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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Brothers - 66. Chapter 66

Content warning for werewolf/neko sex. Do not read if this is disturbing to you.



The door flew open, bouncing off the wall as Devyn shoved through it. Behind him, Jason flicked on the lights and closed the front door, rubbing at a small mark where the knob had hit the wall.

Devyn pulled out his phone. A startled yelp escaped him as Jason pulled the phone out of his hands.

“I need to call Dad to let him know we got home.”

‘Later,’ Jason signed, setting the phone aside.

Devyn watched his mate move through the room, making sure the blinds were closed. Jason locked the front door, then turned to face Devyn.

“Sorry about the door…” the wolf muttered.

Jason shrugged, reaching for Devyn. The neko’s arms wrapped around Devyn’s waist, carefully drawing the wolf toward him.

He could smell the anxiety pouring off Jason, and Devyn hugged his mate tightly, trying to let him know everything was okay. There was nothing to be scared of.

Leaning down, Devyn licked the tip of Jason’s nose, feeling the neko shake in his arms. The fear faded, Jason’s scent taking a more amused tone. Devyn licked his nose again, and Jason pulled back, wiping the saliva off before pressing a kiss against Devyn’s lips.

The wolf moaned quietly, pressing into Jason. There was no one here to interrupt them, no one to judge them. He’d seen the eyes staring at them at the dance, heard the whispers whipping around the dance floor as Jason had kissed him in front of everyone. When he’d asked Jason about it after, the neko had signed that they could kiss at school now, since everyone knew they were together. It didn’t make much sense to Devyn, but he was happy they didn’t have to hide anymore.

“Are we going to have sex?”

The fear came washing back. Devyn brushed a hand over Jason’s cheek, watching his mate’s eyelids droop. Jason nodded a second later, ears flattening back.

“You’re scared,” Devyn stated. “I’m not going to hurt you. I don’t want you to be a werewolf.”

‘I think I’m hurting you,’ Jason signed, taking a step back.

Devyn followed the neko, keeping his hand on Jason’s cheek.

“Because I’m a wolf. But I’m not feral. What can I do to make you want to have sex with me?”

His eyes widened, and Devyn began pulling at Jason’s arm, dragging him to the bedroom. He knew how to make Jason want him.

Jason stumbled after Devyn, nearly tripping into the bedroom. He fell onto the bed and Devyn grabbed his jacket, yanking at the buttons holding it shut.

A hand pushed the wolf away, Jason letting out a furious hiss. Devyn flinched at the rush of anger that filled the air, staring down at his feet.

“You need to be naked…” he said, not daring to meet Jason’s eyes. “Mom and Dad were always naked before they had sex. And I want to make you feel good.”

Jason shook his head roughly, getting off the bed.

‘I don’t want to hurt you!’ He glared as he signed, making Devyn retreat toward the door. ‘Why are you making me do something I don’t want?’

“But you do want it…” Devyn whimpered. “You promised me we could have sex if I went to the dance, and I could feel your penis pressing into me when we were dancing.” He paused, finally looking up at his mate. “You want to have sex with me, and I want to have sex with you. You won’t hurt me. You aren’t going to hurt me.”

The wolf crawled back to the bed, setting a hand on Jason’s stomach. He pushed back, making the neko sit.

“I want you to feel good. You can’t feel good if you’re dressed.”

Jason shook his head again, pulling Devyn onto the bed beside him. The neko met the wolf’s eyes, and Devyn blinked quickly, reestablishing that yes, Jason was the one in charge. That was how it was supposed to be. He’d been out of line.

A finger tilted Devyn’s chin up, and he watched Jason’s hands sign again.

‘I promised. You promise me you will tell me no if you don’t want anything. Say it.’

“I promise I will tell you if I don’t like what you do,” Devyn replied.

Jason nodded, his hands sliding around to Devyn’s back. Devyn felt the dress slip down his body, the cold zipper brushing down his back. He wriggled out of it, growling as the fabric caught on the velcro of his heels.

Untangling his heels, he tossed them to the side, stretching as the dress fell to the floor. Jason’s hands were on him a moment later, feeling up Devyn’s body.

“You want me,” the wolf said, his gut twisting as he reached to touch the neko’s penis through the fabric covering it. “I know you want me.”

He crawled further onto the bed, lifting himself up on his arms and legs. It was an awkward position, but he couldn’t get his hands and feet under him properly.

A hand ran down his back, and Jason pushed Devyn over, rolling him until the wolf was on his back.

“What are you doing?”

Jason reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a pair of condoms. He unwrapped one, and tossed the other one off the bed, his eyes tracking where it fell. Devyn followed his eyes curiously, letting out a soft moan as a hand brushed over his penis.




“What are you doing?”

It was easier to show him. Jason was almost certain Devyn would enjoy this, and he wanted to take advantage of the wolf’s human form as much as possible.

Leaning over the side of the bed, the neko picked up a bottle he’d placed a couple days ago. A dab of lube went on either side of the condom, and he squirted a third drop onto his finger. Running his finger over his lips, Jason flicked his tongue out, tasting the lube. Honey stuck to his tongue, and he grimaced slightly at the sweet flavour.

The neko shrugged it off as a learning experience. He’d try strawberry next time.

Unrolling the condom, Jason knelt over Devyn’s legs, holding them in place. He set the tip in his mouth, sliding back Devyn’s foreskin before tucking the tip of the condom down against the head of Devyn’s dick. A look up found his mate watching with interest, and Jason looked back down the length of the wolf’s dick.

He needed to get the condom around the knot, and he needed to do it without triggering Devyn’s orgasm. Devyn wasn’t short, but Jason had been a finger width from his knot before. He could do it again.

Taking a breath, Jason slid his mouth over the tapered tip of Devyn’s length, unrolling the condom with his lips. He glanced back up at the wolf as he worked.

Devyn’s eyes were closed, his hands scrunched up in the bedsheets. Jason smirked around the spongy warmth in his mouth, testing the latex with his rough tongue. The cloying taste of honey flooded his mouth as he pushed deeper, until the neko gagged.

He finished the process with his hand, sliding the condom over the small lump that marked Devyn’s knot. It would get bigger, keeping the condom in place until Devyn had deflated again. Or so his research had said.

‘Was that good?’ He looked up at the wolf as he signed, smiling at the rapid nod.

“More? Please?”

Jason chuckled, crawling around to Devyn’s head. He leaned down and pressed a kiss against his mate’s lips. Kissing his way down Devyn’s body, the neko stopped again when he reached the wolf’s length. He glanced between his legs, where Devyn was staring up at Jason’s dick in wonder.

A small thrust rubbed his length against Devyn’s lips, and the wolf immediately opened his mouth. Jason let out an encouraging huff of air as he lowered his lips over Devyn’s dick. He let his tongue lick over the honey-coated condom while Devyn suckled at the neko’s dick.

Jason dug under Devyn, his hands cupping under the wolf’s cheeks as he took more of Devyn in his mouth. Squeezing the small mounds that had tantalised him since they met, the neko let out a silent moan. They were perfect in every way. And they were his to touch whenever Devyn let him.

But as soon as the wolf shifted, they’d be gone, buried under red fur.

A sudden moan pulled him from his thoughts, and Jason squeezed again, enjoying the firmness giving way under his hands. Devyn had fallen away from his length, but Jason didn’t mind. He was enraptured with the feel of Devyn’s butt. Somehow, it felt different now than when he washed the wolf.

His lips wrapped around Devyn’s length again, sliding over the latex. Massaging the wolf’s butt, the neko pulled his mate up into him, encouraging a gentle humping as his mouth was filled. Devyn’s moans filled him with joy- the wolf could enjoy sex in this form. Maybe a compromise could be found.

Seconds later, Devyn thrust up into Jason with a groan, his knot shoving insistently against Jason’s lips as the wolf’s dick throbbed inside the neko. Jason kept his mouth sealed as Devyn came, continuing a more vigorous rubbing of his mate’s ass.

Devyn’s tongue flicked over Jason’s length a few seconds later, lazily tasting the neko. Jason let a finger circle around the wolf’s hole experimentally, his own hips pushing his small length down against Devyn’s lips. He wasn’t too worried about the size difference. His dick would still be big enough to get inside his mate, and once there, the small nubs around his length would make up for the lack of fullness.

The wolf still hadn’t figured out how to wrap his lips around Jason properly though. Pulling a hand out from under Devyn, the neko reached down, gently guiding his dick into Devyn’s mouth. Devyn’s warm tongue washed over his length, and Jason let out a breathless sigh, relaxing into his mate.

His own moans grew to a feverish rate, even if they couldn’t be heard. An eruption broiled deep inside him, fast rising to the surface. Jason was humping into Devyn’s mouth moments later, his tail held rigid as he pushed into the wolf. It wasn’t long before he followed Devyn’s orgasm with his own, his claws digging into Devyn’s butt as he came.

Hands grasped at his ass, gripping his cheeks roughly as he was pulled down against Devyn. There was no space between them now, and as he came down from the orgasmic bliss that clouded his mind, Jason tried to lift himself, worried that he was smothering Devyn. Devyn’s hands pinned him down, and he could hear the wolf sniffling at his crotch, his tongue licking near frantically at the neko’s length as he tried to get every drop of Jason’s seed.

Prying the wolf’s hands off, Jason rolled away from Devyn. An instant later, Devyn was on top of him, still trying to milk Jason. The neko pushed Devyn’s head away, shaking his head at the wolf. Devyn let out a quiet whimper, sitting up. His tongue circled his lips, as though hoping to find a missed spot of cum.

“Can I have more?” the wolf pleaded.

Jason let out a breathless laugh, shaking his head in amusement. Devyn’s face instantly dropped, and the neko could have sworn he saw a tear in his eye.

‘I need to recover first,’ Jason signed quickly, before reaching for the wolf.

He pulled Devyn into a hug, letting his mate lay on top of him. Their lips met, and Jason got a taste of his own seed as their tongues slid over each other. It wasn’t a bad taste, but Jason couldn’t say it had the same effect on him that it seemed to have on Devyn.

Already he could see the wolf swaying slightly, even though they were laying flat on the bed.

“You’re still going to fuck my butt, right?” Devyn asked.

Jason reached down, pulling the wolf’s cheeks apart as he rubbed them in a circle. He was rewarded with a moan, and Devyn rested his head against the neko’s chest.

“I like that…” he murmured. “You should do it more.”

‘I think you’ll like this too,’ Jason signed, before flipping them both over.




The wolf found himself staring up at his mate. His head lolled to the side, his eyes following Jason. Devyn laughed as his head bounced off a pillow, but the moment he felt Jason pressing against him, he felt his penis harden again in the condom.

Jason slid down his body, pulling at his legs. Devyn’s knees were pushed almost to his chest, and Jason moved between them.

‘Let me know if any of this is bad,’ the neko signed, before leaning over Devyn.

“I will-” Devyn promised an instant before Jason kissed him again.

He felt Jason’s groin pressing against his exposed rear, and Devyn’s eyes widened in shock. He was laying on his butt. There was no way for Jason to get inside him like this…

“You can’t fuck me like this…” he frowned.

Jason held up a finger, asking Devyn to wait. His other hand slid over Devyn’s butt, smearing something cold up the wolf’s crack. Devyn shivered at the wet coldness, his hole clenching instinctively. He watched Jason wipe his finger on the bed, then the neko leaned over Devyn again.

Something poked in between his legs. Devyn tried to lower them, but Jason held them against his chest.

“I don’t- mff!”

Jason’s lips melded with his own as the neko humped against him slowly. Devyn couldn’t tell what he was trying to do. The kissing felt good, but this wasn’t how they were supposed to have sex.

He pulled out of Jason’s grasp, shaking his head as the neko kept prodding him.

“It’s not going to work like this,” the wolf insisted.

Rolling over under Jason, he lifted himself on all fours, pressing his butt back against Jason’s groin. He felt the neko’s penis scrape over his hole, and Devyn let out a quiet whimper, trying to line it up properly for his mate. Pressure grew at his entrance as Jason bent over Devyn’s back.

And then his mate was inside him.

Devyn froze in place, with Jason’s arms wrapped around him and Jason’s penis in his butt. He turned his head, meeting Jason’s gaze for a split second, as the scents of fear and wonder mingled in the room.

Suddenly, Jason pulled out, scratching Devyn’s entrance as he backed away. Devyn turned in confusion, trying to figure out why they’d stopped. It had been perfect; Jason could have bred him easily..

‘Not like this. You need to shift,’ Jason signed.

“But you’re afraid to fuck me when I’m in wolf form.”

‘But you want it. And I want to give that to you.’

Devyn didn’t question it anymore. He shifted, letting out all the pent up stress from the day, from the dance, finally free in his own body. The wolf shook, fur rippling, and he felt Jason’s hand run down his back.

The hand cupped his butt again, squeezing experimentally, and he heard a soft sigh. A moment later, Jason was leaning over his back again, hands pulling at the fur under his tail. Devyn tensed in preparation, his tail wagging excitedly as his mate’s penis pressed against his hole. It didn’t take a lot of pressure before Jason was scraping the inside of his butt again.

Devyn let out a moan, eyes closing as Jason’s hands gripped his shoulders. They remained frozen for a moment, until Jason’s scent had lessened from fear to lust. Finally, the neko began moving inside Devyn, quickly building up his pace.

The motion scratched an itch Devyn hadn’t known was there. The wolf’s tail wagged to the side as his mate took him. He didn’t know what the best part was. Jason’s hands were clutching him, the neko’s entire body enveloping him. With the neko’s penis slipping in and out of him, he felt more connected to his mate than ever before. Devyn never wanted this feeling to end.

But it had to end, and before he knew it, Jason had stiffened over his back, a warm wetness filling the wolf’s insides. His eyes widened as a wave of dizziness hit, and Devyn flopped onto his side, dragging Jason with him. Instantly he missed his mate, Jason slipping out of him as soon as he moved. A stunted whimper died in his throat, his eyes rolling as he rode the high from Jason’s seed.

“Are you okay?”

He blinked heavily, ears twisting as he tried to figure out where the words were coming from. Jason? No, Jason couldn’t talk. Where was Jason? They were supposed to be having sex… but his butt was sore. They had sex already?

“Devyn, you need to answer me. Are you okay?”

The voice… it was Jason’s phone. He nodded. Devyn was more than okay. He felt amazing.

His tail wagged as he saw Jason peering at him. Reaching out, the wolf licked at the neko’s hand. A deep breath inhaled the scent of Jason’s musk, and Devyn felt his penis throb with need.

“No more sex tonight. You’re high,” Jason’s phone said.

The wolf growled at the phone, flinching back when Jason signed sharply.


Crawling up to the neko, Devyn licked at his hand apologetically. He didn’t mean to make Jason angry. Devyn was a good boy. If Jason said no, then he would stop.

But he still wanted to have more sex.

“I messaged Dad to tell him we made it to the house safely. I think it’s time for bed. You need to sleep this off,” Jason’s phone continued.

Devyn nodded, feeling a sudden exhaustion cascade over him. They could sleep together, cuddled in a warm ball of fur.

“We can do this again. With you in this form. But not tonight.”

But they would have sex again. Happiness flooded Devyn as he curled up on the bed. Jason loved him, loved all of him. There was no need for Devyn to change who he was.

He was a wolf.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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That was 🔥. It was great to see Jason conquer his fears and have sex with Dylan in his wolf form.

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I’m glad that Jason and Devyn were finally able to get to have the night they wanted for sometime. It came to an end when Devyn became high on Jason’s sperm. The only thing was that he wanted more, lots more, but Jason wouldn’t have it. He can only do so much at a time and Devyn took him out of it.

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Yes!!! Finally.  It seems like Jason came to terms with his fears. And Devyn is enraptured with the Love he feels from his mate.  Sweet dreams boys.

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I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and for following this story. I posted the last chapter late at night, and was so tired I forgot to add a note at the end :P

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A very fun story! I haven’t read the preceding stories, so this was my intro to a very interesting world you created. Fantastic story telling!

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9 minutes ago, Gyrefalcon said:

A very fun story! I haven’t read the preceding stories, so this was my intro to a very interesting world you created. Fantastic story telling!

Thank you :) I'm always happy to entertain someone.

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Beautiful story happy ending love this the last story I read from you made me sad happy I read this one

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9 hours ago, Sussins said:

Beautiful story happy ending love this the last story I read from you made me sad happy I read this one

Sometimes my stories actually have a happily ever after :) Thanks for reading.

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