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Unbroken - 19. Chapter 19: Will it be a happily ever after, after all? Or is it something else?

The king and the queen came to the living room and sat on the couch silently. Both of them didn't look good. Granny and Hanna were already in the room and Henry was there with them. He was sitting with Hanna and both of them seemed quiet.

"Where is Luis?" The queen asked.

Hanna sighed. "Isn't it obvious?" She said softly. "I am sure he has gone to Aidan's castle. He has been going there every day. That has become his daily routine."

"Yeah," Henry sat properly on the couch. "I don't even remember the last time we spent a day together. He is always busy chasing after Aidan." He cleared his throat. "When will all this end? Will the two of them continue like that?"

"I don't know." Granny sighed. "The truth is, we all wanted Aidan to come back to this kingdom and he did that. But it has brought even more pain to all of us. Aidan doesn't want to do anything related to this palace."

"Yes!" The king sighed. "He can't even let us stay with our grandson. I don't even know what to do anymore."

"But you are the king," Henry said softly. "Shouldn't you do something?"

"My hands are tied." The king said softly. "Aidan is more superior to me. I can't order him to do anything. The first Aidan, I could have handled but the current one doesn't listen to orders, not even when I knelt in front of him. I don't know what to do."

"Yeah..." Hanna sighed. "We all just want Aidan to come back. We miss him so much. Due to the pain he felt, he had closed his heart to us."

"Yes, I think..."

Before the queen even finished her sentence, she heard her phone. She quickly picked it up from the table, looking at it. A smile brightened upon her face. She chuckled a bit.

"Speak of the devil." She picked the phone. "Hello..."

The queen listened with a smile but not even a second passed before that smile turned into an expression which no one could understand clearly.

"What?" The queen furiously stood up, trembling terribly. "Which hospital?" She waited for a few seconds. Tears then began pouring on her face. "We will be right there."

She dropped the phone and looked at everyone with tears on her face. When they saw the way she was looking, they all stood up and rushed towards her. Now they were scared and panicking. Whatever the queen had found out seemed serious.

"My queen," The king gasped. "What..."

"My son!" The queen cried softly.

"What happened to my brother?" Hanna gasped, holding her mother's hands. "Please, tell me exactly what had happened."

"He... he was involved in a terrible accident and..."

"What?" The king roared. He began trembling as tears fell from his eyes. "Where? How did..."

"We need to go and see him." The queen sobbed. "The one that saved him from the burning car said he's already at the hospital."


"City hospital..."

"Let's go there now." The king demanded. "I need to see my son."

Without wasting any more time, the royal family rushed out of the palace. All they wanted to do was just to see him. Their faces were already with tears and they were praying. They wanted to find their prince alive. They didn't want to lose him.


The royal family rushed into the hospital, heading straight for the reception where a nurse was talking to another nurse. They were in a real hurry and their tears were already reaching their chins. What they all wanted was to find Luis happy and in a good health.

"Nurse!" The queen called before she even reached the reception.

The nurse moved her eyes to the queen and bowed immediately. "Welcome to the hospital, your majesty." She seemed to know why they had come because she quickly pointed. "I am sorry about the prince. He's in the emergency room right now."

Without even uttering any word, they all rushed to where they knew the E.R was located. It had taken them two whole hours to reach the hospital and they had been constantly yelling at the drivers to speed it up. But now they were here and they just wanted to see the prince.

Reaching the E.R, the royal family got lucky when they saw the doctor coming out of there. They rushed to him, surrounding him. What they needed were just answers. They needed to know that their prince was not in a really bad condition.

"Doctor..." The king gasped, visibly trembling. "How is he? How is my son?"

The doctor sighed. "Please, calm down."

"Calm down?" The king hollered. "I just received news that my son was involved in an accident and you are here telling me to calm down. Tell me how my son is doing right now?" He commanded.

"Okay." He raised his hands in the air. "We were able to save him. He had almost given up but something kept him alive."

"Oh," The queen breathed, raising her hands to the heavens. "Thank the almighty."

"How is his condition?"

The door sighed, clearing his throat. "He sustained a huge wound on his head because he had hit his head terribly. But we have stitched up and it might take up some time to heal. He also has some injuries on his legs though they are not serious. He might need to be in a wheelchair for some time when he gets out of here."

"My son," The king sobbed softly. "What had happened?"

"According to the young man that brought him here, he was involved in a terrible accident. He was over speeding and driving on the wrong lane. He lost control of the car and then crashed into a tree. I must say he is a lucky man because it was a terrible accident. He is lucky to have survived."

"Oh my God." Henry gasped, rubbing on his face. "Is everything all right with him?"

"Yes!" The doctor smiled brightly. "He is fine. There is nothing wrong with him except for the injuries I just mentioned here. But... we don't know when he might wake up because the wound on the head was really deep."

"Okay." Hanna slowly rubbed her tears but they kept on flowing. "Can we see him right now? Please."

"I am sorry," The doctor said softly. "He is still in the E.R. He needs to be cleaned and then his wounds bandaged before he can be transferred to a room. Then you can see him from there."

"Thank God," The king prayed softly. "Now I know that the Almighty is there."

The doctor turned to leave but turned again. "Before I forget, there is something else that I have to tell you."

"What?" the king gasped.

"When the prince was in the Emergency room, he kept on calling out Aidan's name. I think it helped a lot." After saying that, the doctor turned and left.

"Aidan!" Granny cried softly. "He is so much in love with him that he couldn't bear to leave him. I think it would help him a lot if Aidan was here. But what can we do?"

Hanna stared at her granny and the rest of her family. Then without saying a word to them, she stormed out, ignoring their calls. Henry went after her. She knew exactly what she needed to do in that situation. She couldn't let her brother die.


Aidan was seated on the floor in the living room, laying his head on his granny's lap. He was still crying in pain and somehow granny's lap and her fingers in his hair felt so beautiful. It helped soothe him and made him feel a little better. His baby was sleeping but the pain he was feeling was just too much. After crying outside for over an hour, he had walked inside the castle and cried to granny. It was almost five hours now.

Aidan's eyes were swollen. His eyes were red and his pain was just too much. He couldn't understand why he felt like that. It was really painful.

"Please. Stop this." Granny said, massaging his head. "Everything is gonna be fine. He is gone and you are gonna be just fine."

"I know..." Aidan sobbed softly. "But why do I feel this way, granny? Why do I feel such pain? I don't want to feel this way and..."

"Shh..." She placed a soft kiss on his head. "Harsh now, my baby. Just rest and the pain will go away. I promise it will go away."

Aidan pushed his head further into her lap closing his eyes to get some rest. But just as he closed his eyes, he heard a loud and rude honking of the car. It was so loud and it just added to his pain.

"What does he still want?" he cried softly.

"I will go and check it." Ethan rubbed his tears off, getting up from the couch.

"Please." Aidan pleaded. "I don't want to see him. Tell him to go away from me. Please. Do everything to send him back."

"I will handle it," Ethan said as he rushed towards the door.

Aidan just remained there, crying. He didn't want to see Luis for any reason at all. He just wanted to stay alone with his family and his son. He just wanted to live in peace without Luis bothering him. Wasn't it enough that he had told Luis to go away? Couldn't he just go away?

After a few minutes, the door flung open and Aidan heard footsteps rushing towards him.

"Aidan!" he heard Hanna's voice.

Hearing Hanna's voice, Aidan quickly moved his head to her and saw her kneeling with her hands held together. She was looking vulnerable with tears in her eyes. She was with Henry who was standing beside her.

"Aidan, please," Hanna pleaded. "I am begging you right now. Luis needs you more than ever. He is in danger. I am begging you. I know he had hurt you in the past, we had all hurt you. But right now, I have no choice but to come here. Please, whatever we did to you in the past, forgive us and come and save my brother."

"What?" Aidan gasped, looking straight at her. "What are you talking about?"

"Luis was just involved in a terrible accident."

"What?" Aidan's tears flowed even more. He furiously got up. "He was involved in an accident? How?"

"He's been calling your name all the time." Hanna cried softly. "My brother needs you right now. He needs you for him to survive. I am begging you."

Aidan felt the pain intensify. He opened his mouth to speak but more tears came out then and a loud painful sound. "He... he was involved in an accident?"

"Yes!" Henry said, putting his hands together. "Aidan, we all know of the pain all of us had caused you. But please, you and Luis shared a love like no other. For the sake of that love you shared, come, and see him. I believe he will get better."
"Luis!" Aidan gasped softly, feeling his brother's arms wrapping around him. "This is my fault." He blamed himself for what had happened. Had he just not told him anything then he would have been at the castle that particular time. But now he was in a critical condition. Aidan had never felt as terrible as he felt at that particular time.

"This is my fault." He cried. "I need to see him." he rushed to Hanna. "Where is he? Please, take me to him. He must not die."

Hanna laughed in her pain, getting up from the floor. "He will not die. He is at city hospital right now. Please, Aidan I..."

"Let's go."

"I have left my car out..."

"We won't need a car." Aidan rubbed his tears furiously, moving his eyes towards granny. "Please, take care of my son. I am sorry but I can't stay here. I need to go and see Luis. I need to know what is going on."

"It's okay." Granny hugged him tightly. "We will be okay. Just go there and save him."

Aidan nodded and quickly snapped his finger. Henry, Hanna and he instantly disappeared from that place.

"Love can make people crazy." Ethan sighed. "Did you see him right now?"

"Yes!" Granny said as she rubbed her tears. "I just hope everything will go back to normal. I just want everything to turn out for the better. I just wanna see my grandson that was happy without any worries."

"Me too." Ethan sighed. "Me too, granny."

Now all they just had to do was wait and see what was going on.


Aidan appeared in the hospital and he was already rushing towards the first nurse he saw.

"Where is Prince Luis?" He sobbed softly. "Where has been taken?"

"Please, calm down." The blonde nurse reassured with a beautiful smile. "The prince is okay. He has been taken to the second floor in room 56."

"Thank you." Aidan sobbed, smiling in pain at the woman.

Without even wasting any time, he rushed to the elevator with Henry and Hanna. Before he knew it, he was already on the second floor. He came out rushing out of the elevator, checking all the room numbers. It wasn't long before he reached room 56. He first sobbed softly and then opened the door wide.

The king, the queen, and granny were already in that room and they were seated quietly. It was a beautiful and classy room. Aidan just stood in the doorway, staring at the handsome man on the bed. Luis was peacefully sleeping on the bed. He had a huge bandage wrapped around his head. There was a bed sheet covering him from his waist to his legs. He was looking really bad to Aidan. He had some cuts on his face and the bandage on his head was a little bloody. The royal family and Charles who had come didn't seem to have noticed him.

Aidan just stayed in the doorway, staring at the cute man. More tears flooded his face and he cried even harder than before. For a few seconds, he felt as if he wasn't able to breathe. When he took in a deep breath, he rushed to Luis who was sleeping on the bed.

Reaching Luis, Aidan knelt on the floor, staring at the cute man.

"Luis..." Aidan cried. "I am sorry. Please, get up from here. Please, get up right now." He cried even harder. "Luis, please don't do this to me. Get up."

The king and everyone else in the room stared at each other, getting up from their seats. To say they were surprised would be an understatement. They were shocked... they thought they were dreaming... they were caught off guard. They couldn't even believe it was Aidan that was in that room, crying and pleading for Luis to come out of the condition that he was in.

"Luis..." Aidan Cried. "I am sorry. Please, get up. Get up for your son. He needs you."

The king and queen looked at each other and then at Aidan. They were all so surprised that they couldn't even do anything. They just watched him crying. They still couldn't believe that was the same Aidan they had seen a month ago. The one they had seen was different and the one they were seeing at that very moment was a different one also.

"Please, get up..."

Aidan felt terrible for what he had done to Luis. He blamed himself for causing Luis such pain. He wanted to punish himself for it. He had only been doing it to get rid of him. He didn't do it to cause him that kind of accident. He just wanted him to wake up. Aidan's pain increased to a whole new level. He didn't know what was happening to him. Some emotions took control of him and he couldn't understand them. He just wanted everything to go back to normal. He didn't want Luis to have any scars on his body.

The feelings Aidan felt, the feelings that awakened deep in his heart were deep and intense. He couldn't control them. Finally, what he had been trying to hide came to the surface. His heart was asking him why he caused that. Looking at Luis was more painful than he had thought. It was so, so painful.


Aidan slowly got up and sat on the bed. He looked at him and his face had many cuts. He was handsome but now... he had made those cuts that were gonna leave scars. Why did he do that to him, he thought as he cried harder?

"Get up..." Aidan cried softly, laying his head on the chest. He felt his weak heartbeat. "Wake up for your son, Luis. I promise I won't keep him away from you. I promise I will never take him away from you. Just wake up, Luis I am begging you."

Aidan cried softly on Luis' chest. He was crying so hard that his tears soon wetted his chest. He just wanted everything to be fine. He just wanted him to wake up and live his life. The pain was just too much. He wanted to hurt Luis so much but now... now he had hurt himself even more. He couldn't bear it.

"Aidan." He felt a hand on his back.

Aidan got his face up and then stared at the queen. He dropped his eyes to the floor. "I am sorry. I caused this. I shouldn't have done what I did."

"No!" The queen said softly. "You don't have to blame yourself for this. You shouldn't put this on what you said or did. We’re to be blamed. If we had just trusted you then none of this would have happened."

"I had caused it." Aidan cried.

"No." The queen sighed. "You had been through a lot because of him, because of all of us. You were just protecting yourself from the pain. Please, Luis is all right. He just has a bad injury on his head and the doctors think that it will take time to heal. He will wake up and..."

"His face." Aidan sobbed softly. "He was badly injured and he will have scars all over his face."

"He's fine." The queen gave him a painful smile. "You are here for him and what matters is that you are here. I am sure he will heal in no time."

Aidan nodded softly, still staring at Luis. "I just want him to get up. I can't bear to see him in this condition."

The queen sighed. "The doctor was here a few minutes. He gave him a shot to reduce the pain. These wounds would take some time to heal. His legs were badly injured too. He has to use a wheelchair for some time, a long time. And he might have many scars on his face too."

"No..." Aidan cried softly, covering his mouth. "That shouldn't happen to him. Is there anything that can be done? I can't bear to see him in a wheelchair. Please, call the priest. He might be able to do something."

The king sighed gloomily. "He has the power to heal but..."

"Please." He pleaded. "Call him and..."

Before he could even finish saying what he was about to say, the priest appeared right in front of them. He had a serious face and he was holding his trident as usual. Seeing him, Aidan rushed to him and then knelt in front of him.

"Please." Aidan cried softly. "Look at Luis. He is in really bad shape. Help him priest, heal him. Get him up."

The priest sniffed the air, hitting his trident harder on the floor. "I came as soon as I heard you calling me." He announced. "But I am sorry. I cannot do anything about this. I don't that much power to heal these kinds of..."

"Please." Aidan pleaded. "Help him. He is in a really bad condition. Save him from all that pain. Help him..."

"I am only but a messenger." The priest sighed. "I cannot help him. I can heal sicknesses and other things but this is beyond me. The best that I can do is pray for him in the temple for quick recovery. Only someone with the power to heal can help him right."

"No..." Aidan cried softly.

The priest looked at the prince, nodding his head. "I will pray for his healing. He will be fine. All of you don't have to worry about anything, okay?"

With those words, he hit the trident harder on the floor and disappeared immediately. Aidan fell to the floor and cried softly. "What am I gonna do?" He cried. "Please, come back to me, Luis. I will do anything that you want me to do, just wake up."

Hanna hated seeing Aidan in the state that he was in. It was just too painful to watch. Luis wasn't even in the worst condition and the boy was crying like that... what was going on? She couldn't understand because he hated Luis and always told him so.

Hanna knelt in front of Aidan, slowly soothing him. "Aidan, please stop all this, okay? Luis is gonna be just fine. He will wake up in a day or two and you will be able to see him."

"He shouldn't have been in this condition," Aidan said softly, slowly getting up. "I caused this. I shouldn't have hurt him the way I had hurt him. I know that..."


Aidan looked at Luis and saw the bad condition he was in. He couldn't handle seeing him in that state. He knew very well that Luis would be in so much pain when he wakes in the condition that he was in. He knew he would be left with scars and it was all because of him. He shouldn't have done what he did. He was to be blamed for the bad condition that he was in. He couldn't handle it.

"This is my fault."

With a final painful glance at Luis, Aidan rushed out of the room, ignoring the calls from everyone in the room. He got out of the room and rushed to the bathroom where he just stood, leaning to a wall. He was crying so hard and he didn't care about what had happened. It was painful and he didn't know what to do.

"I had caused it." He cried softly. "This is my entire fault. I shouldn't have hurt him the way I did. I should have just told him what I felt."

He leaned down and just cried softly. He cried for a long time and had no idea what to do. He was just happy no one came in because he had no idea what he would have done. The only thing he wanted was to just make sure that Luis was fine. He didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

Slowly rubbing his tears, Aidan just got caught up on his reflection in the mirror. He could have sworn he saw the reflection smiling back at him. He couldn't understand what was going on but he could have sworn the reflection was smiling. He just stared at it and then cried even more. He dropped his eyes again and cried.

"What can I do?" He said in between sobs. "The chief priest can't do anything."

"But you can..." He heard a voice like a gush of wind ring through his head.

Hearing that voice, Aidan looked all around and noticed that there was no one else in that room. It was just him and his reflection. But he also remembered the voice and what it had just told him.


Aidan now knew what was going on. He had the power to do everything that he sets his mind on. He knew he could help Luis if he wanted to. But... he had never done that before. As it was, Aidan instantly healed when hurt so... he didn't know if it was going to happen. But it was worth every try. After spending almost twenty minutes in the men's room, he knew what to do.

Aidan quickly rubbed his tears, revealing his swollen eyes. It was almost getting dark and he knew exactly what he had to do. With a deep breath of confidence, Aidan got out of the men's room and rushed to the room where Luis was.

Once he entered the room, he found everyone staring quietly at Luis. They all seemed sad and he knew that they were full of sorrow. He couldn't bear to see them in that state. It was true they all had hurt him but... Luis was in such bad condition.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan rushed to Luis' bed and stood still, staring deeply at him. He slowly took in a deep breath, extending his hands on him, opening his palms widely. He was moving them from side to side while looking at Luis's face.

"Aidan!" The king gasped. "What are you going to do?"

Ignoring the king's question, Aidan just breathed and set his mind on what he wanted. He willed it with all his heart and his energy. He closed his eyes and just breathed in deeply, concentrating only on one thing. He concentrated the rest of his energy on healing Luis and making him better again. He had no idea if it was gonna work but it was worth a try.

Opening his eyes widely, Aidan felt the energy moving away from him into the body which was on that bed. A strong wind suddenly started blowing in that room, blowing everything away. His eyes glowed bright blue for less than five seconds. He could feel his energy being concentrated on his hands which suddenly started glowing, a bright pure white color. Everything was going beautiful.

Aidan focused his energy, using it into Luis' body. The glowing light from his hands extended to Luis' body. Then a small ball of light left his hands and into Luis' body. Once that light entered him, Luis' body lit up.

Aidan took a really deep sigh, dropping his hands. He could feel that it was done but he had no idea what was gonna happen. He stared at Luis and nothing was happening to him. He just lay on that bed without moving. Just when he was about to lose hope, Luis's hand moved slowly.

"Oh my God," Hanna gasped, rushing towards the bed. "I swear his hand just moved."

Hearing her, everyone rushed to the bed and stared at Luis. He was slowly moving his hands from side to side. He did it for quite several seconds before he finally stopped and lay still. Aidan looked at him and he was still looking the same. Apart from his body movements, he was looking just like the way he had been looking. He didn't know if it had worked but the hand movement was a really good sign of everything. He was hoping Luis would wake up soon.

"God..." The queen gasped, staring at Aidan. "What did you do?"

Aidan sighed. "I tried to heal him but..." He paused and sat on a small chair. He felt tears building in his eyes. "I don't think it worked."

"Please, don't," The queen pleaded. "He has moved his hands whether it worked or not. That's a good sign and..."

"I don't know." Aidan sobbed, burying his face on his palm. "I thought he'd heal instantly and..."

"Your presence is the most important thing to him and us as well." The queen sighed, squeezing Aidan's shoulder. "Thank you so much for coming here when my son needed you the most. He will feel your presence and he will wake up."

"He has to." Aidan sobbed softly, rubbing his tears. "He just has to wake up. I made him..."

"How long will you blame yourself?" The queen asked, staring at him. "Please. Stop crying. It will not be too good for Luis if he finds you like this. He needs to find you smiling. Please. That's the only way to help my son."

With those words, the queen left to join the others. Aidan stared at the bad looking Luis. He couldn't believe that was the same man he knew. It was painful to watch. He grabbed a chair and sat close to him.

The rest of the night, Aidan stayed by Luis' side, holding his hand tightly. He was praying in his heart, still wishing for Luis to get better. That was the only thing that was on his mind. It was the only thing that he wanted to happen. He promised to stay with him until his healing period. He didn't know the reason why his magic had failed to work and heal Luis instantly. But that hand movement was a good sign that he would get better. That was the only thing that he wanted. Aidan didn't even know what to do from that moment onwards. He didn't even know how he would explain to Luis because he had caused that accident when he told him of the lies of having another lover. Now he knew Luis loved him a whole lot.

But Aidan didn't have time to think about that. The queen told him to leave with Hanna, Henry, and granny to get some rest but he didn't want to. He rather stayed with Luis the rest of the night sitting on the chair and holding his hands tightly. He didn't eat anything at all even though the king insisted he did that. He didn't want anything.

Only God knows the numbers of tears that he had shed that particular night. He couldn't just bear to see those cuts on Luis' face. He just wanted him to be well. He wanted him to get healed. He wanted him to be back on his feet.

Aidan didn't want to lose his baby's father. It was the reason why he kept on praying and praying, staring at Luis.


Luis woke up early the next morning and his vision blurred before he finally realized what was going on. He had a slight headache and his whole body felt a little weak and tired. He could feel that he had something tied around his head and it was tight. From all the things that were in the room, Luis knew that he was at the hospital.

He tried to move but was welcomed by a sharp jerk through his entire body, sending him back to the bed. He didn't remember how he had gotten to the hospital but he remembered the truck, the over speeding, the thinking, and then crashing. When he eventually remembered what had led to his accident, tears started streaming down his face in millions.

He felt a sharp headache when he remembered what Aidan had done to him. He couldn't help but cry. He wished he hadn't woken up. Fuck! He didn't even know how long he had been in that hospital. It could have been days or even weeks. What he didn't want to do was wake up. He wished he had died so as not to experience the torture that he had gone through. His heartbeat painfully and he couldn't just help but cry softly.

When he slowly moved his eyes to his right-hand side, he saw both his parents sleeping on the couch. He cried, even more, when he saw them. He was the saddest man alive.

"Mom..." He cried softly. "Mom..."

Aidan didn't know if he was dreaming or something but he thought he could hear Luis' voice. He quickly opened his eyes, raising his head from the bed. He realized that he was not holding Luis's hand anymore. When he eventually got up, he saw Luis calling the queen softly, crying. He tried to tell him something but got caught up looking at him.

Aidan got surprised at what he was seeing. Even though Luis was sounding weak, he got surprised at the way he was looking. All the cuts that were on his face were healed. His face was completely clean without any of those cuts. He couldn't believe it. His magic had worked. He felt so happy that he even cried softly, looking straight at him. Just when he was about to open his mouth, he heard the queen rushing to him.

"Luis?" She gasped, staring at him. "Oh my God, I can't believe that you are..."

"Why did you bring me here?" Luis cried softly. "Why did you revive me? You should have just let me die."

"What?" The king gasped. He couldn't mask the anger and surprise that he felt. "Luis! What nonsense are you talking about?"

"I don't want to live anymore." He cried softly, nodding his head. "I just wanna die, mother. I don't want to live. I just want to die."

"Luis, why would you..."

"I have lost him. I have lost Aidan. He doesn't love me anymore. He's in love with someone else."

Aidan slightly moved away from the bed, tears flooding his face. He saw through Luis' pain and it ate him up inside. He couldn't believe he'd caused Luis so much pain. The man had just woken up and he was already expressing his pain. It was just too painful to see.

"Luis." The king said softly.

"Aidan is..."

"I don't wanna hear anything. He left me to die. I can't believe he did that to me. I love him so much. I can't leave without him."
"Luis..." The king chuckled. "Aidan didn't leave you to die."

"No!" Luis shook his head. "He is..."

"He is here." The king smiled brightly. "He is finally here and..."

"What?" Luis gasped, softly getting up from the bed. "Where is he?"

"I am here," Aidan announced, taking a really deep sigh.

When Luis heard Aidan's voice, he gasped, moving his eyes towards the direction of the voice. When his eyes stared at Aidan, he cried even more. He still couldn't believe it was Aidan standing right there in front of him. It was impossible to believe. He surely couldn't believe it. It was impossible.

As soon as he saw Aidan, Luis' heart gave a sharp pound in his heart. It was now racing beyond what he had expected. He started panting, crying softly. He had no idea why he felt so happy after seeing him even after knowing that Aidan had a boyfriend.

"Aidan..." Luis called softly. "Is it really you?"

Luis tried to move out of his bed but there was still pain all over his body. The only thing he managed to do was lean his body to the headboard full of pillows. Then he continued staring at him as if he was a ghost or something deadly.

Aidan on the other hand got emotional. He took a really deep breath, rushing towards Luis. Reaching Luis, Aidan sat on the bed, dropping his eyes as more tears fell down his face. He didn't even know where to begin with everything.

"I am sorry." He cried out in pain. That was the only word that could escape his mouth at that time. "I am so sorry, Luis. I didn't mean to hurt you like that. I never thought it would lead you into such a terrible accident."

"But I was hurt." Luis cried. "I was really hurt." He yelled, feeling a sharp pain in his abdomen. "Why would you do that to me? You know how much I love you."

"Luis!" The queen raised her voice a little.

"No," Aidan said softly. "Let him go ahead."

"Yes!" Luis cried softly. "I love you, Aidan. You were the reason why I was living but you took me for a fool and..." He paused and cried softly. "Why did you do this to me? Answer me?" He said harshly, clenching his fists. "Why would you cause me such pain? Is it a crime to love you? You have hurt me more than I have been..."

"What about me?" Aidan cried, feeling the pain coming back to him. "Are you seriously shouting at me? Do you know pain, Luis? The pain you had caused me is nothing compared to what you think you’re going through right now. Did you think for once about what I had gone through? When you betrayed me all I ever thought about was starting a new life but your memories were on my mind, torturing me. After trying so hard and forgetting, I found out I was pregnant. You have no idea what I went through during that pregnancy. I needed you, Luis. I cried each night but you were not there."

"Aidan... I..."

"No, Luis..." Aidan said, gesturing for him to stop. "I went through a lot. I was hurt more than anything. All the pains I had to go through and..." he paused and sobbed. "And you expected me to welcome you in my heart with open arms?" He nodded. "No! I needed to leave you. I needed to hurt you and realizing it was the real pain. I had to cause you pain by taking your son away from you." He sobbed, rubbing his tears. "But whatever I did, you were always on..."

"Is that why you are dating Justin?"

"No!" Aidan said softly. "I don't have anything with Justin. I only kissed him to get rid of you. I never actually..."

"Are you telling me that you are still single?" Aidan nodded. Luis' pain slipped away from him. His heartbeat with love and he loved it. He couldn't express his happiness. He only expressed it through his tears. He quickly gripped Aidan's hands, placing soft kisses on each of them. "Please. I am begging you, Aidan. I am willing to go through any suffering you want me to go as long as you forgive me, Aidan. Please, give me another chance. You can punish me in any way you want."
“Luis, listen…”
“I know that what I did will always hurt you.” He sobbed softly, shaking his head. “But Aidan, you’ve got no idea the amount of pain that I’ve been through. I agree that whatever pain I am going through is nothing compared to what you went through.”
Aidan was getting emotional and tears were already welling in his eyes just listening to Luis.
“I know saying sorry isn’t enough for how much I disappointed you but I hope it at least shows I’ve realized and regretted my actions. Please forgive me, my love. Forgive my sins but don’t forget what we shared. I love you so much and…”

Before Luis could even finish his sentence, Aidan leaned forward and captured his lips into a sweet kiss that froze everything in that room. Luis felt his heart racing beyond what was normal. He couldn't believe Aidan had done that. He felt his heart beating softly, making his whole body quiver in pleasure.

Luis closed his eyes, grasping the back of Aidan's head, bringing him closer. Their lips placed hard on each other while they kissed. Luis stuck out his tongue and Aidan allowed him to enter into that sweet mouth. And when their tongues met, Luis felt a spark through his entire body. He moaned and continued sucking on Aidan's tongue, not minding that his parents were in that room. He just continued kissing and enjoying the sweet vibrations Aidan was giving him.

After what felt like hours, both guys pulled away from each other's lips, breathing as if they had just come from a long run. Luis felt as if he'd just hit a jackpot, making his whole body to catch fire. He couldn't believe Aidan was the one that had kissed him.

"Wow!" He breathed, licking his lips. "This is so... wow!"

"That's for saying sorry to you," Aidan confessed. "I am sorry. The truth is... I never forgot about you, Luis. I loved you so much even though you had abandoned me. It was the reason why I wanted to hurt you and the reason why I hated you." He took in a deep breath. "I love you so much Luis and I am willing to give you a second chance because you have shown me that you love me."

Luis felt a shiver run down his spine as more tears accumulated in his eyes. He moved his hands to Aidan's face, cupping his sweet cheeks. "You have no idea what that means to me. This means a lot to me. I can't believe you decided to give me another chance. This is a lot to me and I love you so much. I know that I have been an idiot to you.

I should have trusted you. That was my mistake and..."

"Shh..." Aidan whispered, blocking Luis's lips with his finger.

Luis smiled brightly, kissing on Aidan's little finger. He brought it to his lips and kissed it softly. He was acting as if they were all alone. That was the happiest day of his life and he wasn't gonna let it go just like that. He was gonna make sure that he appreciates Aidan.

"You have no idea how this makes me feel."

"I understand," Aidan said softly. "You need to rest a bit more. You are still recovering."

"I thought I was in an accident. Why am I..."

"I healed you, Luis." He smiled brightly, rubbing on Luis' hands. "Your wounds have healed but... do you feel any more pain."

"I feel little pain in my abdomen and some parts of my body." He said with a smile.

"Thank the almighty." The queen raised her hands towards the heavens. "This is one of the happiest days of my life." She quickly moved towards Aidan and gripped him into a tight hug. "Thank you so much for doing this for my son. I appreciate it. You've healed him and now you have decided to forgive him." She pulled away from the hug, holding his hands tightly. "I know that we've caused you so much pain and... I just don't know what to say anymore."

"My queen," Aidan sighed, trying his best to smile. "I will be honest with you. It had hurt so much but this wasn't your entire fault. Let's just forget about everything that has happened and move on."

"Thank you." The queen sobbed.

The king came closer and gripped him into a tight hug. "Thank you so much, Aidan. This has been the happiest day of my life. Thank you so much for this."

Aidan chuckled softly. "It's really fine. I think I have had enough hating. It's fine."

After that, Aidan just stayed with Luis on the bed. It was a really good moment for Aidan and Luis. Their love was once again in the air. It was stronger and more beautiful. Aidan felt the pain slipping away from him. Ever since he had told Luis about what he felt, he was feeling good now.

When the doctor came to examine him that morning and removed the sheets to see his legs, he got surprised when he didn't see any wounds or bruises. Even his entire face was completely healed except for the huge wound on his forehead. It wasn't looking so bad and it had started getting smaller. He was amazed at it.

"I can't believe I am seeing this." The doctor gasped, folding his arms on his chest. "Your wounds and bruises are gone. You seem to be healing faster but how is this even possible? It's a miracle."

"Yes!" Luis smiled brightly, eyeing the boy he was holding tightly. "It's not a miracle. My prayers have healed me." He chuckled. "All thanks goes to Aidan."

"Yes!" The doctor didn't seem surprised at all. He was their family doctor so he knew a lot about the royal family. "If a boy can destroy the evil king then this is nothing to him." he chuckled. "I am a science believe and not a supernatural believer but this is beautiful. Ever since he saved the kingdom, I have started believing in these things because my fate lies in his hands."

They all laughed as the doctor greeted Aidan, thanking him for the great help. But of course, Aidan knew exactly what to say. He thanked the doctor instead of saving the life of Luis. He thanked him for his great help.

"So... is he good to go?" The king asked. "Is he completely healed?"

"I might need to be sure."

The doctor first examined Luis' body and he had just a few pains in his abdomen and he had no idea why. The doctor then made sure to test if his legs were in perfect shape. Luis was able to take a few steps as he felt little pain in his knees. But the doctor was still happy and amazed because he hadn't expected Aidan to walk at all. Not even a step but he did anyway.

"I must say he's healing faster." The doctor said. "Except for the little pains that will be gone through painkillers and his legs, he is fine."

"Oh..." the king chuckled happily. "Does that mean we can take him home? You will continue the examinations at home if there are any."

"Yes!" The doctor smiled. "I will go and write the discharge letter right away."

Everyone was happy upon hearing that. They were happy because of everything that they had heard. It was just as if that accident didn't happen at all. It was just amazing. Aidan was just amazing. They loved him a lot and were gonna love him forever. They were never gonna hurt him ever again. He was the angel of their hearts and home.

After an hour, Luis was discharged from the hospital. From his room to the car outside, Luis cringed on to Aidan. He was just walking, loving feeling his arms around the boy that he loved like crazy. He just didn't want anything to go wrong. Luis had a bright smile from his room to the car. Happiness and joy were once again back into his life. He couldn't express the joy that he felt deep inside his heart. Everything was just lovely. Nothing was bad for him anymore. He enjoyed his little walk to the car.

Throughout the journey back to the palace, Luis had his hands on Aidan the entire time. He never wanted to let go of those sweet hands again. He just wanted to hold on to them for as long as he lived. He could die just holding those sweet hands. Only God knows how happy he was that day. Finally, his dreams had come true. He could now have a full family, his own family. He still couldn't believe that was happening.

It wasn't long before they reached home. Granny and Hanna were surprised to see Luis with no bruises and slowly walking into the palace. They got even more surprised when they saw Aidan in the palace. They embraced the two of them and then served them tasty breakfast. Aidan was happy. He had forgotten about what had happened in the palace. It was really beautiful and he felt at home. Granny and Hanna apologized to him and he told them it was all right. They were so happy that planted kisses all over his face. He was happy too.


"Ow..." Luis moaned softly as Aidan made him sit on the bed in his room. "Thanks, baby."

"Okay," Aidan said softly. "I will go and..." But before he could even finish his sentence, Luis gripped his hand, pulling him closer to him. He made him sit with him on the bed and cupped his hands, rubbing on them softly.

Luis felt bad. He kissed Aidan's hands as tears left his eyes. "Do you see this room?"

Aidan took a quick look around. "Yes!" He nodded. "It's really beautiful and..."

"I changed it to make the pain go away." He cried softly. "I couldn't bear the memories anymore. They were just hurting me so much that..." he looked away. "I threw your clothes away. I tried everything I could so that I could forget you but I couldn't do it, Aidan. I couldn't forget about the boy that I love like crazy. I couldn't forget about the beautiful moments that we shared. It was just too beautiful to forget."

Aidan felt a huge lump in his throat as he traveled down the painful memory lane. Remembering those moments was painful to him but he listened attentively to his handsome Luis. He listened pretty well and... he tried his best not to breakdown.

"I thought I was forgetting," he sobbed. "I buried my feelings and thought I had totally forgotten but when you showed up to pick your family up from this kingdom... those feelings came back. Ethan warned me, Hanna warned me and Charles did too but I couldn't listen to anything. I even went abroad to forget. But just a few days after coming back, I found out the truth after two years. I felt like a fool. I spent days crying and without eating. All I wanted was you and no one else. I tried to hide my feelings but it didn't work."

He kissed Aidan's hands even harder. "I am sorry for hurting you." He groaned softly, getting up from the bed. He knelt in front of Aidan, still holding his hands. "I know that I have been a fool all these years. I tried to believe that I forgot about you and... I stayed faithful because I couldn't bear to cheat on you. I am now apologizing for what I did. I should have trusted you when you told me that you were innocent. I should have listened to you and stood by you. I shouldn't have walked all over and I..." he cried softly. "I can't believe I broke the vows I made to you and..."

"It doesn't matter and..."

"It does..." Luis sighed. "What kind of husband was I? I didn't even stand by my groom. I might have hurt you Aidan but I hurt myself even more. I was never there during those times when you were in pain when I impregnated you. I was never there when our baby was born and I was never there when you needed me the most. Please, forgive me for being such a fool. Forgive me for being so stupid and foolish. I am ready to accept my mistakes and make sure that I rectify them. I am ready to give you a life which you will love, a life with me and our son. Please, forgive me." He cried harder, laying his head on Aidan's lap. "You saved my life and now I want you to forgive me for everything. I want you to just forget about everything and take me back." He just lay on Aidan's lap, crying hard.

Aidan felt terrible and he couldn't suppress his tears. Luis truly loved him and he could see that. Though he had hurt him and betrayed him, he was not entirely at fault. It was now time to put those things in the past and he was gonna make sure he erases them from his mind. He loved Luis a lot and he wanted him in his life. He had come to appreciate it after almost losing him.

Aidan took a deep breath and slowly rubbed on Luis' back. "I forgive you for everything, Luis. I forgive and from now on, I promise that I will forget about everything. It's all in the past right now."

Luis raised his face upon hearing Aidan's words. Tears again came flowing. He couldn't hold back those tears. They were tears of joy. He was happy with the way things were. Aidan had forgiven him. He had finally forgiven him. Luis couldn't express the joy that he felt in his heart. It was just too intense. It was beautiful.

"Thank you."

Luis slowly got up and gripped Aidan's neck. They both fell on the bed and he found himself on top of Aidan between his hot legs. Without wasting any time, Luis captured Aidan's lips into the sweetest of kisses that made his whole body tremble in pleasure. He simply lost his mind and just put everything he had in that wonderful kiss.

Aidan on the other hand was on cloud 9. He was the happiest man on earth. Everything that he had ever dreamt of having was found right in that place. He couldn't have wanted anything more than he got. He felt happy... he felt lucky... he felt crazy... he felt like a teenager in love... he felt complete... he felt extremely wonderful. Things were going wonderfully and he wouldn't have missed that for anything in the entire world. Having Luis' lips on him again was the best feeling ever. The way he was carefully kissing him... the way he was holding waist... the feelings that took control of his body... the way he moaned softly... the pleasure that was derived from that kiss... the way their tongues vibrated when they moaned in each other's mouths... the deep vibrations that got their hormones out of control. Everything was simply beautiful. Nothing could have compared to the way they felt. The kiss was sweet and passionate. They had put their entire hearts and souls into that kiss.

"God!" Luis was panting and sweating at the same time. "I missed your lips."

"I missed you too."

"Yeah..." He groaned as he felt a sharp but sweet pain. "Now that I have you, I will hold on to you forever. I will never let you go no matter what happens to you."

"Thank you." Aidan was more than happy. "Thank you for giving me this wonderful time Luis. You have brought back happiness into my life. I will treasure these moments for the rest of my life. I will never let them."

"And I will never let you go. I will trust you with my life." He vowed. "I will play my role in your life and provide everything for my son. This is the vow that I will fulfill to you."

Luis leaned down and captured Aidan's lips. The two continued kissing. They just wanted to kiss even though their lips were swollen. That was the most important thing to them. Now they were back together and they knew that a lot was in store for them.


That same day, things changed for the better between Aidan and Luis. They were now in love like never before. Their bond was stronger especially with Jacob as their strength. It was a really beautiful time for them. Since he forgave Luis and the entire royal family, Aidan felt his heart get lighter. All the pain melted and all the images that had been in his mind went away. He was now a free spirit and he could feel his powers reacting too. He had learned to accept them as a part of him and so did Luis and his entire family.

That day he took care of Luis and helped him with a lot of things. Only God knows the number of kisses that they shared that particular day. It was a happy day but in the evening, Aidan had to leave Luis to the care of the royal family. He had to go home to see his son and his family. Luis completely understood because he felt Jacob missed Aidan a lot. But he wanted to see his son.

Reaching in his home, Aidan was emotional. He held his son tightly as he narrated the story of how he had healed Luis to them. Of course, they could see from his happiness and smiles that he was a different person. But Aidan also broke the news of his relationship with Luis to them. He could still remember their reactions that day.

"I have gotten back with Luis."

"What?" Ethan gasped, getting out of the couch. "Are you serious or..."

Aidan took a deep sigh as he remembered exactly what had happened. "I never really hated Luis or anything like that. I was mad at him and the love that I felt for him made me see him differently. I needed to make him pay but... I feel I needed to fix my relationship with him. He's a good guy and I think he has suffered a lot. I couldn't hide my feelings anymore. Besides, I think Jacob needs the love of both parents." He remembered what his parents had told him in his dream.
Aidan had expected his family to be mad or call him a fool but he got surprised when granny laughed.

"I knew it." She laughed. "I knew you were still in love with him. I won't be mad at you and I think you wouldn't have found a better guy. Luis is unique and though I never said anything, I could see his pain and his love for you."

"To be honest," Ethan sighed. "I was really mad at him for what he had done to you. But you have made your decision and I don't think I would have loved any other guy for you. I have experienced how love feels." He looked at Justin and blushed. "If you love him I will support you."

"Thank you. And sorry for kissing Justin without..."

"It's fine," Ethan said. "I am not mad or anything."

Justin even made a shocking confession that surprised everyone in the living room.

"I am happy for you." Justin smiled. "But I have a confession to make." He cleared his voice. "The truth is, I was in love with you for months. I loved you a lot and I wanted to..." He cleared his voice. "I wanted to start a new family with you and Jacob. But you don't have to worry. I am now in love with Ethan. So I am happy for you."

It was shocking but Aidan was happy for Justin's sincerity. "It's really fine. What's important is that you've told me."

Things were going better than he had expected. The next day, Aidan and his family went to the Palace, and surprisingly, Luis was even much better than expected. The wound on his head had gotten even smaller and he was able to improve in walking.

The royal family was really happy in having Aidan's family around. They apologized sincerely for locking them up and treating Aidan the way they did but Aidan's family forgave them. That day they had a wonderful together as one family. It was the first day of uniting but they played together outside the palace. The royal family even got the chance to spend time with their grandchild. Everything was really lovely. It was super beautiful.

Since that day, Aidan and his family always came to the palace. The king even assigned some workers to Aidan's castle and bought many cars for him, not that he needed them. But he didn't want to turn them down so he accepted. His love for Luis was growing deeper and stronger. They spent much time together with their son, just sleeping on the bed and playing with their son. It felt like a complete family.

That continued for another week. In just a week, Luis had completely recovered. He was looking as good as new. He'd just woken up the wound was completely healed without any scar. He was able to walk properly and that was good too. He loved how everything was going.

Since that time, Luis was always out with Aidan and their son. They took their son to parks, playgrounds, malls, and other exciting places. While they did that they worked on their bond which surprisingly had grown stronger than expected. It was really beautiful and at times they just got lost staring into each other's eyes.

Luis was growing even more insane. His love for Aidan was unlimited. It was overflowing. The same went for Aidan. Their love was sky-high. They kissed like every second of their time. They went to many places together. People were happy seeing them back together. The perfect couple as they called them. It was simply amazing.

Luis and his family usually visited Aidan's castle and spent some nights there. It was just beautiful being together. Luis spent most of his nights at Aidan's castle. They always slept together with the baby. Being fathers was the most important and difficult job. Even though the family and grannies helped, they just wanted to spend time with Jacob. Luis was happy to be spending more time with their son who was looking more and more like Luis. Those that saw him recognized him as Luis' son even though they never knew Aidan had given birth to him.

About a month later, Ethan's friend, Jonathan came back to the country and he was a great friend. When Charles and he met during one of their outings, it was love at first sight for the two of them. They started getting together and eventually fell in love within a week. Jonathan was a tall dark-haired guy. He had deep grey eyes, tan skin, and a great personality. He was a marketing manager at one of the companies in town and a great guy to hang out with. Ethan and Justin's relationship was equally stronger.

Sometimes they just hang out together with all of them including Hanna and Henry. Things were getting hotter for Aidan and Luis. In that one month, they never made love to each other. They kissed, they cuddled, they touched, they stayed in the hot tub and Jacuzzi together and even showered together. Sure, they had erections but they were just too busy with their son that it didn't matter to them. Their love was sky high and it was getting higher and higher. At that rate, no one would tear them apart no matter what.


"Luis..." Aidan complained as he was dragged into the room by Luis. "Why did you bring me here?"

Luis rushed to the front of Aidan, kneeling before him. They had just come from having a great time out. Jacob with the family downstairs and Luis had just grabbed Aidan and brought him into his room. Now he was kneeling.

"Okay." Aidan raised his eyebrow, wondering what the hell Luis was doing. "Why are you kneeling? Is this what you brought me here for?"

"I know we haven't been having a private time together but..." Luis chuckled, slipping his hand through his pocket. When he got his hand out, he was holding a small wrapped box. Aidan watched as he removed the wrapping and got out a big surprise. It was a beautiful gold and diamond ring. It was sparkling beautifully.

"Oh my God," Aidan gasped.

Aidan's eyes instantly widened when he saw that ring. His face went completely blank. He suddenly started trembling in fear and excitement. His heart was already racing and he was panting. He quickly covered his mouth. He was completely surprised.

Luis took one of Aidan's fingers. "Aidan..." He said happily. "I have been dying to do this for a long time now. It's been hurting me a lot to be living apart from you. I want you back into my life. I want to be your husband again." He chuckled softly, rubbing on Aidan's hand. "I know we did not divorce but... will you marry me, again. I would like to renew my vows to you again."

Tears started pouring down Aidan's face when he heard that proposal. He gulped, trembling happily. He couldn't find his voice. He wanted to tell Luis that he was ready but he still couldn't find his voice. It was as if something had taken his voice away from him. He was speechless. He had never thought Luis was even planning on doing that.

"Please." Luis pleaded. "I really can't deal with this anymore. I want to be your husband again. I want to..."

"Yes!" Aidan nodded. "I will marry you, Luis, again." He sobbed softly. "I will marry you."

Luis gasped as a grin appeared on his face. He kissed Aidan's hand and slipped the ring on his finger. Now it was sparkling, making him even more beautiful. That ring had cost him billions but he was happy he had given it to the boy that truly deserved it.

Luis took Aidan's hand, placing a soft kiss on it. He slowly got up to give Aidan a wonderful hug but ended up tripping him and they both headed towards the bed, laughing softly. Luis was on top of Aidan and when he stared into those wonderful eyes... he simply went crazy with desire. Powerful yet sweet vibrations made his entire body quiver. He felt his cock twitch as blood started rushing there. It instantly started rising in his pants.

Luis' slow breaths turned into harsh and deep sensual breaths. His cock kept on rising until it was placed against Aidan's thigh. He felt it throb painfully in his pants. Aidan on the other got horny when he felt Luis' cock pressed on his thigh. He'd never made love with anyone in the last two years so he was horny at that very moment.

Luis' cock was vibrating terribly. He could feel pre-cum leaking terribly in his pants, making him wet. He wanted his cock to be deeper into Aidan's sweet pleasure hole. He wanted to feel his beautiful moans again. He wanted to feel his tight hole carefully wrapped around his monster cock. He wanted his seed shooting deeper inside of Aidan.

Luis moaned when he felt Aidan slightly move his leg up. He felt a deep vibration take control of his body which traveled to his cock. He was horny. He could feel his cock twitching terribly and he knew he wasn't gonna last when he felt it swelling. He needed Aidan so crazy that it hurt like hell.

"Can I... can I make love to you?" Luis stuttered, not knowing what answer he was gonna get. "Please..."

Aidan breathed in deeply, nodding his head. "I would love that. I haven't had the pleasure of having someone make love to me in two years. Please..."


Luis leaned down and slowly captured Aidan's sweet lips, kissing them slowly. He wanted to be gentle even though his heart was racing miles and miles. He wanted Aidan's first lovemaking after his comeback to be sweet and romantic. The way they were kissing was beautiful. Luis had Aidan's upper lip in his mouth, sucking on it softly. They were both moaning softly, deeper into each other's mouths.

Luis' body was on fire. He could feel sweat forming on his skin. He slipped his hands through Aidan's t-shirt, going for his nipples. Once his hands reached those nipples, Luis started pinching them, massaging on each of them. They felt a little bigger than he could have remembered and when Aidan screamed in his mouth, he felt a powerful vibration that he swore he almost came from the deep swelling his cock made. His underwear was getting wetter by the second with his pre-cum. It was just too much. He couldn't bear it.

Pulling away from Aidan's sweet lips, Luis slightly raised him and pulled the t-shirt off to reveal his wonderful and sexy hairless body. His mouth opened wide and he dropped to his sexy nipples. Luis gave Aidan's nipples a simple sucking before finally laying him down on the bed. He started kissing his way down Aidan's hairless body, appreciating each part.

He kissed on his entire chest, circled his belly button with his tongue, and then started kissing down to the waistband of his skinny jean. He moved his hands up, unbuckling the belt, and then removed his entire jean. When he removed the jean, Luis couldn't believe that Aidan had turned into someone that was sexier.

Aidan's sky blue boxer brief had a huge wet spot which Luis found wonderful. He chuckled. Then he gripped his boxer and slipped it off, drawing out a beautiful small cock that was leaking terribly. For some reason, Aidan's cock was smaller than Luis remembered. But he couldn't have loved it more than that.

He quickly rose and started stripping his entire clothes off as quickly as he could at that particular time. In no time, he removed the pre-cum stained boxer, letting loose his huge cock which was wet at the tip with pre-cum. It was already swollen and he knew that he was not gonna last inside that tight hole which was sweeter than anything he'd ever had whole his life.

Luis moved his eyes to Aidan's sexy body. "Fuck!"

Licking his lips sensually, Luis leaned down on the floor. He quickly pulled Aidan closer, opening his legs wider. When he saw that wonderful pink pucker, he moaned softly as he felt like his cock leaking pre-cum.

"Oh, my Fuck..." Luis moaned. He knew what exactly he had to do even though he couldn't hold it any longer. He was just gonna have to do a quick one.

Luis opened Aidan's legs wider. He got his face between Aidan's legs, heading for Aidan's hole. Then he stuck out his tongue out and placed it on Aidan's hole, licking it softly. Fuck! It felt really sweet and beautiful on his tongue. He felt Aidan squirmed terribly and moan loudly.

"What are you do...Oh, fuck..." Aidan gripped the sheets harder, opening his mouth wider. When he felt Luis' tongue on his pleasure hole he had thought it was strange but now he was in pleasure. A whole new powerful electric vibration took control of his body and he moaned and squirmed like nothing else. He'd never expressed such pleasure.

"Oh my God, Luis..." Aidan cried out in pain, trying to get away from Luis's tongue. His cock leaked even harder.

Luis gripped Aidan's waist harder when he felt him moving. He knew it from the pleasure of rimming him but he wanted to show him pleasure before anything else. It was also a way of showing him how sorry he was for not making love to him when he was pregnant. He was gonna show him a good time.

"You like that..." Luis moaned on Aidan's hole.

Aidan's hole vibrated. "Yes!" He cried in ecstasy, clenching on the sheets even harder.

Aidan had never experienced being rimmed before. The experience was a whole lot of pleasure. It was out of this world. Luis' wet, hot tongue on his hole felt incredibly good and he clenched his hands on the beddings. He was holding on tightly while he closed his eyes and moaned. He moaned like a little slut as Luis rimmed him, making his hole relax and then he felt a tongue entering him. Aidan almost passed out from the pleasure he felt as soon as he felt Luis' tongue penetrating him and making love to his hole.

"Luis... oh, please..." Aidan moaned as shivers run down his spine sending him over the edge.

Luis continued rimming that ass like it was the last thing he was ever gonna do. His cock was leaking pre-cum all over the floor. It was an intensely powerful feeling. Aidan's hole was hot... it was sweet... it was amazing... it was beautiful. He rimmed that ass like the last thing he was ever to do. He felt the boy squirm but he had his hands firmly holding his hips so his movements were futile. Luis ate Aidan's ass like a cupcake and he enjoyed every bit of it. Feeling Aidan squirm was turning him on and Luis' cock was leaking so badly on that floor.

Aidan couldn't take it anymore. He hadn't had sex in two years and now Luis was driving him insane with the pleasure he was giving him as he ate his ass, the power of his hot and beautiful tongue which was deeply embedded in Aidan's ass. The pleasure traveled to all parts of his body giving him immense pleasure and that tongue... Fuck that tongue was making his cock painfully hard.

With a loud moan, Aidan said, "Make love to me now, Luis. Please."

Luis stuck out his tongue, looking straight at the cute boy. A smile appeared on his face. He was now hornier than before. He was now able to make love to Aidan. He couldn't wait anymore.

"I will get the lube."

Without even wasting any more time, Luis rushed to the drawer and came out with a bottle of lube. He picked up Aidan, laying him further into the bed. He got onto the bed, opening the bottle of lube quickly. He poured a huge amount of lube in his hands and then lubed his cock. He made Aidan lay on his back, open his legs, and then exposed his hole to him which he kissed before pouring lube on it.

Luis slowly positioned his cock onto Aidan's hole and he slowly started penetrating him, making sure that he had his eyes on him the entire time. The head passed swiftly on the ring but as he started pushing further, he couldn't do it as he felt Aidan's muscles clench.

"Shit..." Aidan felt a sharp pain in his ass. He couldn't understand why but he knew he might have gotten a little smaller.

"Oh my God..." Luis gasped, trying to pull his cock out but Aidan quickly gripped his ass, pulling him closer.

"Please, don't stop." Aidan moaned softly. "I am fine. Just continue."

With a deep breath and Aidan pushing his ass, Luis started to slowly penetrate Aidan's hole. He relaxed his muscles and in no time he felt Luis' head reach the end, his sweet spot. It hit the sweet spot so hard Aidan almost passed from the waves of pleasure that took over. He swore he saw stars on his face as Luis hit his prostate.

"Fuck..." Aidan was so tight and so sweet. Luis couldn't believe how incredibly beautiful Aidan felt.

Aidan's hole was carefully wrapped around Luis' cock, filling him with his sweetness and his pleasures. Luis' mouth gaped instantly at the immense pleasure he felt. His cock was rubbing on Aidan's super hot walls and they worked wonders on his cock. He leaked even harder than before. His cock swelled and he knew he wasn't gonna last long.

"Fuck..." Luis was already sweating. "You feel so incredible. Fuck..."

With a loud gasp as sweat dripped on his skin, Luis slowly began pulling out his cock and then went back in, making Aidan lose his senses. Aidan groaned in deep pleasure. He didn't even realize that he was clenching on the sheets, again. Luis knew how to pleasure his wonderful boy. He slowly moved his hips thrusting into Aidan softly but every time he did, it brought a whole new feeling of pleasure into Aidan. It was getting intense and mind-blowing. The pain was no longer there. It had disappeared from the pleasure he felt each time Luis hit his prostate. There was a powerful electrical vibration that made the pleasure go to another level. He suddenly found himself moaning loudly as he shuddered.

Luis slowly thrust into Aidan, hitting his prostate every time he pushed in. He was moaning uncontrollably as he nailed Aidan's ass. He couldn't believe he was doing that. He was making love to the boy that he loved so much. His entire body was enveloped into that sweet pleasure which made him moan uncontrollably. He loved the way Aidan's ass felt on his cock. It was hotter, sweet, and bigger than he remembered and he enjoyed every moment as it sent shivers throughout his entire body making his pace to increase.

"Make love to me," Aidan moaned, clenching harder on the sheets as he moved his head from side to side. His moans were louder. They met with Luis' pleasurable moans and the room filled up with their moans and groans of pleasure. "Ah... so good... Fill me with your seed."

Leaning his hands forward, Luis leaned down and captured Aidan's sweet lips in the sweetest of kisses as he made love to him. He was slowly thrusting his hips forward, hitting his pleasure button every time. They both moaned in each other mouths, making their tongues vibrate in pleasure. Their moans were hot and muffled but the way their bodies vibrated was lovely.

Their bodies were enveloped into the most erotic pleasure ever. Each thrust Luis made into that sweet hole was bringing him closer to orgasm. The same went for Aidan. He was getting closer with each thrust Luis made into him. The way his cock was between their bellies was causing powerful friction that made things hotter. He was leaking pretty badly and his cock was swelling.

To make things hotter between them, Aidan wrapped his legs around Luis' waist, bringing his cock deeper into his ass. They both moaned louder than normal as they both panted. They were sweating terribly. It was beautiful.

Luis could have sworn the pleasure he felt at that time was doubled. He was going now deeper into Aidan's ass, hitting his pleasure button harder. He felt him squirm underneath him and writhe on the bed, moaning deeply into his mouth. The lovemaking was intense especially with Aidan's legs around Luis' waist.

Luis made sweet passionate love to Aidan slowly and sweetly. The feeling of Aidan's ass wrapped on his cock was just too much. He could feel himself getting near so he increased his pace and fucked Aidan with slow, erratic, and relentless thrusts. The pleasure was just to die for. His entire body jerked like never before. The sound that tore from Luis' throat deeper into Aidan's mouth was haunting. He didn't even know that he could groan like that.
Aidan moaned even louder when he felt the tingly sensation down his spine get intense. He screamed deeper into Luis' mouth, clumping his ass muscles. He was coming and it was powerful. He felt pressure in his balls build up like a volcano and his cock swelled up as it erupted and released ropes of cum that fell between their bellies. He came and he came so hard, screaming like a maniac as an orgasm made him feel twice the pleasure.

The feeling of Aidan's clenched muscles milking his cock was too much for Luis. He roared out in nothing but immense pleasure as his entire body convulsed with an explosive orgasm. His entire body vibrated deeply. The pressure in his balls was just too much for him to handle. His cock swelled up pretty badly and with one powerful thrust into that sweet ass, he began filling him up with his love juice, moaning loudly. He came so hard that he felt like his balls had just emptied into that sweet hole. He kept on coming harder and harder. He could feel his cum deeper into Aidan's sweet ass.

Aidan could feel Luis' seed spreading on his ass walls giving him a feeling of pleasure and pure bliss. He was moaning uncontrollably while Luis' cum flooded his insides and he could feel it deep in his bowels. The guy seemed to have cum forever but when he stopped, Aidan could feel his hole twitching and felt full. With a few weak thrusts, Luis' body jerked and he collapsed on top of Aidan.

Aidan removed his legs from Luis' waist and tried to breathe but Luis was kissing him so hard that he didn't even have the time to do that. He just got lost kissing the guy while enjoying the deep feeling of his come deep in his ass.

After kissing for a few minutes, Luis finally pulled away from Aidan's mouth and smiled brightly. He slowly pulled his semi-hard cock with a loud moan out of Aidan's ass. Aidan clumped his ass muscles so as not to allow Luis' cum from leaving.

"Whoa!" Luis breathed, lying beside the sweet boy. He kissed on his shoulder. "That was incredible. Fuck! I can't even remember how sweet you are because you taste sweeter."

With a moan, Aidan breathed in deeply. He was spent. "I enjoyed you making love to me. Plus, your cum feels so incredible inside of me." He laughed softly. "I just hope I don’t get pregnant."

Luis laughed softly, still panting. "I hope so too because Jacob is still very young." He slightly raised his head. "Thank you for this wonderful pleasurable moment. I love you so much."

"Thank you too." Aidan smiled brightly. "I had missed all this. I love that we are doing this right now. I love you so much too."

Luis was touched by Aidan's words. The pleasure that he felt was even deeper into his bones. It was just too much. He quickly leaned down and captured Aidan's lips into the sweetest of kisses. Their lips were swollen but he still desired more. He kissed him like he had been dying to do it for decades. The kiss was just too beautiful. It was really good to feel like that again. They were sweaty and smelled of cum but their bodies felt warm among one another and they were tired.

"I think we need to take a bath and go downstairs," Aidan suggested.

"Yeah." Luis sighed. "Unfortunately, we have a son now and he is waiting for us."

The two guys got off the bed and then took a long shower just making out. They dressed up quickly and surprised the family with a wonderful ring. They broke the news of their marriage towards everyone. The entire family seemed happy to hear their wedding was coming up. They congratulated them. Luis and Aidan were really happy together. They had just made love but the news of their marriage was even more pleasurable than the lovemaking session.

They had been married before though it wasn't just a wedding. This time it was gonna be different and special. Not that they are gonna have a beautiful and grand wedding but because their son was gonna be present. They both couldn't wait.




It was a beautiful day for everyone in the kingdom. It was a wonderful day for the royal family. It was a special day for Aidan's family, his friends, and his fans. Yes! The day everyone had been waiting for, the news which had spread like wildfire in the kingdom, the special day for every person in Angria had arrived. They had to wait for a whole month, a whole month of carefully planning for everything. Now it had arrived, the day which made people's hearts to jump with joy. Yes! It was the day of Luis and Aidan's wedding.

People were excited. It had been a month since the wedding had been published in newspapers, magazines, and other Media. Everyone in the kingdom had waited impatiently for the wedding day to arrive and now it was here, the happiest day in the Angria kingdom.

The entire wedding had taken a whole month to just prepare it. As soon as Aidan and Luis had told the family about the wedding, preparations had started immediately, seems like no one could wait for it to happen. It was trending everywhere and everyone knew about it. Everything had started quite perfectly including the biggest marriage hall in the kingdom just to make sure everyone was fitted into it. They wanted the decors to be pretty and expensive.

The wedding hall was packed with millions of people. It had about two floors and the biggest building in the entire kingdom. People were dressed elegantly just for that wonderful event. Their hearts were fluttering beyond expected.

The entire hall was decorated by the best decorators in the entire kingdom under the instruction of the queen and Hanna. There were beautiful and elegant decorations all over the place. Diamonds, rubies, and gold sparked the whole place up. There were beautiful and wonderful flowers of different varieties and beautiful aromas. Beautiful glass and gold tables and chairs were all over the place. The hall had TVs on every wall to enable people who couldn't reach their eyes in front not to miss a thing. The entire event was gonna be on TV and it was gonna be streamed live for even people that didn't come or the people that were outside the country.

The royal family had sent invitations to different places, home and abroad. Different kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, princes, and princesses had come from far and wide to attend that wonderful event which was gonna be legendary.

Reporters, media people, fashion photographers were all there to capture every moment that happened at that time. Music was playing. There was the food of any kind and every place looked like a palace and a place full of diamonds. Aidan had made sure to transform that place into something sparkling and eye-catching. All the chandeliers were of pure diamonds. Aidan had even made beautiful diamond statues of him, Jacob and Luis. There was a cake as big as a house, different flavors, and a fountain of the best chocolate, anything to make the wedding memorable and unique. After all, it was the wedding of Crown Prince Luis, son of the richest and most powerful king in the world, and Aidan, the most important person in the kingdom, a savior even more superior to anyone else.

Aidan just moved his eyes and stared at his family and the royal family. They were seated at a huge golden table together with the other royal families that had come for that particular event. They were all looking really lovely with wonderful crowns on their heads. It was the most beautiful thing to see and normal they were there. It got him emotional. Granny was holding Jacob and he had his wonderful little crown on his little head. He was looking spectacular.

Aidan was putting on a pure white, shimmering diamond suit which he'd made himself. It was beautifully fitted on his body like a second skin sparkling the whole place up. He stole the spotlight that day. He'd outdone himself. His hair was wonderfully tied in a braided ponytail with red, pink, blue, yellow, and orange strands. His hair was filled with beautiful diamonds too just like his clothes. He was putting on pure white shoes with diamond sparkles on them too. He had a beautiful diamond crown on his head which was admired by everyone. He was looking like a wonderful king of diamonds.

He could still remember when he'd entered the hall on a red carpet with granny holding his hand. He'd brightened the whole place up with his shimmering diamond suit. He could still remember how the people had gasped. He could still remember the look in Luis' eyes when he went to him with a wonderful song. It had been wonderful. He was sparkling, brightly looking like an angel.

Luis on the other hand was putting on a shiny designer's suit which was looking perfectly on his body. He had a deep blue shirt inside with a bowtie. He was wearing pitch-black shiny shoes. His hair was gelled to perfection and he was wearing a wonderful smile as if he'd just won the greatest prize in the entire world. He had a beautiful golden crown on his wonderful head. Both Aidan and Luis' hearts were racing. They couldn't wait to get married. Finally, they were gonna have a real wedding. It was dreams come true.

"You may now face each other and say the vows which you have for each other." The priest said. Aidan and Luis had chosen the priest to conduct their marriage. They wouldn't have liked anyone better than him to marry the two of them off.

The two guys slowly turned and faced each other, staring into each other's eyes. Aidan's breaths seized for a moment. Luis was breathtakingly gorgeous and there was no denying that. He was the most handsome guy Aidan had ever met in his entire life. Staring at him made Aidan's heart to skip a beat. He couldn't believe he was getting married, again.

Luis on the other hand thought he was in heaven as he stared at Aidan. The boy was sparkling and glowing like an angel. Luis' heart was beating rhythmically each second of every time. It was beautiful to be in the state that he was in. He'd never been as happy as he was at that very time.

Luis took Aidan's finger lovingly and said in the most adorable voice Aidan had ever heard from him, "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and every promise that we've made to each other and those new ones today. I Luis Carter take you Aidan to be my husband. I remember how I made a vow to you and I broke it," He sniveled softly. "I broke the vows I made to you but today, I am renewing the vows to you that I will never break no matter what. I take you to be my partner for life, I promise above all else to live in truth with you and to communicate fully and fearlessly, I give you my hand and my heart as a sanctuary of warmth and peace and pledge my love, devotion, faith, and honor As I join my life to yours."

Luis slipped the ring on Aidan's finger slowly and carefully, locking his eyes with him.

"I love you so much, Aidan Luis Carter."

Those words got to Aidan and he got emotional that tears immediately formed in his eyes. Luis' words were touching and the fact that he was getting married was the most beautiful thing in the entire world. He was so happy that he couldn't hide it. The only person he was able to see through that hall was Luis. There was no one else but the two of them. Aidan was really on cloud 9. He trembled just from the pleasure he felt in his body. Everything was too intense for him. He was overwhelmed.

Suppressing his tears from coming, Aidan took the ring and slowly started sliding it on Luis's lovely and sweet finger. He had his eyes on his man the entire time. He didn't want to look anywhere else apart from those wonderfully sexy eyes.

"I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. I believe in you, the person you will grow to be and the couple we will be together.

With my whole heart, I take you as my husband, acknowledging and accepting your faults and strengths, as you do mine.

I promise to be your lover, companion, and friend, your partner in parenthood, your ally in the conflict, your greatest fan, and your toughest adversary. Your comrade in adventure, your student, and your teacher, your consolation in disappointment, your accomplice in mischief. This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things. All things. I promise our bond will remain unbroken.

As I place this ring on your finger, I Aidan accepts you Luis Carter as my husband."

Aidan slipped the ring on Luis' finger and smiled, followed by a tear down his cheek.

"I love you so, so much, Luis. Thank you for being in my life."

"I love you too," Luis said happily, capturing Aidan's tear with his finger. They both smiled at each other.

"By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you husbands, you may now kiss." The priest said, his voice filled with excitement and love.

Luis' heart instantly started racing miles and miles. He felt like it was the first time he was gonna be kissing Aidan. His entire body caught an eternal flame that burned him inside. Suddenly, all the things in that room disappeared. In his eyes the only person he was able to see was Aidan. He was the only one in that room and his eyes were on fire. Luis could see a bright star in those eyes. He was just too wonderful and sweet. Luis loved him like crazy and his love was overflowing.

Aidan on the other hand was just something else. He felt nervous and shy like a virgin bride on her wedding night. But at the same time, he was looking forward to that wonderful kiss which he was gonna get from his husband.

Luis smiled brightly, getting close to Aidan. He cupped his cheeks, giving them a sweet rub. He started closing the space between them and then captured Aidan's sweet lips. A powerful electrifying effect took control of their bodies as their lips met. They seized to breathe as they enjoyed that powerful kiss that made them weak.

When Luis entered Aidan's sweet mouth, meeting with his tongue, both guys moaned softly. The effect was intensifying and it was powerful. The emotions he felt at that time were indescribable and electrifying. Their tongues were really at war as they kissed as they had never kissed before. Pleasure enveloped their entire bodies, making both of them moan even louder.

Luis could feel their bond being mended, tighter than it was before. He knew from that moment that he would never part away from Aidan's life. He knew their lives were just gonna get better. He also knew that his adventures with Aidan and his son had just begun. From that moment, he needed to pleasure Aidan even more.

With a loud moan, Luis sucked harder on Aidan's tongue, moving his hands to the back of Aidan's head. He gripped him harder, sucking and kissing him even more. They were moaning softly, enjoying the pleasures of their lives. It was as if everything in this world had stopped moving just for them. It was incredible. Their bodies were hot and they were sweating terribly, running out of breath with each passing second. It was just to die for. They wanted to kiss for all eternity.

As they parted from one another, their lips were swollen but they still yearned for more. Cheers and claps from the people made them realize that they were not alone. They quickly moved their eyes to the crowd and found them all standing, cheering, and clapping loudly. The royal family was happy and they clapped too. Aidan and Luis could see from their smiles that everything was really beautiful.

Cameras were all over them and media people were there too. There were so many cameras shuttering. It was beautiful. Aidan couldn't help but blush. After staring at each other one last time, Luis and Aidan raised their hands and started waving at the happy people. It was a wedding of the century and it was gonna be in newspapers, magazines, social media, all over the world. They were now a happy couple.

After waving at the people, Aidan and Luis moved closer and gave the crowd one more hot kiss that blew their brains away. It was just amazing how things were going. They were now married.

The wedding continued in its full swing. Everyone congratulated them including the royal officials that had come to attend the wedding. The families greeted them and hugged them tightly. They also got the chance to introduce Jacob to them. Everyone was happy to see the baby. Everyone had attended the wedding. Now it was time for Hanna and Henry's wedding preparations.

Luis and Aidan danced as the spotlight shone on them. Everyone watched in silence as the happy couple danced happily on the floor. They had their eyes on each other the whole time. They kissed several times as they danced. They were happy that had happened.


That night, Aidan and Luis made love several times. Luis was being gentle with Aidan, thrusting his cock softly while sliding in and out of his hole. Making love to Aidan had never been sweeter, hotter, and beautiful than that day. They moaned each other's names as they held on tightly to each other. They had the whole night to themselves as Jacob was staying with granny at Aidan's castle.

Only God knows the number of times they made love that night. It was the sweetest lovemaking session ever. Luis had no idea why Aidan was sweeter that night. He felt incredibly good and pleasured his entire body. They made love until they were tired, cum stained, and sweaty. Then they slept in each other's arms.

Since that day, Aidan and Luis were always found together with their baby. They needed to show him some love too. Two days after their wedding, Aidan and Luis went for their honeymoon in one of the best places they could find in the kingdom. It was a beautiful resort and they went there to have a great time which they did. The day was incredible for the two of them. They took their son with them and had an incredible week of lying under the sun, playing at the beach, laying at the pool, swimming, and lovemaking after taking their son to sleep. But of course, they had to come back after a week because they needed to be there for the preparation of Henry and Hanna's royal wedding. Aidan moved into the palace as the son in law of the house and the crown prince's husband. It was really beautiful even though he used to miss granny. As a result of that, Aidan's family moved to a three-floor mansion in the city. Of course, Aidan had to get bid goodbye to his castle even though it was emotional. But to help him, the king permitted him and he transformed the palace into a beautiful diamond palace. Things were great for him.

A month later, Henry and Hanna tied the knot and were known as Prince Henry and Princess Hanna. Everything was going perfectly for Aidan. He also noticed that Luis loved him more than before. They were a perfect couple and took care of their lovely son together. They had to raise him together. No problem arose in the kingdom ever again.

Aidan's family was doing perfectly. Justin was now a working doctor and also the royal family's doctor. His relationship with Ethan was stronger than before. As for Charles and Jonathan, their relationship was developing. Everything was perfect in Aidan's life. Was there anything left?


Aidan was standing on the beach with his nose in the air, drawing in the beautiful breeze which felt perfect and cool on his body. He had his hands crossed on his chest while feeling the cool breeze which seemed to be giving him peace more than anything in that particular area.

The beach was quiet and the sound of the water was calming to the soul. The feel of the water and sand on his feet was wonderful and cool. Aidan was putting on beautiful blood-red shorts, sky blue t-shirt was fitted on his body. His hair was tied in a beautiful ponytail. He had nothing on his feet as the water from the sea was reaching his ankles. He was enjoying the wonderful view plus the breeze. It was to die for.

A grin appeared on Aidan's face when he felt arms wrapping tightly around him. He chuckled softly when he felt warm lips on his neck, sucking and kissing on him. Aidan dropped his head to the other side to give access to the funny man kissing him, Luis.
"Hey!" Luis kissed softly, slowly turning him to face him.

"Hi!" Aidan beamed as he came face to face with the most wonderful man in the world.

He took in a deep breath, wrapping his arms tightly around his husband's neck. Luis was looking handsome with his little hair blowing back. He was putting on a dark blue short, yellow t-shirt. He was looking super cute especially with the wonderful grin on his face. He was looking really lovely.

"So..." Aidan breathed sensually, bringing Luis' lips closer to him. "What does my wonderful husband has for me."

"Hmm," Luis gripped Aidan's waist harder, bringing him closer to himself. He licked his lips, looking straight into Aidan's sexy green eyes. They showed him nothing but pure love. He loved staring into them. It was like he was looking into his soul. "I have a lot for you. To start with," He breathed audibly through his teeth. "I would like to start with a wonderful kiss and..."

"Hmm," Aidan beamed, getting closer to Luis. "Really?"

"Yes!" Luis said in the sexiest voice he'd ever used on Aidan. "Now aren't you glad Jacob is not with us today?" He got close to those wonderful lips.

"Why's that?"

"Because I can have all to myself today." Luis breathed, getting closer to Aidan. "I am glad mother took him from us today. That means that I can do anything to you without any disturbances. I can kiss you all I want and... I can make love to you all I want, baby?"

"Hmm," Aidan quickly removed his hands from Luis' neck. "I would love that. But you are gonna have to work harder to kiss me, Prince Carter."

"Hmm, is that how you want to do it?" He slowly dropped his hands to Aidan's big ass, giving it a tight slap. Then he grabbed them harder, squeezing them softly. He quickly pulled Aidan closer to him with a loud moan. "I don't want to do anything. How about I just kiss you right now without having to work for it?" He tried to kiss Aidan but Aidan blocked him with his hand.

"I don't think that's fair, Mr. Carter." He laughed. "You are gonna have to work hard to taste these lips. They are quite expensive."

"Okay." Luis raised his eyebrow. He was dying to kiss Aidan like crazy. His cock was even getting harder. "What do I have to do to have a taste of those lips?"

"Well!" Aidan started tracing Luis from his chest, going down to his crotch. "You are gonna have to..." He moaned softly when he reached Luis' crotch, feeling his cock growing. Then he gave Luis a firm rub that made him moan and loosen up. Aidan laughed and then quickly pulled away from him. "...you are gonna have to catch me first."

With those words, Aidan started running as fast as he could on the shore. Luis laughed hard and then started running after the cute boy. He had a plan. He was gonna catch him and then kiss him harder than before. Yes! He needed to make it intense and satisfy his kissing urge. His lips were twitching terribly in need of those hot puckered lips.

"Here I come." Luis hollered, increasing his pace. Aidan was not a fast runner so Luis was almost catching up with him. "I am coming and I am roaring like the wind." He laughed.

Aidan tried to increase his pace when he heard Luis's voice near him but he couldn't do it. Luis on the other hand laughed as loud as he could when he was about to reach Aidan. Just when he was about to catch him and... voila! He disappeared, making Luis stop and look all around. He appeared a distance from Luis, laughing at Luis.

"Hey!" Luis complained, staring at Aidan. "No fair. That's called..."

"Being smart and knowing how to use your ability." Aidan laughed at the frowning guy. "Yes! I think that's what it's called."

"But you have just cheated and..."

"You want a kiss?" Aidan teased, licking his lips sensually. "Then better run after these lips or you will not get anything okay."

"Ah..." Luis complained. "If I catch you... I swear I am gonna kiss you until forever."

"Well! What are you waiting for? Are you afraid you can't handle this boy tonight?" He pointed at himself.

With a quick groan, Luis started rushing towards the boy that was still a bit far from him. Just when he had run a little distance he...

"Ouch!" He cried out in pain, sitting on the sand while holding his leg. "Ouch! It hurts a lot. It fucking hurts," he cried out in pain.

Hearing Luis' sudden cries of pain, Aidan got so scared that his heart pounded. He didn't even waste any time and he was already running towards Luis. He reached him and quickly knelt on the sand, holding his leg.

"Oh my God!" Aidan almost cried. "What happened to your leg? Why are you..." Aidan trailed off when he heard Luis laughing as hard as he could. He moved his eyes towards him and then saw that he was laughing.

"I got you didn't I?"

"What?" Aidan dropped Luis's leg.

"Did you think you are the only one with the ability to cheat and..."

"This was a joke?" Aidan furiously got up. "This was not funny and..."

"Hey!" Luis quickly got up and turned the angry-looking Aidan to face him. "I was only..."

"This was not funny, Luis," Aidan said angrily. "Do you know how worried I was? I thought something bad had happened to you and I..."

Luis raised his hands, holding his ears. "I am sorry, baby. I just wanted to..."

"Please." Aidan got closer to Luis. "Don't ever do that to me, ever again?"

"Okay." Luis dropped his hands to Aidan's waist. "I will never, ever do it. I promise." Aidan smiled brightly, sighing in relief. "Can I get a kiss now?"

Aidan smiled brilliantly, nodding his head. He felt like the luckiest guy on earth. "You may do whatever you want with me. I promise I will give you anything."

"Just a kiss for now."

Aidan smiled brighter than before, coiling his arms around that sweet neck. Luis chuckled nervously, moving his hands to cup Aidan's cheeks. He took in a deep breath and leaned down, capturing Aidan's sweet lips into the sweetest kiss ever. He started by slowly sucking on his hot lips, drawing a moan from him. He sucked harder and nipped on them while enjoying the sweetness of each other's lips. Then he demanded entrance into his mouth and explored it with his tongue. He sucked on his tongue slowly, moaning softly in his sweet mouth. It was an explosive kiss that filled them with pure bliss. None of them wanted to pull away from a kiss as hot as that one. It was one of a kind. Their bodies were on fire. The feeling of lust and desire took control of their mouths and they moaned even louder. Each second they spent into that kiss only drew more breaths from their lungs.

When they eventually pulled away from those sweet lips, they were breathing faster than anything. Their lips were pretty swollen but the happiness that had enveloped their bodies was just to die for. There was nothing like this on this earth.

"Those lips are gonna be the death of me, one day." Luis joked. "I just can't get enough of them. I just want them on mine the whole time." He had his eyes on Aidan the whole time.

Aidan chuckled, trying to catch his breath. "It feels so good to know you are satisfied. I love it so much. You are the best husband and the best father in the entire world. Jacob is really lucky to have you."

"Yeah..." Luis chuckled, gripping Aidan's waist, bringing him closer to his supercharged body. "Speaking of fathers," he breathed in deeply, putting his head on Aidan's. They were breathing fast and their lips were almost touching. "So I was thinking,"


"Would you like to have... another child?" Luis asked softly. "I was thinking of adding another baby to Jacob and..."

"Are you serious?" Aidan was a little surprised. "Jacob is still a baby and I don't even know if..."

"You said you could will anything and it would happen." Luis moaned. "I was just thinking and besides," he kissed him on the lips. "I will make love to you the whole day and enjoy it."

"You are crazy," Aidan said softly. "But I love you and we will talk about it later. However, if it is a child you want then I will give you one."

Luis exclaimed, planting another kiss on his soft lips. "You are right and... thanks."

They kissed one more time before Luis wrapped his arm around Aidan's shoulder, bringing him closer. They both chuckled softly and started walking on the wonderful shore, enjoying the cool breeze and the sweet water on their feet.

Aidan walked for a little time when he stepped on something hard. "Ouch! I think I stepped on something."

"Wait!" Luis knelt, moving his eyes to Aidan's leg. "Let me see. Are you okay?"

"I am fine but..." He trailed off when he saw something half-buried in the sand. It was glowing brightly like gold but he couldn't make of what it was. Aidan moved his hand, pointing it at the place where he'd seen it. "There is something over there."

Luis followed Aidan's direction and found what he was pointing at. "I will see what it is."

Luis chuckled softly, moving to the item. When he got his hands and picked it up from the sand, both Luis and Aidan's eyes widened. They looked at each other and then the item. Their hearts began racing and they both couldn't hide the surprise on their faces when they saw what it was.

It was the golden necklace, the same golden necklace that Luis had given to Aidan during their night of introduction two years ago. They both couldn't understand what was going on. Aidan was the most surprised because he was the one that had gotten rid of that necklace. He took a good look at it, seeing that it was completely fine without any scratch or anything loose. He was pretty sure he had... anyway, never mind that.

"The necklace..." Luis gasped, staring at Aidan as he got up. "How did it get here?"

"Beats me," Aidan exclaimed, moving closer to Luis. He got the necklace away from him and held it in his hands. Then he remembered how he'd gotten rid of it. For a reason or another, he'd have rejected that it wasn't his necklace but he still could remember it even after two years.

"I thought I had gotten rid of it." He chuckled happily. "How did it get here and..."

"I think we have a lot of memories with it, like our first love and meeting." Luis chuckled softly. "It came back to you because it belongs to you and it looks good on you." He laughed. "The person I bought this necklace from told me it was unique so..." he stopped and just stared at the teary Aidan.

"I am so happy," Aidan said softly, gripping it in his hands. He'd never thought he'd be happy seeing the necklace which had bad memories, he thought. But all he could remember from then were good memories. "It has so many beautiful memories with you. Please. Put it on me once again."

Luis smiled brightly and took the necklace from him. He got behind him and then slowly put the necklace on him while planting soft kisses on him. When he was done, he went to the front and stared at him, holding his hands tightly. The necklace still looked new and it was glowing brighter than before. The jeweler was right. That necklace was unique. It was one of a kind.

"Oh..." Aidan was more than happy. "I wish I had a mirror to..."

"You don't need any mirror." Luis got closer to him. "I can tell you right now that the necklace is still beautiful but..." he held the back of his head, bringing him closer. "You are still more beautiful any day."

"Thank you so much."

Luis chuckled happily, bringing Aidan's lips closer to him. They kissed passionately, enjoying the pleasures of each other's mouths and the happiness that enveloped their bodies. They were really happy with everything in their lives. It was more than it was. It was growing stronger and stronger every day.

"I love you so much," Luis said as he wrapped his arm around Aidan's shoulder, securing him tightly close to him. "I will never love anyone else."

"I love you too, so much."

They both chuckled, smiling at each other. With a final passionate kiss, Aidan and Luis started walking romantically on the shore, enjoying the setting sun. Then they romantically started chasing each other on the shore and the water. It was amazing. Their life together had just begun.

They both knew from that moment that things were gonna be different in their lives. They were not only thinking about themselves but also about their son, Jacob, and their future children whom they were looking forward to. They also knew that they were gonna rule the kingdom someday but before that... they knew they had to have as much fun as they could.

Aidan and Luis' relationship had taken a great turn for the better. Nothing was gonna come between them. Their love and their bond were gonna remain unbroken till the end of time.
Aidan and Luis had come a long way. From being two men that hated each other so much to a married couple full of hatred for each other and then to a happily married couple. Separated by circumstances, they were brought back together again by a much stronger love, an unbroken bond was formed. Will we see them again? Only time will tell. But for now, it’s goodbye!

The end...

Thanks for everything guys and the support you've shown for this series. I am humbled.

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.

Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work.

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Great story. Well written. Enjoyed it very much from start till end



Thank you very much


Expecting your future stories

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I was hoping that the prized necklace was not forgotten and found the beach scene was to finally answer my desire, but then you teased with the fake leg injury that made me doubt. Then much to my delight the real prick to the foot and joined investigation revealed the necklace wanting to be found.

What wonderful symbolism that the necklace was discarded in the hate of the sacred but broken vows. Then after witnessing Luis’ love, the healing of Luis’ wounds, and with that their wounds of betrayal are fully exposed but starting to mend. We see that healing then move beyond the immediate family bonding with child, siblings, and the generations of parents.

The beach scene brings us full circle to the original bonding of the two, and now, with the injury of broken vows finally healed they find themselves, their bonded souls, and the necklace unbroken.

BEAUTIFUL! I love your expressionism and the passion of your story. I would rejoice to find a 15 year epilogue with the chaos of the kids coming of age and the spirit of Mang continuing to be a beacon of the kingdom. 

Edited by Philippe
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Very enjoyable story with plenty of thrills and spills.Just right as a distraction in this miserable time.I hope that you will write a sequel and other stories which I will look out for.

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