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Unbroken - 15. Chapter 15: The truth is out. Will Aidan return?

The elevator door opened wide and Luis came rushing out, stretching his arms. It was in the morning, 9.am to be precise and he had just woken up about half an hour ago. He had taken a quick shower and then rushed to the elevator. He felt as if hunger was about to kill him. He had woken up really hungry and it had never happened before. But what he needed was some real good food to feed his poor hungry stomach.

Luis was putting on a beautiful yet simple cargo short, a deep yellow t-shirt and green sandals that felt way too comfortable on his feet. He was really hungry and hence the reason why he was rushing to the dining room. He made a quick pass on the living room, rushing to the dining.

Reaching the dining room, Luis found the rest of the family members having their breakfast with wonderful smiles on their faces. It seemed they were having a really great day while he was definitely starving to death. He had never experienced hunger as much as he did at that very time. It kept on increasing every second and he felt as if he didn't have any food in his stomach he would die.

"Hi!" Luis greeted, rushing his hands towards the curried rice on the table. He grabbed a plate and poured some as quickly as possible. He made a quick sit and dived into the rice which felt incredibly good in his mouth. He breathed in deeply and smiled.

"Hey!" Hanna chuckled softly, staring at him closely.

The way he was eating the rice as if he had never had such food in his life before... the way he was breathing and smiling as if he had been hungry for ages and the quicker he was having that rice got everyone worried. They had their eyes on him, closely monitoring his movements to see what exactly he was doing. They had never seen such behavior from him before.

Luis poured himself some juice in a huge glass cup. Taking it to his lips, he had the whole cup at once and poured another. Everyone was now looking at each other in amusement. They couldn't even describe what they were seeing.

"Son?" granny called softly, resting her hand on his.

"Yeah, granny..." he said as he took another spoonful of that wonderful rice.

"Are you okay?" She sounded really worried, softly rubbing on his hand. "You seem as if..." She paused and gave a gloomy sigh, looking at everyone else. "I don't even know how to..."

Luis chuckled and then continued with his food. "Don't worry about me, granny. I am just extremely hungry that's all." He slightly raised his eyes and beamed. "I am fine. You don't have to worry about anything."

"Alright." Granny smiled, squeezing his free hand. Then she let go and just stared at him. He seemed really different, hungrier than before. It was almost not like him.

Luis on the other hand didn't mind that they were all staring at him. All he wanted to do was fill himself up with that wonderful food that he knew was gonna give him more energy. That was all that he wanted. He ate the whole plate and felt a little better. Then he drank the whole juice and rubbed on his belly. He felt a little better but he was still hungry.

Looking all around to scan the food on the table, Luis grabbed a cup and made himself some coffee. Then he took bread and scrambled eggs. He was now enjoying another wonderful food which definitely got the queen really worried once she stared at him.

"Son..." The queen gasped, moving her chair close to him. She couldn't mask the big frown on her face and the worry in her voice. "Are you sure you are okay? Do you feel sick or something?"

Hearing his wife's words and worries, King Julian burst into laughter, clearing his voice after. "Since when did eating become a sickness?" He laughed softly. "Eating is healthy. My wonderful son is just hungry. There is nothing wrong with him."


"Mom..." Hanna breathed, chuckling softly. "Dad is absolutely right. You worry too much. Luis is just really hungry. I bet my brother didn't have any good food at the meeting yesterday. It is expected and you know how he is when he doesn't like food." She laughed softly, joining her father. "Just let him eat. Okay?"

"Alright." The queen sighed, sitting comfortably back on the chair. Even though she had moved away from him, she still had her eyes on him. Her son had just had a big plate full of curried rice with sauce. It was so not like him. He didn't even have half that plate in the past. And to top it all, he was now having bread with scrambled eggs. What was really going on? But guess they were right. She was just gonna sit still and pretend it was just normal hunger.

"You don't have to worry." The king nodded, carefully wiping his mouth with a cloth. Then he put it back on the table and rubbed his hands, moving his eyes from side to side. "By the way, why isn't William here?" he took a quick glance at his watch. "It will be 10 soon and he isn't here? He is usually here by this time."

"Yes!" Hanna nodded. "I was actually thinking the same. I haven't even seen him today. He is an early riser. This is so not like him."

"Maybe he is just tired." Granny said happily. "I am sure he is just resting. Let him rest for a while and then he will come down when he is really ready okay?"

The king nodded. Luis continued with his food. He was going full time, nonstop without even uttering a word. By the time he was full, he had about four cups of coffee and almost half a loaf of bread which had really made the queen worried. But he was fine.

"Uh..." He breathed, stretching his arms. "That feels much better." His energy was back and he felt as if he was able to live again. His hunger had definitely tied him down but he was glad he was now able to feel better. "I don't want to feel like that ever."

"Are you done now?" The queen asked.

Luis nodded, grinning at her. "I am done. Don't worry about anything, mother. Aren't you the one who told me that eating enough food is actually healthy?"

"Yeah." The queen nodded, chuckling nervously. "But not the kind you just ate like crazy. Now let's go to the living room."

Luis nodded and then picked up an apple which he started eating while heading to the living room with his family. His mother had her hand on his waist, still staring at him happily but also worriedly. He gave her a satisfying look, assuring her that he was absolutely perfect and nothing was wrong with him. She gave him a quite good kiss on his cheek, ruffling his hair.

They reached the living room and Luis threw his body on the couch, laughing softly. He was really happy after that wonderful breakfast which he had just had. It made him feel powerful and energized. Now he was ready to begin his day wonderfully.

The king took another glance on his wonderful watch. "It is now 10. Do you think he is sick or something?"

"I think I better go check up on him." Hanna got up from the couch. "I will be right back with him."

Hanna rushed to the elevator and pressed the floor on which William was staying on. She knew he was probably sleeping but she was gonna bring him down with her. It was too late to be sleeping. The elevator door opened on William's floor and Hanna rushed out happily with a huge smile on her face, heading straight for William's room.

Reaching the door, Hanna chuckled softly, forming her hand into a fist. She knocked hard on the door and then beamed. There was no answer when she knocked. She quickly cleared her throat, knocking on the door again.

"William," She smiled, getting a little louder. "It's Hanna. May I come inside?"

Hanna got surprised when she didn't hear his voice. "Prince William, it is mid-morning already. You are gonna be sick if you sleep another minute." She waited to get an answer but still nothing. "Hello?"

Hanna got another surprise. She knocked really loudly. "Strange..." She shook her head. "I am coming inside whether you are ready or not."

Hanna took a really deep breath, gripping the knob. She turned it quickly, opening the door instantly.

"Seriously why would..." She trailed off before she could even finish her sentence. "William?" She sounded really worried as if she was not sure of something or what to do next.

She moved her eyes around. "William? Are you in here?"

But there was no sign of anyone in that room. The beddings were made without any sign of someone sleeping there. The whole place seemed empty and she couldn't even spot any of his clothes hanging out but guess they were in the drawer. Taking a deep breath, Hanna rushed inside and headed for the bathroom, still calling his name. She knocked severally without getting an answer. Then she took a great step and opened the door, scanning all around. He was not there.

Hanna rushed to the room and checked everywhere but William was nowhere to be found. It was like he was not even in that room. Could he have gone somewhere really early in the morning, she thought? But he wouldn't have gone without informing anyone would he?

Hanna took a great breath and checked the remaining place, the wardrobe. There were no clothes, no bag and no shoes.

"Oh my God,"

Hanna quickly left the room and started rushing down the stairs instead of using the elevator. She was in such a hurry and when she reached the end of the stairs, she was literally tired and panting a bit. She rushed to the living room, calling her father.


"What's wrong?" The king abruptly moved his eyes to her, seeing her rushing to him. "What's chasing you?"

"Father," Hanna gasped, sitting on the couch. "He's not there. His clothes are not even there. I think he's gone."

The king couldn't believe a word of what Hanna had just said. He furiously got up. "What?"

"Yes!" Hanna nodded his head. "There is no sign of him anywhere. He is gone and so is the rest of his stuff. I have checked everywhere and I haven't seen him or any of his stuff."

Luis slightly got up, surprised at his sister's words. Though he was scared as to how he was gonna face William after having sex with him, he got really surprised that he had left. He had even been thinking about talking to him about it so as to clear the misunderstanding but now he was gone? Luis couldn't just believe it.

"But how's that even possible?" Granny gasped. "He was here last night. When did he leave? I woke up at six today and I never actually saw him."

"You are absolutely right, mother." The queen actually nodded. "It is impossible that he left. I am sure he is somewhere and has changed his room."

The king was dumbfounded. William didn't look like the type of guy who would just leave out of the blue without informing him. It wasn't possible. But nothing happened in the palace without his knowledge so he was gonna find out.

Moving his eyes quickly towards the door while worry took over him, Julian took a really deep breath and started calling the guards.


Immediately he called, about three guards came rushing to the living room. They knelt down on the floor, bowing their heads in respect. "Yes, my lord..."

"Where are William's guards?" He asked. "I need to see them right now. Tell them it's urgent and..."

"I am sorry, my king." One of the guards said, bowing his head down. "We haven't seen any of them today. We actually told the maids to go and check on them but it seems like they are not in their rooms. Their clothes are not even there."

Hearing what his guards had uttered, Julian's eyes widened greatly. "What?" His voice filled the entire palace. "Are you telling me that they left and..."

"We don't know, my lord." One of them said. "We haven't seen them today. You can actually ask the guards that were on duty last night. We resumed this morning and we didn't see..."

"Call the guards that were on duty last night." He commanded. "I need to see them urgently."

The two guards bowed and then rushed out of the living room. King Julian moved his head, wondering where the prince could have gone that early. He was really worried. Luis might have been scared of facing William but he was now worried about him. How could he leave just like that? Could he have left because of what had happened between them, he wondered. He was just too confused to even think clearly.

"William?" Julian frowned, thumping his leg on the floor. "This is impossible." He whispered. "He couldn't have actually... could he have?" So many questions were ringing through his small head, filling every space in him.

In just a few minutes, about four guards came rushing to the living room. They bowed down.

"You called us, your highness."

The king furiously got up from the couch. "Have any of you seen Prince William or any of his guards? They are not in this palace and I learned that all of you were on duty last night. Now answer my question." He yelled.

"Yes, my lord," One of them bowed. "Prince William and his guards were seen last night."

"Last night?" Granny gasped. "Where did you actually see them? They are not in this palace as we speak."

"Prince William and his guards left the palace last night." One of the guards said simply, bowing his head to the royal family.

Hearing him, the king sat back on the couch and just stared at them. "That's impossible. He couldn't have left just like that. He couldn't have left without informing me."

"We are sorry, your majesty. But the truth is that we saw him leaving." The head blonde head guard said, bowing his head. "He left in the middle of the night with the guards. He seemed to be in a great hurry."

"And you didn't stop him?" the king shouted. "He left in the middle of the night and you let him go just like that? What kind of guards are you? And you didn't even find it fit to tell us? You should have informed me that same hour. I would have talked to him."

"I am really sorry," The head guard apologized. "We tried to talk to him but he didn't hear us out. He got a little mad and commanded us to open the gates and allow him leave. He seemed to be in a real hurry. We had no choice but to open the gates for him. He left last night, my lord."

There was a moment of silence after the guards spoke. The king remained silent, wondering what kind of behavior William had shown to him. That was the second time he left unannounced.

"You may leave." The queen instructed the guards. They bowed their heads and left. The queen moved to her husband's seat and rested her hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay?"

The king raised his face. He was surely worried. "How could William have left without letting any of us know?" Then he stared at everyone. "Did any of you know that he was leaving?"

"No father..." Hanna nodded. "I am actually surprised myself. William is not the kind of guy that just leaves out of the blue."

"He didn't just leave out of the blue." Luis sighed, moving his feet from the couch, dropping them to the floor. "He left in the middle of the night. Now what could have been so important that he left during the night? Maybe an urgent matter in his..."

"Even at that," The king said harshly. "He needed to tell us that he was leaving. He was our guest and he should have told us. Even at hotels no matter how in hurry you are, you always check out. But he left unannounced. What's wrong with him?"

"I am actually surprised." Granny shook her head. "He didn't seem like that type of guy. Why would he leave without announcing it and letting us know. It's not like we would have denied him from leaving the kingdom."

"Don't stress over it." Ruby said to everyone. "The poor boy was probably just in an emergency that he forgot about telling us that he was leaving the palace. I am sure that he will write or something."

"I think mom is right." Hanna said softly. "He was probably just needed urgently in the kingdom and he had to leave. You know how these kingdom matters can be at times. They can be really stressful. I am sure he didn't mean to leave like that."

"This is the second time he..."

"Don't worry too much." Ruby smiled, rubbing on her husband's back. "I am sure he is fine. He'll communicate. Trust me on this one. That boy is really different from the others okay?" Ruby smiled. "Now stop being worried about him. Nothing is going to happen. I am sure he is already on his way back to his kingdom right now."

The king took a gloomy sigh, staring at his queen. He didn't need to make her more worried so he gave her a bright smile. "Guess you are right. He will communicate with me. I won't be worried because that boy can take care of himself." He chuckled.

The royal family felt a little relieved even though deep down they were all worried. Luis had his eyes on his father. Everyone loved William a whole lot. But where could he have gone out of the blue. Did something important really come or was it because of what had happened between them, he thought as he ruffled his own hair?

"What's going on here?" He couldn't understand. But guess it was for the best. But why was he still worried? Luis just hoped he reached safely back in his kingdom. He prayed for it too.


"What?" Charles gaped, staring at Luis with a confused look on his face. "Are you telling me that you slept together?" He had no idea how to express what he felt.

"Yep!" Luis sighed, raising his eyebrow at his friend. "I actually don't know what had happened. I couldn't even remember what had happened that night. I only woke up naked in my bed with him and he told me that I was actually the one that started it. That I stripped his clothes and..." He paused and buried his face between his palms.

"And now he's gone?"

"Yes!" Luis nodded. "We actually couldn't find him yesterday morning. It's all so confusing and..."

"What's there to be confused about?" Charles said. "If you ask me, I think you didn't do anything wrong. You were drunk and..."

"That's the problem." Luis said. "I only had half a glass of champagne and you know that I don't get drunk that easily. Something was wrong and I can't remember anything more from that time onwards. Everything else just happened so fast that..." He paused and just rubbed his eyes. "I felt really terrible for what I had done and..."

"There is nothing to feel terrible about." Charles said, rubbing on Luis' hand. "You were clearly drunk. He was sober. You couldn't have definitely overpowered him. I bet he really wanted it. He was into you because no sober man can allow a drunken man to take advantage of him like that."

Luis raised his face to stare into the face of his best, best friend. "Are you sure about that?"

"Yes!" Charles nodded. "Believe me on this one. The guy you came with is too smart. I could see from when the both of you came here that..."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's what I saw." Charles sighed.

Luis was now curious as to what Charles was trying to tell him. He couldn't understand anything and he needed to. What was Charles telling him, he thought as he gave his best friend a lost look? He needed him to shed more light so that he could get to understand everything clearly.

"I don't get it."

Charles chuckled softly, patting on Luis' shoulder. "It was clear the guy was lusting after you."

"I still don't get it." Luis was now as confused as ever. "Can you please tell me more about that? How do you that he was lusting after..."

"The guy had his eyes on you the whole time you came with him." Charles confessed. "I saw it from his eyes too. He was even licking his lips at..."
"Wait..." Luis raised his hand, getting up from Charles' bed. "Are you trying to tell me that William had his eyes on me the whole time we were here?" Charles nodded at Luis' question. "But how is that even possible? And why are you telling this to me now? Don't you think that information would have been useful..."

"And what would you have done?" Charles chuckled teasingly. "Would you have told him that you love him..."

"No!" Luis had a sad expression. "Why would I do that? I don't think I would have done that. I am just surprised and that's all." He sat back on the bed and stared back at his best friend. "So what are you trying to insinuate?"

"What I am trying to say is that you are a very handsome and sexy man." Charles sat on the bed, close to Luis. "Any man would lust after you. He was clearly lusting after you. And I think he may have been the one that took advantage of you. You clearly said that he told you to have that drink, right? I think he took advantage of you and left because he thought you might realize that he took advantage of you."

Luis didn't want to believe what his best had told him but William did leave out of the blue. Something like that shouldn't have happened because William wasn't the type of guy that would leave in the middle of the night without telling anyone. He very well knew that it was bad behavior even for a prince like himself.

"You don't have to feel guilty about anything." Charles rested his hand on Luis' shoulder. "Besides, it was just a one night stand. Don't you feel great now that you've had..."

"No!" Luis slightly raised his voice, staring at his friend. "I felt really awful and I don't know why. You know how I have been ever since… two years ago. I have not been active and now that I finally did it... it felt awful and I just don't know. I couldn't face William. What's really wrong with me? Since when did I start fearing when I have sex?" He buried his face between his palms.

Charles completely understood his best friend. He extended his hand and rubbed on his back, soothing him softly. A smirk appeared on his face, shaking his head softly while staring at his best friend and brother. He had definitely changed a lot.

"I know the reason why you have been like this." Charles thought. "I very well know you and I know exactly what is in your mind. You just haven't accepted it yet." He nodded. Charles was not a fool and even though Luis was hiding it from him he knew what was in his mind and the reason why he was feeling bad.

"Don't be like this." Charles said softly. "The guy is gone. It was just a one night stand and both of you know that this is the truth. The guy is gone and I know my friend won't let a simple matter like this affect him. You've woken up with different guys in the past so what makes this any different? You are going to get through this and you are going to cheer up and give me a smile."

Luis raised his face and stared at his ever smiling best friend. Charles always gave him some positive energy whenever he was with him. He gave him some power and some form of hope. He was absolutely right.

Luis took a deep breath and then smiled brightly. "Guess you are right. I am Prince Luis and nothing is going to affect me. I won't let such a matter affect me ever again." He rubbed on his friend's hand, drawing a soft chuckle from him. "This is definitely nothing. Besides, the guy is gone. That shouldn't bother me."

"That's my best friend and brother." Charles pinched his best friend's cheek and chuckled. "You should always smile just like that. You look better when you smile."

"Thank you." Luis smiled brightly. Talking to Charles really helped him a lot. He felt like he was now able to breathe. He felt as if the heavy burden on him had been lifted off his shoulder. He was now happy and excited at the same time. "I don't know what my life would have been without you."

"A mess," Charles joked. "Now get up and let's go and have fun outside."

"Alright..." Luis got up and gave about the best smile ever. "Get ready to experience the greatest fun of your life today. I am going to kick your ass out there."

"We'll see about that." Charles chuckled, wrapping his arm around Luis' shoulder. He planted a soft kiss on his head and ruffled his hair.

"Hey, stop that." Luis said, pulling away from Charles' grip. "I am not a child you know."

"Of course," Charles gripped him again. "But you are my best friend and kissing..."

"Oh hell no!"

"Fine," Charles squeezed his shoulder. "Let's pretend nothing like that ever happened alright? We'll just go outside and have fun. But I am pretty sure you love the kiss like crazy, right?"

"Hmmm," He nodded his head as if he wasn't sure which answer to give. "Maybe that was really so. But never again do that. My mother already does that like on an hourly basis. I escape from her and you do this too."

"Yeah. Because you are a baby to her," Charles teased. "Anyway, let's go and have fun."

The two guys left the room chuckling and clinging to each other like Siamese twins. Somehow Charles had managed to lift Luis' spirit and that felt really good to Luis. He appreciated him a whole lot. Now William was gone and there was nothing to worry about.


King Julian was busy seated on the couch with his legs crossed and his fingers too. He was busy in thought thinking about what had happened the previous day. Even though the queen had assured him that everything was in perfect shape, he still couldn't believe William had done that. And to top it off, William had not even communicated with them. He didn't even have any contacts with his father. It was somehow worrying him pretty badly.

As he was still in thought, Julian felt a hot hand on his shoulder, getting him out of his thoughts instantly. He quickly raised his face and smiled brightly when he saw the queen with her ever glowing face. She seemed worried. He had been alone in the living room but now all the family members except Luis were in the living room.

"My queen." Julian smiled brightly, rubbing on his wife's hand. "When did you..."

"A few seconds ago but you couldn't have noticed because you were deep in thought. Are you still thinking about William's departure?"

The king sighed and sat comfortably on the couch. "He left so suddenly."

"He's fine, father." Hanna smiled brightly. "Nothing could ever happen to someone like William. He is too smart. Besides, he had his bodyguards with him and by the look of things those bodyguards shouldn't be messed with. They will protect him at all costs."

"Yeah." Granny nodded. "I am sure he is in his kingdom right now, chatting and laughing with his family. Besides, your guards didn't find him anywhere and you know that he left the kingdom. You, yourself confirmed it."

"Ha..." The king sighed. "I guess all of you are right. Maybe I am just worried because I am still without a..." he paused and smiled brightly. "Never mind okay? Is lunch ready because I am about to starve."

Hearing his cheerful voice, the queen smiled brightly and chuckled happily. "Yes! Let's all go and have lunch."

"What about Luis?"

"He's on his way." Granny said happily. "He will find us in the dining room. He just rushed to Charles' and he will return soon. He is on his way."

"Okay." Julian smiled brightly. "Let's go then."

The royal family smiled and then got up quickly from the couch. Just when they were about to take the first step, something happened, something that they couldn't quite explain. Out of the blue, the wind slowly started blowing all around the house. It wasn't that strong but they felt it on them.

The king and his family stopped in their tracks and just looked around, wondering what was really going on. That wind had been there when Aidan had appeared to them but they were just hoping their hunch wasn't right because they didn't want to set their eyes on Aidan in their lives again, especially the king. He didn't want to do anything related to him.

"What's going on?" The queen asked in a panicky voice. "Why is there wind all of a sudden?"

But there was no answer as everyone was busy looking all around and still wondering what was going on. The wind continued with its movements. It continued moving from side, blowing everything on its way. It was getting stronger and everyone could feel it. The king had his eyes on that wind the whole time. He didn't want to tear his eyes away because he didn't want to be caught by surprise.

The wind kept on blowing until it went on one side, coming closer to them. They didn't move an inch. Then right in front of their eyes, a small whirl wind formed in front of them, forming a funnel which was just moving on one spot. It wasn't destructive at all but everybody felt that it was stronger. It was just spinning on one spot.

They watched as the whirlwind started getting smaller and smaller, forming a smaller ball of wind. Then out of nowhere, a bright light shone from the middle of the ball of wind, brightening the whole place up. It was so bright that it felt like their eyes were burning. It kept on brightening up while the wind got even stronger. The light was brighter than ever that they found it difficult to open their eyes and see. All of them including the king covered their eyes as the light burned them.

They just felt as the wind got stronger and stronger and then abruptly stopped. They couldn't feel anything anymore. It was now calm and they wondered what was going on. But they still had their hands on their faces, covering their eyes shut.

"Is it over?" Hanna quavered. She still felt a little bit scared as she had no idea what had just happened in their own palace.

Hearing the princess' words, the king and his family slowly removed their hands from their faces, carefully. The light was no longer there and they breathed in deeply but something else happened. Removing their hands from their eyes they realized that there was someone right there with them.

The person was standing right in front of them. He was dressed all in white, a long white robe and a white bag. He had his back to them so they couldn't really see who it was that was in their house. They could only see long pure white hair and nothing else.

Seeing the person in front of them, the royal family looked at each other in fear and then took a few steps back except the king who had his eyes on the person that was standing really close. He felt mad and he was raging. Whoever was in his palace had to leave immediately?

"Who are you and what do you want?" Julian seethed. "I command you to leave this place now. I have many armed guards outside and they are ready to kill you at my command." But the person didn't even move an inch. "Didn't you hear what I said?" Julian snapped, pointing his fingers at the person. "I command you to show your face and get out of here before things get bad for you. Leave this place or else it will get really dangerous for you."

The king got madder when the person didn't turn around. He just stood still.

"Will you show your..." before he could even finish his sentence, the man raised his hand high up in the air, opening his palms widely. A big roaring thunder panted which made the people in the palace gasp. They were really scared and so was the king. Whoever was in the palace was really dangerous but what did he want?

King Julian watched as the man opened his palm wider. There was a sudden flash of light throughout the entire living room which made the women really scared. When that light suddenly went off, they realized what it was. In the hand of that man was the golden trident which belonged to the priest.

"Could he be..." The king trailed off and just stared at what was going on. He was now anxious to see the man's face. The trident was glowing brightly, lighting the whole living room up like it had done before.

The man then raised the trident high up in the air and hit it harder on the floor. The ground shook and the royal family found themselves on the floor except for the king who stood still.

"Hmm," The man groaned, sniffing the air while slowly turning to face the king. "Hmm..."

When they eventually saw the man's face, they all gasped and were amazed at the same time. The man had really long beards which reached the belly. His face was old just like the old priest and he looked just like the old priest. There was nothing that differentiated them even the color of their eyes and their movements too.

"Priest..." Julian exclaimed, getting a little closer. His heart was now racing with joy and blood was rushing through his veins, sending joy to the rest of his body. "But how is it possible? I thought you had... I thought you had died. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for a new..."

"When a priest is dead, another one is chosen." The priest spoke in the deepest voice ever. His voice sounded a little different. "I am not who you think I am. You must be referring to my late brother." There was no difference except the voice. "I am his successor. He lives in me and so do I. Our spirits are connected as one."

"Thank the almighty," The king almost cried. "This is another happy day of my life."

The priest sniffed the air and then all hell broke loose right there. He gave an angry roar, staring deep into the king's eyes. His eyes turned red with anger and he breathed harshly. His whole body trembled and he hit the trident angrily on the floor.

"Priest..." The king gasped, wondering why he was looking like that. "Why are you..."

"How dare you?" The priest roared, venting his anger out on the king. "How dare you do such a thing? Who do you think you are to defy my..."

"Priest?" The king sounded really confused. He had no idea why the priest sounded mad at him. He couldn't quite put his finger on it. The priest had never spoken to him like before, well the previous priest. It was all so confusing. "What have I done wrong? I haven't done anything..."

"Silence!" The priest's angry voice filled the entire living room, making the king quiver and shiver in fear. He couldn't understand the reason why the priest shouted at him like that. "How dare you defy the almighty's orders? Who do you think you are, Julian?"

"What?" now all the other members got up and stared at each other. Not once in Angria history had a priest ever instructed the king by his own name. Something was definitely wrong. "I don't get it." Julian was really surprised at the sudden expression of anger by the priest. "Why would you call..."

"You defied the almighty's orders and yet you call yourself wise." The priest snapped.

"What did I do?"

"Didn't you hear me?" He snarled. "The priest gave you specific instructions on what to do and still you still didn't heed to his advice. Why?"

To say King Julian was surprised would definitely be an understatement. He was shocked, lost and confused at the same time. So many things rang through his head and he had no idea what he had done to anger the new priest. He had done everything as he was instructed.

"I still don't get it." King Julian gulped, trembling in fear. "Why would I..."

"Because of your foolish actions and everyone else's you have no idea what you have done." The priest warned. "You welcomed an enemy and you embraced him.”

"Oh..." The king said. He finally got what the priest was talking about. He was talking about Aidan. It was clear from his actions and words that he was talking about Aidan. "What could I have done?" The king asked. "We had no idea he was evil. He used to be a good boy. We had no idea he was a warlock that was after this throne. But he's gone now. It's my fault that the old priest died because of him."

Hearing the king's words, the priest seethed and then raised his trident high up in the air. "They say kings are wise and full of wisdom but what you showed was nothing but foolishness and stupidity. You showed me that you don't heed to advice. The almighty had explained everything to you."

"Priest..." The king got a little mad. "What's all this? I only did what I felt was the right path. He is no longer a threat to this kingdom. He is gone for good and if it is judgment then show us where he is so that we can..."

"Silence!" The priest gestured, making the king quiet as soon as he raised his hand. His eyes suddenly turned white for a second before they finally went back to normal. "Your actions are going to bring ruins to this kingdom. What you fear might come to pass just like the way it was predicted. This kingdom is vulnerable and you might still lose your throne because of your foolish actions."

"That won't happen." The king said harshly. "I will never allow..."

"Oh... really?" The priest gave a long and bitter chuckle. "Kings are said to be guided by their own priests. They listen to the almighty's wishes and act upon them but you..." He nodded angrily. "You chose to turn a blind eye and so did the rest of you. You welcomed an enemy, dined and wined with him yet you say you are wise."


"Where is the prince's groom?" He asked, holding the trident tightly. "Where is that boy destined to rule by his side? Where is that boy who..."

"He is not in this kingdom." The king said. "No warlock is allowed in this kingdom."

The priest gave a bitter chuckle. His voice sounded like many flames of fire. Julian was worried with the priest's words. He couldn't quite understand any of the things that he was saying.

"What did the priest say to you when you chose that boy?" The priest asked, moving his eyes robotically. "Didn't he tell you that he is the same boy destined for the prince?"

"Yes! But..."

"Then why?" The priest's angry voice filled the entire living room. "Why did you choose to defy the almighty's orders?"

"He was a warlock." The king said. "He killed the priest and defiled the temple of light. He had to face his actions and besides, the late priest told me that..."

"He did no such thing." The priest nodded. "Only a fool can choose to believe that the almighty can turn his back on his chosen one. That can never ever happen? That boy was blessed by the same trident that I hold in my hands right now, the lord's specially blessed trident."

The king was now confused. Did it mean that he was wrong to believe Aidan was the murderer? "I didn't defy the almighty's orders and..."

"You wrongly accused an innocent boy." The priest hollered. "Because of your foolishness this kingdom might be in bigger danger."

"That's impossible." The king gasped as his heart gave a sharp pound in his chest. "We all saw it with our own eyes. He killed the priest and he tried to kill the queen mother. He was pretending all this while."

"Are you trying to call the almighty a liar?" The priest seethed, pointing his trident at the king. "You of all people should know the almighty's ways. Never in history has the almighty been wrong about anything."

"I didn't say..."

"Yes, you did." The priest shouted. "Calling my words lies is also calling he who has sent me a liar. Mortals are just too foolish. You only believe in what you see. But I am right here. I am going to show you the right path. You are going to find out the truth and then we'll see who it is that is foolish. You'll find out exactly who it is that is wrong here. You are gonna find out the true enemy."

The priest got a little closer to the king, shaking his head while breathing harshly. It was very clear that he was disappointed from his actions. The king had never felt the way he was feeling before. He was scared and really trembling. He felt vulnerable and just like the priest had told him he felt extremely foolish.

"You mortals will never learn." He nodded his head. Then he made a quick turn, raising the trident high up in the air.

Just then, Luis came rushing to the living room with a brilliant smile on his face, busy talking with Charles who was with him. They were both laughing hard from whatever conversation they were having. But when Luis moved his face in front, he froze and just stood still, staring at the man that was holding a trident. He looked exactly like the old priest, same face, and same features. What was going on, he thought as he stared now at his family?
His family members all looked lost including his father. They were even trembling, making him wonder why. Could the priest have been a ghost or something? Luis looked at his friend with a question mark on his head and then started moving closer to his family, still staring at the man.

"Who is he?" he pointed to the man. "I thought the priest had died. Why does he look like the old priest?" Luis rushed to his father and felt just how he was trembling. "Why are you so scared father? Did..."

"He is the new priest." The king quavered. He couldn't say any more than that and he couldn't tell his son what the priest had just said. "He is only here to..."

"Where is your groom?" The priest asked in a serious tone.

"What?" Luis made a quick turn. "You are the priest and you are supposed to know that. Anyway, I don't know where he is and I don't care too."

"Hmm," The priest nodded, getting closer to Luis. He stared at him closely, sniffing the air loudly while shaking his head. "So much anger but who is it for?"

Luis tried to open his mouth but he couldn't do it. He just stared at the priest without uttering a word to him. Then he stared at his father and saw the fear in his eyes.

"Mortals are really fools." The priest nodded. "They forget the almighty's words easily." He chuckled bitterly. "All of you were foolishly misled by the one you considered your friend and yet you chose to hurt the person you knew. But I will clear that up. They say truth hurts but this one is going to break your hearts."

The priest shook his head and then moved away from them. He raised the trident high up in the air and then pointed it at the TV. It was instantly switched on and then a video started playing. It was the same video where the priest was killed. When Luis moved his eyes on that video, his heart pounded and he remembered everything that had happened in the past.

"What?" Luis gasped, moving further away from the TV. "Why are you showing..."

"This is what your mortal eyes can see." The priest said. "But I want you to look closely and tell me what you see."

"Please." Luis snapped. "Just..."

"I will not repeat myself." The priest warned. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Luis sighed as he felt terrible. He moved his eyes to the TV and just watched everything that was happening from the very first to when Aidan held the trident high in the air. He was getting hurt terribly and he had no idea why the priest wanted them to be hurt like that again.

"Good!" The priest chuckled pointing the trident at the TV once again. Then everything changed right there in front of them. They saw something different from what they had seen. Instead of seeing Aidan, they were actually seeing...

"William!" Hanna gasped as tears poured down her face. "Oh my God," She covered her mouth. "It was William the whole time."

Luis felt as if his heart had burst right in front of him. A sharp pain slipped through him, hurting him even more. He started gasping for air while tears formed in his eyes, making the pain even worse. It wasn't Aidan in that temple it was William, dressed just like Aidan had been dressed.

There was something bluish moving around William in circles and he was actually the one holding the trident and the one who had killed the priest. It was hurting real bad for the royal family but they couldn't do anything. They couldn't even tear their eyes away from the huge TV. It was like they were magnetized to that TV.

The priest then moved the trident to the TV and it went to the time that granny was stabbed. William was the one that was there once again. He was the one that stabbed granny and left the phone recording the entire incident. After watching everything in pain, the priest swung his trident high up in the air and then hit it on the ground, switching the TV off.

When he moved his eyes to the royal family, they were all in tears. They seemed really sad and confused.

"I think now you've got an answer." The priest took a deep sigh, shaking his head from side to side. "Your mortal eyes have already seen that he was innocent after all. What do you have to say for yourselves?"

Luis couldn't tear his eyes from the TV. He had tears in his eyes which felt as if they were blinding him. His whole body was in pain. He had no idea how to express what he was feeling inside. After two whole years, he has finally found out the truth about Aidan. That was two years of hiding his feelings and hurting himself. He was really in pain.

"William!" The king gasped. "How could he..."

"Your most trusted guest." The priest chuckled, gripping the trident harder. "He fooled a great king like you."

"What did he want from this kingdom?" The king gasped. "Why?"

"Some things are done in the dark." The priest said. "You were instructed what to do but you chose to ignore it. You were misled."

"I had no idea." The king said as tears poured down his face. He felt a really sharp pain in his heart. "The priest told me when..."

"The priest never visited you that time." The priest interjected, nodding his head in disagreement. "You chose to believe what you felt at that time. Since when has did the priest..."


"I know exactly what you are trying to say." The priest said, staring at the king. "You were deceived into believing that the priest visited you but that wasn't him. Just like Aidan was mimicked, the priest was also mimicked by William's warlocks."

"Warlocks?" The queen gasped, touching her chest. "Are you saying that..."

"Yes!" The priest nodded in agreement. "William is the son of a great and powerful warlock king of a medieval kingdom, Alerna. The three warlocks were disguised as his guards and you still received them."

"Alerna?" The king gasped. "William is from..."

"That's what you were led to believe." The priest breathed. "He is also a warlock though not very powerful."

"And Aidan?" Hanna gasped, feeling more tears on her face. "Was he a warlock too or..."

"No!" The priest nodded. "Aidan is not a warlock. He was born naturally with magic. It is a gift from the almighty. He was never a threat to this kingdom or the throne. The late priest knew very well about this. He knew that Aidan was really powerful, born with unimaginable powers that could allow him do anything. It is the reason why the almighty bonded him with Luis so that his reign would be really powerful. He knew Aidan had powers and that was why he decided to guide him even when you thought he was on pilgrimage."

Hearing what the priest had said, Julian felt as if his strength had left him. His heart pounded painfully and he held his chest.

"Did... did you say that the priest used to visit him?" He stammered. His mouth was now trembling in fear. "How's that possible? The priest..."

"...can only visit the king and any other man in the presence of the king, I know." The priest chimed in. "But Aidan is no ordinary man. He is more than any king in the world. He is the boy blessed by the hand of the almighty and given extraordinary powers. And you made a mistake by getting him out of this kingdom. You paved a way for William to do his evil mission and succeed. The first time he did it, Aidan stopped him but this time all of you were vulnerable."

"What... what was he looking for?" the king gasped. "What did he want?"

The priest chuckled loudly as if everything was okay. Then he got all serious and stared at the king, getting closer to him.

"William came here the first time for the scepter." The priest started. He started narrating what exactly had happened as it was revealed to him. He explained to them about how Aidan had defeated them and sent them back. He also explained everything that had happened. They were in tears.

"Then he got another opportunity and came back."

"He didn't succeed." The king said. "I still have..."

"That's just a copy." The priest laughed. "The scepter you have with you is not the real one. The real one was hidden. But they came back after finding another solution to that problem."

"And what's that?" The king quavered. He was trembling in fear. He had never felt as terrible as he felt at that time. It was like every bad thing he had said to Aidan came back to haunt him and make him weak. He couldn't believe he had even done that. "Please. I need to know this."

Hearing the king's words, the priest made a robotic turn, moving his eyes to Luis who seemed lost and confused. He chuckled bitterly, pointing his trident at Luis. "The prince was the key."

"My son?" Julian sobbed. "What does my son have to do with any of the things that had happened?"

The priest sniffed the air. "That scepter was supposed to show up during his coronation as king of this land. However," The royal family was now shaking. "They needed his semen and his blood to summon it before that day."

Hearing what the priest had said, Luis moved his head slowly, trembling in fear. He looked at the priest with fear in his eyes, remembering how he had woken up with William in his bed, naked. That was the night they had sex together. He couldn't believe that was actually happening to him.

"William laced his drink with magic and then slept with him." Luis' tears poured down his face. "He took his semen and his blood that same night but unfortunately he couldn't perform the ritual. They performed it the next night, using Luis' semen and his blood. Now do you see what you have done, your majesty?"

"Why?" The king actually cried, sitting back on the couch. "What was the need to?"

"They need it to overtake this kingdom." The priest said simply. "The throne and this kingdom might be in grave in danger. All of you are at fault because you were here when the late priest was predicting about the bond of the two princes. Instead your foolishness blinded you and you forgot about the words of your guide."

"No!" The king cried softly. "What have I done? I didn't know."

"There was nothing like knowing." The priest bellowed. "You had to have faith. You needed to believe in him. You thought he was the warlock but you dined and wined with the enemy. He tricked you and you thought he was nice."

"What was I supposed to do? I..."

"A king is known to be wise. None of this has happened before. You needed to hear him out but you turned a deaf hear on him and put your people in danger. Great danger may just be on its way. This couldn't have happened had Aidan been here. William's mission would have been a failure and he would have gone back to Alerna a failure again. Now he has the real scepter and it won't be long before..." He paused and took a really deep breath. Then he just started hitting his trident on the hard floor.

"Before what?" King Julian demanded. "Are we in grave..."

"More than you think." The priest said harshly. "What might be coming to you is greater than you think. It might even be the most dangerous thing anybody has ever encountered."

"But is there..."

"There is nothing you can do." The priest said. "Next time you should listen to the almighty's words. He was angry with you and hence the reason why you remained unguided for a whole two years so that next time... you will listen to what he instructs. Had Aidan been here, he wouldn't have allowed William back here not talk less of taking Luis' blood and semen."

"What do I do?" The king sobbed. "I don't even have any idea of what is going to happen."

"That scepter is the key to summoning higher power." The priest shook his head. "You know about the legend of Mang and Ming."

"Yes!" The king nodded in agreement. "My father told me about it when I was really young."

"Well! That king wants Ming's powers and your kingdom is at stake here."

"What?" The king rose from the chair and gasped, touching his heart. "That's impossible."

"It is possible." The priest seethed. Anger could be heard from his voice. "You know also know about the prophecy right?"

"Yes!" The king was panicking. He was afraid. "But where is the wizard of good cause? If that prophecy is going to pass?”

"You don't have to ask me that because you threw him out of this kingdom."

"What? You mean to say that Aidan is..."

"He's Mang's successor."

"Oh my God," The king cried, burying his face between his palms. "What am I going to do? He was so hurt and I didn't even want to see him. He tried to explain to me but I..." The king paused and dropped to his knees in front of the priest. "Please. I need your help. Help me."

The priest just watched the pleading king without even telling him anything. He was so mad at him that he had no idea how to express the anger that he felt. He was supposed to know of all people that when the almighty chooses, he doesn't turn back on his chosen people.

"Please," The king begged, crawling on the floor towards the priest. It was unheard of for the king to beg the priest. He was supposed to even command the priest but the priest too never got mad and that man in his presence was pretty mad. He needed to do something to help his people, his kingdom and his family.

"Please, forgive my mistake." The king pleaded. "I need guidance and help. I was so lost without a priest and..." he cried right in front of his family. "This cannot happen. I cannot just watch my kingdom being turned into ruins."

"But you did this, your majesty. You caused this."

"I know." The king pleaded. "I am willing to do anything to just prevent that from happening. Both of us know what will happen if...that power touches this kingdom."

The priest nodded and then took a really deep sigh. As much as he was mad at his king for choosing to defy the almighty, he was also his guide, more like a father. And when a son goes astray, it is the father's duty to correct him.

"Fine." The priest made a quick turn. "Follow me, your highness."

The king quickly rubbed his tears and then got up. The priest groaned, moving his eyes all around. He saw just what was going on. The magic in the palace wasn't that strong either. He needed to speak to the king in private.

Hitting the trident on the floor, the priest started heading outside. The king followed and both of them left the living room to the outside world.


‘Give it up for Aidan whatever, the greatest actor in the entire world.’ Luis' words slipped right through him. ‘Isn't he wonderful?’

Luis felt as if a sharp sword had just pierced his heart, breaking it into half. He had never experienced such pain in his life before. He felt as if he was sitting on a chair where there was nothing but hot needles piercing his entire skin.

His heart pounded with such pain that he held his chest and winced. His breaths turned into pants which felt like hot air entering and leaving him, burning him deeply inside. His body felt really weak that he thought he was just gonna collapse and die right there. He actually gasped.

Millions of tears accumulated in his eyes and dropped to his cheeks, wetting his whole face. Each beat his heart made was torture to him. He felt like dying and giving it all up. Never had he experienced such pain. It was more than the time he had thought Aidan had betrayed him.

‘Tell me all those things have all been lies to you.’ He heard Aidan ask with pain in his voice. ‘Tell me the kisses that we've shared have all been lies... tell me all those passionate nights, those wonderful moments, the lovemaking and all the words that I have been telling you have all been lies.’ He cried. "I don't pretend to you. This is who I am. Call the priest. He will tell you everything because...’

"No!" Luis' voice was really low. He held his chest tightly and dropped to his knees as more tears poured on his face. "This can't be happening." He cried softly. "This can't be."

‘What will you do if you find out he's innocent?’ Ethan's voice slipped through his mind.

‘What if he is innocent?’ He remembered Hanna's words. ‘What if he was telling the truth after all? What will you do?’

"That will never happen." Luis remembered his exact words.

"No..." Luis screamed at the top of his voice, dropping to the floor. Tears were flowing like water. "No... this can't be happening."

"Luis!" The queen rushed to him and tried to get him up but she couldn't even manage to do it. "My son..." She cried. She was really in pain too and had no way of soothing her son. How could she sooth him when she was crying too? "Please."

"No!" Luis cried out in pain. "He was innocent. He was really innocent and I still hurt him."

Hanna didn't even know what to do with the information that she got from the priest. She was surprised... she was lost... she was happy... she was emotional...she didn't even know what to do. She was just occupied with so many things in her mind. It was eating her up.

"He was actually telling the truth," Hanna gave a bitter chuckle, trying to rub her tears. "He actually didn't lie about anything." She cried out loud.

"Mother..." Luis cried, trying to gather his strength but he was really weak. "I betrayed him. I was the one that betrayed him. What have I done?"

"No." Granny cried loudly. "We all betrayed him. We should have trusted him more. We shouldn't have abandoned him when he needed us the most."

"What will I do?" Luis cried. "Where do I look for him, mother?" He just wanted to die. "Where do I even begin to beg him? How will I still tell him that I love him after everything that I said to him? How will he believe me? Does he still even love me?"

"Please." The queen sobbed.

"No, mother..." Luis cried, crawling on the floor as more strength left him. "I betrayed the only boy that I love. I betrayed him. I never trusted him. I had hurt him with my words and told him to stay away from me. I am such an idiot."

Luis started wailing loudly. His head suddenly started pulsing, giving him the sharpest headache he had ever felt in his life. His heart pounded deeply in his chest, threatening to rip out. His head felt as if someone had just pounded him with an iron bar. It was so painful that he felt as if his vision was blurring.

Charles on the other hand just watched as his friend cried hard on the floor, crawling like a baby. He watched each and every member of the royal family and they didn't seem to be in a good state. They were all grieving.

Charles was in a really bad state and he had tears in his eyes. He couldn't believe it. That was a really painful truth for his friend and the way he was crying was actually pitiful. He hated seeing him in that state but Luis too was to be blamed. But he didn't want to make him feel bad. It was a really painful sight to watch.

Luis on the other hand was living the greatest torture of his life, remembering the words he had used on Aidan. He remembered how he had told him he regretted ever been in his life. He remembered how Aidan had pleaded with him to just listen to him for once. He also remembered how he had answered him. He remembered the pain in his eyes... he remembered the pain, the anguish... he remembered the slap Aidan gave him. But most of all, he remembered the pleas from Aidan.

"Who knows if you had cast a spell on me?" He remembered. "Don't ever return here. Whatever spells..."

"I don't cast any spells... You all mean nothing to me. Your opinion doesn't matter to me anymore. I don't care what you think about me anymore."

"Aidan..." Luis cried as hard as he could while feeling the pain intensifying.

Then from those painful thoughts, Luis started remembering how happy he had been with Aidan. He remembered all the happy moments that he had shared with him, the intense lovemaking, the cute words, the kisses, the cuddling and the showers. And they made him feel worse than he had felt before.

"I need to find him." Luis rose from the floor, feeling a little giddy. "I need to tell him to come back. I need to show him that I love him. I need to do it."
Luis was feeling really weak but he needed Aidan by his side from that moment. He didn't want to lose the person that he really loved. He never hated Aidan since he left. He just hid those painful feelings that he had for him. Now they were back, stronger and even more painful than before. He felt as if a heavy load had been put on him.

"I need to find him." He slowly started moving towards the doors. "I need him back in my life. I need to..."

"Luis..." Charles rushed to him and gripped his arm. "Take a deep breath and..."

"Get your hands off me," He yelled. Then he started crying once again. "I need to find my Aidan." Everyone else just watched him as they dwelled in their own pain. Hanna was so lost that she couldn't even make any movements. She was really lost.

"I have to find him." He cried slowly moving. Then he was hit suddenly by dizziness that made him trample. He tried to move again but the dizziness was making things worse for him. His headache just went to another level as so many words were ringing in his head. He thought he was going crazy.

"I need to find him." He said in a trembling voice. "I need him to... to..." he moved his hand to his head when his dizziness got out of control. Then he started falling before he felt arms wrapping around him.

"You are not okay." Charles was definitely worried. "You need to take some..."

"No..." he cried weakly. "I have lost him and I need to do this."

"We will find him but we need to..."

"No!" Luis pulled away from Charles' grip, staring at him as if he wanted to eat him alive.

Then all of a sudden, thing started spinning all over. The voices in his head got out of control and his headache just became something else. He felt a sharp pain which originated from his brain travel to the rest of his body. He then got dizzier as the spinning intensified and the headache. His vision blurred completely and he couldn't see anything. He tried to move but he was just too weak to do anything.

He moved his hand to his head, trying to massage his head. With a final painful groan, he dropped to the floor. He had passed out from all the pain that had taken control of his mind.

Seeing his best friend on the floor, Charles rushed to him and held him in his arms carefully. He moved the hair from his face and carefully rubbed on his cheek. His friend was surely in pain. A tear dropped to his cheek. He couldn't bear to see him like that ever again. He quickly rubbed Luis' tears off and held him tightly in his arms.

"Luis..." The queen knelt down in front of him. "What is happening to you my son?"

Charles stared at the queen and sobbed. "He has passed out. I think he is in so much pain. I can't bear to see him like this." He cried. "It's really painful seeing him broken down like this."

"I know," Granny said as she knelt down. "I still can't believe we actually did that to Aidan. Poor Luis is probably in more torture than any of us here. I think he needs to rest for now. There is no guessing what will happen once he wakes up."

Charles nodded and gripped Luis' arms even harder. "I will take him to his room."

Granny and the queen nodded. Charles carefully wrapped his hands around Luis' neck and legs, raising him from the floor. He carried him carefully in his arms, not even minding that he was heavy. He rushed to the elevator and took him to his room. He made sure he stayed with while he cried.

"I feared this day was gonna come sooner or later." Hanna cried, sitting down on the couch. "I warned Luis about it too... but look where it has landed us all."

Granny sobbed. "Who knows what that poor boy went through when he left here? Who knows the emotional torture he got from not having his husband support him? I can't even imagine the pain he went through."

"Now I know the reason why I wasn't completely mad at him." The queen cried. "This is really painful to even think about. Just look at the state we are in just by finding out. Who knows what he had experienced at that time."

Granny raised her hand towards the heavens and cried. "I curse that William and his three warlocks for causing us all this pain. He came here pretending as if he was a saint but he was just after destroying us. They shall die horrible deaths."

Granny dropped her hands and just started crying loudly with the others. None of them even talked to each other. They just cried in pain and anguish. They had no idea what was gonna happen. Aidan had suffered for what he had no idea of. It was really painful for them.


The priest pointed his trident towards the temple door, opening it instantly. Light spread everywhere, brightening the whole place up. He then started walking inside, hitting the trident on the floor as hard as he could. The king was following behind with his head low and drowning in his own sorrows.

There was a lot on his mind that time. He had a lot of thinking to do. First he had chosen Aidan for his son and had also hurt him deeply. He still remembered the day Aidan pleaded with him and called him father. He also remembered the painful way in which he had answered. The priest was also mad at him and it was eating him up.

Raising his face, Julian looked around the whole temple and his pain just got worse. His guilt was eating him up and he couldn't do a thing. Aidan was gone and it was his entire fault. He had no idea where to find him and apologize to him.

He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't even realize that the priest had stood still and made a turn, looking straight him. The only thing he heard was the powerful pounding of the trident on the temple floor. He quickly moved his eyes to the priest and sighed.

"You very well know what had happened in this temple two years ago."

The king slowly nodded. "Yes!"

"You also know that the one that killed him was William and yet you still welcomed him and gave him much more importance than the person you vowed to be your son."

"I am really..."

"And you even broke that vow the very time you turned your back on him."

The king dropped his eyes to the floor and took a sad sigh. "If only I could turn back the hands of time then I can do it. I made a really big mistake and I wanna know how to rectify it." He breathed nervously. "I am ready to do anything that the almighty demands from me."

"Good!" The priest chuckled. "Now you have decided to heed to his call that you know your kingdom might be in ruins.”

"I am ready to do anything. Just tell me of any solution even if I have to sacrifice myself to save my people. I will do anything right now. I am ready to give my own life for the sake of my people."

Hearing what the king had just said, the priest gave an inward chuckle, raising his trident high up in the air. There was a sudden gush of really cold wind that blew all over the temple. Thunder rolled and then lightning stroke. But the king was too preoccupied to even care about lightning.

Then the trident started glowing right in front of them. The priest let go of it and it started floating in the air, moving slowly. The priest took a deep breath and then exhaled loudly, chanting the almighty's name. He took another deep breath and held it for some minutes before he released it.

He quickly held out his hand and the trident found its way back into his hand. The priest quickly sat down the cold floor and put the trident beside him. He crossed his legs and then sat quietly with his eyes closed. He put his hands on each leg, opening his palms widely. Then he started meditating.

Julian watched impatiently as the priest meditated quietly without making a sound. There was little cold but quiet wind which was blowing all over the place. The king had his eyes on the priest the whole time without even moving an inch of his body. He was just praying for the priest to find a solution for him.

After almost half an hour of waiting, the priest breathed out loudly and then got up, picking up his trident with him. He made a quick turn, facing the anxious king. He laughed when he saw the worry on the king's face which just made him even more worried than he already was.

"What do I have to do?" The king said impatiently. "What solution do you have for me."

"The only way for this kingdom to remain in peace and for you not to lose your throne is..." He paused, staring at the worried king.

"What?" Julian gasped. "I am ready..."

"You must bring back Aidan into the kingdom." The priest hollered, hitting his trident on the floor. A strong wind blew all over the temple. "He is the only one that holds the power to defeat the evil seeker."

The words from the priest hit Julian like flames of fire. His heart started pounding deeper in his chest, causing him nothing but pain. He gasped, taking a few steps back, away from the priest.

"What? But how..."

"Those are the words from the almighty." The priest emphasized. "There is no other way. Aidan must be back in this kingdom and really soon." He sniffed the air, chuckling manically. "I see a great storm heading to this kingdom. Your kingdom will be in sorrow. You will lose your throne to the evil king and your people will suffer. This kingdom shall be brought down to its knees if that power is unleashed on it."

"I can't let that happen." Julian was really worried and scared. "I will do anything to..."

"There is nothing you can do." The priest pointed out. "It's either you heed to the almighty's words or forget about saving this kingdom. You had the solution with you and now you made a great mistake by not following it."

King Julian took a deep sigh. "I don't know where to find him. I don't even know if he will agree to it. He made a promise never to step foot on this land. Can't you do..."

"I am powerless against any form of dark magic." He confessed. "Only the wizard of good cause, Mang's successor has the power to stop all this and destroy evil once and for all. That's the reason why you must bring him back to this kingdom. I don't have to remind you of the consequences of not finding him and bringing him here."

"No!" The king fell to his knees and sobbed. He had never thought he would be as vulnerable as he was at that very time. His kingdom and his throne were in grave danger and the solution was the boy he had hurt so much. "Why is the almighty doing this to me? I don't know where he is."

"Your majesty," The priest raised the trident high in the air. "You don't have much time. You need to start your mission as soon as possible. The enemy is already planning his move now. Lord Ming's successor is already planning his moves. The more time you spend..."

"This task is impossible." The king sobbed. "Even if I actually find him, it will be too late. Where do I..." Then he got up from the floor and rubbed his tears. Something had just crossed his mind and he knew that his mission was gonna be a success. "Why don't you be my guide? Show me the right path. Come with me. I am sure that he will even agree to come if he sees..."

"I am sorry my king," The priest said with a sad sigh. "You have to embark on this journey without me. I gave you the solution to this calamity which is about to befall on this kingdom. The almighty wants you to correct your mistake."

The king felt as if he had died. He gaped and stared at the priest, wondering why the new priest was really difficult. He didn't need to do that with the old priest. He could even command the old priest and tell him what to do at times. This new one was really difficult to handle.

"However," The priest said. The king felt as if he had just lived again. "I am going to help you locate him."

"Thank you." The king smiled brightly. "That will be really helpful."

The priest took a great sigh. "Come with me. We don't have much time. We need to hurry up."

The king nodded and followed the priest into a small room in the temple where important religious stuffs were kept. The priest seemed to know his way everywhere even though he was new. But that was not bothering him because he knew that priests didn't need direction. He was just praying to find Aidan and bring him back.


"Alright," The king rushed in the living room, chatting on the phone. "Hurry it up. We need to leave as soon as possible."

He cut the call and rushed to the living room, finding his mother, wife and daughter all sitting quietly and sadly. Their eyes were red and their faces seemed as sad as ever. A great tragedy had hit the royal family indeed. It was extremely bad.

"Where is Luis?" He gasped, looking around.

The queen sobbed and then rubbed her tears off. "He had passed out a few hours ago. He is with Charles in his room." She said in the most painful voice he had ever heard from him. "What did the priest say?"

"I have to go out and look for Aidan." He said as if he was in a hurry. "The only solution is to find him." He sat on the couch and then rested his head on his folded fist, wondering what exactly was gonna happen once he finds Aidan.

"Is the priest coming with you?" Granny asked softly, trying to rub her tears off.

The king sighed, nodding his head. "He is really angry with me. I am going with two of my cabinet members."

"But..." Hanna rushed to her father and knelt down before him. She was still in so much pain. "How will you find him without the priest's help? He could be anywhere in the world."

"I have..." he slipped his hand through his pocket and brought out a strange looking compass with an arrow but without any directions. It had been made by the priest with the trident. It had a little button on top which he was gonna press when he begins his journey. Then the arrow will guide them. "It will show us the direction. We will be directed there."

"I think that's good," Hanna gasped. She sobbed once again. "It just hurts to see how everything is happening in our lives. I can't believe William could do that to us. He is not even from the kingdom he said he comes from."

"Don't worry," Julian squeezed his daughter's shoulder. "I am pretty sure nothing is going to happen."

Hanna cried and then gripped her father's leg, burying her head in. "I am really scared. I just want everything to be okay."

Julian extended his hand, rubbing on his daughter's back. He had nothing else to say. He moved his eyes and stared into his queen's eyes. She had red eyes and they were really swollen. It was hurting him to see her in such a state. She was always so lively and so cheerful but now... it was different. Aidan had been wrongly accused.

"Why don't you go get changed."

"I am fine," Julian nodded. "Don't worry about me."

"Do you need extra clothes or..."

"No... I will go just like this." The queen nodded.

The king waited impatiently for his two cabinet members. He soothed his daughter as he waited for the two of them. Then after an hour, he saw them both rushing inside, looking really worried. He hadn't told them anything. He just told them he needed to go somewhere with them but it was rather urgent. Both of them were looking handsome. Mr. Jones, the dark haired man in his mid-fifties was dressed in a beautiful light blue designer's suit.

Mr. Jay, the blonde haired man in early fifties was dressed in a dark brown designer's suit. They were all rushing to him and he could see the worry in their eyes and their faces. When they saw the state the royal family was in, they stared at each other.

"What's going on here, your majesty?"

The king quickly got up. "We need to leave right now." His eyes were red too. "The private jet is waiting for us. I will tell you on the way. Let's go..." He quickly took his crown and his scepter, heading for the door with his cabinet members.

"Bring him back with you." Granny said in a weak voice.

The king made a quick turn and then nodded. He stared at his wife and daughter and said, "Take care of my son." The queen nodded. The king turned and then left the palace with the cabinet members right behind him.


Aidan came rushing down the stairs smiling brightly. He had just been from his room to take a quick hot shower and now he was rushing outside to meet with grandmother and his son. They were out, just exploring the garden.

Aidan was putting on a bright blue ordinary t-shirt without any diamond sparkles. He had a beautiful designer's skinny jean on and blue sparkly sandals on his legs. He just wanted that day to be really special and he knew it was gonna be special.

As he was coming happily down the stairs, Aidan put his hand on the stair head and...

"Ouch!" He felt something cut his finger. It was really sharp and painful. He quickly moved his hand, losing his smile.

When he looked at what it was, he realized that he had so much blood on his hand. He saw the cut on his fore finger. It was really deep and there was just so much blood coming out. Aidan moved his eyes to stare at what had cut him but couldn't see a thing.
Moving his eyes from the stair head, Aidan stared at his finger. "God, how did I cut myself? It hurt really badly. I think I need to treat it."

Continuing rushing down the stairs, Aidan slipped his left hand through his pocket and got out a small cloth which he wrapped around his finger as he rushed down. Reaching down, he started heading for the kitchen before he almost bumped into Justin.

"Whoa!" Justin held his arm and looked at him with a gorgeous smile. "Why are you in a hurry?"

"Thank God I have met you." Aidan exclaimed, holding the cloth tightly. "I need you to attend to my wound."

"Wound?" Justin gasped, losing his smile. Aidan could see that the guy really cared for him. "How did you hurt yourself?"

"Relax..." Aidan chuckled. "I had just cut my finger badly and I need you to bandage it for me."

"Let me see." Justin said, staring into Aidan's face. "It could be really serious."

Aidan chuckled at Justin's concern, nodding his head. He raised the hand which had the cut finger. Justin quickly but carefully held the hand, slowly removing the piece of cloth. Aidan sighed and then moved away. His worry was now gone as he knew Justin was gonna help him out.

Nodding his head softly, Aidan got surprised when Justin started laughing softly, rubbing on his hand. He moved his head and stared at the laughing guy. Their eyes met and he just laughed even more. Aidan frowned.

"You really know how to get people with your jokes." He laughed. "For a moment I thought… by the way you were acting that you were actually hurt. You got me, really."

"What?" Aidan couldn't believe what he was hearing. "What are you talking about?"

"Your wound," He laughed. "You should have just told me it wasn't real."

"What?" he raised his hand? "This wound is..." He trailed off when he looked at his finger and realized that there was no cut there. It didn't even leave any scars. He looked at the laughing guy and then checked his hand carefully. He frowned. "I swear it was there."

"Yeah, right."

"I am not joking." Aidan said in a serious tone. "If you think I am lying then you can check the cloth which was covered here."

"Please, you don't need to fool me anymore. You've..."


"Okay." Justin raised his hands as if he was surrendering. He raised the cloth high up in the air.

"See..." Aidan chuckled, pointing at the cloth. "There is fresh blood on that cloth. It is my blood."

"Yeah, there is." Justin laughed. "What did you use, nail polish?"

Hearing Justin's words, Aidan stamped his foot on the ground and groaned. Then he walked away from Justin's presence and went outside. He was still wondering how he could have hurt himself and then healed in a matter of seconds. It was impossible even if he had magic. He still remembered the time he cut his finger with a knife. It took him the normal healing time but now he couldn't understand anything else.
Aidan slowly walked towards the garden with his eyes on the ground, still wondering what had just happened to him. When he raised his face to stare into the garden all his worries suddenly vanished and he totally forgot about everything when he saw his son with his granny. She was holding him in her arms, singing him a beautiful song.

For a moment he just stood still and stared at the two of them but he decided to go in and join her.

"Was he crying?" he asked.

"No!" granny chuckled, making a quick turn. "I just thought I should sing him a song. It makes him relax and smile too."

Aidan chuckled and then went closer. He got his son from granny's arms and kissed him softly on the cheeks. He laid him on his shoulder and smiled at granny. "Thanks for always being there for my son just like you were there for me. This is really great and I appreciate it."

"Stop it you crazy boy." Granny chuckled softly. "We are talking about my great grandson here. I should be thanking you for giving him to me. By the way, we were having a great time together before you came so..." She paused, opening her arms and extending her hands.

Aidan chuckled happily. "Here you go." He handed the baby to her. Granny was simply the best.

"Now I know that if something ever..."

"I am going to kill you before you finish that sentence." Granny warned, putting the baby back in her arms. "How can you even think of something like that?"

"Granny, it was just..."

"I don't care what it was." Granny warned. "I just don't want you to ever repeat it again."

"Alright," Aidan chuckled happily, resting his head on granny's back. "You are the best granny in the whole wide world. I love you like crazy."

"And you and Ethan are the best things to have ever happened to me." She used another hand to ruffle his hair. "You'll remain to be my greatest treasures ever."

"Oh..." Aidan moaned softly. "That's really sweet of you. You always say the nicest things."

"That's what grannies are for." She chuckled. "We have to use our time to appreciate out grandsons and daughters, if I had one. But you are both that and I love you a lot."

Aidan hugged granny tightly and then sat on the chair, enjoying an apple. He was having a wonderful chat with granny about certain things. They were having a wonderful time together as granny soothed the baby and sang him wonderful songs. In no time, he was fast asleep in granny's arms. He was looking so peaceful... so cute...so angelic. That baby was gonna grow up to be really great.

"I think better go and put him to bed." Granny said.

Aidan nodded and planted a kiss on his Jacob. He watched as they left and smiled brightly. He took a great sigh, getting up from the chair. He started exploring his sweet garden, eliminating all weeds as he walked, tending to the dying plants. He was so lost in nature that he didn't even see his brother coming.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Hey!" Aidan smiled, rushing to his brother. They both kissed and hugged tightly. "What are you doing here?"

"I just came to spend some quality time with my brother." Ethan said happily. "You know I like having great chats with you."

Aidan smiled brightly, patting on his back. "Okay."

They both just started exploring the garden while sharing great stories and laughing together. They were really having a wonderful time together. But it wasn't long before Aidan started having a strange feeling as if something was going to happen. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but he had a great hunch that something was definitely going to happen.

Aidan just took deep breaths and continued chatting with his brother, letting the negative energy away from him. In no time he even forgot about his hunch and just laughed out with his brother. The two of them had a great time together and they knew it was gonna continue.


Hanna entered Luis' room with the queen and her grandmother right behind her. Entering the room, they found Charles with his face on palm, sitting on a small chair. He was closer to Luis, closely monitoring him. It had been five hours since Luis passed out and they just came to check up on him. He was still fast asleep on the bed and looking really pitiful.

"How is he?" Granny said softly, sitting back on the bed.

Charles raised his face and rubbed his tears off. He had been crying and his eyes were still red but not like all of them. He rubbed his face clean and tried to smile as brightly as he could.

"I don't know." he sniveled. "He hasn't even woken up yet, not once."

They all just sat quietly, staring at Luis. They had tears in their eyes and still had no idea what Luis was gonna wake up to be. They just wanted him to take heart even though they couldn't do it themselves. Everything was just out of control for them.

They just stared at Luis and after what felt like hours, something happened. Even though Luis was still asleep they started seeing tears coming from his eyes in huge quantities. They all looked at each other and knew immediately that he had woken up. It broke their hearts and they couldn't hold themselves. Tears poured down their faces too.

"Luis, my son..." The queen moved closer and held his hand. "I know you are awake. Please. Get up."

Hearing the queen's words, Luis slowly got up and rested his body on the head board, leaning forward. Then he stared at each of them while tears dropped from his eyes, wetting his entire face. He was still in pain and he couldn't even utter a word. He just stared at them, remembering all the painful words he'd used on Aidan. More tears flooded his eyes and he cried quietly, filling his life with more sorrow. Things had turned to worst in just a day.

The queen on the other cried softly, trying to rub her tears off. She couldn't do anything but cry because she was also in pain. So much had happened that day and it had made them really sad. Now all of them were regretting letting Aidan go.

"Luis!" Charles rested his hand on Luis' shoulder, softly rubbing on it. "I know it hurts a lot. Let it all out and just cry like I always say to you. Crying really helps a lot."

Luis gave a soft laugh when he heard Charles' words. His heart was on fire. The tears that came out were of pain and anguish. He had no idea what was going on with him. If only he could turn back time he would make sure that he never made that mistake again. It was painful.

"Luis..." Charles rubbed his tear off.

"You were right," Luis sniveled, letting the tears flow. "You were all right. I am such a fool. I am the greatest idiot in the whole wide world. You told me this would happen someday but I chose to ignore it and..."

"Luis..." Hanna cried softly, rubbing her tears. "Please..."

"No..." Luis gave a loud cry. "I deserve all this. In fact, I deserve more than this. I should be getting punished for what I did to him. He begged me," He cried loudly. His heart was in pain. "He pleaded with me. He confessed to me that he loved me. And what did I say to him." He trembled in fear. All the people cried of sorrow. "I accused him of casting a spell on me. I denied the love that I had for him. I accused him of being a warlock when he clearly denied it."

"Luis..." Hanna cried. "This is really painful to me too. I know I told you that..."

"He confessed that he had feelings for me. I told him that..." he paused and sniveled. "I told him that all the vows I made didn't mean anything to me. Why did I tell him that?" He cried loudly. "Why did I let him go? I didn't even believe him when he told me about... I didn't even give him a chance to explain himself. I treated him so badly and broke all vows."

"Luis," Charles sobbed. "This is really painful for all of us and most especially for you. I know that..." he sniveled. "I know that you regret everything that..."

"It's not enough," Luis said with a serious face. "He got hurt because of me. I saw him hurt and I chose to ignore him. He kept on telling me that William was the mastermind behind it but I chose to trust a complete stranger."

"We are all disappointed," The queen sobbed. "William was the warlock and we didn't even realize it. It is really painful to know that we were actually fooled. A complete stranger came and lied to all of us. What kind of mother am I?"

Luis sniveled, feeling a really sharp. "Do you want to know something?" Luis asked, looking into the faces of everyone that sat in that room.

They all nodded, rubbing their faces and trying to hide them away from Luis.

Luis gave a bitter laugh. "I never stopped loving Aidan. In the last two years, I was just fooling myself. I hid my feelings and thought I had solved it. But the truth is that I love Aidan a lot. He is still in my heart. This is the reason why I haven't been close to any man after him. And when I woke up in bed with William that day... I felt really terrible as if I had cheated on him. It was affecting me. I might have gotten stronger and..." he sniveled. "I might be pretending but I still love him a whole lot. I love him so much." He cried. "I just want him to be with him again. I don't really care about anything but Aidan right now. But how can he?" he cried even louder. "I had hurt him beyond repair. I am sure that he hates me right now."

The whole family in the room knew exactly what Luis was talking about. They had been right there when Luis was talking to Aidan that fateful day and the words he'd used were just too deep. They were absolutely sure that Aidan was still hurting on those words. But of course they couldn't tell Luis that that was what they were actually thinking. They didn't want to hurt him more.

"What kind of husband doesn't trust his spouse?" He wailed. "What kind of husband tells his spouse that he regrets doing anything with him?"

Luis' tears just kept on flowing. They surrounded his whole face, going down his chin and then down his neck. His head was hurting, pulsing terribly that he felt like he would just pass out from everything. There was a lot in his mind. All the parts of his body were hurting terribly, especially his heart. His heart was killing him with the realization that he had hurt Aidan a whole lot. His heart kept on reminding him what fool he was.

The entire family just watched him because they had no idea what to say to him. They couldn't soothe him because they had no words to say to him when they were equally in too much pain.

"Now that I have realized what I had done," he wept. "I just feel like the greatest asshole ever. I feel like the greatest idiot on this earth for losing a boy like Aidan. All he ever did was love me and all I ever did was hurt him so much. How do I even get him back? Where do I even start searching for him? I told him never to show himself in this kingdom and he promised never to step a foot in this kingdom."

"It's fine..." Charles tried to swallow the pain but he couldn't do it. "You know I get hurt..."

"I can't do anything right now." Tears had now reached his chest. "I just want to cry and die. I don't want to live any more without my Aidan. All these years I have been fooling myself into thinking that I can forget about him but..." he sobbed. His eyes were really swollen and really red. "He was my first and only love and I cannot forget about him. I need to see him." He tried to get off the bed but Charles gripped him and laid him back. "Please. I need him to forgive me and take me back. I can't live without him."

"Calm down..." Charles had a tight grip on his friend. "Please. Try to calm yourself down. I know that I had asked you severally on this but don't let it affect you. We don't even know where Aidan really is. We can't find him and..."

"I don't care." Luis wailed. "Please. Let me go so that I can go and find him. I need him in my life. I had committed a great sin and I need..."

"Please, Luis." Hanna pleaded. "I understand your pain. All of us didn't say anything when he was leaving. We couldn't even hear him out. This is our entire fault. Please..."

"No..." Luis tried to get up but Charles was really powerful than him. He had him pinned on the bed. "Let me go. I don't care where he is. I can't live like this anymore. I can't live like this. I just can't."

He wailed, filling his voice throughout his entire room.

"We know," Granny sobbed. "Don't worry, your father and some cabinet members went looking for him. They will eventually find him and bring him home."

Hearing what his granny had just said, Luis just gave up and gave about the loudest cry in his life. It sounded throughout the entire palace. It showed his pain... his regret... his anguish...his sorrows. Never in his life had he ever felt like that. He just wanted to cry and let everything out. Now that he knew Aidan was telling the truth, he wanted him so badly.


King Julian felt a hand on his shoulder, getting him out of his thoughts. He looked beyond his shoulder and found Mr. Jay smiling brightly at him. He knew the smile was not genuine as Mr. Jay and Mr. Jones was affected by the story as well.

"Don't worry your majesty." He said with a smile. "We are going to find him and bring him back home."

The king sighed and looked in the direction of his two cabinet members. "I really hope so. But you just don't get it."

"What's there to..."

"That boy had been through a lot." He sighed. "You heard exactly what was told in the cabinet meeting two years ago. He pleaded and pleaded but we didn't..."

"The boy I saw during the introduction and the time he was at the palace was a good boy." Mr. Jones smiled brightly. "A good boy cannot go bad. He will definitely come with us. We need him in our kingdom and he will heed to our call. He cannot just sit and watch while we are being destroyed. He will definitely come with us."

The king wanted to believe what his cabinet members were telling him but the last time Aidan had appeared to take his family he looked different, angrier. He didn't seem like the boy his son had married at all. That was scaring him a whole lot. It was giving him tremors.

Taking a deep and nervous breath, Julian moved his eyes out staring out the window. They were in a really big chopper which was owned by him. He had given the compass to the pilot so that he could see where they were going. Now it was with him. He was just hoping they were gonna reach that place as soon as possible because time was running out. It had been almost 25 hours since they left the kingdom. They were out of the kingdom just following the direction.

Julian had told the two men he was with everything about what was going on. Even though they were positive about the outcome of the mission he still had great doubts. He had no idea what was gonna happen after Aidan sees him. It was stressing him a lot.

Julian just sat on his seat, staring outside. There were just forests and rivers everywhere. There was no sign of civilization and it got him really worried. It had been hours since he had seen a building and his aircraft was fast, super-fast so he had no idea where they were going.

They stayed for hours without any hope of reaching their destination. The sun was high up in the sky but the ac was really helping them out. His aircraft was really advanced and upgraded with the latest technology throughout the entire world.

Julian nodded his head and then rubbed his eyes. He just stayed like that until he took another deep sigh and stared out the window, praying they reach soon. After an hour or so, Julian saw something shining really brightly. It shone straight into his eyes that he closed them and winced.


"Your majesty," one of the cabinet members said worriedly.

"I am fine." He said, removing his hands from his eyes. "It's just that something just burned my eyes and..."

"Your majesty," He heard the pilot's voice through the loud speaker. "The compass is showing a big red dot instead of an arrow."

Hearing what the pilot had just said, the king literally jumped out of his seat, gasping loudly. "We are here."

He quickly picked up the phone beside him. "We have reached our destination." He said happily, nervously. "Just look around for a house or anything that shows that someone stays in that area."

"Okay, your majesty." The pilot responded. "I can see something outside but it's really bright. It's from a distance but I think it looks like..." he just drove continuously, getting closer. "I think it's a castle, made of..." he paused and gasped. “A diamond castle..."

"Diamond castle?"The king gasped. Then his mind took him to the time Aidan had appeared in his castle. He was all dressed in diamonds. "Okay. Get near it and land as soon as possible."

The king put the phone down and sat back, rubbing on his hands nervously. His nerves were getting the best of him and he knew better than to show it to his cabinet members. He was the king and he was supposed to be fierce and strong. He was supposed to handle it like a man. He could see from the brightness on his window that the diamond castle was really shining brightly. A whole diamond castle, he thought? Where did Aidan get the money to buy it?

"Are you sure this is it?" One of the cabinet members asked.

The king nodded. "This is the only place in this land. It won't hurt taking a peak right?"


"I am sure Aidan is the one that leaves in that castle."

The king took a deep breath and started with his prayers. He closed his eyes and gave a short prayer. When he opened his eyes, they were already landing on some sort of beach. That was when he got the clear view of the castle. It was beautiful.


Aidan was slowly moving the wheel of the pram from side to side, moving the pram back and forth. It was a beautiful diamond pram that made his baby look like a rich billionaire's baby. Come to think of it, he was a rich man so his baby had to look rich even though no one would notice.

Aidan was seated on the chair near the pool, playing with his lovely baby. The baby was smiling softly, giggling like the little baby that he was. It was sending beautiful vibrations to Aidan's very soul. He loved spending time with his baby. He was growing cuter and cuter day by day and looking more like Luis day by day but he was handsome.

"Daddy loves you," he smiled, holding his little man's tiny hands. "Yes I do..." He chuckled. "Who is daddy's little boy?" He kissed on his little hand. "Yes you are. Yes..."

"Look at daddy and son." Granny chuckled happily, getting closer to him. "Aren't you two the cutest ever?"

"Granny." Aidan smiled brightly, showing her his beautiful dimpled face. She smiled brightly and handed him the baby bottle which contained milk. He took it and then put it aside on the chair, grinning at granny brightly. "Why do you always tease me?

"Isn't it true," Ethan said happily. When Aidan looked in his direction, he was coming with a plate of different cut fruits. They seemed really yummy. He was with Justin and both of them were wearing cargo shorts and polo shirts, looking cute with their smiles.

"You too?"

"Of course," Ethan put the plate on the glass table near and cupped Aidan's cheeks, planting a hot kiss on them. "One for my wonderful brother..." He pulled away from Aidan and moved to the pram. "And one for my wonderful son." He kissed the baby. Aidan blushed and then moved his eyes to Justin. The guy just stood still, smiling as usual.

"Hey," Aidan pulled Aidan's hand. "Why don't you sit here with me? What are you standing there for?"

"I am... I..."

"Stop stammering and sit down." He pulled the guy and he just sat on the chair close to him, smiling as bright as ever. Aidan smiled brightly and then moved his eyes to his son, playing with him.

"I think this is going to..."

"Wait!" Aidan quickly raised his eyes, looking all around. He put his hand on his ear, trying to listen.

"Huh?" He quickly moved his eyes to granny with worry on his face.

"Are you okay?"

"Err... I am fine but I can hear something." He said, looking all around. "It's a sound but..."

"Come on," Justin said happily. "You are probably just hearing things. Have some fresh fruits and enjoy the day. We are all here with you." He picked up a piece of apple with a folk and fed it to Aidan. Aidan ate quickly and smiled brightly.

He chose to forget just like Justin had insisted and he did. He went back to playing with his son but he heard it once again but this time it was getting really close. He quickly moved his eyes to stare at everyone.

"Don't you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?" Ethan shrugged, raising his eyebrow.

"I can hear something and its getting closer."

"It's probably nothing." Ethan beamed. "Just forget about it okay. I am sure..."

"Wait, I can hear it too." Justin said abruptly. "I can hear it."

"You can?" Aidan gasped. "Then there is something definitely coming."

"It's a chopper," Ethan pointed. "I can see it coming towards here."

"What?" Aidan jumped up from his seat and stared in the direction of the sound. He saw it too. It was a white chopper which seemed beautiful and expensive too. He couldn't tear his eyes off of it, not that he was admiring it but because he was just curious to know who was passing by. He hadn't seen any single aircraft since he started living in that place so why all of a sudden, he thought?

The aircraft was really fast and it kept on getting closer and closer till he saw the whole of. It started rounding the beach and he knew that it was landing. That got him really worried and somehow really mad. Who had the nerves to...

"Who is that?" Granny had to scream as the noise from the chopper was just too much.

"I don't know." Aidan shouted. He moved his eyes to the chopper. "But whoever they are should immediately leave this place. I don't want many people finding out about this place."

Aidan watched as the chopper slowly started landing, making him madder than he was he. "I wonder who it is that is in the chopper." He thought.

Immediately he spoke those words, there was a sudden flash of light that brightened on his face. He closed his eyes and when he opened them, he could actually see who was in the chopper. He gasped and took a few steps back, shutting the image from his mind immediately. His heart started racing and his breaths quickened. He clenched his fists as a frown appeared on his face. He quickly moved his eyes to granny.

"What is it?"

"You need to take Jacob inside." Aidan gasped, getting quickly to his son. "We all need to go inside now."

"What?" Ethan exclaimed, getting up. "Why?"

"Don't ask me questions." Aidan said impatiently. "Just listen to what I have told you and go back inside the castle."

"Son?" granny turned him quickly. "Why do you..."

"The king is here." Aidan gasped, handing the baby to her. She took him as a frown appeared on her face. "King Julian is here. He is actually the one in that chopper." The chopper had now landed and Aidan had no idea what king Julian wanted from him.

"What?" Ethan gasped, clenching his fists. "What does he want here? I'll..."

"No!" Aidan gripped his brother's hand. "Please. Go back inside. I will handle everything. You don't have to worry about anything else. Let's just go bac in."


"Not now, Justin." He said. "We all need to go back inside. Now come on."

Aidan grabbed the plate of fruits and handed it to Ethan who seemed mad. They all started rushing inside but before Aidan entered the door, he made a quick turn, looking back. The pram disappeared and his worries vanished. He went in and shut the door. He rushed to his family.

"I want you to go up the stairs and..."

"Why?" Ethan bellowed. "Why should we hide from him? We hid in Angria like cowards but I will not.."

"Trust me." Aidan pleaded with his eyes. "Go and hide the baby up the stairs. Do not come out until I call out to you."

"I won't do that." Ethan shrugged. "I am staying right here." He sat on the staircase. "I will not run from him in my own castle. Why should we..."

"Who said I am hiding from him?" An evil grin appeared on Aidan's face. "You don't have to worry. This is my castle, it is my kingdom and I rule the way I want. Just go up the stairs and trust your Aidan to handle everything."

Ethan sighed. "Are you sure you are going to be okay?"

"I don't know how they found out about this place." He smirked. "But this is my place now. I shall not be treated the way I was treated back in Angria. This is my territory. Why shouldn't I be okay? I am absolutely perfect with it. Don't worry I will handle it."

"Okay." Ethan got up and kissed Aidan. He hugged him tightly and then started heading up the stairs together with granny and Justin. Aidan watched the baby, waving at him while smiling brightly. Once they were no longer in his view, Aidan lost his smile, replaced by a frown and unimaginable anger.

"Now to suit my mood."

He rushed to the center of the living room and took a really deep breath. "It is now time."


The king got out of the chopper once the engine stopped. He moved his eyes to the perfectly huge castle and gasped, gaping at the beautiful wonder. He stopped, staring at the beautiful diamond castle. It was surrounded by a huge gate which seemed to be made of ice but it was sparkling brightly.

The diamond castle was magnificent unlike anything that he had ever laid his eyes on. It was sparkling brightly, almost burning everyone's eyes. The elegancy of the castle, the design and even the view was a beauty to behold. There was nothing like gold or bricks like his palace. It was made of pure diamonds and it was really tall. He couldn't even imagine how that diamond castle had been made.

When he looked at his cabinet members they all had the same expression on their faces. He cleared his voice and they all started walking towards the castle while admiring its beauty. Reaching they gate, they entered and then got caught up in what they saw. God! It was freaking amazing. Almost everything was made of diamonds. The pool chairs, the tables, the garden stakes, the doors and everything else. The whole compound was huge and everywhere was diamond or shining glass. They couldn't help but admire and appreciate the beauty of the whole place. It was magnificent and out of this world.


The king and his cabinet slowly walked towards the huge glass door watching everything in awe. They didn't even believe a place like that would exist in this entire world. It was just magnificent and unique. Not even Julian's palace was as beautiful as the diamond castle. For a moment they thought they were in heaven. Julian had no guards because he didn't need any for that mission and he had taken none. It was just his cabinet members.

Reaching the huge glass door, Julian felt just how his nerves got the best of him. His tummy rumbled and he rubbed his hands together in fear. He took a deep breath, staring at two men. The he clenched his fists and moved them forward to knock on the door.

Before he even reached the door, the door opened wide on its own showing them the elegancy of the whole place. They slowly entered the place, still looking around. The door shut when they entered. They were still looking around the place.

Everything except some furniture was made of diamonds and they sparkled. That was probably the most beautiful place in the entire world. It was probably the most expensive place in the entire world. It was just beautiful. Whoever owned it was really rich.

The king and his members slowly walked in the castle. The whole living room was really huge. They were moving their eyes around and when they stared near the window on the far right, they saw that the curtains were open. They simply froze when they saw him standing on the window, staring outside while the shimmering diamond curtains were pulled apart. They stared at each other and then started getting closer. The man was dressed in a beautiful shimmering diamond clothe.

"What do you want?" they heard the voice. It was familiar and it was clearly Aidan's. "What do you want in my castle?"

The king looked at his men and then just stood still. The king was nervous. Aidan took a quick turn and he had a serious look on his face. That was when they actually saw how he was looking like.

Aidan was dressed in a shimmering diamond tight trouser that showed his sexy body. He had a beautiful shimmering shirt which he had tucked in the trouser. His shoes were made of perfect diamonds and his long robe was made of diamonds too. He had a beautiful but big shiny diamond crown on his head which was perfectly curved. His hair had shades of red, pink, purple and a filled with diamonds which was all tied in a ponytail. His whole face was glowing and someone would have mistaken him for an angel.

"Err... um..."

Aidan raised his eyebrow when he heard the king stammering. He chuckled softly, shaking his head. Then he started laughing softly all of a sudden. "I am really sorry King Julian. Pardon my manners. Welcome to my great castle and my little kingdom, Aidana. Why don't you take a seat?"

The king cleared his throat. "We are actually fine right here, standing..." he actually tried to sound as confident as he could but seeing Aidan brought all those memories back. He knew he had to be confident and tell him the reason why he had come. "We will have a seat maybe later."

"Suit yourselves," Aidan shrugged, slowly moving. He swung his finger in the air, pointing it to the floor. Out of the blue, a small white substance left the floor which started growing. Before they even had a chance to take a breath, a beautiful, big pure diamond throne formed, surprising all of them. The two members looked at each other in awe.

Aidan sat on the throne which seemed softer on the middle. "So... what brings you to my castle?" he crossed his legs elegantly. "To what do I owe this unexpected and unwanted visit?"

The king cleared his voice and got a little closer. "You see, Aidan, I actually came here to..." he paused when he felt a really huge lump in his throat. He just stared at Aidan without uttering another word. He felt really stupid for speaking to Aidan in the condition he was in. He had surely changed.

"I am all ears," Aidan raised his eyebrow. "Surely, a great and mighty king like you didn't come all this way just to... stammer."

Hearing him, the king got really nervous. The first Aidan, he was able to deal with but this one was treating him with no respect at all. He was treating him as if they were mates.

"I am sorry," The king said. He took a really deep breath. "Everything has been solved at home so I came here to beg you to come home with me. Please. We really need you. Your people really need you. Your husband really needs you."

Hearing the king's words, Aidan lost whatever happiness he had in him. Even the smirk he had on his face faded, replaced by a huge frown that showed his displeasure. He looked at the king, remembering all the words that had been uttered. His heart started pounding deep in his heart, making him even angrier. His breaths turned into harsh ones and his lips started trembling. He clenched his fists harder, gripping on the throne as hard as he could while trying to keep himself calm.

After two whole years of suffering and trying to build his life, his past was brought back to him. He didn't appreciate it one bit. He was mad. He was really mad. So the truth has finally come to light, uh, he thought as his anger got the best of him? He kept on staring at the men while his anger got out of hand. He was supposed to be happy the truth was out but he was mad.

"Will you..."

"Get out!" Aidan roared, clenching his teeth. "Get out of this castle if you really know what's good for all of you."

"What?" One of the cabinet members gasped. "Didn't you hear..."

"I am not deaf." He snarled, clenching on the throne. "I want you to leave this kingdom and this castle right now."

The king felt as if his days had just found him. He was now trembling after hearing what Aidan had to say about the issue at hand. He had to do everything that he could to take Aidan back to the palace or his kingdom was gonna be in ruins. He was gonna lose his throne.

"Please." The king put his hands together. "I am pleading with you. We really need you at the palace. We need you in our kingdom. We now know that it was William that had mimicked your body and did all those things. We also know that you saved our kingdom and our throne. Right now our kingdom might be in grave danger. Come back. You are..."

Aidan gave a really bitter chuckle, staring at the king. "So now you need the warlock back. Oh let me think," he put his hand on his temple, dropping his leg. "You are also in the castle made by the warlock. This land belongs to the warlock so I suggest you leave before this warlock," he pointed angrily at himself. "...casts a spell on you."

"Please." The king could feel tears building in his eyes. "We already know that you are not a warlock. We know it's a gift you were born with straight from the..."

"No, it's not." He shrugged, giving a bitter chuckle. His anger was about to overflow. "This is a curse, remember?"

The king remembered his words and it just made him feel worse than he was already feeling.

"Nothing good comes out of a warlock so why do you need me back in the palace?" He asked angrily, slightly raising his voice. "You don't want warlocks in your kingdom so I want you to turn back the way you came from and leave."

"We can't." The king felt like crying. "Please. Have pity on us. All of us are really sorry for everything that we have done. We regret our actions. We shouldn't have acted like that. We should have trusted you and..."

"And what?" Aidan snapped. "What else should you have done? Whether I am here or at the... what am I even saying?" He chuckled bitterly. "You've found out the truth, so what? It makes no difference to me. Hadn't you found out the truth would you have been here?"

The king dropped his eyes to the floor at Aidan's question. Aidan was pretty tough and he was making things really difficult for him. How was he going to convince him to go back to Angria where he belonged in the first place?

"Just go home and pretend as if you didn't find out about this. You never came here and you never saw me."

"I can't do that." The king pleaded. "William has already stolen the scepter. The kingdom needs someone like you. It was instructed to us that we should come here and take you with us." The king gulped. "I am only following the orders of the..."

"I don't care." Aidan furiously rose from the throne and yelled. "I don't care who sent you here to pick me up. I am not moving an inch from my castle or my kingdom. Why would I live a place like this?" He gestured with his forefinger. "...and go back to Angria? Have you forgotten what had happened?" he yelled. "Did you forget that easily? Well! I am here to remind you. Two years ago I was called a warlock. All I ever did was just save the throne and it brought down hell on me. You all hated me and hurt me. You called me a criminal and you treated me like trash. I was nothing to you. You vowed to deal with me and..." he shook his head in anger. "...I would have been six feet underground by now. Where was my so called husband when this was happening? Why should I care about what is going to happen in Angria when I no longer live there? I have already found my permanent place of living. I am happy with my family."

"We are your family." The king said impatiently. "Your people might be in danger."

"Ha ha..." Aidan actually laughed loudly at the king's words. He looked at him and laughed even louder, filling the whole living room with his laughter. He dropped to his throne, still laughing out loud. Then out of the blue he got a serious face and stared at the men. "Did I actually hear you say family? Don't you remember what..."

"It was in the past."

"There is saying, there is no future without a past." He said harshly. "You are no longer my family. We might have been family but that Aidan died long ago. The weak and hurt Aidan was killed the moment you hurt him. This Aidan you are seeing is not coming back to the palace. I promised never to return to Angria and I am sticking to it."

"You once called me..."

"And you once called me a son." Aidan said as he tried so hard not to remember any of the pain. "But you broke that. What did you say?" He remembered his words. "You can never have a son like me. What did I ever do? Was serving the throne a crime?"

"Please." The king dropped to his knees right in front of Aidan and the cabinet members. The cabinet members looked at each other in surprise, wondering why the king had done that in front of a child. But the king didn't mind at all. If it meant Aidan would come back to Angria then he was ready to do just that. He didn't care what others thought of him.
"I will apologize to you as many times as you want. I will even kneel before you in front of my people. I am ready to even do anything that you ask. A great danger is coming to my kingdom. If you do not return then there will be chaos. Angria shall be brought to its knees. You are the only one with the power to change everything. I am pleading with you to follow us. Take your entire family and come with me." Tears built in the king's eyes.

Aidan looked at the kneeling king in front of him. Something in him was telling him to get the king up and tell him everything was alright but the stronger part was telling him not to be a coward. Finally after two whole years the truth had finally come out to the light. Aidan was now vindicated and he had no idea how to express it. But the pain and anger took control of him more than any other emotion. He couldn't even feel anything. He was just sad Luis hadn't come with the king because he would have shown him salt and pepper. He would have dealt with him.

"I don't care about Angria." Aidan said it short and sweet so that it could get in the king's ears. "I am not coming back."

"How could you do this?" One of the men said. "The king is kneeling down right in front of..."

"I didn't tell him to kneel down, did I?"


"And please, I told you to leave already. I want you out of my castle. I don't want you here."

"Please." The king sobbed. "Have mercy on all my people and come back. You are the only one that can end all this. There is more at stake."

"They are not my people." Aidan said harshly. "I don't care about Angria. I still stand firm on my ground. I made a promise and I will not break it. I am not coming back to Angria. You have found out the truth so learn to live without me just like you have lived without me for the last two years. Why am I suddenly so relevant to your kingdom and your lives? Besides, I am still the same warlock. Your kingdom sees me as an enemy. You had pictures of me all over the kingdom like a criminal"

"It was a mistake." The king sniveled. "It was a grave mistake."

"It was a grave mistake which had hurt me." Aidan said harshly, getting up from his throne. He looked at the king as if he didn't even realize he was on the floor. "But I have built my life here. There is nothing you can provide for me in Angria. I have everything that I need in this castle. I even have more than what you have altogether. I am never going back. The past is in the past. I have let go of everything." He walked to the window nearby and just stared out. "I think you should leave right now."

"Don't you understand?" One of the cabinet members asked. "What else do we have to do to prove that we are sorry? The king is already on his knees, pleading with you to come back to the kingdom. We all made a mistake and we are regretting it now. Come back to the palace. Your husband needs you and he still loves you."
Aidan thought about his child and he thought of Luis. He had a really difficult pregnancy. "I don't want any of those things. I still have everything that I want right here. I am never coming back to Angria. I don't care what happens to it. This is what you really wanted. You preferred William to me so bear the consequences of your actions."

"Please..." The king sobbed. "Have pity on my people and my throne. This is really beyond us. We've accepted our mistake and we are ready to accept any punishment as long as you are in the kingdom. We will do anything."

"Anything?" Aidan made a slow turn. The king gasped and nodded. "Okay." Aidan chuckled. "I want you to get out of my castle that's the only thing I want from you. Get out of here and never ever return. Who even gave you the address to this place?"

"The priest gave us the address." The king said softly. He was looking pitiful. "He is also..."

"So you have even found a new priest." He shook his head. He went back and sat on the throne, staring at all the men. "Well! I bet he is also the one that revealed the truth."

The king nodded. "Yes! You must just return even if it just for... until the whole thing passes. We will not force you..."

"No matter what... I am not returning to Angria. I am never stepping my foot on that land again." He nodded. "That place means nothing to me. I don't have any link with that place. I have established myself here and I am totally happy with my family. Just go back to Angria and never come back here. I don't care about anything related to it."

"Why?" The dark haired man spoke. "You used to live in that land. You used to be the..."

"I am now a criminal, a most wanted criminal." Aidan snapped at the man. "You are the same people that wanted me to pay for my crimes so what had changed your mind?"

"We know it wasn't you." The blonde haired man spoke. "We finally know the truth of the matter. Doesn't that make any difference to you?"

Aidan remained quiet and then took a quick glance at the men in front of him. Seeing their faces was actually more painful than he had actually thought. He had been really insulted and really hurt. He couldn't handle it anymore.

"No! It doesn't." Aidan said. "It doesn't even mean anything to me. They made me promise never to return. I am a man of my words. I will never return to Angria ever again. I don't care whether the throne is at stake or the people. I don't live there anymore I have my own kingdom."

The king was now hopeless. He was a bleeding king. There was nothing he hadn't done to plead with Aidan. There was nothing he hadn't said. He had even knelt down and still nothing from the boy that had been once humble. He was really scared and afraid of what was going on. That boy had surely changed a lot after such experience.

Slowly rising from the floor, the king rubbed his tears and stood still in front of Aidan, staring at him with fear in his eyes. "Your husband really needs you. Will you watch him..."

"I think you have overstayed your welcome." Aidan furiously rose from the throne and roared. His angry voice filled the entire room. "I am not coming and that's final. Now get out of my castle right now before I do something that you won't like."

"Don't do this." One of the cabinet members pleaded. "Aidan my son..."

"I am not your son." He snarled. "I am not going to repeat this again. Get out of here before I do something that you won't like. I have heard what you came to say so..." He gestured with his eyes. "I think you better start moving your bodies."

"The kingdom will..."

"That's not my business. That's the king's business and not the warlock's. I don't have any people in Angria. Now get out..." He pointed towards the door, getting closer to them.

The king and his members started walking slowly, fearing Aidan. They were really scared and sad. King Julian knew that his kingdom was surely gonna get destroyed. Even though Aidan was throwing them out he was still pleading with.

"Aidan, my son..."

"I don't want to hear it." He gestured, still pointing towards the door. "Out!" he roared.

"Don't do this. Please."

"You won't go, will you?" Aidan asked angrily, staring at all of them. "Maybe you need me to help you out right?"

"Please." The king pleaded. "Are you just gonna sit and watch..."

"I am not the king. Neither am I a subject of your kingdom. I wouldn't ever leave this place for your kingdom. Thank you very much for finding the truth. Now I want you to turn back the same route you used and start going back to your kingdom. If you don't listen to me and get out..." he chuckled bitterly, nodding his head in anger. "I will show you that I have the power to do anything in this castle. You will see something even worse than what..."

"I am sorry," The king stood still, still putting his hands together. "I won't leave this place without you. I won't leave until you forgive all of us and come back with us to our kingdom. I will stay here and never ever leave until you agree to come with us."

Hearing the king's words, Aidan glowered and then groaned loudly. He frowned and then all of a sudden, he burst into laughter, touching his chest while staring at the king. He didn't know why he found it funny but it was really funnier than he had expected. He was angry and mad but hearing those words from the king was hilarious.

"Are you serious?" He laughed, dropping his hand to his hips. "Please. I don't have time for this and..."

"I am actually serious." The king said confidently. "I will not leave this place unless you come with me."

Aidan's laughter stopped. He stared at the king as the anger intensified. "I don't have time for this. I am a very busy man and I have no time to waste. You wasted your time coming here so it's now time to leave."

"I will not..."

"Leave!" He barked, striking fear into the lives of the three men. They just stood still without moving an inch. "You don't want to leave?" they all nodded. He chuckled, nodding his head. "Well! Let me take care of that."

Aidan started moving closer to them, rushing towards them while his face glowered. They were really scared and they expected Aidan to push them out of his castle but he did something that they hadn't expected. He snapped his finger and before they could even say another word, they disappeared.

A moment later, they appeared in the aircraft outside, seated with their belts on. They were really surprised as they had no idea how that had happened. They stared at each other in fear and surprise.

"How did we get here?" Mr. Jay gasped.

"He has become powerful." The king said as he removed his belt. "But I am not going anywhere without..." When his hand tried to open the door to the aircraft, he couldn't do it. He tried severally but he couldn't even move. "I can't open it."


"Now leave this place and never return." They heard a familiar angry voice. "If I ever see you back here again..." he chirped. "You are gonna regret it."

They all moved their eyes to the window and found Angry a little distant away from them.

"Aidan..." The king's voice trembled in fear. "My son... please, don't do this to us."

"This is not your kingdom." Aidan hollered. "I rule it and without anyone's help. I am the king of my castle and I want you to leave this place. Go and live in peace without a warlock in your kingdom. I don't care..."

"You might have put me here but I am not leaving." He quickly picked up a phone. "Don't start this aircraft."

"Oh it will..." Aidan chuckled. "I am going to make sure of that." He extended his hand towards the aircraft. "Goodbye. Thanks for the visit. I had fun but I hope I never see you again."

"No..." the king nodded.

Aidan clenched his teeth, feeling his jaws vibrating in anger, deep anger that had him bound. He connected with the aircraft, wishing with his entire heart for it go back where it came from. He took a deep breath and worked his wonders. The engine started immediately and the propellers started rotating faster. An evil grin appeared on his face when the aircraft started rising from the ground.

"No..." The king cried, trying with all his might to open the aircraft door but it just wasn't opening. He quickly picked up the phone. "Will you stop this thing?"

"I am sorry your majesty." The pilot spoke through the loud speaker. "We haven't even started the engine. Everything is off and we are not..."

"No..." The king yelled, throwing the phone away.

"What are we going to do?" one of the men gasped. "This is really bad."

"Aidan..." The king shouted at the top of his voice. But Aidan didn't even hear him through all that noise and even if he did, he wouldn't have responded. The king shouted at the top of his voice and felt the aircraft start moving.

The aircraft was moving really fast that they started getting further and further from Aidan. The king was really shouting at the top of his voice, calling for Aidan. His fears increased at that time. He was now crying and panicking.

"It's all over."

Aidan watched the moving aircraft in anger. He was really mad. Seeing the king again brought all those memories once again.

"Goodbye..." Aidan sighed, releasing his fists. He made a quick turn and disappeared.


Aidan appeared in the living room in his castle. He quickly rushed to the couch and leaned to it, remembering what had happened. His shimmering diamond attire disappeared. He was now wearing what he had been wearing before the king showed up. His mood had definitely been ruined.

"We have found out the truth... we now know that you didn't do it. Come home with me... the kingdom needs you, your husband needs you. William did it. We know you are not a warlock..."

A short and powerful shiver ran down Aidan's spine, making him shiver in fear. His whole body jerked and his emotions got to him. He felt tears building in his eyes. After two whole years of being apart from them and forgetting about Angria, the king had finally been there, pleading with him.

"No..." he sighed, feeling a tear drop to his cheeks. "I will never go back. Not after what they did to me. I will never ever go back there."

Aidan clenched hard on the couch, feeling more tears drop to his face. He was mad and he was in pain. But he wasn't gonna allow that pain to make him weak. He was gonna defeat it and let it flow. He wasn't gonna allow it.

Aidan heard footsteps coming down the stairs, rushing to him. He quickly moved his hands up, rubbing his face clean. He quickly turned, smiling brightly at his family. He knew his family was gonna make him feel good. He couldn't miss the frown that was on Ethan's face.

"Is he gone?" granny asked. "We heard the sound of the aircraft."

Aidan nodded. "He is gone. I sent him back to Angria. He won't bother us ever again."

"What did he want?" Ethan said harshly. "How dare he show his face here?"

Aidan took a sigh and then got confident. "They have finally found out the truth. They know I am innocent. He told me that."


"He came here to take me back to Angria." He sighed. "He said that..." Aidan started narrating the story to his family, telling them every detail of what had happened. There were moments in which he wanted to cry but he couldn't do it. "So now, they want me back to his palace. They want me to go back to Luis."

Granny felt better after hearing what Aidan told her. She wanted to cry. Her grandson had finally been vindicated. They had finally come to know the truth. She knew very well that the news was probably a bit too much for her Aidan to bear. She knew he was probably hurting inside.

Granny gave the baby to Ethan and gripped Aidan into a tight hug. She rubbed on his back, his head as frequent as she could. "I always knew the truth would come out."

"I have finally been vindicated." Aidan said, holding granny tighter. "They finally know that I am innocent. They think I am such a fool to just turn and go back to them."

Granny held him tighter before she actually let him so, still holding his sweet hands. "What are you going to do now?"

"Nothing..." Aidan said confidently. "I am not going to a place where I was treated like scam. I will stay in my own place where I can do everything without anyone's permission. I was badly hurt there and I will not step my foot there."

"Aidan is absolutely right." Ethan said happily. "Those people need to deal with the consequences of their actions. I would have loved to be there just to see Luis' face. I warned him about this and he had the nerves to try and fight with me."

Aidan looked at granny. She was really quiet. He squeezed her hand. "What do you think granny? Are you thinking I am a bad person for..."

"I am not thinking about anything," Granny rubbed on his cheek. "You are absolutely right. Those people treated you badly and they had hurt you. But whatever decision you make, I will always be here to support you."

Aidan smiled at granny's words. He let go of her hand, made a quick turn and then walked a distance away from them. He made another turn, facing them. "I don't want to go back to the past. I have built my life in this place. I am secure from everything. The past is in the past. I can freely use my powers here. Who knows what they will call me tomorrow? I won't ever go back to Angria." He slowly walked towards Ethan, taking the baby away from him.

He kissed him and held him closer, staring at his beautiful face. "My child and I are absolutely fine without him." he made a quick turn and rushed to the window, staring outside. He needed to stay calm. He was really mad about what had happened.

"I will never return." He seethed, clenching his teeth while glowering. "I will never do that."


The king entered the entrance to the palace, walking slowly to the living room. He had his eyes in front, staring straight ahead but he couldn't see a thing in front of him. His mind was filled with a lot of things which were making his head hurt terribly. His eyes were red and his mood was definitely foul. His whole body was in pain and there was nothing to do.

A myriad of emotions had taken control of his body, making his heart hurt as well. King Julian had his jacket in his hand. His shirt was halfway buttoned and his trouser looked extremely dirty. He was walking as if he had been from a war and the two men with him weren't looking good as well. They were looking like they were going to their own funerals.

Seeing the king and the two men's moods, the entire royal family including Luis got up from the couch, staring at the men that were entering the living room. Charles was with them. He hadn't left since he came because Luis' mood was never better and he was always the same. He even cried at times. The royal family's mood was not that good. They couldn't count the number of times they were sad. They were always sad.

They looked at each other and watched as the king and the two men came into the living room without uttering a word and then sat on the couch. They seemed even more confused than anyone had ever seen them before. They were lost and their eyes were red.

"Father..." Hanna rushed to the king, kneeling down before him. "Father where is Aidan. I can't seem to see him anywhere. Is he right behind you? It's been almost two days since you left so..." She trailed off when she the king raised his face and stared into hers. He was looking really defeated and scared. "He... didn't you find him?" She gasped.

The king didn't know what to think anymore. He was tired and he couldn't explain what he felt. He had never been as scared as he was at that very time. He didn't even know what to tell his daughter or his family.

"Julian..." granny rushed to him. "What's going on? Why are you looking like this? You were supposed to look for him and..."

"He refused..." Julian's voice was barely above a whisper. "He didn't come with us?"

"What?" The queen gasped, rushing towards him. Luis just stood still without moving an inch or even uttering a word. Only God knows the amount of torture he had been through in the past two days. It was just too much. "Why? Didn't you explain to him? We need to see him. We need him back..."

"He didn't even want to listen..." One of the cabinet members sighed. "The king even had to kneel down on his knees and plead with him. He just stared and dismissed us rudely. We didn't want to come but he dismissed us with his magic. He used his magic to force us to come back here."

Hearing the words from the man, the queen felt as if her strength left her. She fell to her knees, feeling hot tears leaving her eyes. She actually sobbed, moving her eyes from side to side. She was scared and had no idea what to do next.

"What are we going to do?" She dribbled, feeling her hands trembling. "Why didn't he just listen? Has he changed that much?"

"He has." The king's voice was barely audible. "He has his own kingdom now and doesn't need to come here. He has a diamond castle."

Hanna cried in pain. "Can't you just go back there and try to talk to him?"

The king nodded slowly in disagreement. "We don't know how to get there. The compass we used to locate that place was not in the aircraft when we arrived. There is no way to get back to the diamond castle. We are all doomed. We have no choice. We are all doomed."

Luis didn't even say anything. He couldn't cry. He couldn't speak. He couldn't even groan. The pain in him was growing deeper and deeper. He could feel it in his flesh and his bones. The worst pains that he felt were really sharp and stroke his heart. He held his chest tighter, feeling his strength leave him. Before he knew it, he was on the couch in more pain than he could have ever imagined in his life. It was hurting like hell. He didn't know what to do. He knew he had lost his Aidan. How was he ever going to get him back? It was painful, confusing and heartbreaking.

"What do we do?" Granny cried softly. "We had probably hurt him more than we think. Now..."

"The priest..." the king gasped, rising from the couch. He was trembling and he was sweating terribly. "I need to see him. I need his help and his..."

Before he could even finish his sentence, he heard the sound of a metal hitting the floor, getting closer to them. When he moved his eyes towards the door he saw the priest coming into the living room. He was moving his head robotically from side to side, sniffing the air. The king stood still and waited until he arrived.

"Please. I need your help. Our mission to..."

"I know..." the priest roared, still sniffing the air. "He refused to come with you."

"Yes!" the king said abruptly. "Help me! What do we do next? He vowed never to..."

"I gave a solution." The priest said, now staring deep into the eyes of the king. "That was the only solution. Unfortunately, I am really sorry but I cannot do anything more for you."

"No!" the king pleaded, putting his hands together. "Please. It's not my fault that..."

"I am so sorry, my king." The priest bowed."There is nothing more I can do. The only solution is for Aidan to come back to this kingdom. Only then will everything go back to normal."

"What can I do?" A tear dropped to the king's cheeks.

"There is nothing that you can do anymore." The priest gave about the deepest sigh ever. "It is rather too late for that anyway. There is nothing more you can do. You were sent on a mission which you didn't succeed. That only means that... you have failed to secure this kingdom. There is nothing you can do anymore. Very soon a huge storm will befall this kingdom. This won't be long. You should be prepared."

"Please." The king cried, pleading with the priest. "Do..."

"There is nothing I can do." The priest said, shaking his head. "Unless Aidan can come back here, the evil seeker will arrive. This kingdom will be brought down to its knees." The priest hollered, raising his trident in the air. "The dark hour has already begun."
The priest hit the trident hard on the floor. A loud thunder roared. Before anyone even had a chance to blink, the priest was gone. King Julian was really lost and his strength completely left him. He dropped to the floor and sat down, trying to say something but his mouth only trembled. He couldn't say anything. It was like he was possessed. Everyone else just sat down with their faces on their palms, trembling in fear.

"The dark hour has begun." The priest's words sounded in the king's head.

It was all over. There was nothing to do anymore. Unless Aidan came back, Julian knew he couldn't do anything to stop what was going to happen. Everything was over.

"Was this end of the mighty kingdom?"


In Wyatt's secret chamber in the castle of Alerna Kingdom...


The whole chamber was filled with red candles which were too big. Starting from the entrance going inside was just a huge line of candles which was providing light. The window on top was open, showing the bright moon. The whole place looked like a witch's coven with weird things, writings and other things.

Right from the entrance going all the way to the center were candles which formed a circle at the center. On the center of the room, on the great big white floor was drawn a big pentacle. The pentacle was drawn in fresh human blood. The moon from the window shone on that pentacle which was gonna be great for the ritual.

The three warlocks were dressed in blood red robes without anything underneath. They had blood dots on their foreheads which was gonna help with the ritual as well. There was a blood red cloth which was tied around their heads. They had nothing on their feet. Each of them had a copy of the ancient scroll which contained the spell which they were gonna perform that night.

The seer on the other hand was putting on a white robe, holding the golden royal scepter. He also had a clay pot with blood dots which contained the potion to be used for the ritual that night. He had everything ready. All he was waiting for was the king.

The door to the room opened wide open, revealing the great Wyatt. He was nodding his head while wearing an evil grin on his face. He was putting on a red robe with nothing inside. He had no jewelries on him that night. His hair was loose, almost reaching shoulder. His mood was really high and his heart was racing rhythmically. He was filled with so much evil and couldn't wait to have his power. William was right behind him and he was also putting on a white robe, not that he was part of the ritual. He was just escorting his mighty father for the ritual.

"Ha ha..." King Wyatt chuckled manically, moving towards the seer with his hands behind his back. He was slowly nodding his head, feeling extremely happy for he was gonna acquire what he had been yearning for. He was gonna be really powerful, more than anything on this earth. It was gonna be a bomb.

"Is everything ready?" Wyatt asked the smiling seer.

"Everything is ready." The seer nodded. "It is time. We have to start the ritual as soon as possible while the moon is still brighter."

"Finally," Wyatt chirped. "I can't wait to have that power. Goodbye old and weak Wyatt... Hello new and god like Wyatt." He moved his eyes to the three warlocks and got serious. "You shouldn't dare mess up or it is gonna be hot for you. I won't hesitate to kill you." The three warlocks gulped, bowing their heads.

Wyatt moved his eyes to the seer with the most serious face ever.

"Get ready." The seer said. "We need to start the ritual as soon as possible. You will have your powers in just a few minutes." Wyatt smirked. "Please, take your position. You know what to do."

Wyatt breathed in his victory night and moved his hands to his robe. He untied the belts, dropping the robe to the floor. He was now buck naked in front of all of them including his son. He didn't mind being naked in front of his son. William saw his father naked and it didn't even bother him. After all, they were both men.

Wyatt went to the center of the pentacle and then sat down with his legs crossed. He put his hands on his thighs, breathing deeply in the power of the night. He could almost smell it, his powers. He could almost taste it. He could almost feel it slipping in him. He could almost see all the evil he was gonna do with his powers. They were gonna worship him.

"Take your positions." The seer instructed the three warlocks.

They nodded and then took their positions, surrounding the pentacle as they had been instructed to do. The seer then went in front of the king and took a deep breath. He made a quick turn, nodding his head at the warlocks, hinting them to start with the ritual.

The three warlocks stared at each other and then nodded in agreement. They took deep breaths all at the same time, staring right at the king. Then they extended both their hands, opening their scrolls. They all moved their eyes to the scrolls taking three more deep breaths at the same time.

"Power of the night," They all said at the same time in the deepest voices ever. "Power of the light of the moon, the magic of the ancient scrolls... the powers of the ancient warlock, heed to our call. Come ye this night and join with the greatest warlock, Ming's successor. Power of the forces of nature and dead souls, guide us this night. Let the light from the moon lead us." They took in deep breaths and exhaled the name... "Thoth..."

Then as usual, the real incantation started. They were busy reading the spell from ancient scroll of magic not even making any mistake. They were chanting in the same order. It was like a song but the words couldn't be heard clearly. They could only be understood by warlocks who were experienced like them.

The words were really powerful and at times it felt like only one person was chanting that powerful spell. William only had his eyes on the three warlocks, trying to get what they were doing. They had their hands extended the whole time, pointed at the great king. Their eyes were on the scrolls which they had in their hands. Their words were continuous without even cutting. They held their breaths for they knew that a single breath could ruin that ritual.

Their voices were getting louder with each passing second, echoing throughout the entire room. As their voices rose and their incantation got stronger, there was a sudden gush of air which passed throughout the room. It was like something was moving in their but couldn't be seen.

As the three warlocks continued their chants, something suddenly happened. The blood pentacle started glowing a bright red color which seemed to be on and off the whole time. It was like a light bulb which wanted to go out but at the same time wanted to stay on.

The seer took it as an opportunity to start with the ritual. He picked up the pot which contained the potion he had made and held it in his hands. He lifted it high in the air, chanting some words. The wind got stronger as he did that and the candles started blowing though they were still very much alive.

Bowing his head, the seer passed the pot around Wyatt's head seven times before finally bowing. He picked up a further among his things and started passing round Wyatt, sprinkling the potion all around seven times, chanting some words. When he eventually stopped, the pentacle glowed even brighter. The wind got stronger and the three chanting warlocks got even louder.

The priest now took a razor blade, putting the pot down. He knelt down in front of Wyatt, taking his hand. He took his right forefinger and made a huge cut. Wyatt just smirked without uttering a word. As the blood from Wyatt started dripping, the seer took the scepter. He first used the potion in the pot and poured it all on the scepter, making it combine.

The scepter gave a bright golden yellow glow and the huge diamond bulb started glowing brightly. The seer chuckled and then chanted some words. He bowed his head, bringing the scepter closer to the dripping blood.

Once Wyatt's blood touched the brightly glowing diamond bulb on the scepter, all hell broke loose. The diamond absorbed all the blood falling on it, making the diamond to start giving out a blood red glow. Then out of the blood, a loud roaring wind started moving throughout the entire room. It sounded like many voices speaking at the same time. It moved from side to side, roaring and rumbling loudly. William took a few steps back in fear, moving his eyes from side to side.

The diamond on the scepter continued glowing blood red. The loud rumbling wind continued moving all over the room, blowing the candles. Some of them even fell to the ground, still burning. Once the blood stopped coming out, the seer took the scepter away and raised it high in the air.

Thunder and lightning rolled all at the same time. The wind grew even stronger. Thunder rolled again and then all the windows in the room broke to shards. Really strong wind came rushing in, surrounding the pentacle and forming the exact shape of the pentacle. The three warlocks' chants got even stronger as the wind blew stronger.

Taking a deep breath, the seer started chanting different words. He was really loud and his voice sounded different. His chants weren't long and he stopped but there were echoes throughout the entire room. He raised the scepter higher than before, leading it to the light of the moon.

Once the light from the moon touched the scepter, it slipped from the seer's hands, floating in the air. Its golden color changed to deep black color, spinning even harder. The scrolls started blowing and then the words ripped from the scrolls glowing brightly, moving closer to the scepter which was spinning even dangerously.

The words entered the scepter and it glowed even brighter. The three warlocks' job had been done. They dropped to the ground, catching their breaths. They were really tired and weaker than before. They felt as if all their energies had been sucked by the spell they had been performing. What was left was just the seer's job.

The seer opened his arms wider, extending his hands to the king who had his eyes closed then. He opened his palms and took a really deep breath. He then started another incantation. This one was really different and the three warlocks couldn't understand it either. It was a language from the beginning of time. It was hard to master but the three warlocks knew that it was the same language.

The seer was so fast that the only word everyone else heard was just, "Wyatt," And "Ming." They couldn't hear anything more. It was difficult to understand.

As the seer continued with his chants, the trident spun even faster, creating its own wind. It slowly started getting down to the king's head. When it reached his head, it changed its glow and then started glowing bright red. The words that had ripped from the scroll moved from the scepter and started rounding Wyatt who looked as if he was meditating.

The wind got stronger than before that everyone else except the seer and Wyatt had to close their eyes. His chants got stronger and he started repeating the same lines mention Wyatt and Ming. That was all they could understand. The scepter spun even harder and the wind got even stronger than before.

He continued chanting as things changed. The diamond on the scepter started changing color. There was a light blue glow that was emanating from inside that diamond. The more it emanated the more they felt the energy it was bringing. It was really strong that the William and the warlocks felt as if their life forces were being drawn away from them.

Seeing the light blue glow, the seer chanted even harder than before. The glow continued and the diamond started expanding. It was as if something wanted to come out of that diamond, something big and powerful like they felt. The seer chanted even harder. The diamond continued expanding and expanding until cracks started forming. There was truly something inside that diamond and it wanted to come out.

It continued on expanding until... voila! The diamond broke into shards, emanating a really strong power that sent William and the warlocks flying in the air. They fell on the floor near the entrance, wincing terribly. They were in pain and they couldn't move.

From those broken shards, something like smoke started developing, leaving the broken pieces of diamond. It didn't look exactly like smoke. It was really dark and it was moving faster, recollecting together. It moved and started surrounding Wyatt, mixing with the words from the ancient scroll.

"Power..." A voice from the wind echoed. "He is here. He will bring chaos..."

The dark smoke continued surrounding Wyatt faster and faster. The wind got stronger and the strange voices in the air couldn't be heard anymore. Then suddenly, the dark smoke mixed with the words becoming one. The energy in the room got even stronger than before. It started glowing though it was still dark. The seer took another pot where the final potion was and took a feather. He started sprinkling the dark smoke again, chanting the spell as he moved around the king for seven rounds. He raised the potion high in the air.

"Power of the moon of the night, do thy work. Lord Ming's successor is here, sitting on this pentacle. Let him be a vessel of Lord Ming's powers. As your light touches this potion," He moved the pot to the light of the moon. "Let it be the final ingredient to summon this great power."

The seer bowed his head and then moved closer to Wyatt. He poured the entire potion on him. He dropped the pot, laying his hand on top of Wyatt's head, chanting some words. When he removed his hand, the smoke which was surrounding Wyatt stopped. It moved away from him and then started spinning on the floor like a small whirlwind. It started getting smaller and smaller as if it was disappearing on the floor. Then all of a sudden, it vanished. The wind stopped blowing and everything became calm, just like it had been.

Seeing what had happened, Wyatt moved his head from side. "Is that it?" He seethed. "Is that..."

"Shh..." The seer whispered, gesturing him to stop. He had his eyes on the floor where the smoke had disappeared at. He knew what was gonna happen.

Wyatt was feeling the same. There was no difference with what he had been feeling before. He felt just like a mortal. He needed to be immortal so...

"What's really..." Wyatt trailed off when he moved his eyes to the floor and saw something, a stone like black gem with smoke surrounding it coming out of the floor. It was black but it was red hot and he could feel it.

The black gem was huge and round, shining brightly to everyone's eyes. They felt its powers. They felt the evil in it. Wyatt's eyes widened as an evil grin appeared on his face. He was staring at the gem with awe and amazement. His heart was pounding deeply in his chest. His breaths were harsh and violent. He couldn't wait.

The black gem came out of the floor and floated in the air. It suddenly caught a flame and started burning, right in front of their eyes. Wyatt gave a loud chuckle and gasped. He couldn't move because he knew that he would disrupt the ritual if he did so he just sat still, chuckling like an evil warlock that he was. He was happy.

"Yes!" He breathed. "The gem which gave Lord Ming his powers... It's beautiful and it will now be mine. All that power shall now belong to me."

The seer smirked, staring at the king. "And now for the final ritual..." The seer breathed.

He took a deep breath, sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. Then he started chanting softly. As his chants started, the gem started moving towards Wyatt, getting closer. Wyatt felt its power and he already knew it was his. His enemies were definitely gonna regret messing with him.

The gem got really close to him. It stopped and then abruptly rushed to him, hitting his chest with a thud. Wyatt screamed out in pain, throwing himself to the floor. He felt as if something had just been ripped from him. It was really painful. His entire body convulsed as he burned up inside.

"Ah..." he cried.

The seer was deaf to his pleas. He continued chanting his spell. Wyatt was in pain. He moved his eyes to his chest and saw the gem half way in his body. The mark on his chest started glowing brightly as the gem entered his body.

"It burns..." Wyatt cried out pain. "It fucking burns a lot."

The seer continued his chanting and then watched as the entire gem entered the king's body without even leaving a mark. The dragon mark stopped glowing but the king's screams were definitely out of control. The seer's voice started getting low until he eventually stopped. The ritual had been finished. He stood up and watched the king.

Wyatt's screams were loud and really harsh. Everyone in the castle including other areas in the kingdom probably heard him. He was really loud. Then all of a sudden he stopped screaming. His eyes shot up in his head, all white. His body started jerking on the floor, moving from side to side. He was acting as if he was losing his life or something. But the seer wasn't worried. He was convulsing terribly as if he was having a seizure.

This continued for a number of minutes until he eventually stopped. The ritual had been finished. The seer just stood still and stared at his king, waiting for him to...

"Father..." William came rushing to his father. He reached him and shook him to wake him. "Father, are you alright?" But Wyatt was lying lifeless on the floor without any single movement. William was sure that his father wasn't breathing. "Is he dead?"

The seer just stared at Wyatt without even answering William's question. William moved his eyes to stare at his father. He was still lifeless. William quickly moved his hand to shake his father once again but before he reached him, something out of the ordinary happened.

Wyatt suddenly opened his eyes widely. A sound of soft wind was heard once those eyes opened. William quickly moved away from his father, falling on the ground. He started crawling backwards, feeling really scared.

"Oh shit!" he gasped.

Wyatt's eyes were blood red, giving a red but scary glow. They seemed inhuman and deadly too. William had never seen such a thing before so it got him really scared. His heart was racing and his blood was pumping. His breaths were quite harsh. He could feel the power just by staring deep into those eyes. It was scary.

Seeing the scary looking eyes, the seer gave a loud manic laugh that filled the entire room. He stared at the red eyed king who was not even moving an inch. He just seemed stationary. The eyes were glowing brightly, making him jerk softly. Then they slowly started turning to normal. They were now back to his normal eye color. Everything was over. Wyatt was now in possession of Ming's magical power.

Making a quick jerk, Wyatt groaned, slowly getting up from the floor. "I feel... I feel so..." he groaned. Then he got up and opened his arms wider. "I feel so powerful..." he didn't even mind that his son was right in front of him. "So much power..." he looked at his hands, feeling the powerful burning sensation in his body. The cut on his hand was healed. "I can feel the power. It is deeply moving within me."

Wyatt was happy. He could feel it moving inside of him. He could feel the power that surrounded him. He could feel the energy deep within him. "I can feel it."

"Yes!" The seer said. "You are powerful, my lord. Why don't you give it a try?"

Wyatt breathed and then disappeared all of a sudden. He appeared at the door and then disappeared again, appearing and disappearing throughout the entire room. Then he came in front of the seer and laughed sinisterly.

"Finally..." he laughed. "The power is mine. I feel like a god. I feel immortal."

"You are." The seer bowed.

"I know where to go right now." Wyatt smirked. "I am going to make them bow to my power. They will worship me. They will feel my power. I don't even need an army to take them out."
"Yes my Lord..." The seer bowed. "You can bring them at the snap of a finger. Your power is limitless."

Wyatt laughed loudly at the seer's words, clenching his fists. "Well! Let's try and see if I can do anything now."

Wyatt snapped his finger and he became fully dressed. He was dressed in his royal attire. His hair was tied into a knot and he had a dart in his hair. He smiled brightly, looking all around. His whole body felt powerful. His power was limitless like the seer had said.

Wyatt folded his hands, forming a fist. They abruptly caught fire, burning in a bright blue flame. "Yes!" He laughed. "I don't even have to chant a spell. I can control all the elements on this earth. I can control everything. I am unstoppable."

Wyatt made a quick turn and directed the flame on the wall close by. The highly concentrated ball of flames exploded the wall before even reaching it, leaving a monster gaping hole.

"Yes!" he acted as if he had won a lottery. "Now it's time to do what I have always wanted to do for so long. It's time to bring them all down."

"Yes, my lord." The seer chuckled with evil in his voice. "You can now enter Angria without being affected by it."

"Is that so..." Wyatt moved his hands to his back, walking to the huge gaping hole on the wall. He stood and looked at his entire kingdom, giving an evil grin.

"I finally have Lord Ming's powers." He said happily, smirking as he looked all around his kingdom. "It is time to fulfill my destiny. It is time to bring them all down. They shall worship at my feet. They shall fear my name. I shall rule them all." He laughed manically. "All of you better get ready."

"We are ready." All of them said happily.

"Get ready to conquer a new kingdom." Wyatt said happily.

An evil grin appeared on Wyatt's face, making him look red. He was filled with so much evil and he had a lot to do. There was just so much for him to do and he couldn't wait. No one was gonna stand in his way. He was gonna be victorious. He was gonna be a god. They were gonna worship him. No one was gonna stop him.

"Now I am immortal." He chuckled sinisterly. "It is now time to fulfill my destiny."

Wyatt laughed. "You all better get ready to feel my power. I am coming."

Wyatt snapped his finger, fixing the wall instantly. "You are gonna feel my power." He chuckled as an evil grin appeared on his face.

To be continued....

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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1 hour ago, yarameb said:

So all is lost to a new King,......... Or is it?

Well, we're gonna find out soon

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I don’t blame Aidan at all but I expect he’ll have a change of heart eventually. I can’t see him standing by while people die nor can I see him truly sitting by while Luis specifically dies despite his betrayal of their vows.

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