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Unbroken - 6. Chapter 6: Could it be the start of something new, something special?

Aidan suddenly stopped running, putting his hand on his chest while he tried to catch his breath. He had been running for close to thirty minutes before finally stopping. His heart was racing in fear...he was struggling to breathe properly...his body was hot all over and he was already sweating. He stopped running and felt just how tired he was. He couldn't walk anymore. He needed rest a bit before finally continuing on his journey.

Looking all around, he saw a stone just in front of him. He quickly went there and sat, putting his head on his palm. Then thoughts of different kinds were now on his mind. The first one was Luis...the second one was what had happened to him, everything that had happened to him that very night. He failed to understand what had happened when he found himself on the ground. He failed to believe that he had done that to those men that wanted to rape him.

Sure, he was thankful he didn't get raped because that massive cock he had seen earlier was big enough to make him scared. He would have bled to death. He thanked his lucky stars for that. But he still failed to understand how he had done it. What kind of powers were those, he wondered? After sitting for so long trying to think, he decided to forget about it. Maybe it was the high priest's powers that had protected him. Yes, that was the only answer he got. Surely the almighty couldn't allow the spouse of the prince to be raped so he had protected him.

"Phew!" Aidan was able to breathe once he came to that conclusion. He prayed in his heart, thanking God for saving him back there and for giving him strength and power. All the worries except Luis went away. He was just left with Luis and he very well knew that he was gonna be worried for as long as he lived.

When Aidan raised his face and opened his eyes after so long, he realized that it was still dark. He had no idea what the time was but he needed to get to his granny. Only God knows why the time had passed so fast, he thought as he got up from where he was seated. He slowly began walking to his granny's house before it was morning.

After walking just a bit, he reached the large green gate and felt like he was alive. He had survived the night and though it wasn't bright, he had survived. He felt tears building in his eyes. Nothing was gonna hurt him at his granny's and that was it.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan knocked and in no time the guard opened the gate and he entered. He walked slowly, looking at the house. It was brightly lit by lights everywhere. He could clearly see the bright house. It was really huge and with a total of 16 rooms. He thanked the king for providing his family with that house. It really helped with a lot especially with the workers. What was more was that he had opened accounts for both his granny and his brother.

Walking slowly, he reached the house and knocked. After some time a maid opened the door and bowed her head.

"Your highness," She said.

Aidan smiled faintly and walked slowly inside the house. It was big inside and the couches were absolutely wonderful. He looked up the stairs and it seemed like no one had woken up yet. He didn't want anyone to ask him why he had come like that in the night. No!

"My prince should I go and..."

"No," Aidan gulped, quickly turning around. "Please, don't wake any of them. I don't want them to even know that I am here. Tell them that I came in the morning when it was bright."

"But my prince," Her voice sounded not sure and her face was not bright too. "How can..."

"Please," He begged. "I don't want them to get worried that I came here when..."

"Buddy..." Too late...Aidan heard his brother's voice. He closed his eyes shut and felt just how his nerves got to him. He never wanted his brother to find out or know that he had come that late.

"What are you doing here?" Ethan asked, quickly rushing down the stairs. "Aren't you supposed to be sleeping at the palace? Is anything wrong?"

Ethan quickly came down to the living room and gripped his arm. He quickly turned him around and cupped his cheeks. The maid bowed and excused herself.

"Aidan!" Ethan said nervously, passing his hands on his cheeks. "What are you doing here at this time? And where are the palace guards? Didn't anyone come with you?"

Aidan took a deep sigh and opened his eyes. "No one came with me. I came alone." His voice was barely above a whisper. He was so nervous that he was even trembling in fear.

"What?" Ethan hollered, filling the whole living room with his voice. "You came here alone? What were you thinking?"

"Please, keep it down." Aidan gestured, hoping his granny didn't hear Ethan's voice. "Please, don't let granny hear you. Please..."

"What's wrong with you?" Ethan said harshly. "What were you thinking? You mean you came all the way from the palace alone on foot?"

Aidan nodded and Ethan groaned. "These streets are filled with killers and rapists. What if something bad had happened to you? Do you know what I would have done?"

Something had happened alright. But Aidan was not gonna tell his brother that. He was just gonna forget about everything since he wasn't even hurt. "Nothing happened to me. I am absolutely fine and..."

"Wait..." Ethan looked at Aidan in a strange way. Then he laughed nervously and rested his hand on his head. "Did you tell anyone that you are here?" He asked.

Hearing that question, Aidan dropped his eyes to the floor. "No!"

"Aidan!" Ethan couldn't believe it. "What were you thinking? What could have been so important that you left in the middle of the night? I know you left hours ago because it takes a whole two hours drive just to reach here. What was so important?" He asked. "Anyway forget about it," Ethan said, gripping Aidan's arm. "I am taking you back to the palace right now."

"No!" Aidan gasped, releasing his arm from Ethan's grip. He took a few steps back as tears formed in his eyes. "I am not gonna go back there. I will stay here and..."

"What?" Ethan's mouth gaped in surprise. "Why? I thought we talked about this. Did the prince hurt you in any way?"

"No!" Aidan tried to stifle his tears but they just dropped to his cheeks.

"Why are you crying?" Ethan said, getting closer to Aidan. "Please, don't cry okay? Tell me what really happened that made you leave the palace at night."

"I don't want to talk about it." Aidan said, trying to rub his tears off. "I don't want...I can't say..."

Ethan sighed and then wrapped his arms around him. He brought him to his chest and softly rubbed on his chest. "Aidan, baby," He spoke so softly. "I am your brother and you have never hidden anything from me. Aside from that, we are best friends and you know that. Tell me what had happened at the palace. I am really worried."

Aidan heard Ethan's pleas and honestly he wanted to tell him what had happened but he just couldn't. How was he going to tell his brother that he had just slept with Luis? He just couldn't do it no matter what he tried to do.

"Please, tell me what happened?"

"I can't," Aidan sobbed, burying his head deeper into Ethan's chest. He really felt on his brother's chest. "I can't just go back to the palace. I don't want to see Luis. I just can't see him and...he..."

"Oh my god," Ethan gasped, raising his brother's head. He looked at him and something came to his mind. "Did...did he rape you?" Ethan felt his heart begin pounding in his chest.

Hearing Ethan's question, Aidan felt tears pouring down his face. He was crying. He felt like an idiot for what he had done.

"He raped you didn't he?"

Aidan dropped his eyes. "No!" He said softly. "I...I slept with him." His heart was now pounding deeper in his chest. He felt really dirty like he had committed a crime. He hated the way he was feeling. He hated the pain he felt in his ass. It was a reminder that he had just slept with someone that didn't love him. He had slept with a guy that treated him like trash.

"You slept with him?" Ethan exclaimed, slowly leading Aidan to a couch. "But he's your husband." He made Aidan sit and then held him tightly. "There is nothing wrong with sleeping with your husband. You two were gonna do it sooner or later."

"There is nothing wrong with it," Aidan said softly. "But he never considers me as his husband. Sure, I will admit that I have developed some feelings for him but..." He sighed and buried his head into his brother's chest. "...to him what happened was nothing. I am just one of the numerous guys he has slept with. It might have been something to me but it was nothing to him. I couldn't face him anymore. I couldn't look in his eyes. I didn't want him to see me as one of his sex...his sex..." He couldn't do it anymore. He cried softly and hoped his brother understood him.

Ethan on the other felt really bad for his brother. He had never seen him look like that before. His brother was always fierce...he was always lively...he was always strong. But that boy he was seeing was broken. He felt really bad and he understood him completely.

"I am really sorry," Ethan sighed, planting a kiss on Aidan's forehead. "I didn't know that was what happened. I know it hurts to be treated like that. But how did this happen?"

"It happened so suddenly," Aidan sobbed, feeling a slight headache kick in. "I thought...he...I didn't even know how it happened. I don't think I could face him when he woke up. I didn't want to see me as a cheap boy and treat me like one. I left before he could wake up."

"That's really risky." Ethan said. "You shouldn't have left in the middle of the night. You should have waited until it was dusk. You could have even asked a guard to bring you."

"I don't know what had happened." Aidan cried. "I didn't even realize I was out of the palace. I only found myself walking on the streets. I was so confused."

"You could have called me." Ethan sighed. "I wouldn't have taken it if something happened to you on those streets."

"I am sorry,"

"It's okay." Ethan said, holding his brother tightly. "You are here already and you are safe." He sighed, planting another kiss on Aidan. "But I think you need to rest. You need to calm down."

Aidan raised his head and looked at Ethan. He nodded in agreement and rubbed his tears off. He wasn't used to crying a lot and he didn't like it. But in situations like that he had no control anymore. He just wanted to feel better. Why did he have to sleep with Luis in the first place?

"Would you like to sleep with me?" Ethan asked softly.

"Yes!" Aidan said, trying to smile. But he never even managed to do that. He was just too sad. "I would really love that."

"Okay." Ethan said, smiling brightly. "Let me just go and get some water. I will be back in a minute."

Aidan nodded and Ethan left for the kitchen. Aidan somehow felt a little better that Ethan had understood him and that he had talked to him in the first place. But he was still worried and confused. He was in pain and so many questions were in his mind.

Seated on the couch while waiting for Ethan, the images of Luis and him having sex came to him. The way Luis kissed him...the way he removed his clothes...the way he had fingered him...the way he had taken him...the way his cum had filled him...the screams and moans...the ecstatic pleasure he had felt and the orgasm.

Thinking about those things, Aidan started having stupid thoughts. Many questions, new questions were coming to his mind and he just didn't like them. He had many funny questions.

"Was that how Luis kissed all of his men?" He wondered, feeling himself tense up. "Was that how he fucked them? Did he call all of them baby? Did he breathe and moan like that with those other men? Did he cum like that?

Fuck! He was in pain and he just didn't know what to do to get rid of those crazy thoughts. Ethan was right. He needed to sleep so that he could forget about everything. He needed to forget because he was not gonna go back to the palace. He just couldn't bear to look in the eyes of Luis. He didn't want to give Luis the wrong idea about himself.

In just a few minutes, Ethan came back smiling with a bottle of cold water.

"Let's go." He said.

Both Aidan and Ethan headed upstairs to Ethan's room where they slept. Aidan didn't even have any difficulty to sleep. He was so tired that he just closed his eyes and slept.


Luis suddenly woke up from a long, satisfying, beautiful and erotic dream. He felt fresh...he felt fulfilled...he felt super excited and his body was vibrating in pleasure. He had never felt like that before. It was like his every sexual needed had been taken care of. He didn't feel any urge to fuck like he usually felt every morning. It was strange.

He opened his eyes, rose from the bed and stretched his arms, giving a loud and satisfying yawn. Before he knew it his face was brightened by a radiant smile that made his mood extra special. He was so...so happy in that mood.

"Fuck!" He swore, slowly sitting on the bed.

He slowly rubbed on his eyes and smiled brightly. Fuck! He couldn't remember a thing of what had happened the previous night. He just knew that he had woken up happy and from an erotic dream that left him really happy and in a bright mood.

Moving his hands from his eyes, he rubbed them together and that was when he saw it. There was dry blood on both his hands, making him wonder. He quickly raised his hands, carefully examined them and truly it was dry blood.

Seeing the blood on his hands, he quickly moved the sheet which was covering him and saw that he was naked. His eyes moved to his cock and there was dry blood too. He moved his eyes in surprise and looked straight ahead, trying to relive what had happened to him. He remembered the hotel, Aidan, home and...oh my god, he completely remembered what had happened the previous night.

"Fuck!" He cursed, burying his face on his palms. He completely remembered that he had fucked Aidan the previous night. It was the reason why he was feeling really sexually satisfied and all. "Fuck!" He hit his head. "What the fuck did I just do?"

Luis couldn't believe that he had done that. He couldn't believe he had fucked Aidan after all that he had been saying to him. He had been telling him to keep his distance and he clearly remembered telling him that he hated him so what had just happened, he wondered, gripping on his hair as hard as he could. Then he screamed throughout the room. He didn't like what he was feeling.

"What the fuck did I just do?" He grunted, furiously moving his face from his palms. He moved his eyes around, trying to see if he could spot Aidan. He looked on the couch but the guy was not there.

"Fuck!" He cursed, staring at the dry blood on his cock. "I didn't even fucking use protection. What was I thinking?" He groaned.

His mind slipped to the incident that had happened the previous night. He remembered everything. Remembering what exactly had happened, Luis felt the anger building up deep inside of him. His heart began pounding so hard. His body felt powered up and his mood just changed. He asked himself a lot of questions, demanding for answers. He was really mad and whatever had happened didn't make him happy at all. It made him fume.

"And I fucking kissed him," Luis moved his hands and began wiping his lips, getting rid of whatever that Aidan had left on his sweet lips. "Fuck...fuck...fuck...fuck..." He rubbed furiously, biting his lips. He swore he could still feel Aidan's tongue moving inside of him.

"Aidan!" He yelled, hoping the boy could come and explain himself. "Aidan, fucking come here."

He felt like he needed to clear some things up with Aidan, putting him in his place and blame him for everything but he was not coming. He was probably hiding because he was scared of seeing Luis.

"This is his entire fault." Luis fumed. "He seduced me into fucking him." He moved his hands all over his body, noticing another shocking and nerve wrecking thing. He quickly moved his eyes to his belly and saw the dry cum on his belly.

"Fuck..." He roared. That was definitely Aidan's cum. He felt disgusted and really mad. He quickly rose from the bed and rushed to his bathroom. He needed a shower. He needed a long shower for that matter. He didn't like the fact that he had slept with Aidan without protection.

Reaching the bathroom, Luis ran into the shower and had a really long shower. He made sure that he washed every part of his body, especially Aidan's cum and his blood away. By the time he was done bathing, he was feeling really fresh and cool. He felt a bit calm and he definitely didn't want to see Aidan again. He didn't want to look at his face or he was gonna do something really bad. Fuck, he couldn't believe his cock had been in Aidan's ass. He didn't want to accept it.

Coming out of his room with a towel wrapped around his waist and toweling his hair, he made a quick scan of the room and truly, Aidan was not in the room. He only saw one thing which reminded him of Aidan, the thing that made him fume. It was Aidan's small bag. He quickly moved to it and kicked as hard as he could, sending it flying to the balcony door. He felt a little better but he was gonna feel good when he kicked Aidan like that.

He took a deep breath and went to get dressed. He came back in a light blue skinny jean, yellow t-shirt and green sandals. He looked around and still no sign of Aidan. He nodded his head and went to his bed, throwing his body there.

He began thinking and thinking, hating on Aidan a lot. In just a few minutes he felt really hungry. He had never been that hungry before and he couldn't wait to have his breakfast in his room like he had been doing the past two weeks. He quickly fixed himself up and headed down the stairs.

While in the elevator, Luis just prayed Aidan was not downstairs or he was gonna snap at him in front of his family. He was gonna tell him all kinds of things. So he was just praying Aidan wasn't downstairs or in the dining room.

Reaching the dining, Luis found all of his family members having their breakfast including the man he had come to hate, his father. Lucky for him, Aidan was not with them. He was really happy Aidan was not with them but he was sad that he was gonna have to eat breakfast with his father.

Taking a deep breath, he entered the dining and grabbed a seat beside his sister. A maid immediately came to serve him his breakfast.

"Good morning!" Everyone greeted, smiling at him.

"Morning," Luis said rudely, getting his cup of tea.

"Hmm," Granny said, smiling. "This is really a change. I can't remember the last time you had breakfast with us. It is really nice to have breakfast with you again.

Hearing his granny, Luis smiled and took a sip of his tea. "Yeah," He rolled his eyes as if he didn't care. "It's been really long. But what is breakfast with your family when you don't feel like you don't belong to that family?" He stared at his father and moved his eyes away.

"Luis!" The queen whispered, gesturing him to shut up.

"What?" He shrugged, holding his tea with his hands. "Isn't it the truth?"

There was a moment of silence after Luis said that. All the people at the dining table just had their breakfast in peace. The king on the other hand was not feeling good at all. Being hated by his son was just too much but he had to endure it if it meant being a perfect king and a perfect father. Eventually, according to the priest, Luis was gonna forgive him.

Taking a deep sigh, the king looked in the direction of his son. "By the way, where is Aidan? He should have been down to have his breakfast..."
"What?" Luis couldn't believe his father had dared ask him that question. He slightly closed his eyes in anger and raised his eyebrow. He furiously dropped the cup on the table, making a loud noise. "You sure know how to spoil my mood, don't you?" That was the first time he had snapped at his father. All this while he just ignored his father but guess sleeping with Aidan had surely changed him a lot. "Do you think I am his..."

"Don't you dare speak to me in that manner, young man?" The king snapped, looking angrily at his son. "Don't forget that I am still your father. You are my offspring and you don't have to speak to me in that manner." The king was so furious. That was clearly a challenge and he hated it when people did things like that. He knew Luis was his son but he couldn't take that. Not even from his own flesh and blood.

"Luis!" Queen Ruby called. She sounded pretty mad too. "How dare you talk to your father like that? Where is your respect? He is your father and he did nothing by asking about Aidan.

"Don't worry, mom." Hanna said. "I will go and check him out. I am sure that he just overslept. He was probably tired and I know why brother is mad." What Hanna said shocked everyone. She was always giving negative comments about Aidan so it kinda surprised everyone. "Please excuse me. I need to..."

"Don't bother," Luis said rudely, looking at his sister. "That stupid boy is not in my room and I hope he doesn't..."

"What?" The king gasped. "Where did he go then?"

"I am not his bodyguard." Luis said harshly.

"You sleep in the same room and yet you don't know where he is?" Granny asked. "Please, don't tell me you did something to him and..."

"Granny?" Luis was surprised his granny just said that to him. "Why would I do that? I hate that boy but I can't..."

"He was here last night." Hanna sounded worried. "I talked to him I swear. I never saw him after he went to bed."

"Has anyone seen him?" The king asked, getting up from his chair. He repositioned his crown and saw everyone except Luis nodding their heads. He was really worried at where Aidan could have gone. "Where could he have gone?" He said, frowning his face.

"Guards!" His voice filled the whole dining. At his call, the nearby guards came rushing in, bowing their heads. They knelt down and greeted him.

"Yes," They all answered, still bowing their heads.

"Has any of you seen Prince Aidan?" He asked, slightly trembling.

One of the guards raised his head. "No, my king we haven't seen him."

"What?" He gasped. "He must be in the house somewhere. Check the whole rooms." He commanded, pointing at the guards. "I want you to find him and..."

"Your highness," He was disturbed by a maid that came running inside, holding a phone. She quickly knelt down and bowed her head.

"What is it?" He snapped at her. "As you can see I am doing something important here. How dare you disturb me?" He thundered, pointing at her.

"I am so sorry, my king." She quavered, trembling from fear of the tone his royal highness had used. "It's just that...Prince Aidan is calling and..."

"Prince Aidan?" The king gasped, quickly grabbing the phone away from her. "You may all leave." He ordered, putting the phone on his ears.

"Father, please, put it on loud speaker," Hanna begged. "I too wanna hear where he is. I am really worried about him."

The king nodded and pressed the loud speaker button, angering Luis who wanted to scream at them. He was really, really mad. He just wanted to snap at everyone and tell them to leave him alone.

"Hello, Aidan," The king said. "Where are you? We have been looking for you. Where did you go?"

"I am sorry, my king." Aidan apologized. He sounded so different. "I didn't mean to leave so early and without your permission. I am really sorry."

"Where are you?" The king asked.

"I am at my family's house." He said softly, clearing his throat. "I might stay for a couple of days, my king. I just wanted to tell you that I am fine and...to get your permission."

"It is fine." The king said loudly. "But why did you decide to go now. Is there anything wrong? I hope everyone is fine."

"Yes," He said softly. "I just want to stay here with them. I just want to be with them. I hope it's alright with my king."

"Don't worry," The king said. "It is fine but please don't take too long. Come back to the palace early. You know your home is in the palace besides your husband."

Hearing what his father had said, Luis furiously got up and stormed out of the dining. He was really so mad that he couldn't even control himself. The coward had just left because he knew what he had done and the consequences. Luis was hoping he was not gonna come back because things weren't gonna be good for him if he chose to come back.

"I understand my king." Aidan spoke softly. Even from the phone everyone knew that he was sad. "Thank you so much, your majesty,"

"Take care, son." The king said and cut the call. He put the phone on the table and sat back, resting his head on his fists. He could sense that something was wrong. The way Aidan had spoken to him he could feel the trembling in his voice. But he was not gonna interfere. He also knew that his son was somehow to be blamed.

"Father," Hanna called softly, getting the mighty king out of his thoughts. "Are you okay?"

Without even looking at his daughter, the king said, "I can feel that something is wrong. He couldn't have just left like that."

Hanna knew why her father spoke like that because he was right. She knew she had helped Aidan track Luis to the hotel the previous night so Luis had probably done or said something to Aidan.

"I completely understand you, father." Hanna sighed, smiling softly. "I am sure that he was just missing his family and wanted to spend time with them. You know how Luis has been treating him in this palace. He probably just wanted a break."

"You are right," Ruby said, getting up from the chair. "Luis sounded pretty mad too. I will go and check up on him."

"No!" Hanna held her mother's hand and got up. "I will go and check up on him. You just sit here."

"No," The queen smiled. "I don't think..."

"I won't say anything bad I swear." Hanna promised, slowly rubbing on her mother's hands. "I have seen Aidan's true colors and I know he is not that bad. He has really helped me a lot and I will try and talk to my brother. Please, trust me."

Queen Ruby nodded and Hanna thanked her a lot. She kissed the queen and followed her brother behind.


Luis stormed in his room, thrusting the door so hard. He swore he felt the ground shaking. It was so intense but he absolutely didn't care about that. He hated what had happened down there. He was supposed to be happy but his father always managed to make him mad.

Reaching his room, Luis started moving about, walking from side to side in anger. His body trembled and his muscles contracted, making him sweat terribly. He was panting, growling like a wounded dangerous wild animal. His eyes were really wide and his veins had already shot up. He felt a really sharp headache and he hated how he felt. It was like anger lived deep inside of him. He was so fucking angry that he felt like hitting something. The gym sounded like a good idea at that time, a punching bag to be precise.

The door opened and Luis took a quick glance and breathed in deeply. "Can you imagine?" Luis sneered. He knew his sister was the only one that had understood him. Everyone else just talked about Aidan as if he was their God.

"Please, calm down." Hanna begged, slightly touching him on his chest.

"Calm down," Luis snapped. "Can't I have some peace in this house? All I hear nowadays is Aidan. I don't fucking care about him. They act as if he is their God."

"I understand you but..."

"But?" Luis sneered, wondering where his sister was going with that conversation. "Don't tell me you are here to talk about him as well? Tell me," He gripped her and brought her closer. "Did father send you here to talk to me?"

"No!" Hanna pulled away. "I came here on my own."

"Then I beg you," He yelled. "Don't talk to me about that boy. He has gone away from this palace and I just wanna have peace." He had never shouted at his sister like that before. "Let me enjoy my life for once I beg you."

"Why are you this mad?" Hanna gawped, trying to understand her brother. "Is it because of what he did yesterday?"

"What?" Luis couldn't believe his sister knew about what had happened. "What do you know about what had happed last night?" He yelled, gripping her arm. "Tell me!" He snapped.

"I don't know about what happened last night." Hanna explained, trying to get to her brother. His eyes were scaring her a lot and she felt like she was gonna get a slap. "I just know that he followed you yesterday when you went to meet with that..."

"Great!" Luis fumed, furiously letting go of Hanna. "So you knew he followed me yesterday and you didn't even stop him. What's wrong with you?" He groaned, touching his head in anger. "He is our enemy and..."

"I have seen past him." Hanna said softly, smiling brightly. "He has helped when no one else could. He got my love back to me. He is not that bad after all. You should..."

"You too," Luis gave a bitter laugh that filled the entire room. He had never been that angry before. He could feel the energy moving deep inside of him, making him even angrier. "Just what magic did that boy do on you?"

"He did nothing to me." Hanna smiled. "He is a really good boy. I judged him wrongly and I regret it now. If not for him I don't know what I would have done. He really helped me a lot. He just followed you there because I..."

"You?" Luis snarled, venting his anger on her. "You were in on this too? How dare you do that? Who do you think you are? Do you know the impression of what the both of you did?"

"Yes," Hanna said confidently, getting closer to him. "I know we prevented you from committing adultery."

"What the fuck?" Luis snapped, moving his hand to his forehead. "What the fuck are you talking about? Do you know what your foolishness cost me? Do you know that I couldn't have fun because of you and that stupid boy? Do you know how angry that makes me? Do you what I did last night because..."

"What did you do?" Hanna asked, covering her mouth. "Don't tell you had beaten him up? What did you do to him?"

"It's none of your business." Luis glowered, furiously dropping his hands. "He is gone from this palace and he better not be coming back here." He warned. "Since both of you are friends you better warn him to stay away from me or so help me god I will..."

"You will do nothing because father will not allow you." Hanna challenged. "That boy is good. He is a really good boy and I judged him too soon. I shouldn't have hated him without reason. I should have given him a chance like mother and granny. He has been good to us. He has done nothing wrong here. He has done nothing but..."

"Shut the fuck up!" Luis' face suddenly turned red. His eyes got blood red and veins shot up. His head pulsed and he hated the way he was feeling. He couldn't even understand how he could have been that angry even to his little sister. "Who are you to determine whether what I am doing is wrong? Who does he think he is to meddle in my life? What gave him that right?"

Hanna chuckled softly. "I am your sister and you are his..."

"Don't say it." Luis warned, pointing his trembling finger at Hanna.

"I have always supported your decisions." She sighed, looking into his eyes. "I blindly supported you even though I knew you were in the wrong. The boy I considered an enemy really helped me a lot even when I thought I was done for." She took a deep breath as what she was going to say was pretty deep. "I supported you but guess it was my mistake. I shouldn't have supported a Casanova and an adulterer like..."

Luis' anger just boiled up, overflowing. "Hanna!" He yelled, raising his hand in anger. He then abruptly directed it to her and smacked her across the face, sending her flying to the floor. He was trembling as if he was convulsing. Just what was he turning into? "Don't you..."

"Go ahead," Hanna's hand went to her hurting cheek. Tears flooded her eyes but she stifled them. "Go ahead," She rose from the floor, touching her cheek. "Give me another slap for telling the truth because you will hear more from me."

"What?" Luis fumed, staring at her bruised cheeks. He didn't care that he had slapped her so hard. Her cheek was pink. "Just..."

"Go ahead." She said in an angry voice. "I hated that boy a lot. I called him names and I made a mistake. I should have given him a chance like the others. I made a mistake of supporting you because you are not worth it. You don't deserve anyone's support."

"Hanna," Luis couldn't recognize his own voice.

"Yes," Hanna nodded as a tear made its way on her face. She quickly rubbed it. "You don't deserve any of it." She laughed bitterly, stifling her tears. "And most especially you don't deserve Aidan's love. He is so unlucky to have you in his life." She spoke so loudly. "I think he made a mistake by starting to fall for you. I hope he goes and never returns."

Luis tried to speak but no word came out of his mouth. He was dumbstruck. He couldn't believe what his sister had just said to him. It was too much to take in. Even in anger, he could feel his heart pounding hard. He felt like his chest was about to burst open. He had never felt like that before.

After what his sister had said a myriad of emotions too over Luis' mind, body and soul. He was confused, angry, surprised, caught off guard and many others. He was left speechless and he just stood still, looking at his angry sister.

"Yes," Hanna laughed when she saw that expression on his face. "I have been supporting him and he also...told me he loves you. He told me he has developed feelings for you after what mother told. He developed those feelings after much arguing and he saw another you." She nodded then panted. "Guess he should have left you. You don't deserve him. All the while I thought he didn't deserve you but you clearly don't deserve him. He should just go away from this palace. No one deserves a Casanova like you." She sighed, rubbing her face. She removed her hand from her cheek and Luis saw that a mark of his hand was there. "You deserve to be a Casanova because no one will ever love a man like you. Stupid crown..."

"Get out!" Luis snapped, gripping Hanna's arm so tight. "I want you out of my room this instant." He yelled and began dragging her out. He opened the door and pushed her out like a criminal. She quickly turned and smirked, nodding her head.

"You truly are..."

"Get away from here..."

"I will go." She said. "But I regret supporting you in everything. I should have known the outcome would be...lethal." She said. "Thanks for the slap. I really, really appreciate it."

Then she nodded and left, holding her cheek. Luis shut the door really hard and went to sit on the bed. He had never had such a headache all his life. His mind was so filled up and yet more was coming. His mind couldn't process all that information.

"You don't deserve anyone..." Hanna's voice rang in his mind. "You don't deserve that boy's love. I made a mistake of supporting you...thanks for the slap..."

"Get out of my head," Luis yelled, gripping his head. He had never felt such a headache.

Luis' head was hurting...his heart was pounding...his body was hot...his mind was filled with a lot of things...his whole being felt like it was being tortured. He was hot...he was sweaty...he was angry...he was confused...he was worried...he was really, really mad.

"Get out..." He furiously gripped the pillow from his bed and threw it away shouting. He grabbed every pillow on that bed and threw them away, yelling in anger. Then he gripped the beddings and threw them off. His room was messy and his eyes were red. He felt like a vessel of anger. He felt like he was a prisoner of anger. Everything that he heard or felt was angering him even more.

"You don't deserve his love," He completely saw his sister in his mind.

"What the fuck!" Luis cried out in anger, holding his suddenly pulsing head. He fell to the ground and felt his veins pulsing. "What the fuck!"

Luis had never been in that situation before. It was like every emotion on this earth was trying to fight its way out, making him tortured. He felt like something was beating him up, making him fume, confused and angry at the same time.

After what felt like hours, Luis moved his hands to his bed and tried to get up but what he saw made him weak and fume even more. He was sweating with what he saw.

As he was looking at that bed, he could clearly see the image of him having sex with Aidan on that very bed. He could clearly see him kissing Aidan. And oh, those moans, those erotic moans filled his ears, making him angrier. He covered his ears with his hands and furiously got up, getting away from the bed. He felt like he was a crazy man and he didn't even know the number of times that he tripped and he fell down.

He kept on moving away, covering his ears in anger. He closed his eyes too and moved towards a corner and stayed there for a number of minutes before he finally let go. His head could still hear his sister's words and he was getting really angry. His heart had never pounded like that before in his life. It was like his mind was about to explode.

"No!" He said softly, trembling. "This isn't happening to me. I won't allow it to happen to me. I won't allow that to control me. I won't allow that boy to control me like the others."

Luis furiously got up and removed his hands from his ears. He could still hear those erotic moans. He fumed and breathed in deeply. "Get out of my head!" He yelled at the top of his voice, moving from side to side. His voice was continuous and it rang through his entire room. It was deep and it sounded really angry.

When Luis eventually stopped yelling...he couldn't hear those erotic moans anymore. They were gone and he felt like air had just come back to him. His heart was still pounding though. His head was still pulsing and everything else that made him feel worse. The only different thing that had changed was the moans that he had been hearing a few minutes ago.

Quickly opening his eyes, he didn't see the images anymore. His voices were gone and he felt like a wind had just blown on his face, taking away all the images and voices that had been in his mind. He thanked his lucky stars because he had been feeling like he was going crazy a few minutes ago. He would have definitely gone crazy.

Just to make sure, Luis looked all around him and saw that the images were no longer there. He brought his eyes forward and took a really deep breath that made his body vibrate. He could feel that he was not the same anymore. He could feel some things moving inside of him that he didn't like. His anger was at its maximum.

With the way he felt, Luis knew exactly what to do in order to get that anger out. The boy was gone for fuck's sake. He wasn't gonna allow him to control his life. He was gonna remove that anger and he was live his life, fucking and moaning. He was gonna fuck and fuck and fuck till the world ends.

Furiously moving to his clothes room, Luis changed into a short and some snickers. Then he hit the gym outside to get his anger out. He knew he was gonna be there for quite some time. He was gonna be there until his anger melted then it was gonna be game on. He didn't care about his freaking family anymore.


Aidan had just finished having a scrumptious breakfast in Ethan's room. Ethan had just taken the tray to the kitchen. He had woken up really late, 11.am to be precise and he had found his brother had brought breakfast for him. Actually, he had woken before that to call the palace. He was just glad the king had understood him. The only problem was that he was told to go back to the palace in a few days.
Just like his brother had told him, Aidan was feeling a bit better even though his mind was still on that incident that had happened to him.

Still in his thoughts, Aidan heard a knock on the door. He quickly fixed himself up and called the person to come in. When the door opened, his grandmother came right in. She had a big frown on her face but she was looking really beautiful.

Granny was dressed in a deep blue dress that made her look flawless. Her hair was tied and she was glowing. But Aidan didn't like that big frown on her face. It sorta made him worried. Seeing her, he tried to smile but it failed miserably.

"Granny," He said softly. "How did you know I was here? Did Ethan tell you that..."

"No!" She came and sat with him on the bed. Then she took a deep sigh. "How did you sleep?"

"Err...I was actually not sleeping." He lied. "I came here..."

"At night," Granny finished his sentence.

"Oh my God," Aidan thought, closing his eyes. "How did she know the time I came here?" He got really scared and he just didn't know what to do or say anymore.

"No, granny...I..." He stammered. "I came early in the morning, I swear. Please..."

"Do you think all that noise and yelling Ethan made didn't wake me up?" She said. "I was awake and I heard what you were telling him." She said.

Aidan opened his mouth and tried to speak but nothing came out. He was really surprised that his granny heard his conversation with Ethan. It gave him such a fright that his heart suddenly began pounding. His brain froze and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets. He was now trembling and he couldn't quite understand himself anymore.

"Granny I..." His voice was gone again.

"Aidan, please, don't think that I am here to judge you." She took his hands into hers and felt just how he was trembling. "You are shaking," She said softly. "Don't fear my grandson." She smiled softly. "I completely understand you and the reason why you left the palace."

"Granny, I didn't mean to." He spoke softly, dropping his eyes to the bed. "I just couldn't bear to see him. I couldn't bear to have him treat me like..."

"Please, don't be sad anymore." Granny said softly, raising his face. "I completely understand. It isn't good to be treated like that by your own husband." Granny said. "You can stay here for as long as you want. I won't say anything to you. I just want you to promise me something,"


"That you will at least smile," She smiled. "I would like to see that killer smile that my grandson always gives me."

Aidan chuckled softly. "I will do that for you, granny." Then he gave a bright smile. Granny smiled back and pinched his cheek softly.

"That's what I am talking about." She opened her arms wide. "I love you so much, my handsome grandson."

"I love you more granny," He said. "I can't imagine my life without you. You will always be in my heart and I will always love you so much."

"Oh," Granny touched her chest and moaned softly. "Come here," She gripped his head and brought him to her chest, planting several kisses on his head.

Aidan loved his granny's embrace. She was haven to him whenever he felt scared or threatened. Her arms were also like heaven and took his worries. For the time being he forgot about his worries and about Luis. He just concentrated on his granny and the kisses that she was giving him. He loved her like crazy and couldn't imagine life without her.

"Your arms are better than anything." Aidan breathed, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Please, just hold me like this for a while." He asked. "Hold me and take my worries away."

"I can hold you forever if you want." Granny chuckled, tightening her hold on him. "You can stay here in my arms for as long as you want."

Hearing granny's words, Aidan took a deep sigh and tightened his grip on her. "Thank you so much, granny and I will always love you."

"I love you too."

They just held each other like that for a number of minutes. Aidan felt like he was on cloud on 9, enjoying his life. For a moment he felt like there were no troubles in his life. He felt like his life was a vacuum with nothing but happiness. He loved how his granny made him feel each time she held him. He had been coming to the house almost daily since he went to the palace but never had she hugged him like that. He had missed it a lot and he loved how he was feeling.

Granny's hold on him was making Aidan sleepy. He felt his eyes getting heavy. But just when he had thought he was gonna sleep, Ethan opened the door and came rushing inside.

"Wow!" Ethan teased. "With all this hugging I don't know if there is any space for me right there. I would like to be hugged you know."

Aidan opened his eyes and smiled at his brother but he never let go of granny. "There is always space for you." He breathed. "You can always join us if you want."

"Yeah, thanks," He said, not sure of what he wanted. "But I think I'll pass. You two need to come downstairs. You can't stay here whole day."

"We can," Granny chuckled.

Ethan chuckled and then he threw himself on granny and she hugged the two boys, kissing them both. Aidan watched the scene emotionally, loving the warm embrace his grandmother was giving him. They were now a complete family but he knew they couldn't stay like that forever.

After what felt like eternity, the hug ended and all of them ended up laughing. Aidan was satisfied with the hug. He loved the way he had been feeling. He laughed as if he didn't have any problems of his own. He laughed as if he was not worried. He laughed as if he was not scared at all. He laughed as if his troubles were gone.

Aidan knew the truth of the matter. He knew that he was far from thinking about Luis. Why the hell did he have to develop feelings for a jerk like Luis? He was not worth of anything at all. The only thing that he wanted was to forget that someone like Luis existed. He needed to forget they had even had sex. He needed to forget.

After that wonderful and soothing laugh, they all left for downstairs. Aidan's ass was still sore but he made sure that he walked as normally as he could. He didn't want to reflect on that pain. He just wanted to laugh with his family.

The rest of the day went absolutely fine. After lunch, Ethan took him out and they had a good time at a park. They visited a beautiful beach and bought some new clothes for him though he didn't want to. He didn't want fancy clothes so he just bought simple and ordinary clothes. They really had a good time together.

Coming home, they had dinner with granny and they chatted just like they did when they used to live in that small house. Aidan's troubles felt like they were gone from him. He felt a little better and even smiled. After what felt like really long, Aidan retired to a room. He wanted to sleep alone that night and he had no idea why. He just felt like it.

Before retiring to sleep, Aidan had a quick shower where he discovered that his underwear had blood stains. He washed himself up and carefully cleaned his sore ass even though blood came out, little blood, reminding him of the sex he had with Luis the previous night.

Aidan took a quick shower and changed into clean underwear. He didn't have any pajamas so he just slipped under the covers with his underwear. He covered himself up and tried to sleep but had a little difficulty as his thoughts were getting out of hand.

After much thinking and worrying, he finally slept.


Luis slowly walked into his room with a towel around his neck. He was so wet and so were his clothes from the sweat that had dropped from him. He was panting and his whole body felt like it was in pain. His hands hurt a whole lot and his eyes were blood red. His muscles had contracted and his whole body was hurting.

Luis had been in the gym the whole day, since morning. He had not gotten from there until that very time. He had stayed there, locked up and with anger. He had been punching a bag, lifting weights and other things whole day just to get his mind off things and his anger away.

While in the gym, Luis had felt like he was being tortured with every movement that he made. He had kept on hearing his sister's words and those words had gotten to him so much that he had punched the bag until he couldn't do it anymore. His knuckles were in pain and his fists were trembling. The good thing was that after all that work, his anger had finally melted.

Luis felt like he was back to himself after that work out. He felt he was himself and couldn't wait to live his life the way he wanted. Though his body was in pain, it was worth everything as he had totally forgotten about everything. One thing he was glad about was that no one was able to disturb his work out.

Reaching his room, he looked all around with a big frown on his face. He sat on the bed, still looking around. Something deep inside of him was moving. It was making him happy as knew that the boy was gone. He had fucking gone and Luis couldn't have been happier than he was at that very time. It was like he had just opened another chapter of his life.

"Fuck!" He swore, burying his face into his palms. Then he rubbed his face and felt just how tired he was and how his muscles were contracting. He was stinking really badly from the sweat and all dirt on his body. He needed a bath.

Quickly getting up, Luis stripped all his clothes off and hit the bathroom. The way he felt and how tired he was, he figured he needed to hit the Jacuzzi first so that was what he did. He stayed in the Jacuzzi and the aerated water massaged his whole body, relaxing him to the fullest.

He was able to think clearly. He sat there, thinking about how his life had turned out to be. He began thinking about all the men he was gonna fuck and how they were gonna scream. He thought about all the sex and everything.

As he sat there, thinking about all the men, something happened to him, something that made him angry at himself. He began thinking about his sister's words and everything that she had said to him. He remembered her anger but most especially he thought about the most important thing she had said.

"...he started developing feelings for you...you don't deserve his love...you don't deserve him...you deserve to be a Casanova because no one deserves a man like you...you were about to commit adultery."

Luis raised his head and looked straight ahead, breathing as if he had been running for a long time. His heart was pounding once again and his hormones were getting out of control. He was not angry this time but just too confused.

"Was what she was saying true?" He asked himself softly, hearing her exact words again. "Did he seriously start falling in love with me?"

Luis was really confused this time. Realizing what he had just been thinking about, he quickly raised nodded his head and moved his face directly to the water.

"No!" He nodded in disagreement. "Stop thinking about this," He sighed, in need of forgetting about everything that he had just thought about. "You don't care whether he has fallen for you or not. Just forget about it and live your life. He's not here so why should you be affected."

Luis knew what he was feeling was the right thing. Aidan was no longer in the palace so there was no way he should be thinking about him. He needed to concentrate on his life and his way of living. He needed to encourage himself and feel free. After all, he was a free man.

"Yes, that's what I will do." He thought as he was taken to a whole new level. He breathed in softly and felt just as his body was getting refreshed. He lay back in the Jacuzzi and let it massage him softly, making him feel better.

The thoughts about Aidan and everything that had happened between them the previous night was deeply imbedded in his system. It was like everything that he did to forget about Aidan was only bringing him closer to those thoughts. He needed to cool down and think clearly.

After staying in the Jacuzzi for close to an hour, Luis got out and had a hot shower that equally soothed and massaged his body. After that, he went back to his room feeling a little better. He was no longer angry and the thoughts about Aidan were slipping from him. He was really happy he was getting back to himself.

When he got out of the shower with his towel on his waist, he rushed to his room and found a tray of food on the bed, quietly waiting for him.

"God, I am hungry," He said, slowly rubbing his hands together. He hadn't eaten a thing since morning and he was really hungry. To be honest, he didn't even feel angry when he was in the gym. His mind was only on getting rid of Aidan and everything that had happened together with his anger.

Now that he had seen that food, he instantly realized how hungry he was. Reaching the bed, he ate all of the food until he was full and happy. Then he went to dress up and came back in his pajamas. Surprisingly, the tray was gone.

Luis stretched himself up and slipped under the covers. Then he drew the covers over himself and just went to sleep without even blinking. He had been so tired that it didn't take him long to sleep.


Aidan was sleeping on the bed, softly moving his head from side to side while his mouth was opened softly. It was in the middle of the night and he was really dreaming. His head moved from side to side while he groaned softly. Then his hands found the sheets and he gripped then hard, pulling them all to the centre.

"Luis!" He moaned softly, writhing on the bed. He was in an erotic dream. It was really wonderful and his whole body was on fire. He was writhing on the bed, moving his legs from side to side.

In his erotic dream, Luis was slowly making love to him, kissing him softly on the lips. The kiss was so intense that he could feel it on his lips. It was unlike anything that he had ever felt before. Luis was making love to him on the beach and boy was it beautiful. He felt like he was about to pass out from the intense ecstatic pleasure that took over his body.

"Oh my god," He moaned, licking his lips as he clenched on the sheets harder. "That feels so good. Oh...uh...make love to me," He groaned, opening his legs softly. He was going crazy with the amount of pleasure that he felt. "Right there," He moaned as Luis hit on his sweet spot softly, simply driving him insane. "Your cock feels so good in me. Make me yours, my love. Love me...oh god,"

"I will always be yours," Luis licked on his lips, pausing softly. "I will always love you no matter what happens, my love. You will always be mine forever."

Aidan felt those words travel straight to his heart, making it beat rhythmically. He loved the way he was feeling. He was sweating and he was smiling in his sleep.

"Our love is powerful," Aidan said, smiling brightly. "Our love is unique. Nothing will ever break that bond we share, my love." He moaned. "Make love to me."

"I would love that." Luis smiled. He then leaned down and captured Aidan's lips, sucking on them furiously. Then he moved his hips, thrusting them forward, pushing his entire cock inside of Aidan's ass.

That was when the real love making started. The way Luis was thrusting in his ass was absolutely lovely...the way his lips were being sucked was amazing...the way Luis moved his hips forward was breathlessly ecstatic...the way they moaned was adding to the pleasure...the way their bodies moved was beautiful...the way Aidan squirmed on that sand was really sweet but most especially, the connection and passion they had for each other was to die for.

Feeling that beautiful ecstatic pleasure, Aidan opened his mouth and moaned, screaming Luis' name. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure that he felt. He was moaning and every thrust in ass was super amazing. Then the pleasure just got intense and he felt his cock vibrating. He gave one final loud scream of ecstasy and opened his eyes wide.

Opening his eyes while the pleasure kicked in, everything vanished. Everything including Luis was gone. This time Aidan found himself lying down in a lot of flowers. He was fully dressed and his whole body felt charged up. He slowly got up, wondering how everything had changed. That was when he realized where he was. There was nothing but beautiful and wonderful flowers everywhere. It was really bright, an endless bright dimension filled with wonderful flowers.

Getting up, Aidan smiled and looked all around, sniffing the air. The beautiful scent from those flowers was making him feel absolutely amazing. He really admired those wonderful flowers and they were making him extremely happy. Inhaling the aroma deeply, he leaned down and got a number of flowers in a bouquet. He loved the feeling and everything.

He took the flowers to his nose and sniffed them. He loved the smell. Then he quickly exhaled loudly on the flowers and the petals just scattered everywhere. He watched them with a smile and admired them. Almost all the flowers there lost their petals and they filled the entire air, making Aidan happy.

Suddenly, a strong wind began blowing and he completely covered his face. The band from his hair blew away, leaving his beautiful long air blowing back. He tried to move his hands away and saw a bright light that felt like it burned his eyes. He closed them and just hoped it would soon go away.

What happened next made him really scared. As he was busy covering his eyes, a strong wind blew in his ears and he felt like someone spoke to him in a voice like a strong wind. He quickly opened his eyes and he was able to see again. The wind was still there but he could clearly see everything.

"Aidan!" He heard a low distorted voice. "Don't be scared."

Aidan moved his eyes everywhere, trying to see where the voice was coming from but he couldn't see anyone. The only thing he was able to see was the strong wind which had surrounded him. He moved around but he couldn't see anyone or anything.

"Hello!" He called. "Is anyone there?"

But that was all he could hear, the echo of his voice in the wind. He searched and searched but nothing was seen. When he suddenly moved his eyes forward, he saw something that really scared him a whole lot. Right there, in front of him was fire coming towards him. He got really scared.

Seeing the dangerously burning fire aiming at him, Aidan threw his body to the ground and covered his eyes. He got really scared and he trembled. In reality, his body was trembling and he was sweating terribly.

"Aidan," A different voice spoke. "Rise!"

Hearing the command, he abruptly found himself on his feet. The fire that had been coming towards him had surrounded him, mixed with the wind but he was able to see them separately.

"Hey!" Aidan called. "I can hear your voice. What do you want from me? Show yourself so that I can see you. Why did you bring here?"

But nothing was heard. There was silence. It was so quiet that he swore he could have heard a pin drop. The air and the fire were moving around him but quietly. He wondered what was going on. Then just as he was about to call again, he felt the ground shaking. It shook so hard that it felt like an earthquake. What surprised him most was that he was still standing still on the ground.

He looked ahead and saw a number of stones coming towards him like strong wind. They came really near and began circling him too. What was going on, he thought as he moved his eyes from side to side. He got really scared and he could feel something moving deep inside of him.

"What..." He trailed off when he looked ahead and saw water running straight towards him. It was like a whole river had just dried up and come to him. Reaching that area, it joined the circle and it got stronger. Everything got covered and he couldn't see a thing.

It was like water, earth, fire and air joined together, forming one huge ball which covered him. The wind blew on him, making it feel like a huge storm. His long hair was blowing backwards and he could have bet on his life that it somehow got longer.
"What's going on?" He shouted. But only the echo of his voice answered him back. "Please, stop this. I need to go and..."

Just as he was about to finish that sentence, something happened, something that made him freeze. As he stood there, he heard a number of voices together. They felt so strong and they sounded like four people were actually speaking to him.

"Could those elements have been speaking to him?"

"Aidan!" A voice was heard, echoing through his mind. "Don't be scared."

"Embrace what you have." Another voice echoed. He looked around and saw nothing. It was like he was going insane.

"What's going on?" He asked, trying to see who was speaking to him. "What's all this?"

"Water..." A strong voice echoed through his head. "The most powerful element on earth. It can create many things and it gives life. Without it there is no life to embrace." The voice sounded really strong and it spoke with such authority. "A gift so rare that you can do with it whatever you want. Its ability is so strong that you can use it in any way you want. Water is a part of you."

Then the voice was gone, leaving Aidan wondering what was going on.

"Fire," Another voice started. "Fire destroys everything it touches. It is powerful and it can make someone really powerful..."

"Earth..." A distorted voice started. "The very foundation of the earth is powerful. It builds and withholds humanity. It makes the earth what it is."

"Air..." A strong voice started. "Impossible to live without but stronger and destroys everything. Just embrace it and it can breed better results..."

The voices all went away leaving Aidan lost and in deep thought. He moved his head on the bed, pulling on his sheets. He wanted to wake up and realized that he couldn't do it. He was panting on the bed, moving his body from side to side.

Then just when he thought everything was over, a strong wind, stronger than before blew on him. He could feel it on the bed. That wind felt like it had entered his body, travelling to every part of him. He felt his whole body responding. He closed his eyes and opened them, nodding his head.

"Strong as one," The voices, now together spoke to him. "But when combined," The elements that were circling him combined into one and created a huge dark blue ball with strands of bright red and yellow. Everything else got dark and he tried to move away but he realized he couldn't do it. "They become one and get stronger than before." They echoed, stronger than before. "From these four powerful elements is everything made on earth. They are really powerful that...they are almost undefeatable. From these four elements come the most powerful magic on the whole earth. But from these elements shall no harm come to you. They are a part of you and were always since your birth."

"Show yourself," Aidan shouted. "Who are you? What are you talking about?"

"Powerful as a whole, destruction as one, you will embrace these elements..."

"What are you talking..."

"Don't be scared," The voices echoed. "Don't fear anything. Just don't worry about anything. They are a part of you and you are a part of them."

"Wait!" he felt such a big headache. "I still do not understand anything."

The voice couldn't be heard any more. Aidan looked all around but he couldn't see anything. Suddenly the huge ball separated and each element returned to its original, circling him like before. He couldn't understand what was happening. Then he heard another strong wind blowing. He looked around and realized that water was coming in closer to him.

"Water," It splashed on him, making him wet all over. "The strongest will make you stronger." It surrounded him, entering into his body while he screamed and fell to the ground. The water kept on entering making him feel really powerful.

Aidan's body felt charged up. His mind felt sharper and he was suddenly rising from the ground. The more the water entered the more he rose from the ground. After what felt like hours, all the water entered him and he felt it moving inside of him. His whole body felt charged up and he felt really powerful. He clenched on his fists so hard and got up, standing straight. He was standing in the air as if he was standing on land. He didn't fear at all and his hair was blowing back.

"Fire," The fire hit him, covering his whole body. He screamed out in pain, gripping his head so hard. He cried, feeling hot tears like magma leaving his eyes. The fire covered his whole body, slowly entering him. His eyes opened wide and there was fire in there.

""Earth," The stones hit him so hard he felt like he was about to be killed.

"Air," The wind was the last element to hit him. It surrounded him, mixing with the other elements. Then a huge ball that had formed earlier came and surrounded him. Then just like a flash, it hit him, sending him flying to the ground.

"Uh," Aidan cried out, trying to get up from the ground. Something was moving in his body. It was really powerful and it felt like it was circling in his body. He felt it expanding in his body, moving violently inside of him. He felt like he was about to explode into shreds. His whole body was contracting, making him feel even more powerful than he had ever felt. It was like fire was burning deep inside of him. It was like air was making him cool. It was like water was soothing and earth was building deep inside of him. But he could feel the impact of them all together. He opened his mouth and tried to scream but strong wind blew him away and he closed his mouth.

Aidan's body convulsed furiously on the ground, feeling like something was hitting him hard all over his body. He closed his eyes and quickly got up, balancing on his hands. He was on all fours and the impact of what was moving inside of him was too much.

After what felt like hours, Aidan felt something moving on his neck and then into his mouth. He opened his mouth and a loud screeching sound came out followed by a strong wind that began blowing all over. Suddenly he opened his eyes and they began glowing brightly. They turned light blue and he felt powerful. His hair blew even harder, moving from side to side. He gathered his courage and got up from the ground.

Then he moved his eyes to his fists and clenched on them so hard. He couldn't feel any more pain or anything moving inside of him. It became a part of him and he just felt like himself again. His eyes kept on glowing brightly, brightening every space there. The wind's power grew stronger and it was like there was vapor splashing on him from that wind.

Opening his fists, a small blue ball formed in his hand which suddenly started glowing into a huge ball. It kept on glowing and glowing until it became really big. He raised his hand together with the ball and then threw it far ahead. When that ball touched the ground, there was a huge explosion. Many stones, powerful and sharp stones rose and pointed towards him. Then they began rushing towards him at a faster speed with their pointed edges.

Feeling a strong wind, his hair suddenly became white, glowing brightly too. The stones kept on coming and coming towards him, threatening to kill him. Just when those stones were only a second away from Aidan, they stopped and then turned into soil. They fell to the ground and everything turned to normal.

"Part of me," A voice escaped Aidan and he didn't even open his mouth.


Back on the bed Aidan was sweaty. He was panting and his hold on the sheets got tighter. He suddenly began convulsing panting while he moved from side to side trying to wake himself up but he couldn't do it.

Suddenly his hair changed its color into a bright white color. His veins shot up all over his body and his pants got intense. His movements on the bed got out of control. Then with a loud gush of air on his body, he suddenly opened his eyes and they turned light blue right there for a few seconds. Then both his hair and his eyes returned to normal without him realizing it.

"What?" Aidan gasped, furiously rising from the bed. "What the hell was that?"

He looked all around, trying to see if anything was wrong somewhere but he was alright and nothing was happening. He scanned the whole room and wondered why he had such a dream. It was definitely crazy and it made him really scared. The surprising thing was that he had felt as if everything that had happened was a reality.

"Phew!" He took in a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. "I am okay." He breathed. "It was just a dream and I am fine."

Then he rubbed his face and saw just how wet it was. He breathed again and tried to rub his face before he realized what was happening to him. Instead of standing on the floor like he normally would have done, Aidan was not exactly on the floor. He was about 50 cm away from the floor, floating in the air.

"Oh my god," Aidan gasped, jumping on the bed. He was trembling in fear and he didn't know what had just happened. "That didn't happen," He argued with himself, trying to understand. "What the fuck just happened to me?"

Aidan's heart was pounding in his chest. He was sweating badly and his whole body was hot. He felt really cool at the same time and heat was getting to him.

"That didn't just happen?"

Aidan thought his dream had gotten to him. He didn't just float did he, he asked? There was no way he was gonna believe that had just had happened to him. First he done something extraordinary the previous night then he had a dream that was terrifying and now he was floating. He wasn't gonna believe it happen.

Taking a deep and nervous breath, Aidan slowly moved his leg down the bed, carefully directing it on the floor. He was nervous. He wasn't gonna believe he had floated. He extended the leg all the way to the floor and it touched the floor.

"Thank God," He breathed, putting his hand on his chest. He then extended his other leg and it touched the floor. He walked a distance and realized what had just happened. It was just his imagination. Human beings couldn't float. It was impossible.

Getting back to the bed, Aidan buried his face on his palm and breathed in as deeply as he could. He felt himself getting calm inside. Fuck, for a moment he had thought he had floated. For real, that had been really scary.

As he sat on that bed, something happened once again that left him scared and speechless. He heard that voice again and it made him tremble in fear.

"They are a part of you." The voice echoed in the room. "Embrace them and you will see just how useful they can be."

"He...hello..." He quavered, moving to the middle of the bed. He took the beddings and covered himself up trying to avoid whatever was in room. "Is anybody...in...in here?"

He looked all around but there was nothing. He was really scared and whatever he had felt added to his fear. He wanted to run away but he was too scared to do so. He regretted rejecting to sleep with his brother. He regretted sleeping alone. He had never been that scared in his life before. Why were bad things happening to him?

"It's probably my own imagination," He tried to encourage himself. "It is nothing and I will not let it make me fear. I will just forget about it and sleep. I will probably not have any more nightmares."

Encouraging himself, Aidan took a deep breath. He held it for a few seconds and released it audibly. He buried his face in his palms and just tried to calm down. Then just if it was a dream, he found himself seated on the bed in the position he had been. He could still feel that he was dreaming but it felt so real.

"God," He exhaled loudly. Just as that air was leaving his lungs, a strong wind blew throughout the room disarranging everything in the room. It was like a big storm had just entered his room, scattering everything.

Papers, clothes, cups and everything in that room rose and began spinning in the wind. Aidan stared at them in surprise. He didn't fear what was happening at all. He just stared at it and he couldn't explain the calmness that he felt.

"Air gives life but it can also destroy..." That voice suddenly hit him. With the events that had happened, Aidan began thinking. Surely it was no coincidence that all those strange things were happening to him. Could his dreams have been a revelation or something, he thought as he stared at the strong wind.

He was seeing that wind as normal and he didn't fear. Was what he had dreamt a revelation of why strange thing were happening? Could he definitely be able to do anything that had been explained to him? It was confusing but he wanted to put an end to that foolishness once and for all.

Confidently standing up from the bed, Aidan connected his eyes with the wind. He imagined the wind had stopped. He imagined everything was back to normal. Then just like a flash, the wind disappeared and everything in that room was back to normal. It seemed as if nothing had happened in that room.

"Oh my god," Aidan gasped and sat on the bed, resting his head on his fists. "This isn't happening."

Aidan's mind was now confused. He needed answers of what was happening to him. He needed to know everything that was happening. Why was all that happening to him, he thought? Was he a warlock or something?

"Embrace what you have?" Aidan heard an echo. "Never doubt your abilities. You are really unique and you will soon learn how to control them."

Aidan looked around and suddenly felt a soft swoosh of wind. "Is there anybody here?"

"Don't be afraid." He heard another voice. "That is your special gift."

"This is insane." Aidan said softly, burying his face into his palm. Then he raised his face once again and got up. "Who are you? Show yourself. I know that you are here."

A light suddenly appeared in front of Aidan, brightening the entire room. Seeing that bright light, Aidan snapped and quickly jumped up from the bed. His heart was already pounding and he was sweating. "Holy shit!" He gasped. "What the..."

"Aidan..." A voice was heard from that light. "This is who you are?"

"What am I?" Aidan asked, looking straight at the bright. He didn't seem to be afraid and he had no idea why. "Why is all this happening to me?"

"You are special and unique that's what." The voice sounded so sure. "These special powers make you different from the others. You can do whatever you want with them. You can do wonders with them. They are not just your powers...they are your gift. Embrace them and never fear anything. They will always guide and keep you safe."

"What if I don't want them?" Aidan asked. "What if I want to be just like an ordinary..."

"You don't reject a gift," The voice said. "It is what you are born with."

"But why now?" Aidan asked. "Why did they have to show up now?"

"It is not just now." The voice sounded sure. "You have used them a couple of times. Remember that time Luis got hit?"

"What?" Aidan remembered his wish and how Luis got hit. "That was my doing?"

"Yes," The voice spoke. "There are a couple of times too. In time you will realize why you have that gift. Embrace it."

Then the light suddenly vanished and the whole room turned to normal. Aidan slowly walked to the bed and sat on it. He was really confused and he felt like a burden had just been placed upon him. He didn't know what to do. His heart was racing and his whole body felt different from before. He could feel that something was definitely different.

After thinking for a long time, Aidan just accepted everything. It was impossible to believe but something inside of him calmed him down and he just chose to believe it. He accepted everything as it was and just left everything to his destiny. Surely, the almighty gave him that power. He was gonna embrace it just like it had been revealed to him.


Aidan suddenly opened his eyes, realizing that he had just been dreaming, again. His face was still buried on his palms and he was sweaty. Realizing what had happened, he quickly raised his face and looked all around, checking everything in the room. Everything seemed to be normal. Surely there was no light and wind. It was all just a dream.

One thing Aidan couldn't quite understand though was how he had slept for such a short time. All he did was bury his face in his palms and everything happened so suddenly. Was that really a dream or it had just happened or maybe a revelation, he thought? Why was all that happening to him? His heart was pounding once again and his body felt cold. He was really tired and much as he wanted to think about everything he was really tired. It was just a dream and he was gonna accept it as that.

Quickly nodding his head to think clearly, Aidan made his bed quickly and slipped under the covers. Instead of sleeping like he had just planned, so many thoughts came to his mind, making him wonder if he could really do that. But it was crazy. It was just some crazy dream.

After a long thought, Aidan felt really tired. He covered himself completely and in no time he was fast asleep. He felt refreshed and his worries suddenly went away from him.


Luis' movements on the bed were getting out of control. He had his grip on the sheets, tightly pulling on them. His breaths were really harsh, making his whole body vibrate. His heart was racing, pounding in his chest while his whole body was covered in sweat. He was shaking, trying to wake up but he couldn't do it as he was having a really wonderful dream about Aidan. It was really beautiful and try as he did, he couldn't wake up. It was like his mind was controlling him.

He was making love to Aidan on the beach and it was absolutely beautiful. There was so much energy that was flowing through his body that he couldn't understand. It was like his soul was being joined with Aidan but spiritually. He could feel something moving inside of him, awakening something that he had buried. All of a sudden, a wind, a strong wind blew on his body, stopping the whole body. A really powerful vibration passed through his entire body, taking something from him. Something was gone but something else was rising.


Luis suddenly woke up from his sleep, panting and sweating. He was wet all over and it felt as if a bucket of water had been poured on him. His heart was pounding, making the blood rush in his veins. Adrenaline was taking effect and he could feel just how hot he was. His face had a big frown and he couldn't express the way he was feeling. He was so lost.

Luis had just woken up from a very erotic dream. It involved Aidan and they were making love on the beach. This dream was nothing like what they had the other night but it was closer. In that dream they were happy and he made sweet to Aidan in the most passionate and lovable way.

"What the fuck is happening?" Luis moved his hands to his head and rubbed the sweat off of him.

Luis couldn't believe after trying to avoid Aidan's topic he was suddenly back to square one. He quickly nodded and got back to himself. As always, he wasn't gonna allow Aidan to ruin his mood and his day. Aidan was gone. But what was happening to Luis. He seemed to be getting out of his mind.

Slowly moving his face, he caught a glimpse of the clock on his table. It was already 8 and he was dreaming like that? It was so unlike him. He slowly got up from the bed and got another big surprise. Luis' crotch was really wet from his cum.

"What?" He gasped, looking at the big wet spot.

Luis was so mad. He was so mad that he had just had a fucking wet dream like a teenager. That had never happened to him before. No matter how much fantasies and erotic dreams he had, he never ejaculated while he slept. Something was definitely wrong with him.

Luis groaned in anger, staring at his huge wet spot. He quickly rose from the bed and took a really hot shower that soothed him and made him forget he had even dreamt about Aidan. He quickly went back to his room, dressed in a tight blue skinny jean and white shirt and had his breakfast in his room. Then he went downstairs to greet his granny and his mother. Unlucky for him, Hanna was not in the room. She was probably somewhere and he wasn't gonna tell her anything. He was just too mad at her for what she had done even though Aidan was to be blamed.
Luis started his day great. He was really excited and happy for starting his day with so much happiness. That was the first time in three weeks that he felt relieved like that. He stayed with his granny the whole morning, chatting and laughing with her. He was glad she never brought the topic of Aidan when he was with her.

After that, Luis went to his room where he met up with Charles. They talked about the good old things and just guys stuff. He was so happy whole day that he even begged Charles to hook him up with someone. Lucky for him Charles found someone for him. He was supposed to meet with that person the next day in the afternoon.

The day went absolutely well for him without any problems. The problems started when he went to bed that very night. He couldn't sleep. He kept on turning from side to side trying to catch is wonderful sleep. He kept on checking where Aidan slept and he found himself smiling on several occasions.

The night was pretty bad for him. He tried everything just to sleep but nothing was working. Something was moving inside his body, something that was making him think about Aidan. He had never thought he could think about someone that he hated that much or he thought he did. His mind was playing tricks on him. At times, he felt like something was moving inside of him that was triggering something. A really powerful emotion was taking control of his body, making him weak.

Luis was really surprised with how he thought about Aidan. He was surprised how he missing him. He was even surprised how he constantly checked on the couch just to see if Aidan was probably back.

"This can't be happening to me." Luis thought as he turned to the other side, moving his back to the couches. "I shouldn't be thinking about that stupid boy. I shouldn't be thinking about him and..." Luis trailed off when he heard a familiar voice.

"He had started falling for you." He clearly heard his sister's voice. "That boy is not that bad after all...you don't deserve his love."

"What the fuck!" Luis furiously held his head and gripped his hair tightly. He hated whatever was happening to him. For a moment he had thought getting rid of Aidan would be pretty nice and he would be happy but turns out that he wasn't happy at all. It was like the memories of Aidan were torturing him.

After what felt like really long hours, Luis was able to sleep. He just wanted to forget about Aidan.


Luis woke up the next morning feeling like something had just hit his head. Immediately he had opened his eyes, he saw Aidan walk passed him to the couch. Then he smiled and just disappeared. Luis moved from his bed and walked to the couch shouting Aidan's name but he was not there at all. He searched the whole room but the boy was definitely not there. He came back to the bed and sat on his bed with his face on his palm, wondering what was going on with him.

That day, Luis had been looking forward to fucking the guy that Charles had arranged for him. He had even forgotten about everything and tried to concentrate on his fucking. It had worked and in the afternoon he bathed, dressed his best in a dark blue skinny pant, orange shirt and brown shoes. He had even worn the best perfume he had, ready to go to fuck the guy.

Luis was so happy that his mood had even brightened up. He was so excited that he excitedly left his room and began walking to the elevator. Reaching the elevator, Luis pressed the button and waited for it to open. But something began eating him up. It was his sister's voice.

"You were about to commit adultery," She said angrily. "That boy loves you but you don't deserve him. No one deserves a Casanova like you."

Hearing those words once again, Luis quickly turned and went back to his room. He grabbed his phone and canceled his meeting with the guy Charles had arranged for him. Then his thinking on Aidan once again began. He couldn't control it anymore. It was too powerful to control.

Since that day, all Luis thought of was Aidan. He never got out of his room. He just stayed in his room, trying to get rid of his thoughts but he couldn't do it. He barely ate his food anymore. His mother and granny usually visited him but he couldn't see his sister.

Luis' felt like he was definitely going crazy. He saw Aidan in the room, smiling at him, arguing with him, reprimanding him and telling him all sorts of things. At times, Luis thought that he was going insane. He usually found himself smiling.

Luis tried everything just to forget about his trouble and his thoughts. He tried to hook up online but always drew back. He even broke his tablet once when he was trying to hook up. He asked for help from Charles but ended up backing out at the last moment. He tried thinking about other men and their asses but ended up thinking about something else, Aidan.

He kept on missing Aidan. He even missed their arguments. He had never thought he could miss him like that. Ever since he had found out that Aidan had feelings for him, he kept on thinking about the wonderful boy.

Luis could feel something growing inside of him. It was strong, it was powerful and it was intense. That feeling had started the day he had dreamt about Aidan and him making love. Since he had woken up he had felt like he was not his normal self. He had never felt anything like it before. His heart was beating differently and his body was reacting differently. His feelings were developing and he somehow didn't want them to develop. He wanted them to be buried but the more he tried the more they surfaced till all he thought about was Aidan. He wanted him back and he knew he wanted him with all his heart but he was still adamant about admitting his feelings. He was gonna keep them hidden if he had to do it whole his life.

What really messed with his head were the dreams that he had every night. They were messing with his head pretty much.


Luis suddenly opened his eyes and furiously got up. He was sweating like he usually did and his whole body was vibrating. He had just come from having a dream about Aidan like he usually did every night. His heart was pounding and he was wet all over with sweat. He couldn't do it anymore.

It had been 6 days since Aidan had left the palace and all Luis did was think about him...dream about him and see him everywhere. In those six days he had been like a fool. He never left his room and he never did anything beneficial even to himself. He had even refused to fuck someone. Sex was really far from his mind at the level that he was on.

"I can't take this anymore." Luis breathed as he slowly wiped the sweat from his face. "I just can't take it anymore." Luis had been trying to avoid Aidan and everything that involved him but not anymore. He couldn't do it anymore. "I need Aidan back." He confessed, passing his fingers through his hair.

Luis couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't avoid that he was missing Aidan anymore. He couldn't deny that he had developed something for him. He needed him back into the palace. And he...he needed him in his life. He couldn't take it anymore. As it was, what he felt was really getting stronger. He needed Aidan back and that was final.

Realizing his feelings, Luis abruptly got up from his bed and began rushing to the door. He quickly opened the door to get out, quickly realizing that he was only in his pajamas. With a loud and impatient groan, Luis rushed to his personal boutique and got dressed as quickly as he could.

He put on a brown skinny jean that was barely buttoned up, a yellow shirt that he didn't button up at all and blue sandals. Then he was rushing out of his room, running towards the elevator. Reaching the elevator, Luis pressed the button and waited for some time. He pressed again but it was taking too long. He didn't have time to waste.

"Fuck it," Luis groaned in anger and began rushing towards the stairs.

Reaching the stairs, he began moving down like he was crazy. He didn't mind the floor he was on or that he was gonna be tired. He just kept on going down, rushing as fast as he could. In a few minutes, Luis covered all the steps and he found himself in the living room, rushing to the exit. He was really sweaty and tired but he was a man on a mission.

He rushed outside and ran to the cars. Reaching there, he found that there was no driver. He looked all around realized just how impatient he was. How did he become like that, Luis thought as his breaths turned into pants?

"Driver," Luis called, raising his voice. "I need all the drivers now." He yelled, furiously gripping his hair. He felt a headache kick in but he absolutely didn't care. "Where are the fucking drivers?" He snapped, yelling his voice. It was really early and he needed to go.

In no time, three drivers came rushing to him. They knelt down and bowed. "Good morning, your highness!"

Without even responding to their greetings, Luis moved closer to them. "Which of you knows where Aidan...Prince Aidan lives?" He exclaimed, pointing at the guards. "Which one of you,"

One of the drivers got up. "I know where..."

"Take me," Luis was impatient. He quickly ran to a car and entered the front seat, surprising everyone who saw him. "Hurry up," He shouted.

The driver came at his command and opened the driver's door without entering. Then he bowed his head. "My prince, I don't think..."

"Will you just drive this fucking car?" Luis snapped, slightly closing his eyes in anger. "Move or you will be sorry if you choose to disobey my orders."

The driver bowed. "I am sorry, your highness." He quickly entered the car and started it. Then he drove off, past the large gate and away from the palace.

Luis looked all around, trying to calm his nerves down. But it just wasn't working at all. He had never felt that nervous before. He was really anxious dying to see Aidan's face. Luis had had never wanted anyone like he did at that time. He had never felt like that about someone before. It was like he was under a spell or something. He wanted to reach Aidan's place like crazy. He felt like he would go mad if he didn't see Aidan real soon.

"Will you drive faster?" Luis grumbled, gesturing the driver to get on it. "I need to get there faster okay?"

The driver nodded and then accelerated, driving like he was going insane. Luis kept staring out the window, seeing the place where he was going. He had his hands held together while his nerves got the best of him. He didn't even care that he was dressed like the way he was. All he wanted was to get to Aidan and get him back. He was just hoping he was gonna be able to convince Aidan to come, to come back to him. He was just hoping it was too late.

Feeling the nerves get the best of him, Luis gave a short prayer in his heart. He was just asking for a chance to be a better husband to Aidan.


Aidan came rushing down the stairs, softly stretching his arms. He immediately yawned and then continued on his way down. He had just woken up from a beautiful and peaceful sleep. He neither dreamt about Luis or the dreams that had been haunting him a few days back.

It had been six days since he left the palace to his granny and his brother's house. He has been staying with them ever since that day and they have been helping him forget about everything that had happened. It seemed to be working as he hadn't been thinking about Luis lately.

The dreams that had been haunting him a few days back haven't haunted him since that day. Though it was confusing at first and he thought about how Luis had been hit back then, he just felt alright and never had he experienced that again. In fact, his brother has been taking him out ever since that day he had arrived.

Coming down the stairs, Aidan met granny and Ethan who seemed to have their hands behind. He stopped and looked at them in a suspicious way. Then he raised his eyebrows and wondered why they were smiling like that.

"Good morning!" Aidan said, looking at his family strangely.

"Morning," They both chuckled.

They looked at each other and then smiled brightly. Granny came to him, kissed him and then moved her hands forward. She had a big parcel which was wrapped perfectly. Then she said something that left him speechless.

"Happy birthday, son," She smiled, planting another kiss on him. Aidan was left speechless. He didn't know. How could he have not known? "Here," She handed him the gift. Aidan took it, still surprised and then gasped.

He took the gift and then kissed granny on the cheek. "Wait!" Something came rushing to his mind. "Today is not my birthday, granny." He exclaimed. "My birthday was supposed to be yesterday." He gasped, touching his chest. "How could I have forgotten about it?" He couldn't believe he had done something like that. He couldn't believe he had missed his own birthday. "How did this even happen, granny?" He asked, wondering why he had forgotten. "I have always remembered my birthday."

"Yes!" Ethan said, extending his hand. "Maybe we were having too much fun that we totally forgot." He sighed. "I am really sorry, bro."

"No!" Aidan smiled, staring at his brother. "You don't have to apologize. What matters is that you have given me my gifts or I would have kicked you."

Granny and Aidan laughed softly. "Open it," Granny gestured. "Go ahead and see what is inside."

Aidan smiled brightly and then made his way to the couches. He sat together with his granny and unwrapped granny's present. It was a beautiful golden watch that left him speechless. He quickly moved his eyes towards her and smiled.

"Oh my god," He gasped, getting the watch from the parcel. "Oh my god this is beautiful." He thanked her and then hugged her.

"I know," Granny sighed. "This is what you always wanted to buy. I could always see you admiring it each time we passed a jewel shop. I think it's a perfect gift. Both Ethan and I dedicated it to you because you are special to us."

"It must have cost a fortune," Aidan said, still staring at the watch. "This is amazing. I really like it and I thank you so much for this." He was almost at the verge of crying. "

He quickly gripped them both and gave a hug, a really tight hug. Still hugging them, Aidan heard a knock on the door. He quickly broke the hug and just stared at the watch. It was absolutely beautiful.

"Ding dong," The bell rang.

"I think there is someone at the door." Ethan said, getting up. "I will get it okay?" He smiled.

As Ethan left happily, Aidan too got up from the couch. He repacked the gift and then smiled brightly. "I think I will take this to my room then I will come back to have breakfast."

"Okay." Granny grinned, resting her head. "Don't take too long."

"I won't," He smiled and then began walking away from the living, staring at the gift his family had just given him. He felt really happy and his body jumped with joy. His heart was racing and he didn't know how to express the joy that he felt.

Reaching the stairs while admiring the beautiful gift, Aidan heard a voice that sent chills down his spine. He abruptly stopped and began trembling slightly. His heart was immediately pounding and his breaths turned into harsh ones. He quickly moved his eyes straight to the entrance and saw him, Luis. Luis was rushing in and the way he was looking was surprising. His shirt was not buttoned up, revealing his muscular hairy chest in full view. His trouser was not buttoned, revealing the blue boxer he wore and the hair which got lost in there.

"Where is Aidan?" Luis exclaimed, looking all around. "Aidan!"

Aidan suddenly froze when he saw Luis in his house. What the hell was he doing there, Aidan thought as he tried his very best not to lose himself? He wanted to run away and hide but how could he do that when he had done absolutely nothing? He wasn't gonna run away but seeing Luis sorta made him angry. Everything that had happened between them came rushing to him. He felt really bad and he couldn't bear to see Luis. With one final look at the guy who didn't seem to notice him, Aidan began heading rushing up the stairs.

"Where is Aidan?" Luis was impatient. His eyes were moving from side to side, scanning the whole house. "I need to see Aidan?"

"Calm down," Ethan said calmly, trying to make the guy calm. "He is here and..."

"Where is..." Luis trailed off when he saw Aidan rushing up those stairs. When he saw him, his heart began racing rhythmically. He felt excited and sad at the same time.

"Aidan!" Luis picked up his pace and began running towards the stairs, following Aidan behind. "Aidan please wait. I need to talk to you for a minute. I beg you." His voice sounded really desperate. He was desperate to see Aidan. He wanted to see Aidan's face and his eyes.

Aidan on the other hand could hear Luis just behind him. He just didn't want to talk to him so he just increased his pace and headed for his room. Reaching his room, he threw the gift on the bed and stood near the window, looking straight outside the window. His arms were folded on his chest and he was panting, wondering why Luis was there.

Aidan's entire memory of what had happened with Luis six days ago came back to him. Thinking about those moments, his body trembled and he felt really angry. He wanted to shout. He wanted to scream. He wanted to ask a lot of questions. He hated Luis for what had happened between them. He had no idea what the guy was doing there but he wasn't gonna take shit from him.

In just a few seconds, Aidan heard the door opening quickly and closing. He heard footsteps coming towards him but he didn't even bother to look behind or utter any word. He just got lost with nature which was outside the window.

"Aidan!" Luis muttered, moving his hands to touch him.

Hearing Luis' voice, Aidan abruptly turned and faced him. He had never felt so much anger like he did at that time. He was angry at himself for sleeping with someone like Luis. He was angry for giving Luis a chance to fuck him during that night.

"What do you want?" He said softly, staring deep into the eyes of Luis. "What do you really want from me?"

Luis took a deep breath and got closer. "I came here...for you?" He quavered, feeling his nerves starting to get the best of him. He was both happy and nervous. "I want..."

"You want what?" Aidan said angrily. "Please, I don't want trouble. Just leave me alone. I have been living peacefully since I left the palace. Just go away and enjoy your life okay?"

"I can't," Luis felt like an idiot. He wanted to hug and kiss Aidan so bad that his lips were shaking.

"Then what?" Aidan gave a gloomy sigh. "What else do you want from me? I left the palace like you always wanted. Shouldn't you be happy?"

"Yeah, you did," Luis said softly. "After what happened between us that night right? You left in the middle of the night and..."

"What does it matter to you?" Aidan asked harshly, dropping his hands to his hips. "It doesn't matter when I left. All that matters is that I left that palace and I am trying hard to forget about everything that had happened in that palace. What do you want now?"

"I want us to talk." Luis said simply, getting closer to Aidan. Aidan took a few steps back. "I want us to talk about...us?"

"What is there to talk about?" Aidan glowered, moving away from the window. He couldn't believe Luis had brought that up. "There is no us. We don't have any relationship and..."

"We slept together," Luis said, getting to Aidan. He gripped his arm and brought him closer, looking deeper in his eyes. "We can't deny that we did something that night."

"Is that why you are here?" Aidan let his arm free. Then he walked away from Luis and went back to stare out the window. "Please, don't worry about it. Just go away from me okay. Just call it a..."

"A what?" Luis' voice was rising above normal. With the way things were going, Luis just wanted to know one thing that was eating him up. It was the most important thing and the only way he felt he would be at peace was to know.
He took a deep breath. "Do you love me?" Luis asked calmly, rushing toward Aidan. He gripped his arm and turned him around to face him. The surprise expression on his face was a million dollars worth. "Do you have feelings for me?"

"What?" Aidan gasped, releasing his arm. He couldn't believe Luis had just asked him that. He couldn't believe Luis was asking that question. Aidan's mouth instantly got wide open. His heart was racing in fear and it seemed like adrenaline was winning against him. "Why..."

"Answer my question." Luis demanded, getting closer to Aidan. He got so close that their lips were only an inch away from each other. He could feel the hot breath of the boy on his face. He felt like he was on fire. Fuck! He was simply going insane with desire. "Do you...love me?"

Aidan's mouth opened wide at Luis question and demand. He felt like he was gonna pass out with the way his heart pounded in his chest. He felt like his whole body was getting out of control. He wanted to confess to Luis that he loved him. He wanted to feel those hot lips on his once again but he couldn't do it. He was too scared to admit that he loved Luis. He didn't want to give him any chance of taking advantage of his feelings.

Taking control of his emotions, Aidan brightened up and then gave a loud laugh that left Luis surprised. "No!" Aidan said, pulling away from Luis. "Where did you get that crazy idea that I love you?" He yelled, pointing at Luis. "Who told you that I am in love with you?"

"Well, are you not?" Luis muttered, demanding to know the truth. "I know that you are in love with me. Hanna told me exactly what you had told her. I know why you came to stop me there. I also know the reason why..."

"Why?" Aidan yelled, taking a few confident steps forward. "Does it matter whether I love you or not? It doesn't matter because we are just not compatible to each other. We are from two different worlds and I don't think..."

"Yes," Luis yelled gripping Aidan's arm. "It matters a lot. Please, let's talk about us. Let's talk about our relationship and what happened the other night."

"What is there to talk about?" Aidan said angrily. "There is nothing to talk about. What had happened between us was a mistake. It shouldn't have happened so let's just forget about it. I know you said I should stay away from you and it's what I am doing right now. Forget about everything that had happened. If you came here to..."

"I want you," Luis muttered, impatiently bringing Aidan closer to his body. "I want you in my life. I will never forget what happened between us the previous night but it was something. I want us..."

"You want me in your life?" Aidan gave a bitter chuckle as he released his hand. He felt tears building in his eyes. "You want me in your life as what?" More tears formed. He tried to suppress them but his eyes just got watery. "Do you want me as a whore or what?"

That word hit Luis so hard that his heart pounded so hard in his chest, he winced. He had probably given Aidan that idea in the first place. He really needed Aidan in his life. "Please, don't..."

"You asked me a question just a few seconds ago." Aidan felt a tear running down his cheeks. He furiously rubbed it. "Well, yes," He said confidently, feeling more tears run down his cheeks. "I love you, Luis. I don't know how these feeling developed over the little time that we spent together but I love you and this love I have is getting stronger. But what's the point of my love? I don't even know if I should I be telling you this or not..."

"Aidan...I..." He couldn't speak anymore. He felt like something had blocked his throat, preventing his voice from coming. Hearing those wonderful words from the boy's mouth his heart jumped with joy and he felt like crying. He stared at Aidan and saw him a totally different boy. He was no longer the boy he had hated. He was something else, something that drove him insane. "...I..."

"Don't worry," Aidan said, giving a bitter chuckle. He had never felt such pain in his life before. "I said I love you a lot but..." More tears made its way to his face. He brought his hand up, wiped his face dry and gave a soft chuckle. "...I don't even know what to say anymore. What happened between us that night was..."

"Aidan, try to understand me." Luis sighed. "Put yourself..."

"I understand you." Aidan said angrily. "I understand you completely. I said I love you but..." He paused and then sobbed. "...but what had happened between us the other night was a really big mistake." He said simply. "It is something that shouldn't have happened in the first place. I knew of the things that you had told me. I knew you warned me to stay away from you and I still did it anyway." He sighed. "I shouldn't have given myself to you. I should have controlled myself and..." He sniveled. "...I wouldn't have found myself in this situation."

"Aidan," Luis sighed, feeling really bad for what he had done. "Please, don't feel bad. What had happened between us was something that I will never ever forget in my life. It was special. It was ecstatic," He chuckled, remembering what had happened. "That had never happened to me before and I have been thinking about it these past few days. I have been thinking about you and..."

"Luis, I beg you," Aidan walked straight to his bed and sat. "Please, I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to even remember what had happened. I just wanna forget about the mistake that I made in my life. I wanna forget about you and everything that will remind me of you. Please, go and live your life to the fullest and..."

"What happened was not a mistake." Luis argued. "It is not a mistake. We can't deny that it happened. Why would you call something that beautiful a mistake?"

Aidan's eyes widened at Luis' question. He gave a deep sigh and chuckled. "Then what can you call a one night stand?" Aidan furiously rose from the bed, dropping his hands. The word itself hurt him a whole lot. He was panting and his heart felt like it was about to rip out of his chest. "It is nothing but a one night stand."

"What?" Luis breathed, trying to get his head straight. "Why would you call something like that a one night stand?"

"Isn't it?" Aidan closed his eyes slight and shrugged. "It is a one night stand and my biggest mistake." He snapped, breathing violently. "I can't believe I even did that. I can't believe I..." He shrugged and then took a deep breath. "I shouldn't have given myself to you. I shouldn't have given you my body."

Luis' eyes watered at what Aidan said. He wondered how he was gonna explain himself to Aidan. His heart was pounding in fear and he had no idea what to say to Aidan to make him hear him out. He was so fucking nervous and was scared Aidan wasn't gonna listen to him.

"Please, listen to me," Luis said, getting near Aidan. He moved his hands up and cupped his cheeks. "Please, I need you."

"You still need more," Aidan nodded, feeling more tears build in his eyes. That was really an insult and he didn't appreciate it one bit. "You still want me. Well, I am sorry." He backed off. "I am not a whore and I don't want to be treated like one. I just wanna live my life with someone that I love. I want to live my life, giving myself to that person. I thought...you were that person but..." He sighed. "...I made a mistake once and...I don't want to live my life with you. I don't want to waste my life living with someone that will treat me like trash. It will be better if..."

"Please, Aidan," Luis said, feeling more tears build in his eyes. He felt like something had just pierced him in the heart. He was afraid of what Aidan had just tried to say. "Please, listen to me."

"What's there to talk about?" Aidan shrugged. "Both of us clearly don't want each other and..."

"I want you," Luis said softly. "I want you in my life. I want you to come back to me and..."

"Why should I do that?" Aidan shouted. "Why would I come to..."

"I love you." Luis yelled, his voice echoing throughout the room. "I love you."

Hearing what Luis had just said, Aidan's strength left him. He felt weak and his whole body began vibrating. His heart was already racing and his breaths got out of control. What Luis had just said kept on ringing in his head, making his head even hurt. He couldn't believe he had just heard that from a guy that constantly told him that he hated him a whole lot. What was really happening?

"What?" Aidan gasped, sitting on the bed. "What did you just say?"

Luis sighed and then knelt down in front of Aidan. He dropped his eyes to the floor, feeling hot tears making its way on his face. He didn't care what was happening anymore. He just wanted to tell how he was feeling and what it was making him do.

"Yes!" Luis said softly, tears making its way down his face. "You heard me right. I love you."

"How?" Aidan didn't even know how to express what he felt. A myriad of emotions took control of his body making him even more confused. He moved his eyes and got another surprise, Luis was kneeling right in front of him. "How did that happen? Do you love me or you just want to sleep with me again."

"God," Luis raised his face and gasped. "Baby, no! I don't want to sleep with you, I swear. I just want you back in my life."

"After all these days," Aidan nodded in astonishment. "You just came today and now you are telling me that you love me?"

"I didn't know," Luis sobbed. "I didn't realize it. I only knew what I felt when you left me. I have been trying to avoid it but...you are always on my mind. I don't think of anyone else but you. Sure, what we had was supposed to be..."

"A one night stand," Aidan chimed in.

At Aidan's question, Luis nodded in agreement as billions of tears decorated his face. "It was supposed to be but...it didn't turn out like I expected. It just got stronger and I have never felt anything like it before. I know that I am a jerk and I don't deserve your love like Hanna said but..." he sniveled. "Please, forgive me for everything. I didn't mean to..."

"Can you hear yourself," Aidan furiously rose from the bed. "You have fallen in love with me? You are the same person that told me I would be the last in your..."

"I was a fool," Luis cried softly. "Please, baby, come back to the palace. Come back to me. I want you back in my life. I promise our relationship will change. I promise to make you happy. I promise to be a better husband to you. I will cherish you and you will always be my first priority. I will never hurt you."

Hearing Luis' words, Aidan made a quick turn at the man that was crying. His heart broke completely. He never knew Luis had a weak side like that. He never knew someone so arrogant could look that humble. Seeing the state his husband was in, Aidan felt like crying with him. He felt like forgiving him and telling him nice things but he just couldn't do it.

"Luis!" He gave a gloomy sigh. He went near, knelt down and cupped his cheeks. "You probably don't love me." He said, feeling a deep feeling inside of him. "You are probably..."

"I swear," Luis said impatiently, moving his hands up to hold Aidan's hands. He softly rubbed on them, enjoying the warm feeling. He felt like his body was on fire when those hands were touching him. "I have never ever felt like this before. It's like I am going crazy and...I can't explain the feeling. I just wanna be with you by your side. I wanna hold you and kiss you and cuddle with you. I want you in my life."

Aidan sighed softly. "But what..." He trailed off when he stared at Luis and saw his eyes. Man the guy was really handsome. He looked even more handsome than he had ever been. That side was really making him look really attractive. But Aidan was still not sure of what to do. He had lots of questions that he needed answers to. How can a playboy instantly claim he loves someone?

"Luis," He started. "Please, I love you and I won't lie about that. I don't how those feelings developed. Who knows, maybe..." He shrugged and let go of Luis' cheeks. "It might just be another thing. You know that you can't just wake up and..."

"Believe me," Luis cried, hoping Aidan was gonna hear him out. "I swear that what I feel for you is real. I have never been like this before. I know that I love you." He sobbed. "Come back into my life. Come back to the palace. I will be the best husband in the entire world and...I will never hurt you. I will never do anything with any other man, I swear."

Hearing Luis' words, Aidan got up and sighed. Then he looked down at the crying hunk and got really emotional. "Luis, please, don't make this any harder than it is."

"No!" Luis cried, gripping Aidan's leg. He held on to it tightly and just cried. "Please, don't leave me. I am willing to do anything just to be with you. I will do anything that you say to me. I swear I will."

"Luis, how do you expect me to believe you?" Aidan said gently, moving his eyes away. "Put yourself in my shoes and..."

"I understand that it's really hard to believe." Luis cried. "But I am telling the truth. Since that day I have not slept with any man. I swear I have just been thinking about you. I only want you. I love you and I am ready to change just for you." He sobbed. "Come back to me. Don't punish me like this anymore, baby."

"Luis I think you need to leave." He said softly, moving away slowly. His heart was filled with a lot of emotions that he couldn't understand anymore. It was like he was not himself. He felt really bad for telling the man he claimed to love something like that. "I am really sorry, but the thing is that we are just..." Aidan trailed off when he felt a strong wind swoosh on his ears. He quickly moved his eyes around and saw nothing.

"He's telling the truth," A voice echoed through his ear. Hearing those crazy voices again, Aidan moved his eyes to see who was speaking to him. But the only person with him was the man who was broken down on the floor. No one else was there.

"I need you," Luis begged, throwing his body on the floor. His cries suddenly turned into loud wails. "I just can't take it anymore. Come back into my life and...I will be a better person. I promise I will be a better person. Give me a chance to love you and show you that I have changed. You are the only one I need in my life."

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan moved and went back to where Luis was crying. Then he knelt down and extended his hand, touching Luis on his back. When Luis felt that hand, he quickly rose and stared at Aidan. Then he cupped his cheeks and just cried, staring deep into Aidan's eyes.

"This is crazy," Aidan thought, moving his eyes to stare into the man that was telling him he loved him. He didn't know why he was doing that but he felt like staring into Luis' eyes was the only way to know the truth. After all, the eyes are the windows of the soul, right? Aidan locked his eyes with Luis' and just got lost into them. He had never seen such beautiful eyes in his life. He had never been hypnotized like that before. Staring into Luis' eyes felt really amazing and everything that he felt suddenly vanished, replaced by a strong emotion that swept him off his feet.

It was like Aidan was entering Luis' eyes but not physically. He couldn't just express how he feeling or the vibrations that he felt. Their souls were becoming one and he suddenly felt the need to tell the man just how much he loved him and wanted to live with him for eternity. Fuck!

Staring into those wonderful eyes, Aidan's love just went to another level. It was like the eyes were speaking to him in a different language. His heart felt calm, beating rhythmically, and spreading warm and gentle vibrations to the rest of his body. His mind suddenly cleared up just by staring in those eyes, making him think clearly for the first time in his life.

"Luis!" Aidan spoke softly but his voice was audible enough. "Do you really love me like you say you do? Are you telling me the truth because I don't want to live my life with someone that doesn't me."

Luis rubbed on Aidan's cheek, enjoying the warmth of his body. "I don't know much about love but I really love you. I have you realized that you are important to me and...I was such a jerk. I had myself shielded and acted stupid. I had tried to avoid the feelings but they kept on getting stronger. I really love you."

Aidan smiled faintly. "Please, promise..."

"I promise and I swear on my life," He swore. "If you want...we can consult the priest. He will confirm it to you. I love you so much."

"I love you too." Aidan smiled brightly. "I feel really good that you..." He couldn't even express his joy. "...I had no idea on earth that you would tell me that."

"I was being a jerk to you and..."

"It's fine," Aidan said softly. "If what you are telling me is the complete truth then..." He paused and caught his breath, getting rid of his nervousness. "...I forgive and...I would love to come back into your life."

Luis' mouth gaped and his eyes almost popped out. He couldn't believe what he had just heard from Aidan. A soothing wind that blew his brains away blew all over his body. He felt like the luckiest man on earth. His body was in pleasure and his heart was beating joyfully. He had no idea what to do anymore. He was just too happy.

"You don't know how that makes me feel." Luis gasped, grinning at Aidan. Then he moved his hands from Aidan's cheeks and held his hands. "You have no idea how happy you have made me." Hearing what Aidan had just said to him, Luis felt every worry that he had melt. He felt fresh and cool. It was like every burden had been lifted from him. He was just so happy. "I feel like...kissing you right now." He then lost his smile and dropped his eyes. "I didn't mean to say that. I am really sorry for..."

Aidan felt really happy after hearing what Luis had just said to him. But he couldn't just watch him act like that. Before Luis could finish his sentence, Aidan raised his face and leaned up, capturing Luis' sweet lips in the most captivating kiss ever.

Luis' eyes opened wide. He couldn't believe Aidan had just locked his lips with him. It was like a whole new chapter for him. His heart began beating slowly, making him feel really happy. He closed his eyes and just put his whole being into that kiss.

Luis' lips started moving, slowly rubbing Aidan's in a sweet vibration. His whole body suddenly began vibrating in pleasure. His lips twitched in a powerful vibration, yearning for more of those sweet lips. He held his breath and just enjoyed that wonderful kiss.

Luis' hands found their way at the back of Aidan's head, bringing his lips closer. He opened his mouth and sucked on Aidan's lips as if it was the last thing he was to do on this earth. A whole sweet aroma filled his mouth as their souls joined and the kiss got sweeter. He couldn't help but moan as he sucked softly on those lips.

Aidan on the other hand was breathless. Every breath in him left, leaving him feeling helpless. He was suddenly submissive to Luis and his powerful kisses. Feeling his lips being sucked was too much for him. His whole body vibrated powerfully making him squirm softly. He moved his hands and wrapped them around Luis' waist while a moan escaped his lips and made everything super fantastic. For a moment he forgot about everything. He just concentrated on those powerful lips and the way he was being sucked. It was irresistible and he swore he felt Luis' love through that kiss. It was beautiful...it was powerful...it was captivating...it was absolutely amazing. It felt like his first kiss.

Luis moaned loudly, moving his hands at the back of Aidan's head. His body was definitely on fire, burning him with the passion that he felt. He had never experienced anything sweeter. Along with being sweet came that feeling of fulfillment and fullness. That kiss was better than his many sexual adventures. He wondered how his body had suddenly changed and yearned for only one person. He didn't want to let him go.
The kiss went on for what felt like hours. They kissed, they sucked each other's tongues and they moaned in each other's mouths. It was really amazing and Luis had never enjoyed anything more. He just wanted the kiss to continue for as long as he lived. The way his body vibrated in pleasure, driving him out of his mind was sweet. Luis wanted Aidan but not sexually. He just wanted him and that's all. He had never been crazy about anyone else.

After what felt like hours of kissing, they both broke the kiss for a much needed air. They just stayed like that, smiling and holding each other. Their eyes were locked with each other, seeing just how in love they were. They were like teenagers who had first fallen for each other. In fact, they had just fallen for each other. None of them ever thought they would feel that way about each other. Their hearts were yearning for each other and their souls were connected, together as one. It was simply amazing.

"Wow," Luis breathed, inhaling in as much air as he could. "Thank you so much for that kiss. Thank you for accepting me. This is the most amazing day of my life." His lips were definitely swollen but he wanted to kiss Aidan till eternity.

"This really means a lot to me." Aidan smiled, tightening his grip on Luis' waist. "You have no idea how I feel right now." He felt tears building in his eyes. Those were tears of joy. "I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would fall for someone like you. And when I started falling for you," He said, feeling hot tears pouring on his face. "I never thought you'd love me back. That night, you made me feel like a true man. It was amazing to me but...when I heard what you said in your sleep I realized that I was..."

"Oh baby," Luis lost his smile. "I am really sorry. I never knew I would fall for you or that...I am really sorry. It was probably why I said that because I was having an erotic dream. I had never felt pleasure like the one you gave me that night. It was different, amazing," He gave a soft chuckle. "Is it the reason why...you left?"

Hearing Luis' question, Aidan nodded and then felt more tears pouring down his face. "I just couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want to be treated like trash...I left that night."

"Baby," Luis planted a soft kiss on his lips. "I am an idiot." He sighed. "I am such an idiot and I probably deserve to be hated. Leaving me was probably for the best. You did well by leaving me."

Aidan's face now had a frown. He couldn't understand Luis anymore. "What do you mean?"

"I never would have realized just what you mean to me," Luis sighed, feeling like an asshole. "When you left and Hanna talked to me...I realized that I had feelings for you." He smiled. "You know what they say. You never know the value of what you have until you lose it." He smiled and brought his hand forth. He cleaned Aidan's tears and kissed him passionately on the lips. Then he broke the kiss and planted kisses all over Aidan's hands. "I love you, Aidan."

"I love you Luis."

Just When Aidan thought everything was over. Luis did something that left him speechless and in tears. Luis picked him up from the floor into his arms and took him to the bed. He made him sit on the bed and then knelt down in front of him, holding his hand sweetly. Then he grinned brightly and planted a soft kiss on his hand, making sure that he was looking deep in his eyes. But that wasn't what made Aidan speechless. It was what Luis said.

"Aidan," Luis started, rubbing on top of his hand. "I know I have been an asshole, a jerk, a fool, a bastard and I probably don't deserve you. But despite all that, will you Aidan...accept me as your husband? To love you and cherish you for as long as I live?"

Aidan couldn't hold his tears when he heard that from Luis. His tears came flowing as soon as Luis asked him that. He cried and just nodded agreeing with what Luis had asked him. "Of course, I accept you as my husband."

Hearing that from Aidan, Luis gasped and rose from the floor. He quickly grabbed Aidan, raised him and planted a kiss on his soft lips. "I love you so much Aidan. I promise to be your husband. I will always do whatever it is that makes you happy. Forgive me for everything that I have done."

"I love you too." Aidan chuckled, holding on to Luis. He leaned down and kissed him. He still couldn't believe that Luis was right there with him, telling him about how much he loved him. He still couldn't believe that he had woken up only to find out that Luis was in love in with him. It was such a wonderful feeling that he couldn't avoid.

Aidan felt his whole body vibrating, triggering something deep within him. He felt like something was moving all over his body, adding to that happiness that he felt. It was really beautiful.

After what felt like eternity of Luis raising him, Aidan was finally put down. He moved his hands to Luis' neck and just smiled as brightly as he could, drawing the same wonderful smile from Luis. Never in his life had he thought that he would be that happy with Luis. He had always considered him as an enemy. And to think that he had thought Luis had ruined his life but now the same guy was giving him happiness. He was really enthusiastic.

"I never thought I would feel this way." Luis breathed, dropping his hands to Aidan's waist. He brought him closer to him and just stared in his eyes. "I never thought in my life I would fall in love like this. Who would have known that I could even fall in love with you?" He chuckled. "This is amazing. I will always cherish this moment for the rest of my life."

"That really feels so good," Aidan smiled. "I thought so too. It is good that we are together. I love you."

"I love you a lot, but..." He paused and gave a gloomy sigh. "...I have hurt a lot of people and..."

"It is not too late."

"Yeah," Luis said softly. "Can we go downstairs?"

"Sure," Aidan chuckled. "Let's go."

They both kissed for a moment before finally heading for the stairs.


Granny was downstairs sitting on the couch with her head on her fists. She was really feeling nervous and had no idea what was going on up there. She wanted to go up and check but she knew better than to disturb the two guys. She had been hearing voices but they had stopped long ago.

"I wonder what's going on." Ethan said, moving from side to side. He was really nervous and scared. He didn't want anything to happen to his brother. "Don't you think..."

"No!" Granny sighed. "Let them have their moment. I know you are as worried about Aidan as I am but the prince..." She gave a gloomy sigh. "He is his husband and we need to give them some privacy."

They both stayed quiet for a number of minutes till they heard footsteps coming from the stairs. Both of them got up and stared at the two coming men. Seeing the two of them, their eyes just went to their hands. Something had happened and they could clearly see it from those smiles. Both of them didn't have any good relationship with Luis so they were bound to be worried.

"Your highness," The both of them said, bowing their heads.

Seeing them and their respect, Luis took a deep sigh and felt like a fool. He had been really bad to them, didn't talk to them and totally avoided them. He was feeling really nervous and his whole body was slightly shaking. He moved his eyes and stared at Aidan and then let go of his hand.

Moving his hand in front, Luis dropped to his knees and put his hands together, surprising everyone else in the living room. They were wondering what was suddenly wrong with him.

"I don't know where to start," Luis said, dropping his eyes to the floor. "I have been acting like a fool to you and to Aidan. I have never accepted him but...please, I need your forgiveness. I now know that I cannot live without him. I need him in my life. I need him. I never felt like this before."

"My prince..."

"Luis!" He corrected, bowing his head down. "Please, call me Luis. I am your grandson in law and I am also a brother in law."

"Luis!" Granny said, extending her hand. She held his hands and helped him get up from the floor. She cupped his cheeks and gave them each a wonderful kiss. "We totally understand you." She smiled. "Anyone in your shoes would have acted the same way you did. Even my grandson wasn't acting appropriately," She chuckled. "Both of you were acting the same. I am just glad you have worked things out." She rubbed on his cheek.

"Please, forgive me. I have said some pretty bad things about..."

"It's fine, bro," Ethan said excitedly. "Whatever makes my young brother happy makes me happy. I willingly forgive you but I hope..."

"I won't hurt him," Luis promised, staring straight into Ethan's eyes. "I swear I will never hurt him. I have realized my feelings. He is the only one I want."

"Good!" Ethan chuckled softly. "In that case, I forgive you. He is my little baby. Treat him right or I will..." He trailed off and looked the other way, pretending as if he didn't say anything.

"Granny," Luis breathed in. "Can I call you that?"

Granny gasped, resting her hand on her chest. "Of course,"

"Thanks," He chuckled. "Can you forgive and accept a jerk like me as your grandson?"

Granny chuckled and smiled brightly. "I will forgive and accept you but only one condition."

"What?" He felt really nervous. He had no idea what the old woman was gonna demand from him. "Just tell me and I will do whatever it is just to have Aidan."

Hearing what he had to say and that nervousness on his face, Granny chuckled and then patted on his shoulder. "You will have to stay for lunch."

Luis smiled brightly and chuckled. He was able to breathe again, normally. He had felt like he was unable to breathe when she had said that to him a few seconds back. "It is fine, granny. I will do that."

"Okay, then," Granny said softly, letting go of him. "I better hit the kitchen while you rest here." She smiled. "Excuse me." She left.

Aidan smiled brightly and then felt Luis' arms wrapping around him. He felt really happy like a part of his life which had been empty had been filled. He had never been that happy before. Still in Luis' arms, he sat on the couch and rested his head on Luis' chest. Luis kissed his forehead and both of them laughed together. Love was blossoming.


The car reached the palace, alerting both Luis and Aidan that they had finally reached the palace. Looking around, both of them stared at each other and smiled. Luis took Aidan's head and planted a kiss on it, feeling really happy that he had finally brought Aidan back home. He had brought him back but things were gonna be different this time around. He was gonna be the best husband. He was gonna make sure that he treats Aidan right and provides him with every need. But first he had something to do.

"Welcome back," Luis smiled brightly, passing his fingers in Aidan's hair. "Welcome back, Prince Aidan."

"Ha," Aidan chuckled softly, feeling really happy. "Thank you, crown Prince Luis. It feels good to be back, especially with you by my side."

"I love you."

"I love you too." Aidan said softly.

They kissed before finally getting out of the car. It was already afternoon, almost 5.pm. They had spent almost the entire day at Aidan's house. It had been a great day for Luis, especially with how he had been feeling. Ever since Aidan had accepted him, he had realized that he was feeling different. Something big had definitely changed in his life.

Ever since Aidan said yes to him and they shared that wonderful kiss all Luis thought of was Aidan. He could feel something really powerful within him developing and growing. He had felt it since he kissed Aidan. And since then he never wanted to let go of him. He had just wanted to be with him and around him. It was a really big change in his life unlike anything that had happened to him before.

Aidan and Luis made their way into the huge palace, happy and smiling. Just as they were about to enter, Luis gripped Aidan's waist and held him tightly, teasing him and making him laugh. He wanted to stay like that forever.

"Luis!" Aidan chuckled nervously. "Please, we are at the palace already."

"So what?" Luis didn't absolutely care. He felt like he was losing his mind already. Fuck! He had just reconnected with Aidan but he was feeling like they had been together for long. "I am your husband and I am just happy that you..."

"I already told you we are at the palace." Aidan said, trying to make those hands leave him. But Luis had a really powerful grip on him. "The family is here and..."

"Let them watch," Luis said happily, slowly walking with Aidan inside. "I want them to know that we are together now and..."

"We can just tell them you know." Aidan had never enjoyed anyone like that before. "We don't have to show them that..."

"Oh yes, we can." Luis teased, kissing Aidan on the neck. "Just relax. They won't bite you. Leave everything to the profession okay."


"Shh..." He whispered in his ears. "You talk too much. Let me handle this."

Aidan didn't want to pull away from Luis no matter what. It was like he was glued to him. He just wanted to stay like that forever. He just felt so good especially after finding out that the guy was in love with him too. He never wanted to let him go. He just wanted to have him around and...kiss him and all kinds of stuff. He wanted to feel the beauty of having a husband.

Aidan and Luis both walked slowly into the living room. They were giggling, chuckling, smiling and laughing. They were really happy. Luis had his arms on Aidan's waist the whole time, walking with him inside the living room. None of them were even aware that they had reached the living room as they had their eyes on each other.

Aidan and Luis were too busy, staring at each other that they didn't even see the family members were right in front of them, watching them. The family members had their eyes on the happy couple right in front of their eyes. They had all risen from their seats since that time they saw Luis entering with Aidan. The royal family was surprised. They couldn't believe what they saw even when it was right in front of them. They couldn't believe that Luis was holding Aidan like that, smiling and kissing his neck.

The king was the most surprised of all the royal family. He had a big question mark on his head and even wondered what was going on. Just a day ago, his son had been in his room, angry and locked up but now he was laughing and holding Aidan? He couldn't believe it.

"Aidan!" The king exclaimed, trying to understand what was going on.

Aidan heard the good king's voice, making him aware of where he was. He abruptly moved his eyes in front, scanning the whole room. Seeing all those eyes on him, he felt shy and dropped his eyes on the floor, trying to get Luis' hands off of him. But he couldn't do it no matter what he did. Luis had a powerful grip on his waist.

"My king," Aidan said softly, failing to even bow down.

Luis on the other hand just froze, staring at his father. It was not like he was not happy or anything like that. It was because he was caught off guard. He didn't even realize that he was in the living room. Seeing his father, he felt really bad. He remembered all the words he had said about him and how he had snapped a few days back.

"What's going?" The queen asked, staring at the both of them in surprise.

"Err...my queen...he..." He couldn't find his voice. He just pointed at Luis and that was all.

The queen moved to her son. "Luis! We were worried sick about you. Where did you go?"

Luis stared at his mother, letting go of Aidan. Then he smiled softly and pointed at Aidan. "Well, mother, I went to Aidan's place. I went to bring him back to the house and..."

"You went to take him back?" The king's surprised tone filled the entire living room. "I thought..."

"Well, Aidan and I are now together," Luis said, staring at Aidan with a smile. "I have realized just how much I love him and..." He chuckled softly. "...He loves me too. I can't live without him. I want to start my life with him and..." He trailed off before he could even go further. He was feeling really bad for what had he had done. He felt like everything that he had done deserved a punishment. He had never felt that way before.

"I am sorry, father," Luis dropped his eyes to the floor. He slowly walked to his father and knelt down on the floor. He couldn't even raise his face to stare into his father's eyes. He was really ashamed and his heart felt like it was being tortured. "Please, forgive me for everything and for my shortcomings. I...I did some things that..."

"Son..." The king exclaimed, looking straight at him. "What..."

"No, father," He felt tears building in his eyes. "I did something that a son shouldn't do to his father. I hated you. I spoke to you rudely. I even said some pretty bad things and I blamed you for ruining my life. I am really sorry, father. I shouldn't have done that. I should have known that you only wanted the best for me."

"Luis!" The king sighed, moving towards him. "Please, get up my son. Don't feel like that. I know that what I did to you was probably..."

"No father," Luis objected, bowing his head like a commoner. He had never done something like that before but it was definitely worth it. "What you did was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It took a little longer for me to realize it but I love Aidan. I love him so much." He said softly. "I don't know how this love keeps growing stronger in just a day but I love him. I realized this when...when he left."

"My son," The king said softly, getting even nearer. He was taking small steps. "I know what I did was probably not your choice but I knew..." He sighed. "...I knew he was the right boy for you. I could feel it from that fierceness. I am sorry if I had hurt you or anything my son." He apologized. He then knelt in front of his son and raised his face. When he saw tears on his face, he rubbed them and cupped his cheeks. "I know that as parents we make mistakes..."

"I shouldn't have done that." He nodded. "I shouldn't have hated you because no matter what you are my only father. You are the only father that I will ever have. All this has shown me a lot. I got mad, forgetting that you love me a lot." He sobbed. "I blamed you for ruining my life. I thought my life as a playboy was ruined but...I got something even better."

The king nodded and smiled brightly. "Please, get up my son."

Luis nodded and then got up. "I am truly sorry for everything. If not for you...I would have been wasting my life out there. But because of your decision you made me feel love again. You opened my heart to love again. You put an end to my life as a player and gave me something that is worth more than anything that I have." He laughed bitterly, feeling extremely happy. "Now I know why they say kings are wise. You are wise." He smiled faintly at his father. "I am glad you are my father."

The king chuckled softly, grinning at his son. He gripped his arms and pulled him into a tight hug, patting on his back. He felt really happy and fulfilled. He was glad that his son was back to normal. He was glad things were back to normal. He had missed a son who listened to him and appreciated him just like that.

"I feel really good that you have finally realized this, my son." He pulled away from the hug. "I knew you hated me and you hated Aidan a lot. I am just surprised that you...you have realized you love him at this stage. It's really surprising."

"I know," He took a deep breath, taking a quick glance behind to stare at the blushing boy. "I don't know what happened but ever since he left, something changed in me. And when I heard that he loved me...I just don't know what had happened to me. I started changing and feeling something that I haven't felt before. It was the reason why I was locked in my room. I felt like I was going crazy." He chuckled.
"But now," He smiled brightly, taking a deep satisfied breath. "I couldn't take anymore so I rushed to his house and confessed my feelings to him."

"Hmm," The king nodded, slightly rubbing on his temple. "So...are you ready to accept him? Are you ready for every responsibility?"

A bright smile shot up on Luis' face when he heard that wonderful question that left his heart racing. He quickly took a glance behind and walked to Aidan. Reaching him, he took his hand in his and held it as tight as he could. It was really beautiful.

"Yes, father." Luis smiled. He had never felt so alive. "I am ready to play my role as his husband. I am ready to let the whole kingdom know that I am his husband. I can't wait for him to be introduced to the people all over. I promise I will be the best husband out there. Now I know that he wasn't in the wrong...but I was the one who was in the wrong." He sighed, holding Aidan's hand tighter. "I will try to make up for all my wrong doings to this household and to my people."

"Oh son," The queen gasped, rushing towards him. "That is really sweet." She quickly hugged him tightly and kissed his forehead. Then she moved to Aidan and gave him a really tight hug.

"Aidan!" She said excitedly. "I am proud of you for everything. I am really happy for you. May the almighty bless the two of you?"

"My queen..."

"I don't like that from now on." She warned. "I am not your queen but your mother okay?"

"Okay?" He grinned, feeling really excited. "Mother,"

"That's better," She smiled, pulling him into another hug. "This is really a happy day for all of us. I can't believe my son finally accepted you. I can't believe you learned to love him."

"You contributed to it, mom." He smiled, enjoying the warm hug. That was the first hug Aidan received from the queen. It felt warm. It felt beautiful and he enjoyed it a lot. "Thank you so much for talking to me that day. This was really wonderful."

"Anything for my son," She pulled away from the hug. Then she rubbed both Luis and Aidan's cheeks, planting on them soft kisses. Then she went back to her seat and just smiled.

Next to come was granny. She was really happy and her face was glowing with a brilliant smile. It was so bright that it got to Aidan and Luis instantly. She so loved that she really helped him out with kisses all over his face. She blessed the two of them a happy marriage and then began talking to them happily.

"I thank god that you two were finally united." Granny smiled. "I will always pray for the two of you. May this day be a blessing to the two of you."

She went back and sat on the couch before Hanna rushed to Aidan and hugged him tightly. She was giggling excitedly and the way she held him was really loving. She first tapped on his back and then kissed on his temple.

"Congratulations," She whispered in his ears. "You have finally got your love just like you helped him. You better keep him under a leash," She laughed teasingly, slowly rubbing on his head. "You know how he can be."

"I know," Aidan smiled, staring at his husband that was just smiling. "But I know that he can never do that to me. I can see it in his eyes."

"I hope he begged you?" She chuckled softly. "I really hope he crawled."

"He was about to." He smiled. "But I took him before he could do so. He did beg me and knelt down before me though. You should have seen his face."

"Yeah," Hanna and Aidan really spoke like best friends. Who would have known that they had been like sworn enemies just a week ago? "He deserves that." She chuckled. "I am really glad you are back here. It will give me time to bond with you. And please, be really harsh on my brother okay?"

"I will do that. Thanks a lot too. I wouldn't have done this without you."

"Anytime," She whispered. "Just call on me anytime and I will teach him a lesson and..."

"What are the two of you whispering about?" The queen hollered. "I just hope you aren't gossiping about my son."

"Yes, we are." Hanna laughed as she broke the hug. "We are actually talking about him."

Luis' eyes moved to his sister when he heard her voice. Then suddenly, the image of what he had done to her came rushing right to him. He felt bad for what he had done to her. He felt terrible like the worst brother ever. He remembered her bruised cheek and the way he had dragged her out of his room. It was absolutely terrible and he didn't like it one bit.

"Hanna..." He called softly, losing that big smile on his face.

"Hey," Hanna smiled brightly. "I know what you are going to say okay? I forgive you. I can't stay mad at you because you are my brother. I will always love you no matter what. Just don't hurt him okay?"

"Never!" Luis pulled his sister into a fierce hug. Then after that, he was happy with everything. His family knew he was in love with Aidan. They knew about how he was feeling. But most importantly, Aidan was back in the palace with him. He was just too happy. He wouldn't have loved anything more than that.

"Come here," The king opened his arms widely for Aidan. "Come and give your father a hug."

That was the first time the king asked him for a hug. He couldn't refuse any of it. He quickly rushed to the king and ran into his arms. He got really emotional and happy at the same time. It was like that day was the happiest day of his life.

"May you always be happy," The king said, touching his head. "May you bring happiness to this household and the people around?"

"Amen," Aidan said softly.

After that he went to his husband who immediately wrapped his arm around him. They were both really happy with each other. But they knew there was just so much to do now that Luis and Aidan had accepted each other. It was really beautiful.

"Now that you two are finally happy," The king started, sitting back on the couch. "It is time my cabinet knew about this marriage and blessed you." That marriage had not been known by so many people. Though everyone in the palace and the cabinet had known that Luis was married, it had remained a secret. The king couldn't have introduced them in that circumstance. He had been waiting for a moment just like that. "Just tell me when you would like to be introduced to my cabinet and the people all over this kingdom."

Aidan looked at Luis when he heard the king's question. Luis nodded in agreement and smiled back. Aidan was left with making a decision but he had no idea when he actually wanted it to happen.

"Actually, father," He said excitedly. "I don't know if I am ready to..."

"What do you mean?" The queen asked, slightly moving from the couch. "Of course, you are ready. You two have accepted that you love each other. People do not know that the crown prince is actually married. They need to know that. We need to hold a big royal modern party. It will be a good idea for the introduction."

"Yeah..." Aidan was not so sure. "I think you are right but..."

"In a week!" Luis hollered. "Let him be introduced to the cabinet in a week or less than that." He suggested. "Then the introduction to the people can be done...in another week. What do you think?"

"I think it's a great idea." Hanna said excitedly. "It's a really great idea. And I think it's about time he started dressing up like royalty."

"Yeah," Luis smiled, bringing Aidan closer to him. "I think so too."

Aidan blushed. He had no idea why he was blushing at that particular time. It was like everything was making him feel shy. He couldn't even say a word. He just agreed with them on everything that they said. They talked about the arrangements, his change of wardrobe and most especially the introduction. It was gonna be really important to Aidan and it actually showed him that Luis was eager to introduce him and show him to the world.

After what felt like hours, the conversation finally ended. Aidan had been standing for too long and he needed to rest. He needed to freshen up too because he was feeling hot with the clothes that he was wearing.

"Thank you so much for everything." Luis appreciated everyone in the living room. "You all have made everything possible especially you father." He stared at the king and smiled. "Without you in my life I would have probably never been with Aidan. This is really wonderful and I appreciate it a lot."

"It's okay."

Luis then looked at Aidan who seemed really tired. He knew he was tired. "I think I will take Aidan to the room to freshen up." He said, beginning to move towards the elevator.

Luis was already moving to the elevator before he finally stopped. He heard his father calling him and he made a quick turn.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Luis stared at Aidan and then to his father. He gave a really bright smile and then kissed Aidan on the forehead. "Can I just speak to him for a minute?" He asked.

"OMG," Aidan thought. "He is even asking for my permission to speak to his father."

"You don't have to ask." Aidan gushed, moving his head to the other side. "I will be in our room."

"Alright," Luis kissed Aidan and went to sit with his father. He was really hoping the conversation wasn't gonna be long because he wanted to go back to the room and be with Aidan. They had just gotten together and he had no idea why he was feeling like that. He just wanted to be with him wherever he went. Was that how love really made people feel?


The elevator door opened and Aidan came out, walking slowly to the room. He had a big grin on his face, smiling brightly. His heart was racing, beating rhythmically while pleasures of love spread to the rest of his body. He had a tingling sensation all over his body and the way he felt was definitely from out of this world.

"Luis!" Aidan whispered, slowly rubbing on his lips. They were still swollen from all the wonderful kisses that he had received from the prince. But the truth was that he was yearning for more. And some people said that love couldn't grow in one day. As for him, his love for Luis was overflowing. He couldn't understand the connection that he had but it was really powerful. He loved it.

Reaching the door, Aidan first stood still, day dreaming about Luis. When he eventually got back to his right frame of mind, he opened the door and let himself in. Reaching the wonderful room, Aidan didn't even look around. He closed the door and leaned behind it, thinking about Luis once again. How could someone who was that arrogant turn out to be so sweet? It was unbelievable. It was almost like a miracle.

As much as Aidan wanted to day dream whole day, he was really tired and wanted to feel some rest before Luis came back. He got out of his reverie and snapped out of his thoughts, heading towards the wonderful bed. He had his eyes on the floor while he smiled brightly but when he raised them...he took a few steps back and gasped, feeling his heart pound.

"Oh my god," Aidan gasped, trying to catch his breath. "Priest," He couldn't believe that the priest was there in front of him, seated on the bed. He had his trident with him and he seemed serious. "You really scared me." He wasn't gonna ask where the priest came from because he knew the priest had some sort of power that teleported him or something.

"Welcome back," The priest gushed, using his trident to get up from the bed. "Welcome back to the palace."

"Thank you." Aidan said naturally, standing up straight. "Are you here to see me priest?"

"Yes!" The priest chuckled, moving his trident from side to side. "This palace missed your presence but I know why you left." He chuckled. "But I am also glad that you are happy."

"Wait!" Aidan gestured. "How did you even know that..."

"I can see so many things." The priest cooed. "I even saw how Prince was going crazy over you. I knew it before it even happened because...the almighty showed me. Don't doubt him because his love for you is pure. He is very much in love with you. No one can fight with destiny you know."

It was finally confirmed. Aidan was really happy that Luis was in love with him. His heart pounded with joy when he heard that from the priest himself. It was like a confirmation from above.

"But I still don't..."

"Don't question the almighty's work." The priest chuckled, now sniffing the air. "He did his work on Prince Luis. It was only a matter of time before he realized that he had feelings for you. You two are destined to be together and destiny is taking its course."

"Yeah," Aidan was really tired. "I would like you to thank the almighty for me." He didn't even know what he was saying. "I have never..."

"Time is the remedy as they say." The priest said naturally. "With time everything is understood. You have fulfilled your purpose in Luis' life. You'll both be happy and he shall love you for all eternity. Once a player," He gestured. "But he is so much in love right now. You shall rule by his side and... your reign shall be really powerful."

Aidan couldn't say anything else to the priest. He just went straight to the bed and sat on it, waiting for the prince and listening to the priest. He was so interested in everything the priest was telling him but it was what he said next that got his complete attention.

"You are getting stronger," The priest said loudly, sniffing the air. "I can sense your powers."

"What?" Aidan quickly raised his face and stared at the priest. "What are you talking about?"

A bright smile appeared on the priest's face, almost like he was teasing Aidan. "Strong as one, stronger as a whole," The priest said, almost like he had heard it in his dreams. He quickly got up and stood at a distance, looking straight at the priest. "Embrace what you have?"

"Priest," Aidan's face had a really big frown. "How do you know about that? I never told anyone that..."

"I know what the almighty wants me to know." The priest laughed loudly, almost as if he was not gonna continue. Suddenly a strong wind began blowing but everything was calm. "You shall soon learn and appreciate what you have and you’ll learn of the purpose for your gift as well."

"What are you talking about?" Aidan was really confused. "Those were the exact words that I heard in my dreams. It was like I could feel it as if..."

"The night you left this palace," The priest laughed. "That was the night when you first experienced it. Don't you remember what had happened to those men that wanted to..."

"It was the almighty, right?" Aidan was really confused. He needed answers and he knew exactly who was gonna give him those answers. "Why have strange things being..."

"In time..." The priest sang. "In time you'll learn about everything. I don't have answers to all your questions. All I can say is that you shouldn't be confused. You should just be calm and stay calm. The love that your husband has for you is genuine. His eyes were suddenly opened and the almighty made sure that he got with you. You are his destiny and so is he to you." He said, brightly grinning. "I can sense fear and confusion but I will take that from you."

"I still don't get it," Aidan said in a confused voice. "Why was I having strange dreams a few..."

"You wanna know."

"Yes, please." Aidan was getting impatient. He felt her needed answers or he was gonna go crazy. "Tell me about everything. Help me understand. Since that night strange things, dreams were occurring to me. Was that the almighty protecting me? I wanna know everything. I wanna understand everything."

Hearing him, the priest gave a mocking laughter. He raised his trident, still laughing and a flash of light hit it. Suddenly his trident turned into a really sharp three-edged sword before Aidan's eyes. The priest held it tightly and pointed it at Aidan. "Then I am gonna have to kill you. This is the only way for you to find your answers."

"What?" Aidan quavered, abruptly taking a few steps backwards. His heart was pounding in fear and he was suddenly overtaken by fear. He was trembling so terribly that even his breath was running short. "W...what are you doing?" He stammered, trying to move away. "Why would you..."

"Too many questions," The priest raised the trident so high, it was pointed straight at Aidan. "This is the only way..."

"I don't want answers anymore." He felt tears building in his eyes. "Please..."

"Too late," The priest gave a loud shrieking. Then all of a sudden, he moved the three edged knife back with all his power and charged, sending it flying to Aidan. It was charging at him, moving faster towards him.

Seeing the sword rushing towards him, Aidan's tears came rushing down his cheeks. His heart pounded even deeper and his pants got intense. His body shook in fear. The sword was really near, charging at him. He could feel its power, sending nothing but fear into his body. What surprised him was that he couldn't move even when he saw that sword.

"Goodbye, Aidan," The priest laughed. "Hope this gives you your answers."

Aidan quickly closed his eyes shut and felt something moving deep inside of him. It was so intense...powerful and it made his whole body warm, charging him up. He clenched on his fists and felt just how powerful he was feeling. It was like something else was moving inside his body. Then a loud voice echoed through his mind,

"You can do it...just believe."

The voice that Aidan heard was really deep, sending electrical impulses to his body. His energy just multiplied and his fear went away. He felt nothing but energy surrounding him. Everything happened so fast that he couldn't even understand it. But a sharp sound of a sword rushing towards him was able to bring him back to reality.

"You can do anything...anything...anything..."

Hearing that voice once again, Aidan quickly opened his eyes just in time to see the sword about to pierce him. He connected his eyes with that sword and imagined it stopping. Then just like a flash, that sword stopped, right in front of his face.

"Bravo!" The priest said happily, getting closer to Aidan. "Hope that finally gives you your answer."

"Oh my god," Aidan couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe he had just done that. He couldn't believe he had stopped a sword just by his thoughts. What was going on? "What just happened?"

Seeing the floating sword right in front of his face, Aidan abruptly moved away, leaving the word to drop on the floor. It quickly turned to a trident again and found its way into the priest's hands once again.

"Don't you worry or get confused," The priest quickly turned and looked at the scared looking boy. "That is definitely your gift. You should embrace it and not fear it..."


"I know it's really confusing but it is a special gift from the almighty himself. You shouldn't fear it. You should embrace it. It will help you in fulfilling your destiny."

"What am I?" Aidan was trembling, looking at himself. "Why do I..."

"Get yourself together," The priest pointed the trident to him. It instantly began glowing bright red, pointing its bright light at him. Feeling that light on him, Aidan felt something move inside of him. It took his fear away and he couldn't feel anything. He just felt...normal like it was a part of him. "The more you try to understand the more confused you get..."

"Priest..." Aidan had no idea what was going on. "This..."

"You have all your answers from your previous dream." The priest chuckled. "This gift is really special and you must accept it. In time you will learn that it will help you a lot."

"But how..."

"It's a part of you, a gift like no other." The priest said. "My work here is done. I just came to make you understand and take away that fear. Goodbye Aidan!" He hit the trident so hard on the floor.

"Please, wait, I need to..." But it was too late. The priest disappeared just like a flash of light.

Aidan moved to the bed and sat on it, burying his head on his palm. He was supposed to be worried, confused and scared but he couldn't feel a thing. The priest had taken that away from him. He now understood everything that had happened to him. He understood it quite clearly. He understood everything quite well. He sat on the bed for a long time, remembering the priest's words. But the more he tried to understand the more he got confused.
"You must embrace what you have." He remembered his words exactly.

Remembering the priest's words, Aidan got up from the bed and stood still. Then he took a deep breath and held his hand into a fist. He held it so hard and thought long and hard before he finally opened his eyes. Then he released fist and watched as a small ball of water started forming in his hand. He held it like that, watching it closely.

"This is insane." He thought. "I have to stop this." Just like flash, the ball got smaller till it eventually disappeared. To his surprise, everything felt normal, like it was a part of him The priest said it was normal and a part of him. So why should he get worried? He wasn't gonna tell Luis though because he was gonna keep it a secret. He didn't know how his reaction was gonna be. Besides, Aidan had no need for that gift. He was just gonna forget he even had it. He was gonna live his life like a normal human.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan went back to the bed to wait for Luis. In just a few seconds, he forgot about everything that had happened. His smile was back and so was his yearning for Luis, especially after the priest's words. He couldn't wait for him to come back.


Luis opened the door to his room, rushing inside. He stopped and just stared at the beautiful boy who sat on the bed, smiling and probably waiting for him.

"Fuck!" He swore, making his way to the bed. He had always known since day one that Aidan was really beautiful but...that time he was looking really lovely. He was looking breathtakingly beautiful. His whole body was glowing and everything about him was amazing. Fuck! He was really beautiful.

"You are beautiful," Luis finally spoke, getting lost in the eyes of the boy. "You really are beautiful."

"Thank you." Aidan blushed, moving his eyes away.

"Don't..." Luis breathed, holding Aidan's head. He sat next to Aidan and brought his head forth, looking deep in his eyes. "You are wonderful, my love. I think I was blind not to have seen you." He teased, passing his finger on Aidan's lips. "Thank you so much."

"For what?" Aidan asked.

"For everything," Luis said simply, giving Aidan a killer smile. "I will never stop thanking you for as long as I live. You have really changed my life today."

Aidan just smiled without saying a word. He never lost that wonderful smile that was on his face. He loved how his body felt whenever Luis told him something beautiful. It was just amazing. They both stayed like that, staring at each other and getting closer to each other. Before they knew it, they were kissing passionately, enjoying each other's mouths. They just couldn't get enough of each other. After that long and passionate kiss, they came up for a much needed air.

"I think you should go and take a bath." Luis breathed, brushing his nose on Aidan's. "You must be feeling really tired."

"What about you?" Aidan asked, licking his lips sensually. "Don't you want to take a bath?"

"Maybe later," he said with a note of relief. "Right now I will go and fix us something for dinner."

"You cook?" Aidan sounded surprised. "I didn't know you can cook."

"No!" Luis chuckled. "I will just seek granny's help with something."

"Won't that be..."

"No!" He gulped. "Just go and take a bath. I will make sure that you find something scrumptious when you return."

"Okay." Aidan said.

They kissed one final time before Aidan went to take a bath and Luis went to cook, literally. Aidan had probably the most memorable and long shower. He was really happy that he kept on smiling and remembering everything that had happened that day. Having sex with Luis days ago didn't seem bad anymore. In fact, it felt normal and he liked the way he felt.

When he came out of the shower, he had a really delicious dinner together with Luis. After that, Luis took a shower while Aidan rested on the bed. Luis came back minutes later in his pajamas. Reaching the bed, he slipped under the covers and kissed Aidan's lips once again. He just wanted more and more. Both guys were really tired that night. They had probably had the longest day of their lives but it turned out beautiful. It was even the first time they were gonna be sleeping romantically close to each other.

Luis had Aidan's head pressed on his chest. It felt so good to have him on his chest for the first time. He wrapped his arms tightly around him and breathed. He was calm and just wanted Aidan like that. He never wanted anything more.

"I love you." Luis planted a kiss on Aidan's head.

"I love you too." Aidan responded, burying his head deeper into Luis' chest. He was extremely happy. Being on someone's chest had never felt better than it did at that time.

Luis held Aidan tighter and planted another kiss on him. Both guys were really happy. In no time at all, they were fast asleep in each other's arms. But even in sleep, they didn't lose those wonderful smiles on their faces.

And so it begins...

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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I'm happy for Aidan, but to be honest it pisses me off that Luis still ended up getting what he wanted. He doesn't deserve Aidan. But, his change of heart seems sincere, so I guess I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

I wonder how Aidan's new powers will come into play later, very intriguing.

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2 minutes ago, CLJobe said:

I guess what they say about love is true. Love conquers all

It definitely does. What's meant to be will always be 😆😆😆

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21 minutes ago, Liza said:

I can't wait for the next chapter  I really love your story 

I'm really humbled.  Thanks a lot

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Aidan should have made Luis suffer more! 

Would have wanted to see Luis beg him for day! 😂😂😂

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I love Luis’ change of heart yet I’m worried that if/when he learns about Aidan’s abilities he’ll begin to doubt his feelings as he may start to think Aidan bewitched him. Hopefully that won’t happen as it will surely break Aidan’s heart.

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