of the dining room. Even the entire royal family got up including Luis. They followed the king into the living room and found about three cabinet members looking sweaty and panting.

When they saw the king, the three of them rushed to him and bowed their heads before they started speaking.

"My Lord," One of them panted. "There is something that has happened in this kingdom."

"What?" From their expression and the way they were looking like, King Julian got worried instantly. He looked at his wife and gulped. "What has happened? Please. Don't tell me that Wyatt has returned and..."
"No!" Another one gulped. "Your majesty, I think what we need to do is show you because we cannot explain it. I don't even know if I believed it myself."

"What do you have to show me?" The king sounded extremely worried.

"Come with us, my lord."

With that, the three men started rushing towards the elevator. The king and his family followed impatiently with pounding hearts. They were all worried because the three were scaring them big time. Reaching the elevator all of them entered and fitted because it was big enough for more than 30 people. One of the three men pressed the last floor.

"What?" The king gasped. "What the hell are we gonna be doing on the last floor?"

"Just wait." The three men breathed.

King Julian and his family waited impatiently and it wasn't long before the elevator opened on the last floor. Getting out, the three men started heading towards the palace conference room which was located on that floor.

King Julian was expecting it to be a meeting or something but when the three men passed the room, heading straight for the balcony. He was worried. He quickly followed the three men to the balcony and pulled them to face him.

"Okay." He sounded a little mad. "Can you please explain to me the meaning of the behavior you just showed me? Do you even know what..."

"No..." One of them gasped. "Please. Look forward and see."

The king roared. "What is so important that..."

But the king never even finished his sentence as he gave a loud gasp, touching his chest. His heart started pounding. His breaths became harsh. When he looked forward, he saw a brightly glowing castle from far away. It was a diamond castle and the glowing diamonds could emanate to the palace. He was gaping.

King Julian knew exactly what that meant. He could recognize that castle from anywhere. It was not as huge as his palace but it sure was more elegant and beautiful than his palace. He still couldn't believe he was seeing it. He had to double check just to be sure.

"The diamond castle!" The king gave a loud gasp. "I know that castle."

"Castle?" Everyone came to stare and when they saw it, they gasped. Even Luis was mesmerized by that huge castle. But everyone had one question in mind,

"Who owns that castle and how did it suddenly appear?" Granny hollered. She was a little scared. "That castle has never been in this kingdom so how did it get here all of a sudden? Are we gonna be attacked again or what?"

Hearing to the queen mother's fears, King Julian moved his face to her, staring at her. He quickly took a glance at the castle and his scared family once again.

"No!" King Julian nodded. "We are not under attack." He quickly moved his eyes to his sad son, chuckling softly. "This is good news. It is amazing, especially for Luis if this turns out to be true."

"What?" Luis' voice was really low. "I don't understand."

The king chuckled, getting nearer to Luis. He held his shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze. "If I am correct and if my brain is still functioning well," He grinned. "Then... that is Aidan's castle."

Luis's breaths became harsh as soon as he heard his father's words. His heart began racing miles and miles away. His eyes gaped as he moved them towards the direction of the castle. It was glowing and it was extremely beautiful.

"Aidan's... castle?" Luis stammered, tears building in his eyes. "Are you telling me that my Aidan is... back?" Luis' tears came flowing. He couldn't hold them anymore. "Or are you..."

"No!" The king nodded his head. "I saw that castle when we went to ask Aidan to come back here. I could bet my own life that is the same castle. Aidan has finally returned to this kingdom. Our prayers have been answered."

Luis' tears couldn't stop flowing. He couldn't tear his eyes away from that beautiful glowing thing. His entire body was enveloped by the immense joy that swept him off his feet. He was hyperventilating. For the first time since Aidan's departure, Luis' face brightened up with the most beautiful grin ever. He was really happy and he couldn't express it.

"Finally..." Luis cried out in joy. "My Aidan has finally returned to me. He has finally come back to me. I can't believe it." He fell to his knees, raising his hands towards the heavens. "Thank you so much, Almighty for answering my prayers. Now I truly know that you exist and that you care for me. Thank you." Luis leaned down and kissed the floor several times.

"Hey!" The queen laughed in her happiness. "What are you doing, crazy boy? Get up."

With a loud laugh, Luis got up from the floor and started rushing back inside, ignoring the calls from his best friend. All he wanted to do was go to that castle and meet with Aidan. He needed to see both Aidan and his child. He needed them both in his life. He needed to be with them for the rest of his life. He needed to be with them in the palace.

"Should I follow him?" Charles tried to start moving but the king gripped his arm, pulling him back.

"No!" The king chuckled. He couldn't have been any happier than he was. "Let him go and find Aidan. I am sure he is dying to see him."

"Father..." Hanna exclaimed, literally jumping out. "Are you sure it's Aidan?"

"I have never been so sure about anything in my life before." The king babbled, holding his daughter's hand. "That is his castle. He has finally decided to come back to us."

Hanna was acting like a child, trying to jump up. She was overjoyed and it was emanating. "I am so excited right now, father. Can we please... please, let's go and see him."


"Why?" She frowned, raising her eyebrow. "I want to see him so badly. I didn't see when he came here and..."

"Let your brother come back." The queen beamed. "Then we can decide to give Aidan a visit okay?"

Hanna took a deep sigh of sadness but she was still happy. "Okay."

Granny chuckled, moving her hands towards the heavens. "Thank you so much, almighty. You have surely done a great thing for us. Now please," She held her hands together, shaking her head softly. "Let those two reunite. Let them be together and let their love prevail. Please."

Granny bowed her head, dropping her hands. None of the people on that balcony could deny that they were really happy. They couldn't stop smiling no matter what they did. It was like they had been frozen in smiling mode. They were happy for their sweet prince. It wasn't long before they saw his car moving out of the palace and into the road, speeding unlike before. They weren't worried because they knew that he was rushing to his love.

Even though Luis was gone, the family couldn't stop staring at the beautiful castle. It was just the most beautiful thing ever created. Nothing could ever compare to it, not even the palace. Now all they just had to do was see Aidan and their joy would be complete.


"All right," Aidan said softly, getting up from the dining table. "This was seriously very delicious food. I enjoyed it a lot. Now I am full and I will be going back to the living room."

Aidan chuckled, getting up from the dining room. The people couldn't believe it was Aidan they were seeing that day. He had taken coming back to Angria quite perfectly. They couldn't understand him.

Although it was really bad, the family had expected Aidan to be broken, shedding tears, trembling, glowering, his mood changing, and other things which would have shown that he was hurt and that he wanted to go back home. But he had been all right the rest of the morning.

Aidan had in fact taken it better than anyone had expected. He was just himself. But Aidan was the only one that had answers to those questions. It was because he had stayed up that night and did a lot of thinking. He had rebuilt his courage and strength before doing that and now... now the fierce Aidan who didn't care about anything was back. Yeah! You heard right, the bitch was back.

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan headed to the couches, losing his smile. He was rushing before he felt a strong wind blowing through the living room. He stopped and just watched the wind. He quickly folded his arms on his chest, waiting for it to end. It wasn't long before he felt a presence behind him. He knew exactly what was going on.

"I didn't expect you to come this late," Aidan said, taking a quick turn. He was just in time to meet with the priest's happy chuckles. "I expected to see you earlier."

"Good!" The priest nodded, hitting the trident harder on the floor as he got near. "You've finally gathered the courage to come back. I always knew this would..."

"Why wouldn't you?" He chuckled nervously, folding his arms on his chest. "You see everything after all."

"Yes!" The priest said, sniffing the entire air. "There is a lot of wind of change in this castle. I am glad you are finally back in this kingdom, where you belong. But you also know that..."

"I am not scared of anything," Aidan said confidently, chuckling softly. "I know what I believe in."

"Oh!" the priest nodded, getting a little confidence. "I admire your confidence and I must say..."

Before the priest could even finish his sentence, Aidan heard a voice outside. It wasn't clear as the gate was a little far but he could even sense that someone had come. He didn't even need to be a genius to know the person that had visited him.

"He's here." The priest laughed maniacally as a strong wind blew throughout the castle. "How are you gonna avoid that now."

"I know."

Aidan made a quick turn and started heading for the door. It wasn’t long before he got out of the castle. Even from the doorway, Aidan could see the desperate Prince Luis shouting out his name. He rolled his eyes, taking a deep sigh. Then without wasting another second, he started walking towards the gate. He was so fast that he reached the gate within a minute.

Luis' heart skipped a beat when he saw Aidan coming to him with a serious face. His father was right. Aidan was looking so pretty in his different colored braids and his elegant walks. Fuck! Luis couldn't help but drool. Aidan was sexy for sure.

Seeing Aidan, Luis felt a powerful vibration all over his body. His eyes widened and he gave a soft sigh of relief. He felt as if food and water had returned to him. Aidan's castle was located on the outskirts of town, near the main road just before the Angria forest. It was a really beautiful castle and Luis had spent five minutes staring at it before he called Aidan. It was really beautiful inside.

"What are you doing here?" Aidan asked harshly, rushing towards him. "What do you want from this place, Prince Luis?"

"Aidan!" Luis exclaimed, holding the closed gate tightly. The gate had glass round bars so Luis was able to see inside. "You are finally back. You look so..."

"You didn't come here to compliment me so go straight to the point." Aidan snapped. "I don't have the whole day to talk to you. I have better and important things to do."

Even Aidan's angry voice sounded so sweet to Luis. If he could do it and do it over and over again, Luis would love that. The boy was sexy and his body, fuck! Luis noticed that Aidan's body had changed into something hotter and sexier than before. He was more feminine than usual but that's what made him sexy.

"Wow! Your castle is..."

"Uh..." Aidan groaned, rolling his eyes in frustration. "Really? Is that what you came here for and..."

"You have come back." Luis felt tears building in his eyes. When he had seen Aidan a few days back, he loved him. But now he was crazier than before. He was madly in love with Aidan. "You have no idea how long I had to pray to see..."

"Haha..." Aidan gave a teasing chuckled, holding his chest. "Oh my God, did you think I came here for you?" Aidan got mad when Luis nodded. "Well! News flash, I didn't come here for you. I came here for my family and for..." He paused. He didn't need to give Luis any explanation or any details. "I want you to turn back, get into your car, and get out of here."

Luis took in a deep breath. "You are back to..."

"Luis!" Aidan groaned. "Get out of here before I do it for you."

"Are you gonna..."

"Why don't you ask your father what I did to him the last time he came to visit me. Now are you gonna leave on your own or should I do it for you?"

Luis knew what Aidan was capable of. But he was ready for that. After all... "You can do that but I will just come back here again."

Aidan nodded, chuckling bitterly. "You don't know me that well." Then his face got serious again. "Just leave this place. I don't want you to come back here and I don't want to let you inside."

"I won't leave." That last sentence from Luis made Aidan laugh. "I will not leave. I want to see my son."

Aidan lost his cool now. "Your son?" He shrugged. "Which son are you talking about?" Then his voice started getting louder. "If you have a son then go and look for him because that baby in that castle," he gestured. "That is my baby and no one else's."

"Well! Last time I checked, it took both of us to make that baby. If you actually don't remember then allow me to tell you how..."

"Shut up!" Aidan roared, venting his anger on Luis. "Get out of here before I do something we both won't like. You have no child here and you have no business being here so please..." Aidan pointed angrily. "You know the way you came from. I don't need to point it to you because trust me, I will definitely do that."

Luis laughed at Aidan, still staring at him. He loved the boy and the fact that he was back was really beautiful for him. Seeing him so close to the palace and in the kingdom was beautiful. Luis didn't need to worry about a thing anymore.

"Are you gonna hide my son away from me?" Luis asked, nodding his head. "For how long are you gonna stay away from me? I love you a lot and I am willing to do anything to have you back. I know I was a fool."

Then Luis did something even crazier. He knelt in front of Aidan, still staring at him. "I am on my knees, Aidan." He got serious. He needed Aidan a lot. "I know that you still love me, I can feel it. Please, give me a chance to correct my mistakes." Aidan couldn't believe the nerve of the guy. He actually couldn't speak anymore. "I know I was not there for you during those difficult times you mentioned but I am ready to rectify my mistakes. I will make it up to you. Tell me anything that you want me to do and I will do it as long as you will..."

"Get out of here." Aidan snarled, clenching his teeth.

"Is that what you want?" Luis smiled brightly, getting up from the ground. "I will do that..."

"I said out!" Aidan roared, pointing to the road. "Get out of here and never come back here. I don't want to see you okay?" Aidan was really mad.

"Okay," Luis said softly. "At least you've decided to come back. You are powerful, my love. I still don't know how..."

"Get out of here before..."

"Okay." Luis raised his hands in the air as if he was surrendering. "I will leave for now. I am happy that you are back. But I will be back."

Before Luis could even turn Aidan made a quick turn and disappeared from there, leaving Luis chuckling softly. He was really happy and he loved Aidan's powers. He had mistaken him for a warlock but he truly, truly loved him and how he was made.

"I will be back," Luis said as he took a glance at the castle. "I will make sure that I get back you and our son. We shall be a complete family again. I love you so much."

Luis blew a kiss and then went back to the car. With a final glance at the castle, he drove off.


Aidan appeared in the living room, groaning and stomping on the floor, clenching his fists. He was really mad after seeing Luis and...

"How was it?" The priest gave a teasing chuckle. "Did you get rid of him?"

Aidan made a quick turn to find the priest leaning on his trident, chuckling. He tried to open his mouth to speak but he was so mad that he couldn't even find his voice. His heart was pounding and Luis' face kept on repeating in his mind. If only there was a way to erase.

"That guy..." Aidan groaned, clenching his fists. "Why did Luis even have to come..."

"What?" A loud gasp was heard from behind Aidan.

When Aidan made a quick turn, granny was rushing towards him with Jacob and the guys. She had a frown on her face. "Luis was here?"

Aidan shook his head. "Yes!"

"What?" Ethan clenched his fists. "The nerves of that guy. He had the guts to show up here. You should have told me and..."

"You don't have to worry about anything," Aidan reassured with a frown on his face. "I already handled him. He's already gone."

"I don't like this." Ethan nodded. "Why should he continue bothering you? He should stay away from you. Now I am really mad." He quickly held Aidan's shoulder, wrapping his arm around him. "You shouldn't have brought us here. I mean..."

"No!" Aidan nodded. "I have nothing to fear here. I used to live away from this kingdom but now I have no fear. I am the guardian of this kingdom and that means I have to be here all the time. I will not let Luis do anything to me. I will never allow him back in my life." He said. "He can do whatever he wants with his life but I will never allow him."

Granny looked at him and he smiled faintly. Aidan moved his eyes to his son and took him from granny. He was a mess especially after eating food but Aidan was really happy. He wasn't gonna allow Luis to tease or taunt him. He was back but he wasn't gonna take shit from Luis.


Luis entered the palace smiling to himself and remembering what exactly had happened the time he went to Aidan's place. Instead of being sad and crying that Aidan had told him to go away, Luis was smiling. Seeing Aidan in his kingdom was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He was gonna do everything to get Aidan back into his life. He didn't even care what he was gonna do as long as he got Aidan back in his life.

When Luis entered the living room, all the people got up from their seats and rushed to him, smiling at him brightly. When he saw their happy faces, he sighed, getting lost in his thoughts. There were a lot of questions that were being thrown at him and he wasn't even sure that he was listening until someone shook his arm.

"So," Hanna chirped. "Is it Aidan or is there someone else that is there." Then she looked at him and sighed. "Never mind that question. I can tell from your bright mood and smile that he is the one. But did you see him? How is he looking like? How did..."

"Hanna!" Queen Ruby chuckled happily. "Those are way too many questions. Let your brother..."

"Mom..." Hanna said. "I am just too curious to know what..."

"Never mind." The king took Luis and made him sit on the nearby couch, sitting close to him. "Son..."

"Yes, father..." Luis sighed, not even losing his smile.

"How did it go?" The king asked softly. "Did you see him?"

Luis blushed, nodding his head softly. "I saw him but... he is still pretty mad at me. He didn't want to see me. He sent me away as soon as he saw me."

"Oh no," The queen shook her head, covering her mouth. "What's wrong with that boy? What if he goes back and..."

"I don't think so." Luis nodded, smiling brightly. "I think he is back here for good and..."

"But he is rejecting you." Granny was really worried. "How is he ever going to forgive you? I think we need..."

"You don't have to worry about a thing," Luis assured. "I will not give up, granny. I will not give up until I have Aidan in my arms again. He will find it in his heart to forgive me and he shall give me his love once again." Luis couldn't stop smiling. "The Almighty has answered my prayers and I thank him for that. The priest was right. All I had to do was wait."
"Yes!" Charles who had been quiet finally spoke. He sounded extremely happy. "You are now happy and I can finally go home. But... did you see your son or what? How does he look like?"

Hearing Charles' question, Luis lost his smile and gave a gloomy sigh. "Unfortunately, Aidan doesn't want to show me our son. He couldn't let me in his castle. He denies him being our son but rather his son. But I know that I shall hold my son very soon. I just want him to... I want him to feel my love. I know he cannot keep my son away from me. I will surely see him very soon and..."

"Yes!" The queen nodded, smiling brightly at him. "That child is blueblood. That means that he needs to be blessed by the priest in the presence of both his parents. It needs to be done real soon and..."

"Yes!" The priest appeared right in the living room. "My queen is right. The child needs to be blessed."

"Oh priest," The king got up quickly. "I am really glad..."

"I know, my king." He laughed manically, moving his head from side to side. "I have already seen everything and I have seen Aidan face to face."

"But I am really worried." The king said with a sigh. "What if..."

"Aidan isn't leaving this place." The priest announced. "He is here to stay. He is the wizard of good cause that makes him a guardian. The almighty showed him his path and now he is here." He moved his eyes to Luis. "I can read through your happiness. I told you time is the remedy."

"Yes!" Luis got up and stood still. "But he is still not..."

"I have no answer for you." The priest chimed in. "All this rests on you. What's most important is that he is back into the kingdom and he isn't leaving. It is great news indeed and this kingdom will be happy for his return."

The king moved a little closer to the priest. "We need to see our grandson. How do we..."

"That's definitely out of my hands, my king." The priest simply bowed his head. "Only Aidan can allow you to see his son. There is nothing I can do, my Lord."

The priest made a quick turn, raising his trident. Then he laughed in a deep voice, hitting the trident on the floor. He was gone. He just disappeared into thin air.

The king sat on the couch and took a deep breath. "I need to have a meeting with the cabinet members today. Then we will try and go to Aidan's castle tomorrow morning and plead with him to at least let him see our grandson. I am the king but... I have no choice." He sighed. "Aidan is really powerful and I have no choice but to plead with him."

"Yes!" Granny said softly. "He was hurt. We need to ask for his forgiveness. We need him in our palace. He needs to come back. This is his home and he is supposed to be by his husband's side."

"Yes!" The king buried his head on his palm. "You are right, mother. We need to ask for his forgiveness. He needs to come back. We shall all go to him tomorrow. Let him rest today and..."

"Ye..." Hanna jumped from her seat. She was extremely happy. "I can't wait to see him tomorrow. I swear I can't even wait for the day to end."

Luis was happy too. He just couldn't wait for that day to finally end. He would have gone back to that castle but he wasn't gonna go back. The priest had confirmed that Aidan was back for good and that was good enough for him. He was now a happy prince. He was gonna do everything in his power to make sure that Aidan came back to him.

"I shall have you in my life." He vowed, nodding his head.


Aidan was slowly coming down the stairs, walking elegantly. He heard footsteps rushing towards him. When he quickly turned, he saw granny smiling at him. It had been a day already since they had been in Angria and he had just been with his granny. Ethan and Justin had gone out to just explore the forest and lakes nearby.

"Hey!" Aidan smiled brightly. She was carrying Jacob in a carrier.

"Hey!" Granny chuckled as she came towards him. They both came down the stairs and sat in the living room.

"So..." Granny started. "We were thinking of going out and just exploring. Do you mind coming with us? It had been a day already and I think we need to just leave this castle and have a little fun in the kingdom."

Aidan looked at granny and smiled brightly. "Maybe not now because I don't think I am ready to..."

Before Aidan could even finish his sentence, he heard something, a low sound. He quickly moved his eyes to the window and just stared out. He didn't even take a good look before the door opened and Ethan and Justin came rushing in. They both seemed to be panting. Seeing them, Aidan quickly got up, staring at the two of them.

"Ethan!" He gasped. "What's wrong with..."

"I think the king is on his way here," Ethan said with an angry growl. "We saw his car heading here when we were coming back here."

"What?" Aidan gasped, feeling angry. "Why can't these people just leave me alone? I don't want to see them and... god!" he stumped on the floor.

"I bet they are here for... for Jacob." Justin stuttered, looking at the young baby. "What are you going to do?" He moved his eyes to Aidan. "Are you gonna deny the king to see his grandson or what?"

Aidan took a deep breath before staring out the window. Even though he was outside, he could feel the cars closing in. Before he could even manage another breath, he heard the cars honking. He quickly moved his eyes to his brother and saw the fear in his eyes.

"I will go and..."

"No..." Aidan stopped Ethan before he even took a step. "Let me handle this. Just take Jacob okay? I will handle this."

With a final groan, Aidan started heading outside. He reached out and started going straight towards the huge barred gate. Gosh! He was fuming. This had been what he had been afraid of when he thought of coming back to Angria and now... it was happening but he knew exactly how to handle them.

Closing on to the gate, he found the doors to the car opening. There were about eight cars in total and he had no freaking idea what they had come to do. He went to the gate and stood still, folding his arms on his chest. It wasn't long before all the cars opened wider. There were many guards and drivers. The entire royal family came out of the cars with about five cabinet members. Seeing them, Aidan rolled his eyes and groaned softly.

When he moved his eyes forward, he saw Luis coming towards him. He was dressed in beautiful blue royal attire with a small royal hat on his head. He had a beautiful smile on his face which Aidan for some reason found to be irritating. He had no idea why. All of them seemed to be smiling a lot. Aidan's eyes were so concentrated on the royal family that he didn't even see that other people were just on foot.

"Aidan..." Hanna gasped. "Oh my God," She looked at the huge castle. "You live in this beautiful place?" She gasped, touching her chest. "This is the most beautiful thing ever and... oh!" She held her cheeks. "You are sparkling." Hanna was mesmerized by Aidan's elegancy and beauty.

Without responding to Hanna, Aidan moved his eyes to the smiling and blushing Luis who had his eyes on Aidan. He was so mad at him for bringing his entire family to his place.

"What are you doing here?" Aidan said harshly. "I thought I told you to stay away from me and..."

"Aidan." The queen called softly. "Please. We are all here to see you. We are also here to see our grand..."

"With all due respect," Aidan said, not even minding he was speaking to the queen. "This is my castle and I say that I don't want anyone here. If you don't mind, I would like you to please... leave these premises. I know this is your kingdom and..."

"No." the king shook his head, getting a little closer to the gate. "Son... try to understand us. We just wanna talk to you. Please."

"Your majesty," Aidan tried hard to control himself. "I don't mean to be rude or something but please, I just wanna be alone. I don't want to see you and... I think you should leave right now."

The king took a deep sigh upon hearing Aidan's words. "How long will continue to try and avoid us?" he asked softly. "What do we have to do for you to just forgive us? Please, I am ready to do anything for you to just forget about everything that has just happened."

Aidan shook his head, roaring his eyes. He heard the king's words exactly and he understood him. "Your majesty, please..."

"Aidan," Granny came towards the gate and then smiled brightly. "My grandson, I know we were all wrong to accuse you about those things. It's the reason that we want to ask for your forgiveness and..."

"I don't want to dwell in the past," Aidan said harshly. "I just want to have some peace. I didn't come to this kingdom to be reminded of the past. I just wanna..."

"What will it take for you..."

"I have nothing to forgive," Aidan said softly. "I don't have anything to forgive you for. You did what you thought was right. Besides, I don't wanna come back to the palace. Please, just leave this place. Respect my wishes."

"Please." A loud gasp was heard when the king dropped to his knees.

Hearing the gasps from people, Aidan saw that they were not alone. There were several people with them, people that had come to see the wonderful and elegant castle and to see Aidan. But seeing the king on the dirty ground was probably a shock to them. They couldn't help but gasp. They were more than surprised. Aidan's eyes widened as his heart gave a sharp pound. He moved his eyes to the king and found him still on the ground.

"Please." The king pleaded, holding out his hands. "I am ready to be on my knees in front of all these people just for you to finally forgive me. I know that I caused you so much pain. The almighty was angry at me for not heeding to his word and I think I got the punishment I deserved when this kingdom was under attack. Please..."

"Your majesty..." Aidan gasped, getting a little away from the gate. "Why would you kneel in front of me, in front of these people and..."

"I am willing to do anything and..."

"Isn't it enough that the king is on his knees?" One of the cabinet members asked Aidan. "What else do you still need? This is the second time he is doing this."

"I didn't ask him of this." Aidan sighed. "I don't want him to be kneeling in front of me. This is his kingdom. He wanted me to be back and now I am back. I just want you all to leave me alone."

Hearing him, the king nodded and slowly got up. He looked at Aidan and Aidan looked away. "Can we at least see our grandson?"

"What?" Aidan exclaimed, chuckling softly. "I am sorry, your majesty but I think you need to leave right..."

"Why is it so difficult?" Luis asked, pleading with the boy. "Haven't you tortured me enough? Please, Aidan... I am begging you." He knelt on the ground. "I know you won't believe this but... I have suffered a lot without you and..."

"Are we still talking about this?" He shook his head. "I told you I don't want to hear any of that. I just want you to leave me the hell alone. Why is it so difficult to understand that..."

"I don't believe you." Luis chuckled softly, staring into Aidan. "I know you hate me right now and I understand you perfectly but... can I at least see my son? I need to meet him. I need to just take a look at him even if it is just from the gate. Please, help me out here. I am desperate and..."

"Haven't we had this conversation?" Aidan snapped, not minding that the people were there. "That is my son and..."

"Aidan..." Hanna said softly. Her face was now really serious. "I know that what had happened was bad. I told Luis he was foolish, I did. But..."

"Hanna!" Aidan sighed. "Please. Try to understand my feelings towards this issue. I know exactly what you feel but there is nothing I can do. I just don't want Luis..."

"But he's the father," Granny said softly. "Please..."

"I have said what I wanted to say to you." Aidan moved his eyes to Luis, dropping his hands. "You can stay here for as long as you want but you won't get me or my baby back into your life. In fact, I think I am done with this conversation."

With those words, Aidan made a quick turn and started going back to the castle. He hated that the royal family had come there. He didn't want to see any of them. He just wanted to be alone with his family. He wanted to live peacefully but they were not giving him any peace.

"Can you at least bring him to the palace for blessings?" Granny hollered.

Hearing her voice, Aidan stopped and made a quick turn, staring at granny. She seemed serious.

"For what?" Aidan shrugged.

"Every child of royal blood must be blessed by the priest in the palace for protection and identification. This must happen."

Without even saying any word, Aidan made a quick turn and rushed back to the castle. The royal family and the people just watched in sadness as Aidan went back to the castle. They had no idea what to do anymore. Aidan was different from the boy they had known two years ago. He was different.

Taking a sigh, Luis slowly got up and leaned to the huge gate which seemed impossible to open or even move. He wasn't feeling too well. He felt a hand on his shoulder and when he looked past his shoulder, he saw his sister smiling brightly at him.

"He will come around. You don't have to worry about anything."

"He is proving difficult," Luis said softly. "I had so much hope he was gonna allow us in if he saw everyone here but I was so damn wrong. What am I going to do now? I want to see my son. I am dying to hold him. I love Aidan and he isn't doing much to help me right now."

She smiled brightly, rubbing on his back.

"What are we going to do now?" One of the cabinet members asked the king. "It seems like he doesn't even want to listen to us. He can't even open this gate and..." He paused and sighed. "Should we wait here and just..."

"No!" King Julian nodded. "Even if we spent a year out here, I am pretty sure that we won't ever get in this castle. All I am hoping for right now is for him to listen to what we have told him. That is the only way in which we can do this." He sighed. "We just have to listen to what he has to say."

"I can't believe he has done this." Hanna said softly. "How could..."

"Pain can change someone into something he or she doesn't want." The queen said softly. "We just have to respect his decision right now and..."

"I won't give up," Luis said, staring at the beautiful castle. "I will break the wall that he has built around himself." He vowed. "I will not allow Aidan to leave me. I am ready to be a fool just for him. I love him so much and I won't ever let him go."

The queen went closer to her son, squeezing his shoulder. "I know how you feel and I know..."

"No, mother..." Luis gripped the bar on the gate harder. "No one can understand my feelings. No one will ever be able to know exactly how I feel. It's the reason that I need him in my life. I shall have him in my life and that's the truth."

"I know, sweetie." She rubbed on his back. "We all need him in our lives. We all want him to come back but only time will tell when. We just have to keep on praying."

"Your mother is right," The king gave a faint smile. "Let's go."

Luis gave a gloomy sigh, staring at the beautiful castle. Even though Aidan was proving difficult and hated him, Luis still had a feeling that Aidan loved him. He still loved him a lot. Aidan was only mad because of all the pain that Luis had made him pass through. Luis was now ready to show Aidan just how much he loved him. He didn't care about what it was gonna cost him. All he wanted in his wonderful life was Aidan then he would live a happy and fulfilling life.

"Yes!" Luis started walking to the car with his eyes still on the castle. He was gonna go but he wasn't gonna give up on anything.


Aidan rushed into his castle, clenching his fists harder. He was mad about what had happened. How dare Luis do that to him by bringing his family? All he wanted to do was just to stay in peace with his son. He knew that if he showed Luis his child then the guy would take advantage of the situation. And the blessing thing... not gonna work at all. He didn't want to be fooled by them.

"Are they gone?" Ethan gasped, rushing towards Aidan.

Aidan moved his eyes to stare at Ethan, noticing how tense he was. He seemed mad and a little scared.

"I left them out." Aidan said angrily. "I am sure they are gone now."

"What did they want?" Granny exclaimed, getting closer to Aidan. "Did they come here to..."

"Yes!" Aidan chimed in, nodding softly. "They were here for my son and... I didn't allow them inside. I don't even care if he's the king of this land. I don't want Luis to take advantage of that and I..." He paused, giving a gloomy sigh. "I... it's just that..."

"You don't have to explain yourself," Granny said with a shake. "I understand you and your reasons for doing so okay?"

"Thank you." Aidan sighed. "Luis has been bothering me since yesterday. Why can't he leave me all alone and just let me be? I don't want him in my life. Is that too hard for him to understand? Is love by force? I just don't get it."

"No..." Granny gripped his arm, slowly leading him to the couch. They both sat together and she held his hands, cupping them into hers. "You need to calm down all right?"

"I am calm." Aidan sighed. "It's just that he's getting on my nerves. Why is so hard to understand that he needs to stay away from me?"

"Yeah!" Ethan said angrily. "I will surely blind that guy. I don't care if he's the prince just let him stay away from this place. We didn't come here because of him all right? We came here for us and not him. What's his problem?"

Aidan just stayed on the couch, trying to calm himself down. For a moment it seemed to be working but there was a loud gush of wind through the living room. He wasn't even bothered because he knew exactly what was going. The priest appeared in the living room with a really serious face, staring at Aidan.

"Priest..." Aidan gave a sigh of relief, staring at him. "What..."

"You must take your child to the palace within five days to..."

"What?" Aidan shook his head, chuckling bitterly. "What are you busy telling me, priest? Why should I take..."

"Your child is blue blood." The priest said in the most serious tone Aidan had ever heard from him. He was surprised at the priest's words and he didn't want to take his son to the palace for any reason. "He needs to be blessed in the royal household."

Aidan opened his mouth as a loud gasp escaped his throat. He got closer to Aidan, hitting the trident on the floor. Aidan thought the chief priest was joking but he knew from that serious face that he was really serious.

"Why would I..."

"Every child who carries royal blood in his veins must be blessed in the palace." The priest announced in a loud voice. "This has been the tradition of Angria princes and princesses since the beginning of time. This is necessary."

Aidan shook his head, staring at granny. She was just as worried as he was. Then he quickly moved his eyes to stare at the priest once again. "Please. Don't do this to me. You know exactly that I..."

"Those are the words from the almighty." The priest roared. "I am only but a messenger. I never told you this because I didn't know it would be necessary. Now it is necessary and you should..."

"No..." Aidan nodded. "I am never going to let..."

"You must do this for your son." The priest raised his trident. "If you love your son and you want what's best for him then you will do as I have said."

"But, priest... wait... I..." Before Aidan could even finish his sentence, the priest was gone.
Aidan felt a strong vibration take control of his body. He felt weak and sat on the couch with his face on his palms. He was lost and he had no idea what to do. His heart was pounding terribly in his chest and his breaths were harsh. He had never felt as scared as he was at that very time. He wanted to think it was a dream but it wasn't a dream. It was a reality and it had just happened. He didn't want Luis near his son and now the priest had just put him in a very difficult situation. He didn't know what to do.

With a soft groan, Aidan raised his face, staring at his son. His wonderful son was so cute, just like Luis. But he was nothing like Luis. He didn't want Luis to see him but now it was difficult. He was between a rock and a hard place. He had only been in Angria for a day and now... everything was going bad for him. It was really difficult. When Aidan looked at his family... he saw the worry in their faces.


For the next three days, Aidan was confused over what to do. In those three days, he hadn't seen Luis and he was glad he didn't but something even more than Luis was bothering him. He didn't know what else to do. He was put between difficult situations. He was already confused and he didn't know what to do. He just thought, long and hard.

It was a really difficult situation but on the third day, granny came to speak to him. He explained to her exactly what his thoughts about it all were. She was really helpful towards him and he knew she was gonna help him with advice.

"I know this is difficult for you because you don't want Luis to see your child." She was holding his hands. "But he is the father of that child no matter what happens. These blessings are only for the well being of our Jacob. That's why you need to think long and hard for it. You need to try and weigh both burdens. But remember that your son is the most important person in your life right now. I know that you love him so much and wouldn't want anything to come and take him away. But I also know that my love grandson is a brave boy."

With those words from granny, Aidan knew he had only a day to make his decision. What was he going to do now?


"I seriously don't know what to do," Luis said angrily, clenching his fists. "I have been waiting patiently for him to bring our son for his well being but he has..."

"Please." Hanna rubbed on his back. "Five days is still a day from now. You have to be patient okay? I am sure Aidan will come. He cannot just neglect his child like that. The priest already delivered the message to him and told him the importance of this."

"Yes!" The king nodded. "It might seem impossible but we should just keep on hoping and praying that he will bring him to us. That's the only thing we have... hope."

Luis had been patiently waiting, hoping, and praying that Aidan would bring their son to the palace for blessings but to no avail. He has been staying at the palace without any movements, just waiting for Aidan. But now...

"Why can't he just understand that this is important?" Luis furiously got up, kicking on the couch as hard as he could. "This is just hopeless." He clenched on his hair, pulling as hard as he could. "I am going to see him right now."

With a loud groan, Luis quickly turned to leave the palace. But just when he set his eyes on the door his frown suddenly turned into a wonderful surprise and shocked expression. His mouth and eyes opened wider. He started hyperventilating, his heart racing beyond normal. He felt a deep vibration throughout his entire body.

Aidan was coming through the entrance and he was not alone. He was carrying a baby in a carrier and he was with granny. Aidan was looking beautiful except for the frown which was on his face. He was putting on a deep yellow shiny shirt, deep black tight skinny jean, and blue snickers that just made him look sexier than he was. He had his hair tied in a ponytail, all black.

Moving his eyes from Aidan, Luis' eyes almost popped out of his sockets when he laid them on the carrier. He wasn't able to see the baby because Aidan was carrying him on his back. But that made Luis happier than anything. Tears of joy formed in his eyes, making a really strong wind which he only felt to blow on his face. He was instantly feeling sweaty all of a sudden. He didn't even know what was going on with him but he was super happy.

"Aidan..." Luis didn't even take the time to speak his name properly and he was running towards him.

"Uh..." Aidan rolled his eyes when he saw the stupid-looking man rushing towards him.

The rest of the royal family members moved their eyes to the front when they heard Luis' voice. It was all true. Aidan was coming to the royal palace and he had the baby with him. They couldn't help but feel happy. They all rushed to him including the king who seemed happier than Luis himself. Everything had gone from bad to better that moment they saw Aidan entering.

"You are here and..."

Aidan raised his hand in the air to stop Luis from speaking any further. "Look, I only came here because my child is really important to me. Let's get done with this and..."

"I am so happy." Tears of joy poured down Luis's face. "You have come here and that's the most important thing to me. Please," he knelt on one knee, opening his arms wider. "Can I see my child, please?"

Luis's face was wet at that time. He was suddenly trembling. His nerves were preying on him and he couldn't help but shiver. He was visibly trembling. He was about to see his son for the first time. Every second that passed felt like many hours had passed. Luis was getting impatient. All he wanted was his child in his arms.

"Please..." The queen put her hands together, pleading with Aidan. She was equally trembling and nervous. "Don't deny us this request. It's all that we want to do right now."

Aidan tried to open his mouth but he felt a hand touch him. He looked past his shoulder to meet with the ever-smiling face of granny, nodding her head. Aidan knew what she wanted him to do. After all, they had talked about it. He wasn't gonna go against her.

With a slow nod, Aidan carefully got the carrier from him, bringing the baby forward though Luis couldn't see him. He took another deep breath and felt his hands slightly trembling. He was nervous and he didn't know why. But he carefully pressed the baby in Luis' arms and stood still, watching the emotional guy.

A tear began rolling down Luis' face in billions when his eyes laid on his son's face. His son was awake in his arms. He was beautifully dressed in elegant sparkly dressed, the best Luis had ever seen in his life. But that wasn't what got Luis emotional and crying.

Luis noticed his son's features. He was the most beautiful baby Luis had ever laid his eyes on. He had Aidan's eyes and his deep black hair. But when he noticed his little face and skin, Luis cried even more. His son was looking like him. He could remember that face anywhere.

With a soft sob, Luis moved his eyes to Aidan and cried even more. "He looks just like me. He looks like his father."

Aidan didn't say anything. He rather stood still and watched the crying man and his wonderful baby. He didn't even have anything to say to Luis. He just wanted to be done so that he could get out of that palace. He wanted everything to be done fast.

Luis got up, still staring at his son. "Oh my God, he's so cute." He quickly moved his eyes to his parents, still crying. "Just look at him, father. He's my son. He's my son. I am a father now."

"He's beautiful." Hanna gasped, slowly touching his tiny hands. "Just look at him. He looks just like you Luis. He has your face and your skin as well. OMG, he's really cute."

The royal family took turns just admiring their newest member to their family. He was surely the cutest baby on the planet. His eyes were beautiful and his tiny smile was wonderful, it was to die for. He was a year old and he was just too cute for a baby. From the way he was looking like, the family could tell that Aidan had taken really good care of him.

Luis was the happiest father in the entire world. Aidan had finally brought their son to him. He still couldn't believe that child he was holding was his. He couldn't believe that Aidan had given birth to that lovely child. He was the sweetest child ever. Luis' heart was racing beyond what he had expected.

The way Luis was feeling was pretty different from anything he had ever felt in his life before. His entire body was in bliss, pure pleasurable bliss. He was vibrating terribly. There was a cold shiver running up and down his spine, making him tremble even more. So many things were happening in his mind.

Luis was happy... he was excited... he was hyperventilating... he was joyful... he was crying... he was in heaven... he was on cloud nine. Luis had never felt many emotions at the same time. It was making him happy. More tears poured down his face.

With a low moan, Luis leaned down and planted soft kisses all over his son. He kissed him several, making sure that his son was well placed in his arms. He didn't even want to give him to anyone even though they wanted to hold him. For over twenty minutes that he held his son, Luis couldn't tear his eyes away from him. He just wanted to look at him and kiss him like the way he was doing. His son was the most important thing to him right at that moment. His love for Aidan was blossoming right there. Now he had more reasons to love Aidan even more. It was really beautiful.

Tearing his eyes away from his son, Luis stared at Aidan and quickly moved towards him. He was still carefully holding his son tightly. Staring at Aidan softly, Luis couldn't stop the deep feeling of love that he felt deep in his heart. It was really deep and he couldn't get rid of it. Everything was just amazing. He felt as if it was just the three of them in that entire room. There were beautiful flowers all around them and he couldn't help the need and desire for that boy that had given him one of the happiest moments in his life.

"Thank you..." Luis said in between sobs. "Thank you for giving me such joy. You don't know how happy I am right now. This is the happiest day of my love." He took in a deep breath and got closer to Aidan. "I love..."

"Yes!" Aidan said with a serious face. "You've finally seen him. You are holding him and I think I have given you enough time. Please, when is the priest getting here? I need this to be done quickly."

"Forgive me," Luis sobbed, rubbing his tears off. He couldn't stop crying. "I am just so happy right now. I just wanna hold my son." He gripped Aidan's hand, rubbing softly on it. He felt as if he'd just been connected to a powerful cable of electricity that ignited a deep fire inside of him. He couldn't stop his feelings from flowing. "I just wanna hold you too. Please, Aidan, come back to me. Let's raise this child together. He belongs to both of us and... I miss you so much. What do I have to do to gain your love back?'

Aidan's face lit up with a frown. He couldn't believe the words from Luis. As soon as he heard what Luis had said, his heart started pounding deep in his heart, feeling as if something was pounding on him. He felt something moving inside of him and Luis's hand... it was just something else.

"Get your hand off of me," Aidan furiously released his hand from Luis' grip. "Please. When is this starting? I had something to do back at home. I am begging you." He put his hands together. "If this was all just a show so that you could see..."

"No..." The king gave a quick nod. "The priest said he would come when you come here. I am sure that he's on his way." He got closer to Aidan, resting his hand on his shoulder with a powerful squeeze. "Thank you so much, son for coming here. This is one of the happiest days of our lives. We have finally got to see him, our little man. All this makes us happy. We are really happy and we cannot lie to you."

"Yes!" Granny couldn't hold her tears. "I still can't believe you gave birth to this gorgeous baby. He looks just like his father. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. You are God sent. Just when we thought Luis couldn't have children because he was gay, the almighty got you pregnant with this cute baby."

Aidan smiled faintly, not holding for even a second. He just nodded and watched them embrace his baby. They were visibly happy. When he looked past his shoulder, Aidan saw granny's happy face. She wasn't worried. She seemed happier that was even happening.

"Sorry..." The priest's voice was heard from behind them. "I am sorry I am late. I was busy meditating and praying for this wonderful day."

Aidan felt his heart calming when he heard the priest's voice. He made a quick turn and saw the priest rushing towards him. He breathed in deeply, holding out his chest. That only meant that he would be out of that palace as soon as possible.

The priest stood in front of Aidan, staring at him. "You've done a great thing coming here. Now your son will have the blessings of the almighty."

Aidan felt his granny squeezing his shoulder. "Please." He breathed. "Can we start this as soon as possible?"

The priest chuckled, hitting the trident on the floor. "Of course, we have to start as soon as possible. I can sense you are in a real hurry."

The priest laughed softly, placing the trident right on the floor. He got his bag and then started searching for it. He got out what looked like blue liquid, oil in a glass bottle. Then he got out a bright red thread and what looked like a red cloth. He held them both in their hands and called the king and queen to come by his side. After they stood beside him, he gave them all the items and got the trident up.

"All right," he cleared his voice. "According to the customs, can I have both the parents in front of me?"

Aidan looked at Luis and both of them went and stood right in front of the priest. The priest took the baby from Luis and then lifted him in the air.

"Today... we bring you another blue blood." The priest started. "We've come here to seek your blessings as it has been done for every blue blood. Bless this child and guide him throughout his entire life. Help his parents and let them be a blessing to him."

With those words, the priest bowed his head, lifting the child even higher. A strong silent wind blew throughout the entire living room. When it stopped, the priest bowed once more and extended his hands together. He gave the baby to Aidan who carefully took him, planting a soft kiss on his sweet little cheeks.

"Now... Prince Luis, please get a little closer to Aidan and hold your baby's hand."

Aidan looked at Luis and their eyes locked. Luis gave a gulp, staring into the eyes that made him fall deeper in love. He got closer to Aidan, feeling his beautiful body heat. Then he held out his tiny son's tiny hand. It just felt incredible to be so close to Aidan and then his child. He felt as if he was with his complete family.

"Okay." The priest took the red thread raised it towards the heavens and then tied it tightly on the baby's wrist. Then he got out the red cloth and passed it around Aidan and Luis for seven times and then the tiny baby. Aidan had no idea why that was happening but he just let the priest do his work.

For the final thing, the priest opened the bottle of oil and then anointed the baby with a cross. Then he quickly anointed Aidan and Luis too. Luis had his eyes on Aidan the whole time. His eyes were only for his lovely Aidan. He looked so beautiful in the way that he was looking, smiling from time to time. Being so close to such a wonderful boy was the best thing that could have happened to Luis. He was feeling deep emotions for Aidan. He desired to kiss him so much and make sweet love to him. Just the thought of making love to Aidan made Luis' cock to twitch. He was really happy.

The priest took his trident and passed it around the baby for six rounds. On the seventh round, it gave a bright blue glow and the oil glowed. It was just for a few seconds and the trident was back to its normal color. The priest gave a soft chant and then kissed the child on the forehead.

"It is done." The priest held his trident high. "Your child has been blessed by the almighty."

"Oh..." Aidan kissed his baby's cheeks. "Thank you so much for this. I appreciate it a whole lot okay."

"Yes!" The priest growled loudly. "You must not remove the holy thread for seven days okay. That must stay tied around your son's wrist for seven days."

"Okay. I will do as you've instructed."

"My work here is done." The priest said, moving his eyes to the king and queen. "You may do what is required right now."

"Thank you." The king said happily.


With a bright grin, the priest disappeared from there. The king and queen smiled brightly, getting their grandchild from Aidan. They both kissed him, giving him their blessings. Then the queen mother did theirs and gave Aidan the child back.

"Alright," The queen smiled brightly, rubbing on Aidan's sweet face. He gave a faint smile. "What is remaining right now is to have a great lunch together. That will complete..."

"I am sorry, my queen..." Aidan bowed his head, at least to show the woman respect. "I can't stay any longer. The thing that brought me here is done. Right now I have to go back to my castle." He had a serious expression on his face.

"What?" The queen mother gasped. "Aidan, please... don't do that to us. We need you..."

"I am sorry," he apologized, holding his son close to him. "I can't stay here and be with all of you. We all know the reason why we came here together right?"

The royal family couldn't understand Aidan anymore. They had thought he'd spend more time with them so that they could at least spend some quality time together.

"But Aidan..." Hanna said. "Can't we just forget about..."

"I am not thinking about that." Aidan nodded. "I just need to go out of here now. That is in the past and I don't want to think about it. I need to go back to my castle because I have a lot to do."

The king sighed. "We would have loved to have you for lunch, you, and our grandson. That would have been his first meal in his palace. But what can we do," He exhaled audibly? "I am just asking for one more thing if you won't mind."


"Can you at least, tell us the name of our grandson?"

"Jacob!" Aidan said as he made a quick turn, gesturing for granny to start moving.

With those words, Aidan and granny started heading outside towards the exit. The royal family sighed and sat back on the couch with their faces on their palms. They had been really happy. They had felt as if they had a complete family. They had loved having Aidan around. Even knowing the baby's name wasn't that exciting anymore. They had wanted him to stay.


Luis started heading outside, following behind Aidan and his son. He was panting and his heart was pounding. He had felt as if he had a complete family a few minutes back and now... now it was going back to the way it was. He needed to see Aidan and tell him something.

Luis rushed outside and found Aidan and granny just exiting, going near the pillar.


Aidan made a quick turn, looking at Luis. "What do you want?"

"Please," Luis breathed in deeply. "Don't leave this palace. I want you to stay here and..."

"For what?" Aidan snapped. "What do I have to do in your palace, Luis? Last time I checked, I am not royalty. I am just an ordinary boy and..."

"Didn't you feel anything back there?" He chuckled. His face got serious and he knelt in front of Aidan. "We were..."

"We were nothing." Aidan chuckled, raising his eyebrow. "It was just a blessing ritual, Prince Luis. There was nothing back there. I didn't feel anything."
"Yes!" Luis said softly. "You've given me a great child, a really beautiful child and you've named him Jacob. I couldn't have named him better myself. Thank you very much for that." Then he got quiet for some seconds. "I miss you, Aidan. I miss every moment we spent together and the way we used to be in love with each other. Do you remember when..."

"Luis... please," Aidan felt seriously hurt when he heard that. "Stop talking about that and..."

"I love you," Luis shouted for the whole world to hear. His voice echoed throughout the entire palace. "I love you so much..."

"Luis," Aidan made a quick turn, hiding his teary face from him. He had no idea why he was acting like that. "Just leave me alone. I have shown you, my child. That's what you wanted and..."

"Yes!" Luis slightly closed his eyes. "But now I want you, Aidan. I love you so much and..."


"I won't..." Luis got up and got a little closer to Aidan. "I will never give up on you. This is my vow to you, Aidan. I will always find ways for you to come to me. I will never give up on you. You will always see me begging you until you confess your love for me. Can you bear..."

"Please stop..."

"For now," Luis swallowed. "But... will you let me see my son from now on?"

Aidan took a glance behind and smiled teasingly. "We both know the answer to that question, Luis. I don't need to answer it because you already know the answer you are looking for."

"All right," Luis chuckled. "I promise to continue..."

"I am done with this." Aidan snarled. "Goodbye, Aidan..."

With a grin, Aidan snapped his finger and he was gone. He disappeared together with Jacob and granny who had been a distance away from them. Seeing them gone, Luis took a really deep breath, rubbing on his hands. He felt empty after losing them. For the first time in forever, he was having the happiest time of his life. He couldn't mask the happiness that was in his heart even though he was really worried. He knew Aidan was one stubborn guy. He could still remember their first meeting two years ago. It was simply the fiercest Aidan he'd ever met.

Luis went back inside to his family and found them seated quietly. He sat on the couch, smiling as brightly as he could. He had his mind on his wonderful baby and how he had been looking like. Tears started pouring down his face again and he couldn't rub them. He was probably the happiest man alive.

"Is he gone?" the king gave a sad sigh.


"I wish he could have stayed," Granny said softly. "How are we ever going to make him come back to us?"

"Yeah..." Hanna sighed. "Even though he's like that I completely understand his pain and why he had shut himself. He is now a father to the most beautiful baby," She chuckled happily. "I must admit that I miss him. I want him to come back home."

"Yeah..." The queen sighed. "I want him back in this palace. I am already missing that sweet baby. What will it make for him to come back?"

Hearing the royal family's worries, Luis slowly raised his face, staring at the worried faces. He knew they wanted Aidan... oh hell, he fucking wanted him. He wanted his sweet love and his sweet body again. He wanted to feel the pleasures of Aidan's hot body. He wanted to feel his wonderful heat on him. He wanted to kiss his soft puckered lips.

"Don't worry," Luis said as more tears came out. "I will bring Aidan back to this palace. I will never give up on him. I will always be there for him. I don't even care if I have to follow him like a dog or beg him everywhere he goes. I will have him again."


"Trust me, father." He said with a smile of assurance. Then he looked straight ahead, remembering Aidan's face. "My family shall be complete again. I will never let him go. I will bring him back into my life, including my lovely son. I won't ever give up."

Luis knew Aidan was a hard nut to crack. He was fierce and really hard to understand. But he was gonna be with him. He was gonna make sure that he brings him back.

"I won't give up on you." Luis thought as tears came out. "I shall have you no matter what. You will be back in my life. I will never give." He nodded his head as a smirk appeared on his face. "You will be mine real soon. I promise."

Luis knew he had to double his efforts to get back Aidan. But he was gonna do it. He was gonna get him back by showing he still loved him. It was a promise.


Aidan and granny appeared back at the castle. He was so tired... he was so exhausted and he was so mad that he felt he needed to do something to get that anger out. Reaching the castle, he took a really deep sigh of relief.

"I am really glad I am out of there."

"Are you okay?" Granny smiled brightly.

"Yes!" Aidan tried his possible best to smile brightly. "I am perfectly fine. Thank you for being there for me, granny. I appreciate..."

"How many times do I have to say to you that... you should stop appreciating me? This is my duty and I love my job. Besides, I couldn't miss it for my great-grandson."

"Thank you." He smiled. "Even though you don't like it, thank you."

"Oh..." She rubbed his cheeks. "Just don't let anything bother you alright. Know that I am right here to listen to you okay. I will always support you in whatever it is that you do. Just tell me..."

"If it is about Luis," He shrugged nonchalantly. "Just know that I am fine. He doesn't bother me at all. Being at the palace didn't bother me at all. I am fine. But there is just one thing bothering me right now."


"I am really hungry," He rubbed on his belly.

Granny chuckled happily, bringing closer for a kiss on the head. "I will..."

"No..." He gave Jacob to her and smiled as brightly as he could. "I will make lunch today. I just want you to sit down and take care of Jacob for me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Aidan just wanted to forget about the day he had just had. He had spent less than two hours and yet it had felt like an eternity. Seeing Luis again was really bad, especially being so close to him. He had seen the guy eyeing him but he had just pretended as if he didn't even see anything because he didn't need Luis' craziness anymore.

"Okay." Granny sighed.

"Alright," Aidan smiled, looking all around. "I don't think Ethan and Justin already know that we are back here. I will go and let them know and then I will return to the kitchen as soon as possible."

"Okay." Granny nodded.

With a smile, Aidan got caught up between choosing the elevator and the stairs. But in the end, he decided he needed a little walk so he chose the stairs. He slowly and quietly climbed up the stairs until he reached the floor on which his lovely brother stayed in. He looked straight ahead and gathered himself, smiling as brightly as he could.

Reaching his brother's room, Aidan quickly held the knob and turned it. The door opened wider and he let himself in, making sure he had that bright smile on his face. But when he eventually entered his brother's room, Aidan lost the smile that he had on his face. It was replaced by a surprised and a little shocked expression. His eyes widened and his mouth gaped, staring at the bed. His heart started racing and he couldn't help but tremble. What he saw was pretty great and he couldn't believe it.

Ethan was lying on the bed but... he was not alone. He was with Justin and both of them seemed to be... in the mood. Justin was on top of Ethan, holding his waist tightly. The two of them were kissing like there was tomorrow. They were sucking on each other's tongues, lips, and kissing wherever their mouths could touch. They had their hands all over each other. The moans that were escaping from their mouths were loud and sensual.

Aidan couldn't believe he was seeing that. He wanted to go away from that room but he was suddenly frozen. He couldn't move. The worst was that both Justin and Ethan were only in tight boxer briefs. Aidan could have sworn he saw their iron-hard cocks in those boxers. He had seen his brother in a boxer and naked once or twice but he had never seen Justin in anything less than a short. It was disturbing to see him like that. The guy had a bubbly butt and he was hairier than Luis. Fuck! Why did he have to think about Luis in a situation like that, he thought?

Aidan came back to his senses when things started getting awkward. Right in front of him, Ethan moaned louder, moving his hands to Justin's boxer. When he started slipping it off him and Aidan saw his crack, he knew he had to give the two guys their moment.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan made a quick turn and turned to leave but it was too late. The two guys saw him and they stopped what they were doing, looking straight towards the door.

"Aidan..." Justin hollered. "Please..."

But Aidan got out of the room quickly and took a deep breath to calm himself down before he started rushing from there. But before he even managed to take a few steps, he heard the door opening and then a hand gripping him tightly. He was pulled faster and he was later face to face with Justin and closer to his muscular hairy chest. He was just in his boxer and he had a firm grip on Aidan's arm.

"Oh my God," Aidan gasped. "I am sorry. I didn't... I didn't mean to disturb you. I should have... need to have knocked and then... err... um... I am sorry for..."

"Aidan!" Justin shook him. He had a really serious face like Aidan had never seen before from him.

"Please... I didn't... I am..."

"Why are you shaking?" Justin moved his hands to cup Aidan's cheeks. "You didn't do anything wrong. I am the one that has to apologize. I am sorry for..."

"What are you talking about?" Aidan chuckled nervously, getting away from Justin's powerful arms. "I disturbed you so I am supposed to be apologizing to you. I shouldn't have..."

"I am sorry," Justin put his hands. "There is something that I want to..."

"Aidan..." Ethan came rushing out with his boxer only. When he saw him, he took in a deep breath and rushed to him. "I am sorry for this. I..."

"Ethan," Aidan gulped. He needed to tell the whole truth. "I am sorry for coming into your room like that. It's just that I got surprised when I came inside. I was caught off guard and... I didn't mean to stare. It's just that I never knew you two were..."

"I should have told you." Ethan sighed. "We shouldn't have hidden it from you, okay? We should have been honest from the very beginning. The truth is..." He slightly closed his eyes, rubbing on his brother's shoulder. "I never knew I was gay until I met him." He smiled brightly at Justin. "All these emotions got hold of me about a year ago when Jacob was born. During the time we were playing together I developed feelings for him and we eventually kissed. It was just a mistake... but we couldn't stop having those feelings for each other so... about three months, we got together and I had my first encounter with him. I swear I didn't mean to hide it from you. I was about to tell you but this whole Luis issue came and I didn't need to make things worse by telling you this."

When Ethan finished the story, Aidan's eyes were wide open, staring at the two guys that had put him in a closet. He couldn't understand they had hidden something like that from him. But eventually, after a few seconds, he burst into laughter.

"I kinda suspected it but..." He paused and coughed. "I am sorry about..."

"You knew?" Justin hollered, looking at him wide-eyed. "But..."

"I didn't know but I saw the way you were looking at each other and your blushes." He confessed. "But I am even more surprised straight guys like..."

"I was gay before I even came to you," Justin said softly. "I have been gay for a long time now and..."

"But you don't look like it." He chuckled. "Anyway, I am sorry for..." he gestured. "...that. I didn't mean to find you guys about to have..." He chuckled. "It will never happen again. Now that I know..."

"Yes!" Ethan kissed his brother softly. "We are sorry too. We didn't mean to hide this from you. We are truly, truly..."

"You don't have to say anything," He smiled at the two of them, holding their hands beautifully. "What matters is that you two are happy and you love each other. That's all that matters in this world. I will be happy as long as you are happy."

"Thanks..." Justin smiled brightly.

"Okay," Aidan said softly. "I am just glad you make each other people but please... don't hide it anymore. Tell it to granny okay? Tell her that you two have been together."

"Yes!" Ethan brought him closer, planting a wonderful kiss on his head. "I will do that."

Aidan smiled brightly, staring at the two happy guys. Now he felt relieved and he was no longer nervous like he had been when he saw them almost naked.

"All right, I just came to tell you that we are back. I will go and cook. Why don't you go back to..." He shrugged, pointing to Ethan's room. "...whatever you were doing back there? I will go and cook and then when you are doing with what you are doing, come down and fill your stomachs up okay."

"Okay." They both said.

Aidan waved and went on his way back to the kitchen. He knew he had to make something for his family. He knew he was gonna have to make it special, something that he would draw his entire mind into. It had to be special and incredible. He knew he had to do that.

Reaching the kitchen, Aidan changed his outfit and wore a beautiful green apron. He still had a bright smile, remembering what he had found his brother and his friend doing. From the way they were kissing and holding each other, Aidan knew they loved each other. He was happy for both of them because they truly deserved to be happy in each other's arms. They deserved all the happiness in this world.

As Aidan was still thinking about his brother and Justin, their image slipped from his mind. He saw him and Luis making love on his bed, smiling and moaning in pleasure.

"God..." Aidan gasped, moving away from the table. He quickly realized that he was sweaty. His heart was racing and his breaths were harsh. He shook his head.

"No..." He seemed shocked. He was in shock. "I cannot be seeing this. I just can't be seeing Luis and me in that situation... no!" He nodded. "This will not happen."

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan rushed to the table and got everything that he wanted. He needed to start cooking as soon as possible to avoid those thoughts from slipping in his mind. He had done his best to shield those thoughts from ever coming into his mind but they just did and he had no idea how they did it but he didn't want anything to come to him.

"I will not let you come back, Luis," Aidan vowed as a frown appeared on his face. "I will not allow you to make me weaker and vulnerable like a fool again. I won't allow you back into my life. You caused me more than enough pain. I am rebuilding my life and I won't allow you to ruin it."

Aidan didn't like those memories at all. He wasn't gonna allow his feelings to defeat him. He knew it was hurting whenever he heard Luis' confession but that was nothing to him. Luis had betrayed him and he wasn't gonna allow him back into his life. He knew Luis could be persistent but this time it wasn't gonna work at all.

"I won't give up on you." He remembered Luis' promise. "I love you."

What was wrong with him? The more he tried to forget about the guy the more he got deeper into thoughts about him. He was still in pain over what had happened but he wasn't gonna allow Luis' feelings to cripple him.

"I will do everything to make sure you never come back." He vowed, clenching his fists. "I promise."

Aidan had made a promise and he also remembered Luis had made a promise. He knew Luis was gonna continue pestering him but he had the upper hand. He was not gonna be defeated. He was gonna get rid of Luis for real. That was a promise.




Aidan and his family were just entering the huge mall which seemed lager than any other mall they had ever been to. It had just been a month and things have been going beautifully, literally for Aidan and his family.

Aidan had just entered the beautiful mall and he was already attracting the many fans that he had. They all had their eyes on him, staring at his beauty and his charm. He had a gorgeous smile on his wonderful face and he was looking super cute. In the month that he had spent in Angria, there had been quite many people that have come to visit his castle and admire it. He'd become a celebrity since he returned. Everyone had been talking about him. Just when he had been outside the mall, many people had greeted him and it had taken more than an hour just to get inside. People have been asking for his autographs and pictures. It is no wonder he doesn't go out that much. He just wants a quiet life.

Aidan was putting on a beautiful dark blue designer's skinny jean, a deep yellow designer's shirt which was perfect on him, and light yellow fancy snickers. He had his long hair tied in a braided ponytail that was reaching down his butt. His hair was just dark without adding anything. He didn't add any diamond sparkles because he just wanted to be normal but no one could deny the fact that he was looking super sexy in his outfit.

Aidan was holding tightly to a pram where his beautiful baby was. It was a beautiful pink, diamond filled baby pram. His baby was dressed in beautiful blue baby clothes with a huge bottle of milk. He was just incredible. Aidan had to wear a smile because everyone kept on staring at him the whole time. He was with the rest of his family and they were dressed beautifully too.

As they entered the mall, they had their eyes everywhere. Everything was really beautiful. They had just come to just do normal things and feel happy. Everyone else was happy and Aidan just wanted his baby to be familiar with everything in Angria.

"Should I take the baby?" Granny asked, squeezing Aidan's shoulder.

Aidan turned and then smiled brightly. "No, granny. I think I shall be with him." He looked at everyone. "Just go and get anything you want okay. Jacob and I will be doing our little shopping. And no..." He chuckled, staring at the happy couple, Justin and Ethan. They were now out to granny. "Just get everything you want. I will be able to handle everything." He chuckled happily. "Now just go and have a good time shopping. When you are done... I think I will be done by then."


Both Justin and Ethan kissed Aidan and the baby and then left into the huge mall. He was now just with granny.

"Are you sure you are gonna be..."

"Granny..." Aidan shrugged, holding her hand. "Can you just think about yourself for once and do some normal shopping? I think Jacob and I will be just fine."

"Okay." Granny gripped him into a tight hug and kissed his cheeks. She leaned down and kissed Jacob's sweet cheeks, rubbing on them. He giggled softly like the sweet baby that he was. After that, granny smiled at him and then went away.

"All right, Jacob." He breathed in softly. "It is just you and me now. We gonna have a good daddy son time." He chuckled.

With a sweet smile at the wonderful people that had their eyes on him, Aidan started pushing the pram. He was slowly walking, checking the items that were in the mall. He just wanted to buy something really special for his son so he just kept on going. He knew he had the power to make his son whatever he wanted but that day he just wanted to shop.

It wasn't long before he reached the section where there were a lot of beautiful toys, varieties of toys. They were really beautiful and Aidan smiled brightly, letting go of the pram. He leaned down and started checking the wonderful toys that were in that section.
"Hey..." He chuckled, checking out the toys. "Would you like daddy to buy you a toy." He kissed him on the cheeks and heard him giggle. "Okay. Daddy will choose some really special toys for you."

With his hand on the pram, Aidan started checking out the toys. There were quite many but he was looking for one really special for his son. He needed it to be suitable and not one that would cause harm to his lovely baby.

As he was still choosing, someone came by his side and started checking out the toys. He hadn't even bothered to see who it was because he was so busy. But after a few seconds, a toy appeared right in front of his face. It was a beautiful stuffed doll which was lovely, beautiful for cuddling. Seeing it, Aidan smiled brightly and moved his hands towards it.

"Wow! This is beautiful." He started moving his eyes towards the person. "I think this would be lovely for..." Before he could even finish his sentence, Aidan trailed off and his eyes widened. He immediately moved his hand away from the door.

"You?" He gasped, getting away from him.

Aidan couldn't believe that Luis had the nerves to follow him at the mall. Luis was holding the stuffed doll, smiling as brightly as he could at Aidan. He was putting on a tight blue shirt which he had tucked in a beautiful black designer's trouser with pitch-black shiny shoes. He had his hair cut and then gelled at medium. He was looking super cute and his smile was heavenly but Aidan didn't appreciate it at all.

"What do you want?" Aidan asked harshly. "What do I have to do so that you can live me the hell alone?"

Luis chuckled, still staring at the handsome looking boy. "Why do you always have to look so sexy?"

A frown appeared on Aidan's face, upon hearing Luis' question. "Really?" He snapped.

With a deep sigh of irritation, rolling his eyes, Aidan gripped the pram and started going away from Luis, making sure he was going as fast as he could at that particular time. He was mad at Luis for always following him around.

"Hey..." Luis gripped his arm, pulling him back. They came face to face, so close that Luis felt his hot breath on his face. For a moment everything disappeared but Aidan pulled away from him angrily.


"I thought you were about to buy our son some toys?"

"Yes!" Aidan smiled for a second and lost it. "But I have changed my mind. I don't wanna buy anything for Jacob. In fact, I wanna get the hell out of here as fast..."

"Why?" Luis shrugged. "Aren't you gonna allow me to even greet my son? I mean it's bad enough that you don't allow me to visit him. The least you can do right now is to allow me him something."


"Well," Luis got closer to him. "I am going to see him whether you like it or not."

Before Aidan even got the chance to answer back at Luis, the crazy guy rushed forward and then leaned down. He slowly got the baby out of the pram and started kissing him softly on the cheeks. Aidan just watched without saying anything to the crazy guy.

Luis was happy. He was really happy he was holding his son. In the last one month, Luis had not seen his son occasionally because Aidan didn’t allow him to do that. But now... he was holding him tightly and kissing him.

"Don't worry," He held his son tighter. "Daddy is right here with you. He is right here. And I won't leave you alone my son. I will always love you so much." He looked at Aidan and smiled brightly. "He's grown so much in the last month, hasn't he?"

Aidan rolled his eyes, moving them away from Luis. And that was when he noticed that some people were watching them, admiring them. Some of the people were happily smiling. They didn't know that Aidan had a child but they were just happy seeing Aidan and Luis together because they knew they were a perfect match.

Tearing his eyes away from the people, Aidan rushed to Luis and got the child away from him. He quickly put him back into the pram and started pushing it away from the toys section.


Aidan stopped. "What is it now?" Aidan snarled. "You have already seen your son. What else do you still want from me, Luis? Is it so hard to accept that I don't want to see you?"

"No..." Luis nodded. "When you love someone, you don't give up on them." He got closer to Aidan. "I have told you how much I love you in the last one month. Why is it so difficult to understand that..."

"Because I don't love you," Aidan snapped. "I have moved on and..."

"No, Aidan..." Luis shook his head, staring deep into his eyes. "I can still see your love for me in your eyes. I have more reason to love you, even more, Aidan. We have our little bundle of joy..." He chuckled happily. "That baby was conceived when we were so much in love. We didn't just have sex to make that baby." He breathed in, remembering the wonderful moments. "We made love and we both..."

"Luis!" Aidan's heart was already racing. He didn't want to have the conversation Luis brought. "I don't have time for this."

"Please," Luis now got a serious face. "At least, let me buy my son something."

"No thanks," Aidan said rudely. "I can buy my son..."

"Is this how we are gonna play it?" Luis said angrily, clenching his fists. "Then fine. I am alright with it. Jacob is my son. You wouldn't have had him without me." Aidan had never seen that side of Luis since he came back. "You will not keep me away from my son. I say I will buy him something then that's how it's gonna go and there is nothing you can do about that."

Aidan couldn't believe what he had just said. He couldn't believe any of it. Luis had just snapped at him and fought with him verbally. He wasn't mad or anything but rather amazed. He still couldn't believe it was Luis that had spoken to him like that. He couldn't even move an inch.

Luis smiled teasingly and then went to grab a huge trolley. He came back to Aidan and picked up several toys. What surprised Aidan was that he just stood without saying anything. He couldn't anything.

Luis on the other hand grabbed as many toys as he could gather. Then he got a beautiful baby blanket, clothes, and many other things. By the time he was done, the whole trolley was now full. He came back and then stood in front of Aidan.

"I am done with everything okay. Is there anything else..."

"If I want something then I will buy it myself. I can take care of my..."

"Our son." Luis corrected. "He is our son and nothing is gonna change that."

"Okay." Aidan chuckled bitterly. "You've done what you wanted to do. Can you now..."

"What's he doing here?" Ethan rushed towards Aidan. He had a big trolley with him where there were a lot of things. "What the fuck does he want?"

"Hey, Ethan my..."

"Don't call me that." Ethan snapped, pointing at Luis. "How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from my brother? He says he doesn't love you anymore. Why can't you just respect..."

"Hey!" Luis raised his hands in the air. "There is no need to create a scene here. I just came to buy my son some things okay. Besides, it is none of your business if I choose to try and to..."

"You have some nerves..." Ethan snapped, trying to get close to Luis but he was stopped by granny.

"Luis is right," Granny said softly. "We don't have to create a scene here. I think we should leave before this situation gets of hand." She moved to Aidan. "Are you done with everything?"

Aidan nodded. "Let's go."

They all started going and Luis followed them behind, still staring at the handsome boy with the baby. He was wondering what it was gonna take him to just get a taste of that boy once again. He was thinking about what it was gonna cost him. He was ready to travel to hell just to get Aidan's love back. He was feeling as if he was insane by staring just at the boy. The last month had been different for him. Only God knows the number of wet dreams he had had in that month. It was just too much. He always woke up wet like a teenager. He has had many adventures with Aidan in his dreams but now he just wanted it to be a reality.

When they reached the till the cashier added all the items and gave them a huge bill. It wasn't too much for Aidan or anything. But when he got out his wallet, Luis gave the cashier his credit card.

"What are you doing?" Aidan said angrily. "I think I can..."

"It's fine." Luis smiled. "I will handle it."

Without even putting up any arguments, Aidan told his family that they needed to go. They picked up everything that they had bought including the ones Luis had bought and started going out to their car, fancy car. They packed up everything but just when Aidan was about to enter the car, Luis came running to him.

"What do you want now?" Aidan said harshly.

"Please." Luis pleaded. "I need to talk to you. Can we talk this over dinner or something like..."

"No!" Aidan said harshly. "I don't have anything to talk to you about. We are over and nothing is going to change that."

"Aidan..." Luis got on one knee. "Please, give me a chance to prove myself to you once again. Don't let our son grow up without..."

"He doesn't need that." Aidan snarled. "He won't even feel as if his family is not complete because we are a complete family. I have to go now and..."

"I will never give up." Luis chuckled. "You know the way I am. I will never give up. You will eventually get tired and accept me again."

Aidan took a glance at Luis and then got inside the wonderful car. As soon as he entered, Justin started the car, leaving Luis still kneeling there. Aidan took a glance behind and saw him getting up from the ground.

"Persistent guy." Justin chuckled softly. "That guy will never give up on you. You need to trust me on this one."

Aidan moved his head forward and sighed. "He is persistent. I wonder what I have to do to get rid of him. Why is it so difficult to just understand that I don't need him? Seriously, I am getting tired of him. I need him to just leave me the hell alone."

"Yeah..." Granny sighed, holding the baby tightly. "He loves you, I guess."

"I don't care about him." Aidan was so mad that he had no idea he could ever be that mad. "I don't even..."

"What do you plan on doing?" Ethan said. "I am ready to support you even if you decide to get back to him and..."

"No..." Aidan gasped. "Why would I do that?" Then his face got serious. "I will not go through the pain that Luis had caused me back there. I think I need to find a way to get rid of him. I need to show him that I have moved on from him. I have to come up with a plan as soon as possible."

"Okay." Ethan sighed. "Tell me if there is anything that I need to do to help."

Aidan nodded, smiling happily. "Okay."

Aidan knew he had to come up with something to get rid of Luis permanently. Everything that he's done has not worked. For the last one month, Luis has pestering him nonstop. Now he knew he had to get rid of him somehow. He had to show him something that would get him away and make him stay away forever. But what was he going to do, he thought?


In the last month that has passed, Luis had been pestering Aidan like nothing else. At first, he just used to come to the castle to call upon Aidan even though Aidan used to avoid him. He was persistent and he had stayed outside the gate the whole day just waiting for Aidan. He didn't go until Aidan came out and made him disappear back to the palace. But of course, he came right back.

The first time Aidan had decided to take his child to the park, things had been great until Luis appeared there and got his son. He forced Aidan to follow him to take Jacob to see different places while talking about his and Aidan's relationship the rest of the day.

The guy has been persistent and he just came out of nowhere wherever Aidan was going. He had tried everything just to win Aidan's love back. He tried flowers, letters, and even shouting out everywhere but it wasn't working for him because Aidan was not even listening to him. He has knelt in front of Aidan in public but he just walked away.

Luis is a persistent guy and he wasn't gonna give up on the boy that he loves so much. He wasn't gonna give up on him. There was one time Luis had shouted out in the street that he loved Aidan and wanted him back. He had even asked the people to help him beg Aidan but still nothing.

Aidan has been used to Luis' appearing out of nowhere. Sometimes with the crazy things that he does, Aidan laughs harder. Luis has been constantly reminding him of the life they shared back in the day. But Aidan doesn't want to listen to anything.

Aidan has still refused to listen to the royal family even though they have been begging him and telling him to come back to the palace. But all he wants is to have a good life with his son. He just wants to live peacefully without Luis' troubles. The only way for that was to get rid of Luis once and for all. He just wanted him out of his life and that's all.


The next day, Aidan was busy on the floor playing with his happy little son. He was smiling, watching and talking to the young baby. Granny, Ethan, and Justin were seated on the couch talking with him and playing with Jacob from time to time. They were really happy and they had forgotten about the incident that had happened the previous day.

Suddenly Aidan heard a car honking and Luis's voice calling him. He quickly moved his angry face towards the door and then to granny and Ethan. They both looked worried.

"Now what's he doing here?" Ethan snapped, clenching his fists. "I swear I will kill that guy this time. Can't we spend a minute of our time without him disturbing us? I am getting tired of this."

"It's okay." Aidan got up, slipping into his sandals. "Just play with Jacob for me." He sounded really mad. "I will handle him once and for all." He looked at Justin. "Please. Can you come with me?"

Justin nodded and got up. They both started heading outside, towards the beautiful diamond gate and glass gate. Aidan had his fists clenched. He was gonna deal with Luis once and for all. He was gonna make him go away.

Aidan was just wearing a deep yellow cargo short, a black t-shirt with white stripes, and deep blue sandals. He had been having a great time with his son until Luis showed up and ruined that for him. He just wanted to have peace.

As Aidan reached the gate with Justin, he found Luis smiling brightly at him, gripping the bars harder. He was just in casual and he was looking super hot in tight skinny jeans. He was sexy.

"What do you want?"

"Didn't I tell you that I would be back?" Luis chuckled happily. "I will never leave your side and..."

"How long do I have to deal with this?" Aidan snapped, pointing at Luis. "I have had enough of you and..."

"Please." Luis pleaded. "I just wanna..."

"You wanna talk?" Aidan snapped. "Okay. I will let you talk but you will have to listen to me. From today, I want you to leave me alone."

With a loud shout, Aidan snapped his finger, letting the gate to open widely. Seeing the wonderful gate open, Luis gasped as his eyes opened wider. That was the first time Aidan had ever opened the gate for him. Without wasting any time, Luis rushed inside to Aidan.

Reaching Aidan, Luis gripped him into a tight hug. He was really happy. Having Aidan so close to his body was having a really bad effect on him. He was drooling over that boy. His heart was pounding in his chest and his hormones were out of control. He was panting, in need of Aidan's love more and more. There was nothing he wanted more than that.

"Thank you so much, Aidan," Luis said happily, gripping him harder. "You have no idea what this really means to me. I have... I am so happy right now."

Aidan could feel his own body betraying him. He quickly pulled away from Luis' tight grip, getting away from him. "What do you think you are doing?"

"I... I thought you had forgiven me and..."

"What's there to forgive?" He chuckled bitterly. "I have nothing to forgive you for and..."

"Aidan, please..." Luis gripped his hair harder, pulling on it. "It's been a month now that you came back. Haven't I proved how sorry I am? Haven't I shown you how much I love you?" He quickly held Aidan's hand, rubbing softly on it. "I can feel that your love for me..."

"I don't love you anymore, Luis," Aidan said abruptly, pulling his hand away from Luis. "I don't love you because..."

"What?" Luis chuckled, trying his best to keep himself cool. "Aidan, please, we both know that you have been telling me that since you returned. Why is it hard to love me again? I know you love me. I know you do and..."

"I don't love you," Aidan yelled, giving Luis angry eyes. "Do you think I would love you after everything that had happened? Why would I love someone..."

"Please, don't start with this." Luis chuckled. "You and I both know..."

"I don't love you," Aidan yelled, his veins popping up on his neck. "I am in love with someone else, someone that makes me happy, someone that stood by me when I was broken and someone that has loved me truthfully and..."

"Stop!" Luis snapped, dropping his hands furiously. "You and I both know that is a lie. Why should we deny ourselves, my love?" He frowned, getting closer to Aidan. "I have paid for my sins already. I know I had hurt you a lot and I am paying for it now. What haven't I done to show you how much I love you? Why do you need to create a fictional..."

"He's not fictional," Aidan said angrily, gripping Justin's arm. "He's right here. Justin and I are together now and..."

"What?" Luis laughed softly, staring at Justin. "Him? Oh, when did this happen? You are only hurting yourself because..."

"I love Justin..." Aidan said confidently, staring at Justin. He seemed confused because Aidan hadn't planned that. But he knew he had to make it seem real to get rid of Luis. He gripped Justin harder, pulling him closer to him. "We are both in love with each other. He has shown me what no one has ever shown me in my..."

"Stop it!" Luis was seriously hurt. His whole body was in pain. He could sense that it was a lie but it hurt terribly. "I know exactly why you are telling me all this. I know that you are only doing it so that you can get rid of me but I will never leave, Aidan." He got even closer. "I will always be here until you..."

"You think this is just to get rid of you?"

"Yes!" Luis nodded in pain. "I know you are only doing this to..."

"Okay. I will show you that we are together."

With a loud groan, Aidan gripped Justin's neck, pulling his head down. They were now face to face, looking into each other's eyes like lost lovers that had suddenly found each other. Then all of a sudden, Aidan pulled Justin down and captured his lips. He closed his eyes softly, gripping his neck harder. Then he started kissing him softly, hoping for him to play along. Justin on the other hand was surprised but he knew what Aidan was doing. He closed his eyes, gripping Aidan's waist, bringing him closer to his body. Then he started kissing him furiously, sucking on his lips and tongue. Everything seemed hot and they kissed right in front of Luis. Aidan was really happy Justin played along.

Luis' tears came rushing down as soon as Aidan started kissing the tall man in front of him. His tears were hot, painful, and... nothing like he had ever felt before. His heart started hurting terribly, pounding like never before. His breaths turned into pants. His entire strength left him and he fell to his knees in front of the two kissing men, more tears pouring down his face. He stared at both of them as the pain slipped through him.

Aidan's heart hurt like hell, that he felt as if someone was trying to pull it out of him. He felt a sharp pain in his chest that felt as if his chest and heart were constricting. With a loud gasp of pain, Luis moved his hands to his painful chest, gripping it harder. It felt as if someone had just pierced his heart right there. He had never experienced such pain in his entire life.
"Aid... Aidan..." Luis cried softly.

With a final soft kiss, Aidan pulled away from Justin's lips, moving his eyes to Luis. What he saw made his heart jump and a sharp pain slipped throughout his body. He felt terrible when he saw Luis' face flooded with tears. But he had to do that. He had to do it.

Aidan gathered his confidence, coiling his arm with Justin.

"Are you now convinced?" He asked harshly. "Justin and I are really in love with each other. You were hurting him when you constantly and..."

"No..." Luis cried out in pain. "Please. Don't do this to me. I...I am begging you, Aidan. I swear I will die and..."

"I am sorry too." Aidan apologized as he felt tears building in his eyes. "But I can't put you in the dark anymore. I thought you would eventually leave and..."

"No..." He nodded, furiously getting up. "I don't still believe you and..."

"You can choose to believe what you want." He yelled as a tear fell which he furiously rubbed. "I don't love you anymore. Is it so hard to understand that?"

"You love me." Luis cried. He'd never felt pain as much as he felt. There was nothing more painful than realizing that the boy he loved like crazy was in love with someone else. "This cannot be possible. You love..."

"I don't love you. Why would I choose to love you over someone like Justin? He is a real man and has given me all the pleasures of this world."

"I won't ever let you go."

With those words, Luis gripped the back of Aidan's head and leaned down, capturing his soft puckered lips. When their lips met, he closed his eyes, enjoying the sweet aroma coming from the wonderful boy. He furiously sucked on his lips, moaning softly while enjoying the deep intense feeling his body was suddenly in. His heart stopped hurting for a second. He just enjoyed the kiss.

Aidan on the other hand couldn't stop what Luis was doing to him. He couldn't even move. He was frozen. He was taken by great surprise and he just watched wide-eyed. His body instantly caught fire, making him breathe in softly. He was slowly being drawn into the kiss. He felt his eyes getting a little heavy and his lips twitching, slowly starting to move.

Just when he was about to respond, he tore away from Luis' lips, pulling away from him. Before anything else could happen, he raised his hand, smacking Luis hard across the face, sending to the hard ground with a thud.

"How dare you?" Aidan said, tears pouring on his face. "How dare you kiss me right in front of my boyfriend? Who do you think you are, Luis? I want you to get out of here before I do something that you will leave to regret for the rest of your life." He warned, pointing his trembling finger at him. "Get out!" He roared.

Luis on the other just stayed like that on the floor, crying out in pain. The slap Aidan had given him didn't hurt at all. What had hurt were the words that he was using on him. His heart hurt, even more, bringing more tears to the surface. He couldn't stop crying no matter what he did.

"Why?" Luis cried softly. "Why did... did you do this to me?"

When he raised his eyes, they were red and there were so many tears in his eyes. Looking at Aidan was the most painful thing that had ever happened in his life. He loved the boy so much that hearing about his new love was the most painful thing to have ever happen to him.

"Why..." He asked in between sobs. "I have always loved you, Aidan. I will..."

"I don't love you," Aidan said it slowly and sweetly. "Get out of here and never come back. I can never love someone like you, Luis. Just leave."

Luis slowly got up, crying even more. His whole body was in so much pain, unimaginable pain. He'd never experience anything like it. He stood still, clenching his chest even harder. Then he stared deep into Aidan's eyes, trying to see the truth but he couldn't. How could he have? What other evidence did he need when he had just seen the two of them kissing like two love birds? He didn't need any other evidence for that?

"I love you... so much." Luis cried even more.

With a final groan and glance at the two of them, Luis ran away from the place without taking another look at them. He just reached the car and drove off like crazy, leaving a whole lot of smoke.

The gate closed shut after Luis left. Seeing him leaving, tears poured down Aidan's face and he dropped to his knees, staring at the speeding car. He had now gotten what he wanted but why did it hurt like crazy, he thought? The pain he had experienced was excruciating. He couldn't understand it anymore.

"He's gone..." Aidan cried softly. "He's gone for good."

Hearing Aidan's words, Justin sighed, leaning in front of him. By just looking at him, Justin could see the truth clearly from his eyes and his many tears. He got hurt, seeing him broken like that. He'd never seen his weak side so it got to him and he couldn't mask his pain.

"Aidan, I..."

"I am sorry," Aidan apologized in his pain. "I am sorry that I kissed you like that. I had no idea how to make him realize that..."

"You do love him, don't you?" Justin rubbed on his back.

Aidan cried even more, trying to rub his tears off but nothing was really happening as even more tears poured to his face. It was like a fountain of tears. He couldn't even rub them off. It was really painful and he had no idea what to do.

"Aidan, please..." Justin pleaded. "Please, you are crying so hard. Are you sure you are okay? Say something to me."

Aidan raised his red flooded face, staring at Justin. He cried even more than he had cried. His heart was in deep pain and he couldn't understand the reason why that was so. He just wanted everything to go away.

"I got what I wanted." He laughed through his pain, crying even more. "How do you think that makes me feel?"

Justin was really sad for Aidan. He was equally in pain seeing him like that. He just wanted to comfort him and make him feel better.


"Can you leave me alone for a few minutes?" Aidan cried out. "I need to be left alone for now. Go inside. I will find you there in just a few minutes."

Justin didn't need to argue with Aidan on that one. He knew he needed to be alone to reflect on what he had done. He patted on his back and left him all alone. He was just hoping he would be alright by the time he would be coming back to the castle.

Aidan cried even harder when Justin left. He was in so much pain. The pain of seeing Luis' face crying was just too much for him. He was supposed to be happy for Christ's sake. Why did it fucking hurt like that when he wanted him out of his life? He couldn't understand it. Even his head was pulsing. The pain was just like he had felt when Luis had betrayed him. He had caused Luis so much pain. Shouldn't he have happy he made him feel a taste of his pain?

"I wanted to hurt him and leave me alone." He cried, gasping in pain. "Why do I feel as if I had just hurt myself? Why do I feel as if the pain I felt two years is back."

Aidan knew the pain was getting worse every second. He had lived with it and overcome it and that was what he was gonna do with the same pain.

"Goodbye, Luis."


"I don't love you anymore." Luis stepped on the accelerator as hard as he could when he remembered Aidan's words. "Justin and I love each other. He's given me all the pleasures..."

Luis was crying so hard. His pain had just turned into something else. His eyes were red and swollen. His face was heavily flooded and the tears were running down his chest. His head was hurting beyond anything he had ever felt. It was feeling as if he was going to explode. All he was thinking about was Aidan and no one else. He felt as if he was already a corpse. He felt as if his soul was already dead. Ever since he had known Aidan, Luis had felt as if his life revolved around the cute boy and now... everything was over. He couldn't do anything because the pain had taken over his body. He was feeling as if his mind was frozen.

"I love Justin. He has always been there for me. He loves me truthfully."

He had his leg on the accelerator. His car was driving at the deadly speed. Since he had his windows closed, he couldn't feel the air but he could feel the impact of the air on his windscreen. The pain had taken control of his brain. There was nothing that he could feel in his body. He felt dead. The only thing he could feel was his pain. Even though he was driving, he couldn't even see a thing. He didn't even care what had to happen to him.

"You want me to show you that I have moved on?"

With those words, he remembered how Aidan had kissed Justin deeply and how they had been at it like they were in the bedroom. Damn! He didn't even want to think about what they do in the bedroom. With everything in his mind, Luis's mind felt a sharp pain. Now he was vulnerable and couldn't feel a thing.

Luis wasn't even concentrating on his driving. He had his mind on the events that had happened a few minutes earlier. He was so lost that he didn't even realize what was happening to him. He had just put his leg on the accelerator, his hands on the wheel and just drove as fast as he could.

Suddenly, a loud honking of a huge car started. It honked and honked but Luis wasn't even aware. The honking continued until Luis heard it. He quickly realized that there he was driving at deadly speed and not only that but he was on a wrong lane and there was a huge truck rushing towards him and it was honking.

Luis' fear slipped through him as his pain intensified. He removed his leg from the accelerator and tried to move his car away but he lost control and moved off the road. Before he even realized what was going with him, he just saw a huge tree in front of him. He tried to control his car but it was too late.

Luis crashed his car with a bang into the huge tree. He was sent forward and he hit his head hard on the driving wheel, losing consciousness instantly. He was gone before he even realized what had happened.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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Nice touch with Aidan using Justin. He should have done it sooner! A month of begging from Luis, oh please... he left Aidan to rot for 2 years! He abandoned... no... he drove off and rejected a pregnant husband away! What Luis is going through is nothing compared to what Aidan has experienced.


The naivety of the royal family really shows when they almost always assume it’s about them... that Aidan has forgiven them that it’s about the throne or something like that. Newsflash the world does not revolve around them! Aidan is his own man! 

I know I’m ranting but I still haven’t forgiven the Royal family for what they’ve done to Aidan. If Aidan didn’t have his powers he could be very well dead now especially with how they treated him! 

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I do believe the Royal Family is just a little self centered in their thinking.  When they all jumped to the conclusion that Aidan was the person who murdered the priest and attempted to murder the Grandmother.  The did not even begin to think about investigating the crime and looking at all of the evidence.  William just disappeared suddenly with his "guards" and not one of the Royal Family looked into their sudden departure.  How strange this looks.  Now they think Aidan is to forgive them but still want him in there castle and under their "watchful and comforting eyes". 


It is also wonderful you posted this chapter,  I was really wondering what was happening with this story.  I was getting worried and I do not have any powers to help change anything either.

Great story and great suspense as well.  Keep this going.  PLEASE, PLEASE!!!  I am an addict to this story from the beginning. 

Thank you so much

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16 hours ago, bottomguy said:

I do believe the Royal Family is just a little self centered in their thinking.

A little? From where I stand they are very self-centred. Almost every bad thing that's happened to them can be traced back to this. And they still don't get it, because they're not thinking about Aidan's feelings at all in this matter, just how they were hurt by his (completely justified) disappearance and refusal to return. They just went "Oops, I guess you were right all along, let's let bygones be bygones" and think that entitles them to Aidan's forgiveness and everything going back to how it was before.

I'm sorry if I'm meant to feel sympathy for Luis and the rest of the Royal family, but I really don't, they don't deserve Aidan's kindness. I'm getting pretty tired of their "woe is me" lamentations as if they had no part of the blame for what happened. To be honest I'm still a bit angry that Aidan came back to save the kingdom, because I knew they'd think he did it for them and not to save thousands of innocent lives that were put at risk by the "wise" king's utter stupidity.

Okay, rant over. I still really like this story and I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

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Sigh, as already mentioned the royal family is very self-centered especially Luis. I mean he seems to think, along with all of the royal family, that he’s entitled to be in his son’s life just because he’s the sperm donor. He also whines about Aidan punishing him as if they haven’t mistreated Aidan beyond reproach and all of them just seem to consider Aidan as being unreasonable. Not to mention how  99% of his inner monologue and even some of what comes out of his mouth is purely sexual feelings towards Aidan rather than love. I mean he’s drooling over Aidan, thinking about how badly he wants to have sex with him, verbally comments on how sexy he is, etc. That’s not love that’s lust though I do believe Luis loves him despite his hormones being in control most of the time. Luis’s hormone driven attitude and his intrusive, pushy behavior is not winning him any points with Aidan and admittedly even Aidan’s fond flashbacks of Luis seem to be mostly sexual so eh if he could find a good guy I could see him truly getting over Luis eventually as considering their rocky start I don’t think it’s remotely impossible for him to love someone else. Still, while I hate Luis’ attitude Aidan can’t really resist him so I know they’ll get back together eventually. Now I am concerned for Luis’ health as that crashed seemed pretty bad and I’m getting it’ll be a factor in bringing them back together as Aidan will likely be distraught when he learns what happened.

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