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Unbroken - 3. Chapter 3: Unforeseen circumstances

The car suddenly stopped, getting Luis out of his thoughts. He quickly moved his eyes to the window, realizing that they were parked right outside, near the entrance into the huge palace. So many questions ran through his head, like, "how the hell did he get into the palace?"

Fuck! He couldn't even think properly or concentrate on other important things like the fucking he had done in the morning and how satisfied he had been. His mind simply went to the incident that had happened earlier, a few hours ago to be precise.

Once again, he had been humiliated but this time it was too much. He had received a slap and his hair was messy and so were his clothes. The most painful thing was that the boy didn't even apologize. He just slapped him right in front of all those guests. Fuck!

Luis quickly moved his gaze to his thighs, getting lost into his thoughts once again. He got madder each time he thought and the image of the boy popped up in his mind. The most annoying thing was that the boy was just a stupid pauper who was nowhere near his level.

Thinking about the whole incident, Luis' anger just intensified and he planned to avenge once again. But this time, he was gonna make sure that the boy suffers for it. He was gonna make him pay for the humiliation...the insults...the foolishness...the stupidity and everything else. This time he was gonna be the one to win and not the other way round. Things were gonna get spicy but first he remembered that the manager had promised to deal with the boy. He was gonna check how the manager had dealt with the boy and then he was gonna retaliate.

"Your highness," the guard called softly from the driver's seat, getting Luis out of his thoughts. He gasped and the diverted his eyes to the guard.

"What is it?" Luis asked rudely, groaning as if it was the guard who had embarrassed him.

"I am really sorry, my prince." The guard apologized. "It's just that we have been out here for some time and you seem lost. Did..."

"Open the door!" Luis demanded angrily, fuming. How dare a guard try to meddle in his affairs? "Don't ask me questions unless you want to lose your job."

"I am really sorry, my prince." The guard apologized. He quickly got out and opened the door for Luis, bowing his head down.

Luis just nodded his head and furiously got out of the car, making his way into the huge palace. He was really angry and he could feel adrenaline rushing through his veins. He wanted to go back and sort the boy out but he knew better than to calm down. But that wasn't gonna make him forget about everything that had happened while he was in that hotel.

Luis entered the place quickly without even realizing that he had reached the living room. The next thing he heard was a loud gasp from his mother, his ever caring mother.

"Oh my god," The queen gasped, quickly rising from the couch. She rushed to her son who was kinda in a bad state. He was not looking good at all. "Son, what's wrong with you?"

The question from the queen made Luis raise his face. He wondered if he was looking that bad that his mother even said it like that. Raising his face, he realized that his mother was near him. He tried to smile but only a groan came out of his mother. He took a quick look around and saw that his father, his granny and his sister too were already up and staring at him.

"Luis!" Ruby gasped, nearing him. She quickly stopped and just stared at him, wondering why her son, a crown prince was looking all messed up. "Why do you look like...that?" She raised her hand and pointed. She had no idea where to start from. "Why is your hair looking so messy and..." She paused and gasped, holding her chest firmly. "What happened to your cheek?" She moved closer and cupped his cheeks, slowly rubbing on them. "Why does your cheek look a little red? Were you involved in a fight or something?"

"No!" Luis gasped, moving a little from his mother. "Why would I fight? That is cheap and for paupers to do."

"Then why are you..."

"I am really tired and..."

"Luis!" The king called as if he was commanding. "What happened?"

Luis moved his eyes to his father immediately he heard his voice. The king was neither laughing nor smiling and Luis could clearly see that. What he saw was worry and somewhat angry. He knew his father could help him deal with the boy if he so desired but he just stared at his father.

"Nothing!" Luis said softly. Even from his tone, everyone in the living room could clearly see that Luis was angry. "I am really fine."

"Your hair is a mess, your clothes seem to be in a mess and yourself, you seem to be a mess." The king said, looking at his angry son. "Who had the guts to fight my son?" The king's voice filled the whole living room. Even Luis got surprised from his father's tone. "Tell me the person's name and I will deal with that person. I will not allow someone to fight..."

"Dad!" Luis groaned. "I wasn't involved in a fight or something."

"Then what happened?" The concerned queen asked. "If it is not..." She paused and then stared at him. "Who slapped you?"

Hearing his mother's question, Luis just stared at her with anger and rage emanating from him. The image of the boy slapping him flushed before his eyes. He felt like he was a vessel of anger and rage. His mother had figured it out.

"What?" The king yelled, filling the whole palace with his voice. "Who would have the nerves to slap my son, my prince?"

"Don't worry, father." Luis grunted, clenching on his fists. "I can handle it and..."

"So it is true," The king said angrily. "Someone really slapped you?"

Hearing the direct question from King Julian, Luis just nodded and took a deep sigh. He then stared at his surprised looking mother and then moved his eyes to his father again. He had no idea what his father was thinking about. He knew his father was probably angry and would want to punish that boy from the hotel but Luis knew better than to incur the wrath of a king on the boy.

"Tell me his name and I shall that person punished severely." The king demanded.

"I can handle it." Luis muttered. "Don't worry about..."

"Who was it?" The king yelled.

Luis trembled and then sighed. "The same boy who insulted me the other day," Luis wanted nothing more than to see the boy pay but he wanted it his own way and he was gonna do it his own way.

"The same boy..." The king chuckled bitterly, getting angry. His son was first insulted and now slapped. "...How dare her do this. I shall have him..."

"I will handle it." Luis promised. "He messed with me so I will deal with him myself."

Luis promised to make the boy pay...again. He was not gonna stop until he dealt with the boy. He had already told his family about the slap but he was not gonna tell them that he got poured champagne on. That was a secret he was gonna keep.

"My son..."

"Please, father." Luis said softly. "Trust me to handle this issue, myself. That boy is nothing to me but..."

"This is the second time he has done this." The king yelled, breathing harshly. Everyone in the living room knew that he was pretty angry. After all, his son had just been slapped. Anyone was bound to understand. "He needs to know his..."

"Trust me," Luis didn't want to interfere. This was his battle and he was gonna win it alone without the assistance of his father or anyone else. "I will handle him and he will know his place. He wronged me so I have to be the one to teach him a really big lesson. Please, father, let me handle this."

The king stared at his son and just sighed. "Fine, but if he just..."

"That won't happen." Luis swore. "I will make sure he knows his boundaries."

Luis gulped and then relived the whole incident once again. He felt like the whole incident was just powering him up. That very incident was gonna be his driving force. He was gonna make sure that he hits back, hard.

"Son," The queen said, holding his hand. "Please, are you sure you are alright?"

Luis smiled faintly. "Don't worry about me. I am absolutely fine. A little angry but I'll live."

Hearing her son's words, Ruby just smiled and cupped his cheeks. She leaned up and kissed both of his cheeks, drawing soft chuckles from him. It was clear that her son loved her kisses. She was just hoping that the prince was fine. She loved him too much but she also knew that her son was at times stubborn so she just forgot about everything. After all, her son was perfectly fine.

Pulling away from Ruby, Luis hugged his granny and sister tightly, planting lovely kisses on both their cheeks. Then he just stared at the both of them, smiling faintly. He knew he was still angry and with his crazy attitude, he knew he had to calm down. He couldn't be around them when he was in that mood. There was only one thing that he needed to do to calm down.

"Excuse me," Luis said softly, taking a few steps behind. "I need to take a shower."

After saying that, he left the living room to his room where he found out that he was getting restless. The only way he was gonna rest was if he avenged himself. He needed to know the type of punishment the manager had given Aidan.

Luis quickly slipped through his pocket and got out his phone. He quickly dialed Charles' number and waited for him to answer.

"Hey," Charles answered happily. "Finally, you've decided to call me. How did it go?"

Luis remained quiet for a few seconds before he finally spoke. "Can you go to the hotel for me...tomorrow morning?"

"Yes," Charles sounded surprised. "But why..."

"I want you to go and ask the restaurant manager about a boy called Aidan. Tell him the prince was asking okay?"

"Aidan!" He exclaimed. "Is that the boy who is next on..."

"I will tell you later," Luis sighed, rolling his eyes. "Just do that for me. It's really important." He even sounded important. "I will tell you about it later and yes..." He said softly. "...please, this is really important, don't forget. Tell me everything that will happen okay?"

"I will go there tomorrow, okay?" Charles said. "I will drop by to tell you everything."

"Thanks," Luis chuckled to give his friend some happy mood. "Goodnight,"

"Goodnight," Charles replied.

Luis gave a soft chuckled and then cut the call with a gloomy sigh. He was really hoping for some great news the next day. He then threw the phone on the bed and threw himself on it. He couldn't wait for the next day to come so that he could hear how the manager had dealt with Aidan. But that wasn't gonna stop him from executing his revenge. He was gonna make the boy regret and pay for everything that he had done to him.

"Aidan!" Luis nodded, remembering the face of the boy who had humiliated him publicly, a crown prince for that matter.

Luis stayed on his bed, trying to relax which he found impossible. He decided to do what he knew would make him a little calm. He stripped, buck naked and headed into the shower before going downstairs to have dinner with his family.


"You're fired," Aidan heard the manager's words hit him again. It had been like that ever since he had got out of the hotel. Each time he heard the words, he felt like shouting to get out what he felt. He promised himself not to cry or let his eyes water. After all, it was just a job and he had the most understanding family. But that didn't stop the words from hitting him like...every second.

He had decided to ignore it but he still couldn't believe he had lost the job after trying for so many months to find one. Anyway, he knew his family was gonna cheer him up. They were gonna understand him since they were against his finding the job in the first place. All he had to do was break the news to them and let life go on. He was not gonna allow a spoiled, egocentric and stupid prince ruin his life. He was just hoping his brother was still home so that he could break the news and get it over with, once and for all.

Aidan increased his pace and just looked confident, looking forward to reach home. At least, he was gonna be with his granny whole day and he was gonna help out. Thanks to a stupid prince whom he hated he was gonna be home whole day.

Aidan reached home in no time. Then he stopped and looked at the small house that he called home...a place where all his memories were. It was not a big and fancy house but he loved it a lot and wouldn't have loved for anything else to change. They might have been poor but they were at least happy.

As he stood still, looking at the small house, Aidan realized something else. Instead of the three efficient meals that they had been having ever since he started working, it was gonna be two and if he was lucky, three. Gosh! He sighed, wondering why life was treating him so badly. Shit!

Aidan gathered his courage and began rushing to the house. He reached the house and heard voices coming from inside, making him aware that his brother was still around.

"Great!" He thought, taking a deep sigh that took his nervousness away.

Then he continued going but when he was about to open the door...he simply froze and just listened to their conversation. His heart was already worried and he felt nervous again, slightly trembling. His granny and brother were talking and the conversation was nerve wrecking.

"...I think that would be a really good idea." Granny said excitedly. "We can start saving a small portion from both the money you and Aidan earns and then start a small business."

"Yeah, or you can use one of our earnings." Ethan said softly. "Our small business would turn into a huge business and then..." He chuckled excitedly. "...we wouldn't have to worry about anything else in the house."

"It's a good idea and I am sure Aidan would love it." Granny said. "We can use one of your salaries and start the business by the end of the month." Granny sounded really happy. "Then we can be saving until we can expand our business."

"Yeah," Ethan said softly. "With both our salaries..." He chuckled softly, making Aidan's heart to jump. "...we will save a lot before we even realize it."

Granny chuckled. "Let him come back and we will discuss it and..." Aidan pulled away before he could even hear anymore. He was now more nervous than he had ever been. So many words were ringing through his head.

Here he was, happy and hoping that his family was gonna understand him only to find another issue on the way. He knew that they were really happy and expectant. He also knew that they would definitely feel bad if they found out that he had lost his job.

"Could this day get any worse?" Aidan thought, leaning towards a wall.

Aidan knew immediately that his job had just become worse. He couldn't tell them that he had lost his job. He knew that he had to hide that he had lost the job. The only way out of his problem was to look for another job and quick. He also knew that his problems had just taken another turn. It was a really bad moment for him. He hated lying or keeping secrets from his family but he was gonna have to do it.

Aidan leaned to a wall and got lost in his thoughts. Never in his life had he been that desperate for a job. Of course, he knew that his family would understand him and wouldn't get mad at him for anything but...he felt like he was gonna shutter their dreams if he chose to open his mouth and tell them exactly what had happened. OMG, things were really bad.

Aidan was so lost in his thoughts that he couldn't even hear the door opening even when it was loud. The next thing he felt was a hand on his shoulder. Feeling that hand, he gasped and almost jumped up, feeling scared. He touched his chest and breathed in deeply, moving his eyes to find his brother smiling at him. He was still looking handsome and he carried a bag on his shoulder.

"Buddy," Ethan said softly, rubbing his brother's back. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's fine," Aidan said breathlessly, trying to sound as calm as possible. His heart was racing and his nerves were getting the best of him. He was just hoping his brother wouldn't see past him.

"Have you been here long?" Ethan asked, rubbing his brother's shoulder now. "And what are you doing out?"

"I..." He gestured with his hand, stammering in the process. "...I was about to..."

"Are you okay?" Ethan was now concerned for his brother. "You seem..."

"I am fine," Aidan said. He knew he had to cook up a lie to get out of the situation he had found himself in. "I am just tired that's all." He knew he had to act confident. "Are you leaving?" He asked, taking a good look at his brother.

"Yeah," Ethan smiled, nodding his head. "I have to go now. It's already dark."

"I am sorry," Aidan muttered. "I was supposed to help you prepare but..."

"I am not complaining." Ethan chimed in, cupping Aidan's cheeks. "I know that you were busy at work and I understand you completely. Don't worry, I am absolutely fine. There are other days that you can help me get ready."

Aidan nodded, wondering what he might have done to deserve such a nice brother. Why couldn't all men be like his brother, he thought as he enjoyed the soothing warm hands on his cheeks? He felt like crying and telling his brother that he had lost the job but he promised himself never to do that. He needed to hide it and find another job, probably tell them later. Besides, he had no idea how they'd react when he tells them that he had slapped the prince...in public.

"I have to go now." Ethan kissed Aidan's cheeks, ruffled his hair and then left smiling and whistling. At least, Aidan felt a bit relieved when he left. He had handled his brother well but what about his granny? Guess the only way to find out was to get inside.

Taking a deep as he gathered as much confidence as possible, Aidan slowly opened the door and then entered. He was welcomed by a brilliant smile and a tight hug that he wished he didn't pull away. But like all good things, it came to an end.

"You seem tired." Granny said, rubbing his cheeks.

"Yeah," Aidan smiled brightly, not showing any form of doubt. "I had to work overtime so..." he gulped softly. The last thing he wanted was for his granny to find out the truth. "...I am pretty tired, I just hope there is something scrumptious for me." He said, dropping his left hand to his belly. He slipped his hand under the hem of his t-shirt and rubbed on it

. "I am really hungry."

Granny laughed softly. "Of course, I knew that you would reach home hungry so...I prepared something beautiful just for you. Let me go and get it." She ruffled his hair and left while Aidan headed for the small dining. In no time at all, he was having a delicious meal that took away all his worries, at least for some time.

"By the way," Granny started, drawing Aidan's attention. "Ethan and I were thinking of something but we thought we'd ask you first."

Hearing what granny had said, Aidan stopped eating and smiled at her. His heart was suddenly pounding and he could feel himself losing to his nerves. He wanted to keep himself under control or it would be a disaster. The only way he knew how to do it was to act confident no matter what was going to happen.

"What is that?" He asked, taking a mouthful of the food.

"Since you both work and money is not a problem anymore," Granny smiled. "We were just thinking of starting a small business and keep saving until we can expand it. We were thinking of starting the business this month's end. What do you think?"
Aidan swallowed and he swallowed hard. Then he took a glass of water and began drinking. By the time it left his lips, it was empty.

"I think that's a good idea." Aidan smiled, laughing excitedly. "A small business will be able to help us a lot and give us exactly what we need. We can save money from my and Ethan's salary and by the time we know it...we will have lots of money and our business will improve."

"That's really great." Granny said, pinching her grandson's cheeks softly. "I knew that you would find the idea perfect."

Why shouldn't I?" Aidan exclaimed, dropping his hands to the wooden table. "Your ideas are really perfect and I also know it's for our own good. Once I get my salary, we will make a plan and then put our plan into action."

"Thanks for understanding,"

"I have no choice," Aidan teased. "I am your grandson after all. If not me, who else do you expect to understand you? "

Granny couldn't find the words to tell Aidan. She just opened her arms and hugged him tightly, enjoying the warmth of her embrace. He returned the same gesture and wrapped his arms around her waist. He felt like staying like that forever. He just wanted the time to freeze so that he would get away from his numerous problems.

"I am really sorry, granny," Aidan thought, feeling really powerful emotions take control of his body. He was suddenly feeling sad and broken. He felt like some kind of burden had been thrown at him. He wondered whether it would have been any different if he had told the truth. "I know that you have so many expectations and you really love me a lot and I also know that you would understand me." He thought. "But forgive me for lying to you. Forgive me for saying what I shouldn't have said to you. Forgive me for this but I can't tell you. I am going to look for another job so that you can live a really comfortable life, a life you deserve. I will look for a job and hopefully I will get hired."

Aidan and his granny hugged for some minutes before finally pulling away from each other. Aidan continued having his dinner while chatting with his granny. Then they chatted some more after dinner and washed plates together. After that, he retired to his room where he found it impossible to sleep. The only thing he thought about was the job.

"You are fired!" He remembered the manager's voice. "You shouldn't be seen on these premises."

Aidan hadn't even realized that the words were really more painful until he heard his granny's plan. His day was just from worse to worst. He found no sleep at all. He kept on turning from side to side, trying to find some sleep but it was impossible. He tried to sleep under the blanket, covering his whole head but it was impossible as the only image he saw was the incident that had happened at the hotel. If only he could have had the courage to deny his manager's pleas then he would have been asleep by then, looking forward to the following day but he was now thinking about something else.

No matter what happened, Aidan couldn't allow his granny or his brother to find out the truth. He was gonna keep on job hunting until he eventually found a nice job. But he knew that was really impossible to do especially since he was just a high school graduate. Most of the jobs required people with higher education certificates which he didn't have.

"Gosh," Aidan breathed, quickly turning to the right. With the way things were going, he started wondering whether he was gonna get any sleep.

"I have to find a job quickly." Aidan sighed, now lying on his back. He was staring in the roof, in the dark of the night. "I really need to find a job." Aidan closed his eyes and put his hands together. He gave out a short prayer and then continued staring at the roof till he fell asleep.

The problems were gonna continue come next morning. But he was somehow ready to face them. The only thing he was hoping for was to find a job. And another thing he really prayed for was never to meet the prince again. Only God knew what Aidan would say or do to him.

He better stay away or else...


Luis entered his wonderfully comfy room, slowly walking towards the huge bed. He had just come from having a really wonderful breakfast after waking up really late. He was only in his cargo short, brown shirt and sandals. He was feeling a little better that morning. The only way he would feel completely better was to know what exactly had happened to that boy, and he was hoping for it to be harsh too.

Luis quickly reached the bed and threw himself, yawning as if he had just woken up from a really deep sleep. He lay on his stomach, burying his face on the beddings. He stayed like that for a number of minutes before he heard his phone vibrating and beeping. Hearing his phone, he quickly raised his face and grabbed the phone from the bed. There was a message and it from his best friend, Charles.

"Yummy," Luis smiled, quickly opening the message.

"I am already on my way to the palace from the hotel. Hope you are home."

Luis quickly rose from the bed, moving his thumbs to the key pad.

"Yeah, hope you have some good news." He replied, feeling some form of power possess him. He wanted the manager to punish Aidan so much that he would think twice next time before trying his no sense once again. Then he was gonna make him pay too and inflict his authority and power. Fuck! He just couldn't wait for his friend to come to his house.

"I guess," Charles replied. "I am almost at the palace."

"Great," Luis was more than happy. He had no idea how to express the happiness that he felt. "Just come straight to my room."

"I will be there in a few,"

"Fine," Luis replied.

He dropped the phone on the bed and just lay, waiting impatiently for his best friend. It didn't take long at all and he heard a soft knock on his door. He didn't need to open the door to guess who it was that was knocking. He very well knew that his friend had arrived.

"The door is open," he said, a little louder.

His suspicions were proved right when Charles came right through, wearing a wonderful smile that made him happy. Charles was in a deep green, folded shirt that was half way buttoned up. He had a blue jean and yellow shoes. He was in casual but he was looking really sexy.

Seeing his best friend coming in, Luis quickly rose from the bed and rushed towards him. They both hugged for a few seconds before heading to the bed. They sat close to each other, smiling brightly at each other.

"What's up?" Luis asked, patting on Charles' shoulder. "I need details. What really happened to that stupid boy? Did the manager deal with him or what?" He shook Charles' legs excitedly.

Charles gave a soft chuckle when he heard his best friend's questions. He sometimes wondered whether his friend would somehow change his attitude. But he was the prince after all. Many would act worse than he did at times.

Charles sighed, nodding his head in sadness. "He was dealt with."

"Yes!" Luis said excitedly. "I knew he was gonna get what was coming towards him. That will teach him never to mess with a prince in his life again." He laughed. "Now it will be my turn to show him exactly what I am made of. He messed with the wrong prince." He gave a soft chuckle. Then he moved his gaze to his friend who had been staring at him ever since he had come. "Tell me, what did the manager do to him?"

Charles remained quiet, wondering what his friend's reaction was gonna be.

"He lost his job." Charles said naturally. "He was fired and told never to come back."

Hearing his friend's statement, Luis stared at Charles like he had only seen him for the first time. He couldn't believe what he had heard...he couldn't believe the boy had been fired...his heart immediately began racing, sending shivers of pleasure to the rest of his body. Then he gave out a loud laugh that filled the entire room, making his friend wonder what was wrong. He was happy. The manager had done a great job than he had expected. Firing the stupid boy was the best punishment but Luis was still gonna make him pay too. He was gonna find him and he was gonna make him pay.

"I can't believe he actually did it." Luis enthused, getting back to the bed. "He followed my suggestion and..."

"Can I ask you a question?" Charles chimed in, looking straight at his laughing friend. "Are you really happy?"

"Are you not?" Luis laughed, holding his friend's hand. "This calls for a..."

"Did you actually hear what I said?" Charles asked. "He was fired from his job."

"Loud and clear," Luis rejoiced, clapping his hands so loud that it made noise throughout the room. "Isn't that good news?"

"Are you serious?" Charles couldn't believe that Luis was rejoicing because a poor boy had lost his job, probably his only way of livelihood.

"Of course," Luis shrugged. He felt really happy. "Finally, the stupid brat has gotten what he deserved. But I will not stop until I make him pay for the..."

"Can you tell me exactly what he did?" Charles asked, crossing his arms. "I really need to know what he did that made you make him lose his job."

"Come on," Luis wrapped his arm around his best friend. "We don't need to talk about..."


"Fine," Luis' face now turned serious. He narrated exactly what had happened to his friend, laughing in some moments and getting a little pissed in some. But he finished the narration in just a few minutes and continued with his laughs.

To be honest, Luis expected his friend to laugh out with him but surprisingly, he just stared at him, nodding his head. Luis knew that his friend was probably surprised but deep down inside he knew that he was also happy. After all, they practically did everything together and were happy and sad together. They were more than brothers or friends.

"Is that the reason why you made him lose his job?"

"I didn't make him lose his job." Luis exclaimed. "But I wouldn't have loved it anymore than I do right now."

Charles nodded. "I can't believe you are happy because...you made someone lose his job. What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing," Luis answered, wondering why his friend was not supporting him. He was supposed to be happy for him. "I just love it that he got what he deserved." He said. "Shouldn't you be happy and..."

"No!" Charles said in a serious tone. "We are talking about someone losing his job. We don't joke with that. You know that..."

"He insulted me and I think he deserved to be punished. He shouldn't have even talked to me in the first place but...he chose to mess with me. Trust me he deserves everything that had befallen on him."



"There would have been another way to punish him." Charles said. "Trust me I do understand your reasons but you were also wrong here."

"Me?" Luis pointed at himself. "How am I in the wrong here?"

"You tapped on his butt and you told him many things that you shouldn't have." Charles really felt bad for the poor guy. He had always supported Luis in whatever he did but he was feeling bad, especially after what he had heard. "Not everyone would appreciate it if they are teased, sexually...not even from a prince."

"Did you hear what I said?" Luis couldn't believe his friend was telling him that. "He first insulted me. I think he deserved..."

"I don't think he was on the wrong here." Charles said, a little louder. They were not arguing at all. They were simply talking. "You should have just..."

"Whose side are you on?"

"I am on your side but..."

"Then why are you defending him here."

"He lost his job." Charles tried to make his friend understand.

"So what?"

"That was his only livelihood." Charles said simply.

"How do you know that?"

"I was coming out of the restaurant when I heard some of his former co-waiters talking." Charles said, looking straight at his friend. "According to what I heard, the boy is just a poor boy. He lives with his grandmother and his brother. His brother is just a security guard who earns just little money. They also said that he had been looking for a job before he finally landed that job. Don't you think it's a little too much? I think you should talk to the manager and tell him to bring him back. You know you have that power to do so."

"Are you really serious or you are just trying to joke around?"

"I am serious," Even Charles' face looked seriously but that didn't change the fact that Aidan insulted him...humiliated him and other things. That was the insult of the highest degree.

"Look, I don't care about him." Luis snorted, pointing his finger at Charles. "I don't even care that he lost his job. He should have thought about that before insulting me. Next time he'll think twice before insulting someone else. He thought he was tough but I am tougher...more powerful and influential. Anyone who messes with me will get a taste of the bitter pill." He chuckled bitterly. "By the time I am done with him, he will regret ever messing with me. I will show him just what this prince," He pointed at himself, laughing. "Can really do when messed with,"

"Do you..."

"I know that you are concerned about him," Luis said. "But I am not and I will not let him get away with it. When you step on the tiger's tail, expect to be attacked okay? And please, let us drop this topic. You know exactly what I am interested in." He said softly. "You know what I need to add to this happiness. You know what I need to power up. I need someone, some hot guy that can satisfy my needs. I need to be pleasured."

Charles took a deep sigh, forgetting about everything. "Guess you are right." He took a really deep breath. "I can find us some." He reassured. "There are some hot guys in a new gay bar in town. I am sure I will find a lot of irresistibly hot guys that you can choose from."

"Now you are talking." Luis smiled, putting his hands on his thighs. His cock was already rising from the smell of sex and the imagination of the beautiful asses that he was gonna fuck to satisfy him. "I just love being a play boy." He breathed in deeply, feeling himself relax. "It makes me feel fulfilled."

"Yeah..." Charles sounded not sure. He was still concerned about the poor boy that had been fired on Luis' account. But guess Luis was right. All he had to do was forgetting and concentrate on other things.

"I am glad you are speaking my language." Luis was more than happy. "You know the kind of life that I like to live. I like being pleasured and..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Charles shrugged. "I don't think you should go into details." He leaned forward, closer to Luis' ears. "It will make me really horny."

"Make you?" Luis laughed, getting away from his friend. "I am already horny."

Charles laughed. "Can I see your cock?"

"Fuck you, Charles." He laughed. "Why don't you just concentrate on your own?"

"Because I am more interested in yours," Charles teased, giving a soft chuckle. "It feels so good to see..."

"Get out of here, Charles." Luis grabbed a pillow and threw it at his friend. "I think the fantasies are getting to you. You need a good release and you'll only do that the sooner you find us some good guys to fuck."

"Yeah," Charles said. "We really need some good asses today, don't you think?"

"I don't think." Luis shrugged. "I know I need some good and sweet asses. I swear I am gonna fuck his ass, he'll scream my name for days."

Hearing Luis' words, Charles burst into laughter, collapsing on the bed. He really loved his friend's sense of humor. He loved his personality and his life. Charles was more than happy Luis was his best friend. He had never had a great friend like Luis.

"You are really crazy."

"What?" Luis shrugged. "Guys tell me I am a great fuck." He laughed. "I always give it to them hard and they always end up screaming and coming harder than before." He remembered his many sexual adventures and his cock got out of control. It pressed so hard against his boxer, throbbing painfully. Whoever he was gonna fuck was scream for sure because he was gonna fuck him as brutally as he could.

"You should have seen one of their faces when..."

"Yeah...yeah...yeah..." Charles got up. "Much as I would love to listen to your many sexual adventures I have to go home. I promised dad I'd help him out with something."

Still laughing, Luis got up from the bed. "So what are the plans?"

"We will meet at a cafeteria in town and then we will meet up with the guys and..."

"Fuck their brains out." Luis finished Charles' sentence.

"Exactly," Charles proclaimed, walking towards to the door.

"I knew it was what you were thinking."

"Yeah," Charles smiled as he headed towards the door. "I know you are still thinking about it."

Luis chuckled softly. "In my mind, I am almost reaching orgasm."

Luis' words brought laughter to both Charles and Luis. They left the room still laughing, holding each other as if they were stuck on each other. Their friendship was simply the best and they had lived with each other almost all of their lives.

Luis escorted his friend to his car, making sure that he had left. He came back to his room and then lay on it, thinking about the great afternoon that he was gonna have. He couldn't wait for afternoon to come so that he could ram the guy's ass till he empties his balls.

"It is gonna be my best afternoon." He laughed.

Only a few hours were remaining. Thereafter, he was gonna bury his cock deep into some sweet ass. Fuck! Nothing was gonna prevent him from fucking someone that afternoon.


Aidan was walking on the street, near the huge road, looking all around. He had a huge newspaper in his hands which had some job opportunities but none of them seemed to favor him. He was not qualified for any of them. There was no way he was gonna get hired even if he tried.

Aidan was putting on a simple blue t-shirt...a green skinny trouser which was a little bit old. He was also wearing sandals which were a bit old too. His hair was tied into a ponytail as usual. He knew he was not looking good but at least he was wearing something.

It was almost 4.pm and still no job or even hope that he was gonna find one. He had started job hunting early in the morning but luck was not on his side. It was either he was not qualified for the job or they didn't need extra staff. He had been job hunting since morning, nonstop. He was tired...he was sweaty...he was hopeless and he was really stressed. He had been to too many buildings in town but to no avail. He lost hope and he knew that things were getting harder for him. He had even asked himself a really important question that left him hanging.

"How long was he gonna hide the truth from his family?"

Aidan was really tired. He had passed many buildings, hotels, cafeterias, even public institutions but to no avail. There was nothing for him to do. But he still had little hope left in him. There were a few buildings left but...he doubted if there was any opportunity for him. He was not just qualified for any of the jobs.

Aidan stood still, staring at the passing cars. His mind slipped right to the place where he used to work...a place where he had been fired because of the crown prince. He would have been working at that place at that time but he was fired and the worst was that he was hiding it from his family.

A loud noise from the passing car got him out of his thoughts. He nodded, feeling a small headache kicking in. He was also hungry as he had not had anything since morning. Aidan was somehow feeling weak. He needed to sit down for a minute, relax and then slowly walk home and pretend as if he had just come home from work. He saw a bench just near him. He began walking slowly towards the bench, taking a bottle of water from the bag.

The bottle was only half and he took it all in one swift. He then went and sat on the bench, looking at the passing cars. As he sat there, wondering what he was gonna do if at all he didn't find a job, his mind went to what had happened just a few hours earlier.
Aidan had been going around the buildings when he saw his former work place. It had brought a lot of tears to him but he managed to come out of it. Thinking about it actually made him emotional like he had never been before. He felt like crying but he wasn't gonna allow that to defeat him. He was gonna keep on hoping and by god's grace he'd get a job soon.

Aidan sighed and then closed his eyes, trying to get rid of his thoughts. He just wanted to relax and think before finally going home to pretend everything was alright.


"Can you hurry it up?" Luis said, taking a quick glance at the watch. He was rushing to meet Charles at a nearby cafeteria and meet with some guys to fuck. Thinking about the pleasure and fun he was gonna have was making him really excited. He couldn't wait anymore.

"There are some pedestrians crossing," The driver answered, bowing his head. "It won't take long, my prince."

"Fuck!" Luis cursed softly, looking at his watch again. He was really getting late. "I just wanna get out of here. I am sure that Charles is waiting for me."

"Sorry, my prince." The driver apologized. "We will be there in jiffy."

"Better be," Luis said rudely, moving his eyes to stare out the window.

Luis looked outside the window, moving his eyes to stare at the moving people. Moving his eyes, he reached a bench and got frozen. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the wonderful view that he saw. His heart raced with joy...he breathed in softly...he held his hands and just stared at the boy that was sitting on the bench, looking as if he was having the worst of days.


Luis was happy seeing Aidan seated on that bench. It was clear to him that the boy was sad, probably crying. Maybe what had happened to him was not good but Luis simply didn't care about anything at all. He just loved the fact that the boy was suffering.

Looking at the boy carefully, he also noticed that he had a newspaper with him. He laughed when he realized that he boy was probably job hunting. Fuck! It was really beautiful to see a boy who had thought he was a brave boy so vulnerable. He watched as the boy's eyes moved from side to side, probably absent minded because he didn't seem to notice the car. He was really happy.

As he was still looking at the boy with an evil smirk on his face, Luis felt the car moving. He immediately moved his eyes to the front and truly they were moving. He was really in a hurry and couldn't wait to fuck the guy but something came to his mind.

"The guy can wait, can't he?" He thought, looking behind to see the boy seated on the bench. "I need to do something that will add to the sexual pleasure."

Luis quickly moved his eyes to the driver and took a deep breath.

"Stop the car." He commanded, sounding even more serious.

Immediately he spoke, the driver stopped the car and looked behind. "Is there any problem my prince?"

Luis moved his eyes to the guard who was equally looking at him. "Open the door and then park the car."

Without any objection, the guard quickly got out of the car. He opened the door and bowed down to show respect to the prince. Luis first got his legs out with his most expensive shoes. Then his whole body got out. He looked at himself and loved just how elegant he was looking in a tight yellow designer's shirt, black tight trouser which was absolutely amazing. He was dressed for the event and couldn't wait to see the boy's face up close, tease him and rub salt in his wounds. After all, Luis was great at that.

Luis moved his legs gracefully, looking straight at the seated boy. He was walking slowly, slipping his hands into his pocket while a bright smirk appeared on his handsome face. He knew he had the personality to make someone cry and he was really hoping the boy was gonna cry.

"Can I come with..."

"No!" Luis dismissed his guard. "I will be fine."

Luis walked towards Aidan and stood right in front of him, staring at him with a great smirk. He could tell that the boy didn't seem to notice him. Guess the boy was really lost and confused after all. Now all he needed to do was make him cry and warn him. Luis first looked around and noticed that there were not a lot of people. He didn't need many people to make the boy cry. But the few people that were around were looking at him, perfect for his plans.

Luis moved his eyes to the boy and nodded his head. He walked towards the other side of the bench where there was a little space. Then he stood straight and stared down at the boy who was still lost in his thoughts.

Luis chuckled. "How is job hunting?" Luis teased in a high pitched voice.


A really familiar voice got Aidan out of his thoughts. He quickly moved his face up to find Prince Luis staring down at him with a really big smirk. He had no idea why the Prince had come to him or how he had arrived but he was really angry. He was angrier than he had ever been. He had lost the job because of the bastard that was standing in front of him.

"How's job hunting?" Luis repeated, giving out a teasing chuckle.

Hearing Luis' question, Aidan moved his eyes away in frustration and just pretended as if he didn't see or hear the Prince. He hated the prince so much that he thought he was gonna be sick if at all Luis kept standing there. He could feel his anger building. His heart was pounding in his chest, adding pain and anger to him. The bastard was really making him fume.


"Leave me alone." Aidan muttered, not even stopping for a second to stare at the Prince. "Please."

"Why?" Luis laughed. "Aren't you gonna..."

"Just get away from me." Aidan's voice was barely audible. He didn't want to talk to the Prince because he didn't want to lose his temper and probably snap. He just wanted to think and keep calm. He wanted to feel at peace but the jerk was making it impossible.

"Why should I?" Luis teased, slipping his hands from his pockets. "You went job hunting, didn't you? I was only concerned. After all, we are friends already. I can tell that," He paused and gave a long laughter than made Aidan fume. He felt as if his whole body was getting warm. "You lost your job didn't you?"

Aidan felt like crazy. Being reminded of his job loss was too much. He was trying to get away from the prince but it was getting impossible. Why the hell couldn't he just leave him alone, he thought as he clenched on his teeth? He didn't want to stare at Luis, not even once.

"Too, too bad," Luis chirped. "You were actually..."

"Please, leave me alone." Aidan's voice was getting a little louder. "I don't wanna talk to you. You got what you wanted so leave me alone. As it is, I have a lot of problems and I don't need anymore."

"You have problems?" Luis chuckled, giving a long and irritating gulp. "I can't believe that..."

"Look, you got what you wanted." Aidan said rudely, raising his face to stare up at Luis. Seeing that face, though wonderful made him mad. "Now leave me alone. I don't want to see you okay."

"You lost your little job." Luis said in mock astonishment, touching his chest in fake sympathy. "That is really bad. Guess...you weren't that good at your job."

"Look, you've got what you wanted so leave me alone." He tried to yell but ended up saying it softly. He looked at the Prince with so much anger.

"Ha!" The prince chirped. "How does it feel to lose the one thing that you loved so much? How does it feel to be jobless?"

Aidan moved his eyes away and didn't even respond. He had no idea what was gonna come out of his mouth so he chose to be silent. He hated the fact that the Prince was trying to make him feel worse than he was already feeling.

"I thought you were job hunting. Has no one employed you?" He laughed. "Guess you are useless after all. I was actually right all along. You don't know anything and you are simply just useless. I wonder how you got employed in the hotel. Uh, did you perhaps..."

"Look, I don't have time to talk to jerks." Aidan snapped, moving his eyes away. "If you are looking for trouble, I don't have it okay? You got what you wanted, sure." He shrugged. "What do you still want from me? You made me lose my job, my only way of living. What else do you want from me? Just leave me alone I beg you." He put his hands together.

"You beg...me?" He chuckled nervously, moving his head slightly to the other side. "You think a little begging will make me leave you alone? You are such a spoilt brat. People like you like to raise yourselves high and think that we are on the same level. People like you need to be shown your proper places. You had the guts to insult and slap me in public and you think that you are gonna get away with it."

"I lost my job because of you." Aidan said softly, slightly moving from the bench. "Please, leave me to think about..."

"You are crying over some job." He laughed. "Well, you should have thought about that before suddenly feeling like you are the high and mighty. Some people can tolerate your no sense but not me. I am sure I did the hotel a favor because you were the worst waiter ever. I haven't encountered anybody as foolish and worse as you. You probably don't know how to do a thing. I am sure by now they are rejoicing and celebrating for their liberation from the worst employee ever."

The words from Luis hit Aidan so hard that he felt like he had been beaten by something hard. He could feel something building deep inside of him, something that he had never felt before. It was really powerful and he was just seconds away from snapping.

Aidan moved his eyes and stared up at the Prince. "Just what do you want me to do so that you can leave me alone?" He asked angrily. "I don't have time for the likes of you."

"Really?" Luis asked, smiling brightly. "Well, that is strange because people are dying just to be with me." He smiled, rubbing his chest. "You want me to leave you alone? Then you have to apologize to me publicly. I need you to kneel down, crawl in a street where there are a lot of people and beg for my forgiveness. Say that you are stupid and you will do anything that I ask you to do. Maybe I might just forgive you."

Aidan nodded his head, trying to understand what exactly he had heard. He couldn't believe what he had heard.

"I will never do that." Aidan furiously got up from the chair. "I never did anything wrong. I just stood for what I felt was right and I honestly don't regret it. You are a prince," he said angrily. "You have everything that you can ever need in your life and I am nothing but a poor boy but I won't allow anyone to step on me. Not even you or anyone else. I don't care whether you are the prince or what. The fact still remains that you are a jerk and I will never allow you to step on me."

"Hmmm," Luis nodded. He was just too happy. "You tried to prove yourself the other day but...looks like I am too powerful for you. This will teach you to respect yourself and people that are more superior to you. This will show you that I am not to be messed with. You are nothing compared to me."

"You are right," Aidan chuckled bitterly. "I am nothing compared to you because I am nothing like you. I am not a jerk like you and you're wrong. I respect people a lot that is if they choose to respect themselves which in your case is an exception. You might be powerful like you say but..."

"Feisty!" Luis said, crossing his arms again. "You really have a lot f nerves. You talk a lot and that is the reason why you lost your job. You should know your place."

Aidan chuckled bitterly. "I don't have time for this." He turned to leave before Luis suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"What the..." Aidan thought. He couldn't believe Luis had the nerves to touch him...like that. Oh hell no! That was the limit of everything.

"Get your hands off me." Aidan said angrily, trying to release his arm away from Luis. "Don't you dare touch your hands on me? Let me go." But that was it. The Prince just held him tightly and he couldn't do a thing to let go.

"You know," Luis started, tightening his grip on Aidan's hand. "I usually don't talk to the likes of you because you are not worth it but I can see that you are seeking my attention. You talk about respect so much but you have no single respect for royalty at all."

"Why should I respect you?" Aidan grunted. "You are not worth it."

"I am royalty." Luis said in a serious tone. "But I don't blame you at all. I blame your parents. I can see that your parents never taught you about respecting the royal family."

"Don't you dare talk about my parents?" Aidan fumed. "You don't know me and you know nothing about me. Get your hands off of me."

"You know what..." Luis let go of Aidan. "You are absolutely right." He said, rubbing his hands as if to get rid of something disgusting. "My hands are too precious to touch your body."

"Just because you managed to make lose my job doesn't mean that I won't get one." Aidan said, getting away from the prince. "You are a prince but you are such a jerk. My parents did teach about respect but they taught me never to allow anyone step on me." In reality, his granny was the one who had taught him that. He wasn't gonna allow a spoilt prince to ruin his mood.

"Good for you," Luis said. "But I won't allow someone like you to disrespect me in public. Not even someone higher than you has ever done that." He said angrily. "Losing your job is nothing compared to what you had put me through. You humiliated me and I am going to make sure that you suffer for it."

"What are you gonna do?" Aidan said with a bitter laugh. His heart felt like it was about to rip out of his chest. "Are you gonna make me lose every other job that I land. Will you kill me or what?"

"Now that's a good idea." Luis said, rubbing softly on his lip. "I think making it impossible for you to stay at a job will be fun." He chuckled. "But that won't be enough. I will make sure that you lose every other job that you find. The only job you can ever land is being a whore." He laughed. "I bet your parents are really disappointed to have a child like you who can't even keep a simple job. You are so pathetic...a pathetic stupid and poor little boy."

Aidan's eyes watered when he heard what Luis had just said. He couldn't believe that Luis was targeting his parents, his weakest point. What was he going to do?

"You think you are smart but you are nothing." Luis reprimanded. "You should learn when to keep quiet and when to talk. I am the crown prince of this land and I am going to make sure that you pay for every insult...every humiliation and every word that you've spoken. I am gonna make you suffer for everything. You are gonna crawl and beg me..."

"Never!" Aidan didn't even realize that a tear had just made its way down his cheek. "I don't care how rich you are." He said angrily. "I will never beg for your forgiveness over what I didn't do and..."

"Or maybe I can beat you right now." Luis said seriously. "Or even better..." He chuckled.

"Go ahead." Aidan said, rubbing the tear that had made its way down his cheeks. "Go ahead and try it. I will not allow you to lay your hand on me."

"Are you challenging me?" Luis chuckled, giving Aidan a serious face. "Are you challenging the crown prince?" He knew exactly what to do.

"I don't fear you." Aidan said confidently. "You might be powerful but I don't fear you. Are you gonna beat up in public or what?"

Luis sniveled. It was totally a challenge and he knew what he was gonna do. "You seem fierce but I know boys like you." He said rudely. "Trust me I have dealt with boys like you, boys who try to act fierce. Boys like you are only good for one thing and that's pleasuring me. Boys like you are just good for warming my bed and giving me pleasure." He groaned, rubbing on his lips sensually.

"What a pig." Aidan wondered, trying to see what the crazy prince was trying to achieve.

"You will never land a job so might as well become my bitch."

"What?" Aidan's mouth gaped. He had just received another insult and it hit him like a thousand volts of electricity. "You are sick. I think you need to see..."

"Wanna see just how sick I am?" Luis asked. "Do you really wanna see..."

"I don't care how sick you are because you can't do anything to me." He said. "We are in a public place and there is nothing you can do. I am going to defend myself because people like you are..."

"Alright," He said, dropping his hands. "To show you just how sick I am, I am going to..." He started getting closer. "...I am going to fuck you."

Aidan gasped and took a step behind, hitting the bench. He felt on his back and lay there motionless just staring at the crazy man who was nearing him.

"Get away from me." Aidan quavered, wondering why he was feeling scared all of a sudden.

"What?" Luis said, opening his arms as he got closer. "I thought you wanted to see how sick I am." He got really close and sat on the bench, closer to the boy. "I thought you..."

"You don't scare me." Aidan said, furiously getting up.

As he tried to leave, Aidan was pulled back and he sat closer to the prince. His grip was now tighter and seriously hurting Aidan like crazy. He wanted to leave that place like so bad. He only wanted to run away and go home before his mood was completely ruined. But that grip from the prince was just too tight and quite painful.

"Relax," Luis said softly, tightening his grip on the boy. "I thought you wanted me to fuck you. Don't want a royal cock up..."

"Leave me alone," Aidan quavered. The words from Luis were giving him chills. "Please..."

"I would have done that but even to a playboy like me," He paused and then chirped, eyeing Aidan as if he was gross. "You are definitely not my type. You are too dirty to even touch my body. Fuck!"

From Luis' comment, Aidan closed his eyes and felt tears building in his eyes. He had no idea why the words were painful but they just hurt him. He was not even interested in the prince but the words were really painful. He knew the Prince was probably right but why was it that painful?

"Did you actually think I was interested in you?" Luis gave a bitter chuckle. "No!" He yelled in his face. "You are definitely not my type. You are the last person that would be on my list."

Aidan opened his eyes and tears poured down his cheeks. Fuck! He was crying in front of the person he hated. What was wrong with him?

Luis on the other hand was more than happy seeing Aidan's tears. He was getting pleasure from seeing those tears, tears that he didn't expect to see especially from the boy who had tried to act smart. His heart was racing with joy...his eyes were teasing the boy...his hormones got out of control with the amount of happiness that he felt. He knew from that moment that he was gonna have a good time fucking the guy Charles had arranged for him.

"What's with the tears?" Luis asked. "Truth hurts doesn't it? Well face it. you are the last person I would have on my bed okay?"

"Get your hands off me." Aidan said softly, angry. "Let me go."

"I will do that." Luis squeezed Aidan's arm, making him wince. "You messed with me once but you are gonna regret it for the rest of your life. I am gonna make your life miserable and I will make sure that you never get a job or stay at a job for a long time. I am gonna make sure that you get fired at every job. You will serve as an example to all those people that think they are smart."

"Do what you want?" Aidan raged, clenching on his teeth. He was suddenly filled with so much power that he managed to release his arm from Luis' hands. "You can do anything you want. I don't care what you. I just want you to leave me alone." He quickly brought his hands up and rubbed his face clean. By the time the hands left the face, there was no single drop of a tear. He didn't even look as if he had cried.

Aidan took one final angry look at Luis and quickly got up. He arranged himself up and began walking away, anything to leave the Prince alone. The last thing he wanted was to say something that he didn't wanna say.
"Just a minute." Luis said, stopping Aidan in his path.

Hearing the prince's voice, Aidan stopped and never even bothered to look behind. He just heard footsteps coming closer until the prince came in front of him. Aidan had never felt he would be angry at someone like that before. Now that he knew that the Prince was gonna make it impossible for him to find a job...he was gonna tell his family the truth. He should have done so in the first place. They were gonna understand him.

"What?" Aidan said rudely. "What else do you want from me? Isn't it enough that..."

"I don't want anything from you." Luis said, crossing his arms on his chest. "I just wanna say one more thing." He cleared his throat and continued. "I just wanna warn you about something."


"I am the crown prince of this land." He warned, pointing his fingers at Aidan. "I can easily destroy you so don't you dare try to act smart with me again. You might have been lucky the last two times but I swear that I will make you suffer and destroy you should you try it again." He then smiled brightly and chuckled. "Never forget that you are just a poor commoner so..." He took a long and irritating look at Aidan and rolled his eyes. "Anyway, I have absolutely no comment about you right now." He smiled. "By the way, tell your parents to teach you about respect once again. It is clear that you lack home training and you are in need of it."

Aidan frowned and just stared at the prince in surprise, wondering who needed home training between the two of them. It was really funny but Aidan didn't find it funny at all. That was an insult to his parents and he wasn't gonna take it.

"Look, Prince Luis or what..."

"Silence, commoner," Luis dismissed, raising his hands in the air. "You shall not speak another word or I shall have you punished severely." He said with such authority. Some people might have heard him but he needed it to be like that. "I just hope you got all that into your thick skull, right?"

Aidan was silent. He couldn't say any word. Maybe it was because he was too surprised to say anything. He couldn't believe the nerve of the Prince. He felt really angry, he was fuming. If not for the fact that he was a bit confused he would have said something but he chose to keep quiet.

"I am glad we understand each other." Luis chuckled. "But this isn't over. We will see each other again, soon." He slipped his hand through his pocket and turned around, heading gracefully to his car before he suddenly stopped without even turning to face Aidan.

"Btw, good luck job hunting." He laughed teasingly.

Aidan nodded his head in anger, trying to make himself calm. He was really angry like never before. He could feel adrenaline taking effect on his body. His heart started pounding deep in his chest...his breaths became harsh, making his body hotter than it had been...his head hurt a lot and he felt like hurting someone, the Prince in that situation. What surprised him was the amount of anger that he felt in his body and the vibrations that travelled to the rest of his body like electricity. It made him somehow powerful and as if he could do anything. Feeling just how much energy that had entered him, he clenched on his fists and with one final look on the Prince who had his back turned to him, Aidan moved his eyes around in anger. Then he dropped them to the ground, seeing a small stone.

"I wish I could hit him with this stone till he bleeds." Aidan thought, wishing his thoughts would somehow turn out to be true.

Aidan then moved his eyes away and just looked elsewhere to forget about everything that had happened even though it was still painful. He was gonna make sure that it wasn't gonna affect his mood. He needed to cheer up before going home.

Luis had never felt so alive. He couldn't believe that he had said that to the boy. This issue was far from over. It was gonna be over after Luis embarrasses Aidan publicly and make him beg. Luis was gonna make sure he deals with Aidan so much that he would have no chance but to crawl.

With an evil smirk, a deep breath of total satisfaction and a feeling of Victory, Luis moved his head to stare back at the boy. He needed to see that face again before finally going to have some fun with his buddy. Moving his head to take a glance, Luis was abruptly welcomed by a really sharp pain on his forehead that let out a loud scream from his throat. Something had hit him and it was so fucking painful. As soon as he felt the sharp pain, he felt something hot travelling down. He immediately knew it was his blood and that Aidan had thrown a stone at him.

"Fuck!" Luis let out a loud cry of pain, abruptly moving his hand to his forehead. It was immediately smeared with his blood. "Fuck! What did you do to me?"

Aidan on the other hand heard Luis' cries and he moved his eyes to stare at him. What he saw somehow got him really scared. Luis was right in front of him, holding his forehead tightly but that was not it. His hand was bloody and the blood was going down his face. Aidan wondered what had happened to the prince so suddenly and why he was bleeding. But that was all he could do, stare.

"Why did you do that?" Luis asked angrily. He knew that his forehead was cut and judging from the blood that he felt, he knew that the cut was somehow big.

"What did I do?" Aidan got scared with Luis' questions. He had done absolutely nothing. "I did nothing to you."

"You stoned me." Luis screamed, now drawing the attention of his guards and the other people. "You fucking threw a stone at my forehead." He cried out angrily. Aidan could see that he was in pain. But accusing him was definitely not good.

"Why would I stone you?" Aidan asked. He was really scared. "I don't have any stone on me. Besides, I can't..."

"My prince," The guard interrupted Aidan before he could even finish his sentence. "What happened?" he was running really fast together with the driver.

"Fuck!" Luis cursed. "He stoned me." He cried out.

"What?" Aidan gasped, taking a few steps behind. He knew that he was in trouble if he didn't get to explain himself. "I was just standing right here. I never did anything wrong to him. How would I stone him when the stones are on the..." Aidan paused when he looked on the ground, looking straight at where he had seen the stone a few seconds back.

What Aidan saw on the ground really got him scared and ask a lot of questions. The stone was not there. Aidan swore the stone had been on that ground a few seconds ago. He was now really scared.

"How did the stone disappear?" he thought, his eyes glued on the place he had seen the stone. He lost consciousness of the real world and started wondering. "Could the stone be the one...but how's that possible. How can a stone move? I only wished about it and never actually...but how...how did that stone hit the prince? This is really impossible and I have..."

Aidan didn't understand a thing. That stone had been right there and it had probably hit Luis but maybe someone from somewhere had thrown the stone. That was the only explanation he could find.

"Hey!" The guard's deep voice got Aidan out of his thoughts, making him quiver. "What do you..."

"I swear I didn't do a thing." Aidan kept moving behind. He wanted to get away from that place before he invited trouble for himself. "I am sure that someone else did this."

"My prince," The guard said, softly touching Luis who was clearly in pain. "We need to take you to the hospital."

"Uh!" Luis winced. The pain was just too much and the headache was splitting. He had never experienced such pain in his life before. Once again, the boy had done something even worse than before. "Fuck! Take me...to the palace." He cried. "We will call a...ouch...a doctor from there."

Aidan was scared that something bad was gonna happen to him especially if he was taken to the palace. He knew they were all gonna blame him for everything. After all, he had kinda been arguing with the prince. Whatever it was, he knew he was gonna have to get out of that place. He saw an opportunity when both the guard and the driver took their attention on Luis. He didn't care about the people that were watching.

Aidan's backward movement got faster till he turned and made a run for it. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, hoping the guard wouldn't follow him. He just wanted to reach home and relax with his family. He didn't want any more trouble.

"My prince, I will..." The guard trailed off when he didn't see the boy. He was gone. "Fuck!" He cursed. "The boy is gone."

"Ouch!" Luis yelled. He felt like his head was about to burst open and kill him. He was in so much pain, more pain than he had ever imagined. The boy was like a curse and he was gonna kill him. "Take me to the palace. Forget about the boy. We will deal with him later."

The guard and the driver helped Luis get to the car. He sat behind, holding his wound. The blood kept on coming out and most of his face was covered with blood. He just wanted to get attended to so that he could get rid of the pain that he felt.

"It hurts," Luis cried. He was gonna make the boy pay for that stunt. He was not gonna let it go and he knew his father was gonna make him pay too. "Let's go."

At Luis' command, the driver turned the car around and headed for the palace. The rest of the journey, Luis just held his forehead, putting pressure on it. He couldn't afford to lose lots of blood but that didn't stop him from experiencing so much pain.

Lucky for him, by the time they reached the palace, blood had stopped coming out though he didn't release his hand. Reaching the palace, he slowly got out of the car, making his way into the huge palace with the guard behind him. His hand was covered with his blood and some of his clothes.

"Luis!" Granny gasped as soon as she saw him entering the living room. She started moving towards him, rushing. "Oh my God, what happened to you?"

"Uh!" Luis groaned in pain. He couldn't say anything as the pain was too much.

"Luis!" Ruby shouted, rushing down the stairs. "Oh my son, what happened to you? Why are you bleeding so much?"

Both granny and Ruby rushed towards him, held him carefully and brought him to the couches were he sat. They were both panicking, wondering what had happened to Luis. The blood on him was what scared them the most. It was really clear that he was in so much pain.

"Luis!" Ruby said softly, trying to get the hand he was covering his wound away. "My son,"

After so much effort, Ruby was able to get her son's hand away and she saw the wound. It was just a cut, not too big but it needed some stitching as she could already see the blood starting to come again. The wound seemed a bit deep.

"We need to call the doctor." Granny suggested, holding her grandson's hand. "That wound needs to be attended to."

"I will call him." Ruby quickly got up and rushed to the tiny table near the couch. She picked up her phone and dialed the doctor's number. In just a few seconds she talked to the doctor and told him to hurry up. She was really scared and didn't like the groans of pain coming from her son's mouth.

Cutting the call, Ruby began walking towards where her son was seated before she spotted the king coming inside with three of his guards holding his stuff. He had a huge smile on his face which faded as soon as he saw his son.

"Luis!" He sounded really worried. He rushed to his son and sat beside him, trying to hold him. Seeing the blood really made him angry and he felt like smashing something. "What happened to you?"

"No!" Granny said softly. "This is not the time to ask that question. He is in so much pain. Let his wound be attended to and then he can tell us what happened."

"Have you called the doctor?" The king gasped, holding his son tightly. "My son..."

"Yes!" Ruby said anxiously. "I called him and he's on his way. He'll be here in a few minutes."

The king continued holding his son tightly. Seeing his son in that state was making him angry. He was angrier than he had ever been. If at all he found out that someone had done that to him, he was gonna make that person pay dearly.

"What happened?" The king said angrily, looking at both his wife and his mother. "Why is my son in this state? Which idiots were with him when this was happening?" He yelled, filling the whole living room with his angry voice. "I wanna know what the idiots I have employed..."

"Father, please." Luis winced, wondering why the pain was that much.

"Son..." The king said softly. He didn't want to make the situation any worse even though he was angry inside. He needed to show his son some form of care.

"Please, let him be for now." Ruby said to her husband. "He will talk when the doctor attends to him."

They all remained quiet just looking at the crown prince. None of them even uttered a word or ask the prince any question. They just held him and pitied seeing him into that state. A few minutes later, footsteps could be heard coming from the stairs. They didn't need to guess who it was because they absolutely knew who that it was.

"Luis!" Hanna gasped, rushing downstairs. She quickly came down and leaned down in front of him, holding his hands. She was almost at the verge of crying. "My brother, what happened to you?"

"I am fine," Luis said softly, feeling as the headache went to another level. "Don't worry about me I'll be absolutely fine."

"Really?" Hanna asked.

"Don't worry it's just a small cut." Luis reassured. "I will be fine."

Hanna stayed like that on the floor, staring at her brother. He was clearly in pain judging from the expression on his face. They were all just waiting for the doctor to come and attend to their lovely prince and assure them he was fine.

After a wait which seemed like hours, the doctor finally rushed inside carrying his tools. When the royal family saw him, they somehow felt relieved as Luis would get attended to. They all greeted the doctor and left Luis on the couch alone so that the doctor could attend to him.

The doctor sat close to Luis, touching his head. Then he slowly looked at the wound.

"How does it feel?"

"It hurts." Luis said softly.

"It will be fine." The doctor reassured. "Luckily, it is not a really deep wound and you are lucky it didn't hit your eye. But it needs to be cleaned and cared for."

With those words, the doctor opened his box and brought out cotton wool. He started by cleaning the wound and the rest of the blood from Luis' face. Then he cleaned it again with disinfectant and alcohol which the prince screamed like crazy. Then he stitched it up nicely and it was looking somehow nice.

After the doctor's work, Luis started feeling a bit better. The pain was not that much and he could somehow feel the headache subsiding. He felt like he was able to breathe again after so long. He was just happy because he finally felt alright.

"He's he okay?" The king asked, concerned for his son.

"Yeah!" The doctor said as he packed his tools. "He is now fine. He just needs to rest. He also needs some pain killers too."

He quickly packed his equipment and got up. Then he handed some medicine to the king and gave his instructions. Then just like he came, he went away, leaving the royal family a little happy.

Luis' family was standing close to him, staring at him with their eyes glued on him. From their looks, he knew what they wanted from him but he was gonna wait until one of them asked a question. He also knew which one was gonna ask the question first.

"Are you ready to tell us what happened?" the king broke the silence.

Luis took a long look at his father and sighed. "Yes!" He muttered, dropping his eyes to the floor. "He threw a stone at me."

"What?" The king gasped, wondering who had the nerve to do that to his son. "Who threw a stone at you?" He sounded a little angry. "Tell me who had the nerves to do that to the crown prince?"

Luis raised his face and stared at his family members. Then he took a deep breath of confidence, wondering how his father was gonna react with the news that he was gonna give them.

"The same boy who had slapped me and insulted the other..."

"What?" The king's voice filled the living room. He was angry...he was raging...he was furious...he wanted to punish someone. "You mean that same boy had the effrontery to throw a stone at you?"

Luis nodded at his father's questions, feeling his headache kicking in. "He is the same boy." He muttered.

"I can't believe this." The king gave a bitter chuckle. "He has done it this time and I am going to make sure he pays for it. How dare he do this to my son? Just who does he think he is?"

"My lord," The queen pleaded, trying to make her husband calm. "Please, calm..."

"Calm down." The king yelled. "My son is hurt and by a commoner. Do you expect me to sit down and watch while it goes on? First he insulted him then he slapped him and now this. What if next time he does something even worse?" He pointed at his son. "Our son is hurt and he's not just an ordinary man. He is the next king of this land and that boy, whoever he is has insulted him publicly. Do you expect me to..."

"No, my king," The queen said softly. "Our son needs to rest. You heard the doctor. He doesn't need any of this."

"Yes," The queen mother said. "He really needs to rest after this. He will tell us everything after he wakes up."

The king sniveled and then let out an angry growl. No one dares to harm my son, he thought as he took a long look at his son. He knew that wound was gonna leave a scar on his precious son's forehead. It was all because of that crazy boy who for some reason was always after his son.

"Very well," The king said softly. "I think he should rest now. I will talk to him later when he wakes up."

"Thank you." The queen mother said softly. "I will take him to his room."

"I'll come with you." Hanna said.

The queen, granny and Hanna all helped Luis out of the living room, leaving only the king in the living room.

The king on the other hand watched as his family left the living room. He was still fuming...he was getting restless...he was getting anxious and wanted nothing more than to deal with the boy that had hurt his son. This was the limit of it all and he was gonna make the boy pay for being so foolish and nosy. No one messed with his family and got away with it.

Once he was sure that his family had left and gone far, he called the guard that was closer.

"Yes, my lord." The guard bowed on one knee, bowing his head.

"I want you to call the driver and guard that were with my son today." He instructed, putting his hands behind as he walked from side to side. "Call them immediately without delay."

"Yes, your majesty." The guard bowed once more and left.

The king impatiently waited for the guard and driver to come. He didn't have to wait that long as he saw them coming in close to him. He watched as they came inside and bowed before him, giving him praises and greetings.

"Were you the ones that were with my son today?" His tone was rather low but really harsh and quite scary.

"Yes!" they both answered softly.

"So you are the two idiots that were with him?" The king yelled, putting fear into the souls of the two individuals. "What do I pay you for if you can't even do anything? Do I pay you for being stupid or what?" Both the guard and the driver were quite. They knew better than to answer when the king was talking, especially in anger. "A simple job of protecting my son from a stupid commoner was too much for you, uh? What the hell were you doing?"

The guard first bowed. "I am really sorry, your majesty. We were with and..."

"And you watched like fools while my son was getting hurt." He shouted, feeling intense anger. "You really are useless. My son, the crown prince was hurt. It could have been worse and your job was to protect him and make sure that nothing bad happened to him. But it still happened under your watch. How about I punish you instead?"
"I am really sorry. But I only followed the prince's orders. I didn't follow him because he ordered me to."

"What?" The king yelled in anger. "The prince ordered you to stay behind?"

"Yes, your majesty." The guard bowed. He was feeling really scared. "I tried to follow him but he wouldn't allow me. I don't know what happened but I only saw him shouting in pain. It seemed like the boy had thrown a stone at him."

"And you let him go." The king yelled. "Why didn't you catch him and bring him here. Or you could have dealt with him and showed him that he messed with the wrong man."

"He was gone." The guard said simply. "He left by the time I realized it. I am really sorry," The guard muttered. "It is my entire fault. I shouldn't have left the prince's side. This should have been me in pain. I should have dealt with him."

"You're right," The king said angrily, pointing his finger at the guard. "This is your fault. You let that boy go and now we have no idea where to find him. Anyway, I don't care whether it will take years to search but I need that boy. I need to deal with him. He needs to pay for hurting my son." He said harshly, diverting his anger on the guard and the driver. "But thanks to you stupid and foolish fools, he escaped. We have nowhere to find him. I tell you if I don't find that boy, I will make you pay for what he did." He fumed. "I promise you will pay for this."

"I am ready to face any punishment, your majesty." The guard bowed. "I committed an offence and I must pay for it. I neglected my duty and got the prince hurt in the process. Please, hurt me my lord." He knew that what had happened was part of his fault and the punishment was gonna be severe.

"Just pray we find that boy." The king warned, quickly turning around. "Pray that we find him because I shall have you dealt with. You'll also lose your job."

The guard and the driver both remained quiet. They couldn't argue or say anything else because they knew very well they were at fault. They knew that losing their job was gonna be their own fault. They shouldn't have left the prince in the first place.

"Can I say something, your majesty?" The guard quavered, wondering how his highness was gonna take it.

"What?" The king said harshly. His voice echoed throughout the living room.

"I think I might know how to find him." He said softly.

Hearing what the guard had to say, King Julian quickly turned around and stared down at the guard. His heart began racing because he wanted the boy dealt with severely. He got closer and stared at the foolish guard.

"What did you just say?"

"I might know how to find him." He said.

"How will you do that?"

"The first time the prince got insulted, he made me look for that boy." The guard muttered. "I might get his address at his work place. I am sure that they will give me."

The king nodded in anger, moving his head to the other side. "Are you telling the truth?" The king's voice was still showing anger. "You better be telling the truth."

"I wouldn't lie to you, my king." The guard promised. "I am sure I will get something from the hotel. I am really telling the truth."

"For your sake," The king said. "You better be telling the truth because I'll make you regret it. I will let you go for now but if I don't see that boy I will make you regret ever working here. Find that boy."

"I shall do that, my lord." The guard said. "What should I do if I find him?"

"Take him and bring him here." The king said in a commanding voice, pointing his fore finger on the tiled floor. "I will deal with him myself. I want him to tell me why he had the nerves to lay his hand on my son in the first place. I will so deal with him that he will fear whenever he hears my name."

"When can I start?"

"I don't know." The king said, moving away from the guard. "What I want is to see that boy in this palace tomorrow. If that doesn't happen, I will have you punished."

"Yes, my lord." He bowed. "I shall start the search soon."

The king didn't say anything more. He went and sat on the couch, leaning his head on his two hands, watching the two men who had bowed for him. He was still fuming and he still blamed the two men's negligence for causing his son's pain. Had it not been for the fact that the guard had given him some news, he would have definitely dealt with the two men. He would have shown them how to play their role in the palace.

"Get out!" He seethed, rudely dismissing the two men.

Hearing the king's tone, the two men trembled in fear. Then they quickly bowed their heads and rushed out of the living room, leaving the angry king all alone with only the guard who was a bit far from the living room.

The king on the other hand was mad. He could feel just how angry he was and how his hands trembled in anger. He could feel a fire burning deep inside of him, reminding him how much he was dying to see the boy and put him in his place.

"Hurting my son," He yelled, grabbing a cushion from the chair. He angrily threw it. That was the time he also realized how angry he was. In that mood, he was not gonna spare the boy at all. He was a really good king but disrespecting his son publicly and hurting him was another thing. He was protecting his son's honor here.

"Shit!" he growled, putting his hands together. If he continued to stay like that, he knew that he was gonna go insane with thoughts. He couldn't stay alone like that. He needed to see his son and stay with him for a while.

Slowly rubbing his hands, he took a really deep breath and got up from the couch. He groaned in anger and walked towards the elevator. In no time at all, he found himself in his son's room.


Aidan was slowly walking home, trying to understand what had happened. It was already dark and the more he neared his house, the more confused he got. He had a big question mark on his face and he needed to understand things.

"How did..." He couldn't even believe it. "I didn't throw that stone, I swear. But how did it hit the prince?" He wondered.

Aidan could have easily believed that someone else had thrown that stone and hit the prince but he saw it with his own eyes. The stone he had seen on the ground before Prince Luis got hit was no longer there. And the truth was that there was no one beside him. Nothing was making any sense. It was just making him confused.

From getting worried and confused came the fear. He was really scared of what was going to happen. Surely, everyone was gonna blame him and he had a feeling trouble was gonna follow.

"I should have just told my family the truth." He spoke softly. He had his arms crossed and he was tensed up. "None of this could have happened had I told my family the truth. Now I have to face the consequences. What if the Prince gets me arrested. That was what got him more scared than anything else. He had been fierce all his life but he was now scared. If the Prince chose to get back at him, which he was sure was gonna happen sooner than he thought, his family was gonna be worried.

Aidan got lost in his thoughts, not even realizing that he had reached home. He just continued on going until he almost hit the wall. Realizing that he had reached home, he stood there and wondered how his family was gonna react if he told them of everything that had happened. He took a long and careful thought and realized one thing. The things that had happened were too much and his family won't probably handle them.

On top of losing his job, he had done something to a royal blood. He didn't want to make his family worried so the best thing to do was keep quiet and pretend as if everything else was fine. Hopefully, no trouble was gonna come to him.

"Yes!" he thought.

Aidan snapped out of his thoughts and tried to gather his confidence and good spirit. He took a deep breath and just tried to forget. He couldn't deny the fact that the prince deserved what had happened to him but it might turn out to be lethal for him. Aidan took several deep breaths and felt himself calming deep inside.

The worry was still there but at least he could feel his confidence boosting. He stayed outside till he was sure he could handle his family. Then he opened the door confidently, letting himself in. As soon as he entered, he received a warm kiss and hug from his brother, the kind that he didn't want to pull away from. Then his granny gave him another hug and he somehow felt better. He knew he was safe in the house with his brother and his granny.

"Buddy," Ethan said. "You are home late again. Probably too many guests and customers, right,"

Aidan opened his mouth but closed it again. He first gave his brother a wonderful smile before finally speaking. "Yeah," he lied. "There were...uh...many guests. In fact, every waiter and waitress was busy today."

"You must be really tired." Granny said, rubbing her hands with a towel. "And you are probably hungry, right?"

"Yeah...err...I am really hungry." Aidan stammered, hoping his confidence was gonna save him.

"You are in luck because I have just finished cooking." Granny chuckled. "Why don't you go to the table and I will set the table."

"I will do that." He said softly. "I just need to help my brother..."

"Help with what?" Ethan said, wrapping his arm around his brother. "I am not going for work today. Just relax and enjoy okay? I will resume tomorrow. I was given a day off."

"Really," Aidan had an idea too. "I have a day off tomorrow too." He lied. "The manager wants me to rest because I worked a lot today."

"That's good, buddy." Ethan shook his arm and brought his brother closer. He planted a kiss on his temple and they both headed to the dining where they sat as they waited for their dinner.

As usual, Ethan was expecting to chat with his brother like they normally did but he could clearly see that his brother was not his usual self. He talked, quite alright but not like he usually did. But it was probably just from being tired and working whole day so Ethan understood him. After all, he too got really tired at times. He just kept on talking with his brother.

Aidan couldn't believe that his worries were once back again. He had just been talking to his brother normally but now he was back to being worried and scared. So many stupid thoughts came to his mind and he didn't just know what to do anymore. But even with those thoughts in mind, he talked with his brother as confidently as he could even though he very well knew that everything was not alright. How long was he gonna hide everything from his family, he wondered? He just couldn't bring any problems for them.

It wasn't long before dinner was served and they all dug in. It was delicious as usual and they talked as usual, but not Aidan. He just laughed nervously and smiled from time but he knew he just wasn't fooling anyone. It was all so clear that he was absent minded but he did his best to hide it.

"Son," Granny said softly, noticing just how quiet her grandson was. "Are you alright?"

Aidan quickly moved his face and stared into granny's eyes. He smiled brightly and then tried to hold that smile. "Err...I am absolutely fine." He lied. "It's just that I am really tired and I think I might need some rest."

"Okay..." granny wasn't satisfied with the answer but she let it slip. After all, he was just tired like he had said.

Aidan was glad his granny didn't ask any more questions. He went right back to eat but despite almost staying the whole day without any food, he wasn't that hungry. He only ate a little and he was already full. Gosh! That incident really had him worried and scared.

After dinner, Aidan helped his granny with the plates and did his best to stay calm. He went back to the living room and chatted with his brother and also did his possible best to stay calm and look confident. In just a matter of an hour and a few minutes of chatting with his brother, he retired to his bedroom and was glad he did because things were just getting worse for him.

Reaching the bedroom, he stripped to his underwear and slipped under the covers. That night he expected an easy sleep since he was really tired but found it impossible. His mind went back to the incident that had happened to the prince. It kept on repeating on his mind. He kept on turning on the bed, trying to catch some sleep but it was impossible. He didn't know how long it took but it sure was long.

From thinking about the incident came the fear of what was gonna happen to him. He wondered about what the prince was gonna do to him next. What if the king got involved? What if he got arrested? Those were some of the questions that passed through his mind. He was super scared and he somehow had a feeling that his punishment was gonna be great.

Sure, he completely had nothing to do with what had happened. But who was gonna believe his word over the prince's? Actually the whole thing was confusing him a whole lot. How the hell did that stone move and hit the prince in the first place? He had only thought about it so what had happened, he wondered?

Thinking about it actually made his head hurt. He closed his eyes and gave a short prayer. He prayed for him not to get into trouble even though he did. He prayed to wake up without any fear. He also prayed to be given the power to overcome everything.

Coming out of the prayer, Aidan lay on his stomach as his mind took him back to the stone issue. He slept while still thinking and wondering how the stone had moved and hurt the prince. He wanted to stone him but how that stone had moved was still a mystery to him.


Aidan suddenly woke up, opening his eyes wide. He stretched his arms and yawned loudly. Then he moved his eyes to the small table beside the bed and almost jumped up when he realized what time it was. It was 8.am and he had woken up late. He was supposed to be helping granny with the household chores.

Realizing the time, Aidan quickly rose from the bed and made it quickly. Then he went to the small mirror he kept on his table and examined himself. His hair was a mess and his face too. He quickly rubbed his face, held his hair and tied it with a band. Then he went to his tiny wardrobe and scanned for what to wear. He didn't have much clothes but he picked a brown cargo short, a blue t-shirt and then made sure that he was perfect.

Aidan then got out of his room to the small living room. As he walked to the living room, he realized that he was not scared or worried about what had happened the previous day. In fact, he was somehow feeling some sort of energy that gave him confidence. He was just hoping the prince wouldn't do or say anything. After all, he was completely innocent.

Walking into the living room, Aidan found Ethan and his granny seated on two wooden chairs having their morning tea. They seemed happy and they were smiling brightly, talking softly while they took sips of their wonderful teas.

Seeing how happy they were, Aidan stood still and just watched them. Somehow, the mood they were in reached to him and he shared it with them. He realized that he didn't need to ruin their happy mood by telling them his problems. It was gonna make them worried and unhappy and that was the reason why he chose to be quiet and hope nothing was gonna ruin that happiness. Aidan was happy seeing them in that mood and he got lost into it.

Aidan was so lost into his granny and his brother that he didn't even realize that they had seen him and were smiling at him. He was in his own world.

"Good morning!" Both granny and Ethan greeted, getting him out of his fantasy world.

"Good morning!" Aidan smiled brightly, heading towards them. He reached them in no time and gave them a wonderful good morning kiss. Then he sat near them and just smiled.

"Care for a cup of tea?" Ethan asked.

""Hmm," Aidan breathed in, feeling a smell of freshness. "Maybe I will have that later."

"Okay." Ethan smiled. "Did you sleep well?" He took a sip of his tea. "You seem to be in a really happy mood."

"Yeah," Aidan said softly. "I had a really good night sleep and..." Aidan trailed as he got interrupted by a knock on the door. He wondered who it was that had come early that morning. "I will get it." He said, getting up from the chair.

Even as he went to the door, he still had a beautiful smile on his face. But he couldn't help but wonder who it was that was at the door, especially early that morning. They didn't receive visitors and especially in the morning. He knew it was probably a neighbor or something so he wore a smile.

Aidan quickly reached the door and held the knob tightly. Then he pulled on it and in no time the door was wide open and he saw the people that were at the door. Seeing the people, Aidan's heart began pounding deep in his chest, sending waves of cold vibrations down his spine and the rest of his body...his breaths immediately became harsh...his blood was rushing in his veins, making him quiver and grunt...he felt weak in the knees as his body started failing him. Aidan could swear that his hair moved. He became tense and he was sure he was pale.

After trying to hide the truth for a long time...it was right there in front of him. It followed him home and he knew his family was gonna know for sure. Right in front of him, staring at him as if he was criminal stood two armed palace guards and they looked business. The way they were looking had him at his worst. He wanted to run away but he couldn't do it. After all, he was not known as a coward.

"You need to come with us at once." One of the guards said harshly, repositioning his weapon as if to scare Aidan. "You are needed at the palace immediately. The king demands your presence."

"The king..." Aidan thought, feeling a powerful and yet weak vibrations take control of him. The king was looking for him. He was screwed. He knew he was screwed and it scared the shit out of him.

"Aidan!" Granny called from inside. "Who is it?"

Hearing his granny's question, Aidan moved his head and looked behind him. "Err..." That was all that came out. A nervous stammer and he couldn't speak anymore. He was speechless and he didn't want his granny to find out.

"Who is at the door, buddy?"

Aidan gulped and tried to speak again but what came was a loud groan that had his granny and brother up. Seeing them up and slowly coming, he closed his eyes shut and their footsteps got closer. And when he couldn't hear them again, he knew they were near and they had seen the guards.

"Aidan!" Granny said nervously. "What are palace guards doing here?"

Aidan opened his eyes and stared at his granny. He could see fear in the old woman's eyes. She was super scared. There was no need to hide it from anyone again. He needed to tell them the truth because it was gonna be a problem for him if he didn't.


"They are here for me." Aidan said softly, dropping his eyes to the ground.

"What?" Ethan said angrily, gripping his brother's arm. "Why?"


"He had hurt the prince." The guard said confidently. "The king demands his presence immediately."

"You had hurt the prince?" Granny gasped, breathing as if she was running out of air. "The king...the king wants to see you and...how...where...what..."

"Granny," Aidan spoke softly, moving his hand to rub his brother's. "I will tell you everything later."

"I won't let you go alone." Ethan said in a commanding voice. "I will go with you."

"Sorry," the guard said. "The king specifically instructed us to bring the boy who had injured the crown prince." He said rudely. "No one is to follow him. Those were the orders directly from the king."

"Please," Granny begged, putting her arms together. "My grandson is just a small child. He didn't mean to do it. I am sure that..."

"I am really sorry, ma'am," The guard said. "We are just following orders. We need to leave now. The king doesn't like to be kept waiting for any reason at all."
Aidan moved to his granny and gripped her arms, pulling her into a nice and tight hug. She sobbed softly, feeling really scared.

"Please, granny." Aidan begged, trying to act confident. "I will be back sooner than you think. Nothing bad is going to happen to me. Don't worry about me. I will be fine." With a final pat on the back, Aidan pulled away from granny and kissed her cheeks. Then he rubbed her tears and held her hands for a few seconds before letting go. Then he moved to his brother and hugged him tightly.

"I won't go anywhere." He promised. "I will be back before you guys know it." He was hoping he was telling the truth. He knew the king summoning him meant serious business and it got him scared but he didn't want to show it.

After a wonderful smile, he turned to the guards. "Can I put something on my feet?" The guards nodded but just urged him to hurry it up. Aidan rushed into the house and put on some brown sandals. He came out and found his brother holding granny. It was emotional but he never dropped a tear. "Please, take care of her. Make sure she doesn't cry. Nothing is going to happen to me okay?"

"I will." Ethan nodded, pulling his granny closer.

With a wonderful smile, a small wave and pat, Aidan followed the guards to their car. He took a quick look behind before finally entering the car. The car started moving away from the house and Aidan looked behind, watching as they kept on driving further and further away from the house until he couldn't see it anymore.

All the way to the palace, Aidan remained quiet, staring out the window. He kept on wondering what his punishment was gonna be whether it was gonna be jail or whipping or even being banished. If only he could provide some sort of evidence but it was impossible because he didn't record a thing.

About an hour and half, they reached the big golden gate and after a honk, they were driving in. Aidan had never been to the palace before and he could see how beautiful it was but he was not just interested. His mind was too occupied to even think about its elegancy. They drove in till the car parked near the palace entrance where Aidan's fears multiplied. It was now time for him to be punished. Fuck! His heart was pounding as if it was about to rip out of his chest. His breaths were getting harsher and his hands were shaking.

Aidan slowly got out of the car and stood still, waiting for further instructions. He had his eyes dropped in fear and didn't even dare raise them. As he stood there, he heard the guard's footsteps getting closer and he took a deep breath.

"Follow me." The guard instructed and immediately started moving.

Aidan raised his face for once and then slowly walked behind the guard. Passing the beautiful entrance door, he dropped his eyes again and quietly followed the guard, seeing where his feet were headed. He walked slowly and carefully till the guard suddenly stopped and bowed down, kneeling down on the floor. Aidan took a nervous look around and saw the fancy couches. He immediately knew that he was in the living room.

The guard immediately began giving his praises, making Aidan aware that he was in the presence of the king. Aidan immediately bowed his head to show his respect. He knelt down on the floor without saying a thing or even raising his face to stare at the king.

"Your majesty," The guard said loudly. "We have brought him."

The king first took a long look at the bowing boy, a trouble maker. He was gonna deal with him.

"Yes!" the king said in a deep voice. "You may leave. I will call you when I need you."

"Yes, my king." The guard bowed and immediately left, leaving Aidan with the king.

There was a moment of silence after the guard left. Aidan was scared while the king on the other hand kept on staring at him. He wanted to see his face, to see the trouble maker who had almost blinded his son. Man he was in rage and he was gonna show the boy how to respect himself.

"Look at me." The king commanded. "I want you to look at me while I am talking to you."

Aidan gulped, slowly raising his head. He was getting really nervous and his hormones were not helping him at all. They were making things worse for him. He was shaking and never had he been scared like that before. He raised his face and stared into the king's face.

The king was dressed in royal attire, looking really handsome and serious. He had a crown on his head and that look didn't seem to help Aidan at all. He wanted to look away but he didn't want to disobey the orders of the king either.

King Julian on the other hand took a good look at the boy. He was even younger than his son but such a trouble maker who needed to be shown his place. Seeing that innocent looking face just made him angrier, making him rage in fury.

"So you are the boy who had almost blinded my son?" The king said, putting his hands behind. "Tell me, what gave you the right to do that?"

Aidan heard the question quite clearly but he couldn't say a thing. He was rather too scared to respond to the king and he was not even sure he wanted to respond to the king. His fears were taking the best of him.

"Tell me why did you do that?" The king seethed, staring at the boy with anger. "Why have you been targeting my son ever since he came back from abroad?" But Aidan just remained quiet. He was mute and his mouth didn't move either. "Why did you hit my son yesterday?"

The boy's silence was making the king even angrier. He could feel the anger building deep inside of him, ready to explode. He expected answers when he asked questions but the boy was just staring at him as if he was performing something.

"Can't you speak?" The king bellowed, filling the whole living room with angry voice. Aidan couldn't help but tremble at the power and authority in the king's voice. He quickly dropped his eyes, moving them from side to side in fear. "Speak!"

Aidan opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He was mute and his mouth shook in fear. He knew the king expected him to speak but he couldn't do it. He felt like he had a huge lump on his throat that took his voice away.

"I am speaking to you boy." The king growled, dropping his hands furiously. "Why did you hurt my son?"

"I am sorry, your majesty." Aidan apologized. "I didn't...I...didn't hurt your son." He stammered. His voice trembled and that echo each time the king spoke was not helping things.

"What?" The king shouted, chuckling bitterly. "Are you trying to call the crown prince, my son a liar? Just who do you think you are?"

"No!" Aidan said softly. "I didn't hurt your son and that's the truth. I swear to you."

"Then who did?" The king asked. "Did my son hurt himself then?"

"I didn't say that, my king." Aidan said simply. "But I swear that I..."

"Stop your lies." The king snapped, thumping his foot on the floor in anger. "This wasn't the first time you did something like this. You had insulted him, slapped him and now you had hit him with a stone. Do you actually know the impression of your actions?"

Aidan nodded softly, bowing his head. He had no idea why he couldn't just tell the king what had happened. "I didn't hit him, my king."

"Was there anyone else with you?" The king asked. "From what I know, you were the only with him."

"Yes," He stuttered. "But I didn't throw any stone at him. I just stood there and I never did anything."

"If you didn't do it then who did," He shouted. "You just confirmed that you were the only one there. Do you perhaps practice witchcraft and you used it to hit my son?"

"No!" Aidan couldn't believe it. "I don't know what had happened but..."

"Stop lying," The king growled, scaring the shit out of Aidan. "You had hit him and you had hurt him. What if that stone had hit his eye? What would you have done then? You have been doing all sorts of things to him. You insulted him and then slapped him. And now you had wounded him badly. Who knows what will happen next? You are probably gonna kill him." Aidan quickly raised face and stared at the angry king, nodding his head in disagreement. "And you have the nerves to deny it." The king angrily pointed at Aidan. "Why did you do all those things to him? Don't you have any respect for the crown prince or the royal household?" He yelled. "Disrespecting the crown prince is a crime and you are gonna pay for it. Since my son came back, you have been doing one thing or another to him but this was the limit. I will not sit and watch while you try to kill my son.

I have always been nice to my people but I will not allow such disrespect to go away unpunished." The king said harshly. "You had the guts to lay your hands on my son and do it publicly. You are gonna pay for what you did."

As Aidan stood right there, listening to what the king was saying to him, he could feel something building up inside of him. It was intense and he couldn't quite explain it but the way he felt was surprising. That feeling filled him up with energy and it kept on overflowing. His fear was slowly going away, replaced by the confidence which he had no idea came from. The king was judging him without hearing his story and he knew he had to do something. That was probably the reason why he was powering up. After all, he was innocent.

"You need to be punished for everything." The king said, moving closer to Aidan but stopped after a few steps. "I just hope you will learn to respect people after this."

Aidan took a deep breath. "I didn't hit your son." He said confidently, staring at the fuming king. "But I did insult him and slap him, your majesty. And to be honest, I don't regret what I did. Your son is a pervert and a jerk."

"What?" The king snapped.

"Yes!" Aidan said softly. "If defending myself is a crime then I am ready to receive any punishment." The king was wondering why the boy said that to him. "I insulted your son because I defended a poor innocent man who your son was harassing. I tried to talk to him nicely but he ended up insulting me."

Aidan began narrating the story about the first time he met with the prince. He told him about the way he harassed the man and how he had saved him. He told him everything, not leaving any detail of the first time he had met with the prince. Then he narrated the incident that had happened at the hotel and how it cost him his job. Then he began and narrated how the prince had harassed him the previous day and what had happened.

"...he turned to leave and I looked away. I didn't even want to see him. The next thing I heard was him screaming in anger, putting his hand on his forehead. I didn't do anything to the prince, I swear." He said confidently. "He has been the one that has been following me around. He made me lose my job and he has been harassing me. But I wouldn't hurt him like that. I know that you probably don't believe me but I am telling the truth." He bowed, realizing that he might have spoken a little too much. But he didn't regret it. "I am so sorry, your majesty."

The king remained silent. He was no longer angry but rather confused. The story the boy had narrated to him was different from what he was told. It was really confusing and rather than being angry, he needed to find the truth. He needed to hear both parties and then judge. As much as he was a father that loved his son, he was also a king that loved his people. He needed to do something before he got even more confused.

"Are you telling the truth?" The king said.

"Yes. I wouldn't lie to my king." Aidan answered.

"This is hopeless."

The king took a few steps back and sat on the couch. He rested his head on his hands, looking straight at the boy that had hurt his son, his precious son. He had been really angry earlier but that anger was gone, replaced by something else, confusion. He knew he was gonna be like that until he found out the truth.

"Guard," The king called loudly.

The guard came rushing in almost immediately after being called. He came right through and knelt down, bowing his head.

"Yes, my king."

Aidan suddenly got scared again. He knew he was done for. Crazy thoughts run through his head, making him weak and scared. He knew the king was probably gonna instruct the guard to do something to him. He was now really scared and his heart pounded deep in his chest, making his nerves run out of control. He bowed his head and waited for his punishment. At least, he had told the truth.

"Yes!" The king said softly, slowly rubbing his eyes. "Call the crown prince. Tell him I need to see him as soon as possible."

"Yes!" The guard bowed and left.

"Oh my God," Aidan thought, feeling relieved. For a moment he had thought that he was done for. But he was gonna be alright for at least a few minutes before the sentence was passed. The king had only called the guard to call the prince. Gosh! Aidan had no idea what was gonna happen once the prince came to the living room. He was just hoping the prince wouldn't lie even though he knew it was gonna happen. He was not gonna escape punishment because of the wound inflicted on the prince.

Aidan just bowed his head, taking a few deep breaths as he waited for the prince. He was just glad the king had listened to him and probably calmed down.


Luis was seated on the bed, chatting with his sister, granny and mother. They had been there with him since he had woken up in the morning, keeping him company and taking really care of him.

Luis had woken up with no pain at all, thanks to the pain killers that he had been given by the doctor. He was feeling better and though the wound was there and it was stitched, he was at least feeling okay. Having his family in the room was the best thing he needed right there. But even though he was chatting and felt better, he still hated what that boy had done to him. And he was gonna avenge what had happened even if it meant inflicting the same pain or even worse. But this time, Luis was gonna use the help of his father. He knew his father was gonna do anything for him.

As he sat on the bed, laughing softly and chatting, he heard a knock on the door which drew his attention. Somehow, he knew what that knock was for.

"Come in." He called.

The door quickly opened and a guard came rushing inside. He bowed and then gave him the praises that he loved at times.

"What is it?" He asked rudely.

"My prince, the king demands your presence immediately." He said loudly, bowing his head again.

Luis looked at his mother and then took a deep breath. Then he moved his gaze to the guard once again and took another deep breath. The time had come for him to finally tell his father what had happened and get his help in dealing with the boy. He was gonna deal with him in the most painful way possible.

"I will be there." He responded with a gloomy sigh. "Just go. I will follow behind."

"Yes, my prince." The guard bowed again. Then he got up and left the room.

Luis looked at the family members that were with him. He smiled brightly, slowly getting off the bed as a groan escaped his throat. He had felt the pain again but he was absolutely fine.

"I have to go and see father." Luis crooned, getting off the bed.

"We are coming with you." The queen mother said, getting off the bed as well. "You know how angry your father can be at times. You saw what had happened last night. We will go with you just to make sure."

"Thank you." Luis smiled brightly, knowing his family was gonna be there for him. "This really means a lot."

Luis got off the bed and began walking towards the door, excited as he was about to execute his revenge in the best way possible. He got out of his room with his family behind him and went into the elevator. In just a few minutes, they were already on the first floor. The elevator opened widely and Luis put up a brilliant smile to greet his father.

Getting out of the elevator, he began heading towards the living room to speak with his father. In no time he was near the living room, expecting to see his father. But he later realized that his father was not alone. There was someone, a boy that was kneeling down with his head bowed. Luis' eyes just went to the boy that was on the floor even as he made his way to his father.

That long hair which was reaching the floor, that body and the skin, Luis could give a quick guess. It was Aidan who was in the living room with his father. But how, he thought as he made his way to his father. It was so confusing and he had no idea how that boy got to the palace.

"Could the boy have come to report him?" He thought as he tore his eyes away from the boy. "That's impossible. He wouldn't have dared to do so."

Luis was sure that his father had probably called the boy. Now all he had to do was sit and watch as the boy was getting punished. He was really happy. Tearing his eyes away from the boy, Luis concentrated on his lovely father who was seated on the couch with his head resting on his hands, probably mad and raging.

"Father," Luis called nearing his father.

He went closer and kissed his father and then gave him a tight hug. Then he sat close to him on the couch, staring at the boy that didn't even raise his face for once. He also watched as his family took their seats together with him. Now the drama was gonna happen. The boy was as good as defeated.

Aidan on the other hand was fuming just from hearing Luis' voice. He was feeling really angry and given a chance, he would make sure that he puts Luis in his place but he knew better than to behave himself in front of the king.

"Son," The king said softly. "Who is this boy kneeling down here?" The king pointed to Aidan.

Hearing the king's question, Aidan raised his face and stared at the prince, giving him a cold look.

"This is the same boy who had hurt me." He answered, pointing at Aidan. "He also insulted me and slapped me too. He is the reason why I have this stitch on my forehead." He said harshly.

"Well, he claims that you have been following him around." The king said softly. "He said that he didn't even hit you with a stone."

"What?" Luis furiously rose up from the couch. "That's a lie, father." He shouted. "This boy here has been targeting me ever since I returned from the city. He has always done everything just to get my attention."

"You wish." Aidan said softly, moving his eyes away. Just who does the prince think he is?

"This boy here has been after me since I came back." Luis said. "He is just an attention seeker. And he had also hit with that stone. Only God knows what he wants from me."

"I didn't hit you with that stone." Aidan said simply. "Why would I hit you with that stone?"

"I don't know," Luis said. "It's what you have been doing ever since you met me."

Aidan tried to speak but he closed his mouth once again. He had no idea what to say anymore because the prince was clearly lying to the king. He wondered what to do next but one thing he knew was that he couldn't allow the prince to defeat him.

"My son," The king said. "The boy claims he didn't hit you."

"Then who did?" Hanna said, defending her brother. "If my brother said he had hit him then he is right. It is only..."

"Hanna!" Granny signaled her to keep quiet.

"Your majesty," Aidan began slowly, breathing in deeply. "I am not lying to you. The prince has been after me. He has been harassing me and trying to insult me. What I told you is the truth. I was there with him but I didn't hit him with that stone."

"Are you calling me a liar?" Luis snapped, dropping his hands furiously. "Just who do you think you are? You first insulted me, slapped me and now you tried to blind me. Look at my face," Luis pointed to his forehead. "Look what you did to me. You wounded my precious face and it won't be the same again. My face will now have a scar and thanks to you, men will probably..."

"For the last time, I didn't hit you." Aidan was losing it. He felt so much anger deep within him. He closed his eyes to try and keep calm but nothing really worked. He was back to being mad again. "How long do I have to keep telling you this?"
"Then who did?" Luis shrugged, crossing his arms on his chest. "Somebody had hit me and you were the only one there."

"Well, maybe the forces of nature also think you are jerk." Aidan said without even any fear. "I didn't hit you with that stone but I wish I had done it instead. I would have done it without any regrets because you are such a jerk."

"What?" Luis yelled, dropping his hands in anger. He couldn't believe the boy had just spoken to him like that in his own palace. It simply wasn't done. "How dare you speak to me, the crown prince in that manner? Don't forget that you are in the palace."

Aidan chuckled. "And what are you gonna do to me?" He asked. "Are you gonna beat me up? Are you gonna torture me? What can you do in here that you failed to do outside the palace?" He laughed. "Well, you can't do a thing because..."

"Don't you talk to me like that, boy?" Luis snapped, furiously getting closer to Aidan. He was so mad that he was even shaking from the energy that he was feeling at that time. He wanted to slap Aidan but he was just trying to control himself. "I am the crown prince of this land and I demand respect from you."

"Respect?" Aidan furiously got up and faced the prince, surprising everyone in the living room. They had their eyes on him, wondering who the boy was that could even talk to a prince without any fear. "Well, last time I checked, respect is not demanded but earned. You have no right to demand respect from me. Besides, I don't even think you deserve respect from anyone."

In Aidan's mind, it was just the two of them. The anger he felt at that time blinded him so much that he could only see Luis and himself. Everything had disappeared. It was just the two of them.

"How dare you?" Luis snapped, staring at Aidan with angry eyes. "You had hit me and now you have the guts to shout at me."

"For the love of god, I didn't hit you." He dropped his hands to his hips and got closer. "But I am dying to do so right now. I wish I could have done that instead because you deserve more than that. Maybe that would have taught you to respect other people."

"Stop denying it." Luis yelled. "You had hit me and you are going to pay for it. I will make you pay for it. Do you think I am gonna allow you to get away with it? I got hurt when I was around you. You were the only that was at that place."

Aidan gave a bitter laugh. "Well, I didn't beg you to come to me." He said angrily. "I was just sitting and minding my own business. You came on your own. You followed me and you got what you deserved. Didn't I beg you to leave me alone?" He shouted. "I begged you to leave me alone but you just wanted to harass me. You got what deserved because you just don't listen."

"You are just an attention seeker." Luis said angrily. "You were just seeking my attention and..."

"Well, I wasn't seeking your attention because you are the last man that I would seek attention from." Aidan said angrily. "Don't be so sure of yourself. I have a lot of people who pay attention to me. Why would I seek attention from you?" He asked, pointing at Luis. "Last I remembered, I wasn't the one following you. You were the one following me. But guess what, I am not interested in you if that's what you are thinking right now."

"Do you think I have been seeking your attention?" Luis chuckled bitterly. "Have you taken a good look at yourself? You are not my type and will never be. I have a lot of men just waiting in line for me. You are nothing compared to them and will never be. I always have any man that I want because I am hot. Who do you think you are compared to those men?"

"You are right," Aidan said with a chuckle. "I am nothing like those men. I am not cheap and I might not be rich, I am just a poor boy but I am unique in my own way. I will never be like those men because I have my own value. I am not like you either. You might be rich and powerful but I will never allow anyone to step on me because I know my worth. I will never allow people to make me feel inferior because I am not."

"Really," Luis crossed his arms and gave a bitter chuckle. "You think so highly of yourself. You might have gotten away with other people but not me. You are going to pay for trying to ruin my precious face. You messed with the wrong prince."

"Well, I didn't beg you to be following me." Aidan said. "I am not like you. I might not be rich like you but I am more than you. I am not stupid like you and I will never be. The only thing that you know how to do is move around carrying yourself as if you are above anyone." He shrugged, yelling in front of the prince. The king had never seen such a fierce boy before. He was talking directly to the prince without fear, putting him in his place. King Julian was speechless. He just stared at the boy. He was neither angry nor in rage. He was just surprised. "You might have taken advantage of those guys but not me. If you step on me then get ready to be attacked. I won't allow anyone to step on me, not even you."

Hearing Aidan's words, Luis simply lost it. His heart immediately began pounding deep in his chest. His breaths became harsh and violent. His eyes widened as his body got hotter. He could feel adrenaline rushing in his veins, empowering him.

"I know you are powerful and made me lose my job but that's all you can do." Aidan bellowed. "There is nothing you can do. You cannot control my life and I will not let you treat me like trash. You might have any other guy in town but not me. And what did you say," he asked, putting his hand on his temple. "That I was seeking your attention? Well, news flash, you are not my type either and you will never be. You are the crown prince but you don't act like one." He chuckled. Luis was boiling with anger. "You are a jerk and I can never seek attention from a pervert."

This was the last stroll for Luis. He had reached his maximum and he could feel his anger drowning him. His breaths were now violent and he swore that something was digging inside of him. He had never been that angry before.

"Aidan!" Luis snapped, gripping Aidan's arm so tight. "How dare you talk to me like that? Who do you think you are? You are nothing but a poor commoner and I will not allow you to insult me." He seethed, squeezing Aidan's arm. His idea was to inflict so much pain on that arm. "Do you think you are special? I know boys like you and I have handled quite many of them. I have even handled men bigger and powerful than you. I can have you if I wanted to and there is nothing that you can do about it. I can have you anytime I want and I can do anything that I want with you." He growled, surprising everyone in the living room. Luis was not even aware of his environment anymore. His anger had taken him to a whole new world. The only person he could see was Aidan.

"Well, you've handled a lot of boys like me." Aidan asserted, trying to let his arm free but Luis was just too powerful. "But none of them were like me. You might have scared them and had them but I am not like them. I am more powerful and there is nothing that you can do to me. Get your hands off me." He said angrily.

"Is that a challenge?" Luis seethed, applying more pressure on Aidan's arm. He winced in pain, making Luis excited. "Are you challenging me?"

"You might call it whatever you want." Aidan smiled and then winced in pain. "You will never have me. I will not allow you to step on me. You have tried that but...but you have always failed. You are nothing but a coward. You deserve everything that you got." Aidan shouted out in anger.

Everyone in the living room saw what Luis was doing to Aidan but none of them uttered a word or stopped him. They were too dumbstruck to even speak. The only thing that was on their mind was the boy and his fierceness. He was talking to Luis as if he was his friend without any fear. The king couldn't even speak. He just listened and watched.

"You will pay for inflicting that pain on me." Luis shouted, filling his voice in the palace. "You think you are so tough uh?" Luis kept on squeezing Aidan's arm.

"Let go." Aidan tried to release his arm but it was impossible. "Let me go." Aidan demanded, trying to free his hand. Luis' strength was too much and the way his arm hurt was excruciating.

"I won't." Luis groaned. "And there is nothing you can do about it. You think you are so tough?" He squeezed once again, getting pleasure from Aidan's winces.

Aidan felt the pain increasing. He knew Luis was gonna hurt him if he didn't do anything. He needed to do something. Using his right hand, he raised it and started beating Luis on the chest as hard as he could. He used his might till he felt Luis' grip getting loose. He even beat harder till Luis let go of him.

Luis got even angrier when Aidan hit him on the chest. His breaths became harsher and his body shook in anger. He clenched on his fists, giving the boy a really angry look. He then got closer and stared him in the face, giving him a look of hatred. He hated him a lot and his blood was boiling.

"Just who do you think you are?" Luis snarled, clenching his teeth.

"I am a pauper who is ready to put you in your place." He answered confidently. "Not even you will do anything to me while I am watching. You may be the crown prince but you are nothing but a foolish..."

"Don't you dare?" Luis pointed his angry finger at Aidan. "Don't you dare tell me that no sense. You might have gotten away with insulting me and slapping me but I will not let you get away with hitting me. I will make sure that you suffer for putting a scar on my lovely face. You will pay for every insult and every humiliation that you've done to me. I will make sure that you think twice before trying to act smart with me. I will show you who I really am." He warned. "Aidan is nothing but a foolish boy. Do you think you can challenge me? You have no power over me and I can do absolutely anything that I want to you." He shouted

"You don't have that right." Aidan chuckled, angering Luis even more. "You don't have the right to do that. I am not cheap and absolutely not like you. I don't go around embarrassing myself and sleeping with every guy that I meet. I am not a Casanova like you and I will never be. I am ready to receive any punishment that is set for me even though I didn't do anything. It is a pity that I wasn't the one that had hit you because had it been me, you would have definitely been bandaged all over your face." He was angrier than he had ever been. "You really are shameless and you deserve everything that had come your way. In fact, you deserve even more for being such a jerk." He laughed bitterly. "I will accept my punishment but I will not allow you to disrespect me or harass me."

Luis' anger just went to another level after that last statement. His breaths became really harsh and his body shook in anger, making his very part quivering. His eyes became red, filled with veins. His mouth shook in anger, showing just how angry he was. He clenched his fists so hard that he was ready to punch the boy and send him to hell. He was trembling and the anger that he felt was super charged.

He unfolded his hands and stared at the boy that had insulted him.

"Aidan!" Luis snapped, furiously raising his right hand. He raised it so high in the air, feeling some possessive power take control of his body.

For the first time ever since meeting the stupid boy he felt excited for what he was gonna do. He was gonna do what he should have done the first time. Nothing on this earth was gonna prevent him from slapping the silly boy. Enjoying the look of surprise and fear on the boy's face, he began directing his hand at the boy's face.

Aidan on the other hand was frozen seeing Luis' hand so high in the air. He looked in his face and saw the anger and he knew from that moment that he was gonna get slapped. What surprised him was the fear that entered at him at that very moment. He breathed in harshly and tried to speak but nothing came out. He gave a quick look at the hand and saw it coming near him.

Seeing the hand so near, Aidan moved his face to the other side and closed his eyes. He knew he wasn't gonna escape that one. He just closed his eyes and waited for that slap which was probably gonna hurt. But he promised to get back at the prince.

Luis on the other hand was happy, he was so near and his heart was racing with joy. He was gonna give the boy a dirty slap...he was gonna show him what happens when a commoner messes with a blue blood. He was gonna show mercy or anything else. Luis was only concentrated on his hand. He was near. Just a second away and he would...

"Enough!" The king furiously got up from the couch. His voice sounded angry, stopping Luis midway. "I have seen and heard enough."

Hearing his father's angry voice, Luis stopped his hand midway. He didn't drop it but just held it like that. It trembled so badly, begging to hit Aidan on the face. But he couldn't do anything. He knew better than to disobey his angry father's orders. He was really angry, angrier than ever. Even his breaths were short and harsh.

After a minute, Luis dropped his hand furiously and looked away. He was still breathing harshly and his anger intensified. He had no idea why his father stopped him from achieving his happiness. He really had wanted to do that to the boy. He didn't even want to see him.

Aidan on the other hand got scared. He didn't feel the slap but that voice from the king was able to bring him to reality, making him aware that he was in the palace. He had just insulted the prince in the palace...again. What was going to happen to him?

Realizing what he had done, Aidan opened his eyes and stared in front of him. The king was standing still, looking furious. He moved his eyes around and noticed that other members of the royal family were standing too, staring at him. He quickly dropped his eyes to the floor as fear clipped through him. His heart suddenly began pounding and adrenaline was rushing through his blood, making him even more scared.


"Enough!" The king commanded. "I have heard enough and I know exactly what I am going to do." The king interjected. "It is clear that both of you are in the wrong here."

"But father, he is the one who hurt me." Luis complained.

"Yes!" Hanna supported her brother. "The crown prince cannot lie. It is clear that stupid, foolish..."

"Hanna!" Queen Ruby shouted. She signaled her daughter to keep quiet.

"I have heard everything that the two of you had to say." The king said angrily. "From your argument, I have got what I wanted. I know exactly what to do."

The king shook his head slightly and then moved further and stood right in front of Aidan. Aidan raised his face and saw the mighty king standing right in front of him, so close. He swore he could feel the king's breath. And those eyes, he thought as he dropped his eyes to the floor again. Those eyes from the king showed him nothing but anger and hatred, if he wasn't mistaken and standing so close to a might king was sending chills down his spine. He was screwed.

The king breathed, fixing his gaze on the boy. "What's your name?" He asked.

"Aidan!" he responded softly.

"Are you gay or straight?"

Upon hearing the king's question, Aidan quickly raised his face and stared into the king's eyes. He was now even more scared than he had ever been. He slightly trembled. He had no idea where that question had come from or where the conversation was going. He rather just trembled.

"I...I am gay." He quavered, trying to hide his shaky hands. "But I swear I wasn't lusting after the crown prince." Aidan pleaded, hoping the king would hear him out. "I would never ever do that, your majesty. In fact, he was the one that..."

"Excuse me?" Luis said harshly. "Why would I lust after..." He paused and looked at Aidan. "...I can't do that."

Hearing Aidan's allegations, Hanna gave a soft and bitter chuckle. "Have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror?" She asked teasingly. "You and the prince are not on the same level. You are not his class and he cannot..."

"I said, silence." The king yelled, filling the whole living room with his voice. "I don't want anybody else to talk. I have heard enough and I have made a decision. I don't want anyone to challenge me." He warned everyone in the living room. Then he looked at his angry son and Aidan. "With everything that I have heard today, I will punish the both of them according to what I have heard."

"What?" Luis shouted. "Father, why would..."

"Enough!" The king bellowed. "All of you are guilty here." The king emphasized. "You were clearly lusting after him and he had hurt you and ruined your...precious face as you said."

"I wasn't lusting after him," Luis said. "I wouldn't dare..."

"Didn't you hear what I said?" King Julian interjected. "I am going to punish the both of you. My decision is final and I don't want anyone to question me."

Hearing the king's words, Aidan bowed his head. "I am ready to receive any punishment, my lord."

The king took a long look at the two and then quickly turned, heading for the small table near the couch he was sitting on. Reaching the small table, he picked up his scepter and came back. He stood still and took one final look at the two again.

"Follow me to the throne room." He commanded in his deep voice. Then he began walking away to the throne room. He was gonna judge the two of them in the way he deemed fit. He knew the best punishment for the two of them. In this case, he would have gladly supported his son but he was also a king and therefore was gonna judge with the two in mind.

Aidan bowed his head and began walking slowly behind the king. His nerves were getting the best of him as he his heart began pounding so deep. He had no idea what the punishment was gonna be but he was sure it was gonna be severe. He was just happy the prince was equally gonna get the punishment. He followed the king until they left the living room.

"Mother," Luis complained after his father left. "Why does father have to do this to me? It's really unfair. I am his son and I am the one that got hurt in the first place. Why does he have to punish me too?"

"Luis is right," Hanna said angrily. "That stupid boy had hurt my brother. He should be receiving..."

"Please, don't worry." Granny said softly. "He is just doing what he thinks his for the best."

"I am his son..."

"Please, we mustn't keep him waiting." Granny said. "We must go to the throne room at once.

Luis groaned and then began furiously walking towards the throne room. He was really angry and he wanted to snap at something or he was gonna go crazy. This was that entire idiot's fault.


Aidan followed the king into the throne room and boy was it beautiful. There were about four heavily armed guards that stood outside the throne room, making sure everything was safe. The throne room was really beautiful and it caught the attention of Aidan once he entered the elegant room. It was huge and made of gold everywhere. There were also diamonds that decorated the whole place, making it brighter and extremely beautiful. There were about three chandeliers that hang in the roof, all made of sparkling diamonds.

On the far end, straight ahead was a really huge throne. It was really beautiful and elegant too. It was made of gold and it sparkled brightly. It had many diamonds all over it that sparkled. On the top end was a huge diamond that made the whole throne look really beautiful. On both sides of the throne were two golden tridents which were magnificent.

Behind the throne was a big statue made of gold. It was a statue of man holding what looked like fire in his hands. Aidan immediately concluded that it was the symbol of kingship or something. Fuck! It was absolutely amazing and though he was scared, he saw everything clearly. On both sides of the throne were about six golden seats, probably were other family members sat during ceremonies or meeting.
But just before reaching the front was a long line of beautiful couches on both sides leading to the throne. It was probably were cabinet members sat during meetings or something. Aidan followed the king until they reached the staircase which was just about three or four steps up. He stopped and watched as the king made his way up. He reached the throne, removed the crown he was wearing and replaced it with a huge one. Then he sat on the throne comfortably waiting for Luis.

In no time, Luis arrived and stood close to Aidan but never for once looked at him. The queen, Hanna and granny went up and sat with the king. Aidan was now nervous. He felt out of place because he was sure that people in the throne room hated him.

"Aidan and Luis," The king began. "You are here to be judged for what both of you did. From both your views, I have concluded on some things and noticed that you are both guilty." He said loudly, pointing at the two of them with the hand with which he held the scepter. "It is clear that Luis was lusting on Aidan. He was also harassing him and insulting him." He said. Luis raised his face and just got surprised. "And Aidan had insulted Luis, slapped him in public and wounded him too." He said.


"I am still talking." The king dismissed. "I don't want to be disturbed."

Luis dropped his eyes on the floor furiously. He hated what his father was doing to him. He was being treated like a commoner and he didn't like it one bit. He hated it a whole lot.

"I have come to a conclusion with respect to both your views." The king said in a commanding. "With this punishment, let me make myself clear." He warned. "I don't want anyone to question my decision or challenge me." The he remained silent and just looked at the two guys who seemed mad, well his son seemed mad. "With the issue at hand, both of you have been found in the wrong. And this is my judgment." He extended his hand with which he held the scepter and pointed it at the guys. "You two have to...get married."

Hearing what his father had just said, Luis quickly raised his face and stared into his father's eyes. His heart began racing, sending shivers down his spine. His body felt hot and he was suddenly trembling. His mouth shook in fear and anger and his whole mind was frozen. Tears formed in his eyes and he felt a huge lump in his throat.

"What?" Luis quavered. "Father..."

"I have made my decision." He shouted, snapping at his son. "You two are gonna get married to each other."

Aidan's eyes watered once he heard what the king had said. His heart was pounding in his chest in fear. His whole body trembled and he couldn't believe that had happened. His mind froze and he felt hot tears falling down his cheeks. He didn't even bother to raise his face. He was really scared.

"Your highness," Granny gasped, wondering why her son was so harsh to her grandson. "Why would you punish your son like that? It is not..."

"I have made this decision after careful thinking." The king said angrily without even staring at his mother. "I have judged as both a father and a king. As much as I am a father, I also have to take care of my people." He said. "Luis said men will no longer see him as handsome as he will be left with a scar. Luis was sexually harassing Aidan and has always been going after him and then Aidan had wounded my son." He said angrily. "Aidan will take his responsibility now. He will take care of my son and since my son said he will not be as handsome as before, Aidan will get married to him since he caused all this. The same goes for my son. He will marry the boy he has always been harassing since it is clear he wants him."

"Your majesty," The queen pleaded, bowing her head. "Please, reconsider your decision."

"I have made my decision." The king snapped, not minding that he was talking with his wife. "Anyone who dares challenge me will face my wrath." He warned, silencing everyone. Then he moved his eyes to the two boys. "You two are gonna get married as soon as possible. There will be no need for a wedding."

"What?" Luis yelled. "Please, father, don't do this to me."

"My king," Aidan bowed his head. "Please, any other punishment but..."

"Didn't you hear what I said?" He shouted. "You are going to get married right now."

Aidan was confused. His heart was on fire and his mind was frozen. He couldn't even think clearly anymore. What was he going to tell his family? What were they going to say? He wanted to run away but he was frozen where he stood.

The same went for Luis. He was angrier than ever. He was sweating terribly and the headache that hit him was just too much. He couldn't believe he was gonna marry the boy that he hated so much. He would have normally retaliated but he didn't want to incur the wrath of his father. He had to cooperate with his father.

"Come here." The king said in a commanding tone, pointing to the floor. "I said, come up here." He yelled.

Luis groaned and then began climbing the staircase with Aidan behind him. He was angry. He was fuming. He was in fury. He reached his father and moved his eyes away, breathing as if he was getting ready for war. In no time he was standing close to Aidan.

"Kneel and bow before me." The king said.

Luis couldn't believe he was really doing that. But he couldn't disobey his father. He took one angry look at Aidan and then knelt down on the floor, close to his father. Aidan slowly rubbed his tears and knelt down, dropping his eyes to the floor. He couldn't believe his life was about to get ruined because of a foolish prince.

"Good!" The king smiled. "Now hold each other's hands and bow your heads to get my blessings."

Both Luis and Aidan couldn't believe it was happening. The hatred they felt for each other was probably the same. They didn't even want to get married and yet they knew they couldn't disobey. But they didn't want to do it.

Hearing his father's command, Luis took a look at Aidan and then moved his eyes away. He then crossed his arms his arms on his chest, moving his eyes away. He didn't care what happened next but he was not interested.

"Didn't you hear what I said?" King Julian snapped.

Luis slowly dropped his hands and then took a deep breath. Then he moved his left hand closer to Aidan's right hand. Aidan on the other hand didn't want to touch Luis but that angry growl from the king had him really scared. He knew he couldn't disobey.

Aidan moved his right hand and then caught with Luis' hand. He held it softly and then moved his eyes away. He hated holding Luis' hand but he had no choice. He hated it a lot and just wanted to crawl somewhere and die. It was better than getting married to Luis.

"Good!" The king smiled. Then he extended his hand with the scepter and touched both Aidan and Luis' heads with it. Then he just held it on top of their heads. "By the powers vested in me as the king and ruler of Angria, and by the powers of this scepter, I now declare you as husbands. From this moment onwards, your souls are bound to each other. Your destinies are one and you shall live as one soul. May no one come between you two and may you live happily with each other. May you bring happiness not only to yourselves but your families and your people as well? May your marriage be filled with nothing but joy? You shall not experience any problems in your marriage and you will overcome your challenges together." He said in a serious tone.

"Together, you shall rule this kingdom and you will bring a lot of happiness to everyone." Luis couldn't believe his father was doing that to him. "Before all these witnesses," he looked around. "And the power of the scepter, I king Julian Carter now declares you as husbands. From this time onwards, you shall live together as husbands." Then he touched the scepter with both Aidan and Luis' heads. Then he got up, placed his hands on both their heads. "With my blessings, you are now are a married couple."

After saying that, the king went back and sat on the throne. "You may now rise."

Luis couldn't believe what had just happened. The very thought of it made him fume. He groaned in anger and let go of Aidan's hand. Then he furiously rose from the floor, moving his eyes to the floor. Tears formed in his eyes and he could feel the anger emanating from him. He hated what he saw. He had been trying to avoid the issue of marriage and had woken up one morning just to get married. He was a fucking player for fuck's sake. He didn't need to stick to one guy. He would have at least understood his father if he had gotten married to some rich kid but that was the limit. His father didn't do the right thing. What he felt for his father was indescribable.

Luis moved his eyes to Aidan who was slowly getting up. He gave a soft growl and then stared at him as if he was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. He was never gonna accept Aidan as his husband, never!

Luis groaned loudly, nodding his head in anger. He quickly turned to leave but stopped when he heard his father's voice again.

"One more thing," The king said loudly.

Luis slowly turned and faced his father, looking straight at him. Oh, how he hated his father. He had never thought he could hate his own father the way he did at that time. He hated him so very much and he wondered if that was truly his father or an impostor.

"I don't want to hear any fights in this palace." The king warned, pointing at the two of them. "I don't want to hear any arguments or even violence. You shall live peacefully and without any fights." He said. "Your marriage shall be made known to everyone very soon." He looked at Aidan. "You shall get the respect as the crown prince's spouse." He said loudly. Aidan didn't even like it all. "I repeat, I don't want to hear any fights. If I do, you will face my wrath." He emphasized. "That is all. You may leave."

Hearing his father's words, Luis took one final angry look at Aidan and then began rushing out of the throne room cursing. He was yelling, shouting and simply venting out his anger. He stormed out of the throne room cursing.

"Luis!" Hanna called, furiously getting up from the seat. Then she stood in front of Aidan and gave him a cold look of hatred and anger. She hated the boy that had ruined the life of her brother. She hated him a lot. She hissed and then followed her brother, calling his name.

The two remaining ladies left too, calling Luis' name. They clearly hated him and he could see it in their actions, at least he thought. How was he gonna live in the house where he was clearly hated? It just wasn't possible.

Aidan took a deep breath and then raised his face. He stared into the king's eyes and felt tears building in his eyes. He did his possible best to prevent them from coming out and it worked. But he didn't know what to do or how to act. He was still really confused.

"Go!" The king instructed. "Go to your husband. Ask one of the guards to take you to the room."

Hearing the king, he bowed his head and slowly began going out of the throne room. In no time at all, he came out of the throne room. Reaching out, millions of tears dropped to his cheeks, wetting his face. He felt such pain and anger. The prince had ruined his life and now he had to live with him as his husband. He was really in pain and he had no idea what his granny and brother were gonna say.

Thinking about his family, Aidan took a deep breath of confidence and then rubbed his face clean. He looked around and saw the guards who stood guard. He looked at them, wondering whether he should ask them to take him to his husband. After much careful thought, he realized he couldn't do it. He couldn't bear to see Luis, the man who had ruined his life.

Aidan slowly began walking, thinking about what had happened. In no time at all, he reached the living room and stood still. He watched the elevator and the staircase. Then he looked behind and saw the guards. He wondered whether he should go up or not. He stood there for minutes before he finally got his decision.

He realized he couldn't stay in that palace. He had no place in it. He didn't care whether he was married to the prince or not. He didn't even care about the consequences. All he knew was that he couldn't be in that palace. He didn't want to see Luis' face or talk to him.

Taking a deep breath, Aidan began walking towards the door leading out. He increased his pace and stopped for a minute. He took one final glance and then ran out of the palace. There was no way he was gonna stay with Luis as his husband.

Aidan ran out of the palace, hoping he wasn't gonna come back.

To be continued...

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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I wonder how long it will take before Luis realizes that he isn't the master he thinks he is

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Geez, these royals only have two emotions: angry and really angry. I don't know if I'm supposed to feel any amount of sympathy for them, but I just can't seem to care about the "hardships" of these petty, entitled, bullies. Poor Aidan.

I can't imagine how well it's gonna go when the king finds out Aidan ran away and sends his new husband to fetch him back. 😄

I also can't help but wonder what the king's reasoning is here. Maybe he saw first-hand how much of a spoiled brat Luis is and he's now hoping Aidan can get some sense into him, but who knows?

I look forward to seeing how far Aidan gets before he's brought back.

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