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Unbroken - 14. Chapter 14: The enemies return. Is the kingdom still safe without Aidan?

Luis came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and using another to towel his hair. Luis' room had been fully renovated and refurnished. The color of the room plus the design was now different. The bathroom though it was a three in one was replaced with different things. The Jacuzzi had been replaced by a bigger one and so did the hot tub. The multiple shower head system was now upgraded and it was really beautiful.

In his room, the bed and everything including the couches had been changed. He didn't want anything that would link him to his past life. All he wanted was to just forget about everything and move on. The wine dispensers, outdoor fire pit living room were also changed. The balcony pool was now huge and it was beautiful that way.

Luis had added his own closet just for shoes and another huge room for his clothes. He had changed the entire wardrobe and his personality just to change his lifestyle too. He was now a fierce man who didn't give a damn about his past. He was now a free man without a past haunting him.

So much had pretty much changed in the palace in the past two years he had been away. The palace had also been renovated into something else. The furniture had been changed just to forget about everything. It was going perfectly.

In the past two years Luis had been abroad, things have pretty much changed for him. He had accomplished his mission even though it had been hard at first to just forget about everything. His friend had been so helpful to him in terms of being there for him and encouraging him. They had a lot fun abroad and they did all that they could just to forget about Luis' troubled past.

It had been hard on him and after long, he buried what he felt for Aidan and nothing was gonna bring those feelings that had been buried. He was now a free man and he loved his freedom rather than being imprisoned by the feelings that he had for his betrayer. Now he had his life back on track and he was even livelier than he had ever been before. Nothing was gonna ruin that happiness for him.

What Luis' couldn't get to understand though was that in those past two years, not once did he have any sexual encounters. Sure, he had a guy give him a blow job abroad but he didn't like it at all. They used to hang at gay bars but nothing really interested him. He didn't want to fuck any of the whores and he still couldn't understand the reason why that was so. But...he had tried to get his life back as a playboy. It didn't work for him. Guess what he was really looking for was a real relationship. Maybe he was older and didn't need to be sleeping around. He was 25 now for heaven's sake.

A loud vibration got Luis out of his reverie. He moved his face forward to his phone and then dropped the towel he had been drying his hair with. Taking a really deep sigh, Luis rushed to the phone and then quickly picked it.


‘Hey, man, are we still hanging out?’

“Yes!” Luis chuckled. “You know I wouldn't miss that for the world.”

‘Okay. I thought since you are taking too long...’

“I just got caught up in my own thoughts and that's all.” He hit his head. “But I will hurry it up. I cannot miss hanging out with you.”

“Okay.” Charles chuckled. “See you then.”


Luis cut the call and then nodded, chuckling softly. The person that made his day was his friend. His friend had even gotten crazier in the past two years. But he loved him even more. He wouldn't dare miss any opportunity to hang out with him.

“Crazy guy.” He chuckled, heading towards the room where his entire clothes were.

Reaching the room, Luis did a quick scan to see what he was gonna wear for that day. After much consideration, Luis put on a red designer's skinny jean, pink designer's shirt which he tucked in the jean. He then put on red designer's snickers that made him look super sexy. He was really sexy but he knew his outfit just made that really wonderful.

Rushing to his room, he combed his hair and then wore his cologne. He checked himself in the mirror and noticed that he was just perfect. He was now ready to hang out with his buddy and just have a good time like he had been doing since he came back about a week ago.

With a final look, he got out of his room into the elevator and then down the stairs. Reaching the living room, Luis found his sister with Henry, her fiancé now. They had been engaged for about two months and their wedding was yet to be announced. Even though he hadn't been there, he had seen the engagement party and it had been really classy and elegant. He was really happy for his little sister. She deserved more than what she was getting. He knew she was gonna be a great wife to Henry and a wonderful mother to her children. He had no doubt about that.

“What's up?” Luis greeted as he reached the living room. He was wearing a really wonderful smile on his face.

“Hey!” The queen got up and then kissed him. “You are finally awake. But you look as if you are about to go somewhere. I thought you were gonna have lunch with us. We are having Henry with so...”

“Oh...” Luis hit his head, moving his eyes to Henry. “Sorry man. I can't have lunch with you. I really have to go. I am meeting up with Charles. We are going to have lunch together and just hang out, have fun. I am really sorry.”

“It's fine.” Henry smiled brightly. “It is really nothing. There are other days that we can sit together and then just have lunch.”

“Yeah,” Luis nodded and then smiled teasingly. “Or I have a great idea. Why don't you ditch this girl and then come with me? I know we are going to have great fun. Besides, you are marrying my sister and I feel I don't know a lot about you. Let's strengthen this bond and then just hang out, you know...” He gestured. “Let's hang out as friends.”

There was a moment of silence as none of the people around spoke. Henry looked straight at Hanna and Hanna looked at Luis. Then she smile brightly and got up, coming closer to him.

“You want to take my man out?”

“Why?” Luis rolled his eyes, teasing his sister. “Is there any problem with me hanging out with my future brother in law?”

“Yes!” Hanna nodded. She chuckled when he raised his eyebrow. “I think you are crazy. Why didn't you ask sooner? I think he should go with you too. You are going to be brothers soon and it is only fair if you make a bond.” She looked behind. “What do you think, my love?”

“I am fine with it.” Henry smiled brightly, getting up from the couch. “As long as...”

“Why would I have any problems with it?” Hanna laughed, hitting Luis on the shoulder. “There is nothing I want more than my two babies hanging out together. You should get used to it because you will do it more often once we are married.”

“Yeah,” Luis breathed, smiling brightly. “And I am not your baby.”

“Yeah, you are.” She squeezed his shoulder. “Now I want you two to have fun. And don't you dare make my baby drunk okay?”

“I am thinking of doing just that.” They all laughed. “But don't worry,” he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “I will take good care of your fiancé for you, okay?”


Hanna moved to her fiancé and kissed him on the lips right in front of Luis and the queen. “Have a really good time with my brother?” She rubbed his lips.

“Of course.” Henry nodded. Hanna moved to Luis and kissed his cheeks too, rubbing on them softly. “I trust you to make him have a good time.”

“You bet.” Luis said, moving his eyes to Henry. “Let's go bro. We really have a fun day ahead of us.”

Henry chuckled nervously. “Okay.” He went near Luis. Luis wrapped his arms around Henry and both of them started heading out of the palace.

“Come early.” The queen hollered just as they were about to exit the door. “We are gonna have dinner together.”

“Alright mom.” Luis hollered as they exited the door.

The queen chuckled and then sat on the couch, nodding her head happily. “This boy's craziness has just gone to another level since he came back from abroad.”

“Yeah...” Hanna chuckled, sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. “He sure has changed a lot I tell you.”

“I am really happy for him. I can't even express it.” The queen chuckled softly. “Who could have believed that he is the same boy that was crying like a baby, years ago? I feel really happy for my son. He went through a lot and...”

“You are right, mom.” Hanna chuckled. “But has he really forgotten about Aidan or...has he just buried those feeling?” She laughed when her mother frowned.

“I am sure he has moved on just like we have moved on.”

“Moving on and forgetting are two different things, mother.” Hanna said. “Anyway, I am sure he has forgotten. You are really right about this. He has been through a lot and I hope he doesn't experience that again.”

“Sure.” The queen beamed. “I just hope he brings in a new son in law so that he can be truly happy just like you. I still can't believe that you will be getting married real soon. This is really wonderful.”

“Mom,” Hanna blushed. “We are just engaged. As for Luis...I am sure he will find another guy out there. But I can tell you that none will make him happier than Aidan did. His love for him was reflected in every way.”

“Hanna...” The queen didn't like where Hanna was going with the conversation. “Please, will you stop talking about that boy. We are living in peace now and we don't want any problems in the house. Can you stop...”

“I am right you know.” She sighed. “None will make him happy. Remember what they say about first love? There is nothing like it. You are going to tell me.”

The queen opened her mouth to speak but she found it impossible to do. Hanna's words were ringing in her head. Could Hanna's words be absolutely right, she thought as she looked at her daughter? Could she be right after all?


The king was standing in his throne room, staring at the trident which was just near a wall, placed carefully in a diamond glass like thing. He was busy staring at the trident, nodding his head sadly. Things had taken an unexpected turn and he had no idea what to do.

“For how long will this keep on happening?” He said angrily. “For how long will I continue to live without a priest by my side? For how long will I remain unguided?”

King Julian was really confused. For the past two years, the trident has remained dormant without any signs of choosing a successor, at least none that he knew of. He knew what exactly was going to happen once a new successor was sensed or rather chosen. The trident was gonna glow a bright white color. But nothing like that had ever happened in the past two years.

The king got closer to the trident and then carefully rubbed the glass in which it was placed.

“For how long shall I wait?” He continued. “This is really stressing me out and I have no idea what to do. Ever since the origin of this kingdom...nothing like this has ever happened. Could it be that the almighty is angry or something?” He sighed.

King Julian moved his eyes up, staring into the ceiling. “Why is this happening? Does this mean that there will be no priest? So many questions are in my mind. I need answers, almighty.” He bowed. “I need a new priest. I need guidance. I feel really lost. It's like the almighty has abandoned me.”

Julian then moved his eyes to the trident. “A king without a guide is a lost king. My father told me this when I was young. Now I know exactly what he meant. So many things have happened in our lives, things that we need answers to. The temple of light was defiled years ago and can only be completely cleansed by a priest. Please...” He pleaded. “I need real answers. I need to know when the next priest is going to be chosen. Please.”

King Julian bowed his head and then gave a short prayer. The only thing that he wanted was just to have a priest by his side. He needed a guide. He hasn't had any spiritual help since the death of the priest. He felt he needed it urgently. The priest's presence was always very important to any king. In fact, he was the first king to have gone that long without a priest. It was really getting him worried.

After the prayer, the king moved his head up and stared at the trident. It was really beautiful but he felt as if it had no power anymore. Not a single glow in the past two years. Things were really not what he had expected them to be.

“May the Almighty's will be done.” He sighed. King Julian took one final look at the trident and then left the throne room.

After King Julian left the throne room and locked it, something happened. The trident started like a shimmering light which was glowing brighter. The glass opened wide, releasing the trident. It rose high up in the air, spinning slowly while the light kept on glowing. As the light started glowing brighter, the spinning got faster until the whole room was filled with quiet wind which blew all around the room. The room was now fully bright.

The trident spun for a number of seconds before it hit the floor with a thud. Immediately the wind stopped and everything went calm. The light went off and then trident went back into the glass.

A new successor, a priest had been chosen.


“Seriously that had been a great day.” Henry said to Luis as they both entered the palace. “I have never had such fun for a long while.”

“Sure.” Luis chuckled, patting on his back. “We should really hang out more often. It was great having you around.”

“Thanks.” Henry smiled brightly. “That was really nice of you. And Charles is really fun. I knew he was fun the first time I met him but I had no idea he was that crazy. No offence.”

“None taken...” Luis laughed. “He is really...”

“So you guys are back?” Hanna interrupted, getting closer to the two of them.

“Yeah.” Luis stopped and then moved his eyes forward, crossing his arms on his chest. “Are you happy or is there anything...”

“It's just that you came late.” Hanna said, hitting Luis on the hand. “Mom told you guys to make it up here earlier. We have been waiting you know?”

“Sorry,” Henry apologized, gripping Hanna's waist. He brought her closer and kissed her right in front of Luis. Luis smiled brightly and then pretended as if he was not really seeing it. They were kissing passionately, sucking on each other's lips as if they were hungry for each other. Their hands were all over each other's bodies. That was no ordinary kiss and they seemed to have forgotten that he was right there with them.

“Ahem!” Luis cleared his throat, snapping them out of their kiss. Both of them blushed brightly, dropping their eyes to the floor in shyness. “I don't mean to be a spoilsport but I pretty much heard someone saying that we are being waited for at dinner. So...” He raised his eyebrow. “What's with all the kissing and...”

“Sorry, bro. I couldn't help it.” Henry apologized, staring deeply into Hanna's eyes. “I think your sister...”

“Before you finish that sentence could we go and have dinner.” He interjected, teasing the two of them with his eyes. “You can always kiss however much you want after dinner.” He got closer to Henry and gripped his waist, tearing him away from Hanna. “Now let's go.”

Henry chuckled and then followed Luis to the dining room with Hanna following them behind. They reached the dining room and found everyone except the king there. They were just chatting, waiting patiently for them to come.

“Finally,” the queen got up from the chair. “We've been waiting for ages.”

“Sorry, mom,” He kissed her. “We were just having so much fun that we forgot we had to come back for dinner.”

“What matters is that you are here.” The queen rushed to Henry and hugged him. “Now sit down and have your dinner.”

Luis rushed to his granny and kissed her on the cheeks. She smiled and then kissed all over his face, making him sit down next to her. Once they all sat down, the maids came and served them their dinner. Granny gave a short prayer before they all dived into the deliciously cooked dinner. It was magnificent and lovely.

As they ate, the king came inside with a beautiful smile on his face. He had his crown on his head, wearing beautiful blue royal attire which looked perfect on him. He was walking elegantly, chuckling softly to himself.

“Hey dad.” Luis greeted as his father entered.

“Hey son.” The king took a seat. “How was your day?”

“It was fine.” Luis answered, staring at his happy looking father. He nodded, chuckling softly. “I don't need to ask how your day was because I can see from your ever glowing smile that you had a great day. Tell me...” he crossed his fingers, still staring at his father. “What is making you smile like that? Did mother give you some great news or...”

“No, you crazy boy.” The queen slapped his hands softly, drawing a soft laugh from him. “I have no idea what is making him this happy. Believe me I have never spent any second with him today. He went to a meeting.”

“Yes!” The king smiled as a maid served his food. “I went to a meeting and every program and project that we had planned has been successful.” The king started explaining to him on various projects which had worked according to his plan.

Those projects were gonna help people a lot, especially the vulnerable people. Each city in his kingdom had been upgraded with new buildings in the past two years and it was growing. He had provided a lot of school leavers with scholarships to help them pursue their careers. It was a great development for his kingdom.

Luis and the others were really happy with the king. They even congratulated him. But it seemed like he had another story to tell them.

“By the way, William is in the kingdom.” The king said as he took a spoonful of his food in his mouth.

“William?” Granny sounded confused, moving her eyes from side to side. “Which William are you talking about?”

“Prince William.” The king said happily. “He arrived earlier this night and he is at a hotel in town.”

“Prince William?” Hanna gasped, putting her spoon back on her plate. A bright grin appeared on her wonderful face. “Oh my God. He is here?”

The king nodded as he swallowed his food. “Yes! I actually had no idea he would be here. The hotel he arrived at is the hotel I was having a meeting at. We only met by chance. He said he was gonna send word that he had arrived.”

“But why spend the night at a hotel?” Granny asked. “The palace is really huge and I don't think being at a hotel is that safe or even good for a person of his class. He is a prince and he should stay at the palace. Don't you think so Luis?”

“Uh?” Luis gasped, moving his eyes to stare at his granny. He had been eating quietly since they started talking about William. “What?”

“We are talking about Prince William staying at a hotel.” Hanna reminded. “Don't you think he should be staying in the palace?”

“Err...” He chuckled nervously, holding the spoon tightly. “Yeah. I think you are right.”

The king took a great sigh. “I asked him to stay here but he said he was really tired. But don't worry about him. He promised to come stay at the palace tomorrow because he came to visit us.”

“That's good.” Hanna said excitedly as she squeezed Henry's hand. “I can't really wait to see him. He is nice and really kind.”

“Yeah...” The king said. “He is really like that.”

“I hope he stays long this time.” The queen said. “He didn't stay that long the first time. He needs to stay for a few days.”

The whole dinner was just about William coming to stay at the palace. All the family members contributed to the conversation except Luis who seemed really quiet, eating his food quietly. He had no idea why he wasn't contributing to that conversation. Maybe it was because he wasn't interested or he hadn't known him for that long. But he had no objection with him staying at the palace. He was really okay with it.

After dinner, Luis and his family chatted some more. Then he escorted Henry out of the palace over a little chat. They promised to hang out even more and then hugged for the first time ever. Luis waved at Henry and he left.

After Henry left, Luis kissed his family goodnight and then went up the stairs. He was really tired that day. He took a quick shower before slipping under the covers. He just closed his eyes and he was already asleep.


“Good morning...” Luis greeted as he rushed to the living room.

“Morning...” they all smiled brightly.

Luis went to the living room and sat down, grabbing a cushion which he held on his thighs. Luis was wearing a deep brown skinny jean, red t-shirt and black sandals. He had a band tied around his hair, making it lay downwards.

He was just in casual as he had plans of just staying at home with his family. Moving his eyes around, Luis noticed that his family was looking rather impatient as if they were waiting for some really important. His father was staring at his watch regularly and so were his mother and the rest of his family. He wondered why they acting like that.

“Okay. What's going on here?” Luis gave his family a suspicious look. “Why do all of you look like that?”

Hanna chuckled and then rushed to him in her beautiful heels and yellow dress. “Well! We are waiting for...”

Before she could finish her sentence, a guard rushed inside and then knelt down, bowing his head in front of the king. “My lord, he has arrived.”

“Okay.” The king gave a wonderful smile. He got up and chuckled happily. “Go. We will be there in just a second.”

The guard bowed and left. Seeing his father's happiness and smiles, Luis got up and got near him.

“What's going on?” he asked. “Who are you expecting?”

“Silly boy...” The king chuckled, rubbing on his shoulder. “We are expecting Prince William. Have you forgotten that...he is arriving here today?”

“Oh...” Luis hit his head and smiled, dropping his hand. “I had totally forgotten about that. I am really...”

“Well!” Hanna gripped his arm, coiling it with hers. “Now you know so let's go and welcome him.” She pulled him and started dragging him out.

“You are really crazy.” Luis teased as he followed her behind.

The royal family went outside the palace and just in time to find William getting out of the elegant and beautiful car. He was looking really handsome and sexier than before. His dirty blonde hair was now in brown color, making him look really handsome. He had his hair shaven on the sides and then a whole lot of it on the middle all the way down. It was gelled beautifully and he had a beautiful golden crown on his head.

Instead of royal attire, he was putting on a beautiful black designer's skinny jean, yellow shirt which was tucked in and black designer's shirt which he had tucked in his trouser. As usual, William had a beautiful grin on his face and it seemed to touch the royal family like it did. He was with his three guards and they seemed really happy too with their wonderful grins. He had a big designer's bag with him.

“Your majesty...” William rushed to the king and knelt down.

“What are you doing?” The king leaned and then gripped his arms, getting up immediately. “You don't have to do that. I told you the last time that you’re a prince and there is no need for that.”

“But you are my king...” William beamed. “You are more superior to me. It is only respectful if I do this, my lord.” He tried to bow but the king held him tighter. William smiled brightly.

“You are our guest and we are to treat you as our guest.” The king patted on his shoulder. “Welcome to our kingdom once again.”

“As usual, it is quite the honor to visit this great kingdom once again.” He smiled brightly, taking in a deep breath.

The king patted on his back once more and then let him go. He moved to the queen and tried to bow but she held him tighter and kissed his cheek, welcoming him to the kingdom once more. He moved to granny and she kissed him too. When he moved to Hanna, she hugged him tighter.

“Welcome to our kingdom once more.” She said as she pulled away from him. “It is a great honor to have you here. You don't know what this means to all of us. Your visit is really important to us, especially your mood.”

William chuckled at Hanna's words. “I am honored by that. Thank you.” He said as he moved to Luis with a great smile on his face. “Prince Luis.” He chuckled. “Though we never spent any time the first time I came...it is a great honor to see you again. I just hope we will spend more time together this time.”

Luis chuckled nervously. “It is great to have you here.” He extended his hand but got surprised when he was given a big hug instead. He smiled brightly after they broke the hug.

William chuckled happily. He had enjoyed the hug and it felt really beautiful to him. “I must say though...” he put his finger on his temple, slowly rubbing on it. “There is something different about you, Prince Luis.”

“Yeah.” Luis said nervously, scratching his head. “I had a makeover.”

“Good!” William smiled brightly. “I had a makeover too. But you look more handsome.”

“Thanks.” Luis smiled brightly. “You look really handsome too.”

The two guys just stood still, staring in each other's eyes, well...William was staring deep into Luis' eyes, lusting after him. He had come for a mission and he was gonna get what he had come for whether the heavens like it or not.

“Shall we go in?” The king offered.

William smiled brightly and then nodded. All of them followed the king inside while William's guards were led to their rooms with the huge bag they were carrying.

William and the others reached the living room and sat. William removed his crown and placed it on the table. He then sat facing the king and the others while a huge smile appeared on his face.

“I am really sorry about last time.” William apologized. “I left without telling any of you. I had a really important program that I had to attend to immediately. My kingdom needed me that time and that's why I left without telling anyone.”

“It's okay.” The king smiled brightly. “We understand that kingdom matters are really important. What matters is that you decided to visit again.”

“Yeah.” William chuckled, moving his eyes around the palace. A smile left his face as he looked around as if he had lost something really important.

“What are you looking for?” Hanna smiled brightly.

“Uh?” William moved his face to Hanna and smiled brightly.

“Are you looking for something?”

From Hanna's question, William knew that the next part was gonna be fun. His work had begun from that time onwards. He smiled brightly. “Err...no...I mean...uh... it's just that I don't seem to see Luis' husband, Aidan. Has he perhaps gone somewhere or he is busy doing something? I thought I should say hello. He is a great guy.”

The smiles on everyone's faces faded as they stared at William without saying anything. They all moved their eyes to Luis and saw that he had a great smile on his face as if he wasn't bothered at all. He stared at each of them, winking and trying not to lose his smile.

“Where is he?” William chirped. “The last time I came here he was a really great and loving guy to me. And I am pretty sure Luis has fallen...”

“Excuse me.” Luis got up from the couch, smiling softly. He started heading for the exit door. They all watched as he disappeared outside. Then they all moved their eyes forward to look at William. They all knew why Luis had left. He didn't want to listen to talks about Aidan.

“Did...did I say something wrong?” William asked apologetically. “Please. I only asked about Aidan and I hope that wasn’t trouble?”

“Luis doesn't want to talk about him.” Hanna sighed.

“What? Why? Isn't he his husband?” He frowned. “They are in love with each other and...”

“They are not.” The queen said. “They have already separated.”

“What?” William gasped, holding his chest in pretense. But he knew very well Aidan wasn't in the palace. “Why... how did that happen? I thought I...really thought they were in love. How could he divorce such a loving boy? I thought...”

“It's complicated.” The king said as he crossed his fingers. He didn't like talking about Aidan too because he remembered what exactly had happened. He still didn't have any priest. “He was just a pretender. He was after my throne. He killed the priest and he was a warlock. That's why they separated and we’ve never heard from him for over two years since he ran away.”

“A warlock?” William gasped, getting up in pretense. He made sure to sound surprised. “Oh my God, do such things exist? I only thought they exist only in comics and other fantasy novels and movies. A warlock...” He exclaimed, sitting back on the couch. “That is...oh my...” he buried his head on his palm. “What have I done? It must have really been so hard for him to forget and now I just reminded him of it. What have I...”

“No!” The king assured, smiling brightly at him. “You don't have to be sorry or blame yourself. He is absolutely fine. He has forgotten about it. Just go and get freshened up and then come down for lunch. Hanna will...”

“No,” William said, shaking his head. For the first time he lost his smile and just frowned. “I need to apologize to him, your majesty.”

“No, don't...”

“Please.” He pleaded. “There is nothing like forgetting completely about something.” He said softly. “He was reminded of the lie he shared with Aidan. I am sure he is hurting. If I apologize to him, he will feel a little better and so will I.”

The king stared at William and noticed that he wasn't looking too well. He was really a sweet boy, perfect for his son if he was gay, he thought as he took a deep breath.

“Alright.” He said. “I am sure he is outside the palace.”

“Thank you.”

William got up and started rushing outside. Once he was sure that no one was able to see his face, an evil grin appeared on his face. He chuckled sinisterly inwardly, loving what he had done. His work was already on and he was gonna do it as fast as he could. Nothing was gonna make that mission impossible. He had already ignited the fire in Luis' heart and he was sure he hated Aidan even more. It was gonna be easy for him to take advantage of Luis. Then his mission was gonna be over and he was gonna take back the scepter to his kingdom. Then everything was gonna be over.

Coming out of the palace, William found Luis at the entrance, leaning to the golden pillar with his arms folded. He was staring at the beautiful surrounding without any expression on his face. William took a look around and lost the evil grin on his face. Then he got serious and moved closer to Luis.

“I am sorry,” he announced softly.

Hearing the voice behind him, Luis made a quick turn and found William looking vulnerable and sad. He had no idea what was going on. “What?”

“I said I am sorry.” William apologized. “I had no idea that you and... I am really sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for?” Luis chuckled. “It's not like you offended me.”

“I did.” He moved closer and put his hands together, pleading with Luis. “Please. Forgive me for what I have done. I didn't mean to say that. I had no idea that you were separated. I shouldn't have even brought that topic. I should have closed my mouth.”

“I still don't know what you are talking about.” Luis moved his shaky hands and held the hands which William had put together. He drawled them down and then smiled. “There is nothing wrong with what...”

“I shouldn't have asked about him. I know that I reminded you of him.”

“No! You didn't do any sort of thing because I don't even think about him.” He said. “I only left the living room because I wanted some air. I didn't leave because you asked about him okay? Don't worry about anything, William.”

“Are you sure?” William raised his eyebrow and just stared at Luis.

“I am sure.” Luis nodded. “I wouldn't be mad over something as stupid as that. Just go back inside and freshen up. I am pretty sure you are really tired.”

Hearing him, William smiled brightly, extending his hand to Luis. Luis moved his eyes to the hand, wondering why William extended his hand all of a sudden. When he looked at William he had a bright smile on his face, gesturing him to shake his hand.

“What's this for?” Luis couldn't quite get it.

“This is my way of saying sorry.”

“I told you that...”

“I still want to shake on it.” William beamed. “Now shake my hand if you didn't get offended by what I said.”

“Okay.” Luis chuckled nervously, extending his hand. He shook William's hand happily.

“Now I know that you were telling the truth.” William was getting turned on just by being near Luis. Luis was one sexy man. He couldn't wait to taste him. Things were going just like he had planned them. “Friends?”

Luis raised his eyebrow and chuckled. “Friends.”

That was like a golden ticket for William. His whole body vibrated in pleasure. He was really happy. Letting go of Luis' hand, William stood at a distance, taking a few steps behind him. He was happy now that things had gone according to his plan. Nothing was gonna make that moment go away.

“I will be inside.” William pointed. “See you later.”


William chuckled and then turned back. The same evil grin appeared on his face. Luis on the other hand leaned to a pillar and just took a deep sigh.


“Thank you so much.” William chuckled happily.

“You are welcome.” Hanna gave him the same kind gesture. “Now go inside and freshen up. You will then come down the stairs for lunch and some chats. There is still a lot that I need to talk to you about. We still don't know a lot about your kingdom.”

“Of course, my lady.” William bowed. “I wouldn't deny you that.”

“I will now go back.”

Hanna made a quick turn and then went to the elevator. William on the other hand watched as Hanna entered the elevator. She waved at him as the elevator door was closing. He waved back and then made a quick turn, smiling like an evil warlord.

Taking a deep breath of fresh air, William opened the door and to his surprise, the three warlocks were already in his room waiting for him. Seeing them, William closed the door shut and then entered, laughing as if he had done something of great evil. He folded his arms on his chest as an evil grin appeared on his face.

“Finally!” William chirped. “We have finally arrived. We are back at the palace where we will get to prove that we are more powerful than father thinks.”

“Yeah.” The red haired warlock spoke. “It really feels good to be back.” He breathed in the sweet palace air. “Can you smell that?”

“Victory!” The blonde haired warlock chuckled sinisterly.

“You are right.” William said excitedly. “It is pure victory and this time, there is no threat in the palace. We will not be like last time. For some reason, the magic of the palace is not as strong as it was the first time we came here.” He sat happily on the bed, crossing his arms on his chest. “The old fool thinks I really meant what I did outside. He really thinks I can bow to him. It makes me sick.

“We must remember, we only have a few days. We must not spend more than five days here. Father really needs that scepter. And to make him even prouder...we must do that in less than four days.”

“That's good.” The red haired warlock said. “Our mission is really important. We need Luis'...

“Leave that to me.” William chuckled, remembering what exactly he was up to. “I will get those two samples. My work has started already and in a few days, we shall have those two samples. Victory shall be ours.”

“Too bad nobody even suspects it.”

“They won't.” William gasped, giving an evil chuckle. “No one can suspect us because they know nothing. That stupid man called the king doesn't know a thing. He thinks I am being all nice but wait until I hit his balls. That is when he will realize how stupid he is.” He then got up quickly and stared at them with a stern face. “However, let me warn you. You should never screw up or else you are gonna...”

“No screw ups this time.” One of them chuckled. “We are going to blend in perfectly. Our job is real easy. We already know the spell. We are just waiting on you to bring his semen and his blood.”

“Well then...” He made a quick turn. “I better start my game. Sit back, relax and enjoy. I am going to bring you what you require very soon.” He gave a sinister laugh that was soft but filled with so much evil.

Hearing the prince's words and evil chuckles, the three warlocks looked at each other and then their faces were decorated but purely evil grins. They only had evil thoughts in their heads and that was all that they cared about. Nothing else mattered to them. It was time to prove to their lord that they were more than he had thought of them. It was time for them to prove that they were not as weak as he had thought them to be.

It was time for William to prove to his father that he didn't make a mistake by being his father. It was time to show his father that he had his blood in his veins. It was time to prove that...never mind. All he knew was that he had to impress his father. That was the only thing that he knew.

“This is gonna be fun.” William laughed sinisterly. “I am gonna enjoy it so very much.”

William licked his lips sensually, giving out a low moan. “You will be pleasuring me soon.”


Aidan came rushing down the stairs, holding a baby blanket. He had a bright grin on his face which he didn't want to lose.

Aidan was putting on a bright sky blue, diamond filled t-shirt which sparkled like crazy. He had a red skinny jean which was equally sparkling like crazy. On his feet were glass sandals that seemed to have a sparkle of their own. He was looking super fabulous in a really tight skinny jean that showed his wonderful feminine shape which had changed in the last one year after he had given birth to his wonderful son, Jacob.

Aidan had his hair in a twist in bun which he had tied with a diamond filled band. His hair was just normal black. He used to dye it at particular occasions but on that day...it was just his hair. He loved the wonderful feelings which he had inside of him. It was nothing compared to anything.

In the last one year, Aidan's life had taken a great turn for the best. His son was now his source of happiness and he loved him like crazy. His son always made him smile and feel the love which he never knew existed. It was a whole new different feeling, knowing that you are holding a baby and that baby is yours.

A lot had changed around the castle, especially since his child had been born. The first time he had used his magic after his child was born, it felt stronger and more powerful than it had ever been. In fact, he had made a few adjustments to the castle and places surrounding it. In his own room, he had made a joining door which led to another room. In that other room, Aidan had made his son a wonderful room/play room. It was just like Disneyland. It was actually really beautiful. There were a lot of toys, Disney stickers, a small pool for his son and many other things including a water slide, of course those were only for when he grew up. But he just couldn't wait. He was too eager to make his son those things. It had been a great moment for him.

Aidan had renovated and refurnished the whole castle. In fact, he had added other things as well since he was in a happy mood. He had a made a pool behind the castle which looked like a moving river. Everything was just wonderful.
“Hey son,” Granny said happily.

“Hey granny.” Aidan said as he handed her the blanket. She was looking spectacular in a red dress which made her look younger. She had slippers on and her hair was tied in a knot. She was looking really amazing.

“Why don't you go and join the guys while I prepare lunch.”

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow. “Are you trying to get rid of me or something?”

“No!” Granny chuckled, cupping his cheeks. “I am only telling you to go play with your son, okay.”

“Okay.” Aidan chuckled happily. “Why don't you go and play with him so that I can make all of you something to eat? I haven't done that in such a long time.” He gestured. “I had the surgical wound but now that I am completely fine and it has faded, let me do the cooking.”

“Alright.” Granny said happily. “We'll cook together. Now let's move to the kitchen. We will join the guys a little later.”

“Fine by me.” He shrugged, heading to the kitchen. Granny followed behind, talking with him about what they were gonna make for the guys.

Reaching the kitchen, Aidan snapped his finger, transforming his wardrobe instantly. He was now wearing a beautiful ordinary but classy cargo short which was a really tight and showed his ass. He changed everything including his shirt. He was now wearing an apron.

Transforming his outfit, Aidan moved and then stared at granny, transforming her clothes as well. She was wearing just an ordinary dress and an apron. When he transformed her clothes and stared at her, she had looked that said, “Really?”

Granny and Ethan plus Justin were now used to his magic and they usually asked for his help with his magic. He loved helping them around. It was the least that he could do for them. If only he could do more for them.

“Shall we?” granny smiled brightly. Both of them laughed and started with their work.

Aidan was no longer that same boy he had been about two or three years back. He was really different in every aspect. Since he had given birth, his body had really changed a lot. His hair was a little longer than before. It went past his butt but he loved it like that. His body had really changed since that time. His breasts had gone back to being normal but they were still a little sensitive.

Aidan's ass was still bubbly and quite shaky when he was moving. His hips were still showing and he couldn't understand why. They were really small but they still showed. He had gained little weight and he was a bit fat. According to granny, ever since he had Jacob...his beauty was now on another level. He was really beautiful and cute, his brother's words and not his. His son was now a year old. He could still remember the grand celebration that they had on his first birthday. It was something else, something different.

“It's been really long.” Aidan confessed as he cut the cheese into tiny pieces. He had the macaroni on the stove so he was just waiting for the cheese to be ready. He was making easy stovetop macaroni 'n' cheese. Granny was making creamy chicken salad. Then they were gonna make steak sandwich with onions, camembert, fried eggs and chichichurri.

“What's been long?” Granny asked.

“Cooking together.” Aidan chuckled softly. “I have missed this so much. It feels great now that we are doing it.”

“I thought I was the only one.” Granny stopped what she was doing and just stared at her grandson. “I had missed doing this with you. I thought I'd never do it again. But I am glad I'm right here with you making food.”

“Yeah.” Aidan sighed. “This feels really good. Our lives have surely changed a lot.”

“Yeah,” granny nodded in agreement as she got back to what she was doing. “Our lives have gotten better because we have added two people to our family. One is Justin and the other is...”

“My son.” Aidan chimed in, chuckling happily. “He's been of great joy to me. I still can't believe that boy came from inside of me.”

“What makes you say that?” granny asked. “He came out of you and he has your DNA in him. But you are right? That boy is a miracle to all of us. I know he is going to be great boy since you are his daddy.”

Granny's words were really emotional to Aidan. He quickly gripped her and wrapped his arms around her, bringing her closer to a hug. He kissed her cheek and felt her responding to the great big hug that he had given her. He was happy as long as he had all of them. He didn't bloody care if he was adopted or just rescued from being drowned. They were his family and nothing was gonna change that.

After the hug, granny and Aidan started their cooking. They cooked really carefully and wonderfully, chatting about whatever was making them occupied with cooking. It was a great day for Aidan and he loved it.

After almost five hours of preparing food, granny and Aidan were done with everything. They packed the food in a basket and then Aidan changed their outfits to what they were wearing before. Both of them set outside.

Reaching outside, Aidan stopped and just stared at what was going on. Ethan had Jacob in a carrier, holding him in front. Justin on the other hand had a toy with him which he was using on the baby. Seeing the wonderful view, Aidan just stood still and got drawn into it.

The way his brother had been taking care of and loving his son...the way Justin has loved his son. The way they were both smiling as they took care of Jacob...the way they took good care of him...the way they both protected Jacob. It was really magnificent. He didn't care if his son had no father. Both Justin and Ethan had fulfilled the role of his father and his uncle. There was no other relationship lacking in Jacob's life. They were all right there to take good care of him and love him so much. Ah...he could stay like that just...

Aidan got of his reverie when he felt granny snapping her finger right in front of his face. He gasped and then moved his eyes to her, staring at deep in her eyes. He smiled brightly and then moved his eyes forward again.

“What are you thinking about?”

Aidan took a deep breath once he heard her voice. “I am just admiring the guys and my son. Just look at them.” He gestured. “They both love him so much.”

“We all do.” Granny said as she moved her eyes to stare at the guys. “But none of us love him more than you do. You gave birth to him and though we love him so much, it cannot be compared with the deep love that you share with him. Now that's the love of a mother, in this case, a father. Only you alone felt the pains of carrying him for nine months.”

“You are right granny.” He tore his eyes away from Ethan and his baby and just held granny's hands, dropping the basket to the ground. “I did feel the pain of having a child inside of me. The pains were just too much but look at my prize.” He gestured. “There is nothing more than that. Every pain I felt is worth it because I have my little man.”

“I support you.” Granny said as she grabbed the basket. “Now let's go and give the guys something to eat. I am sure they are hungry. It's way past lunch.”

Hearing granny's words, Aidan nodded in agreement and followed granny to the two guys. Once they saw the two of them, they smiled brightly and greeted them. Ethan was pretty much the same. He was putting on a beautiful blue cargo trouser and green t-shirt which were all elegant. Justin was putting on a beautiful brown short with a white shirt which was wonderful. Both guys were looking magnificent and lovely.

“Finally,” Ethan said, rubbing on his belly. “I can have something to eat. I am really starving.”

“Sorry about the delay.” Aidan apologized as he looked at the two guys.

“We don't mind.” Justin had about the brightest smile Aidan had ever seen on him. “As long as the food is here...we are okay.”

“Okay.” Aidan rushed to Ethan. “Give me the child so that you can have your lunch.”

“Okay.” Ethan said, rubbing on his hands in readiness for the food. He promised to eat it all even though he had no idea what they had made.

Ethan slowly gave the baby to Aidan carefully. Aidan now had his baby in his arms. He removed the carrier and just let him free. He was now holding him, his beautiful and muscular son. He had a wonderful little smile on his face. He was growing more beautiful as days went on but...he was looking more like Luis day by day. Anyone that stared at him would really know that the child was Luis'. No one would make a mistake of not recognizing him as his son.

“I love you.” Aidan brought his baby to his lips and kissed all over his face. The baby actually giggled in his little voice, making Aidan happier than he had ever been. He sure loved his son a whole lot. Things were really beautiful for him.

“Daddy loves you so much.” He planted another kiss but this time on the cheek. His baby was the cutest ever. His little smile was lovely. Even his cries were wonderful to Aidan. He didn't even mind when Jacob woke up in the middle of the night. He soothed him and sang him to sleep. Most of the times, granny was the one that put him to sleep.

“Hey,” Granny gestured. “You haven't had anything to eat. Come on, let's eat.”

Aidan nodded and then headed for the glass table which was just near the pool. It was surrounded by beautifully made glass chairs that were equally gorgeous. The food was wonderfully displayed on the table. It looked yummy and amazing and from the way Ethan was rubbing his hands, he could tell that the guy was really into the food.

The food was really great even though Aidan had really little of it. His time was mostly spent on looking after his son and feeding him with milk. He got satisfied just by seeing his wonderful son. He didn't need any more food as long as he was with his son. He was okay as long as he was with his lovely and handsome son.

After lunch the entire family headed to the beach where they just sat on chairs, staring at the sea. Aidan on the other hand was on the sand, sitting patiently while holding his son happily. They just stayed like that, chatting and enjoying their moment.

Time was flying and it was soon evening. It was getting dark and really cold. Aidan had to take his son back to the castle were it was warm. They had a great dinner together and just enjoyed their wonderful time.

After dinner, granny bathed the baby and then said goodnight to Aidan and the baby with a wonderful kiss on the cheeks. Aidan was really happy for the wonderful day he had with his family most especially his lovely baby. It was great and he knew there were gonna be many happy days just like the ones that he had with his baby.

Making sure that his child was carefully dressed and comfortable, Aidan led his child to the bed to sleep. He was about to put him on the bed because he wanted to sleep with him that day. But his child started crying so loudly.

“Shhh...” Aidan smiled brightly as he got his child, carefully holding him in his arms. “It's okay. I will sing you a song.”

Aidan cleared his throat and started singing his child a wonderful lullaby which he remembered granny singing to him when he was just a little child. The baby's cries died down. He remained quiet and started smiling at Aidan. Aidan felt cozy once he saw that wonderful smile on his son's face. He sang even louder, staring at his son the whole time. By the time he was done with the lullaby, Jacob was fast asleep.

Seeing the sleeping baby in his arms, Aidan smiled brightly and then laid him on the bed, planting soft kisses on his sweet little face. Aidan then quickly changed into his pajamas and came back with a wonderful smile. He covered his wonderful baby before finally slipping under the covers. He moved closer to his son and breathed in his scent.

“Goodnight...” He whispered to his baby. He didn't want to wake him up. “I love you so much.” Aidan kissed his baby once more and got closer to him. He breathed in deeply and fell asleep instantly. It had been a great day for him and his baby.

“Tomorrow is another day.”


“I am coming!” Luis hollered happily as he rushed down those stairs. He waited for Charles to speak before he finally spoke again. “Of course, I will be bringing him. I talked to him this morning. Okay. I have heard you.” He chuckled and then cut the call.

Luis rushed down the stairs and when he came down those stairs, he was really tired. He had used the stairs because the elevator had been taking really long to open and he had no idea why. He was about to go out with his buddies.

Reaching down the stairs, Luis went straight to the living room. He found his family members busy chatting with Prince William. They all seemed really happy and they were laughing so hard from what they were talking about.

“Hey,” He greeted all of them.

“Hi!” They responded.

“Where are you going?” Hanna asked. “You seem to be a real hurry.”

“Yeah,” Luis said as he glanced at his watch. “We are going out to Charles' house and we might just drive around the city. I am going to pick Henry up so that...”

“Henry is going with you.” Hanna gasped. “He didn't tell me about it.”

“That's because he is now my buddy.” Luis laughed softly. “I am sure he was going to tell you. I just asked him if he wanted to come and he said he really wants to.”

“That's great.” Hanna smiled brightly, getting up from the couch. “You take care of him.” Hanna warned. “Don't...”

“Oh please.” Luis rolled his eyes, teasing his sister. “It's not like he's a toddler or something. We are of the same age. Let the guy enjoy himself.” He rushed to his sister and kissed her cheeks, slowly rubbing on them. “I will see you later.”

“Have fun.” Hanna said, rubbing on his hand. “And tell Henry to have fun too.”

“I will.” Luis said. He kissed everyone else except for William. He just greeted him by hand. Then he turned to leave before he heard William's voice. He quickly turned and stared at him, wondering what he had just said to him.

“What?” Luis raised his eyebrow.

“Is it okay if I come with you?” William gave his million dollar smile. That was a smile which no one wouldn’t be able to resist but Luis couldn't do anything. He had no idea what to say or do. He just stood still. “Please.”


“Come on, Luis.” Hanna got up. “Just say yes. I think it will even be funnier if he comes along. You will all have a great time, believe me.”

Luis stared at his sister and then chuckled nervously. “Sure. There is no problem with that. Why don't you come along? Just like my sister said, it will be funnier if you come along.”

“Thank you.” William beamed, quickly getting up from the couch. He was wearing a beautiful black skinny trouser which seemed too tight on him. He had a red shirt on him and white snickers. He was looking lovely. In fact, he looked ready.

“Let's go.” Luis smiled brightly. William returned the same kind gesture and then both of them left the palace. Reaching outside, they entered the car and then drove off to pick Henry up from his place. Henry drove in the front because Luis only carried a driver with him.

The day went really great for the guys. They arrived at Charles' place and played some video games like little kids in high school. Then they had great lunch and spent the afternoon just joy riding in town in Charles' limo. They had a great time just enjoying the wonderful city while sharing glasses of champagne. Things were different that day and they talked unlike before. All of them were actually crazier than they thought. With Charles and William around...they really had a great time. They had dinner before they finally decided to part ways at Charles' house.


“Oh my God...” William gasped, touching his chest. “This has been one of my happiest days.”

“Really?” Luis chuckled. “I am glad it was a great day to you.”

“It was.” William exclaimed. “I couldn't believe I was hanging out with great guys like you. You really have nice friends. They are a little crazy but I tell you that they are absolutely perfect.”

Luis chuckled softly when he heard what William had to say about his friends. William was a little crazy, or even crazier than Luis had thought. He was a great person to hang with and he had contributed to their fun that day. Luis loved Hanna's suggestion. Taking William with him was really worth it.

Luis' car had just passed the huge palace gate which was heavily guarded by guards. There was heavy rain which was hitting on the car. It was raining heavily and Luis was happy that he had arrived at the palace. The rain had just started few minutes earlier but it was heavy. Taking a deep breath, Luis moved his eyes to the window and just stared at the bright lights which made the palace look as if it was always day time. The rain showers seemed like beautiful fire drops in the light. It was amazing and he just got lost, staring at the wonderful view.

William on the other hand stared at Luis who seemed lost staring outside. He was looking really cute and lovely in the night. He had even lusted for the guy even more after that great day. He needed to speed up his game so that he could get into Luis' pants and get his lovely cum and blood. Just by thinking about it made him horny.

‘I need to do something to spice things up.’ William thought as he moved his eyes around. ‘But what can I do to...” he trailed off when he looked outside the window and saw the rain. He quickly moved his eyes forward to see how far the palace was. It was still about a minute's drive. An evil grin appeared on his face when he thought of a great plan.

‘It will work.’ William said as he opened his pam. ‘It will do for now.’

Taking a deep breath while making sure that Luis still had his eyes on the window staring outside, William gave a soft enchantment, trying not to make any sound. He made a quick enchantment and grinned when he felt the energy moving away from him in a series of ropes. Then all of a sudden...the car jerked.

“What's going on?” Luis asked as soon as he felt the jerking car. He moved his eyes to the driver in front. “What's that?”

“I don't know, my prince.” He slightly bowed his head. “Maybe I just bumped on something, that's all.”

William smirked and pretended as if he had no idea what was going. He moved his eyes to Luis as if he had no knowledge of what was going on with the car.

Luis just forgot about what was going on and started moving his head again. Before he even had a chance to look out, the car gave about the biggest jerk ever, sending them forward. They were lucky they didn't get hurt or anything. Then out of the blue, the car stopped.

“What's that?” Luis sounded worried. He had almost been hurt if not for his belt. “Why did you stop the car?”

“I didn't.” The driver said as he tried to start it but not even a sound was heard. “I can't even start it.”

“What happened?” Luis moved his head to the front to check. It was true. The driver was trying to start the car but nothing was really happening. It didn't even make any sound. “How is that even possible?”

“I don't know.” The driver sounded worried. “I think something is wrong with the engine or...”

“I'll call mom.” Luis got out his phone but got disappointed when he looked at the screen. He tried to switch it on but nothing was working. “My battery is dead.” He hit the seat furiously. “How's this even possible?” Luis could have sworn on his life that his battery had been at 50% when they dropped Henry off. It was impossible because his battery never died that easily.

“Fuck!” He cursed, thrusting the phone back in his pocket. “Try to use your phone and call for backup or anything.” He instructed the driver.

“Yes, your highness.” The driver got out his phone. But his too was already off. The rain was heavy and Luis had no idea what he was going to do. He needed to call for a car or...

“Do you have any umbrella in this car?”

“Fuck!” Luis was mad and he had no idea why. He couldn't stay like that until the rain was over. It seemed as if it was gonna rain whole night so that one was really out of his options. “What are we going to do?”

“I could have borrowed you mine but I left it at the palace.” William knew all that was going on. First he had killed the car with his enchantments and then the phones. He wanted things to go his way. And that was how it was gonna go.

“I think I will go and get another car.” The driver said, opening the door.

“I think that's...”

“No!” William said quickly before Luis could finish his sentence. “I don't think that is a good idea. We are near the palace entrance. I think we can make a run for it.”

“What?” Luis exclaimed, chuckling nervously. “William, look I...”

“Running is good for your body.” William said as he opened the door to the car. “Let's go.”

“Will...” Before Luis could even finish his sentence, William was already out. He had even closed the door.

“Fuck!” Luis groaned, getting the phone out of his pocket. He put it on the car seat before finally getting out of the car. He didn't like being wet at all but William was making things difficult for him. He didn't like it at all but he had to do it.

“Hey!” William hollered as he moved in circles opening his arms in the rain. “Doesn't rain feel good?”

“Let's go.” Luis was already wet in just a few seconds. “We'll both catch a fever if we stay in this rain for long. Come on.”

Luis started running, heading for the palace entrance which was a little bit far, about 30 seconds run. He was just trying to get out of that rain. William ran a little bit faster and found him. He laughed loudly when he saw how wet Luis was.

“I think you are not a fan of the rain.”

“It makes you sick.” He hollered. “I hate being sick for any reason. That's the reason why I didn't want to get wet in the first place. You will be fine.” William chuckled. “The rain is not that bad after all. It is really a different feeling but guess you are right.”

“Yeah.” Luis shouted at the top of his voice. “Thank you for finally understanding.”

William chuckled and then nodded. They were closing in on the entrance. He figured he needed to do something really wonderful, something that was gonna make him have a little piece of Luis. After the great fun they both had...he needed something.

Taking a deep breath, William gave a teasing chuckle. “Running in the rain is really fun. I used to do it with my best friend all the time. Wanna see it.”

“What?” Luis didn't care.

“I'll show you.”

William ran a little faster and then went in front of Luis, making a quick turn while running with his back facing where he was going. He knew exactly what to do. Before Luis could even realize it, William made a quick enchantment, tripping Luis instantly.

“Whoa!” Luis gasped as he felt himself tripping on something.

He tried to stay still but it was impossible. He was already heading for the ground and the truth was that William was right in front of him. Luis was going so fast that he had no time to say anything to William. In just a flash, he fell on top of William, getting between his legs. He fell with such force that he hit on William's body with a thud. They were both in the water, really wet. His whole hair came in front, preventing him from seeing.

“Yes!” William thought as he felt Luis getting on top of him.
Hitting the ground with a thud, which had hurt by the way, William coiled his arms around Luis' neck, bringing him further down. Fuck! He felt a powerful vibration all over his body filling him with lust. And when he realized that Luis was between his legs, his heart started beating rhythmically, sending powerful vibrations to his body. He started feeling a little horny.

Fuck! He could feel Luis' flaccid cock on his thigh. It was flaccid but it still felt big. As Luis still had his hair on his face, William licked his lips sensually and then bit his lips to suppress a moan which would have ended everything for him. Before Luis even removed that wet hair from his face, William gave an evil grin, moving his hand to Luis' neck collar. He pulled on the shirt collar as hard as he could, removing the entire shirt from Luis' trouser. Luis's back was now exposed.

“Ouch!” William gave a fake wince just to show Luis that he had hurt him a little.

Luis quickly moved his hand to his face, moving the hair which had blocked his view. That was when he saw William beneath. He had probably hit him harder than he thought because the guy had just winced.

“I am sorry.” Luis made a quick apology, attempting to get up. But William's powerful grip on his neck pulled him back all the way to his neck. He gasped, breathing hard on William's neck.

“Fuck!” William was somewhere else. Feeling that hot breath on his neck, he bit his lips harder, suppressing another moan. He felt like Luis fucking him right there. He was in his own dreams and Luis was truly fucking him in that reverie.

While biting his lips, William moved his leg a little up, rubbing on Luis' crotch. He wanted to make him horny. He didn't care about anything else. He just wanted Luis to fuck him right there. He wanted his cum. William moved his leg this time rubbing on Luis' crotch harder. He felt him shudder.

“Fuck!” Luis swore when he felt William's leg on his crotch. He bit his lip and tried to move his crotch away but William had a really powerful grip on him. He didn't want to get hard or anything. He had never had sex in two years and he knew the impact of that.

“Ouch!” William winced softly, gripping harder on Luis' neck while moving his leg on his crotch as if he had no idea what he was doing.

He knew once he got Luis hard, he would have him. He didn't care. Then his mission would be complete and he would be on his way back to Alerna before the break of dawn.

“Ouch!” His own cock was slowly rising and he had no idea if Luis could feel it.

“William.” Luis groaned softly, using his might to try and pull away from him. “Hey, you seem hurt. Let go of me so that I can help you.”

Luis took a deep breath, gathering all the power that he could. He moved his neck powerfully, making William lose his grip. Then he rose, still staring at William who was just from wincing.

“I am so sorry,” Luis apologized. “I didn't mean to hurt...”

“I am fine.” William groaned softly as he raised his head slowly. “It's really my fault.” William was mad that Luis had just done what he had done. He was supposed to be feeling good since there was no hole for him to fuck. William had offered it willingly but Luis retaliated. What the fuck, William thought as he raised his hand, trying to get up?

“No.” Luis gulped. “I didn't mean to do that. It's just that I tripped instantly and...”

“Don't blame yourself.” William said, trying to smile brightly. “This could have been done by any of us. Just help me up. I am fine.”

“Okay.” Luis leaned and William wrapped his arm around his neck. Luis took a deep breath and then tried to get William up but he was pulled down again. This time he didn't go for the neck. His mouth went straight to William's lips. Their lips touched but Luis moved his head quickly, pretending as if nothing had just happened.

“Oh fuck.” William thought. He swore he had cum from just Luis' lips touching his own. The feeling was incredible. Now they were going somewhere for real and he loved it a whole lot. That kiss had been something else and he wanted more.

“Here.” Luis used his strength and he helped him up.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Both of them were dripping wet.

“Yes!” William smiled brightly, removing the water from his face. “I am absolutely fine. And you?”

“Me?” Luis chuckled nervously, scratching his head. “I am fine. Once again, I am sorry for what I have done. I didn't mean to fall on you. I just hope you aren't hurt anywhere. And I am sorry for...” He gestured. He couldn't quite say even though it wasn't even his fault.

“It's fine.” William beamed. “Let's just go inside before we get sick or something.”

“Yeah.” Luis nodded. “But this time I think we should just walk to avoid any...”

“Yeah.” William chuckled. He was happy with what had happened. He was really horny and his cock was hard, leaking in his pants. His hole twitched in need of Luis. “We are wet anyway so I think we should just walk.”

The two guys walked quietly to the entrance of the palace. They didn't even utter any word. Luis' mind was on the rain, looking down while trying to forget whatever had just happened when he was with William in that water. He didn't even want to think about it.

William on the other hand was really happy with the turn of events. First he had stopped the car...then the stunt...then the rubbing on the crotch...the breath on his neck and now a kiss. He needed more than that. Even though he was getting flaccid again, his hole was still twitching.

The two guys reached the palace dripping wet.

As they entered, a loud gasp was heard from the queen. She quickly got up, covering her mouth with her right hand while staring at the two drenched people. She couldn't understand them and so did the rest of the people in the living room.

“What...” She paused and just stared at the two princes. “What's going on here? Why are you all wet?”


“The car died.” William said. “We had no choice but to make a run for it. We couldn't stay in the car and wait. We had to come in as soon as possible.”

“What?” The king gasped. “You are princes and shouldn't do that. What happened to phone calls and...”

“My battery died.” Luis said as he moved the water away from his face. Where he was standing was really wet. It was as if a bucket of water had been poured there. “We had no choice but to get out.”

“Look at you.” Granny said. “Hanna...” She gestured. “Go and bring some towels.”

“Just bring one.” Luis said to Hanna. “I have to go to my room.”

“No!” The queen said. “Bring two towels. I don't want my son to catch a fever or something.”

“But mom, I...”

“I don't want to hear it.” The queen said. “You are my only son and who will take care of you when you are sick?”

“Mom...” Luis chuckled. “I will just have a hot shower. I will be fine after that okay? There is no need for a towel or...”

“Please.” The queen pleaded. “Just wrap it around yourself and I am sure that you will feel a bit better. You and William don't look good at all. I think you two need some tea and a hot shower.”

“No!” Luis smiled brightly at his mother. “I don't know about William but I am fine. I just need a hot shower and sleep. That's all.”


“I will have some hot tea.” William beamed. The queen smiled and nodded in agreement. She didn't like the way the two of them were looking like at all. She didn't appreciate it one bit.

After a few minutes, Hanna came back with two huge towels. She handed one over to William and then carefully wrapped one around Luis. He smiled and then kissed her on the forehead. She kissed his cheek and rubbed him softly. She didn't mind that he was wet.

“I will be in my room,” Luis announced as he rubbed himself with the towel. “Goodnight. And don't worry about dinner. We have already had dinner.”

They all wished him goodnight and he turned to leave for his room before he finally heard William's voice.


He made a quick turn and smiled brightly. “Yeah...”

“Thanks for a wonderful day.” He smiled beautifully, toweling his hair. “I had great fun and I hope I meet with your friends again.”

“Hmm,” Luis nodded in agreement. Without even saying anything to anyone, he made a quick turn and went straight to his room. He was really tired...he was wet...he was sleepy. He just wanted to sleep and forget about everything that had happened.

Reaching his room, Luis first started by stripping all the wet clothes off of him, throwing them in the sink. Then he dried his hair a bit and prepared the hot tub. Then he found himself in the hot tub. The hot water on him felt really wonderful, massaging him slowly. His coldness was driven away instantly, making him a little warmer. He knew from then that he wouldn't get a fever.

After staying in the hot tub for more than an hour, Luis took a hot shower, making sure he washed his wonderful hair. He had kept that hair for two years and he found it a little too difficult to keep in shape.

“Fuck!” He swore. “I need a haircut.”

Luis showered quickly and then went back to his room. He got dressed in the pajama quickly and then slipped under the covers. His day had somehow been good. He couldn't wait to have another great day more than he had.

Luis sighed and then closed his eyes. Before two minutes even passed...he was already asleep.


William came out of the bathroom, toweling his gorgeous hair while a smile brightened his face. Reaching his room, he found his three warlocks on the bed, busy waiting for him. They had evil grins on their faces and he knew exactly what they wanted to hear. He couldn't wait to tell them either.

“How is the progress?” The red haired warlock asked. “Did you at least...”

“I got closer alright.” He chuckled happily, dropping the towel to the floor. “I am really getting close to him. I am sure that very soon I will have him where I want him.”

“Good...” The blonde haired warlock chuckled manically. “That really shows that he is going to be really easy, right?”

William was really happy. “I think so. I had set my plan in motion today. I made him trip and fall on me. I am sure that he... he is yearning for me.”

“That's great.” The dark haired warlock chuckled.

“We might even be finishing this mission earlier than we actually thought.” He leaned to the wall and laughed softly. “I am going to make sure that he remembers everything. I have my father's blood and this mission is nothing to me. Very soon we will be walking out of here with that scepter.” He laughed sinisterly. “The old idiot carries his scepter around thinking that the scepter is real. What an idiot? He is so lost without his guide.”

“He will get more lost once he realizes that the real scepter is yours.”

“That's not the issue.” William said with a stern face. “Wait until he realizes he has lost the kingdom. I am sure father will be more than happy to deal with him.” He sighed. “That's the reason why I need to make sure that I get those samples.”

“Do you have a plan?” The dark haired warlock asked, staring at William with a raised eyebrow. “You should seduce the guy to death.”

“I still have to look for opportunities.” William said. “Or rather create them. We have spent three days in this kingdom. Tomorrow is another day. I will make sure I do something else tomorrow okay. Don't worry.”

“We trust you.” One of the warlocks said, nodding his head while a smirk decorated his face. “Just tell us when you need anything. We are ready for you okay?”

William nodded and then chuckled confidently. His mood was still on top level. He was in pleasure and he couldn't wait to taste that gorgeous cock which was in those gorgeous pants, carefully held by that gorgeous underwear. Uh! He could cum just by thinking about everything.

“Good.” William said. “You may now leave so that I can rest my bones.”

“Alright.” The three warlocks left.

William sat on the bed and just smiled as brightly as he could. “What had happened today was something totally beautiful.” He breathed in deeply. “I can't wait to have that man fucking me. Oh...” he moaned, rubbing all over his body while he licked his own lips.

William chuckled sinisterly, giving an evil grin on his face. “Very soon, I will take your cum.” He gave a soft evil laugh.


“Hey!” Hanna hollered, hitting Luis with a pillow.

“What?” Luis said as he walked straight to her. “What is...”

“Let's go. We need to be at the pool.”

“What?” Luis stared at Hanna and she was clearly dressed in a beautiful bikini. She looked sexy and he couldn't understand the reason why she had come to take him. He didn't remember telling her about swimming. After all, he had just woken up, had breakfast and then changed his pajamas. Now he was being told to go out swimming.

“Yes!” Hanna chuckled. “Since you came back, we haven't been able to swim together. I think it will only be better if we do it now. I am really bored and I think we need to have fun today. Don't you think so?”

“Ah...” Luis gave a really loud breath. “Right now?”

“Yes!” Hanna said happily. “Please.”

Luis stared at his sister for a really time. Then he took a really deep sigh, exhaling loudly. He could see that his sister was really begging him.

“Fine.” He rolled his eyes when his sister literally jumped with joy. “I will go and get changed.”

Luis went to change into his swim wear. He didn't take really long. He came out with a tech suit which was stuck perfectly on his skin, showing his perfectly huge and muscular thighs and his perfectly toned ass. He knew he was looking super cute and the goodness of it all was that it didn't show his huge cock. He was really happy because he didn't want his sister to see anything.

Luis had a towel carefully wrapped around his neck. He was really looking sexy with his super hairy chest exposed. His whole body was really muscular. But guess he could use some swimming too. He hadn't done that for quite some time. He came back to the room and stood in front of his sister with his arms folded, rubbing on his chest.

“That was quick.” Hanna teased as she got up from the bed. “Shall we?”

“Sure.” Luis gave a teasing chuckle.

With a deep breath, Luis and Hanna both left the room while talking about a really interesting topic which got both of them glued to each other. It didn't take them long to reach outside the pool. They were really happy and once they just reached the pool, Luis and Hanna both dropped into the pool and started swimming, splashing water on each other like little children. It was fun and it was a really beautiful moment for the two of them.


William got up from the bed, slowly walking about the room wondering what he was gonna do for his next plan. He knew that he had to make Luis fall for him without using his magic. He had no idea what his magic could do. It could even spoil everything so he had to be careful. He didn't even know any spells to make someone fall in love. The ones he knew could be really dangerous. He didn't want anything to go wrong so he had to plan carefully.

“What to do.” William said, hitting his head severally. “I really need to do something before this day ends.” He sighed.

Taking a deep breath, William rushed to the window to have a breath of fresh of fresh air. He took in the deep breath, looking all around. When he moved his eyes all the way to the compound, William's eyes simply froze with what he saw.

Right in the pool, swimming and having a really good time was Luis with his sister. He stared at Luis' body for some time and then snapped out of it. As much as he wanted to stare at Luis' sexiness, he had a job to do and he needed to do it as quickly as he could.

“Fuck...” He groaned angrily, moving his eyes away from the window. Then he simply froze and gasped. He quickly moved his eyes to the window again and smiled brightly. He had a great idea and he was sure it was gonna be a great success. Realizing his beautiful and crazy idea, an evil smirk appeared on his face.

William quickly moved and grabbed his bag. He got changed quickly into a bright blue short which reached his knees and a brown t-shirt which he loved. He made sure that his thighs were a little exposed just by moving his short upwards.

“Alright.” He breathed.
William quickly moved out of his room and got outside the palace. Getting out, William slowly got out, looking as if he was bored or something. He was looking stressed and as if he was about to go crazy with boredom.

William started walking towards the pool, looking everywhere else but the pool. He didn't even want them to see that he was coming to them. He just wanted them to think that he was just walking by and then they noticed him.

William walked closer to the pool and he could hear their voices. They seemed really happy and Luis was laughing out loud, throwing a joke. It felt good to know that Luis was in a really happy mood. It meant that Luis would be able to play a role in his plans and...

“Hey!” Hanna called, chuckling softly. “William,”

“Huh?” William moved his face to the pool, pretending as if he was surprised to see them. “What are you...”

“Come here.” Hanna gestured.

William smiled brightly and then moved closer to them. They seemed happy and Luis even had a bright smile on his gorgeous face. He was smiling at William and that got him all excited and horny. He knew he had to control his lust.

“What are you guys doing?” He gasped.

“Swimming.” Luis said simply.

“Yeah,” Hanna smiled, getting near him. “Why don't you come and join?”

“Err...I can't.” William smiled brightly. He had his eyes on Luis' sexy body. He really admired that sexy body a lot. “I don't know how to swim.”

“What?” Luis chuckled teasingly. “You can't swim?”



“I never learnt how to when I was just a child.”

“You like rain and yet hate water.” He laughed. “Anyway, that's really bad.”

“I will just watch and then learn a thing or two.”

“Okay.” Luis smiled brightly, still staring at William. “Suit yourself man,” He opened his arms wider and then dived into the pool. He seemed like a fish under water. He looked like a real angel or rather a merman.

Hanna nodded and then dived into the pool together with Luis. Both of them were really great swimmers and William could see that. They were both pretty good but William couldn't join them. He was a great swimmer too but he knew his plan wouldn't come into action if he did show them that he was a great swimmer.

William walked on the edge of the pool, moving from side to side while looking for an opportunity. He had his eyes on Luis the whole time, staring at his sexy body. He had never seen another man as gorgeous as Luis. Even the men he'd been fucking in Alerna were nothing compared to Luis. He was a full package.

After what felt like hours but were merely minutes, William watched as Hanna got out of the pool and sat on the pool chair, taking a sip of her tropical juice. She then covered herself with a towel, wrapping it around her waist while watching her brother swim.

“This is a perfect opportunity for me.” William thought as an evil grin appeared. “I won't get another opportunity like this one. I need to take advantage of this situation.”

Taking a deep breath, William started rushing to the side where Luis was swimming. He moved his eyes to Hanna, pretending as if he was rushing to her. Luis was still at a distance so that was a perfect opportunity for him.

“Hey Hanna,” he hollered, waving at her. “I think I might... ow...” He screamed when he tripped. William tried to struggle but it was to no avail. He screamed out loud as he found himself in the pool. Falling in the pool, William started drowning, moving his hands up while trying to kick the water. He was doing it like the way he had seen drowning people do it.

“Help!” He screamed. “Please. Help...” He coughed as the water got into his lungs.

Hearing the cries for help coming from William, Luis moved his head to the direction of the voice and found William drowning while trying to reach up. He looked really serious and he was coughing terribly. Luis' heart started pounding as he knew what exactly had just gone on. He knew what was gonna happen if something was not done.

“Shit!” Luis swore, making a quick turn towards William.

“Oh my God.” Hanna gasped rushing towards where William was. “Please, save him,”

Luis was too busy to answer his sister. William had just been on a visit. Something like that shouldn't happen to him. He had to do everything to save him. Luis swam as fast as he could, getting closer to William. When he eventually reached him, William had stopped his struggles. He was just in the water.

“God!” Luis thought as he wrapped his arms around William's waist.

“Oh my God, is he okay?”

“I don't know.” Luis gasped, getting William's head out of the water. There was no single movement at all. “I think I need to bring him to the surface.”

“Yeah.” Hanna gestured. She was really scared and her heart was already pounding. “Do that quickly. We must revive him as soon as possible.”

Luis nodded and then did all he could to swim properly with the unconscious William in his arms. He was scared and he was panicking. He swam a little faster and then reached the edge. He used the stairs to drag William out of the water with the help of Hanna. Hanna got him out quickly and lay on the hard concrete.

Luis quickly got out and then knelt down in front of William, looking at his sister while a great frown appeared on his face. He had no idea what to do next.

“What do we do?”

“He has a pulse.” Hanna gasped. “I think the water has gone into his lungs.”

Luis took a deep breath and got closer to William. He spread his hands all over William's chest just like he had seen someone do before. He had never been involved in such a thing but it had surely happened when he was in high school. He was gonna use the same method he had seen his swimming class teacher do when of his classmates had almost drowned.

Taking a really deep breath, Luis started pushing hard on William's chest, trying to get the water out. He tried severally and nothing was coming out. He squeezed once again but nothing was working.

“It's not working.” Luis was already sweating. He knew exactly what had to be done. “I think he needs mouth to mouth. He needs air.”

“I think so.” Hanna nodded, getting closer to Luis. Worry was written all over his face.

Luis tried to calm his nerves down. He took a deep breath, drawing air into his mouth. Then he used both his hands to open William's mouth as wide as he could. He prayed for it to work. He then started slowly getting closer to William's mouth.

“Yes!” William thought as he felt Luis getting closer. “Bring those lips to me.” His body started vibrating terribly. His heart was pounding in his chest. His hormones got out of control. Lust overtook him right there. He needed Luis to do it as quickly as he could.

Luis was getting really near, ready to give the prince air. Just as he was about to lock his mouth with William's mouth, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He quickly raised his head and then saw his sister nodding her head.

“You don't know how to do that.” She said. “I will do it.”


“Trust me.” Hanna said, squeezing his shoulder. “I have done this before and I will do it better.”

“Okay.” Luis got up and just stared at his sister.

Hanna opened William's mouth wider, squeezing it. Then she quickly started leaning down as quickly as she could. She locked her mouth with his, giving him air and drawing it from him. She did again and he coughed hard, spitting the water from his mouth.

“Thank God.” Hanna breathed, carefully wrapping her arms around him to keep him secure. “You are safe now.”

Luis felt like he was able to breathe once again. William was now okay and it felt really beautiful to see him back. And he had thought that was the end. William was safe and that was the most important thing to him. He had no idea what would have happened had he actually drowned. But he didn't want to think about it.

He fell to his knees and watched as William coughed. William on the other hand was definitely pissed though he couldn't express it. And he had been thinking that Luis was gonna be the one to give him mouth to mouth and then seduce him. His plan had been for nothing and he hated it. He actually hated having Hanna's mouth on his.

“What...” He paused, coughing as hard as he could. He needed to make it seem real. “What had...had happened?”

“Man,” Luis sighed, putting his hand on William's shoulder. “You gave us quite a scare back there. We all thought that...”

“I am so sorry,” William's cough was getting better. “I didn't mean to do that. I slipped when going to Hanna. I had no idea I would...”

“It's okay.” Hanna said. “Please, give me that towel.” Hanna said to Luis.

Luis grabbed the towel and then wrapped it around him. When he actually stopped coughing, she helped him up and made him sit on the pool chair, rubbing on his shoulder to make him feel better. He was actually shivering.

“Are you okay now?”

William smiled brightly, nodding his head. “I am absolutely fine. This was just a mistake. Please, don't worry about it okay? I am definitely fine. You don't have to worry about anything. Can I ask you for a favor?”

“Anything.” Luis and Hanna gasped.

“Okay.” William smiled as he pulled the towel closer to his body. “Please. Don't tell the king or the queen about any of this.”

“But why would you...”

“Please!” He pleaded.

Luis and Hanna both nodded at his request. “We will grant that.”

“Thank you.” William smiled, squeezing Hanna's hand. Feeling how he was shivering, Hanna got really worried. She knew exactly what she needed to do to stop him from shivering. She needed to keep him really warm.

“You need some tea.” She exclaimed. “You are shaking like a leaf. Some hot ginger tea will be able to help you out.”

“I'll get it.” Luis rushed back to the palace. He was in a real hurry and knew exactly how to make ginger tea. He just thanked his sister that she had just saved Prince William from a horrible fate.

Luis actually rushed to the kitchen and made a huge cup of ginger tea just for Prince William. When he went back to the pool, he found Hanna and Prince William chatting as if nothing of a sort had happened. They both seemed pretty calm and Luis thanked Prince Luis for his bravery and courage. He was really a great person and Luis somehow liked him.

Reaching the pool, Luis offered the ginger to William, making sure that he took it. They didn't want to go back in the pool because they were still afraid because of what had happened. What they wanted was just to stay out of the pool, at least for that day.

They just stayed with William, chatting with him and keeping him company. They were laughing like true friends that hadn't seen each other in ages. In fact, William was actually the person that was livelier than any of them. He seemed pretty calm, taking a sip of his wonderful ginger tea.

They talked for almost three hours, laughing and joking with each other. By the time William was done with the ginger tea, he was warm and his clothes were already dry. He was looking as good as new. It was just an amazing day which had started pretty badly. They even had their lunch near the pool. It was a great lunch and a memorable one as well.

After lunch they talked some more until 3.pm in the afternoon. It was really great but William had other plans.

“I think I will go take a shower.” William said with an ever glowing face. “I will see you guys later.”

“Okay.” Hanna smiled brightly.

William chuckled and once he turned his face from them, a frown appeared on his face. He was really mad and didn't like the way he was feeling. He felt like a huge vessel of anger and hatred. Fuck! He was burning in with anger.


William stormed in his room. He expected it to bang but got surprised when it didn't. He sat on the bed, moving his eyes towards the door. What he saw was a door about to close but it didn't. It just stood still.

Then it started opening slowly and the three warlocks rushed inside, closing the door shut. They all stood in front of him, staring at him with frowns on their faces.

“What were you trying to do?” The blonde haired warlock asked angrily. “Do you realize what banging that door would have done? What if we hadn't followed you and...”

“Don't you dare shout at me?” William snapped, getting up from the bed. “You have absolutely no idea what is going on. Things are not going the way I hoped they would.”

The red haired warlock swung his finger around, casting a spell instantly. Now their voices couldn't be heard. They couldn't afford to be caught or something to go wrong. They had to be careful.

“What's going on? We are running out of time and if we delay any longer, your father won’t spare us.”

“I know.” William snarled, stamping his right food harder on the floor. “But I am really trying here. Once he kisses me, it will be real easy for him to fall for me. I had a perfect opportunity and that bitch blew it.” He grimaced. He could have sworn he felt nauseous. “Who even told that bitch to put her mouth on mine?” He groaned, spitting his saliva on the floor. “I swear I had him this time but...”

“We are running out of time.” The dark haired warlock reminded. “Our spells might be working correctly this time but this palace is still warded with magic. If we spend more time in here, our mission will remain impossible. We need to do this as soon as possible.”

“I know.” William growled. “I cannot fail my father this time. We are taking that scepter whether anyone likes it or not. I promise that within three days, I shall have those samples. I could use magic directly on him...”

“But we might not know the effect.” The blonde haired warlock spoke. “It might even affect his manhood and sperm. We cannot take that risk. The seer warned us on the use of direct magic on him.”

“I know.” William hit his head. “But if I just kiss him, I have the power to seduce him. I have the power to make him fall for me. That would have been easy. No man has been able to resist me once he kisses me. He is no different. But at the rate things are going, I think I need a new plan. We should try magic but not hit it directly on him.” He threw himself on the bed and began thinking while the three warlocks did their own thinking. Things seemed hard but he got it.

William rose from the bed and then smirked at his warlocks. “I think I might know of a way to do this. But I might need your help.”

“We are ready to do anything.”

“Good!” He chuckled. “We will discuss it later. I need to cool down from this anger.”

“Okay.” They bowed their heads to the prince. “You know we are at your service anytime.”

William shrugged and then gestured with his hand for them to get out of his room. They bowed once more and left him all alone. Once they left, William sighed, throwing his body on the bed. He was really mad with what had happened to him earlier. He could swear the bitch just wanted to taste his mouth.

“Eew...” He felt disgusted. “I really need a bath.”

William quickly rose from the bed and then grabbed a towel from stand, wrapping it around his neck.

“I shall have you Luis.” William vowed. “If I don't do that... then my name is not William and I am not a prince of Alerna.” He pointed towards the heavens. “I promise you this.”

He took a deep sigh and stripped his entire clothes off. Then he entered the bathroom to take a hot shower. After that...he was gonna go down for dinner and pretend as if nothing had happened to him.


“You my son are unique.” Aidan heard a deep voice.

Aidan was standing in an endless dimension which seemed bright everywhere. He couldn't see the end of it or the beginning of it. All he could see was endless bright light. He couldn't see who it was that was talking to him.

“Show yourself!” He hollered. “I am standing right here so show yourself to me. I am not afraid of you.”

He was standing on what looked like a mass of cloud, dressed in a pure white suit with diamonds all over. He had a white shirt in and his shoes were white. Even his hair was blowing free and all white. He couldn't understand.

“There are too many things that you are capable of.” The deep voice sounded like a loud whirlwind and at times like a destructive tornado. “You can do anything you set your mind on.”

“I know that.” Aidan hollered, looking all around. “I have heard it before. When I first discovered I had this gift. You told me that too.”

“Yes!” The voice echoed. “That's right. Always remember that water is the most powerful element in the entire universe. You can do anything with it.”

“I have heard that and...” He slightly closed his eyes. “Why would you...”

Before Aidan had the chance to finish his sentence, something really scary happened. There was a bright flash of light that made him feel as if his eyes had just been burnt. He covered his eyes and groaned, rubbing his eyes. They burned a bit but they suddenly stopped.

When Aidan opened his eyes to see if he could actually see clearly, he realized that he was no longer in that endless dimension of light. He was rather falling from the sky. He moved his eyes around and couldn't do anything. When he moved his eyes downwards, what he saw got him worried and scared. His heart started pounding terribly.

Right under him where he was gonna fall any was what seemed like a huge sea. But it was different from whatever that he had seen. It looked as if a huge storm was occurring. Water was moving violently from side to side, causing waves.

“God!” He moaned, gulping softly as he headed for the water. Then he realized that things were getting worse. Right in front of his eyes, three huge whirlpools opened up just before he was about to hit the water. Now he was screwed.

He closed his eyes, ready to be killed by that huge whirlpool. He tried to just forget and...

“Water...” A voice echoed through his mind. It was low but he heard it perfectly. “Believe in your abilities and you can overcome anything.”

That was when Aidan realized what was really going on. That was probably a test for him. But who was testing him like that. And why, after two years? He couldn't understand. Then he thought about his son. He couldn't bear to leave him alone on this earth.

“I can do this.” He breathed, encouraging himself. “All I need to do is just believe in myself.”

That was what he was gonna do. Saying the words of encouragement actually awakened something powerful in him. He knew exactly what he needed to do.

Taking a really deep breath of fresh air, Aidan opened his eyes wide and they actually glowed for a second. Then he made a flip and stood still in the air, moving his eyes to the water. He could actually feel a certain connection with the water below.

“Command it!” The voice echoed.

Aidan stared at the water and then extended his hand, pointing it straight at the water. The whirlpools and the storms plus waves died down. Everything was now calm. It was just normal calm water. In fact, he had never seen water as calm as it was.

Aidan then raised his hand up. The water followed and it formed a huge mountain of water. Dropping his hand, Aidan made the water stand still in front of him. It was tall and it was huge. He breathed in deeply, exhaling loudly at the water. It instantly turned to ice.

“I did it.” Aidan breathed. “I actually did...” he trailed off when something even more than that actually happened to him. The huge ice turned water turned into a huge tornado aiming at him. He wasn't even scared. He just stared at it and extended his hand. It stopped but it turned into something even more than that. The tornado turned into a huge magma like mountain which was super-hot. He was not scared. He flipped in the air, extending his hand. Water formed in the air, heading for the huge magma which was aimed at him.
The water kept on rushing towards the huge magma mountain, increasing in number as it did. Reaching the magma, the water surrounded it, cooling it off with steam everywhere but it didn't reach Aidan. When everything was calm, the huge magma mountain had turned into a huge stone mountain.

“The final element.” Aidan muttered, trying to calm himself down.

He closed his eyes and just concentrated on what he wanted to do with those stones. Below him was nothing but an endless pit. He had better use for that wonderful rock. Opening his eyes widely, Aidan stared at the huge rock, instantly turning it into sand. It spread everywhere, forming a wonderful ground.

Aidan let go and then slowly started heading for the ground. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When his feet touched the ground, he opened his eyes and realized where he was. The beautiful sea, the wonderful beach, the lovely diamond castle behind him... fuck he was back at his castle.

“But how did...”

“I always knew you would trust in your abilities.” He heard a really familiar voice behind him.

Hearing the familiar voice behind, Aidan made a quick turn and almost cried at what he saw. His heart instantly started racing. His breathing became really harsh and he even took a quick step behind him. Right in front of him with a huge smile on his face was the priest. He had no trident with him but Aidan could remember that face anywhere.

“Guess I was right.” The priest chuckled, sniffing the sea air. “You have finally done what I always believed in. You have finally become powerful. You'll soon discover that you can do more with your gift.”

“Priest!” he gasped.

“Yes!” The priest chuckled. “Real soon, what has been hidden will come to the surface. I am really proud of you. I am so, so proud of you. You don't need any guidance.” He nodded his head. “Goodbye, my little son!” There was a sudden strong wind that started blowing.

The priest gave him a wonderful smile and then disappeared in the wind like tiny specks. He couldn't understand it. He just stood there, wondering what he had dreamt about was all about. He couldn't even understand what the priest had told him. It was all so confusing.


Aidan suddenly awoke, quickly rising from the bed. He looked around and found out that he was still in his room and not the beach. He took a quick breath, sitting back on the bed. He buried his face on his palm and breathed in.

“A dream.” He muttered. “Why did I have such a dream?”

Aidan couldn't understand why he had that kind of dream all of a sudden. He wasn't scared like the first time he had dreamt but he sure was sweaty. His face was really wet and he felt really hot.

“God... I need water,” he moved his face from his palm, getting up from the bed. He decided to get some water but before that he decided to check on his sleeping son. Just before he started moving, he raised his face forward and froze when he saw a glass of water with a book covered on it. It was on the table.

“Okay.” He said as he moved his eyes around. “Granny really knows what I need at night.” He didn't put that water there but he was glad it was just there. He quickly rushed to that water and drunk all of it. It tasted different, better and sweeter. The way it refreshed his soul was something else. He was happy that had happened. He put the glass back on the table and moved to his son.

Jacob was sleeping in a beautiful diamond baby bed which was beside his bed. Seeing his son sleeping peacefully, Aidan smiled brightly and then rubbed on his son's little face. He leaned down and planted a hot kiss on his face. The baby slightly moved but it didn't wake up. He was really happy with how everything had just happened.

“Goodnight.” He kissed him again, yawning softly. He was feeling sleepy again.

Aidan just stayed awake, staring at his gorgeous son. He was the most handsome baby he had ever laid his eyes. He was happy. After what felt like hours of staring at his son, Aidan got really sleepy. He slipped under the covers, taking a really deep breath. In just a few seconds he was fast asleep with a beautiful smile on his face.


Luis rushed into his room, stretching his arms widely while yawning as loud as he could. He was really tired, especially after the type of meeting that he had with his father and his cabinet members. It had really been long and tiresome. He had just woken up in the morning only to be told about the urgent meeting which was happening early afternoon. He had gone with his father since morning and returned in the evening after having dinner with his wonderful father.

Luis was putting on a bright light green designer's suit which was fitted on his skin perfectly. He had a light green shirt and light green shoes on him. He was really super sexy and he loved it like crazy.

“God, I am really tired.” He yawned.

Luis didn't even waste any more time. He went straight to his personal boutique to get changed. He removed the crown and then everything else. He had never been as tired as he felt at that very time. He just wanted to rest.

Luis came to his room with a simple sports trouser which felt really loose on him just like he loved it when he was tired. He was putting on a vest which revealed his perfectly huge nipples. He loved how he was feeling.

Coming to the room, Luis grabbed a glass from the table and then rushed to the wine dispenser. He didn't usually drink that much but he needed to drink a bit, just to make him feel better. In just a few seconds, Luis filled his glass half way. He took a quick sip, heading for the bed. The white wine tasted better now that he was tired.

As he was rushing towards his bed, he heard a loud knock on the door. Luis yawned, wondering who it was that had come to his room. He was really tired and just wanted to sleep. But it was probably his sister who had come to check up on him. She was the only one that frequently checked up on him ever since he had returned from abroad.

“Come in.” He shouted, sitting on the bed with his legs crossed.

The door knob moved and the door opened slowly, suddenly revealing who it was that had visited his room that night.

“Prince William?” Luis gasped, slowly rising from the bed. “What brings you here?”

William made a quick look at Luis and saw the wine glass he was holding. Everything was going perfectly. William slowly closed the door and started getting closer to Luis with his eyes dropped to the floor. He seemed really down and Luis couldn't understand why.

“I am sorry,” William apologized. When he raised his face to stare into Luis' eyes, tears poured down on his face in billions. His face was now flooded. “I didn't know who else to talk to.”

“Oh my God!” Luis grabbed a small table near the bed and put his wine on it. “What's wrong?” He got closer to him, resting his hand on his shoulder. He rubbed on it carefully, trying to get him to understand. He didn't need to make him feel bad or worse. “Why are you like this?”

“Are you my friend?” William cried as more tears made it to his face. His eyes seemed to be getting red quicker.

“Yes!” Luis nodded in agreement. “You know that you can talk me. What's the matter?”

William cried loudly when he heard his question. He abruptly gripped him, pulling him into a big hug. He held him tighter and cried softly.

Luis on the other hand was surprised at William's reaction. He couldn't quite understand it. But the guy was down. Luis moved his shaky hand to rub on William's back. He rubbed on his back, holding him tightly to him. It seemed awkward but he did it anyway. He had no idea what could make someone like William cry like that.

“Now tell me what's wrong.” Luis asked as he broke the hug. “I have never seen you like this before. You are making me a little scared.”

“I will.” William nodded sadly. “But I need some wine. Why don't you pour us a little wine? I want you to drink with me. Please.”

“Okay.” Luis nodded. He left and came back with a bottle of wine. He took his glass and another glass and led William to his small living room. He made him sit and poured him half a glass of wine. He still had his so there was no need for more. He then sat next to him, bringing the table where the wine was closer.

Seeing the wine on the table, William gripped the glass and took the entire wine in one swing. By the time it left his lips, it was empty. He put the glass on the table, opening the bottle. He poured himself a full glass and laughed bitterly. It was clear to Luis that the guy was in so much pain.

“Hey there,” Luis grabbed William's hand just as he was about to drink the wine. “Easy on the wine. What's wrong with you to...”

“He has broken my heart.” William cried softly, tears flowing like a river. “I can't believe he did that to me.”

“What?” Luis couldn't get anything from William's words. “What are you talking about? Who has broken your heart?”

“I will tell you this,” William sobbed, rubbing on Luis' hand. “You are the only one that can understand me.” Luis nodded. “I am gay, Luis.” He cried. Luis had no idea that the guy was gay. He had thought he was straight but he wasn't surprised.

“Yes!” he nodded.

“Yes!” William nodded. “I am gay and I have a boyfriend or rather had a boyfriend.” He mourned softly. “He is the prime minister's son in my kingdom. We have done a whole lot together.” He took the glass and drank half of the wine. “He was even the one that took...” He cried bitterly. It was clear he was in pain. “...he was the one that took my virginity. We were about to get engaged and now... I found out he has been cheating on me.” He actually cried loudly. “He didn't even do it in private. He had pictures sent to me when I asked him about it. He called me all sorts of names and said, I do not satisfy him sexually.”

Luis didn't like the way things were going at all. He knew what William was passing through and he quite understood him. That was the worst thing anybody could say to anyone. That was really bad. That could break someone's heart. He understood because he had once been broken before.

“I am sorry,” Luis said, squeezing William's shoulder. “I think he is an asshole for telling you that.”

“I loved him.” William cried softly, trying to rub his tears off. “He took my virginity. He told me all kinds of sweet things. He promised me heaven on earth. I can't believe he just sent a video of him fucking another guy. It's really painful.”

“Fuck!” Luis cursed. He knew William relied on him to make him feel better. “He is such an asshole if you ask me. You are a prince and you don't need such trash. Deal with him if you ask me. You can have any guy of your choice. He is actually nothing to you.”

Hearing those words, William sobbed as more tears fell to his cheeks. He cried even more and buried his face on his palm, extending his hand towards the window. He knew what exactly he was doing and he knew what to do.

“What am I going to do?”

“Forget about...” Luis trailed off when he felt a strong wind blow up his curtains. He wondered if he hadn't closed the window or something because the wind was blowing. Luis got up with his eyes towards the curtains. “Excuse me. I think I didn't close my window.”

Luis smiled brightly and then left to check his window. Seeing him leave, William raised his face quickly, staring in the direction he was going.

“I will never get any opportunity like this.”

William quickly moved his eyes forward, staring deep into Luis' wine. He extended his hand, touching the glass. Then he did a quick check and then started his enchantment. He had been practicing that enchantment since morning. The three warlocks had helped him and now he was gonna put it to full use.

He raised his voice a little and enchanted the drink, lacing it with his magic drug. The wine suddenly turned all white slowly rising to the surface as his enchantments got stronger. He finished up quickly and shook the glass. The wine was back to normal by the time Luis was getting back.

“Strange,” Luis frowned as he took a seat.

“You are right.” William said, rubbing his tears furiously. “I am gonna forget about that bastard and move on.” More tears dropped to his cheeks. “I will also drink to it. I am gonna forget about that son of a bitch.” He gripped the glass and raised it high in the air. “Come on. Drink with me.”

Luis chuckled and then raised his glass high up in the air. He toasted with William and then just held it in his hand. He watched as William took the whole wine in one swing. He sure was angry at his ex-boyfriend, Luis thought, nodding sadly.

“Why aren't you drinking?” William asked as more tears dropped to his face. “Am I...”

“No!” Luis chuckled nervously. “I don't drink much but I will only have one glass. And I don't think you should have any more than you have now.”

Luis raised his glass in the air alone and then directed the glass to his lips. William watched this with amazement. Luis on the other hand took the glass and drank the whole wine. It tasted sweet and really wonderful. He was just hoping not to get drunk or something.

Luis dropped his glass on the table and got up slowly. “I think you need to rest, okay? You have had quite enough tonight.”

“Yeah,” William sobbed. “I should probably go to my room right now. Thanks for listening.” He smiled faintly as he got up from the couch. “You have really helped a lot. I will never forget your wonderful words as long as I live.”

“Yeah, you can...” Luis trailed off when a shot of dizziness swept him off his feet. He felt as if someone had beaten that dizziness into him. It was sudden and it made him feel weak. He took a few weak steps behind.

“Could I be getting drunk?” He thought as he slowly massaged his head. He shook his head and then tried to get under control. But he couldn't even do it. He was getting weaker and weaker by the second. All of a sudden he was getting giddy.

“What's happening to me?” Luis asked as he tried his possible best to stand still but he was giddy. He couldn't do anything. He was about to fall when he felt a powerful hand grip him. He had no idea who had grabbed him but he needed support. Luis wrapped his arm around the person that was holding him. He shook his head and saw a little clearly. It was William and he looked really worried. Then his vision started blurring again.

“I don't... know what...” He stuttered. “Take me to my bed.”

The more Luis talked, the more he felt weak. He couldn't control any part of his body anymore. It was as if he was struck with stroke all of a sudden. He was like a sponge. He couldn't quite explain what he felt at that time.

“Yes!” William gripped his waist harder, bringing him closer to his body. An evil grim short up his face and he chuckled manically. He knew Luis wouldn't be able to hear him because what he had given him was strong. He loved being in power.

William slowly led Luis to the bed. Once he reached there, he threw him on the bed. Luis was really weak and had no knowledge of what was happening to him. He was still a little conscious but William knew that the guy's mind was sleeping.

“Finally,” William chirped, slowly stripping his clothes off. His cock was already rock hard and his hole was twitching in need of Luis' cock. “I can't believe I am gonna get a taste of him. I can't believe I am gonna get his cum and his blood.” His body trembled just from the pleasure that he felt at that time.

William stripped all his clothes off. He was now buck naked with a seven inch erect and leaking cock. His hole felt as if it was being vibrated or something. Everything was just going perfectly well. William couldn't believe he was gonna do it. His mission was gonna be over soon. He was gonna go home with a happy body. By the time Luis would wake up in the morning, William would be gone with the scepter.

“I can't believe it.” William climbed on the bed, repositioning Luis on the bed. Luis was softly saying something but William couldn't quite understand it. He knew the guy probably had no idea what was really happening.

Slowly rubbing on Luis' chest, William furiously gripped the vest, tearing it all at once. He removed it from Luis' body, throwing it on the floor. He rubbed on Luis' chest, enjoying the feel of his lovely body. “I still can't believe I am gonna taste your cock.” He moaned softly, licking his lips sensually. His hole felt as if it would go sour if it didn't get cock.

William traced Luis' hair which disappeared in his trouser. He slowly touched his hand on Luis' crotch and moaned loudly, biting his lips. Luis' cock really felt big, just like he loved them. He loved them big and wonderful. His hole vibrated terribly and his cock pulsed, releasing huge amounts of pre-cum.

“Let's see what's you have to offer.” William chuckled happily, gripping Luis' trousers’ waistband together with the boxer. Then in just one swing, he slipped them off revealing a really huge cock. William almost came when he saw that wonderful cock.

He quickly removed Luis' trouser off and then opened his legs wider. He buried his face on Luis' pubes, sniffing his musk. It felt really wonderful and it seemed to travel to William's hole. He was going crazy with lust.

“Let's get a first taste, shall we?” He laughed sinisterly. Luis was cut and he loved it.

Wrapping his hand on Luis' cock, William slowly raised it and then carefully opened his mouth wide. He swallowed it in his mouth with one swing and got the first taste of Luis' cock. Fuck! It was the greatest treasure ever. It tasted nothing like any dick he had ever tasted. He could live forever just pleasing that cock.

William heard Luis moan weakly. Then all of a sudden, he felt his cock grow in his hands and his mouth. He knew that because he made Luis to be sexually sensitive so it would be easy for him to cum. In just a few seconds, William couldn't wrap his whole hand around his cock. He let go and then removed it from his mouth.

He stuck out his tongue and started circling Luis' cock head. He felt him moan softly and then squirm softly on the bed. He circled around him while his hands moved to Luis' large nipples which felt like tiny bellies in his hands. It was great and it felt as if Luis' cock was getting bigger by the minute.

William tried as hard as he could to get that cock in his mouth and he managed only by an inch. He sucked and sucked that soft and sweet cock in his mouth.

“Oh...” He actually heard Luis moan softly. “Ah...”

He moaned on Luis' cock, making him moan even more. Luis was saying something else but William couldn't understand anything that was happening. His concentration was only on getting that sweet cum. When he felt Luis' pre-cum in his mouth, William lost his control. He licked it clean and then tore away from that monster, licking his lips. Then he looked at the cute guy and smiled.

“Let's have a taste of those lips.” He smiled brightly, getting closer to Luis' lips. Just when he was about to kiss him, Luis moved his head to the other side, putting his lips on the pillow. No matter what he did, he couldn't move it.

“Fuck it!” William moaned as he sucked three of his fingers. He then moved them to his ass, lubing it. He moaned loudly when his hands touched his ass. He slipped his fingers right through his channel and fingered himself. But nothing was working. What he needed was real cock. His ass was big for Luis' cock. He was always fucked by a bigger cock so he was ready for Luis. Spitting hard on his hand, he made sure that his ass was ready for that big tool.

“I am gonna ride your cock now.”

William got on top of Luis, positioning his huge cock on his hole. Then he took a deep breath and slowly sat on that cock. It slipped right through without any resistance and fuck...it was really sweet. He had never experienced pleasure like that before.
“Oh fuck.” William moaned when his cock actually started leaking pre-cum unlike before. He knew very well he was near. A smirk appeared on his face when he heard Luis groaning softly. It was clear the guy was enjoying his ass.

“Let me show you what I am made of.”

Moving one hand to Luis' stomach while the other rubbed on his temple, William started riding that wonderful cock which filled him up. It felt incredible but he rode him as hard as he could. Luis' sleepy moans were definitely turning him on but his cock was driving him crazy.

“Ah...” William moaned loudly as tears of joy left his eyes. He rode Luis' cock like a rodeo, thumping on his cock as hard as he could. He was moaning loudly, not even caring whether someone was hearing them from outside. What he really wanted was to feel that wonderful cock.

William was really having the time of his life. He was sweating terribly as he rode that epic cock which seemed to have a way with his prostate. He rode that cock for a just a few minutes before Luis' breaths become harsh. Then he thrust his hips forward, moaning a little louder than before. Then all of a sudden, he exploded in William's ass, spreading his cum all over his ass walls. It felt hot and really much, hitting William's prostate with great force.

Feeling that hot cum on his prostate, William cried in ecstasy as his cock released cum after cum on Luis' chest. He came hard and he actually cried from all the pleasure that he felt. His body was on fire. He didn't actually ask but he got it anyway and he loved it.

William collapsed on top of Luis and breathed like a man in a race. “I have done it.” He gasped, trying to catch some air. “I have actually done it. I can't believe it.” He got up and then gave an evil grin, staring at the now sleeping Luis. “I am sorry. But William always gets what he wants. I have now tasted you. I now also have my sample.”

Luis was now sleeping and his cock was getting flaccid. William was just happy that he had what he had actually been after. He clenched his ass muscles, slowly getting up from Luis' hungry cock. Then he clumped his muscles, locking Luis' gallons of cum inside his side. He leaned down and kissed Luis' belly.

“That was something.” He breathed.

William chuckled sinisterly as he moved towards his trouser. He quickly got out the test tube he had with him. He took the test tube to his ass and inserted it in his ass. He squatted and then felt cum moving. By the time the test tube left his ass, it was already full. Luis had surely cum gallons. He closed the test tube and then slipped it back into his pocket. He released his muscles and felt Luis' cum dripping down his thighs. He quickly slipped his hand on his ass and thighs, collecting Luis' cum. He licked all of it and rubbed the rest of it. “Sweet...”

Taking a quick look around, William got dressed up quickly. Then he removed a new needle from his pocket and a syringe. He connected them together and pierced Luis on the arm, draining blood from him. He made sure that the small syringe was full.

He then threw the syringe in his pocket. Throwing the syringe back in the pocket, William smiled brightly and got near Luis.

“Thanks for a great and wonderful moment. I had real fun.” He chuckled. “We will do this real soon. But right now, I have a really important mission to finish.” He leaned down and kissed Luis' hairy chest. “Goodbye, for now. We will see each other soon.”

William smiled brightly and then rushed out of his room. His mission was gonna end that night. He really couldn't wait to take the scepter back to his father. He had finally got a taste of Luis and could still taste his salty cum in his mouth. Now it was time to go back.

“Goodbye Luis...”


“Have you finally got it?” One of the warlocks gasped.

Hearing the question, William's face brightened up. Then he shook his head and gave an evil chuckle. The four had met in the night at the back of the castle. They needed to be careful and the back of the castle was safe. No one would catch them there.

“What do you think?” William chirped, winking at them. He was just too happy. “Come on. Tell me exactly what you think?”

The three warlocks looked at each other, wondering what he had really meant by that. They quickly moved their eyes towards him and crossed their arms, still staring at him.

“Anyway,” William slipped his hand through his pocket, bringing out cum filled test tube. “Here it is.” He chirped.

A loud gasp was heard from the three warlocks once they saw that cum filled test tube. It was beautiful, white, thick cum and it was all for them. All they had to do was just perform the spell and then...voila! The scepter was gonna be found and they were gonna be on their way.

“Finally!” One of them gasped. “We have finally got it.” He took it away from William's hands. “This is what we have been waiting for. Now it is here.”

“Yes!” William handed the blood also. “Here is the final ingredient.” Then his face got all serious. “Now start that enchantment as soon as possible. We need to get out of here before...”

“Err...there is only one problem.” One of them said softly.

“What?” William growled. “I have all the samples and you are actually telling me that...”

“It's not that big and we cannot perform the enchantment when the sky is not clear. We can't even see the moon. We need the light from the moon to...”

“And why do I know this now?” William snapped, pointing at the three of them. “Couldn't you idiots have told me this earlier?”

“My prince,” The dark haired warlock bowed his head. “We didn't know this would have happened and...”

“Oh shut up.” William yelled, almost slapping the three of them. “So when...”

“Tomorrow the sky will be clear. The moon will be in full view. Our spells will even get stronger. Please, don't be mad or anything and...”

“Useless...” William shook his head. Then he gave them an evil grin. “You are in luck because I still have something to do.” He made a quick turn and chuckled. “I better get back to my pleasure world. However,” He made a quick turn and his face got all serious, striking fear into the hearts of the warlocks. “This should be done tomorrow okay.” They nodded. “Good!” he chuckled sinisterly. “Now if you excuse me... I have something important to do.”

William made a quick turn and went back to the palace. The three warlocks gave a manic laugh that made them feel really good. They were really happy.

“Finally...” They laughed. “King Wyatt will be so proud of us.”

“It is only a few hours from now.” The red haired warlock said. “These people have no idea what is going to happen to them. They don't have a fucking idea.”

The three of them gave each other evil grins on their faces and left laughing.


Luis opened his eyes in the morning, staring into the beautiful ceiling. He smiled brightly and then yawned softly. But the funny thing was that he couldn't remember what had happened the previous night. He couldn't even remember what had happened to him the previous night. Fuck! He felt a headache kicking in.

Moving his eyes from the ceiling, Luis tried to stretch his arms but something was not right. He could feel something pressed on his chest, a body close to him. What was going on, he thought as he slowly moved his eyes to see what was going on. His heart was pounding and he had no idea what was going on.

As soon as his eyes reached the chest, Luis gave a loud gasp. It was William that was sleeping on his chest, holding him tightly. Luis' heart was already pounding. His eyes widened and he breathed in harshly. He had no idea what was going.

“Fuck!” Luis moved to the other side, getting William away from his chest. He heard William yawn and then chuckle. When he moved his eyes to him, William's eyes were already open and a beautiful smile was on his face. Luis was really scared. He could feel he was naked underneath but just to be sure, he raised the blanket a little and then took a quick glance. Yep! He was definitely naked.

“Fuck!” Luis moved his eyes to William. “What the fuck happened?”

“You... you don't remember?” William raised his eyebrow. “We made love last night.”

“What?” Luis hit his head. He was panting and he couldn't put himself under control. “I can't remember anything. Please, tell me you are joking and...”

“Why would I joke?” William slightly raised his head. He was naked too. “We really had sex last night. You... you don't remember?”

“No!” Luis snapped, getting angry at William. “Nothing happened between us last night. I can't seem to...”

“Well! I am going to tell you since you don't remember.” William said as he sat, leaning to the head board. “I came here to tell you about my boyfriend. We both got drunk but you were drunker than me. You told me my ex was an idiot for abandoning someone like me. Then you got drunk. I took you to bed and then you fell on me. I tried to get you off of me but you kissed me and told me you will take care of me.”

“God!” Luis felt a sharp headache strike him.

“Yes!” William nodded as tears formed in his eyes. “I tried to stop you. I really tried but you were all over me and when you...”

“What did I do?” He yelled.

“You stripped all my clothes and started fingering me. I couldn't control myself anymore. I gave in and we had hot sex last night. It was pretty intense and...”

“Did we use...”

“No!” William nodded. “You were in such a hurry that you didn't even bother to wear one.”

“Oh my fuck...” Luis hit his hands on the bed. He felt really terrible. What was worse was that he couldn't remember a thing of what had happened to him and William. It just gave him a huge headache.

“Luis... I...” William was getting closer to Luis. “What had happened...”

“Don't fucking touch me?” Luis snarled, getting away from William. He didn't even want to see him. “I have no idea what had happened between us but whatever it was...” He paused to catch his breath. “It was a big mistake which shouldn't have happened in the first place. I don't remember any of it. We wouldn't have done this if I was a sober.”

“Luis!” William slightly closed his eyes. “I know that what we did was not right since I just broke up with my...”

“Look if what you insinuating is that I took advantage of you then I am really sorry.” Luis pleaded without even looking twice at William. “I was not in my right state of mind. I wouldn't dare do it if I was sober. I don't drink that much and I thought I only took one glass and...”

“It's fine.” William chuckled. “No hard feelings okay. It was just...”

“A mistake.” Luis chimed in. He couldn't explain what he was feeling inside of him. It was intense and it made him feel worse. Things were really bad for him. “It was just a one night stand, that's all.” He said. “I am not usually like this and if I took advantage of you then I am really sorry. Forgive me.”

With a loud groan, Luis moved his eyes around, scanning to see if he could see anything to cover himself up with. He was lucky to see a towel on the floor which he quickly picked up and then covered himself up. He quickly got up from the bed without saying anything else and rushed to the bathroom.

“Ha ha...” William laughed, getting up from the bed. A pure evil grin appeared on his face. “I have played a great game. Now let's see what happens next.”

He chuckled manically and got dressed into his clothes. With a final look around the room, he left chuckling to himself.


When Luis came back to his room, William was no longer in that room. He was gone and he thanked his lucky stars he did because he had no idea how to face him. He didn't like what had happened and it was somehow affecting him like nothing else. He couldn't get it off his mind. He had sex with William without his knowledge and they both woke up after, naked.

First Luis had no freaking idea how he could have gone drunk with only half a glass of wine. And then he couldn't even remember what had happened. He stared at the bed and then sighed. That was the same place where he had sex with William. He was supposed to be happy he had sex with William after two years but that wasn't the case. He was really affected by it.

Luis quickly got dressed and called the maids to change the entire beddings on the bed. He didn't want anything to remind him of the night with William. After that he went down to have his breakfast and he was really glad William wasn't at breakfast.

Luis and his sister had a chat together and then met up with Henry at his house. They really had fun and spent their day with him just playing video games and watching TV. They even cooked together and it really helped Luis get things off of his mind.

When he eventually went back home, he met with William but he just smiled sheepishly and passed him, heading for his room. He sat on his bed and just thought about what was happening to him. He had a really bad feeling about what he had done. The guilt was eating him up and he had no fucking idea why he was guilty.

“Why do I feel like this?” He thought, taking a deep sigh. “I should stop thinking about this. It was just a one night stand. We had sex and that's it. I was drunk and didn't feel anything.”

Luis knew that he wouldn't be the same around William, maybe at least since he was here.


William came rushing towards the back of the palace, breathing in faster. He had come as soon as he made sure that everyone was fast asleep. Upon arriving behind the palace, he found the three warlocks waiting for him. They were a little further so he rushed to them. On the ground was a huge red cloth which was spread on the ground. There was a huge pentagram in black which was drawn on that red cloth. Red candles were lit and put on the five edges of the pentagram.

In the middle of the pentagram was a beautiful but small golden trident with three sharp spears. On the middle spear was a beautiful diamond which was gonna help in the summoning of the scepter. The small trident had been made by the seer. It was gonna be a special night.

The three warlocks had red bands tied around their heads and they seemed ready. It was just a matter of time before their mission was a success. Everything was gonna be finished.

“Are you ready?” William breathed.

“Yes!” They all nodded. “We were just waiting for you.”

William smiled brightly, moving his eyes to the sky. It was clear and the moon was in full view.

“The night is ours. We need to hurry it up before anything goes wrong.” William said, moving his eyes back. “Don't screw this up for me. I have worked my ass just for this.”

“Don't worry,” The red haired warlock came to him and handed him a small clay pot which had the blood in and the semen. “Let's start now.”

William took the pot in his hands. “Okay.”

The three warlocks took their positions, surrounding the pentacle. William was not participating. He just held the pot for that particular ritual which was being performed. This time he was gonna go home victorious and impress his father.

The three warlocks then extended both their hands towards the trident and breathed in deeply all at once. Then they opened their palms and took three more deep breath in the order in which they stood. They locked their eyes with the trident, connecting their magic with it. They were now ready.

“Power of the trident,” they both spoke loudly. They had cast a powerful spell to prevent anyone from hearing them. “Power of ancient magic... power of the powerful universe... power of the forces of nature heed to our call and help us bring forth that which has been hidden. The power of the light of the moon, show us the right path and help us summon that which our heart seeks.” Then they went quite for some seconds, breathed in deeply and breathed out the word, “Thoth...”

That was when the real incantation started. They started enchanting some really huge and powerful words in the same order. They were so fast that one would have thought they were going insane. Their enchantment was in the same order and they had their hands extended the whole time. William was watching all this without even making a sound. He couldn't get a word of what they were saying. It was an ancient language that he had no idea of.

As their incantation got quick and loud, the trident started shaking slowly, moving a little from side to side. It was like it was vibrating. Then all of a sudden there was a really loud thunder and William swore he saw lightning in the sky. That was when he realized that the spell was really powerful.

As they continued another loud thunder like a building crushing to the ground was heard. Then the scepter abruptly rose about a foot from the ground and started spinning round and round. That was like a hint for the warlocks as they chanted even more. Their voices echoed loudly and their hands and bodies trembled.

The trident spun even harder, directing the diamond to the direction of the moon. It slowly started glowing brightly brightening the whole place up. The chants got even stronger and another thunder was heard. They chanted nonstop without even stopping for a deep breath. It was the reason why they were sweating terribly. They chanted for a number of minutes as the light continued glowing.

Then the red haired warlock moved his hand to William with his palm open. William immediately got the hint and passed his hand through the pot. He got out the semen in test tube and blood which was in a syringe. He gave it to the warlock.

The warlock got the samples and cupped them in his palms, doing whatever he was doing to them. Then all of a sudden, he started walking to the center of the pentacle where the trident was spinning out of control. His enchantment changed from the others and he opened his palms, getting the test tube first. He quickly opened it and started pouring it on the spinning trident.

Once Luis' cum touched that spinning trident, it stopped spinning, instantly turning into a bright yellow color. Then all of a sudden there was a powerful energy which emanated from it. Everyone could feel the power that emanated. It felt as if it was drawing something away from them. The soft wind started blowing all over.

Once all the semen had left the test tube, it magically entered the magic diamond and glowed even brighter. The red haired warlock threw the test tube and it broke into shards. Then he continued with the syringe, slowly pouring the blood on it.

As soon as that blood touched the diamond, it turned blood red, glowing dangerously. Then it started spinning again. The red haired warlock moved to where he had been and joined the others with the enchantments. There was a really loud rumble. Thunder and lightning both occurred at the same time. The diamond continued glowing brightly, covering the whole place up. It was really beautiful.

The three warlocks continued the spell as the diamond glowed even more. The energy was stronger and so was the wind. The warlocks were now screaming at the top of their voices. Their voices were louder and if not for the spell they had casted then all the people would have found out by then.

They chanted for a number of minutes until their voices started getting low again. They were hitting the climax. They chanted softly until their voices got really low. Then with a final loud word, they stopped chanting and fell to their knees, breathing as fast as they could. Their energy felt drained and it felt like they had run out of breath. It was such a powerful spell that made them a little tired. William on the other hand just watched the ever glowing diamond on top of the trident. From the power he felt, he already knew that it wasn't gonna be long before it showed them the path to the scepter.

William had an evil grin on his face. He couldn't wait to see the real scepter... he couldn't wait to hold it... he couldn't wait to steal it...he couldn't wait to take it to his father and...
William was gotten out of his reverie by a loud cracking sound. He wondered what had broken and moved his eyes forward and...

“What?” He groaned. The diamond had broken down into tiny pieces and it was no longer glowing. It had fallen down on the cloth, looking like an ordinary trident. “What the fuck?”

William rushed to the small trident and held it. “What did you do?” He yelled at the warlocks. “What the fuck have you done now? You screwed up again and...”

“I don't understand.” The red haired warlock gasped, trembling in fear. The three of them got up and rushed to William. “We did the spell just like the seer had instructed us to. We have even done the ritual really well. I even put Luis' sperm and blood on it correctly. The color...” he gasped. “Everything was perfect. Luis' sperm and blood were the last ingredients and I did as instructed. His DNA was supposed to direct us to...”

“Shut up!” William snapped. “Shut the fuck up. What are we going to do? We can't possibly do another spell because that will take us back to Alerna. Father will definitely kill us this time. We are dead. Do you even know what I had done to get those samples and now...” He threw the trident so hard on the ground. “You fucking screw all of it.”

“Prince William,” The blonde haired warlock called. “We didn't do anything wrong. Maybe you were the one that didn't perform your spell perfectly when you laced his drink. I knew...”

“Don't you pin this on me?” William growled, pointing at himself. “I have never screwed up any spell in my life before. Don't you dare say a thing like...” William trailed off when he made a quick turn from them, looking in a different direction. He gasped and took a quick step back.

“The scepter!”
The scepter was slowly coming towards them and it was halfway out from the palace wall. It was coming from inside the palace through the wall and it was glowing in a beautiful golden yellow color, softly brightening the wall.

“The scepter is...”

“No!” William actually cried. “Look...”

When the three warlocks saw the scepter, they gasped and then covered their mouths in amazement. “The spell.” One of them jumped. “It actually worked. The scepter has come to us. The trident didn't show us the way. It brought the scepter to us.”

William and the others watched in awe as the whole golden scepter came out and then lost its glow. It fell to the ground with a thud. William quickly rushed to it and then held it up. He then slowly rubbed on it, carefully examining the huge diamond ball. He could tell from the energy he felt that it was the right scepter.

“Finally...” William held the scepter high up in the air. A loud thunder exploded, making a whole lot of noise. We have finally found the royal golden scepter, Lord Mang's golden scepter. I can't believe it.” He actually cried. “Father will be so proud of me... of us.”

“Yes!” The three warlocks laughed out loud. “Yes! Now we need to go back to...”

“You are right.” William made a quick turn, rubbing his tears off. “We need to take this to father as soon as possible. We have already spent a day later than he had told us. If we spend any more time...” He sighed, gripping the scepter harder. “I don't even want to think what he will do. We must leave at once before these fools... and my sweet Luis wakes up.” He laughed sinisterly. “We just...”

“I got it...” The red haired warlock made a quick spell, snapping his finger. “I have taken care of our ride.”

“Good!” William chuckled. He took a small bag from one of them and put the scepter in. The blonde haired warlock quickly wrapped the big red cloth and then held it. He snapped his finger and it was gone.

“We are done.” The dark haired warlock said. William chuckled, so evil that it could strike fear into the soul of any mere man.

“Let's move it.” William gave an evil grin. “We don't wanna spend any more time here. We must not keep father waiting.”

The four men gave one final laugh of victory and went their way.


Wyatt was busy, seated on his throne, thumping his right foot on the floor. He could feel himself burning up with an eternal fire that didn't seem to go off. He was really raging and with the mood that he was in, he could go on a huge massacre but the stupid seer had prevented him from doing so. He had told him to stay in the castle until the men on the mission came back. It had been seven days... seven fucking days and no word from the idiots that he had trusted for his mission. He was trembling in anger, dying to kill each and every one of them.

Wyatt had been like that since the last two days. He had been lost. His eyes were blood red and he had his hands in fists and he was seething. He knew if they didn't bring that bloody scepter he was gonna kill them and...

“My lord,” He heard a trembling voice in front of him.

Breathing like flames of fire, Wyatt moved his eyes front and found one of his guards trembling on the floor with his head bowed down.

“What do you want?” His angry voice echoed throughout the entire castle. The guard trembled even more. “And how the fuck did you get in my throne room?”

“I knock... ed.” The guard quavered. His body shook uncontrollably.

“Did I say enter?” Wyatt stumped on the floor harder, getting up from the throne. “How many time do I have to fucking tell you that I don't want to be disturbed when I am having my thinking time, you son of a bitch.” His voice sounded really sharp.

“M-m-my lord, I...”

“Shut the fuck up.” He screamed, giving a death roar. A window instantly broke in the throne room, scaring the shit out of the trembling guard. He was now sweating. “I am going to send you to hell so that next time you won't fuck this up.” He growled.

The guard threw himself on the floor and whimpered as Wyatt extended his hand to him. A small fire ball started growing but before it even hard the chance to get bigger, the door flung open and footsteps could be heard.

“Father...” William said happily, rushing to him. “We are back.”

Hearing his son's voice, Wyatt instantly dropped his hand and put off the fire ball. “Get out...” He said harshly to the sweating guard. The guard got up and ran out of the throne room, whimpering like a ninny.

Wyatt now moved his eyes to his son and the three warlocks that stood still with their heads bowed down. Seeing them again, he felt madder than he had ever been. He stared at his smiling son, getting closer to him. His face turned red with anger.

“Since when did five days turn into seven?” He growled, feeling his jaws trembling. “You gave me less than five fucking days and now...”

“I am sorry father,” William dropped his eyes to the floor. He lost his smile and just drowned in his fear. “There was a bit of a problem and...”

“I knew it...” Wyatt threw a terrible fire ball, making a huge gaping hole on the castle wall. “You idiots are really useless. You are gonna get it from me now. I will so deal with you that... uh...” he groaned, clenching his fists harder. Smoke came out of those fists.

“Father...” William gulped. “Please... try and listen...”

“Excuses...” Wyatt roared. “That's all that I hear from a failed...” He paused and just stared at his son. “I can't have a failure for a son. I trusted you with the most important task of all and...” He extended his hand, pointing it at his son. He had no remorse at all. He was gonna make sure he deals with his son. “You are my own creation and I am gonna destroy you now.”

“Please, father, listen to me.” William threw himself on the floor and quickly opened the bag. He knew what to do to get the king out of his bad mood.

“I will destroy you before you destroy me.” He yelled, throwing his hand forward but stopped mid-way before he actually did what he wanted to do. He gasped and then dropped his hand. His anger melted instantly and his mood changed. An evil grin appeared on his face as he felt a stronger but evil power take control of him.

Right in front of him was the beautiful golden scepter which his son had in his hand. Wyatt got taken by powerful emotions that filled him with nothing but evil in his heart and his mind. His heart got darker with what he was seeing.

“Oh my gods...” Wyatt gasped, slowly extending his hand. And when he touched the scepter, he couldn't believe it was the real scepter. He took it from the William and brought it closer to his face, carefully examining it.

William got up and sighed. He had barely escaped that one. “I wouldn't dare fail once more father.” He bowed his head. “I wouldn’t have shown my face to you if I hadn't succeeded in this mission.”

“It's beautiful.” Wyatt breathed, sticking his tongue on that scepter. “It's the real one. Finally, I can't believe I have it. I can't believe it is gonna give me the power that I have quested for decades. Finally...” He gave a sinister laugh. “I finally have it.” He filled the whole room with his evil laughs. “I shall have my kingdom back. I shall rule over everything.” He raised the scepter high in the air like a trophy. “I shall have men bow at my feet. Ha ha...” His laughs were epic and continuous. Then he smiled at them. “I need to see the...”

Before he could even finish the sentence, there was a loud gush of wind throughout the entire room. The seer suddenly appeared, rushing towards all the men. He had a wonderful smile on his face which seemed to match everyone's mood.

“Well done, gentlemen...” The seer beamed. “You have proved yourselves this time and your rewards shall be great.” The three warlocks stared at each other, smiling brightly. “You have brought the final ingredient to us.”

“Yes!” The king clenched his teeth and breathed loudly. “I shall finally have my powers.” He laughed loudly. “I still can't believe I have Mang's scepter with me.”

“Yes, my lord,” The seer bowed. “That is the item which will summon those powers.”

Wyatt looked at the priest and smirked. “I need those powers as soon as possible. Start the preparations immediately. You are half warlock so you must do this perfectly. I can't afford...”

“You don't have to worry.” The seer sniffed the air. “I can already feel so much power surround you, my lord. You will be the most powerful man in the entire world. Men will worship your powers and you will take back what belongs to you.”

“And my path is clear.” He smirked. “There is no threat. I am such a genius for eliminating that baby. Now...” he clenched on the scepter harder, feeling its power. “I shall be really powerful, a god. No one will stand in my way.”

The whole men in the room laughed out manically. They were happy for the king. They were really happy for him. He was gonna be really powerful. No man was gonna stand in his way. He was gonna bring everyone to their feet.

“I shall have the preparations made.” The seer said. The king had everything ready. The only thing that he had been waiting for was the scepter and now he had it with him. “We shall perform the ritual three days from now when the moon will be brightest. The light will help speed things up.”

The king gestured with his hand. Then he made a quick turn and faced the seer. “Take this.” He handed him the scepter. “You know exactly what needs to be done.”

“Yes!” The seer bowed his head. Then he moved his eyes to the three warlocks. “Come with me. You need to start preparing. You must prepare to read the most powerful spell ever from the ancient scroll. This will be your most important spell ever. You must not screw up or it will be the end for you.”

The three warlocks left together with the seer to be instructed. William remained with Wyatt. He was happy. His father actually smiled at him after two whole years. He came to him and then hugged him tightly. William felt lucky.

“You have proven your worth my son.” Wyatt laughed. “You are a true son of your father. Now you have proven that you are actually one of my sperms. I actually didn't waste it.”

“It is an honor.” William bowed.

“You will be greatly rewarded. You will rule by my side.”

“It is my honor.” William gasped, covering his mouth. He couldn't believe his father's words. Finally, after so many years he finally got the position he deserved. It had finally paid off. He was really happy.

Wyatt on the other hand moved away from his son, slowly moving towards the window. He stared out and looked all around his castle and his kingdom as far as he could see. He was really happy and the evil in him finally awakened to its full power.

“Finally,” Wyatt breathed, smirking. “I shall have Mang's powers. I shall be feared throughout by all the people. I shall take control of Angria, the most powerful and richest kingdom ever.” He shook his head, moving away from the window. He started walking slowly again. “I shall have people worship at my feet. With such power, I shall be a god.” He opened his arms wider and raised his hands. He shouted at the top of his voice, filling the whole castle with his voice. “God Wyatt...” He screamed. “I shall now be a god. A god...” He laughed at the top of his voice.

“Angria shall be at my feet even all its riches shall be mine.” He clenched his fists. “Finally, my powers will be coming. I will be as powerful as a god. People will worship and pray at my feet. They shall fear me.”

Wyatt smirked brightly. Then an evil grin appeared on his face, chuckling inwardly. He gave a sinister laugh, turning to the window with his hands now behind him. His face turned evil, more evil than it had ever been in his life before.

“It is just mere three days and I will have my powers.” He thought with an evil grin. His eyes turned blood red, filling him up with more evil. “Then it will be show time.” He chuckled, nodding his head happily while all kinds of evil thoughts of how he will use his power filled his big head up.

“I am coming.” He said with an evil face. “Get ready to feel the real power.”

Wyatt let out a really sinister loud laugh, filling the entire castle with his evil voice. A loud thunder could be heard, showing just how evil he was. He raised his face, looking in the room while laughing sinisterly and being filled with more evil.

“Get ready...”

The battle is on...

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Angria can burn for all I care.

Sorry not sorry I’m still pretty miffed with what they did to Aidan. 

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I’m not blaming the victim as it’s terrible Luis was raped but I thought he’d eventually remember that even though the king & everyone disregarded it that Aidan made those claims about William. Kinda thought that deep down despite his distrust of Aidan that he might be a little suspicious of William if her remembered that, especially given back when he danced with William he seemed to have a strange feeling about him as well as how at first when William showed up all these years later his initial reaction didn’t seem overly positive towards William’s presence. Sadly he didn’t distrust him in the least and his plan worked perfectly. In retrospect I wonder with hindsight being 20/20 if Luis will eventually realize getting blackout drunk off one glass or wine is very odd.

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