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Unbroken - 2. Chapter 2: Luis executes his revenge. What are the outcomes?

Luis suddenly woke up, moving his eyes to the large electronic clock on the wall.

"10.am," He gasped, covering his eyes. Guess he was really tired to have woken up at 10 in the morning.

Luis removed his hands from his eyes and got up, balancing on a number of pillows. Then he opened his arms and stretched them, yawning like he had not eaten in years. He was really hungry and his stomach started rumbling almost immediately. He needed some food in his stomach or he was gonna be dead in a few minutes, just kidding.

After stretching, Luis got out of bed and saw a large tray with plates on it. He immediately knew that someone had brought breakfast to him while he was sleeping. Hmm, he had missed finding breakfast like that.

Luis then moved to the tray, uncovered it and found toasted bread with minced meat and beef sausages. He ate his breakfast quickly and pulled some pants on himself. He wore a green short, a blue t-shirt and white sandals. Then he was on his way to meet and greet his family.

Luis travelled by the elevator and found his father in the living room reading a newspaper. His mother was giving instructions to the maids and some people who he couldn't recognize. He just stood and watched his mother finish whatever that she was instructing. Then he got lost in his thoughts again, thinking about the great fuck that he had given the guy the previous day. At least he had something erotic to remember.

"Luis," He heard his mother's voice which pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Mother," Luis said softly, moving his eyes to her. She was looking beautiful in a blue dress and she had tied her hair, revealing her beautiful, glowing face.

"You are awake, finally." She smiled. "I came to your room earlier and found you sleeping. I hope you are okay?"

"I was just tired, I guess." He said, kissing her cheek. "Do we have new maids and guards?"

"No!" The queen laughed. "They are just decorators. They are here to decorate the ball room for the ball tonight.

"The ball...uh," He had totally forgotten that his father had told him about the ball. "Is that today?"

"Yeah, this evening." The king who had been quiet said excitedly. "We are having the ball tonight to celebrate the return of the crown prince." He was hoping for the prince to find a bride among the daughters of the most prominent families in Angria. "We have sent invitations to everyone who wants to come."

Hearing his father's statement, the Prince gave a soft chuckle. He had no idea why he felt excited when he heard about inviting everyone. He was really hoping the boy who had insulted him wouldn't come because if he did, he was gonna live to regret it.

"That's good." Luis grinned, rubbing his hands together. "But is granny gonna be there?"

"I talked to her this morning and she's gonna come in the evening. But don't worry, she promised she won't be late."

Luis loved his grandmother a lot. She was 65 but she was too beautiful for her age. He had missed her a lot and not seeing her when he came back home made it seem like something was missing in his life. Now that she was gonna be back home, he was gonna live a happy and fulfilling life.

"I can't wait to see her." He was excited and the tone of his voice clearly showed that. Then he moved his mind from his granny so as not to miss her. He then scanned the room and noticed that his sister was not in the living room.

"And where is that sister of mine?"

"She's outside." The queen said, moving to one of the couches. "I bet she's either at the pool or the garden or even the courtyard."

"I'll go and look for her." He had barely finished his sentence and he was already going out. "See you later."

They all waved at him and he continued heading out. Reaching outside, he leaned to a pillar as he scanned the whole compound to check if he could see her. He only saw decorators taking their decorations into the ball room. By the look of things, he knew it was gonna be one hell of a ball. He knew it was gonna be great and quite big.

"Okay," Luis whispered. "I guess I gotta check the gardens."

He took a deep breath and went to the huge garden behind and found his sister with some maids, watering some flowers. She sure loved her flowers a lot, ever since they were just kids.

"Hey, sis," Luis greeted as he headed towards her.

"Hey," Hanna greeted, her eyes glued on the flowers. "Morning,"

"Yeah," Luis chuckled. "If you could call it that,"

Luis went inside the garden and took one of the watering cans and helped her sister water the flowers. They both watered the flowers while catching up on the lost time. It was really beautiful and they bonded really well.

The ball was coming up in just a few hours. Luis knew very well it was his ball but he was just not he was gonna enjoy it. He knew ladies were gonna be all over him but he was just interested in the guys. He was interested in guys but the problem was that his parents and his sister had no idea he was gay. He didn't even know how to break it to them. But that was no big deal. They were gonna find out sooner or later. His only problem was their reaction. He had no idea how his father was gonna react especially since he expected him to produce an heir after him.


Aidan was in the kitchen, holding a really sharp knife, helping his granny cook lunch. He was not a pro like his granny when it came to cooking but he very knew how to cook and he cooked once in a while at the hotel but since he had no knowledge of culinary, he just helped out at times.

Aidan was not going to work that particular day. He had no shift and his boss had given him a day off for his hard work so he had to make use of it. There was no way to make use of it than being with his family members.

Cutting the tomatoes, onions and peppers, Aidan's mind took him to the incident that had happened the previous day. Thinking about it was making him angry so he just dropped it and concentrated on the things that he was cutting. It was gonna be a delicious meal and he could tell from the wonderful aroma that filled the little kitchen.

"Aidan!" Granny called softly, stirring on the dish she was cooking.

"Yes, granny,"

"Are you going to the ball tonight?"

Aidan was about to cut a tomato in half but hearing his granny's question, he withdrew and just stared at it. Then he slipped to the whole incident again and relived everything that had happened. Realizing his granny's question, Aidan's heart began racing...his whole body felt hot...he felt a shiver run down his spine as what he had done the previous day came right back to him. Then he quickly moved his eyes and stared at the woman that was staring at him with a grin on her face.

"Uh," He answered as if he didn't get what she had said when in reality, he got everything clearly. "What...what did you say?" He gathered his confidence and continued cutting the vegetables.

"Are you going to the royal ball tonight?"

"Err...I don't think I am going." He said simply. No way would he go to the palace when he talked rudely to the prince the previous day. The prince had been mad at him and just because he didn't do anything doesn't mean that he had forgotten about it.


"Well...I have a lot of things to do. Are you going?"

"I was planning on going but..."

"I hope you are not trying to tell me that you are not going because I am not going?" Aidan gave his granny a look that said it all. He was giving her a hint to just go. "You have to go."

"But what about you," Granny didn't want to leave Aidan all alone. "Ethan is also going and I don't think I can leave you all alone."

"I will be fine." Aidan smiled, moving his eyes to his vegetables. "Just bring something scrumptious for me okay?"

Granny chuckled. She knew Aidan was trying to make her feel better. "Of course,"

Aidan and granny chuckled. Man, he hadn't even told her that he had met with the prince and he had kinda said some things. If the old woman ever got to find out, Aidan knew how her reaction would be. She'd freak out and panic if she ever got to find out. But the good thing was that Aidan would never utter it to her.

They chatted over a few things as they made lunch together. Then they served it and had it together with Ethan who had been sleeping since he had come home in the morning. They had a special lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about other things.


Luis was standing in front of a large mirror, looking at his own wonderful reflection. He was looking really handsome that evening and he couldn't deny that he was absolutely stunning and he was gonna steal the spotlight at the ball. He was putting on a dark blue, tight designer's suit which was bought for that particular event. He had a light green designer's shirt inside. His hair was perfected and brushed back, making his face and especially his eyes to be in full view.

He was putting on black, shiny designer's shoes and they made him look like the true prince that he was. His face was glowing with the little makeup that had been applied by the makeup artists. His neck was glowing with a beautiful golden necklace. He had a beautiful golden ring with a large diamond on top, on his left. He had a bright royal diamond bracelet on his right wrist...a golden watch on his left wrist.

Did I happen to mention that there were designers making sure that he was looking absolutely stunning? All he had to do was stand still and let them check if everything was alright. They checked every bit of the suit and everything that he was wearing.

There was a beautiful golden crown on his bed which was gonna be the master piece of his dress. He didn't need anyone to tell him he was handsome that night because he knew he was handsome and he knew he was gonna dominate the ball though he had no idea if he was gonna dance or anything.

Still in his thoughts, staring at the huge mirror, Luis watched as the door to his room opened and then he suddenly froze. He didn't know if it was his imagination or it was real but he could see his grandmother standing by the door through the mirror.

"Granny," Luis said softly, slowly turning. There she was, a really beautiful elderly woman who looked amazing. She was wearing a beautiful white dress in beautiful black flat shoes. Her hair was tied into a knot and she had a small crown on her head. But what captured Luis' soul was that beautiful smile that was radiating on her face. It was really beautiful and she was really beautiful.

"Granny," Luis chirped, moving away from the huge mirror. "Oh my god." He rushed to her and gave a tight hug. Fuck, she felt warm and cozy. He had missed the old woman a lot and just wanted to hold her for as long as he lived. "I can't believe you are finally here."

"Did you think I would miss my own grandson's ball?" She chuckled, patting on his back. "I really missed you a lot, son."

"I missed you more."

They both hugged for some minutes before finally pulling from each other. Luis loved his granny a lot. In fact, she was the only one who supported him on most issues when his parents didn't support him. He also knew she would support him when he tells everyone he was gay.

"When did you come back?"

"A few minutes ago, actually." Granny gave a soft chuckle that warmed Luis' very own soul.

"I am glad you are back." Luis said softly.

They chatted for a few minutes while the designers continued their work of making sure he was looking beautiful. In just a matter of minutes, they were done. He was absolutely lovely and the crown was pressed on his head even though it felt like a second head but it was manageable.

"You look really handsome, my love." Granny said softly. She then cupped his cheeks and pressed soft kisses on each of them, another thing Luis had missed about his grandmother.

"I couldn't have said more about you too, granny." Luis remarked, rubbing against his grandmother's hands.

They just stared at each other, enjoying each other's company like before. They began chatting again but realized that time was not on their side. It was time to go and join the party. It was time to get it over with. To be honest, Luis would have rather sat with his granny and chat the rest of the night than go to the ball but he had no choice than to go.

"Have you ever heard of a groom who was late for his own wedding?" Granny jested, holding his hand tightly.

"I know what you mean." Luis said. "We need to go to the ball. I am sure people have started arriving."

"I am sure they have arrived." Granny chuckled.

Luis took a deep and nervous breath. Then he got up from the bed, extended his hand and helped his grandmother up. Then he coiled his granny's arm and they both went out of his room. It was time to face the ball.


Luis entered the ball room through the stage where the royal family's seats were. He was still holding his grandmother and as soon as they had entered, people begun cheering and clapping. Hearing their cheers, Luis began waving at them, giving them a bright smile. The ball room was really huge unlike anything that he had seen ever seen before. It could easily accommodate about 5000 people and judging from the people there, they were quite many of them. There were really elegant decorations, more food than anyone could ever eat and everything was beautiful including the people.

Luis and his grandmother made their way to the seats where the king, the queen, the princess and even the prime minister sat. They were all looking elegant with their crowns except the prime minister. A slow soothing music was playing, brightening everyone's moods. Luis made his way to his seat beside the great king and sat.

"I thought you weren't coming." The king said softly. "We were waiting."

"I am so sorry." Luis apologized. "I got caught in my conversation with granny that I lost track of time. I just hope you haven't been waiting for too long?"

"It's fine." The king smiled and waved at his people. "The good thing is that you are here already."

"Yeah," Luis said, looking straight at his smiling mother and his sister.

"The ball will begin after the introduction."

After talking to his son, the king signaled the master of ceremony and the event begun.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen," The man in a white suit who happened to be the MC began. "The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. I know we were all eager to see the prince and now he is here." The people cheered. "May I take this opportunity to call upon the king and the prince?"

Luis looked at his father and they both got up at the same time, making their way to the MC. He gave them the microphone and the king began his speech. It was just a short speech. He thanked his people for coming to the ball and for honoring his invitation.

"...with that said, I would like to make a toast to my son," He raised his glass of champagne. The people in the ball room followed his lead. "To my son, the prince, welcome back home."

Then he toasted his glass with the prince and the people toasted in the air and with each other. Luis could clearly see that the whole room was packed with people, both rich and poor but he didn't care. Somehow, he didn't feel comfortable being at that ball. He just wanted it to end so that he could go back to his normal life, a life of nothing but fun.

"Thanks, dad," Luis said as he held his glass tighter.

"And now, I declare the ball started. Ladies, the prince is all yours."

Hearing what his father had just said, Luis gulped and then gave a soft, nervous chuckle. He didn't like how things were going. He could clearly see from the people that were in that room that there were really handsome men, men that would satisfy him. It was hurting him to know that he had men that he was lusting after but he couldn't get any of them. It would seem like an insult to the king if he chose to dance with a man. He was gonna have to come out first.

The music started playing and Luis knew that he had to mingle with the audience and his people. His father had just offered him on a silver platter and he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Still standing there as he scanned the whole roof to see if he could spot his friend, Luis heard the MC began speaking again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the dance floor is open. Enjoy the party."

Luis watched as some girls gave him a seductive look but he didn't care. He just continued scanning the whole room till he spotted his best friend waving at him. He had to be with his best during that time. He knew that his friend was the only who could understand him. Luis waved at his friend as he started going down the short stairs. Beautiful dance music was playing and some people were already on the dance floor, dancing softly.

Coming down the stairs, Luis felt someone grip his arm. He stopped and then quickly turned to find a beautiful black lady. She was really lovely. Her long dark curled hair was magnificent and her dress was beautifully fitted on her body. Her boobs were exposed, making him realize that the lady had come for him. Of course, he would have fallen for her had he been straight but he didn't care for her.

"Care to dance?" The lady said flirtatiously, blushing.

Hearing her question, Luis chuckled nervous. "I would have loved to but...I'll pass. Maybe next time,"

"Just one dance," The lady said, giving him puppy eyes.

Luis had no idea what to do but he knew that he couldn't accept her offer no matter what happened. He quickly looked around and caught his mother winking at him, urging him to accept the dance. He wanted to decline. He really wanted to decline but he couldn't do it, knowing that he had to dance.

Tearing his eyes away from his mother, Luis looked at the woman who was probably wetting her panties. "Okay. One dance only."

"One dance." The lady gave the brightest smile and she already had her hand on his shoulder. Yuck! Luis hated girls. Why couldn't it be one of the cute guys, he wondered, trying to act confident?

Luis took a deep breath and then gripped her waist. Fuck, he felt like something wanted to come out through his mouth. But he acted confidently and walked with her to the dance floor where everyone left as soon as they reached.

The spotlight shone on them, drawing cheers from everyone in the ball, including his family. They were happy and soon the music started and fuck, it was fucking waltz music. He had accepted to dance with her. Couldn't the music have been something else? Did it have to be fucking waltz music?

"Are you ready?" The lady blushed, probably hoping he was gonna fuck her after.

"Not gonna happen lady." Luis thought as he took her right hand in his and raised it. Then he gripped her waist and she put one hand on his shoulder. With the flow of the music, they started waltzing, following the music as they moved from side to side.

"Fuck!" Luis thought as he tried his best not to lose confidence or lose track of the music. Whoever had inverted this traditional of waltzing at the ball wasn't probably thinking straight. Had it been a man, he would have shown people how to waltz but he just played it calm and cool, trying not to make too much eye contact with her.

Everyone else just watched with their hearts racing, admiring the sweet couple waltzing around the dance floor. It was beautiful to the people that watched them. They just watched quietly as the sweet couple danced. All the ladies were admiring the lady the prince was dancing with. They just wanted to tear her away from the prince and probably beat her up. They felt like their chances of getting married to the prince had just gone to zero.

"What did I tell you?" The king whispered to her queen, smiling like he had just won a lottery. "I can tell that he is happy. Just look at them moving on that dance floor."
"Yeah," The queen said softly. She had her eyes on her son the whole time and she could tell that the smile on his face was not genuine. It was fake and though the king couldn't see right through that smile, she was able to see through. It was clear the Prince was not happy. But she couldn't just tell the king that. "I am glad that he is."

She quickly moved to the other side where her daughter was smiling, watching and probably admiring the couple. "What are you still doing here?"

"Laughing at the prince dancing," Hanna jested, then laughing softly.

"Well, get ready young woman because it will soon be your turn." She laughed. "Now go and find someone to dance with."

Hanna looked at her mother with a brilliant smile. "With pleasure," She said, getting up from the chair.

Luis on the other hand was getting sick by each passing second. Either way, he danced and after what felt like hours, the music stopped and he felt like air had just come back to him. He was able to breathe again after so long.

Hearing the music stop, Luis moved his hands away from the lady and just stared at her, laughing nervously. He was really nervous and never was he going to do something like that again. From the way the lady looked like and the expression on her face, Luis could tell that she had enjoyed the dance. If only she could read his mind...then she wouldn't have been smiling. She would have probably been crying.

"That was lovely, wasn't it?" The lady asked in a sexy voice.

"Yeah..." Luis answered as if he was not so sure of the answer. The spotlight was still on him but he absolutely didn't care. "...I guess you enjoyed it."

"I really loved it." She giggled, shaking her body. "You are so handsome."

"Err...thanks," He gave a nervous smile. "Excuse me." He turned to leave but she gripped his arm and blushed, locking her eyes with his. Luis opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the slow music which had just started playing.

"I would like another dance, if you don't mind."

"Of course, I mind." Luis thought, trying to get his arm free.

"Please," The lady begged. Luis looked around and saw people making their way on the dance floor. That was when he gathered his confidence. He needed to be a man that he was and not say 'yes' simply because he was speaking to a lady. "I really loved dancing with you."

"I am truly sorry," Luis leered, getting his arm free. "I can't give you another dance. I gotta go. I have to be somewhere else." Without even getting an answer, he turned and began moving away from the dance floor.

"B-but..." It was too late. Luis was lost in the crowd and she couldn't see him. She hated what had happened. She was feeling like people were laughing at her, just by looking at her.

"Fuck," Luis whispered, rushing to the wine table. He hated how he was feeling at that time. It was like something had just crawled on his body and made him shiver. He hated it and he didn't want to dance with another female who by the way was wetting her panties.

Reaching the table, Luis took a glass and poured some wine. Then he took it in one swift, feeling some form of energy travel to his body. He felt better. He filled another glass and was about to take another swift when he heard a voice behind him.

"Man that was some dance." It was followed by a teasing chuckle.

Hearing the voice, Luis quickly turned to find Charles laughing at him teasingly. "That wasn't funny at all." He said, taking a sip from his wine. "I don't want that to happen, ever."

"I could tell from the way you were looking like." Charles laughed, slipping his hand in his black suit. He was looking super cute and his hair was gelled. "By the way," He said, looking at his friend. "You look good. It's no wonder that lady was eye fucking you."

"Oh man, shut up." Luis said, trying to forget what had happened. "I knew she was interested in me. But I never knew she was eye fucking me." He said, giving his glass to Charles. He poured himself another and they both toasted before they dug in. By the time the glasses moved from their lips, they were empty.

"Care for another dance?" Charles said softly, looking around. "I can tell a lot of ladies are interested in you."

At Charles' words, Luis looked all around and saw the number of ladies that were probably lost in their thoughts, thinking he was fucking them. They were literally removing his clothes with their eyes. He didn't like their expressions at all. He knew what was gonna come next if he chose to stay there.

"How am I not sure they are not eye fucking you?" He jested, diverting his eyes to his friend, drawing a laugh from him. "I am sure they are probably riding your..." He trailed off and laughed, enjoying the look on Charles' face.

"Because I am not the one with the crown," Charles said with a soft chuckle.

"Care to wear my crown instead?"

"I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes right now." Charles laughed, wrapping his arm around Luis. "Those ladies are ready to fuck you given..."

"Oh shut up."

Luis moved his eyes around and caught one lady eyeing him and licking her lips. When their eyes met, she licked her lips and winked at him, giving him the 'fuck me' look. It wasn't appealing and he hated it. He immediately moved his eyes away and stared at his friend.

"I think I need to get out of here." Luis said, scanning the room to try and find the nearest possible exit. "Care to come with me?"

"You know I'd go anywhere with you." Charles said simply.

Hearing his friend's answer, he smiled and spotted a door on his right. That was his way to freedom. He didn't care whether the ball was his or it was in his honor. He just wanted to get out of there and spend the rest of his night outside with his friend. And that was exactly what he was gonna do.

Luis moved his eyes to the stage where his family was seated. Making sure that they had their eyes elsewhere, he held his friend's hand and led him out of the ball room. In no time they were outside and he felt like he was able to breathe again.

"Finally," Luis said, taking a deep breath of the night air. "I can finally breathe freely."

Charles chuckled softly. "You do realize that you are going to be in trouble for this, right?"

"I don't care." Luis said as he began heading to the courtyard. "That place was killing me. There were so many men, handsome men, men with..." He breathed through his teeth and chuckled. "It was killing me to know that I couldn't have any of them."

"Tell me about it." Charles chuckled, following his friend behind.

They walked to the bright courtyard and sat on the chairs, watching the fountain with the statue. It was really beautiful and it got Luis' attention, making him happy. If he couldn't have the men, the thing he wanted to do was stare at the fountain of water.

"So...when do you plan on telling them?"

"Uh," Luis wasn't paying attention. "What?" He moved his gaze to his friend and smiled.

"When are you planning on telling them you are...gay?"

Luis took a deep sigh that made him feel fresh. "I have no idea. I know I need to do it sooner but I don't know how to break it to them. They would have known by the time I became gay but..." He breathed out audibly. "...the issue might be a little too complicated. I am the crown prince and they expect me to have children. They expect me to give them grandkids." He sighed, moving his gaze to the statue of a man who was acting as if he was about to throw something. "You know the way I am. I would just break it to them as if it is not an issue but...I can't do that."

"Yeah," Charles said, wondering why his friend was in such a situation. "I can understand the situation. But it is either you tell them or you give them grandkids."

"No, yuck," Luis screamed, slightly pushing his friend. "That is never going to happen. Right now I just wish I had a brother. Then I would have been living my life freely. What about you?"

"I told my parents three years ago." He said softly. "They took it well but you, my friend," He chuckled, wrapping his arms around his friend. "You are in deep shit, you know that?"

"Nah," Luis shrugged, giving a soft chuckle. "I will tell them soon. I just hope they will take it well." He moved on the chair and faced his friend. Then he held his hands and cupped them in his. "Let's talk about something else." He suggested.

"What?" Charles laughed. "What do you want us to talk about?"

"Anything," Luis said simply. "Anything to pass the night,"

The two friends sat in the courtyard and talked about their lives and how they wanted them to be. While Charles wanted to look for a certain man, someone he will love, Luis wanted to enjoy them. Love was for the weak and people who had nothing to do on earth. He didn't believe in love and he was gonna stay like that.

They told each other adventurous stories and just stared at the statues and fountains in the courtyard, commenting on their elegancy and taste. It suddenly turned into a great night, more than he had planned it to be. They talked about more issues. By the time they stopped chatting, they realized that it was late and that people were already leaving. Luis escorted his friend to his car and then he left. He stayed in the courtyard, put on some music and listened to it while he waited for everyone else to leave.

Once he was sure that people had left, he went back inside the house to find another surprise. His father was moving round the living room and Luis could tell that he was impatient about something. The only time he saw his father like that was if he was mad or an important issue had come.

Seeing the way the king was, Luis couldn't read his expression. He had no idea what he was feeling. His sister, his mother and his granny on the other hand were seated on the couches with their faces buried in their palms. He suddenly was feeling uneasy when he realized that they were probably like that because he had left the ball.

"Father," Luis called, removing the crown from his head.

As soon as they all heard his voice, they all stood up and the king looked at him as if he had committed an abomination, nodding his head. Now it was confirmed to Luis. His father wasn't in a good mood.

"Why aren't you guys sleeping?"

"Should we?" The king's voice was clearly of anger. "Where did you go?"

"Nowhere." Luis said, trying to understand why his father had asked such a question. "I was in the courtyard with..."

"The courtyard," The king gave a bitter laugh, pointing at Luis. "A ball was held in your honor and all you had to do was go to the courtyard."

"I am truly sorry, father." Luis apologized, moving closer to the living room. "I just felt a little sick that's all. Besides, I don't think anybody missed me there."

"You think so?" The king was getting impatient. "The ladies, single and beautiful ladies were there but you just left them all alone."

Hearing his father's words, Luis gave a soft chuckle. It was fun when it was coming directly from the king. "Father," He cleared his throat. "The ladies came to the ball. They definitely didn't come to meet me. I am sure they had fun without me."

"Balls are great." The king said with a deep sigh. "I expected you to meet someone today, someone you were gonna marry. I expected you to choose a bride."

The smile on Luis' face faded, replaced by a frown. Then just like a flash, he burst into laughter, touching his chest in astonishment. "You know..." He laughed so hard, his chest hurt. "...the way you are talking right now, someone can take you seriously and..." He trailed off when he saw that look on his father's face. "You are not serious are you?"

The king nodded. "Of course, I am serious." From that wonderful glow, a grin on his face and his eyes, Luis could tell that his father was absolutely serious. He knew that issue was gonna come sooner or later but he didn't expect it tom come at that particular time.


"Listen," the king said softly, getting near Luis. "Your mother and I met at a ball just like that one."

"Yeah, I know."

"You are not getting my point." The king said softly. "What I mean is that you need to get married. You need to start producing little kids. You need a woman to take care of you."

Luis tried to gulp but he ended up coughing. The issue of marriage, an issue he had been trying to avoid had just come to him. He had no idea what to do but he knew that he was gonna tell the truth if he had to, just to make sure that the issue wasn't repeated again.

"Father, I don't need a woman." He said, holding the crown firmly. "I am fine by myself."

"You don't understand." The king said, wrapping his arm around his son. "You need to get married. You need to find a woman. Very soon you will be the king and you will need a woman by your side."

Luis opened his mouth to try and put senses into his father but he stopped mid way when he heard a voice, a voice that he feared would speak. It was his grandmother and he knew that the issue had just taken another turn.

"Your father is right." Granny said. "You are of the right age to marry. You need to settle down and have a great woman by your side. Only then will you be complete."

"But grandma," Luis mumbled. "I don't think I want to marry. I am not even interested in women right now. You don't understand anything that I am trying to tell you. You should try to see things from my point of view."

"What is that point of view?" The king asked.

"I know that this is not the right time."

"When is the right time?" Granny asked.

"I don't know."

"You need to..."

"Please," Luis was not interested in the topic. He didn't want to get married and that was final. He wanted to explore life and live it to the fullest. Besides, he had no business with women. He didn't even want to do anything with any woman.

"What's wrong?" The king asked, patting on his back. "There is nothing wrong with getting married, is there?"


"Then it's settled." The king said, squeezing his shoulder. "I will have some ladies over and you can choose..."

"Father..." Luis exclaimed, pulling away from his father. "I am not interested in any ladies. I don't think..."

"You father is right." The queen finally spoke. She knew that her son had to get married. She needed grandkids and she needed a daughter in law. "Even if you don't get married immediately, I think you should choose a lady, court her and fall in love with her. Then you can get married any time you want. As long as you have a woman, we are fine with it."

Luis couldn't believe his mother had just said that to him. "You too, mother?" He asked, surprised that his mother had just said that to him. "You know that I am not ready for marriage. I don't wanna get married and I hope you understand." The topic was getting on Luis' nerves. He could feel himself heating up, being filled with anger.

"No one is talking about..."

"It's the same." Luis said, praying for them to stop the topic. "I don't think I can talk about this right now. I am really tired and I need to sleep."

After saying that to his parents, Luis turned and began walking slowly towards the elevator. He was feeling tired and sleepy. The last thing he wanted on this earth was the issue of marriage. He just wanted to sleep and continue with his life.

"Son," The king shouted, almost using a command. "Come back here. You might be refusing but you will select a lady and you will get to know her better. Then you will get married and you will rule together."


"What's wrong with that?" The king's voice was rising. "Why don't you want to get married?"

Those words hit Luis like a thousand arrows. Feeling some form of power take control of him, he turned around and stared at his father. "You wanna know the truth?" He asked, nodding his head. "Do you really wanna know the reason why I don't wanna get married to any woman?"

"Yes!" The king nodded, taking a few steps forward.

"Alright," Luis gave a soft chuckle. "Just try to understand."

"We will," The king promised, wondering what his son was going to tell him. "Now, why..."

"I am gay."

The word 'gay' echoed throughout the whole living room, leaving anyone who heard the prince looking lost and confused. They were all wondering whether what they had heard was real or it was just their own imagination. Their eyes were wide...their mouths gaped...their breaths were slow and it was quiet. No one uttered a word. It was like they were in a quiet space. A pin drop could have clearly been heard by everyone.

Luis took a look at his family, seeing just how his news had left them all. They seemed out of breath and their eyes were wide. They couldn't move. It was like they were frozen when they stood. They couldn't even blink or utter a word. They all had their gaze on him, making him quiver and shiver. Their gaze sent shivers down Luis' spine and he could swear that they probably hated him in their hearts.

"Did I just say that?" Luis thought, feeling a strong wind of freedom blow on his face. He felt like a weight had just been lifted from him, living him feeling fresh and happy. He felt like he had escaped the burden that had been on him. Telling his family that he was gay probably the greatest thing that he had ever told anyone. Now, he was waiting for reaction and got nothing.

Seeing the look on their faces, especially the look on his father's face, Luis somehow felt like he needed to leave them for a bit until they adjusted to the situation. I mean, it was not every day when you told your parents that you were gay.

Okay, the situation was getting awkward, Luis thought. His father was literally frozen and he had no idea what was going come out of his mouth. He took one final look at the faces of his family members and left, chuckling to himself. He used the elevator and went straight to his room.

In the living room, the king's mind was frozen. He kept hearing the word 'gay' in his mind. It was playing continuously there and he had no idea what to make of it. Then he felt some sort of anger travelling through his system, literally burning him up. He felt adrenaline rushing though his body, making him feel something that he hadn't felt before. He felt like someone had just pierced his heart and killed it.

When he started to come to reality, he began breathing harshly, clenching on his fists. His eyes felt like they had ignited a flame and it were burning him inside.

"What?" The king's voice filled the whole living room, bringing everyone else back to reality. But it was too late. The prince had already left the living room, making the king wonder how he had left. It was like the last second he was there and the next he was gone.


"Please, calm down." The queen said, trying to get to the king. She was just glad the guards were outside making sure that everything was in proper place.

"Did you hear him?" The king gasped, touching his chest. He felt like he was running out of breath.

"I am sure that he was only joking." The queen tried to make her king calm. "Please..."

"He just said he's gay as if it is normal thing." The king sure was angry. "Just what does he think, that he can just...oh...I am going..."

"Please, my lord." The queen said softly, holding her husband's arm.

"Calm down?" The king's voice was scaring everyone. "What do you expect a father to do when his son just tells him that he's gay?" The king's voice was trembling and so was his body. "He can't do that to me...to us...his people...the throne. He can't be gay...oh no, it's not possible."

"Please," Ruby said softly, holding her husband's arm. "I will talk to..."

"I need to see the priest." The king demanded, looking from side to side. "I need to see the priest. He...he..."

"You can't see the priest." Granny said. She was just as confused as everyone else. How could her grandson tell them that he was gay? It would have been a good issue had gays been able to produce children but it was impossible. "It's too late now. You need to see him tomorrow. I am sure he is sleeping by this time. I will talk to my grandson. I am sure that he was only joking."
"I hope so." The king quacked, slowly moving towards the couches. He was trembling so badly and his voice was barely above a whisper. "I hope he was."

"I am sure that he was joking with us."

"This can't be." The king mumbled, sitting down on the couch. He sat on the couch and then buried his head in his palms and just thought. He thought about what had been uttered by the same priest when Luis was born 23 years ago.

"Luis will be a great king and his reign will be great. His children will be really powerful rulers and he will bring a lot of fortunes to the kingdom."

Thinking about what the priest had said actually made the king even more eager to see him. He needed him to explain a few things that had happened. He needed to consult him. But he was also hoping for what Luis had told him to be a total lie. He expected it to be a joke and nothing else. But he was gonna send a word to the priest and he was gonna have him in the palace early the next morning.


A knock woke up Aidan from his sleep. He was sitting on a chair, laying his head on the table, waiting for both his grandmother and his brother. Hearing the knock, he quickly got up and began heading towards the door while stretching his arms. He felt tired and sleepy but now he could go and sleep since they were back.

Opening the door, he saw his grandmother and his brother looking all tired. They were dressed beautifully but anyone could still tell that they were not rich or anything.

"Granny," Aidan said softly, getting a bag from her. "Welcome back."

"You sure missed a lot." Ethan said as he walked in slowly. "It was fun and there was a lot of food too. But don't worry we have brought some for you."

Aidan yawned. Even though he had woken up, he was still sleepy. He needed to sleep like crazy. Thanks," He closed door when everyone entered and just sat with them, hoping they didn't have much to say because he was already dying of sleep.

"I hope you had a good time." Aidan's voice sounded sleepy.

"Yeah, we actually did." Ethan laughed softly. "We danced and enjoyed the wonderful palace. One thing was just strange though." He said, getting curious.

"What?" By then Aidan's eyes had widened. He was wondering what had been strange at the party. "Don't tell me that something bad..."

"No!" Ethan said simply. "Actually, I thought the ball was for the prince."

"Yeah," Aidan nodded, wondering where this was going. "The ball was supposed to be for the prince. I clearly so it on the invitation,"

"Yeah but guess what?"


"The prince was not even there. I only saw him when he arrived and when he danced with one lady. After that, no one saw him."

"Stupid jerk was probably somewhere having sex with some girl." Aidan thought, followed by a soft chuckle which he was sure that no one heard.

"I am sure he went somewhere." Aidan yawned, rubbing his face. It was really late and he had to go to work really early. "You know how these rich people are. They are always busy. Anyway, forget about it. I think I need to go to bed. I have to go to work early."

"Have you eaten?" Granny asked, concerned for her grandson.

"Don't worry," Aidan said softly, getting out of the chair. "I ate hours ago." He then stretched himself and yawned. "Goodnight," He said as he moved towards his room.

"Goodnight," They both said to him. He could feel the both of them yawning.

Reaching the room, Aidan slowly walked to the bed. He quick slipped under the covers. It was really late and he was really sleepy and tired. He didn't waste any time and he was already gone. He slept soundly and he had no idea how he had fallen asleep so fast.


Luis suddenly woke up from his dream and yawned in his bed. He looked at the clock and realized that it was 7.30 in the morning, making him wonder how he could have slept so late and wake up so early. He had no plans of getting up any early so he just decided to stay into bed until later in the day.

A minute later, Luis heard a knock on the door. He quickly moved his eyes to the door and yawned. "Come in."

The door opened and a maid came rushing right through. Entering his room, she bowed her head and knelt down. "Good morning, your highness?"

"Morning," He answered, wondering what she had come to do in his room. He was expecting it was someone who had brought him breakfast in bed but just a maid without any breakfast on her hands. "How may I help you?"

"The king," The maid said softly, bowing her head once again. "The king demands your presence in the living room immediately."

The king, Luis gasped, quickly raising from the bed as if the hounds of hell where after him. Lucky for him, he was not naked. He had slept in his brown pajamas the previous day.

"My father," He gulped, looking down at the maid. "Go and tell him that I am on my way."

The maid bowed and then she left his room. The memory of everything hit Luis like a thousand volts of electricity, making his body jerk. He remembered what he had told his father and he had no idea what he was going to say about it. First, his father could have called him using the phone but he sent a maid. Then his father called for him early in the morning. It was making him nervous but he had come out of the closet and that was the most important thing.

Luis slipped into the brown sandals on the side of his bed and took a deep breath. Then he left his room his roof and used the elevator. In no time at all, he was coming out in the living room. The first thing he saw was his father seated on the couch, looking like he was in deep thought. He had his face buried in his palm. But what bothered him was the way his father was dressed. He was only in his pajamas and it got him worried. That showed him that his father was serious.

Taking a deep breath of confidence, Luis got out of the elevator and quietly walked to the living room where he saw his mother and his grandmother. They had their eyes on him, showing him that everything was not right.

He moved his eyes to the king who was now looking at him without any expression on his face. Whatever was on his mind was not good. Luis knew what he was gonna start with first.

"Before you say anything," Luis started, heading straight to his father. "I want you to know that I didn't mean to break it to you like that. I just felt under pressure and I couldn't deal with it anymore. I know I should have told you this earlier but I was really scared of your reaction. The only thing I want you to know is that I didn't mean to disrespect you or the throne. I love you guys a lot and if I have hurt you by telling you the truth then forgive me."

He reached the king and knelt in front of him, bowing his head like a commoner. He usually didn't do that but he felt he needed to do it. He felt like he had done something really big to his father which he needed to apologize for. The only thing that he wanted to hear was his father's voice.

He bowed his head, waiting for his father to speak...to react...to slap him...anything. But he got disappointed when neither of those things happened. He could tell that his father was still looking at him but he wondered why he was quiet. He needed him to say something.

"Please..." His voice was barely above a whisper. "Say something."

"So..." The king gulped, trying to hide his pain. "You weren't joking last night?"

"No!" Luis said softly. "I was serious, father. I am gay and I have been gay for some years now."

The words from the crown prince where quite painful to the king's ears, making him feel something building deep inside of him. He had no idea what was building inside. He couldn't tell whether it was anger, rage or even pain. He had no idea how to react.

The most painful thing was that his son had kept him in the dark. He had been praying, hoping and longing for grandkids, someone to be a king some day but they were never gonna come but he was still hoping that his son would somehow change his mind, miraculously.

"Why..." He tried to say something but he paused and just stared at his son, a son who listened to him. Sure, gay marriages and relationships were legal in his sovereign state but he couldn't believe that his son was one of the gays. Had he had another son, he would have embraced him and tell him everything was alright. But this was the crown prince he was talking about here. He was the heir to the throne. Maybe he shouldn't have sent his son to study abroad. He should have been monitoring him.

"Father, it's just who I am." Luis said softly. "This doesn't change anything at all and I am still your son. Nothing is changing."

The king opened his mouth to speak but just then, he saw his guard and the priest coming behind him. He had sent for the priest to seek his help and help him pray to Supreme Being to help him save his son.

"Priest!" The king exclaimed, quickly getting up from the chair. His heart was racing and he felt like he was about to explode. He needed answers.

Hearing the priest's name, Luis rose from the floor and turned around. He saw the priest entering the house. He wondered if the situation was that bad that the priest had come. The priest was quite old. He had really long pure white hair. His beards were quite long too, reaching his chest. He was wearing a really long robe which reached all the way down his legs. He had black sandals on him and red cloth tied around his waist. In his right hand was a golden trident which he always carried. He had a white bag made of clothe and if Luis wasn't mistaken, the priest was looking straight at him. The priest was from the temple of light. Kings of Angria got directions from the priest of the temple of light.

"Thank god you are here." The king gasped, moving towards the priest. "I need to..."

"I know your highness." The priest bowed, still looking at Luis. "I know the reason why you called for me. It's the prince." The fact that the priest knew about the situation didn't surprise Luis at all. After all, priests had some sort of power and could communicate with the great being.

"Yes," The king sounded impatient. "Care to explain that?"

"All in good time, my lord," The priest said softly, bowing. The priest then moved forward until he came face to face with Luis. He was looking deep in his eyes. Something went wrong with Luis and he couldn't tear his eyes away from the priest's. It was like he was frozen and he couldn't even brink.

After staring deep in the prince's eyes, the priest gave a loud laugh. Then his eyes widened and he moved away from the prince, still chuckling. The sound of the trident hitting the floor was loud and made a whole lot of noise.

The priest laughed his way till he reached the king. His laughs seized and he took one final look at the prince before finally nodding. "What has happened is not a mistake." The priest said in a deep voice. "The prince's sexuality is not a mistake. It's part of who he is. He has turned into what he was destined to be."

There was a moment of silence after the priest spoke. People kept wondering why the priest had spoken like that. The king was really confused and even though the priest had spoken, he couldn't help but worry. He still had questions that were ringing in his mind.

The prince on the other hand was ecstatic. He was happy with the outcome of the situation. The priest had just saved his ass. He could now continue sex hunting in town and he couldn't hide his sexuality anymore. After all, the priest had just said that it was part of his destiny. Guess, it was part of his destiny to fuck all the asses the world could offer.

"What?" The king gasped, taking a quick glance at the prince. "You do realize what this means right?"

"I totally understand." The priest groaned, gripping his trident. "I know that you fear for the throne but the throne is safe. Leave everything to the almighty."

"Yes," The king gulped. "You know that if my son doesn't produce an heir..."

"The throne will be fine. The child of your daughter can take over the throne if the prince has none." The priest chuckled. The man's voice was really deep and quite scary. "Things are going the way they should be." The priest said. "Your highness, you should not fear. He is indeed going to be a great king and he will have a great partner by his side as well."

"Yeah, right," Luis thought, rolling his eyes. "Like that's ever gonna happen."

The priest's prediction was not right because he didn't plan on getting married soon. He was gonna have fun and then the marriage was gonna come later, maybe after he's king or something.

The king on the other hand felt relieved after hearing what the priest had to say. His throne was not at stake. He had been worried for nothing but that wasn't gonna make him to drop the issue of marriage. The prince was gonna have to get married sooner or later.

"Thank you so much priest," The king said. He felt happy and it could be felt in his voice. The joy that he felt at that time was indescribable. It was like heaven had just fallen on earth. All the questions, anger, confusion and everything that had been bothering him melted away.

"You don't have to thank me." The priest said. "I am at your service anytime. I will always be here for the king and his people. I just hope I was able to help my king out?"

"Yes," The king said, taking a deep sigh. "But..."

"Don't worry," The priest said before the king even finished his sentence. "Everything is just going according to his destiny."

"Thank you so much once again." The king said softly. "I will pass by the temple to show my appreciation."

"You are welcome. I have to take my leave now."

What followed next left everyone stunned? Right there in front of them, the priest raised his trident in the air and said, "May the almighty bless the royal household." Then he brought the trident down, hitting it so hard on the floor.

Almost immediately, a strong wind was felt in the house, blowing like a storm was about to come. Everyone covered their faces and hoped for that wind to go away. In just a matter of a few seconds the wind was gone and so was the priest. It didn't bother them because the priests of Angria could perform some wonders indeed.

Removing his hands from his face, Luis gave a loud laugh and sat on the couch. There were no more problems. The priest had confirmed it. He could now be gay without any problems or anyone interfering.

"Oh my god," Luis gasped, trying to come to terms with what had happened. Just when he had thought things were going to get...creepy, the priest had arrived and saved him from his father's wrath. Now, he was glad that kings had priests that could read destinies.

"This doesn't excuse you from anything." The king breathed, going closer to his son. "You chose to keep it a secret but you are gonna have to answer some questions."

The prince looked up and stared at his father. "What is there to say?" He chuckled, slightly moving to allow his father to sit with him. "The priest has said everything that you needed to know."

"Really," The king couldn't believe he was gonna say it. "Well, I guess being gay is part of your destiny."

"Are you...ashamed?" Luis needed to know.

"You wanna know the truth?" The king said, wrapping his arm around his son.


"I was pretty mad..." He said earnestly, his face getting serious. "I was really mad and I wanted to beat gay out of you. I wanted to bring you back into what you used to be." He chuckled when he realized what he had just said. "But not anymore," He smiled, rubbing on his son's back. "If it is part of your destiny, who am I to change it. I will support you through everything. After all, you are my only son."

The words from the king made Luis' eyes to water so much. He was not used to getting emotional but what he had heard from his father was good enough to lender him weak. He wanted to cry but he was not gonna do that. He was a man and he couldn't remember the last time tears poured down his cheeks.

"I love you so much, dad."

"I love you too, son." The king laughed softly.

Then almost as if everything was going in speed, the king gripped his son's arms and pulled him into a heartwarming hug. He was really happy for his son. He was mad at first but hearing what the priest had to say he felt relieved once again and could live his life without ever worrying about his throne.

"I love you so much." Luis whispered, melting into his father's hug.

The hug felt like hours but they finally parted and just stared at each other.

"Can you do me a favor?" The king asked.

"I will do anything."

"Please, promise me you will get married." He saw the expression on his son's face. "I mean...take your time but bring home someone worth...being royal."

"Yes," The prince smiled even though he didn't like the idea. "If I do find that person, I will make sure that he will be worth being royalty."

Luis gave his father another hug before his mother and his grandmother who had been watching quietly began talking to him. Both of them told him that they loved him a lot no matter what he was. They told him that they would always be with him and that they would support him no matter what happened. That's how much they loved him. He was happy to have a family like that. In fact, he was lucky.


"You don't say?" Charles gasped from the other end of the line.

"I do say." Luis chuckled softly, moving from side to side on the bed.

It was already evening and he had just come from having a scrumptious dinner with his family. Somehow, his day had just turned from good to best. He loved how everything had gone. He had talked with his grandmother and mother and then sister. They had a beautiful lunch and then he had a meeting in the throne room with his father and the cabinet. His father just told them what the priest had said and they took it quite well.

In just a few words, he had a great day and he couldn't wait for the next day to come. He was gonna live his life to the fullest, as a play boy. He didn't care whether he was gonna be king some day. All he cared about was ramming his cock deeper into asses.

After having such a great day, Luis was back in his room, chatting with his best friend and telling him about the greatest news ever.

"Just like that,"

"Yeah," Luis said happily, smiling brightly. "I thought my father was gonna kill me but just like that, I was saved."

"Lucky you," Luis could tell that Charles was happy for him. "Welcome to my world."

"Alright," Luis said. "We are hanging out tomorrow, right?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world. I have some guys just waiting for us."

"I like the sound of that." Luis giggled, loving that his friend already found some guys to bang. Just the thought of having fun the next day got him pretty hard. He could feel his cock throbbing painfully, begging to be released but he had to wait. He didn't jerk off because he had plenty of asses for that.

Luis was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even realize that his friend was laughing on the other end. "Let me guess, you are thinking about what you are going to do to the poor guy right?"


"Yeah, I said it." He chuckled. "I know you lost in your erotic thoughts."

"You know me." Luis laughed. "Okay. I will see you in the morning. Good night."


Luis gave a final chuckle and cut the call. Then he lay on the bed, praying for the night to just end so that he could fuck the poor guy's ass till he gets satisfied. Hmm, he breathed, feeling his cock pulsing. He couldn't wait to bury that cock in some ass and... Luis' erotic thoughts were disturbed by a sudden knock on the door. He had no idea who was at the door at that time.

"The door is open." He yelled.

Then the door opened, revealing the guard he had gone with the previous day. He could tell that the guard was happy because of something, good news maybe.
"Evening, my prince,"

"Evening," Luis greeted, lying on his stomach to hide that big bulge in his pants. "How may I help you?"

"I have found the information you needed." The guard said, bowing his head.

"What?" Luis couldn't believe what he was hearing. He quickly rose from the bed with a pillow covering his big bulge. "Have you found him?"

"Yes, my prince." The guard said.


"His name is Aidan Keller. He works at Ricardo hotel as a waiter. That was all I could find out."

Luis couldn't express the happiness that he was feeling. Finally, after waiting for 24 hours he was gonna make the boy's life miserable. He was gonna humiliate him just like he had humiliated him. He was gonna give him a hard time and...he might as well fuck him, if he gets lucky. But after that humiliation, Luis just wanted to show the boy who exactly he had messed with.

"Thank you for that information." Luis grinned. "You may go back."

The guard bowed and left the room, leaving Luis in a happy mood. He was enthusiastic about everything that was going to happen. He swore he was gonna make the boy pay for everything that he had done. He was the prince and the commoner was gonna feel his revenge. It was just between him and the boy. He was gonna pay him a visit the next day. But he was gonna get himself satisfied with a sweet ass and then he was gonna change.

"He better watch out." Luis gave a bitter laugh that filled his room.

With an evil grin on his face, Luis climbed into bed and switched off his lights. He was still smiling and he slept like that.


The day had been busy. Many customers had come to the restaurant that day. Aidan had been working since morning. He was feeling really tired and just wanted to go home and rest his bones. Aidan was leaning to a wall, talking with some of his fellow waiters. They were just taking a break after serving all the customers in the restaurant.

Aidan glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 5.pm and it meant that he could go home. His shift had ended. He felt like he was able to breathe again, finally. After saying goodbye to his fellow waiters, Aidan becoming moving quickly towards the changing room, ready to leave the restaurant.

Aidan was still going when he heard someone calling his name. Without wasting his time, he quickly turned to see the restaurant manager rushing towards him. He quickly stopped and waited for him, hoping it was not some work or anything related to it.

"Yes, Mr. Sanders."

"Can you wait one more table, please?" Mr. Sanders was begging him.

Aidan was reluctant. He stared at the clock close to him and it was 2 past five. He needed to go home and besides, his shift had already ended.

"But Mr. Sanders, my shift has ended." Aidan didn't want to do anymore work. He was tired as it was and the worst that would happen was working again. "I need to go home. I need to help my brother and my grandmother out. Besides, there are many waiters and waitresses who are not doing anything. Please, use any of them. I hope you understand." Aidan smiled and quickly turned to leave before Mr. Sanders gripped his arm.

"Aidan, please," He begged, slowly rubbing his arm through his shirt. "It is just one more table. The customer is a really important guest."

"But I hope you understand." The frown on Aidan's face could tell anyone that he didn't like what Mr. Sanders was asking. "There are many waiters and waitresses without any work."

"I haven't asked you anything like this before." Mr. Sanders' voice sounded seriously. "Please, do it for me. Besides, the guest specifically asked for you."

"What?" Aidan was now more confused. He had only been working at the restaurant for less than a month and now someone knew him.


"Okay." Sometimes Aidan wondered why he had such a heart. He couldn't say no to people. He couldn't just do it especially when that person was begging him. He respected his manager a lot and he had grown to like him. The manager was good man. It was just one table, right?

"Thank you so much." Mr. Sanders gasped, shaking his hands in happiness. "It's table 32." The he left almost immediately.

Aidan watched as the man left happily. Then he stared at the huge clock. "Let's get this over and done with." He took a deep breath and began moving towards the restaurant. Then he took the menu and began heading for the table he was to wait.

Moving towards the table, Aidan froze when he saw the man who was at the table he was going to wait. It was the crown prince and he was looking straight at him. Then their eyes locked and at first Aidan saw a beautiful beam of reflection but it was suddenly overcome with fear and he had no idea what to do. He was sure the prince would do something to him but he might have even forgotten about it. Aidan would have loved to regret everything he had done to the prince but he wasn't the one who was in the wrong at that time. It was the jerk prince's fault.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan continued moving towards the table with confidence which he had no idea came from. He moved gracefully, smiling at other customers but deep down inside, he was nervous and somehow wanted to just go back and tell Mr. Sanders that he wasn't gonna wait the table. But he had agreed and he wasn't gonna let anything change that.

Luis on the other hand watched as the confident looking boy made his way to the table he was sitting on. He was looking really handsome in that uniform he was wearing which was just perfect for his plan. He loved humiliating handsome people who thought they could outsmart him.

Moving his eyes away from the boy, Luis scanned the whole restaurant and saw that many people had their eyes on him, smiling and some eye fucking him. Great! It was just what he needed for his plan to work, an audience. The boy was gonna remember the gift he was gonna give to him.

The day had been kinda great for Luis. He had hanged out with Charles, fucked two different guys in the morning and then fucked another guy in the afternoon. Right then, he was satisfied, he was happy and his day was gonna get better after he accomplishes what he had come to do in the restaurant.

Fuck, he swore, eyeing the boy who was now closer to him. Revenge was sure sweet, wasn't it? Seeing the boy so close, Luis repositioned himself on the seat, crossing his legs together. Then he crossed his arms on his chest on leaned back on the chair where he was seated.

Aidan reached the table and he took a deep sigh. Then he stared at the man who was giving a mocking smile. He knew immediately that he was gonna be in deep trouble. He could tell from that smile that there was something behind it, something that was not gonna be good.

Aidan took a gloomy sigh and tried to smile confidently. He couldn't believe it actually worked. "Welcome to Ricardo restaurant and take away, sir."

Hearing Aidan's greetings, Luis took a deep breath and continued staring at the boy. It was not like he didn't hear the boy, he heard him loud and clear but he just chose to ignore his annoying greeting. He didn't need them. He didn't come to be greeted.

"What a jerk." Aidan thought, looking straight at the foolish guy who couldn't even answer his greetings. Which made him wonder by the way, why did the foolish prince come to the restaurant if he didn't want to answer his greetings?

"Here is the menu, sir." He said officially, handing the menu to the prince. Aidan couldn't believe what followed. He extended his hand to hand over the menu but what surprised him was that the prince didn't even make any effort to take the menu from him. He rather chose to stare at him.

Aidan was already getting annoyed. Here he was, handing over the menu, looking foolish to the people that watched him. But the crazy prince just watched him. Then he watched as the prince traced his eyes from his face to the menu.

"Excuse me sir, will..."

"Read it to me." The prince demanded, enjoying the incredulous look the boy gave him.

"What?" Aidan thought, trying to clear his mind and see if what he had heard was right. Did he just order him around? Aidan couldn't believe the nerve of the prince to just utter that. He frown his face and just tried to come to terms with that. "Oh no, he didn't just say that."

"Sir, I said..."

"And I said, read it aloud." Luis voice was a little bit louder. The people that were a little near could hear him. But that was what he wanted.

Hearing what the prince had just said, Aidan dropped his hand with which he had the menu and just stared at the prince. "I am really sorry, sir." He apologized, slightly bowing his head. "We don't do that here. You have to..."

"I don't care whether you don't do that or not." Luis shrugged, enjoying the frown which he had suddenly appeared on the boy's face. "I want you to read to me. I am ordering you to read it to me. I wanna know if..."

"It's okay." Aidan just decided to be the mature one and read the whole thing. There was no harm in doing so. And besides, the people had their eyes on the two of them and he couldn't do a thing. "I'll read it to you."

Taking a deep breath, Aidan stretched his hand forth and brought the menu forward. Then he read to the prince what was on that menu. It took quite some time but he was able to pull through. As he finished the last food on the menu, he heard the prince laughing softly and it made him angry. He was trying to make himself calm but he was already filled up with anger.

"Did you hear everything...sir?" He wanted to shove that menu down his throat.

"Pathetic reading but I heard." The prince gave a teasing chuckle.

"What will you have, sir." Aidan was seriously losing it. Not only did the prince made him read the menu but he had thrown a really bad comment and he didn't appreciate it at all. He took out his writing pad and pen.

"I will have steak sandwich with onions, camembert, fried egg, and chimichurri. And then I will also have an apple juice...no make that pineapple."

Aidan wrote everything that the prince had said and then he looked at him. "Is that all, sir?"

"I'll remain with the menu and then I will inform you if I need anything."

"The nerve," Aidan thought, cursing the prince with his eyes. So after making him read all that, the prince had the guts to take the menu and read for himself. Anyway, he just wanted to be done with everything and go back home to his sweet granny. He was just hoping he would find his brother home by the time he was go reach there.

"Okay, sir."

He turned to leave but when he heard what the prince said, he paused before he finally continued moving towards the kitchen.

"Thanks, Aidan." Aidan had no idea where the prince got his name but he was gonna pretend as if he didn't just hear it. He continued his way to the kitchen, hoping the stupid prince would just go away and leave him the hell alone.

When the boy left, Luis gave a soft chuckle as he dropped his eyes to the menu. He had just pulled his first stunt but now it was time for the real humiliation to begin. He couldn't wait for the boy to return so that he could give him a taste of his own medicine.

Luis stared at the menu, reading through it as he waited for his food to arrive. In just a few minutes, he saw the boy coming back to him with a tray filled with his food. He put the menu on the table and watched the boy coming straight at him.

In no time at all, the boy reached the table. Luis watched with a smirk as the boy put his order on the table and arrange them nicely. Everything smelt good and mouthwatering to Luis' eyes but he had other plans for that food.

Setting the table perfectly, Aidan quickly turned and began moving away from the table. His work was done and he had no plans of coming back again. He was just gonna ask the help of his fellow waiter and then he was gonna go home. Aidan must have taken about only three steps or so before he finally stopped. He heard the prince's voice once again.


Aidan quickly turned and went back to the table. He was wearing a controlled smile. "Is there anything else that you need, sir?" He smiled, looking the man whose smile had faded.

"What's this?" Luis asked harshly, pointing to the food and the drink on the table. "What the hell have you served me?"

Aidan couldn't understand a thing of what was going on. He had served exactly what had been ordered and now the prince was asking him silly questions. He didn't appreciate it one bit.

"Excuse me?" Aidan was trying to sound as calm as he could. "I just served you what exactly you ordered."

"What I ordered?" Luis gave a bitter chuckle, pointing at himself. "I didn't order this."

"Sir," Aidan said, trying to understand the game the prince was playing on him. "This is exactly what you ordered."

"Pineapple juice," Luis chuckled bitterly. "When did I order pineapple juice?" He shouted, pointing at the food on the table. Aidan had humiliated him in public and he was gonna do the same thing. "I specifically told you to bring champagne..." He shrugged, slightly moving towards the boy. "...Do you think I am a child who drinks pineapple juice?"


"I told you to serve me champagne and Tallegio grilled cheese with bacon and honey crisp apples." Luis was more than happy with the expression he saw on Aidan's face. He was enjoying seeing him confused and looking so dumb.

"Sir," Aidan slightly closed his eyes. He took a deep sigh and tried to calm his nerves down. "I clearly heard your order and I wrote it here." He took out his pad and showed the serious looking prince on his table. This was surely one of the tricks and Aidan knew what the prince wanted. "There is no way..."

"Are you calling me a liar?" The prince furiously rose from the chair, looking angrily at Aidan.

"Sir, I wrote..."

"I guess you are not only dumb but you don't know how to do your job." Luis yelled. "I wonder where they get..."

"With all due respect, sir..."

"Look, just serve me what I ordered okay?" The prince said, getting back to his seat. "I don't have time for people like you. I even wonder why dumb people like you get jobs like this. If you don't know how to do your job then I..."

"Sir, please..." He said, looking around. He noticed that people had their eyes on the two of them. Why did the prince do this, he thought as he tried his very best not to snap?

"Just get this food out of my face." Luis said rudely, pointing at the food. "And get me what I ordered."

Aidan sighed and then began recollecting the food items on the table. He didn't like the way the people were staring at him. He felt stupid...he felt humiliated...he felt being stepped on and he didn't like it. He had done nothing and here was the crazy prince trying to make him look like he didn't know how to do his job. It was really painful. He slowly took the food from the table and put it on the tray. He was really fuming and he was dying to put the prince in his place.

"And this time try to make it right." Luis snapped, throwing the menu on the table.

Hearing the Prince's words, Aidan gave him a really angry look. He was still staring at the prince when he felt someone coming towards the table. From the footsteps, he could tell that the person was hurrying to the table.

"What's going on here?" Aidan heard his manager's voice. "Is anything wrong my prince?"

"Yes!" The prince answered angrily. "But I am sure Aidan can handle it."

Aidan stared at the prince and then at his manager. He knew that the manager was curious. "It's my fault, sir. I will fix it immediately."

Then Aidan stared at the prince one final time and left, fuming. He had never felt like that his whole life. He was not used to being quiet but he was gonna let it slip. He was not gonna allow the stupid prince to step on him and leave him on the ground. He was just gonna play it cool.

Luis on the other hand was really happy with the outcome of the situation. From the boy's face, he could see that the boy was mad he had been humiliated. He loved everything that had happened, especially since many people probably important guests had seen it. He was trying to ruin the reputation of the boy in the restaurant. That way, he was gonna learn that he was nothing compared to him. He was gonna learn to stay in his own class and not mess with the high and mighty.

After so many thoughts, Luis gave out a soft teasing chuckle. Then he moved his eyes to the kitchen door, waiting for the boy to return. He didn't have to wait long as he saw the boy coming, wearing a really serious face.

As the boy got near, Luis took a deep breath and repositioned himself on the chair, folding his arms confidently. He really loved the humiliation he was giving the boy, knowing that he couldn't a thing. The boy should have thought about the consequences before messing with royalty.

"Good!" Luis chuckled, putting his hands on the table. "That wasn't so bad now, was it?"

Aidan heard the prince but he didn't want to say anything. He didn't even raise his face to look at the prince. He just put the tray on the table, put the food, the champagne bottle and the huge glass. Then he quickly turned and began moving away before he heard the prince speak again.

"Hey!" The prince chuckled. "Where are you going?"

Taking a deep breath, Aidan slowly turned and stared at the prince. "I have already served you, sir. I need to go..."

"But you haven't served wine." Luis chuckled. "I need it in my glass."

Aidan took a deep sigh as he moved towards the table. He took the bottle of champagne, opened it and filled the glass to the fullest. Then he put it back on the table. With an angry glare, he turned to leave before the prince spoke again.

"Hey come back here."

Aidan got closer and just stood without saying anything. He was being filled up with anger and rage. He just wanted to shout at someone but he had no idea who. The prince had humiliated him but he was gonna let it go. After all, things like that were bound to happen with his type of job.

Looking at the boy, Luis smirked and then slipped his hand through his pocket. He brought out his wallet and opened it. Then he looked at the boy once again and nodded. He was enjoying seeing the boy looking really vulnerable. Who could have known that the boy with the big mouth from the previous day was the one standing there looking like a stupid fool? It was funny when he actually thought about it.

"How much is the..." He trailed off and gave a bitter laugh. He then moved his eyes away from the boy and onto the wallet. He got out as much money as he could and without counting it, extended his hand. "Here is the payment."

As soon as he heard the prince's voice, Aidan moved his eyes and looked down at him. What he saw left him shocked, flabbergasted. The prince was holding a huge amount of money in his hand, making Aidan wonder why he was trying to show off.

"The money you are paying is quite too much." Aidan said softly. "The food plus..."

"Just take it." Luis said rudely, still holding the money.

Aidan sighed and then extended his hand to take the money. But before he could take the money, Luis dropped it and it fell to the floor. Aidan looked at the prince and saw a smirk brightening his face. He knew instantly without thinking a lot about it that the prince had dropped the money deliberately.

"Oops!" Luis said in mocking astonishment. "I am really sorry," He chirped, smirking at Aidan. Aidan moved his eyes away and sighed. "It slipped from my hands. But I guess you have to...pick it from...the floor."

Immediately Aidan heard Luis, he diverted his eyes at him and then at the money on the floor. Then he looked around and found that people were not staring at them anymore. All he had to do was just pick up the money, give it to the manager and leave. Then he would be saved from all the humiliations the crazy prince was giving him.
Aidan slowly leaned down on the floor and began picking the money...like a dog. He had never been in that position before. He wanted to yell at the prince but something was stopping him and he had no idea what. He just wanted to get out of there before he made a mistake.

"How does it feel?" Luis leaned his head, closer to the boy on the floor. "Picking money like a whore,"

Aidan stopped picking up the money and just dropped his eyes to the floor. He could feel Prince Luis' hot breath on his face. The cologne hit him so hard; he thought he was short of air. He hated mostly that he was being compared to a whore. But he wasn't gonna allow that to get to him.

Taking a gloomy sigh, Aidan continued picking up the money, fast. He needed to get out of there as quickly as possible.

Luis on the other hand was enjoying teasing the boy, making him feel inferior. He just wanted to show him exactly what he had gotten himself.

"You know you are just like one of my whores." Luis breathed, softly sniffing the boy. Aidan wanted to slap the prince but he just took pace and picked the money as fast as he could. "I like them on their knees, picking up the money, right after they satisfy me." He gave out a satisfied sigh, remembering the guy he had just fucked earlier.

Aidan on the other hand was disgusted with the prince. He was seriously losing it but to his surprise, he felt weak and defeated. He just wanted to be done and then leave. As he heard the prince's soft giggles, he quickly picked up the money and tried to get up. But the prince grabbed his wrist so hard, it hurt. He tried to get away but he still held him tightly.

"What did you think, uh?" Luis barked, squeezing Aidan's wrist. "Did you think you could mess with me and get away with it? I am the prince of this land. You are nothing to me and you better think next time before trying to mess with someone on my level." He warned, enjoying the frown on the boy's face. "I know you were trying to grab my attention. I know boys like you try to trap men like me but guess what?" He chuckled. "I am not interested in boys like you. You are only good for warming my bed and pleasuring me."

Aidan couldn't believe what he had just heard. The prince had just told him he was gay, well he thought he did. But what bothered him and made his body to shudder in anger was that the prince was making him inferior. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine that he didn't hear it.

"I can see you are dying for my..." He breathed, slowly rubbing the boy's wrist. "I can tell that you want me. I can tell that you want me to fu..."

Aidan furiously opened his eyes and quickly got up, releasing his hand from the prince. Then he grunted, clenched his fists and breathed in deeply. He couldn't believe the prince had just told him that. He couldn't believe the prince had just treated him like a whore. Fuck, it hurt. He stared at the prince and saw the teasing smile and the way he was looking at him, leaking his lips sensually.

Aidan took one long, angry look at the stupid man who was clearly lusting for him. Then he turned to leave and that's when he heard it. The prince patted on his ass. Feeling that smack on his ass, Aidan made a quick and furiously turn, to find the prince smiling and still looking at his ass. Then he raised his face and looked up to him, giving him a wink.

Did he just tap on his ass? Oh, that was the limit of everything. Aidan felt his blood boiling...his eyes just turned into something else, staring at the prince like he was the most stupid person he had ever met. His heart began pounding, pounding in anger. His breaths became harsh and the giggles from the prince were the last stroll. He felt so mad. He was mad like he had never been at anyone else. Prince or no prince, he didn't care. He didn't even care whether they were in public. He didn't even care about the consequences. First the prince had just finished humiliating him and now he...oh hell no. That was it for him.

Aidan clenched his teeth, moving closer to Luis. Reaching him, he stood still, staring at him like he was gonna kill him. He had never met a guy so foolish and arrogant in his life. Not even his boyfriend was like that. Fuck!

Luis on the other hand was on cloud nine, enjoying the look the boy was giving him. Bet that had shown him never to mess with Luis again. He enjoyed the part where he tapped on his ass. It was exotic and if he could just do it again, it would be beautiful. From the look from the boy's eyes, Luis knew exactly what to do.

Luis took a deep breath. "Have you come back for more?" He chuckled, taking a gloomy sigh. He could stare at that face forever. "I knew you were just..."

That last statement was the last weight Aidan could handle. His anger just travelled to the rest of his body, making him feel like he was possessed by some spirit. His hands trembled and he clenched on the money. Then like a flash, he added power to his right hand and abruptly raised it high in the air. Then he directed it on Luis' face, smacking him across the face. "You pervert!" He yelled. Luis' face moved to the other side and he stayed like that, feeling like something had just scratched his gorgeous face.

Aidan was so mad, enjoying the slap he had just given the prince. He felt like he was all alone with the prince. Loud gasps from the people in the restaurant could be heard but Aidan didn't care. In fact, he wanted to hit him again but the slap was enough to last for a life time.

"Oh my God," A loud gasp could be heard from the crowd. "He just slapped the prince."

Luis couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe that someone, a commoner had just slapped him, something that even his parents never did. He couldn't believe that he was slapped right in front of people, people that respected him...people that admired him. He was madder than he had actually thought he could be at someone. How dare...and it hurt like hell. He felt like a hot knife had just cut on his bare skin. Fuck!

Feeling anger taking the best of him, Luis furiously raised his face and looked up at the boy who had the nerves to lay his hand on him. Then he quickly got up, breathing like something was after him. Man he was pissed.

"How dare you?" He furiously raised his trembling hand.

"Go ahead." Aidan said, moving closer. He had never thought he could be angry at someone like the way he was. "Go ahead and slap me...your highness."

Luis tried to move his hand and slap Aidan but he couldn't do it no matter what he did. Something in him couldn't allow him to direct that hand onto Aidan's face. He was trembling so much that even his hand wasn't stable. He kept on trembling till he dropped his hand and sighed. He was still angry and he wasn't gonna let it go.


"You know what," Aidan began, not minding that people were watching. "I have had enough of your foolishness. I have tolerated you ever since you came into this restaurant. I gave you all the respect simply because you are our guest. I tried, god knows I tried to keep calm but I will not allow you to disrespect me. What could I expect from a man like you?" He gave a bitter chuckle, totally ignoring the gasps from people. "You expect me...me!" He chuckled. "You expect me to applause for you. Wow!" he said, looking at the furious prince. "Just because you are richer than me doesn't give you the right to treat me like trash. And no, I wouldn't even dream of being in your shoes. I just pity the king for having a jerk for a son."

The gasps that came from the people that witnessed the entire scene were mind blowing. They couldn't believe that a commoner, a worker for that matter had just slapped the prince and on top of that told him all that. It was impossible to believe. What surprised them the most was the way the prince just stared at the boy. They could feel anger emanating from the prince and boy; they didn't want to be in the shoes of the boy.

"How dare you lay your filthy hands on me?" Luis snapped, trembling like he was having a tremor in his body. "Who do you think you are?"

"Are you..."

"I will not take this from you." Luis yelled, right in Aidan's face. "I will not take this disrespect from a commoner. Just who do you think you are to slap me? I am going to deal with you for this."

"Oh!" Aidan gasped in mock astonishment, touching his chest. "I am really, really sorry. Please, forgive me, your highness." He bowed his head. "I am truly, truly sorry. I...I just did it by mistake."

"Oh so you can actually beg?" Luis had never been that mad before. He wanted to beat the hell out of the boy but something deep inside was not letting him do that. He wondered why he couldn't just slap the boy or beat him to a pulp. This was so not like him. "Didn't you know that I was royalty before you..."

"To show how sorry I am." Aidan said softly, looking deep in the prince's eyes. "Let me offer you a drink."

After saying that to the prince, Aidan quickly grabbed the champagne filled glass and held it in his hands. Then he smiled brightly, slowly moving the champagne closer to Luis. What followed next shocked and made everyone who watched tremble. But most of all, it made Luis madder than he had ever been in his life before. Just like a flash, Aidan smiled brightly and then moved the glass in the air, on top of Luis' head. Then as if something had possessed him, he emptied the whole glass on Luis' head.

Luis felt the cold champagne moving from his head, wetting his face, then his shirt and everything he wore. He closed his eyes as anger struck him like something that he had never felt before. He was ready to kill the boy. He quickly opened his eyes, trembling so badly.

"Did you enjoy that?" Aidan chuckled. "I hope that champagne had left some senses into you because you are such a jerk." He yelled.


"Me what," Aidan got closer to the prince. "I am just a commoner...a pauper...dirty pig? What? Tell me? I have met so many guys in my life but never have I met someone like you. I can't believe that you are even the prince. When I heard about the prince, I used to be really happy. I heard people talking so nicely about him. I heard that he was well trained but..." He chuckled bitterly, sending waves of anger throughout Luis' body. "...Judging from what I see right now," He looked up and down the prince, making sure that the angry guy saw him. "You are nothing but pervert...a jerk and you don't have any respect at all. But what can I expect from a man who doesn't respect himself?"

Luis was wet. He smelt of champagne and his anger was intensifying. He was looking at the confident looking boy, insulting him and humiliating him. Once again, he was the one who ended up being humiliated, in public for that matter. It was really painful and he could feel something charging him up.

"You have really overstepped your boundaries this time." The prince growled, pointing his finger angrily at Aidan. "Do you realize that I am the prince? Do you even know the implication of what you have done? You are going to pay for all this humiliation that you have done."

"Oh," Aidan gasped, looking at the prince as if he was an abominable man. "Are you gonna call your guards on me?" He yelled. "Are you gonna beat me up? Are you gonna throw me in jail for the rest of my life? Are you gonna banish me from this land forever? Are you gonna kill me? What?" He furiously got closer, seeing the prince's frown. "Tell me, what are you gonna do to me? Should I be scared or something? Am I supposed to be peeing my pants now?" Fuck! The words just kept coming from Aidan's mouth. He neither feared nor trembled.

"You are gonna regret..."

"Ooh..." He said angrily, holding his arms in fake fear. "I am shaking my boots." The words that the boy spoke were angering Luis. "I know what guys like you want and I know very well how to handle you. You should be grateful that I only slapped you and not injure you." Luis glowered at Aidan's words. "Yes!" Aidan said confidently. "I can do that and I don't care what you do next. I should have even slapped you harder."

Luis was speechless. Never had he felt so vulnerable in his life before. He had the anger...he had the rage...he had the pain...he had the power. But he couldn't use it and he had no idea why. It was because maybe he was dumbfounded or even dumbstruck. He had beaten up so many guys who had tried such a stunt and they had ended up in the hospital. Why couldn't he raise his hand or even punch the boy? He couldn't understand anything.

"You slapped me," He snarled, clenching so hard on his teeth. He was now in rage. "And you had the nerves to pour champagne on me...me, the crown Prince. Nobody," He yelled, pointing a finger on the floor. "Nobody has been able to slap me or..."

"That explains it," Aidan snapped, dropping his hands furiously. "That explains the reason why you are so spoilt. I just hope my slap was able to put something in your head, you jerk." He took a deep breath and chuckled bitterly. "And no, I am not like those men you just mentioned to me. I am not like them at all. I have so much respect for myself and I will never stoop so low as to..." He paused and glowered. He couldn't even say that disgusting word the prince had used.

"...I might be poor, a pauper if you choose to call it but I will not allow anyone, no one to step on me. I am not like those men. Touching me with your hands was the greatest mistake of your life. I am just a commoner but this commoner," He prodded himself, letting an angry growl. "Will be there to put guys like you in your places...guys like you who think you can do anything you want simply because you are rich." He laughed bitterly. "And these hands," He raised both his hands, making sure that the angry prince got a clear view of them. "They will be there to slap some senses into your brains."

"Thank your lucky stars I didn't do something worse because I don't like people acting like perverts with me." He warned. "I have no regrets with what I have done tonight. I just hope you have learnt something from it all. If you are truly a normal person and you are sure that you are a true prince, I suggest you change your ways."

Aidan nodded and quickly turned around. But he didn't start moving away. He figured he had to do something before leaving. Taking a deep and confident breath, he quickly turned and faced the now panting and trembling prince.

"One more thing," He breathed, raising his hand. Then he raised his left hand, where he had the money the prince had given him. He chuckled bitterly before finally throwing the money on the prince's face. He made sure that he the money hit directly on his face. The money fell to the floor and scattered. What Aidan had done drew another gasp from the watching people.

Luis on the other hand was humiliated. Fuck! He was humiliated right in front of the people he knew he was gonna rule one day. He wondered how he was gonna face the people, his friends and what if his parents found out about the situation of the matter. Fuck!

The thing that made him reach to the maximum of his anger was the way Aidan threw money at him as if he was some whore. He was supposed to be doing that and not the other way around.

"Listen," He snarled, furiously pointing his finger at Aidan. The gasps from people were making things worse. How he wished he didn't leave his guard outside the hotel. How he wished he had come with his best friend. Things wouldn't have been like the way they were at that time. Things would have definitely been different. He knew that together with his best friend, he would have humiliated the boy. "This is..."

Aidan rolled his eyes in frustration. "I think I have had enough of this drama." Aidan then nodded in anger and turned around, ready to leave. But he froze. What he saw got him nervous but not scared. He noticed that everyone were out of their tables. They had practically gathered around to see the drama, talking among one another. He could even hear some people whispering but he heard them loud and clear.

"He has no fear at all. I can't believe he did that to the prince. Does he even know the consequences of his actions? He is dead for sure."

Ignoring the comments from the people, Aidan began moving away from the prince and from everyone.

"Come back here." Prince Luis snapped, yelling in pain and anger. Everyone in that restaurant knew that their prince was angry and honestly, they understood him. "I am not done with you. Bring your stupid ass here."

Aidan could hear the cries of the prince but he just kept on going. He was hurrying. He needed to get out of the hotel and go home. Had he known that that was the way things were gonna end, he would have gone home already. He would have just rejected Mr. Sander's request. Why does doing something good feel so wrong at times, he wondered, rushing out of the restaurant.

Rushing out, he saw his manager looking wide eyed at the prince and he hoped that didn't breed any trouble for him. He was breathing so fast and his heart was pounding. He swore he could feel blood passing through his eyes. Aidan didn't even stop moving. He rushed passed his manager and went to change his clothes. He needed to hurry it up and leave the hotel.

Luis was left looking foolish and extremely mad. He needed to vent his anger at something. He needed to beat someone. His heart was pounding, making him even madder. His breaths were harsh and he could hear that they were getting louder with each passing second. He clenched on his fists and yelled throughout the room, putting fear into the souls of those who watched him.

"Fuck!" He swore, yelling like something was after him. Then he hit his hands so hard on the table, it shook. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." He hit the table several times. His anger didn't seem to be going away. His clothes were wet and the humiliation was too much.

After hitting the table, Luis picked up a chair and threw it away. Then he clenched on the cloth which was perfectly displayed on the table. He pulled on the cloth and everything on that table fell to the floor with a thud. He then moved his eyes to the things on the floor and kicked them as hard as he could, shouting at the top of his voice. He didn't care if people viewed him as mad or something.


"What?" Luis yelled, moving his angry gaze to find the sympathetic looking manager.

"I am really sorry, your highness." The manager apologized, hoping the Prince would hear him out. "Please, don't be angry, my prince. I am sorry for what happened here."

"Sorry?" Luis snapped, furiously gripping his wet hair. "Once," He raised his index finger. "I decided not to eat at my father's hotels and decided to check out some of the best hotels and look at me," He dropped his hands in fury. "I ended up getting slapped and wet...I was humiliated, by one of your fucking waiters." He shouted, moving from side to side. "He had the nerves to talk rudely at me and..."

"Please, my prince." The manager pleaded. "We are really sorry for this."

"Sorry?" He groaned, furiously kicking a plate. Then he clenched on his fists and just focused on venting his anger. "Will sorry make my hair perfect, my beautiful royal hair. Will sorry take this humiliation from me. Will your fucking sorry take that..." He pointed, he dint know where but he just pointed. "...that slap your waiter gave me. What kind of idiots do you have working here?" He yelled.

"Please," The manager begged, putting his hands together. "Nothing like this has ever happened before. Aidan is really..."

"Oh, so he was just waiting for me to come here so that he could humiliate me, uh." He asked, venting his anger at the manager. "My father's hotel, my hotel has professional waiters. They are well behaved and they know how to handle customers. Just look what happened when I decided to visit another hotel. I got humiliated by...only God knows what his name is. I can't believe that a fucking waiter just did this to me, something that even the king has never done to me. This is your entire fault. You should really employ waiters who are well behaved and know how to handle customers. I am speaking for everyone because he cannot just humiliate a crown prince and get away with it. Maybe it is the hotel's fault.”
"Please," The manager kept on begging. "Let us..."

"You want to appease me?" Luis asked, giving a bitter chuckle. And at the manager's nod, Luis knew what to do. "Then you can start by making sure that you get better staff. I am a really powerful person and I can ruin the reputation of this hotel if I tell..."

"Please, no," The manager threw himself to the floor. "Please, don't do that. I assure you that..."

"I am a gentle man and I will not involve my guards into this." He gave a bitter chuckle. "He humiliated me but I will deal with him later. And I think you should get better staff to work here. This has been the worst day of my life. A commoner just..." He sneered. "...I don't even know what..."

"Please, your highness..."

"And you actually watched while...anyway, forget it." He shrugged. "I have been humiliated and rest assured..."

"We won't let this go," The manager said softly, bowing his head. "I will personally deal with this matter. I will make sure that he is dealt with." Luis loved the sound of that. He was sure that the boy was surely gonna get something.

"I didn't do anything but that doesn't mean that I am dumb." He yelled. "I am the crown prince and this..."

"I will personally deal with it, your highness; just don't do anything to this hotel that will ruin it. I promise you will never experience anything like this."

Luis' mood didn't change even when he heard that the boy was gonna be dealt with. "I just hope that you'll be harsh with him."

"I am sorry. I will deal with it. Go home, my prince and you will never experience anything like this in our hotel."

"I hope so because I will vent it out on the hotel. I will make sure that all of you lose your jobs."

"Thanks," The manager said simply, bowing his head.

Hearing the manager's promise, Luis grunted and groaned in anger. Then with a final growl he stormed out of the restaurant, angry and raging. He was really hoping that the boy would be given a great lesson.


Aidan came out of the dressing room, repositioning his bag on his back. He was ready to go out as fast as he could. Somehow, he was feeling really nervous and he didn't like it. Once again, he had put the prince in his place but at what price, he thought as he increased his pace. He was heading for the door before he heard the manager's voice.


Aidan froze when he heard that voice which sounded...he couldn't even understand the way it sounded. He prayed in his heart, slowly turning to find the manager rushing towards him. He was looking as if he was having the worst of days. Aidan understood him anyway.

"Yes, sir." Aidan said softly, eyeing the coming man. The manager came in front of him and stared at him before he began speaking.

"Why did you do that?" the manager's voice sounded mad. "Why did you do that when you very well knew that he was the crown Prince...he was our guest. I specifically told you that he was really important to us. Do you know the implication of what you have done? He had almost ruined our hotel."

Aidan was quiet. He dropped his eyes to the floor, not even raising them to stare at his manager. He had never heard Mr. Sanders speak to him in that manner. It hurt.

"Didn't you hear what I asked?" The impatient man rasped. "Why did you do that?"

Hearing the tone of Mr. Sanders' voice, Aidan slowly raised his head and stared up at the man. "I am really sorry, sir." He apologized, hoping the man could understand him. "I didn't do anything wrong. It was his fault that I snapped and slapped him. He was..."

"He was what?" The manager rasped. "He is the crown prince and you didn't have to humiliate him. He is royalty and he is powerful. Because of you, I had to beg him to understand us."

"Please, try to understand me, sir." Aidan mumbled. "The prince was harassing me. Try to put yourself in my shoes for once."

"And how did he..."

"He called me a whore." Aidan's eyes watered. "He patted on my butt and he said a whole lot of things to me. I couldn't help but get mad. I am only human and just because he is the prince don't make him immune. I am also human and I am sorry, I couldn't help it."

The manager just nodded at the tone used by Aidan. "You have been really good. What happened?" His voice was soft and the question was filled with curiosity.

"I am so, sorry."

"This is the crown prince we are talking about here." The manager yelled. "He is going to be the next king and you just humiliated. You know how news travels. By the time you know it this will be all over town. The king will hear about it and..." he sighed. "...do you know what I had to do just to make him calm?"

"I am sorry," Aidan muttered, dropping his eyes to the floor. At times, he felt really bad for causing the manager so much trouble. He was a really good man and didn't deserve that.

"I had to beg him...I had to kneel and beg before he withdrew the threat he had given me." The manager's voice was rising and Aidan was sure that everyone heard. "People watched while I begged him. People watched while you humiliated him. The prince is royalty and he comes from the highest class. He is a blue blood and you just humiliated him in our hotel restaurant. You just created a bad impression about our work in this hotel. I employed you here and therefore, my job is on the line here. I wonder what will happen when the owner hears of this."

Aidan raised his face and stared at the panting man. "I am truly sorry." He apologized. "I wouldn't have done what I did if it had not been for the prince."

"And you didn't even apologize."

"He wronged me. He was on the wrong here."

"Aidan!" The manager said softly, feeling really bad for what he was going to say. "You have been a really good boy and your work has been splendid ever since you started working here. We have not received any complaints until today and that came from a prince." He sighed. Aidan just wanted to be understood. "You humiliated him and everyone saw that. Your work has been splendid so far and we have grown to love you but..." He took a deep breath and sighed. "...we can't have you here anymore. You are fired."

The word 'fire' hit Aidan's mind so hard that he even lost his breath. He couldn't breathe anymore. He felt like someone had just killed him. His heart responded by pounding deep in his chest. His chest tightened with each passing second and tears built in his eyes. He felt a sharp pain flash through him. Fuck! This was the first time he felt as bad as that. The little money he had been making, mixed with Ethan's money had been helping with the food but now, what was going on?

"What?" Aidan gasped, feeling a sharp pain hit him when he actually breathed. "Why?" Tears poured down his face like, wetting his face. He didn't even bother to wipe them.

"You are a very good boy, Aidan." The manager said. He was really hurt. "You have done your job well and even your cooking is superb. That was until today. With what happened, we can't have you around here anymore. Your presence will..."

"Please..." Aidan sobbed, feeling warm tears flooding his face. "You know of my financial status and what will happen if I..."

"I do understand you." The manager sighed, taking slow deep breaths. "This hurts me too but I have no choice. You are fired. You can go home. Don't come back tomorrow or...ever."

Aidan felt really bad. "You know how I struggled to get a job," Aidan cried, getting hold of the manager's hands. "You know that I am really hard working. You know that I am committed to this job. I am ready for anything. I will even..."

"I am sorry," the manager released his hands from Aidan's. "This is more complicated than you think. The reputation of this hotel is at stake. Not to talk about the reputation of the hotel, my own job is at stake here. I can't risk anymore things. You are fired and you have to leave this hotel immediately. You have really, really disappointed me."

"Sir..." Aidan trailed off. He felt a huge lump in his throat. It was really painful. He had just found a job after looking all around for more than a month. And now he had lost it all because of the prince? Why was this happening to him? God! The pain had hit so hard.

"I am sorry. But there is nothing I can do." The manager made a quick turn and left, leaving Aidan confused, shocked and in tears.

Seeing the manager leaving, Aidan began thinking about what had just happened. He wanted to understand that everything was just a dream but it was a reality. He had just lost his job after days of struggling. He couldn't believe it. It was a dream. He wanted to wake up and God knows he wanted that job. He hit himself just to make himself believe that he was in a dream but it was reality.

The news hit him so hard that tears stopped pouring down his face. He just gasped and tried to breathe calmly but he couldn't. He kept hearing the manager's voice telling him that he was fired. And each time he heard that voice, his heard pulsed. The pain he felt was too much. Having a job had been fun and it actually added to what they had each day. How was he gonna explain how he lost his job.

Aidan leaned to wall thinking and going back a few minutes back to the time the manager had asked him to wait a table. Had he just said 'no' none of that would have happened? He would have been at home and his job would have been with him. And if not for the prince, he would have been happy with his job, getting his salary. But now he was fired, without any idea how to break the news to his family. Had the prince just left him alone, none of that would have happened. But there was nothing he could do. The prince had probably got what he wanted. He just hoped his family would understand him. What was he even saying? Of course, they were gonna understand him. As for the prince, Aidan had no words at all. One thing was for sure, he never regretted everything he did. After all, he just protected his pride.

Aidan moved away from the wall and stood confidently. He then brought his hand up and began wiping his face, rubbing his tears. He then took a deep breath, looking all around. He sure was gonna miss that place which had become a part of him, literally.

With one final long look, Aidan moved his eyes away, rubbing his tears for the last time. He didn't want people to ask questions. He then took a really deep breath and gave a gloomy sigh. Aidan then held on to the bag and left the hotel.

To be continued....

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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Contrary to what the prince thinks, Aidan has now become even more dangerous to him. Everyone else thinks they have something to lose; that is why they defer to the prince. Aidan no longer has much to lose. 

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I am having to reread because I can’t remember what happened in this story.  I am finding myself not liking Luis very much.  He seems very self-centered and egotistical to me.  Hopefully things will change.

By the way, when you brought Granny in to Luis, I had to cringe.  You explained that there was a whole crew of designers making certain that Luis presented the proper image.  The Royal Family should not have pinched pennies when it comes to Granny.  Black shoes with a white gown?!  NO! NO! NO!  Silver or gold, yes.  But not black.  Even a light blue would have been better.  Black is too harsh against the white.  Sorry about being so nasty about it, but...ew!

Edited by Clancy59
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Well Luis is one big douche isn’t he? *groan*
Aidan should have slapped him more! If you’re gonna get fired for it might as well  go all out. 

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