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Unbroken - 13. Chapter 13: A new beginning for Aidan and Luis. But at what cost?

Aidan came walking down the stairs slowly, taking step by step. He seemed really lost, thinking about everything that had been happening in his life. He was really confused and he failed to understand any of the things that had happened to him. His face was sweaty...his heart was pounding in his chest...his body was quivering. There was a powerful but small vibration that took control of his body. He couldn't understand a thing. He was really weak...he was vulnerable...he was frozen.

“You are pregnant...” Justin's words rang through his mind. “You are six weeks pregnant.”

Hearing those words ringing in his brain, Aidan moved his trembling hand and rested it on his tummy, slowly rubbing on it. He swore he could feel it, his pregnancy. He could feel the energy surrounding him. There was a life growing inside of him. There was a baby, Luis' baby growing inside of him.

“How did it happen?” He thought as more tears accumulated in his eyes. “How could I be pregnant, a man...” He couldn't understand anything. There was no logical explanation for what was happening to him.

‘Vows are meant to be broken.’ Luis' voice sounded in his brain. ‘How do I even know if you didn't cast a spell on me?”

Aidan was in pain and torture as he made his way down those stairs. Everything that had happened to him came rushing to him. Everything that he had been trying to bury came rushing to the surface. He felt as if hot needles were piercing his very own skin, causing him nothing but pure pain. He wanted to cry but he was surprised he couldn't do it. Everything wasn't making any sense.

“You are pregnant...”

The more he heard Justin's words, the weaker he became. He was really weak that he was trembling. No wonder he had been feeling strange. No wonder he was constantly hungry. No wonder he was feeling like that. It was also the reason why he craved for bitter fruits.

The pain, the torture, the harsh words...his betrayal, everything came back to him and just made him weaker. There were a lot of tears in his eyes that he couldn't even see clearly. In fact, he was just walking without even realizing where he was stepping. He was lost in thought. He was not even aware of his environment.

Aidan finally came down the stairs, slowly walking to the living room. He was so lost in thought that he didn't even realize that his family had noticed his mood and stood up, looking at each other. They seemed really worried and couldn't understand why his mood had suddenly changed like that. He was really unhappy with the news that he had found out.

“Aidan...” Granny called worriedly, getting him out of his thoughts.

Aidan moved his eyes forward, staring at the old woman and his brother. They seemed worried and he could feel it. Many shivers were running down his spine, making his body quiver and shiver with fear and other emotions that he couldn't understand. A myriad of emotions took control of his body right then.

Even as he stood right in front of his family, he couldn't say or do a thing. He just stared at them while drowning in his own pain and anguish. Tears kept on accumulating in his eyes. He couldn't even speak. Each breath he made felt like fire burning him.

“Aidan, what's wrong?” Ethan gulped, getting closer to him. “Why do you look like that?”

“Please,” Granny quavered. “You are scaring us. Is there anything wrong with you? Please. Tell us what your problem is.”

Hearing her question, Aidan opened his mouth to speak but no word came out of his mouth. Not even a single sound came out of his mouth. His lips shook terribly and he was visibly trembling, making Ethan and granny even more worried.

“Aidan...” Ethan quavered. “What seems to be the problem?”

Aidan tried to speak again but the pain was just too much. So many words were ringing through his brain that he had no idea what to say or feel. He even had no idea what they were gonna think of him or how their reaction was gonna be.

Aidan figured he didn't need to be there. He needed to be alone. He needed to think. He needed to shout. He needed to yell. He needed to wake up from that nightmare which had come into his life. It was hurting him a lot. He didn't know how he was gonna be. But he needed to get out of there as soon as possible.

Taking a deep breath, tears poured down his face. Millions of tears that made him feel even worse the pain that he was feeling at that time. With one final look at his family, Aidan made a quick turn and started running towards the door.

“Aidan...” Ethan called. He was worried but Aidan just kept on going. As he neared the door, it opened wide and he got out, shutting it close.

“Aidan...” Ethan called his name, following him behind. When he opened the door, Aidan was gone. He was nowhere to be seen. He was supposed to see him because he had just been behind him but there was no sign of him anywhere.

Ethan got out and checked the entire castle ground but there was no sign of his brother. He had disappeared into thin air. He did careful search but he couldn't see him. He was gone. By the time he came into the castle he was panting and he was sweating. He was even panicking, worried sick for his brother and wondering where he had gone.

“Where is he?” Granny gasped, rushing towards him as soon as she saw him. “Did you find him?”

Ethan nodded in disagreement. “I didn't find him. I didn't even see him.”

“My grandson.” Granny quavered, sitting back on the couch while trembling in fear. “I wonder what's wrong with him. He couldn't even speak to me, his own grandmother. I am really worried Ethan...” She suppressed her tears. “Where could he have gone? I don't even know what's wrong with him. With the way that he was looking like...” She was panicking, moving her head from side to side. “What if he does something to himself or...I wonder where he has gone?”

Ethan wanted to comfort his granny. God knows he did want to do that but he couldn't do it even if he wanted to. He was in no condition to comfort anyone because he too was really worried about his beautiful brother. He was worried something might happen to his brother. It was making him worried sick. He was trembling in fear.

“I don't know...” Ethan said as he sat on the arm of the couch. “I didn't like the way he was. But...” he remembered what had happened. “He became like that when he went with Justin. Yes!”

Granny quickly got up. “Maybe he knows the reason why he is like that.” She exclaimed. “Please. Let's go and ask him. I need to know what's wrong with my grandson.”


As Ethan and Granny were about to take a step they saw Justin coming down the stairs with a confused expression on his face. Both of them looked at each other before rushing towards him. Their hearts were pounding in their chests, threatening to rip out. Their nerves were getting the best of them but they knew they weren't gonna rest until they found out what was really wrong with their beloved prince. It was nerve wrecking.

“Justin...” Ethan gasped. “Please...”

“Where is Aidan?” Justin asked as he looked around the living room. “Didn't he come here? I will go and see him.” He turned to leave but Ethan gripped his arm and then turned him around.

“He ran off...we don't know where.” Ethan breathed nervously. “He had just rushed past us and then left. I tried to follow him but I think he disappeared or something. I couldn't spot him anywhere. He is gone. He seemed really lost and confused. He was about to cry. I am really worried. Do you know exactly where he has gone or what had happened?”

“Please.” Granny put her hands together, pleading. “We really need to see him, please, my son. He wasn't even looking good.”

Justin got worried once he heard about Aidan. “Oh my God,” he sighed, rubbing on his head. “I shouldn't have left him all alone. It's probably...”

“What are you talking about?” Ethan asked, trying to get what Justin was trying to tell him. “Do you actually know what had happened to him?” He was really hoping for it to be true.

“Yes!” He nodded in agreement. “I know what had happened to him.” he sighed. “I think I might have...”

“Please.” Granny pleaded. “What is wrong with him?”

Justin took a really deep sigh. “Well, I don't even know how to tell you this.” He cleared his throat. “But the truth is that Aidan wasn't feeling too good. He was constantly feeling dizzy and nauseous. I did some tests on him but couldn't find any disease on hi so...” he gave a gloomy sigh. “I conducted more tests on him. And...” He paused without saying anything further.

“And?” Granny raised her eyebrow.

“He's pregnant...” Justin said simply. “He is six weeks pregnant.”

There was a moment of silence when Justin told the family that. They just stared at him without uttering any word to him. They seemed surprised and they trembled.

“What?” Granny's voice was trembling. “That isn't possible. He is a man. He cannot get pregnant. That is really impossible.”

“Yeah...” Ethan nodded. “We all know that...”

“I thought so too.” Justin exhaled loudly, getting his nerves calm. “But he is not an ordinary boy and you know that. He is pregnant and that's the truth. I might need to conduct more tests just to be sure but he is very much pregnant.”

Granny felt really weak. She couldn't even breathe normally. “My poor grandson. I wonder what he is passing through right now. He is probably devastated and...” She sighed. “...I don't even know what he is going to do. What if he harms himself in the process?”

“I don't think that is ever going to happen.” Ethan said in a panic voice. “I know how my brother is. If he had overcome the pain and torture he had been through...then this is nothing to him. It seems impossible but...”

“He's right...” Justin said as he tried to sound as confident as he could. “In the few weeks that I have been staying with him, he has always been fierce and strong. He can't do anything to himself over something as...”

“It's bigger than you both think.” Granny said. “Being pregnant is the best thing that can ever happen to someone. I am sure he would have been the happiest person to have found that he is pregnant. He would have been the luckiest person because he would have provided an heir. But we are talking about something else here.” She breathed. She was really nervous. “Aidan is not with Luis anymore. Luis had hurt him so much that he didn't want to do anything with him on this earth. He has tried to forget about everything but now...everything has come back to him.” She sobbed, suppressing her tears. She didn't want to cry.

“He is pregnant for a man who betrayed him and hurt him. Only God knows what he is passing through right now.” She quickly moved closer to Justin and Ethan. “I need to find him. He needs me. He needs his family in situations like this.”

“It's that bad...” Justin nodded. “I always knew he had a really bad past with his kingdom but I never thought it was that bad.”

“Please.” Ethan said in a panic voice. “We really need to find him. We must find out where exactly he is. Please.”

“I think I might know where he is.” Justin gulped. “Come with me.”

Without wasting any more time, the three of them rushed out of the castle. They were just hoping to find Aidan near the castle or just find him.


Aidan appeared near the sea shore, screaming his lungs out, trying to get his pain out. His head was pulsing...his breaths were short and harsh...his heart was pounding unlike before. The pain was just too much to bear.

“No!” He cried, screaming at the top of his voice. “No...”

As he screamed at the top of his voice, there was a sudden rumbling of the wind. The ocean waves intensified and roared unlike before. The cool breeze which was hitting his face felt really hot to him even though it was cold. His body felt hot and cold at the same time. He clenched his fists and just screamed as hard as he could.

“No...” he cried.

Aidan breathed in deeply and then started running towards the sea while breathing in harshly. The wind got out of control and so did the waves. His heart was about to break into pieces. Things were getting out of control. He just didn't know how to be calm anymore. Everything was just getting out control. It was really painful.

Aidan ran as fast as he could until he reached the shore. He had nothing on his feet so he could feel the water on his feet.

“Why?” he cried at the top of his voice, kneeling down on the shore. There was little water there. “Why did this happen to me?” No tears were coming out but they had built in his eyes. Every pain in this world was on him. He felt like a huge burden had just been put on top of his little head. He felt as if someone had just slit his throat.

“Please.” He felt weak. He put his hands on his thighs, sitting on the shore. That was when he felt hot tears flooding his face. A million tears were already on his face, making him feel the pain unlike anything that he had ever felt before. He was feeling as if someone had just killed his heart. It was painful.

“Why did this happen?” He cried, feeling tears reaching his chin. “Why did the almighty decide to do this to me? I can't take this.” He wailed. “This is really too much for me to bear.” He moved his hands up and hit them on the sand. The waves roared and blew back with the wind. “Why?” He hit the ground again, creating even more land as the water was pushed backwards by a really powerful invisible force. “Why is this happening to me?”

Aidan hit the sand severally, trying to get rid of the pain and anger that he felt. But he just got weaker with everything that he did at that very time. He didn't know what to do anymore. The pain and anger was getting stronger by the second, weakening him. With a final stamp on the sand, he just gave up and started crying.

“Why...” He gave a weak cry.

Aidan was so lost in his pain that he didn't even see the water was coming at high speed, heading towards him. Even if he had seen it...he couldn't have cared less because the pain that he was experiencing was already too much for him to bear. If only he could do something to reverse the past but his hands were tied. He was weak and he couldn't do anything.

The water came with such power, heading for him. Reaching him, it covered all over where he was seated but it didn't make him wet. Rather it surrounded him into a ball and then died down without even making touching him. The water went back to being normal but he could feel it on his feet. He could feel it with each wave that it made. He was really in pain.

Aidan moved his hands to the sand while dropping his eyes as he went on a journey of thoughts. God knows he had never cried as much as he did at that time. There were so many words ringing in his mind. All those words were only inflicting deep wounds on him. They were hurting him emotionally and physically. Never in his life had he ever thought he would cry that before. His head was hurting terribly and he couldn't just do a thing.

“You cast a spell on me.” Luis' words pierced through his skin. “You are a warlock. You...”

“No...” Aidan screamed, moving his hands up. He hit them on the ground with such force. The water beneath him instantly froze once his hands touched it. He cried even more and hit the ground once again. The ice extended for about a meter or two. He was really angry and scared.

Aidan was trembling he screamed for what felt hours before he finally gave up and just started crying his pain out. He just sat there and cried while reliving every painful moment of his life. His body felt weak and he couldn't anything but cry.

“Is this my punishment or what?” he cried softly, feeling the tears now going down his neck. “Why should pass through all this? I...I shouldn't be experiencing something like this. I shouldn't be experiencing it all.”

Aidan just gave up and started crying. He was defeated where he sat and couldn't a thing. He had lost. After trying so hard to forget about Luis...it was all in vain. The child in him was a part of him that was Luis' blood that he couldn't deny.

Aidan couldn't a thing but just cry. He was in so much pain.


“Where could he be?” Granny panicked. “We've searched everywhere and still no sign of him. Where could my grandson be? I am really worried right now. What if...”

“No...” Justin said. “We have looked everywhere except one place.” He said as he hoped for what he was actually thinking to be true.

“Where?” Ethan asked.

“The beach...actually, I have often seen him go to the right side of the beach. I think he might be there.” Justin was hoping that what he was telling Aidan's family was actually the truth. He was hoping Aidan was right there.

“Let's go.” Ethan said impatiently. “We cannot waste any more time. The earlier we find out where Aidan is the better it will be for all of us. We must find out how he is doing. I am actually really worried right now that I am only seconds away from crying.”

They all agreed and started rushing to the right side, walking on the shore while scanning the whole place. They didn't even walk that far and they saw him seated on the shore. From the state of things...the ice he was seated on and the ice about two meters away from him, they knew things weren't good for their lovely boy.

Seeing him in such a state, they rushed to him and found him crying. He was really looking so pitiful and his tears were too much for them to handle. Ethan dropped and then held him tighter bringing him closer to his chest while trying to make him calm. He was rubbing on his back, praying and hoping that whatever he was doing was gonna help his brother out of the mood that he was in. He just wanted to make him feel better.

Granny knelt down and then rubbed his back. Aidan cried even more when he saw that his family had come. They had probably come to know from Justin since he was with them. Sobbing painfully, Aidan wrapped his arms around his brother's waist and buried his head deeper into his chest. He felt at least better that his family was there for him. He couldn't have wished for anything more than that.

“Shh...” Ethan whispered, rubbing on his back. “Stop crying. It's really okay. We are all here for you okay? You don't have to feel bad.”

“How could I be...pregnant...” He said in between sobs. “How could I...”

“Shh...your brother is here. I won't ever leave you okay? I will always be with you. I know, please...don't break my heart okay?”

“Ethan is right,” Granny sighed. “We are here for you. You don't have to worry about anything.” She gripped him and they held him together with Ethan.

Aidan couldn't understand why he was still hurting even after those words of encouragement from his family. But he was glad they were there to make him feel better. He didn't know what he would have done had he been living alone. Things would have gotten bad for him. But he was glad his family was there for him in that time.

Aidan just sat there and cried while being soothed by his family. He cried for over an hour but he eventually stopped when the pain subsided. His head was hurting...his mind was frozen...his eyes were red and swollen...his heart was bleeding. He felt really weak and defeated. Things were really going really bad for him. He had no idea what he was gonna do to make things better again.

Ethan was really broken by just seeing his brother like that. He couldn't help but shed a tear or two while soothing him and trying to make him calm. His brother had been impregnated by a stupid coward of a prince. He hadn't expected that from him. And here he had been thinking men never got pregnant but his brother was really carrying Luis' blood inside of him. He was carrying an heir to Angria throne. He understood him very much. But he didn't hate the baby at all. He just hated what Luis had done to his poor and young brother.
“Come on...” Ethan sobbed, helping his young brother up. “Let's go back to the castle. We need to forget about all this sorrow.”

“Ethan is right.” Justin said. “This is not good for the baby growing inside of you okay? You don't have to be like that for the sake of the baby.”

Aidan rubbed his tears but they came right back. He nodded and then started walking slowly to the castle with the guidance of Ethan and Justin. He was really weak that he couldn't even move properly. The next thing he felt were strong arms wrapping around his neck and then his legs. He was lifted from the ground and carefully held.

When he moved his eyes to stare into the person that had lifted him, he just looked straight into Justin's eyes. Justin had lifted him. “We need to move faster.” Justin said to him. “Hold on tight.”

Aidan held on tightly to Justin and just allowed him to take him. Justin was really strong. He was really, really strong. Aidan really appreciated him for that.


“Here...” Justin offered him a pill. “This will make you feel better.”

“What is this?” he asked in a soft voice. “What is this for?”

“It's a pain killer.” Justin said. He was kneeling down in front of Aidan. Aidan was seated on the couch together with granny and Ethan. “Come on.” He gestured.

Aidan slowly took the pill and had it with a glass of water. He put the glass on the table and took a deep breath so as to get rid of his nerves. He sat back and then removed his t-shirt, exposing his belly for everyone to see. He slowly moved his hands and rubbed on his belly. He could already feel the child inside of him. What he didn't know was how he hadn't realized it yet. But all the while, he was pregnant and no matter what...he was just gonna be pregnant. There was nothing to do.

“I can make another test just to be sure.” Justin said softly. “We are not really...”

“There is no need for that.” Aidan said softly. “I can feel it. I can feel the baby inside of me.”

Justin couldn't say anything anymore. He didn't even know what he was gonna say.

“Are you okay?” Ethan passed his fingers through Aidan's hair. “Are you feeling better now?”

Hearing his brother's question, Aidan moved his eyes and then stared at him. Then he gave a bitter chuckle, nodding his head. He moved his eyes to his belly and slowly rubbed on it.

“Am I okay?” He chuckled bitterly. Tears started forming in his eyes. “When Luis had hurt me so much...” He sobbed. “I thought that was the end for me. I was so lost...I was devastated. I thought my life had ended right then but...” he moved his eyes up and rubbed the tear that had made its way to his face. “I gathered my courage and strength. I decided to forget about my past and just move on. My life never revolved around Luis.” He sighed.

“It worked. It really worked just like I had hoped for. I forgot about Luis and found my happiness once again even though the pain was just too much to bear. I forgot about him.”

“Aidan...” Granny called softly but he wasn't stopping.

“It did happen. Our bond was broken. I never wanted to do anything with him even though there was still love for him inside of me.” He sobbed. “I vowed that nothing would ever mend the broken bond that Luis and I have. I vowed and I hoped that nothing would definitely mend that bond.” He cried softly, rubbing his tears. “But I was wrong. The almighty had his plans. Now my bond with Luis has just been mended. This child that I am carrying has mended that bond. They say a child makes the bond stronger between parents.” He chuckled, rubbing his tears off. “He had hurt me...he had not trusted me...he broke all the vows...he even broke my heart and my strength...but...” He slightly closed his eyes. “He also got me pregnant. I am carrying Luis' child inside of me, granny.”

Granny wanted to cry for her grandson but she had to be strong for him. She couldn't break down because that would make him feel really bad.

“Please, Aidan...”

“He threw me out of his life.” He continued. “I swore nothing was gonna link me to Luis again. But the almighty had other plans for me. He got me pregnant and now I am carrying his child. I have his child inside of me.” He chuckled bitterly rubbing another tear. “I never even thought that men could even get pregnant. But here I am, a pregnant man, granny.” He sighed. “He got me pregnant and he abandoned me all alone.”

“So...” Granny tried to sound confident. “What do you plan on doing?”

Aidan stared at his granny and then continued rubbing on his belly. “I will be honest with you, granny.” He sobbed. “When I found out I was pregnant...I felt like I had died. It was like my past caught up with me. It came rushing towards me. I cried a lot because no matter what...this baby will always connect me and Luis. This baby will connect me to him whether I like it or not.” He sighed. “When I heard that I was pregnant for him...all the pain and the anger came back. I wanted to vent it out. I wanted to die but I couldn't do so because...there is nothing that I can do.

Luis' words were painful. He regretted having anything to do with me. He regretted falling in love with me. He regretted meeting me. He broke our vows and it was almost like our marriage broke too.”

“So are you gonna...”

“I am gonna keep my baby.” He smiled in his pain. “I am gonna raise it and love it like nothing else on this earth. I am gonna show it my complete love even without Luis. The almighty has decided to give me a child. Who am I to reject his will?”

“You are right...” Granny sighed, moving closer to him. “It is really painful but your child is the most important thing to you. I know that it will be lucky to have you for a father.”

Aidan raised his face and tears followed in. He stared at his granny without having any knowledge of what to say to her to her again. He dropped his eyes and then rubbed his tears. Things had just started for him. He had no idea what he was gonna but all knew was that he was going to be a daddy.

Aidan rubbed faster on his tummy and smiled as brightly as he could. “Luis left me...but I don't need him. My feelings for him won't change. This child won't ever change the fact that he had hurt me terribly. It won't change the fact that...my own husband didn't even trust me for once. I will raise my own child. I will make him happy and I will provide him with everything that I can. He will never luck anything in the world. I don't care that Luis is the father. It won't change anything.”

Ethan got really close to him. “I am really happy that you have decided to just forget about that jerk. Your child won't need a father as stupid as him...I will be his father. I will provide it with all the love from a father. You won't have to worry about anything else. Your child will be my child.”

Hearing his brother's statement, Aidan's tears came pouring down. He really got emotional with those words.

“Thank you so much.” He rubbed his tears. “That really means a lot to me. Any child will be lucky to have a father like you. My baby will be the luckiest baby in the whole wide world.”

“Oh...” Ethan pulled Aidan into a great big hug that felt really beautiful. He loved his brother a lot and didn't like to see him crying. He got hurt each time he saw him crying like that. All he wanted was to see him really happy. “Shh...I want you to stop crying okay?”

Aidan nodded as he pulled away from his brother. He had no idea why his brother was that sweet. Pulling away from the hug, his brother planted a hot kiss on his cheeks and then kissed all over his hands.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

“Now I want you to be happy okay?” Ethan said, rubbing his cheeks. “Don't ever let this make you sad or break you okay? He is a fool for letting someone like you go. He will regret his decision when he finally realizes the truth.”

“Yes!” Aidan turned to granny when he heard her voice. “Ethan is absolutely right. There is no need to cry for something like that. It wasn't all that bad. You will have your little bundle of joy in a few months from now. Then we will be able to see who the fool really is.”

Aidan got emotional that he hugged granny tightly. He loved the old woman big time. She always made him feel better when he was about to give up. For that...he thanked the almighty for sending such a great woman to be a part of his life. He loved her big time and nothing was gonna change. It was all gonna be beautiful.

“Thank you so much.” Aidan said, suppressing his tears. “All of you are the best things to have ever happened to me. I know of your great love for me and I thank you.” He rubbed his tears off. Even though he was talking like that...he was really hurting and the pain was just too much. But he knew better than to make his family worried. They didn't need any more stress. They had passed through a lot already and he didn't want to add to that.

“I will not allow this to break me.” He vowed. “I will stand strong for myself and for the child that I am carrying. Nothing will ever break me or my spirit. I know I am stronger than this.” He stared at his belly and rubbed his tummy. He at least felt better that he was carrying a baby inside of him. He was really happy to know that he was gonna be giving life.

If only he could reach his tummy. He would kiss it for the rest of his life or until the baby was born. “This child will grow up to be great. He will not need a stupid father and weak father. He will stay here with all of us. I know my child will bring me a lot of happiness. Luis can go to hell. Let him live his life and I will live mine.”

Aidan was happy and at the same time he was hurting deeply. But one thing he couldn't deny was that after all that pain and anger, he loved the baby which was growing inside of him. At first he had thought that his life was over with that child. But he was wrong...his life had just began.

As he rubbed on his tummy, Ethan rubbed on it too and so did granny. Even though his eyes were swollen, he was able to cry even more. But after some time he was okay and he just sat calmly, hiding his pain. He still couldn't get rid of the words which Luis had told him about their relationship. Even though their relationship was over and Luis called it fake, Aidan was carrying a baby in him. That child was not a mistake and it was never gonna be a mistake. It was the greatest joy that he was ever gonna experience. Throughout that child's growth, he was just gonna forget about Luis. He had done it before and he was gonna do it again. He was gonna be happy and he was gonna make that experience to be great.

“Alright,” Justin said. “Now that we have confirmed that you are pregnant...I should start the regular checkup. I need to be examining you. We also don't know where you are carrying the baby.”

“Yeah...” He rubbed his tears. “You are absolutely right, Justin. Just tell me what to do. I am ready to start any examination for the safety of my baby.”

Ethan and granny were happy and they were relieved that Aidan had accepted the baby and not hate on it like others would do. He had accepted it and that was the most important thing to them. They loved Aidan so much.

“I might need to do some regular checkups on you and your baby.” Justin said. “We need to make one of the rooms just for that. However, I might need to travel just to get some equipment.”

“Don't worry,” Aidan rubbed a tear. “I will be able to handle that.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Aidan nodded.

“Okay.” Justin smiled brightly. “I am really glad you are taking this well. I know that you have passed through a lot but...” He gestured. “You are really great. You've shown so much love for your child despite knowing how you were treated. You will be a great dad.”

“Thanks...” Aidan said softly, giving a faint smile.

The rest of the afternoon went absolutely fine for Aidan. He couldn't remove his hand from his belly. He just rubbed on it, smiling from time to time and crying from time to time. He was experiencing emotional pain as much as he was experiencing immense joy.

Aidan felt really tired and with his swollen eyes, he needed a real bath for real. After 3.pm, Aidan excused himself and went to his room. Reaching his room, he entered the Jacuzzi to massage his body. In the Jacuzzi, Aidan cried some more. He cried even harder. The pain of his reliving those moments was just too much for him. He couldn't handle.

Aidan knew he had to cry it out as other people say it helps. He just needed to forget about his sorrows and pain. He needed to forget about all the insults and names he had been called. It really helped him out and after what felt like eternity, he took a hot shower that equally helped massage his body.

By the time he came out he was feeling better. His eyes were no longer swollen. He felt refreshed and he was able to just think clearly. For the first time since morning, he was able to feel genuinely better. His heart beat rhythmically as he thought about the child that he was gonna have in a few months. He was happy to know that everything was gonna be beautiful.

Aidan came out of the bathroom naked and toweling his hair. Reaching his room, he dropped the towel to the floor and tied his hair using a band. Then he applied lotion and started moving around. When he reached the mirror and saw his image, he stopped and just stood still, examining himself in the mirror.

He was still perfect. He was still good looking. He was still really sexy. He was still hot. He scanned his whole body, scanning each and every part. When he reached his belly, he stood still and stared at it. Then he slowly brought his hand and rubbed his belly.

Aidan gave a really wonderful smile when his hands carefully rubbed on his belly. His belly wasn't gonna be the same anymore. It was gonna start growing in just a month. It was gonna start showing and in no time his tummy was gonna be huge. His baby bump was gonna be huge and soon the baby was gonna be kicking.

Rubbing on his belly, Aidan could feel his baby. He had no idea how he could do that but he could feel it inside of him. It was a part of him and he wasn't gonna regret carrying that baby. That baby was gonna be his strength and his will to carry on. He was gonna love it like crazy.

“I love you so much.” Aidan whispered. “I don't blame you for anything that has happened.”

Aidan took a deep breath and then went to get dressed in the room on his room. He wasn't in the mood to use his magic. Reaching the room, he picked a black trouser, yellow t-shirt and orange sandals that made him look good or so he thought. He felt really happy and he knew that his happy days were still gonna come.

After dressing up, Aidan got some confidence and then went down stairs to his family. He found them in the living room with Justin talking and laughing among one another. He joined them and even though he was still very much in thought, he did his very best and talked with them. He knew they were trying to make him feel better so he had to comply with them and make them happy as well.

The remaining few hours was really beautiful for Aidan. He just forgot about his troubles and concentrated on his family. They did all that they could to make him better and it worked. He laughed at their jokes and then talked with them too. The whole time he had his hand on his belly, just rubbing on it while day dreaming about how he was gonna look with a huge baby bump. He also thanked the almighty for his family and everything that he was doing in his life.

That evening they had a wonderful family dinner together and Aidan ate unlike before. Things had gone from worst to best. The day turned out to beautiful after all. He couldn't have wished for a better day than he had.

After a bit of chatting with granny, Aidan retired to his room. He was sleeping alone that day and he was glad he did. He was really tired but he couldn't help but think about his life once again. No matter what happened to him he was not gonna break. That child was gonna be his strength. He was gonna love it unconditionally even though Luis was the one that had impregnated him.

“I will love you, my child.” He said, rubbing his belly. “I will love you unconditionally. I will provide you with everything that you need, my love. We don't need anybody.”

Aidan rubbed the tear which made its way to his cheek. He smiled brightly and then took a deep breath, focusing on the positive energy. He was still the same person despite the major changes. He was still unbroken and he was gonna remain so. He didn't care about anything.

Aidan promised not to cry for anything in this world. Sure, the pain had come but he didn't care anymore. Nothing was gonna change. It was gonna remain like that. He was gonna be the same Aidan. He was gonna be unbroken.

“Goodnight...” He breathed softly.

Aidan slipped the covers on top of himself and then breathed in. He made a quick turn and in no time...he was fast asleep. He was really tired. It had been a tiresome day for him and no wonder he just drifted off to sleep.


“You don't really mean that, do you?” Charles gasped.

Luis nodded in agreement. “I am really serious. I can't lie to you.”

“And you say that he actually...”

“Everything...” Luis sighed, still remembering what had happened. “The truth is that I don't want to think about what had happened.”

Luis was in his room telling Charles about what had happened in the palace when Aidan had suddenly appeared to them. He didn't like talking about it but...he never hid anything from his friend so he had to do it even if it meant reliving each and every moment. His friend had to know what was happening to him in the palace.



“Nothing,” Charles sighed. “I am just stunned with the story that you have told me. It's almost unbelievable. But are you okay?”

Luis moved his eyes forward and stared at his friend. “What do you mean by all that?”

“I mean...are you okay with everything that had happened? You seem a little down. Besides, you told me that he said he will never come back here. Shouldn't you be happy? It's been five days since that incident right? I think you should...”

“What makes you say that?”

“How long have we been friends?” Charles shrugged, raising his eyebrow at Luis.


“Just say...” He said simply. “I wanna hear it from you. Please.”

Luis breathed in deeply. “Since childhood,”

“Great...” Charles chuckled. “That means that I know you better than you know yourself. We are like brothers.”

“You are right...” Luis sighed, opening his eyes a little wider. “It's been three days since he came here. He took his family away and he said he is never coming back here. But the truth is...” He paused and looked deep in his friend's eyes. He didn't know how his friend's reaction was gonna be. “...seeing him again brought back what I thought I had buried. I was a little hurt when I saw that he didn't have any of the things that I gave to him and the things that he left with.”

Charles couldn't believe what his friend was saying. “You are supposed to be happy. Nothing will connect you to him anymore. Just live your life to the fullest okay? Enjoy it while you are still a prince. When you become king, you will not have the pleasure of having fun. It will always be meeting from meeting.”

“I guess you are right.” Luis said softly. “I shouldn't have such matters bother me. He is gone and that's what's important to me. I will forget about him and everything that binds us together. I will do all I can to bury what I feel. But the truth is that...”

“You still love him?” Charles chimed, staring at his friend.

“No!” Luis said simply. “I don't even know what I feel anymore. What I know is that he betrayed me. He is nothing but a warlock. He killed the priest of the king and granny survived by luck. All that is because of him,”
“You are right,” Charles moved a little closer to him. “But there is something that I have wanted to ask you. I just don't know how your reaction will be. I don't even know if you will be mad at me but this question has been in my mind for quite some time.”

“What is it?” Luis asked, trying his best to give his friend a faint smile. “You know you can ask me anything.”

Charles chuckled nervously and then took a deep breath. He didn't know how his friend's reaction was gonna be. But he was gonna ask him.

“Have you ever thought about him being innocent?” He spoke so softly. “What if that poor boy is innocent? What are you going...”

“You too...” Luis furiously got up from the bed. “Please, don't ask that question. I am sick and tired of hearing that. You and I both know that he can't be innocent. We all saw that video. Why is it so difficult to understand that he is a warlock? He is nothing but a liar and a fucking warlock.”

“Luis...” Charles got up. “Look I am so sorry about all this okay? I just wanted to ask...”

“Well! Don't ask that question again. Why is it so...”

“I am really sorry,” Charles apologized. He didn't mean to ask that question and let his friend be mad at him. “Please, calm down.” He tried to touch his friend but he retaliated and took a few steps behind. “I asked you if it was okay. I was just curious to know where my friend stands in this situation. I just wanted to know if you ever think about Aidan...”

“Don't mention his name.” Luis pointed at his friend angrily. “I don't want to hear about him. He is gone forever and I don't even want to think that he exists. I only told you about him being here because you are my friend. I actually didn't want you to...”

“Luis, I thought I said I was sorry.” Charles muttered, getting closer to Luis. Reaching him, Charles got closer and gripped his shoulder. He gave it a tight squeeze and smiled as brightly as he could. “Please, forgive me for this. I love you so much and I don't want you to be mad at me. Please, forgive me. I promise I will never talk about this with you.”

Luis gave his friend a cold look and then sighed. “I really don't like this. I expected you to be on my side as...”

“I am on your side,” Charles beamed. “Look, your happiness is my first priority. You are the person that I love so much. It just hurts me to see you like this. I didn't mean to cause this to you. Please, forgive me for everything.”

“It's fine.” Luis said, rubbing on Charles' hand. “I am so sorry that I snapped at you. It's just that there is just so much in my mind right now.” He held both of his friend's hands and carefully rubbed on them. “Please. I need to forget about everything. I need to get rid of these feelings that I have. I need to forget about Aidan and his very existence. I need to forget the pain that I have inside of me. I need to forget everything.” A tear dropped to his cheek which he rubbed quickly. “There are so many things inside of me that I don't need to be there. I need them out of my head and my heart. I don't want to live in the past anymore. I just need to forget.”

Charles took a deep sigh. “I know that you are probably in so much pain right now. Believe me, I can feel your pain. You are right. You need to forget about everything for you to be better. You need to move on and just be yourself. You need to get back to the way you were.”

“Thank you.” Luis gripped his friend and pulled him into a fierce hug. “I will forget about everything. I have never failed in doing anything. This issue is nothing. I will forget.”

“That's the spirit...” Charles said as he rubbed on his back. “Just tell me when you need me and I will always be there for you. I will always be here to help you in anything that you want. I am your best friend and I will always be here...always...”

“Thank you.” He hugged Charles tighter.

Luis was still thinking about Aidan. The pain was still there and he knew it was really doing him bad. Being in the palace and constantly looking at places were Aidan had been was doing him badly. He figured there was only one way for him to get over everything. He knew what he had to do.

Pulling away from the hug, Luis held his friend's hands and then sat on the bed with him. “Maybe what I need is just a break.” He sighed.

“A break?” Charles gasped, chuckling softly.

“Yes!” He nodded. “I need a break from all this and I think I might need your help. You said that you would always be here for me and help me, right?”

“Of course,” Charles cupped Luis' hands in his. “I will always be here for you. I am ready to do anything for you. I am ready to even go to the moon just to see my friend's happy smile. I really miss the old Luis. He was back about a week ago but he is now gone.”

“I know.” Luis sighed, moving his head slightly forward. “That is why I need a break. I need to think things through. I need to be able to forget about everything. I just wanna forget and enjoy my life once again. I want to able to revive myself.”

“Just tell me what I can do to help.”

“Good...” Luis chuckled softly. Even through the pain that he was passing through, Luis had to show his friend some form of happiness. He didn't need to be always sad. He needed to show him some smiles and laughs. That was the only way he knew his friend wouldn't be too worried about him. “I will tell you later. But first...you have to stay with me the whole day okay?”

“Fine...” Charles chuckled, getting up from the bed. “Just tell me it's gonna be fun and I will stay with you for a whole year if you want.”

Luis chuckled at his friend's bright mood. He got up and nodded his head.

“You are really crazy.”

“Yeah. But I love how my craziness is able to help my friend laugh.”

“Yeah, thank you.” Luis said softly.

“Okay.” Charles chirped, stamping his foot on the floor. “So what are we gonna be doing.”

Luis chuckled and then nodded his head. “Let's go outside.”

Both Luis and Charles went to the pool just to have some fun. They sat on the chairs just enjoying their day and having some cold drinks. At least, Luis was able to get rid of some of his worries. He was just happy his friend was always there him. He really loved him a lot.


“Baby...why do you always look like this?” Henry said, cupping Hanna's cheeks. He planted a soft kiss on her and she sighed, looking deeply into his eyes. She was not her usual self. “I haven't seen you for a whole five days and now...you are here looking like...” He gestured with his eyes. “...that.”

Hanna was at Henry's house. She had only arrived a few seconds ago but her mood was not surely the same. She had a lot of thinking to do. But...she had thought coming to meet her boyfriend would somehow change her mood but it was still the same.

“He came back.” She simply said, taking a gloomy sigh. “He came back five days ago.”

“Who?” Henry sounded really confused. He couldn't quite understand her.

“Aidan!” Hanna exclaimed. “He appeared in the palace five days ago and he...”

“Oh my God,” Henry gasped, getting closer to her. “Did he hurt you or...”

“No!” Hanna hollered. “I don't think Aidan can do that. He can't hurt me or my family.”

“Honey, he is a warlock.” Henry said, rubbing on Hanna's hands. “He doesn't care who hurts or what he does. He can hurt anyone in his path.”

“Yeah,” Hanna sighed. “But he only came for his family. He took them and then he disappeared in thin air.” She sounded really sad. “But you should have seen the way he was looking like. He was sparkling with diamonds. He had shimmering diamond clothes and a huge diamond crown on his head. I have never seen anyone look like that before. He was elegant. He was looking like a real king. He also said something about having his own kingdom. I don't know...”

“He is a warlock.” Henry pointed out. “He killed the priest, remember. If I can also remember, he tried to kill your grandmother. She only survived by luck. He was also after the throne...”

“I know I should hate him right now but I can't.” Hanna said. “I hated that boy with passion but once I finally gave him a chance...I had a great bond with him that I failed to break up to now. I can't find myself hating him even though I saw what he did. Somehow, I can feel that he is...”

“Honey,” Henry pulled Hanna close to him. “Don't trust him too much. I know he contributed to our relationship but he was probably pretending just to get everyone's trust. He just needed to execute his plans without anyone ever finding out about it. You heard he wanted to kill everyone so that he could get to the throne.”

“You are right,” Hanna got up and turned her back to him. She then crossed her arms on her chest and turned to face him. “We heard he wanted the throne but from what I see, he is really powerful right now. If he wanted the throne then...”

“I know you still love him.” Henry got up and gripped her waist, bringing her closer to him. “Don't stress over that, my love. You should forget about him. Think of your brother for instance and how he is doing.”

“He's not doing okay.” Hanna said softly. “He is one of the reasons why I am like this. He's been through a lot recently. Things are not favoring him. I can't imagine myself in his shoes. It is just too much for him to handle alone.”

“Too bad...” Henry sighed. “All this is because of him. He should pay for causing that to the crown prince. He should pay dearly for it. He is the reason why the royal family is like this in the first place. If you ask me...I don't think he deserves anyone's love.”

“What if he's innocent like he said he is?”

“He is not, trust me.” He planted a kiss on her lips. “He is not innocent. No warlock in this world is innocent. They just prey on human beings. They demand human lives and blood. He's killed the priest already. Just thank the almighty that he didn't do anything to you or your family.”

Hanna wanted to believe what Henry had told her but she couldn't do it. She still believed there was some sort of truth to what Aidan had said.

“Behind every lie is some truth.” Hanna said. “Aidan couldn't have turned bad out of the blue. I spend almost every day of my life with him. He was really nice and...”

“Okay.” Henry chuckled. “Suppose you are right. I don't need to judge him like that. But...whatever is the truth, we must just leave it to time. I am sure if he is as innocent as you think he is...he is going to be proven right. All you have to do right now is just concentrate on your brother and his welfare okay.” He cupped her cheeks. “Now where is that smile that always makes my heart jump with joy? I haven't seen you for five days. I think I deserve a smile.”

Hearing her boyfriend's words, Hanna smiled brightly and just forgot about everything. At least when she was with her boyfriend she always felt really well. She was happy.

“There you go.” Henry chuckled, planting a hot kiss on her sweet lips. “Thanks for giving me that killer smile.”

“Anytime,” Hanna beamed.

“Okay.” Henry winked. “Now let's go out.”

Hanna smiled and then followed her boyfriend. They both went out to have fun and just romantically stay with one another. They needed to forget about everything.


Luis came down the stairs, staring straight into the living room. The entire family was there and they were actually talking even though he couldn't hear them. After Aidan had appeared in the living room, the family was not that lively anymore, or not frequently. They did things together but not like before. It was just adding to Luis' foul mood.

Taking a deep breath, Luis rushed to the living room and sat on the couch without even giving them any expression on his face. What he had come to tell them was actually really serious? He was just hoping they would understand him and agree with him even though he knew they were gonna agree with him. After all, it was all for his happiness and he knew they would do anything just to see him really happy.

“Hey son...” The king smiled brightly.

“Father,” He said softly with a serious look on his face. “I need to talk to all of you and I hope you will not be mad at me.”

The king couldn't understand what his prince was talking about. He looked at his family members and they all seemed not to know anything about what Luis was talking about. But he was gonna talk to him because he was really worried.

“Go ahead, son. What seems to be the matter?”

Luis took a really deep breath before he finally went to sit near his father. He sat close to him and stared at him, examining his face. He didn't want him to be sad or anything.

“I want to go abroad.” Luis hollered, biting his lips. “I want to get out of here for a while. I want to go away for some time.”

There was a moment of silence after Luis spoke. Everyone just looked at him without any expression. They were taken by surprise because they didn't expect that to come.

“Sure.” The king simply said. “You are welcome to go anytime you want. But...you only came back a few months ago after spending a really long time there. What influenced you to make such a decision? And why do you want to go abroad so soon?”

Luis gave a gloomy sigh. “I will not lie to you father. The truth is that I am really hurting just by being in this environment. I thought I had completely forgotten about what had happened but seeing...” Paused and closed his eyes for a second. “...all those things including the feelings that I had buried came right back to me. I can't seem to forget about it. I will not lie to you because it is what I feel inside of me. I just wanna go away from here.” He said as he felt tears building in his eyes. “I just want to forget about everything and live my life. I just wanna find myself again.”

The king was really sad after hearing what Luis had said. But he couldn't do anything to stop his son from going. “My son,” He took a really deep breath. “The only thing I want is to see you happy. I wanna see the way you were when you came back. I just wanna hear you smile and sing and...just be happy.”

“Do you have to go?” Hanna sounded really sad. “Why can't you just...”

“I have to.” Luis sighed, moving his eyes to her. “This is the only way for me to get my life back on track. I need to do this for all of us.”

“Oh...” Hanna rose from her couch and then rushed to him. Reaching him, she gripped his arms and held him tightly. She was really emotional. She loved her brother so much that she couldn't afford to let him go. She had lived almost half her life without him and now he was going away. She didn't like it at all. “I am going to miss you a lot. I can't even imagine living without you in this house.”

“Then why don't you come with me?” He pulled away from her. “We will be together and then your presence there will also help me.”

Hanna wanted to go but...

“I don't think I can come with you. I don't think Henry will even agree with me. I don't even how long we will be gone. I am so sorry.”

“It's okay.” He gave a faint smile. “Charles is going with me. He is going to accompany me. I will be back as soon as I get back to my feet. I will come back as soon as I have forgotten about everything. Being in a different environment will definitely help me. It hurts to go away once again but...I know it's for the best. I will miss all of you.”

The king got up and sat with him on the couch. He wrapped his arm around him and then held him tighter as if he was a little child, planting soft kisses on his head. He really loved his son a lot and he wanted him to get back to the way he was.

“So many things have happened. I know this is the only way for me to forget about everything. When I return, I promise I will be someone else. I will no longer be affected by all this. I will be a better son...a better brother...a better grandson and a better crown prince to my people but most of all, I will be a better person and I will find someone else to settle with. This is my promise to you father. You will see a different me.”

The king tightened his hold on his son. “I know you will son.” He muttered. “I know you will.”

With one final kiss on the head, King Julian finally let go of his son and cupped his cheeks. He planted soft kisses on both his cheeks and then let go of him. Luis could see that both his granny and his mother were really sad.

Luis got up and gave both his mother and his grandmother a hot hug. They even shed some tears. They didn't want to let him go but they knew it was for the best so after what felt like complete hours, they finally let go of him. They were just happy that he had decided to take such a step to perfect his life. He promised he was gonna make them proud with his change. He even promised to find them a better son in law once he had fully forgotten.

“So when do you plan on leaving?” Granny asked.

Luis looked at his father and then at granny. “The day after tomorrow... The more I stay here, the more difficult it will be for me. That's why Charles and I will be leaving the day after tomorrow.”

“That's okay.” The king said. “We will miss you a lot. But how long do you plan on going there?”

Luis sighed and then dropped his eyes. “Until I forget about everything... It might take a few months...a year...or even two. But I promise to come back early.”

“Hmm,” Hanna didn't like it at all. “Even though I don't want to let go of you...I think it's for the best that you forget. I want my old brother back.” She chuckled. “But I only have one condition for you.”

“What?” Luis chuckled as he fought so hard not to get emotional. “What's your condition?”

“That you spend the rest of your day tomorrow with us.” She said as she fought the tears that were building in her eyes. “Since I don't know when you are gonna be back...please, grant me this. Let tomorrow be a day of fun for our family. We need it to be a great and memorable day for all of us.”

Luis chuckled at his sister's request. His heart was on fire. Seeing his family that emotional, Luis didn't want to go anymore. But he knew he had to do it if he wanted to be a good son to them. He was also doing it for them.

“You know I can't deny you that. I will spend the rest of the day with you. We are gonna be having fun tomorrow. Just get ready for it.”

Hanna gasped and then threw herself in her brother's arms. She held him tightly and just loved how he was coping with everything. She was really gonna miss. Luis was also gonna miss her. But he was happy since he was not gonna be going alone but with his crazy friend. He was gonna be spending time with a great person. That was also an assurance that Luis was gonna get over what had happened to him.


The next day, the royal family had breakfast and then headed to the royal beach house which was located on the outskirts of town. It was a beautiful two floor house which looked ordinary but was indeed beautiful. It was a huge house with a great view of the beach and nature. Luis could remember how as a child they used to spend summer vacations on that beach house. It had workers, guards and everything else. It was the king's private property but he usually rent it to people that wanted to have fun.

The king had made sure that none of the people would be at the beach house once they arrived. It was a great journey to the beach house. Things were definitely beautiful and they wouldn't have loved for anything more than that. The beach house, including the whole beach and a hundred acres of land surrounding it was a private property of the king so they didn't expect to see anyone.

Reaching the beach house, they changed into their beach clothes before finally heading to the beach. Luis was glad his best friend was there. His mother had invited him and he had surely come. Luis was really glad that had happened. Henry was also there as he had also been invited.

Reaching the beach, they first made sure that they had everything with them since it was gonna be a picnic also. They had all kinds of foods and drinks. They had brought with them even pool chairs and umbrellas to keep out of the sun. Of course, granny had to walk carefully since her wound had not completely healed.
Things were better that day for the entire royal family. They were really happy with the way things were going. Luis made sure that he had fun with everyone. They played beach games...they swam in the sea...they had coconuts...they chased each other...they had great food. It was all just fun and games for everyone that day even though it was mostly just Luis, Hanna, Charles and Henry.

They played beach volleyball; they did all sorts of things together. They had a lot of fun and none of Luis' troubles ever crossed his mind that day. All he just concentrated on was just to have fun with each other. It was a great day for each and every one of them.

The day went absolutely perfect. Everything that Luis had planned went great even greater. They did everything just to have with each other. They even played hide and seek like little children. All those memories had Luis thinking about his childhood.

Luis used to have fun with Charles as a child. Too bad he couldn't get back those old days. If only he could that, he would choose to be as happy as he was when he was just a child. Things had been perfect then and he had no idea he would experience the problems that he had been experiencing.

After a great day, Luis and his family sat on the beach, enjoying the wonderful cold drinks while watching the beautiful setting sun. The breeze was really beautiful and the sound of the water current was just soothing to the soul.

“Isn't it beautiful?” The king said. “How I wish our lives would remain like this for the rest of our lives.”

“Yeah...” The queen breathed in the cool breeze. “It would be the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

“You are right.”Hanna chuckled.

“It is such a wonderful feeling.”

The royal family had a great day but the sun finally set and the wonderful moon was already rising. The beach was getting super cold. They knew it was wise to just go back to the beach house. They called the maids to take the stuff back to the beach house. They went back to the beach house to finally rest and forget that they were even tired.

Luis and Charles' flight was in the afternoon so they decided to spend the night at the beach house and then leave in the morning. They needed to spend time with the family as they didn't know when they were gonna be back in the kingdom.

After a great dinner, the royal family went to the balcony where there was a balcony fireplace. They talked mostly about Luis' journey and then just dived into telling stories and jokes. They forgot that time was running and hence went to their rooms when it was really late.

There were so many rooms in the beach house but Charles and Luis were gonna be spending their night at the beach house together. They first stayed in the Jacuzzi together while dropping jokes, well Charles did. Then they hit the shower before finally going to sleep.

The next morning they woke up and had breakfast. They didn't waste any more time as Luis and Charles had an early afternoon flight. They went back to town and then Luis had to prepare for his journey. The previous day had been such an incredible experience for him.


“I will really miss you.” Hanna gave a sad sigh, holding on to her brother tightly. “You don't actually know how much I will miss you. I can't even think about it.”

“Hanna,” Luis held her waist tightly. “I thought we talked about this.”

“Yes!”Hanna sighed. “But I can't help but get sad. You know how emotional I can get especially when it comes to you. We are just the two of us and you know that.”

“I do.” Luis said as they passed the huge exit door.

Luis was ready to go. In fact, his bags were already parked in the car and his parents were already waiting outside at the car. He had just remained to give himself a few touches but his sister couldn't let go of him. She was acting like a baby.

“But you were the one that refused to come with me, right?”

“I know that. But I can't just leave my Henry. He will really miss me a lot and I will miss him.”

“I won't be long.”

Hanna sighed. “Okay.”

She held on to him as the both of them went to where the others were standing. Luis was dressed in a bright red designer's shirt which he had tucked in a bright blue, sparkly skinny jean which was stuck on his body. It was showing his perfect body in full. It made him look really wonderful and handsome. He had his shirt folded and then half way buttoned. His hairy but sexy chest was in full view for anyone to see. He loved how he was dressed. He loved it a lot.

Luis had his hair gelled and then pulled backwards, revealing his gorgeous but sexy face. His blue eyes were in full view and he looked younger for his age. He had bright blue, red and yellow striped fancy designer's snickers on. He was looking like a king rather than a prince. No one would guess that he was confused and his mood was not right.

“You look handsome, my son.” The queen said as she pulled him into a big hug. “I will miss you very much.”

“I will miss you too mother.” He was trying his best not to lose his cool and just break down. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She pulled away from the hug, cupping his sweet cheeks. The queen decorated his face with sweet kisses. She just wanted to let him go with the kisses that were gonna last until the day he comes back to the palace. “I hope these kisses will last until you return.”

“They will.” Luis smiled and then kissed her cheek. He let go of her and went to granny. “I am so sorry, granny. But I will come back and I will make it up to you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“About your wound and your recovery...” He said. “I should have been...”

“Come here, you crazy boy.” She laughed, pulling him into a big hug. “I will miss you a lot, my son. I will really, really miss you.”

They hugged for quite some time before he went to his father. He gripped him into a great hug. The king patted on his back while trying his best not to cry.

“Now my son,” he pulled away and just held his hands. “Please. Take care of yourself while you are abroad. I want to see that crazy son of mine when you return here okay.”

“He will be here.” Luis hugged his father once more before he pulled away. He kissed his sister and hugged her tightly. She actually cried but thank God the queen held her and soothed her. It was now time for Luis to go. He moved away from them and then went to the car where the door was already open.

Taking a deep breath, he looked behind and saw his happy but emotional family.

“I will be calling you every day.” He promised. “We will be chatting more often. I just want you to promise me you will be happy even with me not being around here. I want you to promise me that you will always have fun.”

“We promise.” They all said.

Luis smiled and then chuckled softly. His heart was racing. “Goodbye.”

Luis waved and then entered the car, still looking at them. The driver and bodyguard entered the car. There was a car in front of them and another behind where there were armed guards. His father had insisted the guards come with him. He couldn't argue.

The car started moving. Luis raised his hand and then waved at them, smiling and feeling extremely emotional. He watched as they moved further and further away from the beautiful palace. He couldn't see his family anymore but they didn't leave the premises because it was really huge. Once they left the gate, Luis took a quick glance at the palace, admiring its beauty. He felt his heart pounding painfully but he was absolutely fine. He was gonna be strong.

“I am going away now.” He said softly, confidently. He clenched his fists. “But I shall return very soon. After that, I will finally forget you Aidan. Nothing is gonna bond you and I? When I return...” He said confidently. “There will be no more Aidan.”


“You don't have to worry.” Justin said, patting on his back. “You and your baby are doing absolutely fine. You are both in a perfect condition.”

“Thank you.” Aidan said, smiling at Justin. “You have really done a great job. You've really helped me a lot. Now I know why the almighty had sent you to me. It was to save me from all these troubles. Without you...I am sure I would have died okay?”

“You don't have to thank me.” Justin said happily, smiling brightly. “This is just part of my job. Besides, we have become like friends right?”

“No!” Aidan frowned. “We haven't become like friends. That won't ever happen and don't you dare say that.” He slightly raised his voice.

Hearing Aidan, Justin dropped his eyes and then breathed. Then he raised his eyes. “I am really. I thought we had become like friends...I...I didn't...”

“Yes!” Aidan nodded. “We haven't become like friends.” Then he gave a teasing laugh and pushed Justin slightly. “We are already friends. We are not like friends. You are a great friend and I love you like that.”

Justin smiled brightly. “For a moment I thought...you...you are even crazier than I thought.”

“That's me.” he leaned upwards and then kissed Justin on the cheeks. “I will be outside okay?”

Justin smiled sheepishly without saying a word. Aidan had never kissed him before so it just felt really beautiful to feel his kiss. He softly touched and then smiled brightly. Then he went back to his room to do some stuff.


Aidan came out of the castle, slowly walking towards the pool. He moved his hand and slipped his t-shirt to expose his belly. It had been two weeks since Aidan had found out that he was actually pregnant. Things had taken a great turn for him. He had helped Justin with the equipment that he needed and then transformed one room just for his examination.

Since that day Aidan had closed his mind from all those things that seemed to be hurting. He just accepted that he was carrying Luis' baby inside of him. But it was not Luis' baby, it was his baby and it was gonna be like that until the end of time. Luis no longer bothered him in his thoughts. He now felt like a free man. All he just concentrated on was his baby and his family plus Justin who had become a part of that family.

With the equipment that Aidan had helped Justin with, the last two weeks were kinda for him. Luis had done all kinds of tests of him. First he had scanned to see whether Aidan was having a baby in the abdominal cavity but that wasn't the case. He could still remember his words exactly.

“This is extraordinary,” Justin had chuckled. “You really are something else. You are not a mere mortal. You are not carrying your baby in your abdominal cavity. It looks more like a womb but I can't even explain it. It's a special feature which you have. The almighty really works in different ways. You...are really special and unique.”

Aidan had really been surprised at that. He couldn't understand a thing but he was happy that everything was going really well. He had even had a scan. Though he couldn't see how his baby was since it was early stage...he had been really happy that he did a scan. He couldn't take his eyes off that picture. Justin had told him that his body was somehow releasing estrogen so his baby was perfect.

Aidan couldn't even wait to see the sex of the child. He didn't even care about the sex. All he wanted was to just see his child growing in his belly. He wanted to feel the baby kicking. He wanted to know what it felt like to have a life inside of you. But he was already experiencing that. The only thing he couldn't wait was to see his belly really big. He couldn't wait to do that.

The past two weeks had been wonderful and his relationship with Justin had taken a great turn. They were great friends now. Now Aidan was walking near the pool, rubbing his hands on his belly.

Aidan could feel that his belly was starting to grow. He could feel it and even though it was just small, he could see it and he loved it like that. Rubbing his belly which was slowly growing felt amazing to Aidan, especially the smile it brought to him. He couldn't remember a day since he had found out he was pregnant when he didn't rub his tummy. It had become like a tradition to him. He really loved how he felt, especially the energy he felt around his tummy.

Aidan walked slowly to the pool chair and then slowly sat on it, just watching the wonderful water in the pool. He sat there for a number of minutes before he felt bored. He needed to do something just to occupy his mind.

“Oh, I know.” He gasped.

Aidan moved his eyes to the water and then concentrated, slowly extending his hands. A small ball of water moved from the pool and then rose up in the air, looking like a foot ball. It was not huge but it looked wonderful.

“I know what can make this fun.” He said, slightly moving from the chair.

Aidan took in a deep breath and then exhaled loudly, directing the air at the huge ball of water. A strong wind which looked like a rolling tornado started heading for the water. It wasn't much, just for the water only. Reaching the water, it mixed and then started spinning the water round and round. It looked really beautiful and fun too.

Aidan then moved his eyes to the small spinning ball of water, instantly freezing it in the air. The frozen ball of water looked like corn ice cream, just too big and too...glassy. He smiled and then chuckled nervously. He was really happy but he needed to do something else.

“Wanna watch something else.” Aidan moved his eyes to his belly and smiled brightly. “Let daddy show you exactly what he can do, right?” He chuckled, still rubbing his belly.

Aidan moved his eyes to the frozen ball, instantly turning back into water. He dropped it into the pool with a splash. He smiled and then did something even better. He froze all the water in the pool, turning it into a huge ice that sparkled brightly.

He laughed and then tried to do another trick before...

“Ahem!” He heard someone clearing a throat.

Tearing his eyes from the huge ice, Aidan moved his eyes to the direction of the sound and then saw granny, standing on his side, holding a tray which carried a number of foods.

“Granny...” He gasped, quickly getting up. Without even looking in the direction of the ice, he turned the ice back into water. Then he just stood and chuckled nervously, wondering why his granny was looking at him like that.

“Why are you up?” Granny said as she came near him. “Please. Sit down so that you can have some food in your stomach. I am sure my great grandson is hungry. And you gotta stop jumping or standing up quickly. It's not good for the baby.”

“Yes, granny,” Aidan smiled as he sat back on the chair. “I promise I won't ever do that again. It's just that I didn't expect to...”

“Enough talking, more eating.” Granny chuckled, getting a ball of soup from the tray. She took a spoonful and then brought it closer to his mouth. “Now open up.”

“Granny,” He chuckled nervously. “I think I can...”

“I said, open up.” Granny demanded.

Hearing granny's demands, Aidan opened his mouth and the spoon slipped right through. It felt really amazing having that soup in his mouth. He had never had it before but it was amazing. It looked orange and yellowish but it was delicious. He couldn't help but yearn for more.

“Hmm,” He said, nodding his head. “This is really wonderful.”

“Do you like it?” Granny asked, giving him another spoonful. “It's a mixture of raw pineapple, raw mangle and lime juice. It is bitter but it is good for your pregnancy.”

“It's tasty.” Aidan chuckled softly. “I really, really love it a lot, granny.”

“Hmm,” Granny smiled as she passed her fingers through his long hair. “Guess I have to make you some more, right?”

“I would love that.” He chuckled.

Granny fed him the soup and he had it all. It was bitter but it sure tasted wonderful. He wouldn't have loved any more food that he had at that very time. It was really special and kinda different too. Granny's food was always beautiful.

After the soup, granny gave him some raw mangoes which tasted wonderful too. He loved the zing he felt in his mouth each time he had sour and raw fruits. He wasn't a fan of raw foods and sour ones but pregnancy had changed that for him. He enjoyed it more than anything else.

“You sure eat a lot.” Granny commented, rubbing on his cheeks. “Who would have known that you would be eating food like this?”

“Yeah...” Aidan sighed as he took another bite of that wonderful mango. “I can't help it granny. I feel hungry all the time.”

“That's pregnancy for you.” She chuckled. Granny was happy that her grandson was carrying a child. “You know...I never thought I'd see this moment in my life. I never knew that men could carry children. But I will tell you the truth,” She gave him one of her killer smiles. “Instead of being surprised or shocked that a man is carrying a baby...I am rather too excited. I can't wait to have that child in my arms.”

“Me too, granny.” He said, taking a really deep sigh. His hands found his belly again and he carefully rubbed on it. “I can't wait to hold my baby. I can't wait to see its face when it's born. I even can't wait to see it talking and walking.”

“That will be the happiest moment.” Granny said. “I remember when I had my son in my womb. Very soon...” She extended her hand and then rubbed on his belly, drawing a wonderful smile from him. “Your belly will be really big. You will have a big baby bump. It will be real joy, especially feeling your baby kicking. That will be one of the best things in life.”

“I can't wait, granny.”

Granny smiled brightly. “Can you promise me one thing though?”

“Anything...” Aidan shrugged, getting closer.

“Can you stop using your...magic for now?” She asked.

“Why?” He raised his eyebrow. He had no idea why Granny was asking him that.

“We still don't know if it will affect your baby.”

“But, granny...”

“Please.” Granny pleaded. “Or just use it when it is on something really important okay? I don't want you to bring harm to your baby. It's better to stop using it for now or just minimize the use of it. I know what I am talking about and...”

“Okay.” Aidan raised his hands in the air as if he was surrendering. He could see the worry on the old woman's face. He couldn't afford to make her more worried. “If that's what you really want...then I promise you, granny. I will not use it unless on something important. My baby is the most important thing to me right now. I know it is my duty to protect it and I shall do that.”

“Thank you.” Granny grabbed his hand and gave it a firm squeeze. “This really means a lot. And you don't have to worry about anything else here. I will always be here for you.” She smiled when he beamed. “We are all here for you. Don't forget to tell me anything that you want. Anytime...any day...any hours...I will be here for you.”

“Thank you, granny...” Aidan smiled as brightly as he could. “This means a lot. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Granny pulled him into a tight and beautiful hug. She embraced him, kissing his cheeks, his head and all over his face. He was more than happy that granny was around otherwise...things would have been really bad for him.

“I am really glad you are here. I wouldn't have known what to do.”

“Yes!” Granny pulled away and kissed his hands. “Just tell me anything you want before I go inside to prepare lunch for you. I am sure you will be hungry real soon.”

“That is all I need, lunch.” He smiled brightly. “I will call if I need anything okay, granny?”

“Okay.” Granny kissed all over his face. Then she picked up the tray and left him with some fruits that he loved a lot.

Aidan was happy with how things were going. Since the time he had come to know that he was pregnant, he was usually happy. He was happy because his child was growing. He was happy with how everything was going. Even though he was gonna his baby through c-section, he was perfectly happy with it. He wouldn't have loved anything like that.
“You are growing my baby.” Aidan said as he rubbed on his belly while feeling joy in his heart. “You are bringing me so much happiness. I know that you will grow up to be brave and courageous like your daddy. You will bring me happiness.

I will give you all that you require. You may not get a chance to meet your father because...” He sniveled as he tried to forget about it. “...anyway, you will have a great father. Ethan will be your father. You will take my name and...I will always love you.” Aidan felt tears of joy building in his eyes. He really wanted to cry. But he wasn't gonna do that because he was not weak. “I can't wait to see your growing in me. You are a part of me and I love you. I know the next few months will always be my happiest. Thank you for coming in my life.”


Things were getting better for Aidan since that day. He had regular checkups to see if his baby was alright and not for once did he get disappointed. Everything was going normal for Aidan. His life was getting better and more interesting with each passing day. The pregnancy he was carrying made him forget about his worries and what he had been through. He was getting happier and happier with each passing day.

Granny, Ethan and Justin were of great help to him. They treated him like a king, feeding him and making sure that his life was going perfectly. All of them played important roles in his life and he even thanked them for their love and dedication.

Justin did a scan on him and he saw the developing embryo in him. It was really tiny but beautiful as well. The sounds of the heart slowly pounding brought tears to Aidan's eyes, making him cry hard. He actually couldn't hold it. He was really emotional. He was actually carrying his loving baby. Aidan stayed like that, just watching the embryo on the small screen. It was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen in his life. He was the happiest person in the world.

Thing started getting tougher for Aidan as days went on. Even though he had everyone by his side, things were pretty tough for him. He was feeling nauseous all the time and he was throwing up on different occasions. He had mood swings, sweaty feet and his body was changing with each passing day.

Aidan's body developed unlike what he had expected. His breasts and nipples became a little big than he had expected. He developed a bubbly ass which shook when he was walking around. His body gained some weight but he could see through the mirror that he was sexier than he had ever been. He was looking more feminine than usual. He developed a big, bubbly ass than he had. Even he thought he saw his body get a bit fat and developed some sort of hips.

The he started complaining of his nipples hurting him but according to Doctor Myers, it was normal for a pregnant woman, in that case a man. He was recommended walks, massages and naps which were able to help him.

Justin started helping him with some exercises. They went for early morning walks on the beach and back. They even went for afternoon walks. He did some runs just to make exercising easier and he did a whole lot of exercises that really helped him out.

Aidan was usually tired and he used to nap more than usual. He was finding sleeping really wonderful and he got every chance to sleep. Things were pretty intense but it was all for his baby and he wouldn't have loved for anything more than that. It was just what he had to do. He was finding sour fruits really sweet and he usually had them by his side.

At three months, Aidan was able to do a lot of things on his own. He was able to work just as he used to and run as he used to. But Justin stopped him and told him that he had to be with his family. He was now staying at home without any unnecessary movements without anyone being with him.

Aidan was throwing up constantly now and his moods were getting out of control. He used to snap out of nowhere. He used to wake up with a really bad temper. Other days he was okay but other days even little things made him really mad. But his family was able to understand his behavior and his moods. They loved him a lot and took care of him.

At three months Aidan's baby was growing healthily and his stomach was growing too. It was now visible that he was pregnant and he only God would know how happy he was. Each time he used to run to the mirror and check his small baby bump. It was really small but it was lovely. He used to stand in front of a mirror, rubbing his belly and talking to his baby.

“You are going to be born into a wonderful world and a loving family. Your daddy will always love you and provide everything for you.”

Aidan was really happy even though his mood was not always good at times. He was spending so much time with Justin. Justin was helping him with the examinations and explaining to him whatever he needed to know about his pregnancy. Their bond was getting stronger as doctor and patient. But it got even stronger as friends.

At three months, Ethan moved from his room and then moved to Aidan's room. He was taking care of him and at times he used to sleep in granny's room at her insistence. She used to take care of him, wiping his sweat at night and rubbing his back. She knew a lot about being pregnant so...she really helped him with advice and tips.

Things were beautiful and he loved how his family took care of him. Ethan was able to play the role of both a brother and a husband to him by taking care of him though his mood was getting out control. His brother understood him and took good care of him.

As time went on, Aidan's stomach was growing at a faster rate. Justin was now spending more time with him. He was helping with the exercises and tips on what food to eat. Aidan at times felt really tired and weak but it was all fine. He loved it as long as his baby was absolutely perfect. He just wanted things to go smoothly. The feeling of having a baby was just another one. It was even more wonderful than he had ever thought. It was pure pleasure on its own.

At four months, Aidan's pregnancy was able to show even through his clothes. His happiness increased and he smiled brightly. His hands never left his belly. Granny was really happy and she used to plant kisses on his belly and talking to the baby. He had never seen granny like that before. But it was wonderful to see her like that. He really loved it and couldn't have wished for anything more than that.

Aidan was really happy, he was. He had thought what he was experiencing was beautiful and he wouldn't experience anything more than that. But things just got worse than they had been before. As his pregnancy grew, everything got out of hand.

His body totally changed and he developed hips. His ass got even bigger than it had been before. His body changed into something sexier and more beautiful than before, granny's words and not his.

Aidan's cravings increased a whole lot. He was always craving for bitter things, lemons, raw mangoes, bitter oranges and other bitter things. At first he was craving them during day time but one time he suddenly woke up and then shook Ethan who was fast asleep by his side.

“Ethan...” He called softly.

As soon as he shook him, Ethan rose quickly and then stared at him. “Is there anything wrong?”

“I need raw mangoes.” He said. “Please.”

“Aidan, but...”

“I really need them right now. I don't think I will sleep if I don't taste any mango.”

“But there are none in the house. I will go and get them for you in the garden tomorrow.”

“I don't think I can wait that long.” Aidan said impatiently. He was sweating and he felt as if he would go crazy if he wouldn't have any mango. “Please, go and get them right now in the garden.”

“Okay.” Ethan sighed as he grabbed his shirt from the table. He kissed Aidan and promised him that he would be back real soon. Then he started heading for the door. Aidan was really sorry for his brother, for waking him up in the middle of the night. He could have used his magic to bring some mangoes but he had promised granny he wouldn't use his magic during his pregnancy so he kept to that promise.

“I am sorry.”

“It's okay.”

Since that day, Ethan always made sure that he had sour fruits in the castle all the time. Aidan was glad he did because he didn't want to bother his brother anymore. He was glad his brother was around him all the time.

Aidan had thought his cravings were the worst things that could have happened to him but he was really wrong. He was dead wrong. The worst was his sexual appetite. It started really slowly and he had thought it was nothing and chose to ignore it. But his sexual appetite was getting out of control. He couldn't control it. It was just too much.

Aidan was always horny. He wanted to make love to him. One time it was really so much that he felt he would go insane. He felt like someone was piercing him with hot needles. It was really too much for him to handle. His hole was twitching terribly and his breathing rate got out of hand. He had tried to get rid of it and one time it worked. But one night it was just too much.

Aidan woke up in the night and he was sweating terribly. His breaths were getting out of control and he had no idea what to do. His cock was iron hard and it was pulsing. He tried to jerk off but it wasn't helping at all. He just needed cock and it was doing him badly. He had no idea what to do.

That night he thought about Luis for the first time since he got pregnant. He wished Luis was there for him. Luis was supposed to be taking care of him but that wasn't the case at all. He had abandoned him and left him with the worst sexual appetite ever. For the first time since he had left he wished Luis had been with him right there. He was supposed to be quenching his sexual appetite and making love to him. But that wasn't the curse.

The pain was too much and he actually cried. But what could he do? There was nothing he could do so he just had to accept it. There was no one to fulfill his sexual desires and he didn't even think he would sleep with anyone else. His heart wouldn't allow him.

“You'll survive this.” Aidan whispered. He didn't want to wake his brother up. “You'll survive it. This is the pain that you have to pass through in order to achieve your goal. Just a few more months and you will be fine.”

Aidan slept better that night but he talked to Justin about it. Even though he was a bit uncomfortable at first, talking to Justin about his sexual desires, Justin just laughed it out and explained some things to him.

“It is normal to experience such...” He gulped. “...sexual appetite during pregnancy. This would have been better if you had your husband with you but...”

“He's no here. Isn't there anything I can do to ease these...” He gestured, feeling a bit shy.

“Taking deep breaths, meditating, taking regular naps and drinking lots of water will help with this.”

And here he had been, hiding it when the solution was just simple. Aidan followed Justin's advice and it really helped him a whole lot. It helped him more than he had expected. His sexual appetite reduced even though not completely. He used to be a little horny most of the times.

As the baby bump grew his clothes were getting smaller especially the shirts and t-shirts. Since he couldn't perform any magic to change his wardrobe because granny wouldn't allow him to, Aidan had to manage with the ones he had. Only big ones fit him but that meant not buttoning up. His baby bump was just exposed. But he didn't mind. But Ethan and Justin helped him with their shirts; the ones that they thought were a little big. It was of a great help. His clothes were getting smaller by the day but that was not the problem. The problem was the way he ate bitter fruits. He usually had them with him. He wouldn't dare imagine being around somewhere without his fruits. They were like his life force. He was glad his brother always them ready for him.

The family was all helping him out and it was beautiful. Granny knew a lot about pregnancies so she really helped out a lot by making him healthy foods and taking care of him and the baby.

As time went on, Aidan found out that there was more to being pregnant than he had known. At times he felt his waist hurting and he needed someone to massage him. Then sometimes his abdomen hurt a lot. The good thing was that Justin told him that his pregnancy was going better than most pregnancies he had dealt with, even from women. That was a big comment for him and he really appreciated him a lot.

At times, he felt a small pain in his abdomen but Justin told him that it was alright since he was male. He felt like the bump was getting heavy and had to hold his waist most of the time to walk properly. Granny took him to small walks outside and rubbed his feet. She was really helping him out a lot.

At the fifth to the six month of his pregnancy, Aidan decided to have a wonderful scan to check his baby's growth and health. As Justin did the scan, Ethan and granny came to check. Seeing the growing baby in him, Aidan couldn't hold his tears again. He cried and cried that granny had to console him. His baby was really big and it was in perfect shape. It was really health.

“Do you see that granny?” Aidan sobbed, letting the tears flow.

“Yes,” Granny couldn't tear her eyes away. “It is really wonderful. I can't believe I am actually seeing this.” That was the first scan granny appeared at. At others it was just him and Justin. So she was really happy.

“My baby is growing.”

“Yeah, it is...” Justin smiled as he looked at the screen. “Your baby is really health and it is in perfect shape. In just three months...you will have a perfectly healthy baby. Are you ready for everything?”

Aidan stared at Justin and then at granny. Then he took a really deep sigh. “This is really scary I tell you. But I am really ready. I have all of you here and...I will be holding my baby in just a few months. I really can't wait.”

“So would you like to know the sex of...”

“No!” Aidan's tears of joy came out. “I really want to be surprised. I just leave everything to the almighty.”


As the bump increased, so did his cravings and sexual appetite. Justin's advice stopped working. He just wanted dick but he had nowhere to get it. He just couldn't go to Justin and beg him for sex or even his brother. For the first time, he disobeyed his granny and just sat down, concentrating on what he was feeling. He took a deep breath and removed the negative energy. When he opened his eyes, his sexual appetite was gone. He didn't even tell his granny. But things were getting pretty intense for him.

Aidan was in need of constant massages and back rubs. At times he was having difficulties in breathing and sometimes he felt some sharp pains. He was urinating regularly and slept a lot. His belly just became huge that he couldn't even go downstairs more often. He just stayed in his room with Justin monitoring him all the time.

One time he asked Justin an important question which scared him even more. He asked him if he was gonna perform the surgery all alone. But Justin told him not to worry about everything. He was happy to hear that. His condition was definitely getting out of control.

His clothes had become small. His breasts had enlarged...his ass was bigger and shaky...his body was changing. The pain at times became frequent and he needed massages to help him relax, most of the times he was just wearing a short and shirtless. By that time, Justin was always near him. He just stayed with him, massaging him and attending to his every need.

Ethan really helped with the massages and the back rubs. The bump was getting heavier and it was growing. He stopped bathing himself. He needed someone to help him out. His brother started helping him bath, dress him up and massage him.

The months were going and at times he felt breathless and sweaty. But things were going definitely beautiful.

One time a miracle happened in his life. He felt his baby kicking. God, that moment had been really wonderful for Aidan. He didn't even know what to do. He could feel it and he could see it. He was really happy that he rushed to granny and told her about everything that had happened. She was really happy and she hugged him tightly while rubbing his belly and feeling the baby kicking.

“This is one of my happiest moments granny.” He sobbed. “I can't believe I can feel my baby kicking. This is really incredible. I really know now that my baby is happy.”

That had been a happy day of his life. Since that day, Aidan felt his baby kicking many times. He really loved it a whole lot. He was constantly feeling out of breath...he felt pain at times...he slept a lot and he ate many bitter fruits and foods. With the months going by, Aidan knew the time was getting nearer, the time for his baby to come but he wasn't scared at all.



Aidan was coming out of the kitchen, holding cut limes on a plate while enjoying one. He was walking really slowly, going to the living room where his family members were. He was feeling as if the bump was really driving him down but he was absolutely fine with everything.

He walked really slowly, enjoying his lime while smiling at the family members that were seated in the living room, enjoying their lives. They seemed really happy. Aidan had just gone to take some limes. He had wanted to do it even though Ethan had offered to do it for him.

“Huh!” He was really happy especially with his pregnancy being in the late stage. It wasn't gonna be long before he was gonna be holding his baby.

As he walked to the living room, almost nearing his family, Aidan felt a sharp pain in his abdomen which travelled all the way to his spine, making his body shudder in pain. It felt like an electric impulse but just too painful.

“Ouch!” Aidan winced softly, stopping in his tracks. He breathed in deeply and then felt the pain go away.

“What was that?” He said softly.

Aidan didn't really care about the pain. It was probably the same pain that he had been experiencing since his belly got bigger so he chose to ignore it and just smiled brightly, continuing with his lime. He started walking slowly, staring at the people in the living room. They seemed to have not noticed his pain and he was glad they didn't.

Aidan knew that Justin had told him to tell him that whatever he felt he should inform him. But that was nothing. He didn't need to alarm the good doctor. After all, he was having a good time with granny and Ethan. He had to let him.

Then again, he felt it but this time it was really sharp and made his whole body spasm. He felt like someone had just tried to cut him or something. It was sharp, continuous and really painful. Aidan had never felt anything like it before. It was nothing compared to all the pain that he had ever felt in his life. He had no idea what it was.

He dropped the plate, breaking it into many pieces. Then he quickly moved his hand to his waist and began rubbing it to make the pain go away but the abdominal pain was getting worse. He couldn't hide it anymore. He dropped the lime and felt giddy.

“Ouch!” He screamed, rubbing on his waist. “Ouch!”

Then he began breathing harshly as the pain just became something else.

“Granny...” He cried out in pain.

“Aidan...” Granny rose from the couch, rushing towards. She held him tighter, passing her arm around his waist. “It hurts...” He cried.

“The baby...” Justin gasped, rubbing on his waist. “I think it's the baby.”

“But is he due yet?” Ethan asked, getting really worried. “I thought...”

“He is.” Justin said, rubbing quickly on his waist. Just by looking at him, he knew the time had come. He knew very much about pregnancies and what usually happened. Aidan seemed to be in so much pain. “The baby is coming. He is in labor right now. I need to take him to the room as soon as possible.”
“Granny...help,” Aidan cried as he felt the pain getting out of control. That was the worst pain Aidan had ever come to know in his life. It was nothing like he had ever experiencing.

“You will be fine,” Granny breathed.

“My baby...” Aidan moved his hand to his baby bump, rubbing on it softly. “Please...save...”

“Nothing is going to happen to your baby.” Justin assured. “You and your baby are gonna be fine okay. I just want you to do one thing for me before you start walking to the operating room.”

“What?” Aidan groaned. He felt like something was moving inside of him, trying to rip his belly.

“Just take deep breaths. Breathe through your mouth. It will make you feel even better okay. Now breathe and follow my lead...”

Justin started breathing deeply through his mouth, showing Aidan just what to do. Aidan followed and then took really deep breaths through his mouth, drawing much air into his lungs. He didn't want anything to happen to his baby. He just wanted everything to go smoothly. He didn't care about what was gonna happen to him in that operating room. All he wanted was just for the baby to survive. That was the only thing he wanted to do.

He started taking breaths through his mouth and it somehow helped but the pain was still there. It was unbearable and he felt like his belly was gonna burst open.

“Save the baby...” Aidan said weakly.

“You both are gonna be fine.” Justin reassured. “Trust me to save the two of you. Now I want you to start taking small steps okay?”

Aidan nodded in agreement.

As he tried to walk, Aidan's pain increased but he managed to start walking as the rubs on his waist helped out. He was somehow feeling better even though the pain was too much. Almost everyone held him and he felt at least safe. He was suddenly scared and prayed for his baby to be fine. He couldn't bear to lose them or anything so he slowly began walking to the elevator.

Reaching the elevator felt as if he had been walking for a number of years but he was happy he reached. Justin pressed the second floor and in no time they were already on the second floor, heading to the operating room.

Everything was prepared for that particular operation. Aidan had done everything that Justin had asked and provided all the equipment he might ever need just to save his baby. He even turned one of the rooms into a beautiful and cool operating theatre which looked like the one at the hospital. Justin had all the medicines he might need for that operation so he was cool. He didn't doubt himself. He knew that he was gonna be fine. He knew the operation was gonna be a success. He had confidence in his power and his abilities. He was fine even though he was all alone.

“We are almost there.” Justin breathed. “Just a few more steps and we will be in the operating room okay. Just...tiny steps...”

“You will be fine.” Granny was really scared but she wasn't gonna show anyone that. She knew she had to be confident for her grandson. “Just follow everything he says.”

“Yes...” Aidan said just before a loud scream that filled the entire castle. A strong wind blew in the entire room, blowing everything. It was really strong, nothing like they had expected. They all knew that Aidan made that wind.

“Stay calm...” Justin said, rubbing on his waist softly. “You must not involve any of your powers.”

“Let go...” Granny breathed. “Remember, this is for the safety of your child. The earlier we do this the better it will be for all of us. We will save the baby and you. Please...”

Aidan slowly felt calm once he heard his granny's voice. He got calm and the wind stopped. Everything was now calm. It was beautiful and they loved it like that. “Good...” Granny said. “Now start walking slowly so that he can start the operation immediately.”

Aidan nodded and then entered the operating room. As soon as he reached the room, Ethan stripped everything off of him and put him in a hospital gown which was gonna help him. Then they slowly helped him lie down on the operating table. Justin examined him and then administered anesthesia to him and other drugs. He later changed into a gown, a mask and covered his head. He was now looking like a doctor, ready for an operation.

Justin took a quick turn. “You may now leave. I need to start the operation on him.”

“Will you be okay?” Ethan gasped. He was really nervous and he couldn't hide it. “Are you sure you don't need any assistance?”

“I am fine.” Justin smiled. “I will do this and if I need help...I will definitely call on one of you.” He quickly turned to granny. “Have you ever been at a place where...”

“Yes...” Granny said, nodding her head. “I actually helped a traditional midwife in a village.”

“Good...” Justin said. “I want you to prepare water and everything that we will need for the baby.”

“okay.” Granny rushed out of the room. Ethan followed her behind.

Once they left, Justin looked at Aidan and saw that he was looking a bit calm. He held his hand and then breathed in deeply. “You are gonna be fine. I will save you and your baby. I will never allow anything to happen to you. Never...”

Letting go of his hand, Justin took a deep breath. He had all the things he needed. He even felt as if he was in a real operating room, in fact, even better than a real operating room.

Luis gave a short prayer and then started his job.


Ethan was sweating...his body trembled in fear...his breaths were harsh...his heart was pounding in his chest, almost ripping out. He was really nervous and he was praying in his heart. He was moving from side to side, staring at the door each passing second.

Things were pretty bad for him. He had no idea what was happening in the operating theater. Justin hadn't come out and it was almost an hour and thirty minutes since he started the operation. Granny was also not with him. She had gone to make preparations and she was still not back. She was warming the water, preparing some food for Aidan and also some clothes as well.

Ethan had never been as nervous as he was at that very time. He was visibly trembling and had no idea what was gonna happen. All he wanted to do was just see his brother and his baby to be alive. His eyes were red and he hadn't taken a seat ever since Aidan was taken to the operating theater.

After what felt like hours, Ethan heard the elevator opening. He quickly moved his eyes to the elevator and saw granny rushing towards him. She was carrying a small wheeled table where there was a large food warmer and a large flask probably where there was hot water.

“Any news?” Granny breathed.

“No news...” Ethan said as he hit his head with his hands. “Justin has not come out of there since he entered. I am really worried, granny. This is really taking so long. I feel really scared.”

“I trust Justin.” Granny smiled brightly. “He will take care of him. Remember, he is all alone and the operation might take a little longer. Just trust him okay?”

“I hope so, granny.” He sighed. “I need both Aidan and the baby. I really need them to be okay.”

“Don't worry,” granny squeezed his shoulder. She felt just how he was trembling. “Let me get this to the room.”

Granny smiled and then took what she had to the next room. She prepared everything, making it ready. She knew everything was gonna turn up fine. Both her grandson and her great grandson were gonna be okay. There was no doubt about that.

After taking everything to the room, granny came back and started waiting with Ethan. That was when she felt just how nervous she really was. She was really scared and she couldn't even sit even when her legs were hurting. She just leaned to a wall and prayed for her grandson and the baby.

After almost another hour and forty minutes, a cry of a baby was heard. Granny and Ethan's hearts raced as soon as they heard that cry. They both stared at each other, realizing that they were actually crying. They were really happy with what they had just heard. They couldn't express it.

“Granny...” Ethan gasped as more tears poured down his face. “Do you hear that?”

“Yes!” Granny exclaimed, getting closer to the operating room. “I can hear the cry of a baby. That means that...”

“I am an uncle...” Ethan exclaimed. “I have a son. I am also a father.” He cried. “I can't believe...” He couldn't even say anything more.

Both granny and Ethan rushed at the door impatiently waiting for Justin to come out. Just when they thought they were gonna die of suspense they heard the door opening widely. Both of them moved their eyes forward.

Justin came out of the room, smiling and really happy. He looked really tired but what caught their eyes was what he was holding. He was holding a calm baby. They couldn't hear its cries and they couldn't see it. Justin had it wrapped around in a towel.

“Is it...” Granny couldn't even speak properly. The happiness was just too much.

“Yes!” Justin said. “He has given birth to a healthy baby.”

Justin extended his hands to give the baby to Granny. The old woman started trembling terribly. She had no idea why she was feeling like that. Maybe she was just too happy that she trembled from all the joy that she was filled with. She had never been as happy as she was at that time.

Granny took a deep breath and took the baby in her arms. It felt really wonderful in her arms and she couldn't help but chuckle. She had never been as happy as she was at that very time. Everything was just going well. She loved it.

“Take the baby and wash it.”

“What about my brother?” Ethan gasped, getting closer to Justin. “Please, tell me he...”

“He's really fine. He's doing really great. But I have to go back in there to finish with him. It might take some time but please, take care of the baby okay? Make it warm and make sure that it is in perfect shape. I will be done with him after some time and then transfer him to a room.”

Without even getting to hear their response, Justin rushed back in. He had not started with Aidan yet. After Justin left, granny smiled brightly.

“I have to go and wash the baby. Would you...”

“No!” Ethan said. “I need to be here. I won't leave here until he is out of this room. Take care of the baby for me.”

“You know I will do that.” Granny leaned up and then kissed his cheeks happily. Then she left for the room. She couldn't wait to see the baby in full. Her happiness was just intense. It emanated from her.

Ethan went into yet another painful and long wait. He had to relive every moment that had happened to him the past hours. He was trembling again even though Justin had told him everything was fine. His heart was racing and he was panting unlike before. He just wanted his brother to be okay. The baby was now fine...now it was time for his brother to be fine. He really prayed for it a lot.

After three painful hours of waiting, the door to the operating room opened and then Justin came out, removing his mask and his cap. Then he stretched his arms and leaned towards the door. Seeing him, Ethan rushed to him.

“How is my brother?” He gasped, trembling in fear. “Are you done with him?”

Justin took a really deep sigh that scared the shit out of Ethan. “The truth is that...” He paused and then nodded his head, staring at Ethan. He laughed when Ethan glowered. “He is doing great and nothing went wrong with him. He is absolutely fine.” He hollered, happy and really excited.

“Oh my God,” Ethan covered his mouth, gasping. “Oh my God,” He jumped so high, beating on his chest. Then he gripped Justin into a hug and just chuckled excitedly. “Thank you so much. You've saved both the baby and my brother. This is really a lot. Thank you so much.”

Justin responded to the hug, patting on his back. “Aidan is my friend. I never had any doubt about him surviving this. I had faith and that's what worked for me. This is my most successful operation ever. This is really great. He has a healthy baby and he is really healthy.”

“Can I see him?” Ethan pulled away from the hug. He was literally jumping. “Please. I really need to see him.”

“You will but right now I have to clean him up.” Justin said happily. “I just came to get you out of your worry. I will have him cleaned and then transfer him to a room where I will be able to check on him 24/7 even though he is fine.” He chuckled. “Right now...you can go and see your baby?”

Justin smiled and then watched as Ethan run to his granny. He nodded his head and happily went back to the room. He cleaned Aidan up and then changed him. Then he transferred him to a room nearby.


Aidan slowly opened his eyes, moving them all around. At first he couldn't see clearly but he was able to start seeing clearly after a few seconds. Moving his eyes around, he realized that he was lying on a huge bed but he was not in his room. He was just in one of the rooms in the castle.

Aidan took a deep breath. He was really tired and felt a little weak. But he wanted to see whether he had a child or not. Moving his eyes to the other side, he realized that his child was not there. He slowly tried to get up but a sharp pain below his stomach was able to send him back to the bed.

“Ouch!” He winced, slowly rubbing on his head. He remembered he had an operation and hence the pain. But he needed to see his baby like crazy. He needed to know if his child was okay.

“Granny...” Aidan called softly. “Ethan... Justin...”

Aidan opened his mouth to call again but before he could do anything, he heard the door opening and footsteps rushing towards him.

“Aidan!” It was Justin and he sure sounded happy. “You are finally awake.” He rushed to him and sat closer, rubbing on his forehead while a wonderful smile brightened up his face. Aidan's hair was loose.

“Where is my baby?” He asked. “I want to see my baby. Tell me...”

“The baby is fine.” Justin smiled. “Your baby is really beautiful. Granny will bring it to you, okay?”

“I need to see my baby now.” Aidan demanded. “I just want to lay my eyes on...”

“Yes!” Justin cleared his voice, getting up from the bed. He came back with a glass of water and some pills. “Have this first.”

Aidan stared at Justin. Then he tried to get up but Justin put a number of pillows behind and then made him rest his head there. Aidan took the pill. Then he demanded for his child again. Justin just smiled and then went out. Aidan still had his eyes on the door.

About a minute later, the door opened wide, revealing granny who was holding the baby in a beautiful baby blanket. She had a beautiful smile on her face when she saw him. Ethan and Justin were behind her and they still had wonderful smiles on their faces.

Seeing granny coming with the baby who Aidan couldn't see the face, Aidan's heart suddenly began racing...his hormones were getting the best of him, making him tremble in happiness...his breaths turned into pants and his body vibrated rhythmically, sending powerful emotions to his body. He felt a deep shiver run down his spine making him tremble even more.

As they got near, Aidan's heart raced even more. He gulped and then took a deep breath.

“Here...” Granny leaned on the bed, handing the baby to him. “Here is your baby.”

Aidan quickly extended his hands, getting the baby from her. Without even staring at the baby, Aidan smiled brightly, drawing chuckle from granny and the men in his room.

Tearing his eyes away from them, Aidan moved his eyes to his baby. Once he laid his eyes on his baby, his heart missed a beat for a second. The baby was really beautiful. It was wonderful. It was awake but it was not even crying. The baby melted Aidan's heart to the point where he felt like crying. He had no idea how to express his happiness.

“Congratulations, Aidan.” Justin exclaimed. “You have a beautiful baby boy. He is really cute, just wonderful.” He gestured.

“I have a son?” Aidan gasped, still staring at his son. He was really cute.

Aidan's baby was really beautiful...he was gorgeous...he was lovely...he was adorable...he was sweet. The first thing Aidan noticed was the baby's gorgeous deep green eyes that were even greener than his. They were really beautiful eyes. He had his eyes and he appreciated that a lot.

Aidan's son had really dark hair just like his. It was really a lot, just like him. The baby was really cute and a little big. But he was gorgeous. Aidan scanned his child really well and noticed that he looked more like...Luis. His gorgeous little face and his little nose resembled more of Luis than him.

He moved his eyes to granny and tried to speak.

“I know.” Granny smiled brightly. “I know he looks more like him. But that doesn't change anything right?”

“No!” Aidan moved his eyes to his son. “He is gorgeous. He is really handsome and...” He felt tears building in his eyes. “He is gorgeous. I can't believe I actually have a son. My little bundle of joy is finally here. My joy and happiness is finally here. Nine long months I have been waiting granny,” He chuckled happily, not even rubbing his tears. “I have been waiting for this day of my life, granny. Just look at him.”

“He's gorgeous,” Justin said happily. “He has so many of your features. I think he is going to grow up as handsome as you. He is going to look as cute as you.”

Aidan smiled brightly at Justin. Even though he was smiling like that, he knew very well who the child was gonna look like. He was gonna grow up to be like Luis. There was no denying that. But he absolutely didn't care.

He just stared at his child. To say Aidan was happy would definitely be an understatement. The feelings that he felt were out of this world. He was on cloud 9 with the pleasure of holding his new born baby. He couldn't stop staring at him and he couldn't suppress the tears that fell from his eyes. Fuck, he didn't even care about the excruciating pain that he had felt a few hours ago when he had been in labor. He didn't even care that he had a surgical wound and was still in pain. What he cared about was holding his baby. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on his son's forehead and smiled. Now he was happy that he had a son. He could live happily with him and his family.

He couldn't stop staring at his son. He held him in his arms and soothed him. The way his baby was sucking his little thumb...the way he was breathing...the tiny smile on his face...the wonderful looks he had...the way he was even dressed. He was wonderful. Aidan was gonna be worshipping that baby for the rest of his life if he had to. He couldn't still believe he had given birth to that baby he was holding.

After over an hour, the child slept in Aidan's arms, still sucking on his thumb. He smiled brightly and chuckled.

“Sleep tight my son.” He leaned down and planted soft kisses on his forehead and his little cheeks. Hmm, the baby smelled wonderful. Aidan couldn't bear to stay away from that boy. He loved him to the moon.

“Bring him here.” Granny opened her arms. “He is resting and I think you need to rest too. You had undergone a really long surgery and you need to eat something too.”

“No, granny. I...”

“No,” Granny took the child away from him. Aidan felt really empty without his son. “You will eat and I will feed him to you. Let the men hold him and see him.”

“Okay.” Aidan nodded, still looking at his son.

Granny gave the baby to Ethan and then brought some food to Aidan. She fed him and made sure he was absolutely full. She then gave him some water and he felt better.

After eating, Aidan felt really tired and sleepy. He didn't want to sleep. He just wanted to look at his son but he couldn't help it. He slowly lay down on the bed with the help of granny. Before a minute even passed, he was fast asleep.

Granny slipped under the covers and then planted a kiss on his forehead. “I love you.” She whispered. “Thank you for giving us this little bundle of joy. Thank you.”
They all left the room with the child to give Aidan some peace. They were all proud of Aidan.


Aidan was lying on the bed, staring at his beautiful child. His child was sleeping, carefully wrapped in a blanket to keep him really warm. He was sleeping with him on a bed in granny's room. It had been three days since he had given birth to that wonderful baby. The baby was really giving him happiness. At first, he was only found with granny because she insisted he rests but now he had a full chance with him.

Granny had insisted he moves in with her in her room so she can keep an eye on both he and the baby. She was really taking good care of the both of them. It was really beautiful and he loved it like crazy. His baby gave him such joy and happiness.

Staring at his baby, Aidan felt tears building in his eyes. His baby was fast asleep but he was looking really gorgeous. Everything about him was wonderful. He was growing up in a healthy state and he was strong and big. Aidan was sure that his baby was normal. He didn't show any signs of inheriting his gift. He was glad because that would mean he would have a normal child.

Aidan took a really deep breath, moving his hands closer to the baby.

“You have brought so much joy to me.” He said as he started getting emotional. “You have given me so much hope, my son. I love you so much. I don't regret having you even though...” A tear dropped down his cheeks. “...even though your father regretted having anything to do with me. I don't care whether you have his DNA but I will always love you.

He might have called our relationship as a mistake and I might have regretted being in a relationship with him but...” He chuckled bitterly. “You my son are not a mistake at all. You are the most prized possession I have in my life. You have my DNA and I love you so much no matter what happens. You have given me another chance at happiness.”

Aidan rubbed his tears off and then kissed his baby's tiny hand.

“We will live together as one.” He promised. “We will be happy. I will provide you with all the happiness. I will give you anything that you will require my son. You may not have a real father but I trust Ethan will be more than a father to you. I know he will love you so much. You will have a great and happy family. You have me, your dad...” He chuckled, rubbing his tears off. “You have your great grandmother...you have your father, Ethan and...an uncle, Justin.”

He lay next to his baby, feeling his warmth. He got closer and planted soft kisses all over his face. He loved how he smelled and how he was feeling like. He loved everything about him.

“You and I will have so much fun together.” He promised. “You may look like your father but...” He suppressed his tears. That was the time of pain and joy for him. He was in pain over remembering Luis but he was overjoyed with having his son around. That boy was gonna give him immense joy. “...I promise we will have a lot of fun. We don't need your father. You have me and we don't need anyone else.”

Aidan was really happy. He could express his joy. He slowly moved and just stared at his son sleeping. He was looking peaceful. He just wanted to see his cute little smile. He couldn't wait to see him saying tiny words. He couldn't wait for him to call him dad.

“I can't wait to see your smiling face in your own little way my son.” He said happily. “You are my little man, my little prince. You will always be daddy's little Prince and that's my promise.”

All Aidan wanted was for his son to have one of the happiest moments in his life. He was gonna make sure his son have those moments in his life. He was gonna make sure he never lucks anything in his life. He was gonna be great.

“I love you son.” He smiled brightly when he thought of something. “I am going to name you, Jacob.”

“Jacob...” He chuckled, planting soft kisses all over his face. “I love you Jacob so much.” He stared at him for long. “I will have to let you sleep right now.” He rubbed his tears off and replaced it with a wonderful smile. “No more sadness for me. I will never allow him to hurt me.”

Aidan leaned forward and kissed his son. Then he wrapped his hand on him, bringing him closer. A smile shot up on his face and then he took in deep breath. He was more than happy at that very moment and he wouldn't have loved for anything more.

“I love you.” Aidan said in a small sleepy voice.

Aidan breathed in his son's scent and before he knew it, he slipped off to sleep with a wonderful smile on his face.


Things went well from that time onwards. Aidan's wound was healing and his baby was growing just like he had expected. Since he wasn't able to breastfeed even though his nipples had grown to a large extent, he just got milk and the baby was getting in good condition. He was also growing fat and beautiful. Justin was always there by his side, checking him and making sure that the baby was getting in a good condition. Aidan loved the fact that his baby was growing fat even though he was looking more like Luis day by day. He didn't mind it at all.

Aidan still had a wound but the truth was that he always played with his baby and changed him even though granny was found with the child most of the time. She was also concerned for him. She told him he needed to heal real soon. She was such a great woman. His brother often played his role in his child's life by playing with him.

During his healing period, Adrian spent his time mostly with granny and Justin because they were great. Ethan was always there for him and he loved it. His doctor was always there to check his wound and helped him with other things.

Aidan loved that his brother was always there to make him feel better every time. He was always there for child. He loved the child so much and Aidan couldn't have wished for a better father than the brother that he had. His brother was the best father ever.

As days went by, Aidan wound was healing. He never performed any magic while in the healing process. His baby was getting stronger and really fat. He loved him like that. It took time but Aidan healed completely.

After he healed completely, they celebrated the new life and also his healing. It was just the four of them, five including the child. They had some drinks, they ate foods and they even danced. It was a great occasion for Aidan. His child was really important and he couldn't imagine life without him. He had become a part of his life.

Now Aidan had nothing to talk worry about. He wasn't gonna worry about Luis anymore or even let him cry. He was just gonna forget about him and his troubles. No more Luis for him. It wasn't just about him anymore.

Aidan was now a father, a grandson, a brother, and a friend. He knew he had to play his role on all those relationships.

It was now time to open another chapter of his life, a chapter without Luis or Angria. Things were gonna get good for him.

“Goodbye Luis, forever...”



Hanna came rushing down the stairs, shouting for her mother and father. She was really, really happy that day. Hanna was putting on a tall blue dress, bright pink designer's high heeled shoes, a beautiful golden tiara with a diamond on top. Her hair was all curled and then combed backwards. She was looking super fabulous.

“Mom, dad, granny...” She rushed to the living room.

“We all know why you are like this but...”

“He's here.” Hanna gasped, literally jumping up and down like a little child. “He's finally here. I have seen the cars entering here. I saw them from distance.”

“Calm down and...”

“No father,” Hanna exclaimed. She was really happy. “How do you expect me to calm down? I don't think I can do that. My brother is coming back after being gone for almost two years. I can't wait to see him. His car is arriving soon.”

“Alright,” The queen got up happily. “Let's go and welcome the prince.”

“Yeah,” Hanna exclaimed, jumping like a little girl. She was just too happy. She had no idea how to express that happiness.

The royal family rushed outside the palace just in time to find the cars arriving. This time there were about five cars that were with him. They had no idea which car he was in but they waited impatiently just to see him, their beloved Prince. Nothing was better than having him come around. What they were hoping for was to see him and his mood. They had been talking to him on the phone but not video chat. They just wanted to see him.

The first car opened and all guards got out and knelt down. All the other guards got out and knelt down on the ground. They started their greetings before one of the guards opened the door of the third car.

As the car opened, Luis stepped out elegantly with a wonderful smile on his face. He was looking really different but super different. He looked even more muscular than he usually was. He was a bit fat but lovely. Luis' hair was still black but he added some chocolate brown strands on top and it was a bit longer, reaching his neck. He had a red band tied around his hair, making him look cool.

Luis' eyes seemed brighter but really beautiful. He was putting on a really tight dark designer's skinny jean, pink designer's shirt which was not tucked but stuck on his body like a second skin and yellow snickers that made him look even cooler.

The family was not interested in Luis' clothes, they were rather interested in seeing his mood. That was all that they wanted from him. They were just hoping his mood was great. They had forgotten about everything so...they expected him to forget.

“What's up people?” Luis said as he made a quick break dance that surely shocked everyone. “Did you miss this prince or what?” He chuckled happily, moving elegantly to them. “Do you love the fact that I am back?”

They were all so surprised that they stared at each other, wondering why his mood was really like that. They loved it.

“Of course son.” The king said as he pulled him into a tight hug. “You know that I have always been thinking about you all the time. I am glad you are here.”

“Luis!” Hanna chirped, rushing to him. She jumped on him, hugging him really tightly. “I missed you so much. You have no idea just how happy I am that you are here. We have so many things to talk about.”

“Yeah,” Luis said as he pulled away from her. He couldn't have been any happier than he was. “We have some catching up to do.” He chuckled when Hanna raised her eyebrow. They laughed together and then hugged one more time.

“Are you gonna hug forever or are you gonna show your granny some love?”

“Granny...” Luis shouted at the top of his voice. He sure looked happy. He rushed to her and then pulled her into a really hot hug. “Of course not. How can I forget about my granny? You are always in my heart and I will always be here for you.”

Luis chuckled and then moved to his mother. She was looking really emotional. He reached her and hugged her tightly. In return she gave him kisses all over his face, making him even happier than he was. He couldn't express it at all. Luis just stood in front of his family, staring at them with a great smile on his face.

“I know what you are all thinking.” He said in the most amazing voice they had ever heard from him. “But you don't have to worry about anything. The Luis you are seeing in front of you is...” He paused and snapped his fingers, slowly turning around in a circle. “This Luis is brand new. He is a new man. Nothing is going to affect this lovely man.”

“Oh son,” The king said. “You have no idea how happy we are to see you back. You are really looking different but really handsome. You look even livelier than before.”

“Yeah,” Hanna nodded. “You look really different.”

“Well!” He beamed. “You better get used to this new me because he is here to stay. He ain't going anywhere, you understand?” He moved his head, opening his arms wider. “Get used to him.” He said it nice and slow. The entire family was truly shocked. That was another version of Luis, a better version.

“I am glad.” Hanna said happily. “In fact, I like this new Luis. I am already used to him.”

The entire royal family laughed. They were happy he was back.

“Now let's go inside because I am pretty hungry. I hope there is some food for me. You know exactly what my style is.” He exclaimed, rubbing on his belly.

“Yes,” Granny nodded. “Let's go in.”

Luis and his family started heading in while he entertained them with a story. He was glad he was back to being himself. What he loved was that he was even better and livelier than he was. He was really happy to be back in that mood. Nothing was gonna go wrong now.

He was back for business and he was gonna live his life.

“Goodbye old life, hello fun and beautiful life.”


In the castle of Alerna Kingdom...


King Wyatt was standing by the window in the castle, staring outside his kingdom. His mood was foul as usual and he was really mad. There was no day in the last two years when he wasn't mad. He was always mad after that failed mission. He was still yearning for power, authority and more people to worship him.

In the last two years he has done whatever he could just to keep himself calm and entertained. Only God knows how many people he had slaughtered with his power just to have his fun. Now people in his kingdom lived in fear. He had even conquered kingdoms near him and killed their kings but that was nothing at all. It was really stressful and really painful two long years for him.

The seer had promised him that things would be better and they would figure out a way to find the hidden scepter but to no avail. Something was still fucking missing. It was fucking missing. Now he had had to wait for two long years thanks to that idiot son of his and his useless warlocks. The seer should have allowed him to kill all of them. At least he would have felt even better.

Wyatt was wearing his royal attire with his long dark hair tied into a knot and then a dart was in his hair. He was really mad, breathing like a dragon on a quest. His eyes were blood red and he just wanted to vent his anger and shed more blood. He was dying to get his hands on that foolish kingdom.

Suddenly he heard a loud gush wind and a presence behind him.

“I hope you have brought some good news or so help me god, I will...”

“There is no need for that.” The seer said before he finished his sentence. “I know that you are mad...”

“Just speak why you are here.” The king's voice was filed with so much evil. “And you better pray this time that you have news for me or else...you will regret working for me.” The king had had it up to his neck. He was ready to kill the foolish seer and employ another, if he eventually finds him. He had killed his royal adviser years ago because of the same foolishness.

“My lord, I know that it took longer than expected but you will soon acquire your power.” He said confidently. “You will make them all bow to your power. You will finally get what you want.”

The king wasn't even bothered by the news the seer gave him. He made a quick and furious turn, breathing really violently. He gave the seer a cold look and just wished to murder him with his own hands.

“Don't you think I know that you idiot.” His voice echoed throughout the entire room. “How many times will you tell me that? I need to find that stupid scepter and you are here...”

“To finally find out the exact position of the scepter...I have made a tool which will lead the way to where it is being hidden in the palace. However,”

“I knew it.” The king yelled, filling the entire castle with his voice. “What stupid ingredient do you want? I am ready to...”

“That scepter will only show when the 73rd king is crowned.” The seer chuckled. “That scepter will only show on the coronation of the 73rd king.”

“What?” Wyatt snapped, clenching his fists.

“Yes,” The seer bowed. “However, with the item that I made...we may be able to summon it but...we need the semen of the 73rd king. His sperm is the last ingredient. Sperm and just a little of his blood is all that we require right now.”

“73rd king uh?” An evil grin appeared on the lord's face. “The 73rd king of Angria is none other than Luis. That means that someone must journey back to Angria to retrieve those things.” He gave a sinister laugh.

“Yes, my lord...” The seer sniffed the air. “This will be the only things needed my lord. Acquire those things and the scepter will be yours. According to my visions, this is the year when you will acquire the powers of Lord Ming.”

“Yes...” The king laughed at the top of his voice. “Finally, I can almost feel the power. I can almost feel the authority. Very soon...I will bring them down. I will make them worship my feet. They will tremble when they hear my name. Finally...ha ha...” He gave a really evil laugh. “I will make them my slaves. They will work for me. Their reign will be cut...” He laughed.

“Yes,” The seer gave an evil chuckle. “That is where we bring the specialty of your three warlocks. Their enchantments will be really useful for us. I had a revelation that they would be needed in this. I also knew about the material but the final ingredient was really difficult to find. Luis' reign was destined to be powerful but too bad...he will be crashed.” He laughed manically.

“This is great news.” The king laughed. He couldn't express his happiness. “They must be prepared.”

King Wyatt called for the three warlocks and his son. In the last two years they had been helping him but he didn't trust them that much. In no time they came and stood still in front of him, bowing their heads in silence.

“The time has come again for you to prove your worth.” Wyatt said, staring at them with a serious face.

“We are ready to do anything to get back our glory, my lord.” One of them said.

“Good!” Wyatt nodded. “I know you will not fail me on this one. You said the threat is no more and according to my source, there is no priest up to now. This mission must be a success. I don't need any more excuses. This will be your last chance. If you fail, I will not even listen to any of your...excuses.” He yelled. His voice echoed, making the four men tremble in fear. “However, if you succeed which I am sure you will, I will honor you and give all of you great posts after this conquest.”

The three warlocks looked at each other, wondering what the mission was. “Just tell us our mission and we will embark on it as soon as possible.”

Wyatt looked at his seer and then groaned. “You have to go back to Angria palace to get the scepter and...”

“But father,” William gulped. He was really scared. “That scepter...”

“Did I finish speaking?” Wyatt bellowed, pointing his finger angrily at his son. William dropped his head and then bowed. “As I was saying before one imbecile interrupted me, the seer has made a special item that will show you the exact location of the scepter. What you just need is Luis' semen and a little of his blood. Then you three idiots will do an enchantment to add those to the item. After that, you will know exactly where that scepter is. The seer will guide you on everything before you embark on this journey. You must not fail me.” He warned, pointing at each of them. “You don't wanna know what is gonna happen to you.” He was seething and he wasn't gonna repeat himself. “I don't know how you are gonna get his semen or blood but I want that scepter here as quickly as possible. Am I clear?”

The three warlocks bowed, nodding their heads. “All clear my lord...”

William was speechless, staring at his father with a smile. He couldn't believe he was gonna go back to Angria and prove his worth to his father again. He couldn't believe he was gonna see Luis once again. He couldn't believe he was gonna get his sperm and blood. That was the most exciting part. He loved it a whole lot. Just thinking about everything got him all excited. His heart was racing...his hormones got out of control...his breaths became harsh. He was gonna enjoy this mission.
“I repeat. Do not...”

“You don't have to worry about anything father.” An evil grin appeared on William's face. “Just leave everything to me and the warlocks. You will be proud of me.”

Wyatt groaned and then started talking to the seer. William looked away, still wearing an evil grin. He was being given another chance to prove to his father that he was truly his blood. He couldn't still believe that was happening. The first mission had failed terribly but this one was gonna be a success. There was no more threat in that kingdom. According to his sources, Aidan was gone, nowhere to be seen. He was a wanted man and he was not in the kingdom. It was gonna be real easy, just like a piece of cake. He was going back and this time...he was gonna make sure he not only brings the scepter but also get a taste of Luis.

“I am coming back.” He said in the most evil voice ever. “I am coming back Luis.” He chuckled sinisterly. “You better get ready for me.”

An evil grin appeared on his face once again. He then chuckled inwardly while the evil grin kept on getting big.

“Get ready...”

To be continued...

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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very interesting, lots of action, some strange twists.............looking forward to the next chapter

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If Luis has returned to being a playboy then this should be an easy retrieval mission though if he has to be crowned king for true success then I assume he’ll need to be married to someone which is the hard part. Luis will likely be reluctant to be remarried considering the tragedy of his last marriage but perhaps they’ll make an exception where he’s crowned while still single. He also may have met someone while traveling of course not to mention there’s always the chance William will try to seduce him to the point of marriage though that sounds like a unlike plan as it would take awhile.

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