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Unbroken - 7. Chapter 7: Aidan and Luis are in love. A visit from the past.

Aidan woke up in the morning to a warm sensation and powerful strong arms tightly coiled around him. The warm sensation was Luis holding him tightly, making sure that he was glued to his body. He took in a deep breath and rubbed on Luis' strong arms, pushing his entire body into Luis. He felt his whole body tingling in pleasure and warmth travelling to the rest of his body. Then he chuckled and pushed his body further. He felt the hands tighten and a kiss on the back on his neck. It was really beautiful and for the first time in his life he enjoyed waking up.

“Are you awake?” Luis asked, tightening his grip.

“Hmm,” Aidan moaned softly. “Yeah,”

Aidan then quickly turned and came face to face with the wonderful man who was holding. The first thing he felt was Luis' warm breath on his face, making him feel intense vibrations all over his body. Then a smile shot up on that lovely face and giggles of pleasure.

Busy smiling and taking in Luis' warm breaths, Aidan locked his eyes with Luis and stared into those beautiful and captivating eyes that seemed to call to him at that very moment. He got lost in them and just enjoyed the warmth and pleasure Luis was giving him. That was the first time he had ever experienced and felt anything like that just by staring in someone's eyes.

The way Luis was staring at him...the breaths that were hitting his face...the vibrations that took control of his body...the way his heart was beating steadily and most importantly the way Luis was smiling was absolutely wonderful. He could stay like that, just enjoying his life in Luis' strong arms.

Luis on the other hand couldn't even understand or explain what he was feeling. It was a deep feeling of pleasure and warmth. His eyes couldn't tear away from those wonderful green eyes that seemed to have an effect on him. He wanted to kiss that boy a lot and hold him tighter than he did. He had never been like that before. He felt like he was going crazy.

Fuck! Luis had no idea he could even feel something like that. It was really impossible to believe. He felt like it was a dream especially after remembering that it was the same boy he had been arguing with almost since forever, kinda. The feeling was beautiful and he still couldn't believe that he was in love for the first time with a boy he thought he hated more than anyone. How was it even possible that he had suddenly loved someone like that?

“What?” Aidan chuckled nervously, slightly moving his body closer to Luis.

Luis took in a deep breath. “Am I dreaming or is it a reality?”

Aidan stared at his man and took in a deep breath. “This is a reality, baby. Believe it. You and I are together.”

“It feels like a dream.” Luis said. He held Aidan tighter and leaned down. Then he captured those wonderful lips into the most beautiful morning kiss that left him yearning for more. The kiss was captivating...it was beautiful...it was breathtaking...it was sizzling and it was amazing. He felt like his breath had left him, entering into that very boy he was kissing. He kissed him deeply, sucking on his lips and tongue while feeling a really deep moan escaping the both of them. Their bodies instantly vibrated and Luis felt himself getting hard.

After so long, they came for a much needed air, smiling and rubbing against each other's nose, while trying to catch their breaths. It was clear that love was blossoming, especially Luis. He could feel a really big change in him ever since that time he had accepted Aidan.

“Does that feel real?” Aidan breathed, raising his eyebrow at Luis.

“Those lips are real?” Luis smiled, rubbing against Aidan's lips. “They are sweeter than anything I have ever tasted in my life.”

“Hmm,” Aidan blushed, passing his finger on Luis' chest, playing with his pajama button. “You sure know how to talk sweet.”

“It's the truth.” Luis raised his face with his thumb. He planted another kiss on him and breathed in his scent. “You smell sweet too.”

“Stop flattering me.” Aidan chuckled. “You are making me shy.”

“If that's what you look when you are shy,” Luis grinned, licking his lips. He just wanted Aidan's lips on his for as long as he lived. There was nothing sweeter than Aidan's lips. Since he had tasted them, that was all that he wanted. He just wanted to kiss him till eternity. “Then you sure have the cutest shy expression.”

Hearing his husband's words, Aidan laughed and buried his face into Luis' chest. When he raised his face and stared into Luis' eyes again, he could see tears building in Luis' eyes. He wondered what was making his hunk feel like that.

“Hey!” He called softly, rubbing on Luis' face. “What are you trying to do?”

“I am just happy,” Luis gave a killer smile. “It feels so good to be with you. I feel like the luckiest guy on this very earth. You are really like an angel to me. I don't even know what I did in my past life to deserve someone like you. I never thought I could fall in love like this. I never believed in love and always thought it was for fools.” He chuckled. “Guess I am also a fool for falling in love.” He sighed, loving the wonderful feeling the boy was giving him. “To be honest...I never thought I would fall in love...again...”

“Again?” Aidan gasped, slightly moving his head to stare into the face of the man he loved. “You mean you were in love before?”

Luis nodded in agreement. “I was in love but...my heart was broken.” He sighed. “It's the reason why I became like this. I gave her my whole and she still broke my heart. It was so painful that I vowed never to fall in love again.” He sighed. “It was the reason I became a gay playboy and the reason why I was arrogant. But with you, I hated you so much and I never even wanted to do anything with you. But now, it's different. The way I feel about you is stronger than anything that I have ever felt in my life. It's actually like you are a part of me that I can't live without. You make me feel like I am going crazy each time I look at you. Your eyes are amazing and your lips are driving me insane.” He grinned. “Thank you for being in my life. Now I feel like I have known you forever.”

“Oh...” Aidan touched his heart and gasped. Just by listening to Luis' wonderful and heart throbbing words, he felt really happy. They got to him and made his heart beat rhythmically. Now he understood why Luis was like that. But he was happy he opened up and told him everything that had happened. “That is so sweet...” He breathed. “But I am really sorry, I never...”

“That's a past chapter,” Luis gushed. “You are my future now and I love you so much.”

“Yeah,” Aidan sighed. He felt like he needed to tell Luis something too. “Actually I was in love with someone too.” He explained to Luis what had happened and the reason why he broke up with his ex boyfriend. When the story ended, Luis' eyes were wide open. He couldn't believe the story.

“Whoa!” Luis sighed. “Guess we've all had our share of heartbreaks.” He smiled. “But it turned out in our favor.” He chuckled. “Actually, we wouldn't have even fallen for each other if not for the two of them.” He laughed. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me...ever.”

“That's really sweet,” Aidan babbled. “You are the best thing to me too. Baby, I love you so much.”

Luis then kissed Aidan and held him tighter. They stayed just like that, silent and without saying any single word. It was like they were communicating with their eyes and their beautiful breaths. Man it was really wonderful. It took really long before Luis spoke to Aidan.

“All this staring has made me really hungry,” He said softly. “I wish you were food. I swear I would have devoured you right now.” He then gave a loud laugh that filled the entire room. Aidan first opened his eyes wide, loving the words Luis had used on him. Then he joined him and they both laughed really loud.

Aidan then raised his head and took a quick glance at the clock beside the bed, closer to Luis. “Well, it is 8.30. I think we can have breakfast.”

“Yeah,” Luis breathed. “Would you like it in here or...”

“I prefer with the whole family,” He smiled. “This will be like the first real breakfast we will be having with them.”

“You are right,” Luis released his arms from Aidan's waist and got up, stretching them forward. He rose from the bed and yawned loudly, his eyes still on that lovely boy on the bed. Man, he felt like Aidan was a part of him that was really important now. He sure fell in love for the first time.

Aidan rose from the bed and stood still watching the man as he took the hem of his pajama shirt. He quickly unbuttoned it and threw it away on the bed. Fuck! And Aidan had thought he'd seen Luis completely the night they had sex. He was really hairy. His hair went from his chest, going downwards until it got lost into that pajama trouser. He was really muscular, his chest pointed out like he was one of those weight lifters. And the way his abs moved when he was removing that pajama shirt was breathtaking. Aidan couldn't help but stare. He had never seen a more sexy and masculine man like Aidan. That man was surely a hunk and a hot one at that.

Aidan watched fully even as Luis stripped down the pajama and remained in a sexy pink boxer brief that was really tight. Fuck! He could see the outline of that cock which he had experienced a week ago. Fuck! It was really beautiful. Luis didn't seem to notice as he had his eyes on the door where he kept his clothes. But he was absolutely amazing.

“Those sexy legs,” Aidan thought as his eyes moved up and down Luis' legs. They were really hairy and muscular too. It was almost like his whole body was perfect. Aidan felt his body warming up in pleasure just by setting his eyes on those legs.

“Let me get changed for a minute.” Luis said even as he headed for the door. “I will be back in just a second okay, baby?”

Aidan didn't even answer the question as he was lost, staring at Luis' body. He only came back to reality after Luis went to the room. He shook his head and smiled, finding himself sitting on the bed. He had a big smile on his face.

It didn't take long and Luis came out of his room dressed in a beautiful brown short, black t-shirt and sandals. He had a huge smile on his face and that smile went straight to Aidan's soul. Man, Luis was really driving him insane. But the truth was that he loved the way Luis made him feel and the way his body vibrated each time Luis was near him. It was almost like a wonderful dream.

“Are you ready?” Luis said softly, resting his hand on top of Aidan's shoulder. And when Aidan nodded and got up, he wrapped his hand around his waist and both of them left the room teasing each other.

While in the elevator, they kissed a number of times, exploring each other's mouths. By the time they got to the living room, their lips were swollen and they were licking them in anticipation of future kissing. The day had really started well and Aidan couldn't have loved anything more than that.

Reaching the living room, they headed straight for the dining and found the family members busy enjoying their breakfast, laughing and chatting with each other. When they saw the happy couple, their smiles just went to another level.

“Good morning!” Luis greeted, slowly rubbing on Aidan's shoulder. He had a great smile on his face.

“Morning!” The whole family said happily. “How was your night?”

“I don't know about Aidan but I had the best night ever.” Luis grinned when Aidan rolled his eyes. “But I am sure he had the best night too.”

“It was great.” Aidan smiled, trying to push Luis away from him.

“Good!” The king said happily. “I am glad to see the two of you this happy. It really makes me happy.”

“It is not just you, father.” Luis chuckled nervously. “I am sure your happiness is nowhere near what I am feeling right now. It's like the first time I started living.” He chuckled when Aidan blushed and dropped his eyes to the floor. “Being in love sure feels good.”

“Are you gonna be talking the rest of the morning or are you gonna allow my grandson to have his breakfast?” Granny asked, taking a sip of her morning tea. “I am pretty sure he's hungry.”

Aidan chuckled. “I am hungry.”

“Alright,” Granny grabbed a chair. “Come and sit with me here?” She gestured with her eyes, pointing him to the chair next to her.

Aidan smiled brightly at the old woman. “Sure,” He began walking towards her before Luis pulled him and wrapped his arms around his shoulder, making sure that he held him tightly. That was his moment and not granny's.

“Sorry, granny,” He laughed. “I think I will be sitting with Aidan today. I really need to sit with him. I hope you don't...never mind that.” He chuckled. He led Aidan to the chair and made him sit down while he served him breakfast. Then he sat close to him and did the craziest thing ever. He took a spoonful of the food on the table and brought it to Aidan's mouth.

“Open up,” He gestured.

“What?” Aidan felt really embarrassed. He wondered why Luis was doing that. “No!” He chuckled nervously. “I don't think I...”

“Dear,” The queen chuckled teasingly. “There is nothing wrong with your husband feeding you breakfast. Trust me all new couples do it all the time. And I mean all the couples,” She stared at her husband and grinned when he stared back at her.

“See...” That was like a ticket for Luis. “Even mother understand me. Now open up and let me feed you.”

Without even hesitating, Aidan open up and allowed Luis to feed him the entire breakfast. It was really an embarrassing breakfast and he could see the people at the table teasing him like crazy. He wanted to tell Luis to stop but the crazy guy was enjoying everything that was happening. The way he smiled when Aidan ate from his hands actually made Aidan really shy. If only he could have found a way to communicate with Luis where no one could have heard them but he really had no choice. He ate and ate till he was completely full.

After they all had their breakfast, they all went to the living room where they began chatting on an important issue. It was so important that Aidan knew that it was gonna take long. That was like a family meeting.

“Now that you have become a part of my son's life,” The king started. “You'll also learn about really important things that you have to do in the palace.” He emphasized. “You have to start really working closely with the queen and the princess. It is about time you take some of the queen's responsibilities.”

“What?” Aidan's eyes widened. He had no idea when that had come in. “I have to take responsibilities from the queen?” He gasped. “But father, I don't know anything about being royalty. I don't even...”

“Don't worry,” Hanna smiled brightly. She cupped his hand and squeezed it since she was closer to him. “That is really easy if you ask me. It is nothing. I am sure nothing is going to change. Just be yourself but you just have to be at important meetings...charity organizations and many others. You have to learn those responsibilities.”

“And you have to be the one to plan on balls and parties too.” The queen pointed out. “You also have to take care of other things in the palace too.”


“Don't worry,” Luis chuckled softly. “It is not that difficult. Besides, you have Hanna here with you. You can use her as your maid if you want.” He joked.

“Really?” Hanna raised her eyebrow when she heard her brother's words. “Anyway, don't mind about him okay?” She squeezed his hands once again. She was making him feel really happy. He was just not sure of those responsibilities but he knew he had to do it. “All that is just a piece of cake and I assure you that you will enjoy them more than spending time with that jerk?” She joked, laughing softly. “Anyway, that is the entire queen's job and since you are not a woman you have to take those responsibilities on your own. But I'll help out so you don't have to worry. Just call on me and we will do it together.”

“Thank you.” He smiled, squeezing her hand as well. “So when can I start all...” He gestured with his hand.

“After the introduction,” The queen chuckled. “After the introduction, you will be recognized by everyone in the kingdom. You were supposed to be introduced during the wedding but...you kinda didn't have a wedding so...”

“I got it!” Hanna gasped, getting up from the chair. “...Instead of just a party? Why can't we throw a big masquerade party?” She was really happy. “That way...the people won't know who he really is. They will just know him when...”

“He takes off his mask,” Luis chimed in, happy with his sister's idea. “That will be a really good idea.” He gasped. “What do you think dad?”

The king chuckled softly. “Of course, anything for my lovely son and my son in law. I think it will be good for the introduction too, don't you think?” He stared at the queen.

“I think it's a great idea.” The queen smiled brightly, looking straight at her husband. “People will be in suspense and they will be eager to see who the prince's spouse is. It will be really great. Guess we have to order a lot of masks.” She chuckled, smiling at Aidan. “I just hope you are ready for your first big dance with Prince Luis?”

“What?” Aidan gasped. “Mom...I don't know how to dance...that much. I didn't even know there was a dance. I thought it was just an introduction.”

“It is.” The queen said. “But he has to dance with you while...everyone watches. It is like a tradition for the prince to open the dance floor. And do you know what else?”

“What?” Aidan was scared with what the queen was going to tell him next. “What is it?”

“The whole party will be seen through the entire kingdom as it will be published in newspapers and magazines.” The queen said simply. “It might even be on TV.”

“Lucky for you,” Hanna sat back on the couch. “You are looking at the queen dancer herself,” She pointed at herself. “Two weeks is still a long way if you ask me. I will teach you everything that you want to know. I will teach you all the dances that you might expect someone to dance with you.”

Aidan was finally able to breathe fine. “Thank you so much.” He smiled, staring at her. “This really means a lot. I don't know what I would have done without you.”

“I would have taught you.” Luis grinned. “I would have taught you everything that you need for the dance but unfortunately...I will be really busy at a meeting with father. We are preparing for the introduction.” Luis and the king still had meetings with the cabinet. They had to explain how the marriage took place and do some things for the party too.

“You?” Hanna gave a teasing laugh. “Don't make me laugh. Since when did you become a dance instructor?”

“I really know how to dance...”

“Yeah,” Hanna coughed. “You do. But that doesn't make you a professional like me. I will teach him everything that he needs to know. Just don't embarrass him because he will turn into a pro. He will be like the best dancer there.”

“Don't worry,” Luis moved his hands as if he was surrendering. “Everything will turn out alright. I am sure he will be the best dancer there. Just can't wait for the day of the introduction.” He breathed, getting lost as he stared at Aidan. “It will be a really beautiful day for me.”

“For all of us,” The king chuckled. “This will be one of the greatest events. It will almost be like...a wedding. You will also have to exchange vows there. You will also exchange rings since you have done none of that.”

“I can't wait,” Luis winked at Aidan and then laughed when Aidan actually blushed and his cheeks pinkened.
Luis got lost again, staring at Aidan and enjoying the way he was blushing. If not for his sister who had taken Aidan to sit with him, Luis would have gripped Aidan's hand and plant a kiss on it but he was stuck alone with nothing but imaginations of him kissing Aidan in front of his parents. Uh, he breathed as he felt something moving inside of him. He just wanted Aidan and he wanted him a lot.

“But there is something else you all are forgetting.” Hanna reminded all of them. “Aidan has to change his wardrobe as soon as possible. He needs to get used to being dressed in the best, don't you think?”

“I agree,” Granny chuckled, looking all around everyone in the living room. “He really needs a change of wardrobe.”

“I guess...”

“No!” Hanna stopped Luis before he could even finish his sentence. “Leave everything to me. I will make sure that his wardrobe is filled with the best designer's clothes. I will make sure he is attended to by the best designers and makeup artists. He will be more handsome than this,” She smiled when Aidan actually smiled at her. “I tell you that Luis won't ever leave him alone okay?”

“Yeah,” Luis rolled his eyes. “You are best at it so I will leave my baby to you.”

Hearing the word baby, Aidan moved his eyes and stared at Luis, gesturing him to stop. But the crazy guy just smiled at him and winked.

“Good!” Hanna breathed, squeezing Aidan's hands. “We will go shopping tomorrow. I will make sure that he gets the best.”

“I trust you.” Luis trusted his sister's sense of fashion. He knew Aidan was gonna look even more beautiful than he actually was. As it was, without makeup he was the most handsome boy he had ever laid his eyes on. But with makeup, he was gonna glow. Actually thinking about it was making Luis' heart race. He couldn't wait anymore. There just so many things that he was looking forward to. He just couldn't wait anymore.


The rest of the day went absolutely fabulous for Aidan. It was probably the best day of Aidan's life especially with the way everyone was treating him. He couldn't have wished for anything more than what was happening to him at that very time.

Aidan talked with the family members the rest of the morning. They were actually telling him about what to expect when he was introduced. He was told of the respect he was gonna get...the love...the attention...the recognition...the importance. Man he was also gonna be known worldwide as everything was gonna be on the internet and magazines. Things were really turning out to be more than he had expected. Princes and princesses really had great responsibilities.

After talking for so long, they had a scrumptious lunch and he spent the afternoon with Luis outside, lying on his thighs on the pool. It was really beautiful how they connected. They even walked in the garden, stayed in the courtyard and told each other about what it was that they liked most. As the day went on, they got to know more about each other and everything that they liked.

It was such a wonderful day and no one disturbed them or even bothered them. They had the day to themselves and fell deeper in love with each other. They didn't even want to tear away from each other's arms or even stay away from each other for a second. It was really surprising how Luis had changed. But Aidan knew that the priest had done something to him.

Only God knew how many times they kissed that day. Their lips were really swollen but they still couldn't seem to get their hands off of each other. Before they knew it, they were back in the palace, having a scrumptious family dinner. It was really wonderful and they spent some time with the family before actually going back to their room.


“Oh my god,” Aidan yawned, throwing his tired body on the bed. “God, I am really tired today.”

Luis smiled when he saw Aidan on the bed, lying on his back. He had his eyes closed but Luis couldn't help but yearn for that boy on the bed. He was too handsome and sexy to resist. Slowly walking towards the bed so as not to try and make a sound, Luis got on top of Aidan, between his legs and grinned when the boy opened his eyes.

“Hey!” Aidan moaned, smiling at the guy that was on top of him.

“Hey!” Luis breathed as he felt a powerful vibration travel down his spine. “You look really beautiful and sexy. Makes me want to kiss you so bad,”

Aidan chuckled nervously. “Really?”

“Trust me,” Luis muttered, moving his hands up. He cupped Aidan's face and brushed him with his finger. “You really look hot.”

“But I am dirty and sweaty.” Aidan laughed.

“That makes you even hotter.” He said as he moved his head downwards, occupying the space which was left between them. “You don't know how I am dying to kiss you right now.” He was suddenly breathing harshly, dying to taste those lips again. “I can't get enough of you, I swear.”

Hearing those wonderful harsh breaths and those amazing words, Aidan's heart jumped, beating rhythmically as a powerful and strong force took hold of his body. His lips instantly began twitching and he squirmed beneath Luis. He felt hot blood travelling faster to the rest of his body, making his cock rise in his pants. He loved Luis a lot.

“Kiss me,” Aidan moaned, closing his eyes when Luis closed the gap between them, capturing his lips in the sweetest of kisses. He moaned loudly, deeper into Luis' mouth, feeling Luis' tongue demanding entrance.

Aidan immediately parted his lips, allowing Luis' slick tongue right through. When their tongues connected, he felt a really powerful vibration get a hold of him. He couldn't help but writhe on the bed, moaning as if it was the last thing he was gonna do.

Luis moved his hands from Aidan's face to his waist. He slowly passed his hands and got a hold of that wonderful waist, slowly massaging it while they moaned deeply in each other's mouths, enjoying the wonderful pleasures their bodies were giving them.

“Oh my god,” A thought slipped through Aidan's mind when he felt a bolt of electricity hit him. Fuck! It was simply amazing and it travelled to his cock, making his tiny cock rise. He was instantly in pleasure and the more he got into the kiss the more he enjoyed the pleasurable sensation that was making his body tingle.

“Fuck!” Luis swore even as he felt his cock throb in his pants, rubbing against the cotton of his boxer. He thrust forward and rubbed against Aidan's leg, moaning deeper into Aidan's mouth. He gripped his waist harder, quickly turning him. Now Aidan was on top of him, kissing him and enjoying the pleasures of his mouth.

Moving his hands from that waist, Luis gripped Aidan's head harder, closing the little gap that had been left between them. Now he was sucking deeper into Aidan's mouth, carefully sucking on his dangerously hot tongue. He rubbed the back of Aidan's head and felt the boy's sucking get intense. He knew he was in pleasure from the way he was sucking on him. He wanted to feel more. He just didn't want it to stop even for a minute.

“God...” Luis thought as his cock gave an intense pulse that made him shudder and tighten his grip on that head. He even sucked harder and nipped on Aidan's tongue, making sure that he was not hurting him. He just wanted to show the boy the pleasures that he didn't know. He wanted to kiss him till the end of time. He wanted to go deeper into that mouth but he didn't want to choke the boy that he loved like crazy.

Slowly moving his hands, Aidan reached up and rubbed his hands on Luis' chest through his beautiful shirt. He found the outline of his nipples and pinched hard on them, feeling even as his husband shuddered and gripped him so hard. Fuck! He was enjoying the kiss more than anything in the world even though he was running out of breath. It was really wonderful.

Aidan and Luis kissed and kissed like there was no tomorrow. There was a time when they were rough with each other, nipping on each other like they wanted to devour each other. But still that never made them to move from each other. It just added to the intense pleasure and the moans that they were filling each other's mouths.

Eventually the kiss ended when both of them run out of breath. They were panting, staring at each other as if they had only met at that particular time. They didn't want to tear away from each other. They just wanted to continue with the kissing. Both their lips were swollen but not for once did they actually want to move away from each other.

“Wow!” Luis gasped, rubbing his hand against Aidan's back of the head. “Where did you learn how to kiss like that?” He winked, licking his lips sensually. His cock had never been as hard as it was at that time but he surely wasn't gonna make love to Aidan. “Why can't I get enough of those lips?” He moaned. “Why am I still in need of more? What have you done to me?”

Aidan chuckled softly, licking his own lips. “I think I should be asking you that question.” He moaned, feeling Luis' cock poking his leg. It was rock hard and he could feel it throbbing. “That was really something and I think I should be thanking you.”

“For what?” Luis was really out of breath.

“For the wonderful kiss,” Aidan added. “This is really wonderful. I can't seem to get enough of you either. I can't get enough of those lips. You are driving me crazy.”

“Well,” Luis planted a kiss on Aidan's forehead. “I thought you were the one doing that to me. I am so sweaty and hot right now.”

“Me too,” Aidan said. “I really need a bath.” He paused and stared at Luis, locking his eyes with him. He swore he saw love in those eyes. They were glowing beautifully and they were making his heart race. “Would you like to take a bath with me?”

Luis' eyes opened wide, taking in a deep breath. “Would I like to?” He gasped, moving his hands down Aidan's back. “There is a bottle of wine in that drawer,” He gestured, pointing to the drawer on the bed side. “If I ever say no to that question, I would like you to use it on me.”

Aidan laughed and rubbed on Luis' chest faster. “You are really crazy you know?”

“What do you expect from a man who has fallen deeply in love for the first time? You are driving me crazy with desire and love. I have never felt as helpless as I feel right now.”

Aidan grinned. “Is that really true or are...”

Before Aidan could finish his sentence, Luis gripped his hands and put it on his heart. Aidan's face was immediately decorated by a frown. He had no idea what Luis was trying to do. Seeing that frown on Aidan's face, Luis chuckled teasingly and smiled.

“Do you feel that?”

Of course, Aidan could feel it quite clearly. It was Luis' heart beating a little too fast. But it felt so beautiful to his feel and he wanted to stay like that, touching Luis' chest for as long as he lived. Upon hearing his husband's question, Aidan smiled, probably the brightest smile that had ever been on that face. He couldn't describe the feeling that took over his body. It was deep and he couldn't quite understand it. Everything about Luis was just amazing.

“Your heart,” Aidan said.

“Yes,” Luis effused, pressing Aidan's hand even deeper. “Can you feel the way it is beating?”

Aidan smiled and nodded. Then he looked deeper in Luis' eyes and just let himself go. He was losing himself in those eyes once again.

“My heart has never beaten like this before.” He trilled, locking his eyes with the wonderful boy. “Ever since I realized that I have fallen for you...my heart has been beating like this. It has not stopped...not for once. I don't know what you are doing to me.”

Aidan's heart equally began racing when he heard those words from Luis.

“My heart now beats for only one person.” Luis chirped. “Do you know that person?”


“It is you.” Luis beamed. “My heart is only beating for you right now. You are the reason for my happiness today. You are the reason why I am living my life today. You are reason why my heart is excited and jumping with joy.” He smiled. “Do you know what my heart would say if it could speak?”

Aidan nodded again. “No!”

“It would say, Aidan...I love you Aidan! I love you so much! I know this might not be what you expected to hear from me but it's the truth. I love you a lot.”

Aidan's eyes watered. “I love you too, Luis. I never thought I would feel this way too. I never knew I would experience love like this.” He beamed. “Thank you so much for being in my life. Thank you...for everything and for loving me.”

“You deserve even better,” Luis captured Aidan and kissed him one final time, this time it wasn't long. He broke the kiss and gripped Aidan's waist, massaging it while his hormones got out of control and he began breathing really harshly. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That day had turned out to be the best.

“I think we have kissed for long.” He gestured, dropping his hands to his own head. “Come on, let's go and bath so that we can sleep.”

Aidan smiled and nodded.

Both Luis and Aidan got up and began stripping. Aidan quickly stripped, buck naked in front of Luis. There was no need to be ashamed anymore. He knew Luis was now his husband and he accepted him whole heartedly. Besides, what was there to hide when both of them had just had sex a week ago? They had literally seen everything about each other.

Aidan's cock was only semi hard but when he made a quick turn, he paused and stared at Luis who was busy throwing his clothes away. Luis' cock was really big. Aidan couldn't believe it was that big even when he was just semi hard. Fuck! And he had thought he had seen its full length that night. It was really big and it was just semi hard. But he wasn't afraid of it. He had taken it the other night and it had taken his virginity away that same night. That cock had given him immense pleasure that he was never gonna forget in his life. It was really beautiful and it made him drool, just by staring at it. Fuck! He couldn't tear his eyes away from it.

“Hey!” Aidan was gotten out of his thoughts when he heard Luis' voice. He quickly moved his eyes up and stared up at Luis, making sure that he was smiling. “Are you afraid or something?”

“No...” Aidan chuckled nervously, taking one final glance before getting closer to Luis. He placed his hands on his chest, playing with his hair. He had never been as turned on by someone's body as he did with Luis' body. It was just too beautiful to ignore.

Feeling Aidan's hands on his chest, a cold shiver run down Luis' spine all the way to his cock. It twitched and then pulsed, slowly feeling blood rush to it. He gave a soft moan and bit his lips, enjoying the wonderful hands on his chest. Aidan's hands kept on tracing downwards till they reached Luis' cock and then wrapped his hands on it.

“Fuck!” Luis gave a soft moan, opening his eyes. They were filled with lust and his breaths, his freaking breaths were like fire. They felt really wonderful to Aidan and he couldn't help but bite his lips. Fuck!

Aidan traced his hands to Luis' cock and wrapped his hand around it, giving it a soft stroke. He could feel it rising in his hands, pulsing. It kept on growing till he couldn't wrap around it anymore. Then it began pulsing and twitching in his hand. He moved his eyes down and saw just how big it was. It might have gained just little centimeters from that night but it was still the same as he remembered it. It was tremendous.

Moving his eyes from that wonderful cock, Aidan looked at Luis' face and saw the lust that had filled him up. He was looking like he was in deep pleasure. His pants were really amazing, especially that look which was telling him that he was really horny.

Smiling at Luis, he began stroking the huge member, making sure that he was giving his husband the pleasure that he deserved. He moaned and licked his lips, grunting as if he was about to come.

“Aidan!” Luis moaned softly, feeling a tingle on his spine. He was really near and he could feel the pressure building in his balls. “Aidan...oh fuck...” He moaned. “Please...stop...I...I...” He grunted and groaned, feeling his whole body vibrate in nothing but pure pleasure. He was drooling and his body was squirming.

“Let me...”

“No!” Luis said, licking his lips. “Please, stop.”

“Don't you want this?”

Luis opened his eyes wide and quickly pulled away from Aidan's hands, moaning as if he had just come. He was on fire with desire but he didn't want Aidan to continue with what he was doing. He wanted to spend time with Aidan and not have sex with him.

“I do!” Luis smiled brightly. “I do need it. But not right now, my love.” He moaned. “I don't want us to do this right now. I want us to spend time together first and work on our relationship.”

“Oh my god,” Aidan gasped, touching his chest. “That is really...” He couldn't say. “I didn't mean...I thought you needed...”

“No, I don't.” Luis got closer and wrapped his arms around him, planting a kiss on his head. “We will make love but not now.” He chuckled. “Let's go bath. We have a big day ahead of us. We need to rest and sleep early as well.”

“Let's go.” He smiled.

Luis and Aidan went into the bathroom and later found themselves in the Jacuzzi, holding each other, well Luis was holding Aidan. Aidan was sitting in between Luis' legs with his head on that wonderful chest, feeling his tingling hair. It was really a wonderful moment that he didn't want to pull away from. He was really happy and loved being with Luis. The most beautiful and extraordinary thing was the way Luis rubbed on his back, massaging him softly. It was making him really sleepy but he loved it a whole lot.

“You like that?”

“Yes!” Aidan moaned. “It feels so good and...it is helping me relax. Thank you!”

“You are welcome.” Luis said happily, massaging Aidan's neck. He was even enjoying doing it because Aidan had a great and sexy body. It was really amazing and the way his body vibrated in pleasure was beautiful. In no time soon, they were kissing, massaging each other and kissing each other wherever the mouth could reach. It was really beautiful.

After spending much time in the Jacuzzi, they went to the shower and helped each other bath. Everything was going so well but when Luis was bathing Aidan's hand, he was caught. He got lost into it, staring at it and enjoying bathing it. Aidan's ass was quite bubbly and it had a great shape. Luis hadn't even realized it the first time they slept together. It got him horny.

Getting back to the room, both slipped under the covers without even dressing up. They just went in naked and were already kissing each other once again. They kissed for so long until they couldn't do it anymore. Their lips were too swollen to continue. But they still yearned for each other's lips. It was absolutely amazing.

After a few minutes, Aidan placed his head on Luis' chest and felt his arms wrapping around him. He breathed in Luis' aroma and just enjoyed the warmth of their bodies rubbing against each other. It sorta turned him on and he was hard. But he was sleepy as well. He was tired and his lips were swollen.

“Goodnight, my love!” Luis said in a perpetual tired voice.


Luis wrapped his hand tightly around Aidan, securing his body. In just a few seconds they were both fast asleep, enjoying each other's warmth. Their lives together had just began and they were gonna live them to the fullest. It was really a nice day.


When Aidan woke up the next morning, he was still pressed against Luis' chest and by those breaths which were hitting his head he could tell that his husband was still sleeping. He loved the way everything was going in his life. He loved waking up to Luis' warm embrace and his beautiful arms. But most importantly he loved feeling Luis' breathe on his face.

“God,” He took in a deep breath, breathing in Luis' aroma. Fuck! The guy smelt so nice. It was like he had something in his body that produced a special scent. Feeling his beautiful breath, Aidan planted a kiss on Luis' chest and heard the guy's breath subside and then he moved, tightening his grip on him.
“Baby,” Luis called, yawning. “Are you awake?”

“Yeah,” Aidan moved up and saw his sleepy husband's eyes. “You seem sleepy. I think you should go back to sleep.”

“Yeah,” Luis smiled, trying to concentrate on Aidan. But he was really sleepy and he had no idea why. “I don't know why I feel sleepy.”

“Maybe it's because you have woken up at 6.” Aidan chuckled. “You should go back to sleep.”

“What about...”

“Don't worry about me.” Aidan chuckled. “I will be right here.”

“Thanks.” Luis leaned forward and gave Aidan a quick kiss. He laid his head and he was fast asleep once again, snoring softly. Aidan stayed up, staring at his sleeping husband. He was really handsome and his snores were beautiful. Aidan was finding everything about that guy really beautiful.


When Luis woke up hours later, Aidan was not with him on the bed. He quickly got up, looking all around to see if Aidan was in the room.

“Aidan!” He called softly. “Where are you baby?”

But Aidan was not in the room with him. He quickly went to get dressed in his room. When he came back, he was just dressed in a dark blue skinny pant, a red shirt and green sandals. He quickly rushed to the door and almost bumped into Aidan when he opened it.

“Baby...” Luis was really happy. He looked down and saw that Aidan had a tray with him and food was covered on it.

“You are awake?” Aidan smiled, leaning up to kiss Luis on the lips. It was short and amazing. “Come and have your breakfast. I made it for you.”

“Why didn't you wake me up?”

“I couldn't...” Aidan chuckled, making his way to the bed. He carefully pressed the tray on the bed and sat on it while waiting for Luis. In no time, Luis came and sat with him. “I couldn't bear to wake you up. You seemed really...cute.”

“Really?” Luis beamed. “Well, I think making breakfast with you would have been really wonderful. And I missed it because I was sleeping.”

“There are many mornings to come.” Aidan said, uncovering the food.

“Yeah,” Luis babbled. “But in those mornings I will be the one to make that food.”

“I can't wait.” Aidan smiled. “Hurry up and eat. Hanna will be coming to pick me up. She said we have to leave early so that we can do a lot of shopping before the day ends.”

“Hanna and her shopping,” Luis laughed. “But...” He got closer to Aidan and wrapped his arm around him. “...I am going to miss you a lot today.” Luis said in a sweet way.

“Come with us then,” Aidan said softly, staring at Luis in a beautiful way. “We can really use your help...I could use your help and...”

“I can't...” Luis sighed, feeling really bad. “...I have to go with father for a cabinet meeting at our hotel in town. But...I am sure you won't miss me.”

“I will miss you,” Aidan breathed.

“Trust me, you won't.” He laughed. “You'll be busy with the clothes.”

Aidan smiled and then he started feeding his husband the breakfast. It was really romantic and the way he was being fed was lovely. He most especially loved the way Luis commented on his cooking. He just wanted more and more and more. Things were really turning out.

Then after feeding him for a few minutes, the crazy guy just grabbed him and kissed him, sucking on both his lips. It was really amazing and Aidan could taste the food in Luis' mouth. It was absolutely amazing and the way their bodies felt as they rubbed against each other was the most enjoyable feeling. They didn't want to pull away from each other.

As they kissed with no intention of letting go, a knock was heard on the door. They immediately broke the kiss and smiled brightly, staring into each other's eyes. Another knock was heard but Luis called the person to come inside.

The door opened and a happy Hanna came rushing in with her bag, all dressed up. She was putting on a beautiful green dress which reached her knees. She had her hair folded and then tied back. Her makeup was at its maximum and she was really glowing. But she had no tiara on her head.

“Are you ready to go shopping?” She asked excitedly, making her way to the happy couple on the bed.

“Yes!” Aidan cackled, getting up from the bed. “I just needed to give him his breakfast.”

“Oh, he's fine,” She gestured, giving a teasing chuckle when Luis actually frowned. She went and sat on the bed, closer to her brother and wrapped her hand around him. Then she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and got up.

“Take good care of my baby.” Luis pointed out, staring at his Aidan. “And I want you...”

“Oh, don't worry,” She raised her hand. “I will make him look dashingly beautiful. I will make sure that he looks lovely.”

“Thank you so much.” Luis actually thanked his sister. “This is really great help.”

“It's nothing.” Hanna beamed, holding Aidan's hand. “He is now like a young brother to me. I will take good care of him for you, okay?”

“Thank you.” He said once again, getting up from the bed. He gave his sister a quick hug and kiss, loving the giggles that she was giving him.

Pulling away from the hug, Luis moved to Aidan and faced. He took a really deep breath and right in front of Hanna French kissed him till they came gasping for air. Seeing the couple, Hanna moved further and gave them privacy. She was smiling brightly, looking at the two kissing men.

“I love you.” Luis said softly, licking his own lips. “And I will miss you.”

“I love you too.” Aidan chirped, slightly closing his eyes. “I will see you later okay? Have a good meeting with father.”

“You too.”

They kissed one final time before Aidan left with Hanna. It was really a happy moment for Aidan. He never wanted to leave Luis alone. He just wanted to be with him and do everything with him. He just needed him by his side and kissing him. But in that situation, he was really helpless and he had to leave him for a while. One thing he was praying for was to come back early so that he could be with him. Phew!

“You really do love him.” Hanna asked. They were in the elevator, going down while a slow soothing music played, making Aidan to be lost in deep thought. When he heard Hanna's voice he gasped and looked at her.


“You sure love him a lot.” She chuckled. “I can see it in your eyes when you two are together. I can even tell that you are thinking about him right now.”

“Oh, Hanna,” Aidan gripped her and hugged her tightly. “Thank you so much for everything and for being my friend. You actually contributed to this change in him. I really, really appreciate it a lot. You don't actually know how I am feeling right.”

“You are welcome.” Hanna patted on his back. “But I never did anything to him.” She broke the hug and just held his hands, slowly rubbing on them. “It is your love that did this. I have never seen my brother like this before. It is almost like a miracle happened to him. What did you do to him?” She laughed. “I can see love in his eyes for the first time.”

“I don't know,” Aidan gave a gloomy sigh, giving tiny giggles. “I still can't believe he is the same Luis I met for the first time. He is really romantic and...I just can't understand him.”

Hanna chuckled and moved her hand upwards to Aidan's cheeks. She gave it a tight squeeze. “That's called love. He's probably experiencing it for the first time. Now I know that love can change people a lot. My brother is the proof of that.” She beamed. “And you are the cause of that.”

“Oh, Hanna...” Aidan didn't really have any words. It was like he had a huge lump on his throat. He was just too excited. He couldn't wait to come back home to Luis. He couldn't wait to sleep in those wonderful arms when the night comes.

The two went all the way down to the living room giggling in their tiny voices. It was really clear that they were both happy. Aidan was the happiest because he had gotten his Luis and had found a great friend Hanna. It was really beautiful.

Reaching the living room, they said goodbye to everyone and were on their way to begin their wonderful day. The rest of the way they just talked, getting to know each other better and chuckling. On several occasions, they talked about Luis and Hanna's boyfriend. God! It was a really wonderful day for Aidan and he wouldn't have loved to spend it with anyone.

After an hour and half of driving, they finally arrived to their destination. It was a really beautiful tall building. It had many floors where there were designer's shops, jewel shops, makeup shops and even other shops were cosmetics were found.

As soon as they arrived, the people in the shop they first went took Hanna's bag showed her so much respect, bowing their heads and giving her praises. But Hanna was being really nice to them, thanks to Aidan. Actually the people didn't seem to bother with Aidan since they kinda didn't know he was married to the prince. He loved it like that. But he also found out that the king owned that entire building including everything in it. He was really surprised.

“Are you ready to change your look and blow Luis' mind away?” Hanna asked, folding her arms on her chest. She had a beautiful smile on her face.

“Yes!” Aidan smiled, looking all around the first shop they went. “I am definitely ready.”

Hanna smiled and then took him. Their shopping had just begun.


Luis was seated on the couch chatting with his father, his mother and his grandmother. He was wearing a black suit trouser after removing the jacket when he reached home a few minutes ago. He had a deep green shirt inside which was tucked in. He was wearing pretty brown shoes which made him look sexy with the kind of outfit that he had worn. He had put on a big golden crown for the meeting but now he had removed it.

The day had gone perfectly well for Luis. It had even gone better than he had hoped for. The cabinet members including the prime minister were happy he had gotten married even though it was in strange circumstances. They had even congratulated him for finding himself a partner. They seemed to take his being gay very well.

Even though the topic about an heir had been brought up, everything had gone absolutely fine. His father had taken over and explained to them about the priest's words.

“The son of princess Hanna can take over the throne since Luis won't be able to have any.”

Of course, the cabinet members had taken it well and they had even toasted to him for his new found happiness and marriage. They had even teased him about it. Actually he had a good time with them even though most of the time he had missed Aidan so much. Fuck! One time he had even thought he was gonna go crazy missing him. But he passed through the day without any problems.

The cabinet members had seemed eager to meet Aidan and Luis had told them about the party which will be held in less than two weeks. They had been happy and they had congratulated him as well even though they couldn't stop teasing him. His reign was gonna be the only one which was gonna have a gay king and partner. His reign was gonna be different and even though he was not gonna have a son to succeed him, he was gonna be more than happy to see his sister's son, his nephew take over from him. All he wanted was Aidan.

The meeting had taken longer than expected but now he was back, seated in the living room and chatting with his family. He was just too excited but now he was missing his Aidan. He just wanted him by his side, holding him and kissing him. Luis has even missed kissing Aidan. His lips were even twitching in need of those dangerously hot lips.

Luis chatted with his family after what felt like hours. He was still chatting when he heard Hanna's voice coming into the living room. He quickly moved his eyes to the door and saw her coming inside, talking to some maids. Luis saw that the maids were carrying about 7 huge bags, indicating that princess Hanna had once again done it.

“Take these bags into the crown prince's room.” She instructed, gesturing with her hands. “Put them into that room and then leave them there. Tomorrow make sure that those clothes are carefully hanged in that room okay?”

“Yes, your highness,” They bowed and then left.

Hanna moved her eyes to the front and then a bright smile appeared on her beautiful face, warming everyone's hearts. But Luis saw something that got him worried. He looked around, trying to see Aidan but he couldn't see him. He could only see Hanna and she was coming in looking beautiful as usual in her wonderful high heels.

“Good evening!”

“Good evening!” They all answered, grinning at the beautiful princess.

“Hey!” Luis called, gesturing with his head. “Where is my husband?” He asked when Hanna looked his way. “Where did you leave Aidan?”

Hanna chuckled teasingly. “I thought he was already here. He left hours ago because he wanted to see you so bad.”

“What?” Luis quickly rose from the couch. His voice filled the entire. “You mean you left Aidan to come alone here? Where is he? He hasn't come back here and...” He trailed off when he heard Hanna laughing, touching her chest. “What's so funny?”

“You.” Hanna cleared her voice, nodding her head. “You sure have changed a lot. First you didn't seem to care and now...now you are going crazy. This is...”

“Where is Aidan?” Luis sneered, slowly moving towards Hanna. “I want you to...”

“Relax,” Hanna raised her hands as if she was surrendering in a fight. “He is absolutely fine. I just wanted to make sure that you are here so that I can show him to you. He is with me but...you really are serious.”

“Hanna, please,” Luis just wanted to see Aidan.

“Fine!” Hanna folded her arms on her chest and wore the brightest smile ever. She then moved her head behind and cleared her throat. “Aidan!” She hollered, making sure that he heard her. “Please, come inside.”

At Hanna's call, Luis moved his eyes from her to the door. Once his eyes reached the door, he saw Aidan coming inside, walking in slowly. Once those eyes caught a glimpse of Aidan, Luis' mouth gaped, giving a loud gasp...his eyes became wide that they almost popped out of his sockets...his whole body vibrated in pleasure sending waves of pleasure to the rest of his body...his entire brain froze. Everything disappeared and he could only see Aidan and himself.

Luis' eyes couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe he was seeing Aidan. He couldn't believe Aidan was looking that beautiful.

Aidan was wearing a really beautiful bright pink designer's shirt that was shining brightly as he came near. That shirt was tucked in a really beautiful shiny black designer's trouser that was fitted on Aidan's body like it was a part of him. He was putting on pretty white designer's shoes which just added to his elegancy. But that was not what caught Luis' eyes. What caught Luis' eyes were the face and the hair. Aidan's long hair was made into a braided ponytail which was looking so beautiful on him. That pony tail really made him different. His face...oh his face was absolutely beautiful. He had little makeup but his face was in full view. It was glowing really brightly, making Luis lose him.

Fuck! Just by seeing that body and those clothes fitted on Aidan's body like a second skin, Luis' body shuddered, vibrating in pure ecstatic pleasure as his eyes just widened than they had actually been. Seeing how beautiful and elegant his husband was looking, Luis started moving, taking small steps towards Aidan.

Luis' heart was racing beyond normal. His breaths were suddenly turned into pants, almost getting his whole breath out of him. His body shook in excitement as he stared at the wonderful boy who was near him. He was panting and he was moving closer. His eyes never blinked for once ever since he saw Aidan enter that door. His mouth was still gaping and his heart kept on racing and racing.

Each step he made took him closer to Aidan. He walked slowly till he reached Aidan and smelt the aroma that was coming from him. His scent was different, beautiful but absolutely different. He had a beautiful smile on his face that added to the beauty on his face. OMG Aidan looked like an angel that night and no one could deny that.

Reaching Aidan, Luis just stood, staring at him without blinking. He tried to open his mouth to speak but not a single word came out of his mouth. It was like his voice was gone. He couldn't hear it. The only thing he could hear was his own breaths.

Aidan on the other hand felt like life had returned to him after seeing that lovely husband of his. He smiled and just stared in his eyes, enjoying the expression of surprise and confusion on his face. He didn't know what to say to him at that time. He was feeling like his whole body was taken by a really powerful vibration that totally changed his whole being.

“How do...” He paused and breathed. “How do I look?”

Luis quite clearly heard Aidan's question. He wanted to answer. God knows he wanted to answer him but to his surprise he couldn't move his mouth. He was only speaking with his eyes, appreciating Aidan's beauty and telling him he was amazing.

“Luis!” Aidan called softly, gesturing him with his eyes but the guy wasn't even making any movements. He was just staring at him as if he had only seen him for the first. “Baby...”

Aidan brought his fingers forth and snapped them in front of the guys' face, bringing him back to reality. He gasped and then covered his mouth, breathing as if he had been deprived of air a few seconds ago. It was really to die for.

“Aidan!” Luis gasped, moving his eyes up and down Aidan's body. He was greatly dumbfounded. “Oh my gods...baby...you look...” He breathed. “You look absolutely amazing. You look really handsome, beautiful...oh god...I don't even know what to say.” He tried to sound calm but his voice came out as harsh. “There is no word to describe the way you look right now.”

Aidan blushed after hearing Luis' words. “Thank you so much.” He dropped his eyes to the floor.

“Don't...” Luis quickly raised Aidan's face with his chin. “Don't hide that beautiful face away from me...ever. I wanna look into your eyes and just...” He got lost when he looked into Aidan's eyes. Those eyes had never looked greener than they did at that time. It was like he was wearing contacts but it was just his natural look. Oh my...Aidan was really handsome. The way Luis' heart pounded when he got lost in those eyes was out of this world. He was feeling something big moving in his heart. He wanted to kiss the boy so bad but he couldn't do it. Staring in his eyes was the best thing that he could do right then.

Aidan and Luis were so lost looking each other's eyes that they totally forgot that they were not alone. The other family still couldn't believe Aidan was looking that lovely. Had they seen him elsewhere, they'd have surely said he was a prince from another kingdom. OMG, he was looking absolutely amazing and they saw that Luis was caught.

“So...” Hanna chuckled, staring at her parents. “What do you think? Did I do a good job or what?”

The queen smiled brightly. “He is looking really amazing. I can already see that my son is losing himself already.” She chuckled teasingly. “Just look at him. Who would have known that he hated that boy just a week ago? Who would have guessed that they just started falling for each other? It's really great. I have never seen a love which comes like that.”

“Time is the remedy,” The king smiled, not even moving his eyes from the scene before him. “That was what the priest told me. He knew they would eventually fall for each other. He knew that my son would instantly fall for Aidan. It is in their destiny to be together.”

“This is really beautiful,” Granny sighed. “Just look at the two of them. Aren't they the cutest couple?”

“They are.” The queen said, suddenly walking closer to the two. “Aidan!” She called happily.

Hearing the queen's call, both Aidan and Luis snapped out of their thoughts, realizing that they weren't alone but with all the family members with them. They both stared at the queen and just smiled. But Luis couldn't tear his eyes away for long. They were back on staring at the boy.
“Mother,” Aidan slowly began walking towards the queen. Reaching her, he gave her a really big hug. She quickly cupped his cheeks and planted soft kisses on him.

“My god,” The queen gasped, covering her mouth as her eyes moved up and down the cute boy. “You look absolutely amazing. I was talking of change but this is absolutely beautiful. You look really beautiful, my son.”


“Oh...” Granny moaned softly as she came towards him. “You really are handsome. I already knew you were handsome but that beauty just went to another level.” She nodded. “I can't believe it is you. You look...”

“Younger...” The king finished the sentence. “He looks younger than before but he is looking fantastic.”

Hearing the king's comment, Aidan dropped his eyes and just smiled as brightly as he could. He was enjoying the moment. Finally, Luis had accepted him and now he had even changed himself. It was absolutely beautiful.

“I can already see that Luis is already crazy...” Hanna teased. “Just look at him.”

Aidan took a quick glance at Luis and then chuckled. “It's all because of you. You are the one who should be getting all the...”

“No...” Hanna nodded. “I don't hold that beauty. It is all you. I just assisted in choosing your clothes for you. Why should I get the credit?” She laughed, throwing herself on the couch.

The family members continued praising Aidan and how he was looking while Luis just watched him. His eyes never left him. He just continued looking at him, enjoying the boy's beauty. He didn't even utter any word.

“Luis!” Granny finally got him out of his reverie.

“G-granny,” He stammered, moving his eyes towards her. “What is it?”

“You seem dumbstruck.” She gave a teasing chuckle. “Are you okay son?”

“I...I am fine, granny.” He wasn't even feeling like he was himself. He was feeling like somebody else. Aidan's beauty had really made him speechless.

“Come here,” Granny said.

Luis slowly walked to her and stood still as he had his eyes on that wonderful boy.

“Tell me what you think about him.”

“Well, he is really cute.” Luis looked at Aidan and smiled. He felt himself getting back to his normal mood. “He is the most beautiful boy I have ever led my eyes on.”

Those compliments from Luis were a little too much for Aidan. He knew Luis had told him never to hide his eyes but he couldn't help it. He quickly dropped his eyes to the floor and smiled. Then he raised them again and stared at the man that stared at him with love in his eyes. That man was making his heart race with joy. He instantly got excitedly, feeling some energy moving to the rest of his body. He really loved the way he was feeling.

“I am glad you said that.” Granny said happily. “I think you are absolutely right.”

“Yes,” The queen wrapped her arm around Aidan's shoulder. “My son in law is really handsome. He has even made my son stare at him for so long. I can see that he is dying to hold you.”

“I can't help it, mom.” Luis defended. “I just want to hold him right now. May I?”

The queen shrugged and then moved away from Aidan, leaving him all alone. Luis saw it as an opportunity and he quickly went to Aidan and wrapped his arm around him. He could feel his hormones rising to another level. His body felt warm and the electrical vibrations travelling up and down his spine were getting out of control.

“You must be really tired,” The king said, sitting on the couch. “Hey Luis, I think he needs to sit down. And then he can tell us all about his day.”

Luis smiled and then led Aidan to a couch where he had been sitting earlier. He still had his arm wrapped around him and enjoyed his warmth and wonderful smile.

Aidan began narrating what had happened to him when he went with Hanna in the morning. He was feeling really happy even as he narrated that story to the family. Hanna of course helped him and by the time he was done, all the family members were smiling brightly.

“One down,” Hanna said happily. “But we have to deal with the other one.”

“The dance,” Aidan gasped. “That's what really scaring me a lot. I don't even know where to begin.”

“Don't worry,” The queen smiled. “Hanna will teach you everything about the dance. I am sure by the time the party will be held...you will learn everything.”

“I sure hope so.” Aidan sighed.

“And don't worry,” Granny assured him. “We will handle everything for the party. Just concentrate on the dance okay?”

“Thanks,” He said softly. “You really are of great help.”

“Don't thank us.” The queen smiled. “All you have to do is just be happy. A really important event will happen in your life. We will do what we have to do just to make sure that everything is done in a grand style.”

Aidan smiled and then moved his gaze to his husband. Luis smiled upon seeing that wonderful face staring at him. He took hold of his hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it. He couldn't wait to have that boy in his room when they were alone. He couldn't control his feelings anymore. But most of all, he couldn't wait anymore for it.

After a really long chat about other things and how the cabinet meeting had gone, they all had a great dinner together. It was a really memorable dinner that would forever be remembered. They chatted...they laughed...they joked...they smiled. It was beautiful.


Aidan opened the door to their room and quickly entered, feeling Luis' arms wrap around him. He was really tired that he just wanted to lie down on that bed and sleep for all eternity. He had been shopping whole day and he could use some for m of rest.

Shutting the door behind, Luis gripped Aidan so hard and turned him around. Without even giving him a chance to speak, he locked lips with him and began kissing softly, making sure that he was sucking on his lips. He gripped the back of his head and carefully massaged it, drawing softer moans from him. It felt wonderful.

“God, I missed these lips,” Luis moaned softly, licking his own lips. “I missed you so much and now that you are looking this beautiful...” He paused and swallowed a huge amount of saliva. “...fuck, you look so beautiful.”

“I missed you too.” Aidan moaned, carefully wrapping his arms around Luis' waist. “I missed your kisses and your presence. I just wished you were there with me. I wanted to...I wanted you to be there so badly.”

“That would have been bad.” Luis' breaths were getting out of control. Every second that passed when he looked deep in Aidan's eyes was turning his body into a flame. He was literally burning with desire and passion. His love for Aidan was getting out of control and it was literally making him lose control. “I swear I would have kissed you right there. The whole world would have known that we are married.” His breaths were turning sensual.

“Then...what are you waiting for?” Aidan moaned. “I want you to kiss me. I want to feel you.”

“You don't have to ask.” Luis moaned softly. “You know how crazy I have become about you. You have become a part of me that is...”

“Shut up and kiss me.” Aidan moaned. It sounded almost like a command. Aidan wanted Luis so badly that he felt he would go crazy if he didn't have him right there. “I want you now.” He pulled on Luis' waist, bringing him closer.

Hearing Aidan's commands, Luis smiled and then leaned down to capture those lips once more. He took Aidan into his mouth and began sucking on his lips. He loved the way his body felt each time Aidan was in his mouth. It was too fucking sexy. Before long, he felt Aidan parting his lips and he slipped right through. Their tongues met for a passionate and violent vibration that overtook both their bodies. They moaned in each other's mouths.

Luis was being gentle. He wanted that kiss to be passionate. He wanted it to last long. He wanted to feel his hot lips twitching on his. He wanted those wonderful arms wrapped around him. It was so fucking amazing.

After kissing for quite some time, Luis began leading Aidan slowly to the bed. His hands were at the back of Aidan's head, rubbing on it while exploring that mouth which was sending powerful vibrations all over his body. He moaned loudly.

Reaching the bed, Luis carefully placed Aidan on it and got on top of him. Aidan opened his legs to let Luis between his legs and in just a few seconds, Luis was between his legs, slowly rubbing against his crotch. Aidan was in pleasure, pure unimaginable pleasure that took over his body. He suddenly felt like he was possessed by some spirit. He quickly moved his hands from Luis' waist to his back, slowly rubbing on it.

Luis' moans got deeper once he felt Aidan rubbing on his back. He instantly felt that tingling vibration on his spine which travelled all the way to his cock. It immediately twitched and began rising in his pants. Fuck! He was in immense pleasure. Carefully moving his hands from Aidan's head to his waist, Luis sucked hard on Aidan's tongue, brushing on the walls of his mouth. He was caught in the most captivating kiss ever.

They kissed for a number of minutes, moaning softer and sucking on each other's tongue. Things were getting to another level with every second that was passing. Luis' body was so hot that he had even started sweating. The monster in his pants was already hard and he could feel it leaking in his boxer brief.

Aidan on the other hand had never felt hotter than he did at that time. His whole body felt sweaty, giving him nothing but immense pleasure. His cock was rock hard, pulsing against his trouser. He was enjoying the kiss and still wanted more but he wanted more than that kiss. He could feel his hole twitching in need of Luis' cock. He wasn't gonna hold himself. He wanted Luis to make love to him.

Aidan moved his hands from Luis' back and traced them to his chest. First he rubbed on Luis' chest before finally beginning to unbutton him. He slowly unbuttoned him and then removed that shirt from him. Then he traced his hands from his chest to his trouser, getting hold of that belt. He unbuckled the belt and then unbuttoned him too, kissing him violently.

Luis had no idea what Aidan was trying to do with him. First, his shirt was off and now Aidan was unbuttoning his trouser. What was going on? He just forgot about it and kissed Aidan even harder. He moaned louder and enjoyed the sweet vibration which he was feeling on his tongue.

Unbuttoning Luis' trouser, Aidan took the waist band and began stripping it off before Luis tore away from his lips and stared at him with confusion.

“What are you doing?” Luis moaned softly.

“I want you.” Aidan's breaths were violent. “I want you to make love to me.”

“But I...”

“Luis, please.” Aidan begged, slowly pushing Luis' trouser further down with his hands. “I want you to make love to me now.”

Luis wanted to make love to Aidan like so bad. His cock was already hard and it was leaking but...he just wasn't sure the time was right. He wanted to take things easy with Aidan but it seemed like Aidan was the one in need of him.

“Are you sure?” Luis sighed, staring into Aidan's lust filled eyes.

Aidan nodded at Luis' question. He had never been as sure about anything else in his life. “Please, just make love to me.” He said in a commanding voice. “I can't take it anymore. I want to feel you. I want to feel your cock again.”

Luis smiled brightly and then dropped down and kissed Aidan softly. “I will grant your wish. I won't deny you that. I also want to make love to you.”

“Then what's keeping you?” Aidan's hole was twitching terribly. He felt like if he didn't have Luis' cock he'd go insane with desire. That had never happened before. But he loved that feeling which took control of his body. He loved the way it made him feel and the way his whole being got hot. He was really sweating. Nothing was gonna prevent him from having that wonderful cock. He wanted to feel the pleasure he had felt that time Luis had taken his virginity.

Luis took a deep breath before finally get back to kissing those wonderful lips once again. He carefully moved his hands to Aidan's shirt and slowly began unbuttoning him. He unbuttoned him till the end then he made him rise and removed the shirt.

Luis then tore away from Aidan's lips and quickly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trouser. Then he held the waistband and in one swing, he slipped the trouser off together with the boxer brief, releasing that wonderful cock. It sprang to life and pointed towards him. He stared at it and then gave it a stroke before finally removing his own boxer brief, freeing his huge cock.

Then he stared at the boy that was looking at him and smiled back. He quickly rushed to the drawer and got out a bottle of lube. Then he rushed back to Aidan opened his legs wider, getting in between them. He took Aidan again and kissed him softly, this time cupping his cheeks. He squeezed them and sucked on Aidan's lips, nipping on them.

“Yeah,” Aidan moaned softly, now moving his hands on Luis' back while he felt his cock throbbing. “That feels amazing,” He wanted more. He wanted to feel more of that mouth and more of those nipping. He wanted Luis to do more.

“Feels good uh,”

“Yes!” He moaned. “Your lips feel good...oh god...” He moaned a little louder when Luis bit on his lips. “Luis!”

Encouraged by Aidan's moans and groans of pleasure, Luis sucked on those lips like it was the last thing he was gonna do. Then he tore away from those dangerously hot lips and proceeded downwards, kissing his neck softly. He sucked his way down till he reached Aidan's beautiful nipples. Luis used his other to pinch on one nipple while he took one in his mouth. He first nipped on it, feeling Aidan's moans intensify and his writhing suddenly started. Then he began his sucking technique, making sure that he was pleasuring Aidan to the maximum.

“Luis!” Aidan's hands moved from Luis' back and found themselves on the beddings. He clenched harder and pulled on them while his mouth opened wide as moans of pleasure escaped his mouth. “Oh...” His body trembled in pleasure when he felt Luis sucking on his nipple.

Luis sucking on his nipple felt really amazing to his feel. He felt an overwhelming balmy sensation take control of his body. He writhed on the bed, clenching on the bedding as hard as he could. He was in deep pleasure. He could feel a powerful electrical impulse slowly moving all over his body. It was almost like cold water but the pleasure was intense.

“Luis!” His head hitched from side to side while his heart lanced like never before. He stuck out his tongue and licked his own lips sensually. He was in pleasure and every time Luis sucked on nipple sent a whole new vibration to his body.

“Yes!” Luis sucked harder. “Moan for me baby. Moan my name...”

“Oh Luis!” Aidan's cock was pulsing terribly, begging to release that sweet cum from his balls. “Luis! You are...oh...sweet...”

Luis loved the moans that were escaping Aidan's cock. Those wonderful moans were having a powerful effect on his body, sending waves of pleasure down his spine. He couldn't take it anymore. His cock was throbbing painful while a huge amount of pre-cum oozed out of his slit to the beddings. But he wanted to show Aidan all kinds of pleasure.

The sucking continued and the moaning intensified to a different level. He sucked and sucked until the nipple got red and really swollen. Then he moved to the other one and sucked as hard as he could. He nipped on it and in no time it was swollen and really sensitive to his touch. Then he moved away from that nipples and kissed all the way down to the belly. He planted soft kisses on the belly and then moved all the way down. He opened Aidan's legs wider, revealing his pink puckered hole.

Seeing that hole again, Luis' cock got even harder than it already was. He felt a really powerful electrical vibration vibrate down his spine. Then his cock began throbbing painfully as it released even more pre-cum. Fuck! He was really horny.

Luis planted a kiss on Aidan's thighs, feeling him shudder beneath him. Then he took the bottle of lube and opened it. He poured a huge amount of lube on his hands and lubed Aidan's ass. Then he threw the bottle away and positioned his index finger on that wonder hole.

“Are you ready baby?” Luis moaned loudly.

“Yes!” Aidan hissed. He couldn't wait anymore.

Luis took a deep breath before sending his finger into Aidan's waiting hole. It slipped right through and he heard the boy writhe and moan louder, gripping on the bedding harder. It was clear from his body movements, the way he squirmed, that he was definitely enjoying it a lot. He moved his face up and saw that face Aidan was making, indicating just how much pleasure he was getting.

Luis then started working his finger deeper into Aidan, rubbing against his pleasure button inside. Aidan's squirms on the bed got intense the first time Luis rubbed on that pleasure button and his moans got louder than before. Those moans were definitely beautiful to Luis' ears. It was almost like they were connected to Luis' body with the way they made him vibrate.

“Luis...oh...shit...you are...” Aidan couldn't even find the word to tell Luis as each time he tried to speak a louder moan escaped his lips, filling up the entire room. His body was vibrating and he felt like he was about to pass out with the amount of pleasure that took control of his body. It was just...beautiful.

“Luis!” Aidan clenched on the sheets harder while his head moved from side to side and his body squirmed terribly. His cock was now leaking and he felt like he was about to come. He couldn't take it anymore. “That...”

Luis was really turned on by Aidan's orgasmic moans and groans. Aidan's body was getting out of control and Luis had to use his other hand to keep him under control just to prevent him from squirming and moving too much. It was really beautiful and he fucked that finger into Aidan, filling him up with desire and need. It was so fucking amazing and his cock was leaking like crazy that he had thought he'd come from all the pleasure.

“Uh,” Luis licked his lips as he drooled over the boy's ass. It was hot...it was beautiful...it was intense and it was ecstatic. God! He worked his finger into that hole till he felt Aidan pushing his ass out, dancing on his tiny finger. Fuck! How Luis wished Aidan was dancing like that on his cock. Anyway, he fingered and fingered until he heard Aidan give up and begged him.

“Luis...” Aidan gave a loud sleepy moan.

“Yes!” Luis didn't even stop working his finger in. “What is it my love?”

“Make love to me,” Aidan pleaded. He couldn't take it anymore. His body was already on so much fire, filling him with lust. He just wanted to feel Luis' cock inside of him. He wanted to feel that intense pleasure he had felt the first time. “Please.”

Hearing Aidan's horny pleas, Luis slipped his finger from that wonderful hole and gave a groan of pure lust. Then he quickly crawled up Aidan's body and took his lips into a hot and sweet kiss. The kiss was passionate, sweet, tender and sizzling. As they kissed Luis passed his hand on the bed and found the bottle of lube.

With a moan, Luis tore away from Aidan's lips, staring at him as if he wanted to devour him. He opened the bottle of lube and poured on his cock and Aidan's hole. He made sure that it was sufficient enough so that he couldn't hurt Aidan in any way.

While his right hand found its way on Aidan's ass, his other hand stroked his cock softly, preparing it for the sweet love making that he was gonna make on Aidan. Just thinking about it was making him...hornier than he'd ever been. He felt like his whole body suddenly caught a flame. He had already begun sweating.

Luis repositioned Aidan on the bed and made him comfortable. Then he opened his legs wider and got in between them carefully. Fuck! His heart was already racing in excitement and his body vibrated with each movement that he made. He couldn't wait anymore to make love to the sweet boy.
Luis rubbed his cock on Aidan's hole and felt him writhe. Then he positioned his cock on that sweet waiting hole and asked if he was ready. Aidan shook his head, breathing harshly and then tried to relax. Luis leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips as he began to push in. His head passed that tight ring without resistance but he had to stop to allow him adjust to him. Then after a moment, he began to push his whole cock in slowly and heard the boy's breaths change into pants.

“Are you okay?” Luis' voice sounded worried. “Did I hurt you?” He tried to push out but Aidan wouldn't let him.

“Just go ahead.” Aidan breathed. “I am absolutely fine.”

Luis first allowed Aidan to relax a little more before he continued pushing inside. He kissed him passionately while his cock penetrated the irresistibly hot hole that made him pulse intensely before he dug in deeper. His cock slid with ease and he was already balls deep inside that wonderfully hot hole. It felt amazing and super tight. It was definitely beautiful and Aidan had his muscles clumped.

Luis continued kissing him, running his fingers into that beautifully made hair. He kissed him while they both moaned and moved their hands on each other's bodies. Luis held his cock there and waited until he felt Aidan relax his muscles. Feeling him relax, Luis thrust his hips backwards slowly and then thrust them forward, slowly pounding into Aidan. Their kiss got intense and beautiful as they sucked on each other's tongues like there was no tomorrow.

Luis couldn't how unbelievable hot and tight Aidan's ass. It gave him the most wonderful feeling ever. He was already in immense pleasure. He pulled back and then thrust in slowly, hitting his prostate softer.

“Fuck!” Aidan felt like he was about to pass out when Luis hit his sweet spot. Man it was really intense. His cock throbbed painfully and released huge amounts of pre-cum in between Luis and himself. He loved enjoying that feeling once again. It was from out of this world and the way his body vibrated and yearned for more of that cock was sizzling. He squirmed on the bed as his hands found the beddings again.

Luis slowly made sweet love to his baby, making sure that he was hitting Aidan's prostate the right way. He was in real pleasure and each thrust he made sent his cock deeper in his Aidan's sweet ass. It was simply amazing and he couldn't help but moan louder in Aidan's mouth. He moved his hands up and cupped his cheeks, softly squeezing on them. Then he sucked harder on that beautiful tongue while the sweet moans from the both of them made their tongues vibrate in pleasure. Those sweet vibrations were sending powerful ecstatic pleasure all over each other's bodies. It was really amazing. They couldn't seem to get enough of each other.

Luis thrust his hips forward, sending his cock all the way deeper into Aidan's ass. He hit the spot a little harder and felt the body movement change. He was now squirming terribly, trying to move his body upwards but Luis gripped him and held him tighter. Then he thrust in again and heard his moans intensify in his mouth. He was in more pleasure than he had felt in his life. His cock was so hard, rubbing against Aidan's ass walls. It was like every pleasure on this earth took control of him at that very time. He couldn't help but moan and kiss even harder on Aidan's lips.

Aidan on the other felt like screaming the entire room down each time Luis hit that sweet spot in his ass. It was amazing and it made his whole body to be caught in an eternal flame that seemed to make him sweat. He was in so much pleasure that his whole body vibrated, sending pleasures of ecstasy to his entire body. He moaned louder and sucked even harder. He was definitely enjoying.

Luis thrust in and hit that sweet spot once again, running past Aidan's prostate. Aidan couldn't take the pleasure from that last thrust. He quickly tore away from Luis' mouth and opened his mouth really wide. Powerful, erotic and totally a turn on gasps tore from his mouth. His eyes moved to his head and he clenched harder on the bed. He didn't know what he was feeling anymore. It was beyond pleasure and it was making him run out of his mind with desire. He wanted Luis even more.

“Oh...Luis!” He groaned loudly. “Oh...make love to me. Make me...yours...” He groaned when Luis thrust in a little deeper. The way Luis was taking him was amazing. He was neither too slow nor too fast. But it was amazing and it was driving Aidan insane.

“Baby...” Luis gasped. “You are...so sweet. Oh my god,” He was really sweating and I mean really sweating. His whole body was wet by then. “You feel so hot and...fucking amazing.” He confessed as he even fucked deeper. “Your ass feels...like heaven on my...oh...you are killing me with desire...baby.”

“Huh...” Aidan's head was moving from side to side. “...I want more,” He commanded. “...I want to feel more. Give me more...”

Luis sniveled at Aidan's demands and then increased his speed a little. He was now moving in a little faster, making sure that he was hitting Aidan's prostate the right way. His pleasures increased and Aidan's squirms were sending him deeper into his ass. He went even deeper than before and he swore the pleasures increased at that very time. He could feel the tingle down his spine getting intense. He very well knew he wasn't gonna last.

“My love...” Aidan screamed in ecstasy when he felt Luis' speed increase. “...oh right there...” He groaned when Luis hit his prostate even harder. Luis was now thrusting in him harder and deeper than before, hitting on his prostate harder which sent him over the edge. He was having a really deep and pleasurable feeling that he had come to love a lot. Every time Luis' cock hit his prostate, his cock jumped and stiffened, leaking even more pre-cum. It was simply beautiful.

Enjoying that deep pleasurable vibration that seemed to blow him out of his mind, Aidan started pushing back, meeting with Luis' thrusting cock. The pleasure went to a whole new level. Aidan was lost in a world of ecstatic pleasure that he had never been before. He moaned even louder. The entire room was filled up with their wonderful erotic moans of ecstasy.

The pleasure continued...the moans got louder...the vibrations got intense...the thrusting got out control...the need was really something else. Their bodies were definitely wet but they wanted more. This continued for a number of minutes for each of them.

Luis made sweet love to Aidan for a number of minutes before he finally felt the tingle on his spine get intense. He then felt the pressure building in his balls and the pleasure just became something else. He couldn't quite explain the feeling but all he knew was that it was different and he enjoyed it a lot. He leaned down and gave Aidan a quick kiss before his moans became really loud. The moans that filled the entire room really got him over the edge. He knew it wasn't gonna take long for him to come.

Aidan on the other hand was just on another level of ecstasy. He was on cloud 9 and he didn't want to come from it. He didn't want that night to end, but he could feel himself getting closer to climax each time Luis hit on his sweet spot. He pushed his ass out even faster and harder, meeting with Luis' cock. He moaned louder, gasping for air as the tingling sensation on his spine spread to his entire body like wild fire. His cock twitched and the pressure in his balls was getting intense. He could feel it getting ready to explode.

After several seconds of making sweet love to Aidan, Luis could feel the powerful pressure building inside of him and he knew he was just seconds away from exploding into the boy's ass.

“I am coming...” Luis cried out in ecstasy. “I am fucking coming...ah...”

Hearing Luis' orgasmic cries, Aidan moved his legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him down and forcing his cock deep inside of him. He moaned when he felt Luis go deeper than before. He felt the deeper vibrations take control of his body and he knew he was about to come. He clenched on Luis' cock and milked his cock.

The clenched muscles on Aidan's ass were too much for Luis. His cock swelled up badly and expanded in Aidan's ass. He went in even deeper and fucked even harder, hitting the prostate violently. He was in panting mood and that vibration on his spine was just too much. He kept on thrusting forward and then with a loud roar that filled the entire room, he began shooting harder into Aidan's ass, filling his ass with his sweet seed. He was moaning louder than before while filling the boy with his essence. It was harder, explosive and took him to a whole new world of pleasure. He kept on coming inside the boy's ass till he felt really tired and drained. He was really satisfied, sexually.

Feeling Luis' hot cum hitting his insides and his prostate was just too much. It sent Aidan over the edge and he began shooting all over in between Luis and his stomach. It was too intense and he cried at the top of his voice enjoying the intense orgasm as cum shot out powerfully from his cock. It was the most intense orgasm and with Luis shooting inside of him, he just had the most beautiful and powerful orgasm ever. It was really something else and though it felt like he was gonna come forever it just stopped and drained all the energy from him.

After that powerful intense orgasm, Luis collapsed onto Aidan. The both of them were gasping, trying to catch their breaths. They were dripping wet with sweat but they absolutely didn't care. All they cared about was having each other and that was all. Even as they stayed like that in each other's arms, they were on cloud nine and it was amazing.

After what felt like hours but were merely minutes, Luis captured Aidan into a sweet and tender kiss that spoke to even his very soul. It felt like the best kiss ever and they kissed for so long. When they broke the kiss, they were gasping for air. After that wonderful kiss, Luis rolled onto his back and semi hard cock popped out the sweet boy's ass.

“Fuck! That was really amazing. It was the most wonderful feeling ever.” Luis confessed as his panted.

“Yeah it was amazing. Thank you so much.” Aidan said as he laid his head on Luis' chest. He felt his arm tighten around him and then a kiss was planted on his head. It was pretty hot.

“I hope I didn't hurt you or anything.”

“No!” Aidan chuckled teasingly. “You were being gentle with me. I really liked it a lot. You gave me the most amazing feeling in the world. It was better than anything that I have ever felt in my life before.”

“I am glad you feel that way.” Luis breathed in Aidan's aroma. “The feeling is mutual baby. Right now I am really tired and drained. But I have never been this satisfied. I can't even think about bathing right now. I am just too tired.”

“Me too. I am really tired and sleepy right now. I can't even think of anything rather than sleep.”

“Sleep beautiful,” Luis tightened his hold. “Let's just go to sleep. I love you and goodnight.”

“I love you too.” Aidan moved his head further and closed his eyes.'

Luis pulled the huge bedding which had moved to the other side due to Aidan's clenching and then slipped it on top of them, covering their naked bodies. Then he planted a hot kiss on Aidan's head and both of them went into a deep and satisfied sleep.


“You are already better at this.” Hanna commented, carefully holding Aidan's waist as Luis was gonna hold him at the party. “I knew you would get better than Luis at this.”

“Yeah,” Aidan chuckled softly, putting his hand on Hanna's shoulder. “I am surprised myself because I really hated dancing. I was supposed to do this in high school but I passed.”

“You should have really done it.” Hanna encouraged. “I am sure you would have turned out to be better at it. This all would have been a piece of cake. But I must commend you are a fast learner. I give you that.”

“Thanks.” Aidan babbled, reposition his body in readiness for the music. “But it's because I have a great mentor and teacher. What do you expect when you have someone as good and as experienced as you?” He chuckled. “I would never fail a thing in my life if you be my teacher at everything.”

“Oh...” Hanna was touched. Aidan said the sweetest words that she had ever heard in her life. He was the sweetest guy he had ever come to know. He was really lovely. “You sure know how to talk to a girl. Tell me why you are gay again.”

Hanna's words got both Aidan and her laughing. They were really happy with how everything had turned out in their favor. Aidan was the fast learner and Hanna couldn't have wished for a better tutee. He listened really well and got it the right way. It was absolutely beautiful.

The waltzing music started and both Hanna and Aidan started moving in line with the music. They were dancing so perfectly that they seemed to know each other's steps. They followed the music so perfectly and it was what made them the perfect couple.

It has been two weeks, two freaking weeks already since Aidan and Luis' relationship took another turn. Things have really been good for Luis and Aidan. Their relationship has been growing stronger and stronger and stronger every day. They have been spending much time talking, spending time on the balcony at night and kissing, mostly. They have been cuddling and doing what any normal happy couple out there would do. In those two weeks they've only made love thrice and it was magnificent the whole time.

Time sure flies a lot especially when one is enjoying himself. There has been no day that has passed in those two weeks which Aidan had not enjoyed. He has enjoyed each and every day, kissing Luis...sleeping in his arms at night...waking up in his arms in the morning...cuddling in the Jacuzzi and hot tub and spending time on the balcony swimming pool. Though Aidan doesn't know how to swim, Luis has been taking him in while holding him. Things have really been beautiful for him in the past two weeks.

Hanna has also been teaching how to dance and honestly he has turned out to be better at it than he had ever imagined. He has known quite a number of dances even though he had difficulty in learning how to waltz. But now everything is perfect even though he has been practicing since the big day is coming. It was just a day away and honestly he was nervous. Everything was in order, perfect including his outfit. The preparations had actually started about a day ago and they seem pretty serious.

Now he was in a room where he and Hanna have been practicing for the last two weeks. They usually did it for a number of hours just to perfect everything.

“Do you think I will be this confident when dancing with Luis?” Aidan requested as he moved to the other side with Hanna, carefully holding her. “To be honest I am kinda nervous. I have never danced before and not in front of...only god knows how many people will be there.”

Hanna chuckled, laughing at what she had just heard from a boy who had been confident throughout that dancing lesson. “You will be fine. Just concentrate on your husband and no one else. All eyes will be on you so you have to really give them...I mean give it your all.”

“Why doesn't that make me feel better?” He chuckled nervously, quickly moving to the other side. “You make it sound like a simple thing when you say all eyes on me. Gosh!” He breathed.

“Oh no, you don't,” Hanna said, turning him to the other side. “Don't you dare feel nervous?” She warned. “Anybody who can handle the crown prince can handle all eyes on him. Besides, you will have a mask on your face.”

“Wait!” Aidan gasped. “I thought that will be removed after the introduction.”

“Yeah,” Hanna beamed. “But you have to dance with him before that.”

“Exactly how many dances do we have to...”

“It depends.” Hanna answered. “It depends with you and your partner. The maximum I have seen is 3-5.”

“3-5?” Aidan gasped. “OMG, I hope I will be able to pull through that.”

“You will,” Hanna reassured. “Just wait and see. You won't even have enough of those dances especially since you will be with your husband. You will wish the dance could continue for as long as you live...you understand?”

“That's encouraging,” Aidan moved a few steps behind as Hanna came closer to him. Then they swapped and changed their position. Now Aidan had his hand on her waist while she put hers on her shoulders. They held the other hands together and continued with the soothing waltz music.

“You'll see,” Hanna assured. “Don't think about the eyes on you. Just think about the person you are dancing with. You will enjoy the dance even more.”

“I sure will if you say so.”

“I know so.” Hanna said. “Just trust me on this one okay?”

Aidan nodded and then concentrated on the dance he was having with Hanna. He had really learned a lot from her and just wanted it to pay off during the party. He wanted to impress Hanna and show her that he was worth teaching.

They danced silently just following the music. It might have taken a little longer but in no time the music stopped and so did their dancing. They both bowed and began heading to the chairs so that they could rest before starting another dance.

“So...have you worked on your vows?”

Aidan sighed and then took a deep breath. He brushed a tiny hair from his face and stared at Hanna. “I am still working on it.”

“I thought you were supposed to be done by now.” Hanna exclaimed. “You do realize that this thing is happening after tomorrow, right?”

“Yes!” Aidan sighed. “I know that but I am almost done. It is just a few words and then I will wrap it up.”

“What about lover boy?” Hanna teased, smirking at Aidan.

Aidan chuckled softly as he got near the chairs. “I am sure he is done.” He grabbed a chair and quickly sat on it. “I don't know.”

“What?” Hanna gasped, grabbing a chair. “You are not serious. You mean you don't even know if he has even done something.”

Aidan eyes widened. “He did start. But he couldn't show me anything. He said it's a surprise. I don't know what he has written. He's been hiding it from me.”

“You two are something else.” Hanna gave a teasing chuckle. “But I trust you won't embarrass yourselves.”

“Never!” Aidan chuckled nervously. “Everything will turn out to be perfect. I know this will turn out to be perfect after all. We just have to make sure that everything is perfect.”

“I like your confidence but...”

“Don't worry,” He cupped her hands and rubbed on them. “I know we will not mess up. The dance will turn out to be perfect because I learned from the master.” He smiled. “The vows are perfect and I will make sure nothing goes wrong.”

“I trust you.” She smiled and rubbed on his hand. “I know you will make it perfect okay?”

“Thank you.” He smiled back.

The both of them stayed like that just talking about the party and everything that they would like to see in it. They talked about the elegant masks but most especially the clothes. It was gonna be special for Aidan because the people that he loves will be there including his granny and his brother.

After resting for a few minutes, it was time for them to start another dance again. They both got up and began dancing to Shania twain's from this moment.


“Thank god you are here.” Luis said impatiently looking at his friend. “You know I really need your help with this.”

“Yeah,” Charles shrugged, patting on Luis' shoulder. “I know you can't do anything without me but we have passed three jewel shops already.” He literally yelled. “Just what kind of necklaces do you want? We have seen beautiful and elegant necklaces. You really are making me tired.”

“I just want something that Aidan will like.”

“Duh, you know Aidan would really love anything that you buy for him so what's the big deal?” Charles rolled his eyes. “You know that boy doesn't care about the necklace...he really loves you like crazy.”
“I know,” Luis sighed. “Let's just pass one more shop and...”

“Arrr...” Charles groaned. “I love you so much but I am going to kill you for this.” He warned. “I should have known what I was getting myself into. I don't even know why you insisted on buying the necklace yourself. You are just too much but anyway...one last shop.”

“One last shop,” Luis agreed. “I am sure I will find something really beautiful.”

Charles groaned and followed Luis into the last jewel shop he was gonna enter with Luis. Luis on the other hand was really exhausted. He was looking for a wonderful necklace for Aidan but found none. He just wanted something beautiful, special, something worth being worn by Aidan. He didn't just want just any necklace. He wanted two identical and beautiful ones.

Luis has been really going insane for the last two weeks. All he ever does is think about Aidan. And at night, he holds him like crazy. He loves him a lot and wouldn't like anything more than that. Actually, Charles was helping him out with the necklace.

Charles had found out that Luis and Aidan had got together about two weeks ago when he had come to visit. It might have been a surprising thing to him but he surely took it well and even congratulated Luis for finally getting some balls and settling down. He could clearly remember his words.

“Man...You have finally grown some balls and settled down.” Charles had laughed. “Please...don't go back to that lifestyle. This is the best decision anyone can ever make in his or her own life.”

Yes, Charles had been right. Luis had never felt as happy as he had been feeling in those past weeks. It was absolutely amazing. Charles had been visiting him and he had gotten to know Aidan and his nature. They were almost like friends.

“Here we are,” Luis quickly rushed to the jeweler with Charles following behind.

He reached the jeweler and looked at the jewels and necklaces that he had in his shop. Then he moved to the jeweler and smiled brightly. It was one of the most expensive and classy jewelry shops in the entire kingdom. He surely had a feeling that he was gonna find something in that shop.

“My prince,” The jeweler bowed. “It is an honor to have the prince in my shop. By the way, congratulations on your marriage,” Luis' marriage and the introduction party were all over town. It had stickers everywhere and even magazines and television far and wide. Everyone knew about it even though they had no idea whom he had married. “I can't wait to see your husband.”

“Yeah,” Luis grinned, remembering Aidan's wonderful smile that morning when he had woken up. “I bet you are.” He breathed. “Si...I want a really special necklace for a special boy.” He said. “I want something really special that is elegant and expensive too.”

The jeweler gave a befitting smile and chuckle. “You are in luck my prince. I think I might have what you are looking for.”

“Really?” Luis gasped. “Please, show me.”

“Just a minute, my prince,” The jeweler went away to a certain room.

Luis quickly turned and called his friend near. In just a few minutes the jeweler came back with a necklace that made Luis and Charles stare with awe and admiration. It was really something and it took Luis' breath away for a second.

“It's beautiful.” Luis murmured, getting lost into the wonderful necklace that was now in the palm on the jeweler.

“Oh my god,” Charles gasped, staring at the wonderful necklace.

Luis and Charles stared at the wonderful necklace which the jeweler was holding. It was a really beautiful pure golden necklace with a huge diamond at the centre. It was glowing brighter in the jeweler's hands, making Luis' heart beat with joy. From the necklace's undeniable elegance accompanied by those glittering diamonds, Luis saw the elegance, classy and beauty of that necklace. That was the right necklace for his Aidan.

“I want it.” Luis breathed, totally taken by the beauty and elegancy of that necklace. He imagined how wonderful and beautiful it was gonna be on Aidan's neck. “This is really the right necklace for him.” He took a quick glance at his friend. “What do you think?”

“It's amazing.” Charles exclaimed, admiring the wonderful necklace. “It is nothing like I have seen before.”

“Yes,” The jeweler said happily. “This was specially made and it has been here for a long time. No one has been able to afford it.”

“I want it.” The prince said. “I don't care about the price I just want it right now. Pack it and give me the bill right now.”

The jeweler gasped and then quickly left together with the necklace. He went back to the same room he had come back from a few minutes earlier.

“You see,” Luis smiled at Charles. “I told you it was worth something coming here.”

“Yes,” Charles exclaimed. “I bet he will be happy.”

“He will,” Luis smiled brightly. “I plan to give him that after the introduction.”

“You better,” Charles laughed. “That boy really loves you and I am sorry to say this but...”

“Don't...” Luis warned. “I know what you are going to say and honestly I am not interested. You know that I cannot hurt him. I love him so much and I can't bear to see him hurt because of me.”

“That's good.” Charles chuckled. “You better stay like that. I am sure that this necklace is going to blow his mind. It's absolutely,” He gestured with his hands. “It's really gorgeous.”

“Thanks,” Luis patted on his friend's chest. “I knew that you'd really help me out of this.”

“Yeah,” Charles sounded not so sure. “I am really tired and honestly, you are gonna have to compensate me for that. You've been moving from shop to shop looking for a special jewel. You could have just gotten one at your jewel shop or...”

“Nah!” Luis shrugged. “I just wanted to check other places. It finally paid off because that necklace is something else. It will be fitting of my Aidan.”

The two men laughed together before the jeweler came back with everything packed. He gave Luis the bill and it was more than he had expected it to be. But it was really worth. He didn't mind paying 11 million just for that piece of jewelry because it was really worth it. He didn't pay in cash though...he just used his credit card and voila! That piece of necklace was his.


Aidan came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped on his head. He had just come from washing his hair after a long day. He was in pajamas and his face was lit up by a wonderful smile that he definitely didn't wanna lose for anything in this world. Coming into the room, he found his husband on the bed, resting on some pillows. The crazy guy had a huge smile on his wonderful face when he saw Aidan.

“Hey, beautiful,” Luis called softly. He had his head resting on his palm while a huge smile made him look even handsome.

“Hey!” Aidan went straight to the mirror. He grabbed a chair and removed the towel from his head, dropping his hair.

“You look really beautiful.”

Aidan took a quick glance at Luis and smiled softly. Then he began tying his hair into a twist in bun. “Thanks,” He chuckled. “By the way, I didn't ask you about your day with Charles. How did things go?”

“Things were okay.” He smiled. “We did have a great time. We had lunch and we just hanged out, you know guy stuff.” He lied. He was just gonna surprise Aidan after the party. “How did your dancing lessons go?”

“They were good,” He got up from the chair after tying his hair. “I think I am good now.” He went to the bed and sat at the edge, kissing his husband softly on the lips. Then the both of them slipped under the covers. Aidan laid his head on Luis' chest and Luis wrapped his arms around him, securing him in his arms. They stayed like that for a number of minutes just enjoying each other's arms and company. It was really beautiful. They were now a whole.

“Baby,” Luis said softly.

“Yes!” Aidan answered in a sleepy voice.

“Are you ready for the introduction?” He gushed, feeling his heart racing. “Are you as excited as I am?”

“I think I am ready and excited,” Aidan buried his head deeper into that wonderful chest. “It's just that I was a little bit nervous but...Hanna explained to me everything that I wanted to know. So...I think I can't wait for that day.”

“It is just after tomorrow.” Luis chuckled. “Now everyone will see the beautiful boy that I have married. They will now know that you are taken.”

“Yeah,” Aidan babbled. “I can't wait either. I can't wait for people to know that you are my husband.”

“Why does that make me excited?” Luis asked. “I feel really excited.”

“Me too.” Aidan reached up and kissed his husband. Then he went back to sleeping on his chest. They were one happy couple and with the coming of the introduction...they just couldn't get enough of each other. They were falling deeper and deeper in love. That love was growing stronger than it had been. But the two of them wouldn't have loved anything more than that.

“We better sleep now.” Luis suggested. “We have a busy day tomorrow with the preparations and the fittings.”

“Yeah,” Aidan breathed in Luis' aroma. “I think you are right. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight!” Luis held Aidan tighter. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He pushed his head further into Luis' chest and felt him tightening up. Then he planted a kiss on his forehead and both of them immediately went to sleep. It was gonna be a wonderful sleep that they were looking forward to.

They had a big day ahead of them and it was gonna be wonderful. They just couldn't wait anymore for that big day.


In the certain room of the castle of Alerna kingdom...


King Wyatt thrust his hand forward, releasing the huge ball of flames that was sent flying towards a wooden table. By the time the huge flame hit the table...it had already bust from the powerful energy the flame was carrying. The flame went all the way and hit a wall, leaving a huge gaping hole.

Seeing the power that he has mastered in the last years, King Wyatt smiled brightly moving to the gaping wall. He closed his eyes shut, opened his arms and cast a powerful spell. When he opened his eyes there was no hole. There was even no sign of it been a hole. He smiled and laughed manically.

“You are getting really powerful, my lord.” A voice filled the entire room. “You are better than any warlock out there. Your powers are magnificent.”

Hearing that voice, Wyatt folded his arms behind and made a quick turn to find his seer smiling at him. He quickly turned and stood still, staring out the window of his castle. Many guards stood still outside.

“Not as powerful as I want to be.” Wyatt complained in an angry tone.

“You are powerful Lord Wyatt.” The seer said, getting closer to the king. “You struck fear into the lives of your people whenever they hear your name. What more do you...”

“The full power to get back the greatest kingdom of all time,” The tall, dark-haired, angry looking king bellowed. “The kingdom which should have been ours since the beginning of time,” He clenched on his fists, slightly trembling from all the anger that he felt. “I want to break its magic and take over it. My reign will be magical.” He said. “Now tell me, how is it going with the potion? Is everything ready?”

After so many years of training to become really powerful, 18 years to be precise, King Wyatt's only desire was to acquire Lord Ming's power and conquer Angria, the kingdom which should have been his ancestors' in the first place. For the last eighteen years, he has become really powerful, a really powerful warlock and ruthless too. He has put a magical barrier on his kingdom just to prevent his people from escaping. But after those years of trying to find a way and sacrificing blood, the seer had a revelation about a powerful potion to create a spell that would summon the powers of Lord Ming. It was what they were working on but something was still missing.

“I am sorry, your highness,” The seer apologized. “The potion won't be ready because something is missing, something really important.”

“What?” The angry king quickly turned and seethed. “Tell me what is missing. I am ready to do everything including making more sacrifices if I have to.” The king was really impatient. “I am even ready to travel to the underworld and...”

“No, your highness, I...”

“Speak!” The king snapped at the man who trembled at his words. “You know I don't like to be kept waiting. Speak or suffer the consequences.”

The seer trembled at the instant anger of the king. “My lord, for that spell to work together with the potion...” He paused and took a really nervous breath. “...the item which was used to drain those powers must be present. That is the only way which you will be able to acquire and summon those powers.”

“Hmm,” Wyatt rubbed on his temple, trying to think clearly. “According to all the book of legends, the scepter of Lord Mang was used in the defeat of Lord Ming. So...”

“That which you seek is found in the enemy's palace.” The seer said softly, bowing his heard. “Without it...you won't acquire those powers.”

“But the prophecy said...”

According to the prophecy, the one with the mark of the dragon was to acquire the ancient magical powers of the fallen Lord and he will begin his quest and thirst for power and conquer the kingdom of good cause. However...

“Prophecies do change, my lord.” The seer said confidently. “You must acquire that scepter and only then will you summon that power which...”

“Silence!” The angry king raised his hand. Then he slowly began walking away, thinking about what his seer has told him. “The scepter is only in the palace. That can...”

“You cannot go there, my king.” The seer gasped. “You very well know that...”

“I know.” The king made a quick turn. “I know you prophesied that if I step my foot there...I might die. But I think I know of who can do this job. I know he is clever and he cannot fail me. I also have a perfect opportunity at hand.”

“The crown prince...”

“I know he's having his wedding or something.” The king gestured. “Let him enjoy but I will take that as an opportunity for my plan to get the scepter. He thinks he is going to be the king...but...the truth is that...” He gave a sinister laugh. “...He won't ever sit on that throne. I will have my three trusted warlocks handle this. We shall have that scepter in no time.”

“Yes!” The seer sighed. “You will be really powerful but you have to be careful, my lord. There could be...”

“There will be nothing,” The king seethed. “Nothing can stand in my way. It is in my destiny to acquire that power and fulfill every prophecy. Nothing can stand in my way. King Wyatt is afraid of nothing.” He emphasized. “Don't forget that I got rid of that threat a long time ago. Now...they are gonna have to feel my power. They better get ready.”

“Yes, but...”

“Prophecies can be changed.” The king seethed. “I proved that prophecy to be false. I defeated that baby before he even realized what he was born for.” He gave a sinister laugh. “Now it will be time for me to acquire Lord Ming's powers. It is now or never.” The desperation and determination in his eyes couldn't be masked. “Too bad for them that prophecy will never come to pass,”

According to that prophecy he was given long ago, a baby, a wizard of good cause was to be born in his territory that would put an end to the evil quest of the one marked by a dragon. The marked one in that case was King Wyatt. He had a huge dragon mark on his chest, indicating that he was the one to conquer the kingdom. For so long, his family had tried to gain those powers but thanks to the prophecy long ago, he was the only one who was gonna do it. He was gonna get back the kingdom without any problems.

King Wyatt could still remember how he got rid of the baby and his family thereby proving that the prophecy was wrong. He had everyone on the lookout for the birth of that child and thanks to the signs he was able to defeat the child. That baby was to be born with glowing blue eyes and hair. He had a really big mark of lightning on his chest. That baby would have grown up to defeat and stop the quest of Wyatt but lucky for him, that baby was dead, long gone. Nothing was gonna stand in his way.

Now all he needed was that scepter and Angria was gonna be on its knees. People were gonna worship his power. Finally, he was gonna fulfill that prophecy without any threat.

It has just began…


Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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So looks like Aidan will find out why he has his new found powers after all.............

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I guess it’ll take a warlock attack for Aidan to embrace his powers rather than ignore them. King Herod is in for a surprise.

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