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Unbroken - 9. Chapter 9: Aidan to the rescue. But is it the end?

Aidan and Luis came down the stairs, smiling and holding each other in love and harmony. Luis had his arms around Aidan's waist, holding him tightly close to him. They had just come out of their room and they were already holding on to each other. It was a really happy moment for the two of them.

"Hmm," Luis breathed on Aidan's neck. "You smell so nice baby."

"Luis!" Aidan chuckled, a little too loud. "Behave yourself. We are going down the stairs to everyone else."

"I know." Luis kissed him softly on the neck. "But I can't just help myself. Why did you have to be so sexy? You are too much, baby."

Luis words got to Aidan and he laughed softly, enjoying the warm feeling on his lovely neck. It felt beautiful and tingly to the touch. The guy was just going insane as days went on. He was really something else.

"I think you need to stop." Aidan chuckled, slightly moving his neck to the side. "You have had enough of me already. Shouldn't you..."

"No!" He kissed. "I probably shouldn't do it."

Luis held Aidan tighter and kissed him on the neck for a few seconds. Then he stopped the kissing and just held his waist, softly massaging it. Both of them were happy and it could not be masked from the giggles that both of them were doing. It was something else. They were feeling like newlyweds especially after what had happened the previous night when there was an introduction. Their love was just blossoming and it was getting stronger.

Luis and Aidan came down the stairs sweetly holding each other into the living room. Everyone else was there so before they reached the living room Luis removed his hands from Aidan's waist and just wrapped them around his neck. It felt so amazing and they went in the living room happy and excited.

As they reached the living room, Aidan's happiness was just getting out of hand. He had no word to describe the immense joy that he felt at that time. He was seriously feeling like he had recently got married to the royal prince. Everything was just wonderful and he wanted it like that.

Reaching the living room, Aidan looked all around and noticed that the king was not there, probably gone somewhere but...he was happy everyone else was around. So he just shot a smile at them and they were busy smiling at him and Luis. They were really happy.

"How are the newlyweds?" Hanna teased, raising her eyebrow. "I hope you two are having a really good day?"

"Yeah," Luis beamed, staring at Aidan with a gorgeous smile. "We are really having a good day. And how's everyone here?"

"We are all fine." Hanna answered before anyone else did.

"Good!" Luis couldn't tear his eyes away from his beautiful and ever glowing Aidan.

Luis got lost staring at Aidan. He was looking dashing that day especially with a beautiful ring and a beautiful golden necklace. It felt really wonderful and...

"Oh my God," Hanna gasped, quickly rising from the couch. "Where did you get that?" She pointed at Aidan's necklace. "It's beautiful." She went near and held it in her hands, admiring its beauty and elegancy.

Aidan chuckled and stared at his gorgeous husband. "My husband gave it as a gift yester night. It is beautiful right?"

Hanna's eyes almost popped out of her sockets. She had her mouth wide open and her gasps were just incredible. She had no words to use to describe that necklace. It was everything that anyone could ever dream of.

"Mom..." She gasped, looking at the queen that was smiling. "Are you seeing this? Isn't it..."

"It's gorgeous," The queen commented. "I think it looks good on him. Luis really made a good choice. That necklace was definitely made for Aidan."

"It matches his beauty." Granny commented. "I think it was just waiting for him to wear it."

"Oh," Aidan took a quick glance at his husband. "That is really sweet." He chirped. "Thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate it."

"Don't worry," Hanna finally let go and gave him a super tight hug. "It is absolutely nothing. But that necklace..." She gestured. "I don't even know what to say."

"You can say anything. Like you haven't owned anything like it before," Luis joked, giving a soft chuckle when al l the others laughed including Hanna. "By the way, where is father? Has he gone somewhere or..."

"He was just in..." The queen trailed off when she saw her husband happily coming towards the living room. "Oh...there he is..." She pointed towards the direction he was coming.

Hearing the queen's words, Aidan moved his eyes in the direction the queen pointed. Immediately his eyes looked in that direction he saw that the king was not all alone. He was with the same guy, the same prince he was with in the morning.

Once his eyes caught that prince, Aidan had that same feeling again. He just watched in silence as they king and the prince came to the living room. Once they were near, the king came and stood in front of them and planted soft kisses on both their cheeks.

"Hello, father," Luis greeted, tightening his hold on Aidan's shoulder. "How has been your day?"

"It was okay." The king said simply. "I was in the throne room the whole morning chatting with..."

"You?" Luis gasped once he saw the same prince he had danced with at the party.

"It is nice to meet you too." William chuckled nervously, extending his hand. Luis shook it quickly and just stared at the guy.

"Tell me, what are you doing here?"


"You two know each other?" The king was rather surprised because he was sure those two had never met before.

"Yes," Prince William gave one of his killer smiles, staring at Luis. "We met at the party last night. We kinda danced for some time. But I was putting on mask but..."

"I could recognize that hair and that crown." Luis chuckled. "Anyway, what are you doing here?"

"William will be staying in the palace while he is here." The king answered quickly before William could. "He has come to visit our kingdom and our palace and I think it would be appropriate he stays here. After all, he is the prince of Namary."

"Sure." Luis chuckled, squeezing Aidan's shoulders. "I think that will be good too. After all, he is our guest and we need to show him our hospitality."

The king smiled and pinched his son's cheeks. Then he took the prince and went to introduce him to other members of the family. They seemed really happy when he was introducing the prince and they told him all kinds of nice things on this earth.

While all this was going on, Aidan watched carefully, staring at the prince. He had no single expression on his earth. And he kinda lost consciousness to his environment. His eyes were only glued on that cute looking prince. Sure, he couldn't deny the fact that William was a nice person and his smile was wonderful but he somehow could feel that the guy was not good at all. He had hunch that the guy was not nice.

"He looks nice." Aidan thought as he looked at the wonderful prince. "Why am I having this strange feeling when I am around him. It's like my powers want to come to the surface. This has never happened before...for the last two weeks and how..." He paused and stared at the queen giving William a hug and then Hanna. "...everyone else seems to like him but...what is this that I feel whenever I see him? It is like..." Before he could even finish his thoughts, he heard a finger snap right in front of his face, getting him out of his thoughts.

Coming back to his senses, Aidan gasped and then moved his eyes to the person that had snapped the finger, his husband. Seeing that wonderful face, he gave a soft smile and hoped his husband wasn't thinking that he was actually jealous or something. He was not that kind of person at all.

"Baby," Luis called softly. "I have been calling you? Are you okay? You seem really lost in your thoughts. Is something bothering you or..."

"Err..." Aidan chuckled nervously. "Don't worry about me. I am absolutely fine okay?"

"Are you sure?"

"Luis!" Aidan wrapped his arm around Luis' waist. "Don't worry about anything okay? I am really fine. You don't have to..."

"Okay." Luis planted a kiss on his head.

The two of them went to a nearby couch and sat, holding each other tightly. None of them wanted to pull away from each other. They just wanted to feel each other's warmth and love. They were really, really in love with each other.

The entire royal family just sat on the couches, chatting and joking about particular issues. Things were definitely going pretty well. They were really happy and they talked about the party and everything that had happened there. They all had something interesting that had happened to them. They discussed those things and just let it flow.

"By the way," the king started. "Before I forget, we really have an important meeting today, son." The king was reminding Luis of the meeting. "I had totally forgotten but..."

"Do I have to go?" Luis gasped. He didn't want to leave his Aidan no matter what. "Can't I just..."

"No!" The king chuckled. "As I said this meeting is really important and your presence as the crown prince of this land is highly needed. In fact, you have to dress up so that we can leave soon okay?"


"Don't worry, father. I will help him get dressed and in a few minutes both of you will be leaving through that door."

Luis moved his eyes at Aidan and opened his mouth to speak but Aidan blocked his lips and smiled.

"You heard him." He spoke softly. "It is really important that you attend this meeting. Your presence is highly needed there."


"The price of being a crown prince," Hanna teased, chuckling softly. "Don't worry, I know you are worried about Aidan but we are all here. Besides, I think it's about time we go out for shopping."

"Shopping?" Aidan gasped. "But I thought we just came from that about..."

"We really need to keep up with the latest trends in fashion." Hanna interjected. "And I am not getting no for an answer. Just get up, help your husband dress up, dress up and then meet me in here. You and I are gonna have a great outing okay?"

"Fine," Aidan surrendered, getting up from the couch. Luis followed and then stretched himself. "We will meet here after I help my husband dress up okay?"

Aidan held Luis' hand and the both of them started walking out. Aidan only took about three or so steps. He was really happy and he was gonna be spending a day with Hanna but he lost that smile once he heard a question from Hanna but it was not directed at him. It was directed at William.

"Would you like to come with us, Prince William?"

Hearing that question, Aidan made a quick turn and stared at Hanna.

"Err...I don't think so." Prince William said. "Maybe next time, I think I might just stay at the palace today. I am feeling pretty tired and I think I need to rest."

"It's okay." Hanna chuckled. "I completely understand."

Aidan felt relieved that the prince had rejected because honestly, he didn't know how he would have coped with that that was giving him creeps. Phew!

Aidan quickly turned and he took his husband to their room. He was feeling really happy once again. He was just sad that his husband wasn't gonna be with him. But anyway, they had the whole night for that. Besides, Luis was a prince and needed to many matters in the kingdom.


"Honestly, I don't wanna go." Luis sighed.

"Come on." Aidan slipped Luis' jacket on him. "It won't be long. Besides, Hanna and I are going out so I won't be lonely okay?"

"Why doesn't that make me feel better?"

"I don't know," Aidan got closer and buttoned his jacket. He took a comb and made sure that his hair was in perfect shape. "But you gotta cheer up okay? You are the prince of this kingdom and you should be involved in matters like that. When you come back, we will spend as much time as you want okay? Don't feel sad or you will make me sad."

Seriously Luis didn't want to leave Aidan all alone. His plan had been to stay with him the whole day and kiss him as many times as possible. He had planned it perfectly and now he had to go to some meeting. It just wasn't fair at all.

Luis took a deep sigh and smiled. "Okay. I will be really happy just for you okay?" Aidan nodded. "Come here." He opened his arms wide.

Aidan rushed into Luis' arms and hugged him tightly, loving his warm feel and his beautiful scent. He was to die for and everything else was just amazing. He just wished he could have spent the whole day in those lovely arms.

"I love you." Luis announced, planting a kiss on his head.

"I love you too. And I will miss you."

"Can't I just..."

"No..." Aidan chuckled as he ripped away from those arms. "You can't do that. You are going to be king one day and you gotta get used to it okay?"

"Okay." Luis smiled, moving his hands to cup on Aidan's cheeks. He took in a deep breath. "Can I at least get a kiss?"

Aidan smiled brightly after hearing Luis' question. "Of course, you know I can't deny you that. You can..."

Before Aidan could even finish what he was about to say, Luis drew him closer and planted a hot kiss on his hot lips, sucking the very life out of him. He had his tongue all the way down Aidan's throat, sucking harshly on him while he moaned deep into that mouth. Fuck! He could feel a really powerful and strong emotion taking control of his body. It was vibrating terribly, sending a really powerful electrical impulse all over his body. Fuck! A powerful but mind blowing vibration passed on his spine, all the way down to his cock. It was instantly rising.

Aidan on the other hand was on cloud 9 with that kiss he was receiving. It was so...wow! He couldn't even describe that kiss. Luis had his tongue all the way down his throat, blocking his breath but to Aidan's surprise he found it hotter than anything that he had ever experienced in his life. It was to die. He moved his hand up and captured the back of Luis' head, bringing him deeper into that kiss. Feeling his tongue go deeper into his throat, Aidan moaned deeply and felt his body jerk for some seconds. Then his whole body was on fire. He didn't want to pull away.

The two guys kissed like never before. They had their hands everywhere, kissing and rubbing on each other like they were going insane. That amazing and wonderful feeling was just too much to handle. They were in pure bliss with that kiss.

As time went on, their need for air got intense and they broke away from that kiss, still holding on to each other while they tried to catch their breaths. Even while they gasped they couldn't hide those wonderful grins from each other.

"Wow, baby..." Luis gasped. "That was simply amazing. I wish you never pulled away from that kiss." He licked his lips sensually. "Just look what you did to me?" He took Aidan's hand and rubbed it on his crotch, feeling his cock vibrating in pleasure. He bit on his lip, suppressing that moan from escaping his lips. Fuck! Why did he have to go for that foolish meeting?

Aidan felt Luis' hard on when his hand rubbed on it. It was really hard, rock hard that it even made him laugh softly, teasing his husband. Then he moved his hand and cupped his cheek instead.

"Someone is excited." He teased, enjoying the frown on Luis' face. "But you really have to go now. I am sure father is waiting down the stairs okay? You don't wanna make him wait."

Luis took a deep breath and then pulled away from Aidan. He opened his arms wide and smiled brightly. "How does your sexy husband look?"

"Hmm," Aidan murmured.

Luis was putting on a red designer's suit, sky blue shiny shirt and red designer's shoes. His hair was perfectly combed and that dashing smile on his face was the final touch. He was looking really sexy, especially with the suit so close to his skin and his eyes showing perfectly. In fact, red was a beautiful color on him.

"Like a super sexy husband."

"I knew I was perfect." Luis acted like he had just won a lottery. "Then I am good..."

"Not so fast," Aidan chuckled. "There is still something missing. Wait for me okay?"

Aidan quickly rushed to the room where all their clothes were kept. He later came back with a beautiful golden crown which he placed on top of his husband's head.

"There," He enthused, looking at his husband from head to toe. "Now you look fabulous and can leave."

Luis stared at Aidan and then nodded his head. He was just too happy to be with that sexy boy in his presence. He loved him so, so much that he didn't want to let him go. Fuck, he was gonna miss him big time. He was just hoping he was gonna concentrate on the meeting and not think about Aidan throughout the meeting.

"Thank you so much."

"What have I done to..."

"Just thank you." Luis rushed to Aidan hugged him tightly, tighter than usual. He didn't want to tear away but he still did anyway.

"I love you so much and I will be back real soon." He grabbed Aidan and kissed him sensually on the lips.

"I love you too. And I can't wait for you to come back to me."

Hearing Aidan's words was too much for Luis. He grabbed Aidan and kissed him deeply once more before finally letting him. He smiled brightly and then took a deep sigh before he left with a big grin on his face. He couldn't wait to come back to that wonderful boy.

Once Luis left, Aidan just stood still, staring at the door where his lovely man had just left from. He had a smile on his face and God knows he didn't want to lose that smile. He loved Luis a lot and couldn't wait for him to come back so that they could be together again.

But look on the brighter side. He wasn't gonna be lonely at all because he was gonna be with Hanna, the craziest person he had come to know in his life. He knew he was gonna have fun with her, especially since they were gonna be alone. But Aidan couldn't get that William issue out of his mind though. It was like a mystery to him. He hadn't seen the guards but that prince was really...he didn't even know how to put it.

"God!" He sighed, stretching his arms.

Aidan took a deep breath and just tried to be calm. He felt a deep feeling of calmness and then he turned around and went to get dressed. He had some places to go with his crazy sister in law. He also knew the day was gonna be fun for him.


"Fuck!" William cursed, furiously kicking a stick which was in the ground.

"Calm down, Prince..."

"Calm down?" He snapped, staring at the red haired warlock furiously. "I am calm alright. But that foolish king is really getting on my nerves. Ever since we came here...he has not held that scepter in his hands, not once."

William and his three warlocks were in the palace garden, meeting. Of course, it was an excuse that he was exploring the garden and he had made sure that there were no people near him. And now he was seething like a crazy maniac.

"Don't worry, William," The blonde haired warlock spoke. "We will find that scepter at all costs. There is absolutely nothing to worry about."

"Lucas," William seethed, looking straight at the blond warlock. "What kind of fool is he? Shouldn't he be found with that scepter always? He just went to that stupid meeting and he didn't have it either. I was kinda looking forward to have Luis as my guide but he took him as well. I thought a scepter was a symbol of sovereignty but that idiot..." he couldn't speak anymore. He was just too angry.

"This would have been all easy." The blonde warlock, Lucas spoke. "We would have been done with our mission today but...that fool has not given us any hint."

"Where could it be?" William snapped. "Where could that fucking scepter be kept? I tried to look around in the throne room but...I couldn't see a thing but...I am pretty sure that...there is some form of secret door in that room but..."
"That is nothing." The red haired warlock spoke, gesturing with his hand. "We could check it but..."

"If what you are thinking is how to get in then you don't have to worry." An evil grin appeared on William's face. "I have an idea but...we must do this tomorrow okay? We must start our search quickly and get out of here before I get sick with all this pretence."

"We understand, my prince." The three warlocks bowed their heads. "There is nothing that can stop us from our quest. We are going to find that scepter one way or another."

"You are right about that." William groaned. "That scepter will be in my hands soon. We will take it back to its rightful owner. All we have to do is act and then we will be out of here. Now go and blend in okay." He ordered, putting his hands behind. "Tomorrow our work begins. I will be here thinking and trying to calm myself down."

The three warlocks bowed and then left William all alone in the huge garden. He was feeling really angry and he needed to shade some of that anger away.

"I will get that scepter for you, father." He whispered. "I will get it by all means. You will be more proud of me than you already are. I have never failed you in anything. Just wait for just a few days and Angria will be at your mercy."

William gave a soft sinister laugh and then began walking around the huge garden.


"You've got to be kidding me." Hanna laughed as she picked up a dress from the many that were hanged in the shop that they were in. "Did he really say that?"

"Of course," Aidan equally laughed. "He did say that or at least that was what we were told."

Both of them burst into laughter, not minding that they were in a shop and people could hear them. But they didn't care at all.

Hanna and Aidan were busy shopping as Aidan told Hanna a great joke which he had learnt when he was just in high school. It was hilarious and it made the two of them happy and really excited. The two of them were bonding with each other. Their love was developing especially their friendship.

They had come to shopping after having a wonderful lunch at one of the best hotels in town. Seeing that the introduction had been the previous night, people really showed respect to him. They called him wonderful names and gave him praises. Of course, he was being humble himself and wasn't gonna lose it. Some people had even asked for his autograph. It was just amazing and simply out of this world.

Now they were shopping for their outfits while they chatted with each other. They had guards and maids with them who were helping carry the clothes. It was now almost 5 in the afternoon but they were still shopping.

"I am telling you...that is a sick joke." Hanna laughed, touching her chest. "I never knew you were this funny. Or is it my brother's craziness that has got to you? Is it contagious or something?"

Aidan smiled and then laughed softly. "You really are crazy. Between the two of us who do you think acts like Luis?" He folded his arms and laughed when Hanna frowned.

"Okay, I act more like him but he is crazier than me."

They walked, just laughing as they chose their clothes. There was just a lot to choose from. It was a really big shop, owned by the king himself and it had about seven floors of clothes, shoes, jewelries and other stuff. It was just too big.

Walking around while looking at the beautiful skinny jeans, something came to Aidan's mind. It was bothering him again and he felt like he needed to ask someone, Hanna in that case. He took a deep breath and got closer to her.


"Yes!" She answered, her eyes still glued on some wonderful designer's tank tops. "What is it honey?"

"Err...what do you think of Prince William?" he stammered, not knowing how Hanna was gonna view him. "I mean...how do you see him?"

Hanna chuckled and moved her face Aidan. "I think he's not my type. Why do you ask?"

Hearing Hanna's hilarious answer, Aidan chuckled softly, resting his hand on Hanna's shoulder. "Of course, you know that isn't what I meant. You have Henry and he is the perfect guy for you." Aidan actually smiled when Hanna blushed. "I meant...how do you..."

"I think he is a nice guy." Hanna faced him. "He seems nice, I think. And I think he is really handsome too. He is the kind that can capture someone with just a smile. That's all I can say but why did you ask? Do you perhaps know..."

"No!" Aidan chuckled nervously. "I think he is a nice guy too. I just wanted to know what you think about him that's all." He lied, smiling brightly. But when Hanna continued with her shopping, a frown appeared on Aidan's face. He was thinking once again.

Everyone seemed to like William. They seemed to think he was nice. They seemed to think he had a great smile that could capture someone's heart. But Aidan...Aidan was thinking the opposite. He had a strong hunch that something was wrong with that prince but the only problem was that he didn't know what. He couldn't understand a thing.

Aidan was gotten out of his thoughts when he heard Hanna asking a question.

"Hey Aidan, what do you think of this dress?"

"Err..." He gasped, quickly diverting his eyes to the princess. She was holding a really beautiful, short, yellow classy dress. It was really beautiful and from that smile on his face...he could tell that Hanna wanted it.

"It's beautiful..." He gave a genuine answer. "I think it will look good on you."

"Hmm," She put a finger on her lips. "I think the only way to find out is to fit into it." She looked at him and took the skinny jean he was holding. "Come on, let's go try these out."

Aidan nodded and the two of them went to fit into their chosen clothes. They were really having the best time of their lives.


Hanna and Aidan came inside the palace laughing and joking with each other. Each of them had bought about a big bag of clothes which were being carried by the maids that they had gone with. They probably had the best time ever out there. After shopping they grabbed ice cream and then had a perfect dinner with Henry who had joined them. They had spent quite a good time even though Aidan missed Luis a lot after Henry dropped by.

Now they were back, almost 9pm. They had to admit it was quite late but...it was worth coming late after that good day they had with each other. It was really wonderful. Coming inside, Hanna ordered the maids to take the bags to their respective rooms as both of them headed for the living room to greet their loving family members.

Reaching the living room they found granny and the queen chatting and having some snacks over pineapple juice. Once they saw the two coming guys they smiled brightly and got up. They both gave them kisses on the cheeks that felt really beautiful and warm.

"You are quite late." The queen said as she headed for the couch. "We were expecting you earlier but we had dinner already."

"Yeah," Granny also went back to sit. "You took really long if you ask me."

Aidan and Hanna looked at each other and smiled brightly. Then they moved their eyes to the two older women on the couch.

"Sorry," Aidan apologized. "We just had a good time that we lost track of time."

"But we have already had dinner so don't worry about us okay?"

The queen shrugged and then took a sip of her juice. "Care for some snacks or juice?" She offered it to the both of them.

"No! I think I am fine." Aidan smiled, looking all around. He could neither see Luis nor the king, wondering if they were back at all. He needed his Luis and if that time he wasn't back then it was gonna be bad for him because he had expected Luis to be back. "Err...mother, is the king and Luis..."

"They are both resting." Granny smiled brightly. "They came home really tired that they decided to go to rest. But Luis did leave a message that should you find him asleep, you should wake him up. He pleaded with us to tell you that. Don't know what he wants you to start doing."

Aidan's eyes widened when he heard the granny's words. He felt really shy and he dropped his eyes to the floor, blushing like a bride on her wedding night. Why the hell did Luis have to tell that to the queen, he wondered as he played with his nails?

"Err...mother," He raised his face. "I think I will go to my room now. I will see you tomorrow."

"Okay." She opened her arms and he ran into them, kissing her on the cheek. "See you tomorrow, sweetie."

Aidan kissed granny and Hanna too before he anxiously started moving towards the elevator. He was eager to see his sweet husband. He was eager to taste those lips. So he just rushed towards the elevator while trying to make his heart calm. He was just too eager to see that cute man he called his husband. It was lovely.

"So...where is Prince William." Hanna chirped.

"He's in his room..."

Before the queen could even finish her sentence, the elevator door closed and he couldn't hear her voice again. He was happy and the adrenaline rushing through his veins was intense. He could feel its effect on the rest of his body. His heart was racing and each passing second was just making him more anxious than he had ever been. He just wanted to see his handsome husband.

Finally, after what felt like eternity the elevator reached his floor and he came out rushing like he was late for something. In no time he was already at the door. Reaching that wonderful golden door, Aidan quickly opened it and he found his way inside.

Aidan entered the room and he just froze, staring at his loving husband. The guy was fast asleep, snoring softly. He had the covers on himself and the way he was breathing softly was bringing nothing but pleasure to Aidan. He felt like he was breathing with that hunk in bed. It was all just so lovely to see.

Taking a deep breath, he scanned the whole room and noticed that the maid had brought the bag which had all the clothes he had bought. That only meant that his husband was fast asleep that he didn't even hear a simple knock. Guess he was really tired.

Aidan removed his shoes first before he stripped to his boxer brief. He didn't want to wear the pajamas so he just climbed into bed like that. Reaching that wonderful comfy bed, Aidan sat on it, staring at his lovely husband. Gee! The guy was really cute. Even in sleep he was really cute. Aidan couldn't bear to wake him up but then...

"If you reach home you must wake him up. He begged us to tell you that..."

...granny's words came back to haunt him, literally. As much as he didn't want to wake that piece of hunk on that lovely bed...he didn't want him to feel bad like Aidan neglected him or something so...he was gonna wake him up.

Slowly moving the covers, Aidan climbed in and noticed that his husband was fully naked. He breathed in Luis' scent and then got closer to him. Man! Luis was really hot that night. His heat felt really beautiful and Aidan couldn't wait to get more of that heat. It was simply from out of this world, fantastic.

Slowly moving closer, Aidan cupped Luis' cheeks and then got closer to his breaths. Fuck! His breaths felt super hot. They sent shivers down Aidan's spine and he couldn't help but give out a low moan. He found pleasure just from those wonderful hot breaths. They were actually something to him. They were amazing and he could stay like that, feeling his husband's breaths.

Aidan slowly leaned down, closing in on Luis' lips. He captured Luis' hot lips and began kissing him, sucking slowly on his lips. He was taking things really slowly and those lips tasted sweeter than anything. They were so soft that Aidan couldn't help but drool over them. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the kiss he was giving Luis. But Luis didn't seem to be aware of that kiss.

After almost a minute of that kiss, Luis' breaths changed and then Aidan felt his hand at the back of his head. Suddenly he was responding and in no time...he was demanding entrance into Aidan's mouth.

Feeling that sweet hot tongue on his lips, Aidan parted his lips and Luis' tongue slipped right through. A powerful electric sensation took over his body once their tongues met. Everything felt like it was spinning and he couldn't help but moan in pleasure. He was moaning really loudly as Luis explored his mouth with his tongue. The feeling was indescribable. He was in ecstasy from that kiss and he didn't want it to end.

And when Luis moaned in his mouth...a powerful vibration took over his body and he quivered in pleasure, feeling Luis bringing him closer to those lips. He had never enjoyed a kiss at night than he did at that particular time. It was something else and he really loved it like crazy. In fact, he felt like he was losing his mind with each passing second. Pleasure was coming from everywhere and he didn't want it to end.

After what felt like hours of being on each other's lips, they both felt like they were gonna pass out. They needed air, much air. Luis slowly slipped his tongue from Aidan's mouth and then bit his lips before the both of them began gasping for air. Their lips might have parted but everything else was pretty much the same. Their heads were still on each other and so where their noses. Luis' hand was still at that back of Aidan's head. It was something else.

"You are finally here." Luis breathed. Even from his voice Aidan could tell that the guy was tired and sleepy. "I waited for you. I missed you a lot, my love."

"Sorry," Aidan breathed in deeply, pausing for a second. "I am really sorry baby. We lost track of time and..."

"Shh..." Luis blocked Aidan's lips with his fingers.

"I am not complaining my love." Luis' eyes were barely open. Aidan could tell that he was extremely tired. "I am just glad that you are here. Thank you for..." He yawned. "...thank you for waking me up."

"You seem pretty tired." Aidan moaned softly. "You look sleepy too."

"I am."

"Then why did..."

"I can't sleep without you." Luis confessed, passing his finger on Aidan's warm lips. "I can't sleep without you. I would have felt empty without you in my arms, my love. You know I can't sleep without you ever since you and I got back together. It is always you in my arms, baby. I love you."

"Okay." Aidan was touched with Luis' words. At times he felt like crying and other times he just...he just gaped at his husband, wondering how much he had come to love him. "Now that I am here...I think we should all go to sleep, don't you agree?"

"Yeah," Luis yawned. With the party the previous day and the meeting, Luis was more than tired. "Come here, my love. I want to hold you in my arms. I want to feel you warmth which is like a lullaby to me."

Aidan smiled and then kissed his husband before resting on his lovely chest. It felt warm and tingling to him but he was already used to it. Luis' arms around him were the last stroll to make him sleepy. They were so warm and beautiful that they sent powerful vibrations that travelled straight to his brain, making him sleepy. He yawned and then kissed Luis' chest.

"I love you."

"I love you."

Aidan was really sleepy and he was slowly drifting off to sleep. But he heard Luis' snores again which made him smile. He really loved that hunk. Aidan closed his eyes and in no time...he was already in dream land. He was just too happy.


"You have to be alert at all times." William said to the three men that were with him."We don't wanna be caught or something but I know that can never happen but we just have to be alert."

"Yes, my prince," The red haired guy said happily. "You don't have to worry about it. We are pros when it comes to that. Besides, it will just be a quick check and we will be done."

The four guys were in William's room planning their first check on the throne room. They actually had it all planned out. All that they had been waiting for was for everyone to sleep and make sure that they were fast asleep. Now it was almost 4.am and all they had to do was do a check and that's all. They just had to be really careful even though they knew nothing was gonna catch them.

"At this point, our only goal is to find out where that scepter is hidden." The prince emphasized. "The rest will be really simple after we enter that throne room. It is our only shot since that idiot isn't carrying it around anymore."

"Once we enter that throne room," The blonde guy spoke. "It will be really easy to do."

"Good!" The prince got up from the bed, smirking at the three men. "All of us know what to do okay?"

The three warlocks bowed.

"Okay. Let's move it."

Prince William was more than happy. Once he enters that throne room everything was gonna be easy, too easy. Taking a deep breath, he gave an evil grin.


Aidan suddenly rose from the bed, getting up furiously from Luis' chest. He had just woken up from a really bad dream and it involved the palace. He moved his eyes to stare at his moving husband and saw him slowly moving but he stopped and just went to sleep, still snoring.

"God," Aidan gasped, slowly rubbing his head. "What's happening to me?"

It was like something was happening. Something that he knew was happening but couldn't understand what it was. It was all so confusing and he didn't have any logical explanation for it. Fuck! He buried his head between his palms and tried to clear his head but that worry couldn't even go away. Why the hell was he feeling like that, he wondered? All that had started the first day he met with that prince from Namary, William or whatever.

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan moved his face away from his palm and felt just how nervous he was. He was really sweaty and he didn't appreciate it one bit. Taking a quick sigh he started moving his eyes, scanning the room. His eyes met with the huge mirror close to his bed and he just froze staring at it.

What he saw had his heart racing and his nerves got the best of him. His breaths were starting to get harsh but he managed to suppress them by taking short deep breaths. But what he saw really had him scared.

Right in front of his mirror was an image of him but it was just not an image. It was an image of him and his eyes were glowing brightly. They were so blue, like the sky itself but they were glowing.

"Oh my God," Aidan whispered, moving his eyes from the mirror. "Calm down, Aidan. Please."

Aidan took a deep breath and then felt at peace inside. He opened his eyes again and they were back to normal. He sighed when he felt that. It was really something. What if Luis had woken up when he had woken up and saw those eyes, He wondered? How would he have explained himself when he couldn't even understand what was going on? Phew! That had really been a close one.

As Aidan was sitting on that bed, slowly taking a deep breath and thanking his lucky stars, he just rose from the bed quickly and found himself out of his room. The next thing he realized he was in the living room, looking everywhere. Aidan was surprised when he fully came to his senses. He didn't quite remember planning to come to that room but he felt like he needed to be there. He was really confused for sure. And when the hell did he get dressed in a robe?

"What am I doing here?" He wondered as a frown appeared on his wonderful face. "What are these abilities doing to me?"

All that had been happening to him was confusing him some more. Sure, he couldn't feel that strange feeling anymore but he found himself in the living room and there was absolutely no one. It was all so...strange.

With one quick scan of the room to make sure everything was perfect, Aidan quickly turned to go back to his room. He was rushing and he was moving faster...but something, a strange noise like something had just fallen on the floor stopped him in his tracks.

Hearing the noise, Aidan made a quick turn and just stood still, trying to listen to whatever it was that had made that noise. His eyes moved from side to side, carefully scanning the whole area but he couldn't see a thing. He was sure he had heard something for real. He was sure that noise had come from somewhere that area but where?
Aidan slowly started moving, scanning carefully the whole living room. He walked carefully until he passed the whole living room. He was heading to the throne room, looking around to make sure he saw what had fallen. But he stopped before going any further.

"If it had come from the throne room then the guards can handle it right? They don't need me. I am sure it was even one of them that dropped...probably a weapon."

With those thoughts in mind, Aidan quickly turned to leave but something stopped him. "Surely, there is no harm in checking it out, right?"

Aidan then took a quick breath and increased his pace when he started moving towards that area. Reaching there...he couldn't see any of the guards. There was no one there. He was sure a guard or two guarded the door to the throne room at night so...why was there no one there, he wondered. He didn't know the reasons why that guard chose not to be at that door but he was gonna check it out anyway.

Aidan breathed in and then started moving towards the door. His heart was racing and he didn't know the reason why that was happening to him. Reaching the huge door, Aidan looked around and saw that there was no guard.

Taking a deep breath he opened the door quietly and it opened. He slowly entered the room and as soon as he had entered, he saw someone, a man dressed in a uniform. Aidan took a good look at that uniform and it was different from the uniform that the guards at his palace wore. He was probably one of the guards who had come with William but what was he doing in the throne room. That area was prohibited to be entered without the king's permission or any of the royal family members.

And why the hell was he looking around as if he was looking for something that he had lost, Aidan thought as he took a good look at that man. It was not bright yet and the lights were not own but Aidan could see him clearly. He was so mad.

Ripping his eyes away from the guard who seemed to be going in deeper and deeper, Aidan moved his eyes to the wall and noticed the light switch. He quickly moved to the switch and pressed his finger on it, making the whole place to be bright.

Immediately the lights went on, a loud gasp was heard from the man that had been going in. The man moved his eyes to Aidan and he saw him clearly. He was a tall blonde haired guy, not cute and too old to be a palace guard. He was looking scared and his mouth and body was shaking terribly. All this was visible to Aidan's eyes.


"What are you doing in here?" Aidan seethed, getting closer to the man that seemed terrified. "This place is prohibited to..."


"And why do you look so scared?" Aidan asked, getting really close to the guy. "You don't work around here so what are you doing in the throne room, uh?"


"You really look scared. What were you looking for in a room that is prohibited to everyone?"

"I was...I was lost..."

"Get out!" The anger and fierceness in Aidan's voice could not be masked. It was clear the man was scared because as soon as he gave that order, the man rushed out of the throne, sweating and looking like he had just seen a ghost. His eyes were almost popping out of his sockets and the way he was panting was really something else. It got Aidan wondering.

Aidan took a good look around and followed the rushing man outside. He switched off the lights and got out, just in time to stop the man that was trying to run away, trembling in fear.

"Hey!" Aidan called. The man stopped and just stood still, shaking like a leaf on a stormy day. "Come back here."

The man gulped and then came back to Aidan, dropping his eyes to the floor. He was scared. He was screwed for real. He didn't even know what had happened. How could he have not heard Aidan coming, he wondered as a shiver run down his spine? He closed his eyes and began his enchantments.

"What were doing in there?" Aidan pointed to the throne room. He was using a low voice but the man gasped and sweated even more. "Look at me." he ordered.

The man raised his face and Aidan saw just how sweaty he was. "My...my prince," The man quavered, slightly bowing his head. "I...was lost and..."

"And where were you going at this time?" Aidan asked. "Aren't you supposed to be asleep?"

"Well, my prince I was about to go to the..." He paused and just thought about what lie to cook up so that he could get himself out of that mess.

"And when you realized which room you were in why didn't you stop and come out? There is always a guard on that door where did he go?"

"My prince...I...don't know where he went. I just...I mean I didn't even know that a guard stands there. I...was just looking for..."

Aidan had a really good look at the man and surely a man who was lost couldn't have been that scared or that tense or even that pale. Something was up and he was sure that the man had been up to something. First the guard wasn't there and now that man was in the throne, scared and sweating. He was gonna interrogate him and he was gonna find out the truth.

Aidan opened his mouth to talk but before a word came out of his mouth, he heard Prince William's voice and he saw him coming near. He had only a pajama on.

"Hey, what was taking you so long? I have been waiting for you."

Prince William came near with a smile and rested his arm on the man's shoulder. Then he smiled even brighter at Prince Aidan.

"I am really sorry, Prince Aidan." William apologized. "He didn't mean to come here. I am sure that he was just lost. This won't happen again." He looked at the warlock and lost his smile. He was mad deep inside but he wasn't gonna allow that to show. "Let's go back."

The man nodded and he and the prince started going out.

"Just a minute..." Aidan called, stopping the man and his prince. Both of them turned around and as usual, Prince William smiled brightly.

"Yes, Prince Aidan, how..."

"Where exactly was that man going?" He asked. He had that seriousness on his face that just scared William and the warlock. "What was he doing in the throne room? This place is strictly forbidden."

"Like I said..."

"I know what you said." Aidan smiled. "I know exactly and I heard you but I just wanna hear from him where he was going at this time of the night. And you, where were you going? If you were waiting for him then...how come he couldn't find your room?"

William felt like a thousand deathly arrows had just been directed at him. He had that feeling inside which was scaring him but he was not gonna show it to anyone because he was not scared of anyone. Come to think of it, how did Aidan even come to that room without being heard or seeing?

"Actually, I sent him to get something for me but it seems he got lost. I am so sorry that he entered the throne room. I am sure that he didn't mean it and..."

"And he kept on going inside as if he had lost something in there." Aidan folded his arms. "I watched him closely and he was looking like he had lost something. Kindly ask him what..."

"Look prince Aidan, I told you he just got lost. That's all. There is no need to make a big issue out of this. You know he doesn't know this place that well."

"Well, I don't care whether he doesn't know this place or not." Aidan shrugged, staring at the two men in front of him. "That room is prohibited from outside entry and whether this man was lost or he was looking for something he shouldn't have entered that place in the first place. He should have left immediately he saw the place he was in. By the way...where did you send him at this time that he got lost? What was he looking for?"

"Well, my prince...I am really sorry that he came in here by mistake but...I can't tell you what I had sent him to get. It's really..."

"Well, may I remind you that you are in our kingdom and our palace?" Aidan pointed out. He had no idea why he was talking like that to the prince but he knew that that was what he felt at that time. "That means that you are our guest and..."


"Let me finish..." Aidan raised his finger to stop William from speaking to him. "You are our guest and that means that...you must let this palace serve you. If you wanted something you could have just called one of our maids or guards if you prefer and not send someone who doesn't know this palace really well. Things are bound to happen and who do you think..."

"What are you trying to tell me, Prince Aidan?" William was losing himself. He demanded respect and not the way Aidan was speaking to him. He was so mad inside that the smile was even getting faint. "Are you trying..."

"I am not insinuating anything, Prince William." Aidan shrugged, smirking at the smiling prince. "You are our guest so let us serve you. You came with guards sure but they don't know this palace." He was looking straight at the prince and he could see that the smile was fading. "Our maids and guards are the best that you can use at this place."


"By the way, shouldn't you be in bed right now." He asked. "It is still late and..."

"Yeah," William smiled. "I should be in bed right now. I am sure that...never mind."

"Sleep tight." Aidan gave about the brightest smile ever. He watched as the prince smiled one final time and left the room together with the guard, whoever he was.

After they left, Aidan got deeper into thought, trying to understand what was going on. He might have spent about ten minutes of thinking before he actually decided to move away from there. He took a deep and nervous breath before finally deciding to go.

Raising his eyes to go back, Aidan saw two guards rushing towards him. They looked lost and quite scared. They came to him and bowed their heads, kneeling down on the cold floor.

"My prince," They said at the same time.

"Good!" Aidan said. "You are all here. Now tell me where you went and left the throne room unguarded. Do you know what..."

"We are really sorry," They apologized. "Actually, we just got really sick and both of us rushed to the toilet."

"You got sick at the same time?" Aidan gasped. "How is that even possible? Do you actually know what you are talking?"

"Yes!" They bowed. "It happened so suddenly that...we don't really know what happened, your highness."

Aidan was now confused. He looked at the two of them and they were really scared. He didn't want to scare the poor guards even more. They were probably telling the truth. But he was sure that guy was up to something. But he just couldn't put his finger on it.

"It's fine. Go back to your duty post and please, don't ever leave this place unguarded."

"Yes, your highness." They both rushed to the door and guarded it.

Aidan moved his eyes behind for one last time and went back to his room. All through his journey in the elevator he kept on thinking about what was going. He could sense something and his powers...his sudden dream in which the four elements were charging him up...his blue eyes. What was really going on? It was absolutely strange and he had no idea what to do.

Reaching his room, Aidan's worries where taken away when he saw his husband sleeping beautifully. Fuck he was really cute and handsome. And his snores were beautiful too. Aidan took a deep sigh and then removed his robe. He slipped under the covers and then carefully pressed his chest on Luis' chest. To his surprise, Luis in his sleepy state wrapped his arms around him.

Aidan felt warm again and he was completely taken back to sleep. He loved being in those arms whole night long.


William stormed in his room, furiously sitting on his bed. He put his head on his fists and just panted. His breath was really hot and it felt like fire. His eyes were red, shot up with veins. He could feel his body charging his body up. Boy he was really mad.

"Fuck!" He caressed, nodding his head as a shot of pain passed through his entire body.

"My prince," The dark haired warlock came rushing in. "What happened? How did it even happen? I thought..."

"That foolish idiot happened." William seethed. His body was now trembling in anger. "How dare he talk to me like that? Who does he think he is? Does he know me? Does he know what I can do?"

"My prince, please calm down." The dark haired warlock said. "People may..."

"Do I look like I care?" He snapped. "That little boy definitely has no idea what he's dealing with. All this could have been done today. We would have found something but..." He gestured, hissing loudly. "He ruined everything and he has the nerves to talk to me in that manner." He was really pissed off. Not even his father had ever talked to him in that manner.

"I had never been so scared in my life." The blonde haired warlock quavered. "I was really..."

"And you..." William snapped at the blonde haired warlock. "What kind of spell did you cast? Did you cast a call that idiot spell?"

"My prince," he tried to breathe normally. "The spell I casted on those guards worked. But..."


"I tried to cast a silent spell to make him lose memory of the last few minutes of his life but it didn't work. Those spells bounced back and didn't do anything. Those spells have always worked no matter what. I have never been so scared in my life. Did you hear the way he was talking to us and his authority?" He breathed. "I thought we were..."

"Enough..." William literally yelled. "That boy thinks he is smart." He seethed. "He thinks he is smart but I will deal with him. Nobody talks to me in that manner." He groaned. "He thinks he had won but let's see how he stops us from getting our hands on that scepter. He is nothing but a small boy and he cannot do anything to us. We are powerful and..."

"Let me just say this my prince," One the warlocks said. "We cannot allow anyone to spoil our mission. That boy caught us this time so what? He is nothing but a helpless boy that doesn't know who he is dealing with. We are going to deal..."



"That boy is just a helpless stupid boy," William said angrily. "Don't worry about him. He won't stop us, never. If he tries anything like this again..." He gave a sinister laugh. "Only the heavens will be able to save him from our wrath. We are going to continue looking for that scepter. We must find it at all costs okay?"

"Yes!" They all answered.

William looked at his warlocks and then he moved his eyes forward, staring at the door. What had happened to him was an insult and had he been in his father's kingdom that boy would have been dust by now. But he was not gonna allow him ruin his mission. It was all gonna work out in his favor. If that boy continued being foolish...then William will have no choice but...


When Aidan opened his eyes in the morning, he met with the most wonderful blue eyes he had ever seen in his life. Those eyes were of Luis and he was awake, staring at him with the most beautiful smile ever.

"Morning." Aidan smiled, stretching his arms.

Luis leaned down and gave Aidan the most beautiful kiss ever. "Good morning, my love. How was your night?"

Aidan smiled brightly, licking his lips sensually. He wanted more of Luis on his mouth but what was he to do? Of course, he had a great night even though he had caught someone in the throne room but of course, he wasn't gonna allow him know that.

"It was really amazing, especially since I slept in your wonderful arms." He teased, resting his head on Luis' chest. "How was yours?"

"Do you think sleeping with the most amazing boy in my life would make my life extremely bad? Of course, I had the best night. I even had the best morning staring at that same wonderful boy. Too bad he has awakened now. I was planning on staring at him the whole day."

"Well, you can do that if you want."

"If I want." Luis sighed. "Unfortunately, I have to leave early today. We didn't quite finish with the meeting yesterday. I really hope you understand, my love?"

"Of course," Aidan moved seductively closer to Luis. He wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer into a fierce kiss. That kiss was really amazing especially since it was in the morning. "I understand you completely. Like I said yesterday...you are the crown prince of this kingdom and it is your duty. So when are you supposed to leave?"

"An hour or two from now. But I promise this meeting will be the last okay. I don't know when we..."

"I am not complaining," Aidan chuckled nervously. "And I think you need to go and take a quick shower okay?"

"Ohhhh..." Luis complained, cupping Aidan's cheeks. "Why don't you take a bath with me this morning?"

"Because it will take longer," He simply said with a chuckle. "I will take a bath later in the day or when I wake up. Just go in there, take a beautiful shower and then come back in here and I will make sure I dress you myself okay?"

"Okay." Luis took Aidan in another hot kiss and then left the bed, naked, walking towards the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his neck. Before he went into the bathroom he blew Aidan a kiss and went inside to shower.

Aidan laughed out loud and then laid his head on a pillow, waiting for his loving husband to come back from the bathroom. He had a big grin on his face, remembering all the wonderful things that have happened in his life ever since he got together with Luis. Those were happy moments.

It wasn't long before Luis came out of the bathroom with his wet hot body. He dried himself up and then Aidan did the honor of dressing him up in a light grey designer's suit, white shirt and deep black shoes. He placed a red crown on his head and then gave him a really deep kiss before he went to have breakfast and meet with his father. Everything was turning out to be for the best.


The elevator door opened, letting Aidan out. He was in a really happy mood and he didn't know why. He had just come from taking a really soothing shower that made him feel relaxed. Now he was downstairs for breakfast. He was just so happy.

Aidan was putting on a deep blue t-shirt, light blue skinny jean and yellow sneakers. After breakfast that day he was planning on visiting his granny and his brother. He hadn't been there for quite some time so he was eagerly just waiting to reach there.

Aidan rushed to the dining table and found everyone except the king and Luis in there. They were busy chatting and William was there too. Aidan still felt uneasy and when he saw him he tried his best to just not lose that smile. That guy was someone that he didn't want to be friends with no matter what happened. He didn't know why but he just felt that way.

"Good morning!" Aidan beamed, grabbing a chair.

"Good morning!" Hanna and the rest smiled at him. "How was your night?"

"It was okay." He smiled.

"That's good."

Aidan smiled at Hanna and then served himself breakfast while the others chatted and laughed among one another. They seemed really happy and they sure talked a lot but for some reason Aidan didn't like William being at that table. He didn't like it all and he didn't know the reason why.

When Aidan raised his face, he noticed that William had his eyes on him, staring at him with a wonderful smile. But that smile didn't get to Aidan at all. In fact, it just made him uncomfortable so he decided to forget about it and just concentrate on the food. It was just amazing having that breakfast with the family members.

"So...Prince William," The queen started. "How are you finding our kingdom?"

The Prince first chuckled before he started talking. "I haven't visited much but the palace is lovely and your gardens are just amazing. They are quiet and they have many trees and fruits. Your palace is probably the best I have seen so far."

"Hmm," The queen chuckled. "I haven't quite visited your kingdom but I am sure it is lovely."

"I can't say," He chuckled nervously. "But this palace is really something else I tell you. It is classy, elegant and expensive. Everything is either made of..."
Aidan was just eating while listening to what Prince William was saying. Though the guy was nice and all, Aidan's soul just couldn't accept him. It was like he had done something to him that he didn't know. Something was really wrong. And what about those guards that he had? Why were they strange looking, or at least the one he had met was strange looking. And he had been sure that guard had been after something in that throne but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Aidan ate his breakfast as fast as he could just to get away from that table because he could feel something emanating, something not good at all. Fuck! He just couldn't stand being close to Prince William.

"Excuse me," Aidan excused himself after breakfast. "I will be upstairs."

Aidan was gonna get his phone before finally going to his granny's. Why did he have to forget his phone? He could have just gone to his granny's after breakfast, right? Things would have turned out better and he wouldn't have had to face that prince or his guards.

Aidan got out of the dining room and he was able to feel a bit better. He entered the elevator and was already on his way to his room. It didn't take long at all and he was already in his room.

"Gosh..." He breathed when he saw his phone.

Aidan quickly began moving towards the phone, rushing to it. He was almost near when he heard a strong gush of wind and immediately he felt that wind it was like his senses got sharper. He could sense some form of energy in that room. It was not negative but he could sense it.

Taking a quickly step behind Aidan looked all around extending his hand, moving it from side to side. The wind kept on gushing but he wasn't able to see anyone. He was just ready for anything. Then after a few seconds the wind stopped but he could still feel some energy flowing in that room.

Aidan got ready and extended his arm, opening his palm. Then suddenly he heard a voice and, the priest appeared in front of him, carrying his trident as usual. Aidan breathed and then dropped his palm.

"Priest..." He breathed.

"I could sense that you were confused and you wanted to see me?" He asked, hitting the trident on the floor harder. "Now what seems to be the problem?"

Aidan breathed as he didn't know how the priest was gonna take what he was about to say. "The Prince..." Aidan muttered. "The new..."

"Of course," The priest breathed in the air. "I can sense a strange power in this palace. It is a strong power that..."

"I could sense it too." Aidan said excitedly. He was sniffing it so loudly. "This usually happens when I am around him. I need your help priest. I actually don't know what to do. Yesterday or rather this morning, I found one of the guards in the throne room and I am pretty sure he was looking for something."

"My prince," The priest bowed his head, looking straight at the prince. "Those men are after something in this palace." He confessed.

"What?" Aidan exclaimed, getting closer to the priest. "What are they after? What do they want? Are you telling me that..."

"Yes!" The priest moved his head robotically sniffing the air. "The power is actually stronger. If those men succeed in taking what they came for...something will rise...something might happen."

"What are they..."

"I can't say." The priest said simply. "I can't say what they are after because the almighty does not permit me."

"What?" Aidan couldn't believe a thing of what was going on. The priest was the one that...he was supposed to know. "Can't you stop them?" He asked. "Can't you stop those men from their quest? You have the..."

"I am powerless against those men." The priest said. "I cannot fight against them. They knew before they came to the palace and that's why...it is up to you to stop them."

"What?" Aidan took a step behind. "You've gotta be kidding me." He chuckled nervously. "How can I stop..."

"You did it yesterday," The priest chuckled, moving closer with his trident. "You can stop them if you believe in yourself."

"But..." Aidan paused and tried to move his mouth but he was speechless. The priest was absolutely right after all. Aidan had prevented something from being taken away from that throne room but now...what was going on? What were they after? Could it have been that...what they were looking for was in the throne room or...

The priest gave a loud laugh and then hit his trident harder on the floor. "You can do this. However, you must do it fast because..."

"How?" He asked. "You know very well that..."

"You have the ability to do it." The priest smirked. "You have your powers and everything."

"What are you talking about?" Aidan frowned. "I don't even know how to use these..."

"Of course, you do." The priest chuckled. "All you gotta do is believe with this," He raised the trident and pointed at Aidan's heart. "And with this," He pointed at Aidan's head.

Aidan moved his eyes and stared at the priest, taking a deep breath. "I know what you are saying and...if they are trying to take something from my home...then I have to stop them. It is my duty to stop them and save my palace."

"That's the courage," The priest gestured. "If you believe in yourself there are a lot of things that you can do. A lot of them than you can imagine. I know you have been trying to avoid your gift but you can also use it to help stop those men."

"I know." He gave a gloomy sigh. "But what are those men? Who are they? Can I at least get to know what I will be dealing with here?"

"You will find your answers soon." The priest smiled brightly and hit the trident harder on the floor. A really bright light appeared in front of Aidan and when it disappeared...so did the priest.

Aidan just stood there, wondering about what the priest had just told him. He knew those men were after something in the palace but what was that thing that they needed? He couldn't quite understand it. It was all so confusing. But he had a hint. He knew that whatever they wanted was from the throne room. He was sure of it.

"What are those men really after?" Aidan thought as he sat on the bed with his face on his palm. He needed to understand everything that had happened. But no matter what he did...he couldn't come to a conclusion. It was just confusing him.

"I need to find out what they are after." Aidan said, nodding his head. "I need to really find out what it is that they want. I need to find a way to find out about them and what they are after."


"Of course," Hanna laughed, touching her chest. "Everything went just like that. The crazy man even had the nerves to call her after that. Can you imagine all the foolishness?"

Everyone in the living room burst into laughter, touching their chests. They were really into the joke Hanna had just been telling them. It was hilarious and they couldn't stop laughing no matter what they did. It was a really beautiful joke though bad.

Everyone was seated in the living room, laughing and feeling really happy. After breakfast they had all just retired to the living room to tell stories and jokes. They were a royal family but they deserved a really good time too. Everything else was just going perfectly.

As they were laughing Aidan came into the living room and just stood quietly without even saying anything to them. They continued talking and laughing but Aidan neither smiled nor said anything to contribute to their topic.

After what felt like hours Granny noticed that Aidan was quiet and she went near and sat on the couch close to him. She extended her hand and then held his shoulder.

Feeling the hand on his shoulder, Aidan moved his eyes and stared at granny, smiling faintly.

"Son," She called softly. "Are you okay?"

Aidan took a deep sigh after hearing granny's question. "I am okay, granny. It's just that I am really bored. I feel like doing something. Let's do something as a whole family, something exciting and beautiful." He smiled, squeezing granny's hands.

"I think Aidan is right." Hanna smiled. "We should probably go somewhere and just...you know change the environment. It will be really beautiful for all of us. It will also help us relax."

"I know." The queen chuckled. "It's a great idea but..."

"I know." Aidan gasped, slightly moving from the chairs. "Why don't we go and visit my family. I think they would be really happy to have us at home. Besides, I haven't seen the both of them since the party so I would like to see them. But that is if..."

"What do you mean by that?" Granny chuckled, passing her fingers through his hair. "Of course, we would love to go. They are now our family and I think it will just be good if we visit them."

"Yeah," The queen agreed. "I think it's a good idea. We will have a good time there."

"Alright," Aidan quickly got up from the chair, smiling brightly. "Then let's leave right now." He was just so happy that his happiness couldn't be masked. It was emanating from him to everyone else. Everyone that saw him was instantly happy. "Please...mother...granny...please."

"Alright," The queen quickly got up from the couch. "We will go."

"Yes!" Aidan chirped, putting his finger on his lips.

The royal family was really happy seeing Aidan in that mood. He was really happy that he was gonna visit his family, especially with the royal family with him. Everything was turning out for the best and he loved it a whole lot. He couldn't explain the mood that he was in. He just couldn't express it because it was beyond happiness.

Aidan was so happy. In no time they all went outside and were already on their way to Aidan's grandmother's place. It was really beautiful and no matter what...he just couldn't express it.


The door bell rang and Ethan rushed to open the door. He was just in a cargo short and a t-shirt without anything on his feet. He had his tablet in his hands as he was busy chatting on social. That wonderful smile was still on his face.

Reaching the door, Ethan opened it wide and then felt strong arms wrapping around him.

"Bro..." Aidan hollered, hugging Ethan tightly. "Oh my God, I really missed you like crazy."

"Aidan!" Ethan gasped, hugging him tightly. "I am so glad you are here. You don't know how I feel right now. I have missed you a lot."

"I missed you too."

"But not more than me," Ethan chuckled. He was really happy.

"Of course," Aidan and Ethan broke the fierce hug and just held each other's hands, smiling as if they were two lovers. OMG Aidan had missed his brother so much. He felt really emotional. "I really missed you. You don't know how it feels like to see you."

"Why don't you..." Ethan trailed off and gaped when he saw the royal family behind Aidan. "Your highness..." He quickly bowed, kneeling down for the royal family. "Welcome to our home."

"What are you doing?" The queen chuckled. "Please, get up okay? We don't do that to our family members. You are a son of the royal family so please...get up."

Ethan bowed his head once more and got up, smiling sheepishly at the queen. "Please. Come inside. I will go and call granny."

After saying that, Ethan ran off to call granny. The royal family chuckled and then entered the house into the living room. They were really happy they had visited Aidan's family with him. This was the first official visit after Aidan and Luis' marriage so they were bound to be happy.

In no time soon granny came and greeted them. She seemed really happy and she hugged Aidan tightly. They were all one happy family together. They loved how everything was turning out to be.

"This is really a surprise." Granny chuckled. "I am so happy that you decided to visit."

"Oh, don't flatter us," The queen mother chuckled. "This is Aidan's doing. Actually we would have never come here if not for your grandson's suggestion. All the credit goes to him."

"Oh!" Aidan's granny wrapped her arms around him. "Then I have to thank him for that." She chuckled. "But you came anyway and it is really beautiful. And you are not leaving here without having any of my food."

"Sure," The queen mother nodded. "We would really love to taste your cooking. I am sure it is lovely."

"My grandmother cooks the best food." Aidan laughed, burying his head in her chest. "She is the best cook I have ever known in my life."

"Even better than mine?" The queen mother raised her eyebrow. "I am pretty sure you told me my food was great." She chuckled.

"Well...let me just say both of you cook the best of foods." He looked at the both of them with a smile. "I love both your foods a lot. I am telling the truth..."

"Busted..." Hanna chuckled softly, staring at Aidan.

"Okay." Both the grannies said. "We will believe you."

"Thank you." He squeezed his granny's hands.

They stayed right there without moving an inch from where they were sitting. They all were having a good time together. If anyone ever saw them they wouldn't recognize them as the royal family. They would have recognized them as...just ordinary people.

But even through all that laughter Aidan was only missing one person and that was his husband. That moment he wished that he was there. He wished that he was holding him and planting soft kisses on his lips. He wished he was slowly massaging his waist. But guess he had no choice but to wait. That was the only way he was gonna survive without Luis...just waiting.

Aidan took a deep sigh before diving into the great story that they were actually talking about. Everything was going just perfectly. Nothing was gonna ruin any of his plans and he was sure of it this time.


"Oh my God," The red haired warlock gasped, gripping his head in excitement. "I can't believe this. We will never get another opportunity like this. I am telling you...this is like the best opportunity ever."

"Yes!" William gasped. "I still can't believe this is happening. They have all left the palace for us. They don't even know what is going to happen here. Fools! I tell you. They are a bunch of fools. I couldn't believe it when I heard him."

William and his warlocks were in his room celebrating after hearing that Aidan and the others had left the palace. That had been like the perfect opportunity ever. Now finding that scepter was gonna be the easiest thing ever. They were gonna find it and they were gonna be long gone before the royal family even finds out.

"We have to quicken our search." The blonde haired warlock answered. "We have to find that scepter as soon as possible. Lord Wyatt will not..."

"Father will do nothing because we will find that scepter today." William seethed. "We have to move now and this time there will be no mistakes. We have to use everything that we've got to find that scepter. Then father will greatly award us."

"Yes!" The black haired nodded. "We have to move now."

"Move it." William called.

The four of them left the room with evil grins on their faces. They were just too happy. And they didn't even have to do anything hard to find it. An opportunity had just presented itself right there. Things were going absolutely perfect.

Now Angria was gonna be on its knees.


The red haired warlock had both his hands extended, pointing at the three royal guards that stood guard outside the throne room. He was casting a magical spell, connecting his hands spiritually with those guards. The rest of them were just watching, waiting for the enchantments to be done. William was growing impatient by the second.

"Will you hurry it up?"

The red haired warlock's enchantments got faster. He had his eyes on those guys and in no time...their eyes started getting heavy. All of them touched their heads as if they were having a really terrible headache.

As the enchantments got to another level the guards started getting dizzy and as time went on...they were already on the ground, fast asleep. It was almost like they were dead because nothing could be done to them to wake them up unless...the spell wears off.

"Good!" William said as he rushed towards the door. "They have finally gotten out of our way."

"Should we..."

"Leave them here." William ordered. "All that we need is to get inside and everything else will be easy. If any of them gets here in the premises, we will be able to hear them."

William gave a sinister laugh before he opened the door to the throne room. Opening the door, he breathed in the air and chuckled softly but evil could be heard in that voice. His heart was throbbing rhythmically sending waves of pleasure throughout his body. He was happy with the way things were going.

William scanned the whole room, checking every bit or any hint to tell him where the scepter was hidden. That was the only important and valuable item they were only after in that room. Nothing else mattered.

"Finally," He looked all around, chuckling softly. "We have finally gained access to this room without any disturbances. Open your eyes and be careful with what you do in here okay. Finding that scepter is our only goal. Now get to it."

The three warlocks plus the prince quickly rushed in the throne room, moving their eyes from side to side. They couldn't afford to miss anything or lose that scepter. It was the only thing that was keeping them from the wrath of their king. The sooner they find it the sooner they were gonna leave.

William and his warlocks began their search for the golden royal scepter. They searched throughout every wall, touching it to make sure there wasn't a passage or something. They used enchantments to summon that scepter. They used physical powers...they literally used all their magical powers to find that scepter but it was futile. No matter how much they tried it just wasn't being found. It was like their magical powers had suddenly become useless. They searched and searched but it was to no avail. There was no sign of any secret door to that room. All their spells failed no matter how strong. It was all just confusing.

William was sure the scepter was kept in that room and that was the reason why the guards guarded it in the first place. It was the reason why it was prohibited to enter that room. But everything that was happening just proved that...there was nothing because they searched everywhere including under the throne but nothing. All their mediums failed terribly.


"My prince," One of the warlocks gasped as he sat on the cold floor. "This has proven to be difficult."

"The king is gonna get us for this." Another one said in a shaky voice. "He warned us not to be useless and..."

"Silence!" William seethed, giving the three of them angry eyes. "Why do you have to irritate me when..."

"It's the truth," One of them confessed. "We are doomed for the wrath of the king. We promised not to fail him and honestly...we thought this mission would be...easy. But our powers are not working in here. They are useless and they can't help us. And we keep on getting weaker in here."

William and the three warlocks had been searching that room without finding any results. It had almost been close to an hour and half and still nothing. They were tired...they were sweaty...they were angry...they were panting...they were scared of King Wyatt and his reaction. They were just expecting the worst while they sat on that floor.

"Will you please stop that?" William snapped, looking all around. He was seated on the couch, sweaty and tired. His eyes were moving from side to side, looking for a hint or anything to give him a clue even though he had scanned that room countless number of times. "I am fucking sure that fucking scepter is in this fucking room." He seethed. "Let me think and concentrate or you three will be really sorry. We have to do this as fast before one of them comes home."

The three warlocks just remained quiet and allowed Prince William do what they knew was impossible. They were gonna be greatly punished once they go back to Alerna. They were gonna regret not going back with the scepter.
William on the other hand was moving his eyes slowly, carefully examining every object in that room. Surely, there had to be some sort of key to a secret door right? So he was examining each and every object in that room. He just wanted the fucking scepter so that his fucking heart could calm down. He knew if he didn't get that scepter to his kingdom, his father was not only gonna be disappointed but he was gonna punish him as well.

William moved his eyes carefully till he reached the statue behind the throne. It was a big golden statue of a man holding some sort of fire. He paused and then carefully examined the statue, making sure that he was being accurate and careful.

He started with the head and began going down but when his eyes reached what looked like a flame...he paused and carefully examined.

"Hmm," He wondered as he rubbed on his temple softly. "Something is definitely not right here."

Yes he was right. Instead of the flame being the way it normally would...it was upside down and it made things suspicious. "Now why would a flame be facing upside down unless...unless...?"

William excitedly got up from the couch. A bright smile appeared on his face and his heart raced. "I got it." His voice filled the entire room, making the three warlocks rise. "I think I have got it now."

"What?" One of the warlocks asked.


Taking a deep breath, William began rushing to the statue. He was really fast and he reached it in a few seconds. Reaching the big golden statue, William slowly moved his hands to the flame like statue. He placed his hands on it and prayed his suspicions were right or else...

William tried to move it and it surely moved. He started moving the statue like flame, carefully moving it upwards. It moved swiftly and reached its peak. It was now in the right way. As soon as he placed that flame in the right way, he heard a soft noise like that of a stone moving.

"Oh my God," One of the warlocks gasped.

"What is it?" William raised his head and looked at the man. "What are you..."

"Look..." The man pointed.

Moving his eyes away, he followed the direction the warlock was pointing and when his eyes reached the place where the warlock pointed, William's heart pounded with joy. His breaths became really harsh and adrenaline pumped to the rest of his body, sending nothing but power all over him.

Right in front of him on a wall was the beautiful golden scepter with a huge diamond ball at the top. It was in what looked like a golden box on the wall where that door had opened. It sparkled brightly and it was marvelous. God! It was really marvelous.

He felt really charged up and gave a loud sinister laugh that filled the entire room. His breaths were really violent and quite harsh. He was chuckling like an evil war lord because he was feeling really happy.

"Finally..." He gasped, slowly moving towards the wall. "...I can't believe it. Finally..." He laughed loudly. "We have finally gotten what we came here for. We can finally go back to our kingdom and deliver this beautiful scepter. Father will be really proud..."

The three warlocks gave sinister laughs while evil grins appeared on their faces. Their hearts were pounding in their chest and everything felt amazing and beautiful. They couldn't deny the joy and total control they felt.

William was close. He could almost touch it. It was almost in his hands and he...he was just a second away. He took a hand to grab it and leave but something happened, something that left him dumbstruck. As he was about to grab that scepter it just moved from there and only god knows where it went. He couldn't see it anymore. He looked all around and couldn't see it. He had almost had it and now it had disappeared. Something was definitely not right. Now he was panicking.

"Where is it?" He snapped, looking all around. "Where the fuck is..."

"I knew you were up to something." A voice was heard throughout the throne room.

Hearing that voice, that really familiar voice, William felt a really sharp vibration on his spine. He was totally panicking and panting. He quickly moved his eyes to the direction of the voice and got the surprise of his life when he saw...Aidan smiling and holding the scepter carefully in his hands.

Seeing Aidan, William felt mad. He was really mad and he was not gonna spare him for anything in this world. He felt like something, a fire had just entered his body. Now he was furious. He was looking at Aidan with a pure look of hatred. He hated him.

"I knew that excuse from yesterday was just too lame." Aidan chuckled.

Aidan was in the throne room with the scepter in his hands. He had actually used his mind to move the scepter from its original place. Now it was in his hands and he wasn't gonna let it go. The priest had told him to believe and that was what he did. He just concentrated and the scepter came to him.

Actually that had been all Aidan's plan. After the priest had spoken to him, he had begun to wonder and think. Then he came up with the idea of taking his family to his granny so that he could find out what they were after. He had given a stupid excuse and now he was here. Actually he had known ever since he found those sleeping guards outside. He had waited for them to find what they were looking for before...finally letting them know that he was seeing what they were doing.

"You?" William bellowed as he gave Aidan angry eyes. "Why the fuck did you..."

"Oh please..." Aidan rolled his eyes. "I knew you were up to something the moment I met you. Now I have confirmed it. You were after the king's scepter and..."

"Give me that and you won't get hurt." William roared, extending his hand. "I don't know how it got to you but give me that..."

"Arrr..." Aidan covered his mouth and yawned mockingly. "Sorry...what did you..."

"You stupid..."

"I will handle this..." The blonde haired warlock said, confidently moving towards Aidan, chuckling softly while a smirk appeared on his face. "...I know how to deal with boys like this. He won't ever attempt to do this to another...warlock."

The blonde haired guy stretched his arms and then extended his hand straight at Aidan. He immediately began enchanting and before he could finish it...he was sent flying high in the air, screaming like a ninny. He hit the wall in the room and then fell to the ground, wincing like a little kid.

William watched in horror as the warlock, one of the strongest he had come to know winced on that floor like a little child after being beaten. Then he moved his eyes towards Aidan and took a few steps behind. He was suddenly scared but he wasn't gonna show it. He looked at the remaining warlocks and saw the horror in their eyes.

"Who are you?" The red haired warlock asked, slightly trembling. "Are you a warlock?"

"Who cares?" Prince William quavered. "Deal with him before..."

Before William could finish the sentence the two remaining warlocks were sent flying as well. In no time they were all wincing in pain. William on the other hand was trembling. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the smiling boy that gave him creeps.

"Who...who are you?"

"I should be asking you that question." Aidan yelled. "Who the hell are you and what do you want with the king's scepter? What do you want to use it for?"

"Well...we were only sent to..."

"Surely, you can't embark on a mission without having any knowledge of it would you?"

"I...we were not allowed to ask questions." He lied, slightly trembling. "Actually, we didn't even want to go on this mission because..."

"Are you even a prince?" Aidan frowned as he got closer to William. "Are you really from Namary or what?"

"Yes..." He nodded in agreement. "I am a prince and...I am from Namary kingdom."

"What do you want with the scepter I ask again?" Aidan kept on getting closer. "It's either you tell me or you join them." He gestured at the warlocks that were on the floor. "Who even sent you to this kingdom? Speak!" He yelled, making William tremble.

"Well, I...we actually..."

"Don't play coy with me?" Aidan snapped, focusing his eyes on that foolish man. "Do you think I am dumb or something? Now tell me what you want with the scepter or I will make you pay for it." So much power had filled Aidan up. He could feel it flowing and he was ready to use it without any fear. He was ready to inflict pain on those people if he had to.

"No-no..." William trembled. "Try to understand and..."

"Understand?" Aidan gave a bitter chuckle. "I think you are not taking me seriously."

Aidan extended his hand and opened his palm, letting go of the energy that he was feeling. Immediately his palm opened, William began rising from the floor slowly. He instantly began trembling. Aidan's concentration was on that man he was holding with his mind, well hand. He didn't know much about his gift but he sure knew somehow to use it. But that was only if he concentrated as hard as he could.

"Now...speak. Who the..." Before Aidan could even finish his sentence, he heard one of the warlocks chanting loudly. He quickly moved his eyes to see who it was that was chanting but was welcomed by explosions like firework on his face. It sent smoke all over and he couldn't see a thing. He slightly moved and concentrated his mind, making sure that he had the scepter tightly held.

He concentrated a whole lot and in just a few seconds, the whole smoke cleared but William and none of the warlocks were in that room. There was no sign of them. "They must not leave," He thought.

Aidan quickly moved his eyes behind and saw William at the door, smiling and winking at him. Before he could even do a thing...William was gone. Seeing the 4 men had left the room, Aidan run as fast as he could outside the throne room. The guards outside were still asleep so he just passed them and rushed to the elevator. He still had the scepter and the only thing he was hoping for was to...find those guys and expose them.

In no time...Aidan reached the 5th floor where William had been staying. He rushed to the room and barged in. He looked all around and got the surprise of his life when he couldn't actually see any of them. They were gone and so were their bags and everything that they had. There was not even a single sign that someone had been staying in that room.

"What's going on?"

Aidan moved from that room and checked the rooms were the guards or rather warlocks were staying. The rooms were also empty and there was still no sign of anyone staying in those rooms. Things were really getting out of hand. What was really going on?

Moving as quickly as he could, Aidan rushed downstairs and went straight outside, calling the guards that were on duty. They all came and knelt down in front of him, showing him respect.

"Has any of you seen Prince William and his guards?" He gasped. He was growing impatient and the scepter was still in his hands.

"Yes," One of the guards bowed. "Prince William and his guards just left a few minutes ago. They seemed to be in a hurry. Is there any problem, your highness?"

"Yes...I mean no," What was he trying to do? Of course, he couldn't just shout it at the guards that William was on a mission. That was gonna breed questions. He needed to consult first. "Go back to your duty posts." He ordered.

The guards all left for their duties and Aidan slowly made his entrance into the palace. He was still confused and he still couldn't understand a thing of what had just gone on. Normally...he was supposed to believe that warlocks didn't exist but after having strange powers himself...everything was possible. He still wanted to know exactly what those people wanted with the scepter. He still needed to find out...but the only problem was that they had escaped. Fuck! He didn't even think right at that very time.

With the scepter still in his hands, Aidan made his way to his room. Reaching the room, he sat on the bed and buried his face in his palms, wondering and trying to understand what had recently been happening in his life. So many things had changed in his life...extraordinary things and now he had just done something unbelievable.


Aidan was still deep in thought when he felt swoosh of wind and then a hand on his shoulder. He quickly gasped and tried to get away, thinking it was one of those men had returned. When he saw who it was...he breathed in deeply.

"Priest...thank God you are here."

"Good!" The priest could only nod his head. "You have finally figured out what those men wanted from this palace."

"Yes," Aidan quickly moved from the bed and got up. "I have finally figured it out. But what did they want from the scepter? I had barely escaped from there. Those men are warlocks and..."

"Calm down..." The priest clenched his teeth and breathed in between them. "One question at a..."

"Priest...you dragged me into this so..."

"I didn't drag you into this..." The priest laughed manically. "Your future is in this kingdom and...you prevented that scepter from being stolen. That scepter is a really great symbol of sovereignty to many but in the wrong hands...it can be very lethal."

Aidan frowned. "Are you saying..."

"I am only saying what I was told to say," He chuckled, hitting the trident on the floor. A strong wind blew through the room. "That thing, the scepter as you call it is what we use in the coronation. It shouldn't get lost or something. You just saved it from one of the most powerful warlocks. They are powerful but in this palace...their powers were getting weaker and that's why you outsmarted them and..."

"They escaped..." Aidan was really sad that those men had escaped. "They escaped because I am not strong enough. I could only master one of..."

"Telekinesis..." The priest hit the trident on the floor again. "...but you defeated them, didn't you? That is something that someone else wouldn't have done. Even with telekinesis...you were able to defeat them. Your telekinesis is more powerful and faster than their chants. They are powerful, sure but you are faster."

"Yeah," Aidan frowned. "But..."

"They are gone." The priest laughed. "Don't worry about them. They are gone and they aren't coming back here. Those are really powerful warlocks outside these walls but once they enter this palace...their magical powers are reduced to half and they keep on reducing. But don't worry about them...they are never coming back here...at least not for that scepter."


"You need to practice. You will be better at it. Remember, practice makes perfect."

"I know..." Aidan sighed, hitting on his face. "I know perfectly well that. But do you think I should tell the..."

"Don't..." The priest hollered, suddenly pointing the trident at Aidan. The trident gave a quick red glow before it finally went off again. The priest raised it and hit it on the floor. "Don't tell the king or anyone else, even your husband doesn't have to know about this."


"The almighty's words and not mine..." The priest chuckled, moving his finger in the air. "They will come to know when the right time comes but for now...just keep it to yourself."

Hearing the priest's words, Aidan took a deep sigh and then raised the hand with which he was holding the scepter.

"And this," He gestured. "What am I to do with it? The throne room looks like a mess. I don't..."

"Here..." The priest extended his right hand. "Put it here and forget about everything that has happened. You'll never even realize that anything happened here. Remember...shhh..." He put his finger on his lips.

Aidan chuckled and then put the scepter in the priest's hand. He knew the priest was gonna do something with that scepter so he trusted him to do everything. The priest gripped the scepter harder when Aidan gave it to him.

"By the way," The priest chuckled. "Don't be confused over anything. Don't even let it get to you or get you worried. I will handle everything for you. I think you should even be somewhere right now."

"Where?" Aidan frowned and then gasped. "Granny's...I told her I would come back early..."

"That's the spirit..." The priest smiled. He actually smiled but with those long beards the smile couldn't be seen clearly.

"Wait!" He stopped the priest before he could leave. "What am I supposed..."

"Use your mind, my son." He chuckled, sniffing the air. "I can feel the change in the air. You can all now live without fear of those men..."

The priest laughed loudly, raising the scepter in the air. He then charged it on the floor. By the time it had hit the floor he was already gone. Aidan fixed himself up after the priest left and then rushed downstairs.

Just to make sure, he took a quick glance on the way to the throne room and the surprising thing was that the guards were already up and guarding the throne room. He took a deep breath and sighed. He could now feel a little better after knowing that those men had left. He was just hoping his worries would soon go away because he was still worried and confused. What had happened kept repeating on his mind and he honestly had no idea how to get rid of it. But one thing was for sure though...he was gonna go to his granny's and enjoy her lunch. Then he was gonna come back and enjoy life with his husband. He was just happy and lucky that the priest had become like his friend. It was something that he really appreciated.

Nodding his head, Aidan left the palace and went back to his granny's house.


As soon as Aidan opened the door to his granny's house, almost everyone got up from their seats and stared at him. He took a deep breath and acted as if everything was right, acting all confident and smiling confidently. The last thing he wanted was for questions to come flying at him.

"Hey, where did you go?"

"I had to drop by the palace." He couldn't lie. "I had forgotten my phone so I had to pick it up." He chuckled.

"Alright," The queen said, gesturing him. "We are having a good time with everyone here. Come on..."

Aidan smiled and then joined his family. They were really happy. They talked, they joked and did everything that families do just to keep the fun going. It was one of the most wonderful days Aidan had ever spent with his family. They had lunch together and after that they even told jokes. That was a really wonderful family. How he wished Luis had been by his side that very day. He missed him terribly.


The cars arrived and the palace and the royal family came out, talking and laughing with each other. It was almost 8.pm and they had come home after spending almost the whole day with Ethan and granny. It had been a really memorable day which none of them was gonna forget anytime soon. It had been spectacular and loving. Everything that any normal family would have done, they already did. They still couldn't wait to go back to that place.

All the family members were busy talking and Aidan had thought he was until he looked at that five star, beautiful golden palace. He remembered exactly what had happened just before afternoon and to be honest...it kinda got him worried. But once he remembered...

"Don't get confused or worried. Just forget that anything happened..."

He remembered the priest's words and he took a deep breath that seemed to travel to his whole body. He was feeling calm once again and he continued going inside together with his family. They were all just too happy.

Reaching the living room, Aidan froze and got the surprise of his life when he saw Luis smiling at him with his arms wide open. Aidan quickly rushed to him and just ran into those beautiful arms. They wrapped around him and he felt warm again. Every worry that he had went away. He felt like crying...he felt like jumping...he felt like crying...he felt like kissing that huge hunk. He sure loved him a lot.

"I missed you so much." Aidan chirped, wrapping his arms tightly around Luis'. "I really missed you a lot."
"Oh," Luis didn't want to tear away from that hug. He felt alive. "I don't even know how to describe what I felt today. I really missed you so much that I couldn't even concentrate on anything."

Luis cupped Aidan's cheeks and broke up from the hug. Then he looked deep in his green eyes as a smile appeared on his gorgeous face. "But my love, I won't be going anywhere anytime soon okay?" Aidan nodded. "I will just be here and we will go out as many times as we can. We will have fun and I will make up for the two days alright?"

"Okay." Aidan nodded. His heart was racing with love. Seeing that hunk was just too much to handle. He loved him like crazy and just wanted him by his side.

Aidan and Luis just got lost in each other's eyes as usual. They were brought to reality by the king clearing his throat. Oh, Luis had wanted to taste those lips but he was gonna do it in the bedroom. He was gonna kiss him like crazy.

"Father," Aidan rushed to the king and kissed him on the cheek. He just sat with the king and talked to him with the rest of the family members before he finally went to sit with his husband. It was a really beautiful day for them and they talked and talked.

"Hey...where is Prince William?" The king asked, looking all around. "Isn't he around or something? Has he not come back from exploring?" He chuckled.

Hearing about William, Aidan felt really nervous as he was taken down memory lane. He also remembered the priest's words. He couldn't say anything. But he couldn't keep quiet.

"Actually...he...he is gone back to Namary." Aidan simply said. "He went back this morning around err...11.am."

"What?" The king gasped, slightly moving. "Why? I thought he was to stay for few more days or..."

"I don't know," Aidan shrugged. He was still nervous and he didn't like lying to the king at all but what could he do in that situation? He had to lie. If only he could have told him what exactly had happened but he was so lost that...he couldn't even say anything true. "We went to visit granny and I left my phone here. When I came back...he told me an emergency had just come and he had to leave as soon as possible. He needed to attend to urgent matters in the kingdom. He was really in a hurry and he thanked me for everything."

"Strange..." The king said softly. "Anyway, maybe something did come up but...he spent just two days here and I hope he visits soon. He was a really lively person and cheerful too."

"Yeah," Hanna chuckled. "He is a great guy and he seemed really nice. I hope he visits too."

As the family members were talking Aidan just sat still and listened to their conversation. He was dying to tell them what had happened. God knows he was dying to tell them who the prince really was but his hands were tied, literally.

Aidan just forgot about the whole Prince William issue and just concentrated on his family members and his husband that was holding him. He was feeling happy and warmer that night especially with the getting rid of the prince and his husband holding him. Only God knows how happy he was feeling that night. It was unbelievably beautiful.

They had dinner and then talked some more before all of them retired to their own room. They had a really beautiful day.


"You feel so fucking beautiful." Luis said as he wrapped his hands tightly around Aidan and then kissed on his neck. "I really missed you today, baby."

"Oh," Aidan moved his head to look at his husband. He was gorgeous. "I missed you a whole lot. I wished you were there at granny's with the rest of us."

"Don't worry," Luis planted a soft kiss on his sweet lips. "We are done with this meeting and I am sure that another one won't be coming soon. We will go there and visit as many times as you want, my love."

"Really." Aidan beamed.

Luis chuckled and locked his eyes with the hot boy. "Trust me. Just tell when I will go with you."

"Thank you." Aidan leaned forward and captured Luis' hot lips in the hottest of kisses. He kissed him until both their lips were swollen. He kissed him until they both ran out breath. That had been an incredible kiss that he really loved.

"Thanks." Luis smiled. "I really needed that. Now..." He turned around and held him tighter than before. "Just relax and enjoy okay."

"Okay." Aidan buried his head into Luis' chest.

The two of them were in the hot tub, enjoying their beautiful soothing massages and their steaming hot bodies. It was really beautiful and the water felt breathtakingly soothing. It was making them relax and enjoy themselves. They had been in that hot tub for more than...an hour. It just felt like nothing else to be in each other's arms. They didn't want to let go.

"Don't you wanna sleep?" Luis asked, passing his fingers through Aidan's hair. Aidan had the hair tied so it was not wet at all. "I am really sleepy my love."

"Of course," Aidan turned and wrapped his arms around Luis. "I think we should sleep. I can see that you are really tired and...oh..." He trailed off when Luis wrapped his arms around his waist and another on his legs, lifting him from the hot tub. Both of them were dripping wet.

Luis lifted Aidan and took him to their bed with his eyes still on that boy. He reached the bed and laid him there, watching him. Luis couldn't tear his eyes away from his Aidan. He was tired and that was the complete truth but there was a part of him that wanted Aidan like crazy. He was getting turned on by just looking at Aidan. His breaths were changing to pants and he could feel his heart racing already. His cock was rising faster and his hormones were getting out of control.

Rubbing on Aidan's cheeks, Luis captured his lips and began kissing him softly on the lips. As he was kissing Aidan he was taking his whole weight closer to Aidan till he slowly began getting on top of his body while laying him on the bed. Both of them were naked and the friction on their bodies was just too much. It was making them yearn for each other more.

Luis moved his hands from Aidan's cheeks down to his legs, slowly lifting it. It felt so amazing and they were already moaning deep in each other's mouth. Moving his hand from Aidan's leg, Luis moved it to Aidan's ass and began fingering him softly. The finger slipped right through and in no time he was giving Aidan pleasure. Their moans got out of hand and the kiss was fierce. They kissed like they had never kissed before. They just wanted to explore each other's mouths.

The finger on Aidan's ass was just too much. He was immediately filled with lust and didn't want to let go. He brought his hands to Luis' neck and brought his lips closer into a fierce kiss. Then he moaned deeply into that mouth while his ass danced on that little finger.

After what felt like hours Aidan had enough. He wanted Luis' cock right there. He wanted to feel him deeper into his ass.

With that deep feeling taking control of his body, Aidan tore away from Luis' mouth and then begged him right there.

"Please. Make love to me."

Luis removed his fingers from Aidan's ass and then kissed him on the lips. "I will."

Luis then grabbed the bottle of lube from the drawer and readied Aidan before finally penetrating his sweet and tight ass. It was really amazing the way he felt when he entered Aidan and began thrusting his hips into that sweet hole.

Luis felt something moving inside his body from that time he had penetrated Aidan. It was so powerful and it added to the ecstasy he was feeling. He captured Aidan's lips while making love to him and kissed him fiercely while his hips moved, thrusting his cock slowly into that ass. He just wanted it to be slow but at the same time blissful. He loved making love to Aidan.

Aidan on the other hand was going insane with pleasure. He could feel his vision blurring each time Luis hit his prostate. It was amazing and though the pleasure was just too much he felt like he needed more. He wanted to feel more. He wanted Luis to go deeper than he had ever gone before. He wanted to feel that seed spraying in his insides. He wanted to sleep with satisfaction. He wanted more.

The two guys were in pure ecstasy. Everything was going beautifully and the pleasure was just to die. Luis had Aidan pinned on that bed while he made sweet love to him. Their hands were all over each other's bodies, rubbing, pressing, and squeezing...anything just to keep the pleasure going. They need that pleasure. They desired it and it was what they got.

Both of them were sweaty and they just wanted to continue making love to each other. They made slow sweet amazing love for some minutes before the pleasure started getting out of hand. The tingling sensation was moving up and down their spines. They moaned even deeper into each other's mouths and Aidan's legs found themselves on Luis' waist. Everything was going lovely.

Both guys tore away from each other's mouths and moans of pleasure which seemed to get louder each passing second filled the entire room. They screamed at the top of their voices as Luis exploded deeper into Aidan's ass, screaming in pleasure. Feeling that hot jizz deeper into his ass, Aidan came and he came hard, moaning Luis' name at the top of his voice.

"God..." Luis moaned and then collapsed on top of Aidan's chest, breathing in deeply. He was still in pleasure and he could feel his cock jerking, spurting the last cum.

Aidan on the other hand had enjoyed the beautiful love making. It made him feel...like a true man. His body was jerking in pleasure and he wouldn't have loved anything else. The man that had collapsed on top of him felt amazing too. He loved him like crazy.

Luis moved his head and then planted his lips on Aidan's lips. He needed to appreciate him for the pleasure that he had given him. He loved him like crazy.


Aida slowly moved his head from Luis' chest and stared at his face. The man was sleeping, snoring softly. He was looking really handsome in his sleep and Aidan couldn't help but smile. Man...he loved that man a whole lot and those powerful arms that were around him felt really wonderful. He was still in pleasure. The two men were lying naked after that intense lovemaking.

"I am sorry," Aidan said in his heart as he stared at the man. "I have been keeping something from you, something really important. It is not intentional but I have to follow the priest's instruction. I hope the time will come when I will tell you about everything...and I hope you will understand me."

Aidan felt really bad that he had been keeping that from the person he loved so much. It didn't make him feel any better at all. But...it was necessary to hide that. After all, he didn't know how the reaction of the people would be. They would call him a warlock...a wizard...or even the devil. What he had was special, according to the priest. But not telling his husband felt like a burden.

Something important had happened that day earlier and he can't even tell his husband. It didn't seem right but he was gonna have to hide it or it was gonna be bad for him, according to the priest. He was just happy that everything had turned out fine and he had gotten the scepter out of the hands of the enemy.

"Hopefully, nothing is going to happen, nothing bad." He whispered to his sleeping husband. "We will now live in peace and I won't ever hide anything from you. I love you so much."

Aidan kissed Luis' lips softly and then buried his head on his chest, feeling his arms tighten around him.

"Nothing will ever separate us." He whispered.

Feeling those wonderful muscular and warm arms around him, Aidan closed his eyes and he drifted off to sleep immediately.


The temple of light, far from the city, close to Angria Mountains...


The priest was seated on a small mat with his feet on one another and his palms open and resting on his thighs. He had his eyes shut, meditating. The priest was busy chanting softly, trying to be one with nature. As usual, he had his trident really close to him.

As he chanting, he suddenly stopped and then quickly opened his eyes. He grabbed his trident and stood still, raising it high in the air. As the trident rose, there was a gush of air that filled the whole temple. The trident suddenly started glowing, a bright red color, filling the whole temple up.

Seeing the glowing light the priest moved his eyes to the trident and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets. He understood what was going on. He understood it quite clearly. That was a clear vision to him. He had seen something.

"Trouble!" The priest gasped, hitting the trident harder on the floor. The wind stopped and the trident stopped glowing. Everything was back to normal. "Aidan!" The priest moved his eyes to the entrance. "This might be bad." He nodded his head. "But let it be so. Who am I to disobey?" He bowed his head.

The priest was really worried with the revelation. Trouble was blooming for the young boy and he couldn't do anything. All he could do was pray. There was much trouble ahead.


"What are we going to do now?" The three warlocks panicked, moving from side to side. "We still don't have the scepter in our hands. And we got defeated by a kid. Fuck!" The dark haired warlock was shaking from fear of what was gonna happen. "King Wyatt!" He gasped in fear. "What will he say? He will deal with us for sure. I can't even imagine what he is going to do."

"We have failed him." The red haired warlock nodded. "We have failed him and he will not let us go scot free. He trusted in our abilities and that's why he sent us here. We haven't even spent quite a number of days and now we are out." He babbled. "What happened back there was quite scary. Who could have guessed that he was..."

"We are not going back to Alerna." William bellowed. He was fuming and his face was red. He could feel a strong energy moving all over him. He just wanted to kill something but what? "We are not going back to the kingdom, do you understand?" He snapped, pointing angrily at them.

William and the three warlocks were in the forest, hiding for their lives. They couldn't afford to stay anywhere else so...they just ran to the forest. They had planned to leave for their kingdom that night but William had his own plans.


"I don't know about you but I will not accept defeat." He snarled, clenching on his fists.

"Are you crazy?" The blonde haired warlock came in front of him. "Our magic was not even working properly in that palace and a helpless foolish boy just defeated us. Are you planning on going for the scepter again and..."

"No!" William growled at the warlock. "I am sure they have changed the position and we will not find it. We will go back to our kingdom but...I will not let this go. While we suffer the wrath of my father I will have something to cheer for."

"What?" The three warlocks came closer. "The king..."

"This isn't just about my father anymore." William jeered, staring at the three warlocks in anger. "You fools failed me but we will attack together, combining everything that we have. We must get back at that idiotic boy. He will think twice before messing with us again."

"Okay. Guess you are right. But..."

"I have a plan." An evil grin appeared on William's face. He then turned around and looked at the beautiful palace from afar. It was sparkling and it was still beautiful. But William's heart was filled with so much evil.

"Aidan!" He seethed. "Get ready to face the consequences of your actions. You are not gonna know what has hit you." He gave a sinister chuckle, breathing violently. "I am coming back."

With one final look at the palace, William made a quick turn and looked at the three warlocks.

"It's payback time."

To be continued...

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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