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Unbroken - 10. Chapter 10: Trouble in Paradise.

Aidan suddenly opened his eyes, moving them from side to side. Something was wrong. He was panting as if he was losing his breath. His heart was racing unlike never before, pounding deep in his chest. He was sweating terribly and he could feel sweat dripping from his body. His temperature was way beyond normal and he couldn't understand it. He was burning up like never before. The hormones in his body were getting out of control and he couldn't do a thing. He felt like a prisoner to those hormones.

Aside from the burning up and the panting of his heart, Aidan could feel something moving inside of him. It was really powerful and he couldn't quite explain it. There was a powerful energy that was surrounding him and he could feel it. It was making him stronger, triggering something inside of him, something that was feeling him up with desire.

It was like something was trying to take control of his body right there. The hormones were constantly been released and he could feel them taking effect. They were taking control of him faster than fast, making him really horny.

Aidan had felt he was horny the moment he had woken up. His cock was as hard as iron, something that had never happened before. It was throbbing painfully, threatening to tear his boxer. And it was leaking pretty badly. As if that was not enough his hole...his hole was twitching terribly in need of cock. Those things had never happened to him before and not in the middle of the night.

The strong emotional feelings that he felt at that time were powerful than they had ever been. It was like they had just erupted to the surface, making his body vibrate while his brain filled up with all kinds of crazy ideas.

With all those things happening at the same time, Aidan could feel it. He could feel that something was wrong with him. He could feel it from the way his hole was twitching in need of cock...from the way his cock was hard...from his strong breaths...from his sweat...from those powerful vibrations that felt like he was connected to a cable of electricity.

Aidan was so lost. It was like every movement made everything worse. The vibrations were getting stronger and so was the energy that surrounded him. His cock was throbbing painfully that he felt like someone was hitting him with an iron bar. His hole's twitch got out of hand that he thought he was gonna go insane with desire. It felt like it was connected to a vibrator or something, but it was more than that. That feeling was not normal at all.

“What's happening to me?” Aidan breathed, moving his head on Luis' chest. “Fuck!”

Aidan was horny. That energy he was feeling deep inside of him made him hornier than he had ever been before. He was so horny that his head started hurting, pulsing with each passing second. He tried to move away from Luis' grip but got caught up when he moved his head and met with Luis' face.

When Luis' breathe suddenly hit his face...a powerful and yet pleasurable feeling took control of his body at that time and if he was not mistaken things just got out of control. That vibration travelled straight to his brain and it just made everything intense. His body instantly started quivering in pleasure, vibrating as if there was no tomorrow. He knew what he wanted. He needed a sexual release. He didn't care but he just needed that man right there. He needed him badly.

Aidan licked his lips sensually and moved his hands up to cup the face of the man that he loved. He moved his hands on that wonderful face, rubbing against him. Then he leaned down and captured Luis' lips in the most wonderful kiss ever.

Fuck! He was on fire. Everything that he felt just made him hornier. The breath on his face...Luis' lips...his body...his tongue...everything. He wanted him right there. He needed him to make love to him right there. He didn't care about the time or anything else. All he needed was that man he was kissing.

Cupping Luis' cheeks further, Aidan sucked on his lips like he had never done before. He was being violent and he didn't care. He continued on kissing that guy until he felt his breaths change and he began responding to the kiss, moving his hands up his body. He needed him.

Aidan opened his eyes and just in time to meet with the eyes of the surprised looking man that was staring in his eyes. It was clear he was surprised by Aidan's actions. But Aidan just needed his cock. He needed to feel his seed deeper inside of him.

Luis on the other hand had just woken up suddenly to be surprised by a beautiful but really violent kiss. Aidan had never kissed him like that before so it was quite surprising. He opened his eyes wide and responded to that kiss, looking at the boy that was kissing him. But when Aidan opened his eyes...Luis noticed something was wrong. He noticed that something was wrong with Aidan.

First of all, Luis had never seen so much lust in Aidan's eyes before. It was almost like...that wasn't Aidan at all. Then secondly, Aidan was sweating terribly. Luis had never seen him like that. His whole face was dripping like someone had poured water on him. Man...Luis could feel that Aidan was wet all over. Even that sweat had made Luis wet but that was not all...Aidan's body temperature was really high. It felt like...nothing he had ever felt before. That got him worried immediately because those things were not normal.

Luis moved his hand up and held Aidan's neck, bringing him closer. Then he felt just how hot Aidan was. Things were not alright and he could see that. But he didn't know what would have made Aidan to be like that. He was definitely worried.

With a final kiss, Luis pulled Aidan's lips away from his lips. Then he slightly raised his head and looked at him and noticed just how wet the boy was. A big frown appeared on his face. His heart was now racing and he was suddenly nervous and really worried.

“Baby...” Luis breathed, slowly panting. “Are you okay? Why...”

“I am okay.” Aidan's voice was filled with so much lust too. “Make love to me.” Aidan demanded rather than ask. “I want you to make love to me now.”

Luis was surprised at the sudden command in Aidan's voice. He quickly rose and held Aidan, looking at him. “Baby...your body temperature. You are burning up,” He rested his hand on Aidan's face, checking his body heat. He got surprised at how wet his hand became. “I think you might be sick or something. We need to see a doctor. This is beyond normal okay?” Luis tried to move the beddings away but Aidan held his wrist and brushed him off.

“I am fine,” Aidan was still sweating. “I don't need a doctor.” He was getting closer to Luis' lips, moving in too powerful. “I need you. I need you to make love to me. I need to feel you inside of me.”

Luis was still surprised. He had that expression of surprise and shock on his face. He quickly moved his eyes to the clock and then got back to Aidan. “Do you realize what time...”

“I don't care,” Aidan leaned forward and planted his lips on Luis', kissing him furiously.

Feeling Aidan's hot lips, Luis kissed him but broke the kisses once again as he had no idea why Aidan was acting like that. “Baby...” He whispered, cupping his cheeks. “Please, look at me. You are not feeling well...”

“I am fine.” Aidan brushed Luis' hands off. “I just need your cock. Try to understand me. I don't need any doctor...I need you right now. Make love to me. Take me baby...” He licked his lips as he gave Luis one hungry look. “I want to feel you deep inside of me. I want to feel your cock pleasuring my body. Please...”


Before Luis could even finish his sentence, Aidan got on top of him faster and captured his wonderful lips once again. Feeling those lips again, Luis felt really helpless. He couldn't do anything as Aidan came in too powerful. He was still worried but maybe he needed to give Aidan what he really wanted and after that call the doctor.

After some time, Luis gave up and began responding to that wonderful kiss. He dropped his hands to Aidan's waist, bringing him closer to his body. He felt him moan in that kiss. Luis slowly massaged Aidan's body and then just concentrated on the kiss that he was sharing with the wonderful boy.

Aidan on the other hand was just in his own world, a world of fucking torture. That kiss was not helping out with anything at all. What he needed was a real cock and not some fucking kiss. He didn't even know why he was feeling like that but all he knew was that he was gonna go insane if Luis didn't give him that cock.

Kissing Luis furiously, Aidan moved his hands to Luis' pajama trouser. He slipped his hand right through and found his husband's semi hard cock. He pulled it out and started stroking it, feeling it growing in his hands. He stroked it faster until it was in full swing. That was what he wanted. He had enough kisses for a lifetime.

With a loud moan of ecstasy, Aidan pulled away from Luis' mouth, still stroking him. He looked deep in his eyes, seducing him with his eyes. Luis had never been so turned on by looking in Aidan's eyes. It was like Aidan was commanding him with those eyes without even speaking. Aidan's super hot body felt amazing too but he was still worried.

“Make love to me.” Aidan demanded. “I want your cock now.”

“Baby...” Luis moaned deeply, biting his lips. He could feel his cock leaking in Aidan's hands. “I don't know...”

“I want it now,” Aidan demanded. Then he moved away from Luis' lap and rose from the bed, heading straight for the drawer. He took a bottle of lube and threw it on the bed, surprising Luis again. “There.” He pointed to the bottle. “We have everything we need.”

As if he was going insane, Aidan quickly stripped his whole clothes off and threw them away on the floor. Luis looked at Aidan and he had never seen his cock as hard as it was at that time. He knew something had made him like that but what? He just couldn't put his finger on it and though he really needed to make love to the boy...he couldn't mask his worry. And the way Aidan was trembling was nerve wrecking.

Aidan quickly went to the bed and looked at the surprised looking Luis. Then he said in the most seductive voice Luis had ever heard from him, “Make love to me now, Luis. Please.”

That word was like a command to Luis. He just nodded and stripped all his clothes, throwing them away. Then he moved closer to Aidan who was really wet by then. Even the beddings had gotten wet. He slowly moved his hands to Aidan, carefully laying him on the bed. Luis then tried to part Aidan's legs but the guy had already done that.

“Please.” Aidan whispered. “Don't do anything else just make love to me. It's all that I want right now.” His lips were shaking and he was demanding.

Hearing Aidan's words, Luis grabbed the bottle of lube from the bed and opened it carefully. He then poured a huge amount on both his cock and Aidan's ass. While his hand right hand found its way on his cock, carefully lubing it, Luis' other hand found its way on Aidan's ass to carefully prepare him.

Stroking his own cock while he bit his lips in pleasure, Luis' hand reached Aidan's ass and he got the surprise of his life. When his hand reached that hole, not only was Aidan's ass super hot but...it was twitching terribly and he could feel it on his hands. Okay. Now he was sure that something was wrong with Aidan. Just how horny was he, he thought as his eyes widened?

“Oh...” Aidan writhed on the bed when he felt Luis' hand on his ass. It felt really amazing and added to the fire that he was feeling deep in his body. He couldn't help but moan. “Please. I am going crazy...make love to me...”

Aidan's words were able to get Luis out of his thoughts. Once he gives Aidan what he wants...he was gonna call the doctor for real.

Taking a deep breath of nervousness, Luis applied the lube on Aidan's ass while he stroked himself. He had his eyes on Aidan the whole time and never had he seen him like that. He was definitely worried.

After careful lubing, Luis slipped his finger into that hot pleasure hole and got surprised at how hot it felt inside there. He couldn't describe the heat that he felt inside that ass. It was just...out of control. Luis couldn't even imagine something being that hot, especially since it was a human body. Carefully slipping his finger out, he slipped it again and rubbed against Aidan's prostate and felt him writhe and squirm on that bed. It was all just so...incredible.

“Luis!” Aidan groaned, squirming terribly on the bed. Ever since Luis and he had been making love he had never felt like the way he was feeling at that particular time. The feeling of Luis' finger rubbing on his prostate was just too much bear. His hands immediately found the sheets and clenched on them.

Aidan could have sworn that he was truly on cloud nine with that finger in his ass. It was just too much. He could feel his vision blurring from the pleasure and he almost passed out the first time. Something was triggering those wonderful pleasures but it was amazing. He knew that something was really wrong with him but God knows he didn't want that to stop.

“Baby...” Luis couldn't mask the worry in his voice. “Something is wrong with you. Your body is too hot. Look at the way you are...”

“Oh Luis...” Aidan moaned as his body caught more fire. It was like he was a flame. “Please...don't stop. My...please...oh...”

Luis was still worried even though he wanted to make love to the cute boy. His heart was filled with worry and it was racing. He continued fingering Aidan's super hot hole, making sure that he was doing him good and well. The boy's pleasurable moans and groans were unlike before. His hole was still twitching and Luis could feel it on his little body. He could have sworn that Aidan's body heat kept on rising.

“Ah...” Aidan writhed, slightly pushing his ass out. “That...oh...” He was being driven insane with that little finger. The powerful vibrations that took over his emotions were stronger and he couldn't help but moan loudly. His cock responded by leaking a huge amount of pre-cum. He could feel it dripping on his cock.

Luis continued fingering the boy, still staring at him with worry. Not only was his body and his hole hot...he could have easily sworn that Aidan's hole felt slick on his little finger. It was like he was wet inside there. But Luis just continued fingering him, pleasuring him while his cock throbbed in need of that wonder hole. He wondered how he'll feel once he penetrates Aidan and makes love to him. That hole was surely hotter than hot.

Luis continued fingering Aidan. Aidan on the other hand enjoyed the pleasure he was being given with that little finger. He appreciated it a whole lot and just wanted it to continue. He had never experienced anything ecstatic like that before. It was like heaven had come down on earth with the way that he felt at that very time. It was like the first time that Luis was doing that to him. He couldn't just explain it.

Aidan sweated even more when he felt the pleasure get intense. The finger was incredible but Aidan needed more. He needed more than that finger because it was just making him hornier. His hole increased its pace in twitching like every second of that pleasure. He was about to pass out with pleasure.

“Baby...” Aidan gasped, giving Luis lust eyes. “Make love to me. I want your cock. I don't want your finger. Please... I will go insane if I don't feel that cock.”

Hearing Aidan's demands, Luis pulled his finger out of Aidan's ass, looking at his dripping wet face and body. Then he nodded and slowly got up, getting closer to Aidan's body. Aidan opened his legs wider to give access to Luis. His breathing was out of control and he was drooling over that wonderful cock that was gonna give him intense pleasure.

“Hurry...” He groaned impatiently. “Please...Luis...” He slightly moved and gripped Luis' neck, bringing him closer. Luis had never seen such behavior from Aidan before. He was like a sex addict or something. He couldn't explain the worry that he had in his heart. He had never been worried about someone like the way he was at that time.

Taking a deep breath, Luis positioned his cock on Aidan's hole and got a powerful vibration when that heat made his cock twitch. Fuck! It was getting wonderful. Aidan's heat was something else.

Luis rubbed his cock on Aidan's hole and heard his moans intensify. “I want you...” Aidan gave a soft cry of ecstasy. “I want you so bad. Give me that cock.”

Luis moaned softly and then started making his way into that sweet hole. His head slipped past the ring and he stopped for a second to allow Aidan adjust. Then after a few seconds, he began penetrating his whole length into that sweet, tight and...

“Oh fuck...” Luis gave a loud scream of ecstasy. “Fuck...”

Luis couldn't believe what he was feeling once he entered Aidan's ass. Boy Aidan was so hot inside that Luis felt like he had almost shot his entire load once that heat found its way on his cock. A powerful but pleasurable vibration travelled throughout his entire body to his cock. It throbbed, getting even harder and rubbing on Aidan's ass walls. They were so hot and it felt so fucking beautiful to be inside that ass. Everything was amazing and Luis was in bliss.

“Fuck...” Luis couldn't stop screaming at the top of his voice. The warmth and the ecstasy he felt was just too much. He could feel unimaginable pleasure surrounding his whole body, making him shudder. Fuck! All his worries went away at that time. The only thing he could think of was the unimaginable pleasure that he was getting.

“Fuck...” Luis continued penetrating the tight hot hole swiftly. The pleasure kept increasing with every inch that he got inside that ass. Feeling the pleasure getting out of hand, Luis began gasping. He couldn't do anything but gasp at the pleasure that had enveloped him. Fuck...

Aidan on the other hand could feel the pleasure of Luis' cock filling him up travel to the rest of his body all the way to his brain. He tried to moan as more pleasure kicked in but he couldn't find his own voice. He held the beddings tighter while his mouth opened wider and hot ecstatic gasps escaped his throat.

The more he felt Luis' cock deeper in his ass the more pleasurable he felt. He could feel tingles all over his body. The pleasure was unlike anything he had ever felt before ever since he mated with Luis. It was different but it was beautiful. He just wanted that feeling to continue.

“Oh...” A loud gasp left Luis' throat as he penetrated deeper into that hot ass. Warm sweet sensations travelled up and down his spine in a powerful wave that swept him off his feet. Fuck...He just continued penetrating Aidan until his whole cock disappeared in that tight ass.

“Oh my god...” Luis moaned when he felt his pubes hit Aidan's ass. His whole cock felt like it was in an oven. The heat was just too much on his cock. It was unlike anything that he had felt. That warm sensation sent powerful vibrations on his spine. He could feel that tingling sensation on his spine and it was powerful than before.

Moving his hand forward while laying his whole body on top of Aidan, Luis cupped his cheeks and looked straight in his face. Aidan's body felt really hot and that heat travelled to his own body. He could feel the sweat rubbing on his own body and that hot breath hitting his face in a whole new powerful stream. He wanted to scream in pleasure but he couldn't do it.

Luis pulled his cock almost all the way out and then slowly thrust in again, feeling his cock pulse deeper into Aidan. He hit his prostate and felt him squirm. Aidan's body was too hard to understand anymore. He had almost passed out when Luis hit his prostate. The emotional vibrations that took control were just too powerful. He opened his mouth wider and gasped, pulling the sheets to the middle.
Luis moved his hips upwards and then slammed in Aidan's ass again, hitting on his prostate once again. This time he was a little harder and he felt Aidan's loud gasps. He was looking in Aidan's eyes and he could see the lust...the fire...the passion...the need and the pleasure. It was clear that Aidan was in deep pleasure.

Luis thrust in again and his cock run past Aidan's prostate, deeper into that ass. Feeling his cock pulse terribly, Luis let out a loud moan that filled the entire room. He was in ecstasy and he couldn't quite understand how that feeling was occurring.

“Oh...so sweet...fuck...” Luis cried out at the top of his voice. “You are so fucking hot. Oh...my...” He thrust in harder and felt his balls slapping harder on Aidan's ass. He knew that his balls hurt but he was in too much pleasure to even mind the pain. Everything was just...incredible.

“Oh...” Luis moaned as he slapped harder on that ass. “...Fuck...you are so hot. Your ass fucking feels so incredible...I Can't...Oh...” He could feel himself losing to the pleasure that his cock was in. Aidan felt different...sweeter and...just no word could describe the way Aidan's ass felt.

Aidan's body was receiving so much pleasure than he could imagine. He wanted to scream...he wanted to cry...he wanted to moan all at the same time. It was just too powerful and it was making his vision blur. Each time Luis hit his prostate, a whole new different feeling took control of his body. His eyes moved to his head and he twisted his head from side to side while his gasps got intense. He could feel the amount of heat that emanated from his body and he just sweated even more.

“Ah...” Aidan moaned as his body gave a sharp vibration. “Luis...” He suddenly found his voice but it sounded so...lust filled. “Harder...” He cried at the top of his voice. “Please...I need more. I...I...” He paused and gasped. “I want more of that...oh...” He was sweating so terribly and he didn't know what he was feeling anymore.

Encouraged by Aidan's cries of ecstasy and demands, Luis moved his hand down and opened Aidan's legs wider, thrusting deeper into him, making him writhe while he felt his body shudder in pleasure. His cock just got hotter and he could feel himself leaking like never before in that ass. The pleasure kept increasing each second. Each thrust he made into that sweet and tight ass made a hot sweet sensation move up and down his cock and then down to his balls. With the way he was feeling he knew he wasn't gonna last long. He could already feel the tingle on his spine and it was getting stronger with each thrust.

“Fuck...you are so incredible...” Luis cried out as he felt the first rope of sweat travel down his back. “You are so unbelievably...oh fuck...so sweet...” He cried out as the pleasure intensified. “Your hole...fuck...ass, makes me wanna make love to you all night long.”

With a loud scream of pure bliss, Luis moved his own hands upwards as he balanced his weight on top of Aidan's body, feeling his heat intensify. Their bodies were one. His body moving against Aidan's body felt amazing. He was already wet with Aidan's sweat but he loved it a whole lot.

“Give it...to me...” Aidan's voice was turning into something else. “I want that cock so much. Feed me that seed. I want...oh...” Luis ran passed his prostate and he felt everything go dark for a second. He had almost passed out.

His cock was already leaking a huge amount of pre-cum that he was already wet. The strong powerful emotion that took control of his body each time Luis hit his prostate was getting stronger. The vibration that made his spine tingle was getting out of hand. He knew he was gonna come a lot sooner than he had expected. The pleasure kept on turning into something else, something totally different, something ecstatic, something from out of this world. The vibrations that made his whole body vibrate were making his fire burning even deeper. He could already feel that fire burning his emotions, turning them into something that he had never totally felt.

“Fuck...” Luis groaned louder. He was panting like a wild animal. He was thrusting into Aidan harder and could feel the sound of his pubes slapping on Aidan's ass. His balls were in pain from hitting hard on Aidan's ass but he found it hot rather than pain. He wanted that pleasure to continue.

The pleasure had totally taken the two guys to a whole different new level. It was moving deeper into every part of their bodies, making it intense...it was in their bones, they could feel it moving...it was in their very souls, making the feeling really intense...it was in their spirits and everything that they were made of. To them...there was nothing more beautiful than what they felt at that time. In their minds there was nothing more important than the pleasure they were feeling at that particular time...blissfully beautiful.

Luis continued thrusting his cock into Aidan even as he was taken into the clouds. He was hitting him harder while feeling his movements intensify on the bed. He knew the boy was in pleasure from those screams, cries and demands. He loved it too because it was music to his hears.

“Harder...” Aidan moaned, feeling his body give a powerful jerk. He moved his body and felt his ass move out to meet Luis' thrusting cock. It felt like a killer when he met with that cock and it slammed in deeper into his ass. “Yeah...right there.” Aidan groaned, clenching on his teeth. “Fuck me...harder...” He pushed his ass and met with Luis' cock, again. But this time his cock went in even deeper, making that tingling on his spine to get out of control. His cock pulsed and rubbed against Luis' belly, leaking even more pre-jizz. He screamed out in lust and bliss. “Yeah...right there. You are driving me...oh fuck...” Luis hit him even harder and the pleasure almost made him blind. His sweat was now out of control. Never had he been taken like that.

Feeling that pleasure take control of him, Aidan moved his hands from the beddings to Luis' back, bringing even closer to his body. Then he wrapped his legs around his waist, tighter, pulling him down, making his cock thrust in deeper.

“Oh...shit...” Luis felt like he was wrapped in a cloth which had just being in an oven. Aidan's hands on his back and the legs around his waist felt amazingly hot. His whole body was caught in a kind of pleasure that he had no idea existed in this world. He opened his mouth and gave a loud gasp. Fuck! Aidan's body might have been hot and dripping sweat like water but Luis loved it. It was adding to the pleasure that he felt. His cock moving in and out of Aidan's ass was probably the best thing that had ever happened to Luis.

Feeling that pleasure which had taken control of his body plus those moans coming from the boy that was pleasuring him, making him shudder...Luis felt tears building in his eyes. There was so much tears that he felt like crying right there. But they were not tears of pain or anything like that. They were tears of bliss and pleasure. Aidan's ass was really something else. He had no idea how to express the bliss that he felt at that very time. It was just amazing and he never thought he could experience such pleasure in his lifetime. OMFG, he was at the verge of crying but he was gonna do it.

“Fuck!” Luis swore as his cock found its way into Aidan's ass.

“Yes!” Aidan hissed, licking his own lips, something that had never happened before. “Yes, Luis! Fill me up...take me...fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fill me with your cock.” He pushed out and met with Luis' cock once again. Aidan had his hands all over Luis' back, rubbing roughly on it. His legs were getting tighter, bringing Luis closer, deeper into his ass like the way he wanted it.

Aidan's tingle was getting intense. It was getting out of hand and it was making him squirm and his hole twitched a lot, in need of more. He moved his hands roughly on Luis' back, burying his fingers deeper into Luis' skin. Luis thrust in deeper when he felt Aidan's nails digging his back. Instead of feeling pain it just turned him on and he fucked Aidan harder and deeper. He was fucking him with faster and erratic thrusts.

With all that pleasure taking effect and making him come, Luis cupped Aidan's cheeks and then planted his lips on Aidan's, penetrating his hot mouth. Fuck! Their tongues met and Luis swore that what he felt at that time was more than anything he had ever felt. His whole body felt like it had just connected to a thousand volts of electricity, jerking his whole body up. He fucked Aidan even harder as he sucked on that super hot tongue that made everything disappear. He closed his eyes and just let the pleasure take him to another dimension.

Luis and Aidan kissed like crazy, like the end of the world was near. They screamed in each other's mouths as the pleasures took control. None of them could think straight from that time onward. The only thing that they wanted was to feel the pleasure and let it take control of their lives. Their hearts yearned for each other more than they had ever yearned. Their bodies were all wet, dripping with sweat as if they had just been drenched by rain. Their tongues were fighting for dominance but Luis had already won and he made sure he was sucking on that hot tongue as if it was the first and last time they were gonna do that.

Luis had Aidan pinned while he fucked and kissed him. Aidan on the other hand was just lost in his own world. Nothing mattered but Luis' cock in this world. He didn't care about anything else but that wonderful and satisfying cock that seemed to be sweeter than anything. His body vibrated, shuddered and squirmed on that bed. His vision was blurring as each thrust brought him closer to coming. He could feel the pressure building in his balls and his cock starting to swell as more pre-cum left him. He knew he wasn't gonna last long.

On the other hand, Luis fucked him with deep, long, erratic thrusts. He was like an animal with Aidan that night. The way he furiously kissed him, sucking and nipping on his tongue...the way he violently fucked his ass, giving it to him good while driving the pleasure away from him. He continued fucking that sweet ass for a number of minutes before things got out of control. Both their moans were intensifying and their kiss was getting intense, but most especially Aidan's ass movements and his writhe and squirm on that very bed.

With Luis thrusting in him like an animal, Aidan just lost it. He had reached his maximum and breaking point. Aidan's moans increased. His groin tightened. The tingles vibrated to the rest of his body and the pressure in his balls built. His dick swelled as it rubbed up and down against his and Luis' belly. Then with the pressure building in his balls like a super volcano, Aidan felt a really strange but powerful vibration all over his body and to ass, making him feel like something had just moved in his ass. He needed Luis' cum right there.

Aidan suddenly felt himself losing control to a powerful being. He could feel that something had come out to the surface. He could feel it from the power that he felt and the pleasure that took control of his body. He screamed in Luis' mouth with the pleasure flowing to the rest of his body. He held him tighter and brought him closer while feeling his cock swelling like never before. His hole immediately clumped up on Luis' cock, milking it.

“Oh shit!” Luis felt like he had just been possessed by something that he had no idea of. Aidan's clumped ass muscles were the last stroll. They were milking his cock, taking the pleasure to another level. The tingle on his spine just reached its maximum and he screamed into Aidan's mouth while slamming in his ass like there was no tomorrow.

Luis let out a loud scream of pure ecstatic pleasure in Aidan's mouth, sucking on his tongue furiously. His thrusts became deep and erratic. He felt Aidan's arms and legs tighten around him. He could feel himself getting near, he was near. The pressure in balls was intense, ready to shoot in Aidan's ass.

Luis wanted to scream that he was coming but no way was he going to tear away from that sweet and hot mouth. He wanted to feel every pleasure available while filling Aidan's ass with his essence so tearing from his mouth was not gonna happen.

“Oh fuck...” The pleasure was getting intense and he could feel himself almost losing consciousness.

He arched his back and closed the remaining space between his and Aidan's mouth. He screamed on top of his voice in that sweet mouth and rammed deeper and violently into Aidan's ass. His body shuddered and convulsed. His cock swelled, slamming deeper into Aidan.

Aidan felt Luis swell deep inside of him, and then the thrusts kept on getting stronger and violent. When Luis hit his pleasure button that particular time, the vibration got intense and travelled to his brain, triggering something in his body. He felt electric charges travelling to his body. He squirmed like never before and then pushed further even as he felt his cock swell one last time, ready to spurt his cum.

With the pleasure intensifying and the vibrations getting stronger, Aidan's body jerked terribly and he writhed and screamed out in pleasure. He felt like his body was connected to the cable of electricity making him shudder and cry out in Luis' mouth while their moans intensified.

Aidan felt Luis' cock swell pretty badly inside of him and rub against his walls. Then he felt him scream in his mouth and fuck him deeper, slamming in violently. Aidan then felt the first shot hit his walls violently. It felt hot and ready to burn him. Then all hell broke loose at that very time. As the first shot hit him, it triggered something stronger in him, something that made him lose control. He could feel it taking effect all over his body. He could feel it surrounding the both of them, powerful energy that he couldn't control no matter how much he tried. He was like a slave to that power that he had felt deep within him.

When Aidan felt Luis' cum hit his prostate, he let go and then gave a loud scream in Luis' mouth as his cock spurt the first powerful rope of cum that seemed to take his energy away, leaving him feeling really weak. His eyes immediately opened wide while he screamed in ecstasy. Aidan was in so much pleasure. His cock spurt again and his vibrations got stronger. Suddenly his eyes began glowing as Luis filled him up and he spurt rope after rope of cum. He held Luis tighter while he filled him up but the more he felt the pleasure intensify, the weaker he became.

Aidan's eyes kept on glowing brightly though Luis couldn't see because he had his eyes closed. Aidan eyes kept on glowing as the pleasure from his spurting cock, Luis hitting his pleasure button and filling him up got intense. He was getting weaker and weaker. His vision kept on blurring as the pleasure got intense. Then with a final powerful spurt that seemed to take away his energy, Aidan's eyes stopped glowing. In just a second he lost consciousness. He had passed out.

Luis on the other hand continued on kissing Aidan harder without even realizing that he had passed out. He continued filling up, fucking it into him. Luis kept on coming and coming uncontrollably. He had never come so much in his life but it was worth everything. His body was on fire that night but eventually, he could feel his spurting getting weaker.

With a few weak thrusts, Luis deposited the last drop and collapsed on top of Aidan still kissing him deeply. He was satisfied and he could feel his hot cum deep inside of Aidan. Luis was panting with each breath that he took in. He felt drained but fully satisfied. He had never felt pleasured like that before. It was in the middle of the night but he wouldn't have wished for anything more than that at that particular time. It was all worth it, every minute and second of it.

After what felt like hours of Luis trying to catch his breath, he moved his head to kiss Aidan's swollen lips. But when he moved his eyes to the boy he found out that he was not conscious.

“My love,” Luis moved his hands to cup the cheeks of his lovely husband. His heart was already racing and he didn't want anything to happen to Aidan. “Are you okay?”

Luis was so scared that he thought something had happened. He quickly moved his head to Aidan's chest and felt his heart beating normally. He took in a deep breath and then sighed. Aidan had probably passed out from the pleasures that had taken control of him. Come to think of it...Luis had almost passed out too. But he was just tired...he was spent...he was drained. The both of them were really wet and so were the beddings were they were sleeping.

“I guess I better call...” Luis trailed off when he realized something, something that got him confused. Instead of the way Aidan's body had been that particular time he had woken up, he could feel that Aidan's body was not super hot anymore. It was hot but not really hot.

“Strange,” He thought as he nodded his head.

Then he just forgot about it and stared at the boy that he loved like crazy. He looked so cute while he slept on that bed. He looked so peaceful and never would he have thought that it was the same boy who had just been demanding sex from him. He couldn't have thought of it.

Luis didn't know what had happened there but all he knew was that that boy that was lying on that bed had given him pleasure that he thought never existed. He thanked him for that and loved him crazy. He loved him so much and would always do no matter what.

After many minutes of watching that sleeping sweaty boy, Luis started getting sleepy. He loved watching Aidan sleep but he also needed sleep especially after the kind of pleasure that he had felt at that particular time. It had been amazing.

With a soft moan of ecstasy, Luis pulled his cock from Aidan's ass and then rolled onto his back with his semi hard cock. He slowly and carefully moved Aidan's body and brought him closer. Then he planted his head on his chest, slowly rubbing on his hair and wiping his wet face with his hand. Aidan felt beautiful on his chest.

Luis then pulled a blanket on the both of them and wrapped his arms tightly around him, securing him in his arms. Then he planted a soft kiss on his head, enjoying his warmth.

“I love you.” He whispered. “I love you so much. And thanks for working me up to that wonderful pleasure. I really enjoyed it. Thanks, my love. Goodnight.”

Luis then planted another kiss and held him tighter. With a deep sigh of satisfaction Luis closed his eyes and he drifted off to sleep with the boy he loved so much.


When Aidan woke up the next morning he was feeling fine, better and even more than he had ever woken up. He slightly opened his eyes and tried to move but felt the arms tightening on him and a sweet kiss planted on his head.

“Good morning, my love.” Luis moaned, passing his fingers through Aidan's hair. “How did you sleep?”

Aidan moved away from Luis' arms and then stretched himself, yawning in the process. He had his eyes on the man that had the biggest smile on his wonderful face. It was all so beautiful and lovely.

“Good morning!” He yawned and then slept closer to Luis, feeling his hot breath on his lovely face. He sure loved feeling that breath on his face. It was sorta making him feel good. “I think it was fine.”

“You think?” Luis chuckled as his hands moved up to cuddle in Aidan's hair. Surprisingly, the sweat had dried and the beddings seemed fine. “I think I had the best night ever.” He spoke in the sexiest voice ever. “I never got to thank you for last night. That was the best love making ever. You were on fire last night baby and you...”

“Oh my God,” The moment Luis mentioned what had happened the previous night Aidan's memories came rushing to him. The pleas...the moans...the fire and everything that had happened to him the previous night came to his mind.
“God...” Aidan covered his face. “I am sorry,” He apologized. “I am so sorry for...fuck...” He didn't even know what had happened to him the previous night. It was all like a mystery to him. “Oh God, what did...”

“Hey,” Luis brushed his hand off and looked straight into his eyes, giving him the best smile. “Don't feel embarrassed or something okay? I am your husband and you have every right to demand sex from me anytime you feel like it.”

“Yeah, but...” Aidan paused and then took a deep sigh. Something had gone wrong with him the previous night and he couldn't quite put a finger on it. He had felt something take control of his body at night. With his memories being back and all he felt really embarrassed to have acted like a sex addict in front of his husband and waking him up just for sex.

“I am not complaining am I?” He smiled, getting closer to Aidan's lips. He wanted to feel them deeply on his. “Besides,” He took Aidan's hand and planted a soft kiss on it. “I think it was worth everything. You were on fire last night but you had never tasted sweeter than you did last night. Everything about you was...” He gestured with his hands. “You tasted unlike anything I have ever tasted. You were amazing and thanks for waking me up to such wonderful pleasures. I really appreciate every bit of it. I appreciate your simplicity and...”

“Seriously,” Aidan shrugged. “You are really making me...”

“Don't be...”

Luis got closer and then captured Aidan's sweet lips, sucking on him and giving him pleasure. He was being really gentle as he wanted to appreciate the boy that had given him nothing but pure pleasure the previous. He sucked on those sweet lips with love and lust, demanding entrance into his hot mouth.

When Aidan felt Luis' tongue on his lips he parted them and allowed him inside of his lips. They started sharing that beautiful and tender kiss, enjoying the feel of each other's warmth and every emotion that took over their bodies at that time. It was slow...sweet...passionate...tender...ecstatic...beautiful...amazing...a whole different feeling that took them both to cloud 9. They didn't want to let go of each other but eventually they did after being satisfied with that mind blowing kiss. It was simply amazing.

“Thank you.” Luis gasped, his voice barely above a whisper. “If it means waking me up to those kinds of pleasures then count me in any day and any time. I would like to feel pleasured like that always. I will always love you no matter what...for better or worse. But I must confess...” He chuckled nervously. “You got me pretty scared last night.”


“Your body,” Luis gulped. “Your body felt really hot and it got me worried but after the...love making it was back to normal. You didn't seem like yourself last night. I was even surprised how you woke me up just for...”

“Sex...” he sighed. “I know, right? I had no idea what was happening to me. I just woke up hornier than I had ever been in my life. All I thought of was your cock and I felt like I would go crazy if I didn't have that beautiful cock. Everything else didn't matter.”

“Hmm,” Luis breathed. “Strange...” He chuckled and abruptly wrapped his arms around Aidan's waist, bringing him closer to his body. He loved the position he had Aidan in. It was all so beautiful. “Well...I liked everything about you last night. It was so hot and...”

“Shut up!” Aidan chuckled, hitting Luis on the chest so lovingly. “You are making me shy.”

The two guys stayed like that, enjoying each other and cuddling with each other. The mood was really something else that morning. Both of them didn't want to pull from each other. All they wanted to do was feel each other's arms and warmth. That was all they wanted to do for the rest of the morning. They had their faces close to each other while they breathed in each other's scent. Man it was really wonderful.

After cuddling for minutes, Aidan turned and then Luis held him tighter, breathing on his neck and kissing him from time. They were warmer than ever that morning. Nothing else mattered and seemed as beautiful as the way they cuddled and spooned. It was a beautiful and loving change for the two of them. Not only where their hearts yearning but their souls were yearning too. It was too perfect for everything.

“You know we are gonna have to take a bath right?”

“Hmm...yeah,” Aidan chuckled and then moved closer to Luis' body. He loved being in the position that he had found himself in.

Aidan could still remember how he had been two weeks ago and what had happened. It had been two weeks since he saved the scepter from the hands of those evil people. Even though he had been worried at first...he never heard from those people again. Things have kinda been perfect in his life since then. Luis has not been to any meeting and they have been spending too much time together.

They have been everywhere, to every part of the kingdom, exploring and enjoying their lives together. They have had picnics, cinemas, shopping and dinner date. This has been the best two weeks of his life. He has learned a lot about being royal...spent a lot of time with his family and the royal family. He has even had time to attend a charity. Huh...life has been totally beautiful for him and his Luis. There has been no day that he hasn't enjoyed.


The elevator door opened and Luis and Aidan came out, Luis holding Aidan's waist while planting kisses on his back. Everything was beautiful. They had lunch and breakfast in their room and now they were out after spending almost the whole day in their room enjoying themselves. After lunch they had spent an hour in the Jacuzzi and then showered later. Now they were back in the living room to spend some time with their respective families. It was all just so simple and beautifully warm. Now all they had to do was spend quality time with their families and let everything flow.

Aidan was putting on a beautiful red designer's skinny jean and a green t-shirt that was stuck on his body. He had blue sandals on his feet. His hair was tied in a pony tail and he loved the way his face was showing. He was stunning that day, according to his crazy husband that saw everything as hot and sexy.

Luis on the other hand was putting on a beautiful yellow shirt, brown skinny jean and blue sandals as well. He had his short hair shaved on the sides and then combed on the middle. He was looking spectacular even though he was just in casual.

As they came to the living room they found all the family members in there happy and having the time of their lives. They were laughing and chatting. The king had his newspaper with him even though he was still talking to his family. Everyone just was in a happy mood and when they saw Aidan and Luis, their happiness just reached a new level.

“Look who decided to come down.” Hanna joked as she gestured with her eyes. “I thought you were gonna spend the whole day locked up in that room of yours.”

“Hmm,” Luis breathed as he headed for the couch next to his mother. “Maybe we shouldn't have come down...” He chuckled. “We should have probably been in our room the rest of the day. That surely sounds like a good idea.” He chirped.

“Yeah, right.” Aidan chuckled. “But it wouldn't have been a great day without seeing all of you.” He smiled as he went to the queen to give her a kiss. “It would feel incomplete without you.”

“Oh...” The queen chirped as she kissed him. “Now that's the son that I love. He can't spend a day without thinking about his family.” She looked at Luis. “Now what have you got to say about yourself?”

“Well, can you blame me?” He chuckled nervously. “It's not my fault that I love spending time with my husband.”

“Hmm...” Hanna chirped. “Selfish and...”

“Call me that,” He chuckled. “But I love spending time with you too. I hope you are all fine.” He sat on the couch and wrapped his arms around the sweet boy that he was with.

“We are all okay.” The king answered with a smile. “How was your lovely day?”

“It was okay, father.” Aidan smiled. “I just missed all of you and hence the reason why we are here to spend some time with you.”

“That's really sweet...” Hanna held her hands together and smiled brighter than ever. It was clear from her expression that she loved what was going.

Aidan and the others just dived into the story which just came out of nowhere. It was a really wonderful moment for him and his family and they all loved it like crazy. They talked...they joked...they teased the two of them but they talked about their love too. Luis had his hands on his Aidan the whole time, kissing his hand from time to time. Aidan on the other hand was having the time of his life, enjoying his time with everyone. Even though he had felt something strange the previous night and it sorta had an effect him...he was really happy. Things had been perfect since that time he took the scepter away.


King Julian was in the garden, exploring and relaxing. He had his eyes everywhere, looking at the fruits and admiring the beautiful flowers that grew everywhere. The air in the garden smelt absolutely wonderful to his feel and he loved it like that. It was quite, cozy and it made his mind relax. He loved exploring the garden from time to time and even though he hadn't done that due to all the urgent issues that come in the palace. Now he had the time to do it.

King Julian was all alone without any guards or his queen. He just wanted to be alone and feel at peace. Yes! That was all that he wanted to do.

As king Julian was busy admiring the garden...he felt a sudden swoosh of the wind and then a chuckle behind him. He quickly moved his eyes behind and saw the priest chuckling with his trident in his hands, coming closer to the king.

“My lovely king...” The priest chuckled.

Seeing the priest, King Julian felt really wonderful. He quickly moved closer and smiled.

“Priest,” He gasped. “When did you return and how was your pilgrimage?”

The king hadn't seen his priest almost a month as he had gone on a long pilgrimage. Now that he was back...things were just beautiful and he felt really excited with the coming of the priest.

“My lord,” The priest bowed, hitting his trident harder on the ground. “Everything is good my lord...” He sniffed the air and exhaled audibly. “And how is my king...”

“I am really fine, priest.” He smiled brightly. “What...”

“A revelation my king...” The priest's face got serious and his eyes moved from side to side. “I can feel a strange power will hit this palace my king. A strong wind, powerful and destructive too.”

Hearing what the priest had just said, worry hit the king like nothing else had. That revelation from the priest got him nervous and he felt adrenaline rushing to every part of his body. He had a big question mark on his head.

King Julian dropped his eyes and looked at the ground. “A revelation.” He whispered and then quickly moved his head to stare at the priest that had just given him the revelation. “What did you mean by that priest?” He was really worried. “You've never spoken to me like that. You are always here with...”

“Things will change. The good will turn into the bad and attempt something unbelievable. My king's decision might bring danger and...”

“Priest...” The king gasped as he moved closer to the priest. “Please...be clear about this. I don't...”

“A time will come when you will understand my king.” The priest gave a soft chuckle as if what he had told the king was not a matter to worry about. “You must be alert at all times, my lord. An enemy may just be lurking but it is not clear to me. You might have made the biggest mistake of your life, my lord.” He bowed. “You might have made a really big mistake with...”

“Priest...what mistake and...”

“I have no answer to that, my lord.” The priest said as he moved his head robotically from side to side. “I am only but a messenger of the almighty.” He raised his trident in the sky. “I speak what is revealed to me, my lord. I have told you what I had to say and what was revealed to me. The almighty revealed that you might have made a terrible mistake...my lord. It might have seemed right at the moment but that mistake could be lethal my king. That's why...you have to be alert at all times.”

“Is it a war?” The king's breaths were turning into pants.

“No!” The priest nodded, gripping on his trident harder as he hit it on the ground harder than before. “This is not a war but it might be a threat and it might bring sorrow to...”

“Sorrow...” The king gasped, taking a few steps behind. “Tell me about...”

“Very soon, my lord,” The priest laughed manically, moving his eyes from side to side. “You will have your answer real soon my lord. I just want you to be careful with everything. You must be really careful. Everything will fall at your feet and then...take proper action, my lord...”

“Then...there is...”

“Like I said, my lord...” He bowed his head. “I am only but a messenger of the almighty.” He chuckled. “However,” He raised his finger as if he was about to warn the king. “You must not tell anyone this. Not even any member of the royal household. You must keep it to yourself and remember,” He sniffed the air. “I can smell a wind of change, a powerful wind of change.”

After saying that, the priest hit the trident harder on the ground and turned to leave before he heard the king's voice.

“Wait, priest. Can you...”

“Don't worry or get confused, my lord.” He laughed without moving his head. “This shouldn't worry my king at all.”

With a final laugh, louder than before, the priest started walking out of the garden, laughing and chanting something that the king couldn't hear or he was rather too occupied to hear it. He was just too confused that he couldn't even hear it.

The king had never been like the way he was at that time. The priest was always there to guide him and lead him in the right path but at that time he just got him more confused than he had ever been in his life. For the first time ever he just stood still and got lost in his thoughts. He remembered each and every word that the priest had mentioned to him. Things were definitely not good.

Julian sighed and then folded his arms on his chest as his eyes moved from side to side, scanning the entire garden.

“Do not be confused or worried...” He remembered the priest's words but who wouldn't be worried in the situation that he had found himself. The priest's words could break down anyone that thought he was strong.

“God...” King Julian hit his head with his hands. “What did he mean by a mistake?” He couldn't remember ever making a mistake so all that was making him worried.

After what felt like hours, King Julian snapped out of his mood and shook his head. If the priest had told him not to worry or be confused he had to try to do it. After all, he was sure the priest was gonna do something about it.


The elevator door opened and Luis came out, holding Aidan's waist. They were slowly walking towards the living room while chuckling and talking among one another. Aidan had his arms carefully wrapped around Luis while he smiled at him with the brightest smile ever.

Luis was going to another meeting with his father again, though he didn't want to go. He was putting on a blue designer's suit, red shirt and light blue shoes, all which were chosen by his lovely Aidan. He had a big golden crown on his head. He was going to a meeting on Aidan's demands but he didn't feel like doing it.

“I am gonna miss you.” Aidan whispered with a killer smile. “I swear I am gonna miss you like crazy. I am gonna miss you so, so much.”

“Then why did you insist I go?” Luis asked as he brought Aidan closer to him. “I could have stayed home with you and...”

“Really...” Aidan chuckled nervously. “You know exactly why.”

“Alright...” Luis brought Aidan closer and planted a kiss on his head. “But I will be back early today okay? I will make sure that I don't return late but if I do...”

“I will wait for you.” Aidan chimed in with a killer smile.

“You have to do it because you forced me into going.”

Aidan chuckled and then smiled brightly. Before he could even say anything, Luis pulled him closer and then began kissing him like he was crazy. The kiss was super hot and it made both want to run to the room and make love whole day. It was beautiful. They sucked on each other's tongues like a lollipop. But it was more beautiful than that. They didn't want to let go. Had they been in their bedroom they'd have probably been at it by this time. It was amazing and their lips moving against each other felt like nothing they had felt before.


Both Aidan and Luis tore from each other's mouths when they heard the throat clearing in front of them. Aidan dropped his eyes in shyness and then moved them up again to see a beautiful smiling face, Hanna. She was looking beautiful and she was literally teasing the both of them with their eyes.

“Excuse me love birds but father is waiting.” She gestured to the living room. “I think the kisses can wait later.”

“Why do you always have to be a kill joy?” Luis complained as he gripped Aidan's waist and brought him closer. “Can't a...”

“No, he can't.” She chuckled. “This meeting is really important and father shouldn't be late and...”

“Okay, mom...” He chuckled, rolling his eyes at her when she chuckled.

Aidan smiled at the two of them and then followed Luis into the living room. Reaching the living room, Aidan found every member of the family in there. The king was already. He was putting on a pretty shiny designer's suit and black shoes. He was wearing his huge golden crown and he had a scepter with him. He was looking splendid.

“Are you ready, son?” The king gestured at the prince.

“Sure, father...” He smiled as he turned and gave Aidan a quick hug and kiss on the lips. Aidan sighed and then hugged him one last time.

“Don't worry,” Luis chuckled. “I will be back soon.”

Aidan nodded. “I know. Have a good time at the meeting.” Luis nodded and then moved his eyes to his father. “You too father.”

The two men smiled and then made their way out of the palace with five guards behind. Reaching the door, Luis blew a kiss to Aidan and then left with a beautiful grin on his face. Aidan smiled brightly and then waved back. He loved the guy and couldn't wait for him to return so that he could be with him.

When Luis left, Aidan took a deep sigh and then turned to go and talk with the family members. But something happened that made him stop in his tracks. Just when Aidan turned he felt a sudden dizziness that almost made him pass out. He quickly moved his hands to his head and massaged on it, shaking his head to get rid of that dizziness. Then just like a flash...it was gone. But Aidan felt really strange. He couldn't quite describe the feeling he had at that time but it was strange. He felt like something had just moved in him. It was so powerful that he couldn't understand it.

“Aidan!” The queen called, staring at him. “Are you okay, my son?”

Aidan moved his head up and then smiled at the lovely woman. “Yeah. I think I am really fine. Maybe I am just too bored in the palace.”

“Hmm...someone's missing his husband.” Hanna teased. “I think he is missing his husband. But...”

“Maybe I just need some fresh air and a change of the environment.” He chuckled, slowly moving closer to the queen. “Maybe I should go and visit my brother and my grandmother.”

“If that's what you want.” The queen smiled. “Everything is okay with me.”

“Thanks.” Aidan smiled as he kissed the queen. “But would any of you...like to come with me?”

“I don't think so...” Hanna sighed and then a bright smile appeared on her face. “I have a date with Henry in two hours. Sorry.”

He smiled at granny and then the queen. “Sorry.” The queen sighed, smiling faintly. “I think I will just stay here too.”
“Me too.” Granny said. “I will just be here.”

“Fine by me,” Aidan shrugged. “Then I will go alone. Let me just go and get changed.”

Aidan moved happily and went to his room to change. He came back in a dark blue skinny jean, blood red t-shirt and yellow snickers. He had his hair in a ponytail. He was really happy that he was going to his granny. He couldn't wait to see her and his brother. He really loved it a whole lot. He couldn't even express the way he felt. But that strange feeling that he had was getting intense but he tried so much to hide it.

Coming down the stairs, Aidan kissed his family goodbye and then left with only a driver. He didn't need any guards following him around.


The temple of light...


The priest was seated on a small red mat, chanting and meditating at the same time. He had his legs crossed while he held his palms open. His eyes were closed shut, concentrating only on one thing...his inner peace.

The priest was taking in deep breaths and exhaling loudly while trying to concentrate like that. He had been like that for hours and he could himself feeling at peace and his whole body relaxing. He was really feeling excited.

As the priest was meditating, something suddenly happened, something that made him quickly open his eyes. He moved them around scanning the whole area, trying to see what was going on. He could feel energy coming in closer, powerful and negative. He dropped his head and then sniffed loudly in the air.

His hunch was right. There was negative energy in that temple and it seemed to be getting stronger and stronger by the second. Moving his hand abruptly, the priest tried to pick up his scepter but...he couldn't feel a thing. He couldn't feel it where he had kept it.

The priest moved his eyes and they widened when he saw that the scepter was not where he had kept it. It was gone and that made him tremble and his eyes widened. He abruptly got up and started scanning the whole area to see what the hell was going on in that temple. There was silent wind that was coming in there. He knew what was gonna happen next.

The priest started moving slowly, looking all around trying to find the trident while feeling the energy get stronger. It was so strong that in no time it surrounded him and he quickly moved.

“Where is...”

“Looking for this?” He heard a familiar voice speak to him, a little bit behind him.

Hearing the familiar voice the priest made a quick turn and saw it, his trident. But it was not on its own...it was in a hand and...OMG...the person that was holding was Aidan and he had a big smirk on his face. He was putting on dark blue skinny jean, blood red t-shirt and his hair was tied in a ponytail. But the priest was not scared at all. He knew very well what was going on.

“Are you looking for this?” Aidan teased, chirping at the foolish looking priest. “Foolish old priest so powerless without his trident,” He laughed at the top of his voice. “Oh...” He said in mocking astonishment, touching his chest. “Poor priest wants his trident.” Then his face turned all evil. “But guess I will be using it today.”

“I know what you want.” The priest said confidently. “I also know who you are and why you are here. You don't scare me at all because...”

“Oh, please...” Aidan rolled his eyes, moving in closer. “Don't start with your lecture. Let me cut it for you. I am a warlock who is...”

“And you don't need any introduction. I know who you are and what you are looking for. You will never find it.” The priest said angrily, pointing at the boy that just teased him. “You will never find what you seek because I have hidden it somewhere.”

“Hmm, your mistake because it is either you...”

“Never!” The priest said confidently. “I will never ever give you that information. Your quest will never be complete and your mission in the royal household will never be accomplished.”

“Hmmm...I know exactly what you are trying to do here. You are trying...”

“You can't fool me.” The priest chuckled. He was not scared at all. “I know who you are. And why you came here. I know what your mission is and I know...”

“Who are you?” Aidan snapped, looking at the man angrily. “Who do you think you are compared to me? I am a warlock and a really powerful one at that and...”

“Yet, you couldn't even accomplish a simple task. Do you think...”

“You seem to forget that I hold that which gives you power.” He held the trident, teasing the priest with it. “This gives you power but you are powerless now. Not even that stupid almighty or whatever you call him can save you.” He gave a sinister laugh that filled the whole temple. “Not even this stupid temple...” He gestured with the trident. “Will save you from my...”

“You shouldn't even be here.” The priest voice got louder. “This is a sacred place not for evil people. Go back and get out of here. You know good always wins over evil.”

“This...” He laughed. “Well, this place won't ever save you. You parade yourself as the priest and you had the nerves to challenge me. I know you went to the palace and I know exactly what you did. I know exactly what you said and I will not allow you to ruin everything that I have made so far.”

“Stop your...”

“Oh sorry,” He gave an evil laugh that filled the whole room. “Did you say you needed this trident?” He gestured. “Okay. I am a really generous person and I will give it to you. Everyone knows I am sweet-sweet Aidan so...” He winked at the priest. “I will give you your stupid trident and I will give it to you good.”

With a wink, Aidan raised the trident in the air and pointed it exactly at the priest. Then he let go of it and it began floating in the air. The three sharp spears were pointed at the priest, making sure the aim was perfect. Seeing those three sharp spears pointed at him, the priest made a few steps back, still looking at the trident, his own trident.

Then he moved his eyes to Aidan and saw the evil grin on his face. “You will never find that which you seek, warlock.” He laughed even when he knew that he was about to die. He had seen that revelation. “Your plans are only...”

“I think I have had enough of you already.” Aidan bellowed, moving his eyes to the floating trident. Then with a sinister laugh, he moved his head and charged the trident at the confident looking priest. Immediately the trident started charging dangerously at the priest, aiming for him. It was really fast.

The priest on the other hand looked at his trident which was coming at him. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. Then he opened them again and saw the trident just a second away from his body. His time on earth had expired.

“May the almighty be praised?” he prayed, taking in a final breath.

With those last prayers, the trident reached him and pierced him so badly, sending him flying to the floor with a loud thud. He screamed out in pain. The trident had pierced the priest on his chest terribly. Blood was spurting out, flooding the floor where he had fallen. The priest was wincing, feeling every pain take strength away from his body. It was really painful and he had never experienced anything like that before. He moved his eyes slowly and stared at the trident which was blood stained. Then he moved his eyes and looked forward and saw the boy closing in, nodding his head in fake sympathy.

Aidan chirped, nodding his head. “Poor, poor priest...” He reached where the priest was lying and then knelt down. “Poor priest died by his own source of power. It's a pity things like that couldn't protect you. Too bad you won't witness my reign. It will be great...”

The priest tried to breath but he felt like the trident just pierced his heart. His eyes suddenly turned red as veins had shot up in them. “You...”

“Shh...” Aidan gestured, giving the priest a smirk. “I don't think you should talk anymore.” He then got up. “Actually, that trident was aimed for your heart but you are a very lucky, lucky man.”

“You will never...” The priest gave a low whimper. “You will fail in your...”

“But I have already won.” He smiled, rubbing against his temple. “And who is going to stop me? You?” He laughed manically. “You are just one stupid priest who couldn't even...anyway this wouldn't have been possible without you. But you have to go away. You have to die because you are just too nosy. You couldn't just stay in your own boundaries? No! You had to...”

“You will fail...” The priest's voice was getting really low. “Destiny will take its course.”

“Just like you...” Aidan said. “All of them will have to go one by one. And do you know who is next in line?” He laughed. “No! I won't tell you that because you will be dead anyway. Now that you are dead...no one can stop me. No one will ever suspect a thing. I will just play the saint that I am and then everyone will believe me. I will finish them all one by...”


“I think your time is up.” Aidan bellowed, moving closer to the dying priest. “You do talk a lot for a fool.”

Aidan laughed manically and then gripped the trident harder than before. Then with one pull, it was out of the priest's body. Blood gushed from that wound like water from a pipe. In just a few seconds the priest was lying in the pool of his own blood, whimpering weakly. His vision was blurring with each second. With the few seconds that he had left he just prayed in his heart.

“Goodbye, priest...” Aidan raised the trident higher in the air. Then he charged it at the priest and pierced him for the second time. This time he pierced his heart harder. The priest gave one last loud cry and then...he was gone. He died right there but blood was still gushing out of his body.

“Finally...” Aidan shouted in excitement, letting go of the trident. “There is no more threat in this kingdom.”

After laughing sinisterly for what felt like hours, he rubbed his lips and then laughed even harder. Everything was going perfectly, according to his plan. No one was gonna suspect a thing.

Aidan moved his face forward and then his face got serious. “Next stop...”


Aidan entered the palace, walking in slowly. He was really tired and sleepy. He had never been that tired before and he had no idea why that had happened to him. His body felt strange and he hadn't been able to get rid of that strange feeling. It was like a part of him that he couldn't get rid. Actually, he had a good day and he had dinner at his granny's house. Everything was just so beautiful and he loved it like that.

Reaching the living room, Aidan found everyone except Luis in there. He smiled at them and then sat on the couch after greeting them.

“Hey, son...” The king called. “Why do you look like that?”

“Huh?” He gasped. “Well, I am really tired father and I don't know why I feel this tired. Maybe I just need to have a little rest.” Aidan was feeling weird that day.

“Maybe you should rest.” Granny chuckled nervously. “Luis is even waiting for you upstairs in your room. I think it will be a good idea for you to rest. By the way, how was everyone at your granny's house?”

“They are perfect,” Aidan smiled as he got up from the couch. “They also extend their greetings. They just hope you will visit soon.”

“We will.” Granny smiled.

Aidan kissed everyone goodnight and then he headed up the stairs to his husband. In no time he found himself at the door. He quickly opened the door and let himself in. When he entered the room he found Luis busy on his tablet. When he saw him he smiled brightly and dropped the tablet on the bed and got up.

“Baby...” Luis rushed to him. “Baby...you are back.”

“Yeah...” Aidan said in a perpetual tired voice. “I am so glad you are here. I really missed you.”

Hearing Aidan's words, Luis smiled brightly. “Oh...there are no words to describe the way I felt at the meeting today. I was missing you terribly and I almost came back home.”

Luis reached Aidan and gripped his waist, bringing him closer. Then he planted a wonderful kiss on his lips, sucking on. He loved the kiss especially how it made his body vibrate. Fuck! He had missed that boy a lot.

“You are crazy, you know that?” Aidan smiled as he wrapped his arms around Luis' neck. “But I love your craziness. You make me feel complete each time you are around me.”

“Hmmm,” Luis took a good look at Aidan and smiled. “You seem really tired, my love.”

“I am tired,” He said, licking his own lips. “I had quite a day today. I don't even know what is happening to me today but I am fine.”

“Have you had dinner?”

“The reason why I came home this late,” Aidan said happily. “Granny wouldn't let me off without...uh, her food. I hope I didn't keep you waiting for long.”

“No!” Luis kissed Aidan again. “I just came here after dinner tonight. But you look sleepy so let's slip under the covers okay?”

Luis and Aidan stripped to their boxers and then slipped under the covers, holding each other lovingly. Aidan had his head on Luis' chest as usual while the crazy guy held him in his arms, planting soft kisses on his head. He was feeling warm and somehow the tiredness went away and he felt at least better. Luis' arms were everything.

“How was the meeting?” Aidan breathed in Luis' scent, feeling it travelling to the rest of his body. “Did everything go well?”

“It was okay.” Luis said simply as he tightened his arms around the boy. “But it was stressful. You should try to go to one of these meetings one day.”

“Hmm, with the way I am hearing it from you I don't think I would like to go there any day.”

“Wait until I become king,” Luis chuckled. “You will accompany me to every meeting.”

Aidan chuckled softly. “Until then baby...you are gonna have to attend the meetings all alone.” Luis laughed with him. Aidan was hilarious. “I hope you are done with it?”

“No!” He sighed. “Just a little more to discuss and then we will be done.”

“You mean you are gonna go back there tomorrow?”

Luis gave a gloomy sigh. “Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to say...”

“I know...” Aidan smiled. “I know what you are gonna say. I think I will just spend time with granny tomorrow again. At least, that will keep me occupied with something.”

“Yeah, but can you come back early tomorrow?”


“Because in the afternoon, I will be here and if you want we can go out.”

“Sure...” Aidan moved his head up and looked into Luis' eyes. “That sounds perfect. I will definitely be here okay?”

Luis smiled and then just held Aidan tighter, loving his beautiful body. They stayed like that just holding each other and breathing in each other's scents. None of them wanted to let go of that wonderful moment. They just wanted to stay like that forever.

Aidan stayed like that for a few minutes before he started feeling strange again. The hot breath of Luis was hitting his face so hard that he felt himself losing control. A powerful electrical vibration slowly started to take control of his body, travelling all the way to his hole. He could feel it starting to twitch. But he ignored it and just enjoyed the warmth of Luis' arms on his body.

As Luis continued breathing on his face, Aidan's hole twitched terribly and his cock began rising in his pants at a faster rate. His breathing instantly changed and he began panting, licking his own lips...his heart began racing like never before and his hormones got out of control. He quivered and then felt something awakening in his body, something powerful. It was not as powerful as he felt the other night but it made him squirm and get closer to Luis' body, drooling over that beautiful hairy chest.

Aidan felt like a thousand needles were pricking him from the way his body vibrated. He gave a soft low moan and then kissed on Luis' chest, licking his nipple. Luis shuddered and moaned when he felt Aidan's tongue on his nipple. It was simply amazing and it felt like nothing he had felt before. He wanted to cry right there.

“Fuck...” He gave a soft moan. “Oh my God, Aidan,” He felt a powerful vibration take control of his body. A strong emotion was taking him places that filled him with pleasure. He wanted to cry from that pleasure that his husband was giving him. It was just amazing. “What are you doing?”

Aidan ripped from that hot nipple and looked into Luis' eyes with lust filled eyes. “I want you to make love to me.” He breathed as if something was after him.

Luis was surprised. “I thought you were tired my...”

“I thought so too...” Aidan gulped as he felt his body heating up. “But I can't deny that I want...your cock. I want you to take me and make me yours. I want to feel your cum inside of me. Please, make love to me, my love.”

“Don't...” Luis took in a deep breath. “Don't beg okay? I told you that anytime you want me to make love to you just tell me and I will make it to you. Yes, Aidan...I will make love to you. There is nothing better than that to me. I am dying to...”

“Shut up and make love to me already.” He demanded.

Luis smiled at Aidan's demands and then removed his arms from Aidan. He carefully laid him on the bed and stripped him. Then he stripped himself and opened Aidan's legs wider, getting in between them. He was so hot that night that he just wanted to get into Aidan's ass and deposit his cum deeper into that ass. That was the only thing that was on his mind.

That night Luis made slow sweet love to Aidan while they kissed. He was real slow as he wanted it to last for long and he kissed him slowly. Things were really passionate that night. The two of them were in bliss...they were in beautiful ecstatic pleasure...they were on cloud 9...they were in a world where there is nothing but pleasure.

Luis had Aidan gripped and pinned while he thrust into him, enjoying the sweetness of his ass. He was moaning slowly in his mouth while sucking on his hot tongue. Their moans had decorated the whole room, filling it with nothing but music from those wonderful moans. He was in pleasure and he was sweating while he drove in unimaginable pleasure. The only thing he wanted to feel was that beautiful ass on his cock. He could die worshipping that ass. It was magnificent.

Aidan on the other hand felt possessed while Luis made love to him. He was moaning softly deeper into Luis' mouth while he sucked on his tongue. His body was on fire that night and the pleasure that enveloped him was just out of this world. He couldn't understand anything more than that pleasure he was being given.

Luis had never taken as slowly as he did that particular night. He was being gentle and hitting on his prostate softly. It was not rough or hard as other times but God knows that it was enjoyable. It was fucking enjoyable. Aidan gave his whole being into that love making session. It was absolutely wonderful and he'd give anything just to make that pleasure be imbedded in his system. There was nothing that he could have wanted more than that.

The two guys were in a ball of ice filled with pleasure. The movement of their bodies...the moans and groans of pleasure...the tingles all over their bodies...the way Luis' cock made love to Aidan's ass...the way they breathed was just lovely. No one could deny that the pleasure that night was beautiful.

Sure, it was not as beautiful or deep as the time they woke up and made love but it was different but in a beautiful way. They moaned, they kissed, they sucked, they chuckled, they called each other wonderful names and they moaned some more. Somehow that night was really different from all other nights. Aidan had never given himself to Luis the way he did that night. It was almost like...they were communicating through that lovemaking session. It was wonderful.

God! They even helped each other make love. Aidan was pushing out, meeting with Luis' powerful thrusts. It was a really wonderful love making. It took longer...almost an hour of just lovemaking. It got sweeter and it got deeper.
The more they went into it the more they felt sweeter but after almost an hour, both guys came at the same time. They came harder than before and it was just amazing. They were spent and loved the way they felt. Luis slipped his cock out of Aidan's ass and that night he slept on Aidan's chest, wrapped in his arms. It was the first time that had happened but sure felt beautiful. They had the best night ever when they slept just like that.

When they woke up the next morning, happy and really excited unlike before, Luis and Aidan made love again. They really loved that feeling. It was just amazing. Then they spent a few minutes in the hot tub before finally getting into the shower where Luis made love to Aidan once again. He was being slow and he had Aidan pinned to a wall while slamming his cock deeper into his ass. It was just a whole different feeling that was really amazing. The two guys loved it. Aidan sliding on that tiled wall while Luis made love to him was really beautiful. It was amazing and Luis holding Aidan's waist while making love to him was wonderful. And when they came, they came hard as if it was the first time. They wanted that to continue but in the end they just helped wash each other. That had probably been the best day ever.


Luis was seated on the bed slipping his shoes on. He had a light brown designer's suit on and he was putting on light brown shoes too. He had a blue shirt inside and his hair was perfect. But what he couldn't mask was that wonderful smile on his lovely face. He had that smile ever since he had woken up that morning and never was he going to lose it for anything in the world. It was a part of him that he was never gonna let go.

While day dreaming, the door from the clothes room opened and got him out of his reverie. He quickly moved his eyes to find Aidan smiling at him brightly. Seeing that wonderful smile, Luis' heart dropped and suddenly started beating harder in his chest. His blood was rushing through his veins and he could feel it passing through his ears.

“Fuck!” Aidan was looking really lovely that day. He was putting on a bright yellow designer's skinny jean. A green t-shirt which was a little tighter and yellow snickers that matched with everything. His hair was tied in a twist in bun but it looked fantastic on him.

“Fuck!” Luis swore. He had never yearned for Aidan like he did at that very time. He quickly moved from the bed and began moving closer to the boy that made him mad with desire. He was being slow and it was like he was hypnotized. He was hypnotized for sure and he still wanted to feel the boy that he loved like crazy.

“What?” Aidan chuckled, rolling his eyes when he saw Luis lick his lips. “Is there anything on me?” He looked at himself and found that there was nothing. Then he moved his eyes and was just in time to find Luis right in front of him breathing like a wild animal in heat. His eyes were filled with lust but they seemed really wonderful.


Before Aidan finished his sentence, Luis gripped him and then began sucking on his lips violently. He had a tight grip on his waist and in no time things got intense. Even Aidan was enjoying that kiss that tasted like nothing he had ever tasted.

Enjoying the wonderful but fierce kiss, Aidan jumped and then wrapped his legs around Luis' waist, locking them like never before. Luis' hands moved to Aidan's waist and gripped him harder while he kissed him violently, exploring his sweet mouth and filling it with his sweet essence. He was breathing faster and his cock was already rock hard as if he hadn't just come a few minutes back. Something was definitely wrong with the two of them. They couldn't seem to have enough of each other.

Luis started moving to the bed with Aidan in his arms, kissing him. He dropped him on the bed and got on top of him, sucking his lips furiously. Both their lips were pretty swollen but they didn't seem to have more. They just wanted to kiss until the world ends. They wanted to kiss till eternity.

Aidan tightened his legs around Luis' waist, bringing him closer for a kiss. He felt his big bulge and moaned when Luis' tongue went deeper into his throat. Fuck! Why did things have to get hot like that, he wondered? It was like everything was getting out of hand at that very time. It was beyond beautiful.

Luis sucked his tongue deeper into Aidan's throat before finally getting back to his lips. Then he tore away from that mouth and made his way to Aidan's neck, kissing on it harder while nipping on it. Everything was just too wonderful. He could feel his cock throbbing painfully as it pressed against his boxer. Fuck! He was in too much pleasure.

“Ah...” Aidan granted as he moved his hands on Luis' back. “Fuck...Luis, you have to stop.”

But Luis was deaf to those lovely pleas. He continued kissing on that neck and going down, sucking and biting. He was like a wild animal on a mission.

“Luis...” The pleasures that took over Aidan's body at that time were immense. He swore he almost came through his ass. It was fantastic. “Please...”

“Why?” Luis moaned as he took Aidan's skin in his mouth. “Aren't you...enjoying this more than I do?”

“I am...oh...” His body vibrated. “But your clothes...father is...ah...waiting down the stairs.”

“Let him wait...” Luis groaned as he nipped on that neck. “I want to...”

“No!” Aidan chuckled. “Come on, my love...we will continue this from...fuck...” Luis was doing magic on his neck. “We will make love the whole afternoon. Right now...you have got to go...”


Though it was hard, Aidan finally had the power to move Luis' head away from his neck, cupping on his cheeks. “Luis...”

“Come on, I...”

“You have to leave”

“Ah...” Luis didn't like it at all. “Fuck that stupid meeting.” He cursed. “I wish I could have stayed with you the whole day. You don't know the way I feel about you today. I can't get enough of you. I just wanna make love to you over and over again. I just wanna feel your sweet ass on my cock. I just wanna...”

“Shhh...” Aidan blocked Luis' lips with his finger. “Hey!” He raised his eyebrow and laughed when Luis frowned. “We still have this afternoon and the whole night to make love okay? Now get off me,” He pushed Luis off of me.

Luis lay on the other side of the bed, surprised with what Aidan had just done to him. He looked at the boy and saw that teasing smile again. Luis felt warm and he disappeared into that smile again. He loved staring into Aidan's eyes and that smile was a killer.

With a moan he got up from the bed. “You know I am gonna get you back for this right?”

“Then I have to get ready to scream at the top of my voice.” He laughed and then moved his eyes on his husband. “We are lucky your suit was not spoilt. But...” He knelt down and picked up a blue crown with a diamond at its tip. “You need to put this on my lovely husband.”

Luis leaned and then Aidan placed that crown on his head.

“Perfect...” Aidan gestured. “Now my sexy and horny husband is looking super hot.” He teased.

“Really...” Luis raised his eyebrows. “You are teasing me?”

“Of course,” Aidan chuckled as he wrapped his arm around Luis' waist. “Now let's go.” He held him tighter.

Luis chuckled and wrapped his arms around Aidan's neck, bringing his head closer for a kiss. He kissed his head and then laughed softly. He felt relieved and happy that he had his Aidan in his arms but once he returns from the meeting he promised to make love to Aidan over and over again. He had no idea what was gonna happen at the meeting but he knew that it wasn't gonna be long so he was just gonna get himself charged up for sex.

Luis and Aidan left their room giggling and holding on to each other. They kissed their way from the elevator to the living room. Reaching the living room Aidan and Luis found that everyone was waiting. The king was ready and he had his scepter with him. The queen and Hanna also looked really beautiful. But Aidan and Luis were probably the happiest in that living room.

“Don't you two look stunning?” Hanna commented as she moved her eyes towards them. “You look...” She gestured with her hand and then winked at them.

“You too.” Aidan chuckled nervously. “All of you are looking splendid today. Are you planning on going somewhere today?”

“Well, actually...” Hanna looked at her mother. “We will be going shopping for a few hours. Would you like to come with us?”

“Shopping?” Aidan chuckled. “I think I have had enough shopping to last for a lifetime. I have to go and visit granny. You should take...”

“No, I am way too old for that.” Granny chuckled. “I shall just be in my room relaxing. But don't forget to tell me when you come back okay?”

“Alone?” Aidan gasped. “Then let me...”

“No...” Granny chuckled nervously. “I wanna be alone for some time. Okay. I just wanna rest okay?”

“Fine...” Aidan shrugged.

All of them seemed to be busy that day. All of them had somewhere to go that day and even though Aidan wanted so much to go to visit his brother, he also wanted to stay with granny. But if she was reluctant for him to stay, Aidan had no choice but to go.

“Okay.” The king said as he picked up his scepter. “We have to go now okay?”

All of them nodded but Luis quickly turned Aidan around. “Just a minute, dad.” Then as if he was possessed, he took Aidan's lips right in front of them and French kissed him so hard on the lips. That kiss was like the last time he was gonna kiss Aidan. Everything else disappeared in front of them. They kissed for a number of minutes before they pulled away from that wonderful kiss. He even ignored the giggles from Hanna and just stared into the eyes of the wonderful boy that he loved like crazy. He couldn't wait to come back so that he could make love to him.

“I love you.” Luis whispered, rubbing his fingers on Aidan's lips. “I love you so...so much.”

Those words got to Aidan so much that he felt his heart melting with those words. He had no idea why he acted like that or the reason why he got so emotional. It wasn't the first time Luis told him those words and it definitely wasn't gonna be the last time so it was just too emotional. He had no idea why he felt like that.

“I love you too.” Aidan murmured. He licked his own lips.

With a deep sigh of satisfaction Luis dropped his hands and held Aidan's hands tighter. They felt really warm and cozy. He loved that warmth that made his body quiver. He loved the boy so much that it hurt at times but it was worth everything.

“Son...” The king was growing impatient. “We have to leave now.”

Luis heard his father's calls but he was too reluctant to let go of those hands. “Son...”

With a final smile, Luis let go of Aidan's hands slowly and then started going out with his father but his eyes were still on the boy that he loved. He stared at him until he left that palace.

When Luis left the palace Aidan took a deep breath and then smiled brightly, staring at the huge door. He was so in love with that man that day. He loved him like crazy and he didn't know how he was able to live through without that man right there.

“Someone's in love...” Hanna sang, getting Aidan out of his thoughts.

“I miss him already...” Aidan breathed. “But I know he will come back early today. He will come back early.”

“Sure, he will.” The queen smiled. “Don't worry. I am sure your grandmother is waiting for you.”

“Yeah...” Aidan sighed, still smiling. “I will be leaving in just a minute.”

“Okay.” She kissed his cheeks. “We are leaving. We will see you later okay?”

“Okay.” Hanna kissed and she and the queen left also. Aidan took a quick turn and then smiled at granny. He moved near her and rested his hand on her shoulder. When she smiled brightly he chuckled softly and squeezed her shoulder.

“Are you sure you don't want...”

“Aidan...” She groaned. “Will you just leave, son? I will be fine here okay? Besides, there are maids and guards everywhere. That means I will not be all alone okay?”

“Okay.” He sighed. She gripped him and held him into the fiercest hug ever. It felt warm and cozy that he didn't want to pull away. He responded to the hug by hugging her tighter while she patted on his back. He was suddenly feeling strange again.

“I love you Aidan.” She pulled away from the huge, giving him a million dollar smile.

“I love you more, granny.” He smiled. “And I will see you real soon okay?”

“Okay.” She cupped his cheeks and planted hot kisses on them. He loved the warmth and everything. She had never made him feel like that before. Her smile was brighter that day and her kisses were warmer that day too. He had to give her a kiss too.

After that, Aidan left for outside. He reached outside and then called his driver to come. He got into the car and they drove. A guard had wanted to come with him but he didn't need one. After all, what could happen to him in that kingdom? There was nothing that could ever happen to him. He was a prince and he also had special powers.

As they drove off, Aidan's face got brighter with a wonderful smile. He loved the feeling which Luis gave him right there. He just wanted that man to be with him and make his body vibrate. He wanted to feel his cock deeper into his ass. In fact, he couldn't wait to come back home.

Aidan's reverie ended when all of a sudden he felt a sharp headache hit terribly that he felt like he had just passed out. He lost his smile and then moved his hand up to massage his head. “God...” he slowly massaged his head, trying to get rid of the pain.

He massaged his head slowly, feeling something moving inside of him. All of sudden he felt his body vibrating and then a really powerful force took control of his body, threatening to come out. He could feel it. He could really feel what was coming out. But why at that time when he was supposed to be at his granny's?

Aidan tried to relax and concentrate his mind but then the priest's words slipped through his mind. He knew exactly what he was gonna do at that time. He shook his head and then felt his head subsiding. He had never tried what he wanted to do but...he was gonna do it anyway.

“Stop the car.” He commanded.

Immediately he spoke the car stopped moving and he quickly got out, taking his phone with him. He couldn't go to his granny's house. He had changed his mind. In fact, he knew exactly where he was gonna go.

“My prince, are you...”

“I want you to just go around town okay?” He commanded. “Don't go back to the palace. I will call you and then we can meet but don't go far.”

“But my prince...”

“Please.” He pleaded. “Just go now.”

“Yes, my prince.” The driver drove off.

As Aidan stood on the street all alone, he noticed a lot of people watching him. He smiled brightly and then called a taxi. The taxi stopped and he drove off to the important place he had to go that day. He was finally gonna do it.


Back at the palace granny was in her room, lying down on her bed. She had come to her room about an hour ago but she couldn't rest. She found it impossible to do. God! All she wanted was to sleep but she couldn't do it no matter how much she tried.

While she rested on the bed with her eyes closed, granny heard the door opening. It creaked open, reminding her that someone had just entered her room. Quickly moving her head, she looked straight at the door and saw the person that had just entered. She smiled and then got up and sat on her bed, smiling brightly.

“You?” She said. “What are you doing back here? I thought you left over an hour ago. I also told you that I wanted to be alone to rest. But anyway, did you forget something, Aidan?”

Aidan was standing in the door way with his arms crossed and a beautiful smile on his face. He slowly closed the door and began coming closer to granny without saying a word. He still had that same smile that warmed granny's heart.

“Aidan! Did you perhaps forget...”

“Yes!” Aidan chirped. “Actually, I did forget something so I came back for it.”

“Then why are you here.” She smiled. “I told you I was...”

“And I heard you right.” Aidan chuckled. “I heard you perfectly but you see...I am on a mission and I think this is a perfect opportunity for my second phase.”

Granny chuckled softly and then raised her face to look at him. “What are you talking about my son? You know you are funny sometimes right?”

“I don't know about that.” He said teasingly, winking at her. Something was strange and granny could feel it. “Actually, I came back here to...I mean for you okay?”


“Yes!” He nodded. “You see I have been doing something to...let's say...”

“Aidan, please,” Granny stretched her arms. “What are you talking about?”

Aidan laughed softly after hearing granny's question. “Do you know that the priest is dead??” He chuckled. “Do you know that he was murdered yesterday in his temple?”

Granny's smile turned into a frown. She didn't like what Aidan was telling her even though she knew it was just a joke. But it was an expensive joke and she didn't like it. “Please...”

“You think I am lying?” He gasped, covering his mouth while his eyes widened. “He is lying in his temple, killed by his own trident and...”

“And how...”

“Anyway, never mind me.” He chuckled. He was getting nearer by each second. “I just came here to...finish something up.”

“What?” Granny shrugged. “Just tell me and...”

“I came here to...kill you.” He smirked, moving closer.

Granny laughed. “What are you talking about?” She shrugged. “You know I don't have time for this.” Granny got up and turned around, giving a soft chuckle. “You don't have to joke like that you know. Just tell me what you came to...” Granny trailed off when she turned around and found Aidan holding a really big and sharp looking knife. It was really huge and it made her shiver and gasp. Her heart was already pounding deeper in her chest and she couldn't quite explain the fear that was in her entire body. She trembled and then took a few steps behind.

“Ad...Aidan, please...”

“Well, this is not a joke.” He moved slightly while playing with the knife. “I am actually really, really...”

“Aidan...this joke is not ...”

“But it is not a joke.” He chirped. “Don't you get it? You have to die because you are the next threat in my plans.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You...” He pointed. “You see, I am a warlock...I just wanna rule...”

“You are crazy.” Granny quavered, moving further behind. “Stop this no sense. It is not funny okay.”

“Think whatever you want.” Aidan rolled his eyes. “Very soon, all of you will be gone...one by one. First it was the priest and now it is...you and then...”

“Stop this or...”

“Or what?” Aidan snapped, getting closer to her. “Go ahead and scream at the top of your voice because no one will hear you or even do anything. You were gonna be the next threat in line so...sorry, you have to go away. Besides, I am sending you to your husband. Shouldn't you be happy about being with him?”


“For the throne,” He laughed. “All this is for the throne. Once I kill everyone...everything will be over. I am betrothed to the Prince so...I will be next in line.” He laughed. “It took careful planning but...everything else is just fantastic. Now this sweet boy will rule all.”

Granny felt like her heart was about to pull out of her chest. She was trembling in fear and her mind froze for a few seconds. She had no idea what to think anymore or what to even do. The person in front of her seemed dangerous and he was getting seriously close. She didn't know if it was a joke or reality but she needed to get out of there.

Taking a deep breath, granny made a quick turn and abruptly started moving towards the door using the other side. She was not young but she made a quick run for it just to get away from the dangerous looking boy.

Granny was panting and she was getting near. But just when she had thought she was about to reached the door...Aidan held her hand and pulled her to him, closer. She was panting and her eyes widened. She had never been so scared in her life than the way she was at that particular time. Her fear was just out of this world.
“Don't you wanna look into your loving grandson in law's eyes for the last time?” He gave a sinister laugh that seemed to send shivers down her spine. Then his face got serious and he gripped her harder, squeezing and twisting her arm. It hurt like hell but when she tried to scream he covered her mouth with his hand. All that came out were muffled cries that didn't seem to do anything. “Goodbye, granny,”

Before granny had the chance to give out another scream, she felt a really sharp pain on her belly. It was so sharp that it felt like hot needles had just pierced her skin. Everything froze for a second and her screams stopped. She moved her eyes at Aidan, trying to ask him why he had done that but...she couldn't do it. And it was not because Aidan had her mouth covered but because the pain was just too much for her to bear especially at her age. It was too much.

First her veins felt like they had exploded. Then he heart started beating faster, pounding deep in her chest. The blood that was flowing through her felt like poison and it travelled faster everywhere. She felt a hot fluid travelling down her belly and then her legs to the floor. It was her hot blood.

Granny's breaths turned into painful gasps that seemed to be driving her to her death. She trembled in pain and tried to move her hand but she couldn't do it. Tears built in her eyes and then...veins shot up. Her pain was just too much.

“Huh...” Aidan breathed as he pulled on the knife and got it out of granny's gut. “Killing feels so good especially since...it is coming from the person that you love right?”

Then he laughed and let go of granny. She fell to the floor, holding her belly while blood gushed out. Aidan looked at her and then smiled, holding the knife carefully. His hands were bloody and granny had her eyes at him while she slowly convulsed on that floor, trying to breathe normally.

“Sorry, granny...” He laughed. “...but I will never allow anyone to get in my way. One by one all of you will die. I will rule this kingdom. Goodbye,” He leaned down and rubbed granny's blood off with her dress. Then with a final wink and kiss on the cheek, he left her to die on that very floor.


“Oh father...I am really tired.” Luis said as he made his way into the living room. “Thank God that meeting has just ended, right.”

“You really are something else.” The king laughed softly, patting on his shoulder. “I think you were just missing someone and that's why you wanted to come home quickly.”

Luis chuckled. “I won't lie to you, father. I was really missing Aidan a whole lot. I just hope he is back already. I wanna see him.”

“Why don't you go and check.” The king smiled brightly. “I am sure he is just waiting for you and...”

“Yeah...I am sure that...”

Before Luis could finish his sentence, he heard footsteps rushing down the stairs and some sort of wails and screams. He moved his eyes to the stairs and then saw a blonde maid rushing down. Her face was wet with tears and the way she was trembling was nerve wrecking. He instantly got worried and looked at his father before looking at the maid that was rushing down those stairs. Once she saw him she rushed towards him, panting and crying.

“Thank God...you are here my prince.” She quavered. She was crying heavily. “Please, come with me.” She held his hand tighter, pulling him.

“Hey!” Luis stared at her. He couldn't understand what was going on anymore. “What's wrong with you? Why do you look like you've seen...”

“Please.” She cried, literally jumping. “You have...the queen mother is...”

“Granny!” Luis gasped, feeling his body suddenly jerk. He felt really nervous and his heart began pounding in his chest. “What happened to granny?”


But before the maid could even finish her sentence, Luis was already rushing up those stairs. There was no need to use an elevator since her room was on the third floor. He was moving as quickly as he could, panting and feeling really nervous. He had never been as worried as he was at that very time. Everything was just confusing. He didn't know what was going on but he was praying in his heart for his granny to be alright.

Luis rushed on the third floor as if he was flying. He run to her room and quickly opened. Once he entered that room...he felt like he had just died. His heart began pounding weakly and his strength left him right there. Tears began building in his eyes and he had no idea when they started flowing.

For a few seconds he failed to breath. A really sharp pain shot up in his chest and he held out in pain. He struggled to breath and the pain that he felt was really sharp that it travelled to his brain. Granny, his granny was lying in her own pool of blood. Blood was almost everywhere and granny looked dead, or at least to him she did.

As Luis struggled to breath after seeing that body lying lifeless on the floor in a pool of blood he felt weak. And when he took a deep breath, a loud scream escaped his mouth that it filled the entire room. He didn't even recognize it as his own. He just felt as if another being inside of him had just screamed at the top of his voice.

“Granny!” He quickly rushed to her and held in his arms. He was immediately covered with blood. “Granny!” He screamed, shaking her. “Please, get up granny. Please, get up I beg you.”

Luis breaths came really harsh. He had never seen so much blood in his life before. It was just too much and it scared him a whole lot that it came from the woman that he loved, a woman who he had grown up knowing and cherish, his treasure.

“Father...” Luis cried at the top of his voice. “Father, please...granny is dying.”

He continued crying at the top of voice until he heard the door to the room opening and his father and the maid came rushing in. King Julian's heart died once he saw the state his mother was in. He couldn't believe it was his own mother that was lying in that pool of blood. It was just impossible. Tears immediately began pouring down his cheeks and he felt his body weakening. He was in so much pain than he had ever endured.

“Mother...” He cried, dropping himself down. “What happened to you, mother? Please...” He screamed at the top of his voice. “Please, get up, mother. Please...get up, I beg you...”

Luis and the king both cried at the top of their voices. They were crying and so did the maid that had found her. Luis was in so much pain than he could imagine possible. His sweet granny was lying down in a pool of her own blood. What had happened?

Luis moved his eyes to the maid that was sobbing. “What happened?” His voice was inhuman. “What the fuck happened to my grandmother?”

“I don't know, my prince.” The maid cried at the top of her voice. “I came to tell her that lunch was served when I found her like that. I swear I don't know a thing about what had happened. When I saw the state she was in...I came down and that's...”

“Fuck!” he screamed. “What the fuck...” He trailed off when he heard a tiny weak voice.

“Aidan...” The voice said weakly.

Hearing that voice, Luis moved his eyes and saw his granny weakly moving her eyes. Her mouth trembled and she had blood in there.

“Granny,” He cried.

“Mother,” The king gasped.

“You are going...”

“Aidan...” The old woman whimpered, slightly moving her eyes. “Aidan...is...he is the one that...” She winced in pain and then coughed. Seeing the state she was in both Luis and the king cried out in pain. They couldn't bear to see her like that.

“No, granny...” Luis sobbed as he carefully held her. “Aidan is not...”

“No!” She coughed in pain. She was whimpering but she wanted to tell the truth. “Aidan...killed...he killed...he is the one that...” Then she tried to speak again but the pain was getting to her brain, slowly blinding her. “He...” Her voice kept on getting weaker until she couldn't say anything more. She dropped her head and gave up.

“Granny...” Luis shook her. “Granny, please wake up.”

“Mother...” The king cried as more tears made its way down his cheeks. “Mother...please...I beg you, don't leave me. We all need...” He trailed off when he touched her and felt just how cold she was. “Mother!” He screamed at the top of his voice, carefully wrapping his arms around her. “Mother...please...”

Seeing his unconscious grandmother, Luis felt like his soul had just been killed. He quickly moved his eyes to the maid and screamed. “Call an ambulance. Call an ambulance now.” The maid nodded and then quickly left the room.

“Granny, wake up, don't do this to me.” He cried. “It is me, your favorite grandson. Get up.”

Both the king and Luis were trying their best to make the old woman wake up but she wasn't moving. Her temperature was dropping and her pulse couldn't be felt either. Luis was really scared. He didn't know what to do anymore. He tried everything to make her get up but nothing was working anymore. It was all futile and he couldn't do a thing anymore. He needed to do something.

“What's taking so long?” He screamed, looking all around. As his eyes were moving from side to side he noticed granny's phone on the table. It was not lying but it was rather standing. He needed to call an ambulance just to save his granny.

Luis quickly got up and then grabbed the phone from the table. His plan was to quickly call an ambulance but when his eyes reached the screen...he got the surprise of his life. The phone was on and not only that but it was also on video record. Probably granny had left the phone on record so that she could show the person that had done that to her.

Luis stopped the recording and rushed to his father. Before he said anything the door to the room opened and the doctor with the medic al team came rushing in as if a ghost had just wanted to kill them all. As soon the doctor arrived, he told the king and the prince to stay away from the old woman who was deeply injured.

“Please...” The king sobbed. “Help her. She is my only mother and I don't want to lose her, please.”

Without uttering any word, the doctor with his team carefully examined the woman and then gasped. “Your majesty, this woman is alive. She is not dead but we might lose her if we waste any more time. She has lost a lot of blood and we must take her to the hospital right now. This is a miracle I tell you.”

Luis and the king felt relieved after hearing that. They both gasped and rubbed their tears. The doctor first put the old woman on oxygen and then carefully put her on a stretcher bed. In no time at all they were rushing out of the room to the elevator. When they reached the elevator...they took her body out and then in no time they were in an ambulance rushing her to the nearby hospital. Well, Luis was following behind with a car as only one person was allowed in the ambulance. After what felt like eternity...they were finally at the hospital and she was rushed to the emergency room. The doctor assured them that it was gonna be alright.


Luis was impatiently waiting for the doctor to come out of the emergency room. His father was seated on a bench with his face buried in his palms, praying for the well being of his mother. He didn't want her to die or anything like that. It was all so difficult to believe, especially with how granny had been stabbed like that. How can anyone come into the palace and attempt to kill the queen mother? It was really impossible and not with tight security.

Luis and the king had been waiting for an hour and half with their hearts pounding. They prayed for the well being of their beloved queen mother. They didn't want her to die or anything. They were so worried that they didn't even have the time to call the police or the army. Both of them were really bloody.

As they were waiting there...Hanna and the queen came rushing towards them, both in tears. While the queen rushed to her husband, Hanna rushed to her brother and cried at the top of her voice. “What happened? How is granny?”

Luis couldn't quite answer his sister's question. “We don't know.” He said as tears poured on his face. “She's still in there.” He gestured.

“Who did this?” The queen cried. “Who could have done this to mother and in the palace?”

No one was able to answer that question. They all just had to wait impatiently for the doctor to come out of the emergency room. After a few minutes, the doctor came out looking really tired. All of them rushed to the doctor and asked how she was.

“We tried everything we could,” He gave a gloomy sigh. “But she is a fighter. We were able to revive her. I tell you not many patients would have survived this but the queen...” He smiled. “She was able to pull through it. However, she will be taken to the intensive care unit as she is still in a critical condition. She lost a lot of blood but we are handling it.”

“Thank you.” The king rubbed his tears, shaking the doctor's hands. “Thank you so much doctor. Can we see her?”

“We cannot allow that for now.” The doctor breathed. “But you will be able to go in soon. Just go and we will take care of her okay.” He smiled and then excused himself. He went back in the ER.

“Oh my God...” Hanna breathed as she rubbed her tears off. “Granny is fine but whoever did this shall pay. I swear whoever tried to kill her shall pay with his own blood.”

Hearing Hanna's words, Luis' mind slipped back to what had happened while he was at the palace. He remembered that granny's phone had been video recording the whole time. The only thing he was praying for was to find the person the person that had just attempted to kill his granny. He swore he was gonna kill that person.

Taking a really deep breath, Luis slipped his hand through his pocket and then came out with the phone. He was trembling terribly as he didn't know what he was gonna find out. But he was confident and he still wanted to find out anyway.

Luis opened the phone and went to the folder where all videos that were recorded were. Fortunately that was the only video that had been recorded and hopefully that was the video which was gonna showcase everything that had happened. Granny probably recorded everything before she was killed or something.

Taking a long look at the video, Luis moved his finger and pressed play. The video started with granny running towards the door and someone chasing her. He couldn't see the face clearly but the hair...really long hair and those clothes, he thought. Those clothes had been...before Luis could even finish his thought, he saw the picture clearly and then dropped the phone with a loud noise.

Luis' heart immediately began pounding deep in his chest. His hormones got out of control and made him really weak. He was suddenly trembling in fear and anger. Tears poured down his face and he began panting right there. He felt like he had just died.

“Aidan!” Luis gasped as more tears poured down his face. “Aidan! He...he was the...” His voice was suddenly gone. He had a huge lump on his throat. He couldn't speak. The pain and the anger that he felt at that time were out of control. Aidan, his Aidan had actually tried to kill his granny but for what. He felt really betrayed and the emotions deep within him were burning his core. He was crying in pain and fear.

“Luis!” Hanna gasped as she rushed towards him. “Oh my God what's wrong?” She gripped his arm and got really scared with the way he trembled right there. “Luis...”

Luis couldn't still believe what had just happened right there. His Aidan was the boy that had...but how was that even possible? It was impossible. Luis' pants were getting stronger by each moment. He needed answers and he was gonna get them.

With a loud groan, Luis stormed out, completely ignoring his family's calls. He was gonna demand answers and nothing was gonna make that go away. He needed answers and for sure he was gonna get them. He knew who to give him those answers.

“Luis!” Hanna tried to go after him but when she saw the phone on the floor...she quickly picked it up and when her eyes saw what was in that video which was playing, her hand moved to cover her mouth while gasps escaped her throat. Tears formed in her eyes and she stared at her parents, trembling.

“What is it?” The queen asked. “Why do you...”

“Aidan!” She gasped. “Aidan, mom... I think Aidan tried to kill granny.”

“What?” The king furiously rose, rushing to Hanna. He gripped the phone and he saw it with his own eyes. “That is really impossible.” He nodded as tears formed in his eyes. “Aidan couldn't have done such a thing. Something is definitely wrong somewhere.”

The king quickly began rushing out of the hospital, hoping to find Luis. Hanna and the queen were just behind him. They were all rushing back home.


Luis stormed in the palace, grunting like a wild bull. His eyes were red after driving from the hospital like a mad man. His head was hurting and his body was on fire. He had his fists clenched as his body trembled. His breaths were really harsh.

“Aidan!” Luis shouted throughout the room. “Aidan!”

He began rushing to the elevator to check his room. In no time he was already in his room, calling Aidan's name like a maniac. Aidan was not in the room so he came down and then found his family just entering the living room. He was angry...he was confused...he needed answers. The boy that he loved couldn't have done that. He couldn't have been a murderer. Someone was just trying to frame him up. Yes! He needed to hear it from Aidan's mouth.

“Aidan!” He yelled at the top of his voice.

“Luis...” Hanna rushed to him and held him tighter. “Please...”

“What?” He snapped. “Where the hell is Aidan? He was supposed to be here by now. He was supposed...”

“Luis...” The king called softly. “I know that you are angry but we need to hear it from his own mouth. He couldn't have possibly tried to kill mother. I am sure that there is something wrong somewhere.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Luis sobbed as he sat on the couch. “What am I supposed to believe?”

The royal family went to comfort the prince. They couldn't bear to see him in that state and even though they were as confused as he was...they didn't want to rush things. They wanted Aidan back before finally confronting him or asking him some questions. Besides, it was just 4 in the afternoon. They continued soothing him and rubbing on his back.

As the royal family tried their best to soothe the prince, a royal guard came and knelt down before them.

“I am really sorry, my lord. I...”

“What do you want?” The king snapped. He was still mad someone had just tried to kill his mother.

“I am sorry but...someone left this at the gate.” He extended his hands and then handed a CD to the king. The king took the CD and dismissed the guard. Then he looked at the CD and it had the words “watch urgently' at the top. There was also a note 'from a person who is trying to save this kingdom'. He shook his head and then tried to throw the CD but then something told him not to. He handed it to Hanna and commanded her to put in the DVD Player.

Hanna took the CD and it started playing, grabbing the attention of the entire family including Luis who had been crying. The CD that was playing on that huge TV was just surprising and shocking. It was about the priest and he was with Aidan. They heard the whole conversation that had happened and watched in horror as the priest was killed with his trident. All of them were speechless. Their hearts were already racing and their anger intensified. Everything was now clear to them.

It was all so clear to them. They were confused and rather too dumbstruck. They were confused but they were angry.


Aidan happily came rushing in the living room, smiling brightly and chuckling to himself. He had a really great day out there and he knew his day was just gonna be on another level with Luis. He had come prepared and he was ready to feel more pleasure from his husband.
Aidan was a little late but so what? He knew his husband was gonna understand him completely because his love was the best husband he had ever come to know. Aidan had a beautiful smile on his face that he didn't want to lose. He just wanted to wear it for the rest of the day, especially when he thought about the pleasure he was gonna get.

Breathing in the beautiful aroma of the whole palace, he rushed to the living room and saw the family members were all there including his husband. Most of the family members had their faces on their palms but his husband had his eyes on him, staring at him and probably thinking about all the things that he was gonna do to him. It was kinda making Aidan...a little turned on.

Seeing his husband's gaze on him, Aidan smiled brightly and then blushed. He didn't know the reason why he felt like a bride that day. It was probably one of his best days on this earth. He loved every bit of it and wouldn't have wanted for it to end.

Luis on the other hand had his eyes on the boy that was coming in with a killer smile, a killer smile indeed. Seeing Aidan coming in, Luis felt something inside of him move, something intense. He felt the anger in him moving to the rest of his body. He clenched on his fists and slowly got up, moving towards Aidan who was coming with a smile on his face.

When Aidan saw Luis coming to him he stopped and then smiled before rushing towards. Reaching him he wrapped his arms around him and held him tighter, breathing in his scent. He was even too happy to notice the anger of Luis' face and the blood that he had on him.

Aidan chuckled. “I missed you so much, my love. I am really sorry I am late. It's just that I was doing something okay? But now I am here and I won't go anywhere without you and now...” He chuckled. “I am also done with everything so now we can be together.”

Aidan held him even tighter. Luis had no explanation for the way he was feeling at that very time. It was like anger just swept him off his feet. Boy he was angry especially with the two shocking videos that he had just seen. His husband, his sweet boy was a killer and not only that but he was evil.

“I love you.”

Hearing the word from Aidan, Luis felt as if something sharp had just cut through his skin. He took in a deep breath and ripped Aidan's hands from him, holding his arms tightly. Then he looked in his eyes with anger and hatred. He didn't know why he was feeling like that, especially with someone that he claimed to love more than anything else.

Aidan's smile faded when he saw the look and anger in Luis' eyes. He had never seen him look like that. It was almost like they were fighting or something.

“Baby...” Aidan said with concern. “Are you alright? What's wrong?”

He moved his eyes and looked at Luis. That was when he realized that he was bloody. Seeing all that blood on him Aidan got really scared. His heart was racing and his nerves got the best of him. Tears started building in his eyes as he had no idea what had just happened to his sweet husband.

“Oh my God,” He gasped. “Why do you have all this blood?” He moved his hands and cupped his husband's cheeks. “What really happened to...”

“Stop all this drama.” Luis yelled, pushing Aidan away.

Aidan got the surprise of his life when Luis pushed. It was almost like they were fighting. The pain that he felt at that time was just...out of this world. It was not physical pain but it felt like torture.

“Baby, what have I...”

“You are asking me?” Luis snapped, pointing his finger angrily at Aidan. “Stop pretending because you very well know what had happened here. We all know what you did and we know what you want.”

“What are you talking about?” Aidan's mouth trembled. “What have I done and...”

“Well, since you have decided to pretend about it. I will tell you exactly what had happened.” He got dangerously close to Aidan. “Granny is in a critical condition because someone stabbed her in this palace.”

“Oh my God,” Aidan gasped as he covered his mouth. Tears formed in his eyes and he felt like something had just killed him. “Granny...please, tell me it's not true.” He said as a tear made its way on his cheeks. “How is she? Who could have tried to kill her in the palace? There is no way someone would enter this palace without...it's not possible. Where is she?”

From Aidan's questions Luis just got madder than he already was. He was so furious.

“Please, take me to her and...”

“Will you stop this drama?” He snapped, seething at the boy that looked shocked. “Will stop your fucking drama here?”

“Luis, granny was just stabbed and you expect me to keep quiet.” He sobbed. “Please, who did that? Punish that person and...”

“Exactly...” Luis gave a bitter chuckle. “We are definitely going to punish that person.” He was trembling in anger and fear mixed all together. “That person will be punished because such people deserve nothing but...”

“Take me to her.” Aidan quickly turned to leave before he felt Luis grip his arm so hard, it hurt. He made a quick turn and looked into the eyes that were showing hatred and pain. They were already red from crying and the veins were everywhere. “Luis, you are hurting me. I know that you are probably mad right now. But shouldn't you be...”

“Stop this madness...” He twisted Aidan's arm. He winced in pain. “Stop pretending because we already know what you did. We already know that you just tried to kill granny and we also know that you a...”

“What?” Aidan gasped as tears made their way down his cheeks. Those words hit him like hot flaming arrows. He felt like someone had just tried to pull his heart out. He would have definitely understood if that was coming from someone else. But that was his own husband that had just hurt him like that. It hurt like hell. “Luis! Why would you...”

“Surprised...” Luis gave a bitter chuckle as he held Aidan tighter. “We all know that you tried to kill granny. We know what you want and...”

“Luis!” Aidan chuckled as more tears escaped his eyes. “Please...stop this joke it's too...”

“Do you think trying to kill my granny is a joke?” He bellowed. “That woman is like a god to me. I love her and...”

“Don't you think I love her too?” Aidan felt such pain. “Do you think joking like this is not hurting me? Why would I...”

“We all know what...”

“Father...” Aidan ran to the king and knelt down before him. “Father, please...listen to what Luis is saying. Please...tell him this is not funny. We are talking about...”

“What did my poor mother ever do to you?” The king seethed, looking at Aidan. “What did she do to you that you had to try and kill her? What did...”

“Father...” He gasped as more tears left his eyes. “You too. Why would I...”

“Enough!” The king snapped, getting up from the couch. “Do you think we are fools or something in this palace? Don't you think we know what you are after?”

“What?” Aidan got up. “Father, please, you are hurting me and...”

“Didn't you think twice about hurting my mother?” He snapped. “An old woman who...”

“Why would I try to kill granny?” He felt really terrible. His family was accusing him of something terrible, something that he wouldn't ever do to someone. “That woman is like my grandmother...I mean she is my granny and...”

“But she is not your grandmother.” Luis seethed without even looking at Aidan. He went to him, gripped his arm and turned him around. “She is not your grandmother and you just attempted to kill her.”

“Please, Luis...”

“Shut up!” Luis barked, yelling in his face. He took a few steps behind for fear of what was gonna happen. “Shut the fuck up, you liar. We all know your dirty secret. You are after something in this palace and we also know everything. You are just a...”

“Luis, my love, you are hurting me.” He tried to touch him but he retaliated and pushed him. “Please...if you love...”

“Love?” Luis chuckled. “Are you trying to blackmail me? Who do you think you are? You just tried to kill my grandmother who had done nothing to you. She was not your grandmother and you just tried to finish her off. What were you after in this palace, huh? Were you after the throne? Did you actually marry me so that you could get your ticket to...”

“Luis!” Aidan sobbed. “I love you and you know it. I love you so much and you are the best thing to have ever happened to me. I love you so much please, I am hurt already. Don't try to hurt me anymore. I can never hurt your grandmother and you know it. How could I have tried to kill her when I was not even here? You know that I went away to my...”

“You came back.” Luis yelled. “You came back you fucking liar. You came back and you tried to kill her but thank God you didn't succeed. Only God knows who is next in your line. Is it me? Is it my father? Is it my mother or my sister?” He pointed at them.

Aidan had never been hurt like the way Luis was hurting him. It was so painful that it travelled to his very soul. He was helpless and he had no idea what to say or do. That man was not his husband because his husband would never say that to him.

“What are you...”

“Yes!” He snapped. “Who was the next in your line after granny?”

“Luis! Stop! I love you so much and...”

“Love me?” Luis gave a bitter chuckle. “You are probably just pretending so that...”

Before Luis could even finish his sentence, Aidan smacked him across the face and it hurt like hell. He felt like someone had just scratched his face with something really rough. It hurt terribly and he got madder than he was at that very time.

“How dare you?” Aidan snapped. “How dare you question my love?” He was crying. “Just because you are husband doesn't give you the right to accuse me of all sorts of things. Who told you I tried to kill granny?” He was in pain. “Why would I kill a woman that I love? Don't you think you are hurting me with all this? I am supposed to be your husband. You are supposed to support me when someone accuses of something that I didn't do. And you are here accusing me of trying to kill her? Who do you think you are, Luis, uh? Do you think...”

“Will you stop with those crocodile tears?” He snapped. “Stop your drama. Well, in case you are wondering I saw everything, everything that you did. I even saw the priest...”

“Call the priest...” He rubbed his tears. “Please...”

“You really are shameless.” Luis nodded. “You are the most shameless person that I have ever met in my life.”

“He knows...”

“Shut up you warlock!” Luis yelled in his face.

More tears made their way to his face. It was so flooded that there was no more room for anymore tears. The pain was just too much to bear and he couldn't believe his husband had just uttered that to him. A warlock, he cried. Why would Luis call him that? Aidan tried to open his mouth but no word came out of his mouth. It was like he was frozen.

“Caught you by surprise right?” Luis chuckled. “We know you are a warlock because we have seen everything.” He yelled in his face. “You were just pretending all this time. We know you want the throne. We know everything and you cannot deny it. We know you want to wipe...”

“Stop it...” Aidan yelled as a headache kicked in. “Why would you call me a warlock? I am not a warlock, Luis. I have not been pretending with you all this time. I have only been myself. You know where I stood when it came to you. You know I didn't sneak in this palace. You know I was...I was married to you by father.” He gestured.

“I should have known. Everything I have known has been nothing but a lie.” His voice filled the entire room. “All those things...”

Before Luis could finish his sentence Aidan got closer to him, real close. “Tell me all those things have all been lies to you.” He said with pain in his voice. “Tell me the kisses that we've shared have all been lies...tell me all those passionate nights...those wonderful moments...the lovemaking and...the words that I have been telling you have all been lies.” He cried. “I don't pretend to you. This is who I am. Call the priest. He will tell you everything because...”

“Wow!” Luis clapped with anger in his voice. “Give it up for Aidan whatever, the greatest actor in this world.” Aidan tried to open his mouth but he couldn't. “Isn't he wonderful?” He chuckled, looking all around. “He is nothing but...”

“Call the pri...”

“You killed him you stupid warlock.” Luis yelled in his face. “You killed the priest and you know it. You killed him because...”

“Because he knew exactly what this boy was about to do.” The king muttered. “He killed him because...”


“You are still denying it?” Luis snapped, gripping Aidan's hand. He dragged him into the living room, near the TV. “Well...watch this.” He took the remote and played the video.

Aidan watched with pain and confusion when he saw that video. It was him, it was definitely him in the clothes that he had been wearing the previous day. But how was that even possible? And he was actually using the powers. But he couldn't bear to watch anymore so he tore his eyes away from TV and just cried. There was nothing to do anymore. Someone had done that. It couldn't have been him because he would never hurt the priest. His heart beat weakly and his body got weaker. He had no idea what to do anymore. It was all just so painful.

“What now?” Luis snapped, gripping his arm hard. “What do you have to say now?”

“I don't know.” He cried in deeply. “That's not me. I swear it wasn't...”

“Right,” Luis snapped. “I bet you can kill all of us now if you wanted right?”

“Luis, my love...”

“Don't call me that.” He snapped. “You still need more evidence right?” He went straight to Hanna and grabbed the phone from her. Then he played the video but Aidan had enough. He threw the phone away.

“Please, Luis for the sake of our love. Believe me.”

“Believe you? You are a fucking warlock who is on a mission in this palace.” He snapped. “Who knows what you did to me and...”

“The priest knew I am not a warlock.” He cried. “He told me it's a gift I was born with. Had he been here he would have told you that?”

“When?” The king came near. He was trembling from anger. “When did the priest tell you that because I never heard it from him? Where did he...”

“The priest usually visited me when...”

“You are a foolish liar.” The king nodded. “First you killed him and now you are lying against him? What kind of boy are you? You look so you and innocent and yet so...lethal.” He yelled. Aidan trembled at his voice. “But you will pay for this because this is not a land of witchcraft and wizardly.”

“I am not lying.” Aidan spoke softly. He knew he was defeated in that situation. “Why would I...”

“Because the priest doesn't visit anyone else unless in the presence of the king.” He hollered, putting fear into Aidan's soul. “The priest is only for the king. Anyone who wants to see him must be with the king.”

Aidan gasped. “He has been appearing to me from...”

“And he was on a pilgrimage.” The king yelled, pointing at Aidan. “He only came back recently. He prophesied to me that I made a mistake. Now I know what he was talking about. I can clearly see that it was the reason why you killed him because he was about to...”

“If I wanted to kill you all, then why aren't I...”

“Because you are weak in here,” The king yelled. “But you are gonna pay for everything that you have done to this family. You are gonna pay for making the temple of light dirty with your evil. You are gonna pay for killing the priest but most of all...you are gonna pay for being a warlock.”

Then the king turned around and began screaming for the guards to come in. The guard came inside and knelt before the king. “I want you to go and get this foolish boy's family. I want you to bring them here at all costs.”

“Yes!” The guards left.

“Father...” Aidan pleaded, throwing himself on the floor. “I am begging you, please, don't drag my family into this. They don't know anything about...”

“A warlock can't be on his own.” The king bellowed. “You are too young for this. I bet they know everything about it.”

“They don't...” Aidan cried out in pain. “They don't know anything about it. I swear to you, fat...”

“Don't call me that?” The king snarled, pointing angrily at Aidan. “You are not my son and you will never be my son. Had you been...”

“I am married to your son.” He cried. “Please...at least leave my family out of this. I will take any punishment but...”

“Shut up!” Luis yelled. Luis was speaking to Aidan in a rude manner and it was hurting him so much. But he couldn't take in the fact that so many things were hidden from him. He couldn't take it all. That was the reason why he was not gonna allow Aidan to go scot free.

“Please...” Aidan wailed. He was in so much pain.


Granny and Ethan came rushing into the palace. They had no idea why the king had demanded their presence so urgently so they just came rushing. They were just hoping there was no problem with Aidan or anyone. When they reached the living room their hearts suddenly broke with what they saw. Aidan was seated on the floor and his face was flooded with tears. The rest of the people seemed angry including the prince. What was going on?

“Aidan!” Ethan rushed to his young brother.

Aidan felt a sharp pain hit his heart when he heard his brother's voice. He closed his eyes as he felt Ethan's arms wrapping around him. Then he also felt granny's arms wrapping around him. At that time granny and Ethan's embrace was gonna do nothing because they probably were gonna get hurt with what they were gonna hear.

“Aidan, what's wrong?” Ethan was already in tears. He couldn't bear to see his brother like that. “My love, please talk to me.”

But Aidan was quiet. He couldn't say anything more. Seeing the condition he was in granny quickly got up and looked at everyone. “Please, what's going on? Why is my grandson...”

“You don't know?” Luis chuckled bitterly. “That boy over there is a warlock? He just tried to kill my grandmother and he has already killed the priest, the only guide the king has. And now my granny is lying critically in the hospital fighting for her life.”

“What?” Granny yelled. “Luis! How could you say that about Aidan? You know he can't do a thing like that. This is a joke. My Aidan cannot...”

“Well, I thought so too and...”

“It doesn't matter.” The king interjected. His voice sounded mad. “The reason why I called you here is to find out the truth from you. What do you have to do with all this, uh? How does a boy so young know about witchcraft?”

Granny was surprised. “My king, please...try to understand why...”

“It's either you tell me the truth or I will deal with him in the most painful way.” He warned. “A young child cannot just practice witchcraft without being taught. He cannot be a warlock without having parents or members of the family...”

“My lord, please...” Granny pleaded. “My grandson is not a warlock. All this is a misunderstanding.”

“Well, he tried to kill my mother. He pretended that he was coming to your place and...”

“He did come.” Granny said. “He was at my house. In fact, he just left about an hour so ago.”

“When did he come?” The king yelled. “When did he come to your house?”

“He came around 1 in the...”

“Great...” Luis groaned. “My granny was stabbed way before that. He was wearing the same clothes that he is wearing now and...”

“I didn't do any of those things.” Aidan sobbed. “I swear I am not a warlock. The priest knew exactly what I had. He told me to keep it hidden for...”

“What are you talking about?” Ethan asked as he rubbed on Aidan's back.

“Ethan! I have a special...”

“He is lying...” The king yelled. “He is a warlock and all of you probably know it. You are trying to act smart here. Now tell me the truth before I force it out...”

“They don't know...” Aidan furiously got up. “What else do you want to hear from me? They don't know about that. This gift that I have is only on me. I haven't always had it.” He sobbed. “It just came about a month ago. I haven't always been like this. I would never kill the priest because he was my guide. I would never try to kill granny because she was like my own grandmother.”
“Yes, she was like your own grandmother.” Luis snapped. “But she was my grandmother. You tried to kill her to get to the throne. How am I not sure that you had cast a spell on...”

“Luis! I love you and you know it.” He sniveled. “Sure. I have powers I will not deny that. You call them evil but they are not. These are the same powers that saved this throne and this palace from a great tragedy.” He pointed out.

“What are you talking about?”

“Yes...” Aidan rubbed his tears furiously. “I saved that scepter from being stolen. Prince William and his three guards were after that scepter. They are the warlocks and...”

“Great!” The king snapped. “Now you are putting this on Prince William now that he is not here? You really are shameless but I have a way...”

“Why can't you believe me?” He asked. “The priest knew about this and he also told me not...”

“And why doesn't anyone know about this?”

“Because he is lying,” Luis said angrily. “He is a great liar. Haven't you figured it out by now? He is pinning it on someone that was nothing but nice to all of us. I never thought I'd get to experience such pain in my life and from someone that...” He couldn't speak anymore as the pain just got out of hand.

Aidan had probably experienced the worst pain in his lifetime. Now they were taking William's side and not his. “You are my family and I expected you to trust me. You know me better than anyone else. Sure. I will accept that I hid it from you but you have to believe me. I love all of you and...” He cried before he even finished that sentence. “I love you Luis. You know that.”

“He was right.” The king chuckled bitterly. “I made a really big mistake. This is my entire fault. I contributed to all this and now you are going to suffer for the rest of your life.” He nodded. “You are going pay for homicide. You are a murderer and I will make sure that...you pay for everything. I made this mistake so I am going to rectify it.”

Hearing the king's words Aidan felt something move in him. “Luis! Please, for the sake of what we share believe me. You once told me that you would never hurt me. You told me that you would stand by me.” He felt Ethan holding him. “You vowed in front of all those people. Now it is time for you to...”

“What?” Luis couldn't believe he was hearing that from Luis. “What are vows? Vows mean nothing especially with someone like you. You deserve to pay for everything. You deserve to suffer.”

“Luis, please...my love...” He tried to hold Luis but was pushed so hard. He was sent flying to the floor and he hit his body so hard. It hurt.

“Luis, please...” Ethan sobbed. “You are hurting him. Please, stop all this.”

“What about all the...”

“I never expected this from you.” Ethan said as he tightened his grip on his brother. “I expected more from you not hurting my brother.” He let go of his brother and stood still, staring at Luis. “I told you not to hurt my brother, didn't I?” He yelled. “I thought you were supposed to stand up for your husband no matter what. What kind of love did you have for him?”

“Don't you dare shout at me?” Luis snarled, clenching on his fists. “Don't ever do...”

“What?” Ethan snapped. “You think I am afraid of you or something. My brother said he didn't do it so he didn't do it. Why is it so hard to believe that?”

“I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Your eyes tell you something.” Ethan chuckled as he rubbed the tear that had just wetted his face. “What does your heart tell you?”

“It doesn't matter.” Luis snapped. “Justice must be served.”

Aidan was just crying all alone. Luis had hurt him. He had pierced his heart and it was hurting like hell. He could feel his powers were about to come to the surface any moment. He needed to calm down before he lost it. People didn't know what they were saying. He slowly rubbed his tears and got up, resting his hand on his brother. “Let it be.” He said to his brother.

Then he looked at Luis and felt a really sharp pain in his heart. He couldn't imagine the energy that surrounded him. It was just so much but...he couldn't understand anything.

“I will accept one thing.” Aidan said softly as he stared at the man that had hurt him. “I will accept that I have special powers. But I am not a warlock. I don't even know anything about witchcraft because I have never learnt it before. The almighty gave this gift to me.”

“A gift or a curse?” The king enraged. “And don't you bring the almighty into this after defiling the sacred temple.”

Aidan sighed. “I love you Luis and that's the truth. I would never, ever hurt your grandmother and that's the truth. I also can't hurt the man who was guiding me. What about the bond we share?” He asked. “What about our promises? What about...”

“It was all a total lie.” Luis said simply. “What we had and what we shared was a total lie. You are a killer, a murderer and you were...”

“I am not...”

“In this kingdom, such things shouldn't be found.” The king yelled. “I am going to put you in a dungeon where there is...”

“Please, your majesty.” Granny knelt down on the floor. “Have mercy on my child. Don't do this to him. He has said he is not a warlock.”

“But he has powers and you heard him correctly.” He accused. “I bet you know what is going on here. I bet all of you are into this because he cannot...”

“I swear to you.” Granny pleaded. “I swear we didn't know anything about this. I have lived with this boy ever since he was a baby. He has been a really good boy and he has not harmed anyone in his life. Please...he is your son in law. You said he is your son. Can a father watch his son being...”

“He is not my son.” The king said angrily. “I can never have a warlock as my son. He is going to pay for everything whether he is married to the prince or not.” He shouted. “He is a danger to my people. He is a danger to this household and he shall be dealt with. He killed a very important man in this kingdom and he attempted to kill my mother plus he is a warlock. Those are really serious crimes and the penalty is...”

“No!” Granny cried before the king could finish the sentence. “Please, don't do this to...”

“He must pay for his crimes.” The king yelled at the top of his voice. “Very soon, he will be taken away from here and dealt with.”

Hearing what the king had just said, Aidan gave a bitter chuckle. “I have lived in this house for over a month now. I never asked to come here.” He pointed out. “I never wanted to come here. But I still came and created bonds with everyone. Granny was one of them.” Then he stared at his husband. “I learned to love. I learned to cherish and appreciate my husband. I thought I could count on him.” He was in pain. “But what did it turn to. I thought...” He sniveled. “I thought I could live peacefully with the people that I trusted and I thought trusted me. I never expected any of this. Sure. We saw a video of me but...I am sure that it was just a warlock that just used my physical body. I know who did it but you'd never believe me anyway. I would never hurt granny.” He was looking straight at the man that he had thought loved him.

“I thought I had a man that loved me but it was not worth anything. All those promises that you've...”

“I haven't broken anything.” Luis snapped. “I haven't broken a thing. But who would want to...”

“A warlock right?” He chuckled bitterly. “If I had bad intentions then would we be having this conversation?” He nodded. “Maybe I expected a lot from you. Maybe I gave a little too much. I gave everything to you and look where I am. I have never been hurt like the way you've hurt me right now. It didn't take even a second for you to think I am bad. The priest always said that we are bonded...”

“The same man you killed.” Luis answered. He was in pain too. He loved Aidan but he couldn't live with a killer, a murderer. “I thought I was in love but maybe...maybe you had cast a spell on me so that I could fall for you. It was all planned out. You seduced me and you tried to kill all of us. But your game is up. I know what kind of person that you are. I am not afraid of you if that's what you think.”

Aidan remained quiet and took a few steps behind. He rubbed his tears off and got confident. Each word he heard from those people hurt him a lot. Sure. The queen and Hanna didn't utter any word but he was sure they hated him as much. “I never killed the priest. God is my witness.” He raised his hand towards heaven.

“We saw it already.” The king said as he turned. “I will now call the guards to...”

“No...” Granny's cries filled the entire room. “Instead of punishing him like that please, let him go. Let him go far away. I cannot stand to...”

“Okay.” The king snapped. “Maybe you want to go with him, right?” Granny cried. “He lives in my kingdom. He is my subject and I am going to judge him like one. No one is above the law and as long as he was born and still lives in this kingdom...he is bound by my authority. The priest might find justice.”

Granny remained quiet for a while. She began thinking and reliving the words that the king had just told her. She felt even more pain in her heart. It was really pain. She moved her eyes and stared at the boy that she loved so much. She couldn't afford to stay away from him. She couldn't afford to do it. She was gonna save him at all costs.

Granny took a deep sigh and then got up, rubbing her tears. “If I tell you the truth...will you promise to let him go.” She muttered.

The king made a quick turn and then looked at the old woman. “What truth? What do you want to tell me?”

“The truth...” Granny said confidently. “If I tell the truth will you let him go from this kingdom? Will you promise to let him go?”

“Granny, no...” Ethan cried, nodding his head. “Please...don't...”

“No, Ethan...” Granny sobbed. “Aidan is your brother and I don't want him to suffer for anything. I don't want him to. I can't bear to see him behind bars or worse...never see him again.” She cried. “I would rather be living knowing that he's safe somewhere else.”

“What are you talking about?” Aidan asked. But granny ignored him and just stared at the king.

“Do you...”

“Speak!” The king commanded, pointing at her. “Speak right now and maybe I might just have a little mercy.”

Granny sniveled and then looked at Aidan and then Ethan. “Many years, 18 years to be precise,” She begun. “My daughter in law and I were coming from our farm in the next town. We were farmers at that time and Ethan was just a small child.” She paused and then sobbed. “As we were passing through were this kingdom ends...we heard the cry of a baby. At first we decided to ignore it but...we couldn't do it. We followed the cries and found a baby in the banks of the river. He was really cute and he was wet. From the way he was dressed, it was clear to us that he was not from this kingdom. We decided to take him home and then raise him. When we came to the city...we just raised him as our own. It was a secret that we have kept for so long until now. He is not from this kingdom, my lord. Just let him go so that he can find his origins. He is just a child and such a punishment shouldn't be on him. At least consider that he is not from this kingdom.”

Aidan's heart busted right there in front of everyone. He couldn't believe what he had just heard from granny. Tears started building in his eyes and he felt really weak. A strong powerful vibration made him jerk and he found himself seated on the floor. A myriad of emotions took over his body. So many words were ringing in his head and he felt such a headache.

Aidan raised his head to stare into granny's eyes as his heart pounded harder in his chest. “Are you saying that...”

“I am sorry,” Granny cried. “If it means saving your life I am ready to tell you the painful truth. At least, if the king allows you to...”

“I won't allow such a thing.” The king yelled. “I don't care where you got him from. I don't even care whether he is an outcast from another kingdom. He is poisonous to my people and I will not allow him to kill anymore. Besides, you probably made this story up so that I could just banish him. And he grew up in...”

“You promised...” Granny hollered.

“I never said such a thing.” The king made a quick turn and took in a deep breath. “Guards!” He shouted. “I need guards in this room now.”

“I was adopted...” He gasped as more tears came out. “Why?” He cried. “Why didn't you tell me?”

“We loved you too much.” Ethan cried out. “We couldn't watch you suffer. We vowed never to say this...”

“Guards...” The king grew impatient.

Aidan looked towards the entrance and then got up from the floor, trembling in fear. He started taking a few steps behind as he wrapped his arms around his body, gasping. “No...” He nodded in disagreement as more tears came. “...No. It can't be.” He cried.


“Stay way.” Aidan said, pointing his finger from side to side. “All I have ever done is being a good son in law, a good son, a good grandson and...a good husband. I have loved all of you here.” He yelled in anger. “I have showed you all my unconditional love and all I needed was just a little trust. But you all betrayed me. I lived with you in this palace and all you had to do was betray me like this. Did I ask to be married to the prince?” He yelled. His voice was changing and never in his life had he experienced such anger. “No! I didn't want to be married. But I still did anyway. I loved the prince. I changed his life. I gave him everything and what did I get in return...” He took in a deep breath and held it. “Nothing...” He exhaled. Suddenly a strong wind began blowing in the living room.

“I haven't done anything. I saved the throne, the scepter from the so called warlocks and this is what I get? I am not going to any prison for something that I didn't do. I won't allow you to treat me like trash. I don't even freaking about the king's wrath. My biggest mistake was falling in love with someone who isn't worth it.”

Everyone was watching as the wind just blew all over the living room. It wasn't that strong but it was blowing their hair. Everyone was now on their feet, staring at the boy that was moving back. They now knew that he was causing that wind.

“Nobody is going to touch me.” He nodded in disagreement. “Thank you for everything.” Then he looked at granny and Ethan. “You are the best things to have ever happened to me. I love you so much.”

Then with one final look at his husband, he turned and started going away. He was moving slowly with such pain in his heart. His breaths were harsh and his body was weak, really weak. He couldn't have ever imagined being hurt like that. A day which had started really well ended up a tragedy.

“Aidan!” Luis called softly, getting closer to him. He had no idea why he felt pain when Luis said he regretted falling for him.

“Stay away...” Aidan quickly turned and the wind got really strong. Everything in the living room began scattering. “Don't you dare come to me? Stay away from me. I don't wanna do something that both of us will regret. Stay away from me or else?”

“Guards...” The king gave a really loud shout. Immediately the guards came rushing in and they were quite many. All of them were armed. It was like they came prepared for a battle. “Seize him.” He pointed at Aidan.

Aidan moved his eyes quickly and looked at the guards that were surrounding him. He was neither scared nor worried. He was feeling a really powerful energy surrounding him. The guards were closing in.

“Stay away from me.” He warned, slowly moving his hands around. “Stay away from me okay. I don't wanna hurt you.” But the guards just kept on closing in like he was a criminal.

“Stay away.” He pointed as he felt intense anger take control of him.

Luis on the other watched as the guards closed in on the boy that he loved. How could that have happened? He could still feel the love blossoming right there. He felt tears pouring down his face as his head pulsed. Why did he have to love Aidan like that? Why?

“I said stay away he warned.” But the guards just kept on coming in closer. Aidan felt really angry for being treated like a criminal. He felt so much anger building. It wanted to come. “Stay the hell away...” He hollered. Suddenly all the guards were thrown away by an invisible force that had everyone surprised. They were all now on the floor, wincing in pain.

Aidan started moving quickly. He wanted to get out of that palace. Seeing Aidan going away, Luis began rushing to him, calling his name.


Aidan made a quick turn and everyone saw his eyes turn blue for just a second. They just made a quick glow and they turned to normal. Luis quickly took a few steps back.

“Stay away, Luis...” He said in a really angry voice. “You might have thought of me as bad but I am not a monster or a warlock. If I wanted this kingdom I can have it right now and no one would dare stop me. I just hope you won't encounter something worse than me.”

“Aidan...” Luis breathed as he took a quick step. “Tell me the truth...”

“Not anymore...” Aidan nodded in anger. “Not after what has happened. You don't deserve me.”


“Stay the fuck away.” Aidan warned and then looked at all of them in anger. The guards got up and started rushing towards him while everyone just watched. Aidan had no idea what had happened. He closed his eyes and felt hot tears of pain leaving them. The footsteps were getting heavy. The guards were really closing in.

Just when the guards could catch up to him, Aidan opened his eyes and looked at Luis, into those eyes that had once looked at him with love. Luis saw something beautiful in those eyes and he wanted to speak. But Aidan looked one more time and tore his eyes away. Then all of sudden he just disappeared. He was gone, right in front of their eyes.

“What?” The king gasped. “Find him.” He ordered. “I want you to find that boy and bring him to me.”

All the guards rushed out at the king's command. They were gonna begin the search for Aidan all over. They weren't gonna stop.

“I love you.” Ethan whispered as tears poured down his cheeks. He threw his body to the floor and then began mourning for his brother. He was gonna miss a lot. He didn't care what he was. He was just gonna miss him like crazy. “I love you so much.”

Granny also threw her body on the floor and cried. “Goodbye, my grandson. I hope you never come back.”

Luis and the others just stood there without movement. They had their eyes on the spot where Aidan had been standing a few seconds ago. One moment he had been there and the other he was gone. They didn't know what was going on.

Luis was in so much pain. He had no idea whether he was gonna recover from it.


William came back to the forest, happy and really laughing loudly. “We can finally go back to the kingdom.” He chuckled. “We can go with happiness in our bodies. We have finally...finally dealt with him.”

“Yes!” The three warlocks smirked. “How did it go with the last...”

“It was super exciting.” He chuckled. “I know the old bitch won't die because her spirit is really strong. I could feel it. Once I entered that palace...I had to put up my acting skills. I had to do it quickly as the spell was fading quickly. But I left them a little something on the table.”

The three warlocks laughed manically as William narrated how everything had gone. For the last two weeks the three warlocks plus William had been planning on what to do. They had mastered the great spell of mimicry and had mimicked Aidan's body, his voice, his personality...everything. They had hired someone to take a close watch on him and finally they had seen him alone. William had mimicked him and then travelled to the temple of light and with the help of the three warlocks, killed the priest. They had recorded it and sent it to the palace. But before that, the red haired warlock had mimicked the priest and went to the palace and gave the king a false revelation.
Just earlier, William had taken a great risk and mimicked Aidan. His source had told him that he saw the king, Luis, the queen, the princess and Aidan leave the palace. His only goal had been to kill the priest and pin it on Aidan but he decided to go further and have a little fun. He wanted to add more spice. He had gone back in the palace even though he couldn't use his magic properly there as the stupid priest had done something to the palace. He had stabbed the old woman and then cast a spell for her not to die. He had recorded the last part just for fun. And now he was back.

“You are a genius.” The red haired warlock gestured, smiling like an evil troll. “Our plan was perfect. No one is ever gonna suspect that we did...”

“How could they?” Luis chuckled. “When the only person they are gonna see is poor Aidan. I paid attention at the party to know that they didn't know him that much so they would suspect him. I am sure he is in hot soup by now. And do you know the penalty for witchcraft in this kingdom.”

“No!” One of the warlocks chuckled. “But I am sure it is harsh.”

The four of them laughed until they began coughing. It was a wonderful occasion for all of them. They had never been as happy as they were at that particular time.

“We have managed to cause chaos.” William cleared his throat to make his voice more clear. “Now that family will never be the same again. Too bad I didn't get a taste of Prince Luis.” He gave a sinister laugh. “But there is still more time and I can have him some day. However,” His face got serious. The very thought of what he was about to say made him tremble. “We have to go back to Alerna today. I am pretty sure father is mad.”

“Oh my God,” One of the warlocks quavered. “I can't imagine what he will say when we go back without the scepter.” He exhaled deeply. “He will kill us for sure. He will incur his wrath on all of us. I wish...”

“The real scepter has been hidden.” William seethed, staring at the warlocks angrily. “The one the king has is just a copy made by that foolish priest.” He growled, clenching on his fists. “I wish I had tortured him to tell me where it is. It is now useless to look for it. Only a man as powerful as father can sense it.” He clenched his teeth. “We have to go back and face.”

“You are right.” The warlock breathed in. “We have overstayed.”

“But look on the bright side.” William gave an evil chuckle. “We will be happy we caused some chaos. That scepter will be found one way or another okay?”

The three warlocks nodded and gave evil smiles even though they knew their punishments were gonna be great. King Wyatt was not a man to be messed with. He was really deadly. But they had something to look back and smile at while they are being tortured.

“To Alerna...” William said after taking a deep nervous breath.

William moved his eyes and stared at the beautiful golden and diamond palace one more time. He gave an evil chuckle before finally following his three warlocks.

What happens next?

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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To be fair video evidence is pretty damning and for a while there I wondered if this energy Aidan had been possessed by lately was causing a split personality. The priest supposedly had visions of the future yet he sorta led Aidan down the wrong path as part of the problem was Aidan hiding his powers & the attempted theft of the scepter from everyone. I mean if he had told them about all of that and the priest had corroborated his story it would have likely meant they wouldn’t have fallen for William’s tricks. Of course since apparently witchcraft is considered a terrible evil there he definitely would have needed the priest to back him up on his powers being from a divine source as the king might not have been happy with the idea of him having warlock-like abilities so I can understand why the priest advised him not to reveal his abilities. Ugh the priest’s non-intervention deal is annoying as I’m assuming his vision had something to do with this outcome yet he as a priest is prone to due left it up to divine providence and chose not to reveal what he saw. If he was meant to foresee it you’d think he’d be allowed to use the information to alter events as otherwise it’s a bit pointless.

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