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Unbroken - 17. Chapter 17: The battle.

“What the fuck is this?” Wyatt panted, spitting out the food in his mouth. “What the hell did you serve me?”

Hearing the angry voice from Wyatt, the maid trembled, throwing herself on the floor. “It is your food, my Lord.” She quavered, trembling like a leaf.

“What?” Wyatt bellowed, throwing the plate of soup on the floor. It broke into pieces. “Is this food befitting of a god?”

“I'm... I...”

“Silence!” Wyatt raised his hand furiously. “You are all useless. You are as useless as...” he laughed manically. “... a statue.”

Saying that, Wyatt thrust his hand forward, turning the maid into stone. He rose from the table furiously, laughing like he had just done something of great evil. “Might as well become a useless statue.” He laughed loudly, filling the entire dining room with his evil voice. “Next time you'll learn to cook properly.”

With an evil grin, Wyatt left the dining room laughing with his seer right behind him. He was still the king and his powers had multiplied. Now everyone lived in fear. No one was safe from him. He was a really happy but evil god like king.

As Wyatt left, William moved his eyes to stare at the statue which his father had just made. An evil grin appeared on his face as he chirped, shaking his head. “Serves this bitch right,”

William moved his eyes and stared at the three warlocks. “I want you to bring Luis to my room as soon as possible. Bring him at all costs. I don’t care if you have drag him there.”

“Okay?” They nodded.

William washed his hands and left the dining room to his room. He had a plan of getting Luis to himself. He had enough waiting and his lust was getting out of hand. It was definitely eating him up and he didn't like it one bit. He was tired of patiently waiting.


The door to the room opened and Luis raised his head up to find the three warlocks entering the room with evil grins on their faces. Seeing them he got really worried and mad at the same time. Those three were always there to take his father and he didn't like it. In fact, he'd had enough. For the last three days, the royal family had been locked up and they hadn't had any proper food in their stomachs. They hadn't even bathed. They just stayed like that, looking all worried and sad. They had experienced a whole lot of hell in those three days.

The three warlocks walked towards Luis and crossed their arms on their chest. “Get up and come with us now.” They commanded.

Luis raised his face and stared at them with a frown on his face. Those three gave him creeps and he didn't like it. “What?”

“You heard us!” The red haired warlock chuckled teasingly. “Get up and come with us in peace or we will do something bad to you.”

“Where are you taking my son?” King Julian asked, gripping his son harder. “What do you want to do with him? Leave him!”

“Shut up, crazy fool.” The blonde haired warlock snarled. “Shut the fuck up. This doesn't concern you.”

“Don't talk to my father like that.” Luis snapped. “Don't you have any...”

“We don't have time for this shit.” The dark haired warlock snapped, gripping Luis' arm painfully. It hurt a whole lot. “You are coming with us whether you like it or not.”

“Don't take...”

“Shut up!” The blonde haired warlock pushed the king to the floor. Queen Ruby held her husband, bringing him closer to her.

“Don't worry father.” Luis said confidently. “Nothing is going to happen to me. I will be fine.”

Luis watched his father sobbing as he was dragged out of the room. His father seemed sad and it affected him too. His hand was tightly held by the blonde man. He was being dragged to where he didn't even know.

“Where are...”

“You are soon going to find out.” The blonde haired warlock snapped. “Now shut up your stinking mouth before I do it for you.”

Luis remained quiet and quietly followed the three warlocks to the elevator which seemed dark. They came to the third floor where he was dragged out. Luis followed quietly as they went to the room. The blonde haired warlock opened the door and dragged him inside, throwing him hard on the floor. He hit his chest first but it didn't hurt. He was alright.

“Now stay there and don't you dare move a muscle.” The red haired warlock pointed at him angrily. “You are gonna regret it if you do.”

With that final warning, the three of them left the room and closed the door. Seeing them out, Luis quickly got up and looked around. The whole room looked like it had been when they were still living in it. Nothing had changed like the other things he had seen on his way to the room. He absolutely had no idea why he had been brought to that room but he didn't want to stay there.

With a quick deep breath, Luis rushed to the door but when he tried to open it... it was locked from outside. He tried severally but nothing was working. There was no way to open that door.

“Fuck!” Luis kicked the door harder, breathing as if he had been running for miles.

“It won't open. Only I can open it.” Luis heard a familiar voice.

He quickly turned and found William on the bathroom door way, smiling brightly at him. He had a towel around his neck. William was only putting on a bright blue boxer brief that was too tight on him. He had a grin on his face and if Luis wasn't mistaken, the guy was actually blushing.

Seeing William, Luis felt really mad. He felt a deep and powerful vibration take control of his body. He actually groaned as he tore his eyes away from the man that he had come to hate the most, the man that made his blood boil. He hated him more than he had ever hated anyone in his life before. He hated everything about him.

“I am sorry that you had to be treated like that.” William apologized. “You can come and sit beside me.”

“No, thanks!” Luis said rudely, flaring his nose. “I would like to go back to my family right now.”

“I am afraid I can't do that.” William started getting closer to Luis. “I personally invited you here with so much love. Are you gonna turn me down like that?”

“In case you didn't hear what I said,” Luis raised his voice. “I would like to go back to my family right now. I don't want your invite and I definitely don't wanna be with someone like you.”

William blushed, biting his lips harder. He rushed to Luis, getting really close to him. Luis felt disgusted when he saw William so close to him. He tried to move further but he couldn't. He had already hit the door and there was absolutely nowhere for him to run.

William blocked Luis by moving his hand to the door, getting even closer to him. “I need you Luis.” He breathed sensually. “I need you so badly right now. I want you to fuck me.”

“What?” Luis yelled, pushing William away from him. Boy was he mad. “How dare you say that to me? Who do you think you are? I need to go back to my family right now and...”

“What's so difficult to understand?” William snarled. “I just want you to fuck me right now, just once. I am offering you myself on a silver platter and it comes with a lot of benefits. I will treat you like my lover. I will love you so much. Your family will have better rooms and I will convince my father to treat them better.”

A brilliant smile appeared on Luis' face upon hearing that. He got closer to William and chuckled happily, seeing William's face brighten even more. He could see from William's eyes that he was really horny. He could tell the guy was lusting after him.

“Really?” He exclaimed, touching his chest.

“Yes!” William actually moaned, biting his lips sensually.

“Is that all?” Luis chuckled. “Is that all that you are asking of me?”

“That's all.” William acted as if he had hit a jackpot. He quickly gripped Luis' head and started getting closer to his lips, closing his eyes. His breaths were fast and harsh. He was dying to taste Luis' lips for the first time.

William was getting closer to Luis' lips. He was almost locking his lips with him before... He felt Luis' finger on his lips. Before he even realized what was going on, Luis pushed him harder to the floor with a thud. His whole body gave a powerful jerk that made him feel really hurt. When he eventually opened his eyes, he found Luis' closer to him. Luis seemed mad and his eyes could tell.

“You've said what you have to say.” Luis pointed his finger angrily at William. “But listen to what I have to say to you.” He breathed in harshly. “I would rather be locked up with my family than stay with someone like you. I would rather rot in that room rather than have anything to do with you. Do you understand?” He snarled. “You are even worse than a dog. I would rather sleep with a dog than have anything to do with you.”

By the time Luis was finishing what he was saying, William was totally mad. His face was red and his breaths sounded like a violent storm. He furiously stood from the floor and went near him, feeling his mouth trembling.

“I have done...”

“And I am done listening to you.” Luis snapped. “Take me back to my family before...”

“I have done everything for you to like me.” William snarled. “But you've left with no choice. I am going to have you whether you like it or not. I will have you just like I did the last time. You are going to fuck me whether you like it or not.”

“You can do anything you want.” Luis snapped. “You can even use magic on me but I will never love you. The only boy that has my heart is Aidan. I still love him and no one can replace that in my heart, not even a crazy whore like you.”

William was definitely mad. He breathed in deeply, screaming at the top of his voice. He made a quick enchantment, extending his hands in anger. He threw Luis on the bed and made sure that he didn’t move.

Luis tried to move his hands and legs but he couldn't move any part of his body. It was like something was holding him, pinning him down. He knew from that moment what William was gonna do to him but he wasn't still gonna let it. He was gonna try by all means to make sure that William didn't get what he wanted from him.

“Now we will see what you will do.” William gave a bitter chuckle as he carefully climbed the bed. “I am going to have you now. I am gonna make sure you enjoy it and you will have no choice but to beg for it next time.”

“Do your worst, whore.” Luis groaned.

William gave a bitter chuckle as he started crawling up Luis' body. He lay on top of him, wrapping his arms around Luis' waist. He got closer to Luis, trying to lock his lips with him but Luis retaliated. He moved his head to the other side, making sure that he had his mouth tightly locked.

William tried to kiss him but Luis spat on his face. “Take that bitch!” Luis yelled in his face.

William chuckled happily, wiping the spit from his face with his finger. He took it in his own mouth and licked it clean, licking his lips afterwards. An evil grin appeared on his face when he saw the huge frown on Luis' face.

“You are sick.”

“All this is just turning me on.” William moaned softly. “But I am gonna enjoy riding your monster cock. I had quite a great time the last time. But now...” He started tracing Luis' body with his middle finger, going all the way down. “We are gonna enjoy it together. I am gonna enjoy hearing you moan your brains out while I ride your cock like crazy.”

William reached Luis' crotch and rubbed on it. But he felt that Luis was still flaccid. When he moved his eyes to stare into Luis', he saw the dissatisfied look on his face. He laughed louder than before, rubbing on Luis' crotch as fast as he could while moaning softly.

“You are not turned on yet?” William chuckled, kissing on Luis' bare chest. “Allow me to take care of that for you.”

William started kissing his way down Luis' chest, licking the nipples and then planting soft kisses all over his belly. Luis had never been as disgusted as he was by William. Even the whores he used to fuck weren't as disgusting as William. He seriously wanted to throw up. William was making him nauseous.

Reaching Luis' crotch, William sniffed and then laughed as loud as he could. He quickly removed Luis' monster flaccid cock out of his pants, letting it loose. He looked at the disgusted man and then started teasing Luis' cock by brushing on it with his tongue.

“You like that?” William moaned softly. “Do you want me to take...”

“Fuck you!” Luis bellowed, trying to kick his feet. But it was futile. “Fuck you, you fucking prick!”

“Oh don't worry,” William laughed teasingly. “You are gonna fuck me real good. Now just let me get you all excited.”

Ignoring the groans of anger from Luis, William took his entire cock in his mouth and started sucking him softly while moaning on his cock. He did this for several seconds but got surprised when Luis was still flaccid. He sucked and sucked but there was nothing happening.

William furiously took Luis' cock out of his mouth, staring at Luis' face. He saw Luis' face of anger and mock. William got insanely mad when he saw that face. It was clear what Luis was trying to do or whatever he was doing. But he had done that before and he was gonna make Luis hard whether Luis liked it or not.

“You can ignore this as much as you want.” William said in a serious voice. “But you will get hard whether you like it or not. You are gonna fuck me whether you like it or not.”

With those words, William took Luis' cock again and sucked even harder than before while stroking him as fast as he could. He tried every technique that he knew. He sucked harder and harder than before but Luis was flaccid. There was nothing that was happening. The more William sucked that juicy cock he had tasted the other night the angrier he got.

“Fuck!” William yelled, tearing away from Luis' cock. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“If you are done using that pit latrine on me I would like to go back to my family now.” Luis felt as if something really disgusting had just entered his body. “Fuck! You are so disgusting.”

“What?” William furiously got up from the bed. “Who do you think you are? I am here offering a million dollar ass and you are there...”

“Get me out of here.” Luis literally commanded. “I would like to go back to my room now. I don't have time for this nonsense. I don't have time for disgusting men like you. I hate you. I told you that Aidan is the only one that...”

“Shut up!” William bellowed, hitting his fists harder on the bed. “You are nothing but a slave. I command you...”

“You can't command me to do anything.” Luis gave a bitter chuckle. “Only Aidan has that right and he is not here. You might have raped me the other night but I would rather die than have anything to do with you again.”

William breathed harshly at Luis' words, thrusting his hands furiously, releasing Luis from his hold. Feeling himself get free, Luis jumped off the bed and then zipped himself up, packing his cock back into his pants. He had an expression of disgust on his face.

“You might have escaped this one.” William warned, pointing his fingers angrily at Luis. “But you will be mine. You shall be at my mercy and I shall use you anytime I want. This is the vow that I am making to you. I am still the prince of Angria and my father is the ruler and god of this kingdom. I shall have you Luis even if I have to seek my father's help. I shall make you fall madly in love with me that you will kiss the ground that I walk on. You are still a prisoner in my palace so I will get you.”

Hearing William's words, William raised his face up and groaned at him. “I will make sure I die before that.” He vowed. “I will make sure I kill myself before that day. But I assure you that no matter what you try to do, Aidan will always be the one in my heart. My heart beats for him every day and I will always love him unlike a stupid and...”

“Enough!” William made a quick turn. “Percy!” He yelled at the top of his voice. He sure sounded mad.

As soon as he called, the door to his room opened wider, revealing the red haired warlock who seemed a little mad. “What has he...”

“Get him out of here.” William yelled. “I don't want him in my room right now.”

Hearing William's orders, the red haired warlock gripped Luis' arm with an evil grin on his face. Luis took a quick glance at William and gave him smirk, showing him that he had lost the game. Then he followed the warlock back to the room where they were locked up. His family seemed happy to see him and they hugged him tightly but he couldn't tell them what had happened while he had been out of the room.

“No!” William threw the pillows away from his bed, clenching on the sheets harder.

William was mad... he was breathing like a predator after losing its prey, in that case Luis. His heart was pounding deep in his chest, making him even madder than he actually was. His breaths were violent. His face was red hot, burning in anger. His whole body shuddered in anger. He was actually madder than he was. He was still very horny, dying to feel Luis' cock deep inside of him and spreading his cum deeper in his ass walls.

“No man has ever denied me before.” William said harshly, clenching on the sheets harder. “I will not let you deny me Luis.” He breathed as a tear fell down his cheeks which he furiously rubbed off. “You will be mine very soon. I promise.”


A loud wind swirled, making the nearby papers and others wastes to blow away. The wind spun even harder and when it eventually stopped, Aidan appeared in Angria. He had his eyes closed as he didn't want to see how it was looking like or how the people would see him. Man, he didn't even want anyone to see him but he was on a mission and he needed to open his eyes.

His heart was racing. His breaths were harsh even though he was trying to stay calm. He couldn't understand the vibrations that took control of his body. He knew he would soon see Luis. He wanted to return and just forget about it but he was a man on a mission and he was gonna complete that mission.

Aidan took a deep breath as he slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed when he opened his eyes was that he was around a corner of a building. The building was tall and he could still remember it from when he had been living in the kingdom. He sighed, moving his eyes forward as he started to walk.

Moving his eyes forward, Aidan gasped, making a small step behind him. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. His eyes widened and his mouth fell open. He couldn't still believe it. He was not in the palace but in the city. Everything seemed different. The weather felt a little cold and the dark clouds that covered the whole kingdom were of evil and he could see it.

He looked forward and saw a few people passing the streets, a street which was filled with millions of people when he was still living in Angria. The few people seemed really scared and sad. They were all walking fast as if they were rushing somewhere. They were not in cars but just on foot.

“What's going on?” Aidan muttered as he started making his way to the street. “Why is everyone so sad? Is it that bad?”

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan made a quick turn to look around. It was not night or evening but the buildings seemed empty. Even the shops were closed and some of them were broken. Everywhere he looked just made him realize even more that the whole kingdom was in sorrow. He felt really terrible for the people, especially after seeing them in the state that they were in.
Still looking all around, Aidan heard tires of the car screeching at a distance. Before he could even realize what was going on, he heard the door of the car opening and closing abruptly. Aidan quickly moved his eyes to the direction he heard the noise.

He saw a man at a distance rushing to a group of people with a whip. He had dark long hair which reached his shoulder. He was dressed in what looked like a strange medieval war attire of pitch black color. He was walking so fast to the people and Aidan could see the people trembling. He had never seen the man before but he could take a wild guess that the man worked for Wya... whatever he was called.

“Hey!” He heard the man shouting in anger, thrusting his hand forward. The whip hit the people and they cried out in pain. “Don't you know how to show respect to your officials? Bow down before me and start crawling on the ground. Now!” He shouted, whipping them again.

The people threw themselves to the ground, crying loudly. Aidan covered his mouth as he felt anger sweep him off his feet. He watched as the man made life hell for the people as they crawled on the ground. He wanted to do something. He knew he had to do something but he couldn't move. It was like he was frozen. But he really got hurt after what he saw.

The man went closer and gripped a blonde lady's hair, ripping her off the ground. She gave a deafening loud cry that made Aidan tremble. “You look good.” The man licked his lips. “I think you would pleasure me very well. Your pussy would feel great on my cock. I am going to...”

“No!” A man rose among the people on the ground, putting his hands together. “Please. Don't do that. That's my wife.”

“Hmmm,” the man gave a wicked cackle. He stuck out his tongue and licked the woman's neck, running his tongue up and down her neck while she cried as if she had met her end.

The man tried to hold his wife out but the evil man threw his hand in the air, sending the man flying. He hit the ground with a thud, hitting his head. Aidan watched the man as he winced on the ground while blood colored his face.

That was it. Aidan was done with that shit. He couldn't watch anymore. He was gonna help them out whether he liked it or not. They were clearly in pain and needed him too. He couldn't just ignore them. They were relying on him to save him.

Aidan rushed to the man and stood still a distance from him. It was now or never. He had to start wiping out the evil seeker's henchmen. Aidan clenched his fists hard as he looked at the whimpering people that had their faces on the ground. He looked at the man who was wincing on the ground as blood decorated his face. Then he moved his eyes to the man that was trying to kiss the blonde lady's lips without her permission. All that just made him madder than he actually was.

“Hey!” Aidan called, making sure that his voice was audible enough.

Hearing that voice, the evil warlock stopped what he was doing and moved his face forward, finding the little boy that was standing a distance away from him. He stopped what he was doing, gripping the crying woman's arm harder. She cried even more. The warlock stood still as a frown appeared on his face. He was mad.

“Are you talking to me?” He pointed at himself. “How dare you talk to me? It seems as if you don't really know me. I am not to be messed with and I will not allow you to disrespect me. Now kneel down before I kill you right now.”

Aidan gave a loud laugh that made the warlock look even more surprised. He stared at Aidan with a frown, getting even madder. “Now you have down it.” He pushed the woman so hard to the ground. She crawled away from him, crying even harder.

“Didn't your mother teach you about manners?” Aidan said teasingly, getting closer to the warlock. “Or maybe she didn't have any herself.”

“What?” The warlock snapped. His face turned red with anger and he balled his fists even harder. Then he let loose the whip. “I am gonna enjoying killing you, you stupid boy.” He yelled. “Ask them. They have only known me for...”

“Uh?” Aidan yawned teasingly, making the warlock even madder. “Sorry, what did you say? You were so boring that I forgot a lousy man was standing next to me. Do you mind repeating what you just said before I kick your stinking ass?”

The man breathed violently, raising the whip higher. “Uh...” He screamed in anger, thrusting the powerful whip forward, sending it into Aidan's direction, aiming for his face. An evil grin appeared on his face as that whip got near.

Aidan wasn't scared at all. As soon as that whip was closer, it stopped right in front of his face. He looked at the evil man and then chuckled happily. He breathed in deeply, sending the whip back to where it came from but even more powerful than it had been.

When the man saw the whip coming back without any clue on how it had come back, he tried to dodge it but too late. It hit him harder across the face, revealing a huge red, bloody mark. It stung like crazy leaving the man jumping like he was standing on hot coal. He dropped the whip to the ground and started jumping around like crazy. He had never experienced that kind of pain in his life before. It was really something else.

“Fuck!” The man cried out in pain as he jumped from side to side. “What the fuck did you do to me?”

“Exactly what you deserve.” Aidan hollered. “You are gonna regret ever stepping your foot into this kingdom.”

“You crazy bastard!” The man finally yelled, removing his hand away from his face. That was when Aidan saw the impact of the whip he had sent back to the crazy idiot. It was even more than he had thought it was.

The whip had gone across one eye, revealing a huge red mark. Aidan was sure that he was blind with that eye but he loved it . In fact, he would have even done more with that. But the evil man seemed really mad. He was breathing as if he was preparing for war, trembling in anger.

“You've now called for death.” The man said as he raised his hands in the air, opening his palms wider. Then he started an enchantment right in front of Aidan. Aidan stared at the man, waiting for him to finish what he was doing.

The man finished the enchantment and then thrust his hand forward. A thin fume of what looked like ice shot out of his hand. It was pointed and really sharp. Aidan was sure that thing was to pierce him and kill him right there. Seeing it coming, Aidan thrust his hand forward, instantly turning the pointed ice back to the man.

The man's eye widened at what he had just seen. He tried to dodge again but this time, the thin fume of ice hit his arm, piercing him badly. Blood started gushing out of his arm to the ground. He fell to the ground, holding out his arm. That was when fear struck over him. He started trembling terribly, almost peeing his pants. He knew that the boy he had tried to kill was no ordinary boy. It got him scared especially when he raised his face and saw him close.

“Who... who are you?”

“So you can actually feel scared?” Aidan said angrily. “I didn't know evil men like you even got scared.”

“Please.” The man pleaded, holding his wound tighter. “Don't kill me. I am only following...”

“That's what they all say.” Aidan said as he ripped the man from the ground, raising him in the air. “You've reached your last day of causing evil in this kingdom. Goodbye.”

The man opened his mouth to speak but before he even said anything, he gave out a loud cry that sounded painful to the ears of the people that watched. He was crying loudly. Everywhere was hurting and he had no idea what to do. He stared at the boy and the boy wasn't doing anything but he was in so much pain. He felt his bones cracking in his body as his veins started being filled up with blood.

“Ah...” The man cried out in pain. “Please.”

But Aidan was so concentrated on making the man pay with the greatest pain he could think of. He watched as every bone in the man's body cracked as his veins explode. Blood started gushing out of his eyes, ears and his mouth. Then he started choking on his own blood as his body became nothing. His whole bones had been crushed. Within a few seconds, he was dead.

Aidan dropped him to the ground. Then he extended his hand on that body, setting it ablaze with a bright blue flame that burned him to nothing within seconds.

“I hope you burn in hell.” Aidan said harshly, making a quick turn without even taking a glance at the people that still seemed scared.

Aidan started walking away with the intention of going back to the palace to finish the seeker once and for all. He just needed to be done with everything so that he could go back to his life and live happily and peacefully with his son.

“Thank you.” Aidan stopped when he heard the voice behind him. He made a quick turn to find the woman that he had saved on her knees. When she saw his face clearly, he saw the change in her facial expression. She bowed her head. “Prince Aidan...”

Aidan's heart skipped a beat when he heard what the woman had just called him. He sighed, getting closer to her and the people that seemed really scared. He didn't like the way she had addressed him. He was no longer a prince and was never gonna be.

“I am not a prince anymore.” Aidan said confidently, letting go of his fists. “My name is just Aidan.” He moved his eyes to the hurting man on the ground, ignoring the surprised looking woman. “All of you get up and go home.” He looked at the woman again. “Your husband is really hurt. Take him home and take very good care of him.”

The woman nodded and rushed to her husband. The other people got up with tears all over their faces. They were still crying heavily. They thanked him and then started rushing home. They were still scared and Aidan knew the reason why.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan took a great turn, moving his eyes straight forward. He could see the palace... he could see the dark cloud surrounding it... he could also see the great change. That was the dwelling place of his enemy. He had seen the city and now there was nothing for him to fear. It was time for him to...

“Time to end this shit once and for all.” He said, clenching his fists harder.

With those words, Aidan frowned and disappeared.


Aidan appeared right in front of the huge castle gate. As soon as he set his eyes on that gate, he gave a loud gasp, taking a step back. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. The palace from afar had seemed really bad but he was wrong. Things were even worse than he had actually thought. The huge gate wasn't golden anymore. It was pitch black and he had no idea why he could see dark smoke surrounding it.

Aidan quickly moved his eyes up and saw the dark clouds that surrounded the palace. His heart pounded in his chest as soon as he saw it. He dropped his eyes to the gate and then took in a deep breath. There was no turning back for him. He had already started his mission and nothing was gonna change that for him.

Staring at the huge gate, Aidan could feel a really strong and dark force. It was powerful and he knew that powerful force was emanating from inside the palace, the evil seeker himself. That powerful force made him feel strange. He felt the energy deep inside of him react to that evil force that he felt, surrounding his entire body. He now felt more energy and power than he had ever felt.

Aidan also knew that once he entered that palace, a lot was gonna come to his mind. He had a past with that palace, a painful past that he didn't want to think about. But he was just gonna stay strong and prevent anything from distracting him from his mission. He had to be strong because he knew his opponent wasn't weak either. He was really powerful and...

“You are more powerful than him.” The priest's words rang through his head.

Aidan took a deep sigh, removing all the negative energy in him. He raised his leg to take the first step before...

“Hey!” He heard a deep manly voice from behind him. He made a quick turn and found a chocolate brown haired man coming closer to him. The man seemed pissed and from the strange way he was looking like, Aidan didn't need to be a genius to know that the man was a warlock, a warlock that made him fume.

“What are you doing here?” the man yelled, rushing towards him. “Were you planning on stealing something in there?” He asked harshly. “Well! Little boy, you've made a really big mistake and you will not be spared.”

Aidan chuckled at the man's words. He moved his eyes forward and lost the little grin that was left on his face. “Were you actually talking to me? If there is a thief in this kingdom it has to be the one that stole the throne and...”

“What?” The man's face turned red with anger. He took a step behind and breathed in harshly. “How dare you call god...”

“Your god and not mine.” Aidan said as if he didn't even care about what he was saying. “I can never worship my fellow man, an idiot and...”

“Hmm,” The man chuckled manically, getting closer to Aidan. “You really have guts young boy. But I am going to teach you a really good lesson which you won't forget even when you'll be burning in hell.”

Aidan rolled his eyes and got a little closer to the warlock. “Look, dude...” He sneered. “Whoever...”

Before Aidan could even finish his sentence, he heard the man chanting some words, extending his arms towards him. The man opened his palms wider, staring at Aidan with an evil grin on his face. The spell wasn't long and he was done in less than a minute.

“Now you are gonna pay.”

With those words, he thrust his right hand forward, shooting a powerful fireball at Aidan while he laughed manically. The man definitely had no idea who he was dealing with, Aidan thought as he looked at the charging fireball without fear or moving an inch. With every inch that it got closer, Aidan felt its energy and power. He knew how powerful it was and he had a great idea.

Once it was near enough, Aidan stopped it with his mind. It was now stationary, looking like a harmless fire ball, floating in the air. He looked past that fireball and was just in time to see the grin on the man's face disappear, replaced by a frown and fear. He chuckled teasingly, loving the fear that was deep within the man.

The man took a deep breath and thrust his hand forward, sending another powerful fireball. Aidan moved the ball he had stopped, sending it forward to meet with the coming fireball. Once they met, they combined, forming a huge flaming fireball which was now in Aidan's control.

The warlock took a few steps behind, moving his eyes to Aidan. He got scared and began sweating terribly. His body trembled and his mouth shook in fear. He tried to thrust his hand forward but he was trembling so much that the fireball went off before it even grew in his hands. He tried and tried again but his fear was too intense that he couldn't even concentrate on his magic, let alone his spell.

Aidan grinned at the man when he saw the fear in his eyes. The man kept on getting further and further away from the scary boy and the huge fireball which he was controlling. He tried to chant a spell to disappear from there but he kept on messing up words. His heart was pounding so fast he felt as if it was about to rip out of his chest. He was breathing so fast and before a minute even ended he was wet from his sweat.

Without any sign of hope of ever getting the spell right, the man made a quick turn to run away but before he even took two steps, Aidan thrust his hand forward, not that he needed to. He stopped the man's movements, quickly turning him. He slowly raised him in the air, chirping at him.

“Please.” The man pleaded. “Let me go.” He was visibly trembling.

Aidan smiled. “Of course,” he cleared his throat. “I just wanted to give you back your fireball.”

“No...” The man nodded.

“What?” Aidan teased, dropping his hands. “Someone told me that if someone takes something from you, you take it back.”

With a final grin, Aidan sent the huge fireball flying towards the man. The man screamed out in horror. Before the fireball even reached him, he exploded into bits. Aidan made a quick turn and now faced the huge gate. The two warlocks he had faced were definitely strangers to him and he had no idea how many more were in that palace but he was ready to wipe them all out just to get to the evil seeker.

Aidan was so mad that he didn't even mind what he was doing. He could still remember the story the priest had told him and it was still ringing through. The warlocks were evil and had killed a number of people. He didn't mind killing them all to get to the evil king.

Aidan took a deep breath and extended his hand to push the huge gate. But before he even touched it, it opened wider, revealing the entire compound. When Aidan moved his face forward to stare into the palace compound he got another surprise. Things were surely strange.

There were a lot of old statues at the entrance going all the way to the huge castle. He took a quick glance of the palace and also noticed the bad state in which it was. The statues were quite many and he remembered the words the priest had told him. Those statues were the people that the evil seeker had turned.

Moving his eyes up, Aidan noticed the evil dark clouds that had surrounded the entire castle. The priest had been right. A lot of evil surrounded the palace. He could feel it all over. It felt like nothing he had ever felt before. It was really dark and stronger than he had imagined.

“This is bad.” Aidan said as he moved his eyes to the huge dark palace where his enemy was staying.

The power he felt was surely strange and the energy deep within him surrounded him, shielding him from all the evil around that palace. With a deep gloomy sigh, Aidan clenched his fists and started walking inside with his eyes glued on the castle. He couldn't wait to get in there.

Aidan was walking carefully, elegantly, avoiding any contact with the statues that were on his way. As soon as he walked a distance inside, he heard a strange noise behind him, making him take a quick turn, ready to strike whatever had made that noise. But he found out that the gate had closed on its own.

Aidan took another breath and continued walking. The castle was a little bit dark from the dark clouds that surrounded the palace but he was clearly seeing everything brightly and it wasn't from the torches that lit the palace it was just from his own vision.

Aidan continued going and he also realized that the more he neared the castle, the angrier he became. He had no idea why. Aidan was so lost looking at the palace that he had no idea the speed at which he was moving. He was moving at super speed and he didn't even realize it. The only thing that had been on his mind was to reach the palace as soon as possible and now he didn't even realize that he was at super speed.

Taking a deep sigh as he reached half way to the huge palace, Aidan clenched his fists harder as he felt a really powerful force take control of him, giving him unimaginable courage and energy. He was ready to kick ass and he didn't mind who was in his way. He didn't even care if he had to fight a billion warlocks because he knew he could handle them.

His only goal was to get to Wyatt and deal with him even though he knew it wasn't gonna be easy. Nothing was gonna stand in his way.


“Alright,” William said as he instructed the four warlocks he was with. He was with the red haired warlock, the dark haired warlock and two new warlocks that were both dark haired but different. They were powerful and impressed him and his father. “You heard father's instructions.”
“Yes!” The red haired warlock said stretching out his arms. “All that is just a piece of cake. We will we be back before he even realizes it.”

“I like that.” An evil grin appeared on William's face. “Now let's go. We need to impress him even more.”

William laughed sinisterly. He started going out of the palace, passing the exit.

William and the four other warlocks were about to go to the city to get some things that were required for the sacrifice. They had been ordered to capture forty people to use for the blood sacrifice. They were happy as the king had been able to give them an important mission like that. All they had to do was get the people and then take them back to the palace. It was gonna be real easy especially with the fear the people had.

William took a deep breath as he exited the palace. He had an evil grin on his face because his father had trusted him. Their bond had grown even stronger than before. His father now loved and trusted him a whole lot.

William and his warlocks were now outside, heading for the cars which were on the left side, near the pool. He was looking all around, loving the atmosphere which his father had made. That actually showed that he was really powerful than anything.

Seeing the beautiful thing his father had done, William took a really deep sigh. “Now remember that...” He trailed off when he moved his eyes forward and saw someone coming towards the palace.

William stood still and started walking a little near to see who it was that was coming. When he eventually saw who it was that was coming, he gasped, touching his chest in surprise. Though the one that was coming was still a bit far from them, William could definitely see that it was Aidan.

“Aidan!” William gasped as a frown appeared on his face.

“That same boy?” The red haired warlock bellowed, clenching his fists. “What is he doing here?”

William looked at the red haired warlock and then at the coming boy. The frown turned into an evil grin. He crossed his arms on his chest, chuckling manically as crazy ideas slipped through his mind. He had his eyes on Aidan, thinking about what he was gonna do.

“I thought he was banished.” The dark haired warlock exclaimed. “What the fuck is he doing here?”

“Who is he?” One of the new warlocks asked. “Is he trouble or something? Should we inform the Lord about this and...”

“No!” William grinned, shaking his head. “Father shouldn't be involved in trivial matters like this.”

“Are you suggesting that we deal with him ourselves?” The dark haired warlock asked, still staring at the coming boy.

At the warlock's question, William moved his eyes to the four of them and grinned. “What do you think?” He nodded, waiting for their answer.

The red haired warlock brought his hand forth and hit it with his fist. He breathed in violently, chuckling like an evil lord. “I don't know what he came back to do here but he's in for a great surprise.”

“Exactly.” William laughed, getting his eyes forward. “We are stronger now. He is nothing but a scared little confused boy who should have stayed away from here. I don't know what he came back to do here but this is our territory and we are stronger here.” He laughed manically. “Let's show him how to mind his own business.”

With those words, William and the four warlocks started heading for Aidan, making sure that they were moving faster. They all had evil grins on their faces, dying to deal with Aidan. He might have defeated them the last time but he was making a really big mistake this time.


Aidan stopped in his tracks when he saw William and four other warlocks rushing towards him with evil grins on their ugly faces. He knew the two other warlocks because William had come with them the first he had come to Angria. The other two though they were acting as if they had a score to settle with him, he had no freaking idea who they were.

Aidan's eyes were only on William, the guy that made him fume. He hated him like crazy... he hated everything about him... he hated the way he smelled... he hated his very presence... he hated even the way he was made. He had hated the guy since the first time they had met but now that hatred had turned into something else. To Aidan, they were more than enemies. It was beyond that.

Seeing William again, Aidan's anger came rushing towards him. He actually found out that he hated the guy more than anything else in this very world. He made him fume. Aidan was swept off his feet by unimaginable intense anger that he couldn't control. He felt a terrible vibration throughout his entire body. He felt a terrible and powerful vibration travel up and down his spine.

Aidan's hands started shaking from the intense anger that he couldn't seem to control. His heart started pounding in his chest, urging him to kill the bastard. The blood that was pumped to the rest of his was boiling hot, making the anger even worse. His jaws shook as he felt intense heat all over his body. His breaths got harsh.

The image of what he had seen in the temple of light when William cloned his body slipped through his mind. He remembered how the priest had been brutally murdered. He remembered how granny had been stabbed and how everything had been pinned on him. He remembered the way he defiled the temple of light. He remembered every bit of what had happened.

‘He took Luis' sperm and blood after spiking his wine. He slept with him.’ Aidan had no idea why that slipped through his mind but it just added to the immense anger that he couldn't control.

As more things about what the guy had done to him slipped through his mind, Aidan clenched his fists harder than he had ever done before. He could have sworn that the fire that caught his body was visible to him. He could see it with his own eyes, melting his anger and bringing all the pain back. With everything that Aidan had come to remember, he actually realized that he had a lot to settle with William. The guy had murdered his guide. Whatever good was left in Aidan melted away at that very moment. The only thing that he had in his mind was revenge. He was gonna avenge all the pains that William had caused him. He also came to realize that William was also the origin of all his problems. But now... now he was gonna make him pay.

“Well, well, well...” William laughed teasingly, clapping with an evil grin on his face. “Look whom we have here. Look who decided to join our little party. If it isn't Aidan...” He laughed.

Did I forget to mention that William's voice irritated Aidan big time. He felt nauseous just by hearing that disgusting voice. He clenched his fists even harder as the fire burned him even more. He actually groaned but it wasn't really loud.

“Did you come to rescue your husband?” William laughed teasingly. He was only adding to the fire that Aidan felt inside of him. “Oh my God!” William gasped, covering his mouth in mock astonishment. “I totally forgot,” then a smirk appeared on his face. “He is your ex-husband. You two got divorced.”

Aidan knew exactly how to handle the stupid idiot. He was just waiting for the right time. Right then he had better things to do.

“We meet again.” Aidan chuckled bitterly. “The same old, stupid William. I must say, you have changed quite a lot in the last two years. Hmm,” He chuckled softly. “You are even uglier than the last time we met.”

William's smirk disappeared at Aidan's words. He frowned, groaning loudly as he clenched his fists harder. He was mad. He was furious. “How dare you little...”

“Hey...” Aidan gestured with his hand, telling him to keep it cool. “There is no need to get mad. It was just a compliment. Besides, there is no denying that you are a professional when it comes to ugliness. All those ugly people in the world are nowhere compared to you.”

“Uh!” William stomped his feet harder on the floor as anger caught him like never before. He clenched his fists even harder. “How dare you speak to me in that manner? Who do you think you are?”

“Who me?” Aidan acted as if he didn't even care. He even blew on his nails as a smirk appeared on his face. He was still mad but he knew how to handle fools like William. He might have been different but old habits die hard, right? “Well! Actually, I am someone you can't compare your ugliness to.” He laughed loudly. “And I am someone that...”

“You actually have the nerves to show up in my palace and do that.” William said angrily. His face instantly turned red from the anger that he felt deep within him. “You definitely have forgotten about...”

“How can I ever forget that face?” Aidan laughed teasingly. “That face can haunt anyone in his dreams. It is not easy to forget. But of course, how can I forget you though we spent just a few days? I can still remember I defeated you back there.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up...” William stomped on the ground, feeling his insides burning. He had never been as mad as he was that time. “You definitely have no idea who you are dealing with. You are standing in my territory and...”

“Yes!” The red haired warlock nodded his head. “You are standing on enemy ground. Better be careful what you say but even if you don't... we are going to deal with you today. You have made the biggest mistake of your life by stepping your foot here.”

Aidan chuckled. “Really? You and what army?”

“I don't need any army to defeat you.” William bellowed, pointing his finger angrily at Aidan. “We are enough and our powers have multiplied. You are just alone. Besides,” he crossed his arms as the evil smirk returned on his face. “Have you forgotten...”

“How can I forget?” Aidan chuckled bitterly. “How can I forget the man who copycatted me and then killed the priest? How can I forget the face that copycatted me and tried to kill... the queen mother? You are just a copy of the original and...”

“And the same man that took your husband away from you.” William laughed at the top of his voice. “I bet that was the most painful thing that had ever happened to you? I can't imagine what you went through but Luis...” He whistled, licking his lips sensually. “He didn't even think twice before dumping you because he didn't love you. I took him away from you and now he is no longer with you. God! I am good.”

William was right. It had hurt a lot when Luis did that to him. But Aidan wasn't gonna show that. He was gonna just stay calm. He had done his best to stay calm and not get distracted about his past with that palace. A fool like William wasn't gonna distract him.

“I wish I was there to see your face.” William continued. He laughed even louder and the four warlocks laughed with him. “Luis didn't even think twice about dumping you or replacing you. You should have seen us the other night. We were on fire. We fucked the entire night just talking dirty while enjoying each other. Luis didn't even think twice about you. He is now with me and...” He laughed when he stared at Aidan. “What did you think?” He laughed together with the four warlocks. “Did you actually think you would come here, save Luis and get back together? Well! Sweetie, he has long forgotten about you. You had just wasted your time here because you definitely don't know what you stepped into. This is even more dangerous than you expected.” He smirked. The four warlocks laughed manically. “You made a big mistake by coming here and now... you are...”

“Uh...” Aidan yawned, rubbing his eyes as if he had just come from having a wonderful sleep. “Are you done with your boring story? It is actually making me... sleepy.” He laughed teasingly. He had to give William a taste of his own medicine. “By the way, has anyone told you, you are a lousy storyteller? Your stories are just as boring and ugly as you. Both of you suit each other. I think you should have been given an award for the world's ugliest man because you're so darn ugly. By the way, did someone tell you that you qualify for being...”

“Enough!” William snapped, breathing like a war fighter. His face was redder than it had been. He was mad before but now he was furious. He was gonna deal with Aidan beyond imagination. “How dare you speak to me like that?”

“Don't worry about him.” the evil red warlock smirked, hitting his fists together. “You are so gorgeous and he is just...”

“If jealous is the word you were looking for then sorry. Have you seen this face?” He pointed towards his own face. “Your face is not even a percentage beautiful compared to mine. I am 100% beautiful than all of you. What is that saying again? Oh!” He gasped. “Ugly people support each other so I totally understand you. Any relations to...”

“Shut up!” William thundered, his face turning even redder.

“That's it.” Aidan thought as an evil grin appeared on his face.

“You have no idea what kind of mistake you've just made by returning to this kingdom.” William warned as an evil grin appeared on his face. “Coming here only mean you have a death wish. You've finally come to the end of your journey. I am gonna enjoy killing you. The last time I spared you because my powers were limited but right now...” He shook his head, clenching his fists. “I am so gonna deal with you, you are gonna be in hell in the next few seconds.”

“Uh...” Aidan yawned again. “Huh? What? What did you say?”

“Uh!” William groaned as his body trembled and his face turned into something else. “You are gonna...”

“Save me the ugly speech.” Aidan dismissed rudely, glowering his face. “By the way, I heard that the ugly idiot that stole this kingdom is your coward father. I came here for him. Is he in there?”

“What?” William's voice echoed. His anger had just turned into something else. “How dare you call a great god like...”

“God?” Aidan laughed loudly, tears of mirth left his eyes. “More like a god's doormat. I hear he proclaimed himself...”

“Enough!” the red haired warlock thundered, walking slowly towards Aidan but William stopped him.

“I bet he has just had enough of life on earth.” William shouted, getting a little closer as he gestured the warlocks to follow behind. “We are going to deal with you in a way in which you will beg for death. We are gonna enjoy killing you and feeding your carcass to the birds. You are gonna suffer in hell while watching Luis and I making love to each other. You are gonna regret coming back to prove your worth.”

“Ooh...” Aidan wrapped his arms around himself, shaking softly. “I am shaking my boots. I want my mommy and my daddy.”

“Good!” William dropped his hands as an evil grin made his face brighter. “Boys! You know what to do with him but allow me to finish him off.”

“Letting your pets do your dirty job for you?” Aidan teased. “Too scared I am gonna kick your ass, again.”

“Wait!” William gestured, getting in front again. “I don't need anybody to beat you. You are weaker now and there is nothing you are gonna do.”

With those words, William started his enchantment which ended really quickly. He grinned at Aidan when he eventually stopped and then slowly started raising his hands, chanting the remaining spell. He opened his palms wider as he continued with the spell.

“I am gonna enjoy this.” William smirked.

With an evil grin and chuckle, William thrust his hands forward furiously, releasing a fume of what looked like a dangerously burning flame which had so much energy. It was charging at Aidan with a high speed. William knew it was all over once that flame touched Aidan. He was gonna watch him burn to ashes.

William chuckled in satisfaction as he watched the flame which was beyond no doubt gonna burn him. He laughed with four warlocks evilly, enjoying his victory. There was nothing that was gonna save Aidan from that flame. But when something unexpected happened, William's laughs stopped immediately.

The flame reached Aidan, just about a meter away from him. Then it froze. It wasn't moving at all. It just stood there as if someone was holding it. Then Aidan smirked at William, chuckling softly. The game had begun.

“What?” William gasped as he took a few steps behind. “What happened?”

Aidan raised his face and winked. Then he looked at the warlock that seemed new on the left side of William. He smirked brightly and said, “Boo!”

As soon as he uttered that word, the flame took a quick turn and started heading for the new warlock behind William. Before he even realized what was going on, the flame reached him and set him ablaze. He started screaming out in pain, moving from side to side crying for help. William and the three remaining warlocks got away from him. Aidan had super-heated the flame that it started ripping the guy's skin as soon as it touched him. He fell to the ground, shrieking and crying at the top of his voice. His entire skin had burned. He was now a full skeleton screaming in horror. William and the three remaining warlocks had their eyes on the burning man. They were so surprised that they couldn't move an inch of their bodies.

Aidan on the other smirked once he saw the looks on William and remaining warlocks' faces. They were hilarious and he loved the way they were looking like. The priest was right. He had just willed it and it had happened. Now he discovered he was really powerful.

The warlock on the ground shrieked and burned to nothingness in less than thirty seconds. Not even ashes were left of him. Now William and the three warlocks were really scared. Aidan hadn't even chanted anything. It was difficult for any ordinary warlock to send back the magic of another. It was impossible.

With a gulp, William moved his face to stare at Aidan. Before he even got a better look at the smirking boy, he was ripped from where he stood and thrown on one of the statue his father had made nearby. He hit his head hard, breaking his forehead. The statue didn't break but he was on his way to the ground. He hit his forehead again, feeling blood gushing out to his face. His vision blurred as a sharp headache hit him like a billion lightning bolts. He felt really weak and scared at the same time. He tried to get up but he couldn’t.

Meanwhile, the three remaining warlocks stared at William and got madder when they saw what had been done to him. They came together, getting really closer to Aidan. “What do you think you have done?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about?” Aidan shrugged, mocking the three remaining warlocks. “I was just waiting for him to kill me but wait...” He rubbed his temple, grinning teasingly. “I think I dealt with him before...”

“You crazy fool.” The dark haired warlock snarled, pointing at Aidan. “You think you are smart? You are just a child when it comes to these things. Now you are going to see real deadly magic from the real warlocks of ancient magic. Let's show him.”

The three warlocks came together and started chanting a similar spell, louder than they had ever been. They had their arms wide open as they raised their hands up to the sky, opening their palms widely. They were looking deep into the sky as their chants got louder and more powerful.

A loud thunder roared, making Aidan wonder what was going on. He moved his face up to the sky and noticed the flashes of light that were in the sky. It was as if a huge storm was coming. He quickly moved his eyes to the three warlocks and then found then moving their eyes from the sky to him as they chanted even louder.

The three warlocks now had their hands extended to him as they went into the final phase of the spell. Their chants started getting softer and softer until they eventually stopped. Evil grins appeared on their faces when they saw the frown on Aidan's face. They looked at each other chuckling loudly as another shot of thunder roared, this time a little louder. They had used the spell which they knew Aidan wasn't gonna be able to dodge. From that frown on his face and the few steps he was taking, they were sure he was scared.
With a final evil chuckle, the three warlocks brought their hands together as if they were combining them. Then they thrust their hands together furiously. Lightning shot out of their hands aiming for Aidan.
Aidan took a quick step back as he saw the lightning charging at him. He could already feel its power. He knew that if he wasn't careful he would be hit so he took a few steps and wondered what to do. He had never seen anything scary in his life before. He knew he had to do something and...

“You can do anything you set your mind on.”

With those words reminding him of his powers, Aidan took a quick breath and willed what he wanted to do with the lightning. He quickly thrust his hand forward and breathed when the lightning actually turned back. The lightning bolt went back and struck the other new warlock, splitting him into bits.

The two remaining warlocks gasped as the impact of the explosion sent them flying to the ground. They looked at each other, got up and nodded. They knew they had no chance in defeating Aidan. He was more powerful than they had thought. With that realization in their minds, fear slipped through their souls and spirits. They actually trembled on the ground, not knowing what to do next. Their mouths were trembling so hard that they couldn't even chant a spell to disappear from that place or even protect themselves.

The two remaining warlocks took a quick glance behind and saw the angry look on Aidan's face. They had no chance of winning that battle or even protecting themselves. So they got up and made a run for it, heading towards the castles while panting like soldiers from a terrible war. They knew their only chance was to get back to the castle and report to their master. He was the only one with the power to destroy Aidan so they ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

Moving his angry eyes to the fast running warlocks, Aidan hurled his hands forward. The two warlocks couldn't run anymore. Something ripped them from the ground, lifting them in the air. They took a quick glance behind and saw that it was Aidan. They started screaming in horror. They had no idea what was gonna be done to them.

Aidan pulled on his arms, pulling the two warlocks with great force, bringing them to him. They fell hard on the ground with a loud thud that made them wince. They fell right in front of him. They winced in pain, quickly turning. When they saw him they started crawling behind but Aidan started getting closer towards them. They seemed as if they had just seen a ghost. They were really scared.

“P-p-please... don't...”

“I remember you two.” Aidan shook his head, giving them angry eyes, scaring them even more. “I remember you pretty well. You were actually among the three that...”

“No...” The red haired warlock quavered. “P-please, don't do this to...”

“Did you actually think you were gonna live forever?” Aidan chuckled bitterly. “Only God knows how many lives have been lost by you. I heard you do the bastard's dirty work and...”

“No!” The dark haired warlock raised his hands in the air as if he was surrendering. “We just follow orders.”

“Oh really.” Aidan shook his head, giving the two warlocks a smirk. “Well, today will mark your end and I am gonna make sure you suffer in hell. Besides,” He chuckled. “You were about to kill me seconds ago without even thinking twice about it. Now it will be your turn. For all the evil that you've ever done, you are gonna pay for it right now. The lives that you've all ruined shall get justice today.”

“No!” the red haired warlock shook his head in fear as sweat made him wet. “Please.”

But Aidan was deaf to their pleas. He was so mad at them that nothing they were gonna say was gonna make him spare them. They were warlocks and warlocks had no souls. They killed without any feeling of remorse.

The two warlocks started crawling behind with the intention of running. They were scared and they tried to cast a spell to protect themselves but that spell was futile as their fear was just too much. They had never been as scared as they were in their entire lives. As warlocks, they had never lived in fear but Aidan was just too much. He gave them creeps.

Taking a deep breath, the two warlocks got up with the intention of running but Aidan hurled his hand so fast that they didn't even know what happened. Before they could even got up properly, water surrounded them, turning into ice immediately. They were trapped in ice. Only their heads remained and they were trembling terribly from the coldness.

Dropping his hands down, Aidan turned the two warlocks that he had trapped in ice and then faced them. He had a grin on his face when he saw how they were trembling in fear. He had struck fear into them and he loved it a lot. It was now time for business.

“How does it feel?” Aidan asked as he got closer to them. “How does it feel to be in the same position that your victims have always been? Hurts, doesn't it?”

“Please.” The red haired warlock quavered. “Let us go.”

Aidan chuckled bitterly, nodding his head. He had them in his palms now and he was gonna deal with them. Aidan concentrated with his mind what he wanted to be done. The ice started closing in, getting closer to their heads.

“Uh...” They screamed out in pain. “You are crushing our bones.”

As if Aidan didn't hear what they were both saying, he continued with what he was doing to them. The ice kept on getting thinner and thinner, crushing their bones. Their cries of pain and anguish made Aidan feel in power. He didn't regret what he was doing to them because they deserved it.

As the ice kept on closing in, the two warlocks felt the bones crushing. They screamed even harder as their veins started popping. Blood started coming out of their mouths and nose. Their insides had crushed and they couldn't scream anymore. They were choking on their own blood. There were no more bones to support them anymore. Blood started coming out of their eyes and ears, every opening on their bodies. In just a few seconds, they were gone.

“Good riddance.” Aidan said as he covered the rest of their bodies with ice. He made a quick turn, snapping his finger. The two ice statues exploded, revealing no sign of existence. He was sure that they were already burning in hell. Now he just had one more business to finish up before going inside to battle with the most powerful one of all, the evil seeker.

Making a quick turn, Aidan started heading towards William who was slowly getting up. He had a cut on his forehead and the bad state he was in made Aidan feel really happy. He shook his head as he glowered, closing in on the guy that he had hated since the very day he had set his eyes on him.

“So how are we going to do this?” Aidan said angrily as he stood still, watching the scared guy.

“Aidan...” William gasped as he slowly got up, staring at the boy that made him quiver. His head was still hurting and the wound was still bleeding. He was scared as fuck. “Please. Don't...”

“I remember what you did.” Aidan hollered. “I remembered how you murdered the priest and pinned it on me. I also remembered how you stabbed the queen mother without any remorse.”

“Please...” William was visibly trembling. He got up and shook terribly. “I am hurt already. Please.”

“Please?” Aidan yelled. “Did I just hear you beg? Where is that man that was so over the edge a few minutes ago? Where is the fierce man that spoke with so much authority? Where is stone cold murderer?”

“I was only following orders.” William pleaded. “I had no choice but...”

“There is always a choice.” Aidan announced, slightly moving his head forward. “We always have a choice. There is good and evil and you chose the path of evil.” He chuckled bitterly. “You and I know exactly where that path leads to.”

“Please.” William was sure that his end had come but he knew he had to do something. He couldn't just stand and watch Aidan kill him. He knew he had to use his knowledge and wisdom to make Aidan understand. “It's not my fault.” He winced out in pain, touching his chest harder. “I only followed what I was told by my father. You don't know how he is. He is cruel and kills anyone that doesn't listen to him. He has killed...”

“Spare me with the trash talk.” Aidan gestured, pointing his finger angrily. “Let's get this over and done with.”

William trembled at Aidan's words. “You don't understand. My father will kill you and...”

“Ha ha...” Aidan laughed, touching his chest. “You are actually dumber than I thought. I am here for him and he better be afraid of it too.”

“My father is monster.” William breathed in. “He will kill you. Just leave so that...”

“I am not leaving this place. I am here on a mission and I must complete it.” Aidan clenched his fists harder. “Now how are we going to do this again?” he gasped. “Oh I know. You are the one that killed the priest so I think it will only be fair if I...”

“No...” William shook his head, taking a few steps behind him. “You cannot kill me, Aidan. You are a good boy. You are not a killer and...” He gulped, trying to get himself under control. “I know you will not kill me.”

“I was not a killer!” Aidan snapped, dropping his hands furiously. “All that changed long ago. You don't know me anymore. Haven't you seen what I have done to your warlocks? I have killed six already and I don't give a fuck about who is next.”

“You can't do this.” William quavered. “You can't just kill me like that. I know you can't kill me. You are only scaring me even more and guess what? It is actually working.”

“Wanna bet?” Aidan smirked, raising his right hand in the air. He chuckled manically when he saw fear in William's eyes. He took a deep breath and willed what he wanted to do with William. With another scary chuckle, a weapon appeared in the hand that he had raised. It was the trident which looked exactly like the one that William had used to kill the priest with. The trident had sharp edges that were pointed right at William.

William's eyes widened in horror, staring at Aidan and the trident that had appeared in his hands. He didn't even know what was more scary whether it was Aidan or the trident that he held in his hands. At that point, William's heart was pounding deeper in his chest. His breaths were short, quick and quite painful. He couldn't even imagine the horror that he felt. He kept on sweating terribly, trying to get away from the boy that made him tremble.

“Do you remember this?” Aidan chuckled, taking a quick glance at the trident. “You used the similar weapon to end the priest's life and I bet you know why it is here.”

“You wouldn't dare.” William gave a soft and low groan. “You wouldn't dare do that to me.”

“Oh really.” Aidan chuckled bitterly. “They say that he who kills with a sword shall die by a sword but you, you killed with the trident and I am sure you get the idea of what I am talking about. You used the almighty's sacred trident to defile it and...” He paused and groaned in anger. “Now you are gonna know how the fuck it feels to be...”

“You can't do that to...”

“And who are you to predict that?” Aidan yelled, chuckling bitterly. “You definitely don't know a fuck about who I am anymore. I have waited for this moment for a really long and I definitely didn't know it would come but I am going to cherish it. You are gonna get a dose of the pain you inflicted on my guide. He is finally gonna get justice. You shall not waste another life in your lifetime because it ends here.”

With an angry node, Aidan thrust his hand forward, sending the trident flying with such force. William's eyes widened at the hurtling trident. Before he even had a chance to take a breath, the trident found him and pierced him right in the belly. He yelled out in pain as the trident ripped him from where he stood to the ground a distance from where he had been.

“Uh...” William cried out in pain. Blood was gushing out of his belly to the ground. The trident had pierced him so hard that he could feel it deeper inside his stomach. The pain was excruciating and he cried like crazy, hoping his father had heard him. “Ah...”

He tried to remove the trident but he ended up hurting himself even more. He coughed and blood started coming out of his mouth though not that much. He spurt it out and continued crying. William had never thought he'd experience such pain in his life. It was like hot needles were moving in his veins, causing his whole body to shudder and hurt terribly. Every breath he made added to the pain and the hot blood gushing out his belly was nothing he'd ever felt before. His veins were literally exploding all over his system.

Veins shot up in his eyes, making them redder. His breaths were painful. The more he screamed, the weaker he became until his voice started getting lower. He knew his time had come but he also knew his father would revive him.

“How does it feel?” Aidan chirped, nodded as anger took him to another level. “Does it hurt a lot? Do you want me to help you?”

“Father...” William's voice was low and painful. “Please. Help me out and... and...”

“Oh, your poor father can't help you, you poor thing.” Aidan said angrily. “Because I am going for him next. I had wanted to do that for...”

“He will kill you.” William spurt blood again as a smirk appeared on his face. “He is going to kill you before you even get a chance to do your magic. Then he will revive me. He will bring me back. You cannot defeat him because he is a god.” He laughed and then started coughing again, wincing terribly as more pain slipped through him.

“Well!” Aidan leaned down and smirked. “In that case, I am a god killer.”

“You are gonna fail and...”

“I am not gonna leave this place until he is dead. By the way, you were wrong. I am not here for Luis. I am here to finish off that bastard you call your father. He and I have a score to settle. He might be a god but...”

“He is gonna revive me and...” William paused and winced as his eyes became redder. Veins were all over his eyes. “... he is gonna kill you like a pig. He is unstoppable and no one can kill him.”

“Yes!” Aidan nodded. “No one can kill him except the wizard of good cause.” William's face suddenly got blank as more pain slipped through him, making him woozy. “Has your father told you about the child he killed years ago together with his family simply because he was a threat to him?”

William's breaths got hotter as he got even more scared. Of course he knew about the baby and his family that his father had slaughtered 19 years back. That child had been prophesied to kill his father and put an end to his quest. He knew that child was the only one that could kill his father because he was really powerful but...

“From the expression on your face I can tell that you do.” Aidan nodded his head. “But I will save you the trouble of trying to think and make it quicker for you. I am that baby and I didn't die. Even as a child I proved to be more powerful than him and now I am back. I will not leave this place until that bastard is gone.”

William's eyes widened as more tears built in his eyes. He was trembling terribly and the more he trembled, the more he felt the trident go in even deeper, making him really weak. He was so scared that death was knocking on his door. There was no way he was gonna survive that.

“Now back to business,” Aidan got up and gripped the trident harder. William screamed as if the hounds of hell were right in front of him, calling to him. Aidan was pulling on the trident and it hurt like hell. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

With those words, Aidan pulled harder on the trident, removing it from William's gut. What followed was a loud cry of pain as more blood gushed out to the ground as if it was water. William weakly moved his hands to his belly, blocking the blood.

“Please.” William gasped, trembling hard. “Don't do this and...”

“He begged.” Aidan said harshly, raising the trident high up in the air. “But you didn't heed to his pleas. Now you are gonna pay with your life.” He barked. Suddenly the trident caught a terrible red flame. Aidan was touching it and his hands were on fire but that fire was not burning him. It was a part of him.

“Please.” William tried to move away but he was weak. His body was numb. “I beg of you.”

“No!” Aidan didn't sound like himself. “My mission is to destroy evil. By the way, I have always hated you so much. I can't waste my two years of planning for this. The priest's murderer must pay with his life.”

“No, no, no...”

“Now he can rest in peace.” Aidan bellowed, trembling in anger. “Burn in hell, bitch.”

With those final words, Aidan roared, raising the trident higher than before, ignoring the screams from William. He thrust down, piercing him right across the chest. The trident pierced his heart, setting him ablaze. He didn't even need to scream. He was already dead.

Aidan watched, breathing violently as William's skin ripped from him and then he burned to nothing. He completely burned without leaving any ashes. The trident felt to the ground and disappeared afterwards. Aidan felt relieved after that but his anger and thirst were still too much. He only knew of one way to get rid of that.

“I hope you burn in hell, whore.”

With those words, Aidan took a quick turn, facing the palace. He ignored the hideous statue at the entrance and just stared straight at the place where he was gonna go. Clenching his fists harder, Aidan took a really deep breath.

“I have to do this.”

Taking out any single fear that he had in him, Aidan started rushing to the palace entrance. Whether the evil seeker was ready or not, Aidan was surely gonna deal with him.

It was game on.


“I need it to be grand.” Wyatt said, opening his arms wider. “This is going to be the greatest blood sacrifice ever. Tell me,” He moved his eyes to the seer. “Is everything ready for tonight's blood ritual?”

“Yes!” The seer slightly bowed his head. “Everything is perfect. We are ready for that.”

Wyatt nodded and then looked everywhere. “Where the hell is William and those fools? They have been gone for quite some time now.”

Wyatt was seated on his throne, feeling like a god. He was with the blonde haired warlock and the new chocolate brown haired warlock plus his seer. They had remained to make sure that everything was going fine. He was a god already and he wanted to give a blood sacrifice to honor Ming and thank him for the powers. He was somehow feeling extremely happy since the seer had told him that his powers would maximize too. He wanted his powers to be extreme so that he could cause more evil to the people.
“They will be back.” The blonde haired warlock said, smiling softly. “I am even sure that they are even on their way back here.”

“Good!” Wyatt nodded, moving his eyes to the seer. “What do you have for me?”

The seer closed his eyes and took a really deep breath, trying to connect with the spirit of the wind. He opened his eyes and then chuckled happily. He knew that in the last three days the king had made him see things and then tell him.
The seer chuckled softly. “My Lord, I can see...”

Before he could even finish his sentence, a really loud noise rumbled through the entire room, coming from the door.

“Sorry to disturb you, gentlemen, but this meeting is cancelled.” A strange voice rang throughout the entire room, making everyone to turn their faces and stare towards the door.

When Wyatt heard that voice, he quickly moved his eyes towards the door and saw a young boy. Though the boy was still a distance from him, Wyatt could see him clearly. He had really dark long hair which he had tied in a ponytail. His eyes were deep green and he had never seen him before.

“Who dares disturb me?” Wyatt's voice rumbled through the room. “Who the hell are you?”

Wyatt's face was filled with rage. He had been having an important meeting with some of his officials and now a stupid boy had just entered his throne room. Boy was he mad. No one was supposed to enter that room and not to even talk about entering the palace. One of the new warlocks had been outside the palace. He shouldn't have entered that room. That made him mad to the point where he was raging.

“Name's Aidan. I am the here to ki...”

“Oh!” The blonde haired warlock chuckled teasingly as a smirk appeared on his ugly face. “Aidan!” He quickly moved his eyes to Wyatt. “He is the boy that was married to Luis a few years back.”

“Oh! Aidan!” Wyatt looked shocked. “How could I have totally forgotten about you? What was I thinking? Guess I was too busy to even notice that the faggot prince's groom was not around. Did you come here to join your husband?”

Wyatt gave a cocky laugh as the three men joined him. “By the way, boy.” Wyatt cleared his voice. “Where were you when all this was happening? Did you know that my son fucked your husband a few days ago?” He laughed loudly.

Aidan clenched his fists harder, feeling even more anger slip through him. He had seen the blonde haired warlock before but the two others plus the dark looking man with a skull looking crown who he presumed to be the evil seeker was not familiar to him. But he was really mad. But he also knew of a way to do things to get back at the evil seeker.

Aidan gave a cocky smile as well as he got nearer to the four men. He stood still, dropping his hands to his hips while feeling even angrier. The strange evil powers in that room were stronger. He knew immediately that the evil seeker wasn't going to be an easy opponent but he was gonna defeat him anyway.

“No, he doesn't?” The blonde haired warlock laughed even louder, touching his chest in mock. “That's because they are no longer together. This boy here was dumped two years ago because of what we did.”

“Really?” Wyatt beamed as he rubbed his hands together. “Then what the fuck is he doing here? Ooh...” he laughed. “Maybe he is here...”

“I am here to kick your ass.” Aidan said icily.

“What?” Wyatt roared, his voice sounding like thunder. He slightly moved on his throne, breathing like an evil dragon. He was really pissed with the words that he had heard. “Do you have a death wish boy because...”

“Blah-blah-blah...” Aidan shook his head, moving it from side to side as he rolled his eyes. “Heard that, done that... Let's cut the shit and get to business. Let's do this quickly because I don't have whole day, old man.”

To say Wyatt was surprised would be an understatement for real. He was really mad. He couldn't express the type of anger that he felt. Nobody had ever disrespected him in the way that crazy little boy had just disrespected him. His face instantly turned red with fury. His nose flared in total evil and rage. He clenched his fists even harder as he panted. His eyes widened.

“You have the guts to insult me boy?” His voice sounded like a deep roaring thunder. It echoed throughout the room, breaking a glass in the room. “You really have no idea whom you are dealing with. Do you think I am one of those...”

“I don't think.” Aidan glowered. “I know you are one of those foolish idiots.”

“What?” Wyatt's anger was overflowing but he couldn't move from his chair. “You really have some nerves, boy. How dare you come here and show all that foolishness with me. You definitely don't know me but I am going to deal with you. You should ask your ex-husband how I tried to deal with him. You are nothing but...”

“You tried to deal with him but I am not Luis.” Aidan chuckled teasingly. “By the way, I didn't come for him here. I came here because you and I have a score to settle.” Wyatt's eyes widened as his face got redder. “You are stupid if you think I am going to be scared of you, you fake...”

“You stupid little fool.” With that angry growl, Wyatt shot out of his chair and directed a hot flaming fire ball at Aidan.

Aidan took a quick step back as he sensed the dangerously burning flaming ball. His hand shot out to deflect the huge ball, sending it back to Wyatt who held out his hand, stopping it before it even reached it. He extinguished and turned it into just specks. Wyatt took a quick glance at Aidan with a shocked expression. He couldn't believe it. No one had ever survived his magic when he hadn't acquired Ming's powers but the boy had just sent back that magic which was more powerful. Wyatt was really shocked.

“What?” Wyatt's voice sounded a little strange. “This is not possible. There is no way you can survive this.”

With those words, Wyatt sent another fireball flying to Aidan. But this time, Aidan shot out his hand, releasing a huge amount of water which extinguished the fireball instantly.

“This is impossible.” Wyatt screamed in anger as his face darkened. “You cannot be immune to my magic. It is impossible.” Wyatt quickly moved his eyes to the seer, breathing terribly. “Care to explain why...”

“He has magical powers.” The blonde haired warlock gasped as fear slipped through his body. “He is the boy that stopped us the first time we came here.”

“What?” Wyatt roared, his face darkening in anger. “And you didn't bother to tell me? What kind of fools do I have working under me? What's the use of working for me if you can't tell me all the details of everything you are doing?”

“My Lord...”

“Shut the fuck up.” Wyatt roared, moving his eyes to the seer. “What the fuck is going on here? Care to explain to me why...”

“I'll save you the trouble.” Aidan exclaimed, dropping his hands to his hips. “Well! Actually, I am here to...”

“Shut the fuck up!” Wyatt snapped, directing a highly concentrated fireball at Aidan. Without even extending his hand, Aidan sent the ball flying back but this time he changed the direction. It hit the new warlock, exploding him into bits.

Wyatt's heart pounded in his chest at the sudden expression of power by the young boy. He was mad but he needed answers. Wyatt moved his eyes to the seer and before he could even ask the question, a loud scream tore out of the seer. He instantly started sweating, looking at Wyatt. His lips were trembling and the rest of his body trembled in fear.

“What is it?”

“This is not good, My Lord.” The seer shook hard as he addressed the angry looking Wyatt in front of her. “He's... he's... he's...”

“Will you stop trembling like an idiot and tell me what...”

“He's the... the baby that you killed 19 years ago.” The seer said. His face was now wet as if a bucket of water had just been poured on him. “He's the wizard of good cause, Mang's successor.”

Wyatt's heart gave a sharp pound in his chest, making him feel a deep shiver down his spine. He was really shocked and he breathed in harshly. “What?”

Wyatt moved his eyes to Aidan as his heart gave another deeper pound. He gave a low and painful gasp that actually sent shivers deep into his system. He felt as if coldness had just struck him right there. He was visibly trembling. He had never been as scared as he was at that very time. His entire life, Wyatt had struck fear into the lives of people but now he was really scared and he felt really hot. In just a matter of seconds sweat was dripping from his skin.

“That's impossible.” Wyatt rasped, clenching his fists harder to hide how badly they shook. “I killed that baby 19 years ago. If he's dead then what the hell is he doing here in my throne room, you stupid idiot, uh.” He seethed. “There was no way for him to have survived that. He is dead. You are just bluffing.”

“I told you I am here to kick your ass.” Aidan laughed. When Wyatt moved his eyes and stared at him, he saw the smug grin on his face which just made him tremble even more. “Now how are we...”

“Shut the fuck up.” Wyatt moved his eyes to the trembling seer. “How is this possible? He is supposed to be dead, eaten by those...”

“Well!” Aidan couldn't miss the frown that appeared on Wyatt's face. “I am invincible. It will take someone more than...”

“I said, shut the fuck up!” Wyatt's voice sounded inhuman, shaking the items that were in the throne room. Then he looked angrily at his stupid seer. “Khan?” His voice was scary enough for the seer to know exactly what he wanted to know.

“He didn't die in that river.” Khan actually shook. “His powers couldn't let him because he still wanted to prove that even as a baby...” He gulped, sweat dripping from his face. “He was still powerful. Remember the oracle had told you he would be born in your territory. All that was destined to happen... He was brought into this kingdom to fulfill his destiny and now... he is here to fulfill the prophecy.”

That word from the seer got to Wyatt that he became really scared that he started trembling terribly in both anger and fear. He had his angry red eyes directed at the seer. “How come you are telling me this now? Why didn't you see it all these years when I...”

“I don't know, my Lord.” The seer actually whimpered, trembling like leaf on a stormy night. “And... there is still more.”

“What?” Wyatt thundered. Every glass in that room broke to shards from the impact of his voice. “You mean there is still more to the...”

“Yes!” The seer quavered. “He is more powerful than you. His powers are inherited from Lord Mang but he is more powerful than Lord Mang. That means that he...” He paused and gulped as his hands trembled as if he was connected to a vibrating machine. “...is more powerful than you. His powers are unique and he can do anything that he wants.”

“What?” Wyatt was so mad that all the powers in that gem took control of him at the same time. He clenched his fists harder, panting like a man in a race while staring at the seer with angry eyes. “You stupid foolish man.”

“My Lord,” The seer threw himself on the floor. “Please. It's not fault. I only say what my eyes allowed me to see and what my spirit tells me.” Wyatt had said nothing to the crazy seer but his eyes and his pants were able to tell him that his end was near. He could tell that the Lord Wyatt was gonna do something really bad to him.

“Please...” The seer quavered as tears made him weak. “I...I had no idea.”

In a fit of rage, Wyatt conjured an energy ball and angrily hurled it at the seer, who immediately exploded to fiery bits. Only tiny specks remained.

“You are supposed to be telling me everything before it happens, stupid fool.” He screamed at the empty space where the seer had been a few seconds back. “You know I don't tolerate foolish people.”

“Whoa!” Aidan gasped, covering his mouth. The evil seeker sure seemed to be strong but Aidan knew that he was more powerful than him. “By the way, do you actually know that your warlocks plus your son are all dead?”

“What? What did you do...”

“Oh, they were so easy to handle. I made sure I inflicted pain on your son before finally sending him to hell. You are gonna follow him there in just a little while so you don't have to worry about a thing okay?” Aidan chuckled cockily. “Now how are we going to do this?” He clenched his fists.
“Stay away from me.” Wyatt yelled acidly, extending his hands softly. “Don't you dare...”

“What?” Aidan said as he took a few steps forward. “Don't tell me the mighty self-proclaimed god is scared of a little boy like me. But either way, I am going to finish you off just like I did to your evil son. But look on the bright side,” he chuckled. “You two are gonna be...”

“I don't know what you know about what my stupid seer said,” Wyatt tried to sound confident. He couldn't show the stupid little boy that he was scared because he knew he would take advantage of him. In fact, he was gonna use his intelligence to turn things around. “But you definitely have no idea what you are dealing with boy? Get out of here and I might just choose to spare your life. I am more than you think and...”

“Really?” Aidan chuckled angrily, feeling his anger intensifying. “Then why do you look like that? Why would you want to spare my life when you were dying to kill me a few minutes ago? I think I would love to see you try though. Hit me with what you've got. I would like a taste.”

Wyatt's heart was about to burst out of his chest. For the first time ever he had met someone that was able to deflect his magic. He was powerful, he was really powerful. But according to the book of legends, Mang's successor was so powerful that... he could do anything he willed.

“Look boy,” Wyatt said confidently. “You are probably in a wrong place at the wrong time. Just get out of here and...”

“Not without finishing you off.” Now that Aidan knew that his powers were so strong that even the evil seeker was afraid of him, he got confident. There was no denying that he was gonna defeat him. That got him confident and even more courageous than ever. He knew exactly what had to be done. “I am going to make sure that you pay for everything. You killed my parents and millions of people just for your evil ways. Today will be the day that will go down in his history as the day the great Wyatt was defeated.”

“Look boy, stay away from me.”

“You are gonna pay for killing my parents.” Aidan's face had now completely changed. The only thing on his mind was to deal with the evil seeker once and for all. “You are gonna pay for all those souls you have killed.”

“Yeah...” Wyatt laughed, clenching his fists harder. “What makes you think you are the one to defeat me boy? Is it because...”

“Ooh...” Aidan chirped. “I bet you must be shaking in your pants. How does it feel to know that your day of stopping your quest is now? Today is the day I am gonna kick your big flat ass. You are gonna shit your pants today because...”

“I will not let you kill me.”

With those words, Wyatt thrust his hands forward, releasing a really powerful energy ball.

Aidan thrust his hand forward, stopping the energy ball mid-way and sent it back flying to Wyatt. Wyatt took control of the energy ball, removing it from his direction to the other side where the blonde warlock was shaking terribly, trying to find a way to escape from there.

When the blonde warlock saw the charging energy ball, he gave out a scream of horror and started chanting but before he had the chance to finish, he exploded into fiery bits. Wyatt gulped when he saw that he was all alone. There was no one there with him. All of them had been killed by Aidan. It got him really scared to the point where he was hyperventilating.

“And they were two.” Aidan said in false cheerfulness, staring at his opponent. “Now how are we gonna do this?”

“Get out of here.”

“Never!” Aidan shot his hand forward, releasing a powerful bolt of ice which seemed really sharp. Wyatt flipped, moving away from the coming sharp ice. It hit the throne, revealing a gaping hole. He moved his eyes to Aidan in horror, trying to calm himself down.

“Are you scared?” Aidan asked as he got really close. “Come on. This day has been prophesied so why don't you take it like a real man.”

“I will never be killed.”

Wyatt shot out a fireball which Aidan sent back to him with more energy than he had sent it with. Wyatt tried to extinguish it with a thin fume of ice but it was still hurtling towards him dangerously. He quickly disappeared and appeared on the other side, staring at the powerful fireball which was heading for the huge wall, hitting it. The wall exploded, revealing a huge gaping hole which led outside.

Wyatt was really scared. But he wasn't gonna give up. After all, he was not the same man he was. He was now a powerful warlock, god like. He just had to concentrate and he could defeat the young boy. He had been a warlock for years and he knew a lot about stuff like that while Aidan was just a 19 year old little boy that had no idea about anything. After all, prophecies could change right?

Taking an angry growl, Wyatt let loose a really powerful concentrated blue flame to burn Aidan instantly. But Aidan made a quick turn, looking at the coming powerful flame. He took in a deep breath and allowed the flame to come. The flame reached Aidan and surrounded him completely and ignited, making it seem like his body was on fire.

“Ha ha...” Wyatt laughed manically at the top of his voice. “Now who is going to kill who?” It was clear from the powerful flame that had surrounded that he wasn't going to survive. He was going to burn to death and...

“Amateur.” Aidan laughed, hurling both his hands forward. The powerful flame followed and was now directed at Wyatt. Wyatt's face lost the smirk when he saw what Aidan was doing. He made a quick flip, dodging the fire that Aidan had sent.

“Now who's laughing?” Aidan said teasingly.

“This can't be.” Wyatt gulped. “I will not allow this.”

With an angry growl, Wyatt released a powerful energy ball, followed by another and another. Aidan flipped in the air, sending the energy balls back to Wyatt. Wyatt thrust his hands forward, directing the two energy balls to the other side. They hit on different walls. The ground shook and Wyatt trembled. He groaned angrily, moving his angry eyes to Aidan. But when he moved his eyes, he saw another energy ball hurtling at him. He extended his hand to extinguish it but it had so much energy that he couldn't handle. He tried to move away but the energy ball came so hard that the impact of that energy sent him flying to a wall nearby. He hit himself with a thud, falling to the floor. Lucky for him, the energy ball had hit the wall elsewhere though he felt its impact.

Wincing softly, Wyatt gave an angry growl as he furiously got up. Now he was madder than he ever been with only one goal in his mind, survive and defeat the enemy, whether prophecy or no prophecy. He stared at Aidan with a glowering face as he clenched his fists harder. Then suddenly, dark smoke from nowhere surrounded him. His eyes gave a deep, blood red glow but Aidan wasn't scared. One thing he felt though was that the dark energy that surrounded him was getting stronger. From that moment, he knew that Wyatt had probably gotten a bit stronger than he had been but Aidan wasn't gonna lose focus. He could still remember what the priest had told him. There was a lot that he hadn't discovered about his magic and he was gonna do it while battling with Wyatt.

“You stupid little fool...” Wyatt panted, clenching his fists harder as he connected with every object in that room. “You are gonna pay for this. I am gonna...”

“Really?” Aidan nodded. “Looks like a big chicken to me. You are nothing but a...”

“Uh...” Wyatt screamed. His voice sounded like a really sharp instrument being scratched. He slowly extended his hands as the dark smoke spread throughout the entire room except where Aidan stood. Every sharp edged object including the shards of glass which had broken elevated high up in the air, with the sharp points pointing at Aidan with the intention of killing Aidan.
Tearing his eyes away from the stupid foolish and angry looking man, Aidan scanned the whole room and got surprised when he saw the sharp edged objects in the room directed at him. He knew those objects would kill him within seconds. Aidan quickly took a glance at the evil seeker and saw the evil grin on his face.

"Now are you scared boy?" Wyatt knew there was no way Aidan could survive that many weapons at the same time. Of course, he knew he would dodge some but most of them were gonna hit him. He was gonna be weak and then Wyatt was gonna finish him off. "Ha ha..." Wyatt laughed sinisterly, hurling his hands forwards, commanding the sharp edged objects to charge.

At his command, every object started heading for Aidan. Aidan took a deep breath and just stayed calm. He knew that if he wasn't calm he would lose his focus and that would only mean one thing, his failure. Aidan closed his eyes and then ignored the laughing man. He connected his energy with all the objects, imagining them stopping.

Aidan quickly opened his eyes and watched the objects. Just when they were about to pierce him... they stopped. Wyatt's laughs stopped, replaced by a huge frown and an expression of shock. He couldn't believe what the hell was happening. When he eventually stared at Aidan, he saw the bright grin which appeared on his little face.

Wyatt groaned in anger, thrusting his hands forward to push the objects into Aidan's body and end him. He concentrated all his energy on him. But he got surprised when nothing happened. The objects didn't even make any move. They just stood still. He sent the dark smoke towards the objects but nothing happened.

Then he tried and tried but they just stood still. Wyatt was mad but he got scared when the objects started turning, all facing him. He took a few steps back as he took a good look at the grinning boy. He just stood still, doing nothing but the objects were turning. They were now directed at him.

"What the fuck do you think..."

Before Wyatt even had the chance to finish his sentence, all the objects started rushing towards him. They were still really dangerous and made him gasp. He took a deep breath and disappeared but one of the shards of glasses got him before he eventually did, scratching his arm. He was bleeding but he managed to disappear before they all hit him. The objects hit the wall, breaking into tiny pieces.

Aidan could feel Wyatt's presence right behind him. He took a quick turn and found him staring at his scratched arm. A grin appeared on his face when he saw the scratch.

"A bleeding god?" Aidan gave about the most teasing laugh ever. "I didn't know gods had blood in them. You are the first god in the history of gods to bleed. Isn't it funny?'

Wyatt was mad. He tried to heal the scratch but he was so mad that he couldn't even finish what he was doing. He moved his face up to stare into Aidan's eyes and glowered, feeling himself get powerful. He was mad and he wasn't gonna lose that battle. He was gonna change the prophecy and defeat the young boy. He didn't even care about anything else.

"You are gonna pay..."

"More worky, less talky..." Aidan chirped, moving his little finger in the air. "Come on. Have you given up already?"

"Uh..." Wyatt spluttered, opening his palms wider. A highly concentrated bolt of blue flame shot of his hands, heading for Aidan. He continued shooting them out, trying his best to defeat the foolish boy.

Aidan thrust his hand forward, taking the entire flame on his hand. His hand was on fire but he had made that fire a part of him. He smirked when he saw the fear in Wyatt's eyes and the frown that appeared on his face.

"You little... uh!" Wyatt grunted, thumping his foot harder on the floor. He got scared when Aidan got his flame. He thrust his hand forward to send another but got surprised by what had happened. A small and weak flame that went off as soon as he sent it escaped his hand. He tried again and the same thing happened. He had used so much energy that he got mad. He had no idea why he couldn't use that power on Aidan.

Aidan definitely had no idea that by taking the flame in his hand, he had weakened that power from Wyatt. Now Wyatt couldn't use that power as long as Aidan had it in his hands. None of them even realized it. Wyatt was too mad and scared to even notice anything. His only goal was to defeat the boy because if he had wanted to kill him, he would have killed him. Maybe he wasn't even the...

"Are you done?" Aidan chuckled. "Maybe now it's my turn."

With those words, Aidan sent a powerful ball of hot flame from his hand. Wyatt flipped and the ball hit the wall. Without even taking another breath, he sent another but this time Wyatt disappeared from that spot to another. Aidan could feel his presence and he had no idea how but he made a quick turn, sending another flaming hot ball.

Wyatt disappeared and appeared at another spot but Aidan was so fast that as soon as he appeared, another ball was hurtling at him. He disappeared and reappeared at another place but the same thing happened and he had to disappear.

Aidan didn't know what was happening to him. Before Wyatt even appeared at a place, he could sense it and hence sent a flaming ball at him before he appeared. He continued doing this, making sure that he was super-fast. He knew he had to end the idiot's life but the idiot was lucky every time as he saw the hot flaming ball. The balls were hitting the walls so hard that they were shaking. There were a number of holes in that particular room.

Wyatt was getting tired. It seemed like everywhere he appeared the ball followed him but he had an idea. Appearing at his last spot, Wyatt extended his hands at the coming fireball and tried to send it back but he was ripped from where he stood to the huge wall. He hit the wall with a thud, throwing him back to the floor. He hit his chest and gave a powerful wince. The crown from his head fell to the floor, instantly turning back to its original golden state.

Seeing what exactly had happened, Wyatt groaned on the floor moving his eyes to the angry ball with a powerful flame on his hands.

"Now you are back to where you belong." Aidan said harshly, taking a few steps forward while clenching the hand with which he held the flame. "Scum like you belongs to the ground. Now you are going to pay for all the lives that you have wasted." Aidan pointed his hand at the angry looking man. "You are gonna pay for my parent's..."

"I will not be killed." Wyatt snarled, clenching on his fists hard. "I shall not die. I shall be victorious and you will die here today."

"We'll see about that."

With those angry words, Aidan thrust his hands forward, letting loose a really powerful ball of flames which was directed at Wyatt. Wyatt gave an evil grin and chuckled. Before the ball even reached him, he had disappeared from the spot where he stood. The ball reached the floor and exploded it, shaking the palace slightly as a loud noise rumbled.

"What?" Aidan couldn't feel the presence of Wyatt in that room. He knew he was no longer in that room. "Where did he go?"

Aidan dropped his hands furiously, putting off the flame. He moved his eyes from side as he tried to see if Wyatt was near. But he felt nothing in that room. Sure, his evil dark powers were still in that palace but he couldn't feel Wyatt's presence or his evil dark powers. He was not in the castle. He had to be somewhere.

Aidan quickly closed his eyes, connecting with all the elements of the earth. He knew they could help him locate Wyatt. After a few seconds, Aidan opened his eyes wider. He could now feel his presence.

"He's outside."

Taking a deep groan, Aidan started rushing to the gaping hole leading outside the castle. He had to find him and he was gonna kill him.


"What's that?" Hanna gasped, gripping her father's arm harder.

A loud sound had just been heard, making the ground shake. It had sounded like an earthquake and it made the royal family quiver in fear. Its impact was terrible that Luis who had been standing was sent to the floor. He felt his heart pounding in his chest. He had no idea what it was but it made him feel really scared for his family. He was panting and his breaths were harsh and painful. They had started hearing just sounds and now a big sound which made the floor shake?

"I don't know..." The king said, holding his daughter tightly. He was really scared. "Maybe it was an earth quake and..."

"No!" Granny said, nodding her head in fear. "An earthquake can't just happen for a single second and go away. I bet it's..."

"Wyatt?" The king gasped, feeling tears building in his eyes. "I wonder what he is doing now. What if he's doing something to one of my people? What if..."

"No, father." Luis nodded, slowly getting up. He quickly rushed to the barred window, staring outside. Everything seemed clear. There was nothing outside and he had no idea what was happening. "I can't see anyone from here." he came back into the room. "I am sure that it was just an earthquake or tremor." He hoped. "You don't have to worry about anything."

The king sighed as a tear dropped down to his cheeks. "Sitting here and doing nothing is killing me. I haven't checked on my people for a really long time now, three days to be precise. For a king it is really a long time. I don't even know what is happening to them. I know that they are in a bad state but I just wanna see them."

"I am sure they are fine." The queen said softly. "All we have to hold on now is to hope. Only hope can make us stay alive."

"You are right." Granny sighed. "We just have to keep on hoping that everyone is fine. He is evil and he makes people worship him but I just hope nothing happens to them. In fact, I am sure that nothing will happen to them."

"I pray so." The king said, holding Hanna tighter. "I pray we get out of this hell once and for all." King Julian's hope that Aidan would ever return had vanished long ago but he had to give his family some hope.

Luis stared at his family and then sat down, holding his mother tightly. He knew that they were afraid of what had happened. He still believed in Aidan's love and still hope that he would save them. He loved him and he knew that Aidan's good nature would bring him to the kingdom. He wished with all his heart for Aidan to come.

"May my love for Aidan save us all?"


Aidan slowly got out of the palace, looking all around. He couldn't see Wyatt anywhere. The only thing he was able to see were the statues that Wyatt had made from the guards and the huge statue of himself. He couldn't see him anywhere.

Aidan had his eyes everywhere, slowly moving away from the entrance. He could feel the dark energy very close but he couldn't make of where that energy was coming from. It could have been anywhere. The sky was a little dark but Aidan was clearly seeing everything.

"Where are you, you crazy idiot?" Aidan said softly, moving his eyes all around.

He stood still and tried to connect with all the elements so that he could feel Wyatt's presence and surprise him. But as soon as Aidan closed his eyes, he felt a really powerful energy closing in on him, hurtling like a destructive wind. The energy that rushed towards him was really powerful and it seemed to be coming from above him.

With a loud gasp, Aidan abruptly opened his eyes, moving them up to stare into the sky. His eyes widened when he saw a huge bolt of lightning closing in on him from above. It was so close that he couldn't dodge it.

Aidan tried to run away, moving from the spot where he had been. But the lightning bolt hit the ground with such impact that it threw away Aidan to the ground. He hit his body first pretty hard and felt the pain slipping through him. He felt the lightning's impact and it was pretty powerful. Aidan winced but he had no time to think about the pain. He made a quick turn to look at the place where the lightning had struck and found a huge hole. He had escaped that one but he wasn't gonna allow it to happen again.

"Ha ha..." Aidan heard Wyatt's manic laughs. He quickly moved his eyes to the sky and found him floating in the sky, staring at Aidan with an evil grin on his face. "How does it feel to be hit?"

Aidan clenched his fists as he became angrier. He groaned loudly, still staring at Wyatt. Wyatt was standing in the air. There was a dark cloud high up above him which was spinning constantly. Wyatt's eyes were glowing a little bit. Aidan was really mad.

"The prophecy shall go the other way round." Wyatt knew that he could use all the forces of nature to try and defeat Aidan. He had used the power of lightning on him and the impact had been great but now... it was gonna be massive.

With a loud groan, Wyatt looked up and raised his hands to the heavens. Lightning split the sky, followed by a loud and angry roar of thunder. The sky got even darker with the clouds that accumulated in it. He moved his eyes to Aidan and laughed loudly, feeling really powerful. He was gonna show Aidan just how powerful he was.

"Time to feel my power." Wyatt laughed sinisterly, directing his hands at Aidan. A powerful bolt of lightning shot from his hands, heading straight for the young boy that was on the ground.

Aidan stared in horror as the powerful bolt of lightning directed at him. He knew it was powerful. He could feel its power and he knew exactly what had to be done. He couldn't be afraid of anything. Wyatt might have been closer the last time but he wasn't gonna allow that the next time.

With a deep breath, Aidan threw his hands forward, stopping the bolt immediately. He quickly got up and threw the bolt back to Wyatt, making sure that it was even more powerful than it had been.

Wyatt flipped in the air, dodging the powerful bolt of lightning. He laughed manically, raising his hands to the heavens. A really powerful bolt of lightning hit him, filling him up with enough energy and power to defeat the boy. He laughed even harder when he saw the frown on Aidan's face. He clenched his fists harder, feeling the spark all over his body. Now he was in full power and he knew what exactly to do.

"Are you scared boy?" he laughed sinisterly. "You better be because I am gonna deal with you now. You are gonna feel my power."

With a final laugh, Wyatt let loose a huge lightning bolt, heading straight for Aidan. Aidan thrust his hand forward, sending the bolt back to him. He flipped in the air, dodging the bolt. He sent another but this time Aidan didn't even thrust his hand and the bolt rushed towards him. He tried to take control of it but it was so powerful that it made him take quick steps back. He flipped again, dodging the lightning bolt.

Aidan was now mad. He knew that he had to defeat the evil seeker and he was now ready for it too. Taking a deep breath, Aidan started rushing towards Wyatt. He started rising from the ground, heading for where Wyatt was standing while deflecting back on the bolts. He was standing in the air with the goal of dealing with his enemy.

Wyatt threw a powerful lightning bolt and Aidan threw it back. Every bolt Aidan thrust back at him was getting closer to him. He knew that eventually one of them would hit him if he wasn't careful. Seeing Aidan dodging each and every bolt, Wyatt groaned in anger, clenching his fists harder.

With a loud cry, Wyatt thrust more lightning bolts using both his hands. He was sending double the lightning bolts, making sure that they were directed at Aidan. He knew Aidan had been able to dodge one bolt but what if they were many, all at the same time, he thought as an evil grin appeared on his face.

When Aidan saw the incoming lightning bolts, he gave a teasing laugh and disappeared.

"What?" Wyatt gasped when he saw that Aidan had disappeared. The bolts hit on the ground with great impact. "Now we are playing hide and seek, boy? I thought you were supposed to defeat me. What happened?" Wyatt had his eyes everywhere. He didn't want to get surprised. All he wanted to do was defeat Aidan and rule over everyone.

"Who said I am hiding?" Wyatt heard Aidan's voice right behind him. "Why would I need to hide from a scaredy-cat?"

"Uh..." Wyatt made a quick turning, sending the lightning bolt in that direction. But Aidan was not there. He was gone. Wyatt felt really scared. He was scared that he would get outsmarted. He could have bet his own life that Aidan had been right behind him.

"Show yourself." Wyatt shouted. "There is no need to hide."

"Who said anything about hiding?" Aidan laughed, appearing right in front of Wyatt. "Here I am." He opened his arms wider. "Hit me with your best shot."

"Uh..." Wyatt let loose another lightning bolt, hurtling it towards Aidan.

Aidan allowed the bolt to head straight for him. Reaching him, the bolt suddenly stopped as if it was frozen. Aidan moved his eyes past Wyatt and saw him frowning, probably even scared. He knew what he had to do with that bolt to show Wyatt that he was powerful.

"Now it's my turn."

Aidan sent the lightning bolt back to Wyatt. Seeing the lightning bolt, Wyatt tried to move, dodging the bolt but something was wrong. He couldn't move. He tried to flip but he was still unable to move any part of his body. His eyes widened when he saw the bolt just seconds away from him. He screamed in horror, staring at Aidan. From that grin on his face, Wyatt knew that Aidan had used telekinesis on him. He got really scared and he actually cried out.

He did all he could to try and move. Just when the lightning was about to strike him, Wyatt moved but the bolt was so fast that it struck him right in his arm, sending him flying from where he stood. It hurt a lot and he didn’t even realize that the loud scream which sounded like death was about to strike was actually coming from his own mouth.

Touching his arm softly, Wyatt winced out in pain, groaning softly. He felt as if his veins wanted to explode in his arms. His whole body shuddered in pain. He removed his hands and then saw the huge wound which was just at the end of his arm. It looked like grilled barbeque, letting out little smoke. He was really mad. Making a quick spell, Wyatt saw his wound start healing and the pain subsiding. That was the second time Aidan had struck him. Now he was scared and really mad. Aidan was powerful and smart. With the amount of power that he had shown so far, Wyatt was really scared.

"Oh, did you get hurt." Aidan said teasingly.

"Fuck you!" Wyatt groaned, releasing a really powerful energy ball which he successfully directed at Aidan. But Aidan was so powerful that he just snapped his finger and the energy ball exploded before it completely left Wyatt's side. Wyatt felt the impact of that explosion and he could have sworn that his heart exploded.

"You were saying?" Aidan asked angrily as he floated towards the angry and scared looking man.

"Don't fucking come near me?" Wyatt warned, moving his trembling finger in the air. "You definitely have no idea who you are fucking with. You have overstepped your..."

"All talk and no action." Aidan shrugged nonchalantly. "Where is the..."

"Oh shut up." Wyatt knew he had to leave that place. "I will deal with you later."

"What if I want it right now?" Aidan said harshly, clenching on his fists. "I want you to give it to me right now. In fact, I am begging for it. Let's see what else you have to offer. I thought the evil seeker was supposed to be really powerful but..."

"I am powerful!" Wyatt roared. "I am a god." His voice sounded inhuman. His eyes gave a powerful glow and his breaths sounded like a steam engine.

"Looks weak to..."

"You idiot." Wyatt let lose a powerful fireball. Aidan sent it back to him and he flipped in the air. "I will deal with you later. Right now, I have more important things to do. I am not dying today."
With those words, Wyatt snapped his fingers, disappearing into the thin air. Aidan laughed softly, clenching his fists harder. He knew what Wyatt was up. With a soft laugh, Aidan disappeared.


“Oh my God,” The queen gasped. “What the hell is happening outside the palace?”

Luis and his family could clearly bright light glowing and then a deep roaring thunder. They had no idea what was going on but they could hear Wyatt's angry voice and they knew that something was on. They just sat still without even moving an inch. The floor was vibrating from time and they could feel Wyatt's angry groans and screams getting intense.

“Oh my God,” The king quavered. “What if he's venting out his anger on one of my people? I can't even imagine...”

“I will go and check it out.” Luis said, getting up from the floor as quick as he could. “I will...”

“No...” The queen gave a really loud cry. “What if he sees and decides to punish you? Please.”

“I will just take a quick glance, mother.” Luis said in a serious tone, staring at his mother. “He won't see me.”

Luis rushed to the window and as soon as his eyes looked out, he gasped, touching his chest. His heart started racing unlike before. His entire body trembled and he had absolutely no idea whether it was from what he saw or the fear that struck him. His eyes widened and he started panting.

As soon as he had stared outside, he had seen Wyatt floating in the sky, releasing what looked like lightning but it wasn't about Wyatt. It was about who the lightning was directed at. It was Aidan and he was equally in the air, floating. Luis got really scared but when the lightning bounced and went back to Wyatt, Luis was able to breathe again.

His eyes went at Aidan, staring at him with his whole his heart. Everything suddenly turned into slow motion. The way Aidan was moving... the way his hands moved... the way he was dressed... the power he showed, it was all wonderful to Luis. He knew Aidan was fighting a battle but he was caught looking at that really sexy boy. He watched the battle outside and realized that Aidan was really powerful indeed. He watched Wyatt being struck by lightning before...

“What's going on?” He heard Hanna ask. “Is there anything that's going on?”

Luis moved his face from the window and stared right at his sister and the rest of his family. Tears of joy built in his eyes. He had no idea how to express what he felt deep inside of him. He had only been wishing for Aidan to return and finally he was here. It just got him emotional seeing Aidan again after two whole years. Though he hadn't seen his face clearly, Luis knew that it was clearly Aidan.

“Son...” The queen sounded worried. “What is it? Why do you look like that?”

Luis moved his eyes to his mother. “He's here.”

“Who is here?” Granny asked softly. “What are you...”

“Aidan is here.” Luis said as a tear fell down his cheeks. “Aidan has actually come to our rescue. He did come.”

“What?” The king furiously rose, gasping as his hands found his chest. “Are you sure?”

Luis was damn right surprised. “I need to get out of here. I need to go out there and see with my own eyes that it is actually him.”

With those words, Luis rushed to the door. He started kicking it as hard as he could but he couldn't do anything to a golden door. He kicked and kicked, groaning in anger but it wasn't opening. He tried to push on it but nothing was working.

“What the fuck?” Luis snapped as he hit his fist harder on the door. He didn't even mind the pain that he felt when he punched the door. “What the fuck?”

“Luis!” The king said, getting a little closer to him. “Please. Calm down my son okay. If Aidan is here then I am sure he is fine. He has Mang's powers. Nothing can happen to him. He is just gonna be fine and...”

“I need to see him.” Luis dropped his hands furiously, accidentally hitting the knob. The door opened on its own and Luis actually gasped, feeling extremely happy. “I have to go and find him.”

Without even getting an answer from his family, Luis rushed out of his room. He just wanted to be with Aidan and see him terribly. He knew he just had to.


Wyatt appeared, suspended in the sky with an evil grin on his face. He had appeared right in the middle of the city and felt relieved when he couldn't see Aidan. He had finally escaped from him and wasn't gonna go back to him either. Wyatt knew he had to be really careful. Aidan had struck him twice already and...

“There you are.” Wyatt heard a voice right in front of him. “You didn't actually think that I would let you go right? It's time to end this.”

Wyatt gave a shocked expression on his face. He had no idea what to do to Aidan but he actually didn't want to die either. He knew he had to act smart or it was gonna be bad for him. He knew exactly what had done to be done.

“I didn't actually run away from you.” Wyatt smirked. “Why do you keep following me like a dog?”

“That's because I want to end it.” Aidan said harshly. “You and I are gonna end it today. The prophecy shall be fulfilled today whether you like it or not. Your ass is gonna burn in hell today. I will make sure of it.”

“You can't defeat me.” Wyatt panted as he let loose yet another fireball. Aidan sent a thin fume of water, extinguishing that fire.

“We are gonna see about that.” Aidan's face got serious as he started getting closer to Wyatt. Aidan thrust his hands forward, letting loose a powerful ball of flame that he sent towards Wyatt with a smile. But he got surprised when that ball bounced back before hitting Wyatt and then exploded into bits. Aidan lost the smile that he had on his face.

“Are you surprised?” Wyatt laughed loudly. Yes! He'd activated a really powerful shield that made him immune and protected from all the magic that Aidan would send to him. He knew there was absolutely no way for Aidan to penetrate that protective shield. He had no idea why he hadn't thought about it but now... it was game on. He knew what had to be done.


“Energy shield.” Wyatt laughed manically, clenching his fists harder. “Now let me show you what I am made of. Let me show you power.” Then his face turned red as he raised his hands towards the heavens. Lightning split the sky as thunder roared. Then the dark and thick clouds surrounded the whole sky, bringing forth a really cold wind that blew all over. Aidan knew that Wyatt was gathering his powers from the evil clouds and the gem as he could feel the dark energy surrounding him get stronger but he wasn't gonna give up.

“Now you are gonna know real power.” Wyatt laughed louder. Thunder roared as he laughed even louder than before. His voice sounded evil as lightning split the sky again. Then his voice sounded inhuman as he opened his arms, staring into the heavens. Then he dropped his eyes to Aidan, chuckling inwardly. His eyes were glowing dangerously, more than Aidan had seen them a few minutes ago. He was definitely not human. Aidan knew from that moment that Wyatt was now in full power but Aidan wasn't afraid. Really dark and thick smoke surrounded him, giving him more power.

Then he stretched his hand forth and a lightning bolt was heading for Aidan, hurtling at him with super speed. Aidan extended his hands to stop the bolt but got surprised when nothing happened. The power from the bolt sent him backwards and he flipped in the air to avoid the deadly bolt.

“Ha ha...” Wyatt's voice rumbled throughout the sky, causing a really deadly thunder.

Aidan couldn't imagine that had happened. Weren't his powers working or something, he wondered as he slowly took a step closer through the air? He had a big frown on his face which made Wyatt laugh even more when he saw it. He might have been a little scared when he found out his powers didn't work.

“Now who's scared?” He bellowed. “I am going to show you real power.”

With those words, Wyatt released a powerful energy ball towards Aidan. This time Aidan managed stop it but it was so powerful that he had to let go of it and flip through the air. He took in a deep breath, sending a powerful energy ball. But Wyatt blew it like a birthday candle, extinguishing it instantly.

“Yes!” Wyatt roared. “Yes!” Wyatt could feel the energy deep within him get intense. He was really powerful and he couldn't believe the energy he was feeling was coming from deep within him. He clenched his fists harder, concentrating another fireball towards Aidan. Aidan dodged it and stood in the air, wondering why his powers weren't strong enough to hit Wyatt anymore.

Aidan quickly moved his hands up, staring at them. He could feel the energy deep within him and he was sure he was using it but it wasn't that powerful anymore. He couldn't understand anymore. Could he have lost his focus and...

Before Aidan finished his thought, he felt a stronger power rushing towards him, hurtling like the powerful wind. When he moved his eyes up, it was too late as the energy ball had already reached him. He quickly thrust his hands forward to try and stop the energy ball but it exploded dangerously and the explosive energy hit him so badly, sending him flying to the ground below. Aidan screamed out as he headed for the ground. He hit the ground with a thud, hitting the rest of his body. It hurt a lot and he winced. But though the pain was too much, Aidan was sure he was hurt. He had fallen from a really high place and yet he was alright and not even bleeding.

“Ouch!” Aidan winced in pain, holding his chest as he moved his eyes up. He tried to get back but felt a bolt of pain pass through his entire body. His heart started pounding deep in his chest. He stared at the red eyed man and then came to the realization that Lord Ming's powers were now in full. It was the only reason why his powers weren't getting to him anymore.

“Look who's on the ground.” Wyatt chirped, slowly coming to the ground. “How are you supposed to beat me when you are down there? I am going to make you pay for messing with me boy. Do you think you can defeat someone like me?”

Aidan ignored Wyatt's laughs and tried to move again but the pain slipped through him once again and he fell to the ground. He got a little scared and came to the realization that he'd be killed if he wasn't careful. He quickly closed his eyes and took in another deep breath that seemed to make him feel better. He slowly got off of the ground, holding his chest out in pain. But before he even stood up properly, he saw a fireball rushing towards him. He made a quick run but the fireball hit the ground so hard that he found himself on the ground again.

“Ha ha...” Wyatt couldn't actually believe that the power he felt was that strong. He was at full power and he knew he could defeat the puny man. “Now it will be time for you to be taught a lesson. You are gonna die just like your parents. I am gonna make sure I slit your throat like your father and your mother. I am gonna slaughter you like a wild pig.” He laughed.

Wyatt opened his palms wider, letting loose the dark smoke that surrounded him. He held it in his palms with the intension of hitting Aidan but when he looked down, an evil grin appeared on his face when he actually saw about a group of five people watching in fear. He had a great idea. He knew he had to distract Aidan and then strike him at the right moment. That would surely kill him.

“You are a guardian right?” Wyatt laughed. “Then how would it feel like to see some of the people dead?”

Aidan's eyes widened when he heard what Wyatt had just said. He quickly moved his eyes to the direction were Wyatt was looking and saw a group of people standing in fear. He knew what Wyatt really meant by that. He knew exactly what he meant. He even got more scared when he thought about those people dead.

“Let's see what you are gonna do now.”

With those words, Wyatt gave a really loud sinister laugh, releasing a really powerful energy ball, hurling towards the people. Aidan moved his eyes to the energy ball and then took in a deep breath. He extended his hand, trying to stop the ball but it didn't fully stop. It was still moving but just too slow.

“Yes!” Wyatt laughed. “You've now taken the bet. Now let's see how you are gonna save yourself.”

With an evil grin, Wyatt sent a huge ball of flames, filled with his evil energy to the boy that had his entire concentration on the people. He knew that it was all over once that ball of flames reach Aidan. He was gonna die right in front of his eyes. Then he was gonna prove the prophecy wrong. He chuckled sinisterly as he stared at the hurtling ball.

“Get out of here.” Aidan shouted to the people. He sounded as if he was holding something really heavy. His veins had shot in his head and he had his entire energy and concentration on that energy ball that he couldn't entirely stop.

At his words, the people started running away. Once Aidan was sure that they were far, he let go of that energy ball, letting it hit the ground. It exploded to bits. He took a deep sigh of relief but when he moved his eyes towards Wyatt, he was just in time to find the fireball hurtling at him. He tried to dodge it but before he even got the chance to do anything, the ball hit with a bang, releasing a powerful explosive energy.

Seeing the ball hitting Aidan, Wyatt's eyes turned back to normal, widening instantly. A powerful vibration passed through his entire body, making him tremble in happiness. He gasped, touching his chest in happiness.

“I did it.” Wyatt gasped. “Yes!” He roared, his voice rumbling throughout the entire city. “I killed the wizard of good cause.” The flaming ball didn't explode but Aidan was gone. That was more than enough to make him happy.

“He is gone forever,” he thundered. “I defeated that prophecy and...”

“Is that so...” Wyatt heard Aidan's voice loud and clear. Wyatt gasped as his heart made a quick pound in his chest. He moved his eyes down and what he saw actually made him tremble. His eyes widened and he felt like his death was calling.

Aidan was right on the ground with a serious face. But that wasn't what scared Wyatt. What really scared him was the powerful fireball that Aidan was holding on his finger. It got him to tremble because it was impossible. No one had ever done that and survived. The impact of the fireball killed anyone instantly and now...

“Did you actually think you are gonna defeat me?” Aidan said angrily. He'd remembered that fire was a part of him. “I think I have played this game for long now. It is time to end this shit.” He snapped, sounding really mad. “I have had enough of your foolish games.”

“They are a part of you.” He remembered the words in his dreams a few years ago.

“It is time to end this game.” With an angry growl, Aidan threw the fireball and it went hurtling towards Wyatt who screamed in horror when he saw the dangerous fireball. He extended his hands to stop it but it hit his shield, exploding to bits. Wyatt made a few steps behind, staring at Aidan. He released another energy ball but before it even reached Aidan, it broke into bits, causing him to tremble.

Aidan disappeared from the ground and quickly reappeared behind Wyatt. He released a flame of fire which bounced back and just made Wyatt laugh even more.

“I am shielded boy.” Wyatt laughed. “There is nothing you are gonna do to break this.”

Aidan knew he had to break that shield if he had to deal with Wyatt but how...

“Strong as one, stronger as a whole...”

Aidan had an idea of what to do. He took a deep breath and set his mind on making a powerful ball which mixed all the elements on the earth. It had never been done before but he was gonna try. Aidan took another deep breath, raising his hands in the air. A strong wind started blowing all over. Then suddenly a small black ball started forming in his hands. When he remembered how exactly it had looked like in his dreams, he smiled brightly and opened his palms even wider. The ball continued growing in his palms. He could feel the energy it possessed. He could feel the power inside. He had mixed all the elements and now it was time to end it all. He could feel the impact of air, fire, water and earth. There was denying the fact that it was gonna be really powerful.

“What's that...” Wyatt panted. He had never seen anything like it before so... he got a little scared. “There is nothing you can do to me. I have my shield on.”

“Let's see about that.”

With a loud cry, Aidan hurled his arms forward, sending the ball hurtling towards Wyatt. Wyatt laughed even harder and tried to send the ball back but he couldn't. It was coming straight at him with more energy than he had expected. Then something scary happened to Wyatt. Before the dark spinning ball even reached him, he felt the energy on the shield weakening. He looked straight ahead but before he could do anything, the ball hit the shield so hard, exploding instantly. All the energy on the shield exploded. He was not protected anymore. With the impact of the explosion, he would have been sent to the ground but he disappeared to another place.

Wyatt looked carefully and realized he had no shield. With the great fear that he was not protected anymore, Wyatt tried to recreate another shield but it fell miserably. Not even a weak shield was formed. It was like he was stripped of that power to create the shield. Dropping his hands, Wyatt groaned in anger.

“Look what you've done.”

“Oh...” An evil grin appeared on Aidan's face. “So the great Wyatt is no longer protected?” He popped his knuckles as a glower appeared on his face. “It is now time to end this madness.”

“No!” Wyatt thundered, throwing a highly concentrated powerful flame.

Aidan started moving towards the flame and without even doing anything the flame reached him and surrounded his entire body without burning him. Then it moved and headed for Wyatt. Before he could even move, Aidan used telekinesis to stop him from moving. That flame hit his right arm, burning him terribly. He cried in pain, holding his arm.

“You are gonna pay for that.” Wyatt released a powerful energy ball which Aidan sent in a different direction.

In return, Aidan thrust his hand forward, releasing a huge ball of water.

“Ha ha...” Wyatt laughed out. “Don't you have anything better to hit me with?”

But Aidan had other plans. He quickly turned that water into a huge ball of ice, making sure that it was powerful enough. He had it directed at the laughing man who definitely had no idea what was going on. The huge ball of ice hit Wyatt so hard on the forehead that blood started slipping out.

“You bastard.” Wyatt grumbled as his eyes turned red. “I am gonna teach you a lesson.” His voice sounded like a huge wild animal.

With those words, Wyatt sent a lightning bolt at Aidan. Aidan released a thick ball of water which he combined with the lightning bolt and sent it flying back to Wyatt. Wyatt tried to dodge it but it hit him all together, giving him a really terrible shock. His eyes instantly turned to normal as he started screaming out in pain. His insides felt like they had exploded. Veins shot up in his eyes as he screamed out in horror, trembling terribly. He could feel himself weakening from that powerful shock. What was just a few seconds felt like an hour of endless torture? When the torture eventually ended, Wyatt was whimpering softly, feeling his body weakening. He tried to talk again but Aidan struck him with a huge stone that sent him flying from the air to the ground.

Wyatt hit the ground so hard that a ditch formed. He could have sworn the ground shook. But due to the powerful evil powers that surrounded him, he was not hurt. Even though Wyatt had so much power in him, he felt really weak that he couldn't even move his mouth. The lightning that had struck him had weakened him physically that he couldn't even move his body parts properly. He felt burnt all over. His hand was burnt and his head was bleeding. He felt really scared when he saw Aidan moving from the air to the ground.
“Now how are we gonna end this?” Aidan said as his legs touched the ground.

“You... you... you are not gonna defeat me.” Wyatt managed a sentence. “I will...”

“Haven't you seen it all?” Aidan shrugged. “This is all over. You just have to accept that you have been defeated.”

“No!” Wyatt roared. “I shall not be defeated.”

Wyatt closed his eyes shut, communicating with the powerful energy that he had in him. He needed his strength back. He couldn't give up no matter what. Lord Ming's powers were too powerful to be defeated by a little boy. He wasn't gonna allow that. Taking a deep breath, Wyatt felt a powerful charge moving to the rest of his body. The dark smoke completely surrounded him, healing his every wound. Then suddenly, all the energy that he had in him came back and even stronger than it been.

With a loud groan, Wyatt opened his now glowing eyes, ready to start the battle again. He rose from the ground and started rising in the air but got surprised when he couldn't move. He quickly moved his eyes to Aidan and saw him staring at him with an angry expression on his face.

“You are not going anywhere.” Aidan said harshly, clenching his fists harder. “It's now time to pay for your crimes. I am tired of playing this foolish game.”

“Let me go.” Wyatt tried to disappear but he couldn't do it. His eyes turned to normal and he looked at Aidan in horror. He tried everything that he could to get loose but nothing was working anymore.

Aidan started getting closer to the floating man. “I heard you have killed a lot of people.” He chuckled bitterly. “You are the reason why my parents died. You did this so that you can acquire the powers that you have right now.”

“Let me go.” Wyatt knew he was fucked. He could tell from Aidan's eyes that he was really angry. He could tell that tell that Aidan was now serious about killing him. His heart started pounding in his chest as his breaths got out of hand. He used his might to try and get out of that invisible grip but he found it impossible.

Aidan was now standing face to face with Wyatt who seemed as if he had seen a ghost.

“I am going to make sure that I destroy you.” He extended his hand, resting it on Wyatt's chest. He could feel the evil gem inside of him. He could feel its power growing stronger and stronger but he was strong. “I know what I am going to do.”

“You can do anything you set your mind on.” He remembered the words.

“It's time to take what you value the most in your life.” And Aidan concentrated with all his energy, summoning the evil gem that was inside of Wyatt's body. “Do you know the difference between you and me?” He asked with a bitter laugh. “I am natural and you are artificial. And something artificial can be taken away, right?” He nodded.

Aidan's eyes glowed bright blue as he stretched his hands forth to Wyatt's chest. The band from his hair broke as his hair loosened and started blowing backwards. Then it started glowing, a pure white color. Both of Aidan's hands started glowing. It was as if a bright light was coming from Aidan's body into Wyatt's. Once Aidan's hands touched Wyatt's chest, Wyatt gave out a loud, sharp cry that made the glasses from nearby buildings to break into shards.

“No...” Wyatt felt a hot burning sensation at the place where Aidan touched his chest. He screamed out in horror, moving his face upwards while he screamed into the thin air. He had never experienced such pain in his life before. He felt as if his chest was melting.

“You are gonna pay.” Aidan was not himself anymore. His voice sounded inhuman, different. His only goal was to drain the evil powers that made Wyatt powerful and finally destroy him. He put in more energy as his hands called to the evil powers inside.

“Please.” Wyatt could feel the evil powers inside of him shaking uncontrollably. He knew what Aidan was trying to do. He got really scared because he knew the effect of that power leaving his body. Time to try and make a deal with Aidan. “You don't have to do this.” He cried out in pain, feeling as if Aidan was draining out his life force. “Just imagine what you and I can achieve when we join forces. We would be...unstoppable and really powerful. Why are you trying to help out these people? They treated you badly and Luis...”

“No deal.” Aidan said in the deepest inhuman voice, throwing in more energy.

Wyatt felt something moving out of him and he screamed out in pain as he felt his chest open up. “Please...” It was like something had just cut him right through his chest, ripping him open. He threw his head back, crying as if his life had come to an end. His eyes gave an angry glow and then started going out with the more energy put in. He knew from the very moment he felt the energy moving from him that Aidan was removing the gem. He cried out in pain, trying to chant a spell but the pain disturbed him as he kept on going back and forth. The power left him each second and he screamed even more as he felt weaker and weaker. It was all over for him and he knew it very well.

Aidan on the other hand used his might and completely removed the black gem that had been in Wyatt. It was now in his hands. It was pitch black and the dark smoke that surrounded it was just as dark. Aidan could feel the powerful energy which surrounded it. He could feel the evil magic that was stored in. But he knew what he was gonna do with it.

After the gem left his body, Wyatt felt to the ground with a weak thud. He was completely drained. All the powers that he had in him were gone. The only thing that he had left was the powers that he had before Ming's gem. But he felt like an empty vessel, powerless and useless. He was so weak that he couldn't even move an inch of his body. He was nothing. And another fear struck him when he came to realize something. Without the power, he knew that he was really weak and that meant that he could be killed in Angria. He had failed in his quest. The wizard of good cause had stopped him.

“Aidan...” Wyatt pleaded. “Please. Don't do this tom me. You know what exactly...”

“You should have thought about that before killing all those innocent lives.” Aidan turned back to normal, dropping the gem to the ground. He clenched his fists harder as tears built in his eyes. “You killed my parents and turned me into an orphan before I even realized I had parents.” Aidan's anger came rushing to him unlike it had ever been. He was now in rage mode. “You slaughtered them like pigs without even having a feeling of...”

“Please. No!” Wyatt actually cried weakly. “I only did that...”

“What excuse are you gonna give now.” Aidan chuckled bitterly as a tear fell down his cheeks. “There is no excuse for being evil.” He quickly rubbed the tear. “For all the people that you have murdered, you are gonna pay. For all the pain you've caused this kingdom and the people that have lost their lives, you are gonna pay for it. For all the blood you've shed...”

Wyatt knew of only one chance of survival. He had to use his old powers that required a spell to work. Slowly nodding his head as he pleaded, Wyatt made a silent mind spell to try and win at that game. He knew that once he killed Aidan, he could conduct another ritual and get back Ming's powers.

There was a large iron bar behind Aidan that Wyatt had his eyes on. He made a quick spell while pleading and then made sure that bar had risen, directing its sharp edge towards Aidan. Just when he was about to thrust it, it made a quick turn and came right in front of Aidan, pointing straight at Wyatt.

Wyatt's eyes widened, looking at Aidan with horror as sweat formed on his skin.

“Do you think I am stupid?” Aidan chuckled bitterly. “I am more powerful and sensitive that you think. I know cunning men like you can never change. You deserve to burn in hell.”

“No!” Wyatt gave a loud cry of horror as he began sweating. “You can't do this to...”

Before he could even finish his sentence, the iron bar pierced his gut so deep that his vision blurred for a second. Tears built in his eyes as he moved his eyes to stare at his belly. What he saw was a huge amount of blood gushing out of his gut. He tried to breathe in but the pain was just was just too much. He couldn't believe he was actually experiencing that pain. It was impossible. He was a god.

Veins shot up in his eyes instantly. His eyes became blood red as the pain slipped through him. His heart pounded painfully, making the pain even worse than it was. He tried to move his mouth but it was trembling so much that he couldn't even utter any word. The pain was from out of this world. He knew from the excruciating pain that he wasn't gonna survive that. His death had come to him. There was no way for him to survive. His end was near. The prophecy was gonna come true.

Wyatt moved his eyes to Aidan as tears poured down his face. He saw the hatred in his eyes. Aidan on the other hand wasn't satisfied with what he was seeing. The pain the warlock was passing through was not enough. He needed to inflict more pain on him. Every word that the priest had uttered to him came back to haunt him. He had a perfect opportunity to avenge his parents.

“Does it hurt?” Aidan shook his head, clenching his fists harder. “Does it fucking hurt?”

“W... why?” Wyatt spoke in pain as more tears poured down his face. “Why...”

“Why?” Aidan yelled, chuckling bitterly as he let loose his fist. “Did you really ask me that? You knew the day was coming, didn't you? You had all those years to finally give up being evil but you decided to be evil. I am not evil but people like you don't deserve second chances. You took the chance of experiencing parental love from me. You murdered them in cold blood and today, this boy...” He yelled, pointing angrily at himself. “...he is the one that's gonna end your life.”

Wyatt moved his mouth to speak something but he couldn't. When he breathed in deeply, blood started coming out his mouth. “You've finally... uh... done it. I can't believe I was defeated.” He chuckled bitterly, coughing blood terribly. “You have stopped me but that will never change the fact that...” He coughed a whole lot of blood. “Your parents...” That was the only word he managed to say. Then an evil grin appeared on his face.

Seeing that evil grin, Aidan shook his head his head in anger. “You will never change. But I have a gift for you.”

With an angry groan, Aidan raised his hand high up in the air. A sword, a really sharp sword appeared in his hand. He brought it closer to Wyatt, enjoying the change of expression on his face. The old man actually started breathing as if he was losing his life.

“Yeah...” Aidan nodded. “You used the similar one on my parents and now...” he raised it slightly. “I am gonna use the same one on you.” He chuckled bitterly, a tear dropping down his cheek. “Goodbye. I hope you burn in hell.”

With a loud cry, Aidan slit Wyatt's throat open. Wyatt's body fell to the ground, choking on his own blood as he convulsed terribly on the ground. In just a matter of seconds, he was lying in a pool of his own blood. Aidan watched him convulse and choke to death until he finally lost his life.

“Good riddance for bad rubbish.” Aidan's mission in the kingdom was over.

He took a quick turn away from Wyatt, snapping his fingers. Wyatt's body abruptly caught a powerful eternal blue flame that burned him to nothingness in just a few seconds. He was completely burned, not leaving a single drop of his blood.

As Aidan was moving, he stopped his tracks, staring at the evil black gem which was on the ground. It was still surrounded by the dark evil smoke. Taking a deep breath, Aidan moved to the gem. He knew what had to be done. He was gonna destroy it once and for all. No one was gonna use it again.

Getting closer to the gem, Aidan raised it high in the air, extending his hands on it. He released a powerful flame which rounded the gem and started spinning all around it. The flame went off within a few seconds and Aidan knew that he couldn't...

“Use all elements.” A voice rang through his head. “Only then can you destroy it.’

Hearing that voice, Aidan took a deep breath, willing with all his power and energy to destroy that evil gem. He closed his eyes and concentrated with all his might and energy. Then he opened his eyes and they gave a bright blue color. His hair turned pure white as he took another deep breath. He extended his palms wider, getting hold of that evil gem.

A powerful red flame released from him, surrounding the whole evil gem. Then a strong wind began blowing, causing everything to blow away. A small ball of wind joined the fire, making a bright blue ball which covered the evil gem. A small ball of sand joined the circle turning it into a deep grey color. Then the last element, the most powerful element got released. It didn't look like water. It was milky and a little thick. When it joined that circle, a very powerful energy was formed, enveloping the evil gem.

That was when it all started. Aidan could feel the powerful energy deep in that gem trying to escape but the huge ball of elements enveloping it was so powerful that nothing could escape. Aidan's eyes glowed even brighter as he applied more energy to that ball. It began spinning powerfully around that gem, trying to destroy and neutralize the power that was inside of it.

Aidan had no idea what was going on but he could himself losing some of his energy. It kept on being applied to that huge ball of elements. Suddenly lightning split the sky and thunder roared terribly. The powerful ball of elements kept on growing as he applied more energy. He could feel himself trembling terribly in order to stabilize that energy. Then the ball started changing colors. It was like there was a fire burning inside that ball but it was extremely powerful. The ball changed from deep red that changed the color of the whole environment and pale green. The wind was now spinning inside faster, moving the gem from side to side. Aidan could feel the gem losing its powers. Then it changed to orange and deep violent. There was what looked like a storm in the desert as sand gathered. However, when the color changed to white, water took over and Aidan felt the most powerful energy. It kept on spinning harder and harder until...the huge ball exploded with a powerful energy.

Aidan took a quick step behind. His eyes returned to normal and he moved them forward to stare at what had happened. He couldn't feel the dark energy anymore. It was like it had exploded. He moved his eyes to the ground and saw the gem, looking pure and shining like a bright diamond. But of course, he didn't want to take any chances. He snapped his finger and set the gem ablaze with the most powerful flame ever. It melted and burned to nothing. He was done with everything. It was all over.

Aidan took a sigh of relief, looking all around. So many things had happened. The dark clouds were still all over the kingdom. The impact of their magical battle could be seen everywhere. There were holes on the ground, buildings with no glasses, fire burning in different places and so many damages. He felt bad for causing the kingdom that. He really did but what could he do?

Aidan took a deep sigh as a thought slipped through him. He remembered what he had done with his castle. He created it from scratch and now it was the best castle in the whole wide world. With that thought in mind, Aidan wondered if he could do the same with the kingdom. Maybe he could fix it.

Aidan moved his face up, raising his hands towards the heavens. He had his mind set on fixing the kingdom to its previous state, fixing everything that had been damaged. Aidan could feel the powers vibrating, moving deeper inside of him. Then suddenly, his whole body started glowing. A sharp ray of light shot out of his hands into the heavens. His eyes glowed even brighter and his hair emanated a powerful ray of light brightening the whole place.

As the ray of light hit the heavens, the dark clouds started clearing, extending to the rest of the kingdom. Aidan's body started extending the light from where he stood to different places far away. The holes on the grounds disappeared, making it look even newer. The buildings that had been broken were fixed instantly. Everything was going back to normal but Aidan could feel himself losing his energy.

With a loud cry, Aidan thrust his arms on different directions. The light left him like a loud wind hurtling to different places. He felt as if his energy was completely over but he continued doing so. The light went as far as the palace like a hurtling destructive wind. As soon as that light touched the palace, everything started going back to normal.

The statues turned into guards and maids again, doing exactly what they had been doing when they were turned to stone. Those that were charging continued but got surprised when there was no enemy in front of them. Those that were hurt felt a little better and got up. All the dead plants and trees returned to their normal state.

That palace turned back to its golden state. The gaping holes got fixed up and everything else that had been damaged. Now everything was back to normal. It was even better than it had ever been. The kingdom was once again.

With a loud cry, Aidan let go and dropped to his knees feeling as if his entire energy had left him. He was panting terribly... his heart was racing... he was sweaty all over. His eyes gave a final glow and turned back to normal but his hair remained white and he couldn't understand anything. He was breathing really fast as he tried to get up. He felt as if his energy was leaving him each second.

Aidan took in a deep breath, slowly getting up. He started taking a few steps forward to gather his strength but it seemed like every step he made just made things really worse for him. He was losing energy at a faster rate. He had no idea what was going on but he had to do everything to get away from that place and go back to his home.

When Aidan raised his face to stare up, he was received by warm cheers. People started gathering, cheering and clapping for him. Some of them were crying... some of them were surprised... some were happy and others were laughing of joy. They all cheered for Aidan.

“Yes!” The people cheered. “He's saved us all, our savior. Thank you so much for coming to our rescue.”

Aidan looked at the people and they just kept on increasing. He had no idea where they had come from but he didn't know that they had actually been watching from afar. Aidan stood still, just staring at the happy faces. He had no expression on his face. He was caught off guard. It was getting a little dark and Aidan's condition was getting worse.

Aidan's strength was leaving. Then all of a sudden dizziness struck him and he even took a few steps behind but nothing was working. His vision was blurring and all of a sudden he started hearing distorted voices in front of him. He tried to make himself strong but nothing was working. He was getting giddy by the second.

Then all of a sudden his heart pounded in his chest as he got even dizzier. He tried to stay on the ground but everything got dark. He could only hear faint voices. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground. He tried to get up but it was impossible. His whole strength was gone. In the end he just gave up. He was gone.


Luis was breathing faster, driving in the street. After that suddenly flash of light and hurtling wind, everything seemed to have gone back to normal. He had been driving from the palace and now that everything was completely over, he just wanted to find Aidan and bring him back home. He had faith in him that Wyatt wasn't gonna defeat him.

Luis' heart was pounding deeper in his chest, causing fear in him. His breaths were harsh and he was visibly trembling. He had his eyes, trying to spot if he could see him in the city. It wasn't long before he found a huge cloud cheering. Without even taking a second guess, Luis got out of the car and started rushing towards the crowd. He was putting on a torn shirt but he didn't even care. He just passed among the crowd and just before he reached the front, he heard the crowd gasp.
At first he had no idea why they gasped but once his eyes reached in front, he found Aidan lying lifeless on the ground. Luis' heart pounded in fear as his breaths came out harshly. His eyes widened and he felt as if he had just died.

“Aidan!” Luis cried out in fear, rushing towards him.

Reaching Aidan, Luis held him in his arms and checked his heartbeat. He breathed in deeply when he felt Aidan's heartbeat. He was absolutely fine. There was nothing wrong with him. There was white hair all over his face. Luis quickly moved that hair to stare into Aidan's gorgeous face.

Apart from the weird pure white long hair on him, Aidan was gorgeous. His face was perfectly curved, more beautiful than he had been two years back. His whole body was completely different and though he had dirt on his body, he was absolutely gorgeous.

Staring at Aidan's gorgeous face, Luis felt a tear falling down his cheeks. He couldn't believe he was holding Aidan in his arms after two years. He couldn't believe he was looking at his handsome face. Luis' body was vibrating terribly, awakening a deep passionate emotion that he couldn't control anymore. Aidan was finally back to him. He was finally back in his arms. That wouldn't have been any more beautiful than it actually was. But as much as Luis wanted to stare at Aidan's gorgeous face, he had to make him rest. He was probably exhausted from all the fights.

With a deep sigh of relief, Luis slowly picked up Aidan in his arms and lifted him. He quickly started heading for the car while the people cheered that their prince had saved them. Luis carefully laid Aidan at the back seat and then entered the car. Then he quickly drove off. He was gonna take Aidan back to the palace even though it was in bad state.

The rest of the way, Luis' kept on checking on Aidan, staring at his beautiful face while smiling brightly each time. But as much as he wanted to stare, he knew very well that he had to drive carefully. He took quite a notice that people had started filling the streets again. That only meant that Aidan had saved them.

It wasn't long before Luis reached the huge gate, expecting it to be really dark like the way he had left it. But he got the surprise of his life when the gate was actually golden, even purer than it had been. He quickly honked the gate and after quite some time, a tired looking guard with a dirty uniform opened the gate.

Luis drove in and his eyes widened at what he was seeing. Everything was back to normal. There were no more statues. All of them had turned back to guards that were moving in the compound. They looked scattered. Even the castle was back to normal with its natural state. It was all golden and now pure white. He couldn't believe.

It wasn't long before Luis reached the entrance of the beautifully shining palace. He quickly got out of the car and took Aidan in his arms again. He was now rushing inside the palace where he got another surprise. Everything was back to normal. Nothing seemed to be wrong. Everything was just perfect. As he neared the living room, he started calling his family one by one. He laid Aidan on the couch and then knelt down in front of him, wiping his face.

“What...” Before Hanna could even finish her sentence, she gasped and rushed towards Aidan. “Oh my God.”

The rest of the family members came to the living room and were just as surprised when they saw Aidan lying on the couch without any movements. They were happy the palace was back to normal but they were worried once again.

“What happened?” The queen gasped as she sat close to Aidan. “Is he okay?” She rested her hand on his chest just to be sure.

“He's fine.” Luis said happily as tears poured down his face. He was flooded within seconds. “He has just passed out. I found him like this and...”

“What about Wyatt?” Granny asked in a trembling voice. “What if...”

“No!” The king sighed. “If everything is back to normal then it can only mean that Aidan fulfilled the prophecy. He is gone and I am sure that he will never bother anyone else again. This is all thanks to my son, Aidan.” The king said, rubbing a tear which was about to drop to his cheeks. “He came back to save us. I had lost hope but he is really here to save us. He couldn't watch us crumble.”

“Yes!” Luis sobbed. He held Aidan's hand and brought it closer to his lips, planting several kisses on it. “I knew he would be back to me. I had hope and now he is finally here. He is finally here for me.” he planted another kiss on his hand. He felt really better after seeing him again.

“Yes!” Hanna chuckled softly as she rubbed on his hands. “I am glad that he came here for us.” But when she noticed the hair, she actually gasped. “What's wrong with his hair?”

“I don't know.” Luis sniveled as more tears fell down his cheeks. “I just found him like that. I don't really know what had happened but I need him to wake up so that I can be with him. I need to hold him when he is awake. I need to do a lot of things. I have a lot to say to him.”

“We all do.” Ruby said softly. “It's all because of him that we are even here.”

“Look at my palace.” The king said, trying to hide his tears. “Look at everything. Everything seems brand new. My people are now safe from evil hands. My kingdom is now safe from the hands of evil seeker. It's all because of him. I would love to thank him for that.”

The royal family just stood still, staring at the boy. They had never been as happy as they were at that time. The happiness of being saved plus the happiness of seeing Aidan again was just too intense. King Julian couldn't have been happier. He had his throne back and his kingdom and his people were safe because of Aidan. He knew there were no more threats on the way.

“I will greatly thank him for this.” The king chirped, holding Aidan's hand. “He is now a hero in our kingdom and other kingdoms. He shall be known by many generations to come as the boy that saved the throne. He is even more important in my kingdom than me. He is my savior and that's makes him more superior.”

Hanna chuckled. “I can't believe that everything is over. I can't wait to see my Henry.”

The queen rested her hand on Luis. “Are you alright?”

“Yes!” Luis nodded as his tears flowed. “I am just too happy that I can't even express this happiness. He is back to me and...” he paused and sniveled. “...I just don't know how to act anymore. I am really happy right now. I can't believe that I actually betrayed him and...”

“Shh...” The queen squeezed his shoulder. “Please. Stop saying that. What matters the most is that you are back with him. He saved us and that's the most important thing. I am sure he couldn't watch his husband perishing.”

“I know...” Luis sobbed softly. “It's just...”

“I think you need to rest.” The king said softly. “Why don't you take Aidan to your room and rest for as long as you want? You've been through a lot the past three days. Take Aidan and then rest. We still have a lot to do. I have to check on my workers and my people, especially my cabinet. We will handle everything. All you have to do is rest and take care of Aidan.”

“Yes!” Luis nodded, getting up. He quickly rubbed his tears before the king kissed Aidan on the head. The rest of the members kissed his head and then told Luis to take really good care of him. Luis nodded and then carefully picked Aidan up in his arms. The boy was a little heavy but he was absolutely alright with it. He still couldn't believe he was with Aidan.

Reaching the room which was looking even more beautiful, Luis carefully laid Aidan on the bed, kneeling down before him. He moved the hair from his face and then got closer to him. Once he was close, Luis' heart started pounding deeper in his chest. His whole body started vibrating. Having Aidan so close to him made him feel so vulnerable.

Luis moved his hands up Aidan's face, cupping his sweet cheeks. Then he breathed in deeply and started closing in on the space which separated the two of them. His heart was racing terribly that he felt like it would burst out his chest. The more he got closer the more his heart raced to the point where he caught fire.

Finally, he closed the space between them and captured Aidan's lips. When their lips touched, Luis couldn't suppress the moan that tore from his throat. He simply lost his mind with desire. He held Aidan's cheeks tighter and started kissing him softly on the lips, sucking on him softly. He felt so wonderful, so beautiful, so amazing and so incredible. Luis couldn't have wanted nothing more than the kisses he was getting. They were hotter than anything he had actually felt before. For the last two years he hadn't kissed anyone and now he just did. It was sizzling and captivating. He didn't want to pull away from that kiss but he eventually did.

When he stared at Aidan's face once again, he smiled brightly and kissed his hands softly. Then he breathed in, “I love you so much. I missed you like crazy. Now that you are back to me, I will never let you go, my love. I will always cherish our love and this time I will not break any vows.”

Luis had no idea how Aidan's reaction was gonna be but he was confident enough that Aidan still loved him. That was the reason he had come back, right? He knew he had a lot of explaining to do but he was gonna make sure Aidan totally understands him. He was gonna make sure he never lets him go. He was gonna hold on to him now that he was back to him.

“I promise I will never let you go, my love.” Luis vowed as he rubbed his tears. “I know I had hurt you a lot but I will do all I can to have you trust me again. I will always love you until the very day I breathe my last. You will be the most important thing in my life.”

Luis just stayed like that as more tears made his face wet. Aidan was looking really peaceful and he didn't ever want to see that beautiful face sad. He just wanted him to be smiling for the rest of his life. Luis was gonna make sure that he makes that boy smile for the rest of his life. He was gonna make sure he provides everything for him.

“I will never let you go again.”

With a deep sigh of relief, Luis slowly rubbed his tears. He started to massage Aidan's feet and then carefully removed his shoes off. He was looking really dirty and Luis knew what he had to do next. He just wanted to do everything to please Aidan. He didn't care whether he was not gonna sleep at all. He just wanted to stare at him for the rest of his life. Nothing was gonna take that moment away from him.


“Priest...” Granny came rushing down the stairs, holding the baby tightly.

Hearing granny's voice, the priest turned around and stared at her. He took a deep sigh of relief. He knew what granny wanted to ask him plus the three guys that followed her behind. He had told them about his succession and now all they kept on doing was...

“Priest, please...”

“Look, I told you about an hour ago that he is absolutely fine.” The priest chuckled, hitting the trident harder on the floor. “Nothing is going to happen to him. Even though the evil seeker might show stronger power, Aidan is more powerful than him. There is nothing...”

“But that isn't helping anything.” Justin slightly raised his voice. “We are all worried here. We need to see him. We need to...”

“For the almighty's sake,” The priest shrugged. “There is nothing wrong with Aidan. You mortals are just filled with a lot of worry.”

“I really want to believe you.” Granny said impatiently. She just wanted to see her grandson. “It's been two days since he left this castle. I don't want to think negatively but I am really worried. I want to see my grandson and make sure that he is perfect. I just want to lay my eyes on him and...”

“You are...”

“His son hasn't seen him in two days.” Ethan pleaded, putting his hands together. “Please. Try to understand what is going on here. We are all worried here. We just need to see Aidan.”

“Yes!” granny said as she soothed the baby. “You are the only one that can help us to see him.”

“Are you by any chance suggesting that I...”

“Yes!” Justin nodded. “Please. Take us to Angria so that we can see him and make sure he is fine. We need to make sure everything is going perfectly. I just need to see him right now okay.”

“Please.” Granny pleaded. “Put yourself in my shoes and understand me. I need to see him right now. I will die if I just stay here without knowing what exactly is happening to my grandson. I know that you've said he's really fine but I will not rest until I see him. Please.”

The priest took a really deep breath as he stared at the begging people. He was put in a dilemma. What was he going to do now?


Aidan slightly moved, feeling himself sleeping on something comfortable. He had no idea what had happened to him and... God! He couldn't remember a thing. He slowly opened his eyes, looking all around the room. He did a quick scan of the room, trying to understand where he was. Just then, what had happened came rushing to him. He could remember collapsing and now he was back on the bed and...

Aidan's eyes widened when he realized where he was. He tried to move but when he felt that someone was holding his hand, he gasped, moving his eyes to the right. His eyes even became wider when he saw Luis on the other side of the bed. They were both sleeping, in the same blanket and Luis was holding him. With what he had come to realize, Aidan's heart began racing as his breaths became harsh. His body shuddered and he found himself trembling. He looked at Luis and though he hadn't seen him in two years, the guy was pretty much the same except for his hair. His hair had grown and he was still handsome. But Aidan didn't want to do anything with him. He needed to get out of that room and that kingdom. He needed to go back to his kingdom because he was missing his son like crazy. He hadn't spent that long without his son.

When Aidan tried to move, he got surprised again. He could feel himself naked underneath. He couldn't accept that. He quickly raised his left hand and checked underneath the blanket. Yep! He was completely naked.

With a loud groan, Aidan slipped his hand from Luis' furiously, staring at him with anger in his eyes. He quickly sat up on the bed, drawing the blanket to cover himself up. He was really mad and he stared at the moving guy on the bed. He waited for him until he saw his eyes opening.

When Luis opened his eyes, he got surprised when he saw Aidan sitting up. He gasped and then sat up, staring at him. A bright smile shot up on his face. His heart melted when he saw Aidan. He was awake and that was really beautiful for Luis.

“You are finally awake.” Luis chuckled. He moved his hands forward to cup Aidan's cheeks but got surprised when Aidan actually retaliated.

“What did you do to me?” Aidan asked harshly, trying to get away from him. “What the hell did you do to me and why did you bring me here?”

To say Luis was surprised would be an understatement. He couldn't believe Aidan was asking him that. “Well! I had found you in the city unconscious and I brought you here. I brought you to my room and...”

“Why am I naked?” Aidan snapped, breathing violently. “Did you do...”

“No!” Luis frowned. He still couldn't understand Aidan. “I brought you to my room and then laid you on the bed. After that, I noticed how dirty you were. I stripped your clothes off and...”

“What?” Aidan gasped, slightly closing his eyes. “You did what?”

“I had taken your clothes off and cleaned you.”

“How dare you?” Aidan snapped, pointing at Luis. “How dare you strip my clothes off without permission? What gave you that right, huh? You were actually just eager to see...”

“Like I said,” Luis got a little closer but Aidan quickly rose from the bed with the beddings covering him. “You were dirty and I had to clean you. Besides, I have seen you naked a lot of times. What's the difference and...”

Aidan nodded, snarling. “You shouldn't have brought me here. You should have left me where you found me.”

“What?” Luis rose from the bed. He was fully dressed. “Why would I leave you like that? What kind of person would I be...”

“There were other people there, right?” Aidan glowered. “Surely, one of them would have spotted me and taken me to his or her home. Did it have to be you? And did you have to see me naked?”

“I didn't do anything to you.” Luis said, nodding his head. “Besides, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. You and I have done that a couple of times. It is normal for any couple to...”

“What?” Aidan couldn't believe the nerve of the guy. “How dare you talk to me about that? Did I actually here you say that we are a couple? Can you hear yourself? You and I definitely share nothing. Have you forgotten that in a hurry or should I refresh your memory?”

Luis opened his mouth to speak but he couldn't find his voice. Aidan had surely surprised him. He couldn't believe Aidan was bringing that up but guess he deserved that. But he couldn't hide that he felt terrible for that. He knew Aidan had been through a lot but... he needed him to understand.

“You made a really big mistake by bringing me here.” Aidan could feel some powerful energy surrounding. He even had no idea how he had lost it. But it was a good thing everything was back to normal. “I didn't need your help. I was fine by myself and I have been fine.” Aidan didn't even mind at first that he hadn't seen the guy in two years but now... he was really mad.

Luis took a really deep sigh. He could still remember what had happened the previous night. “You were really weak last night. I will go and get you some...”

“Don't bother.” Aidan gestured. Moving his angry eyes away from Luis, Aidan took a quick look around the room and then chuckled bitterly. “You actually changed the room. Why?”


“Never mind...” Aidan started moving away from the bed. “I just wanna get dressed and...”

“I will find...” Before Luis even finished his sentence, Aidan swung his little finger in the air and he became fully dressed. Aidan was glad his powers were back and he had thought he had lost them. Aidan dropped the bedding to the floor and slightly moved.

Aidan was dressed in a beautiful deep blue skinny jean that was stuck on his body. He had a bright yellow t-shirt on and orange snickers on his feet. He snapped his finger and his hair turned to black which was tied in a beautiful ponytail with a diamond band. He was stunning and Luis got caught up staring at him. His heart was beating rhythmically, drooling at the beautiful boy.

“I need to get out of here before I get sick.”

“No!” Luis gripped his arm, bringing closer. “Please. I want you to stay here with me. Please. Don't leave me.”

Aidan looked at Luis hand and felt a powerful bolt of lightning through his entire body, making him shudder. He felt a powerful tingle down his spine. Before he could feel anything more, he let loose his hand and moved away from him.

“What?” Aidan exclaimed, chuckling bitterly. “Why would I stay here in my right frame of mind? Do you think I came here for...”

“Please.” Luis fell to his knees, putting his hands together. He didn't know why but he was scared as fuck. “I need you in my life. I don't think I can live without you and...”

Hearing Luis, Aidan gave a short bitter laugh. “Oh really? You can't live without me? Since when couldn't you live without me?” Then his face got serious. “I don't have time for this.” Aidan made a quick turn and headed for the door. Luis quickly rose from the floor and followed him outside the room. Before he could even make it to the elevator, Luis blocked him and came right in front of him.

“Luis! Please!” Aidan said softly. “I don't have time for this shit. If you don't want trouble then get out of my way. Please. Let me go so that I can...”
“I am begging you.” Luis put his hands together. He felt tears building in his eyes. His love for Aidan was so strong that he couldn't handle being away from him. “Please. Don't leave me alone. I can't live my life without you.”

Aidan felt a sharp pain in his entire body. It was sudden and it made his body jerk for a second. He took a quick step behind to stay away from Luis. He could have just disappeared and gone away but he had no idea why he didn't feel like it.

“Ha ha...” Aidan made a bitter chuckle, staring at Luis. “You can't live without me?” Luis nodded as a tear fell down his eyes. “Well! You did it in the last two years. I can tell a lot that you've forgotten about me.”

“No!” Luis knelt down on the floor and tried to hold Aidan's hands but Aidan quickly moved his hands away. “I have never forgotten about you. You have always been...”

“I don't want to talk about this.” Aidan made a quick turn and started rushing down the stairs. He didn't know how long it was gonna take but he was gonna get out of there and then disappear. Seeing Aidan leaving, Luis followed him.

“Please, Aidan.” Luis pleaded as he followed Aidan behind. “I am really begging you. Don't leave me alone. I swear I won't be able to survive it.”

“Can you please, stop?” Aidan raised his voice continuing to go down the stairs. In fact, he increased his pace. He didn't want to stay in the palace for long because he had quite painful memories with that place. Seeing Luis again was really bad for him. He was holding his pain, trying to hide everything that he felt inside. “Just leave me alone.”

Luis increased his pace, running down the stairs in order to find Aidan. “Please. Just listen to me okay. I really love you so much. I know I made a mistake and I am willing to rectify it.”

Aidan closed his ears and just continued rushing down the stairs. He was really fast that in just a few minutes he was down the stairs into the living room. There was no one else in that room so he somehow felt relieved. Just when he was about to start heading for the exit, he felt a powerful grip on his arm and then quickly turned. He was now face to face with the desperate and scared looking Luis.

“Please, try and...”

“What do you want me to listen to?” Aidan snapped, furiously releasing his arm from Luis' grip. “Have you forgotten that I am a warlock? You cannot be in love with a warlock. You broke the bond that you and shared two years ago.”

“Please. I am trying...”

“There is nothing that you are going to say to me that will make me change my mind.” Aidan snapped. “Have you forgotten what had happened in this very room two years ago?”

“Please...” Luis tried to touch Aidan but Aidan moved away. From his face, Luis could clearly see that Aidan was really angry. It got to him and made him feel really bad. He knew he had caused him so much pain than he could imagine. “...I made a mistake. It was my entire fault. I should have trusted you and...”

“The past is in the past.” Aidan said. The last thing he wanted was something to remind him about his past. As it was, Luis was reminding him about the terrible past which he had with him. “I only came here for one thing. Please, don't talk to me about that and...'

“Why did you come back?” Luis said as he tried to swallow his pain. “I thought you came back because...”

“I came back to avenge my parents and to fulfill my duty as Mang's successor.” Aidan clenched his fists harder. “I came back here to fulfill my destiny. I also came here to liberate the people. My work here is done. I am no longer needed in this kingdom. You definitely don't need a warlock in this kingdom.” He chuckled bitterly. “Don't worry about anything because...”

“I was a fool...” Luis pleaded, kneeling on one knee. “I love you so much Aidan. I have realized how much I had hurt you. I now know that the almighty gave you those powers to save all of us. You were my husband and I still hurt you deeply.” Tears built in his eyes in huge quantities. “I don't know what came over me. It's just that...” He paused and sniveled, feeling a tear dropping to his cheeks. “...Please. Understand what I had gone through at that time. You were there and...”

“Luis, please...” Aidan snapped, moving away from him. “Stop talking about the past. I am living peacefully and I have saved your kingdom for you. You've been living in this kingdom without me for the last two years.”

“Yes!” Luis nodded as more tears poured down his cheeks. “But I lived those two years in pain. Please, Aidan I still love you. I still want you in my life. Please, try to understand.”

Before Luis even finished his sentence, Aidan made a quick turn. He turned his back to him, feeling tears building in his eyes. He knew the pain was still there especially after remembering what had really happened in the past. There was a lot that had happened between Aidan and Luis but Aidan didn't want to dwell in the past. He needed to be strong.

Suppressing the tears from coming, Aidan slowly turned and then looked at Luis. The guy seemed really sad and vulnerable and it was honestly hurting Aidan. He slowly nodded his head, opening his mouth to speak to Luis before...

“Aidan...” He heard a familiar voice right behind him.

Aidan gasped, quickly turning to look in the direction of the door. His eyes widened when he saw granny rushing towards him. She was with the priest. They both had beautiful smiles on their faces and the priest was coming inside, hitting his trident harder on the floor.

“Granny!” Aidan gasped.

Aidan rushed towards her and hugged her tightly, getting even more emotional. Her hug felt incredible to the point where he didn't want to pull away. He was extremely happy and emotional at the same time. He hadn't seen her in two days and it had almost made him feel really bad.

“We really missed you.” Granny planted a kiss on his forehead. “Are you okay?”

“Yes!” Aidan nodded, rubbing the tear which had made its way down his cheeks. “I defeated him, granny.”

“Yes!” The priest laughed harder. “He has been defeated. There is no more threat to this kingdom. Even the evil powers were destroyed together with him. You have fulfilled your destiny.” He hit the trident harder on the floor, sniffing the air. “I can feel peace all over the kingdom. This peace shall last for eternity.”

Aidan smiled brightly. “This wouldn't have been possible without you.” He said, rubbing the tear that fell down his cheek. “Without you, I wouldn't have seen the bad state the people were in. You encouraged me and taught me a lot of things that I used to defeat him. I have done my job and now I have to go back to my...”

“No...” Luis cried at the top of his voice. He rushed to Aidan and knelt right in front of him. “Please... try to understand me. I am willing to do anything just to have you back but don't do this to me. I am begging you, Aidan.” He sobbed. Then he quickly moved to granny and put his hands together, dropping his eyes to the floor. He couldn't bear to look in her eyes. “Granny, I know you are angry with me. I know that I had hurt your grandson a lot but please,” he sobbed. His pain was just too much. “Talk to Aidan. Let him forgive me for everything that I have done.

Help me, granny.” He held her leg tighter. “Please... forgive me granny. Try to understand my situation and help me. I had no idea what I was doing.”

Granny took a good look at Aidan and then Luis. She took a gloomy sigh. “I am really sorry, Luis. I can't do anything for you. All this rests on Aidan's shoulder. You had hurt him so much that...”

“Please,” Luis moved to Aidan and put his hands together. Aidan had a huge lump in his throat. Luis was crying so hard. “Forgive me for the sins I committed.” Luis' face was now wet with tears. He was in so much pain that he was scared of losing Aidan. “Please, just tell me...”

“I am sorry.” Aidan sighed, moving his eyes to granny. “Let's go home. I miss everyone.”

Luis wailed, crying as if he was about to lose his mind. That last word from Aidan sounded like some someone planning to kill him. His heart pounded harder in his chest, making him cry even more. He didn't want to lose Aidan now that he was back.

Aidan on the other just swallowed and coiled his granny's arm with the intention of taking her out and then disappearing from there. Then he started slowly walking with her, avoiding and ignoring the loud cries from his once husband. There was just so much in his mind that...

“How long will you continue like this?” The priest chuckled, hitting the trident harder on the floor.

Aidan stopped in his tracks, taking a quick turn. He looked straight at the priest wondering what he was talking about. “I...”

“He needs him in his life.” The priest said with a chuckle. “Both of you need him in his life.”

“What?” Aidan gasped as he got closer to the priest. “I thought we had this...”

“Of course,” The priest laughed teasingly, deeply. “You cannot hide from the fact that he would play a really important role in both your lives. You will not be complete without him. It will not truly be a complete family without you and...”

“I don't need him.” A tear came out of Aidan's eye, tracing his cheeks. “He abandoned me.” Aidan's pain came right to him. “Do you know exactly what...”

“You can't deny this my son.”

“No...” Aidan hollered. “I don't need a man like him in his life. I am absolutely fine with...”

“Why would you deny your child his father?” The priest finally uttered.

Aidan shook his head in anger, taking a quick glance at Luis. “My child and I are perfect.” He finally yelled out in anger. “We don't need him. We have both managed to survive without him. I can take care of my son alone.” Aidan was breathing so fast that his anger could be felt by those that were with him. He didn't care about what he had said anymore. He didn't even care if Luis found out about his child.

“Child?” Luis gasped.

“Yes!” Aidan hollered. “You heard absolutely right.” He rubbed his tears quickly.

“What are you talking about?” Luis got up as many questions slipped through his tiny head. He couldn't even think clearly because he couldn't understand. “What...”

“Yes!” Granny nodded. “You have a child Luis.”

“What?” Luis' mouth was now wide open trying to understand. His heart was pounding deeper into his chest. “I don't have a child with anyone. I swear. If that's the reason why...”

The priest gave a loud laugh when he heard Luis' answer and saw through his fear. “You really don't get it right?” He chuckled manically, hitting the trident on the floor. “You are a father, my prince. You have a son.”

“What... what?” Luis actually stuttered as a shiver ran down his spine. “What are you talking...”

“Aidan was pregnant.” Granny hollered.

Those words rang through Luis' head like they were repeated. His mouth gaped... his eyes widened... his heart raced. Then to top it off, he couldn't believe it. Giving a loud gasp, Luis burst into laughter, forgetting that he had been actually crying a few minutes ago. He laughed so hard, filling his voice through the living room.

Aidan felt a deep pain slip through him. He nodded in anger and groaned. “I can't deal with this.”

Aidan nodded and then started walking out before Luis gripped his arm and brought him back.

“You are joking right?” A frown appeared on his face. “Please, tell me you are joking.” But from that glower on Aidan's face and the pain he saw in his eyes, Luis didn't need to take any wild guess. He knew from the moment he stared into Aidan's eyes that he was telling the truth.

“Yes!” Aidan nodded as tears built in his eyes. “I am actually so...”

“You are telling the truth.” Luis' voice sounded even more surprised. He couldn't believe it. “You have... our baby.”

“My baby...” Aidan hollered, pointing at himself. “That is my child and not yours. He has no relations with...”

“No...” Luis felt happy and excited at the same time. He was about to cry. Aidan had actually been pregnant when he left. That only meant that... “If you have a baby, then that is our child, our baby, our son...” he gasped, trying to get closer to Aidan. “Please... allow me to...”

“What child?” Aidan snapped. “Which child are you talking about?”

“Please.” Luis put his hands together, pleading to Aidan. “If you have a child, my child then, please... allow me to...”

“Priest... granny...” Granny and the priest didn't need Aidan to spell it to them. They knew exactly what he wanted them to do. With a squeeze on his shoulder, granny and the priest left the palace, leaving just the two of them.

“Aidan, please...”

“Funny, isn't it?” Aidan chuckled bitterly, nodding his head softly. “When I left here, I rebuilt myself and forgot about all the pain that you had caused me.”

“I am sorry...”

“But do you know what had happened?” He chuckled, staring at the man who looked as if he was having the worst of days. “Just a day after getting my family from this kingdom, I discovered I was pregnant. Can you imagine... a man being pregnant?” Tears poured down his cheeks as his pain increased. “But I was. Turns out the almighty had different plans for me.” Then all the pain came back to him including what had happened.

“Please.” Luis grabbed Aidan's hand and planted soft kisses on it. But Aidan pulled away. “Allow me back into your life. I am really sorry for what I had done to you. Please!”

“I don't need you.” Aidan snapped, breathing violently as more tears poured down his wet face. He was in unimaginable pain. “Why should I need you back in my life right now?” He yelled in his face, making Luis even more surprised. “Do you even know what was happening to me when I was out there? Do you know the pain I had to go through because of you? I almost gave up on life but you weren't there.”

“But the baby...”

“You weren't there...” Aidan cried softly. “Do you know how hard it was to be pregnant?” Luis nodded as tears poured down his face. “No! Because you weren't there and you didn't give a damn about my pregnancy.”

“I didn't know...” Luis nodded as he threw himself on the floor, crying like a little child. “I would...”

“You were supposed to be there.” Aidan felt so much anger deep within him. He clenched his fists harder, trembling more each passing second. “There were nights when I needed you. There were nights when I cried because I needed your arms around me. I needed your kisses. I needed to feel your body, your warm embraces.” He sniveled, rubbing his tears furiously but they came right back. “I had suffered through that pregnancy. I used to cry in need of you making love to me every night, pleasuring me over and over again.” He chuckled bitterly, rubbing his tears once again. “You were supposed to be there to respond to my needs. You were supposed to be there to help me through that difficult situation which was killing me inside.”

Luis had never felt as terrible as he felt at that particular time. The tears that came out were warm and really painful. He felt as if hot needles were passing through his veins. His head was pulsing terribly. His tears couldn't stop flowing. He couldn't believe he was a father and yet he had caused so much pain to the boy that gave him that child. It was hurting terribly.

“I needed my husband but where was he?” He cried softly. “My husband had abandoned me because he didn't really love me.”


“I needed you Luis. There were many times when I wished you were there every night. But for granny and Ethan, I would have died together with that child. You didn't even comfort me through the most painful times that I had. I had suffered throughout that pregnancy. Only God could feel the pain that I went through during that pregnancy. You were supposed to be carrying me around when I couldn't move. That was a husband's job not a brother's.” He sobbed. He needed to get every pain he was feeling out. “Finally, the child was born and you were supposed to be there to lay your eyes on it and help me through my healing time. You were supposed to be at all those moments.” Aidan gave a loud bitter laugh. Then he rubbed his face clean and tried to stay confident. “But you weren't there. I managed without you. Why should I need you in my life now?”

“Aidan...” Luis gasped, trying to catch his air. He felt a really sharp pain in his chest, quickly moving his hand to hold his chest. “I didn't know that you were pregnant. I had no idea I had impregnated you. Otherwise...”

“Yes!” Aidan nodded furiously. He had an angry expression on his face. “You didn't know. But you didn't trust me. But now I am living my life peacefully and so should you. My son and I don't need you in our lives. We can take care of ourselves. I will provide for him. He doesn't need a father because he has Ethan who loves him and can sacrifice for him.”

“Don't do this to me.” Luis sobbed, laying his head on the floor. “I was a fool and I regret this decision. Let's... let's come back together and raise our son. I need to see my son. I love you so much.”

Aidan looked at Luis and a million tears flooded his face. He made a quick turn to hide them from Luis. He took a quick glance behind and gathered his confidence.

“I have taken care of him since he was a baby.” He said confidently, suppressing his tears. “We don't need you in our lives. We are just fine. I am sorry.”

With a soft groan, Aidan took a final glance at Luis and started rushing outside, rubbing his tears. Luis got up and saw Aidan rushing out. He felt like his heart had just gone away. His heart pounded in fear, making him shiver. He quickly got up and ran after Aidan, shouting out his name. Boy! He was panicking. He didn't want to lose his love.

Aidan rubbed his face clean as he got out. He saw granny leaning to a pillar and rushed towards her. The priest was nowhere to be seen. When she saw him, she quickly rushed to him.


“Let's get out of here.”

Just then Luis came rushing out, crying and begging Aidan. “Don't do this to me. I still love you a lot Aidan. If not for you then do it for our son. Come back into my life.” Luis had never been scared about losing something like the way he was scared at that very time. He was so scared that he felt as if his life was gonna end.

“Aidan...” Luis cried out hard. “Please... listen to me. I love you so much. You will kill me with this.”

Aidan took a sigh of relief, staring at Luis. A tear fell down his cheek. “It's better if you just forget about me.”

With those words, Aidan held granny's hand tightly. Then he looked at Luis with tears in his eyes and before Luis could even call his name... he was gone. He disappeared from there.

“Aidan...” Luis' voice sounded low and painful. He couldn't believe he had lost him. He couldn't believe Aidan was gone again. He was gone and this time Luis' heart was in pain, so much pain and anguish. It was weeping. He had never been in so much pain.

“No...” Luis dropped to his knees, sitting on the cold floor. He had his eyes at the spot where Aidan had been standing a few seconds ago. The most painful thing was watching. Luis stopped crying even though the pain was just too much.

“I was pregnant... you were supposed to be there... I needed to you to make love to me... we don't need you.”

Luis' pain increased when he remembered those words. He was a father. Aidan had given him a son, probably a beautiful son like Aidan. He knew he had to do something. He couldn't lose again. But on the other hand he was gone.

Luis couldn't stop staring at the spot Aidan had been a few seconds earlier even though the pain was excruciating. Whatever he did, he needed Aidan back. He didn't want to live without him or his son. He loved him too much.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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Wow, what a roller coaster of a chapter. As we hoisted ourselves from the cliffhanger of Aidan’s declaration of war, to see his win in battle but yet refusal of the spoils of victory. This is hollow victory for Aidan as he still feels the lost of opportunity to known his biological family, yet the same family that took his parents also took his husband and family-in-law. This victory saved the people of the kingdom as Aidan’s compassion wouldn’t allow otherwise, but the victory could never replace the biological family. It seems the broken bonds of love, trust and marriage may also be too painful to repair; but then the little prince may be seen by all in a new light. Can Luis win his battle to rebuild the family trust? Maybe he can with a little help from a smart little prince that may educate the whole bunch. Great chapter!

Edited by Philippe
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Such a powerful chapter, filled with so much feeling........... looking forward to the next chapter.

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I hope Luis begs and begs and crawls. He doesn’t deserve Aidan.

After all Aidan’s been through and after saving the kingdom (which he didn’t need to do by the way) no amount of groveling should make him forgive Luis. 

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I can understand the priest’s viewpoint a little as it seems harsh to keep Luis away from his son yet I also agree that they don’t need him. With all the love he has surrounding him I don’t think Jacob will suffer for not having his sperm donor around. Luis’ old self centered, delusional side has surely returned as he seemed to think Aidan would just come back to him like nothing happened. Hindsight is 20/20 so while he may be remorse now he can’t change the past. Not saying reconciliation isn’t possible but it’s going to take more than simply saying he’s sorry.

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