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Brothers - 26. Chapter 26



Devyn knew he was in for it when Jason dragged him to the bathroom two days later. It was worth the days of angry scowls and pointed silence. He had tasted his mate, however briefly. And though he was being forced to go through the agony brushing his teeth every day by a neko out for vengeance, the wolf was happy.

Until he tasted the bubblegum toothpaste again. He’d forgotten how awful toothpaste tasted since Jason had last done this. Struggling against his brother, Devyn let out a huff as he was pinned down again, the neko’s weight holding him from behind as he tried to clean his brother’s teeth.

Fine. If he was going to be forced through this again, Devyn was going to get his way too.

Reaching between them, the wolf slipped his fingers into his kilt, pulling the fabric down and baring his ass. Pressing back into the neko laying across his back, Devyn rubbed himself over Jason’s crotch, a blatant offering for the neko. He heard a stuttering breath, and the brush faltered for a brief instance before picking up again more vigorously.

But the damage was done. Jason’s length was growing, poking into Devyn, the wolf letting out a whimpering breath as he pushed back, needing more of the dick that was covered by fabric. Jason had to take him now, he was making himself as obvious as he could. How could the neko not fuck him?

Every little motion sent shivers through the wolf, his butt flexing as he tried to encourage Jason even more. Energy flooded Devyn, as though the moon was bright and full. He was going to get fucked, he just knew it.

Suddenly Jason was gone, fingers curling through Devyn’s hair as strong hands lifted him to spit the toothpaste out.

“More…” the wolf gurgled around the paste, his body turning, seeking the neko.

A door closed abruptly and Devyn realized belatedly that he was alone, job half done, and a neko fed up with his attempts. Spitting out the offensive paste, the wolf curled his fingers around the brush, washing it off before trying to clean out his mouth, with limited success. Whimpering, Devyn leaned down, pulling his kilt back up before stumbling toward his cane. His own length was rock hard, tenting the skirt, but there was no time to deal with that now. He needed to find Jason. The neko couldn’t just abandon him like that.

Limping into his room, the wolf grabbed his bag, sliding his laptop into it and heading out to the stairs. He found Jason sliding carefully down the steps, the neko bumping every step slightly as he landed. Waiting his turn impatiently, Devyn made his way downstairs, hand reaching for the neko from behind.

Jason whirled around as the wolf touched him, his tail tucked between his legs as his ears vanished into his hair. A hiss of air escaped him, Devyn backing away with wide eyes.


Richard stepped into the room with a handful of buttered toast and a coat on.

“Hey you two, I’m heading out,” the man said around a mouthful of food. “Lysander said he’ll be coming to check on you every night. When I get back, I want the house clean. As long as everything is clean, you will get your allowance for the week. Jason, you know where the wolf potions are if Devyn needs one, right?”

The neko nodded, his eyes still glaring at his brother.

“Good. I don’t know what’s going on here, but you two need to sort it out. I don’t want to hear from Lysander that you are fighting.”

“Jason’s mad that I found a way to keep him from brushing my teeth unless he’s willing to-”

The neko’s hand slapped over Devyn’s mouth, the wolf taking the opportunity to lick his brother’s hand. Jason scowled at him, revealing his teeth, and Devyn growled quietly, warning his brother to back down.

Richard frowned at the two.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

Devyn pulled away after one last salty lick, the werewolf licking his lips. The smell of lavender wafted around them, Jason’s latest attempt at covering up his scent. It wasn’t working, but Devyn wasn’t about to tell him that and ruin his chance to smell his mate’s scent.

“He’s been trying to brush my teeth for the last week,” Devyn said.

“You need to brush your own teeth,” Richard sighed. “Your brother shouldn’t have to do it for you, you are almost eighteen years old Devyn. Even wolves need their teeth cleaned.”

“I keep forgetting,” the werewolf muttered.

“Fine, if we set an alarm for you-”

“I’ll forget what the alarm is for.”

“That’s what names are for,” Richard said. “Look, we need to get going if you want a ride to school. I don’t want Dylan taking you if he’s sick.”

“We just walk, he doesn’t take us anywhere,” Devyn frowned. “Why can’t we walk?”

“Because it’s not safe,” Richard said quickly, Jason’s eyes narrowing at the man.

Devyn felt like he was missing something, but the wolf just shrugged, picking up his bag.

“Fine, let’s go,” he muttered. “But I get to stick my head out the window.”

“Not out the window, that’s too dangerous. We can roll it down for a breeze,” Richard denied, opening the front door. “Jason, Lysander said he’ll pick you two up after practice and bring you home. The new moon is Varya, Devyn’s going to be stuck as a wolf for the following three days. If Lysander says it’s okay, you can both go to the game tomorrow.”

The neko nodded silently, opening the car door for Devyn. Sliding into the back seat, the wolf pulled the door shut behind him, frowning as Richard stopped Jason from getting in.

“I want you sitting up front this morning.”




The neko fell out of the car, clutching at the ground as he fought the urge to kiss it. That had been terrifying, having to watch all the other cars speeding toward them as Richard drove.

“You’re not hurt,” Devyn frowned, standing over Jason. “Dad drives for a living, he’s safe in the car. Why are you so scared?”

Jason scowled at his brother, straightening up as Richard stepped around the car.

“Okay, I’ll be gone for three days, Lysander will be checking on you every night, make sure you keep the house clean… did I forget anything?” he muttered. “Oh! Don’t give Devyn potions, he doesn’t need them for the new moon. The wolf is his natural form, the potions won’t keep him as a human. If he’s tired, that’s the moon too, but you still have to help out around the house Devyn.”

He hugged them both tightly, Jason’s tail flicking uncertainly. The way Richard was acting, he was worried someone was dying.

“I’ll have someone out to change the locks on Duya. Until then, don’t let your mother in. I love you, you two be safe.”

The man got back in the car, and Jason started walking toward the school. Brienne was already waiting for him against a tree, the girl letting out a startled gasp as he stopped in front of her.

“Oh! Fuck, I didn’t hear you Jason,” she frowned.

The neko smirked, gently pressing his lips into hers as his arms wrapped around her waist. He heard a loud huff behind him, Devyn storming past the two.

Brienne pulled away with a frown, looking after the wolf.

“Did you two have a fight?”

Jason shrugged. It wasn’t a fight. He didn’t want to fuck his brother, it was that simple. The neko was just going to ignore the part of him that did want to feel the werewolf writhing in bliss under him.

“I’m not interested in him that way. I thought he knew that. And I never really got any sense that he was interested in me,” Brienne said.

Jason pulled out his phone, typing with a sense of relief. He was still feeling the pain of the day he had spent mute, and having the freedom to type again just made everything seem a little better.

“No, he’s angry at me. And I think you’re just collateral damage,” the phone said.

“Really? It doesn’t seem to take much to make him angry.”

Jason shrugged, looking after the wolf.

“I guess the new moon is tomorrow, so hopefully a few days wolfing out will make him happy.”

Setting the phone back in his pocket, the neko leaned back into Brienne, the human chuckling quietly as his hands wrapped around her again.

“You’re getting really good at kissing,” she smirked, as their lips pressed back into each other.

‘I have a really good teacher,’ Jason signed, leaning back with a smile.

“What do you have?” Brienne asked, a small frown playing across her lips.

Shaking his head with a silent chuckle, the neko pulled out his phone again.

“You know, it’s kind of hard to kiss you while I’m typing.”

“And signing,” Brienne noted wryly. “Hey, where’s Dylan?”

“Sick. Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure you’re all comfortable today. And tomorrow he can make up for lost time.”

“Jason, did you get him sick just so you could spend the entire day with me?”


The neko grinned at Brienne before leaning in for another kiss. Their lips met again, Brienne’s finger gently tracing down the side of Jason’s face. He let out a quiet gasp, eyes staring at the human as he shivered under her touch.

“You okay there Jace?” Brienne asked uncertainly, pulling her hand away.

He nodded, grabbing her hand and setting it back against his cheek. The feeling was divine, his entire body lighting up under the simplest touch. This must be how wolves felt when their ears were scratched. The neko never wanted to lose this sensation.

“Are… are you purring?! Oh my gods, that is adorable!” Brienne squealed.

Jason’s ears folded in embarrassment, the purring faltering before coming back in full force as Brienne continued running her finger down his cheek. He felt a hand slide along his tail, the neko flicking it over the human’s fingers, and Brienne giggled as she caught the appendage between two fingers.

“Isn’t there a saying about catching a neko by his tail?” she asked with a smirk.

Her hand slipped away from his tail, brushing over Jason’s crotch, and the neko let out another gasp.

“Or was it this tail I was supposed to catch?” Brienne teased.

A chime sounded through the campus, and the human smirked, setting another kiss on Jason’s lips before pulling away.

“I’ll see you in the basement.”

The neko just stood where he was, mind slowly catching up to reality. He took a step toward the building, frowning at the sight of Devyn limping into the school. Had the wolf been watching them? It was a little creepy to have his brother staring at him while he was kissing his girlfriend. And it made no sense. Devyn was only going to hurt more watching him. And hurting his brother was the last thing Jason wanted to do.




That’s what it took to make his brother happy. Gentle touches, being playful…

Devyn did his best to remember, the day blurring by as he focused on that one little stroke. He couldn’t think about what happened after, about Brienne groping his mate. It was bad enough she was kissing him.

“Easy run today!” Coach Sandolin called as the wolves gathered around him at the end of the day. “Two miles at seven minutes per, a nice relaxing go before we do a couple of sprints with the track team.”

Devyn stared at Jason across the football pitch, the neko joking with Connor and Brienne as they suited up in weighted vests. He couldn’t understand why his brother was pushing him away. He could turn into a human too; he could do anything Brienne could do. It made no sense to the wolf.

Maybe he needed to show Jason he could do it, he could be gentle, be… human.

The wolf’s lip curled in distaste, Devyn shaking his head violently. He took off after the other six wolves, easily loping past them. It was always an issue around the new moon, runners tiring out more quickly. Devyn felt the effects of the moon too, but this was the form he was born in, the form he was meant to run in. The wolf had his own advantages during the new moon.

A mile passed under his feet, an easy five minute pace seeing him through the flat forest and skirting Wolfbane. A more gentle slope awaited the wolf, Devyn slowing just slightly as he ran up the side. Here the scent trails became mixed with the human cross country runners, and the wolf had to pick out the small tan flags that seemed to blend into the hillside. It slowed him considerably near the crown of the hill, Devyn hanging back until the next wolf behind him could catch up and lead him through. It was an issue he had to deal with, the red and yellow turn flags were designed for human eyes and there was no happy medium to be found. The subtleties of the different colours were almost completely lost on him, a slightly darker hue the only hint he had, and that was worthless at speed.

It would be easier during a race; the course was always rescented before a competitive run. If all else failed, he could follow the rabbit until the final sprint. This was a run he had made dozens of times, though he always got confused when they skipped the mile up and down Wolfbane.

A low woof alerted him, Devyn’s head turning to follow a tan wolf through the next half mile. Ruby was often one of the closest behind him around the new moon, though she was more often ahead of him during the full moon. She always made sure he kept up with her, especially when they ran unfamiliar courses.

Putting a burst of speed on as they entered an area he remembered, the wolf pushed Ruby, the tan wolf slowing noticeably as she let him surge ahead. Crossing onto the track once more, Devyn panted lightly as he trotted across the finish line, making his way toward a bowl of fresh water.

“Nine minutes exactly. This was supposed to be a slow run Farin,” Sandolin frowned.

Devyn’s tongue chased a drop of water off his nose as he huffed. He had gone slow. Though Ruby was only just crossing the line now, nearly thirty seconds later. Maybe he could have cut down on the last sprint.

“Both of you, quarter mile cooldown. Slowly,” Sandolin added.

Letting out a quiet woof, Devyn began trotting around the track, his legs warm after the run. Ruby jogged at his shoulder, watching his pace carefully and making sure he didn’t push himself.

He slowed down even more as they passed the outside of the track team, a scent burrowing into his mind. Jason couldn’t escape him, not when his sweat cut through the perfume that made him smell like Brienne. His tongue lolled out, as though the wolf were trying to taste his mate through scent alone. Eyes burned into him, Jason staring at him as the neko drank from a bottle.

And then it was Alastair staring at him, the human’s eyes narrowing in blatant challenge. Devyn growled as he stared back, slowing to a walk. A fence loomed in front of him suddenly, the wolf flinching away as he broke the stare with a snarl.

Ruby nudged him along, Devyn letting out an angry huff as he continued his trot around the track. Coming to a stop by the other five wolves, he sat down with a thump, his eyes glaring back across the pitch.

“Alright, we got thirty meter flies coming up!” Sandolin called, snapping up Devyn’s attention. “Two sets of three, five minutes between!”

Rising with a scowl etched across his face, Devyn made his way with the other wolves toward a tan cone. Two others sat at distance along the track, marking thirty and sixty meters out. Sandolin partnered the wolves off, Devyn standing in a lane next to a dark furred wolf, Elias, one of the slower wolves at distance.

“Elias, your goal is to keep up with Devyn. Try to lead him if you can,” Sandolin said, Devyn letting out a snort. “Devyn, settle down, this is just training. You shouldn’t let it all out today. Save some energy for Varya.”

There was no way he was letting anyone lead him in a sprint. As soon as Sandolin released them, he bounded ahead, thirty meters vanishing under his paws as he worked his way into a full on sprint. Tearing through the first cone, Devyn sprinted down the length of the track, feeling the eyes of the track team on him as he left Elias far behind him.

Sprinting past the second cone seconds later, the wolf slowed down with his tongue lolling out. He trotted back to the start, Sandolin frowning at him.

“Farin, a word,” the elf said sharply. “Ruby, Alex, you’re up.”

Devyn’s ears folded slightly as the wolf followed Sandolin onto the pitch. He’d had a good time, Elias hadn’t even come close to him. Why would the coach be upset about that?

“Devyn, this isn’t about winning right now. You’re one of my strongest runners and I’m not trying to test you right now. I’m trying to help everyone else get better. This is a team sport, whether you realise it or not, and I want the entire team to succeed, not just one or two of you. I paired you with Elias to help him.”

Devyn cocked his head in confusion, wondering how he was supposed to help Elias get better. If the human didn’t have speed, he couldn’t really get it.

“I need you to push him. Be just a little better than him, and it will inspire him to push that much harder. It’s the reason you run with Ruby at distance. She sets your pace, the two of you drive each other to be better. I need you to do that for Elias. Like how you run with Blake in the mornings.”

More confusion. All he really did in the morning was keep an eye on Blake, make sure none of the other wolves were picking on him. Was he supposed to watch Elias run?

“Now I want you two to run it again, and I want to see an improvement in Elias. Let him think he can catch you.”

Oh, like when he had let Jason win their race. Was he supposed to let Elias win? It would be hard, but if he went slow enough, he might be able to let the other wolf beat him. It sent shivers of discontent down his spine, but the wolf was going to try, if it would help Elias.

Trotting back up to the cones, Devyn glanced at the smaller wolf with a quiet snort. When Sandolin released them, he trotted forward, speeding up alongside the other wolf. When they reached their sprint, the two wolves ran neck and neck, Devyn pulling back just slightly to let Elias beat him. Slowing to a walk, he looked back at the elf, a strange look on Sandolin’s face. The wolf let out a soft sigh, wondering why he couldn’t make any of the two legs happy. Such was his lot in life, he supposed.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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The decorums of humanity remain a challenge for Devyn. Did his condition cause short term memory?

They were at Jordan and Lysander's for awhile before returning home and yet Richard still hasn't changed the locks. I'd call that a pretty important task, as in first on the list.

I think Brienne is more of a tease than anything else.

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1 minute ago, drpaladin said:

The decorums of humanity remain a challenge for Devyn. Did his condition cause short term memory?

They were at Jordan and Lysander's for awhile before returning home and yet Richard still hasn't changed the locks. I'd call that a pretty important task, as in first on the list.

I think Brienne is more of a tease than anything else.

To be fair, Richard had a lot on his mind, losing his partner of nearly twenty years.

And memory is a noted issue with wolves; Devyn has shown he has memory issues throughout the story.

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