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Unbroken - 4. Chapter 4

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Luis stormed into his room, violently shutting the door. The floor shook and the noise only added to his anger. He was fuming...he was raging and his emotions were definitely out of control. He was sweating and his wound had once begun hurting but that was nothing compared to what he was feeling. He was really angry and he hated Aidan so much.

“No...” Luis screamed, furiously putting his hands on his head.

“No...” He walked straight to his bed and hit his fists on it so hard. Then he gripped the bedding in a fist as his breaths became really violent. In one swing, he pulled the beddings from the bed, throwing them away. Then he began hitting on the bed as hard as he could. He was trying to get rid of his anger but it just kept on increasing. His heart was pounding deep in his chest, threatening to rip out.

“No!” He cried out in pain.

He didn't like the way he was feeling at all. He just wanted to get rid of everything that had happened. He was trying to forget but it just wasn't working. All he kept on seeing were the pictures of what had happened a few minutes ago and how his father had ruined his life, his own father.

Luis furiously sat on the bed, burying his head in his palms. He then gripped his hair so hard, pulling on it as hard as he could.

“Ah!” He screamed, furiously getting up from the bed. Never in his entire life had he ever felt like that before. He wanted to vent out his anger on something but want. “Fuck...” He screamed, moving from side to side, pulling on anything that he saw.

He kept on throwing and disarranging things that he saw, hitting his head from time to time. In less than a minute, everywhere was a mess. He screamed his anger out till he couldn't do it anymore. He was filled with so much rage. His eyes were blood red and he had even forgotten the number of times that he had to rub his tears. It was really so bad.

Hitting things as he screamed, Luis heard the door opening. He didn't even bother to see who it was but if it was that foolish boy, god help, Luis was gonna hit him so hard. He didn't care what was gonna happen next, he just wanted to ruin the life of the boy that had ruined his.

Ignoring the footsteps that were coming closer, he stormed to a nearby wall and hit his head so hard. He didn't even feel any pain. He just wanted to die with the way that he was feeling at that moment.

“Luis!” He heard his sister's voice. “Luis, stop it.”

Hearing that voice which at least gave him some hope, he raised his face and stared at her. He still was angry but he couldn't hurt his only sister. He loved her a lot and he knew he could count on her.

“Oh my god,” Hanna gasped, staring at his forehead. “You are bleeding. Let me...”

“Forget it,” Luis snapped, getting away from her. “What's the point?” He furiously walked from side to side. “My father has just ruined my life.”

“I understand you.” Hanna said in a serious tone. She too was angry at her father for doing that to her only brother. “But that wound needs to be attended to. Its bleeding again and I don't want...”

“This is nothing.” Luis fumed, pointing angrily to his wound. He could truly feel that he was bleeding but he absolutely didn't care. “It is nothing compared to what I am feeling. I don't care if I bleed to death. That will be better than what my father has done to me.”

“Stop saying that,” Hanna said, putting her hand on her brother's shoulder. “I really understand you. I know exactly how you feel right now. Believe me I do. What father has done is unfair. It is that boy's fault and I hate him for that. He lied to father and...”

“I don't care that he lied.” Luis bellowed. “I don't give a damn about it. He has ruined my life completely and I hate him for that.”

Just then, the door opened again and his mother came rushing in together with his granny. When she saw the state he was in, she gasped and rushed to him. She held him tightly but he brushed her and angrily groaned. She noticed just how her son was. She even got scared with the kind of anger that he was expressing.


“Mother, please...” He said angrily, hitting his head once again.

“Luis! Your wound is bleeding again.” Ruby said with concern. “Please, stop hitting yourself. You'll only hurt yourself even...”

“Hurt?” Luis chuckled bitterly. “This is nothing to what I am feeling. I am already hurt with father's actions back there. How could he do this to me? I am his fucking son.” Luis didn't care the language he was using in front of his mother and his granny. “He was supposed to favor me and punish that foolish boy. Now he has me married to that...that...” he had no word to use on that foolish boy. He felt like his heart was about to blow up. So many words were ringing in his mind, giving him a really sharp headache. “How could he do this to me? '“ He said, tears forming in his eyes. “Is he even my real father?”

“Don't say that?” Granny begged. “He is your father.”

“Then why...” He gulped, gesturing with his hand. “...why did he do that to me? Why did he have to ruin my life like that?”

“You don't understand any...”

“What's there to fucking understand?” Luis yelled, filling the whole room with his angry voice. “There is nothing you can say to justify what he did back there.” He pointed angrily towards the door. The people that were with him couldn't believe that Luis was that angry. He had never spoken to any of them in that manner and not to talk of seeing him that angry.

“I hate him so much for this.” Luis seethed, breathing harshly. His breath came out so harsh, it made him fume.

“Don't say that.” Queen Ruby said in a high pitched voice. “Your father did what he thought was right. He judged according to what he felt was for the best. Please, whatever he has done, he is still your father.”

“Do I have to thank you?” Luis said harshly, yelling in his mother's face. “He ruined my life. I had a perfect life until it was ruined today. That boy...”

“Your father did what he thought was right.” Granny said, rubbing his shoulder to make him calm. “He is the king of this land and he is your father. He had to play the role of both. What he did was not right but it was not his fault. All of us heard...”

“I don't care if he is the king and father of this whole nation.” Luis yelled, shrugging his shoulder to get his granny's hand off. “Before being the king of this land, he is my father.” He emphasized. “I expected him to be a father to me today. What he did is worse than what...”

“Don't say that?” The queen shouted, trying to defend her husband. “You saw what happened back there. He is a generous king and things like that have happened before.”

“It is that foolish boy's fault.” Luis hollered. “I will never accept him as my spouse.” He declared. “Father should have considered my feelings. He should have had that boy punished alone. I was the one that got hurt and yet he still hurt me once again. What kind of father is he?” He yelled. “He got me married to a stupid boy who...”

“Please,” granny said softly. “Have you even considered how that boy is feeling?”

“Why should I?” Luis snapped. “I don't even care if he rots in hell right now. All I know is that he is going to pay for this. He is probably happy somewhere because he got married in this palace. But I will never accept him. I will never be a husband to him. I never even wanted to get married in the first place.”

“Luis is right.” Hanna supported, crossing her arms on her chest. “I hate that boy a lot. He is the reason why my brother is in this state. I am sure he got what he wanted in the first place. He has ruined my brother's life and I will not accept him as my brother in law.”

Granny sighed and then looked at Ruby. She knew that her grandson was mad but blaming the poor boy was not the right thing to do. As much as she was angry with her son, she also knew that the poor boy was not to be blamed for what had happened. She had clearly seen that he wasn't happy as well with the outcome of the situation.

“Blaming the poor boy is not a solution.” Granny said softly, trying to get to her grandson. “Besides, there is nothing we can do right now. Everything is done. You are now that boy's husband and I think you need to take that responsibility. Don't hurt him for what he didn't do.”

“What?” Luis fixed his gaze on his granny, trying to understand the woman that was standing in front of him. “Who are you?” He asked.


“You are not my grandmother.” He nodded in disagreement. “My grandmother wouldn't say that to me. My grandmother would have supported me and tried to help me out.”

Granny chuckled softly, nodding her head. “I am your grandmother.” She said. “I might not be supporting your decision to hurt the boy but I am trying to help you out here.” She went closer and wrapped her arms around him. “That boy is not to be blamed for all this. You had been following him around and you were harassing him. Your father made that decision and he didn't do it. You heard what he said back there right?” She reminded him. “I know he made a wrong decision and it is not fair to you and that boy.” She was speaking to him so softly and was glad he was listening. “You don't even know how he is feeling right now. The poor boy is probably crying.”

“Granny, please...”

“Just like I have supported you,” She began. “You have always listened to me. Please, calm down. Being angry won't solve this problem. Just look around you,” She moved her finger around, showing him just what he had done. “You have messed up the whole room. Has it helped in any way? No! And look at yourself,” She pointed to his forehead. “Your wound is bleeding and yet it hasn't helped you. Please, calm down. I am as mad at the king as you are right now. He shouldn't have done that to you and that poor boy.”

“Mother is right,” Queen Ruby said softly. “All of us pleaded with your father but you know how he is. Besides, you also heard the warning he gave you. If he ever hears any fights, he will incur his wrath on you. You don't want that. That boy was wrong but he didn't make the decision. Your father made that decision and he is to be blamed for it. But just like mother said,” She gave a gloomy sigh. She hated what had been done to her son. “There is nothing we can do. We cannot oppose your father. We have no choice but to obey him.”

Hearing what her mother had just said, Hanna rolled her eyes in anger. She then growled, feeling the hatred for the boy increasing deep in her heart. He was to be blamed for it all and she was gonna make him suffer for it. How could her father marry her brother with a common pauper? He was supposed to marry with someone who was near his class. Now she had some stinking, foolish and stupid pauper as her brother in law? Not gonna happen.

“I will never accept that boy.” Luis said, feeling tears pouring down his cheeks. His anger was still there but he got really hurt. “I am his son,” He sobbed. “How could he do this to me?”

“Please,” Queen Ruby begged, rubbing her son's back. “You don't have to do it if you don't want to.” She breathed. “Just don't hurt that boy.”

“If you ask me,” Hanna shrugged. “That boy deserves to be...”

“Will you shut up?” Queen Ruby snapped, threatening to slap her daughter. “Your brother is hurt here. Please, don't make him feel worse than he feels right now.” She warned. “You are supposed to make him feel better and not make him feel worse. “Can't you see the state that he is in?”


“Will you get out of here?” Queen Ruby yelled.

Hanna groaned and then began walking out angrily. She was still going before she heard the queen's voice again.

“And call a maid to clean this place up.”

She then moved to Luis. “Sweetie, please, don't hurt yourself okay?”

“He has ruined my life.” Luis sobbed, trying to rub his tears off. “I am his son. He should have understood me. He should have found another punishment for me.” His voice was rising again. “He shouldn't have done this to me. I never wanted to get married. I never wanted to be a husband. If he was desperate for me to get married he should have found someone rich and someone that I would have loved.” He quickly rubbed his whole tears off when he felt the anger building deep down inside of him.

“Please,” Granny begged, equally rubbing his back. “There is nothing we can do.”

“But no,” Luis' voice rose again. He pulled away from his granny and his mother and went at a distance. “He just had to marry me off to someone that I hate so much.” He came closer to his mother and stared at her. “He promised never to meddle into my affairs.” Luis said as he felt tears building in his eyes again. “I promised to give him my choice of a guy. He agreed with everything but he went back on his word and got me married to someone that I hate.” A tear fell down his cheeks which he furiously rubbed.

“Circumstances forced him to go back on his word.” Granny said softly. “Please, calm down.”

“The boy had insulted me.” Luis pointed at himself, another tear falling down. He rubbed it again. “I only did that because I wanted to get back at him.” He said softly. “Father knew exactly what had happened. He was angry about what that boy did to me. He was about to punish the boy. He was about to make him pay for what happened?” He cried. Then he buried his head on his mother's chest, giving muffled cries. “He shouldn't have done that. I will never accept that boy.”

“Luis!” Queen Ruby raised his head and cupped his cheeks, staring deep into his eyes. It was like she was sharing in his pain. She looked at his wound and it was still bleeding. The cotton wool was already red and the blood was almost reaching his eye.

“Please, I understand your pain.” She said softly. “You don't have to accept the boy if you don't want to. I understand the reason why you did it. Just don't disobey your father okay?” She spoke so softly, now moving her hands on her son's face, rubbing his tears. “Don't be angry or cry anymore okay?” She smiled. “I don't like seeing you like this. It breaks my heart knowing that my baby is crying and hurting.”


“Shh...” She whispered, giving him a wonderful smile. “That wound needs to be cleaned before the blood blinds your eyes.” She spoke softly. “Let's get out of here so that we can have it cleaned.” She smiled. “Don't forget that we all love here. We love you a lot and we will never leave you alone to suffer. Your father cares about you too. I just hope you didn't mean what you said?”

Luis remained quiet, trying to hide his anger. He still hated his father and the boy but his mother spoke to him so sweetly. He couldn't shout at her anymore. His father and the boy were to be blamed for everything that had happened. It was all their fault and he wasn't gonna accept Aidan as his husband. He wasn't gonna ruin his life as a playboy. He didn't care whether he was a married man now or not. He was gonna live his life. Nothing was going to change.

“Let's go have that wound cleaned.”

Luis nodded at his mother's suggestion. He followed her and his granny to have his wound cleaned. One thing he didn't want to do was accept that he was now a married man. That was never gonna happen because he was not the kind to fall in love. And never would he fall in love with someone like Aidan.



Aidan was slowly walking on the big road leading away from the palace. It was a long road lined with pine trees. No car was passing around since it was leading from the palace. His mind was elsewhere, thinking about what had happened while he was in the palace. He couldn't accept the fact that he was married at that age. And to a man he hated and never wanted to do anything with.

What happened to his dreams of marrying the man he would love and one who would love him back? Now his life was ruined because of the prince's foolishness and something that he didn't do. He still couldn't accept it because he didn't want.

Aidan had just run away from the palace and was still not far. It had almost been an hour since he ran out of the big palace. He had been walking slowly without any intentions of going back. He had never been to the palace before but had seen it from far away.

He was going home to his granny and his brother. He was gonna stay with them and didn't care about the consequences either. He was not gonna accept being married to someone as rude and arrogant as the prince. What was worse was that the prince was also a playboy. How could he accept such a man as his husband? It was just impossible.

Aidan was walking really slowly. The walk home was gonna be long but it was gonna give him some time to think and clear some things from his mind. He had his arms crossed on his chest while his breath was getting faster. His heart hadn't stopped pounding ever since he had gotten out of the palace. He was lost in his thoughts.

Aidan was so preoccupied that he didn't even see the car coming towards him. He only heard a honk that made him stop. He looked in the direction of the car and saw that it was a palace car. He didn't want to do anything with it so he just ignored it and got lost in his thoughts again. If only he could find a place where he would get his worries away? It would be really nice and he would be able to think properly but he was stuck and he was not going anywhere with his thoughts.

The car honked again, making Aidan look behind him. He noticed that the car was going really slow, probably following him. Realizing that the car was following him, he groaned and then picked up his pace. He was now walking really fast, ignoring the honks from the car. There was only a guard and a driver and he could clear see that.

“Wait!” The guard hollered from the car. “Please, wait.”

Aidan took a glance behind and he just nodded. He never even bothered to stop or say anything. He never ever wanted to do anything that was related to the palace or the prince. He hated everything that reminded him of the prince whether he was married to him or not. He just didn't like him and that was really final.

“Please...” The guard pleaded. “The king has ordered me.”

Hearing that it was from the king, Aidan abruptly stopped and stood still without even turning back. As much as he was angry and hated the prince, he didn't want to disobey the king's orders. He knew the consequences could be too bad for him so he stopped. He heard the car parking and then footsteps coming towards him.

What followed left him speechless and surprised? As he stood there waiting for the guard to say what the king had sent him to say, the guard rushed in front of him and knelt down bowing his head. Then he began talking, surprising Aidan greatly.

“Your highness,” the guard said softly.

“What?” Aidan gasped, passing his finger through his hair. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. “What...did you just call me?” He quavered.

“Your highness,” The guard repeated, bowing his head once again.

“Don't call me that?” Aidan warned, pointing his finger at the guard. “I am not royalty. And will please, leave me alone?”

“Your high...”

“Didn't you hear me?” Aidan snapped, feeling really angry. He didn't want anything associated with the prince. “Don't call me that?”

“What am I supposed to call the crown prince's husband?” The guard bowed in humility. “That is the only way I can call you.”

Aidan nodded his head in anger. “Just leave me alone.” He said, beginning to walk forward. He felt a slight headache starting over what had happened. “Please, go away from me.”

“I am sorry,” The guard apologized. He rushed to Aidan and bowed once again. “I can't leave you alone. The king instructed me to follow you everywhere. I am at your service my prince.”
“Will...you stop calling me that?” Luis furiously touched his head. “I am not a prince. And please, go back to the palace. I don't need any guards to be following me around. I am a free man and I don't need bodyguards. So just go back to the palace and...do whatever thing you have to do.”

“I can't do that, my prince.”

“Here we go again.” Aidan rolled his eyes in anger.

“I am only following the king's orders.” He bowed. “I have to take you wherever you want. It's either that...or I take you back to the palace. It's for your safety, my prince.”

“What?” Aidan said softly, slightly closing his eyes. He didn't even want to get married to the prince and the guards were already pestering him. He didn't like it at all. But he didn't even want to go the palace. “Fine!” He gave up.

Aidan angrily walked to the car and was about to open the door when the guard rushed and opened the door instead. He quickly entered and the guard entered the car. “You know where you got me from.” Aidan instructed. The guard was one of those that had taken him from his home. “Take me back to my house.”

“Yes, my prince.” The guard said softly.

With instructions to the driver, the car started moving to Aidan's home. As the car moved, he began thinking once again. He thought about everything over and over again until he reached his house, without even realizing he was there. It was until the guard spoke that he realized that he was already home.

“We are here, my prince.” The guard said softly.

Hearing the guard's words, Aidan looked out and it was true. He was already home. He suddenly felt anxious and emotional at the same time. Tears built up in his eyes and he was suddenly eager to see his family. He was only worried about what was going to happen once they found out he was already married to the prince.

Taking a deep breath, he quickly opened the door and got out. He stood still and just watched the small house. He also remembered the state he had left his granny in. She was probably worried sick, wondering why he had taken so long. From the look of things, it was already afternoon and he didn't want to make his granny any more worried.

“Please, don't do that again.” The guard said softly. “Don't open the door again for yourself. It could cost me my job.”

Ignoring the crazy guard, Aidan began walking towards the door. He reached the door and took a deep breath before finally holding the knob. He pulled on it and opened the door. Immediately the door opened, he saw his brother and granny in the living room with their faces on their palms. They were probably worried sick and were crying. He didn't want them to stay like that.

Seeing them again, Aidan felt tears building in his eyes. He couldn't hide his emotions anymore. He just wanted to cry and tell his family what had happened. He wanted to hug them and kiss them. He wanted to stay with them and not the prince. He wanted to live in that small house where his happiness was and not the palace. There was so much in his mind and the only way he would be free was to talk to his family.

“Granny!” Aidan said in a soft voice.

As soon as both granny and Ethan heard their beloved boy's voice, they raised their faces and saw him on the door way. He had tears in his eyes but that wasn't important. They loved that he was back to them.

“Aidan!” Granny gasped, covering her mouth in astonishment. “You are back.”

“Yes, granny,” Aidan said softly, feeling tears pouring down his face.

He then rushed to his granny and brother. Reaching them, he hugged them both as a million tears escaped his eyes. He was really emotional and just wanted to hold them forever. He broke the hug and granny cupped his cheeks, planting soft kisses all over his face. His brother rubbed his back, making him feel a little better. He had missed their touch a lot.

“I thought you weren't coming back.” Granny said excitedly, planting kisses on Aidan's cheeks. “You don't know how scared I was that you were gone. I thought the king was gonna send you to jail or banish you.”

“I am okay, granny.” Aidan sobbed, slightly rubbing his tears off. “Please don't worry about me. I told you I would come back to you. Nothing is gonna separate us because we are joined by blood.”

“Buddy,” Ethan said excitedly. “You gave us quite a scare. What really happened at the palace? Did the king do anything to you? Were you hurt in any way?” Ethan touched his brother and saw that he was absolutely okay.

“I am really fine.” Aidan said. He was happy he was back. But his happiness was only half because he was still worried about the marriage and how his family was gonna react. “The king is a generous man and he didn't need to do anything to me.”

“Thank God,” Ethan breathed. “For a moment I thought...” He trailed off when he looked towards the door and saw a guard standing in the doorway. “Aidan!” He called, feeling a bit scared. “What is that guard doing here?” He pointed.

Granny stopped her kisses and moved her gaze to the door. “What...what is he doing here again?”

Aidan sighed, slowly turning around. He fixed his gaze on the muscular guard that was standing in the doorway. He knew the king had instructed him to guard him but he was fine. He didn't need any guard to be with him or anything like that.

Aidan breathed, slightly closing his eyes. His heart was pounding once again. “Go back to the palace.” He instructed, surprising both granny and Ethan. They wondered, looking at each other why Aidan was giving such a command. What was going on, they wondered, staring at each other in surprise?

“I am fine here.” He said softly. “I am with my family. Nothing will happen to me here.”

The guard immediately bowed, angering Aidan. “I am so sorry, your highness.” Granny and Ethan's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. “But I can't leave you alone. I am to protect you anytime.”

“Your highness?” Granny gasped, trying to understand what was going on. She moved her eyes on Aidan. “What does he mean by that, Aidan?”

Aidan ignored granny. He was gonna tell her later. His gaze was still fixed on the guard that seemed persistent.

“I am fine here. You can go back to the palace.” He commanded. “And I don't want you to come back here.”

“My prince,” The guard gasped, bowing his head once again. “Please, try to understand...”

“Please, go to the palace.”

“I can't do that, my prince. I am really sorry.” The guard apologized. “I am to follow my prince everywhere. I cannot leave you all alone.”

“Prince?” Ethan gasped, now confused as to what was going on. He was now more confused than he had ever been. He moved his eyes to granny and the both of them just stared, wide eyed. They were surprised with what they had heard.

“Go to the palace.” Aidan said. It looked like the guard was not gonna listen to him when he was just speaking softly. Though Aidan didn't like it, he knew there was only one way that the guard would listen to him and go back to the palace.

“I command you to go back to the palace.” Luis said in a commanding voice.


“Are you trying to challenge me?” Aidan was angry. He just wanted the people from the palace to leave him alone so that he could be with his family. “I am ordering you to go back to the palace. Don't come back here or the consequences will be harsh.”

The guard bowed. “I am sorry my prince. I didn't mean to disobey your orders.” He quavered. It was clear that Aidan had scared him. “I shall go back to the palace at once. But how will you return, my prince?”

Aidan had no plans of returning. “Don't question me.” Aidan said angrily.

“I'm sorry,”

“Get out!”

The guard bowed his head one last time then he rose and left.

Aidan moved his eyes to his family and saw the surprised expressions on both their faces. Their eyes were fixed on him, neither twitching. Their mouths were wide open and they looked like statues. Seeing their expression, Aidan sighed and then sat on the chair, feeling tears flooding his face. He had no idea what to do to get the palace people away from him.

“Aidan!” granny gasped, snapping out of her mood. She sat on the chair, close to him and stared at him in surprise. “What's going on? Why was that guard...”

“Yeah...” Ethan sat close to Aidan. The surprised look on his face could not be missed too. “The way you were talking to the guard with such authority. What's going on?”

Aidan sighed as tears made their way down his cheeks. He looked at the both of them and cried. “Because...because the king...” He trailed off, feeling a huge lump on his throat.

“What did the king do?” Ethan was concerned for his brother. He didn't like the way he was crying at all. He didn't like it one bit.

“He...” He tried to say but it was difficult to say. “He got me married to the prince.” He cried, burying his chest on his brother's chest. “He got me married to the prince.”

Ethan's mouth widened. He quickly wrapped his arms around his brother, slowly rubbing on his back. “What?”

“Why did the king do that?” Granny asked, surprised at what her grandson had told her. “Why would he marry you to his son? What's going on?”

Aidan raised his head and rubbed his tears off. He then began narrating what had happened to his granny. He narrated everything and how the king had come to a decision. Then he narrated how he had met with the prince and everything that had happened between them.

“...I don't want to, granny.” He sobbed. “The prince is arrogant and I don't love him. I wasn't the one that had hurt him. I swear to you. This is really unfair and...” He paused and then began crying. He buried his head into his brother's chest and broke down, crying as if the word had just ended for him. “How can I get married to a man who is arrogant?”

Ethan couldn't believe it one bit. How can his brother be punished like that? “It isn't fair.” He said, feeling tears building in his eyes. “Why? It wasn't your fault if you ask me.”

“What am I to do?” Luis asked, rubbing his brother's chest. “I am now married to him but I don't love him. I don't want to go to the palace. I wanna stay here. I wanna live with you here.”

“I understand you.” Granny said softly. “This is really unfair but what are we to do? We can't disobey the orders of the king.”

Hearing what granny had said, Aidan's cries stopped. He rose from his brother's chest, staring at his granny. “What am I to do?” He asked, trying to rub his tears off. “Should I go back to the palace? What should I do granny?”

“I am really confused.” Granny said, trying to make her grandson understand. “But we...I don't even know what to do.” Granny was definitely confused. “Marrying the prince can really change your life a lot. It can fulfill your dreams and assure you of a better future. I know that this is really hard for you. I know it hurts but...” She breathed. “...what can we do? You, yourself said that the king ordered you to be the prince's spouse. You are now married to him.”

“I know,” Aidan sighed. He was really sad. “The king said we are married and he got us married. I don't want to go back to that man. I can't bear him, granny.” He cried. “He is really rude and he is...a playboy.” He cried softly. “I never wanted this to happen. I never wanted the prince to marry me. I don't love him.”

Ethan sighed. “I know that you are really sad.” Ethan said. “But I can't protect you like I usually do. This is beyond me. Even I can't disobey the orders of the king. Maybe granny is right. The king might have been wrong but you are married to the prince.”

“I don't want to believe it.” Aidan cried softly. “What should I do? The prince doesn't even want to do anything with me. He blames me for everything.”

“Shh,” Ethan whispered. “Please, don't cry okay?” He soothed, rubbing softly on Aidan's back. “You can stay here. You don't have to go back.”

“Yes,” Granny sighed. “Please, don't cry. We will think of something to do, okay?”

“Thank you so much.” He buried his head deeper into Ethan's chest and just cried it out.


King Julian was in his huge and elegant room, sitting on a couch. He had his face on his palm, thinking about the punishment that he had given his son and the boy. He knew he might have been a little harsh like the queen had told him but he still stood on his decision. He didn't care as long as his orders were followed. After all, they were married and there was nothing that was gonna be done to break that marriage.

King Julian moved his face up, stretching his arms. Then he got up from the couch and made his way to the bed. He moved his hands up and removed the crown from his head. He put it on his bed and sat on it. He was feeling really tired and needed to take a shower to feel better.

Sitting on the bed, he heard a soft swoosh which turned into a really strong wind. The wind was really strong that he felt its effect on his face. Suddenly a small light appeared which kept on increasing until it became really huge.

Then just like a flash, that light brightened the whole room. It just took a second and it became dim. Then a loud noise of wind was heard. Then he priest appeared right in front of him, holding his lovely trident. He was looking all around, sniffing the air.

“Priest,” The king said softly, rising from his bed. “I was just about to call you.”

The priest sniffed the air so loud, it felt like a storm was about to come. “I smell a change in the royal household.” The priest said in a loud voice, moving his head robotically. “I can smell a wind of change.”

“Yes,” The king said, putting his hands behind. “That was the reason why I wanted to call you. You see, I got the prince...”

“Married...” The priest gave a satisfied laugh that filled the whole room. “I know your highness.” The priest chuckled. “I could feel it. I could feel their destinies had joined.”

“Yeah,” The king sighed. “I did that. I got my son married. I just had that feeling that the boy was the one. I had that feeling that he is the kind of boy my son needs. I just don't know if I made the right decision. Could I have made a mistake? Was I unfair to the prince? Is that boy the right boy for...”

“Your highness,” The priest said softly. “That boy is the right boy. They didn't meet by coincidence.” The priest laughed. “That boy is the prince's spouse and you didn't make any mistake by getting them married.”

“Are you sure priest?” The king asked.

“I can smell power,” The priest sniffed the air once again. This time, a strong wind blew in the room like a flash. It was fast but the king felt it. “You didn't make any mistake, your highness.” He chuckled softly. “That boy is anointed. He will bring about a lot changes.”

“But my son...”

“Don't worry about the prince, my lord.” The priest hollered. “Leave everything the way it is. Leave everything to time. It will be alright.”

The king nodded. “This marriage won't be complete without your blessings, the blessings of the almighty. You know...”

“It is important for every royal marriage.” The priest chuckled.”I will be back tomorrow morning.” The priest said. “I will complete the marriage with my blessings, my lord.”

“Very well,” The king said. “I will be expecting you tomorrow.”

The priest gave a loud laugh that sounded so deep. “I can sense so much power your highness. This marriage shall bring a lot to the kingdom. With time, things will get into place.”

The priest raised his trident so high in the air. Then he dropped it and hit it on the floor with so much force. A small light started and then the trident grew so bright, a yellow color. Seeing the glowing trident, the priest gave out a soft laugh. He raised the trident and just as he had appeared, he disappeared with a gush of wind.

“Phew!” The king sighed. Somehow, the priest's words had made him really happy. He didn't know how to express the joy. He hadn't made any wrongs in choosing the boy for his son. He had seen through that fierceness that the boy would be a great spouse and rule by his son's side.


Aidan suddenly opened his eyes, realizing that he was on his brother's chest. He hadn't even realized that he had slept. Come to think of it, he didn't even remember sleeping. But it helped him a lot. He felt like a burden had been taken away from him even though he was still worried.

Aidan then slowly rose, realizing that his brother was asleep too. He smiled brightly and moved his eyes around. He also realized that his granny was not in the living room but from that wonderful smell coming from the kitchen he could tell that she was fixing something.

Sniffing the aroma, Aidan smiled and then stretched his arms, yawning. As he was yawning, he caught a glimpse of the clock and realized that it was already late. It was already 7.pm and he wouldn't have loved it anymore than that. He never planned on going back to the palace.

Getting up from the chair, he made his way to the kitchen smiling. Reaching the kitchen, he stood in the door way and leaned, watching his granny cooking. He was really happy seeing her again. He knew he had to help her so he made his way into the kitchen.

“You are awake?” Granny smiled, stirring in her cooking.

“Yeah,” Aidan stretched his arms. “When did I sleep?”

“Really long ago actually,” She smiled. “I only woke up a few minutes ago myself.”

“Really,” He chuckled, forgetting about his worries. He went closer to her. “Can I help you?”

She smiled. “I am only fixing a quick dinner but sure. You can help me cut the tomatoes.”

Aidan chuckled and then picked up a knife. He took the tomatoes and began cutting them, enjoying the aroma which was coming from the food. His granny cooked the best of foods and no way was he gonna go to the palace and miss that. He was gonna stay in his home and he was gonna live with his family.

“So...do you feel any better?” Granny asked, moving her gaze to her grandson.

Aidan chuckled softly, feeling really happy. “To be honest, I really feel good. I don't feel bad anymore. I won't let anything affect me.”

“That's good.” Granny chuckled. There was a moment of silence between them. Granny watched as Aidan cut those tomatoes with a smile. She couldn't deny the fact that she was worried over him. She needed to ask him some questions but she just didn't know how to. But he was her grandson and she had no reason to fear.

Taking a deep breath, granny got closer to Aidan and wrapped her arms around him. She then squeezed and drawled chuckles from him. She was happy he was happy but she couldn't hide the worry that she had in her heart.

“Aidan!” She called softly. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” Aidan said, cutting the tomatoes into small pieces. “You know you can ask me about anything.”

Granny looked at her grandson. “Do you have any change of plans regarding going back to the palace?”

Hearing what granny had to ask Aidan stopped cutting the tomatoes and then raised his face, staring into granny's face. He lost his smile and then moved his eyes to the tomatoes that he was cutting. “I don't think so granny.” He sighed. “I have made my decision and I don't want to go back.”

“What about the king?”

He sighed, staring at his granny. “I just don't know. The king...” He sighed. “I can't disobey the orders of the king but...I don't wanna go granny. The prince is really arrogant and...”

“You need to take care of him.” Granny smiled brightly. “You yourself told us that the king told you to take care of the prince.”

“Yeah,” He sighed. “But how can I take care of him? You don't know how he is. He is arrogant and rude and full of himself.”

“And he is also your husband.” Granny teased, rubbing on his shoulder. “I know you might not like what I am telling you right but, you are married now. It hurts a lot to know what had happened but what right do I have to disobey the king?”

“No, granny,” Aidan spoke softly, dropping the knife. He took in a deep breath. “I know that you are scared of what the king might do but...I just can't accept that I am married to...the prince. Things didn't go well. The prince and I are...” He gave a gloomy sigh. “We are just...not compatible.”
“I understand you.” Granny said, cupping his cheeks. “To be honest, I am pretty scared of the king. He is a man who shouldn't be messed with. He is the ruler of this land and his word is final. Besides, it's not that bad you are married to the prince. At least, your life will turn out to be better.”

Aidan heard his granny quite alright and he very well understood her but he was still angry and he had that feeling which he was trying to hide. To be honest, he was really hopping his granny would understand him and help him out. But turns out she was more concerned about his future. He was still angry at the prince. His heart was not at peace and he hated what he felt.

“I know that might be the truth.” Aidan simply said, giving a nervous chuckle. “But I would rather have a simple life than live with that prince. We are just not compatible and I don't love him. I just hope you understand me granny.”

“I do,” Granny rubbed his wonderful cheeks. “But...”

“Don't worry,” Aidan smiled in false cheerfulness. “Things will turn out to be fine. Nothing bad is going to happen. I don't want to go to the palace.”

“It's your decision.” Granny said in a soothing tone. “I will always support your decision.”

“Thanks,” Aidan smiled, happy that his granny had finally understood him. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Aidan hugged his granny so tightly and she placed a kiss on his forehead. Then the both of them then made dinner together and had it with Ethan. For a while, Aidan forgot about his worries, his pain and his anger. He just concentrated on his family and their happiness. They didn't even talk about the prince. He laughed, he smiled and he chatted, forgetting every incident that had happened in the morning. It was a really wonderful and memorable dinner.

Finishing eating, Aidan helped granny to clear the table. Then he helped with the plates and just lived freely. After finishing with the plates, he decided to go into the living room to chat some more. It was 8.30 pm and he was glad nothing had been heard from the palace.

Coming into the living room, Aidan heard a knock on the door. He moved his eyes, stared at the door for a moment and then smiled, wondering who could have come at night. He was just hoping it was not that pesky guard. But he was sure it was someone from the palace.

“I will get it,” He smiled.

Taking a quick turn, he rushed to the door and opened it widely. His plan was to snap at whoever was at the door but he got surprised. Opening the door widely, Aidan quickly knelt down and bowed. His heart immediately began racing. His breaths became harsh. He could feel a powerful vibration travelling down his spine, sending shivers all over his body. The fear that he once had at the palace came back to him and made him really vulnerable. He had no idea what to do but he was absolutely scared.

“Your majesty,” Aidan said breathlessly, bowing his head as low as he could. He couldn't believe the king had come to his house. That only meant that he was there to punish.

The king watched the boy that was bowing down to him. “Why aren't you home?” The king asked in a low voice. “Have you checked your time? You are supposed to be with your husband right now.”

“My lord, I...I was...” He paused and then gulped, feeling a really deep feeling of fear take control of his body. “I came to visit my family. I didn't mean to disobey your orders, my king.”

The king remained silent for a minute, watching the scared looking boy. “Get up!” He commanded.

Aidan slowly got up, feeling really scared. He stood still, dropping his eyes to the floor. He somehow felt that the king was angry at him. “My lord, I...”

“Where is your family?” The king asked. “I would like to see them immediately.”

“My king,” Aidan said in a courteous manner. “You should have called them to the palace. There was no need to come here. This place is not fit for you, my lord.”

“Why?” The king asked. “You live here, don't you?”


“So why can't I come where my son in law is?”

“Well, I...” Aidan trailed off when he heard footsteps coming from behind him.

“Aidan, who is...” Granny trailed off when she saw the king. She quickly threw her body on the ground and gave him praises. “My king,”

“Please, get up.” The king said softly.

He was so nice that Aidan wondered whether he was the same king that he had met in the morning. He wondered why the king seemed so nice. After granny got up, Aidan got another surprise when the king made his way to the living room. He sat on the chairs and dismissed all of his guards. Then he called the family members and began talking to them.

The king told them the reason why he got Aidan and Luis married in the first place. He then apologized for making a decision and getting Aidan married to his son without telling them. Of course, granny and Ethan didn't find any fault in it. They were rather understanding, probably feared disobeying the king. They just smiled while the king spoke.

Aidan on the other hand was too confused to even utter any word. His mind was lost in thought, wondering how he was gonna reject going back to the palace. He very knew that there was no way the king was gonna allow him to remain in his maternal house. It was really impossible. The anger and hatred that he had for the prince came back right through. He had no idea why he got into that mess in the first place.

Aidan was so lost. He barely heard the conversation going on. The next thing he felt was his brother slightly shaking him. He came back to reality and gasped, giving a nervous smile.

“We are now a family.” The king said naturally. “We have to treat each other like family.” He chuckled. Aidan was surprised that it was the king that was on that chair. “Aidan is my son now. He is the crown's prince's husband. I just hope they can...fix whatever it is between them.”

“Yes, your majesty.” Ethan said bowing his head. “We understand very well. We also understand the reason why you got him married to the prince.”

“That's good,” The king said in a serious tone. “I am glad you understand. It is always nice. But I would like you to...” He looked around the house, nodding his head. “Wouldn't you want to live in a more...proper house?”

Ethan and granny looked at each other, wondering where the king was taking that conversation.

“What do you...mean, my lord?” Ethan quavered, slightly bowing his head.

“I mean, I would like you to move from this house.” He said loudly, patting on his leg. “I want you to move to a bigger house and...the kind which will be fitting of royalty.”

“Oh, no!” Granny stuttered, smiling nervously. “We are fine here, my lord. We don't want...”

“I insist,” The king said, smiling brightly. “I want you to live in a house where all your needs will be fulfilled. I want you to live like the king's in laws.”

Aidan was happy with the king's suggestion but what was that feeling that had him scared? He could feel something moving deep inside of him. He just sat, praying for time to pass as slow as it could so that he could just stay at his granny's house. He definitely didn't want to leave.

The king talked with his family and he just thought about it. The only time he came to his mind was when the king got up. Ethan pushed him a bit and he came back to his mind. He quickly rose, dropping his eyes to the floor.

“Thank you so much your majesty.” Ethan bowed. “This is really good for us.”

“Don't worry,” The king said. “Very soon the house will be ready and...a guard will be here to pick you up to your new house okay?”

Ethan and granny thanked the king and then bowed down.

“It's nothing,” The king smiled. Then he moved his eyes to Aidan. Aidan on the other hand didn't like the way he was feeling. He knew he was helpless in that situation. He had no idea what he was going to do or say. He was definitely helpless.

“Let's go,” The king smiled, scaring Aidan. “It's really getting late and you have been gone for a long time.”

“Um...err...I need to...pack.” He stammered.

“Pack?” The king chuckled. “There is no need for that? You are gonna have to shop for new clothes. There is no need for that.”

“I don't think I am ready for that big change, your highness.” Aidan spoke softly. He didn't want to go. “I just wanna have my clothes. I am really okay with it.” The truth was that Aidan didn't want to change his clothes because he didn't want to accept Luis as his husband. “I just hope you understand, my king.” He bowed.

“It's okay.” The king said naturally. “I will leave one car for you. Just don't be late okay?”

“Yes, your majesty.” He nodded.

The king left immediately, leaving one guard and one car with Aidan. Aidan sat on the chair and buried his head in his palm. He knew his family deserved the house the king was offering but he wasn't happy at all. He just wanted to stay with his family in his little house.

“Did you hear that, granny?” Ethan chirped, holding her hands. Hearing Ethan's statement, Aidan raised his face and just stared at the two of them. “I can't believe what the king said to us. He is going to move us to a new house. Honestly, I think he is a really good man.” He said excitedly, almost jumping. “He even...called us his family.”

“Yeah,” Granny smiled.

Aidan watched his family's happiness. He wanted them to be happy but he was worried, scared and angry. He wanted to shout and get his anger out but he couldn't do it. And when his family stared at him, he gave them a nervous smile. He didn't want them to worry about anything that was happening.

“I think I'll go pack.” Aidan said softly. He knew his time had come.

“I'll help you.” Ethan said happily.

Aidan smiled faintly and went with Ethan to pack. It didn't take long and he was already out of the room. He only had a small bag with him but he didn't want to go. Coming back to the living room, he got emotional as he looked around the house. That was the house which had all his memories with him. Now he was gonna go away. It was really emotional for him.

“Buddy,” Ethan wrapped his arms around him. “Are you okay?”

Aidan nodded in agreement. “I am fine, it's just that...”

“The king is a good man.” Ethan smiled, squeezing his brother's shoulder. “He will take really good care of you. I am sure the prince will...”

“I don't want to talk about him, please.” Aidan spoke softly. “I know the king is a good man. But...”

“Don't worry about us.” Granny chirped. “We are really fine.”

He nodded and took one final look. That was probably the last time he was gonna be in that house. His family was gonna be in a new house in a day or two. “I have to go now.” He smiled softly, patting on his brother's back. “I will see you tomorrow.”

He quickly turned and then hugged his brother tightly, feeling tears forming in his eyes. It was a really emotional hug that left him in tears. Pulling away from the hug, Ethan rubbed his tears and planted kisses all over his face. “Please don't cry okay.” Aidan nodded and then moved to his granny. She cupped his cheeks, planted soft kisses on his face and then hugged him tightly.

By the time he pulled away from her, he was already in tears. He rubbed his tears off and then picked up his bag, making his way out. Reaching the door, he took a quick glance behind and then waved at his granny and his brother. Seeing them waving back, more tears poured down his cheeks. He picked up his bag and left crying.


Aidan reached the living room, walking slowly into the palace. He had a small bag with him where his clothes were. His mood was definitely not good and somehow entering that palace was not good for him. He slowly walked towards the living room, finding the king on the couch reading a newspaper. He bowed down and then greeted him.

“Your majesty,”

“Aidan!” The king enthused. “Welcome home, my son.”

“Thank you, your majesty.” He said softly.

“Please get up.” The king smiled, rising from the chair. He then went to Aidan and helped him up, feeling how tensed up he was. “Please, don't be scared of anything okay?”

Aidan gave a soft nod. He was still scared and didn't like the way he was feeling. “Yes, your majesty.”

“Good!” The king chuckled softly. Then he called a guard and instructed him to take Aidan and the bag with him. Aidan's nerves just got out of control when the guard came. He gave him his bag and stood still.

“Go now,” The king said, gesturing him to go. “Go and meet with your husband. I am sure that you are tired.”

Aidan nodded and then began following the guard. They entered the elevator and then it began moving. All the way up, Aidan prayed in his heart. He prayed to be kept under control. He knew the king had warned them not to fight or argue so he prayed. He didn't want to snap or anything.

The more the elevator moved up, the more nervous and tense Aidan became. His heart was pounding in his chest, sending shivers down his spine. He was not scared of Luis but he definitely didn't want to see him. He just prayed to control himself.

After what felt like seconds but were minutes, the elevator door opened wide. Aidan took a deep breath before finally getting out. He felt a strong and cold wind blow on his face as he got out of the elevator, seeing just how elegant everything was. There were a number of room and they all seemed wonderful.

Aidan walked slowly, following the guard everywhere he went. In just a nick of time, they came in front of a huge golden door. It was really beautiful and absolutely wonderful. That room was the same room that Luis was in. Gosh! He was really nervous.

“Here is the crown prince's room.” The guard said, bowing his head slightly. “Should I knock?”

Hearing the guard's question, Aidan felt his body vibrating in fear. He was suddenly feeling really nervous, making him gulp. His mind went to a whole new level with thoughts. He took a really deep sigh and closed his eyes to boost his confidence.

Slowly opening his eyes, he fixed his gaze on the door. “Yes!”

The guard bowed and then knocked on the door. There was no answer. He knocked again and still no answer. He knocked severally and still no answer.

“I don't think the crown prince is in the room.” The guard suggested. “Maybe he's out somewhere. Should I open the door, your highness?”

Aidan took a really deep sigh. He didn't want any trouble from the prince. But he wasn't gonna spend the entire night outside. “Yes, please, open it.”

The guard bowed and then opened the door for Aidan. Aidan slowly raised his face to stare into the room. A really cold wind blew on his face. The beautiful and wonderful aroma of the room hit Aidan's nose so hard. It smelt really beautiful. Just the elegancy of the room alone was able to open his eyes wide. Even from outside, he could very well see how beautiful it was.

His eyes scanned the whole room, realizing that Luis was not near. He was happy that he couldn't see Luis but he was not really happy because that room also belonged to Luis. Things were really bad for him and he didn't like the outcome at all. If only he could turn back time he would have been sleeping in his house by now but he was stuck with a big fool.

Taking small steps, Aidan began entering the wonderful room. The more he walked in, the more he felt like he was walking into Luis' life. His eyes were not fixed on one thing. Rather, they were moving from side to side, admiring the elegancy of the room.

In just a few seconds, he was already in. He had his eyes everywhere. He was mad and he didn't like the idea of staying in a room with Luis but he couldn't deny the fact that he couldn't tear his eyes away from every wonderful thing that he saw. It was like everything was made of gold or diamonds.

“Your highness,” The guard spoke, bowing. “Where can I put this bag?”

“Just leave it on the floor.” Aidan instructed. “I will pick it up later.”

“Yes,” He said simply, dropping the bag on a corner. Then he excused himself and left. Aidan was now alone. He was moving his eyes from side to side checking the room. There was just so much to see and he loved it all. He loved it to death.

Moving his eyes around as his heart pounded in his chest, Aidan spotted a painting that took his breath away. It was a painting of a waterfall and a rainbow. One of his favorite things was nature so he wasn't surprised at all. It caught his attention and for a moment, he forgot about everything and just became one with that painting. He slowly moved towards the painting, admiring its elegancy.

Reaching the painting, Aidan stood still and admired it. It was perfectly drawn. It was perfectly made and it was perfectly placed. Everything about it was admirable. Taking a deep breath, Aidan extended his hand and touched it. It felt really beautiful and though it was just a painting, he admired it greatly. He just stood there, passing his hands on that wonderful painting.


Luis came out of his bathroom, toweling his hair. He had just come from having a hot shower after spending the whole afternoon with his mother and granny. They had been trying to make him feel better and make him understand things. Though he was feeling better, he still couldn't understand a thing. He was still angry deep inside.

Getting out of the bathroom, Luis closed the door, making his way into his comfy room. He was putting on brown pajamas, ready to go to sleep. He hadn't seen that stupid boy and he was hoping he didn't see him.

Luis was busy toweling his hair when all of a sudden he moved his head to the other side to clean the other hair on the other side. Moving his head, he spotted a person standing a distance from him looking at his expensive painting. From all those features and the dirty clothes, he knew who it was. And fuck! He was touching his expensive painting.

Luis got so angry, dropping the towel to the floor. Then his heart began pounding as he got powered up by his anger. He clenched on his fists and groaned as he furiously walked towards Aidan. Reaching him, he groaned so loud and growled at the same time.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He snapped, clenching on his fists. “Who let you in here?”

Hearing Luis' angry voice, Aidan made a quick turn and gasped at the angry face that he saw. He got really scared and his heart began pounding, almost ripping his chest. “Well, there was no one answering the door so I figured...”

“You figured?” Luis said harshly, breathing violently. “This is my room and you don't have the right to enter it. By the way,” He saw angrily. “I thought you left so...why did you come back here?” He asked, pointing his finger angrily at the floor. “Why did you come back?”

Aidan sighed. “I came back because the king came to pick me up.” He said confidently. “Don't be so sure that I came back for you. I am not interested in you and...”

“Great!” Luis laughed bitterly. “You are not interested and yet you are here?” He asked angrily. “I know boys like you and what your ambition is in life. You are probably jumping with joy because you have finally managed...”

“Look, don't insult me okay?” Aidan warned, pointing his finger at Luis. “I have the right to this room and...”

“This is my room.” Luis snapped, looking angrily at Aidan. “You don't have the right to it. You might be married to me but...”

“Well, this is our room now.” Aidan made it clear. “You wanted this after all. I would have probably been in my bed right now but thanks to you, I can't do that anymore. You ruined my life. You knew very well that...”

“Well, I didn't beg you for anything.” Luis reprimanded. “You insulted me and now that I have got the chance maybe...”

“Go ahead,” Aidan moved confidently in front of Luis. “Try anything and I will scream. I will scream and the king will know that...”

“Are you threatening me?” Luis asked, crossing his arms on his chest. He got even angrier and wanted to kill the boy. Had it been in the morning, it would have been another issue by now. He hated it when people did that to him.
“No, I am promising you.” Aidan warned, pointing his angry finger at Luis. “You know very well the kind of person I am. I will not hesitate to scream if you try anything.” His anger was rising once again. He hated the fact that he had to stay in the same room with the man that he hated. Couldn't he have been given another room? “From this moment onward you have to be careful with me. You heard the king's warning.”

Luis moved his face away in anger and breathed really harshly. He was dying to beat the boy inside. “Well, you have to stay away from me.” Luis declared. “I don't want you near me okay. We don't know each other and I don't wanna talk to you.”

“Well, that makes the two of us.” Aidan said, smiling teasingly. “That is something that we can both agree on.”

Luis took one final look at the boy and then growled. He rushed to his bed and slipped under the covers. He could feel the anger that was deep within him but he had to be careful. He didn't want to cause trouble and incur the wrath of his father. But he couldn't stand the boy either. Guess he was gonna have to tolerate him for a while. He couldn't stay like that. He needed to do something to get rid of his problem.

Aidan on the other hand watched as Luis slipped under the covers, angry and probably hating on him. He wondered where he was gonna sleep that night because he was definitely not gonna sleep with Luis. He moved his eyes, trying to figure out what he was gonna do. His eyes stopped when he saw the couches a distance from him. He was definitely gonna sleep on the couch.

Aidan quickly moved to the couch and sat on it. It was really comfortable, perfect for his sleep. The only problem was that there were no beddings to cover himself with. But guess he was gonna have to manage to sleep like that.

Aidan lay on the couch, folding his arms around himself. He began wondering how his life had suddenly changed. He had a lot of questions that were in his mind. He found it difficult to sleep as he kept on turning on that couch. It was getting a little cold but he was fine. He was now staying with the man that he didn't love. Was he going to stay like that for the rest of his life?

Aidan sighed, closing his eyes in order to catch some sleep. He slept, still wondering what was next in life for him.


A loud knock woke both Luis and Aidan from their sleep. Luis quickly got up, moving his eyes to stare at the clock that was on a small table. It was only 7. Am and someone was already knocking. He didn't like it at all. Aidan on the other hand carefully got up from the couch. He stood still and waited for the prince to call whoever was out to come in.

Slowly rubbing on his eyes, Aidan stared at the prince and their eyes locked. Both of them immediately moved their eyes away and groaned in anger and frustration.

“The door is open.” Luis literally snapped.

The door opened and a guard came rushing right through. He immediately knelt down and greeted the both of them. While Aidan responded as nice as he could, Luis on the other hand hissed and cursed. He had woken up with a bad mood and seeing Aidan was a good reason to make him fume.

“What's the big deal?” Luis snapped, hitting his head so hard. “What do you want so early in the morning? Why did you have to wake me up this early? You know exactly...”

“I am so sorry, my prince.” The guard apologized. “The king demands both your presence in the living room.”

“What?” Luis complained, furiously hitting on the bed. “What does he want?” He still hated his father for what he had done to him. He was never gonna forgive him for it.

“I don't know your highness.” The guard was trying to be as humble as he could. “I am only but a messenger.”

“Get out!” Luis snapped, pointing towards the door. “Get out of this room.” Luis hadn't even realized he was that angry till he heard his father was calling him. His anger was building deep inside of him. He felt like he was about to explode.

“What should I tell the king?”

“I don't fucking care.” Luis snarled, gripping a pillow from his bed. He clenched on it so hard. “Now get out of my room.” He yelled. His voice filled the whole room.

“Yes, my...”

“Get out!” He shrilled, angrily throwing the pillow at the guard. The guard quickly run out of his room and closed the door behind him. Seeing the guard had left, Luis gripped his head and screamed out in anger. “Fuck...” He cursed, pulling on his hair. He couldn't understand why his anger had come back like that.

Aidan on the other hand had watched the prince's rude behavior. He was now staring at him wide eyed, wondering what kind of prince he was. He wondered how he was gonna rule his people with that kind of behavior. It got him even scared and his heart was pounding. How did he end up with such a man, he wondered, nodding his head softly? Luis was definitely crazy.

Furiously grumbling and cursing, Luis moved his eyes to the other side and saw Aidan staring at him as if he was a ghost. “What the fuck are you staring at?” He snapped, venting his anger on Aidan. “You heard him didn't you? Your precious king wants to see us downstairs. I just hope you are happy. This is your entire fault.”

“What did I do?” He shrugged, opening his arms. “I haven't said anything. Besides...”

“Will you keep quiet?” Luis hissed, pointing at Aidan. “Shut the fuck up and...”

“Look, if you have a problem settle it okay?” He said angrily. “Don't put me in your problems because I already have a lot. You to start with,” He then nodded and began walking towards the door.

“Where the fuck are you going?” Luis bellowed, staring at Aidan.

“I am going to see the king.” Aidan sneered, breathing harshly. “Isn't it obvious?”

“He wants to see the both of us together.” Luis said harshly. “I know you are trying to make me look bad but I won't allow you to do that.”

“What do you want me to do?” Aidan shrugged, feeling really angry. “I don't want to disobey the king's orders.”

“Wait!” Luis got out of the bed, complaining and cursing. Then he went to the clothes room, his personal boutique. He came out dressed in a blue t-shirt, black designer's skinny jean and yellow sandals. Then he rudely passed Aidan and got out of the room.

“I can't believe this.” Aidan thought, following the crazy guy behind. He closed the door and almost got left out in the elevator. He quickly climbed and the both of them went downstairs to the living room without uttering a word to each other. The only thing that could be heard was the harsh breaths coming from Luis. He sure was angry and Aidan noticed that Luis trembled in anger.

Reaching the living room, Aidan knelt down and greeted the king. He also noticed that the king was not alone. He was with a man who looked kinda old with a trident. He had really long white hair and beards. He was definitely the priest, the king's priest as he heard.

Luis on the other hand reached the living room still angry. He stood still and without greeting his father or the priest crossed his arms on his chest, moving his eyes away from everyone. He just wanted to get done with everything that his father had called him for. He couldn't bear to see the face of the man who had ruined his life.

“Yes!” The priest nodded, coming closer to Aidan. He had his eyes glued on the shy looking boy standing confidently beside his husband.

Aidan watched as the priest came close to him. He had his eyes on him and the look he saw in his eyes scared him a lot. That man gave him creeps. He could feel shivers running down his spine each step the priest took closer to him. He felt like running away but surprisingly, he just stood without even moving an inch.

The priest came near him but passed him and stood in front of Luis who seemed mad. He stared at Luis for a really long time and then gave a long laugh that made Luis even angrier. “My prince,” He said in a deep voice that filled the whole living room. “Why so much anger? Anger can breed nothing but bad things.”

Ignoring the priest's words, Luis looked the other way. It was clear that man was not there to help him like the last time. He was definitely there to bless the marriage, which he hated like crazy.

Then the priest moved to Aidan and stared deep into his eyes. He took really long and then gave a long laugh. “Hmmmmm,” He chuckled, nodding his head. “This is really interesting.”

He quickly turned back and hit his trident so hard on the floor. A cold and powerful wind filled the whole room and blew on everyone's faces. In no time, it was gone. The priest then turned around and stared at the two men that had just gotten married.

“Kneel...” He commanded, looking at the both of them. “Kneel down to get the blessings.”

Aidan slowly knelt down upon hearing the priest's commanding voice. He still had his eyes on him. Why was he having that tingly feeling all over his body, he thought? That feeling had started when he saw the priest. Maybe it was just because he was really worried and a little bit scared.

Luis clenched his fists so hard, he growled. Then releasing his fists, he furiously knelt down, feeling a warm feeling take control of his body. He absolutely hated what was gonna follow next. He hated kneeling down in front of the king. He also hated everyone in the room. He didn't even want to raise his face to stare into the eyes of the king.

Seeing the two men on the floor, kneeling down, the priest went further and stood straight. Then he hit the trident on the floor and let go. To everyone's surprise, the trident didn't fall down. It just floated in the air as if someone was holding it.

The priest extended his hands and placed them on both Aidan and Luis' heads. Then he chanted some words and chuckled softly. He began chanting again, planting his blessings on the two boys. Priests didn't say words when blessing a royal marriage. They rather chanted some words which no one could understand except them. He chanted for minutes, placing his blessings upon the two men.

Then he eventually stopped, putting his hand back on the trident. He raised it and first placed it on Luis' head.

“Powerful trident, powers of the almighty,” He began. “Bless this next king and bring him knowledge. Remove everything that seems to destruct him from his destiny. Let his path be straight. Let his spouse be his direction and let them be happy. Impart him with your power and let your blessings be upon this next king.” As the priest continued saying those words, the trident began glowing. It had a bright blue light which seemed to be glowing on Luis' head.

Seeing the light, Aidan somehow got scared. He had never seen anything like that before. He was only calm because he knew that the priest wouldn't hurt him. But that didn't stop him from staring though. He had his eyes on that trident and the glowing light which seemed to be getting brighter.

“From this time, you will be happy.” He continued. “With this trident and all its power, may the almighty bless you and guide your path to your destiny.” The priest again began chanting and the bright blue light just kept on glowing. It continued glowing until the whole room turned bright blue from that very light. Then just like a flash, it disappeared, sending Luis to the floor.

Luis felt like something had just left him. He felt really light and his body suddenly gave a sharp vibration that made him convulse on the floor. He tried to get up but it was impossible. He kept convulsing on the floor. The priest's chants went on until his voice went really high. Then just when Aidan thought his voice was gonna get higher, he stopped and extended his hand. Surprisingly, so did Luis' convulsion. He stopped convulsing and he quickly got up from the floor.

From the way he was feeling, Luis was sure that something had left him. He couldn't feel angry anymore but that wasn't it. He wasn't himself and he could clearly feel it. Just what did the priest do to him when he was chanting, he wondered?

“My prince,” The priest chuckled. “You will soon realize that which you seek.”

Then he moved to Aidan and smiled brightly, extending his hand with which the trident was held. He carefully placed it upon his head and got the shock of his life. Immediately he placed it upon Aidan's head, the trident suddenly got out of his hands. It began floating, circling Aidan's head. Then suddenly, it began spinning around Aidan's head so fast. The priest gasped and then took a step backwards. He had never seen anything like that before and it had never happened before.

He watched as the trident began spinning super fast. A strong wind began emanating from that spinning trident and soon filled the whole room. It felt like a storm was about to come. Everything blew and the people that were in the living room covered their eyes except for the priest who was smiling and Aidan who was confused.

The priest watched as the trident span even faster than before. The wind blew even faster, making it feel as if there was a storm. Then suddenly the trident stopped spinning and the strong wind stopped. The trident fell to the floor. Then it began glowing brightly, giving a really bright red color. It was brighter than before, brighter than the priest had ever seen it glow.

Seeing how bright the trident was glowing, the priest moved his eyes to the boy that didn't even know what was happening. Then he moved his eyes to the trident and it just kept on glowing. Soon, the bright red color filled the entire room. The wind began blowing again but this time it was not really strong.

Seeing what was happening, the king stood up, surprised at what was happening. He had never seen anything like it before. Nothing like that had ever happened. He was now even wondering whether the almighty had rejected the boy or not.

The light kept on glowing and glowing for a number of minutes. The lights in the room suddenly went off, making the whole room red. Everyone in the living room looked around, wondering what was happening. Even Aidan was surprised and scared what was happening. He had no idea what to say. He just knelt down and watched the glowing trident.

After what felt like hours, the ever glowing trident suddenly rose and found its way into the priest's hands. The light immediately went off and everything went back to normal. Holding the trident tightly, the priest gave a long laugh that filled the entire palace. He was happy with the entire incident. That was showing something but he just didn't know what it meant. But it was clear that the boy was no ordinary boy. He was unique and the prince didn't know what he had caught himself.

“Priest,” The king sounded really worried. “What's going on? Why did...”

“Don't worry your highness.” The priest said loudly. His eyes were on Aidan. “It was just decided like that. Nothing is wrong here. Everything is fine. It is done.”

The king smiled and then gave a soft chuckle. “Nothing like that has ever happened before. What was that all about?”

“It was just done differently.” The priest answered. “I don't exactly know why the almighty did this...but everything is fine. This marriage has been blessed.”

Aidan slowly got up from the floor, standing close to Luis. Luis moved a bit away from Aidan. He didn't want to stand close to him or even have anything to do with him. He hated him and he was gonna stay like that. He didn't care whether the marriage was blessed by the priest or the almighty himself. All he knew was that he didn't like Aidan one bit.

“I think that's all.” The priest said softly. “You may both leave.”

Hearing the priest's words, Luis stormed out of the living room. Aidan slightly bowed and then followed behind. He didn't care if Luis left him. He was gonna find his own way.


“My king,” The priest said softly, getting close to the king. He sniffed the air and then smiled. “That boy is really the right boy for your son. I could sense a really strong and powerful spirit within him. He will be a really great spouse to your son.”

“Yeah...” The king sighed. “He clearly hates me. I can see that my son hates me. I can also tell that...”

“Time, my lord,

“ The priest said in a really deep voice. “Time is the remedy. Things are gonna start changing around here.”

“You think so?” The king sighed.

“I know so.” He laughed loudly. “I can smell a wind of change. Like I told you,” He stomped on the floor. “Things are gonna change around here. You will see my king.” He smiled. “My work here is done. I have to go now.”

“Very well,” the king breathed. “Thank you so much, priest.”

“Anytime,” The priest said. “I am at your service.”

He then bowed, picked up his stuff and left using the door. This time he didn't disappear. He just left naturally like he did at times. The king smiled and then went back to the couch. He picked up a newspaper and began reading it.


The elevator door opened and Luis furiously got out, walking as if he was really late. He just didn't want to stay with Aidan and that was all. Aidan slowly nodded and then followed behind. He entered the room and then found Luis on the bed, holding his tablet. He quickly passed him and went back to the couch. He sat on it, wondering why he had to stay with Aidan in the first place. He hated the idea and he didn't to stay with him. Gosh! He just wanted to be left alone.

Luis on the other hand was busy on his tablet, trying to connect with Charles. He was really furious. He didn't care if he had a stitch on his forehead. All he cared about was getting away from Aidan. He had to get away. With the way he felt, he knew what exactly he needed. He needed to get laid. He didn't fucking care that he was married. All he wanted to do was fuck.


“Hey!” Charles responded with an expression of anger at the end. “You really made me look like a fool the other day. I hate you for that. I thought we could meet up and do our stuff. I even tried to call you severally but I didn't get through.”

“Sorry,” Luis apologized. “You wouldn't believe what had happened to me.”


“Come to my house.” Luis responded. “I bet you'll be as mad as I am.”

“Why?” Charles responded. “What happened?”

“Just come to my house.”

“Fine.” Charles responded. “I'll be there in an hour.”

“I am waiting.” Luis threw the tablet on the bed and sighed in anger. He moved his eyes around and saw just how his beautiful room was now gonna be shared. He didn't appreciate it at all. He hated it a lot. He moved his eyes to the other side and spotted the boy sitting on the couch. He rolled his eyes in anger and then collapsed on the bed. He lay on his back, staring into the ceiling. He was supposed to be happy and enjoying his life but now he was stuck with some idiot.

Aidan on the other hand was seated on the couch thinking about what had happened in the living room. He still had a lot of questions that he needed answers to. But who was gonna answer him? He raised his face, staring at the prince that lay on his bed. He was definitely not gonna get any answers from the idiot so might as well stop thinking about it.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan got up from the couch, realizing that he hadn't bathed. He needed to take a bath before anything else. He still had to start his day better. Even though he was still mad at the bastard, he needed to cool down and at least feel better.

Aidan began looking around, searching for where the bathroom was. Instead of finding one door which would eventually lead him to the bathroom, there were three doors. He looked at each of them and none indicated where the bathroom was.

He was now confused as to which door was the bathroom. Aidan moved his eyes to Luis and saw him lying on the bed. He needed to bath really badly. But he needed someone to point for him where the bathroom was. And he also knew that talking to the idiot was surely gonna be bad. He didn't need him. He was gonna find the bathroom on his own.
Taking a deep sigh, Aidan began moving to the door which was on the far left. Reaching it, he opened it and took a quick glance. It was the wrong door but what he saw had him glued. It was room which looked like a designer's shop. There were so many clothes, classy clothes. Not that he was interested or anything. It was just that he had never seen so many clothes in his life. It was really beautiful and the room was really huge.

After what felt like really long, Aidan closed the door and made a quick turn. He almost bumped into the angry looking man who was standing right in front of him with his arms crossed on his muscular chest. Seeing that angry face, Aidan tried to move but he was blocked.

“What were you doing?” Luis asked harshly, signaling Aidan to his room. “What were doing in my room?”

“I didn't go in there.” Aidan said, moving his eyes away. He didn't want to look at the foolish man. “I was just...”

“Just what?” Luis bellowed, furiously dropping his arms. “Stay away from my stuff okay? I don't want you touching any of my stuff and...”

“Voice!” Aidan gestured, reminding Luis of the king's warnings. “And please, I didn't touch your stuff.” He brushed Luis and passed him, heading to the other door. “I just wanted to find out which of these doors is the bathroom.”

“I know you wanted something from there.” Luis warned, angrily following Aidan behind. “Just because we are sharing the same room doesn't mean...”

“Great!” Aidan said, opening the second door. It was the bathroom and he felt really relieved. “Something that we can both agree on. Look buddy,” He looked in the bathroom and then turned to go to where he had his bag. “Don't think I am trying...”

“I know you are not trying.” Luis chuckled bitterly. “I know you want my attention but guess what...”

“Your attention,” Aidan laughed teasingly, quickly opening his bag. “You are the one who is probably seeking my attention. It's your entire fault that we are in this situation.” He picked up a black short and green t-shirt. “I never asked to be married to you in the first place. I was just minding my own business till you came around and irritated me. I can't believe I even have to share a room with you.”

“Well, get out!” Luis pointed to the door fuming. “You are welcome to stay in any room.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Aidan reached the bathroom door and made a quick turn. He stared into the prince's face and then groaned in anger. Why the hell did the king have to punish him like that? That was definitely the worst punishment he had ever had to endure. “But thanks to one idiot that aint happening,”

Luis got angrier when he realized that Aidan was talking about him. He quickly clenched his fist, trembling slightly. The boy was getting on his nerves. Then he raised his fist and directed it at Aidan's face, breathing really harshly. He wanted to do it a lot. But he couldn't move that fist no matter how much he tried. He just held it, trembling so badly.

Seeing the fist that was trembling right in front of his face, Aidan gave a soft and teasing laugh, holding his chest. “Go ahead. I dare you to try anything.”

“If not for one thing,” Luis groaned, dropping his fist. He was suddenly sweating and his anger was overflowing. “I would have beaten you up to a pulp.”

“Yeah,” Aidan teased, winking at the foolish man. “If not for the fact that...I am sort of immortal now, right,”

“You really have some nerves to...”

“Look, I don't have time to argue with the world's greatest jerk okay?” Aidan said, blocking Luis with his hand. “I still have better things to do. You caused all this so you are gonna have to deal with it.”

“How dare...” Before Luis could say anything more, Aidan entered the bathroom and shut the door on his face, angering him even more. He wanted to break that door and beat that foolish boy. If not for what his granny and his mother had told him and that warning from his father, he would have definitely done something really bad. He hated Aidan. He hated his voice. He hated everything about him. Fuck! He hated him.

Luis gave a loud growl and then punched on the bathroom door so hard it left him in pain. He quickly held his fist, massaging it softly while his leg hit on the bathroom door. He was in rage and he couldn't stand the boy anymore.


Aidan was standing in the bathroom, looking all around wide eyed. His mouth was wide open, admiring the beautiful wonder that he saw. The bathroom was really beautiful and its elegancy was nothing like he had seen before. There was a fucking huge Jacuzzi, a hot tub and a shower which he hadn't seen before. Everything was just beautiful. He stood there for a number of minutes without moving an inch, looking all around him. Then he started taking small steps. He spent almost an hour admiring the whole bathroom before he finally went to the shower.

He stripped to his purple boxer brief which was a little tight and then went in the shower. Reaching the shower he looked everywhere and truly it was nothing he had ever seen before. It had about five buttons and they all didn't make any sense. He just got more confused than ever. He slowly moved his hand up, wondering which button to press. He didn't even know what those buttons did and the effect. He needed help but who was gonna help him? He couldn't ask the crown prince because he was surely gonna get insulted.

After what felt like hours, examining the buttons, Aidan got a hint, well he thought he did. He stared at the blue and red buttons wondering which of them was gonna help him out.

“It is always the red button right?” He thought, slowly rubbing against his temple. “What the hell could go wrong?”

Breathing in deeply, Aidan moved his shaky hand and pressed the red button. As soon as his hand touched that button, water began coming out from everywhere hitting on every part of the body. It was really cold and the way it hit was just too much. He tried to open his eyes but water hit him. He moved his hands trying to see where the buttons were but it was impossible. He just went the wrong way.

Realizing what he had done, Aidan felt really scared. The door to the shower was not even closed yet and the water was probably going out. He figured there was only one way to do. Yes, he began calling for help.

“Help!” Aidan screamed, trying to find his way out. “Luis, please help.”

Hearing the screams coming from inside the bathroom, Luis groaned in anger and hit on his head. He hated that Aidan was calling his name. “What now?” He yelled, furiously getting up from the bed. He dropped his tablet on the bed and furiously got up from the bed.

“Hey!” He yelled, knocking on the door. “Will you shut the fuck up?” He screamed. “Stop calling...” He trailed off when he heard the noise coming from the bathroom. It was clear something was wrong from that noise. “Hey!” He knocked, now feeling his heart pounding. “What's going on...”

“Help!” Aidan screamed.

Hearing what was going on inside, Luis held the knob and pushed on the door. Lucky for him, the door was not closed. He quickly opened, standing still and getting surprised by what was going on. The door to the shower was not open and the water was coming out but not much of it. More of it was inside the shower, hitting on the boy who was screaming, filling his voice throughout the bathroom.

Seeing what exactly was going on, Luis got really angry. He looked straight ahead and saw the buttons that could stop the whole thing. Sure, the idiot deserved to die in that shower but what about his precious bathroom? He couldn't allow it. On the other side, was a button which supplied the water? He quickly rushed to it and pressed on it. The water pressure reduced.

Luis quickly moved, rushing towards the shower. Reaching there, he immediately went further and pressed on the green button. His clothes were really wet and he hated it all. He was inside the shower, wet and really angry. How stupid could the boy be? He was going to shout at him.

Quickly turning to shout at the boy, Luis bumped into him so hard both of them were sent down on the floor. Luis was on top of the boy and he was really angry and wet. He was between the boy's legs and Aidan's leg was directly on his crotch.

Aidan on the other hand had no idea what had happened. He just felt Luis bump into him and he was sent on the floor. He hit the floor so hard that he even closed his eyes and winced in pain. He quickly tried to move but found it impossible as he felt a weight on top of him.

Quickly opening his eyes, he saw Luis on top of him, looking angrily at him. When their eyes met, Aidan had the chance to stare into Luis' eyes. As soon as their eyes locked, Aidan's heart began pounding deep in his chest...his breaths became really harsh...his hormones got out of control, raising his body temperature. His whole body suddenly began vibrating sending waves of powerful emotions down his spine. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Luis' no matter what he did. It was like he was frozen. He couldn't understand what he was he feeling anymore.

Luis on the other was suddenly frozen as he stared into those eyes. His anger went away for a moment. He felt a powerful vibration take control of his body. He gave a soft gulp and felt as if his body had suddenly caught fire. His heart was suddenly beating rhythmically, sending waves all over his body. His hormones took control and by the time he realized it, he was getting hard. He could feel his cock rising faster in his pants.

His breaths became harsh and his hands trembled in fear of what he felt. He didn't like what he was feeling one bit. But the strange thing was that he couldn't control it. It was like he had just reached another level. What was more surprising was the big bulge in his pants. In just a few seconds, it was rock hard, pressed against Aidan's leg. It was throbbing painfully and he suddenly wanted sex.

The big bulge poking his leg brought Aidan back to reality. He quickly tore his eyes away from Luis and looked away, trying to move his leg away. He could clearly see that Luis was lusting after him. He didn't like the way he had felt a few seconds ago and he didn't want to repeat it again. He just wanted to move away from that horny fool because no way was he going to have that man sleep with him.

Luis on the other hand came to reality when Aidan tore his eyes away from him. His anger came back and realizing how hard he was, he got really mad. His breaths got violent. Sure, he was a playboy and loved fucking every ass he could find but no way was he going to fuck that boy beneath him. Never!

Quickly fixing himself up, he suddenly got up and groaned. He watched as the boy slowly got up. Luis didn't even realize that Aidan was only in a boxer. He was too preoccupied with anger to even notice him. The only thing that he saw was his face.

“Are you trying to flood my room?” Luis yelled, snapping at the boy in front of him. “Just what...”

“I didn't mean to.” Aidan spoke softly, covering himself up with his hands. Well, he covered the bottom part. “I didn't...”

“Then why did you come here if you don't know how to use anything?” He yelled. “Just take a good look at my bathroom.” He shouted. “The floor is now wet and...”

“I thought I said I am sorry,” Aidan said softly, feeling really angry. He didn't like what Luis was doing to him. He also hated the fact that Luis had gotten hard when he had fallen on top of him. “I just wanted to shower and I didn't know which button to...”

“Are you dumb?” Luis jeered, pointing at Aidan. “Don't you know how to read?”

“Hey, don't insult me.” Aidan's voice suddenly rose. “You know very well that there is nothing on those buttons.”

“You really are dumb,” Luis nodded, fuming at the boy. “I wonder why...”

“Hey, I thought I told you there are no...”

“Really?” Luis gave a bitter chuckle, gripping Aidan's arm. “Come with me.” He pulled Aidan's arm and dragged him to the shower. Reaching the shower, he let go of him and pointed his hand at the buttons.”Do you see that?” He yelled.

Aidan took a quick look at the buttons and truly, there were words. The red button he had pressed clearly indicated, 'high pressure.'

“But how's that possible?” He stammered, wondering how those words had suddenly appeared. “I swear they weren't there that time...”

“Did they magically appear there?” Luis snapped, angrily pointing at the buttons. “I know what you are trying to achieve. You are just an attention seeker and you wanted me to come here so that you could seduce me.” He stared at Aidan and noticed that he only had a boxer on him. Without wasting any time, he stared at Aidan's face. “You did this on purpose and...”

“Look, I know what I saw.” Aidan defended. “There were no words there. And please, stop accusing me of what I didn't do. I am like this because I came here to shower. Did you expect me to shower with my clothes on?”

“I know the likes of you.” Luis quipped, pointing angrily at Aidan. “I know what you are trying to do here but you will never get from me.”

Aidan chuckled softly, giving Luis a smirk. He knew how to win that fight. “Well, I wasn't the one who got a hard on.” He teased, enjoying the surprise look on Luis face.

Hearing what exactly Aidan had uttered, Luis opened his mouth to speak but no words came out of his mouth. He was speechless and couldn't say a thing. The only thing he knew was that he was really angry with what Aidan had told. And it was true, he was still hard. But that was the more reason to be angry at Aidan.

“What?” Aidan crossed his arms on his chest. “Cat got your tongue.” He said in mocking astonishment. Then he slightly pushed Luis out of the shower, enjoying the angry look on his face. “I think you should get out of here...before...you...” He gestured with his hand, showing Luis exactly what he was talking about. “You know what I mean.” He gave a long and teasing chuckle.

Luis clenched on his fists so hard. He was so mad with what had happened and he hated it a lot. He furiously dropped his hands and stormed out of the bathroom, growling like a wild animal. He hated what was happening with his life.

Seeing Luis leaving, Aidan closed the door and then looked at the buttons once again. He could have bet his own life he had seen nothing that particular time. But anyway, who cared. He saw the words and this time he did a careful read before finally pressing the button.

Soothingly warm water hit him softly, massaging his whole body. He could now shower in peace.


Luis stormed into his room, grabbing the towel. He was really mad and hated what had happened. Drying his hair and his body, he heard a loud knock on the door. He moved his eyes to the door and angrily said, “Come in.”

The queen and his granny came rushing in. They had worry written all over their faces, rushing towards him. They both stood still looking all around.

“Where is he?” Granny asked, still looking around. “I hope you didn't do anything stupid ...”

“Oh please, he's fine.” Luis said angrily, furiously drying his hair.

“What happened?” Queen Ruby asked in a concerned voice. “We heard him scream and...”

“He just acted foolish like a commoner that he is.” He snapped. “He doesn't know how to use a shower. He's fine and if that's all that you came to do then...”

“Are you alright?”

“Does it matter?” He glowered, staring at his mother. “Does it matter whether I am fine or not? Father doesn't care about me. He ruined my life. I don't think I will ever be alright.”

“Please, son.” Queen Ruby said softly, reaching to touch her son. He retaliated and moved away from her.

“Please, mother, leave me alone okay?” He was still mad. “I don't want to talk to anyone about this issue. I just wanna be left alone so please, leave me alone. I am already having the worst of days as it is okay?”


“Mom, please,” He yelled, making his way to the room to change his dump clothes. He was still angry and didn't care who got the taste of his anger. All he wanted to do was to be left alone.

Luis went and changed his clothes. When he came back, his mother and his granny had already gone. He went straight to his bed and lay on it. In just a few seconds, he heard a knock on the door. He told whoever was at the door to come.

The door opened, revealing his wonderful best friend, Charles coming inside. He was looking super sexy and Luis couldn't have admired him more. But once he saw him, he had a big frown on his face.

“What's going on?” Charles pointed to the stitch on Luis' head. “How did you get that?”

“I am really glad you are here.” Luis breathed, getting up from the bed. “And don't worry, I will tell you everything that had happened. I really need your help with something. You are the only one who can me feel better right now. I can't get out of the house...yet.”

“Yeah,” Charles responded, still looking at that stitch on Luis' forehead. “How may I help you?”

“Let's go to the balcony. I will tell you everything.”

The two friends quickly left the room, heading to the outdoor fire pit living room. They were holding on to each other as if they didn't want to let go of each other. They surely loved each other a lot.


“You are what?” Charles exclaimed, surprised at what his friend had been telling him. His friend had just told him what had happened in the last few days and how he ended up where he was. “Okay, let me get this straight,” Charles got up from the couch, staring at his friend as if he had seen him for the first time. “Are you telling me that you are married?”

“Sort of,” Luis nodded, taking a glass of wine from the table. “It's really complicated and quite confusing. I just can't accept that my father got that boy married to me.”

Charles had his eyes on Luis, looking at him with wide open eyes. His eyes were almost popping out of his socket. “You didn't want to get married in the first place not to talk of being in relationship and now you are a married man? Wait! Why wasn't I invited to the wedding?” He joked.

Luis gave his friend a cold look, nodding his head. “Look, Charles, this is not a joke okay? We are talking about my life here. We are talking about how my life got ruined.”

“Here I was talking about settling down,” Charles chuckled. “I didn't even know that you would get married before me. This is...wow...” He breathed.

“Will you stop that?”

“I am sorry,” Charles apologized, sitting on the couch. He grabbed his glass and took a mouthful of his wine. “So what are you going to do?”

“What am I going to do?” Luis snapped. He had no idea why he was always so angry. “I am going to continue living my life. I am not married to anyone. I am still Luis the playboy. I am just waiting for this stupid wound which that stupid boy had inflicted on me to be healed. Then it will be full time for me. I swear I will fuck whoever I find out there. Can you believe I haven't had any release for all those...”

“Are you serious?” Charles couldn't believe what he was hearing. “You are now going to be an adulterer? Are you going to cheat on...”

“Hey!” Luis gestured Charles to keep it quiet. “I am not going to cheat on anyone because I am not married to anyone. I am still the same...”

“This is a marriage we are talking about here.” Charles said, trying to get some sense into his friend. “You are not single anymore. You are a married man and you need to act like one.”

“Excuse me.” Luis hit the glass hard on the table, furiously getting up. “Did I hear right? What's wrong with you? Whose side are you on here?”

“Look, Luis, you are my friend and I respect you a lot but...”

“Please,” Luis put his hands together. “I am really begging you. I don't want to snap at you. As it is I am really angry and you are only adding to it. Stop telling me that because I am done with it. That foolish boy is not my husband and I will never accept him. I will make sure that never happens in my life.”

“I don't want us to talk about this.” He bellowed. “It is clear that I made a mistake by inviting you here. I should have known. Please, leave me alone.” Luis turned to leave but was grabbed by Charles. He was still mad but he couldn't stay mad at his best friend.

“I am sorry,” He said softly. “Please, forgive me. I shouldn't have meddled in your affairs. I swear that I will stop.” He promised. “I will never speak about it again. Just don't be angry anymore.”


“I said I am sorry,” Charles said, gripping his friend's waist. “Please, let's talk. We will drop this topic. We will be talking about something else. I promise you.”

Luis sighed and then slowly turned, facing his friend. “Look, I am sorry. It's just that I am really confused right now and I need someone to talk to.”

“I will be all ears.” Charles promised. “I promise to hear you out okay?”


Both guys went back to the couch and sat on it. They started having a totally different conversation. All Luis wanted to forget about everything.


Aidan came out of the bathroom, slowly toweling his hair. He reached the room and noticed that Luis was not there. He breathed and then went to the large dressing mirror, still toweling his hair. He dried his hair, staring at his reflection. Then he took a band and tied it together. It was still a bit wet but it was gonna dry on its own.

Checking himself completely in the mirror, Aidan headed for the door. He had been in the room since morning and it was almost afternoon. He needed to get out, get some fresh air and just breathe fine before Luis showed up. He knew what was gonna happen once Luis came back.

Getting out of the room, Aidan closed it and leaned to a wall, closing his eyes shut. Then he folded his arms on his chest and began thinking about his family and how they had woken up. He was not used to being away from them so it was somehow painful.

Aidan was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even realize that princess Hanna had come to him. The only thing he heard was her angry voice.

“Well, well, well, look who we have here.”

Hearing her angry voice, Aidan quickly snapped out of his mood and stared at her. She was looking really pretty with a tiara on her head and her hair folded. She had a big smirk on her face. She was putting on a red long dress and pretty high heeled shoes. Her whole face was glowing with makeup but it was the attitude that Aidan was concerned about.

“My princess,” He said softly without even bowing his head. “How may I help you?”

“You?” Hanna chuckled teasingly, eyeing him as if he was irritating. “Well, you can help me alright. You can help me get rid of your face from this palace.” She yelled. “You are a complete curse to my brother. You have definitely ruined his life. Get away from this house. My brother is not a pauper like you. He is the crown prince and he doesn't need someone like...” She moved her hand up and down Aidan's body. A glower appeared on her face and then she hissed. “You are not on my brother's level. He is the crown prince and...”

“Well, that makes the two of us.” Aidan said confidently. He didn't need orders from a princess. “I don't like him either. And yes, I would love to leave this palace a lot but I can't do that because the king won't let me. I didn't ruin the prince's life.” He said. “He ruined my life. He should have stayed away from me since the very beginning. This is his entire fault.”

“Don't you dare...”

“My princess, I beg you.” He put his hands together. “I don't wanna argue with you. I am a really humble boy and I am trying to be as respectful as I can be. Don't make me say something that will make you mad. Just get away from me.”

“How dare you?” Hanna yelled, breathing harshly. “Who do you think you are to talk to me like that, uh?”

“I am married to your brother and I think I deserve some respect too.” He didn't even realize he had said that. His anger had just got to him. “Even from you,”

“What?” Hanna gasped, raising her hand in the air to slap him. She was ranting and her hand was headed straight for his face. Just when she thought she was gonna slap him, he caught her hand and pushed her away from him, leaving her in shock.

“Don't push me into doing something that I don't want to do.” Aidan said, looking at the princess in anger. “As it is I am having enough problems with Luis. Don't try me because...”

“Who do you think you are?” Hanna got closer in fury. She gave Aidan one angry look that didn't scare him at all. “I am going to make sure that...”

“Hanna,” Queen Ruby came rushing towards her. “Stop that immediately and get out of here.”

Hearing the queen's voice, Aidan knelt down and bowed his head. He never uttered a word or made any movement. He just dropped his eyes on the floor and waited for her to speak to him, reprimand him or even warn him.

“But mom,” Hanna complained, pointing to Aidan. “He is the one...”

“I clearly heard everything.” The queen reassured. “Go away. I will handle this.”

With a final angry look at Aidan, Hanna left growling. She was really mad.

After Hanna left, Aidan just bowed, drowning his head in fear. He got scared that the queen caught him talking rudely to the princess. It was a clear challenge and he had no freaking idea what was gonna happen. He felt he needed to do something though.

“Are you alright?” The queen asked. “Please, get up.”

Aidan slowly got up and stood in humility. His eyes were still glued on the floor. “I am really sorry, my queen.” He apologized. “I didn't mean to talk to the princess like that. It's just that...” He paused and gave a gloomy sigh. “I am just confused my queen.”

“Confused because of my son,” The queen asked, taking a deep breath.

“Yes, my queen.” Aidan bowed. “I didn't mean to talk to her like that. I am ready to accept any...”

“I thought you said respect is reciprocal.” She laughed softly, putting her hand on his shoulder. “If she doesn't respect you as the crown prince's husband then why should you respect her?”

Aidan trembled at the hand that he felt on his shoulder. “My queen, I...I...”

“Look at me,” The queen instructed. “I won't bite.”

Aidan raised his face and looked at her. She was looking really beautiful with her wonderful crown. “My queen...”

“I just wanna speak to you.” The queen asked. “I wanna beg you for something really important. I want you to grant that to me?”

“Who am I?” He asked, bowing his head. “I can't deny the queen anything. I will grant you any request.”

“Good!” The queen smiled. “Can you please stop arguing with the prince?”

“Err...your majesty, I...” He didn't even know the word to use to talk to her. “I don't know if that is the right thing because he is the one who...”

“I know my son is stubborn.” She chuckled, slowly walking closer. “But I also know that you two are married now. I must say, I was pretty mad with this decision.”

“I am sorry,”

“Don't be,” She squeezed his shoulder. “This is not your fault at all. I have just accepted that you two are married. My husband made that decision and I have to respect it a lot. We can't deny the fact that this marriage happened. You too have to accept it.” She was smiling so brightly. Her smile was melting Aidan's heart. “You have to stop arguing with him. Try to be a little nice to him. Be friendly to him and also smile at him some time.”

Aidan looked at the queen in surprise. “My queen, that won't help. The prince is really rude and he will...”

“My son is a good man.” The queen chuckled. “I am sure he can be a good husband too.” Then she stopped and stared at Aidan for a long time. “Do you love my son?”

Aidan sighed. “I won't lie to you. I don't even like your son. He is a really...”

“I thought I heard you call him your husband a few minutes ago.” She smiled teasingly, winking at him. “Look, son, marriage is something that is great. I can tell that you are different from everyone else. I can tell that you want nothing but you are married now. You should think of working on your marriage.” She smiled brightly.

“The prince doesn't love me.” He revealed. “He told me this himself. Both of us...”

“You have to work on your marriage.” She encouraged. “You can open up his heart by being nice. I am sure if you took a closer look you'd see the real prince. He is your husband and that man can love you. You can make your marriage work. You can fall in love with him. Give him a chance and see his other side. He is my son and I know him very well. He might be stubborn but I know that he is a good man. You are good boy too. I can see that.” She rubbed on his cheek. He still couldn't understand her.

“My queen,” He slightly closed his eyes, feeling tensed up. “He is very...”

“Okay.” The queen raised her hands as if she was surrendering. Then she folded her arms on her chest and smiled. “The decision is yours. I can't force you to do what you don't want. But listen to what I have to say.” Her smile faded, replaced by a serious face. “My son was always happy with himself. He never for once got as angry as he is right now.” She said loudly. “Sure, I would have loved for him to marry the person he loves but that won't happen anymore.” Aidan dropped his eyes when he heard the tone in her voice. “He would have been really happy and...” She sighed. “I would have been really happy for him. But now he is married to you. As a mother I have to be concerned for my son. I have to look out for his well being.” Her voice was rising.

“I am really...s-sorry my queen,” He stammered. “Please, forgive me for...for everything.” He was suddenly scared. “I know that you don't like...”

“No!” She said quickly, using her hand to raise his face. “Don't misunderstand me. I don't hate you at all because it is not your fault. You two are married and there is nothing that you can do to change that. You are gonna have to spend the rest of your lives together unless otherwise.” She then chuckled. “It is up to you to choose what kind of man you want to be your husband. Many people have found themselves in situations like this and they are happy and more in love than any other people.

You have to make a decision. You can change yourself and choose your type of marriage.” She reprimanded, seriousness could be heard in her tone. “He is your husband and you cannot deny that. You will be seeing him and can you handle arguing for years? It's really up to you.”

After saying that to confused Aidan, she quickly to leave but stopped before she did. “It is now in your hands. You may choose to live happily and peacefully or you can choose to live a sad life. You can change everything if you want to.” She chuckled. “Love can be developed and it is only through kindness and showing love. Think about what I have said.”

Just like that, she left Aidan alone.

“Love can be developed...you have the power to do that...you can change it if you want to. He is a nice man if you see beyond all that bitterness...you will spend the rest of your life with him.”

So many words...a really small head... too much to hear and Aidan couldn't handle it. The many words in his mind made his head feel like it was about to explode. The queen's words got to him, affecting him like nothing else. His anger and hatred just melted with her words...his mind was now filled with a lot of words. The queen had gotten to him.

What if she was right, he wondered, looking straight at where she had been standing? He was now really confused and had no idea what to do. Aidan was a jerk who needed to be put in his place.

Should he try and give the jerk and his relationship a chance? Should he follow the queen's advice? Will he fall in love with Luis and see him in a different light?

This was his first day in the palace and things were already complicated for him. The worst was that he was really confused after the queen's words. She had spoken to him in a really loving way. Was he going to listen to her? Will he open his heart for someone who doesn't deserve it? Was thinking about that jerk's happiness really worth it, he wondered?

Aidan's confusion was getting to him. Normally he wasn't supposed to be thinking about that. But he couldn't do it no matter what he tried to do. It just came right through his mind. It was like the queen had used some sort of magic on him. His heart was now pounding so hard in his chest. His hormones were taking effect and his head literally popped with the words that were in his mind. Was he going to listen to the queen's advice?

Will Aidan try to make his marriage work?

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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not a situation I would like to find myself in, Aidan has a lot of thinking to do...........

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3 hours ago, yarameb said:

not a situation I would like to find myself in, Aidan has a lot of thinking to do...........

Yeah,  it's really terrible. just imagine being in his situation 

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Okay, Luis really needs to get over himself, and his family needs to stop indulging his little tantrums, because so far I've seen no evidence that he's a "good man". Luis needs to accept that things don't always go his way, unless he wants to be the kind of king that that gets overthrown.

I feel really bad for Aidan having to share a room and the rest of his life with that insufferable twat. But the queen said it best: does he want to spend the rest of his life being miserable, or does he want to try and make the marriage work on the slim hopes that it could turn into a happy one?

That scene in the shower, though. There's clearly some spark between them, but will either or both of them have the courage to explore what it all means? Well, Luis probably won't since he'll be too busy whining about how unfair everything is...

Edited by Shadow086
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It seems to me that the Queen needs to see how her children treat people they see as "beneath" them. Of *course* they treat her well -- just not anyone else. I don't think she is yet willing to see their faults. She could make a big difference in her childrens' attitudes, but she needs to see reality.

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Was there an inkling, that Charles will do a Thomas Morus on Luis and refuse to provide fresh flesh for him?


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love & hate, two face of the same coin...


“What am I to do?” Luis asked, rubbing his brother's chest.

shouldn’t that be Aidan ?


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You know I understand where the queen is coming from to a point but she’s kinda blind to her son’s faults. How is Aidan supposed to make things work when it takes two to make a happy marriage? It shouldn’t be up to him to somehow turn Luis into a good husband and Aidan typically isn’t the one starting the arguments so if she’s implying he should become a doormat for Luis to trample on she needs a reality check. 😔 I know things will somehow workout in the end but poor Aidan has definitely gotten the worst of it even if I can somewhat understand Luis’ anger over being forced to marry someone against his will as the situation isn’t fair to him either despite the fact it’s sorta fitting karma.

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