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Unbroken - 5. Chapter 5: Aidan makes a mistake and strange occurrences.

Aidan moved from the elevator, heading to his room, well Luis' room. He had just come from visiting his family. It's what he has been doing recently to pass the time and avoid Luis' trouble from him. He slowly walked, thinking about the wonderful time he had just had with his family. It was already evening and he had a wonderful dinner at his granny's house before finally returning to the palace.

Reaching the door, he took a deep sigh and then opened the door, praying in his heart for Luis not to talk to him. He quickly began walking inside before he suddenly stopped. He had almost bumped into Luis who was coming out. Aidan moved his eyes up and stared at his husband. The crazy man just moved his eyes and growled in anger.

"Why don't you watch where you are going?" Luis said angrily, furiously passing Aidan. "Are you blind or something? Where were you rushing anyway? This is my room and you should be careful when coming in here." He warned.

Aidan took a quick glance behind. "I am sorry."

"Better be," Luis said, not eve caring. He didn't mind the way he talked to Aidan because he didn't like him and that was final. "Next time watch your steps or you might just land into trouble." He warned, making his way towards the elevator.

"I said, I am sorry," Aidan said a little louder in order for Luis to hear him. But Luis just hissed and entered the elevator.

Rolling his eyes in anger, Aidan forgot about what had happened and then headed inside the room. Reaching there, he looked at Luis' bed. It looked messy probably the guy had just woken up from it. Slowly nodding his head, he took a quick glance behind and smiled brightly, making his way towards the bed. He picked everything up from the bed, put it in its rightful place and made the bed for Luis.

Then he walked slowly to the couch, where he had been sleeping ever since he came into the palace. At least he had been given beddings and the couch wasn't a bad place to sleep on after all. It was sort of comfortable.

Reaching the couch, he sat on it quietly, taking a really deep sigh. Then he moved his eyes to the bed and he swore he saw Luis on the bed, playing with his tablet and growling at him like he usually did when he was angry or not satisfied with anything. He moved his eyes around and looked at his favorite painting, the waterfall on the wall.

Looking at it, he got lost into it and just went to his own world. A wonderful smile decorated his face, making his heart warm as his eyes gazed on that comfy looking bed. He was smiling brightly, imagining all the wonderful things that he wanted to happen in his life. He was still fierce and argued with Luis but something had changed deep within, something that he couldn't understand and hated at the same time. He was just not the same anymore. He was different.

The crazy thing was that he was seeing Luis in a different way and he was falling for him. He didn't know how it happened or when it happened but he just woke up one day and as usual argued with Luis but after that argument, Luis got to his phone and started smiling. That smile was what had captured Aidan's heart. He saw him differently since that day even though he had tried to avoid it.

Three weeks had passed already since he moved into the palace. All this no sense started two weeks ago when the queen's words suddenly got to him unlike before. That same day, he had been really confused that he didn't even seem to know what was going on around him anymore. He had gone back to the room and sat on his couch, thinking about the queen's words. When Luis had come, he had stared at him for so long. Since that day, he had been observing Luis, arguing with him and disagreeing with him on most occasions. At first, he forgot about everything that the queen had told him. Then about 5 days ago, he had a really wonderful dream and it had involved Luis. It had been a really romantic dream and since then, he had been seeing Luis in a different light. He realized through their arguments and disagreements, he was falling for Luis. They argued, quite alright but he still saw someone else in Luis.

In those three weeks, a lot has changed. His family now lives in a three floor house, filled with servants at their disposal. While they are enjoying their lives, sitting home whole day, dressing fancy and doing everything good, Aidan has still refused to change his wardrobe. He is still not sure he wants to be with Luis even though he has been seeing him quite differently.

In those three weeks, Luis' family and Aidan's family have gotten together once or twice to have dinner. They seemed to have a great bond even though at both dinners, Luis and Aidan were awfully quiet. It was not what you'd call a perfect family but at least they spoke.

Aidan has gotten used to staying in the palace and though the king, granny and the queen have been a little nice to him, he still has problems with the princess and Luis. The one person who really likes him a lot is the king. He is still not sure about the other, especially Princess Hanna. She has taken every chance to try and insult him. Though he talks back and defends himself, nothing has been changing. He has only been hoping and praying that one day, he might just wake up and everything is perfect. But he is still not sure he wants to have a relationship with Luis.

In those same weeks, Aidan and Luis have had more arguments than is normal. It was like a daily routine for them even though they had to be careful with the king though. Both of them rejected the king's suggestion to let people know about the marriage. The king agreed but he only warned them that he wasn't gonna let it go. They were gonna have another conversation which greatly angered Luis. It was a really big three weeks for Aidan. And it had been like headache to him. Sometimes Luis just took every chance to argue with him. He was just happy he didn't spend much time with Luis. He spent most of it at his family's house. The only time they argued a lot was in evenings. Luis still blamed him for everything.

While still thinking about the things that have been happening to him, Aidan heard the door opening. He quickly moved his mind from his thoughts and got back to reality. He immediately moved his eyes to the door, seeing Luis standing near the bed, looking really surprised.

Luis on the other hand couldn't believe what he was just seeing. He had just gotten out of his room to go downstairs to get a package and now he is back to find things were not exactly the way he had left them. He got really mad that Aidan had touched his stuff. He was really angry.

"Who removed my things?" Luis bellowed, pointing at the bed. "Who messed with my things?"

Aidan quickly got up upon hearing Luis' question. He moved closer and then took a really deep breath. "Well, I thought I..."

"How many times have I told you not to touch my stuff?" Luis said harshly, trying as best as he could not to raise his voice. He didn't want his father to hear that he was arguing with Aidan.

"I am really sorry," Aidan apologized. "Everything was so messy that..."

"How is that your fucking business?" Luis yelled. "Don't touch my stuff." He snapped, furiously dropping his hands. "How long do I have to tell you that I don't need your..."

"Hey!" Aidan snapped. "Don't insult me okay? I only did you a favor here. You should be thanking me and not..."

"Well, thank you," Luis yelled. "But no thanks. I don't want you touching my stuff. Stay away from me and everything that belongs to me."


"Is that too much to ask?" Luis was angry again. He always got angry whenever he saw Aidan. "For the last time..."

"I have heard you." Aidan said impatiently, gesturing Luis to stop talking. "I only did what I thought was good. I never knew..."

"Next time know." Luis yelled, pointing his hand at Aidan. "I don't even know why you always disturb me every time. Can't you live your life and I live mine? Please, leave me alone to enjoy my life okay? I don't want the likes of you. I don't even want to have anything to do with you."

"I am..."

"You are not married to me." Luis snapped. "We are married but to me, you are nothing."

"I know that." Aidan defended, dropping his hands to his hips. "Do you think I enjoy being married to you? If not for you, I would have been having fun with my family."

"Yeah, in your little..."

"Yeah, in my little house," Aidan said. "I don't care if we used to live in a little house." Aidan was angry with the words that Luis had used. He hated him for that. He hated how Luis reminded him of the house he used to live in. "We were really happy until you came around and ruined my life."

"You ruined my life." Luis exclaimed, pointing at himself. "You are probably enjoying everything that you got. You may have..."

"Look, I am done with this." He said angrily. "I am done with you insulting me."

"Well, why don't you leave me alone?" Luis snapped.

"Awww," Aidan shrugged, snarling his teeth. Then he got out of the room, leaving Luis on his own. He hated Luis for doing what he was doing to him.

"Stupid little fucker," Luis muttered, looking around everywhere. "And where the fuck is my tablet?" He yelled, kicking on the bed as hard as he could. He wanted his tablet so he could go online and chat. "Fuck!" He cursed, looking all around him. He saw the tablet near the bed, on a small table. He quickly grabbed it and sat on the bed.

Luis then opened his tablet and logged in. In the last three weeks that he had been home, he had discovered a gay hooking up site for men in Angria. As soon as he saw it, he got interested and registered. Since then he had been spending his time on that site, sex chatting and dirty talking with some hot men all over the globe. Of course, they never knew that he was a prince since he used a different user name and his profile picture was just flowers.

In the last three weeks Luis has been sex chatting with hot men on that hooking up site. He has been sharing dirty photos and videos with men and for the first time in his life he felt like he was being punished. For the first time he used his hands to satisfy himself but that was only once. He found jerking off really irritating. He just chatted with those men while feeling like being tortured seeing all those crazy asses and men. Fuck! He could cum just by looking at them. He would have gone out, fucked as many asses as he could find but thanks to one idiot he could no longer do that. He just stayed at home with his granny and especially his sister who always made him feel better.

Luis would have gone out to fuck but never would he go out with that ugly stitch on his forehead. He was a handsome hunk and didn't want stupid questions being thrown at him. He was just gonna have to wait plus his mother insisted he stayed home till he got completely healed. He still couldn't believe that he had gone a whole three without having sex with someone hot. It was unbelievable because the longest he had gone without sex since he became a playboy was only five days. And that had been because he was preparing for exams. But it was surprising. He never even got hard but only when he was sex chatting.

What Luis had failed to understand was how his wound was healing slowly. At that rate, it was supposed to be completely healed but...it just didn't make any sense. It was just a fucking cut on his forehead and yet it still didn't get healed faster.

In those three weeks only god knows how many times he has argued with Aidan. He still gets angry at Aidan but not most of the times, most of the times he sees arguing with him as...normal. It has become a part of his life. He still hates his father big time and does whatever it is to avoid him. Yes, he hates Aidan too but he loves arguing with him.

Getting out of his thoughts, Luis opened his tablet and then began chatting with his new found friend. He was planning on being a playboy fulltime after he gets healed. No one was gonna stand in his way.


"Who does he think he is?" Aidan granted as the elevator door opened. He had nowhere to go so he had decided to just walk around the floors. He was now familiar with everywhere in the palace, thanks to a guard he had asked for help.

"Seriously, I am really tired of him." He complained, making his way out. He was on the tenth floor, walking around just to pass the time. The only thing he was hoping for was to find Luis asleep so that he could have some peace without getting disturbed. "And to think that I was starting to think there is a good side." He grunted, walking slowly on the passage way. "He is so arrogant and...uh," He groaned, clenching on his fists. "I will show him and..." Aidan trailed off and stood still. He could hear voices coming from a room.

Hearing the voices, Aidan paid attention and noticed that the voices were coming from Hanna's room. He had never been there but he very well knew that it was Hanna's room. Her voice sounded really angry. He couldn't help but hear. He began walking slowly, going near the room.

Getting closer to the room, he began hearing clearly what the conversation was all about. It seemed like Hanna was arguing with someone, her boyfriend.

"What do you want me to do?" Hanna yelled. "I can't do that. You clearly have maids working under you so why should I suffer for it." There was a moment of silence before she spoke again. "I know how to do that but I am a princess and..." She was silent again. "I don't care about your views. As my boyfriend, I expect you to understand me and... no, you can't do that to me...well, and I will never do that in your house." There was silence again. "I am not a maid you know. It's either you accept that or...what?" She yelled. "Hello!"

Aidan clearly heard her crying out in anger. Then a strong noise of something breaking could be heard coming from that very room. Aidan knew that she had broken the phone. In just a few moments, he could hear screaming and then cries and sobs. He listened and then took a deep breath.

"That's not my business." He thought, quickly turning to leave.

But his heart was troubling him. How could he leave her alone like that? She was in need of someone to talk to her but what would she want from him? She had made it clear to him that she didn't accept him or want to do anything with him. In other words, she hated him a lot.

Moving his ears closer, he could hear that she was crying. He was the kind of person who liked helping people out. He didn't care whether she hated him or not. All he knew was that she needed his help with things.

Taking a deep breath of confidence, Aidan took a step and then knocked on the door. There was no answer. He knocked again and then after some seconds, the door opened, revealing a confident looking princess. Aidan could see that she had rubbed her tears.

"What do you want?" Hanna snapped, walking back inside the room. "Didn't I warn you to stay away from me?"

"I am sorry," Aidan entered the room and closed the door behind him. "It's just that I heard you crying and..."

"You were eavesdropping on me?" She yelled. "Who do you think you..."

"Call it whatever you want." Aidan equally snapped, getting closer to her. "I know you have a problem and you are hiding it. I heard about it and..."

"Why does it matter to you?" Hanna grumbled, getting up from the bed. She went and stood near a window. "You have no right to meddle in my affairs. You are nothing to me."

"You are right," Aidan went to her, gripped her and then abruptly turned her towards him. "I have no right. But you need to tell someone your problem. Maybe I should go and tell the queen so that she can help you and..."

"No!" Hanna hollered, gripping Aidan's arm. "Please, don't go and do that."

"Well, tell me what exactly is wrong." He demanded. "I know you hate me and we are not friends but I can try to help."

Hearing Aidan's statement, Hanna's eyes watered. "Why would you want to help me?" Hanna said harshly. "I clearly don't want anything to do with you."

"I don't know," Aidan smiled. "I just wanna help you out. I am a kind of person who likes helping others. Besides, I am not doing this so that I can be your friend."

"You can't help me out." Hanna sighed. "No one can..."

"I can try," Aidan smiled brightly. "Help can come from anywhere even from...an enemy."

Hanna stared at Aidan and then took a deep breath. "It's my boyfriend." She sobbed, trying to hide her tears. "He just told me he wants to break up with me."

"Oh my god," Aidan gripped Hanna and led her to the bed. He made her sit down and then held her hands. "What happened? How did that happen? Please, tell me everything."

"Well," She sobbed. "He came back just three days ago after spending many years abroad. I went to see him in his house and he expected me to make his food and help him with some things." She sobbed. "He has maids everywhere but he expected me to do it. I refused him because I am a princess. I can't do household chores. But he has been arguing with me ever since and he broke up with me a few minutes ago."

"Is that all?"

Hanna gulped. "He also said I nag too much."

Aidan smiled and then sat closer to Hanna. He had a really perfect solution for her. "I have a solution and it will only work if you listen to what I say carefully."

"I will," Hanna exclaimed, rubbing her tears off. "I love him so much and I don't want to lose him. I can't bear to lose him. He is really important to me."

Aidan chuckled softly. "Please, don't take this personal but you do nag a lot." He said with a smile. He didn't even miss the surprise look on the princess' face when he told her that. "It's true." He squeezed her hand. "Your attitude is just too...bad. Just look at the way you have been treating me and the other maids in this palace. No man wants to live with a woman like that. You might try to start being nice to him." He chuckled softly.

Hanna tried to speak but tears fell instead. She couldn't believe she was listening to Aidan about issues of the heart. She hated him and he was the only one that was there for her during difficult times. She felt really embarrassed especially after what had happened.

"I think you should be a little nice." He shrugged. "And cooking for your man and doing other things for him is not cheap. It only shows just how much you love him. It shows that you are willing to do anything for him."


"If you really love that man," He nodded, smiling really brightly. "Then you will do what it takes to make him happy. Do what I tell you and I assure you that you will have your man back. You will also live happily together. You won't regret anything. They say the way to a man's heart..." He paused and rubbed on his belly, grinning at Hanna. "...is through is stomach. He probably just wants to see how much you love him."

"Are you sure?" Hanna quavered, squeezing Aidan's hands.

Aidan chuckled. "I am really sure." He smiled. "Try that and you will never ever be disappointed. I am willing to receive any punishment if that doesn't work."

Hanna sighed nervously, rubbing her tears. "I will try. I will go to his house tomorrow morning and I just hope it will work."

"It will." Aidan got up and began going towards the door. He was gonna go back to his room. He was gonna ignore the jerk and he was gonna go to sleep. That was exactly what he was gonna do.
Walking towards the door, Aidan stopped in his tracks when he heard Hanna's voice.


Aidan took a quick look behind and smiled. "Yes!"

"Thank you." She said softly. "This was really helpful."

Without saying a word, Aidan smiled and then got out of Hanna's room smiling. He had been able to help out Hanna and felt a little better. Guess that was what he needed to cool down after all. He didn't care how Hanna was gonna treat him afterwards, all he cared about was helping out.

Aidan went back to his room and found Luis fast asleep. He walked past without even looking at him and went to the couch. He slipped under his cover and was in no time asleep.


"Here it comes," The queen mother said, getting the last stick off of Luis' wound.

"How is it, granny?" Luis asked, praying to the stars not to make him have a huge scar. "Please, tell me it is not bad."

Granny chuckled, cupping his cheeks. She then leaned up and kissed his forehead. "It is just a small scar, baby. Nothing is bad. Your wound is completely healed."

"Yes!" Luis enthused, getting up excitedly. He was in granny's room and she had just removed his foolish stitches. Man he was really happy. He was finally free. He could now continue living his life. He was now gonna fuck all the asses that he could find. He had waited too long for this and even though he didn't feel quite the same as before. He was eager to fuck all the asses in the business he could find.

Luis moved around the room excitedly, laughing and singing joyfully. He had so much happiness in his heart that he felt like he was gonna explode with happiness. His heart was racing with joy, excited at what was gonna happen once he hits town.

Coming back to his granny, he stood still and then leaned down and kissed both her cheeks. "Share my happiness, granny." He chuckled, opening his arms wide. "I am free from that thing which prevented me to go out." He shouted throughout the whole room. His anger was all gone and so was his hatred. The only thing he was feeling was intense joy. There was no word to use to express that happiness.

"But wait," He paused and leaned down in front of his granny, decorating his gorgeous face with a smile. "Am I still handsome, granny?" He raised his eyebrow, winking at his granny. Of course, he knew he was still handsome but he just wanted to hear it from another person.

"You crazy boy," Granny chuckled, hitting him on the cheeks slightly. "You know you will never get ugly. You are the most handsome boy in the world. Even with that scar, you are perfect."

"Yes!" He acted as if he had just won a billion dollar lottery. "Thanks granny for this. Now I can finally go out."

"Are you planning on going out?" Granny asked.

"Maybe not today but real soon," He laughed. "I have stayed indoors for too long, granny."

"Oh, no," Granny gasped. "Please, don't do anything silly. You know your father..."

"He is not my father," Luis said angrily. He still hadn't forgiven his father for what he had done to him. He rarely stayed with his father in the same place unless it was just a special event. He was just lucky people never knew he was married. "Had he been my father, he wouldn't have done what he did to me. I am only a subject to him. I live under his authority. I cannot do anything anymore because of fear of what he is going to do to me."

"When will you forgive your father?" Granny sighed. "You know that it hurts him..."

"Hurts him?" Luis snapped. "Hurts him? Why does it hurt him? He should be happy. He wanted what is happening. He should have thought about that before making me marry someone that I don't love. He should have thought about...anyway, forget it." He got up. "For the last three weeks my life has not been the same. I always have to live with that boy and..."

"He's not so bad." Granny said softly. Aidan is really nice and you haven't been..."

"I don't care, granny." He snarled, clenching on his fist. "I will never accept that boy, granny."

"Are you gonna go..."

"I am a playboy, granny." Luis chuckled, giving her a great smile. "That is who I am. I will never ever get married to anyone. That boy and I are nothing," He gestured with his hands. "He left this scar on my face and it will serve as a reminder of what I went through. This scar will remind me of something bad that had happened to me. He should be happy because he is enjoying the royal family's wealth. His life has been transformed and..."

"Luis," granny gestured him. "Please, stop saying that. You know he doesn't enjoy this wealth. He has even refused to..."

"His family does," Luis pointed out. "That also means that he is enjoying it as well. Please, let me enjoy my life without any disturbances. I am a playboy, I hunt for pleasure." He didn't even care that he was talking to his grandmother. He didn't even see that great frown on her face. "I will live my life to the fullest. Father can control who stays in this palace and I have respected him by allowing that boy in my room. But I will not let him tell me what to do."

After saying that, Luis stormed out of his granny's room, ignoring her even when she called for him. He was so pissed that he just wanted to rush out of the palace but he wasn't ready for that. He was gonna take his time but he was gonna give Charles the good news that his stitch was out and that meant business. He hadn't talked to Charles about fucking someone since that day he had come home. All they talked were other things whenever Charles came around.

Just thinking about talking to Charles was able to put him back in his happy mood again. He was really happy even as he went down those stairs.


Aidan was standing outside, folding his arms on his chest and admiring the wonderful environment. He loved doing that whenever he didn't have anything to do. He spent most of his time outside and at his family house. Those two kept him from thinking and getting worried. The king was not around the house together with the queen so rather than arguing with Luis, he chose to spend his day outside after having his lunch.

Standing there while admiring the environment, Aidan heard a voice coming near. It sounded like Luis and he was busy laughing and talking on the phone. Aidan was nowhere near the entrance but he could clearly see and hear Luis and he was closer to him. Somehow, he decided to pay attention to what Luis was saying.

"Yeah," Luis laughed loudly touching his chest. "The stitches were out today man. I can't believe they are out. They were the only things that kept me captive. I couldn't move around because of them."

Hearing Luis, Aidan looked at his forehead and truly the stitch was out. He was still looking as handsome as ever and somehow, Aidan felt really happy and he loved the fact that Luis was happy. But he knew that nothing was gonna be well. He had a feeling that Luis had something planned and hence the reason why he was that happy.

Luis on the other hand noticed Aidan looking at him or rather watching him. He had been noticing Aidan looking at him recently. But he just didn't care because he was hot as fuck. Any guy was bound to go crazy but he was not interested in Aidan. He was gonna fuck some hot asses come next day.

Eyeing Aidan, Luis knew exactly what to do. He was gonna show Aidan that he could live his life without the king's orders. After all, the king never mentioned anything about stopping being a playboy, right?

"Of course," Luis said excitedly. "I am back in action, if you know what I mean."

"You are really crazy man." Charles sighed. "You should really stop that."

"Why should I?" He asked. "I can't stop my game. Now that I am back, I will catch up on what I have missed out. You know very well the way I am."

"Seriously, you need to stop."

"Don't say that." He laughed, just to make Aidan hear him. "You know very well that I can't do anything without you."

"In case you don't know," Charles answered. "I have never fucked anyone in the last two weeks."

"Me neither," Luis shrugged. "But that shouldn't prevent us from having fun." He chuckled. "I know you were waiting for me. I know you couldn't have done it without your bestie."

"Look, Luis, I am done with fucking around." Charles said simply. "You are my friend but I will not help..."

"Of course, you will." He chuckled, taking a quick glance of Aidan. "Just find some sweet bubble asses for me to fuck okay? I am back in business. I need a good release. It will be payback time. I will make him scream my..."

Hearing what Luis had said, Aidan quickly moved his eyes staring the other way. He couldn't listen anymore. He was somehow hurt with what he had heard from Luis. It was really painful and hearing it from Luis' mouth was the most painful. Luis continued with his conversation but Aidan didn't want to hear anymore. He very well knew that Luis was a gay playboy so why did it hurt him when he heard that Luis was gonna be fucking someone?

"Why do I feel this way?" Aidan thought as he tried to fix himself up.

But his mood wasn't brightening up at all. He wondered why he had listened to the queen's advice. He wondered why he had thought he could have a chance with Luis. The most painful thing was realizing that he was hurting. It was really painful. He felt like his heart had suddenly caught fire. It was pounding really deeply, almost ripping out of his chest.

Aidan's tried to control his breaths but they came out as harsh. His whole body felt really hot, making him feel sweaty. His head hurt a little and he was really not okay. His face had a frown which he didn't like. He didn't even want Luis to see him so he moved his face away.

"What's wrong with me?"

He couldn't believe he was feeling like that. "When did I start falling for him?" He wondered, taking a quick glance at the fool. He was still on the phone and laughing too.

Aidan got really lost in his thoughts. He was so lost that he didn't even see the car that was coming towards him. A happy princess stepped out, heading towards Aidan.

"Aidan!" Hanna enthused, wrapping her arms around him. "Oh my god, Aidan you are great."

Aidan gave her a nervous smile which he lost.

"Your plan worked," She chuckled, holding him tightly. She had never thought she could love Aidan like the way she did. "Everything is now fine. I love you so much Aidan. I really, really, really love you, love you."

Aidan smiled nervously again, taking a long look at Luis. Then without saying a word, he began walking inside the palace, leaving the princess wondering what's going on. "Aidan!" She called loudly. "Did I say something wrong?"

She looked at him and then her brother.

"Tomorrow would be nice," She heard him say. "Just find a cute guy." That's when it hit her. Aidan was sad because of the conversation Luis was having with whoever it was he was talking with. Even her mood was spoilt when she saw how sad he was. He had just helped her get back with her boyfriend. She didn't even smile anymore.

"Aidan!" She followed him behind. "Aidan, please wait."


Aidan quickly entered the palace, rushing past the living room. He heard footsteps behind and he knew the princess was behind him. Hearing her footsteps, he quickly rushed and reached the elevator. Just when it was about to close, the princess rushed in and pressed a key which he didn't even know.

"Aidan!" She spoke softly. "I am really sorry. Please, forgive me for everything."

"It's fine," Aidan smiled faintly. "Don't worry about it. I am glad that you got back with your boyfriend." He was trying to look as confident as he could but he was not fooling anyone. "I am really happy for you. It is always good to help out other people. Just call on me whenever you have any problems. I will be there no matter what. You can count on me to assist you on anything alright?"

"Aidan..." She said softly.

"I am fine, my princess."

"It's Hanna." She smiled. "Please, call me Hanna. From now on you are my friend."

They stayed silent until the elevator door opened. Seeing the door wide open, Aidan quickly got out, realizing that he was on the wrong floor. It was Hanna's floor. Realizing that, he quickly tried to go back but Hanna gripped his arm.

"Please, come with me."

She took him to her room and made him sit on the bed. Then she sat close to him and cupped his hand, slowly rubbing on it. Then she asked him a question that left him dumbstruck.

"Are you in love with Luis?"

Aidan looked straight at the princess, wondering where she had gotten that question. He quickly opened his mouth but no word came out. He tried his best but he felt like he had a huge lump in his throat. He didn't even know how to answer so it was better that he kept his mouth shut.

"Please, tell me the truth." She pleaded, rubbing on the tip of his hand. "Have you fallen for my brother?"

Aidan took a deep breath and nodded. That was all that he could do at that time. He didn't even know if he wanted to speak or tell anyone that he was falling for the prince.

"Oh my god," Hanna gasped, touching her chest in astonishment. "When did this happen? I thought you said you didn't love him."

Aidan slightly closed his eyes and exhaled loudly. "I didn't love him. Everything just happened suddenly." He spoke softly. "We were always arguing for the first week I came here. But during the second week...I had a dream about him and since then...I started falling in love with him. I think the queen's words might have contributed to it too." He sighed.

"Mother?" Hanna gasped. "What does mother have to do with any of this?"

"She spoke to me about it and begged me to give him a chance." He took a deep breath and then got closer to Hanna. "But what's the big deal? What I feel is not real. It is probably nothing. I absolutely don't think I love him. It was just a mistake."

"A mistake?" Hanna asked, chuckling softly. "That can't be a mistake. I saw your mood back there. You were hurt with the type of conversation that he was having, right?"

"To be honest," He took a deep breath. "Those words hit me so hard. I never thought I would feel that way about him. I don't like what I am feeling. It needs to stop so that I can live my own life in peace."

"You can't control it." Hanna chuckled softly. "He is your husband and what he is doing is wrong, if you ask me."

"Let it be." Aidan said, trying to smile. But he couldn't. Why the hell was he feeling that way about a jerk? "I knew what I got myself into the first day the king got us married. He is just living his own life and so should I. He has every right to do what he is doing. He doesn't owe me any explanation."

"But he is cheating on you." Hanna said in a serious tone. "He is going to commit adultery. You may not be a perfect couple but...he shouldn't do that to you. He should think about his marriage and..."

"What's a marriage when there is no communication?" Aidan sighed. "We are just married by name. Both us know exactly what we got involved in. I shouldn't interfere in his life. I am gonna forget about everything and just live my life."

"But you are hurting." Hanna started. "You should think about yourself as well."

"He doesn't love me." Aidan said loudly. "He doesn't even consider me. All we do is arguing all of our lives."

"Given a chance," Hanna started. "Can you stop him?"

Aidan looked at Hanna without any single expression on his face. "Yes," He gave a gloomy sigh. "If it was within my powers I would stop him. But even if I told him about how I have started feeling...he will never understand me. He will just insult me."

"What if I tell you that I want to help you?" Hanna said confidently. "I had made a mistake of supporting him and I now know just how good you are. You helped me win my love back. Let me help you win your love."

"How?" Aidan shrugged. "He clearly feels nothing for me."

"We don't know that for sure." Hanna emphasized, getting closer to Aidan. "I can try to delay this meeting he has but you have to do every other thing. He only cares about himself but you should stop thinking about him and show him that you only care about your reputation either. We are going to deprive him of that which he requires." Hanna gave an evil on her face. "It will definitely work okay?"

"But how..."

"Leave everything to me." Hanna grinned. "I will tell you everything. But we need to plan. We need a plan that can make him come to you."

"Come to..."

"Don't worry," Hanna hit Aidan on the thigh. "You are really fierce and you fear no one. Let's see just how he will cheat on you. You may not like it but I will not allow my brother to commit adultery. That is one of the offences of this kingdom."

Aidan had clearly heard what Hanna had to say and honestly, he didn't like the idea. Sure, he was feeling something for Luis. But it was not powerful. He didn't even know if it was love or lust or even an obsession. The way he felt when Luis was near him was super charged. He loved the feeling a lot but that didn't mean he was in love. He still felt something but he wasn't sure it was love.


Luis rushed into his room, happy and really excited. He moved his hand and rubbed on his forehead. The stitch was no longer there. It was just a stupid scar which was left. That stitch had made him stay home for the last two weeks. That scar had made him miss out on all the asses in town. But now he was gonna fuck. He was gonna fuck till his balls were empty. He was gonna fuck until he was satisfied. It was gonna be a revenge for staying away for the last two weeks.

"Yes," Luis said excitedly, throwing himself on the bed. He buried his head and then shouted out. Only muffled screams could be heard. He was just too happy. Nothing was gonna prevent him from fucking this time, nothing.

As he lay on the bed, feeling really happy, the door opened and Aidan came rushing inside, not even bothering to look at him. Then suddenly, he went to the mirror and picked up Luis' favorite comb. He untied his hair, letting it loose all over his face and then began combing it.

"What the..." Luis furiously got from the bed. Then he went to Aidan, gripped him and turned him around. He looked different with his hair untied but he was still really handsome. "What the fuck are you doing?" Luis yelled. "Didn't I tell you not to..."

"Sorry," Aidan said, putting the comb down. "My bad," He then picked another comb and then began combing his hair. He hadn't even realized that he was using Luis' comb. The last thing he wanted to do was argue with Luis or look for his trouble.

"Look, I know that you..."

"I thought I said I was sorry." Aidan shrugged, not even stopping what he was doing. "Please, I have said sorry already. Just go back and..."

'What's wrong with you, uh?" Luis snapped. He knew his father was not around so he had to yell. "What are you trying to do? I am in a really happy mood today so don't you..."

"So am I?" Aidan quickly tied the band. "I am also in a really good mood and I don't want it to get ruined because of you. So leave me the hell alone."

He walked away and sat on the couch. Surprisingly, Luis followed him and stood still, looking at him in anger. "If you are trying to do something to me then..."

"I am not trying to do anything but if you don't get out from here I will."

"I knew it," Luis snapped. "You have seen that I have removed the stitch and now you want to...inflict another wound on me."

"That sounds like a good idea." Aidan smiled brightly. This was always how they argued when the king was not around. Luis always found ways to talk to him and make him mad. "Just get away from here."

"This is my room. I am warning you..."

"Our room," Aidan corrected, smirking brightly. "Last I checked, this room belongs to the two of us."

"It belongs to me." Luis shouted in Aidan's face. "This room is all mine. You are just a disturbance here but I will find a way to get rid of you. You may be staying here but I own this room. I have every right to do what I want. You live by my..."
"I am really tired," Aidan said, feeling his headache kicking in. "I don't have time to argue like before. I would really love to rest. So..."

"You can't tell me what to do." Luis shouted, dropping his hands. Arguing with Aidan had become like a tradition. To be completely honest, Luis felt really happy at times arguing with Aidan. Sometimes he was not even angry at all but just wanted to argue. "This is my room and..."

"I sleep on this couch." Aidan said softly, trying to lie down. "This is my part so leave me alone. Or do you want me to go and sleep on your comfy bed."

"Do that and it will be the last thing you will ever do." Luis warned, pointing his hand at Aidan.

"Then leave me alone." He begged. "I need to rest. I have a lot of things to do tomorrow. I need to rest okay?"

Luis snarled, clenching on his teeth hard. "Let me warn you for the last time." He pondered. "Stay away from my stuff or it will be really bad for you. I don't want..."

"Uh!" Aidan rolled his eyes and lay on the couch. He closed his eyes and pretended to snore. He didn't want Luis to disturb him anymore. He had something to do the next day. He just wanted to rest.

"Go ahead and do that," Luis groaned, getting away from Aidan. Then he went away and lay on his bed. He took out his phone and began chatting with his friends on social media. He was just patiently waiting for the day to end so that he would fuck someone's brains out come next day. He was looking forward to it especially after begging and convincing Charles to find a guy for him. He just had no time but whoever was the guy, he was gonna scream in pleasure.


The rest of the day went absolutely perfect. Aidan woke up late in the evening and had his dinner. He ate patiently and then retired to his room where he completely avoided and ignored Luis. He just didn't have the strength to argue with him anymore. All he wanted to do was rest. That day, he didn't even visit his family. He was just in the palace.

Early the next morning, Aidan had a long chat with Hanna. She seemed pretty determined to help him out and he appreciated her for that. She had changed in just a flash and he couldn't have loved her even more.

"My brother is going too far." Hanna said softly. "I don't know why he is even doing this. But we have to do everything to stop him."

"I know that."


"But I am not sure how to do it." Aidan sighed. "I know that our plan is great but what if he..."

"You are married to him," Hanna said, cupping his cheeks. "I once made a mistake of hating you but...I can't see you hurt. I see that you are a good boy. My brother will never find anyone better. What he is about to do is wrong. If father finds out...I can't even start imagining what he is going to do. He might even..."

"Punish me," Aidan chimed in. "I know the king will be really mad if he finds out. Maybe you are right. I have to try and save myself. I have to."


Luis came out of the shower, toweling his hair. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and his mood was really bright. He could feel his body vibrating in pleasure, reminding him of the fun that he was gonna have that afternoon. Getting out of his room, he took a quick glance at the watch. It was almost 4.pm, the perfect time for him to go.

Luis dropped the towel he was using to dry his hair and went to the lotions. He picked the lotion which he very well knew smelt absolutely amazing. Then he quickly went to the room where he kept his clothes. He knew he had to look sexy that day so that he could attract the guy to him.

Luis picked out a deep blue shirt, a black designer's skinny jean and white shoes. He first got dressed in white boxer briefs and dressed in his clothes. Then he left the room smiling and whistling. He was really happy and his mood was no difference. He wanted to scream in happiness. He wanted to shout. He wanted to fly. He was really happy he was gonna be doing what he hadn't done in three weeks.

It was gonna be a super sexy day for him. He was gonna fuck the guy's brains out. He was gonna make him scream. He was gonna make him ride his cock. And he was gonna make him yell. Then after, he was gonna throw money at him like whore. He was really happy.

Reaching his room, he went straight to the huge mirror and checked himself out. He was looking irresistibly sexy and super hot. He took a comb and made his hair as beautiful as he could. Then he took out his cologne and sprayed it on himself. He was ready to go. He was ready to go and start his adventure.

With one final check in the mirror, Luis picked up his tablet, phone and wallet. Then he left, singing a happy song. Reaching the stairs, he met with his mother. He was happy it was his mother otherwise had it been his father, his mood would have definitely been ruined.

"Where is my handsome son going?" Queen Ruby asked, grinning at him.

"I am hanging out with Charles," He lied, smiling brightly. "You know I haven't gone out in the last two weeks. I just wanna have fun with my friend."

"Aren't you gonna take..."

"Mom," Luis snarled. "Please, you are ruining my mood." He pleaded. "I don't wanna talk about that boy. I just want to enjoy my evening with my friend. Don't ruin it for me."

"You are right," Ruby said, fixing his shirt. "I am really sorry for that. I didn't mean to..."

"It's fine mom," He smiled brightly. Then he went at a distance and opened his arms wide. "Tell me, mom, how do I look?"

Hearing his question, the queen raised her hand and gestured him, slightly closing one eye. "You look absolutely fabulous."

"Oh, thanks," Luis chuckled getting closer to him. He gripped her and hugged really tightly. "This surely means a lot, especially coming from you. I love you so much."

"I love you too." Ruby said softly, patting on his back. Then she pulled away and just held him tightly. She planted soft kisses on his cheeks. "Have a good time." She really had no idea where he was going. "And please, don't come back late."

"I won't," Luis kissed her back.

Then in just a jiffy, he was gone. He was really happy and the rest of the way, he just smiled.


The car parked in front of the huge five star hotel where Luis was supposed to meet the guy he had come to fuck. He was gonna meet in a certain room and he couldn't wait anymore. As soon as the car stopped, the guard quickly moved out and opened the door for Luis, bowing his head.

Luis smiled and then got out of the car, grinning brightly. His eyes immediately went to the huge hotel. He breathed in the air and felt himself calming down. He was suddenly feeling nervous especially after staying for three weeks without fucking anyone. What surprised him was that his cock wasn't hard. It was just flaccid and nothing like that had ever happened before.

"Here we go." Luis breathed, slowly rubbing on his thigh.

He took a quick breath and began heading into the wonderful elegant hotel. He was feeling really happy and his nerves were getting the best of him. Entering the hotel, he saw people staring at him gasping and waving at him. Luis just smiled and made a grand entrance. He stole the spotlight. Every eye was on him, staring at him as if he was an angel from above. He loved the grand entrance and the attention that he got from all the people. It only added to his pleasure and his eagerness.

Smiling brightly, Luis went straight to the reception. Even the receptionist was crushing on him. He loved it a lot and wouldn't have loved for anything else to change. He really loved all the attention that he was getting.

"Hey!" He winked at the receptionist who literally died and gasped. "Reservation for room 654," He smiled.

"Yes," The receptionist smiled, still looking at him. She quickly grabbed the key and handed it over to him.

"Thank you." He smiled brightly.

"Is there anything else?" She asked, breathing in deeply. She seemed breathless and he could clearly see that she was lusting on him.

"I will call," He gestured, moving straight to the elevator.

Luis quickly rushed to the elevator, anxious and eager to start his fucking. For a moment he was just gonna forget about what had happened and concentrate on what was gonna happen. It didn't take long and he was on the 9th floor. He took a deep breath, putting his hands in his pocket. Then he got out and starting walking elegantly, checking the whole room numbers.

He didn't have to check really long as he saw a blond guy leaning towards a wall, near a door. He could tell that was his guy waiting for him. Luis smiled and then breathed in audibly. He could almost smell the sex and he could almost hear the screams and cries of pleasure. Fuck! He was excited.

Moving closer to the guy, his eyes went to that ass which was parked in a deep blue skinny jean. It seemed bubbly and he nodded, chirping in pleasure. The guy had a good body and he could already see that. He was gonna enjoy himself for real.

Reaching the guy, Luis cleared his throat and the guy immediately turned his head. He was really handsome and he loved them like that. Very soon he was gonna have that face filled with pleasure. He was gonna have him suck his cock and he was gonna fuck him.

"Are you not..." The guy trailed off and then bowed his head. He had probably realized that Luis was the prince. "...Is it you or is there someone else coming, your highness?" He definitely knew him.

"Don't worry," Luis said, getting his key card out. "It is me," He swiped and the door opened. He let himself in and the guy followed behind. He closed the door and sat on the bed.

He looked at the guy and saw he was really excited. But one thing was on his mind. "I don't want what happens here to go out there." He warned. "I have an..."

"Don't worry," The guy chuckled nervously. "I have had many clients, powerful and with families too. What happens stays in this room. Out there, we don't know each other personally."

"Good!" Luis said, slowly rubbing on his beards. "I like you. I really, really like you a lot."

"Thank you." The guy said. "It is my honor to..."

"Have my cock," Luis chuckled, not minding the word he had used. "Don't worry. It will give you so much pleasure..."

"I am really excited," The guy said. "I can't wait to start."

Luis chuckled and then opened his arms wide. "Then what are you waiting for?" He asked, giving a satisfied chuckle. "Let's begin,"

The guy gasped and then quickly removed his shoes. He threw his shoes and then slipped to his boxer brief. Luis had a long look at him and surely, he was really cute and he had a nice body. He was somewhere around his age and he loved his body so much. From that bulge in his pants, Luis could tell that the guy was really hard.

Luis watched as the guy came seductively towards him. He knelt before him and then began removing his shoes. He threw them away and then removed his socks. Then the guy did a surprising thing that shocked Luis and filled him with pleasure as well. Taking Luis' socks off, the guy took the foot and began licking on it, sending pleasurable vibrations all over Luis' body. He couldn't help but moan softly.

"Oh yeah," Luis moaned softly, slightly closing his eyes. "That feels so good. Make my cock hard," He groaned. "Suck my toes."

Encouraged by Luis' moans and groans, the guy sucked Luis' toes like it was food. He was so good at what he was doing, a professional. Luis could already feel his cock responding but it was not definitely rising yet. He was in pleasure and he encouraged the guy to continue with what he was doing.

The guy continued sucking for a number of minutes before he finally stopped. Then he traced his hands up Luis' legs, reaching the thighs. He stopped on the thighs and began massaging on them, drawing moans from Luis' mouth.

"Fuck!" Luis swore, gasping for air. He was in real pleasure and the way he felt was absolutely amazing. He wanted it to continue. "Higher," Luis commanded. "Go higher," He moaned. "Massage my cock. Make me cum..."

The guy moved his hands upwards and reached Luis' crotch. He immediately trembled, feeling blood rushing to his cock. He suddenly got hard. His cock was throbbing painfully, hitting against his boxer brief. Fuck, he was ready to fuck the guy now.

"Get it out," Luis commanded.

Hearing Luis' command, the guy chuckled sensually and moved his hands to Luis' belt. He slowly began unbuckling the belt, planting soft kisses on Luis' thighs. Luis' moans just went another level. He was in total pleasure. He was ready to fuck.

"Oh shit!" Luis moaned, slightly moving on the bed. "Yeah, that feels so good." He dropped his head and then more moans escaped his throat. He was urging the guy to hurry it up.

The guy unbuckled Luis' belt and then kissed harder on his thigh through his jean. Then he moved his hand to his zipper and unzipped him. "Get it out." Luis commanded.

"Yes, master," The guy moaned, giving a teasing chuckle. He moved his hands and began slipping them into Luis' trouser...before...he got interrupted by a knock. He stopped what he was doing and stared at the prince. Luis on the other hand got out of his pleasure mood and stared at the door. Who the fuck was at the door?


"Forget it," Luis said in a horny voice. "Continue what you are doing. Just ignore it. It is probably room service. They shouldn't..." Luis trailed off when an impatient knock was heard. "...what the fuck!" Luis snapped, furiously getting up. "Who is it?"

But there no answer and he suddenly got angry. His voice trembled in anger and he was ready to snap at whoever was at the door. "Who is it?" There was still no answer. He quickly zipped up and began walking towards the door, cursing.

Luis was really mad. Someone had just disturbed him while he was in pleasure. He didn't accept it one bit. He was gonna make the person who was at the door pay. He didn't like it at all. It was probably some room service or someone who worked at the hotel. What kind of people did they have working at the hotel?

"I am coming," Luis said impatiently. He reached the door and held the knob. He had a huge frown on his face that showed just how displeased he was. Here he was thanking his lucky stars he had moved away from Aidan only to be disturbed by some room service.

Quickly opening the door Aidan groaned and said, "What the hell is your pro..." Luis trailed off when he saw who was at the door. His frown suddenly faded, replaced by a face that was surprised. He became speechless and his whole body felt cold. His heart was already pounding deep in his chest, making his breaths really harsh. His body suddenly trembled in fear and he had no idea why.

"Ad...Aidan..." Luis stammered. Aidan was standing right in front of him wearing a really wonderful smile. He was dressed in a simple blue t-shirt, a black skinny jean and white snickers. His hair was tied in a ponytail as usual. "What...are you..."

"What am I doing here?" Aidan interjected, pushing Luis away. He made his way into the room, surprising Luis a lot. Luis was not even angry. He was supposed to be angry but he was rather scared and surprised.


"I came here...just call it...I don't know." Aidan entered the room and saw the naked guy seated on the bed. He was only wearing a boxer brief and by the look of things, the guy was really hard.

"Aidan...what are you doing here?"

"Well, I came here to..."

"Who is he?" The guy said, covering his crotch with his hands. "Is he one of your guys? Did he come here to join us?"

"What?" Aidan snapped, crossing his arms on his chest. Aidan was really angry that Luis had almost cheated on him. But he wasn't gonna show that. "Look, I am not a whore like you." He pointed at the guy. "I am a really decent guy. This man here is..."

"Get out of here?" Luis suddenly gathered the confidence. He came in front of Aidan and stood right in front of him, blocking his view from the guy. "Go back home and..."

"Why?" Aidan chuckled softly. "Why should I go home while my..."

"Aidan, go home." Luis yelled. "Get out of here."

"I will not go anywhere." Aidan said confidently, dropping his hands to his hips. "Why should I go while you are here?" He asked. "I will stay right here and..."

"Please, who is he?" The guy quavered.

"Who am I?" Aidan pointed at himself. Then he shrugged and gave a teasing laugh."Did he seriously ask me that?" Aidan asked Luis and then moved his eyes to the guy. "Well, in case you must know." He looked at Luis and smiled. "This man you are with is my..."

"Aidan, I beg you," Luis was losing it. "Leave this place."

"Why should I?" Aidan snapped, moving closer to the guy. "Well, this man that you are with is my husband." He shouted, filling the whole room with his voice. "He is my husband and we are married. So get up, get dressed and leave this place before I do something to you." Aidan's tone sounded really angrily, surprising Luis. He couldn't believe Aidan had just said that. He was left speechless and couldn't utter a word.

"He's your husband?" The guy gasped. Aidan could feel fear in his voice. "But..."

"Was I speaking in tongues the first time I said it?" Aidan snarled, rolling his eyes in anger. "Get your ass up and get dressed. Then get out of this room and never ever come back."

Trembling in fear of Aidan, the guy quickly picked up his clothes and got dressed. His shirt was not buttoned up. His trouser was not buckled and he was holding his shoes. It was clear that Aidan had put fear into him. He definitely loved it like that. Then after that, the guy quickly began walking away, breathing harshly.

"Just a minute," Aidan said, getting closer to the guy who had suddenly stood when he spoke. Reaching him, Aidan went in front of him and wore a serious face. "Let this be the first and last time I will see you around my husband." He warned, pointing his angry finger at the guy. "Warn even everyone who is like you okay? Stay away from my husband. This time I will let you go but next time," He chirped, nodding his head. "I will deal with you. I might look small and young but I will definitely deal with you." He warned. "Now get out of here." He roared, scaring the shit out of the guy.

The guy rushed out of the room, scared and panting in fear. Seeing what had happened, Aidan began laughing, touching his chest. He couldn't believe what had happened. He couldn't still believe he had done that. "OMG,"

Luis on the other hand was dumbstruck. He was speechless and filled with so many questions. Did Aidan just do that, he thought as some sort of power took control of him. He tried to move his mouth but ended up frowning. He moved his head to the other side, closing his eyes slightly. His face was turning red and he had no idea why. He was not angry or anything but just flabbergasted. Aidan had just ruined his fun.

Taking a deep breath, Luis quickly rushed to Aidan and gripped his arm. Then he pulled him and brought him closer. "What do you think you are doing, uh?" He asked, gesturing at the boy. "What are you..."

"Please, I don't have time for this." Aidan turned but was again gripped by Luis. He rolled his eyes in frustration, trying to get rid of what he felt.

"What did you do?"

"Look, I only did that..."

"Who do you think you are to interfere?" He snapped, groaning at Aidan. "Why did you even come here? How did you even know that I am here?" He asked, gripping his hair. "Did you follow me here?"

"It doesn't matter," Aidan gave Luis a teasing smile. "The only thing here is that I have stopped you. And that's all I came here to do. I have achieved what..."

"Why do you always have to ruin everything?" Luis yelled, brushing his hair off. He had never been humiliated like that before. He was ready to fuck the guy but now everything was ruined. "Can't you just leave me alone? What do you want from me?"
"Nothing!" Aidan said simply, folding his arms as if what he had done was nothing. "I want nothing from you. There is nothing that you can give me."

"Then why did you come here?" Luis snapped, pointing his angry finger at Aidan. "Why did you have to ruin everything?"

"Oh, please," Aidan shrugged, raising his eyebrows. "Did you actually think I was gonna sit and watch you come here and cheat? You seriously have no idea. This also involved me okay? If the king found out about it I would be in trouble too. As far as we are concerned, we are legally married and that was gonna be adultery. And please, don't yell at me. You should be thanking me because I just saved you..."

"Shut up!" Luis furiously sat on the bed and pulled on his hair. Then he growled and began ranting. "Why can't you just leave me alone?" You always find opportunities to embarrass me."

"I thought I told you to stop shouting." Aidan warned, pointing his finger at Luis. "I will not allow you to shout at me when I have done absolutely nothing. ..."

"Nothing..." Luis furiously got up. "You just..."

"Stop shouting," Aidan said. "You will just embarrass yourself and the royal family. I will not let you do this, ever. You are married and you are my husband." He smiled brightly. "I will not let you do that to me. Now sweetheart," He chuckled softly. "Please, stop embarrassing yourself and grow some balls."

"What?" Luis yelled. "I thought..."

"Uh," Aidan gestured for him to stop. "I don't have time for this. I have already done what I came here to do." He said softly. "I think my job here is done."

Aidan gave a smirk and then began walking out before Luis followed him. He got out of the room and was already heading for the elevator when Luis blocked him. "I will not..."

"You are already embarrassing yourself." He chuckled teasingly, eyeing Luis up and down. "I think you need to get dressed alright?"

With a soft chuckled, Aidan pushed Luis and pressed the elevator button. It quickly opened and he climbed through, waving at Luis with a smirk. He pressed the first floor and he felt the elevator moving. Aidan's smirk got lost the shaft closed. He was suddenly filled with sorrow. He had stopped Luis the first time but what was going to happen the second time? He didn't like the way he was feeling. He wanted to willing trade what he felt with something else but it was a part of him he couldn't get rid of. And he had no idea how Luis was gonna treat him from that time onwards. What had he gotten himself into?


Seeing Aidan going into the elevator, Luis rushed to the room and quickly dressed up and put on his shoes. Then without locking the door, he ran to the elevator, pressing on the tiny button. It actually didn't open. It had reached the fifth floor. He needed to find Aidan soon and put him in his place. What he had done was probably too much.

Seeing that the elevator wouldn't reach up that fast, Luis began running towards the door where the staircases were. He climbed as fast as he could, praying and hoping he would find Aidan before he reached downstairs. He rushed as fast as he could and by the time he reached down, he was sweating terribly.

Reaching down, he went straight to the elevator. He realized that it was already going up again which meant that Aidan had left the elevator. Realizing that Aidan had left, Luis began looking around to see if he could spot him. He was panting from the energy that had left him while he was using the stairs.

Moving his eyes around, he saw Aidan going away at a distance. Luis quickly moved and began rushing towards him. He wanted to find him. "Aidan!" He called, filling his whole voice in the whole hotel. Everyone heard him and they were looking at him. He was running as fast as he could.

Hearing Luis' voice, Aidan increased his pace, quickly heading for the exit. He just wanted to get out of there. He didn't want to argue with Luis in front of all those people and guests.

"Aidan, wait," Luis called.

Aidan heard Luis' voice get closer. He instantly began running out. He quickly got out and just as he had instructed, the door was already open. He quickly entered the car, locked the door and instructed the driver to drive away. The car immediately started moving away from the hotel. As the car moved, Aidan took a quick glance behind, smiling brightly when he saw Luis running after the car.

Luis on the other hand stared at the moving car. He was running out of breath, panting terribly. He quickly took a deep breath and rushed to where his car was parked. As soon as the guard saw him, he opened the door wide for Luis.

"Let's go." Luis instructed as he entered the car. The car started moving soon after his instruction. He was in no hurry to go home since he was gonna meet Aidan at home. Luis had never seen such a thing. It had never happened to him before. Aidan was a pain in the ass. He was everywhere he went, ruining everything that he did. He still couldn't believe Aidan had ruined his wonderful time. He had just been about to fuck a hot guy and Aidan had ruined it all.

Realizing what Aidan had done to him, Luis felt his heart pounding. His breaths were really harsh and he was panting like a wild animal. He was really wet from the sweat and his mood was changing. His moment, his wonderful moment had just been ruined by Aidan. He still could remember how the boy had talked to the man he was supposed to fuck. He still remembered how the man's face had reddened probably from fear.

"Fuck!" Luis cursed, clenching on the car seat. "Who gave him that right?" He spoke softly. No one was able to hear him. "He has done it this time. I am going to teach him a really big lesson. He will think twice before doing what he did. How dare he ruin my precious moment?"

Luis clenched on his fists so hard, feeling his body vibrating in anger. He quickly instructed the driver to hurry it up. He couldn't wait anymore. He needed to reach home and teach Aidan to know his place and to keep his stupid attitude to himself. Fuck! He was fuming.

"Hurry it up," Luis commanded, hitting his hand on the seat. "I want to reach palace as soon as possible."

"Yes, your highness." The driver bowed his head, hitting on the accelerator.

The car's speed changed to somewhat super speed. Luis loved it like that. He didn't want to wait anymore. The journey to the palace didn't take long. In no time they were already in the palace. The car parked and the guard quickly got out to open the door for the prince but too late the prince had already the door for himself, for the first time ever. He was already heading inside.

Reaching the living room, Luis didn't see anyone. They were probably in their rooms since it was already 9. Pm. Taking a deep breath, he furiously walked to the elevator and in no time at all he was heading upstairs to his room. It didn't take long and he found himself at the door.

Growling loudly in anger, Luis opened the door and let himself in. He saw Aidan seated on his bed with his face buried in his palm. Now he was sitting on his bed, he thought? This was really it. He had reached the last stroll.

Luis furiously moved towards the bed and stood still in front of Aidan. He was staring at him with a cold look, the boy that had ruined his evening.

"What were you doing at that hotel?" Luis asked harshly, feeling his body trembling. "What are you even doing on my bed?"

Hearing Luis' question, Aidan rose from the bed and stared deep into Luis' eyes. He was suddenly welcomed by a deep emotion that he couldn't understand. It was like he was possessed right there. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Luis' beautiful blue eyes.

"What?" Aidan shrugged, smiling brightly. "What do you want me to say? Did you expect me to..."

"You ruined my evening." Luis snapped, gripping a pillow from the bed in anger. He quickly threw it away and grunted. "Why do you have to always ruin everything? Can't you understand a thing? I don't want you to interfere in my life. I was supposed to be enjoying myself now but thanks to you that isn't happening." He yelled.

"Well, you were about to commit adultery." Aidan shrugged, rolling his eyes. "I save you from it. You should be ashamed of yourself for even doing that. And you call yourself a royal prince while you are out there embarrassing yourself and the royal household. What you were about to do was an embarrassment to the royal family and to me as well."

"So what?" Luis snapped, snarling. "How is that your business? Why should it matter to you? You are not part of my life."

"Of course," Aidan chuckled nervously. "It shouldn't matter to me because you are shameless and..."

"I am tired of you," Luis complained, hitting his leg on the ground. "I am tired of your shit and I am tired of everything. I have been warning you to stay away from me but that's really difficult for you. Why can't you understand that I don't want you? Leave me alone." He yelled, trying to sound softly. "I have tried everything just for you to stay away from me but that's..."

"You should have thought of that before..."

"Shut up!" Luis shouted, trembling in anger. "Since you don't want to listen," He gave a bitter laugh, getting closer to Aidan. "How about I beat you up right now? How about I beat it into you so that you can stay the fuck away from me?"

"You wouldn't dare?" Aidan babbled, taking a few steps behind. "You wouldn't dare do that?"

"Oh yeah," Luis shrugged, nodding his head. "Well, I am going to beat you up for what you did to me today and for everything." He warned. "I am going to teach you a lesson which you will never forget in your life." He yelled, clenching on his fist. He was groaning and he was getting closer to Aidan who seemed scared. "Isn't that what you want?"

"Get away from me." Aidan warned, gesturing Luis to stop. "I am going to scream. I will call the king and..."

"You can't do that." Luis glowered, moving closer to Aidan with his clenched fists. "You wouldn't dare do that? But go ahead and see..."

"Is that a challenge?" Aidan asked, stopping on his tracks. "I will not hesitate to scream."

"You wouldn't dare because you will be in trouble too." Luis laughed softly. "I know you are bluffing but I am going to beat you up and there is nothing you can do."

Hearing Luis' words, Aidan's heart began pounding. The guy he was with seemed really serious and he needed to do something. Clearing his throat, Aidan did something that scared Luis a lot. Even Aidan was surprised he did that. He screamed the king's name.

"Help, My king, he is about to beat me. My king,"

Hearing Aidan's screams for help, Luis got scared. He got really scared and his heart began pounding in his chest, making him even more scared. He quickly rushed towards Aidan and covered his mouth with his hand, signaling him to stop his screams.

"Stop it!" Luis hinted, signaling his head to the door. "Are you trying to get us both in trouble?"

Aidan moved his head away, releasing his head. "It is better than being beaten by you. I would rather face the wrath of the king than have you lay your hands on me." He panted, giving a soft chuckle. Then he got serious again. "Somebody help me." This time his voice was really high. Luis felt like something had just pierced his skin. His anger all melted away, replaced by the fear that swept him off his feet.

"Somebody, please..." Before he could finish his sentence, Luis covered his mouth shut, trying his best to make sure that his hand never left that mouth.

"I didn't mean it." Luis smiled for the first time since he had been staying with Aidan. He actually smiled to try and calm the boy down. He had a really wonderful smile and Aidan couldn't help but get lost into it. He fell deeper in love with him. Only God knew exactly how much he was in love with that man. "Please, I was only joking." He smiled. "You know..."

"You don't joke around." Aidan said, trying his best to get away from Luis. He was scared because Luis was probably mad at him. "You will beat up after. I can't trust you." He then took a deep breath, ready to scream.

Seeing Aidan taking in a deep breath, Luis knew what was gonna follow next. He knew the reason why Aidan had taken that deep breath was so that he could scream louder than he had screamed before. Luis couldn't take that risk. His heart was pounding so hard and his fears were getting the best of him. He was trembling, trying his very best to make Aidan stop but nothing was working. If he didn't do anything soon, he knew the king was gonna hear and was gonna incur his wrath on them. The boy probably didn't know the consequences of disobeying the king but Luis really did and it got him scared.

In that situation, Luis was really skilled. He knew how to shut people up. He was gonna use that method to try and save his life. He sighed and then stared at the boy.


Before he could even finish that sentence, Luis leaned down and locked his lips with the boy's lips, making sure that there was no way the boy would scream. Once their lips touched, Luis felt like he was suddenly possessed by something that he had never felt before in his life.

His body first vibrated rhythmically, sending powerful electrical impulses down his spine. Then adrenaline took effect and made him weak. His body suddenly caught fire and his heart began racing with joy. His mind simply froze and his whole being just surrendered to the wonderful feeling that took over his body. It was like powerful electrical emotional feelings that had been buried rose to the surface. He couldn't control what he was feeling anymore. He felt like he no longer controlled his body. His lips twitched in pleasure, making his body tremble.

Feeling that powerful emotional feeling that couldn't control, Luis closed his eyes and just let it take him. He tried to fight it but he couldn't do it anymore. Why try to fight what he couldn't defeat. He just gave in and left everything to that feeling. As his eyes closed shut, his lips began moving against the boy's as his hands gripped Aidan's waist.

Aidan on the other hand was left dumbfounded. He couldn't believe it was happening. He couldn't believe he had Luis' lips on his. He couldn't believe Luis was giving him a kiss, a real kiss. It was definitely not a dream.

At first Aidan tried to fight Luis. He didn't want to continue with what was happening. It felt wrong and he didn't want to continue with it. But feeling Luis' lips moving on his and his arms on his waist, Aidan's eyes widened, looking straight at the man whose eyes were closed. He lost his breath and then raised both his arms and began retaliating. He began beating on Luis' chest as fast and hard as he could, trying to get away from him while he held his breath. He did this several times but each time he did, he could feel Luis' kisses intensifying and his arms on his waist.

After what felt like a really long time, Aidan gave up. He breathed and then closed his eyes, as his beating subsided till he eventually stopped and just slowly rubbed on Luis' chest. His lips began moving and he responded to the kiss. His heart was already racing. His breaths were getting out of control. His body was on fire. His mind was lost. He couldn't think clearly. He wanted to go on and on. He never wanted it to stop. He just wanted it to continue for all eternity. He felt like he was on top of the world, walking on sunshine.

Each kiss he shared with Luis was passionate and lovely. The way his lips moved against Luis...the way he felt each time he rubbed against Luis' lips...the way his body vibrated in pleasure when he felt like he was possessed...the deep feeling he was feeling deep inside of him. Everything was just beautiful.

Luis couldn't believe he was doing it. He couldn't believe he was actually kissing someone. He never kissed. In fact, he never even remembered the last time he kissed. Not even the first kiss had been as passionate as that one. He had his every being into that kiss. The way his body vibrated each time he kissed Aidan was super hot. It was better than any pleasure he had ever experienced. It was better than sex.

Holding Aidan's waist so tightly, Luis brought him closer and then took the kiss to another level. He took Aidan's took lip and sucked it hard, not forgetting to brush on it. The moan that escaped both their lips and into each other's mouths was amazing, sending even more vibrations down Luis' spine. He couldn't help but moan.

As he was sucking on those wonderfully sweet lips, Luis felt his cock rising in his pants. It was really rising and faster than before. In just a few seconds, it was rock hard, pressed painfully against his boxer brief. It was throbbing painfully, rubbing against his crotch, begging to be released. He couldn't help but moan.

Aidan on the other hand was on cloud nine, feeling his lip in Luis' mouth. His body vibrated each time Luis sucked. It was incredible. Aidan was being filled with so much pleasure unlike he had ever felt before. His own cock was painfully hard, pressed against his crotch. He wanted Luis. He wanted him. He wanted more than the kisses that he was he receiving. He wanted Luis to go all the way. He knew what he was thinking was probably wrong but he didn't care. He just wanted to feel more of Luis. He wanted their bodies to be one too.

After the sucking which seemed like hours, Aidan felt Luis' tongue demanding entrance into his mouth. He didn't take the time to deny him. He quickly parted his lips, letting the tongue slid right through. When their tongues met, things went magical. Aidan felt like he was really weak when Luis' tongue met with his. He swore he was in another world. Everything else disappeared. It was just the two of them that remained in the whole world. Nothing else mattered.

When their tongues met, both Luis and Aidan moaned in each other's mouths. Those moans hit their tongues, sending sweet sensational vibrations all over their bodies. Luis' cock just grew stronger with that vibration. He could feel it leaking really badly. After going for two weeks without a release, his cock was bound to release so much pre-cum.

Feeling that wonderful cock in his pants throbbing, Luis began moving Aidan towards the bed. Reaching the bed, he carefully laid him on it and got on top of him. His sucking got intense and his grip on that wonderful waist tightened. He had never enjoyed a kiss as much as he did with that one. And coming from a boy he claimed to hate, it was a great surprise too.

Luis stayed on top of Aidan, French kissing him and moaning deep in his mouth. His cock was painfully placed against Aidan's leg but he didn't care. In fact, he wanted Aidan to feel it. It was sorta adding to his pleasure. He just wanted to feel more of that pleasure.

Aidan and Luis kissed each other, exploring each other. Their moans of pleasure filled the whole room even though they were not loud. But to their ears, they were absolutely wonderful and they added to their wonderful pleasure. They couldn't get enough of each other's mouths. They just wanted to kiss and kiss.

After what felt like hours of kissing, Luis slightly raised his body and moved his hands away from Aidan's waist to his own shirt. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, intensely kissing on Aidan's mouth. He quickly finished unbuttoning his shirt. For the first time since he had started kissing Aidan, he pulled away, feeling himself empty. He was still yearning for that kiss.

Pulling away from that sweet mouth, Luis quickly removed his shirt and threw it away on the floor, revealing his muscular hairy chest. Then he licked his lips sensually and moved his hands to cup Aidan's face. He moved his hands down Aidan's face to his shoulder and then helped him get up. Slowly getting him up, Luis held the hem of Aidan's t-shirt and slipped it off. He was really happy. He was really excited and his hormones were running out of control. His breaths turned into pants. He looked into Aidan's eyes with lust. He wanted to feel the boy. He desired him.
Luis laid the boy on the bed once again and then leaned down and captured those lips again. He kissed him softly but this time his hands moved to his own trouser. He quickly rubbed on his own crotch and groaned into Aidan's mouth, sucking on his tongue like the last thing he was gonna do. He loved the way his tongue vibrated each time Aidan moaned in his mouth. Both of them clearly lusted for one another. Fuck! Luis was in so much pleasure.

Reaching his trouser, Luis unbuckled his belt and then unzipped himself up. He quickly held the waistband of his jean and began slipping it off. Reaching the legs, he kicked the jean off. He was now in his boxer brief and his cock was still pressed against his boxer begging to be released.

"Oh!" Aidan moaned softly into Luis' mouth. Never had he experienced such pleasure in his life. He had kissed before but that kiss was nowhere near the one he was currently experiencing. It was really beautiful.

Luis on the other hand moved his hands to Aidan's trouser. He quickly unbuttoned it and rubbed his crotch. He felt the boy's moans intensify as his sucking went to another level. Luis encouraged him by sucking softly on his tongue, softly nipping. They both took their moans to another level.

Luis loved kissing Aidan but he needed more than that. Pulling away that wonderful mouth, Luis began kissing Aidan's all over his face. He kissed his chin, went further down and kissed his neck as sensually as he could. He knew exactly how to pleasure Aidan because he was really experienced in that.

Moving softly from the neck, Luis moved to the area which connected the neck and shoulder. Reaching there, he buried his face in it and sucked as hard as he could. He knew exactly how it felt to be sucked there.

"Oh..." Aidan moaned softly, moving his head from side to side in pleasure. Feeling Luis on his neck was too much. His body vibrated each time Luis sucked. It was like he was buried in a pot of pleasure that made him moan. "Oh my god," He groaned softly. "That feels so good." His cock was getting harder by the second, wetting his boxer with pre-cum. He was really horny. "Luis...please,"

"Feels good, uh," Luis moaned softly, sucking on that very area. Then he gave it a nip and felt the boy shudder beneath him. He kissed, he nipped, he bit and he sucked on that area until it became red. He left a hickey there.

Satisfied with the work he had done in giving the boy pleasure, Luis began moving downwards, kissing his way all the way down to Aidan's belly. He planted soft kisses on that hairless belly and then gripped Aidan's waistband. In one swing, the jean was out. Aidan was only left with a blue boxer. Luis looked at it and then saw a small bulge in that boxer with a wet spot. Looks like he was not the only one who was really horny, he thought as powerful vibrations made him shudder in pleasure.

Seeing that wonderful bulge, Luis planted a kiss on it and felt the boy writhe on the bed as a louder moan escaped his throat. Then he smiled, gripping the boxer. He took a deep breath and slipped Aidan's boxer off, revealing a small cock. It was really small. It was just about 4 inches hard, nothing compared to his.

Seeing the cock, Luis smiled brightly and then got up. He quickly stripped his boxer brief off, revealing his eight and half inch cock. It sprang to full life. It was throbbing, it was leaking and it was super hard. He was really horny and only one thing was on his mind. That was to have the boy who was naked with him. The boy was not just small and not that fat. He had a really great body. He really admired him for that.

Aidan raised his head to stare at the cock of his husband. Fuck! It was huge. It was really big and it scared him to some degree. But the lust that he felt at that time was making him really powerful. He didn't care whether that cock was big or not. He just wanted to feel Luis. That's all.

Moving his eyes away from his cock, Luis slowly walked towards Aidan, staring deep in his green eyes. He got lost into them again and he didn't want to tear away from them. Reaching Aidan, Luis climbed on the bed. He then picked him up and took him further into the bed. Then he laid him carefully and opened his legs wide, revealing his sweet pink pucker. It was really beautiful and it made him hornier than he actually was. He was drooling over that tight little, hairless hole. He was in need of it. Seeing it somehow got him out of control. He was suddenly panting and sweating.

"Fuck!" he swore, feeling his pulsing cock twitch. He really needed that hole a lot.

Luis leaned down, capturing Aidan's soft lips into a quick and sweet kiss. Then he broke up and got off the bed, rushing to the drawer which was at the far end of the bed. He quickly opened it and came back with a bottle of lube. As much as he was in a hurry to fuck the boy, he didn't want to hurt him. He needed to prepare him for his massive cock.

Reaching the bed, Luis quickly climbed and then got between Aidan's legs, opening them widely. He gave Aidan a quick kiss and then opened the bottle of lube. Looking deep in his eyes, Luis asked him a big question.

"Are you ready?" He asked in a sexy voice. "I need to prepare you."

Aidan was really nervous and quite honest he was scared. He hadn't done that before. It was his first time but he was gonna do it. He wasn't gonna be scared. He was just gonna relax and leave everything to Luis. He trusted Luis wasn't gonna hurt him in any way.

Aidan took a really deep and nervous breath, slowly nodding at Luis' question. He closed his eyes and waited for whatever Luis was gonna be doing to him. He was just hoping it wasn't gonna hurt because he was absolutely scared.

Luis poured a huge amount of lube on hands. Then he poured a huge amount on Aidan's hole too. He threw the bottle on the bed and then made sure his hand was slick enough to prepare Aidan. Moving his hands slowly to Aidan's asshole, Luis positioned his index finger on Aidan's hole and slowly began rubbing on it to make him relax. He felt how his body moved when he began circling around that hole.

Aidan was in deep pleasure. He simply lost his mind when he felt Luis circling his hole with his finger. He felt powerful strands of pleasure take over his body. He writhed on the bed, moving his head from side to side as moans escaped his throat.

"Oh my god," Aidan groaned softly, clenching on the beddings. "Oh..." He couldn't describe the way he was feeling at that time. The feeling was totally different. His hole immediately responded by twitching terribly. He had never experienced anything like that before. He pulled on the beddings as his moans got louder. Fuck! He was really in pleasure.

"That feels really good," Aidan moaned. "Please, don't stop doing that. It...it feels so freaking good...oh...uh..."

Encouraged by Aidan's moans of pleasure, Luis circled around that hole softly, making sure that he was relaxing. Once he was sure that Aidan was relaxed enough, Luis slipped his finger right through and it went with one swift. By the time Aidan realized it, the whole finger was in, tightly clumped by Aidan's muscles. Luis waited for some minutes before finally begging to move his finger deep inside, making sure that he was hitting the prostate in the right way.

Aidan's moans increased, moving to another level when he felt Luis' finger slip through him. It felt so beautiful...so ecstatic...so exotic...so amazing. The fullness he felt and the pleasure was more than he had felt when Luis was just circling his hole. It was amazing how that little finger felt like it was controlling his whole body each time it thrust in him, hitting a certain spot inside. He felt like he was going insane with pleasure each time that finger rubbed against that spot. His cock instantly got harder than before, leaking badly. Fuck! He felt like he was gonna come.

"Oh my...shit..." He moaned loudly, enjoying the ecstasy he felt when that finger rubbed against his prostate. He had never experienced anything so ecstatic in his life. And he had thought the kiss was the most pleasurable. Fuck, he felt like he was losing his mind.

"You like that?" Luis teased, pushing his finger deeper than it had gone.

"Yes!" Aidan moaned.

Luis was getting hornier by what he was doing. His cock was leaking pretty badly, wetting Aidan's thighs. He really needed to fuck real soon or he was gonna explode right there without tasting Aidan.

With one final thrust, Luis added another finger and it slipped right through without any difficult. He finger fucked Aidan for a number of minutes, enjoying the cries of pleasure coming from him. At times he could feel him pushing his ass out to meet his thrusting fingers. His moans were music to his ears. His ass was his prize and his lips were absolutely amazing. Luis licked his lips in anticipation, looking forward to having those lips on his once again. He wanted it a whole lot.

Thrusting in for a number of minutes as Aidan's moans increased, Luis could feel Aidan panting in pleasure. His mouth was wide open, moaning deeply into the air. The moans were really wonderful and they added to Luis' pleasure. After a couple of minutes, Luis couldn't handle it anymore. He was getting really close and he didn't want to come without having a taste of that piece of ass.

Slowly removing his fingers, Luis repositioned himself on top of Aidan, taking his sweet lips in his mouth once again. He kissed him for a couple of seconds before finally breaking that wonderful kiss. He quickly rose and picked up a bottle of lube. He poured a huge amount on his cock and Aidan's hole. Then he slicked the whole cock and Aidan's ass.

Luis opened Aidan's legs really wide, revealing that sweet pink hole. He was suddenly feeling really nervous, excited for what he was going to do. He was finally gonna do it. He was gonna feel Aidan pleasuring him. He was really anxious and couldn't wait.

Opening Aidan's legs wide, Luis positioned his cock and then took a deep breath. "Are you ready?"

Aidan took a deep breath and then nodded his head.

At Aidan's node, Luis slowly used his hand and began pushing into Aidan's hole. The head quickly passed past the ring without any difficulties thanks to the huge amount of lube that he had poured on both Aidan's hole and his cock.

Passing his head past the ring, Luis stopped and let Aidan adjust for a few seconds. Then he continued pushing until he felt Aidan's muscles clump and the discomfort from his voice. Hearing the discomfort from Aidan's voice, Luis stopped pushing his cock in and leaned forward. He planted a kiss on Aidan's lips to help him relax. He sucked on his lips, urging him to relax. After a few seconds, he felt him relax. Luis continued pushing in until he again felt him clench his muscles. He looked at him and saw the expression on his face. He was clearly in pain.

"Shhh..." Luis whispered, rubbing on Aidan's lips. He didn't want to hurt him at all. "Relax, take a deep breath and relax baby." Luis said softly, brushing his tongue on Aidan's nose. "It won't hurt. You will be feeling nothing but pure pleasure."

Aidan followed Luis' instructions and took a deep breath. He tried to relax but his ass was on fire, feeling as if Luis was about to rip him apart. He wanted to scream and tell Luis to take that cock out but he couldn't do it no matter how much he wanted it to. He just wanted to feel him deep inside of him. He wanted to lose his virginity to him. So he was gonna endure the pain.

Trying to relax himself, Aidan took a long deep breath, exhaling loudly. He felt better and his muscles began relaxing. At least the pain subsided when he relaxed but he couldn't deny that it was still there, hurting him still. His ass was on fire.

"Good," Luis whispered, running his tongue on Aidan's ears. "That's really good. Now just relax. I am almost all the way in." He slowly pushed in, trying to get Aidan's mind off it. "Just forget about the pain and think about other things." He kept on penetrating the hot ass. Aidan was really tight and hot. He could feel his cock about to explode. "Think about the kisses," Luis leaned down and captured Luis' lips in the sweetest of kisses, sucking on his tongue softly while his cock drove all the way in. He couldn't believe he was all the way in.

Realizing that he was all the way in, Luis pulled away from that sweet mouth and whispered. "I am all the way in." He kissed him on the lips.

Luis waited for Aidan to get used to him. He never moved an inch or went deeper inside. He just buried his cock, neither moving nor doing anything. His cock was already in pleasure, enjoying the warmth of Aidan's hole. Aidan's muscles were clumped around Luis' cock so tightly. From that hot ass and that tightness, Luis knew he wasn't gonna last. He knew he was gonna come sooner. The pleasure he was experiencing just by being deeply buried inside of Aidan was nothing like he had ever experienced before. His whole body caught fire.

Slowly kissing him deeper on the lips, Luis slowly started pulling out, making sure not to hurt Aidan. Then he softly pushed in and went in deeper, feeling the boy shudder beneath him, giving a low groan. Luis could still tell that the boy was still in pain. He slowly moved his hands downwards to his legs and then drew them further apart, thrusting in deeper.

Aidan's ass felt like it was being ripped apart. He was in pain and his whole body felt like it was being pierced by needles. He wanted to tell Luis to stop but his voice was gone. He could also tell that Luis was already in pleasure by the way that he was kissing him. He just wanted to pleasure his husband.

"Shhhhh," Luis whispered, softly, massaging Aidan's legs. "It won't hurt anymore," He moaned softly, getting his cock out again. He was being gentle with Aidan because he was really tight. He didn't want to hurt him or anything. His concentration was making sure that both of them were experiencing pleasure and not pain.

Luis repositioned his body, sucking on Aidan's tongue furiously while a moan escaped his throat. Then he thrust him softly, hitting on Aidan's prostate. He felt him quiver and writhe on the bed. His moans suddenly came out loud and his body vibrated. Right then Luis knew that Aidan had experienced the pleasure.

Aidan's mind simply lost its control. His vision blurred and his body quivered in pleasure. He had never experienced anything like that before. He had almost come and his cock twitched, leaking terribly. Luis had just hit something inside of him that made him lose himself.

Hitting that spot, Aidan's pain suddenly vanished. It was replaced by intense and indescribable pleasure that left him in ecstasy. He opened his mouth wide and moaned in pleasure. His body vibrated, sending waves of ecstasy all the way to his hole. It twitched in pleasure, begging Luis to do that again.

"Oh..." A loud moan escaped Aidan's lips into Luis' mouth. His hands spread all over the bed, clenching on the beddings. He held on so tightly, moaning as if he was losing his mind. His body movements changed and he just let himself loose and enjoyed the new found pleasure.

"You like that?" Luis moaned, tearing away from Aidan's mouth. He moved his cock slowly out and then drove all the way in, hitting the prostate once.

"Yes!" Aidan cried out in pain as his hold on the beddings got tighter. His whole body was in intense pleasure. "Oh my god, Luis..."

"Yeah," Luis moaned loudly as his whole body got really hot. He could feel sweat forming on his wonderful skin. He wanted to shout out in pleasure. He wanted to cry of pleasure. He wanted to feel even more. He had never experienced pleasure like that during his many adventures as a playboy. Aidan was probably the greatest fuck that he had ever had.

With each thrust, Luis got even deeper, bringing him nothing but unimaginable pleasure. The hotness...the moans...the writhes...the kisses and the sex was great. Luis had never thought he'd enjoy someone that he hated like that. It was worth everything. His cock kept on driving in deeper, making him feel nothing but pleasure.

"Oh my...fuck..." Luis moaned, driving into Aidan softly. He was now sweating terribly with each thrust that he made. "Fuck...you are so sweet. You are so fucking sweet...oh my..." He moaned loudly.

"Oh..." Aidan couldn't explain what he was feeling. His body felt like he was possessed by something that he couldn't explain. He was on fire with each thrust that he felt. He had forgotten about the pain that he had felt earlier. He was just thinking about the pleasure and the kisses that he was feeling.

Luis was really gentle with Aidan. He didn't want any harm to come to him. He didn't even know why he cared about him a lot. Normally he was supposed to be brutal and hard but he couldn't do anything that would hurt Aidan. It was what he felt right at that moment.

Burying his face on that wonderful neck, Luis sucked hard while he made sweet slow love to Aidan, making sure that he was hitting his pleasure button the right way. He nipped on that neck hard while he softly fucked into Aidan. Moans of pleasure filled the entire room, making him even hornier. He could feel his cock getting harder than it had ever been before. It rubbed against Aidan's walls, making him grunt and groan, telling the boy how sweet he was.

"Oh my god," Aidan breathed, moving his head to the other side to give full access to Luis. The sucking and nipping on his neck was adding to the pleasure that he felt. He gasped and moaned loudly,

"Oh Luis!" He groaned, slowly moving his ass against Luis' cock. "That really...oh...feels so good. Please, don't stop." He moaned, pulling on the bedding with his hands. "Make love to me. I want...more," He moaned loudly. His cock was twitching, releasing huge amounts of pre-cum. He was near. Each thrust Luis made was sending him to a climax. He could feel it building like a volcano, ready to explode.

Encouraged by Aidan's moans and groans, Luis repositioned his cock and then increased his pace, hitting on the prostate as hard as he could. His pleasure just went to another level. He could feel himself getting near with each thrust. He could feel it building in his balls. He could feel how powerful it was. He moaned even louder, biting on Aidan's neck hard.

"Baby..." Luis was getting wet with sweat. "Oh my god...you feel so..." He trailed off and then moved his head up, letting out a loud moan. He was panting and sweat was all over his body. He was in deep pleasure and he didn't want to stop.


Aidan had never been pleasured like that before. He was in deep ecstatic pleasure. He was on cloud 9 with Luis, enjoying his life. His life was now of pleasure. He didn't want it to stop. He just wanted it to go on and on and on.

Luis pulled away from Aidan's neck and then attacked his lips. He captured those lips and kissed him violently, furiously sucking on his tongue. Their bodies were wet, rubbing against each other...their pleasure was intense...their moans were getting out of control. They simply wanted more of each other.

Thrusting deeper into Aidan, Luis felt his cock begin vibrating in pleasure, in need of more. He was not getting enough. He needed more of that pleasure. He was losing his mind. Carefully, gripping Aidan's thighs, Luis thrust in deeper into him with his entire mind. His cock slid past that prostate, making him feel intense pleasure.

"Fuck!" Luis wondered, thrusting deeper into that ass. He was really close and the pressure in his balls was getting intense. The pleasure was getting out of control. He kissed Aidan even furiously while fucking him deeper and harder. He was hitting on that prostate violently, feeling each thrust bring him closer to orgasm. He was turning into an animal. He was losing himself.

Feeling Luis' thrusts become violent and hard, Aidan felt the pleasure go to another level. Luis was hitting on his prostate so hard that he swore he had come the first time. His whole body vibrated intensely. He writhed on the bed, slightly moving his ass to meet with Luis'.
As the fucking continued, Aidan felt like he was about to pass out from the pleasure that he felt. He kissed Luis even harder as he felt a tingle on his spine. It continued until it travelled all the way down his cock and balls. His cock swelled up pretty badly, ready to shoot a powerful orgasm.

Aidan's body movement intensified, leaving him feeling hot. His sucking on Luis' tongue went to another level and he moaned deeper into Luis' mouth, feeling his hole twitching. A powerful vibration took control of his body and he moaned deeply. He could feel his cock still swelling. He wanted to scream that he was coming but now way was he going to tear away from that mouth.

Luis on the other hand was out of control. He was fucking Aidan so hard, he felt his vision blur. He felt really tired and his body vibrated in pleasure. He was in deep and immense pleasure.

Aidan moved his hands away from the beddings, moving them on Luis' back. He rubbed softly against Luis' back, digging his nails deeper while Luis took him faster. He was really getting out of control. The tingling sensation intensified and he moaned even louder than before. Fuck! Luis' cock felt so amazing in his ass.

His breaths became really violent as he traced his hands down Luis' back to his ass. Reaching his ass, he held him tighter and pulled him closer, urging him to fuck even harder. He was in so much pleasure than he could have ever imagined. He moaned louder, kissing Luis violent even as he felt his cock swelling unlike before.

Aidan squirmed terribly on the bed while his cock continued on swelling. He clumped his ass muscles as the tingling reached its maximum. Feeling that powerful tingle on his spine, Aidan gave out a loud scream of ecstasy into Luis' mouth as the first powerful load escaped his cock. He clenched his ass even harder, milking Luis' cock as more load left him. He was coming in between their stomachs and it was powerful. He kept on screaming into Luis' mouth, sucking on his tongue even as more load left him. It was powerful...it was intense...it was beautiful and it added to the immense pleasure that he felt.

Aidan could feel just how much he had come. It was so much and he felt like he was just coming and coming. He dug his fingers deeper into Luis' ass cheeks, moving his head from side to side in pleasure. He just couldn't stop coming.

His body movements intensified and he sucked deeply into Luis. He came and he came really hard. There was his cum on Luis' stomach and his and it was so much. After what felt like eternity, he stopped coming and felt really weak. He was weak but the pleasure Luis was giving him was intense.

Luis moved his hands from Aidan's waist as his pleasure increased. Aidan's ass was milking him, making that tingling sensation on his spine intense. His thrust increased as he got prepared for a powerful orgasm.

Feeling the tingling sensation get intense, Luis tore away from Aidan's lips with a moan and then breathed harshly, fucking hard into Aidan.

He thrust deeper, harder and violently as their moans met and became one. He was so turned by that he thrust as deeper as he could. It felt so good, so tight and so fucking sweet. He was reaching his maximum and it was building like a volcano in his balls. He gripped Aidan's head and kissed him deeply as louder moans escaped his mouth into Aidan's.

Then he felt his cock swell badly, his thrusts become violent. He began panting like a wild animal in heat, feeling sweat dripping from his body as if water had been poured him. It was like he was dancing, driving his cock deeper into Aidan's ass.

With a loud roar in Aidan's mouth, he arched his back as his cock began depositing his cum deeper into Aidan's ass, filling him up. He was moaning really loudly and his thrusts were becoming violent with each passing second. He kept on filling Aidan's ass with his sweet cum. It kept on coming and coming, making him feel unimaginable pleasure. He had never cum as hard as he did at that time. It was intense...it was powerful...it felt like his balls were empty. He felt really drained, tired even as he deposited that cum inside of Aidan. He loved it a whole awful lot.

Aidan felt it and he moaned louder. He felt the hot cum flooding his ass. He felt it deeper inside his ass and it was like heaven. It was so much that his ass was filled to the maximum. He could still feel it hitting his ass walls. He just wanted it to stay in there for as long as possible. It kept on flooding him and literally burning him inside. He had never felt so fulfilled in his life but he was really, really tired.

With a few weak thrusts, Luis deposited the last drop and collapsed on top of Aidan, breathing as if he had just come from running a race. He was satisfied and he could feel his hot cum deep inside of Aidan. He was so tired and he was panting. He was dirty and he was really, really sleepy. Luis was so surprised that he had been satisfied on one round only. It was so not like him.

Feeling really sleep, Luis slipped his cock from Aidan's ass and then moved to the other side. Aidan on the other hand moaned, feeling Luis' cock leaving him. He lay still and that was when he felt the pain again. He was so happy and so fulfilled. He felt like Luis had just fulfilled his every wish. He felt like their relationship had taken another level. He looked at the man who seemed tired and smiled brightly. He was really happy. He had just lost his virginity. He didn't mind the pain at all.

Luis on the other hand was so tired. His whole body felt really tired. He quickly breathed, turned his back to Aidan and without even saying a single word he was fast asleep, smiling and relieving the wonderful fucking he had just had in his dreams.

Luis might have slept for only a few hours. When he woke up in the middle of the night, slowly moving his hands on the bed, Aidan was not there. He quickly opened his eyes and found no one. He moved his head, looking all around but he couldn't see him anywhere. He was still tired and he didn't want any drama. He didn't care where Aidan was. He slipped under the covers and fell into a deep sleep.


Aidan was walking on the streets, wrapping his arms around himself. It was a really cold night and the wind was blowing, making his hair blow backwards. It was like a huge storm was about to come but he absolutely didn't care. He just wanted to walk to his granny's house and stay there...forever. There was no single person he saw on the street.

Aidan was feeling really sad. His face was not looking bright at all. He was feeling really embarrassed and ashamed of himself. He felt really dirty. He felt really bad. His whole body was shivering. This all had started a few hours ago.

After Aidan had made love with Luis, or so he thought, he had been really happy. But this mood had suddenly kicked in when he had tried to talk to Luis and asked about what had happened. The guy was asleep but that wasn't what had really made him like that. It was how Luis had treated him and the words he had spoken in his sleep. He could clearly hear him,

"The best ass I have had so far," Luis had chuckled.

That had gotten Aidan thinking a whole lot. He felt really bad and he had no idea how he was going to face Luis when he wakes up. That had been the reason why he left in the place.

Now Aidan was walking on the streets, alone without any guards. He had just gotten dressed, stared at Luis one final time and then left.

"Luis will never love me." He whispered to himself. "Who am I kidding?"

The most painful thing was that he had thought Luis was gonna love him. But that incident which had happened between them was nothing but a onenight stand to Luis. That was really painful for Aidan. When his mind suddenly realized it, he couldn't handle it anymore. He felt like he had given Luis a ticket. He didn't want to be treated like trash. That was never going to happen again.

Slowly walking on the quiet streets, Aidan could feel the pain in his ass. It was painful, reminding him of what had happened. But he didn't mind at all. He just wanted to reach his grandmother's house and stay there for eternity. If Luis could disobey the king's orders why couldn't he do it? He didn't care about the consequences of his actions. He was just gonna stay with his granny.

Aidan walked for about an hour, passing some buildings. He was almost near his granny's house. Just an hour and he was gonna be home. It was gonna help him think too.


The clock struck 12 and a loud bell could be heard, indicating that another day had started. Then suddenly a strong wind began blowing, hitting Aidan on the face. He quickly covered his face and continued on his way. He looked all around and saw that there was no indication of any storm. The sky was clear.

He nodded and then continued going his way. Aidan was now walking so fast, trying to avoid the wind. He had just walked about a few steps before he felt a really sharp headache hit him. It was so intense that his head began pulsing.

Feeling the intense headache, Aidan abruptly stopped, moving his hands to massage his head. But it didn't stop. His headache just intensified and got worse. He quickly fell to his knees, holding his head. It was so fucking painful and it felt like his whole body was being pierced by needles.

"Ow..." Aidan winced, slowly crawling on the ground. He was feeling as if his head was about to pop. "What's...happening to me?" He cried.

The headache got worse when he tried to massage his head. It now felt like someone was trying to cut his head off. "My head," Aidan cried out in pain. He quickly massaged his head, feeling the pain move to his eyes. They were on fire and he cried out even more. Tears began coming out.

"Help!" His voice sounded really weak. He felt like death was near. He closed his eyes in order to let the pain go away but nothing was working. The pain just kept on spreading to his whole body. From his eyes came his heart. It was not hurting. It was the way it was pounding that scared him.

His heart was pounding deep in his chest. He swore it was about to rip out of his chest. "Somebody," He tried to scream but he couldn't hear his own voice. It was like he was mute all of a sudden. That was the time when he got really scared. His whole body was suddenly occupied by intense pain.

Feeling that intense pain, Aidan fell on the ground. His whole body was on the ground. He tried to craw, calling for help but nothing was working. He slowly crawled on the ground. He couldn't even see where he was crawling as he had his eyes shut. "Please..." Suddenly his body began trembling in pain. It was like his muscles were pulling. He was in such pain.

As the pain intensified, Aidan felt like his body was set on fire. There was heat on every part of his body, burning him out and inside. He screamed and crawled, feeling his strength felling him. Then suddenly, he felt like something was hitting his body, moving him violently from side to side. He screamed, begging whatever was doing that to him to stop.

"Please...stop..." He cried, tears falling down his cheeks. They kept on coming out until he felt something that scared him. As his tears kept on coming out, he suddenly felt like they were getting hotter by the second till he felt like his skin was burning.


Aidan tried to move but he was too weak to even move. He lay motionless on the ground, feeling the pain clipping deeper into him. He cried out in pain. He didn't know what was happening and it got him scared. He regretted leaving the palace. He should have stayed there.


The pain continued for a number of seconds but it felt like eternity. Then he felt like something was moving inside of him. His muscles contracted and sweat immediately began pouring from him like water. The energy that he felt at that time was somewhat scaring. It was like something had entered him, powering him.

Feeling all that energy, he opened his eyes wide, staring everywhere. He got surprised when he realized that he couldn't see anything. It was dark everywhere and the pain was getting stronger. The pain continued so did the energy that he felt. Each pain was making him really weak. He was so weak that he couldn't even move any part of his body. He somehow got really scared than he had ever been. He was scared of death.

The movement in his body got intense and he began convulsing terribly on the ground. He convulsed for a number of seconds hitting his body on the ground. Then something began moving inside of him. It started like a form on energy in his brain. They it spread everywhere and his convulsions intensified. He convulsed and convulsed feeling every pain intensify.

After what felt like hours, Aidan's body stopped convulsing. Then like a flash, his pain suddenly stopped. His strength left him. He couldn't feel any part of his body. He didn't even recognize where he was. He couldn't even see anything.

Slowly moving his head, trying to see if he was able to see anything, he lost consciousness and lay there. Was this it for him?


Aidan slowly regained his consciousness, opening his eyes. He suddenly saw that he was lying on the ground in the street. It was still night and he had no idea what had happened to him. To his surprise, he couldn't feel the pain. All his strength was back and if he was not mistake, he felt like his energy had multiplied.

Quickly realizing where he was, Aidan rose from the ground. He moved his eyes around, trying to see if anyone was around. He couldn't see anyone and for the first time got scared. He got really scared.

"What happened?" He thought, wondering how he had found himself on the ground. He swore that he could feel so much energy deep inside of him. What had happened to him, he wondered, covering himself with his hands? Could it have been a dream or something?

Aidan didn't care what it was. He needed to get out of there. Quickly gathering himself, he started moving to his granny's house. He didn't know what the time was or how long it was gonna take him to reach home but he quickly moved.

Aidan was still lost. He was thinking about both Luis and what had happened to him back there. He needed to understand things but Luis was also affecting him. He loved him, yes he had realized that but he couldn't allow him to treat him like a whore. So what he was doing was for the best. The night was cold and it was dark.

Slowly walking, Aidan passed by a dark place where he saw about four men talking and laughing manically. He looked at them and then continued his way. He was really lost that he couldn't even see that the men were following him behind. He just wanted to get home. He only walked about a meter before he bumped into something.

Getting his mind out of his thoughts, Aidan moved his face up to find a man staring at him, smirking at him. He looked behind and saw the other men behind him, laughing loudly. The he moved his eyes to the man in front of him and tried to pass the other way. To his surprise, the man blocked his path and smiled, laughing manically.

He tried to move the other way but he was blocked as well. The men saw him and then laughed manically. Aidan was suddenly filled with so much fear. He was really scared and he began trembling. Why was this night so bad for him?

He tried to move again but this time the muscular guy in front gripped his arm so hard. "Hey baby," The man laughed, so evil it travelled down Aidan's spine. He was at the verge of crying. "You wanna leave so soon?" He said. "Don't you want to have fun with us?"

"Leave me alone," Aidan tried to let his hand loose but the man was just too powerful.

"Why?" The men behind him laughed. "We don't wanna hurt you." They laughed. "We just wanna have fun with you."

"Don't worry, baby." The man that was holding him laughed, rubbing on his crotch. "We won't be too hard on you. We will be gentle with you. You will like it a lot."

Hearing what the guy had just said, Aidan felt tears pouring down his face. Those men were not there trying to hurt him, they were trying to rape him. He got scared.

"Get your hands off me." Aidan said, twisting his arm to let loose. But there was absolutely no chance for him to escape those men. Seeing that there was no chance of him to survive, Aidan moved his leg up and kicked the man on the gonads. He quickly let go of him and fell on the ground, crying out in pain.

That was his chance. Aidan started moving, running as fast as he could. His heart was racing and he was praying in his heart to be saved. He didn't want to be raped. His ass felt like it was on fire with his movements but he managed to run as quickly as possible without even looking behind him. He was panting...he was crying and his heart was pounding.

"Get him," The men's voices sounded really near. "Don't let him escape."

Without taking a glance behind, Aidan ran as fast as he could. He didn't want to stop. His eyes were moving from side to side, trying to see if he could spot anyone to help him. But he was unlucky. Why the hell did he run away from the palace? He cursed himself for doing what he did. He was probably gonna get raped if he didn't move quickly.

"Get him," The men shouted. "Don't run," The men teased. "We just wanna fuck you." They all laughed.

Hearing their voices, Aidan tried to increase his pace but it was impossible. He had reached his maximum and there was no way to run faster. He ran and ran till he reached a small corner. Just when he was about to turn, someone gripped him and held him tighter.

"Get your hands off me." Aidan cried, kicking his legs. But it was impossible. In no time all the men came and stood in front of him including the man he had kicked earlier.

"So tough, uh?" The man he had kicked spoke, massaging his crotch. "I am going to enjoy you." He laughed, rubbing on Aidan's cheeks, brushing the hair away from his face. "Let's take him."

Ignoring his screams and pleas, the men took him to an alley. Soon as they reached the alley, Aidan was laid on the cold ground. One powerful man held both his hands, pinning him to the ground. Two of them held his legs, driving them apart to give access to the man that was now unbuckling his belt. It was the man he had kicked in the balls.

"I am going to fuck you so hard." The man promised, unzipping himself up.

"Please," Aidan cried. His movements were futile. He was really helpless and he knew those men weren't gonna pity him. "Please, let me go. Don't rape me,"

"Nice pleas," The man said, smiling. Then he got out the biggest cock Aidan had ever seen in his life. His eyes almost popped out of his socket when he saw just how big the cock was. It was really long, filled with huge veins. It had a mushroom head and it was leaking, pulsing. "But we are going to fuck your ass whole night long. We are going to plant our seeds in you."

Then all of them began laughing manically while Aidan cried in pain and fear. "Please, don't do this to me. Don't rape me..."

"You will enjoy it." The guy gave his cock a few strokes.

"I bet he's a virgin." One of the guys who were holding him laughed.

"A virgin, uh," The guy knelt down between his legs, massaging his cock. "I am lucky then. I am going to break his virginity." He then gave a loud laugh. Then he moved his hand to Aidan's trouser button, leaning down to him. He came so near and smelt of alcohol and drugs.

"Get off of me," Aidan cried, trying to move. But he couldn't. That was when he realized that he was gonna be raped for sure. He closed his eyes and cried out in pain. He didn't want to see what was happening to him. "Please, don't do this to me."

The guy ignored his pleas and unzipped him. Then he got closer and smelt Aidan's face, licking his face with his tongue. Aidan felt disgusted. His body responded by shuddering uncontrollably.
He did everything to try and get loose but it wasn't happening. He screamed and screamed, begging the guys to leave him alone but they just laughed and the guy who had his cock out continued with unzipping him.

Aidan's heart was pounding in his chest, almost ripping out. His breaths suddenly turned into pants. Then like a flush, he could feel something moving inside of him, something really powerful that made him feel like nothing before. It was charging him up, giving him energy. Aidan felt the energy moving inside of his body, travelling to the rest of his parts. His fear suddenly vanished, replaced by what he had no idea of. He could feel himself burning up inside. He felt angry and to his surprise, he began heating up.

What followed really surprised and left him speechless, making him worried. He had been trying his particular best to get the guy off of him. When he couldn't move, he had decided to scream out in fear and anger.

"Get off me." Aidan's voice came out as harsh and deep. He couldn't recognize it anymore. It was like something else had spoken for him. It was just confusing.

"Relax," The guy slipped his hand through Aidan's boxer. "This won't take long."

"I said, get off me." Aidan's voice was so loud and harsh. What surprised him was that even though he was just seconds away from being raped he didn't fear at all. It was like something had possessed him. "Get off of me." He tried to kick with all his might but the guys were definitely stronger. They pinned him down. He was only moments away from getting raped.

"Relax," The guys laughed. "If you don't cooperate we are going to rape you brutally."

Then they all laughed. Aidan on the other hand felt the guy's hand sliding in his boxer. He suddenly got mad and closed his eyes shut. He felt something moving inside of him. It was not something good and he didn't know what it was. It was like he was in control of his body.

Just when the guy was about to slip his boxer off, Aidan opened his eyes and gave a loud scream that filled the whole alley.

"Get the fuck off me." He screamed out, his voice echoing like a strong wind. Then a strong wind blew where he was. He suddenly felt so much power. Then he tried to move his hands and they moved without any resistance, throwing the guy that was holding him high into the air. He moved his eyes to the guy that was about to rape him and just like a flash, the guy was thrown off of him. Then the two guys who were holding him were equally thrown off.

Feeling free, Aidan got up, slowly moving towards the guys that had almost raped him. They all almost winced in pain, failing to even move from where they lay. They were grumbling and wincing out in pain. He just stood still, panting and looking angrily at them. He had no idea what had happened and he was supposed to run away. It was what he was supposed to do but he just stood there, looking at the guys in anger. He had never felt intense anger like that before.

"What the..." One of the guys furiously got up. "What happened?"

"I don't care." The guy who had his cock out spoke. He furiously got up and stared at Aidan. "Let's get him. Nothing is going to prevent me from having that boy." He laughed, stroking his cock once again.

All the guys came together and began walking towards Aidan, trying to corner him. They had their arms opened wide...their mouths open, smirking at him and their laughs were getting to Aidan. He watched without moving an inch. Honestly he wanted to run away. He wanted to go away. But what surprised him was that he couldn't move. It was like he was frozen where he stood. Deep inside of him he was scared but whatever it was that possessed him gave him so much power.

Getting nearer, the guys extended their arms to touch him. "Hmmm, looks like he's going to cooperate." One of them said. "Maybe he wants this after all."

"Don't touch me," Aidan warned. His voice sounded normal this time. "Don't you dare touch me or..."

"Or else what?" One of them laughed.

The rest of them laughed and they got near. They were just an inch away from him. Seeing them getting closer, Aidan felt a headache kicking in. He closed his eyes and moved his head slightly, feeling a little better. As his eyes were closed, Aidan felt one of the guys' hand on his arm. He felt like something just crawled up his body. Then he was suddenly feeling a strong wind blowing on his face.

Taking a low growl, he opened his eyes wide. "Don't touch me he shrugged."

"What if I don't want to?" One of the guys gripped his arm. Then he moved him back and pinned him to a wall. "Just relax and I promise you will enjoy it too." He teased, getting closer to Aidan's face. He leaned forward and sniffed Aidan, giving a loud laugh. "He smells really nice." He laughed together with his friends. "I am really gonna enjoy this." Then he traced Aidan's hand to his trouser. Reaching there, he moved his hand around, resting it on Aidan's ass. He gave it a tight slap and moaned in pleasure.

Aidan felt another headache kick in when he the guy slapped his ass. He closed his eyes once again and nodded, trying to understand why he was feeling like that all of a sudden. He closed his eyes and just stayed like that, wondering why he was not scared at all.

"Get away..."

"Why should I?" The guy moaned, holding Aidan's waistband. "Don't you wanna feel my cock balls deep into your ass?" Then he slipped his hand in Aidan's trouser, grabbing his ass.

Feeling what exactly the guy had done, Aidan growled and furiously opened his eyes, staring angrily at the man. "Get the away from me." He snapped, giving the guy angry eyes. Then his eyes suddenly turned bright blue, glowing brightly. It was followed by a strong wind came and his hair began blowing back, revealing his face. His glowing eyes were now in full view, brightening the alley. The expression on the man's face changed as soon as he looked at Aidan. He quickly pulled away and fell on the ground trembling in fear.

"What the fuck?" The guy cried out in fear, crawling behind. "What are you?"

Aidan on the other hand couldn't understand what was going on. He could feel so much energy building deep inside of him. Of course, he knew that his eyes were glowing. He somehow could see himself and he had no idea how. He wasn't scared. It seemed really natural to him at that time. He embraced what he felt and the energy that was flowing through him.

Seeing what was happening, the three remaining guys got really scared. As soon as they saw those glowing eyes from the boy that they had just tried to rape, they began running away.

Hearing their footsteps, Aidan moved his eyes to the running men and blinked in anger. He didn't want them to leave. Just one blink, a single blink and those men began floating in the air, screaming their lungs out. From their voices, he could sense just how scared they were. He growled, slightly moving his head. The floating guys were thrown on the ground together with their friends. They were already wetting their pants.

"Where are you going?" Aidan's voice sounded really confident. He stared at the scared looking guys and chuckled. "I thought you wanted to have a little fun."

"No..." The guys cried, gesturing with their hands. "We don't want to do it. Please, let us go..."

"Why should I?" Aidan asked, moving his eyes from side to side. The wind was blowing everywhere.


"You are thugs who rape innocent people so why should I let you go." He squealed. "Give me one good reason why I should let you go when you go around raping people."

"We...we are sorry," The men cried. Their faces were already wet with tears and their trousers were wet with urine. "We...promise never to do this again." They promised. "We will change our ways. Give us..."

"Silence!" He gestured, pointing his hand at the men. "I will let you go...for now. But if you do anything like this before..." He gave a bitter laugh. "I shall find you and I shall kill you, get it?" They nodded. "Now get out of here before I change my mind."

The men quickly got up at his command and then went running away, hitting everything that was in the alley. They screamed in fear and then left the alley into the street.

Seeing that the men were gone, the wind suddenly stopped. Everything was calm, back to its normal place. Aidan's eyes instantly stopped and they went back to normal. The energy he had been feeling left him and he was back to his normal self.

"Oh my god," Aidan gasped, touching his chest. He felt just how much his heart was pounding. "What just happened?" Aidan couldn't understand any of what had happened. He got really scared when he thought about what had happened.

Aidan's mind slipped to what had happened a few seconds ago. He was breathing really fast and his breaths were turning into pants. What had just happened? Aidan could clearly remember his eyes glowing bright blue. He could remember how scared the guys had been. He could also remember the power that he had felt when he was talking with those rapists. It got him really scared.

Aidan couldn't understand a thing. On one hand he was thankful that he didn't get raped and on another, he couldn't understand what had just happened? Was it really him that acted like that or something deep inside of him? He tried to understand but he ended up getting confused.

First something strange had happened to him a few minutes ago which he didn't understand and now...now he had just done something that was out of the ordinary? It got to him and he got really worried. Instead of two, he now had three things to worry about. He was so confused and he the fear that he felt was too intense. His body even trembled in fear.

Looking down at himself, he zipped himself up and looked all around. It was dark and it was scaring him. He quickly started moving and ran out of the alley. He needed to get out of there. He needed to reach his granny's house soon. He had never been that scared before.

Aidan didn't know what was happening to him. He thought running away was a solution. He run as fast as his legs could carry him.

To be continued...

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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Yeah, Luis is an idiot for thinking the king would let him get away with cheating on Aidan. For all he knows, his granny could have told the king already. I hope the rest of the family is now starting to see how childish and unreasonable he's being.

While I didn't think it would happen so soon, I had a feeling all this tension between the married couple would cause a spark once they kissed. I find it interesting that Luis was uncharacteristically caring and attentive to Aidan's pleasure as well as his own during the act. I have to wonder what his sleeptalking was about though, it feels to me like he's in denial about his feelings towards Aidan.

As for Aidan's misadventures in the city, I'm glad he managed to escape unharmed but there's definitely something strange going on there. Does Luis have something to do with his headache and weird magic powers? It's all a pretty big coincidence.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

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I’m so excited to see how this story goes!


And also... I just love it that the chapters are so looong... hehe more stuff to read! Hehe 

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Thank goodness Aidan’s inner witch or whatever saved him from such a horrible fate. Kinda seemed obvious when the priest blessed him and the trident flew around him that something was unique about Aidan to the point even the priest has no idea what was going on. I think Aidan is wrong and Luis has definitely begun to care for him yet I also doubt Luis will admit to his own feelings. I mean when he noticed Aidan was gone he supposedly didn’t care where he was which implies he’s denying his true emotions and will likely give Aidan the impression that his guess that it was an emotionless purely sexual act is accurate. Still, it’s a step in the right direction.

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