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Unbroken - 8. Chapter 8: Aidan's introduction. New enemies arrive.

The huge ball room was well decorated with the classiest and most elegant decors all over the room. It was sparkling with the brightest decors ever, decorated by the best planners ever. Decors ranged from gold to diamonds and to emeralds. Everything was just perfect in its own way. There was so much food; any food anyone would desire to eat was there. All kinds of drinks and wine were there too. Throughout the ball room were guards who made sure that it was really secure.

From the entrance all the way to the front was a huge red carpet which had a special purpose. The whole place was getting fully packed by all kinds of people, men and women...rich and poor, dressed in different attires.

Fashion photographers, media people, reporters and others interested in publishing the story were also there. They had their cameras ready, just waiting for the big event to start. From the elegancy of the place and everything in that room, people knew already that it was going to be one big event for everyone. They knew history was gonna be made that night. But most importantly...all of them were eager to see the lucky boy that was married to the prince. Some people were jealous and others were envious, mostly the girls. After all their wishes to find themselves in the arms of the prince he was now a married man. Fuck! It was painful for those that wanted the prince. But they still came anyway.

On the wonderful huge stage which sparkled were different seats were the royal family was gonna sit that but not only them but on the far end of the right were seats for the cabinet members as well. It was also filled with food as well. On the wall of the stage was a huge TV which was gonna showcase everything.

Different spotlights were placed high up in the roof just to show everyone the beautiful grooms when they come. In fact, there were more people in that ball room than it had ever recorded. The whole ball was a three floor room so others were already on different floors, wining and eating but they were able to see everything from down there. They just couldn't wait for the prince and his groom to make an entrance, especially the prince's groom.


Aidan was seated on a beautiful golden chair in front of a huge mirror. His reflection was on full view and god knows he couldn't help but smile brightly when he saw just how happy he was feeling. He was putting on a long white rob which reached down his legs. The only thing he had inside was only a deep blue boxer. He had been sitting on that chair for almost an hour ever since he came out from showering.

He had to sit still as he was not alone. There was a makeup artist that was working her wonders on his face. She was carefully brushing his face, making it glow with little makeup. She was really doing a great job as she had made his face to glow beautifully. He could even see that he was already more handsome.

He had his hair tied, waiting for the hairstylist to work her own wonders on him and not to talk about the designers that were gonna make sure he was looking splendid in his new suit. It was gonna be the best day of his life. Just by sitting on that chair, Aidan could feel deep within him that he was gonna have a great night with his husband. He still couldn't believe that he was gonna be introduced. It was totally unbelievable.

As he was still in his thoughts, thinking about how his great day was gonna turn out to be, the door to the room opened and he moved his eyes and stared at the person who had come through that same mirror in front of him. It was Luis and boy did he look handsome.

Luis was putting on the most beautiful and elegant black designer's suit Aidan had ever set his eyes on. It was sparkling as if diamonds were scattered all over it. It fitted on his body like it was a part of him. He was looking dashing in his pink shirt inside that suit and pure white designer's shoes. His hair was combed backwards and a huge crown, golden crown with diamonds all over it was placed on his wonderful head.

From that reflection in the mirror, Aidan also noticed the huge smile that Luis had on his face. It was really wonderful and it suddenly warmed Aidan's heart, making it beat rhythmically. His heart beat with love and it was magical. His whole body vibrated in pure ecstasy and excitement. He just couldn't wait to have that man holding while they danced.

Luis on the other hand was just too happy to see the love of his life. He was just in a robe and was not dressed but he was beautiful. He was amazing. He was just...he couldn't even think anymore because there were just too many words in his mind to describe the wonderful boy on that chair. He was too beautiful to be true.

Taking a step of confidence, Luis began walking towards where the makeup artist was working her wonders. He was already dressed since he had been dressing in a different room. He walked towards Aidan and placed his hands on his shoulder, looking at his reflection in the mirror. Their eyes met and Aidan's face brightened up with a really wonderful smile. It was really amazing and Luis' heart began beating with joy.

"Hey, you," Aidan chuckled, moving his hand up to rub on his husband's hand. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to check on my cute groom." Luis breathed, admiring the boy in the reflection. "You look really beautiful...you are perfect, my love."

"Oh, Luis!" Aidan gave a soft chuckle. The makeup artist didn't even for once stop what she was doing. "I am not even dressed yet. What are you talking about?"

"I am serious." Even through the reflection in the mirror, Luis was getting lost in Aidan's eyes. "You look absolutely stunning. In my mind I thought you were..."

Just then, before Luis could finish his sentence, the door flung open and a beautiful happy Hanna came rushing towards them. She was looking really beautiful, as beautiful as ever. She was putting on a beautiful blue dress that was just too sparkly to everyone's sight. Her makeup was at its maximum that night and that smile was just lovely. Her hair was fixed in a pouf and a beautiful diamond tiara was placed on her beautiful head. She had beautiful grey high heels with diamonds all over and her cat walk was just to die for. She was simply amazing.

"Hey!" She called softly when she got near. "How's makeup coming in?"

"It's going fine," Aidan replied, still glued on his handsome husband. "Thank you very much. And you look absolutely amazing."

"Oh!" She touched her chest and moaned softly. "Thank you so very much. You don't look bad either. I am sure you'll steal the spotlight tonight. You will be the most handsome guy there and with hair like yours and a beautiful crown, you will be..." She made an 'O' with her hands and then winked. "You'll be perfect."

"That really means a lot you know." Aidan said softly. "I am sure that my handsome husband will enjoy dancing with me." He joked. "I can see that he can't get his hands off me."

They all laughed softly. "I am sure all eyes will be on you." Luis chuckled.

"What do you mean you are sure all eyes will be on him?" She frowned, staring at her brother. Then a nice and heartwarming smile shot up on her face. "Of course, all eyes will be on him. He is the best groom ever." She commented. "By the way, what are you even doing here?"

"What do you mean?" Luis shrugged. "Shouldn't I be with..."

"Haven't you heard of the tradition of not seeing your groom before..."

"You are crazy," Luis joked. "Why should I stay away from him? I am his husband and we are married so...I think I should be with him."

"Yeah," Hanna raised her eyebrow. "But you won't see him. Besides, I think you have to be somewhere else right now. Get out of here and I will take care of this gorgeous groom for you. Just don't worry about anything. I will be here all through. Besides, people already know you so...I don't know..."

"Fine," Luis raised his hands as if he was surrendering. "I will go out and let a pro like you handle this alright?"

"That's the spirit," Hanna chuckled. "Now get out of here and...go and wear your mask. People have already started arriving. I think you need to entertain them. Now go." She pushed him a bit and laughed when he rolled his eyes.

Luis smiled and then planted a kiss on Aidan's cheeks.

"Now you are ruining his makeup. Get out."

"I am going." Luis raised his hand in the air. Then he looked at Aidan once more and winked. Then he left him with his sister. He knew she was gonna take care of him.

"That husband of yours is really crazy." Hanna said as she took a seat on the other chair next to Aidan. "He's gone crazy ever since he realized he's in love with you."

"Tell me about it." Aidan sighed.

They just continued talking about other stuff as the makeup artist continued her work on Aidan. In no time she was done with him. Just when he thought he was gonna rest, the hairstylist came and started with his hair. He just relaxed and had a chat with Hanna. She talked about her boyfriend and how she couldn't wait to see how handsome he was gonna be looking that evening. Aidan had never seen Hanna's boyfriend so he was kinda looking forward to seeing him.

The hairstylist did her wonder on Aidan's hair by turning it into a beautiful braided ponytail. But that was not all that she did. Starting from the top of that ponytail up to the tip, she put diamonds all over. He didn't know how she did it but the diamonds were there and they were sparkling in his hair. It was beautiful and his eyes were in full view that night.

"Oh my god," Hanna gasped, touching her chest. She was looking like she was about to run out of breath. "I can't believe how beautiful you look tonight. I swear you are sparkling just like the diamonds themselves. You are beautiful and your hair is glowing."

"Oh," Aidan extended his hand and cupped Hanna's hand. "That is really beautiful. Thank you so much for everything that you have done."

Now that that was done, the fashion designers came to make sure that he was looking fabulous in his new suit. He started by stripping that robe off in front of Hanna and the others. He was ashamed at all and in fact, they talked while he was being dressed.

Aidan was dressed in a beautiful pure white suit that was really beautiful. He had no idea where that suit was made but it was stunning and it was glowing beautiful. He was sure that the suit was made with some form of diamond like stuff because it was glowing. He had never seen a pure white suit before. A beautiful red designer's shirt was put inside, making the suit even magnificent. Pure white designer's shoes were placed on his feet and they were beautiful. The whole suit fitted his body like a second skin. It made him look beautiful and younger.

Then a beautiful golden crown with many diamonds was placed on his head as a final touch. The designers checked him, made sure he was fantastic and then they left him. As he checked himself in the mirror, Hanna left and then came back with two beautiful masks. There was a white one and a blue one.

"Pick your choice." She displayed them.

"Hmm," Aidan thought and then picked out the white one. He tried it on and it was like the missing link. It was perfect in every way and he knew that was his missing link. It was really beautiful and surprisingly, it also had some diamonds on it.

"Wow!" Hanna said as she put on the blue one, matching with her dress. "Don't we look breathtaking?"

"We sure do." Aidan smiled.

"I think we are ready to go." Hanna answered. "Are you ready to go for the party?"

Just before he could even answer the question, a guard came and told them that they were wanted at the party. Aidan took a deep breath to gather his confidence before he finally answered Hanna's question from earlier.

"Yeah, let's go and hit this thing."

Hanna chuckled and then gripped his arm with hers. The both of them left the room to go to the big ball room. Guards were busy following them as they didn't want anything bad to happen to them that night.


Luis entered the ball room on the stage and he heard people applauding for him. He waved to them, making his way to where his father and his mother plus his granny where. He was putting on a light grey mask on but even with everything going on, the people couldn't miss their prince. They knew he was the most elegant man they knew.

Reaching the seats, he made a grand sit and then crossed his legs, smiling at his lovely people. He moved his face to the king and queen and they smiled brightly at him. They were not putting any masks on and so were the cabinet members. But most of the people had masks but they were not wearing them. They were too excited for the party.

"I am glad you are here." The queen said in her beautiful tone. She was really looking beautiful in a red dress and high heels. Her hair was tied in a knot and a huge crown was pressed on her head. The king himself and granny's beauty couldn't be missed at all. They were all prepared for that wonderful party. It was all thanks to Ruby that the party was looking that beautiful and elegant.

"Yeah," Luis said softly, smiling at the people that were staring at him. Women were literally dying inside because they didn't get that opportunity. "You look really beautiful, mom."

"Thanks..." The queen was flattered. "I was about to say the same about you. Can't wait to see Aidan in that wonderful suit," She chuckled. "I know he will steal the hearts of many but..."

"He's mine," Luis chuckled softly, raising his hands to his people.

"They know that," The queen smiled. "I bet they are dying to see him."

"Yep!" He chuckled. "But they have to wait until he removes that mask to see him."

The queen chuckled and then pulled away from him. She stared at her husband and smiled brightly, moving her eyes forward to watch the most elegant party of the season or rather the century. She outdid herself this time because she had hired the best of the best to decorate that wonderful room. It took days just for that room to look the way it was. But she wouldn't have liked it anymore than she did at that time. It was fantastic and it was all for her handsome son and his beautiful groom. She knew things were gonna get spicy.

The slow soothing music was playing and everyone seemed happy, talking to each other, having their wonderful drinks, having their food but most of all looking forward to the wonderful introduction of the prince.

Luis was just alone and honestly he wished his friend would come up but he couldn't see him from anywhere. He couldn't see him because he probably was wearing a mask on. So without anything to do...he just enjoyed the party and the soothing music. All eyes were on him that night so he didn't lose that smile which was on his wonderfully curved face.

After what felt like hours of waiting, Luis finally got relieved when his sister made a grand entrance, smiling brightly and waving at the people. He felt like he was able to breathe again.

"Hey!" He called softly before she even reached him. "Where is he?"

"Relax," Hanna smiled, waving at her people. She looked really beautiful in her blue mask. "He'll be coming. You don't know how these things are done. So allow me to show it to you."



Hanna passed her brother and went straight to her parents. She leaned down and told them that everything was ready. Then she got permission from them to start the whole event and then went to the front, picked up a microphone and greeted her people. She first removed her mask and waved at them while they cheered for her and whistled.

"Okay," Hanna started. "How many of us are eager to see the crown prince's husband?" There were a lot of cheers immediately Hanna said that to the people that waited impatiently. "I can see it's all of us here. Because even I am eager to see him and I have been living him for over a month now." The people chuckled at Hanna's words.

"Anyway," She continued. "The time that we have all been waiting for is here. I can feel hearts throbbing, people panting and hormones raging, eager to see the prince, right?"

"Yeah!" The cheers filled the room again. "We can't wait!" One of the people in the crowd shouted at the top of his voice. "Show him to us."

"Patience," Hanna chirped. "That time has come and we will be introducing the prince to you. I am telling you..." She paused and chuckled. "You will be charmed by his beauty because he's absolutely beautiful." She laughed. "Anyway, before I call in the prince...May I take this opportunity to call upon the crown prince to wait upon his husband and welcome him?"

Cheers began again as Luis got up from his seat, waving at his people. He went and stood beside his sister and just beamed. His sister smiled at him and tapped him on his lovely shoulder. Then she continued with her speech.

"Alright," She babbled. "Ladies and gentlemen, men and women, the king and the queen, members of the cabinet may introduce to you...the crown prince's better half...his happiness...his spouse...his soul mate..." She winked at Luis. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you on behalf of the king the crown prince's groom..." She paused and took a deep breath. "Prince Aidan Carter."

Immediately she said that, the lights went off, leaving only a dim light. People were still cheering even when they couldn't see anything. Then all of a sudden, a huge spotlight shone at the entrance of the ball room. Everyone moved their eyes to the entrance and gasped. Their cheers got out of hand.

Just at the entrance, standing on the huge red carpet was Prince Aidan in a beautiful glowing suit. He was looking absolutely stunning and he was looking like an angel. He was everything that Luis could have wished for in a boy. There were about four guards behind him and they looked absolutely stunning too. Instead of a Prince, Aidan was looking like a king. He took the hearts of many in that room. Their gasps were continuous and their cheers got out of hand.

Aidan's face could not be seen. The only thing the people saw was that wonderful mask. They could also see his dark long hair which many admired. His beautiful green eyes could be seen and those eyes made Luis to be frozen. He couldn't tear his eyes away from him. And those beautiful pink lips! Fuck! Those pink lips looked inviting and kissable. They had Luis exaggerating. The only person he saw was Aidan even though he was from far away. Fuck!

"That's right ladies and gentlemen," Hanna gushed. "The beautiful angelic being all of you are seeing is your new prince. Isn't he beautiful?"

Cheers just got intense when Hanna said those words. Aidan's face just got brighter with a wonderful smile. He had his eyes looking far forward and he loved the way he was feeling. It was like he was the only person in that room as he had all eyes on him. Immediately, photographers and media people came running towards him but they were still far. Cameras began shuttering all over him and he just smiled as brighter as ever.

"Can I get some soothing music as the prince makes his way here and the crown prince welcomes him?"

Immediately soothing music began playing and Aidan's heart began racing with excitement. His hormones were out of hand that night and he just wanted to enjoy that night as it was. Everything was turning out to be wonderful. He knew that night was gonna be beautiful and nothing was gonna go wrong.

"This is it."

Aidan took a small step to start walking before he felt a hand held him. He quickly moved his eyes to the other side and found the most amazing smile of a person in a mask. He immediately could tell that it was his brother. His brother was gonna escort him and it was lovely. Ethan was dressed in a pretty dark blue designer's suit. He had a beautiful green mask and it was spectacular. God! That brother of his had him almost in tears. He was just too happy.

"Yeah," Ethan cackled, coiling Aidan's arm with his. "It is me. I am going to escort you to your husband today."

"Thank you!" He said softly. "This really means a lot to me. I love you so much Ethan."

"I love you too, bro."

Then they looked at each other one final time before they finally started walking to the front which seemed really far. They were taking small steps, smiling at the happy faces. People were clapping and cheering at Aidan. They were saying all kinds of beautiful things about him and he could clearly hear them say it too.

"Wow!" Some people said excitedly. "Look at the way he is glowing. I wonder who he is. Maybe he is a prince from another kingdom."

"That hair," Another one gasped. "Look at the way it is glowing with those diamonds. I wish I had that beautiful hair. And his eyes..." She gasped. "They are just lovely."

"Look at his smile..."

All kinds of wonderful comments were following Aidan. He smiled even brighter when he heard of those gorgeous comments. He wanted to say thank you but he knew better than to keep quiet. The slow soothing music kept on playing and he walked elegantly as he was on the red carpet. It was such a wonderful thing to do.

Luis on the other hand watched in admiration as Aidan kept on getting closer. The spotlight was only on him but the light that emanated from him brightened up the whole place. He was looking angelic and god knows Luis was drooling over him. His heart was already racing and he had no idea just what to do. Aidan had his eyes on him the whole time but it was like those eyes could see right through him. He felt really beautiful and he didn't want it to end.

Aidan's outfit, his crown and everything that was on him was made of nothing but pure diamonds. He was sparkling so brightly that Luis felt like he was gonna pass out from the way his body vibrated. He was still far away but Luis could swear he could see him just in front of him. Boy it was really beautiful and amazing. Aidan was with Ethan but the only one Luis was able to see was Aidan. Everything suddenly disappeared.

After what felt like hours, Aidan got closer while the cheers got intense. Cameramen and photographers had their cameras on him the whole time and there was a huge screen at the stage which showed everything but Aidan just concentrated on his lovely Luis. He was almost near him but he couldn't wait to touch him and hold him. He couldn't wait to dance with him.

Seeing Aidan really close, Luis began moving from the stage and down onto the red carpet. He had one of his hands in his pocket while he smiled and walked slowly to get Aidan to himself. The people were cheering for him and they shouted that they loved him a whole lot.

After a while, Luis met with Aidan and just stood still, staring at his gorgeous eyes and lips. Ethan let go of Aidan and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then he hugged him tightly and got lost into the crowd. Now it was just the two of them. It was like they were frozen, just staring at each other.

Luis took a deep and then knelt down on one knee. Seeing their prince on his knees, the people cheered and clapped. Luis slowly took Aidan's hand and planted a kiss on it. Then he looked deep in his eyes and stood up, coiling his arms with his. He couldn't describe the way he felt at that time. It was really deep and intense and he couldn't quite explain it. It was like heaven had just come down on earth. And now that he had his Aidan, he just didn't want to let him go. Man it was really beautiful.

"You look amazing," Luis whispered as he tried his best not to stare at Aidan too much. "You got my body all vibrating. Why do you have to look this sexy?"

"I think you told me that already?" Aidan chuckled softly, not for once losing his gorgeous smile. He just smiled and let his bright mood be known by the people that had their eyes on him. It was amazing. "But I like it each time you tell me that."

"Good!" Luis gripped his arm tighter, bringing him a little closer to his body. "Because I will never get tired of telling that to you,"

Those wonderful words travelled straight to Aidan's heart and he felt it pound excitedly in his chest. He had to bite his lips to suppress a moan. "You really have a way with your words." They were just standing still.

"Yeah," Luis chuckled. "I can't wait to start dancing with you."

"It's like you just read my mind."

Hanna chuckled when she saw the happy couple talking among each other. It was amazing and she loved it like crazy. It was just too much to ignore. "Looks like our happy couple cannot keep their hands off each other." She laughed, followed by the crowd. "Anyway, can we have our two lovely princes on the dance floor, please?" She requested. "I believe they should give us a wonderful dance before we go into the main ceremony."

"Yeah!" The people cheered. "Give us a dance."

Hearing Hanna and the people's requests, Aidan and Luis walked elegantly to the dance floor holding on each other. Reaching the wonderful dance floor both of them faced each other and smiled as bright as they could at that time.

"You know the first dance, right?" Luis chuckled nervously.

"Of course, Hanna told me about everything."

"Alright," Luis said. "Let's get ready then."

Luis dropped his left hand to Aidan's hot waist. Then he raised his right and touched it with Aidan's. Aidan rested one hand on Luis' shoulder and the other found its way into Luis' raised hand. He was just so happy that he couldn't even express that happiness. It was like he was on cloud nine but it was more than that. He had been practicing how to dance with Hanna but that was the first time he was gonna dance with Luis.

Hanna was right. Aidan didn't feel nervous at all. He knew all eyes were on them but he was too lost in those wonderful blue eyes to even care what was going on. The hand was on his waist felt like a flame of fire which was gonna burn him. His whole body vibrated in pleasure and it felt as if he was connected to a vibrator or something. It was just amazing.

Aidan couldn't see Luis behind that mask but in his mind he could clearly see him and his gorgeous face and boy was it amazing. Things were gonna get spicy between them and he could very well feel it. It was such an amazing feeling that had him strained down. It was like he was cold and hot at the same time. He just couldn't wait to dance with that hunk of his.

"Alright," Hanna's voice hollered through the microphone. "As you can see...the happy couple are ready and I can't wait to see them dancing. I am too eager to see them dancing. Who is with me?" The people cheered at Hanna's question. Photographers were busy capturing the whole thing

"Can we have some music?" Hanna shouted at the top of her voice. Then she left and sat on her seat, near her mother. It was really the most wonderful night of everyone's life.

The music started playing and Luis began moving slowly with the music, taking Aidan with him. From those wonderful steps, Luis could see that Hanna had done a great job in teaching Aidan the dancing techniques and different types of dances. The song was beautiful and it was slow. Just the way Luis wanted it to be. It was 'beauty and the beast by Arianna Grande and John legend."

"Tale as old as time

True as it can be,

Barely even friends then somebody bend unexpectedly..."

Luis had his eyes on Aidan the whole time, looking into his very own soul. He felt a really powerful vibration take control of his body and he moved like never before. He held Aidan tighter and moved with him from side to side while slowly massaging his waist. Never in his life had he felt like that before. It was out of this world and absolutely wonderful. Luis had never had a passionate dance like that before. He had a connection with Aidan and that connection was making him dance beautifully. Oh...he was lost looking in those wonderful and sexy eyes.

Aidan on the other hand was having the time of his life dancing softly with the most handsome man he had ever encountered in his life. He felt like he was dancing on top of the world with Luis while everyone watched. Everything was going perfectly well and that hand on his waist was setting him ablaze. He couldn't have wished for anything more than that.

"You sure know how to dance." Luis commented, moving from side with the love of his life. "Makes me look like an amateur." He laughed.

"It isn't me," Aidan chirped, slowly flowing with the music. "This is all Hanna's doing. I was only but a pupil there."

"Well, I don't see her dancing with me." He gestured, winking at his lover. "You are simply amazing if you ask me. Maybe you were just too afraid to dance. But anyway, it's all thanks to her. She has really helped you a lot. You look really amazing tonight. I know I have said it like a million times but I can't just help it. I don't see anyone here who is more beautiful than you. You have stolen the spotlight and all eyes are on you."

"Yeah," He chuckled softly as he caught Luis' eyes. He swore he could see a bright moon in those eyes. "You look wonderful tonight, baby."

"Hmm," Luis moaned. "Thanks a lot. I will have you all to myself tonight. I just hope your vow is really beautiful. I can't wait to hear it. I can't even wait for you to take off that mask of yours. I am as eager as these people to see your face. All this makes me..."

"Don't you dare?" Aidan warned, giving a soft chuckle. "You won't take this mask. Guess you just have to wait like everyone else. It won't be long and this mask will be off in no time. All you have to do is just wait a bit."


Luis and Aidan chuckled to themselves and then danced with all their hearts. They danced with their minds and souls. They could feel something awakening inside of them, something that was making them dance even more. They didn't want that dance to stop for one bit. They just wanted it to go on and on. Each time they stared into each other's eyes, everything else disappeared. It was just the two of them in that room dancing. No one else was there and they wanted it to stay like that.

Everyone else in that room watched with silence and with all their hearts. The couple on the dance floor had a great connection and the way they moved with the music was absolutely amazing. It was like the music was made for them and no one else. Their eyes were mostly on the handsome man in a white suit. They would have paid anything just to see that face behind that mask. They were literally dying inside but they couldn't stop staring at the couple.

Both men and women admired the boy who was with the prince. They admired him a whole lot and just wanted to be in his shoes. They had tried, prayed and even fasted to be with the prince but some lucky guy got him. And he didn't even have to try anything. The king had chosen him for the prince. But from the look of things and the connection which the couple had with each other, they were deeply in love with each other. That was really wonderful. They couldn't help but admire the happy boy. Some of them were jealous and some were envious.

Back on the stage, Hanna had her eyes on the couple that was dancing. She loved seeing them together and the sparkle that was coming from Aidan. From those steps, she could very well see that he was absolutely perfect in every way. In fact, she had done a great job training him.

"What do you think?" Hanna asked her mother. "Do you think I did a good job?"

"You didn't do a good job, honey." The queen laughed softly. Hanna frowned. "You did a great job. Just look at the way he is dancing. He is now a pro and you won't have to teach him a thing. I am so proud of you, honey."

"Thanks, mom..." She smiled. "That really means a lot to me. Maybe you and father should dance..."

"No!" The queen gasped. "What are you talking about? The king and I are not young anymore. We are parents and soon grandparents."

"Come on..."

"No!" The queen moved her head away and just concentrated on the happy couple. The spotlight on them made them look even hotter. That was probably the most amazing party ever. Her son didn't have a wedding like all the other princes but that party was more than anything she could have wished for. It was everything.

The king loved the mood of the party. It made him calm inside and made him feel at peace. Seeing his two sons with such a connection on that dance floor was probably the best thing ever. He couldn't believe those two had been the ones that had been arguing just a few weeks back. Now they were in love with each other. It was just amazing. He was now a happy and fulfilled king. There was nothing more he could have wanted more than that.

Luis was still happy and he wanted the music and the dance to continue till eternity. He didn't want anything to disturb that beautiful and harmonious dance. He had been dancing to the song but it was lovely and something came to his mind.

"Just like us,"

"What?" Aidan had no idea what Luis was talking about.

"I am talking about the song."

"What about it?" He asked.

"The message of the song," He quickly turned him around and gripped his waist. Then Aidan rested his head and his back on Luis, moving his body from side to side. The change of position seemed to have called to the people as their cheers got louder. Aidan just loved the way he was feeling at that time. Luis now had his hands on his waist, carefully pressed on his chest. He loved that wonderful feeling.

"We were barely friends," Luis chuckled, burying his face in Aidan's neck. "In fact, we were not even friends. I was just a stupid jerk and you hated me," He gave a wonderful laugh. "But look at us. We are in love and don't even want to tear away from each other."

"You are right," Aidan held on to Luis' arms on his waist and pulled him closer. "Our love is growing and there is nothing I could have wanted more than that. It simply feels good. So who was beauty and who was the beast."

Luis chuckled, moving his hips from side to side. He could feel Aidan's ass on his crotch but he managed to control himself as he didn't want to attract unwanted attention from the people that were watching, especially since the spotlight was on the two of them. Plus, the media people and photographers were hot wheels on them.

"Isn't it obvious," He breathed. "I was the beast and you were the beauty."

"Oh," Aidan gasped as he felt his heart pounding. "That was...it was absolutely amazing. But I don't think you were a beast at all."

"Then what..."

"A really handsome man that stole my heart,"

Luis chuckled and then continued with the dance. He didn't want it to end but after just a few minutes, the song ended and he held on to Aidan tighter without any intentions of letting him go. Aidan moved his head and then stared at the wonderful man that was he was dancing with. When their eyes met, he felt something moving inside of him, something strong and powerful. His heart immediately responded by pounding deeper in his chest. He was caught just like that. He was glued to the lovely man and no way was he going to tear those eyes away from him. Everything else disappeared and vanished. The only person he was able to see was his wonderful husband.

Luis on the other hand was going insane with desire. Those eyes, those lecherous and wonderful eyes...those lips, those beautiful and kissable lips that were making him lick his own lips...and oh, how his body vibrated with pleasure. He didn't want to let go of him.

Apparently, the two guys must have been staring at each other for long and the cameras were shuttering like anything. They didn't even realize that the spotlight had moved away from them. The only thing that brought them to reality was when the lights suddenly returned and brightened the whole room up and when Hanna finally spoke.

"Okay." Hanna chattered. "That was a really wonderful dance, don't you agree." As usual, the people didn't get tired of clapping and cheering. "But as much as we want to see them dance whole night long...we also can't deny that we are dying to see the beautiful boy behind that mask."

"We want to see," The people cheered, clapping loudly. "We want to see who the lucky boy that has married our prince is."

"Of course," Hanna chuckled. "I am dying for that too. So as of now, we will call on our two princes to come to the stage and we will introduce the new prince to you." She then moved her eyes at the two princes and gave them the most wonderful smile ever. "Prince Luis and your gloom, please come to the stage."

"This is it," Aidan took in a deep and nervous breath.

Luis looked at his groom and then smiled. He moved his arms from his waist and then coiled his arm around Aidan's arm. Then he smiled brighter and started moving elegantly towards the stage with his groom in his arms. He smiled brightly at the cameras and the people that watched them in admiration. God! Never had he loved being admired like that before.

Aidan on the other hand had his eyes where Hanna was standing. He couldn't bear to look at the people as he knew he'd get nervous as hell. So his only concentration was Hanna and where she was standing.

It wasn't long before they found themselves on that stage and stood really close to Hanna. That was when Aidan saw the number of people in that room. They were quite a number of them, thousands and thousands if he wasn't mistaken. And they had their eyes on him, staring at him. He felt his nerves kicking in but he took a deep breath and smiled as brighter as ever, feeling Luis' grip tighten. He looked at him and gave the most wonderful smile ever. He loved being with Luis plus there was nothing to be afraid of.

"Alright," Hanna looked at her two princes. "The time we have all been waiting for is here. We will finally get to see the beautiful boy behind this mask. But I must warn you," She joked. "He will steal your hearts away just like he did with Prince Luis."

The people in the ball room laughed out loud.

"Okay. Now for the introduction, I would like to...I am just kidding I am not the one doing this." She laughed, inspiring the people in the audience. "For the introduction, may I have this honor to call upon the great king, my father, to introduce the boy to you?"

The people clapped louder than they had clapped before. It was clear from those wonderful claps that they were eager to see the man behind that beautiful mask. And when the king got up from his seat, everyone just cheered like anything. They whistled...they clapped and they even gave their praises to their king, bowing their heads. Even the cabinet members got up from the seats and just cheered for the great king.

"Thank you very much." The king waved at his people. "Thank you so much for coming to this wonderful event. It is nice to wine and dine with my people especially at special events like this. I love you all."

"We love you too, our great king." The people cheered.

"Thank you for your great love." He said excitedly. "It really means a lot to me. Now we all know the reason why we are all here. We have waited too long to see the wonderful boy in this lovely mask. But that time is here and you will get to see him." He cleared his throat.

"Before that," He began. "Let me have this opportunity to tell you how this marriage took place." The king told the people the events that led to the marriage of the prince and Aidan. By the time he was finished, many people were already cheering. Most of them were surprised and they cheered even more. The boy was surely a lucky boy.

"Now look at them today," The king continued. "They are so much in love that they can't even keep their hands off each other. I have never seen my son this happy and it feels good to me as a father. I know that he will be the first gay king in the history of Angria, since the beginning of time but according to the priest's prophecy, it is his destiny. I love my son a lot and I know he will be a great king. He might have had his ups and downs but he is a changed man now, thanks to a special someone."
The people clapped louder and cheered.

"Before I introduce the prince to you," The king continued. "I would like the crown Prince to remove his mask to reveal his wonderful face to his people."

Luis chuckled and then moved his hand up to his face. He gripped the mask and carefully took it away from his face, revealing it to his people. As soon as that mask came off, a loud gasp was heard through the crowd and then they started cheering for him. He was looking absolutely handsome and girls were obviously creaming their pants over him.

"Yeah," Mostly the girls shouted at the top of their voices. "We love you Prince Luis."

Hearing those wonderful cheers and words, Luis raised his hand in the air and waved at his people, feeling the cheers get even louder. They surely loved him and admired him a lot. He couldn't have wished for anything more than that. He loved his people and fans too. But he loved his Aidan a whole lot more.

"Okay!" The king exclaimed. "Now that you have seen how your crown Prince is looking today, it is time to reveal and introduce the wonderful man standing beside him. To do this, I would like to call upon the queen, my lovely wife and your lovely queen to come and show this gorgeous face to you. I am telling you, you will be totally blown away by his beauty."

The queen rose and quickly rushed to the front, standing right in front of Aidan with her back to the people. She had his face blocked from them and boy was she happy.

"Alright, the queen is here." The king said excitedly. "Now it is time to reveal this gorgeous face to you. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to your new prince and spouse of the crown Prince...Aidan..."

Immediately the queen heard what her husband had said, she moved her hands up carefully and gripped the mask. She took a deep breath and slowly pulled the mask away from his face. In no time it was off but no one could see him because she had blocked his face from their view.

"We are waiting!" The people shouted excitedly.

"Don't worry," The king said happily. "This here...is my son in law and your prince, Aidan Luis Carter."

Hearing her husband, Queen Ruby slowly moved away from Aidan and the people were now able to see him. As soon as the queen moved from Aidan, there was a long moment of silence. No one said anything or even moved. They sort of had their eyes almost popping out of their sockets while their mouths were wide open. They didn't even blink for once.

Aidan looked at the surprised faces with a bright smile. His eyes moved from side to side, looking at the faces that seemed surprised. They stayed like that, really quite for a long time that Aidan thought they didn't even like him. Then just when he was about to start getting nervous, a loud cheer was heard throughout the room. People began clapping and whistling at him. They were really happy and they literally admired him.

"Wow!" One of them shouted with a whistle at the end.

"Yes," Another one yelled. "He is really handsome. The prince is really lucky."

"He is just like an angel."

Aidan felt a strong wind blow on his face. He was immediately blushing and he dropped his eyes to the floor, feeling really shy. Those people were making him blush really badly and he didn't like it. He took a really deep breath and raised his face again. He raised his hand and began waving at them, feeling their cheers and claps get louder. He knew that some people knew him personally but most of them didn't know him that well. But they seemed happy though.

The people in the audience had their eyes on the boy whose mask had just been removed. Those who couldn't see from afar had their eyes on the huge screen where they saw him clearly as if he was near them. He was absolutely beautiful. He was too beautiful for a boy and his eyes were glowing. His face was beautiful, probably the most handsome boy they had ever set their eyes on. Many people had come to witness this grand occasion and honestly they were really surprised. Those who knew him couldn't still believe that he was still the same boy they knew. They were really happy for him.

Luis on the other hand felt a really warm sensation hit his heart. It was instantly vibrating in pure pleasure and it pounded rhythmically. He was happy...he was excited...he was dying to be with that boy in front of him and he loved him a lot.

Luis quickly moved his eyes to stare at the boy whose mask had been removed by his mother. Fuck! He was really beautiful, more beautiful than he had ever seen him. He was looking like an angel...his eyes were shining brighter like a bright morning star...his lips were to die for...his body was too sexy to resist...his beauty had Luis pinned to him.

"Oh my God," Luis thought as his eyes moved up and down Aidan's body. It was like he had never seen him before. He looked as if he had just arrived in the room. But the truth was that Luis had been dancing with the same boy a few minutes ago. It was really a turn on and he felt something powerful moving in his body.

"OMFG," Luis still couldn't believe it. He didn't want to tear those eyes away from the sexy boy. In fact, he couldn't do it. Aidan was too fucking sexy. Luis couldn't control his eyes. The only thing he knew was that he had to look at the boy no matter what happened.

"I can see that you are all excited to finally meet your prince." The king asked, followed by a happy and cheerful clap from everyone in the room. "I told you he's beautiful didn't I? Just look at my son," He teased. He knew he was a king but he couldn't help but tease his son. "He can't even tear his eyes away from him. He is caught looking at him."

"Yes!" The people shouted at the king. "He is really attractive. It's the reason the Prince can't control himself anymore,"

That was followed by a loud laugh that got Luis out of his reverie. He dropped his eyes to the floor and then raised them again to stare into the faces of the happy people in the room. They sure looked happy for him and he loved it a lot.

"You see, Aidan is a son to me." The king said happily. "He makes my son happy, happier than we could ever make him. Sure," He shrugged. "They might have kinda hit it to a bad start but this son of mine," He tapped on his shoulder. "He is very much in love with his Aidan and it is really good."

"Now, as I told you..." The king continued. "This marriage happened so suddenly and there was nothing like exchange of rings or vows so...in honor of that, the Crown Prince and his groom will exchange rings and vows in this place before we start enjoying the party. Then he will be allowed to associate with you and you can know him better. You can talk to him anytime you want and you...will be allowed to do anything that you want." He laughed. "But before that, let me first call to this stage some missing family members." He paused and chuckled. "May I call upon Aidan's brother and his grandmother?"

Aidan felt his heart pound when he heard what the king had said. He quickly moved his eyes around and saw his granny and his brother making their way to that stage, happy and excited. He felt really happy and he couldn't even explain his joy when he saw those wonderful people making their way to the stage.

Ethan was the first one to arrive and he gripped Aidan and gave him a beautiful hug and a kiss on the cheeks, warming his mood.

"Congratulations," Ethan said happily, giving him another kiss. "You are officially a prince of this great kingdom. Mother and father would have been proud."

Hearing Ethan's wonderful words, Aidan pulled him into a fierce and emotional hug. He knew his parents were dead and he didn't know much about them but it made him emotional. Right then he wished they had been arrive to see how happy he was at that very time. They would have surely been happy seeing him in that mood.

"Thank you so much, Ethan."

"You don't have..."

"No!" Aidan said softly. "You are the best brother in the whole wide world and nothing is gonna change that."

"You are the best too and I love you like crazy."

"I love you too."

The both of them pulled away from the hug before granny came to the stage. She was looking absolutely wonderful in a beautiful white dress and tied hair. She looked younger than her age but Aidan loved that a lot. He loved his granny a lot and when she came to the stage, he gave her a beautiful hug that left him even wanting more.

Granny planted a kiss on his forehead and then planted one on Luis' head before she said her magic words.

"I love you."

It was a really wonderful day for Aidan and he didn't want it to end. He just wanted it to continue for the rest of his life. Then he would stay happy always and never be sad again.

After granny and Ethan came to the stage, the king introduced them to the people and their relationship to Aidan. Then he talked more about Aidan, introducing him to the people and telling them wonderful things about Aidan. He sure loved the king's words and at times, they made him really emotional. Like the words which almost broke him,

"I know his parents are dead but the queen and I will be like his real parents. He is married to our son and that's what makes him our son. He will always be loved by us. And we know he will rule by our son's side."

Those words had really gotten to him but he just suppressed his tears and just smiled as bright as he could. It worked and the people seemed to love him a whole lot. It was really beautiful and Aidan wished he could rewind those words and hear them over and over again. They were really magical and he loved them a lot.

"So coming to the vows," The king continued. "The two princes will exchange vows here in front of you. But before that..." He gestured a maid behind to bring the glasses of champagne. "...I would like to make a toast to my son and my son in law who is my other son."

The maid brought the glasses and gave them to the royal family. The people and the cabinet knew what was happening so the waiters and waitresses served the people their champagnes. When the king saw that everyone had their glasses he began his speech again.

"I would like to make a toast to the two princes," He laughed. "May all your wishes be fulfilled and may you live happily together. To the two princes," He raised his glass in the air.

"To the two princes," The people followed his lead and raised their glasses in the air.

"To us," Luis whispered to Aidan, winking at him.

"To us," Aidan chuckled.

Everyone began toasting at each other, smiling and then they drank the champagne happily. Thereafter, the people began cheering once again. They were just too happy seeing the prince and his groom. Nothing could beat the way they felt at that time.

The introduction was done but there were still a lot of things to be done. Aidan and Luis knew very well what was gonna follow next. And to be honest, they looked forward to it because they were just too happy.


"You may now face each other and say the vows which you have made for each other." The King announced through a microphone with a wonderful smile. He was the king and he had every power to make people married. Now he just wanted them to make their vows in front of everyone in that room. He was really happy and looking forward to hearing those wonderful vows.

Aidan was now facing Luis and his breath seized as soon as he stared at him. The man was gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful. He had never seen anyone as handsome and sexy as his Luis. The guy was so fucking sexy. They were standing in front of many people, thousands of people who had their eyes on them but Aidan couldn't care less. His eyes were only on his wonderful Luis.

Luis stared deep in those beautiful green eyes of Aidan. Truly, the eyes are the windows of the soul because Luis could see right through Aidan's very soul just by staring in those wonderful eyes. To Luis, there was no one he would have loved to spend the rest of his life with. Aidan was everything that he needed in his life. Aidan was more than just a husband to him. He was his life partner as well. Aidan had all the qualities that he could ever need

Luis took Aidan's finger and said in the most beautiful voice ever, that Aidan ever heard from him, "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and every promise that I will make to you from this day forward. I Prince Luis Carter take you Aidan to be my husband. Before I met you I was a person who never believed in love and thought it was for fools." He chuckled. "There was a time when I never believed in soul mates. I never thought I could fall in love with someone and I promised it would never happen in my life. But when you came into my life, I woke up one day and realized that something was changing in me, something that was really powerful. I tried to fight it but it was just too powerful. Shocked and a little hurt I didn't think we were soul mates. But as time went by, your love made me believe. I feel truly blessed I have found a love that transcends and grows, despite state lines, early morning commutes, barking beagles and conflicting seasons. You have made me a better person and it can be reflected in the way I live today. Thank you for accepting someone like me."

Luis slipped the golden and diamond ring on Aidan's finger, his eyes locked with the wonderful boy's. It was so amazing and he felt like something had just entered him and multiplied his happiness.

Aidan's eyes watered at that and he almost cried but he suppressed those tears and rather smiled brightly. He was so overwhelmed at the intense joy that he felt at that time. To him, there was no one else in that hall but the two of them and nothing else mattered. He didn't even realize that tears were coming out until he felt Luis' hand on his face slowly rubbing his tears.

Aidan took the ring and slowly and carefully began sliding it on Marcos' finger, their eyes locked on each other.

"I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. I believe in you, the person you will grow to be and the couple we will be together.

With my whole heart, I take you as my husband, acknowledging and accepting your faults and strengths, as you do mine.

I promise to encourage your compassion, because that is what makes you unique and wonderful.

I promise to nurture your dreams because through them your soul shines. I promise to help shoulder our challenges, for there is nothing we cannot face if we stand together. I promise to be your partner in all things, not possessing you, but working with you as part of a whole.

Lastly, I promise to you perfect love and perfect trust, for one lifetime with you could never be enough. This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things."

Aidan slipped the ring on Luis' finger and smiled brightly, followed by a series of tears.

"I love you more than anything, Luis!"

"Oh," Luis reached forward and rubbed Aidan's tears off even though he was teary himself. He was so happy and that vow really got to him. He didn't know what to do at that point but all he knew was that he had to do something.

Quickly gripping the back of Aidan's neck, Luis leaned forward and locked his lips with Aidan, right there in front of his parents and the people. He didn't care who was seeing him or what they were thinking but that he was kissing the boy that he loved like crazy. The only thing he wanted was those lips on him and nothing more than that.

Immediately Luis locked his lips with his, everything around him disappeared. It was just him and Luis. He quickly closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure he was getting from Luis' lips. It was beautiful, intense feeling that took him to a whole new world. He felt like something was moving inside of him, making him really powerful. It was amazing.

Feeling Luis' tongue brushing on his lips, Aidan parted his lips and allowed Luis' slick tongue to penetrate him. And when their tongues met...oh...Aidan felt a deep electrifying effect take control of his body. He quivered and moved his hands to Luis' neck, urging him to kiss him even deeper. Everything was happening so fast and he didn't want it to go. That kiss was simply amazing.

The emotions he felt at that time were indescribable and electrifying. Their tongues were really at war as they kissed like they had never kissed before. Everything else seemed to have disappeared. It was just Aidan and Luis. They were even deaf to the gasps of the people that watched them as they kissed. They explored each other's mouths like never before.

Luis felt an intense feeling that he had never felt before as soon as he kissed Ramon. It was a feeling which were bonding them together, an unbreakable bond. Aidan could feel it too and it was such an intense feeling. He felt weak in the knees and just allowed Luis to devour his mouth in the sweetest of kisses.

What surprised Aidan was the deep powerful feeling that he was feeling deep inside of him. It felt really powerful and it made his whole body warm, making him to be filled up with energy. That powerful emotion made him really excited and he moaned in that kiss. Luis sucked on Aidan's upper lip, drawing a moan from him and then moved on to bite sensually on his lower lip as the guy drew more into the kiss. It was such an intense feeling. After what felt like hours, the beautiful kiss ended.

As their lips parted, Aidan still yearned for those lips to be on his, again. Apparently, they had been kissing longer than they thought it had been. Moving his eyes away from his husband's, Aidan realized that cameras were on them and everyone was up and applauding for them. Aidan moved his eyes to the crowd of people and blushed brightly. He felt really shy but never did he lose that smile which had brightened his face.

Aidan moved his eyes to the king and saw the happy and beautiful smile on his face. He smiled brightly and then chuckled nervously. He had no freaking idea that he had been kissing Luis in front of everyone. He had simply lost his mind when he felt Luis' on his lips.

Aidan looked at Luis and they both put their hands up, swinging them in their air, waving at the people that had attended their party. It was a grand party and it was gonna be in newspapers, magazines, social media, all over the world. Aidan couldn't have wished for anything more than that.

The shutters from those cameras...the applauses from people and their cheers...the smiles from his family members...the vibrations he felt each time Luis kissed him. That was probably the greatest thing that had ever happened to Aidan. He loved it a whole lot.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen," Hanna took over from her father. "Not exactly what you expected but you can't deny that it was...beautiful to watch,"

The people's cheers got out of hand and they whistled too. It was clear that they were really happy, especially after the kiss they had seen from their crown prince.

"I thought so," Hanna chuckled. "Okay. Now let's give it up for Prince Luis Carter and Prince Aidan Luis Carter."

The people cheered. "This has been great but the party is yet to start. I can tell that everyone is happy with the way things are going. Now that we have seen our lovely prince, let's get entertained and enjoy ourselves. I know you would like to meet Prince Aidan and talk to him...but...the dance floor is now open to everyone. Enjoy yourselves."

The music immediately started when Hanna said that. People were now dancing on the dance floor, enjoying their night. Aidan just stood and watched before the king finally came to him with the most gorgeous smile ever.

"Come son," The king smiled. "I will introduce you to all the members of my cabinet okay?"

"Sure," Aidan smiled brightly. He stared at Luis one more time before he finally let go of his hand and followed his father, the king. Luis didn't follow him but from that wonderful smile he could tell that he had wanted to.
"Err...yeah," Luis confessed. "I haven't seen him for quite some time and..."

"He's fine," The prince said. "I just saw him talking to some people and taking pictures. I am sure he's enjoying himself. He's actually with your sister."

"Oh..." That was the only word that came out of Luis' mouth. He still couldn't look straight in the eyes of the man he was dancing with. It was either he was looking down or he was looking somewhere. He just wanted that dance to end. He was feeling really uneasy and there was that tingly feeling on his spine. He wanted to find his Aidan and probably dance with him and take pictures with him.

Thinking about Aidan, Luis heard William laughing softly. "You can look at me. I won't bite."

"No!" He quickly moved his eyes to the prince he was dancing with and tried to smile. But he was still feeling uneasy. "It's not like that, my prince."

"Hey, don't be too formal. My name is William and besides, I am not that old. We are probably of the same age."

"Yeah," That was the only word that came out of his mouth.

They danced silently without uttering a word even though the guy had a huge smile on his face. Luis tried to be confident and it seemed to be working pretty well. The only thing he was praying for was for that dance to end so that he could go away to find Aidan. That was supposed to be them dancing and not the other way around.

"It's really beautiful."


"The kingdom." William chuckled softly. "It is really beautiful. I have heard a lot about it and I must say...it is really amazing. My father told me about it and I think he might have left a little detail."


"You are welcome."

There was a moment of silence between them again. Luis was a great dancer but he could clearly see that Prince William wasn't bad either. The way he moved his body and steps was really beautiful but not as beautiful as Aidan. Only one thing was on his mind and that was to be done with that dance so that he could get out of there. Sure, the prince really seemed nice and all but he just wanted to be with his Aidan.

"Do you like adventure?"

"Err...sort of." Luis replied.

"Hmm, I love adventure." The prince breathed. "It is part of the reason why I came here. I came to visit the kingdom and just live my life for once. I am sure you understand right?"

"Yes..." Luis smiled brightly. "I do understand you perfectly."

"That's good," William chuckled. "This is a beautiful kingdom and there are many beautiful places too. I am sure that..."

"I know that, Prince Luis." The music was reaching its peak and honestly Luis felt like he was able to breathe again.

The music finally stopped and Luis let go of the man he was dancing with. He gave a nervous chuckle and slightly moved away from him, taking off his mask. His eyes were once again back to looking for Luis but he just couldn't see him. Anyway, he was really hoping Charles had found him already. As it was he was really missing him a whole lot.

"Thanks for the dance." William just gave about the brightest smile. "I really enjoyed it, Prince Luis. It was fun dancing with you and chatting with you. You are a great dancer indeed."

"Thanks. I have to leave you now because I have to find Aidan."

"It's okay, Prince Luis. We will see each other real soon."

Luis left immediately without even saying a word. He didn't even see the evil smirk that shot up on William's face. He was just too busy looking for his Aidan. Taking a deep breath of confidence, Prince William moved away from the dance floor.

Luis was hurrying, looking all around to see if he could take notice of his Aidan. He had to keep on smiling as many people, almost everyone were speaking to him and congratulating him. But he was hell bent on finding Aidan no matter what. He had been gone for almost an hour and Luis was missing him terribly.

Looking all around, he noticed his friend busy talking and chatting with some people. He had a glass of wine and there was a beautiful smile on his face. He quickly rushed to him and called him to the side, of course after excusing himself from the people.

"Have you found him?"

"No!" Charles said. "But I saw Hanna and she told me he is taking some photos with the photographers. They are actually moving from place to place so we won't have a chance of finding him. But he knows where Hanna is and he'll go back there as soon as he is done. Just relax." He patted on his chest. "Enjoy your party and let your mood be brighter. Aidan will be here in no time okay?"

"Okay." Luis said. He quickly picked a glass of champagne from a table near him and dug in. He smiled widely and in no time people had already surrounded him, talking to him about Aidan and his wedding. Things were really turning out to be okay and he was not missing Aidan that much. At least the boy was just out there taking pictures. He was gonna be back. Before that, Luis just enjoyed his night with the people or rather fans that had plenty of questions for him.


Aidan was walking in the party, going back to where he had been with Hanna earlier. He probably had the best night of his life but it was really tiresome. He had spent a lot of time with the photographers, taking numerous pictures for a magazine and social media. Of course, he had done it beautifully and they even congratulated him for it. Guess his confidence and fierceness really helped him out of that. It was really wonderful.

Even as he walked he had to maintain a really bright smile just to be friendly to the people. Many of them were smiling and others were waving. But he couldn't deny that they were probably admiring him. Phew! He really loved the feeling that he was having.

Aidan reached a certain table where there were drinks and he poured himself a glass of champagne before he continued going. He was really happy and he wanted to go to Hanna and tell her of his photo shoots and everything else. But he couldn't deny the fact that he was missing Luis and wanted a lot to go back to him.

Aidan slowly walked with a smile towards Hanna. He could already see her and he got excited. But just as he was about to increase his pace...he felt someone grabbing his arm, pulling him. He quickly moved his eyes to stare into the most beautiful blue eyes of his husband. His heart was already racing and he his breaths were becoming harsh. He was suddenly overtaken by a powerful emotional vibration that made him quiver in pleasure. Boy he had missed that man.

"Hey baby, where are you going?"

"I was actually going back to Hanna but now that I have seen you here I think I will stay with you." He gushed, staring at Luis' lips. They seemed delicious and they were calling out to him. "I missed you."

"Oh, God knows how much I missed you." Luis breathed in. His hands found Aidan's waist, bringing him closer to his body. He felt hot and a really powerful electrical vibration was moving up and down his body. It was a different feeling but it was amazing.

"Well, I am here." They were staring at each other like they were new found lovers.

"Yes," He breathed. "You are. Care for...another dance?"

"I would really love to."

Hearing Aidan's satisfying answer, Luis took the glass of champagne from his hands and placed it on the table. Then he placed his own glass on the table and took Aidan's hand, leading him to the dance floor. Once there, he held him tighter, making sure that he was glued to him. All eyes were on them again and once again, everything went dim. Then the spotlight shone on them once again. Everything was turning out perfectly.

Photographers, reporters, media people and others came rushing to the dance floor. They had their cameras ready, already taking pictures. Everyone else from the dance floor left, leaving only the two of them.

"Are you ready to start another dance?"

"Do you even have to ask?" Aidan chuckled.

The music suddenly changed into a beautiful waltzing music. Moving with the music, Aidan and Luis danced their hearts out. It was a really beautiful dance and they had a connection. Their eyes were on each other the whole time, getting lost in each other. They moved so passionately, following the music so perfectly, staring at each other so passionately and smiling at each other so seductively.

Everyone who watched that wonderful dance had their hands on their chest, watching in admiration and others in jealous and envy. And the people had thought they had seen it all on that first dance. That first dance was nothing compared to the way the two princes were waltzing on that dance floor. It was perfect.

Every person in that room stopped doing what he/she was doing and just stared at the wonderful couple. Their hearts were at the tip and they watched in silence and anticipation. They had never seen anyone look as beautiful as the couple on the dance.

The photographers had their cameras shuttering, taking every beautiful thing that was worth taking. In fact, everything was worth taking. It was the most beautiful and heartwarming romantic dance anyone had ever seen in their lives. From those gorgeous steps they could see that both the princes were pros at it. It was something worth watching and remembering.

"You are a great dancer." Luis breathed, looking deep into those wonderful eyes. They were really glowing but he loved them like that.

"Thanks," Aidan replied. "But it's because I have the best partner. You are the best at this."

"But they all have their eyes on you." Luis tried to speak normally but a soft moan came out of his mouth. "That only shows you how beautiful you are. You have stolen every heart in this party. They are all admiring you."

"You really have your way with words."

"It's the truth. I wouldn't lie to you. Can't you tell from the way they are looking at you? I am telling you these people really love you."

"We'll see about that."

Both of them smiled brighter than before and continued with their dances. It was amazing...it was romantic...it was captivating...it was hot...it was sizzling...it was magical...it was everything that Aidan and Luis had dreamed of it to be. Uh! That was really amazing.

The music didn't take quite long and they found themselves staring in each other's eyes again. They were so lost that they couldn't even see anyone or anything anymore. It was definitely just them alone in that room.

Luis' feelings were kicking in again. He had his eyes on those beautiful pink lips and he was dying to get a taste. Taking a really deep breath, he leaned down and captured those lips once again into the sweetest of kisses. He had never shared a kiss like the way he did at that time. It was passionately beautiful. By the time they broke free from each other they were breathing fast, panting. But they just wanted more of that wonderful and beautiful kiss. Boy it was amazing.

A loud clap and cheers from the watching people brought Aidan and Luis from their wonderful reverie. Getting to their minds they realized that all eyes were on them including cameras. Apparently, the photographers had taken each and every bit of that moment. But that was what Luis found hotter. He knew it was gonna be published in the magazines and newspapers and all over the internet. Everything was gonna turn out perfect.

"I love you so much."

"I love you so much, too."

Luis brushed Aidan with his nose and then kissed his wonderful hands. Then he wrapped his arm around his shoulder and both of them left the dance floor, to the cheers of the people. They owned the party that evening and the spotlight was only on them. Uh! That night was just too perfect for everyone.

As soon as they reached a table with drinks and food, Luis grabbed a chair for Aidan and he sat. Then he grabbed a chair and sat beside him, staring at him as if he wanted to devour him. They were soon joined by Hanna and her boyfriend and later Charles. They drunk...they ate...they talked and they joked. It was a really beautiful day. But photographers kept capturing every moment that was happening to them in that party. And everyone came to them and asked multiple questions. But Luis talked about his baby and he didn't seem to get tired.


The king was seated on his throne with a glass of champagne in his hands. He was sitting with his wife and his mother on either sides and he had his eyes on the people the whole time. He had never enjoyed a party as he did at that one. Everything was done perfectly and nothing had gone wrong since the party started. But most importantly, his son had never been as happy as he was at any party before. It was really amazing to watch.

"This is really a wonderful evening." The king beamed.

"Yes!" The queen said, taking a gloomy sigh. "I have never seen my son as happy as he is at this party. It is like a whole new him."

"My thoughts exactly," Granny chuckled nervously. "It is really nice to see him like that. It is almost too good to be true. But what do you expect? He is a married man now and he loves his groom a lot. That boy has really changed him and I love him so much for that. All credits goes to you though," She looked at the king.

"I just did that because it was what I thought at that time."

"But look where it got the prince." Ruby smiled. "It brought him immense happiness. And I couldn't have wished for a better son in law. I love him so much."

"I love him." The king smiled. "Not only is he fierce but he is also humble, kind and honest. He is the perfect boy for our son. I couldn't have wished for anything more than that for my dear son. He has the perfect boy and they are a perfect couple."

"Bless them." Granny prayed. "May their bond continue to be like that?"

"Amen!" Both the king and queen said.

There was a long moment of silence between them as each was busy looking at the people in the room. There was so much food and so many drinks. People were enjoying themselves with the food and drinks. They seemed happy and excited. Others were dancing to the soothing music on the dance floor. It was really beautiful music and it touched the soul of the king and his queen. They got lost with the music and just moved their heads, enjoying its soothing touch.

As the king was busy enjoying the music, he moved his eyes around and saw a young man coming towards him. He had a crown on his head and a beautiful mask. The king immediately fixed his eyes on the man and wondered who he was. The young man came in front, removed his mask and bowed down in front of the king.

"Hello, my king," He said formally.

"Hello," The king sounded not so sure. "Who are you?"

The young man bowed again. "My king, I am Prince William from Namary Kingdom."

"Oh!" The king gasped. "Prince William, yes, yes...please, get up."

The young man raised his face and stood up. He had a really handsome face and a beautiful smile.

"Thank you, your highness." William said softly. "Actually, I came here for the ball but I also came to explore the kingdom. I have heard a lot about this kingdom. But of course, I can't do this without my king's permission. It is great honor to be in the presence of a great king like you, my lord."

"Prince William," The king chuckled. "You are from Namary? Welcome to our great kingdom. I hope you are having fun at this ball?

"Yes, my king. This is a great party and I have enjoyed myself a lot. Your hospitality is great and so is everything."

King Julian was friends with the king of Namary, or at least they were old friends from long ago. They haven't quite communicated in a long while so...having his son in the palace was quite beautiful for him. He loved the way things were going. He loved it and appreciated it a lot that his old friend's son had come to visit and attend his son's party. It was something that he didn't even expect. But it was absolutely fantastic.

"Come and sit beside me." The king offered.

William grinned at the king as he made his way to the beautiful seat beside him. He sat comfortably and watched the party in full swing.

"So...how was your journey?"



The party went absolutely fantastic for Aidan and Luis. They totally enjoyed themselves with the way things were going. All eyes were on them that night and they couldn't have loved anything more. They had their hands on each other and had no intention of even letting go for once. They kissed...they hugged...they danced beautifully...they had a great connection with each that everyone admired. They talked to their fans and people and they had great photos together.

That evening photographers were after them everywhere they went. There was absolutely nothing that was private during that night. It was almost like anything they did was being captured but that was what Prince Luis found amazing. He just wanted to show the whole world that he had his Aidan by his side and nothing was gonna take him away. But most importantly he wanted to show that he was in love with the most beautiful boy on the planet.

That night they even had great photo shoots together. They were captured when they were kissing...they were captured when they paused and smiled at the camera. They did all kinds of poses which warmed that night. Fans were everywhere they went and they didn't get tired of smiling either.

The food was great and so were the drinks and everything. But they enjoyed the dances and the attention the most. After hours and hours of celebrating, the party came to an end almost at 2 in the morning. It had been the best party ever and many people said so. With a great thank you from both Luis and Aidan, the party came to an end with a bang. Everyone enjoyed it a lot but none enjoyed it like the royal family.

When the party ended, Aidan and Luis were absolutely tired from dancing, the talking, the smiling and even the eating and drinking. They were really sleepy and just wanted nothing more than a comfy bed and each other's arms. That was gonna be a dream come true.

They did a few final touches, made sure that the guests were all gone and then they finally felt like they were able to breathe again. It was now finally time to rest. That had been a great party and they sure weren't gonna forget it anytime soon.


Luis opened the door to his room, entering slowly with his arms on Aidan's waist. He was really tired and every part of his body was hurting too. The only thing he wanted to do was just rest. Reaching the room, he let go of Aidan's waist and threw his tired body on the bed.

"Oh my God," He breathed in. "God, I am really tired."

"You must be," Aidan said as he made his way to the huge dressing mirror. "It was a really tiresome party but it was fun and beautiful." He smiled when he remembered of the wonderful moments he had with Luis and everyone else. "I won't forget about it in my life."

"The feeling is mutual baby." Luis chirped as he rose from the bed. "Even though I am pretty tired, I just wish it had never ended. I had such a great time with the sexiest boy on the planet." He got up from the bed and made his way to the sexy boy. "I wish I could do that over and over again. It was simply the best party I have ever been to."

"I didn't go much to parties when I was in high school but..." He chuckled brought his hands up to his hair. "...I am sure that was the hottest party I have ever been to."

"Yeah," Luis breathed in between his teeth, giving a loud noise. "But do you know what made that party hotter?"

"No!" Aidan shrugged as he tried to remove the diamonds from his hair but he had no idea how they were placed. "What?"

Luis made his way to Aidan. "You." He gripped Aidan's waist and buried his face into Aidan's neck, kissing him softly.

"Luis!" Aidan moaned softly, dropping his head to the other side to give Luis access to his neck. "I thought you said you were..."

"I can never get tired of you." Luis groaned on Aidan's neck, making him quiver with pleasure. He gave a soft moan and just let go of himself. "You make me wanna lose myself each time I stare at you. Didn't you notice what was happening at the party?" Luis stuck out his tongue and licked on Aidan's neck's softly.
Aidan felt a wave of electric bolt move down his spine in a really powerful way. Luis' tongue was making him quiver with pleasure. He couldn't help but moan Luis' name.


"Yes, baby." Luis' voice was so low and so beautiful. It sent shivers down Aidan's spine. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Err...no...it feels so good."

Encouraged by those wonderful erotic moans and groans, Luis sucked carefully on Aidan's neck, enjoying his beautiful moans. He wanted to make his Aidan feel really beautiful so he kept on doing it for a number of minutes while the boy moaned as if he was running crazy. Luis on the other hand moaned on Aidan's neck, sending deeper and powerful vibrations all over his body. It was something else and it made Aidan moan rhythmically.

After sucking for a number of minutes, Luis slowly turned Aidan and faced him. He moved his hands up and run them on Aidan's lips. Then he cupped his cheeks and leaned forward, giving Aidan a really deep kiss. It was slow...it was passionate...it was sensual...it was amazing...it was captivating...it was sizzling. It took a little longer but Luis loved it the way it was.

"Your lips are amazing." Luis said as he slowly opened his eyes, trying to catch his breath. "I just can't get enough of them. They are different from anything that I have ever tasted in this world. I know both of us are really tired and we need to sleep but...I can't sleep without giving you a kiss like that. It is like my ticket to dream world.

Aidan laughed. "You are crazy. But I love you more than anything in the world. You have shown me a beautiful side of you that I just can't resist."

"Thank you for loving me, Mr. Prince."

"Thank you for loving me too."

Luis tried to laugh but he ended up yawning really loudly. He then rubbed his eyes slowly and wrapped them around Aidan's neck, bringing him closer to himself. "I am really tired and really..."

"I know," Aidan made a quick turn. "Help me get these diamonds off and then we will hit the bed."

Hearing Aidan's words, Luis smiled brightly and then carefully removed the diamonds one by one until they were all out. Aidan gave him a box where he placed all the diamonds. He was just too tired to do anything. Call it laziness but never had he been as tired as he was at that time.

"Thanks," Aidan said as he dropped his hands to his jacket. He carefully unbuttoned his jacket up and carefully placed it on the bed. When he moved his eyes, he found his crazy husband staring at him in the sexiest way possible. It made him beam.

"You were really beautiful tonight."

"Thank you." Aidan said as he began unbuttoning his shirt. "You were looking really handsome too. I am telling you that no one was as handsome as my hunk."

"Oh..." Luis gasped in excitement. Every word that Aidan used on his was making him excited and happy. That's really good."

"Yeah, it is. Now start stripping so that we can hit the bed already. I don't know about you but I am pretty tired."

Hearing Aidan's words, Luis started stripping while watching the wonderful boy stripping. By the time he was removing his shoes off Aidan was already in his boxer brief and now collecting the suits carefully from the bed. He made sure that he held them carefully.

"Excuse me," Aidan said as he picked up the clothes from the bed. "I will just take this in the room."

Luis nodded and then sat back on the bed. Aidan quickly went to the room to take the clothes back and hang them properly. When he came back into the room, he found a really big surprise. Aidan slowly came back to the room, stretching his arms and yawning really loudly.

Dropping his eyes to his husband, he saw a bright blue parcel that Luis had in his hands. Once he looked at Luis and the parcel, Luis's face brightened up and he chuckled. But Aidan still had his eyes on that wonderful looking parcel.

"Baby," Aidan said as he moved his hands to his braided ponytail. "What's that in your hands?" He sat on the bed and carefully began working on his hair. He just wanted to sleep with free hair that day.

"It's for you." Luis smiled. "I got it for you two days ago. It is my gift for you. I hope you will like it."

Aidan moved his eyes and stared at his husband, raising one of his eyebrows. Then he took a really deep breath and got the parcel from his husband. "What is it?"

"Open it." He gestured. "You will soon find out."

Aidan beamed and then carefully began unwrapping the parcel. In no time the whole wraps were out and Aidan finally saw what was inside that parcel. Seeing what was inside, Aidan's eyes widened...his mouth gaped...his heart raced with joy...he held his breath and then tears built in his eyes. He raised his eyes to stare at Luis and then to the parcel again.

"Oh my god," he gasped, slowly moving his hands to grip the item. "It's really beautiful."

Aidan couldn't believe what he saw in that parcel. It was the most beautiful thing ever. Right in front of his eyes, in that carefully wrapped parcel was a beautiful golden necklace. It had a really big diamond at the centre but that was not the good part. The necklace was glowing and even from inside that parcel it was glowing brightly, lighting the whole of inside. He still couldn't believe that beautiful thing was for him. It was just too impossible to believe.

"Do you like it?" Luis was enjoying the look in the boy's eyes. He loved that expression on his face. It was one in a million and it just made him fall deeper in love with him.

"Like it?" Aidan's voice was barely above a whisper. "I love it so much."

With a racing heart and adrenaline rushing to the rest of his body, Aidan moved his hands further and carefully took the necklace in his hands. It was real. It was all real and it was beautiful. The way it felt in his hands...the way it was glowing, brightening his hand...the way it was made...everything about it was unique. It took Aidan's breath away. It made his eyes water with excitement. That necklace might have cost a fortune.

Seeing that wonderful look on the boy's face, Luis moved further towards him and placed his hand on the hand where he was holding the necklace. The boy moved his eyes and stared deeper into his. Everything just turned out to be amazing. Those eyes were calling out to him.

"Let me put it on you." Luis offered, taking the necklace from his hands.

Taking that wonderful necklace, Luis moved behind Aidan and then helped him put on that necklace. It fit on him perfectly and it made him look like a total angel. That necklace was glowing on his neck and it made him look like an angel. Luis couldn't deny that fact.

"How does it look?" Aidan whispered, passing his hand on his neck.

"If I say it to you..." Luis paused and just stared at him. "Then I might lie to you. Why don't you go and check it yourself."

Hearing what Luis had just said, Aidan quickly got up and rushed to the huge mirror. When he got there he suddenly froze and felt more tears building in his eyes. The necklace was really beautiful and the way it was glowing was amazing. He couldn't describe the emotions that took control of his body at that time. They were really powerful. He couldn't tear his eyes away from his reflection.

Staring at that wonderful boy in front of the mirror, Luis moved to him and wrapped his arms around his waist. He planted a soft kiss on his back and moaned softly. Boy he loved him like crazy. That necklace made him seem like a true angel. It was like it was made for him.

"You look amazing. That necklace was definitely made for you."


"Trust me," Luis smiled, kissing the back of his neck. "It's really beautiful on you. But it doesn't matter anyway because you look more beautiful. Nothing can compare to your beauty my love."

Aidan slowly turned and looked in Luis' eyes. He wanted to speak and say something but he couldn't find his voice. He had his hand on the necklace the whole time but...he just couldn't say any word. He opened his mouth to speak but Luis blocked him with his finger.

"Shh..." Luis got closer to him. "I know what you are going to say. I bought that necklace for you because I knew it would have looked good on you and I was right all along. That necklace is spectacular, trust me. If I had to buy anything more than that I swear I would have done it without thinking twice about it."

Aidan kissed Luis on that little finger. "I love it a lot. Thank you so much."

"Well, I know of a way you can thank me if you want." He winked. "After that, we can go to sleep. I am sure my cute husband is sleepy."

"And what is that?" Aidan raised his eyebrow.

Luis chuckled and moved his finger from Aidan's mouth. Then he pointed at his own mouth and grinned, waiting for the response.

"Is that all?" Aidan chuckled softly. "Is all that you want a kiss?"

"For now," Luis smiled brightly. "When I need more...I will tell you as soon as possible."

"Very well then," Aidan sighed. "I will give you a wonderful kiss."

"I am waiting."

Aidan nodded and then got closer to Luis. He wrapped his arms around his neck and brought his head further down. With a beautiful and captivating smile, he locked his lips with Luis' and began kissing him softly on the lips. He started by sucking on his sweet hot lips and then brushed on those wonderful lips. He heard Luis moaning and his grip got tighter.

Aidan then demanded entrance into Luis' mouth and in no time he was in. Their tongues met and they were already fighting for dominance. But Luis let him win and he was now sucking on his tongue, making sure that he was doing it the right way. He felt his body getting hot and he kissed him even more than that.

Luis was enjoying the kiss a whole lot. It was slow...it was passionate...it was captivating...it was amazing...it was sizzling. His whole body felt like it was connected to a cable of electricity as billions of electric volts travelled to his body. It was really hot. By the time the both of them broke from the kiss they were gasping for air and their lips were swollen.

"That...was beautiful."

"Was that thank you enough?" Aidan breathed in deeply. "I just hope it was enough."

"It wasn't enough." Luis chuckled softly, brushing Aidan with his nose. "It was more than enough. Now I can go to sleep with the brightest smile ever. You are simply the best my love." He pulled away and gave a loud yawn.

"I can see you are sleepy and tired."

"Aren't you?"

"I am. But..."

"Let's go to sleep. Please, my love. I just wanna rest my legs. Pretty please,"

"Okay." Aidan passed his hands on the necklace. "Help me get this beautiful necklace off of me. Then we can go...no...then you help me with my hair then we can go to sleep."

"I think that's fair."

Luis moved his hands up and carefully removed the necklace from Aidan's neck. Both of them admired it and kissed before placing it back in its original box. Then Luis helped with the hair and it was finally. Both of them were really tired and just wanted to rest.

"Can we now sleep?"

Aidan nodded in agreement and both of them climbed into bed, holding each other. Luis placed a hot kiss on Aidan's lips and then laid him on his chest just like the way he loved him every night. Aidan's hair was loose and it felt a little tingly on Luis' chest but he definitely loved it like that. He held Aidan tighter and then planted another kiss on his head, yawning softly. Aidan felt a warm sensation when Luis kissed him on his head and held him tighter. He felt a tingly vibration all over his body but it was really amazing. He was immediately filled with sleep. He yawned loudly, planting a kiss on Luis' chest. His hair was loose that night which made everything super amazing.


"Yes," Luis said in a sleepy tone.

"I love you."

"I love you too, my love...so much."

Both of them held each other tighter and in no time...they were in dream land.


The next morning Aidan came out of the elevator, holding and rubbing against the beautiful necklace on his neck. It was glowing on his neck...making his neck bright. That necklace was one in a million and it was the most beautiful thing ever. One hand he had a beautiful golden watch that his granny and his brother had given him on his eighteenth birthday and now he had the most beautiful necklace he had ever set his eyes on. He didn't even know what to do or say or even shout. It was like his mood had changed to another thing since he had received that necklace.

Aidan had just woken up about half an hour ago. Luis was still asleep as he was still tired. Aidan had just kissed his lips and then showered. Now he was coming downstairs to meet with his family and probably have breakfast with them before taking Luis his breakfast. Well, he was eager to show them the necklace too.

He was dressed in only a beautiful blue skinny jean and white t-shirt. He had nothing on his feet but his mood was something else. He had just come out of the elevator and he was rushing to the living room, happy as ever.

Reaching the living room, Aidan found no one. He quickly rushed to the dining room and there was absolutely no one. The food was already set and there was a maid making sure everything was perfect. Hmm, guess people had been really tired the night before, he thought. It seemed like he was the only one that had woken up.

"Good morning, my prince." The maid simply bowed.

"Good morning." Aidan smiled brightly. "Err...is there anyone else who is awake...I mean the royal family?"

"Yes!" She bowed in respect. "The king is already up."

Aidan's smile got brighter once he heard that the king was still up. "Really!" He gasped. "Tell me where he is. Why isn't he at the table?"

"He ate minutes ago." She bowed. "He ate and then he went to the throne room."

"Okay." Aidan started heading towards the door, happy. "I will just see him then."

Aidan was so happy that he couldn't wait to see the lovely king. He went straight to the throne room and got really excited when he reached the huge golden door. Taking a deep breath he opened the door and let himself in, excitedly moving towards the throne. He didn't even bother to raise his head as he had his mind on that wonderful necklace.

As Aidan got closer, he heard voices of people talking and that was when he realized that the king was not alone. He quickly moved his eyes to the front and saw the king on the couch, talking. But he was not all alone. There was someone with him. He couldn't see quite clearly but that person had a crown on his head. But that didn't bother him at all. He was just gonna greet the king and then go back to his husband. So he just continued on going.

As Aidan was getting closer to where the king and the guy he was with were seated, something strange, something really strange started happening to him. As he slowly walked there, he felt a sudden powerful wind blow on his face. It was so powerful that he had to close his eyes. The wind didn't even last for a second. It was just like a flash. He rubbed his face and then opened his eyes to see where he was going.

Opening his eyes, Aidan felt like something had just moved inside of him, another being that he had felt before. It was so powerful that it triggered a powerful electrifying vibration that ran through his every part of his body. His body jerked for a few seconds and he stopped in his tracks and shook his head, trying to bring himself under control. Opening his eyes again, the vibration got intense and felt like fire was passing through his veins. He couldn't understand it anymore. He just stood there for a second, wearing a big question mark on his face. He didn't understand what was going on anymore. For the last two weeks he hadn't experienced something like that so why did have to come at that time?

Aidan didn't like the way he was feeling. His heart was pounding and he couldn't describe the energy that he felt at that very time. It was a really powerful and it was making his adrenaline to just go out of control. He knew the only way was to calm down.

Taking a deep breath of confidence, Aidan started taking a few deep breaths that seemed to calm him down. He stood there, taking few deep breaths and felt the vibrations go away. He was now feeling a little okay although something strange was still going on. He could sense it. He didn't know how but he had a hunch that something was wrong somewhere. He could feel it.

After what felt like hours of standing, Aidan continued going towards the king with a wonderful smile. The more he got near the more he felt uneasy. It was really strange but he just kept going. He knew the king was talking with someone loudly but he was too preoccupied to even hear them. He had his eyes on the king the whole time. He felt at least better when he saw that wonderful smile. He couldn't wait to talk to him and see him.

"Father..." Aidan hollered as he got near the king.

"Son..." The king was really happy to see him.

Aidan rushed to the king and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He had his eyes on the king the whole time so he couldn't quite see who the king had been talking with. He was happy again even though he was still feeling uneasy.

"You are awake early." The king said, rubbing at the tip of Aidan's hand. "I thought since you..." He trailed off once he caught the glowing necklace on Aidan's neck. "Oh my God, that..." He gestured.

Aidan chuckled and then held the necklace. "Isn't it beautiful? Luis bought it for me as a gift. Tell me, father...how does this look?"

Aidan was about to open his mouth again to ask his numerous questions but he suddenly stopped when he heard a voice. It was a deep manly voice which was cheerful too.

"I think it's the most beautiful thing ever." The voice said in excitement.

Hearing the strange voice, Aidan felt like something had just moved up his skin, making him quiver a bit. He was not scared but that strange feeling that he had just went to another level. He was feeling really uneasy this time and the energy in him just got to another level.

Aidan slowly turned to look at the man who had just spoken to him. Immediately he turned, he felt a deep vibration in his body the moment he looked at the guy. He was a bit tall, he had light grey eyes, dirty blond hair and he was quite handsome. He also had a crown on his head, smiling brightly at Aidan. But he also had royal clothes on him, not from Angria, no. That only indicated that he was from another kingdom but...that strange feeling Aidan had was getting out of control. He just stood there and stared at the man without even smiling.

"Hi!" The man got up. "You must Prince Aidan, right?"

Aidan moved his eyes to the king and just got more confused. "Father...who..."

"Oh," The king gasped. "I am really sorry, son. This is Prince William from Namary Kingdom. He is the son of my very old friend. He came for your party and he is interested in exploring this kingdom. Actually, he will be staying in the palace while he is still in the kingdom with three of his guards. So...you will be seeing him very much around. He is actually a very good boy."

Aidan quite clearly heard the king's words but something was definitely wrong. He had a hunch that there was something...no! It was probably just his mind playing tricks on him but that had never happened before. Aidan moved his eyes to the prince and took a deep breath.

"It is nice to meet you, Prince Aidan." William extended his hand with a great smile. "It is even an honor to be in the presence of the great Luis' spouse."

Aidan gave a faint smile and extended his hand to greet the Prince who had come for a visit. "It is nice to meet you too, Prince William. You are wel..." He trailed off when his hands touched the Prince's. His eyes moved to those hands and truly, something was wrong. He felt something really powerful vibrate his body. His uneasiness got intense and he couldn't speak anymore.
Moving his eyes away, he quickly let go of the prince and closed his eyes. Something was definitely wrong with him. He had never felt like that before about someone in his life. He had a strange feeling that all was not what it seemed. His powers, his powers reacted and he could feel a really powerful energy surround him.

He opened his eyes quickly and he could feel energy, aside from that of his. It was really strange and...somehow like dark. He didn't know how he could feel it but he just felt it like that. Now he knew something was wrong with him. And where did that energy come from? He was really confused.

"Aidan!" King Julian looked at the boy who was looking rather strange. "Are you okay, son?"

Aidan's eyes never left the smiling prince. "Yes, father. I think I feel a bit dizzy from last night."

"Go and rest," The king suggested. "Everyone else is asleep so...go and rest okay? You will feel better after resting some more."

"Yeah," Aidan could still feel it. "I think I will go and rest now. Excuse me."

Without saying any more word, Aidan left the throne room and to his surprise, he felt really okay. Everything that he had felt in that room was gone. It was like he was back to himself. What was that all about, he thought as he tried to understand his body? Back there it had been like something terrible was there. And how the hell did he feel that?

"Father is right," He touched his head, massaging on it softly. "I really need to rest. There is probably nothing to worry about."

Aidan had a glass of water before finally taking breakfast to his husband.


"We are finally in the palace." The young blonde Prince said. The seriousness in his voice could not be masked. "The seer was actually right. Using Namary kingdom was the best choice. The king doesn't even suspect a single thing. So now that we are here...we have to do all we can to find that scepter."

"Yes, my prince," The tall blonde guy, dressed as a guard said. "It is actually good that we have arrived in the palace and the good part is that...nobody knows who we are. Nobody will ever suspect that we are actually warlocks and that...we are on a mission." He laughed.

William was standing behind the palace where there was no one to see him. He was with his three warlocks, well his father's warlocks who were disguised as his royal guards. They had finally entered the palace thanks to the clever seer who had helped them out. Now all they had to do was carry their mission and steal the scepter and take it back to Alerna. Then everything was gonna be over.

"For now," The other dark haired warlock who looked a little pale skinned said. "We have to be really careful of that priest..."

"The priest will do nothing," William said in an angry voice. "That foolish man will do nothing so don't worry about it. All we have to do is concentrate on our mission. We have to do it real fast so we can get out of here. We only have fewer five days and no more than that. You know my father doesn't like to be kept waiting." He warned, pointing at the three warlocks.

"It will be easy if we get a hint," The red haired warlock said. "Have you seen the scepter yet?"

"No!" William snorted. "He hasn't even held it since we came here. I have been keeping a close watch on him. He didn't have it at the party and he didn't have it today either. I hear it is stored in a...secret room or something. But don't worry...just do what you gotta do fast. All of us have to speed this up. No one must get in our way...anyone who does will have to suffer for it." The evil in his voice could be clearly heard. "This mission will be a success..."

"Are you thinking of something?" One of the three warlocks asked. "Do you have anything up your sleeve?"

"Yeah," He smirked, folding his arms on his chest. "I think I have my eyes on someone. I think that..." He licked his lips. "...I might even make him...mine once we conquer this kingdom." Then he got really serious and warned. "However, we shouldn't forget that we are here on this mission. We must find that scepter no matter what happens. Too bad no one will stand in our way. Our time will begin as soon as possible. We must hurry it up so that I can go back to my kingdom. All this being nice is making me...sick!" He seethed.

"Yes, my prince," The warlocks bowed. "We must start as soon as possible. But we have to be careful and observe the king first. He is the one who can give us a hint."

"Sure. We will find that scepter soon. These people have no idea what's coming to them."

Looking at each other while loving what the prince had said, the three warlocks gave a sinister laugh that sounded like music to Prince William's ears. Hearing the wonderful and satisfying evil laughs from the three warlocks, a great evil grin appeared on Prince William's face.

"It is on."

What happens now?

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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Nice story--just curious how the happy fairy tale will develop.

There seems to be missing between these sentences, though:

(1)"Sure," Aidan smiled brightly. He stared at Luis one more time before he finally let go of his hand and followed his father, the king. Luis didn't follow him but from that wonderful smile he could tell that he had wanted to.

(2)"Err...yeah," Luis confessed. "I haven't seen him for quite some time and..."


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At one point in this story I was a bit confused - Marcos and Ramon. Maybe a typo or foreshadowing, not sure but confusing nonetheless. Very enjoyable reading the story unfolding. The love between Luis and Aidan is amazing and so very intense. The heart goes pitter patter more than just a little. heart GIF

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