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Unbroken - 11. Chapter 11: Aidan let's go.

Luis stormed into his room and he banged the door really hard that he swore everything in that room moved. He just stood still, panting and looking all around. Everything, everywhere he looked reminded him of Aidan. He saw him on the dressing mirror...he saw him smiling on the bed...he saw him coming out of the bathing room...he saw him naked on the bed and he saw the two of them making love on the bed. It was really painful.

A really terrible headache developed as he stood right there just staring at all the things that were in that very room. His blood felt cold and everywhere it passed remained cold. There was a sharp pain in his heart that he couldn't control. He quickly moved his hand and gripped his chest, taking short and painful breaths that were just too painful for his liking. Man...he was in pain.

"Aidan!" He muttered as his head pulsed so terribly. "Why?" He cried as a huge lump got stuck up in his throat. "Why did you have...to betray me like this?"

Luis was seething. He could feel himself losing to his anger. A myriad of emotions had him pinned down and he had no idea just what to do. He was really confused...he was lost...he was in pain...his heart was broken...his head was hurting...his body was vibrating in anguish...he was feeling really cold...he was weak. All those emotions were occurring at the same time and he had no idea how he was surviving. He couldn't explain it all.

"Why?" His voice started getting louder than before. "Why?" He shouted at the top of his lungs.

It had been almost two hours since Aidan had vanished and there was no news of him. The king was in charge of everything. He had Aidan being looked for everywhere. He promised he wasn't gonna rest until Aidan was found and punished. It was a promise that he had made. Everything was just confusing Luis.

His heart was beating weakly, too weakly that he felt he was gonna die any second. With a deep sigh of pain, Luis started moving towards the bed. He looked at it and saw Aidan there. Reaching the bed, he clenched on the beddings and pulled them all the way down. Then he rushed to the dressing table and broke the mirror and got hurt in the process. A shard had pierced his hand and it was bleeding. But that was nothing.

Luis continued venting his anger on the whole room. He threw anything that he found in that room. He kicked anything on the floor and God knows how many things that he broke in that room. He just wanted the pain and the hatred to go away. He couldn't live his life like that. He couldn't live dwelling in the past. He needed to forget but he couldn't.

"Why?" He was crying so hard that his eyes were all red. Veins had shot up in his eyes and his headache was beyond normal. No matter what he did...he couldn't forget what had happened back there. The boy he loved was a killer, a murderer and a warlock who had used him. He had made him fall in love with him and now he had gone, leaving him in pain. It was really painful.

"Why?" He cried as his strength completely left him after venting his anger out on the room. Everything was scattered. It was all a mess and he didn't like the way things were in that room. He didn't like it and though it was scattered everywhere...he could still feel Aidan's presence. He could fucking see him and it was painful.

Luis fell to his knees, wailing and sobbing uncontrollably. He leaned to the bed and just drowned in his own sorrows. Everything was just so painful. He couldn't bear it anymore.

As he was crying right there...the door opened and Hanna slowly came into the room. Her eyes were blood red and her face was still flooded with tears. She had no idea what to say to Luis to make him feel better. She was in pain. Her grandmother had just been stabbed and her brother, her brother was in pain. Though she still couldn't believe Aidan had done that. She knew there was something that was wrong and hence the reason why she hadn't uttered a word. She felt deep love for Aidan even after what had happened.

Hanna sighed and then slowly went to Luis. She knelt down and sat on the floor, slowly rubbing on his shoulder. She was still in too much pain and she had no idea how to make that pain go away. But her brother was probably in the worst pain possible. Who could see the person they loved in that condition and be themselves.

"Luis..." She spoke softly, carefully rubbing on his shoulder. "Baby...please, don't do this to yourself. Please, I am pleading with you. Don't..."

"Hanna..." Luis raised his face and Hanna couldn't help but cry. "Why do these things happen to me? Why do I always have to suffer like this? Granny..." He sobbed. "...granny was just stabbed by Aidan. And Aidan is a warlock and a murderer. He was just after the throne and..."

"Shh..." Hanna whispered. "You are hurting me so much. I can't stand to see you like this. I feel like something had just died. All of us are in pain. All of us can't stand the truth." She rubbed her tear off. "We still can't believe that Aidan..."

"Why me?" Luis cried. "Why do I have to pay this price? Is it a crime to fall in love? I was fine before he came and...and..." He couldn't say anymore. The pain that he felt had him bound. There was no way he was gonna be well.

Luis gripped his sister and held her tightly close to him in an emotional hug. His cries suddenly turned into wails. "Why does...why..."

"Luis...please, for the sake of your sister and our parents...don't do this."

"What am I supposed to do?" He cried. "How am I supposed to face the people and..."

"You didn't do it." Hanna rubbed on his back just to make him calm. She didn't like him crying because it was piercing her heart. "It is not your fault. Nobody knew what exactly had happened okay? Nobody would have guessed he was like that. I still can't believe he...he would do such a thing." Hanna couldn't believe it. She was never gonna believe that her own brother was a warlock even though things were there to show her the truth. In the few weeks that she had known Aidan her bond with him had grown stronger and now...she couldn't break it no matter what.

"I feel like I want to die." Luis sobbed as a sharp pain took control of him. "I want to die. This pain is just too much. He was so innocent...he...he was so young and so nice. Why do good people always..."

"I don't know...Aidan was like my other hand." She sniveled. "I still can't believe it..."

"Please..." Luis' voice had already filled the entire room. "I just wanna wake up from this terrible dream. I just wanna wake up and then...then find everything fine. I can't bear to believe that he did it. It is so impossible. I...I...I...can't..."

"Shh..." Hanna was now soothing Luis, making sure that he was fine. She didn't like the condition that he was in. It was so painful. Never had she seen her brother in the condition that he was in like that very time.

"It's too painful."

From that moment onwards, Luis knew that his life was gonna change. He knew it was gonna change so much but he had no idea how he was gonna cope after all those memories that he had in his mind. He knew those memories were gonna be in his mind for as long as he lived. Aidan had toyed with his heart and his soul. There was nothing more painful than that.

"I can't live like this." He cried. "I don't want this life. I just want a good life. I want to forget him. I..."

"Luis...listen to me," Hanna cupped her brother's cheeks and looked in his red eyes. "None of this is your fault..." She cried. "It is not your fault. You don't have to worry about it okay? Just praise the almighty that you found out about Aidan rather than later okay? You are still alive and that's all that matters okay."

Luis nodded in disagreement as more tears flooded his face. "Why does it hurt so much?" He sobbed. "Why is he still in..."

"Because you love him..."

"I don't want this feeling anymore." He said angrily, nodding his head. "I just want these feelings to go away. I don't want to feel them. I wanna hate him. I shouldn't...I shouldn't be feeling this torture and..."

"Oh my sweet brother," Hanna wrapped her arms around his shoulder and then brought him into a fierce hug. She continued soothing him while he cried.

Luis had never cried like that before. He was crying like a baby who had lost its mother. He was feeling really empty. It was like Aidan had taken a part of him that was irreplaceable. He had taken something. It was gone forever and there was no way he was gonna get it.

Luis however knew that he was gonna have to forget everything. He was gonna have to forget about a warlock named Aidan. He was gonna have to forget about everything else that had happened. He had to get back on his feet. He was not gonna allow Aidan to ruin his life.

"It hurts a lot..." He cried.

He buried his head in Hanna's chest and just broke down. He needed to cry it out.


The king slowly came in his room, looking all around. He could still remember his priest used to visit him in that very room. He could still remember his chuckles and his words of encouragement. He could remember him using his trident and holding it tightly in his hands. He was like a friend and companion at times. Now he was gone, killed by the same boy that he had chosen for his son. This was his entire fault. Had he not incurred that judgment on the prince...the priest would have been alive. Now he was gone and there was nothing he could do.

Julian sighed and then removed his bloody jacket, throwing it on the floor. He took a quick glance of his classy and huge room before he finally sat on the beautiful couch with his face buried in his palm. He immediately felt tears building in his eyes. He didn't like the way he was feeling. He was the cause of all that had happened. He started it all.

The queen on the other hand came into the living room with her spirit down. She had tears on her face and her eyes were red. There was just a lot on her mind that day and she couldn't quite understand anything that was going on. Sure, she had seen the video but she couldn't judge. She loved Aidan like a son and hence the reason she had kept quiet while everything was going on. Who would have known he was a warlock and a murderer. It was all so impossible.

The queen moved her face and saw the king on the couch with his face in his palm. She rushed to him and sat close to him, rubbing his shoulder. When he raised his face...he had tears all over. She had never seen him like that. It just made her cry even more.

"My lord," She sobbed.

"It's my fault..." The king sobbed. "It's my fault that my mother is in that condition. It is my fault that the priest is dead. I brought Aidan to this palace and..."

"No, my husband..." The queen said. "You only did what you thought was right at that time..."

"My mother is in a critical condition." The king furiously rose, wiping his tears. "The priest is dead. I have never regretted a decision in my life like I do today." He suppressed his tears from coming out. "I will not stop until that boy is found. I am sure he is in this very kingdom, hiding from me. But I know how to get him here." He clenched on his fists. "I loved him. I loved him like a son and what did he do?"

"We all did." The queen slowly got up. "We all loved him like our son. I still can't believe that he did that. I can't believe that he is a warlock. My son..." She gasped. "My poor son is probably in so much pain right now. Only God knows the things that he is going through. Only God knows the pain and torture that he is going through."

"I know..." The king said confidently. He was trying not to break down but deep down inside he was broken. He was still in pain and he wanted to cry it out. "I don't even know how I will face my son. I made..."

"No, my lord..." The queen rubbed her tears. "He is your son and he might need your love more than ever. You can't stay away from him. He will need your support and your love."

The king nodded. "For my own dear son...I will make sure that if I find that boy I will make him pay. I know how to draw him here. I know exactly what to do. I have his family here and I know he will come for them one day. Then...I will deal with him." He vowed. "He messed with the wrong king this time. I swear that I will make him pay if I find him."

The king and the queen stayed quiet for some minutes. While the queen was busy crying...the king was seething. So much had changed in his kingdom, especially his palace. He knew it was gonna take them really long just to forget about the incidents that had happened in the palace.

"Have you thought about the priest's..."

"Yes!" He sighed. "He will have a befitting burial. He was a great man. He served both my father and I really well. He was a hero and he will really have a great burial. I just don't know what to do anymore. The temple will be cleansed but..."

"Where will we find another..."

The king gave a gloomy sigh. "The trident will choose its new successor. I just don't know when that will happen. But no one will ever...take the place of the priest. He was a wise man and he played his role beautifully. His killer will pay for it."

The queen sobbed and the rubbed her tears. "The hospital called. Mother is in the ICU. We can now go and see her."

"Yes!" The king said in a harsh voice. "We will go and see her after we take a shower."

The king and queen were both trying to be confident but deep down inside they knew that they were both hurt. The queen's mind was mostly on her son and how he was feeling. The king's mind was on so many things. He felt like he was going deeply insane each time he thought about it. But he was not gonna let it go. He was gonna continue the search.

But he was still praying for his mother to be in a perfect condition. He didn't want anything to happen to her. God knows he was gonna die should anything happen to the lovely woman.

"Rest in peace, priest. You were a great man to the kingdom."

The king sighed and then furiously picked up a towel and stripped. Then he stormed into the bathroom. His fire was burning and it was gonna be his driving force.


Ethan was holding granny tightly, rubbing on her back to make her calm. The old woman had probably cried enough to last her a life time. She hadn't stopped crying ever since Aidan left or rather disappeared. She had been crying nonstop. Ethan too was still crying, missing his brother terribly. He could still remember his smiles...he could still remember his cute face...he could still remember his wonderful hair...he could still remember how they used to joke and mostly the wonderful kisses.

Ethan's heart felt like it had died. He felt like a part of him had just gone with Aidan. He knew that his life was not the same anymore. His life was probably just ruined. He had a hunch that he was never gonna set his eyes on his brother again. That was probably the most painful thing ever.

Ethan and granny were in a huge room in the palace. The room actually had another room where there was a bed. It had every amenity anyone could ever wish for but they definitely didn't care about any of that. Sure, they couldn't deny that the room was really lovely. But they didn't care at all. All they cared about was the safety of their Aidan.

Actually, after Aidan had left, the king had told them in anger that they were never gonna leave the palace or its walls. They were gonna stay in that palace with guards watching their every move. They had freedom of movement but just within the palace and under supervision of armed guards. They could have anything that they wanted...anything. They could order the maids to do stuff but not leave the palace. They were actually prisoners with benefits.

The king had only done that because he was sure that Aidan was gonna come back for his family members. He was sure Aidan was gonna appear to try and take his family so...he had guards watching granny and Ethan. There were four guards outside the room, guarding the door. It was a painful moment for them.

Both of them were missing Aidan a whole lot and they were dying to see him again. But they were hoping and praying that he never shows up. They didn't know what kind of powers Aidan had but they loved him a lot. They knew he wouldn't harm anyone in his life. They were surely gonna miss him like crazy.

"Shh..." Ethan rubbed on his granny's back. "It's okay, granny. I am sure that Aidan is fine. I am also certain that he is really far away from the palace and this kingdom." He hoped. "I trust in my brother. I know that he will not come back here."

"I hope so..." Granny sobbed. "I hope he doesn't come back here. I...I Can't bear to see him..."

"It's okay." He soothed. "My brother is really a wonderful boy. I am sure he will not be stupid enough to come back here. Although..." a loud cry escaped his throat. "...I really miss him so much. It's really painful, granny. Who would have thought that a perfect day like this would turn into a bad day?" He nodded. "I just wish we never got to know of the prince. We would have been living with him peacefully but now...now he is gone..."

"Me too..." Granny's voice sounded weak. She missed Aidan so much, it hurt. "I miss him so..so much and...I will always miss him. He will always be in my heart, forever. I don't care if I will spend the rest of my life in this palace but...knowing that he is fine will be my strength. I will be happy that way..."

"Not just you, granny..." Ethan held her tighter. "I couldn't have wished for a better brother. He will always be in my heart. I just hope he will find his happiness once again. I just hope he will find another man to love him out there. I also don't care if I die being locked up here. The thought that he is fine is okay for me."

The two of Aidan's most loved people held each other tighter and then cried their lungs out. They were still in so much pain and they had no idea how it was gonna end for them. They just cried out in pain. They were expressing their joy and pain in that cry. They knew it was gonna be long.

One thing they couldn't deny though was that...they loved Aidan a lot.

"I love you Aidan." Ethan said as he tightened his grip on his granny's arms. Both of them cried even more than before.


Alerna Kingdom...one of the rooms in the castle...


"You foolish idiots..." The king yelled, sending the three warlocks flying to the wall. They hit the wall so hard. They were bleeding because the king had hurt them a lot. "I gave you one simple task...one..." He bellowed, hitting his fist so hard on the glass table that was close to him. It broke into many pieces but the king was not hurt all.

"My lord..." The red haired warlock quavered, trembling as if an earth quake was happening right there in front of him. "We tried and..."

"Shut your hole." Wyatt snapped. His angry voice could be heard throughout the castle. Everyone that heard him trembled in fear for they knew that the king could do anything when he was in anger even to those that had not done anything. "You are all useless." He snapped. "You are really useless warlocks. And you call yourselves powerful warlocks. I trusted you to bring that scepter to me. I trusted the most important mission to you and..."
"My lord...we..."

"Shut the hell up." He extended his hand and sent the three of them flying to the wall again. He had been doing that ever since they returned a few minutes ago. They could still remember how he had smiled when he had seen them. They could also remember the disappointment in his eyes and the fire ball that he had almost thrown at them. Fuck! Now he was just demanding explanations from them. It was really painful.

"My lord," They whimpered in fear. They were bloody and the pain was just too much to bear. "Please, you are hurting us. We tried..."

"Well, your best was not enough." He bellowed and then breathed in as if he was gonna breathe out fire. The three warlocks were trembling in fear and they had tears in their eyes. They knew that what they had done could cost them their dear lives. "For the last eighteen years I have been trying to find out how to summon those powers and now...now it is all gone." He furiously shouted, stomping his foot on the floor. There was a loud noise as one of the windows in the room broke into shards. "Eighteen years of planning going to waste."

"My lord, please listen to us. We tried our best but..."

"You are all useless..." He breathed in furiously, clenching on his fists. King Wyatt could feel his fists getting hotter each passing second. He knew he was already out of control and he could finish those men with his fire if he so wished.

Wyatt was madder than he had ever been. He was fuming and his magic was out of control. He was ready to kill the three idiots that had failed him. He was ready to kill them without thinking twice about it. He was ready to waste them right there. He didn't like failure, especially after waiting for two whole weeks. He was really mad. His plans had been ruined.

"My lord..." The three warlocks winced. "My lord, please try to understand us. It is not our intention to fail you."

"I had it perfectly planned." He seethed. "I could almost smell the power. I could almost smell victory and now..." He snarled as he clenched on his fists harder. "...you do this..." He released his fists and a fire escaped and aimed for the wall. It exploded when it touched the wall, leaving a gaping hole.

The three warlocks whimpered as they trembled in fear. The King was really mad and they could see it. Sure, they were powerful but what if that fire had been directed at them and what if the next one was gonna be aimed at them?


"Silence!" He raised his head as his voice echoed throughout the castle. "You are all a bunch of failures. How about I end you here and now?" He growled at the three trembling men. "How about I end your lives? How about you explode into a thousand..."

A loud cry was heard throughout the room. It was sharp and it was of pain. The three warlocks had their bodies on the floor, pleading with the mighty king. "Almighty Wyatt, greatest of the great, king of kings, most powerful warlock whose name struck fear into the souls of..."

"Will you stop that foolishness?" He snapped, giving then angry eyes. "It seems I have no use for you. You have been useful until now. I am going to put you in your place." The three warlocks shook like leaves on a windy day.

"You still need us my lord. There is more..."

"Silence!" His voice sounded like that of thunder. "I sent you to get a scepter from the hands of a foolish king and you couldn't do it properly." He made a quick turn and stared at the man that had knelt down in front of him with his eyes on the floor, trembling like a leaf. That boy he saw really made him angrier than he had ever been. "And you..." He snapped, pointing his finger at the man that was in front of him, his son. "I thought I could trust you to do this job. But turns out you are worse than those three idiots that call themselves warlocks."

"Father," William bowed his head. "I know that I have failed you terribly. I should have had the scepter by now but..."

"Excuses-excuses-excuses-excuses..." He yelled, throwing another fire ball. "That's all that you are giving me and..."

"I am sorry father...we almost had it but there was this..."

"Silence!" He yelled. "You only know how to give excuses. I wonder if you are even my son. My son can never fail me like this." He bellowed. "Are you sure you are one of my sperms?"

William got hurt by his father's words. He was deeply hurt but he knew better than to show weakness in front of his father. That was like the greatest mistake he'd ever make in his life. "Father, something went wrong with our mission. We could have come with the scepter but that stupid priest has changed it. The one with the king is a copy. The original one has been hidden and we had no idea where. The palace was turning into a dangerous place so we...we had to return. Plus..."

"You are really a failure..." Wyatt nodded in anger, giving his boy angry eyes. "I never expected this from my son. I expected more than that. I had put the..."

"I am sorry father but..."

"Enough!" He yelled and extended his hand. William was ripped from where he knelt and thrown to the floor with a thud. He hit his arm hard and it hurt like hell. "Because of you four nincompoops I will not achieve my goal. That scepter was the final ingredient that I needed. But it is now impossible to do that and..."

"Please, father I beg you." William got up from the floor holding his arm. "We didn't mean to fail you. Give us another chance. We are ready to go back to Angria to find that scepter and we promise to bring it back this time. We will not fail you..."

"Oh, you have already failed me." He gave a bitter chuckle that put fear into everyone in that room. "You have already made the greatest failure in the history of my kingdom. And..."

"Please..." William was trembling as he knew exactly what was gonna follow. "Give us another chance and we will go back..."

"You know what I do to failures." He gave a soft sinister laugh as his face turned red. He clenched his fists harder. "You knew exactly what was gonna follow if you fail this mission. You knew the consequences. I can't just have failures in my kingdom and you call yourself my son when you can't even prove to me that you are my own flesh and blood."

"No!" William whimpered, falling to his knees. "I am your son and..."

"That doesn't exclude you from my wrath." His face was definitely red and the men in that room swore they saw smoke. "You know what I do..." He was getting really close to his son and the three warlocks that had failed him.

"My lord...no..."

"You are useless to me and I don't care whether you are my son or not." He let go of his fists and made an enchantment right in front of those men. "Now you are gonna feel my wrath and you are gonna regret ever failing a mission in your life again."

As the four men's cries filled the entire room...Wyatt's face turned evil as he extended his hand at the four men. He opened his palm and a small fire ball started forming. It was growing and it was turning bigger each second. Seeing that dangerous fire ball, the four men cried out in pain as they moved their eyes away. They couldn't bear to see as that ball grew and hit them. It was better to die without seeing it.

Wyatt's fire ball kept on growing until it became bigger. He took in a deep breath and thrust his hand forward to charge that fire ball but before he did...

"Stop, my lord..." He heard a voice fill out the entire room. "Don't do that."

The king groaned in anger and then charged the fire ball elsewhere, making yet another gaping hole in that room. He grunted and then made a quick turn to find the seer standing in the door way with a serious face.

"What were trying to do, my lord?" The seer asked as he got closer. "You were just about to kill your own son?"

"He failed me." The king said harshly in the deepest voice that echoed throughout the room. "I don't like failures even from my own son. He needs to learn to..."

"My king, that's not good." The seer nodded. "Don't harm any of them. Leave them all alone."

Hearing the seer's words, the four men felt as if life had just returned to them. They were able to breathe fine again and though they were still afraid they knew they were safe because the king always listened to the seer.

"Why should I spare these fools?" He snarled, trembling in anger. "They didn't get the scepter that I had sent them to get. Now they have just ruined everything and..."

"Nothing is ruined my lord..." The seer said. "All this is just...a delay."

"What am I supposed to do?" He demanded. "How do I get that scepter? That foolish priest has hidden it. The one..."

"Don't worry, my king..." He chuckled, rubbing his hands together. "You will get your powers. It is your destiny to get those powers, my king."

"How?" He hollered, breathing harshly. "They haven't brought the scepter with them. We still don't know..."

"It might take time...but real soon...you will have that scepter with you." He laughed manically. "Just be patient for a little while."

"Patience?" The king kicked the chair and sent it flying. "That is something that I don't have. These idiots are to be blamed for all this. I would have had the scepter by now and I would have been on my way to victory by now. But now I am back to square one. Give me a good reason why..."

"Their mission to the kingdom wasn't futile after all." The priest sniffed the air. "Currently there is no threat in that kingdom. The priest is dead. That scepter will be yours. You shall have it no matter what. We need a really great magical item to help locate that scepter, my lord..." The priest laughed. "These three will be useful to you." He bowed. "We might need quite a number of ingredients and we need the people that are skilled at it." He looked at the three warlocks. "They will help out with the spells. And you can't kill your heir, my lord." He laughed.

The king looked at the four failures. "Consider yourselves lucky." He warned. They all bowed. "This is your last chance or you will be ashes before I even snap my fingers."


"Now get out of my sight before I change my mind."

William and his three warlocks rushed out of the room, leaving Wyatt with the seer. They had thanked their lucky stars nothing had happened.

Wyatt and the seer discussed what was to follow next. It was gonna take really long for everything to work and for king Wyatt to take his powers but at least he was gonna have those powers so it was no big deal. And if the seer told him not to worry then he was definitely alright.


Luis was seated on a small chair, close to his granny who was asleep on the bed. She was looking really pitiful and he didn't like seeing her in that condition. She was on oxygen and her wound was bandaged. She had blood transfusing into her and she looked unlike anything he’d ever imagined.

As he stared at his granny, Luis felt tears building in his eyes, filling him up with so much pain. The rest of the family members were in that room and they were all quiet. Actually, Luis couldn't bear to drown in his sorrows so he followed everyone to the hospital.

Luis was just in a dark blue trouser, pink shirt and brown sandals. His hand was bandaged after he had cut himself with the glass. As he stared at the old woman that had barely survived the stabs from Aidan, Luis drowned in his own pain. He might have stopped crying but he was still in so much pain and he was thinking about Aidan and where he was. He was also thinking about what he was doing. Fuck! It was just too painful.

Luis' eyes were red from crying and his heart was still weak. He knew he was gonna live with that pain for the rest of his life.

Luis felt a hand on his shoulder and then slowly moved his head and stared into his sister's eyes. She smiled faintly and then squeezed his shoulder. He smiled faintly and moved his eyes to the old woman. He didn't want to leave her side.

"Are you okay?"

"I am trying to be." He said in the weakest voice anyone had ever heard from him. When they heard his voice they couldn't help but feel sad. Their lovely boy was in so much pain. They couldn't bear to see him like that.

As they sat in that room, staring at the old woman, the door opened and the doctor slowly came in. Seeing the doctor Luis got up and just stood without saying a word.

"Your highness," The doctor bowed at the king. "I came to check on her royal highness."

Without saying a word, the king just nodded. The doctor went further and checked the old woman on the bed. It took quite longer as he checked everything carefully. Then he went and stood close to the king.

"She is responding really well," The doctor smiled. "I don't know how but her wound seems to be healing faster too. She will be well real soon. Everything is just perfect and she may wake up soon. We have to keep her under observation though."

After the doctor left, Luis sat back on the chair without saying a word. His granny was gonna be alright real soon but what about him? Will he ever be alright?

Will his heart ever heal?


The wind was blew violently, making it difficult for someone to walk to easily. The coldness of the breeze that time was really something else. It was a really cold day and anyone wouldn't have dared walk or stay in that coldness. Yet he was, cold and unhappy. He was holding himself tightly, sad and lost, Aidan.

Aidan was walking in the strong wind and the coldness of the breeze. His hair was loose, blowing backwards, revealing his once glowing and smiling face. He had his eyes dropped on the ground as his memory took him back to the things that had happened once in his life, a life that he had thought was perfect for him. He was blank and he seemed lost. He didn't even mind the coldness that he was feeling on his body.

Two days...two days had passed since he disappeared from the palace. He had appeared in a place where he had no idea of. He couldn't recognize any of it. It was just a bare land with a forest on his right. He hadn't even minded doing anything. He had just started walking, going anywhere his feet had to carry him. His mind had been so occupied since the previous day that he hadn't even had anything to eat. He didn't even look where he was going. He could feel that he was not in the kingdom anymore.

‘You cast a spell on me.’ Luis' voice rang through his head. ‘You killed the priest...you tried to murder granny...you will pay for your crimes...you are a warlock...’

Aidan had probably been in the worst pain since the previous day. What had happened was painful and it was still embedded in his mind. He couldn't seem to forget about any of the things...the betrayal...the anger...the pain and everything that added to that very pain. He had been quiet since he appeared in that land. It seemed no one lived in the land.

Aidan had his arms wrapped around himself, shielding himself from the cold wind that seemed to be preying on him. Everything that he felt on his body reminded him of what he was going through. He was so cold but God knows that he didn't care at that very time.

Aidan's heart was barely beating. It was beating weakly and his head was pulsing terribly with each image that slipped through his mind. He was slowly walking, trying to gather the little strength that he had in him. He wasn't planning on giving up or anything like that. He was gonna continue living.

Aidan continued walking, drowning in his own pain and sorrows. He didn't know for how long he had walked. It could have been hours...it could have even been a day but he didn't care at all. The pain he felt in his heart was sharp and super killing him. He was feeling like someone had pulled his heart.

He wouldn't have been able to hurt like that had his husband been supportive and trusted him but now...he was like a broken man...who had had nowhere to go. He had no idea what to do or where to head. So he just continued on going and going and going. He didn't want to stop. He wanted that pain to go away from him. He wasn't used to feeling like that.

"I will forget..." He whispered. "I will forget about everything that has ever happened."

But who was he kidding? He couldn't even feel any better. It was like that feeling had him pinned to the wall. He was so lost...so he just continued on going.

As he was going...walking slowly, Aidan tripped on something and found himself on the ground. He had hit the ground so hard that it hurt like hell but that feeling was nothing compared to the pain and anguish the people he had thought loved him had put him through. That one was a whole different kind of pain.

Aidan gave a low whimper as he tried to move from the ground. There was no tears on his face but the pain inside was too much. Balancing on his hands Aidan tried to get up before his eyes caught a puddle of water that was on the ground. He saw himself...he saw how he was looking in the puddle. It was really clear to him.

For a minute he just stared into that puddle and looked at the person that he was looking at. His hair was a mess and it was still blowing back. It had reached all the way down to the ground. His face was blank. He looked lost, defeated and broken.

Slowly moving his eyes to examine his reflection, Aidan caught the beautiful glowing thing on his neck. That had been the necklace that his husband had given to him. Seeing the necklace actually brought a lot of painful memories to him. He got up and sat on the ground, his eyes never leaving that puddle of water. Then he moved his hand to that gorgeous necklace and held it tighter, closing his eyes.

He tried to remember the wonderful memories attached to that necklace and maybe get rid of the pain. But once his eyes closed, all that came to him were the painful words that Luis had said to him. He gasped in fear and then opened his eyes wider.

Once his eyes looked into the puddle...another thing caught his eyes. The sparkling diamond and gold ring on his finger reminded him again of something, something really bad. He felt like crying when he looked at the two most beautiful and yet painful possessions that he had in his life. He had no idea how to act or even react. The fact still remained that Luis hated him and called whatever they shared a lie and deception.

Aidan stared into that puddle, feeling his emotions get stronger. His heart finally had the chance to pound deeper in his chest. He felt as if it was about to rip out of his chest. His breaths were getting harsh. His whole body vibrated and a powerful emotion took control of his body.

‘You killed the priest...’

He remembered how his husband had chosen to hurt him and not believe him. He remembered how the people had reacted to him. He remembered how they had treated him like animal. With all those painful thoughts in his mind and heart, Aidan felt tears building in his eyes. They were so much that they were ready to explode right there.

As more memories kept on slipping through him...he felt a deep warm sensation that seemed to envelope his body and make him shiver. The more he remembered the more the sensation got intense to the point where he was feeling really warm. He couldn't explain that feeling.

‘Tell me the bond that we share means nothing?’

‘That vow meant nothing with someone like you. Why would...’

Aidan clenched his fists as he remembered those painful words which had been uttered by no other than his loving husband, a person he now didn't even know how to view. His husband had been the person that he loved. That ring and that necklace were just a reminder of what he had gone through.

"No..." He gasped as that feeling kept on filling him up. He dropped his hands to the ground and clenched on them so hard, pulling the sand in his own hands. The feeling kept on getting stronger. He kept on staring at his reflection in that puddle. The wind that was blowing got stronger the more he stared in that puddle.
Suddenly a myriad of emotions took control of his body. He was being filled with a whole lot of them...anger being the least. He was angry and that anger kept on being filled up. He kept on staring at his reflection, carefully examining it.

"What?" He gasped as he saw just how he was looking. "This is not me. This is not Aidan." He clenched on the ground harder as the wind got stronger. "I will not allow this to happen to me..."

‘You are nothing but...’
Aidan shook his head and stared into his own reflection. The person he saw in that reflection and the person he knew he was were so different. He was a really lively person that never cared about anything. He was the type of person that was fierce. He was not the type that was gonna allow to be broken like that.

Aidan nodded as he felt a tear dropped down his cheeks. He quickly rubbed it. "No...Aidan...you will not do this. You will not be broken...never...they have forgotten about you so...forget about them and move on."

With one final look in that lovely puddle, Aidan confidently got up and moved his eyes from side, trying to see where he was. "I will not allow this pain to control me. I will never allow this pain to break me. I have been fine on my own and I was fine the first time."

Aidan tried to see clearly but he couldn't do it as the wind was getting stronger each passing second. He couldn't see where he was. He tried everything but he couldn't do it. He moved his eyes to his body and looked at himself, carefully examining himself. There was so much anger deep within him that he couldn't understand. How could he ever be angry and in pain at the same time?

He tried to get rid of some of that anger but his mind was playing tricks on him. He couldn't forget what had happened between Luis and him. He couldn't get it out of his brain. It was like another part of him that he couldn't get rid of.

"Luis..." Aidan said confidently, clenching on his fists. "You have hurt me more than anyone else has ever hurt me before. You can live without me..." He hollered, feeling his mouth tremble. "Well, I guess it's time for me to do the same."

He was still in so much pain even though he was trying to encourage himself. If only he could get rid of that pain once and for all. "I am going to forget..." He said as a tear poured down his cheek. "I will totally forget about everything that has ever happened. All the memories..."

‘I love you.’ He heard Luis' voice deep in his head.

"Fuck..." Aidan felt like a lightning bolt had just struck his body. That word hit him so powerfully that he felt weak. He fell to his knees and dropped his head on the ground. ‘I love...’

"No..." He gasped. He was gonna try to fight whatever it was that was hurting him. "I won't let you hurt me. I won't let you hurt my feelings."

Taking a deep breath, Aidan furiously rose from the ground and looked all around. Then he confidently moved his hand and gripped the necklace that was glowing on his neck. It was gonna hurt with what he was gonna do next but it was necessary. Taking his mind a little further, Aidan pulled on the necklace with all his might and then broke it.

He held it on his palm and took a really good look at it, feeling as if he had just committed a sin. "I always thought I could count on you." His hair blew even harder, revealing his angry looking face. "I trusted in this relationship so much that..." He paused and rubbed the tears which had just fallen. "...I gave my whole to you. I gave you my body...my soul...my unconditional love...my happiness and everything that makes people happy. I gave you everything..." He hollered through that wind. His voice sounded like a robot. "I never denied you anything." Tears were pouring down his face and this time he never even bothered rubbing them.

"You promised unconditional love...you promised heaven on earth...you vowed to never hurt me. But you still did anyway..." His face was really serious by then. "You never loved me..." He nodded in anger. "You just used me for your own sexual pleasures. But I will not let you hurt me even though you are not here. I will stand strong and I will never allow anyone to hurt me again. I am stronger now. I have always been and I will always be."

He took in a deep breath and clenched the glowing necklace in his hand.

"I will rise again...I will never fall..." He breathed harshly, furiously opening his palm. Then he rubbed his tears away and sniveled, trying to be as confident looking as he could be at that time. "Everything is in my past. Everything is behind me now..." He furiously dropped his hands and threw the necklace on the ground. "Never again..."

Throwing the necklace, he moved his finger and stared at it for a really long time. He had his eyes on that beautiful ring...another thing that made him fume. He was really mad that he couldn't even handle anything.

"I will never get hurt again." He slipped the ring off his finger and clenched on it.

Then screaming as if he was in so much pain, he threw the ring away, far away into that wind. He didn't want to see it ever again. He didn't want to remember the past. He didn't want to dwell in the past. He wanted to forget even though it was really painful.

"I will never allow you to hurt me again." He vowed. "I will never be hurt like this again. This will not make me weak. I am Aidan and I am unbroken. There is no problem that I haven't been able to handle." He hollered. "I shall pass through this storm."

He moved his eyes from side to side, breathing in the beautiful wind that seemed to be getting stronger and stronger by each passing second. He clenched on his fists and then panted, feeling tears building in his eyes. He was really angry, angrier than he had ever been. He loved them and helped them and now they betrayed him and treated him like a criminal. He was really mad.

Aidan moved his eyes and just stared at the wind, feeling a deep energy suddenly surround him. Feeling all that powerful energy within him, he clenched on his fists hard and took in the deepest breath ever. He was trying to get rid of all the negative energy that had surrounded him. He was now alone and he was gonna make it alone.

"Never..." He exhaled loudly, letting out a deep breath.

As that breath left him, a loud swoosh of powerful wind could be heard. All of a sudden the strong wind just died down. Everything was suddenly calm, back to normal. Aidan looked all around and then saw the place.

It was not that beautiful but it was bare land. There were forests on both sides and they were really green.

Aidan took a quick glance behind, a place where he had come from. It was painful but he was gonna have to do it. Then with a final groan, he looked ahead and started going away. He just needed to get away from that place. He needed to be far away from the palace.


"Man...I am really sorry," Charles nodded, trying to hide his tears away from his friend. "I didn't know. I had no idea that had happened. It is all so...I can't even..." He sighed. Charles was really sad. Luis had just been telling him of the things that had happened to him. He had no idea that had happened and the most painful thing was that his friend was suffering. He could see it from his eyes.

"It's not your fault..." Luis muttered. He had his eyes dropped on the floor, remembering what had happened. "None of us knew he was...he was..." Luis trailed off when he felt tears in his eyes. He looked away and then suppressed those tears.

"Oh no...Luis..." Charles quickly rubbed his tear. "Please...don't do this. Rather than waste your tears on someone that doesn't deserve it..."

"You are right..." Luis chuckled bitterly. "He doesn't deserve my tears. He deserves punishment and..." He rubbed his tear off. "I can't help it. You don't know how I feel..." He shrugged. "I feel like...I feel like someone had just..."

It had been three days since Aidan had disappeared from the palace. No news has been heard from him since that time. The priest's body had been cremated the previous day as per custom of cremating priests in Angria. It had been a really terrible day for everyone in Angria. It had been an emotional and bad day for every person in Angria. But they pulled through and now...everyone in the kingdom knew about Aidan and what he had done and what he was. Posters were all over the kingdom. They wanted him dead or alive. Though all that had hurt Luis a bit...okay, a whole lot as he still couldn't get over Aidan.

Granny has been responding to the treatment really well and she hasn't really wakened up as the doctor had predicted but...they still visit her. In fact, Luis has been spending a lot of time with her just to get rid of his problems. It has really helped him a whole lot.

"It feels really bad..." Charles gave a gloomy sigh. "Who would have known that Aidan would..."

"Charles...please," Luis said softly. "Don't mention his name here. Please..."

"I am so sorry..." Charles apologized. "I won't repeat it." He then just remained quiet. He had no idea what to say next to his friend. "By the way, how is she? How is granny doing?"

"I don't know..." Luis sighed. "She is not doing really well but..."

"That's bad..." Charles muttered. "When are you going to..."

Before Charles could finish his sentence, Luis' phone rang and he quickly picked it up. He sounded a bit happy and his mood changed a little. He had just received a call from the hospital that granny had regained consciousness.

"We need to go to the hospital." He said with a fading smile. "Granny had just woken up."

"Really...Let's go."

Both Luis and Charles left the palace for the hospital. They probably had the most awkward drive to the hospital. They didn't even utter a word to each other. Luis was too preoccupied to even talk. He wasn't even himself that day. Aidan was on his mind and that time it was stronger. Things were really changing in his life.


Luis was seated on the chair, near granny's bed. He had his eyes on the old woman, staring at her and praying she gets up again, soon. She had woken up before he came and now he was only waiting for her to wake up again. The oxygen had been removed as she was able to breathe normally. It was great recovery for her and they were really hoping things would go back to normal. The entire family including Charles was in that room. They all had their eyes on the old woman.

Granny had been in pain the first time she had woken up but the doctor had sent her back to sleep. It had almost been five hours since he came to see granny and she hadn't woken up. He had his eyes on her and was not going to tear them away until she wakes up.

After what felt like hours, granny finally moved and then gave a weak groan. Luis moved his head and then got up from his chair to her. Reaching her, he held her hand and then slowly rubbed on it. The rest of the members surrounded the bed.

Granny moved her head and then groaned once again.

"Granny..." Luis gasped, feeling tears rolling in her eyes. "Granny..."

"Ai...Aidan..." Granny gave a soft groan as she moved her head weakly from side to side. "He is...a...war..." She trailed off and just groaned softly.

Hearing what grabby had just said reminded Luis of the painful secret he had just found out about Aidan a few days back. He knew that Aidan was definitely a warlock and a murderer but he had no idea why he seemed like that when he heard granny's voice. It sent pain throughout his entire body. He could feel himself trembling and he knew what was gonna come next.

"Don't speak...mother," The king said as he held her hand tightly. "We know what you are trying to tell us. We know that Aidan did this to you."

Luis felt like he was just unable to breathe right there. There was a sudden powerful vibration that made him feel a little weak. He slowly let go of granny's hand and made a quick turn, heading for the door. He was moving out real quickly.

"Luis..." The king called with concern. "Son...I..."

"I am just going to call the doctor." Luis said without turning to see his father's face. "I will be back." Without even getting any response from the king he rushed out of his room and felt tears building in his eyes. Aidan was not worth those tears but they just kept on coming and coming. He couldn't do a thing to stop them. He was acting like a fool.

Getting out of the room, Luis rushed to the men's room as tears made their way on his cheeks. Reaching the men's room, he looked into the huge mirror as more tears made their way down. His heart was pounding with pain. He couldn't understand a thing of what was going on with him. He never wanted Aidan back in his life, he swore he never did but why was the pain too much, he cried?

Lucky for him...no one was in the room and even if they did he'd make sure that he dismisses them. It was too fucking painful. The reflection in the mirror showed him that of a weak man and helpless too. Is that what he had become? It was really painful for him and he never liked it one bit. Things were going pretty badly for him.

Luis stayed in the men's room for some minute. He tried to encourage himself and also rub his tears but it was futile as his face got flooded again. He had never cried like that in his life before. He was crying for someone that didn't deserve it at all.

Luis cried out in pain. He was so lost that he didn't even realize that Charles had come into the men's room. The next thing he felt were two hands on his shoulder. He quickly rubbed his tears and then tried to smile but he knew he wasn't fooling anyone.

Charles sighed as he was overtaken by sorrow. "You don't have to hide your tears away from me, you know. It is good to cry it out."

"Charles...man..." Luis sniveled as he wiped his face clean. "What are you..."

"I am not buying that." Charles warned, pointing at him. "I know that you are crying. It is good to cry when it hurts..." He felt tears building in his eyes. "Especially with our loved..."


"Both of us can't deny the fact that he was part of your life." Charles pointed out as a tear made its way on his cheeks. "We also can't deny that you loved him. Cry it out...cry it all out until you feel better. We are men..." He paused and got closer to Luis. "But...we need to cry at times because we also get hurt."

Hearing what Charles had to say, Luis gripped him into a fierce hug. He abruptly felt tears making his face wet again. "Why?" He sobbed. "Why do I have to suffer like this, Charles? Why do I have to experience these kinds of things?"

"Shh..." Charles rubbed on his back. "You just have to cry out. I am all here. You can do anything just to get it out. I will always be here for you."

Luis thanked Charles before the two of them just held each other and cried softly. Luis cried of pain...he cried of betrayal...he cried of love...he cried of regret. There were just too many emotions attached to him at that time. They were all making him really weak. They made him feel worse but he did cry anyway.

Luis cried and then rubbed his tears after what felt like hours. Lucky for him no one came into the men's room otherwise it wouldn't have been too good for him, especially with Aidan's wanted photos all over the kingdom. He was practically a really wanted and dangerous criminal.

Luis and Charles opened the door and found the doctor assuring the family members that granny was gonna be alright and her healing was somehow faster. Just when he went back in...the doctor left and he just held his granny's hand, staring at her beautiful face. She was asleep once again.

"Ah..." The old woman was probably in more pain than anyone had ever imagined. She was an old woman and she got stabbed. It was his entire fault. He shouldn't have allowed Aidan to seduce him and make him fall for him. Fuck! He had been fucking a warlock. It was really painful.

"Hey...son..." The king gestured, looking in his direction. "It took you quite long out there. I thought you were about to go and call the doctor?"

Luis' heart jumped. "Well, err..."

"He was not feeling well all of a sudden." Charles lied. "I took him out for some fresh air."

"Oh..." The queen gasped, extending her hand. She gripped his shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze. "Why didn't you tell us? We are really sorry with the way things..."

"I am fine, mom..." He muttered. "I am really fine. You don't have to worry about me or anything like that okay? What matters is that...granny will be alright and we will forget about all this..."

Everyone remained quiet after Luis' statement. The queen squeezed his shoulder once more and smiled before she finally let go. There was a really long moment of silence in the room. No one uttered a word or even said anything to each other. They were sad but they were a bit glad that granny had survived it. Too bad the priest was gone.

Luis knew he had a lot of answering to do from the people, the press and the cabinet members. He was happy his granny was alright but one thing was still on his mind...he never wanted to set his eyes on Aidan again. It was better if he was gone already. He didn't want to see him for whatever reason.

Luis held his granny's hand tighter and then breathed in deeply. He prayed and thanked the almighty for saving his granny from the cold hands of death, in that case...Aidan. They had been saved from death too because Aidan could have done worse things to them.


Luis entered his room, tired and well spent. He had spent the whole afternoon with granny and also wanted to stay with her the whole evening but his mother had insisted he rested since he was also affected by what had happened mostly.

As Luis made his way into that room, he sat on the bed and buried his face between his palms, softly rubbing his aching eyes. Luis was staying in a different room. He was staying in a different room because he wouldn't bear to sleep in the same room where he had been sleeping with Aidan.

It was not as classy and elegant as the room he had been living in but it was perfect and it had everything that he needed. The other room had always reminded him of Aidan and his betrayal. It reminded him of all the lies that had been made up in that very room. He couldn't bear it. He just couldn't do it.

He was gonna have everything that belonged to Aidan gotten rid of and then he was gonna have the room renovated and refurnished. He was gonna do that and then he was gonna live in peace without some warlock ever disturbing his life again. What he couldn't understand was the way he was constantly thinking about Aidan. It was all so bad and it made him hurt a lot.

After what felt like hours, Luis raised his face and then stared around the room as he took a quick sigh. He didn't like being alone as it made him think about Aidan whole lot but he was not gonna allow that to happen.

"You had hurt the person that I love." He said angrily. "You had made me fall for you. You had lied to me. You had tried to take the throne away from me. You had even pretended to love me." He clenched on his fists as his anger took him to a whole new level. I will never allow you to control my life anymore." He vowed. "I can never love a warlock and a murderer. Aidan..." he sighed. "I will not allow you to affect my life. You are no longer a part of it and I hope you stay away."

Luis had no idea where that anger came from but he knew he was angry. "You changed my life but it was all for nothing. I will not be the same Luis..."

He clenched on his fists and then took a deep sigh as a tear made its way down his cheeks. He was not gonna allow it anymore. He had had enough of Aidan. He was gonna forget about everything and move on. That was a promise he made to himself and his family.

"I am gonna have to forget." He said confidently. "Aidan is a closed chapter in my life. That chapter will never open. I am gonna forget everything..."
That was a promise he was gonna make sure to keep.


Aidan was walking slowly when all of a sudden he tripped and found himself on the ground again. He just stayed there and winced as the pain kicked in, making his body shudder. He tried to move and he finally got up, taking a look around where he was.

Even though Aidan had gotten rid of his wedding ring and his necklace...he had been lost the rest of the way as those powerful memories kept on coming to him. He probably had the most torturous day of his life. His emotions had been tortured and it hurt like hell. If only he could turn back time and...

Aidan could feel his anger intensifying once again as he remembered the tragedy that had happened in the palace. He tried to get rid of that thought but it always found its way to his brain again. It was like something that he couldn't get rid of but he was gonna have to try.

While on that ground Aidan felt a really cold wind hit his body unlike anything else. It was really cold and the sun was about to set. He moved his eyes around and noticed where exactly he was. He was just near what looked like a small beach. He was near and he could see the sea just nearby though it was still a really long way.

There was a beautiful bare land near him and a small river close to him. Aidan neither had food nor a drink since he left the palace. He was really thirsty and even though he was sad...he needed water.

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan slowly rose from the ground and rushed to the beautiful river which seemed to be flowing in the huge sea. Reaching there...he dropped to his knees and then drank that water. It made him feel better and cool.

After having that drink...Aidan just stared into the water, seeing his own reflection once again. But what he saw in that water was really different from what he had seen the last time. The image in that water was smiling brightly and he looked confident. He looked fierce and his mood was surely not like he was at that time.

Aidan moved his eyes and wondered what was going on. Surely, he was not smiling but that reflection was smiling brightly at him. He took a deep breath and then looked into the water once again. The reflection was still there.

Seeing that gorgeous reflection, Aidan took in a deep breath and then wondered what was going on. How could an image be smiling at him like that? It was really impossible and he couldn't believe it. He was simply going crazy. But he was still sad and had no idea what to do.

With one final look at the reflection in the river, Aidan took a gloomy sigh and got up. He was about to start moving. He had no idea where he was going but...he just had to start moving. As he took the first step something happened, something that made him stop. He took a quick turn and scanned the whole area but there was absolutely no one. He could have sworn he had heard a voice.

"Aidan..." He heard the voice again. It was really weak and it felt like swoosh of wind. "Aidan..."

"Hello..." Aidan's voice was really low. "Is somebody out here?"

But the only thing that responded was his echo. He looked around and found that no one was truly there. Nodding his head, he quickly turned around and gasped, taking a few steps behind. His heart started pounding in his chest and he panted.

Right there in front of him was someone, a boy of his size, same height, same features and everything else. But the boy was rather a bit muscular and he had short pure white hair. He had a great smile on his face too.

"Who are you?" Aidan asked as he took a few steps behind. He didn't want trouble. He just wanted to be on his journey. He didn't want any shit. "How did you..."

"How long will you keep on going?" The boy asked. "It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is what I have to tell you." He said. "For how long will you..."

"What are you talking about?" Aidan asked with a frown on his face. "I have been..."

"I know that." The boy said confidently. "I know exactly what had happened but do you have to keep on going? What do you still want?"

"I want a place to stay." Aidan said. "I want to stay in a place where I can..."

"You have it here." The boy gestured with a smile. "You have everything that you could ever need right here."

"I don't have anything." Aidan sighed. "My husband doesn't love me and everyone hates me right now. I cannot go back to my palace because they have already hurt me." His voice was filled with so much anger. "They hate me so much and they treated me like trash after I saved the throne. And now I have been accused of doing something that..."

"Exactly..." The boy chuckled as he got near Aidan. "I can sense that you are really angry. But you don't have to search." He emphasized. "That which you kept hidden could be used freely. In this land you will be free to do whatever you want to do. No one is gonna question you or...don't you want to live without any regrets or anyone telling you what to do?"

"I wanna forget..." Aidan's voice rose. "I wanna forget about them all. They have hurt me a lot and I don't want..."

"Then build your dream here. You don't have to get anyone's..."

"What are you talking about?" He raised his eyebrow.

"It's simple." The boy smiled. "You have all that can help you to forget everything and just move on. You have everything. And whenever you need help...it will always be there."

Aidan dropped his eyes to the ground as he got even confused. He raised his face to ask another question but the boy was no longer there. He was gone and Aidan didn't even bother to look around to find him. He rather stood still and just thought about everything clearly.

After thinking and getting more confused, Aidan finally figured it out. After what had felt like an hour he finally got it. The boy was right, whoever he was. He absolutely was right. Aidan had everything that he could ever need. He had got rid of his ring and his necklace. He was gonna leave the past behind.

"You can do anything that you set your mind on." He remembered the words in the dream that he had that time he thought he was having weird dream. "Embrace your gift..."

Aidan stared at his hands when he realized what he had to do. He moved his eyes and stared at the water. Then he looked everywhere and saw the beauty of the land. It was really beautiful and just about the right thing for what he was thinking.

He moved his eyes to the water and this time concentrated long and hard. Taking in a deep breath, Aidan connected his mind with that water. Then he slowly extended his hand, pointing it at the water. He was really hoping what he had in mind was gonna work.

Slowly taking in shot breaths, Aidan started moving his hand from side to side. To his surprise, the water in the river, most of it moved to the direction of that hand. Seeing that...Aidan's face became stern. Then he took in a nervous breath and dropped his hand, leaving the water hanging like that.

Aidan stared at the water and then dropped it with his mind. It was back to normal.

He turned his back to the water and just concentrated on the land that he was looking at. It was just beautiful bare land. It was really beautiful and when he looked closely at it, scanning it, he remembered the palace where he had been living with his husband.

"You just wanted the throne..." He remembered those painful words.

Aidan sighed and then moved his hands up as he felt a really powerful energy surrounding him. It was really powerful and he could feel it enveloping him. He could feel the anger intensifying too and it was like it took control of his body right there.

Aidan stared at his hands, the hands that he knew gave him power, and the power that he knew was deep inside of him. He realized something, something that he should that made him feel a little better. He was now free, free to use his powers and any way he wanted to. The boy he had just met was right after all.

Dropping his hands, Aidan took a really deep breath and started walking faster. He was feeling really furious and he couldn't understand himself. Then after walking a distance...he stopped and just breathed in quickly, moving his eyes around. Then he dropped to his knees and put his hands on his thighs.

"You can do whatever you set your mind on..." A voice like that of a strong wind could be heard.

Aidan had kept on hearing those words almost since he turned 18. Something kept on telling him that he could do anything that he set his mind on. Well...it was time to test that. He was gonna do that. He was gonna try it and see if he really could do anything that he set his mind on.

Aidan raised his face and got up, breathing harshly. When he suddenly raised his eyes, he saw something, something that caught his eyes. Just a distance, about two or so meters away from him was what looked like a really old castle. Not only was it old but it looked abandoned and cracked too.

What Aidan couldn't understand was that the castle wasn't there a few seconds ago. He could bet his own life the castle wasn't there. So...how did it magically appear there all of a sudden? But he didn't care. He was really tired and he needed a place to stay and just forget about everything. He was just hoping someone lived in that very castle. He didn't have any fear because he knew very well that nothing could happen to him. He knew he could protect him.

Slowly rising from the ground...he started making his way to the castle. The wind seemed a little too strong for him but he was okay. What he needed was to reach that castle and probably have something to refresh himself.

He walked in the cold wind and in no time reached the castle but that was after passing a small bridge where water passed under. It was made of stone and it was cracked. In no time he found himself on the door of the castle. It was just a wooden door which was half ripped and being fed on by termites. The whole castle looked old and the four pillars which held it were almost collapsing. It had disgusting greenish stuff growing on its wall and it was creepy.

He looked everywhere and checked. That castle might have once been beautiful because there was a huge garden on the far right though he couldn't see a thing inside. There was old stuff all over including debris. It was just...hopeless.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan made his way into the old castle. He found himself inside a little later and was welcomed by an unpleasant smell. It smelled of rotting wood and other stuff. He looked around and saw the state it was in. There were cobwebs, rotting furniture, rotting clothes, ashes and everything else which one would expect to see in an abandoned place.

The whole place was really beautiful. There were really old class chairs in what looked like a living room, a rotting table and an old TV in front. There was an old dining with rotting furniture. He looked around and there was no sign of anyone living in that castle. Had someone been living in that castle there wouldn't have been that much cobwebs.

"Hello..." He called softly. "Is someone in here?" He was loud. "Hello..." But the only thing that answered him was the echo of his voice. "Is somebody in here..."

Aidan took a few steps when he noticed that there was no one. He picked up an old wood which helped him clear the cobwebs from his path. He went deep inside, looking everywhere. The glasses in that castle were all broken. There was a strong cold wind that came inside. It was a cool breeze.

Clearing his path...he went further and found himself in what looked like an old kitchen. Gosh! It was even worse than anything that he had ever seen in that castle. It was a bit dark especially with the sun setting real soon. Everything was scattered in that kitchen. There were rotten and broken plates, pots, spoons and every kitchen utensil on the floor. All the light bulbs were broken into tiny pieces. There was a huge old and broken fridge on his right hand side which he didn't even bother looking at.

He checked the whole kitchen and then moved away from there, making his way to the living room. He was hungry and it was getting dark. He passed through the living room slowly and went to the staircase which seemed to be leading up. He took a quick look around and then took a deep breath before he started making his way up. The old staircase made of wood and stone was creaking while he went up so he had to be really careful as he didn't want any accident to occur to him. He looked around as he made his way up and noticed that there were no pictures. There were light bulbs everywhere but it seemed abandoned and for a really long time.

Aidan cleared his way to the first floor and went around, checking room by room if there was anyone. But there was nothing. Each room had rotten and broken beds with rotten mattresses on them and wooden drawers, cupboards and wardrobes in them. But there were no clothes or anything. Each room had what looked like an old hot tub and medieval shower but that was all. He checked everywhere and it gave him the same old things that seemed to be everywhere.

He checked all floors and they were about 9 of them. There were rooms which looked bigger and beautiful than others and had other rooms in them but...they were surely old and in a bad state. He even found out that there was an old elevator that was broken and was no longer in use. It was all in a bad state but from all the things he had seen...he knew that nobody lived there.

The castle was abandoned and from the look of things...no one had lived in it for...maybe 50 years or so. But from all the things, for instance elevator and light bulbs...he could tell that whoever used to live in it had to be super rich too.

But he couldn't still understand why that castle had suddenly appeared because he couldn't see it. Could it have been fate that brought it to him, he wondered as he wrapped his arms around himself to protect himself from the cold wind that seemed to be blowing him. It was getting a little darker and he needed a place to spend the night. He knew that was a place for him. He knew he couldn't find another place apart from that one. He also knew he was gonna have to renovate that place somehow.

He wanted to make it his own place. But how was he...

‘You have a special gift...’ He remembered the voices. ‘Embrace what you have. You can do anything you set your mind on.’

That was the cue for Aidan. He knew what he had to do from that time onward. He moved his hands forward and stared at them for a long time while being filled with a whole lot of energy and anger. He was gonna see just what to do with his gift, his powers. He needed their help from that time onwards.

Aidan felt terrible, really terrible as he wrapped himself up. He took a deep breath as he moved his eyes to see the whole place. The broken chandeliers...the rotting furniture...the abandoned castle...that place really needed a whole lot to be done with. But he knew just what to do.

Aidan gave a gloomy sigh.

‘The wind blows wide on the land tonight, not a foot print to be seen

A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the king.

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside

couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried.’

Aidan took a deep breath and then moved confidently as he looked the whole place up.

‘Don't let them in, don't let them see, be the good boy you always have to be.

Conceal don't feel, don't let them know

Well, now they know...’ He took a deep breath as he slowly moved his hand up.

‘Let it go, let it go...can't hold it back anymore. Let it go, let go...turn away and slam my door.

I don't care what they are going to say. Let them storm rage on. I won't allow them break me."

Aidan then moved closer to the center of the living room and used his hands in all directions, to all the rubbish in that room. He connected with his energy and then closed his palm. Immediately all the rubbish in that room caught fire, heavy fire that burned them in just mere seconds without any smoke or any ash. He looked at his hand and then smiled brightly. For the first time ever he had used fire as an element. He felt fulfilled and full of energy.

‘It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small. And the fear that once controlled me, can't get to me at all.’

Aidan couldn't have believed he was the one that was singing that song. His voice sounded so beautiful, so amazing...so angelic...and a little bit of relief and anger. The energy was filling him up. He had never felt like that before. He just breathed and continued his song.

"It's time to see what I can do..." He extended both his hands and then stamped hard on that floor. Immediately everything cleared and almost immediately the floor began shining. He stared at it and then saw the sparkling diamond filled tiles. He was happy. His magic had worked.

‘To test the limit and breakthrough...’ He threw his hand and a thin white powder like stuff which looked like snow but sparkled brightly left his hand and was sent flying to the wall nearby. ‘No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I’m free!’ He watched as the white sparkly stuff went and hit the wall.

Hitting the wall, the white stuff mixed with the concrete and then the wall transformed into a beautiful glass like, sparkly wall. He could tell instantly that the stuff was diamond. He gasped and watched as the wall started transforming at a faster rate.

He held his palm, forming them into a powerful fist. He couldn't actually believe he had made that wall sparkle. He couldn't believe those voices had actually been true when they told him he could do anything he set his mind on. His gift was special. It was different. It was unique and he was gonna use it to make his life beautiful.

Aidan took in another deep breath and then looked at the transforming wall. He knew from that moment that things were gonna be different from that time onwards.

‘Let it go, let it go...I am with the wind and sky

Let it go, let it go...you'll never see me cry...’

Then he quickly moved to the very center and moved his head up, feeling the energy travel up his body. He moved his leg up and felt the energy flowing, deeply into that leg. It was really powerful and he felt strong, powerful...

‘Here I stand...’ He stamped on the ground, extending his hand, turning the wall down into a beautiful sparkly diamond one. He felt his heart racing. ‘...and here I will stay...let the storm rage on...’

He was singing at the top of his voice. He moved his hands, raising them up. Instantly, a wall rose, covering the whole place up. It extended everywhere and he saw just how beautiful it was. It was sparkling really beautifully and the whole wall was diamond now. The whole place was now brighter than ever and it looked like a really rich person lived there.

He moved his face up, covering the top and then formed two beautiful diamond chandeliers that just about brought light to the whole place. He threw his hand forward, releasing his energy and letting it flow. Light bulbs, huge and beautiful ones formed and then lit the whole place up. It was beautiful. His whole magic extended to the rest of the castle.

He ran towards the old staircase and then with just a touch of his hand, it started glowing, extending. He started running on that staircase which had turned into diamond and then rushed to the next staircase. Everything was just beautiful and it had extended everywhere. The doors were magnificent and the rooms and were beautiful.

Aidan ran to the elevator and then took the most powerful breath ever. Right there in front of his eyes it turned into a beautiful glass elevator with diamond sparkles. It was now working and he could see it moving. It was turning into place.

Aidan then moved back to the living room and formed a beautiful tinted diamond like glass door with a beautiful diamond at the top. He felt like a king. He was the king and he loved it. He quickly rushed to the kitchen and then closed his eyes, imagining how he wanted everything to be while moving his hands, extending his energy.
When he thought he was done and opened his eyes, he gasped at its elegancy. The whole kitchen sparkled beautifully. All the kitchen utensils including pots and everything were in its rightful place. The drawers and cupboards were really beautiful and they were made of wood with diamonds sparkled on them.

The fridge was working properly and to his surprise...there was some food stuffs there. He looked and saw the stove back to normal and everything including the light bulbs that made the whole place brighter. Everything was turning to normal. For the first time, he had used his magic to make the most beautiful thing ever.

He moved away from the kitchen and went to the living room. He looked around and everything was perfect except for a few things.

‘My powers flurries from the air into the ground...’ He stared at the TV and it turned into a huge plasma TV, the biggest he had ever seen in his life. Taking a deep breath, Aidan moved straight to the chairs and just stared at them. Then he connected with them and closed his eyes. He had no idea what he was doing but he imagined those chairs turn into beautiful white couches with diamond sparkles. He breathed out and then opened his eyes. Voila...what he had wished for came true. It came true. Those couches turned into exactly what he had wished for. There was a beautiful glass table with beautiful flowers all over.

He took a look around and then saw that everything was perfect. He couldn't believe it was the same place he had come just a few minutes ago. He couldn't have believed it. He was more powerful than he had ever imagined.

When Aidan had made everything...he rushed outside and then looked at what he had made. His place was a beautiful modern day diamond castle that sparkled like crazy. It was really beautiful. It was really huge with elegant decors everywhere. The castle was like a five star hotel, fancy, elegant, glamorous but it was even beautiful than anything he had ever seen.

Tearing his eyes away, he looked all around. There was a lot missing and he knew it. He extended his hand and a tall wall fence made of ice, sparkling surrounded the castle. There was a big gate which was sparkling in front. The little bridge turned into a golden one and then the ground parted, extending the water to the castle. A huge pool formed and then diamond chairs.

He sang his song as he rushed to the huge garden. He first transformed the garden gate and the wall surrounding it into a glass gate. Then he got inside and had a look around. It was a really beautiful garden and there were a lot of weeds but it had trees of apples, oranges and other fruits.

He took in a deep breath and perfected the garden, getting rid of the weed and leaving only the good fruits and vegetables. It was absolutely beautiful. The whole garden was filled with beautiful vegetables and beautiful flowers, a whole variety of them.

Aidan then went out and made a courtyard.

Using the water nearby...Aidan made a beautiful courtyard with a wonderful statue of himself and water coming out of that statue's hands. He used the energy in him and the water to make the whole castle to be filled with power and electricity. He also made the water to reach inside using ice pipes that supplied water in every part of the castle.

He was done. He had done it. He had made his own castle, his kingdom to be precise. Here he could live freely. He was gonna be his own king without anyone controlling him or his life. He was gonna live it to the fullest.

He smiled, singing beautifully as he went back into the castle. He walked to the center of the living room, singing confidently. It was like some song was playing. That song he was singing was giving him hope.

‘Up here in this cold thing air, I finally can breathe...

I know I left a life behind, but I'm too relieved to grieve...’

He stood at the center and then felt a soft wind hit him. He had finally done it.

‘I'm never going back, the past is in the past...’ He took a long look at himself as he sang. There was only one thing that he needed to do to forget about everything.

‘Let it go, let it go, when I rise like the break of dawn...’ He shook his hair and passed his fingers through it. By the time he was done it transformed into a beautiful, long braided ponytail with red, blue and pink highlights, glowing with tiny diamonds. He was looking spectacular and beautiful.

‘Let it go, let it go...that perfect boy is gone...’ He moved his head down, staring at his outfit and stamped his feet on the floor. Immediately it started transforming from the foot upwards.

Aidan's snickers turned into beautiful white shoes with strands of gold and diamonds. It was beautiful. His trouser turned into a beautiful sparkling blue trouser. His shirt turned into the same and a beautiful transparent diamond like robe which reached all the way to the floor appeared on him. He was now done. Everything was transformed.

He started walking elegantly towards the door.

‘Here I stand in the light of day. Let the storm rage on..." He sang at the top of his voice as he touched the beautiful wall, making it thicker so that no one would be able to see through, even though he knew no one was around and he too didn't want to see outside.

‘The cold never bothered me anyway.’

He took his robe and made a quick turn, shutting the door with a bang. His life had changed.


Aidan slowly walked towards the living room, slowly breathing in the sweet aroma of the castle, his castle. His heart felt a bit at peace although what had happened was still within him. He knew it was gonna be hard to forget about everything.

"Phew!" He sighed as he moved his eyes to his body. He stared at his elegancy and beauty. He stared at his glowing clothes and sighed. He sure had transformed a lot. Not even the clothes he used to wear at the palace were that elegant. He was gonna start his new life...alone.

Aidan moved his eyes and stared throughout the castle. His castle was really beautiful and it was glowing. The beautiful couches...the huge TV...the beautiful kitchen and every elegant thing in that castle made him feel relieved. They had thought that he was gonna break but they had no idea what they were talking about. He was used to people treating him like trash in high school but now...he was not gonna allow any of that foolishness.

He realized that he was gonna be free, free from all the pain and ungrateful people. He was strong and fierce and what had happened wasn't gonna break him at all. He wasn't gonna allow it to. Unlike in Angria, he was gonna use his powers and he was gonna control them as he wished.

After carefully checking the whole place up, he decided to go up the stairs to check the rooms so that he could decide where to stay. He went in every room, checked everything carefully. Everything was just beautiful.

The beds had suddenly turned into real ones with beautiful beddings and beautiful curtains. Everything in rooms was just perfect. There were perfect hot tubs, Jacuzzis and showers. Everything was really lovely.

After carefully checking every room, Aidan found his perfect room. It was the most beautiful in that castle. It had a really huge bed with sparkly red beddings. There was a huge room which he magically filled with beautiful clothes and shoes. There was a beautiful wardrobe and cupboard. The bathroom was really beautiful and perfect for Aidan. It was a three in 1 bathroom with multiple shower head system, a huge hot tub and a big Jacuzzi all of which were made of glass and diamond.

He went to the balcony and it was huge but there was something missing too. He needed to put something there. He created some diamond chairs and tables and then an outdoor lazy bed. He was done with everything.

Aidan then went inside and then closed the door to the balcony. He looked at his room and it was beautiful. He sighed and then moved his head around. He raised his hand and then created a huge skylight. Now he could live elegantly and without anyone threatening him. He couldn't live in fear anymore. There was no Luis to bother him anymore.

"They won't ever hurt me." He vowed as he seethed. "I have created something even better and I will live my life perfectly." He remembered one of their words. "So they think I wanted the throne. Well...I am a king of my own kingdom..." He breathed harshly. "I won't follow anyone. I have built my own place with my powers..."

Each room had diamond beds with everything beautiful in it. It had everything that anyone could need in a house. He made the kitchen. He finished everything in just a moment and it looked beautiful.

"Yes..." He chuckled softly, staring at his hands. He had no idea just how much power he had in him but with his experience he could see that he could do a lot. With what he had come to know he could do anything he sets his mind on.

He had everything ready. Beautiful couches...beautiful rooms...sparkling decors...real...Everything, including the kitchen was made real with real stuff even though most of it was made of glass or diamonds. Everything was beautiful. He loved everything.

Aidan got a serious face and took a deep breath of confidence.

"Never again..." He said, clenching on his fists. "I will never be broken. I am unbroken..."


Ethan was seated on his bed with his face buried between his palm, breathing in slowly, and thinking about Aidan while trying to get rid of the pain that he felt in his heart. He was with granny who was lying down on the bed after he had insisted she eats something. It had been five days since he had been locked up in that palace. That was five days of not seeing his brother's gorgeous face and that wonderful smile that blew his mind.

That was also five days of not leaving that room and having trouble sleeping. It was five days of not properly eating and crying a lot. That was five days of missing his brother so much that he felt like he was gonna explode. It was just too much. But he knew his brother was safe after not hearing from anyone. He was just hoping he was gonna see him some day. That was his only prayer and wish and he was hoping for it to be granted to him.

Sitting on the bed, Ethan heard the door to his room opening. He knew there were only guards and maids that had been entering the room. He had had enough of them. He felt really angry and he was ready to snap at them.

Taking a really harsh breath, Ethan furiously got up from the bed. "Can't you leave us alone? We just need..." He trailed off when he saw that it was neither the guards nor the maids. It was Luis and he was with Hanna. Both of them looked as if they had just come from a funeral.

Seeing the two of them, Ethan went and sat on the bed, rubbing on his granny's feet. She had already slept and he praised the almighty for it because he didn't know the reaction if she had been awake.

"What do you want?" he asked harshly. "What do you want from us? Did you come to beat us or kill us or..."

"No!" Hanna said softly. "We just came here to check up on you and tell you that granny is out of danger. She actually woke up two days ago and she is responding to treatment. We will soon bring her home so that she can have complete recovery."

"As if I care," He said in his heart as he moved his eyes towards Hanna and the man that had suddenly made his blood boil. Sure, he was happy the queen mother was out of danger and he really appreciated it a whole lot. But...he hated Luis and everything about him. He used to have so much respect for him but now...he had no idea what he had for him.

"That's good princess," He gave a painful smile. "Thank the almighty..."

Luis had a good look at Ethan and granny. Ethan was seated on the bed while granny was sleeping on the bed. Aidan had disappointed him and he hated him, somehow but he still cared about Ethan and granny a whole lot. He hadn't seen them since the incident and it kinda hit him bad.

He took a deep breath. "How is she?" He gestured, pointing his finger slowly at the sleeping old woman. "I hope..."

"What do you care?" Ethan snapped, giving him angry eyes.

"I care..." Luis said softly. "I know that it might be..."

"You know..." Ethan furiously rose from the bed. "What do you know, uh?" He didn't care anymore if granny got up from the bed. He just wanted to put the prince in his place. "Do you know what she is passing through because of you?"

"What did I do?" Luis snapped. "How dare you speak like that to me? You are nothing but a subject to me okay? I asked about granny because I care. I asked because she used to be..."

"Right..." He shrugged. "The same boy you claimed to love and dumped within seconds of seeing some video. The same boy you didn't even defend and..."

"He was a warlock and he killed..."

"I don't care about that." Ethan slightly closed his eyes and stared at the man. "The only thing that had hurt him the most was you...his husband, telling him that you don't want him and regretting everything. You should have known that he wasn't the one. He told you someone mimicked him, I heard it clearly. You didn't even try..."

"Enough!" Luis gestured, pointing his angry finger at the man that was fuming. "Just because I am here doesn't mean that I will let you talk to me anyhow. I am Prince Luis, crown prince of this land and I will not..."

"Luis, please." Hanna squeezed his shoulder. She had been quiet all this while. She was still thinking about Aidan and where he was. She was somehow worried about him. "Stop all this and..."

"What?" Luis snapped. He felt really angered and he didn't like it one bit. "He started it and yet he expects me to keep quiet. Who does he think he is?"

"He is your brother in..."

"Ex brother in law," Ethan corrected. "I heard him perfect and clearly." He gave a painful chuckle. "From the way he talked to my brother it was clear that he broke their marriage. He clearly said that his vow meant nothing and..."

"And how is that your business?" Luis bellowed, pointing at Ethan. "What does it matter to you, uh?"

"He was my brother." Ethan felt tears in his eyes. "He might have been adopted but he was my very good brother. He might have been a warlock like you said but...I still love him. I am not like someone that showed fake love and used him."

"You know I am trying to be as respectful as I can be because of the..."

"Hmm, people do change." He sighed. "There is a saying, if you love someone, you'll stand by them. You vowed to be with him for better for worse..."

"That wasn't worse..." Luis argued as he felt a powerful energy of anger sweep him off his feet. "That was worst. How do you..."

Ethan took a deep breath. "I know exactly what you are trying to do. But you didn't even bother to ask him nicely." He said softly this time. "You didn't ask any of the questions. The only thing you did was accuse him of all sorts of things. You are the reason he even disappeared in the first place."

"I accused him with good reason." Luis pointed out. "I accused him with good evidence. You too were there. You saw him disappear and besides..."

"Doesn't it even..."

"Please," He furiously put his hands together. "I am begging you. I have given you respect as..." He paused and tried to calm himself. "...I don't wanna talk about any of this. I don't want to remember anything that I have forgotten. I don't want to remember an evil person that killed a powerful priest and vowed to destroy my family. I came here to just check up on granny and..."

"Why do you care?" he felt a tear fell down his cheek. "You made her a prisoner in this palace. But thankfully, she is still living knowing Aidan is alive somewhere. Now please..." He begged, putting his hands together. "...please, give her some peace of mind. Seeing your face will only do her bad than good. My granny has suffered a lot after trusting you. Please, leave us alone to remember our warlock." He begged. "We love him unconditionally and we will always love him. I just hope he never comes here and..."


"What?" He snapped. "Are you hurt?" he gave a bitter chuckle, surprising Luis. Ethan had never spoken to him in that tone. "I am ready...granny is ready..." He said bitterly. "We are ready to spend our whole lives in this palace, locked up for good as long as our little prince is far away from here. We don't care what he did. We just wish that he is happy." He smiled brightly, remembering his brother's face. "And I hope he finds a good man to settle with out there. I hope he will be happy with that man and they will be really in love." A tear poured down his cheek. "And I hope it will be really soon. He deserves a really good man, a man to love him. Not some jerk that can't hold his own balls..."

Luis gasped and then took a quick step behind. He couldn't believe what he had just heard from Ethan and seriously it hurt like hell. It was really painful and he didn't know why. He clenched his fists and then tried to make quick move before Hanna gripped him. He was panting.

"Luis, please..."

Hanna was pleading with her brother to let everything go. She was supposed to be helping her brother but she felt as if she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Everything was just too confusing to her.

"Luis..." She whispered, squeezing his shoulder. "Let's go."

Luis was shaking from all the other anger. "Hanna, this boy is trying..."

"Please, listen to your sister. Don't do this okay? We have seen that granny is fine and she is resting. Let's just go. I am sure Ethan is just angry."

Luis calmed down and breathed after hearing his sister's voice. She was right. He wasn't worth it and besides, he had better things to do than waste his time arguing with someone that was probably Aidan's ally.

"You are right." He shrugged, taking a step behind. "He is not worth it." He made a quick turn with his sister and started heading for the door before Ethan said something that made him...stop and freeze. His body slightly trembled at Ethan's words and he swore his heart pounded deeper than before.

"What would you do if you discovered my brother was right all along?"

That question made Luis tremble. He swore he felt those words in his veins and his body. He swore he felt it in his soul and it made him shiver to the point where he struggled to breathe. He suddenly got scared and really weak.

"I just hope you do find out." Ethan chuckled. "And I hope he will be married by then. He doesn't deserve someone like you for a husband. You may not think about it but it will happen." He gave a teasing chuckle. "It will happen and only one person will be proved wrong. It will be too late by then..."

Luis groaned and then stormed out of the room, banging the door. He swore the floor shook so terribly. He was really mad. Whenever he thought about Aidan...he got really mad.

After Luis left, Ethan sighed and then sat on the bed while feeling his face get wet with tears of pain. He sat on the bed and softly cried while he watched his granny sleeping peacefully on the bed. He knew exactly what was gonna happen once she woke up. He knew it was gonna be bad news. She was always worried and thinking about her lovely grandson.

Ethan extended his hands and cupped granny's hand, slowly rubbing on it. He dropped his head and planted a soft kiss on it before he finally let go and just stood. He went to the window and stared outside, admiring its beauty while thinking about Aidan. The ground seemed really far but it was alright.

"I love you so, so, so much, Aidan..." He breathed in deeply. "I just hope you are really happy. But..." He sighed. "I don't know if I will ever be happy without you. I miss you so, so much my beautiful brother. God knows I would give anything just to see your beautiful face. I would give anything just to hold your hands and kiss you once again, even if it is one last time." He said as a tear dropped to his cheeks. "But I know that it is impossible.
I love you so much Aidan. I know we will never see each other again but I hope you won't forget about me because I will never forget about you, my brother." He sighed as more tears poured down his cheeks.

"Goodbye, Aidan..."

He knew very well that his brother was gone for good. Now all he had were his memories, the painful memories that he left in his aching heart. Aidan was probably the best thing that had ever happened to him. They were more than brothers.



Luis stormed in his room, banging the door so hard. His heart was racing and his head was pulsing again. As if he didn't have enough problems already. Did that foolish and stupid Ethan really have to talk to him like that? Did he have to open his gaping mouth? Did he have to utter such no sense? It was really painful and he hated it?

"What would you do if you found that he's innocent?"

Luis rushed to a wall as those words pinned him. He reached there and gave it a really loud punch. His knuckles hurt but he wasn't bleeding or anything. But that pain was nothing compared to what he was feeling inside of him. He was super mad.

"What would you do if you found he's innocent? I hope he gets married..."

Luis felt as if something was crawling on his skin, ripping it from him. His heart hurt pretty fucking bad and he wanted to scream. The very thought of Aidan being innocent came rushing to him. He knew he had said a lot but what if Ethan's predictions came true? What if Aidan had been telling the truth?

"Tell me about those wonderful moments...the love making...the kisses...did you actually think they were all lies?" Aidan's pleas entered through his head.

"No..." He gasped, moving his head from side to side, trying to get rid of those words from his mind. "This can't be happening." His body heated up pretty badly and he felt like he was gonna explode right there.

Five days. Five fucking days he had been in torture, trying to forget about Aidan and all those intense moments and hot moments that they had together and now...now they were suddenly back to him. Why didn't Aidan's love go away, Luis thought as he gripped his head?

"Why the fuck do I still have feelings for him?" He yelled as he kicked the nearest object on the ground, sending it flying up in the air. "Why can't I forget about him even though I know what he is? He will never turn out innocent. That will never ever happen. He killed...I saw that video plus the two others. He can't...he won't..."

Luis felt as if something was trying to control his body. He was panting and his body was heating up. Blood was rushing in his veins and he could have sworn that he felt it pumping in his ears. His heart was hurting again and he had no idea just what to do to get rid of what he was feeling. He wasn't supposed to be feeling what he was feeling.

"This is impossible." He moved slowly. "This can't be happening to me." he balanced his hand on the wall and dropped his eyes to the floor. "I will forget you Aidan. I will forget all this fake love because I am supposed not to be feeling this in the first place. I will forget you existed in my life. I will try and forget you." He breathed. "I will put my life back on track and I will never allow you to affect me. This is my promise to you, Aidan. Wherever you are..." He raised his angry face. "...I hope you are suffering for what you did to my granny and the priest and mostly to me."

Luis took quite long before he sat back on the bed, burying his face on his palm. He was deeply lost in thought. He didn't know how long it took whether it was just a second...an hour or even hours. He just sat there trying to get his mind straight.

Luis was only gotten out of his thoughts when he heard the door suddenly opening wide. He moved his face up and stared at the door. It was only his sister. She came in slowly and then sat beside him without even saying anything to him.

Hanna sighed. "Are you thinking about..."

"I don't wanna talk about it." He interjected harshly. "I don't even wanna hear it."

Hanna didn't want to disobey her brother's request but... "What if he was right? What if..."

"He can't be right." Luis furiously rose from the bed after staring at his sister. He was angry again and he didn't like the feeling that he had. "Ethan was just trying to defend him. Both of us knew what he did. Both of us saw what he did. You saw what happened to granny..." He gestured with his trembling hand. "...You were there and you saw just how much blood she lost. She barely survived that incident. We are just lucky she is recovering faster than we thought. She is still..."

"Luis..." Hanna stood up. "Please, don't be angry at me. I only asked a simple question and I just expected a simple answer."

"Please, don't ask me such questions." He snapped, pointing at her. "Aidan is no longer part of my life. He used me and then he dumped me here. I was nothing but a toy to him. Who knows if he had cast a love spell on me? I was a really active gay playboy and I fell in love instantly out of the blue. How do you explain that?"

Hanna tried to speak but before she opened her mouth Luis had already started talking again.

"I was a really active gay playboy. I fucked every ass I could find out there." He groaned and then frowned when his sister gasped. "But now...I don't even feel anything."


"If he could kill and attempt to kill why couldn't he put me under a spell, uh?"

Hanna had nothing to say to her brother. She knew he was mad but she hoped Ethan wasn't right at all because if he was...then her brother was gonna be the greatest idiot and fool on this face of the earth for losing a boy like Aidan. It was gonna be bad for everyone even though she was hoping he was innocent. She was missing him.

Luis was mad at his sister for asking that stupid question. He didn't even want to think about it no matter what. "Please, don't ever ask me about this." He warned. "I will not ask this from you again. As it is I am having many problems with granny and that...that boy." He glowered. Hanna stared at her brother and she could still see love in his eyes. Behind that pain was love. She understood completely but...

"Did you hear me?" he snapped, getting Hanna out of her thoughts. "I don't want..."

"I hear you." She raised her hand as if she was surrendering. "I am so sorry okay? I will never speak to you about this okay?"

"Good!" he snapped. "I am going to see granny okay? You can come if you want." He rushed out of his room. Hanna sighed and then followed behind him.


When Hanna and Luis entered the hospital room they found the doctor examining granny and checking her wound. She was awake and she was lying on the bed. Actually, she hadn't been able to speak as the doctor had told her not to apply pressure on the wound as it hurt when she spoke. But all the family members were hoping and waiting for the day when she would speak to them. They were actually all worried about her since she did not fully recover.

The king and the queen were seated in that room staring at the doctor and waiting for him to tell them the good news. The king was just in causal, a black jean and a blue t-shirt without any crown. He had actually been spending 90 percent of his time by granny's side.

The queen on the other hand was just in a normal blue dress and brown slippers. She had been spending 99 percent of her time in the hospital, in that room. The only time she left was to go and take a breath of fresh air. Guards stood outside and guarded the room.

Luis and Hanna went inside the room and greeted their parents, planting soft kisses on their cheeks. Then they grabbed chairs and watched the doctor do his job to the old woman. He even checked the wound which was stitched up and then bandaged. The knife went really deep.

After carefully examining, the doctor was done. He gave granny her medicine and then turned to speak to them with a smile on his wonderful face. His smile was brighter that day.

"Doctor..." The king gasped. "How is she? Is she responding to treatment or..."

"Don't you worry your majesty?" He smiled brightly. "Like I once said, this woman is a fighter. I don't know how she is healing faster but she is really healing faster."

"Oh..." The king breathed as a smile appeared on his face. "That is really good news. I am glad to know that."

"Yes!" The doctor chuckled. "She is good and she is responding to treatment very well. She will be speaking without pain in no time. She will be really healed within a month but she is gonna have to be on a wheel chair about a month until she completely heals."

"Thank you." He extended his hand. He smiled when the doctor shook it. "This is really great news for our family. It is good to hear that the queen mother will be up and back in action." That was the first time he made a joke since granny had been admitted to the hospital. He was always so serious and plotting on avenging granny. But he smiled and actually felt good. It was a big change.

"You are a great doctor and I appreciate your work." He beamed, still shaking that hand. "But when can we take her to the palace so that we can take good care of her? We want you to be treating her there. I hear that a cozy and familiar environment makes healing faster."

The doctor cleared his throat first. "Well, I said she is doing great but the truth is..." He paused and laughed when he saw worry in the king's eyes. "...we have to keep her under observation for a few days. And then after that we can take her back to the palace and yes, you are right. A home makes healing faster. Just a few days and I will be able to work on her from the palace. You know that I will do anything for you my king."

"Thank you. This really means a lot."

The doctor thanked the royal family and then left for the other patients.

After the doctor left, Luis moved closer as the king enthused and then went and sat closer to granny. He held her hand tighter and planted a kiss on her forehead. Then he just stayed with her. She always reminded him of what had happened. Whenever he looked at her...he saw the boy he loved, the boy that had almost killed her. He got really sad every time he did. He just wanted to live a normal happy life and he was gonna start it. He wasn't gonna allow some boy to ruin it for him.

Granny just stayed up, staring at her family members. She couldn't speak to them as she got immense pain each time she did. But she squeezed her grandson's hand and then smiled at everyone else. They seemed happy and they even got closer to her and told her all kinds of wonderful things.

Seeing that gorgeous smile, Luis felt a little at peace. Maybe he needed to smile more and hurt less. He needed to forget more and think less.

Yes, he hadn't known Aidan for that long. It was only a month of it so he was not gonna allow him to ruin that. That smile showed him that he could forget. If granny who had experienced the worst pain was able to smile brightly then what about he that didn't receive half the pain granny did? The old woman had almost died for Christ's sake.


Granny stayed in the hospital for a few days before she finally got out on a wheelchair. Everyone was happy and they celebrated her return and recovery with her. She was taken back to the palace where all the maids and guards warmly welcomed her. They were really happy she had recovered quickly and was still healing.

Things got better when granny came back to the palace. The doctor was always by her side 24/7. He was always examining her and guards were at her disposal. She was able to start speaking small words without feeling the pain. Her medication continued and she was healing faster than fast. It was all becoming really beautiful.

Luis was slowly coming into terms with what had happened to him and the warlock but...he still thought about him most of the time and it was hurting him most of the time too. He had tried to forget about him and move on and he was thinking he was doing a good job but Aidan was always on his mind. Things didn't go well for him.

Luis' father and mother were always there for him, pampering him and doing nice things for him. His behavior was getting brighter and it was really beautiful. Luis spent more of his time with granny and she was able to start speaking normally again.

In just a little while, granny's wound had started forming a scab and it was healing. She was able to speak normally and her lively mood was back too though she was on the wheelchair. Granny gave her own part of the story and how Aidan had attacked her and stabbed her and the pain she felt.

The family told her how they had come to find out about it and what had happened to Aidan after they confronted him. They told her about how they had confirmed that he was actually a warlock and how they had suffered too. She denied recording anything though but the family thought she had just actually forgotten.

She still expressed her love for Aidan though she couldn't still believe he had done it. That moment was probably the weakest for Luis. He broke down right in front of them and cried, apologizing to granny and telling her how he was hurt. Everyone took turns soothing him and in no time he was calm. He promised to forget about everything that had happened.

"I will forget..."


"You all know why we are here." The king said as he moved his eyes from side to side, looking at his family. "It looks like all the things that have happened to us have really affected us a lot but I want us to forget about it and move on."

The royal family was in the living room to talk about what has been happening to them in the palace. It had been quite some time and granny had already gotten healed, almost. The king had called the meeting to make a stop to everything that had been happening.

"We must forget and erase each sad memory in this palace." He continued. "We need to get back to our feet and try...no we must not try, we must do it. We need the happiness that we once had in this house. We all have our lives to live. We must not waste them on foolish things."

"I agree." The queen nodded, staring at her quiet son. "We must continue to live our lives. The storm has passed already and we have survived it. That means we are strong and we can never be defeated okay?"

"Yes, mom..." Hanna sighed. "It's about time we go out and just enjoy ourselves. We need to move on from this storm. We have defeated it like you said."

"Exactly..." The king chuckled. "That is the spirit. Now I want you to promise me that..."

"Already, done, father..." Luis said harshly, clenching on his teeth. "We need to move on. Why should we let a person who was not important bother us?" Of course, everyone knew that Luis was wrong. Aidan had been an important member of the royal family.

"I agree..." Granny said softly. "That is what we really need but what about Aidan's family? Are they gonna be locked up in this palace..."

"Yes!" The king enraged. "They will stay in this palace for as long as Aidan doesn't show up. We will not harm them or anything. They are like our guests but...just locked up."


"We will continue to search for him." He said confidently. "He will be found. I am sure he is in this kingdom somewhere but we will bring him out. He must pay for killing my priest and leaving me priest less and without any guide." Anger could be heard in his voice. "And for what he did to you. We know that he will try to come if he finds out that his family is here then we will catch him and..." he gave a bitter chuckle. "We will deal with him. Hopefully," He sighed. "I will find a new priest and..."

"How will that happen?" Hanna was curious.

"The trident is in the palace." The king said with a fading smile. "Once a successor is sensed or chosen by the almighty...it will go to him and then...things will be easy. The priest was supposed to choose one but since what had happened was sudden the trident will choose and it might take really long." He said. "But I am really happy we've all come to this decision okay. I know this is hardest on my..."

"Don't worry about me father." Luis smirked. "I am absolutely fine. Like I said, why should we let someone who was not even relevant ruin us?"

"Okay." The king smiled. "We've all come to a decision and we must not forget about it okay? We must abide by it. We must live like before."

The royal family smiled and laughed for the first time since that bad incident had happened. They were just trying to forget about everything and just enjoy their lives together. So they laughed and then dined together. The good mood had finally returned once again.

Even though Luis was laughing loud like that. He knew he was just fooling himself. Agreeing to his father's request had been really foolish. It made him think about Aidan more especially when he thought about his father bringing Aidan back. He got really anxious and he had no idea why. He hated Aidan so much but he also loved him as much. He was like a really confused fool and he had no idea what to do.

Even through that confusion and smiling, Luis knew one thing was correct. He was gonna forget Aidan for his family and for himself. He was gonna forget about him at all costs and that was a promise he made to himself.


Aidan was looking at himself in the huge mirror in the living room. He had his reflection in the mirror and it was looking okay. He had just come from having breakfast and now he wanted to do something to pass the time.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he moved his hand up and his outfit transformed into a beautiful dark blue skinny jean with sparkles all over. His beautiful shirt turned into a beautiful light green t-shirt which was glowing beautifully too. He removed his beautiful robe and then changed his shoes into glass sandals that made him look handsome.

He was now ready to go out of the castle as he did each day since he had been there. Aidan took a deep breath and then got out of the castle into the beautiful garden where he usually spent his time working physically. He didn't need magic at everything.

It had been many days, almost two weeks since Aidan arrived and made that castle his home after transforming it into a beautiful diamond castle. Things have been pretty good for him since he came to the land. He has thought about his past life but only once. He has been enjoying the life that he has now has. He has been too busy to even think about his past life.

The luxuries of the castle and the land itself have kept him busy. He has been cooking for himself happily and he has been enjoying those meals and the walks on the beach and spending time in the courtyard and garden. It was really beautiful.

Reaching the wonderfully glowing garden, Aidan breathed in the aroma of nature and felt relieved. He looked around and an apple caught his eye. He moved to it and then grabbed it from the tree. He washed it carefully and ate it while sitting on a golden chair as he admired the garden.

As he was seated on that lovely chair, something got to him, something that made him alert. Aidan heard footsteps coming towards the garden. He could feel it. He could feel the energy and it was not bad or evil. All he knew was that someone had come and he didn't like it.

Pretending as if he didn't hear anything, Aidan continued having his apple until he felt someone open the gate to his garden. That was when he decided to attack. He moved his head quickly and looked at the gate. Immediately someone gasped and then something dropped on the ground. Aidan had gotten hold of his gift the days he had been alone so he knew how to use them.

"Hey..." He heard a voice, a deep manly voice.

When Aidan moved his eyes to the gate, he saw a man floating in the air, being held by an invisible force. The man was a tall dark haired guy. He was really handsome, muscular and his face was perfectly curved. He had deep brown eyes and tan skin. He was putting on a blue trouser and black shirt with a white vest in. He was looking really cute but Aidan didn't care. And if he looked correctly, that man had a smile on his face rather than being scared. What the hell was going on?
"Who are you and what do you want here?" Aidan snapped. He didn't need anyone. He just wanted to be alone. "I want you..."

"Relax..." The man chuckled softly. "My names are Justin Myers, Dr. Justin Myers to be precise. As you heard I am a 24 year old doctor who..."

"I don't care..." He bellowed, getting closer to the floating man. "Just get out of here before..."

"Would it be weird if I tell you..." He laughed softly.

"Are you not afraid of..."

"Magic..." He chuckled. "No...I am actually not afraid." Then his face got serious. "Help will always come to you when you need it, dear."

Aidan gasped. Those were the exact words the boy he had met told him. "What do you mean by that?"

"The almighty sent me here," The man said softly. " I have passed through a lot and I just set on a journey which led me here."

"What are you talking about?" Aidan insisted. "Why did you come here?"

"Please." The man said softly. "I wanna stay here. My direction sent me here. I come from a very far land and I believe this place might just be..."

"Silence!" Aidan commanded the man. He was enraging and he didn't like it at all. He got closer to the man and stared at him, locking his eyes with him. He could tell that the man was being sincere and it was true.

"By the way," The guy chuckled softly. "You look really handsome and your castle is..." He gestured, giving a wonderful whistle. "...and your clothes are the best I have ever seen. Did I happen to mention that your castle is probably..."

"I thought I told you to shut up, Dr. whatever." He growled. "Now tell what you want before I set you on your way? I don't need trespassers. I wanna be alone here."

The man sighed and then got serious again. "Fine. I am actually from really far and I was banished from my kingdom for something I had no idea of." He said softly. "Don't send me away. I know I can be of great help..." He cleared his throat. "...I know about magic because my grandfather was a powerful priest from far away. Believe it or not I was sent here by the almighty. I don't why I was sent here but...I know that it is for a purpose. Please." He begged with his eyes, showing sadness.

Aidan looked deep in those eyes and then sighed. He took in a deep breath and dropped the man to the ground. He knew he was telling the truth. There was no lie. Maybe what he needed was to stay with someone at least, someone to talk to. And besides, he still believed in the almighty. He could sense the guy was since and he was gonna find out.

"Come with me." He instructed as he made his way out of the garden.

The man chuckled happily and then picked up his bag. He followed Aidan inside the castle where his eyes almost popped out of his socket. When Aidan entered the castle, he made a quick turn and stared at the man that had his eyes everywhere. He had no idea why that man was sent there but he could sense that he was sent there for a purpose. "What was that purpose?"

Staring at the surprised looking man, Aidan breathed harshly, angry. "Now will you explain who sent you to my castle?”
To be continued…

Hey guys, thanks a lot for this chapter and your love for the story so far. I really appreciate it a lot. Please, drop your comments so that i can know your views about my story so far. Thanks in advance.

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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I am amazed with the turn of events in and with Aidan.  But,  what will the next chapter involve and who will be receiving the brunt of Aidan's power or the love of his power.

I will be waiting on pins and needles for your next chapter.

Thank you for your sharing this story with me and everyone else who gets caught up in this saga.

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5 hours ago, bottomguy said:


I am amazed with the turn of events in and with Aidan.  But,  what will the next chapter involve and who will be receiving the brunt of Aidan's power or the love of his power.

I will be waiting on pins and needles for your next chapter.

Thank you for your sharing this story with me and everyone else who gets caught up in this saga.

It's my pleasure... Thanks a lot for your love and support

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Let it go is so 2013. 😂 Sigh, everyone needs to realize that you can’t just forget the past and if you do you’re an idiot as you’ll never learn anything. I can’t blame Luis too harshly as I can see things from his point of view and saying you’ll stand by someone regardless is easier said than done. The “evidence” was pretty damning and for a place devoid of homophobia they definitely don’t like witchcraft as part of their main argument against Aidan is the fact he’s a warlock as it gets brought up repeatedly as if it’s as bad as murder & attempted murder. Part of me wants the most likely conclusion of reconciliation to happen while another part of me agrees with Ethan about Aidan deserving someone better than Luis though I doubt strongly that he’ll end up with someone else.

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