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Unbroken - 16. Chapter 16: Angria is in danger. Will Aidan help?

Angria, a thousand years ago before civilization...


A long time ago, before civilization and before man even knew the use of technology or any other modern equipment, people lived in fear as they were ruled by a ruthless and tyrant evil king who used his army to get whatever he wanted. People suffered at the hands of this ruthless and cruel leader. They couldn't do a thing without the knowledge of this cruel leader. He had conquered the small clan which was rich in gold and land. He used the people as slaves and all the women as sex slaves. He had no remorse and he used to get what he wanted.

The people prayed for a deliverer, someone to redeem them from their captivity. For a long time they suffered and most of them lost their lives in trying to throw the king out of their land. The people were still suffering and that suffering just intensified. The king grew crueler every day, not even showing a sign of hope. Many people believed he possessed evil powers that made him stronger and ruthless. His warriors preyed the land, looking for whom to devour.

Many years passed and the people were automatically slaves to him. But one day hope came once again when two strangers, two brothers came to the land. They were blessed with magic, believed to be the first men to have natural magic. Their names were Ming and Mang. Ming was the oldest and Mang was the youngest even though they possessed the same powers. They were really powerful and they used their magic to help out the people.

They helped in wiping out the entire warriors of the evil king and then battled him. In the end, the evil king was defeated and stripped of all the powers that he possessed. The defeat for the evil king was just too much that he took his own life right of in front of Ming and Mang.

Once again, peace returned to the land and the people were able to live happily and peacefully. They treated Ming and Mang as their saviors. They treated them like rulers and redeemers. As time went by, Ming and Mang helped the people by building the very first brick houses. The people were really happy and so were the brothers.

However, a lot of things were different between the two brothers. While Ming was arrogant, short and hot tempered, proud and showing off his powers, Mang was different. Mang was humble, kind, nice and used his magic to help out whenever he could. The two brothers helped out the people a lot and also showed the people how to mine.

As years went on, it was found out that the land had more riches than anyone had ever thought. It had many precious stones and lands. Mang helped the people whenever he could but the more they found out about the land and the riches it possessed, the greedier Ming became.

Mang tried to reason with his brother about the use of his magic but the pride in Ming had gotten the best of him. He got even prouder and refused to help out people for free. He was involved in shady business which his brother didn't like. But Mang was helpless. He couldn't do a thing or tell his brother as it would have made him madder than he had been.

The years went by and the land kept on getting bigger as many people migrated to the land. People were free to do as they wished. The land's growth was just too big and as result, the people needed a king to lead them and rule them.

As a result of the much help that the two brothers gave to the people and the development they had brought to the land, the people felt it was only fair to let one of them rule the land. Hearing that, Ming was really happy. He looked forward to it and even boasted about it. He knew he was gonna be king since he was older than his brother. Then he could be free to do as he wished and use all the riches. There was no denying that fact. Mang on the other hand was more interested in the people's wellbeing. He was happy with any of their decision.

After the people had made their decision it all came down to the day they were supposed to announce the ruler. Ming was prepared and came dressed as a king. But he got disappointed when the people chose his brother rather than him. He was furious and he stormed out, leaving the people crowning Ming as their new king.

Mang was happy with the decision of the people and when he found out about his brother's feelings, he tried to talk him out of it but it was all in vain. Ming's anger had just reached too far. He stormed out and went away from Mang.

Mang was worried about his brother but he knew he had to make his people happy as their new ruler. That was when he constructed the first palace in Angria history. It was small but it was magnificently made with gold and diamonds. It was precious.

Upon the departure of Ming, strange occurrences began happening in the kingdom ranging from mysterious murders, diseases, rapes and kidnaps. Mang got worried for his kingdom so he carried out an investigation. He eventually found out the bitter truth that his brother was causing that to his kingdom. He was furious and when he confronted his brother... a magical battle ensued between them. Ming eventually found out that his younger brother was more powerful than him. Ming was defeated and banished from the land.

Mang was sad for his brother and he still loved him. But he couldn't let any harm come to his people. The development continued and after so many years the kingdom was the biggest in the entire world. People forgot about Ming and continued living their lives.

Mang was now a married man with two sons who were pretty normal. He often had dreams about his loving brother and missed him. The people felt he needed a symbol of sovereign so they made him the first scepter, a golden scepter with a huge diamond.

Mang was happy and he blessed that scepter. Things were normal until the dark day came. Ming was back in the kingdom, now a master of the dark arts. He possessed evil powers by seeking the help of an evil god. He expanded his magic by making many blood sacrifices to the evil god. He had dark powers bestowed to him by the use of a black gem which contained unimaginable but evil powers.

Ming destroyed almost half of the kingdom and forcing people to worship him. He called himself a god. After finding out, Mang met with his evil brother and tried to talk things out with him. But there was no way Ming was going to listen to him. Mang warned his brother to leave his kingdom but due to the dark powers that Ming possessed, he vowed to get the kingdom back for himself and he even told his brother to give him the kingdom and he was gonna spare his life.

After hearing Ming's demands, Mang was really furious. He needed his people to be safe. He tried to make peace once again but Ming didn't stop. He was coming back for the throne which should have been his. He vowed to get it at all costs. He attacked the palace with his dark forces, wiping out almost all the workers. This forced Mang to go into battle with Ming. He didn't care about the evil powers that he possessed. He knew his brother had to be stopped at all costs.

That was when a great and legendary battle started between the two brothers. Everyone lived in fear that day as they feared their king would fail them. They thought Ming was more powerful than their king due to the powers he possessed.

After so many hours of fighting, Ming tried everything to kill his brother and take the throne but nothing was working. Mang was still powerful even though Ming had tripled his powers. Mang was tired. He fought the battle with his brother in mind. But when his brother killed a few of his people, Mang knew his brother was no longer there but a demon. He unleashed his full power on Ming and defeated him.
Mang was now defeated and he begged his brother to spare his life. Due to the great love Mang had for his brother, he decided to grant his wish but told him,

"Go!" He pointed angrily at him. "Don't ever come back here or I'll kill you."

Mang thought his brother had really changed but when he turned to leave, he was stroke with Ming's dark powers that injured him. Ming laughed and said to his brother, "You are such a fool. Why would I beg a puny person like you?" he extended his hand with the intention of killing his brother with an energy ball. "Goodbye, brother."

Mang was weak. He felt really weak and he knew if he didn't do anything he would be killed and his people would suffer. He thought about his wife and his kids. When Ming sent an energy ball to Mang, he got surprised when it didn't kill him. He tried again and again to do it but Mang had put a really powerful invisible shield on himself. That was the first time he did.

Desperate to defeat his brother and kill him, Ming started enchanting a powerful spell which was gonna made that shield weak. Mang got scared. He could feel that the shield was weakening. Being injured and without much strength to defeat his brother, Mang tried to look for ways to defeat his brother for real. He saw his scepter and got an idea. He took it quickly and transferred his powers into that scepter. He threw the scepter towards Ming, hitting him on the forehead, injuring him.

Ming was mad and he saw that his brother didn't have the shield anymore. He decided to use the same scepter to kill his brother. But Mang was no fool. When Ming touched that scepter, he was struck by lightning that left him really weak. He fell to the ground.

Mang got back his scepter and got back his powers too. He healed himself and went to finish his brother off. Ming tried to beg his brother but it was rather too late. Mang had already seen that his brother wasn't gonna change ever. He held out the scepter and used a spell his father had taught him. He used the scepter to try and get Ming's powers and defeated him, destroying the evil gem which was in his brother's body or so he thought. Ming was left weak and mortal, stripping him of even his natural powers. He was injured and terribly bleeding. He knew that his end had come. But he had final words to say to his brother.

"This is not over..."

After those words, Ming lost his life that day. Mang saved his people once again and restored the kingdom back to the way it was. Many years passed and they continued living in peace but Mang was confused. Ming's words kept on haunting him. He was worried.

Mang decided to visit a powerful oracle for help. When he eventually found out what exactly was going to happen, he was scared for his people again. Ming had been married and he had kids somewhere. His spirit was gonna continue living in his kids throughout his bloodline and they were gonna continue to try and repossess the kingdom. In his blood line, a child was gonna be born who was gonna recreate the evil powers and conquer Angria once again.

With the words from the oracle, Mang got scared. He knew he had to do something. Mang had to protect his people and no matter what he did... he had to defend them. After careful thinking, Mang came to a deadly conclusion. He couldn't live forever to protect his people so he sacrificed himself and his magic for the people. He surrounded his magic throughout the boundaries of the kingdom far way so that the day he feared wouldn't come. He blessed his kingdom with limitless riches and development to help them.

But before he died, he used his magic to curse the child as the marked one, banished from ever stepping into his kingdom. But that wasn't enough because he knew the curse could be lifted once he possesses the evil powers. As a result, before he died, he gave a prophecy that his successor would be born, more powerful than him. He was gonna put an end to the evil quest of the marked one, Ming's successor.

After that, he died for his people. His first son hence became the second king of Angria.

That marked the legend of Ming and Mang.




A loud swoosh of wind which looked like black smoke, spinning round like a funnel appeared outside the palace walls, near the gate. It was spinning really fast, causing the nearby leaves and other things to be blown away. Then all of a sudden the legs started forming, going all the way up. In just a few seconds it was a whole person, Wyatt and he had his eyes closed.

Taking a deep breath, Wyatt opened his eyes and raised his hands up, staring at them as if he hadn't seen them before. He quickly stared at his chest and noticed that he was okay. He wasn't dead or anything worse than that. He was standing... in Angria, right in front of the castle gate. He wasn't affected by the magic anymore. That only meant that his curse had been lifted.

Moving his hands up while opening his arms wider, Wyatt started chuckling softly. He was acting like he was expecting something great to fall on him. His chuckles suddenly turned into loud laughs that sounded like thunder roaring.

"I am immune..." he laughed, opening his arms wider. Thunder roared and lightning passed through the clouds, making him laugh even more. His heart was racing and he couldn't mask that evil grin on his face. "Finally..." he said, dropping his head to the wonderful huge gate which was his only obstacle between him and getting the throne.

"The kingdom shall now be mine." He laughed out loud, clenching his fists. His eyes gave a flash of red glow which filled him with even much more evil. "I finally have what I have been yearning for. I am in Angria. It is time to get back what belonged to my ancestor. This is for all my blood line. We shall now possess the kingdom which should have been ours."

Wyatt moved his eyes and stared at the elegant and beautiful palace. He was gonna turn it into what he was gonna need. He was gonna make sure that he deals with anyone who stands in his way. He was making sure that he...

"It is now time."

Wyatt gave an evil chuckle as he started walking to the huge gate. Reaching the gate, he extended his right hand, opening his palm widely. With an evil grin, a powerful dark smoke shot out of his hand, directing towards the huge gate.

Once the smoke touched the gate, it opened with a huge bang. He could see his palace from a distance now. All the cars, the palace, the furniture and everything he was setting his eyes on were now his. He couldn't believe he was still standing in Angria. Time to start... evil, he laughed at the top of his lungs.

"Who are you?" He heard a strange voice ask him.

Wyatt stopped his laughs and looked up to find about four armed guards with their swords ready. They were ready to battle with him. Seeing the guards, Wyatt raised his head and gave about a really loud laugh that made the guards look at each other.

"What do you want here?" The guards repeated. "We don't know how you managed to enter here but get out of here before we hurt you. Leave this place!"

"Boys?" Wyatt chirped as an evil grin appeared on his face, nodding in mockery. "Is that any way to talk to your new king and god?"

"What?" One of the guards gasped, holding his sword out. All the others followed. "How dare you speak like that? That is treason and it is a very big crime. We are going to spare you now but leave this place at once or else..." he raised the sword in the air. "You don't wanna..."

"Ha ha..." Wyatt smirked, bringing his hands forth. "I will not tolerate such pricks in my kingdom. Now drop those swords or face my wrath."

Hearing the middle aged man in front of them, the guards laughed out loud, touching their chests. The man was really funny. "What are you going to do?"

"I think he's going to talk us to death." One of them laughed even harder. "Look, grandpa, just leave this place. We don't have time for useless fools like you. We have better things and important people to deal with."

Wyatt's jaws trembled at the sudden anger that he felt at that very time. He couldn't believe those foolish weak mortals were actually teasing and insulting him. And the way they were laughing made his whole body tremble in rage. He was mad and he couldn't mask the anger in him. His body was visibly trembling.

"Oh look..." One of the guards pointed. "He's even shaking his pants. What are you gonna do next?"

"I think he's gonna pee his pants." Another one laughed.

"No!" Another one laughed. "He's gonna shit his pants."

Wyatt breathed and panted, clenching his fists as hard as he could. When he opened his palms, he gave a loud and sharp scream that made the leaves themselves fall from the tree nearby. His eyes gave a sharp red glow as his fists started forming smoke. When the guards saw what was going on, their laughs stopped and they stared at the man who seemed evilly mad. They stared at each other with question marks on their heads. The man in front of them was definitely not human. His eyes were glowing.

"Who are..."

Before the guard could even finish his sentence, Wyatt threw his hand, sending what looked like black smoke to him. He raised him in the air, clenching on him harder. The guard screamed in horror, dropping the sword that he was holding. He peed his pants and Wyatt saw it.

"Now who's peeing their pants?" Wyatt teased.

The three remaining guards stared at each other in fear and started running but they couldn't move. They were running and their legs were moving but they remained on one spot. It was scary. They started screaming, filling the entire palace with their cries of horror.

"Where do you think you are going?" Wyatt laughed manically. "Didn't you want to have fun?"

"Please." They pleaded.

Wyatt gave a loud laugh. "Now I am going to show you the consequences of messing with your Lord."

Wyatt started clenching his fists and the man in the air started crying like he’d seen death. He was screaming for Wyatt to stop but Wyatt was in so much fun. But he had better things to do. He clenched his fists hard and squashed the floating guard like a tomato. He was dead. Wyatt let him and he fell to the ground, lying in the pool of his own blood.

"And as for you three other fools." Wyatt bellowed. "You are gonna regret ever doing this." He yelled. His voice sounded like thunder, scaring the three guards even more. Wyatt looked all around the palace and knew exactly what to do.

He pulled his hand back, throwing the three guards to the ground as hard as he could. They were bleeding terribly, wincing and crawling on the ground. He laughed when he saw what he did. "Never mess with a god."

He opened his palm wider, sending a powerful energy ball. Before it even reached the three guards, they exploded. He started walking towards the palace before he saw a number of guards rushing to him with their weapons ready, charging towards him.

Wyatt laughed manically, staring at the guards with an evil grin. "You fools definitely have no idea who the fuck you are dealing with."

Wyatt raised his hands, opening his arms even wider. He took in a deep breath and gave a loud chant. Then suddenly, dark smoke surrounded him, lifting him off his feet. He was now floating in the air with the dark smoke hiding his feet. He raised his right hand in the air. Lightning split the sky as if the rain was about to come. Suddenly, dark clouds started forming, surrounding the palace while thunder roared.
The guards looked at the man who was floating and then saw the weather change right in front of them. Things got a little dark and then suddenly cold wind with vapor started blowing all over. It was obvious what they were dealing with was far more powerful than they thought. But it was their duty so even when things got like that, they just continued charging at the evil man who seemed to be controlling the weather. He was only about a foot from the ground so it was easy for them to get him after they reach him. The only thing they prayed for was to be safe.

Wyatt moved his eyes in front to the charging guards. He gave an evil but satisfying chuckle that made him feel even more evil than he was already feeling. The guards were many but he knew they were just like ants under his feet. It was easy to squash. He had changed the weather to dark, just like the way he loved it. Now it was time to show the fools what they were dealing with.

With a smug on his face, Wyatt thrust his hand forward, unleashing a powerful force that sent the entire guards to the ground. Some of them died due to the impact of his power. Most of them were injured and few of them were alright. The ones that were fine picked up their weapons and started charging.

"You fools never learn, do you?" He gave a cocky laugh. "Well, I better start redecorating my palace since I am the new king."

With those words, Wyatt thrust his hands forward, sending the black smoke towards the charging guards. Once that smoke touched them, they instantly turned to stone. The statues looked really old as if they had been made centuries ago without being cared for.

"Might as well make statues," he laughed, turning the rest of the guards on the ground into statues. Now he had made wonderful statues for his palace. He was gonna look at them and remember them as fools that he defeated without putting any effort.

"Now for the..." Before Wyatt could finish his sentence, he heard gun shots and then bullets heading straight for him. He flipped in the air, dodging the bullets even though he knew the bullet wouldn't hurt him.

Wyatt moved his eyes forward and saw a number of guards with their guns shooting straight at him. He extended his hand, shielding himself. He got mad as the bullets reached him, stopping instantly and then dropping to the ground. He didn't need any shield. He was gonna show them he still had the power over everything. Boy was he mad.

With a loud groan of dissatisfaction, Wyatt rushed to the guards and opened his palms wide. The guns from the guards disappeared from the hands, making them even more worried. They looked at each other and then to the evil man that was a distance to them.

"Bring more weapons..." One of the guards shouted, gesturing to the coming guards. "We are going to defeat him or..." He paused and gulped. "...we will meet our end."

The guards brought more weapons, any weapon that was in that palace. They were all holding their weapons. The ones that had guns started firing as they got closer. But each bullet they fired was just a waste as it didn't even have any effect on the evil man. But they still charged anyway. It was what they needed to do to protect the royal family at all costs.

"It has been an honor serving with you." One of the guards hollered.

"Fools..." Wyatt hollered to the rushing guards. "You cannot defeat a god. I am more powerful than anything that you have ever fought." He laughed. It sounded like he was in an empty hall. "Fools... you are just going to lose your lives. But I am going to enjoy killing you."

Wyatt raised his hands to the dark skies. Thunder roared and lightning struck from side to side, hitting the ground. The trees that were nearby got destroyed and some of the plants died, turning black. The guards stopped and stared at the man that seemed to control the weather. They looked at each other and then took deep breaths. Then they continued charging towards the man.

Wyatt gave a cocky laugh when he saw the guards rushing towards him.

"Some people never learn."

Wyatt was really angry as the guards were disturbing his mission to the palace. He was supposed to be in the palace, taking charge over everything. He was supposed to be sitting on his throne and making the king worship him. He was supposed to be giving orders. But he knew those obstacles were to be removed. He had to pave his way to the palace. He had to make it clear.

"This is going to be fun." He gave a mocking laugh, breaking his knuckles softly.


King Julian was seated on his throne, still in thought, thinking about his mission to Aidan's place and how everything had turned out to be. He was remembering Aidan's words and the priest's words all at the same time. He knew what was going on outside the palace. He could hear screams, thunder roaring and lightning striking. He could also hear gun shots but he was still thinking about Aidan.

"I will never return... I don't care about Angria... Why should I leave this place and come back to your kingdom? Leave this place and never come back."

"The dark hour has started..." The priest's words rang through his head. He was more scared than he had ever been. He didn't know what to do. He knew very well that the dark hour had come indeed. He knew very well that Aidan was the only solution. But it was all over.

Just then, the door to the throne room opened and the head guard came rushing inside. He knelt down and bowed his head. He was panting and he seemed really scared.

"My lord, we are under attack." He gasped. "We have tried everything to stop him but nothing has worked. We have used our weapons, all our weapons but..." he gulped. "None of them seem to be working properly. We don't know what to do anymore. We are really scared. What will we do?"

King Julian moved his eyes to the guard and just stared at him. His eyes were red and his whole face was sweaty. His heart was pounding in his chest and his breaths were really harsh. His people were in danger.

"What about the other guards." He still had hope.

"Most of the guards have been..." he stopped and sobbed softly. "They have been turned to stone. The man seems powerful and dangerous. In all my years, I have never seen anything like this before. It's powerful and I have never seen such magic."


"The remaining guards are still outside, trying to stop him. Most of them are injured. The whole of outside is dark. He is controlling the weather or something." The head guard seemed to be trembling a lot. "We have used our most trained guards but nothing is working."

The king nodded his head. "You may leave."

"Shouldn't you call for backup or..."

The king shook his head. He knew it was futile. There was nothing he could with such powers. His father had told him about the origin of the kingdom. The only one powerful enough to destroy the evil seeker was Aidan and he had still refused to come back to the kingdom. All hope was lost. They had no idea what to do anymore. Everything was not alright.

"Leave!" His voice was barely above a whisper.

"Yes!" The head guard nodded, getting up from the floor. He started going away but turned back and stared at the king. "We will try everything we possibly can to stop him from entering this castle even though we are few." He turned around and then rushed out of the throne, shutting the door.

King Julian just sat still on his throne, hearing the noise get louder. It continued for a number of minutes before everything got calm. He knew that the guards had been defeated. He was now scared but he couldn't move an inch of his body.

As he sat on the throne, he started hearing footsteps, closing in. He didn't know if he was seeing things right or it was just his imagination from the fear that he had but he could have sworn he could see shadows on the throne room walls. They were really fast and he couldn't clear see them.

Julian heard the footsteps getting closer to his throne room. He took a deep sigh of frustration and moved his eyes to the door, waiting for the person to enter. The footsteps were loud and they felt as if of many men with heavy feet were coming. But he just watched.

Then all of a sudden, the footsteps stopped. He could see something coming in through the door though it was not opening. It was dark and it looked like dark smoke, just thicker. He heard as if the door was vibrating then suddenly, it exploded into pieces.

There was a man standing right in the door way with his hands behind him. He had his dark hair tied, dressed in another royal attire. He didn't have a crown on his head. But Julian knew he was royalty. Seeing him, Julian felt even more scared but he couldn't show it.

The evil smug on the man's face was a clear indication of what he had come to do in the palace. When he took a step into the throne room, the light bulbs shimmered and then grew even brighter. Julian sighed, still staring at the man.

Then all of a sudden, he disappeared, leaving on smoke which came rushing to him like a whirlwind. It reached him and then the man appeared again, still smuggling and shaking his head. Julian knew exactly what was to follow. He had been conquered. He couldn't even move his mouth to speak a single word and neither did the man who looked older.

Wyatt's eyes suddenly glowed, striking more fear into Julian. Then a soft but sinister chuckle escaped his throat. He brought his hands forward and spun his finger in the air, still smuggling. An evil grin appeared on his face.

"King Julian, I presume?” Wyatt said rudely even when he knew that was his name. "Or should I say, foolish former king Julian?" He laughed, filling the entire room with his voice.

Julian still couldn't do anything. He just sat still while his nerves got the best of him. He wanted to cry but he didn't want to show that he was a coward. He couldn't show that he was an easy target. He had to show that he was still a strong king.

Wyatt on the other hand couldn't mask the evil grin that he had on his face. His victory was too precious to even hide. And he had thought he wasn't gonna see that day in his life before. He had thought the wizard of good cause would stop his quest but he was in Angria, still not harmed and he had turned the guards into statues. What more did he have to do to prove that he was as powerful as a god.


"I am here to claim my rightful kingdom." Wyatt had never been that happy. "I am here to..."

"And if I don't want to..."

"Oh, you will." Wyatt nodded his head in mock. "You don't wanna mess with..." he shook his head and then laughed softly. "...a god." He snapped his finger, raising it high in the air. His thumb caught a bright blue flame that scared the living hell out of Julian. He looked at the man in horror, feeling his body tremble.

"Now..." He dropped his hand, putting off the flame instantly. "Hand the crown over if you don't want to get hurt. You don't wanna mess with Lord Wyatt so..." He gestured. "I don't have whole day for this kind of shit. Hand me the crown and nobody is going to get hurt... much."

Julian took a deep breath. "This crown belongs to me and this is my throne. I will not..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Wyatt thrust his hand forward, ripping him from the throne. The crown slipped from his head, dropping right in front of Wyatt's feet. Wyatt moved his eyes to the crown and gave a satisfying laugh. He dropped his hand and the king fell to the floor with a thud, hitting his legs first. He winced, holding his hurting leg.

"Finally!" Wyatt chuckled happily as he leaned down to pick up the crown. Once his hand touched the crown, it changed into a dark but shiny color, surrounded by smoke. The crown reshaped, forming a skull like feature which made Wyatt smirk.

"I am finally ruler of Angria." He laughed loudly, filling his voice throughout the entire palace. "They shall all fear my power. I will make them bow to me. I will make them worship me. I am finally king. Everything is now mine."

Wyatt took the crown and placed it on his huge head. It fit him perfectly and it made him feel power and authority. He could feel something moving inside of him, making him really powerful. He could feel the power that surrounded him, giving him more than enough powers to do anything at will. He knew the power was now his. He was now the king of Angria and nothing was gonna make that a lie.

"Finally!" Wyatt extended his hands towards the throne. When he touched the throne, he felt even more power take control of him. He was now happy. "I finally have my kingdom. I am now the ruler of everything. Everything belongs to my bloodline. I can almost feel the power." He chirped, hitting on his chest. His eyes glowed and his voice sounded inhuman. It was really deep and it scared the hell out of King Julian even though he was in pain.

"The throne is mine." Wyatt gave about the cockiest laugh he had ever given in his entire life. He was more than happy. He slowly walked to the throne and when he sat on it, he felt a powerful spark on his entire body. He had a great connection with that throne. "Yes!"

Julian finally got up after what felt like hours. He was sure he had lost the throne but he knew his family was safe. He knew they weren't gonna come out even though he knew they were gonna be found sooner or later. He didn't care what happened to him as long as he knew they were fine. He had lost the throne but he was okay.

"Now that I have the throne and the kingdom," Wyatt laughed manically, getting off the throne. "It is time to transform it into a throne fitting of a god."

With those words, Wyatt turned and faced the throne. He shot out a dark smoke like substance which completely surrounded the throne. It started transforming immediately he did. The whole throne got taller, getting a black color. The diamond on top turned into the black gem that was almost like the one inside of him. On both sides of the throne was a torch which was a little tall, burning an eternal blue flame. It looked evil but he loved it.

He spun his finger in the air and his clothes started changing instantly. He was wearing dark royal, medieval attire that was a little tight on him. His robe was pitch-black, reaching all the way down the floor. His eyebrows turned pitch black and he even added mascara to his eyes and eye lashes, making them darker than they were.

He was now looking scarier and he loved it. "Now the dark king reigns... the dark god..." He laughed. "And now for my first command." He turned to Julian who looked rather lost and scared. "Bow before your god and worship me?" He commanded, gesturing Julian.

"Never!" Julian seethed, getting further from him. "I would rather..."

"How dare you?" Wyatt roared. "I am your new king. I am also your new god in this land. As your new king I command you to kneel down and worship me right now." He growled. "I am not going to repeat myself."

"Even if you force me, you evil seeker." He yelled. "I will never ever bow down to you. I would rather die than stoop so low."

"So much nerves..." Wyatt spoke harshly, shaking his head. "I think you need someone to teach you some manners. You really have no manners."

With those words, Wyatt glowered, extending his hand angrily. Julian was ripped from where he stood far to the floor. He hit his head first and then his nose. His nose broke and started bleeding profusely. His blood was dripping to the floor. Julian whimpered as he was in pain. His whole body shuddered in pain, vibrating terribly. His head felt as if it had been broken. It was pulsing unlike anything he'd ever experienced.

"Are you gonna..."

"Never!" Julian said confidently, covering his bleeding nose. "I will never ever..."

"Aw..." Wyatt thundered. "How dare you!"

"I would rather die than kneel down before someone like you." Julian snapped. "You are not a god. You are nothing but..."

"Silence!" Wyatt roared. "So you have the guts to insult me, you foolish mortal, uh?" He chuckled bitterly, taking a few steps towards the bleeding man. "Well! Looks like I am gonna have to deal with you more than you think. I am gonna make you worship me and then I am gonna kill you slowly and painfully." He chuckled. "First things first, I am gonna crush your bones."

"Do your worst." Julian chuckled bitterly. "I am not afraid of you."

"Oh really," Wyatt gave a cocky laugh. "Since you asked, I am going to do it."

Wyatt slowly raised his hand. King Julian felt as if something was about to come out of his skin. It was really painful. He gave a loud and painful cry that filled the entire room. He cried at the top of his voice when he felt as if his bones were about to snap. He could feel them moving. He was in pain.

"Stop!" Wyatt heard a voice coming from behind him. He dropped his hand and then saw a young woman rushing from behind him. She was looking worried and she had tears in her eyes. She rushed to Julian and held him tightly in her arms. "Please, don't hurt him."

"Uh," Wyatt made a quick glance behind. "Where the fuck did you come from?" he panted. Then an evil grin appeared on his face. "It doesn't matter because I am still gonna break his entire bones whether you like it or..."

"Stop!" Another voice was heard. He made a quick turn and found a young man whom he presumed was Prince Luis coming from a certain room. He was with two other ladies behind him and he seemed mad. When Wyatt saw him, he actually laughed. "This is interesting. So the other cowards where actually hiding when I was dealing with their coward of a father." He smirked. "This is really interesting."

Luis rushed to his bleeding father and carefully held him. He quickly ripped his shirt and helped cover his nose. His father was in a bad state as it was. Their kingdom had been taken over and Aidan was nowhere to be seen. He knew he had to protect his father. He hated the man that was standing in front of them. He knew he was powerful and he was a warlock but he actually didn't care about anything.

Luis moved his angry eyes to the stupid fool. "Look, whoever you are..."

"I am your new king, Lord Wyatt..." He announced, opening his arms wider. "You can..."

"I don't care." Luis actually yelled. "My father is not a coward. At least he is not using some foolish powers to harm others. Without those..." He glowered. "...you are nothing but a big ugly coward."

Hearing those words from Luis, Wyatt instantly lost the smirk that he had. His anger slipped through him, filling him up entirely. He balled his fists, looking at Luis while his face got red with anger. He was burning up inside and he was thirsty for Luis' blood. Prince or no prince he didn't care. He wasn't gonna take any disrespect from someone like him.

"How dare you little boy?" Wyatt snapped. "You actually have no respect for people mightier and even more powerful than you. But I am going to show you that I don't take any foolishness. I am Wyatt, king and god of this land. You are going..."

"No, please..." Julian pleaded. "Please. Don't hurt my son. He has no idea what he was saying and..."

"So you can actually plead." Wyatt chuckled bitterly. "How about I wipe out your entire family?"

"No!" Julian held his son tighter, bringing him closer. "Kill me but don't lay your finger on any of..."

"Or what?" Wyatt laughed teasingly. "Mortals are so foolish. He insulted me so now he is going to suffer for it. In his next life he will know his boundaries. He will not ever do this again in his life."

Wyatt raised his hand, pointing it at the fearless boy in front of him. He grinned evilly, ignoring the pleas from the failed king. "I am gonna enjoy..."
"Father... no..."

When Wyatt moved his eyes towards the door, he saw his son rushing inside with the three warlocks behind. He was looking like he had seen a ghost or something was chasing him. Wyatt wondered why his son would say that to him. He got surprised his son acted like that.

"Please, don't kill him." William pleaded. When he walked in and saw his father was about to kill Luis, he got really scared.

"What?" Wyatt groaned, dropping his hand. "Why should I let a puny mortal defy me?"

"I am sure he didn't mean it." William pleaded. "Just let him go. This wouldn't have been possible without him, remember. Please."

Wyatt groaned and then shouted. "Fine! But if he continues to do this I am going to finish him off."

"Don't worry," William breathed. "I will take care of it. I will make sure that he doesn't do any of those things. Please, believe me father." He stared at Luis who seemed mad.

Luis had never hated anyone the way he hated William in his life before. He hated the guy with every fiber of his very being. He had caused all that. He was to be blamed for everything that had happened. The guy was actually deadlier than he had ever expected. OMFG, he hated him like crazy. His very presence was irritating.

"Alright." He smirked. "He did help me after all. That's the only thing that has saved him. However," He warned. "If anything like this happens again, I will not spare him. Now get them out of here and lock them up somewhere. I have important things to do." He made a quick turn and sat on his throne. "They all need to know that there is a new king in this kingdom. All of you know what exactly you have to do."

"Yes!" The three warlocks bowed their heads. He looked at the bleeding king and his family. "And get these irritating fools out of my sight. Make sure they are secure. They shouldn't leave this palace. They are my prisoners from now on."

"With pleasure." William smirked at Luis. Luis sighed and then held his father tightly. He didn't want anything to happen to him.

William gestured at the three warlocks. "You heard what he had said. Help me take them to one of the rooms."

The three of them nodded and then got to Julian and his family. "Get up!" They yelled.

Luis helped his father up and without causing any problems followed the three warlocks together with his family. He didn't want anyone to get hurt and hence the reason he was like that. He really had to be careful.

As they left, Wyatt got up, looking all around. He was happy with his achievement. For years he had feared ever stepping foot into Angria but now... he was in Angria. He was now reigning all over them. He was the reigning king without anyone ever trying to overthrow him. He was in power and authority. The people were now gonna worship his feet. He didn't even have to fight to get the throne. He just got it by the snap of the finger and...

"Congratulations." Wyatt heard a familiar voice ring through the throne room.

Wyatt moved his face, staring to the direction of the voice. He saw his seer standing in the middle of the room with a smile on his face. When he saw the king, he started coming closer to him, smiling brightly while sniffing everywhere.

"What do you think of my victory?"

"It is perfect." The seer smiled. "Now you are unstoppable. You are the most powerful man alive. You have finally claimed what should have belonged to you in the first place."

"Yes!" Wyatt rose from the throne. "I have finally got it. It is all mine and no one is going to stand in my way. I am going to treat it however much I want. Now it is time for my subjects to know me and feel my power. It is time for them to fear my name."

"Yes, my Lord." The seer bowed his head. "You have fulfilled your destiny. Now it is time for you to do whatever you want." He sniffed the air, looking all around. "The path is very much clear for you. You are as powerful as a god."

"Yes!" Wyatt chirped. "But first things first, I need to make some changes. Then I shall let them feel my power."

The seer bowed. Wyatt chuckled sinisterly as all kinds of evil plans got into him. He had no idea what to do first. He wanted to do a lot. But he was dying to start inflicting his power on the people. He was dying to see them on their knees, worshiping him. He was dying to see them bowing their heads and giving him praises.

"It is now time to..." He paused and chuckled manically, still staring at his seer. "...give them a piece of my powers."


Luis and his family were pushed into a room hard. He took a quick look behind and saw the smirking William. He really hated him like crazy. He hated everything about him. Holding his father carefully, he started leading him to the bed before he heard one of the warlocks chanting. Everything in the room disappeared. It was now just a room without anything else. The windows were filled with bars and there was nowhere to go.

"Why?" Hanna sobbed softly. "Why would you do this?"

"Did you expect slaves to stay in a well-furnished room?" William smirked as he entered inside the room. "You are now slaves and you have to be treated like one so... better get used to it because this is how you are gonna live for the rest of your miserable lives."

Granny turned and faced William, staring at him with anger. "Why did you do this to us? What did we ever do to..."

"I don't have to answer you, you old hag." William said rudely. "And don't you dare..."

"Why William?" Hanna sobbed. "We treated you like family. We showed you our love and hospitality. We treated you like our family member. Why did you do this to us? This is your entire fault."

William made a quick turn, staring angrily at the girl that made him fume. "I will pretend as if I didn't..."

"You can pretend all you want." Hanna said harshly. "But the truth is that you are nothing but a stupid, ugly, foolish..."

Before Hanna even got a chance to finish her sentence, William smacked her right across the face. "By the way, that is for using your dirty mouth on me." He yelled. "That is also..."

"It is clear between us who has a dirty mouth, whore?"

"Listen to me foolish girl." William snapped, pointing his fingers at Hanna. "Shut your silly little trap. You don't have the right to question me. You don't have that right to even look at me. My father is in power right now. That means we now own this kingdom. I am the prince of this land and you are nothing but slaves. Let me hear that stupid question from you again and I will..."

"Don't you dare threaten my sister?" Luis bellowed. "You don't have to talk to her like that. No matter what you say, she is still the princess of this land unlike some foolish man from a foolish land who is so full of himself. William my ass."

William glowered and then smiled brightly. "I will just pretend as if you weren't talking to me, sweet Luis." William smirked. "I am sorry that you had to witness all that."

"Oh please," Luis snarled. "We all know what you are. We all know your true colors and don't you dare call me that."

"What am I supposed to call you?" William blushed. "I don't want to treat you like the others. If you want, you can move to my room with me and we can rule together."

"You are sick and..."

"Yes!" William chuckled happily. "You have caused me to be like this. Just say yes and you will be staying with me in my room. You will be my lover and my man."

"I would rather stay in a shit hole than be your lover." Luis said in irritation. "I am happy with my family here."

"I can also treat your family right if you..."

"Enough!" Luis yelled loudly. "Please. We are all begging you here to leave us alone. We don't want to see you here. Why don't you enjoy..."

"Luis, I..."

"Desperate whore!" Hanna said angrily.

William took a deep sigh as his anger came rushing to him. "Fine!" he yelled in Luis' face. "You can choose to stay here with them and suffer with them as much as you like. But you will be mine whether you like it or not. I shall have you once again. I did it and I shall have you again without your permission just like the other night." He laughed when Luis frowned. "Yes! I actually spiked your wine and I really enjoyed every moment of that sex. You should have heard..."

"Enough!" This time it was granny that was mad. "Can you please get your shameless self out of this room?"

William was really mad. He hated the old hag a lot. He hated her to death. "If not for one thing," he yelled. "I would have killed you right now. Just thank your lucky stars that I didn't have my father kill you. And Luis..." He called, slowly turning to leave. "Be prepared to pleasure me any time I want."

William left laughing as loudly as he could. The three warlocks followed and then locked the door behind them.

William helped his father sit on the floor. He slowly removed the cloth from his nose and saw how bad his father's nose was. It was swollen and red. He hated the way his father looked like. He hated seeing him in that state.

"I am so sorry, father." Luis apologized, feeling warm tears leaving his face. "I am really sorry for whatever has happened. This shouldn't..."

"No..." Julian rubbed on his son's cheek. Even though he was still in pain, he had to smile for his son. "This is nobody's fault. We all caused this. Had Aidan been here, nothing like this would have happened. Now we are suffering because..." he coughed weakly.

"Father!" Luis held him tighter. "You don't have to think about that right now. You will be fine. Your nose has stopped bleeding. How is it?"

"I think it is getting better." Julian smiled softly. "You shouldn't have come out from the secret room. You should have stayed there. You should have..."

"What are you saying?" Hanna knelt down in front of her father. "Did you expect us to just watch as he tried to kill you? We couldn't just watch. We had to come and save you."

"I don't care." Julian said. "All I want is for you to stay out of danger. Now you have to find a way to get out of here. You must leave this place."

"It's hopeless..." Luis sighed. "He has already taken over the throne. Even if we got out of here how will we be able to defeat him? How will we leave here without being noticed? I have never been so scared in my life before. Everything that has happened is so scary."

"Yeah," Hanna sobbed as she rubbed her tears off. "We have been caught as slaves. You heard what he has done to the guards. I really hope nothing happens to my Henry." She sobbed. "I can't bear to see my Henry or even worse..."

"Charles too." Luis quavered. "I hope he will be fine. There is no knowing what he is going to do to the people and..."

"You have to leave." The king said confidently. "I don't care what happens to me. You have to survive through this. You have to get out of here. That man is more dangerous than you think." He gulped. "He is really powerful."

"I know." Luis said softly. "He has Lord Ming's powers."

"How did you..."

"Grandpa told me a story like that. I thought it was just a good night story. I never knew it was real until I heard the priest talk about it the previous day."

"That's why you have to leave from here." Julian held both Hanna and Luis' hands. "You are the only things I care about right now. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I can't bear to see him hurting you."


"There used to be a tunnel behind the palace which leads to the forest. It was made long ago. I have never been to it but my father told me about it a long time ago. There is a manhole just behind the palace. Once you are there, you will have access to the tunnel."

"How do we even get out of here?" Hanna gasped. "There is no way."

"You have to look for an opportunity." The queen said, rubbing the tear from her cheek. "Then you have to go from here as soon as possible. You are the most important things to me too. I don't care if we all suffer as long as you okay. I don't even care if you will leave in that tunnel as long as you are safe, okay?"

Luis nodded. He still couldn't believe that his kingdom was now ruled by an evil king. He couldn't believe that he was now a prisoner in his own palace. He couldn't even believe that all that had been done to his father. It was really bad. He was missing Aidan like crazy but at the same time... he was really worried about his kingdom.

"I pray we will be saved." The king sighed. "Only Aidan can save us now."

The king knew of only one solution but he wasn't sure if Aidan was ever gonna show. He was the only one that was gonna save them. He prayed for it harder. That was the only thing that mattered to him. But before that, he wanted his children to be safe.


"My Lord," One of the warlocks knelt down.

"Yes!" Wyatt said with his hands behind his back. "You know exactly what you have to do. I need everyone to know and respect me. Gather all of the cabinet members, force them if you have to but I want them to gather. It is time they finally get to know about their new king and god. It is time to finally start my ruthless rule."

"Yes! On it..." he bowed and got up. He gestured to the three warlocks and they all started going away from the king. They had been given yet another important mission. All they had to do was just to make sure the people knew exactly what was going on and about their new king.

"Son..." Wyatt called.

"Yes father."

"Go with them. Make sure that this mission is a success okay."

William chuckled happily and then laughed loudly. He bowed his head and followed the three warlocks. He loved the connection he had with his father. He loved everything that was going on. Gathering the cabinet members was gonna be the easiest thing ever and he had the best solution to it too. They were all gonna be at the palace before the blink of an eye.

Seeing his son and the warlocks leaving, Wyatt chuckled inwardly, rubbing on his hands. He was just standing at the entrance of the palace outside while staring everywhere. The dark clouds were still all over the palace and it was still a little dark though not that much. He could clearly see what he had done. There were statues all over the palace, his magic work. He loved seeing them like that. It also showed his power and his strength. Now he was gonna make sure to rule ruthless. He was gonna make sure that he strikes fear into the lives of his subjects.

"Khan!" He called loudly.

"Yes, my Lord."

"I think this place needs a few adjustments, don't you think?"

"Anything that you want is okay, my lord." The seer said. "No one can ever deny you that. All you have to do is just do it."

"You are right." Wyatt took a quick glance at his seer. "Well! It is time to make some adjustments to this palace." He laughed. "I will make it look like a place befitting of a god like king." He laughed, touching his chest.

"Let it begin..."


The priest was standing at the entrance of the temple, leaning on his trident, shaking his head in sadness. He had his eyes on the beautiful palace, elegant and classy too. But that wasn't what caught his attention. What caught his attention was the dark cloud that surrounded it.

Even from a distance, the priest could see the evil dark cloud that surrounded the palace. It made him feel bad for the royal family and also the people in the kingdom. He knew what the royal family was passing through. He knew the pain and torture the king was in. He also knew the evil powers that the marked one possessed. A once happy and evil free kingdom was now ruled by a warlock who possessed evil ancient powers. It was just too bad.

"The dark hour is here." He nodded, hitting his trident harder on the floor. "This will be a really painful hour for the royal family and the people in the kingdom." He sighed.

There was just a lot that the priest couldn't understand either. Only Aidan could save the kingdom from that situation. But the boy was really angry and the worst was that he had vowed never to return. Things weren't supposed to be like they had become. Aidan should have been in the kingdom. They wouldn't have entered the kingdom and not to talk about taking the scepter.

"May the almighty save all of us?"

The priest sighed and then made a quick turn. He went back to the temple of light and shut the door behind him.


The prime minister was busy in his office, signing some documents which he had left undone when he left the country. He had only been back two days earlier and now there was a lot for him to do. He hadn't even seen the king once since he returned. He was prepared to do so.

The prime minister signed the last document he had to sign that day. He threw it on the table and then raised his arms widely. He stretched them and yawned even louder. Getting up from the chair, he heard the door opening widely making him wonder what the hell was going on. No one entered his office without even knocking so it got him wondering.

When he raised his face towards the door, he saw about four men entering. They were beautifully dressed and they had smugs on their faces. He hadn't seen any of them before so he wondered how they could have entered his office. And his secretary hadn't even called him once so he got a little pissed.

"What are you doing here, gentlemen?" He asked as a frown appeared on his face. "I am sorry. I am gonna have to ask you to leave immediately. Go and make an appointment and then..."

"And if I reject what will you do?" William said, rubbing on his temple as an evil grin appeared on his face.

"What?" the prime minister snapped. "This is my office and I want you to leave as soon as possible. I want you to turn back and..."

"I still won't leave."

"Then I am gonna have to call security so that they can throw all of you out of here." He yelled. "Get out of this..."

"Percy!" William called softly.

The red haired warlock got the hint. He did a quick and quiet spell, extending his hands towards the table. The phone rose high up in the air and exploded right in front of the prime minister. The prime minister felt scared and he took a quick step back.

"What were you saying again?" William chirped, grabbing a chair. "I would like to hear you say it again." He sat on the chair.

"W-who are you?" The prime minister quavered. "What do you want here?"

"Now we are talking." William smirked brightly, clearing his throat. "I want you to take your phone... oh sorry," he chuckled. "Percy?"

The red haired warlock chirped and then snapped his finger. The phone was back on the table, making the prime minister tremble even harder. He had never been so scared in his life before.
"Please. Don't hurt me. I beg of you. I have a family and young kids that still..."

"Oh please!" William rolled his eyes in frustration. "We are not here to listen to your life story. Just pick up the damn phone and listen to our instructions and we will not hurt you."

The prime minister picked up the phone which was trembling in his hand. "What do I have to do next? Please. Don't..."

"Good!" William placed his feet on the table, crossing them. "A little birdy told me that you have all the contacts of the cabinet members."

"Yes!" The prime minister nodded. "I...I..."

"Well! Stop trembling like an idiot and dial each and every one of them. Tell them to come to this office. The king wants to see them. And please, stop trembling like an idiot."

The prime minister nodded and then tried his best to stay calm. He dialed the numbers and told them there was something urgent from the king that he had to share with them and that they should come to the office as soon as possible. It might have taken quite some time but he dialed the numbers of all the eight cabinet members and told them to come to his office. He was just glad he was confident as he didn't want to find out what the four men would have done to him.
"I have already called..."

"Chill..." William teased, smirking at the man. "Will you stop..."

"I am not trembling and..."

"You are too sexy to be that tense." William licked his lips, winking at the man. "Now let's get to know each other while we wait for the cabinet members."

William chirped and then continued chatting with the middle aged man, asking him strange and explicit questions which were a bit uncomfortable for him but he had no choice but to answer him as he didn't want any problems.

An hour passed before there was a knock on the door. The prime minister told the person to get inside his office. The door opened wide and all the eight members of the cabinet came rushing in. William was glad they did. But they seemed really worried and scared.

"Why did you call us?" One of them asked. "We were actually in a meeting. We were supposed to meet with the king but he didn't show up. What did he send to you and why didn't he come for the meeting? We were supposed to..."

"Well!" William got up from the chair. "I actually called all of you here. All of you are needed at the palace immediately without delay."

"I know you." One of the cabinet members gasped. "You are that man that came here and stole..."

"Oh, so you do." William chuckled. "Then this will make things easier than they are right now. I am sure you've told the other cabinet members about me so I don't need to introduce myself." Then his face got stern. "Now move it."


"I will not repeat myself." William warned. "The king doesn't like to be kept waiting."

The cabinet members stared at each other, trembling in fear. All of them knew about William and what he had done. His presence could only mean one thing, trouble. They didn't like the way they felt and the hunch that they had. All they wanted to do was hope the king was fine.

The cabinet members took a deep sigh and then started rushing towards the door. William smiled brightly and moved his eyes towards the prime minister. "You too." He gasped and then started rushing out of his office.

William stared at the three warlocks and then gave them an evil grin. "This is gonna be fun."

The four of men chuckled sinisterly, following behind the cabinet members. They loved everything that was happening. The king had given them so much power and importance. They were never gonna disappoint him.


The elevator door opened and then Aidan came out, holding and soothing his baby while singing him a lullaby. It was early afternoon and he had just come from his room after having a great morning with his son. It had been the best day of his life and he had loved it like crazy. Now he was back to the living room to spend time with his other members of the family.

Aidan was holding his baby tightly, making him warmer with his body. Things were pretty good for him and his baby was already dozing. A short smile shot up his face, making him even happier than he had already been.

"Hey!" Granny said happily. "You've finally decided to come down the stairs after spending the entire morning in your room. You literally hid him away from all us."

"Granny is right." Ethan said happily.

"I am really sorry." Aidan apologized, sitting back on the couch. Granny came to him and took Jacob away from him. She kissed his cheek and started soothing the baby instead.

"I think he's sleepy." Granny said softly. "He is already..."

"Yes!" Aidan nodded. "He hasn't slept whole morning and I think he might be feeling sleepy."

"I think I will sing him a lullaby." Granny smiled brightly.

Aidan smiled. "I think that's a good idea."

Granny started singing the lullaby sweetly to Jacob. Aidan smiled brightly when he heard the lullaby she was singing him. It was the same lullaby she had sang for him when he was just a small child. That song made him remember his happy childhood moments. He could still remember how his granny's lullabies made him happy and sent him to sleep. Those were some happy moments and now she was also doing it to his son. He was really happy and couldn't have wanted anything more than that.

With a grin on his face, Aidan tore his eyes from granny and Jacob to Ethan. When his eyes landed on Ethan, he saw the guy smiling brightly, in fact blushing. When Aidan saw that smile, he tried to smile back but before he actually did it, he realized that the smile wasn't directed at him. It was in a different direction.

Following the direction, he saw that Justin had the same smile on his face, even brighter. He stared at the two of them for a long time and chuckled nervously. They looked as if they were hiding something from him or even more.

Nodding his head, Aidan tried to speak but before he could even manage to open his mouth, something suddenly happened to him. A really sharp headache hit right there that he felt as if his vision had blurred instantly. He closed his head slightly and shook his head, trying to get rid of that sudden headache.

When Aidan eventually opened his eyes, he realized that something was wrong. Instead of seeing normally like he did, he saw a really dark cloud that he couldn't understand. But this cloud wasn't like normal cloud. It was surrounded by something even more than that... evil.

Aidan's heart suddenly started pounding in his chest. His breaths became harsh and he held his chest out. He closed his eyes, wondering what was going on. As soon as he closed his eyes, things got even worse. He saw Luis.

Aidan opened his eyes once again. Things went back to normal with his vision but something was still wrong. His heart was racing and he couldn't even explain the tingles that he felt all over his body. It was like something bad was about to happen all rather something bad was happening.

"Why did I see Luis?" He wondered, moving his eyes from side to side. "Why today of all days?"

Aidan couldn't understand any of the things. He felt really warm and the tingles felt worse. He had that strange feeling that he couldn't quite understand. Things like that had never happened before. And what was that dark cloud that he saw, he thought? Did it mean anything to him or somebody close to him?


Aidan gasped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He quickly moved his eyes up to find his smiling brother.

"Hey!" Ethan gestured. "What's with you? You seem really lost. I could see that something was bothering you. Do you mind sharing it with me?"

"No!" Aidan smiled brightly, holding his brother's hand. "I am absolutely fine. It's just that... never mind. I am perfectly fine."

"Is it what the king..."

"Please, don't..." Aidan didn't want to talk about King Julian and what he had come to do at his castle. "That is all in the past. I don't want to talk about it. I have totally forgotten about it."

"That's my brother." Ethan kissed his cheek. "I knew something like this is nothing to you. You shouldn't let it bother you."

Aidan smiled brightly and squeezed his brother's hand, drawing soft chuckles from him. He loved his brother a lot but he couldn't tell him that he had thought about Luis a few seconds ago. His heart was still racing and he still had a strange feeling which he couldn't understand.

"Whatever that was, I have to forget about it." He thought as he moved his eyes to his precious son. "This is exactly what I have to do. I cannot let anything distract me right now. I am happy and Luis will not ruin that for me. We are not together anymore so why should I care about him and his problems?"

Aidan took a deep sigh and then moved his eyes to Justin. The guy had an ever glowing smile that seemed to brighten Aidan's mood. He smiled brightly as well when Justin winked at him. He was glad he had people that usually made him feel really happy and Justin was one of them. But what he couldn't understand was why that feeling he was trying to ignore was still deep within his heart.

"What's going on?"


The cabinet members were walking towards the palace. They had their eyes looking everywhere, wondering what was going on. Things didn't seem to be like it had always been and they couldn't mask the surprises on their faces. A lot had changed at the palace in just a few days.

First they couldn't explain the number of statues that they saw around the palace. The statues didn't look new or elegant. They seemed really old and strange. They had different shapes, funny and disturbing shapes. Some were holding weapons...some were lying on the ground while others were just standing still. And the dark cloud which only surrounded the palace was something they couldn't quite umderstand.

As they neared the palace, they got another surprise of their lives. The palace looked different. It was pretty much the same but some things were different. The palace didn't shine brightly at all. It seemed really dark, pitch black. There was a huge statue of an evil looking man holding a blue flame, a real flame. Just before the entrance were two huge torches that stood on both sides of the entrance. It was still the same but many things had changed.

The cabinet members stopped, looking at each other in fear but were told to move by William. They finally entered the palace and got another surprise too. The whole place was pretty much different. The color inside was dark and the same torches were everywhere. Things seemed strange.

They were led to the throne room where they noticed a big change by the throne and even the room. It was also different and the color had been changed too. Reaching the throne room, the cabinet members were told to stand still until the king came.

The door to the throne room was heard opening and then footsteps started heading towards the cabinet members. They all moved their eyes towards the entrance and got another surprise at what they saw. Even though they had seen some pretty strange things at the palace, they had prayed and hoped for their king to be alright but what they saw was different. The person that came inside was different and he was dressed differently too. They couldn't quite understand anything that went on.

"Welcome!" Wyatt hollered in the deepest voice ever. "I have been expecting you."

Wyatt made a grand entrance, rushing to the throne. He sat on the throne and then crossed his legs, smuggling at the cabinet members. They all had frowns on their faces because they couldn't understand what was going on. They had a lot of questions in their minds that they needed answers to. They had never seen that man before.

"Who are you?" One of the cabinet members asked with a serious voice. "We were told to wait for the king so where is he? And why are you..."

"Uh..." Wyatt groaned, thrusting his hand forward. Before the man even finished asking his question, he was lifted from where he stood and he was now floating in the air, screaming loudly.

The rest of the cabinet members trembled at the sudden show of power by the man. They had never seen anything as scary as that. It got to them and they trembled even terribly, still staring at the floating man in the air.

"Anyone else with a stupid question?" Wyatt growled. The cabinet members shook their heads. "Good! I didn't think so." He dropped his hand and then man found himself on the floor. He was lucky he hadn't been lifted higher in the air or it would have been another matter.

"Now back to why I called you here." Wyatt chuckled like an evil Lord, sending fear into the lives of the cabinet members. "As you can see from the changes in the palace and from everything, I am your new king. That means from now on, I am the new ruler of this kingdom and..." He stared at all of them. "I demand respect from all of you. Now bow!" He panted.

Hearing the loud roar from the scary man, the cabinet members bowed their heads in fear. They had no idea what was gonna happen but they couldn't afford to do anything to mess with the man that was seated on the throne. They just bowed without saying anything.

"Good!" Wyatt nodded his head, chuckling like the evil king that he was. "Now we are getting somewhere. From now on, I shall now be called Lord Wyatt by all of you. You all are cabinet members of the former idiot that called himself the king of this land."

"Y-yes..." One of them trembled in fear.

"Good!" Wyatt nodded. "But right now, I am the ruler of this land. First things first, I don't like imbeciles and failures in my kingdom. That makes me mad so you don't wanna make me mad. Everything in this kingdom belongs to me including the people and your very souls. I can take them whenever I want." He warned.

The cabinet members got even more scared. Things weren't turning out too good for any of them.

"I own everything in this kingdom," He laughed. "Nothing will ever be done without my permission. As ruler of this kingdom and also the most powerful being in the entire world, I demand respect from all of you. I am powerful, just like a god. As ruler of this land... I demand people to show respect by worshipping me."

The cabinet members raised their heads to stare at the mighty man. They felt helpless without any help or any word from the king. Things had been pretty well until that very day. Why did it suddenly change? It was scaring them even more.

"Anyone that defies my orders shall suffer my wrath. I am more dangerous than I seem. I know you have certain influence on the people so I am warning you," He pointed at them. "Don't ever try to go against me. Don't try to act smart because I will know and I will make sure that I deal with you. You will pay with your own life. You are gonna regret ever crossing me."

The warning from Wyatt was pretty deep and it scared the living day light out of the cabinet members. They shook terribly, trying to get confident but they couldn't. The man who spoke to them seemed really dangerous.

"Have I made myself clear?" He barked, making the cabinet members quiver.

"Yes... Lord Wyatt..." They trembled.

"It's good we understand each other." Wyatt smirked, giving them an evil grin. "Now I will ask you a question and I want an honest answer."

Just then, the door opened widely and red haired warlock brought Julian in the throne room. He threw him on the floor and made him kneel down in front of Wyatt. Julian moved his eyes towards his cabinet members and quickly tore them away. He couldn't bear to look at them. He didn't want to show them that he had failed them. But it did happen and it helped a whole lot.

"Ha ha..." Wyatt laughed in a cocky way, getting up from the throne. "Look at your king," He chirped. "So weak and so miserable. The bastard couldn't even fight for his kingdom. What kind of coward is he?" He slapped him softly on his cheeks. "Just look at him... so weak and so... I don't even know what to call him."

Julian had never been as embarrassed as he felt at that very time. He wanted to cry. Lucky for him, his son had cleaned his nose in the bathroom and it was alright. But he was still feeling really bad for what had happened. His cabinet members had been involved and now his people were soon gonna be involved. He didn't even know what to do anymore. He was weak and vulnerable.

Wyatt laughed loudly and then put his hands behind him. "I could use all of you right now and I command it." Wyatt demanded, pointing at the cabinet members. "You all will go out there and tell all the people in this kingdom to meet in the biggest place there is in this kingdom. It's about time they got introduced to their new god," He chuckled manically. "You will be monitored and you must announce it. Everyone must attend without fail or they must at least hear it. Tell them it is the king's orders."

The cabinet members looked at their old king as tears poured down their faces. They bowed down.

"Good!" Wyatt said. "But I want you to kneel down and worship me. I want your praises, right now..." He yelled.

The cabinet members bowed down and started trembling in fear, giving the king the praises he demanded of them. They had their heads bowed down. Each of them had his own praise that he was giving the king but from their voices, Julian could sense the fear and unwillingness.

That was the most painful thing that had ever happened to Julian. Seeing his cabinet in such a state was rather too much for him. He felt tears building in his eyes and he actually cried. For how long was that going to continue, he thought? How long was his people gonna continue to suffer? It had just been a day but the truth of the matter was that it felt more than that. Everything was just too much.

"Good!" Wyatt said rudely. "Now get out of here and do as I have asked." He yelled.

The cabinet members bowed their heads and then left as quickly as they could with the three warlocks behind them. They didn't want to waste any more time. They knew their lives depended on the orders of the new king. Even though they didn't want to do it, they had no other choice but to do it.

"What do you think I should do with him?" William pointed at Julian. "Should I take him back to..."

"Nah!" The king threw his hand, gesturing his son. "Let him kneel down there until they come back. I have great use for him now. He is nothing but a weakling."

Julian just knelt down on the floor without even daring to move an inch of his body. He was wallowing in his pain and his defeat. He couldn't believe he had been a king in the morning and now... he couldn't even recognize his palace anymore. Things were really dark all around and the evil seeker on his throne was the worst of it all. Julian just closed his eyes and prayed in his heart. He was asking the almighty not to abandon him. He was asking the almighty to save his people. He didn't care if he died as long as his people were fine.

The seer came into the room and started discussing some important things with Wyatt. Wyatt needed his introduction to the people to be really perfect. All he wanted was just to be feared, respected and worshipped. He didn't need anything more than that. He was gonna use the same people to make blood sacrifices if he had to. He was ready to do anything.

After four whole hours of waiting, the three warlocks came back with great news to Wyatt. They had managed to get the people to gather in the ball room and some of them were outside. But they had taken care of everything... Wyatt loved the news he got. He laughed sinisterly.

"It is time to get... feared."


The people had gathered in the royal ball room. It was fully packed. All the floors of that ball room had been filled up. They had all responded after hearing that the king had called for an important meeting with all of them. It had never happened before so they were kinda worried. They were just waiting patiently for their king. Although they had noticed that things weren't quite the same outside the palace, they were still waiting.

After what felt like hours, about four men appeared on the stage without saying anything. They just stayed like that without talking. The people still had their eyes on the stage, wondering why those people were there in the first place.

But they didn't have to wait for long. They saw a man, dressed all in black with his hands behind him enter the ball room through the stage. He was putting on a black but shiny crown in the form of a skull. He stood still, staring at the people without any expression of his face. He rather seemed mad and they couldn't understand the reason why that was so.

Wyatt on the other hand stared at the fully packed ball room, looking at the faces of everyone. It was clear that they had no fucking idea was going on. But he was gonna show them and he was gonna have fun with it too.
Wyatt snapped his finger, gesturing the three warlocks to start everything. The three warlocks bowed and then went away. When they eventually came back, a loud gasp was heard throughout the entire room. People couldn't believe what they were seeing. King Julian was brought into the room and it looked like he was being dragged. He had no crown on him. His face didn't seem okay and his clothes were a bit torn, making the people wonder why their beloved king was looking like that. They couldn't bear to see him. They had their hands on their mouths.

Julian was taken to Wyatt and then thrown to the floor, making the people gasp even harder. The three warlocks made an enchantment and a huge image of what was happening appeared in the ball room, big enough for everyone to see. Another one appeared outside, making it easier for everyone to see as well.

Seeing the state of the king, the people started talking among one another, making a whole lot of noise. Wyatt looked at all of them and gave an evil laugh which everyone clearly heard. They trembled in fear when they heard his voice. It was scary and it sounded like someone scratching on a glass.

"Welcome!" Wyatt's voice echoed throughout the entire room. "Welcome to this great event which I have specially planned for you."

"What's going on?" People asked. "Who is this man? Why is our king on the floor looking like that?"

Wyatt chuckled manically. "This event was held so that I can introduce you to your new king." He announced. The people were now staring at each other in surprise. "I know this weakling sitting here used to be your king but... he won't be your king anymore. He is not the rightful heir to the throne. The real heir has arrived and he is going..."

"We want our king." The people shouted. "We love our king. We don't want a new one. Boo!"

King Julian moved his eyes to his people as more tears fell to his face. His people really loved him a lot but there was nothing they could. It was all over and he knew that what they were doing was probably bringing them more problems. He actually cried and he didn't mind that his people were witnessing it.

"We want our king. We love Julian. He is the best king."

Wyatt's anger clipped right through him. He could feel the dark energy moving inside of him, making him madder. His body started trembling in anger. Each voice he heard from the idiots was really angering him even more.

He clenched his fists harder as his face turned red with fury. He breathed in violently and breathed out audibly, giving out a loud and scary cry. "Silence!" Wyatt roared. His voice immediately made the people to just stand still without moving. Wyatt's voice was loud... it was scary... it sounded inhuman. His voice was deep and it scared the shit out of the people.

"Enough!" He barked, clenching his fists harder. "How dare you use your stinking mouths to say that to your new king?" He groaned. A strong wind started blowing in that room and outside. People were trembling in fear. They held on to each other and just trembled. "I am the only king here. This weakling," He gripped Julian's jaw with his hand, pulling him up. "This weakling can't be compared to me. I am the one with the crown. I am your new king." He slapped Julian hard on the face, sending him to the floor. What was happening to the king was painful. They couldn't believe their king had just been humiliated like that.

"You all are just a bunch of fools." Wyatt roared. "You are all living in my kingdom now. That means I demand respect from you and I will not ask once. I am your new king and you will respect me as such. I will so deal with you that..."

"We love King Julian..." Voices were heard from the back. Then the people started cheering. "We want..."

"Shut up!" Wyatt's anger overflowed right there. His eyes glowed visibly, making the people quiet again. They now really feared for their lives. They trembled were stood as they saw the red eyed monster on that stage with their king. Nothing had been as scary as it was at that very time.

Wyatt panted, pointing his fingers at the people. "You will all be my subjects. You live in my kingdom and you will respect me." He barked. The echoes of his voice made the people whimper in the room. They tried to move back but Wyatt thrust his hand forward, shutting the door instantly. Those that watching from outside couldn't go out either because the gate was shut. All of them were now trapped.

"I can destroy all of you by a snap of my finger. You can't defy. You won't go against my orders," Wyatt warned pointing at the whimpering people. "I am the king of this land and who has something to say about that?" Wyatt raised his hand in the air. It soon caught fire. The people's whimpers intensified. Some of them even peed in their pants. Others fainted and others started crying. They felt they were in danger. "Anyone?" He moved his eyes around.

"I didn't think so!" Wyatt chuckled manically. "I will not repeat myself again. From this day until forever, I will remain your king. Everything you see is mine. Nothing is yours anymore. Any type of work that you do will only be for me. You cannot do anything without my permission." He paused and just took a quick glance around. "Do I make myself clear?"

The people nodded in fear, still crying loudly.

"From today, I am your god. I shall be instructed as Lord Wyatt. Anyone who defies my orders shall be heavily punished. No one shall be spared. Your souls are mine and I can do anything that I want with you. You will worship me daily in this very palace and you will do as I say or else." He warned.

Julian cried for his people. He saw their fear... he saw their sorrow... he saw their pain... he even saw their deaths. He had failed them. He knew his father and his ancestors were probably disappointed in him. He had caused all that.

"You all are fools to think that this weakling can be compared to me." Wyatt laughed, stepping his foot on Julian. "He is just a door mat and nothing more. He couldn't even defend his kingdom and his people. But now... I am your new king and I demand everyone's respect. You will give me respect and kneel down and praise me when you see me. Failure to heed to this shall bring unexpected consequences."

The people's whimpers got out of control. The fear in them was just too much. They cringed to each other in fear and tried to stay calm but it wasn't helping. Wyatt looked at everyone and filled the entire room with his evil laughs.

"I am the unstoppable ruler of Angria and god of all." He laughed. "Now bow down to your new king." He shouted. "Bow!"

The people didn't need to be told twice. They threw their bodies on the floor and bowed to their new and evil king. Even those outside bowed their heads and cried even louder. Everything was all over. There was nothing left to do anymore. The only question they had was if they were gonna live like that for good.

"Yes!" Wyatt hollered in an evil tone. "Being worshipped feels good!" He looked at his warlocks and then his son. They all burst into laughter, filling the room with their evil laughs. Everyone else just bowed without even daring to raise their faces. They cried even louder of pain. They were afraid. They were now slaves in their own kingdom.

"Bow to your god..." Wyatt couldn't stop laughing.

Wyatt's eyes glowed even brighter as he felt so much evil deep inside of him. It was filling him up completely, making him stronger and even more powerful beyond imagination. Possessing such powers felt really incredible. He had only possessed those powers and yet the people were already afraid of him. He didn't even need an army to make them fear him. His name was good enough to make them fear.

"You have put so much fear in them." The seer suddenly appeared beside him.

"As it should have been since my birth." He laughed. "My rule is going to be forever. No obstacle will stand in my way. These people shall fear when they feel my presence. The powers I possess are just too powerful. No one is going to stop me. I am now unstoppable. I have nothing to fear right now. I am their god now. They shall fear." He gave a loud laugh.

Wyatt stared at the whimpering people, loving how vulnerable they were looking like. An evil grin appeared on his face and he laughed even louder, stepping harder on the man below him.

"This is just the beginning."


"Oh my God!" Charles gasped, moving from side to side. "I can't believe it. I have never been so scared in my life before. It has happened. It has really happened."

"I don't even want to think about it." Henry said in a shaky voice. "But I am really scared. Who knows how my Hanna is back there? Who even knows if they are all alright and..." he paused and just trembled in fear.

"Luis!" Charles gasped as a tear fell down his cheek. "What is happening to my friend? Honestly I went there thinking the king just had to tell his people something but... I am even scared when I remember exactly what had happened back there."

Henry and Charles were at Henry's house after experiencing the horror at the palace. They were both trembling and couldn't even think properly. All they were thinking about was the royal family. So many things had happened while they were there and the fact that the new evil king was actually calling himself a god was scary. The warnings he had given them was something else. They had to worship him when they saw him.

"I don't even know what to do anymore." Charles sobbed. "We are doomed. We are definitely doomed. I was there when the priest told the king about the ruins that were gonna occur if at all that power is unleashed and now..." he paused and gasped, staring at Henry. "It has happened. Now we have to live in fear in our own homes. Those evil warlocks will be roaming the city and... I can't even start to imagine the torture Luis and his family are going through."

"You are right. The state I saw the king in was very bad. Nothing like this has ever happened before. The new king has evil powers and I just hope my Hanna isn't hurt in any way. I swear I will die."

The two remained silent for quite some time. Both of them were trembling. The atmosphere of the kingdom was really quiet. No voice could be heard from anywhere. Many people had locked themselves in their house without any intention of coming out. It was really bad. Things weren't going too perfectly for everyone. They couldn't even imagine what would happen in a year or two or even decades and centuries. They had now been turned into slaves in their own kingdom. It was stressful. Both Henry and Charles were worried about the royal family. They both had a connection with the royal family so it really got them worried to the point where they couldn't help but be scared. They just prayed that nothing had happened to them. If only they could find out where they were, they would be happy.

"Do you think this is ever going to be over?" Henry sighed. "Are we ever going to be liberated?"

"I don't know..." Charles breathed, burying his face on his palm. "I definitely have no idea. But I hope so. I really hope he returns soon."


Luis was worried about his father. He was moving about the room, shirtless and really sweaty. His father had been taken ages ago and still nowhere to be seen. There was just so much in his head. First, he was still thinking about Aidan and hoping for him to return. And then he was worried about his father. What were they doing to him?

Luis moved his eyes to the floor and saw his mother, sister and his granny sitting on the floor with worry all over their faces. They had red eyes from crying and worrying. They were in a bad state and he couldn't do anything to help. They had lost the kingdom and now... everything was just out of hand. There was no telling what was gonna be done to them but he was still hoping for a better future and the safety of his family.

The door to the room opened and the red haired man brought the king, smirking like the evil man that he was. He left and the king slowly walked inside. When he raised his face to stare into Luis' eyes, he had tears built in his eyes. That got Luis really worried and he rushed to him. The rest of the family members rushed to him.

"Father." Luis sounded worried. "Why do you look like this? Did anything happen?" King Julian's nose was still bruised.

"Father," Hanna couldn't hold her tears. "What happened? Please, talk to us."

King Julian slowly sat on the floor as a tear fell down his cheeks. He was really hurt with what he had seen happening to his people. His heart was really broken and he had no idea what to do anymore. He was really lost and couldn't even think clearly. It was really a bad time for him.


"It's all over." King Julian sobbed. "How do you expect a king to react when his people are suffering?" he spoke softly. "How do you expect a king to feel when he knows that he has failed his people? Everything is simply over."

"Father," Luis sat on the floor with his father. "Why are you speaking like this? Did he... did he do anything to the people?"

"Yes!" the king nodded. He started narrating the story of what had happened and why Wyatt had taken him. He couldn't hold himself and he shed a tear once or twice. It was a really painful thing for him to see his people suffering like that.

"Oh my God!" Granny sighed. "There is no telling what that evil man can do. He's just too powerful. Everyone now lives in fear."

"Yeah!" The king nodded as more tears flooded his face. "You should have seen them. You should have seen their fear and their sadness. They were crying and the bad thing is that they have to worship him. He is a self-proclaimed god. He expects everyone to worship him. You should have been there." He sniveled. "You should have seen the expression of power he showed them. He was a beast. Now I know why our ancestor had to sacrifice himself. His powers are deadly."

Hearing her husband's story and sadness, queen Ruby found it impossible to keep to herself. She started sobbing softly, trying to rub her tears off. "How long are we gonna continue to live like this? How long will that evil man continue to..."

"He's more than evil." Julian said. He seemed really lost and the pain that took control of his body was just too much. "Now he has turned my palace into something else. There is a dark cloud all over my palace. I can't believe I am actually alive to see this day."

"At least you are alive." Hanna buried her head on her father's chest. "What matter is that..."

"No!" Julian shook his head. "This is worse than death and right now I wish I was dead. It would have been better to be dead than to lose my kingdom. I could have just died so as not to see everything that is happening in this kingdom. My people are suffering. They are now slaves in their own kingdom. Anything that they do is for the king. The punishments are just too much also. I don't think I should have been alive to see this day. I should have just died than see this day."

"Father..." Hanna sobbed. "Please. Don't say that. Is there nothing..."

"Nothing can be done." Julian sobbed. "He is too powerful and more evil. Lord Ming's evil powers were too much. Now he has them. He is now a self-proclaimed god. Anyone that defies his orders shall be executed.”

"That's really evil." The queen sobbed. "Our people are really sad and in sorrow."

"Yes!" Julian nodded his head in agreement. "And now, he expects the people to come to the palace to worship him and give him praises. Everything is just a mess. It's really over. He has made this kingdom weak. He has brought all of us to our knees. There is no telling what is going to happen to all of us. That's why I want our children to..."

"I am not going anywhere." Luis said confidently. "I will not leave you here."

"Me too..." Hanna cried. "I will stay with all of..."

"No." The queen said abruptly. "You must."

"Even if I find an opportunity, where will we go?" Luis asked. "He is too powerful and I am sure he will find all of us. If he ever finds out that we have escaped, he is going to find us and he will kill us. I am not going anywhere. It is better to suffer knowing that all of us are together. That's more important to me than anything. I will live knowing that my family is alright."


"No father," He sighed, slightly closing his eyes. "I have made my decision."

The queen sobbed and held her son tightly, embracing him even though they were not in the best of conditions. She needed to do it in order to make her son feel better. She loved him so much and didn't need anything bad to happen to him.

"I don't know how long we will continue to live like this." Granny cried softly. "For how long will the kingdom suffer like this? How long will the people continue to live in sorrow?"

"I don't know." The king nodded. "But I am still hoping for the best right now. I am still hoping we will be redeemed real soon."

The king's hope was lost. He was hopeless and the only thing that was gonna control that situation was Aidan's presence. He was just hoping the priest was in perfect health. He knew that the news of the new priest was not known so he was sure he was just fine.

"Redeem us..."


Wyatt was standing on the balcony of his room, his beautifully turned room which he had transformed into something which was dark and rather of evil. He loved how in power he felt. He loved the deep feeling of power and authority he had over the people. He loved the power he'd shown them in the ball room. He had loved the fear and the whimpers that had come from their mouths but most of all, he loved the way he was feeling inside of him. It was night already but the truth was that he was really happy. It had just been a day and he was already in power. He had turned all the staff in the palace into statues except a few maids to cook food in the palace. Now he could have anything that he wanted. He could do anything with anyone that he wanted.

Wyatt had his hands behind his back. He was smirking, staring way beyond the palace walls. He could control the weather and he knew very well what needed to be done when it came to that. He could have anything he wanted at the snap of a finger without anyone ever interjecting him. But he needed people to fear him even more.

Wyatt was staring through the city. He could feel the quietness of the people. He could imagine them trembling in fear. He was gonna make sure he turns them into his slaves. He was now the richest king in the entire world. Soon he was gonna begin the conquest of other kingdoms and in no time... he was gonna rule all the kingdoms. That was his plan.

"How has been your first day as ruler of Angria?" Wyatt heard the seer's voice right behind.

Without even taking a turn, Wyatt chuckled happily. "I am in power. I can do whatever I want. I want the people were I want them. No one can ever defy me. They will be worshipping me as their god and ruler. I have all the power in the world to make them into whatever I want. I can command anyone to do whatever it is that I want."

"Yes!" The seer chuckled. He quickly came and stood beside the king, bowing his heard. "You are absolutely right."

The seer raised his noise, sniffing the air as if he was trying to get something, which he was. He closed his eyes and just listened to the wind, connecting his spirit with it. He chuckled happily in a really deep voice that made Wyatt turn.

"Go on..." Wyatt commanded, his face getting serious at that very time. "I know that you have something for me. You know how I like to hear about the things that concerns me. And with the victory at hand, I need something to cheer me up."
Khan sniffed the air once again, taking a really deep breath. "My Lord," He bowed down. "I can feel that your power has already surrounded this kingdom. Darkness has already befallen this kingdom. This palace is already yours and the darkness which has surrounded it is none like I have ever seen. You are getting even more powerful by the second."

"Yes!" Wyatt clenched his fists. "I can already feel the power deep within me. There is nothing that can stop me." He moved his face to Khan, getting even more serious. "Tell me more. What do you see? Tell me exactly what you have for me. Tell me about my conquest on this kingdom."

The seer closed his eyes and took a really deep breath, opening his palms even wider. He concentrated on the power that he felt, connecting with the wind. He listened to the spirit and then opened his eyes wider, smiling brightly at the king.

"I can hear whimpers all over the kingdom." Wyatt grinned evilly after hearing his seer's words. "They now live in fear of the mighty power you showed them today. I can see them trembling, praying to be saved from you."

"They can pray all they want." Wyatt said harshly, moving his eyes to the kingdom. "I am still unstoppable. I still rule ruthlessly. I have them under my feet and they better follow my orders or they will..."

"They can't defy you, my Lord." The seer bowed. "They already fear you too much. They can never ever try it."

"But I would still love them to try though." He laughed sinisterly. "I like it when someone tries to fuck with me. Then I enjoy destroying them and seeing them beg for their lives. It turns me on a lot and I cannot wait for someone to try. That is if they have the balls to do so."

"They will never do that." The seer sniffed the air again. "I can feel a stronger power surrounding you already. It is dark and powerful. You are even more powerful than we thought my Lord. Now you can do anything that you want. No one is going to stop you. No one is strong enough to stop you. No warlock can ever..."

"How could they?" Wyatt laughed. "No warlock in the world would dare defy me. I will deal with them before they even try it. I destroyed the only threat, the only thing powerful enough to defeat me. Now aren't we glad I killed that baby?"

"Yes!" The seer said softly, bowing his head. "He died long ago as..."

"As food for the crocodiles." Wyatt laughed loudly. "You are going to be a great man in this kingdom. You shall be heavily rewarded."

The seer bowed his head, happy for what he had heard from the king. He loved it when Wyatt praised him because it rarely happened in the past. That only meant that Wyatt regarded him as a very important person to him. It was really good for him. Now he could live beautifully and serve the king earnestly.

The door to the balcony opened and William and the three warlocks came rushing to the balcony. The three warlocks bowed their heads as William went straight to his father.

"Congratulations, father." William said happily. "You've finally been able to conquer the kingdom. It is finally yours and now..."

"It is ours." Wyatt said in a deep voice. "And I am giving all of you permission to do as you wish. You can do anything that you want in it."

"Really?" William exclaimed. "Thanks father."

Wyatt smiled at his son and turned around to take a look at the three smirking warlocks. He was now proud of them and could now claim them as real and powerful warlocks. They had proved their worth and now he liked them even more.

"Now I know that you are really powerful." Wyatt said with an ever serious face. "This wouldn't have been possible without you. And I am giving you the power to do whatever you want in this kingdom except to betray..."

"We wouldn't do that," They said at the same. "May death strike us if we do anything like that, our Lord?"

"Good!" Wyatt nodded his head, moving a little closer to them. "I have an important task for you." He looked around to even his son. "To all of you."

"We are at your service, Lord Wyatt." The three of them bowed their heads. "We are ready to do anything the Lord requires of us, anything for the glory of the Lord. Who are we to say no to the great and powerful Wyatt?"

Wyatt laughed sinisterly at the three warlocks. "As you have said I want to give a task to all of you. I want you to make sure that everything in this kingdom is going according to my plan. I want the people in this kingdom to fear me, make sure of that. I want you to make sure that they are following all my orders in this kingdom. You can do anything just to make sure of that."

"We are ready for that."

"Good..." Wyatt moved away from them. "There is just one more thing that I want you to do."

The three warlocks bowed their heads lower. "What is it?"

"I need more men to work for me." Wyatt said. "I need more powerful men that I can trust and use to make sure the people in this kingdom abide by my rules. I don't know what you will do but make sure that you find such men. I don't even care if you have to hypnotize some people to work under me."

"Yes!" The three warlocks said.

The red haired warlock raised his head. "If the Lord allows me, I have some things to say."

Wyatt gestured with his head.

"We know of some warlocks that are our friends." The red haired warlock said. "They are more than ready to help us if we ask them. I am sure they would be more than happy to work under such a great and powerful Lord."

Wyatt nodded his head. "Bring them here. How many are they?"

"Five..." The blonde haired warlock answered. "We will call for them as soon as possible. They might arrive here by tomorrow evening or the day after."

"That's good." Wyatt said with the most serious face. "I need more powerful men working under me. I need more control over these people. They have to fear me even more. My reign has started and it will continue for as long as I live."

The king turned to the seer and stared at him for a long time. "Lord Ming died in this land long ago." He said. "This where he paid the greatest price for trying to take what belonged to him. And they had the guts to call him the fallen Lord. But this wouldn't have been possible without him. They might have forgotten about him and called him the fallen Lord but my bloodline and I didn't. He was our ancestor and these powers I have belongs to him." He chuckled manically. "I want to honor him and thank him for the greatest gift ever."

"What do you want to do?"

"I want to make him a sacrifice." Wyatt said abruptly. "I want to make a blood sacrifice in his honor. I want to conduct a blood ritual."

"Yes!" the seer bowed his head. "Your powers might even get stronger after that. That gem was made out of human blood and the souls of the people that he killed."

"Good... we shall have this ritual three days from now." An evil grin appeared on his face as he made a quick turn to the warlocks. "Some of these people are gonna be used for the sacrifice. You better get ready to prepare everything. This is gonna be the greatest sacrifice ever." He turned and laughed as loudly as he could. "These people are gonna remember it for the rest of their lives."


Things started changing since that day in Angria. People used to live in fear. They couldn't even go out to their jobs due to fear of what was going to happen to them. The king was really worried about what was happening in his kingdom.

Being locked up like a slave or a criminal without any knowledge of what was going on in his kingdom and his people was just too much for him. First he was worried about his family's safety and then his people and his kingdom. He was really a worried king.

Luis on the other hand was hurting deeply. There was just so much in his mind. With the Aidan issue being the very thing that worried him more, making him vulnerable, Luis had to be confident looking and support his father during the difficulty times that they were being through. He didn't blame Aidan at all for not coming to his rescue because he had hurt him terribly. He still loved him a lot and was gonna love him even in captivity. That love was never gonna go away.

The king was usually taken on different occasion in a day just to mock him and vent his anger on him. Although he was still confident, Wyatt was hurting him emotionally. He used to show him visions of how his people were living. That was probably the most painful thing Julian had ever experienced in his entire life. If not for the fact that he a family he would have pleaded for death.

The royal family was barely eating their foods. They just stayed up, being locked and all. William still came to cause them more pain and he still gave Luis sexual offers but Luis still turned him down. He knew he could have him anytime he wanted but William wanted Luis to give it to him willingly. After all, he was having his time with other men in the kingdom.

Wyatt's rule was ruthless. Whenever he was passing through the city, people had to throw their bodies on the ground and worship him. His demands to worship him were really working. People were forced to come to the palace to worship him without fail. Many people were reported injured after failing to heed to William's demands. They were usually in too much pain. They never worked. They were too scared to even hold a working tool.

The five warlocks came to the kingdom and added to Wyatt's three warlocks. Instead of three, he now had eight, eight cabinet members, whom he called the deadly eight plus the seer and they were always passing around the kingdom, making demands and hurting the people. William was having the fun of his life while causing fear and pain to the people. He had his way with any man that he wanted, whether young or old. He even had his way with the prime minister even after knowing that he was a married man. Only God knew the number of men that he fucked in the three days of Wyatt reigning. His father had given him the power to do whatever he wanted so he had to take advantage of it and satisfy his urge for sex. He got any man that he required.

Wyatt had put fear into the lives of the people in the kingdom. They feared him... they worshipped him... they cheered for him at his demands... they paid him tribute... they praised him. He really loved it a lot. The more the people praised him, the happier and more evil he felt. He was now a true god with people worshipping him in three days. His day of sacrifice was approaching and it was gonna be big. He had plans of building an idol of himself.

He was gonna make the people worship that idol of himself. Now everything was back to what he wanted them to be. Nothing was gonna go wrong with him. The seer's predictions had all been right. Now everything was gonna turn out for the best. He was the greatest king ever.

Angria people had never thought a day would come in which they would have to be slaves in their own kingdom. It had come and now they were living in fear. Children were afraid of stepping their foot outside and even though they didn't, their parents had to go to the palace to pray to the king and worship him. The king's son was sleeping with the women's husbands and they couldn't do a thing. All the gold and diamond that was mined was taken by the king.

It was really bad for all the people. What was once a happy and peaceful kingdom, land of milk and honey had turned into a kingdom of sorrows, land of salt and pepper.

"When was a savior coming to them?"


Aidan was lying on a small mat outside, staring at his wonderful son. His son was sitting on the mat, smiling and giggling at him. His son had started to sit but not properly. He had to be held in order to be properly seated. Those were really some of the most wonderful moments for Aidan. He couldn't help but feel happy. Only God knows the number of photos he'd taken of some of the best moments he had with his son. It was beautiful having a father son moment.

"You look so cute." Aidan chuckled happily, softly pinching his son's cheek. "You look cute just like your..." Aidan trailed off when he realized what he had just been about to say. He had no idea what was happening to him. For the last three days he'd thought of Luis one or two occasions. He had even dreamt about him that very day he had a strange feeling. It was as if Luis was back in his thoughts again but he had made sure that he forgot about that.

He was usually found with his son to keep him company and forget about everything that had been happening. Thank God he had Ethan, granny and Justin to help him out. They have been having continuous fun in the castle and at the beach. He was happy because he knew that Luis and Angria weren't gonna disturb him ever again.

Although he'd thought about Angria and what the king had told him, he still had no business with the kingdom. He was happy the way he was in his castle. The feeling the truth was out was really wonderful to him. He loved it a lot but that didn't mean that he was gonna go back. Never!


Granny's voice got Aidan out of his reverie. He raised his face up and saw his granny rushing towards him. She had a beautiful blue tray where there were fruits and some foods for the baby. The baby was growing stronger and they had started giving him solid food after a year of only giving him milk.

"I am so sorry." Granny apologized as she picked Jacob up, taking him in her arms. "I had to do something in the castle. But right now I am here. I just hope I hadn't kept you for too long."

"No!" Aidan rose from the mat and smiled at his granny. "I am fine. Besides, I was spending time with my son. It's no big deal."

"Okay." Granny nodded in happiness. "You can go and take a bath now. I will take care of your son for you. You don't have to worry about anything."

"Thanks." Aidan gave granny a kiss on the cheek. He leaned down and kissed his son. "I love you and I will be back real soon okay?"

Aidan smiled at his granny and waved at his son. Then he headed for the castle. Reaching the living room, he found his brother and Justin having a chat. Justin was leaning to a wall and Ethan was chuckling softly. They had surely been talking a lot the past three days. They were friends but their friendship had grown stronger the past few days. It was almost like... no, they wouldn't. Ethan was not that so he got it out of his mind.

As he rushing towards them, Justin saw him and then smiled even brighter, getting closer to him. Aidan smiled equally at him, giving him a really wonderful grin.

"Hey!" Justin greeted. "What's up?"

"Hey!" Aidan smiled brightly. "Have you had your lunch or..."

"Yes!" Justin nodded. "Ethan and I just had our lunch. And you, did you have your lunch?"

Aidan chuckled softly. "Don't worry about me, doctor. I am absolutely fine."

"Why shouldn't I be worried?" Justin crossed his arms. "Now have you had anything to eat or should I feed you and..." He paused and looking, probably shy because of what he had just said. Then he looked at Aidan again. "I am sorry for..."

"Hey! Come on. Did I say that I am mad or something? You haven't done anything wrong. It's okay if you feed me. Besides, I don't think I have eaten from your hands that much. But I am sorry. I have to go and take a shower. I will see you later okay."

Aidan smiled brightly and started walking away before he felt Justin gripping his hand. He made a quick turn and smiled brightly at the serious looking man.

"Thank you." Justin gave a sigh of relief. "Thank you for everything and for being my... friend."

Aidan nodded and felt Justin letting go of his hand. With a final smile, he started walking towards Ethan. Reaching him, Aidan gripped his arms and gave him a tight hug. In return, Ethan kissed his forehead and hugged him tighter.

"I will see you later."

Aidan rushed to the elevator and in no time he was rushing to his room. Reaching his room, Aidan stripped his entire clothes off. He picked up a towel and rushed to the bathroom where he took a great shower. He just allowed the warm water to soothe and massage his body, making him feel better and relieved. He had a really great shower which made him feel refreshed and extremely happy.

After almost an hour of showering, Aidan came out. He had a towel wrapped his waist while he toweled his long hair, drying it. Reaching his room, Aidan dropped the towel he used to towel his hair. He looked in the mirror and picked up a drier which he used to dry his long hair. In no time at all it was all dry. Of course, he could have just used his magic to dry his hair but most of the times he enjoyed doing things the normal way. It made feel happy to do all those things again.

After drying his hair, Aidan turned it into different colors and then tied it into a beautiful pony tail. His hair had really grown and he couldn't understand why. It was beautiful as ever and it was shining. After putting lotion on his body, Aidan wore a blue boxer brief.

Aidan then went to the mirror and stood still, staring at his own reflection as he wondered what he was gonna wear for that particular day. Of course, he didn't want it to be too classy and elegant and at the same time he didn't want it to be of ordinary. He just wanted something that was gonna help him with the outdoor event that he was gonna go to.

After careful thinking, Aidan knew what to do. With a deep breath, he was fully dressed in a beautiful pure red t-shirt that was a little too tight on him. He was putting a deep blue skinny jean that just looked like second skin. On his feet were beautiful golden brown sandals that felt soft on him.

Aidan slightly moved to check himself in the mirror. He was looking absolutely perfect with his new feminine shape. His ass was still big, carefully packed in his jean. His whole body felt really beautiful and he couldn't lie. He saw that he was absolutely perfect.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan moved his eyes away from the mirror and then looked at himself. He was perfect. He took his eyes back to the mirror and almost jumped up at what he saw. As he stared into the mirror, Aidan saw Luis' reflection clearly. Luis was staring at him with a sad expression, looking as if he was begging him. Aidan's heart jumped and then made him gasp. He moved his hand to his chest, trying to catch his breath.

Aidan didn't know if he was seeing right or his imagination so he closed his eyes and shook his head. When he opened his eyes again, he couldn't see the image of Luis. It was gone. There was no sign of it ever been there.

"What's going on?" he thought as a frown appeared on his face. "Why am I seeing Luis all of a sudden? Is there anything wrong with me or what?"

Whatever it was that was happening, Aidan didn't want it to affect him. He couldn't let it affect him. Luis was his past and it was gonna remain so. He didn't want him back in his life. Not for anything else in this world. He was perfectly happy living without a man in his life and that wasn't gonna change.

"Phew!" Aidan sighed as a bright smile appeared.

He was trying to check himself in the mirror once again but something even more happened. The thing that happened was even scarier than seeing Luis. It made him gasp and jump up in fear, moving away from the mirror.

He was still gasping, trying to understand what was going on with him. He had just seen the dead priest in his mirror, staring at him with a grin on his face. He was dressed all in white with the same trident that he usually carried. Everything was just a mess. That surely couldn't have been a true vision. It was probably his own imagination.
"Okay." Aidan breathed in deeply, trying to calm himself down. "That didn't happen. This is just my own imagination. The priest is dead and cannot appear to me. He is gone and when I look into that mirror again, I will not see him. I will not even see anything but me. Get yourself together."

Aidan took a deep breath, going back to the mirror. When he eventually got back to the mirror, his eyes widened and he gaped, covering his mouth. The priest was still there and he had the same wonderful grin on his face. "Could he be in my room?"

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan slowly turned and almost ran away when he saw the priest right behind him. It was all real. The priest was right behind him, grinning just like he had been. He was staring at him with his happy face and crazy long beards.

"You?" Aidan gasped. "What are you doing here? You are dead and..."

"Aidan!" The priest chuckled happily, hitting the trident on the floor. "Don't be scared."

"I am not scared." Aidan said confidently. "But you are freaking me out. You are dead. What are you doing in my castle? And what's wrong with your voice?"

"Aidan!" The priest chuckled, nodding. "I am still very much alive. I am not dead and..."

"That's not possible." Aidan gasped, still standing still. "You are dead. I saw..."

"Touch me." The priest demanded. "Touch me and you will find out the truth for yourself. They say action speaks louder than words, right?"

Aidan took a deep breath and started getting closer to the priest. When he was near, he stared at the priest for a long time and extended his hand, slowly bringing it closer to the priest. He took a deep breath and then thrust his forward, touching the priest.

"See..." The priest chuckled happily, hitting the trident on the floor.
"How is that even..."

"Because I am not him." The priest said. "Our spirits are one and he lives in me. All the knowledge of his now belongs to me. You don't have to..."

"But you look..."

"Family resemblance." The priest said happily. He extended his hand, resting it on Aidan's shoulder. He gave it a tight squeeze. "It is good to see you again, my son. You don't how that palace has been without your presence."

"Okay." Aidan raised his eyebrow. "This is creepy. You are speaking to me as if we have met before. I find this a little..."

"I know you." The priest nodded. "I know a lot about you. We know each other very well. It is nice to see you again, my powerful boy." He looked all around. "This is nice. You have finally done something incredible with your gift. I must say that I am really proud of you. I am very proud of you, my son."

"Thank you." Aidan smiled brightly. "It is good to finally see you again. What brought you here and how did you know that..."

"The almighty is everywhere." The priest nodded his head. "He brought me here. And I am glad that you are doing something with your gif. But... there is something that you need to do."

"Huh?" Aidan raised his eyebrow. "What do..."

"Angria has been conquered." The priest hit the trident, taking a quick turn from him. "Angria is now the enemy territory. People are living in fear of the evil king and seeker."

Hearing what the priest had said, Aidan lost his smile and remained really quiet. He couldn't even move his mouth. He just stared at the priest without saying any word. His heart started racing as soon as he heard that from the priest.

"Are you not saying..."

"What do I have to say?" Aidan finally spoke, walking towards the priest. "There is nothing that I can say. I no longer live in Angria and it is not my business if you ask me. Besides, what can I do if it has been conquered? Shouldn't..."

"Everyone has been captured." The priest sighed. "The king and his family have been locked up. They are his prisoners.”

"There is nothing I can do." Aidan shrugged. "Neither am I a subject of that kingdom nor related to any of the people there. My family is here.”

"The man that has taken over the kingdom possesses evil powers." The priest made a quick turn, facing Aidan. He had a serious expression on his face, showing just how important what he was saying was. "He is William's father and he acquired the fallen Lord's powers. The king's guards tried to stop him but they failed. They have been turned to statues. He is too powerful for any..."

"Look, priest, I know that you are concerned for your kingdom, but believe me when I tell you that I don't want to go. I vowed never to step my foot into that kingdom ever again. Besides, I don't wanna go back there for any reason."

"Hmm," The priest chuckled, gripping the trident even harder. "But you still came back anyway."

"For my family, yes." Aidan raised his voice slightly. He had no idea why he had acted like that. "But right now I have nothing to do in that kingdom. I will not step my foot into it ever again. Besides, what can I do if the most trained guards couldn't even stop him? Who am I to..."

"You are forgetting something." The priest chuckled, nodding his head. "You are not an ordinary human boy. You are unique. You are different from everyone else, my son. You have your powers and they are far much stronger than anything else in the world."

"You are strong." Aidan said, moving his head forward. "Why can't you also help them out?"

"Because I am not that strong." The priest shouted, filling the entire room. He didn't sound mad but Aidan was surprised. The priest had never acted like that before. "I can be killed by just a snap of his finger. You on the other hand..."

"I am not going." Aidan wasn't gonna change his mind. "Why does this have to be on me? Why can't everyone just leave me alone? I just want to be happy. I am living my life without Luis and..."

"How long will you keep on running?" The priest laughed, staring at him. "For how long will you hide the truth?"

"I don't have anything to hide." Aidan tried to get away from the priest but he gripped his hand and brought him closer.

"The people in that kingdom are suffering." The priest spoke so softly that it got to Aidan. "They have been living in fear for three days now since he took over. Do you actually know what will happen if this continues. He is so ruthless and does anything that he wants. The whole of Angria is filled with his dark magic. They live in fear and sorrow, praying for a savior to come to them. They are praying for you to come and save them."

Aidan felt really bad after what the priest had told him. "I am sorry. But I am still not going back there. Why should I be involved in this anyway? I have no business with the politics of Angria. I don't have any connection with that kingdom. Besides, I don't think I can fight someone as evil and as..."

"It is your destiny." The priest hollered, enjoying the surprised expression on his face. "This is what you were born for. You are the only powerful..."

"What are you talking about?" Aidan couldn't mask the surprise in his voice. "I don't get you."

"You heard correctly." The priest nodded his head, hitting the trident even harder on the floor. A cold wind blew throughout the room. "You are destined to defeat and put an end to the quest of the evil one or..." He paused and just stared at Aidan.

To say Aidan was surprised would be an understatement. A myriad of emotions took control of his body, making him even more confused. He had no idea what the priest was talking about. He hadn't known about this. He had no idea that was the truth or a lie.

"But how?" His mouth trembled. He had never been as confused whole his life. "The old priest..."

"The old priest couldn't tell you because it was not the right time." The priest hollered. "Now you know the truth about your destiny and why you were given those powers. You had defeated William and thus delayed them from getting those powers but your departure from the kingdom paved a way for those warlocks to come back. Now you have to go and fulfill your destiny."

"I still don't get it."

"When you left the kingdom, the evil king sent his son back to..."

The priest started narrating the story and whatever had happened. He told him about the secret mission and how William had deceived them and finally taken the things that he had come for, William's sperm and blood. Aidan felt a sharp vibration on his entire body when he heard about it. He didn't know why he felt that way but he felt really bad.

"With Luis' sperm and blood, they were able to summon the scepter." The priest continued. "With the scepter, they summoned and recreated Ming's evil powers which he now possesses. Those powers are really evil and he now calls himself a god. People are forced to worship him every day. Each day he is becoming more evil than before." He sighed. "Only Lord Mang's successor, the wizard of good cause can save them from those evil people."

Aidan was silent. He couldn't say a thing to the priest because he was still confused about what was going on. He had no idea what to believe and he still didn't want to go back to Angria for any reason. He was fine in his own kingdom and castle. He didn't want trouble from anyone. He was banished from the kingdom and was told never to return by Luis himself. He wasn't gonna go back.

"You are Lord Mang's successor." The priest said softly. "Your powers are even more powerful than Lord Mang's. As a successor of Lord Mang, it is your duty to defeat the evil seeker and return peace to Lord Mang's kingdom."

Aidan raised his face, staring at the priest with a lost face. He still couldn't get any of the things the priest had just uttered to him. He opened his mouth to speak but the priest laughed, tapping on his back.

"I know that you are really confused." He chuckled. "Come and sit with me."

Without even objecting, Aidan followed the priest and both of them sat on the bed, facing each other. Aidan just wanted to know what exactly the priest meant by telling him all of that. He needed to finally know the secret of his powers. It had been a mystery to him the first time but now he was ready to listen to the priest.

"This whole story takes us to the origins of Angria kingdom." The priest started. "Before Civilization..."


"So that's what happened long ago before civilization. That is the legend of Lord Mang and Lord Ming." The priest concluded. He held Aidan's hand, giving it a tight squeeze. "You are the successor of Lord Mang and you are destined to finally put an end to his evil quest."

Aidan was still in surprise. As the priest had been narrating the entire story to him, he could have sworn that he was able to see everything that had happened. The brothers, the battle, the kingdom, the power, he saw it all. Aidan even felt his powers within him stir, filling him up. He couldn't believe the energy he felt just by listening to the priest's story. It was as if the entire incident and battle had occurred right in front of his face. When the priest eventually stopped telling the story, Aidan was gasping, holding his chest. He couldn't believe how fast his heart was beating. It was as if he had been running for a really long time.

"That's how the story goes." The priest added, clenching hard on the trident. "You see now why you need to defeat the evil king? Lord Mang had sacrificed himself for his people and when he realized that his people were still in danger from an enemy to be born in another life time through his bloodline, he prophesied a successor, you." The priest squeezed his hand softly. "You need to defeat him to..."

"I can't..." Aidan rose from the bed, taking a really deep sigh. "You do not just understand. I can't go back."

"I know exactly how you feel."

"You don't..." Aidan exclaimed. "How do I defeat an evil warlock who now possesses evil powers, a self-proclaimed god?" He laughed bitterly. "That is impossible and I am not going back to Angria. I vowed to Luis I wouldn't do that. He made me..."

"That was before the truth." The priest said, laughing softly. "I know exactly why you are afraid of going back. And don't worry about anything that is scaring you. Wyatt fears anything related to Lord Mang. He also knows that..."

"I will not go back." Aidan started moving away from the priest. "I have already made my mind. There is nothing that I can do. I am not the king and neither am I related to the royal family. What Luis and I had ended really long ago. I have moved on and I don't want anything related to my past."

Taking a deep sigh, Aidan made a quick turn and started heading for the door. He didn't want to go back to Angria. He didn't want to face an evil warlock that had turned people into stones and made everyone worship him. He didn't even...

"Can you bear to let your baby's father die? Can you bear making him fatherless?"

Hearing the priest words, Aidan suddenly stopped and made a quick turn. His heart started racing, sending a shiver down his spine. His eyes widened and his mouth gaped. He started breathing fast as a myriad of emotions took control of him. He had lost control of himself. He felt really cold and couldn't believe the priest had just asked that.

Aidan started rushing to the priest, still surprised at what he had just said to him.

"How do you know that I..."

"I know everything." The priest gave a teasing chuckled, playing with his trident. He moved closer to the surprised looking Aidan. "I know that you have Luis' son, his heir. I know you were pregnant when you left Angria."

"I don't know..."

"You can't fool me Aidan." The priest cleared his throat. "I know you have a son in this castle and his name is Jacob. He is now with your grandmother."

"Who else knows about my pregnancy when I left Angria?" He had no idea why he felt so scared. "Does Luis..."

"No one knows." The priest said in a really deep voice.

Aidan gave a deep sigh of relief, touching his chest. "That's good because I don't want anything to do with him." He said loudly. "I don't even care if I am Mang or whatever's successor. I will not return."

The priest nodded his head sadly as Aidan took a quick turn and started heading for the door again, looking really mad. He knew why the boy didn't want to go back to the kingdom. Of course, he knew that Aidan was a bit scared but fear was not the main reason why he was acting that scared. He was trying to hide from... never mind. The priest knew he had to make Aidan go back to the kingdom at all costs.

"Can you at least go back for the sake of your parents?"

Aidan stopped in his tracks again when he heard the priest. He made a quick turn and rushed back to the priest. "My parents are..."

"I am talking about your real parents." The priest pointed out.

"What do they have to do with this?" Aidan gasped. Somehow, speaking about the parents that abandoned him was too much for him. "Are they..."

"They were murdered, slaughtered like pigs." The priest announced.

The words from the priest hit Aidan with a bang, he gasped as a sharp pain hit his heart. Tears started forming in his eyes as the pain got even stronger. He couldn't understand what the priest was trying to do to him. His pain and anger came rushing to him.

"What are you talking about?" Aidan breathed harshly.

"Yes!" The priest nodded his head. "They were murdered like pigs and..."

"Stop it!" Aidan said softly. Listening to the priest was causing him pain. "What happened to them? Who murdered them?"

"I can feel the power of revenge inside of your heart." The priest hollered. "Let me tell you a little story." The priest said. "I know this will be painful to you but I must tell it to you."

The priest took a really deep sigh, hitting the trident on the floor. "A long time ago in Alerna kingdom, an evil king was always on a quest for greater power to gain the kingdom which his ancestors were unable to gain. He was destined to bring the great kingdom down to its knees after acquiring the powers of the fallen Lord. He started practicing witchcraft at a tender age, taught by his father and grandfather. However, he was born with a mark of a dragon to kill him once he steps his foot there. He kept on trying to find a solution. However, there was a prophecy that a threat would be born in his kingdom that would destroy him and his evil ways. To protect himself, he had everyone on the lookout for the baby and finally, that baby was born..." The priest chuckled. "You!" He pointed at Aidan with his trident.

Aidan gasped at the priest's words.

"Yes!" The priest nodded. "You were born at that time. The evil king found out about it and he went on a quest to kill the baby before it was grown. But your father found out about it and lost his life. The evil king slit his throat." Tears poured down Aidan's face, making the pain even worse. He clenched on his fists hard, feeling them tremble. "Your mother was so weak at that time that she couldn't run. She was slaughtered by the evil king. Your real grandmother tried to get you away but she was stabbed by an arrow."

Aidan's pain came back to him. He was really furious and couldn't believe he was that angry. A lot of things were ringing through his mind. He was mad. Tears kept on flowing.

"And you..." The priest paused and sighed. "You fell under a cliff into a river infested with alligators. But you didn't die. Your powers couldn't let you die. The alligators couldn't do anything to you. Before you even hit the water, a shield had surrounded you which took you down the river into Angria where your destiny lies. Now you have to fulfill that prophecy."

Aidan was in tears as the priest finished the story. He was really angry and couldn't explain the way his body vibrated in anger. A myriad of emotions took control of his body making him angrier. He was fuming, ready to kill anyone. There was a powerful energy that was taking control of his body. The fear that he had inside of him suddenly went away, replaced by unimaginable anger. His whole body shuddered and he trembled. He clenched his fists harder.

"I know how you feel and I am sorry.”

"Did he kill my parents?" Aidan roared in anger. "Is he the same bastard that murdered my family?"

The priest nodded, squeezing Aidan's shoulder. "If not for anyone, do it to avenge your family. He is a truly evil man. Before all this, he was evil. He killed his wife simply because she couldn't put up with his evil ways. He sacrificed his other children because they were weak. He has killed thousands of people by sacrificing them. Now that he has Lord Ming's powers, he is something else. He plans to sacrifice more people real soon. You need to defeat him before that happens."

Aidan was groaning softly as more tears fell down his face. He moved his hand up furiously, rubbing the tears that had flooded his face completely. He rubbed his face clean, breathing as if he was running out of air.

‘He slaughtered your parents like pigs.’ The priest's voice sounded in his head, causing him even more anger. "He has killed thousands of people, sacrificing them... Can you to see your baby's father killed... Angria needs you. You are the only that can defeat him."

Aidan was feeling angrier as those words rang through him continuously. He clenched on his fists harder, feeling the hot energy that was surrounding him. He was really gonna do it this time. He couldn't deal with what he was feeling. It was deep and it was painful.

With a deep breath, Aidan screamed at the top of his voice, "No!" He screamed again, filling his voice of pain throughout the entire room. When he eventually stopped, he breathed in harshly and abruptly disappeared from the room.

The priest gave a loud laugh of satisfaction. He raised his trident, hitting it back on the trident. He disappeared too.

A strong wind suddenly blew throughout the living room. It was really violent and it roared like a huge destructive wind. All of a sudden, Aidan appeared in front of the living room looking really mad.

"Oh fuck!" Ethan gasped when he saw Aidan. "God!" He had almost run away but he kept calm.

Granny, Justin and Ethan got really scared and moved further away. They had been scared as they had no idea what had just happened. Aidan had never appeared like that before and not with the violent wind. He hadn't appeared and disappeared since that time he had taken them from the palace so it was kinda scary.

"Aidan?" Granny spoke softly, holding the baby tightly. "Are you alright?"

Aidan moved his eyes to his granny and saw the baby. The wind died down. Everything was calm now. He was now calm after seeing the baby but it didn't change a thing to him. Everything that he was feeling was really eating him up. The power he felt inside of him was more than he could ever imagine.

"Take care of my baby, granny." Aidan said harshly. "Take good care of him."

"Aidan," Granny started getting closer to him, staring at him with a confused face. She was scared. "What are you telling me? Where are you going?"

"I am glad you have decided to go back." The priest suddenly appeared. Granny and the others gasped and took a few steps back. They had no idea what was going on. "This is what you were born for."


"Yes! Ethan..." Aidan breathed in deeply. "He is the priest. He is the new priest."

"But how could he..."

"We don't have time for that." The priest gestured. "I will personally answer your questions later but right now, Aidan has something important to do."

"What?" Granny gasped.

"I am going back to Angria." Aidan said as he clenched his fists. "I am going to find the bastard that had killed my parents."

"What?" Granny gasped. "Are you going to..."

"Yes!" Aidan said. "I am going there to finally put an end to all this. My real parents were brutally killed. I will make sure that he pays for everything."

"Anger can destroy many things." The priest said, sniffing the air. "Always remember this Aidan. You are more powerful than him. You have something that he will never have. There is a lot that you haven't discovered you can do but you can do wonders. Remember..." The priest raised his trident and pointed at Aidan's head. "You can do anything you set your mind on. With this mission, you will discover that you have a lot inside of you. You are ready, my son. Go and fulfill your destiny."

Aidan looked at his family. All of them seemed really worried. The worry on their faces couldn't be masked by anything. They seemed to be really scared too and he could see that granny was slightly shaking. Aidan moved his eyes and stared at his baby. He went near and kissed his sweet cheeks.

He got up and then looked at granny with no expression on his face. He was mad. "Please. Take good care of my son while I am away. Once all this is done I shall return to you. And don't worry about me."

Aidan turned around quickly, clenching his fists even harder.

"What are you going to do?"

Aidan breathed harshly, feeling a really powerful energy take control of him. "I am going to fulfill my destiny. I will do this for my parents... I am going to do this for all the people that he has killed. I am going to do it for the people of... Angria even though they hated me... this will be for all those he has slaughtered."

Aidan only had one thing in mind, destroying the evil seeker and all that followed him. He was now not even scared of anything. His only goal was to fulfill his destiny. He believed in his powers and the prophecy the priest had told him. He was gonna do it for his parents whom he hadn't met thanks to that evil king. Nothing was gonna stand in his way. He was gonna win it for real no matter what. He was gonna destroy the dark and evil seeker.

Clenching his teeth as a terrible wind blew, Aidan clenched on his fists harder. A frown appeared on his face as he glowered, feeling his body trembling.

"Nothing is gonna stand in my way to my destiny." He vowed. "Get ready to pay for everything. I am coming..."

The battle has just begun.

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.

Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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I’m glad to see Aidan get the story of his family’s sacrifice; gifts or not they gave Aidan the greatest gift they could a family. Luis and Aidan were unfortunately manipulated and their bonds of trust broken; one can never take back what has already been spoken. But Luis and Aidan have both been very pig headed about their feelings. Aidan should have been told after the reactionary emotions calmed that Luis did want to believe him. Aidan may not like the complications but Luis did deserve to know of his son.

Now as fate would serve, the absence of Aidan his given extra confidence to the arrogant and evil lord, but this is also an advantage that Aidan can now know the intent before manipulation attempts by the warlocks or the evil lord himself; they are exposed.

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Justin & Ethan being together kinda makes sense as they’d surely have grown close over these few years together while helping raise Jacob. Kinda disappointed Aidan is being motivated by revenge rather than compassion yet whatever works. Can’t blame him for his anger towards the royal family though I thought he’d be more compassionate concerning the welfare of the civilians.

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