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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Brothers - 64. Chapter 64



Jason’s hands slipped off his butt, pulling a quiet whine from the wolf. Their bodies were pressed together against a deserted wall, hugging, to those who didn’t know any better.

‘I will see you at lunch,’ the neko signed, his lips pressing one last kiss against Devyn’s.

“Can we kiss again at lunch?” Devyn whispered, glancing around to make sure no one was watching.

A tall hedge kept them out of sight, but he knew Jason was worried about being caught even with the hedge. Devyn had no idea why the neko was so scared. He wasn’t going to be the reason they were caught; that would make Jason angry for sure.

The neko nodded, and Devyn let out a happy breath, nuzzling his mate. One last sniff of Jason’s shirt would have to satisfy him for now; the neko’s scent had faded from his clothes and Devyn didn’t know how to get it back.

Jason pointed toward the school sternly, and the wolf retreated from the wall. If he got to the WolfRoom faster, maybe lunch would come sooner.

Hurrying through the halls in his heels, Devyn pushed into the WolfRoom a couple of minutes before the chimes rang to start the day.

“Good morning Devyn,” Dr. Marin smiled, motioning him into the larger wolf bed.

It took a moment for Devyn to pat the bed down to a more comfortable level. Finally, he curled up in the soft fabric, leaving his heels outside of the bed to prevent any tears.

The rest of the class trickled in slowly. Devyn sniffed warily when Anne and Chloe entered the room; sure enough, he could smell the hormones changing in her, just like they had for Jenna last year. It would have been impossible to hide that from any werewolf, let alone a family of werewolves.

Silas was the last into the house, and the dark werewolf immediately crossed the room to stand in front of Devyn.

“Dad says your brother needs to repaint his door,” the werewolf grunted.

“Why? What door?”

“At the house next to mine. It’s all blue and orange now, like someone puked up a hairball on it.”

Devyn frowned at the werewolf, trying to figure out what kind of hairball was blue.

“But you can’t see the door from the street,” he realised suddenly.

The chiming bell cut their conversation off. Silas headed to another bed, leaving Devyn to stew in his confusion. Deciding to drop the issue, Devyn reached into his bag, pulling out a small bag of jerky Patrick had helped him pack instead of his usual sausages.

“Good morning everyone,” Dr. Marin smiled brightly.

The werewolves all let out varying degrees of grumbles. Chloe was eying Silas, simmering rage festering under the general tired mood. Devyn slunk back in his bed, not wanting to get sucked into their drama. Margaret had told him a long time ago that she didn’t want to hear he was fighting at school. But that was Margaret… maybe it was advice he wasn’t supposed to follow.

He grunted softly, focusing on his jerky. Devyn didn’t want to fight anyone. Whether or not Margaret would approve of that choice, he wasn’t going to get in the middle of anyone. If he fought, he’d be a bad boy, and Jason wouldn’t like him.

“Anne, I hope everything is going well. We were all rather startled to hear about your pregnancy,” Dr. Marin said, pulling Devyn’s thoughts back to the group.

The werewolf shrugged.

“Well, silver lining, I don’t have to shift anymore. I wouldn’t want the puppy to end up like Devyn.”

Devyn glanced up in confusion. Why was it bad to be like him? He didn’t feel bad.

“We don’t put anyone down here Anne,” Dr. Marin chided. “There’s nothing wrong with Devyn.”

Snickers broke out around the room.

“You are all judging him based on what he might be able to do for people. Aside from the fact that you should not judge anyone, Devyn has a way of looking at life that is different from anyone else. We can’t hold him to the same expectations, and that gives him a freedom few have,” Dr. Marin said.

“Oh yeah, I’d love the freedom to take a dump in the front yard and have someone else clean it up,” Charlie scoffed from the corner of the room.

“I clean up after myself,” Devyn scowled.

“Everyone needs to stop right now,” Dr. Marin said firmly. “I will not allow you to attack Devyn for being different, and there will be no discussion about aerafael being in any way inferior to faelaera. Now, there’s nothing planned for the morning, so let’s get out any homework you need to do for the day.”

Devyn let out a sigh, digging through his bag for the binder Jason was making him carry around. The day was definitely not going to pass quickly.




“Did you know I broke up with you because you were fucking a werewolf?”

Water sprayed from Jason’s mouth, the neko coughing desperately to clear his throat. Leaning against the gym wall, he shook his head roughly, ears flattening in horror.

Brienne laughed, patting his back.

“I just thought you might want to know. Apparently it was during practice. Some people thought that I’d joined in, but I had to set them straight. Dylan wouldn’t let me join in,” she grinned. “I just have to know, was it wolfstyle? People are rather vague about that detail.”

“Of course it was wolfstyle,” Connor snickered nearby. “Is there another reason to bone a werewolf? But was it better as a wolf or as a person?”

An image flashed through Jason’s mind, Devyn racing in a pack of wolves, thick legs curving up just under his tail-

The neko shook his head violently, trying to clear that thought. Beside him, Connor let out an explosive laugh.

“He actually had to think about it! Dogmeat, come on, a werewolf would chew you to pieces!”

Jason was too preoccupied to answer; he was trying to fight an erection that had come out of nowhere. There was no way he was attracted to wolves like that. Guilt gnawed at his gut; Devyn was a wolf, but he wasn’t feral. But how easy would it be to slip into lusting after a feral if he actually allowed himself to enjoy Devyn’s wolf form? And what did that mean for all the others who actively had sex with werewolves in that form?

He couldn’t handle this, not alone.

“Dogmeat? Where ya going?” Connor asked.

Jason ignored the man, hurrying back to the locker room. He dressed quickly, grabbing his bag before fleeing in the direction of the WolfRoom. A hand grabbed his shoulder at the locker room door, and Jason spun around in a panic.

“Hey, calm down,” Connor said quickly. “I… uh, I hope I didn’t say anything rude. I mean, I know Devyn’s your brother and I really wasn’t trying to offend you with the werewolf talk. And… uh… and about yesterday… I didn’t know you lived there or I never would have shown up with Silas.”

That brought the neko up short. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, Jason typed rapidly, as Connor looked on apprehensively.

“What were you doing there anyway?”

“Don’t… uh, don’t tell anyone, but Silas’ girlfriend broke up with him. He asked me to go to the dance with him instead, and I… said I would go, if… he turned me.”

Jason’s ears flicked, his eyes widening. Pointing toward Connor, the neko shook his head before turning back to his phone.

“You can’t yet. Everyone says you have to wait until after the full moon to be turned safely.”

“It’s a little late for that now… I hope…” Connor shrugged uncomfortably. “And… uh… wolfstyle is… not bad. So yeah, I wasn’t… anyway…”

He frowned at the neko.

“Hey, eyes up here.”

Jason looked up guiltily, trying to pretend he hadn’t just been imagining Connor being fucked by a wolf. His head shook, a hiss escaping him. This was going too far.

“Seriously though, don’t tell anyone. I don’t need my parents to find out,” Connor added.

“If you need to use the house, make sure you clean up after yourself.”

He didn’t know why he offered. Empathy after dealing with Margaret, a need to pay Erith’s favour forward. Whatever it was, Jason couldn’t deny the sense of relief when Connor shook his head.

“Thanks, but Silas has big… I mean, I shouldn’t need any more.”

The human scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

“But yeah. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. We’re good, right?”

Jason nodded. His issues had nothing to do with Connor becoming a werewolf; the neko was just worried that something would go wrong.

He motioned toward the exit, and Connor finally let him go. With a somewhat more level head, Jason headed to the WolfRoom, taking deep breaths to calm his nerves.

The door opened before he could reach the room, and Dr. Marin stepped out of the room.

“Hey Jason. Why don’t we take a walk?”

The neko stared at the man in confusion. Chuckling quietly, Dr. Marin tapped his nose.

“Werewolf things. I could smell your stress. I’m trying to keep the room calm right now, so it would be better if we stayed outside.”

Nodding his understanding, Jason followed Dr. Marin away from the WolfRoom.

“So, what’s on your mind that has you so stressed?”

Jason shrugged.

‘It feels like the same thing as always. I can’t accept Devyn as my mate if he’s a wolf.’

“And do you know why that is?” Dr. Marin asked.


Jason’s hands dropped. He had no idea how to even approach the reason. What did it say about him that he was attracted to the wolf?

“Jason, you need to say it. Admitting your concerns is the first step toward finding a solution.”

‘Because if I want to have sex with a wolf, what’s stopping me from fucking a feral?’ Jason signed furiously.

“No need to yell,” Dr. Marin said soothingly as they walked out of the school. “What’s stopping you is you. And your mate, to an extent. Let’s think about this. In a world where werewolves didn’t exist, would you have sex with a wolf, to sate the urge to mate with a wolf?”

Jason shook his head violently.

“Well there you go. You just stopped yourself from mating with a feral wolf. Now, let’s imagine this world. You come across a feral wolf, but you are mated to a werewolf. For this experiment, let’s take the extreme example of an aerafael, who would gladly let you have sex in their wolf form, perhaps even prefer it. Would you have sex with the feral even though you could much more easily go home and have sex with your willing mate?”

Again Jason shook his head. The two sat under a tree, letting the sun warm them on a cool day. A moment’s pause followed as the neko gathered his thoughts again.

‘But he is a wolf.’

“Aerafael are not feral Jason. No matter how they might lean in that direction, they are capable of understanding, even if it might take a few examples to get a point across. And with understanding comes the possibility of consent. So what is stopping you from mating with an aerafael who consents to intimate relations?”

‘I’m scared of where this all came from. Have I always wanted to have sex with wolves? Why does everyone tell me it’s okay when it feels wrong?’

“Or are you looking at this the wrong way? You’ve spent weeks instilling the idea of Devyn the wolf into your mind that you have no space for Devyn the human.”

Dr. Marin raised a hand, forestalling Jason’s outraged response.

“That’s not saying Devyn isn’t a wolf. He is as much a wolf as one can be while walking on two legs. But you are focusing on Devyn the wolf. You should step back and see Devyn, the whole person. He can think. He can reason. And he’s mated to you and you to him. Those are things that cannot be said for ferals. What’s more, Devyn has been pushing your relationship since day one. It’s obvious he’s into you and wants to be intimate with you. But it falls upon you to make that happen.”

Dr. Marin patted the neko’s knee gently, before standing up.

“There really isn’t much more I can say on the subject. While the mechanics are similar to having sex with an animal, the connection is vastly different. You’re not having sex with a wolf. You’re having sex with the person you love, and that is beautiful, no matter what form it takes. I hope that helps.”

Jason nodded thoughtfully, and leaned back against the tree, watching Dr. Marin head back into the school. His gut still lurched at the thought of penetrating Devyn in his wolf form, but maybe he could get past that.




A hand stuck out, stopping the wolf from stepping into the street. He glanced at his brother inquisitively; the light was on the bottom, which meant they could go.

Jason finished typing something on his phone, slipping it into his pocket before glancing up at the light.

“It’s green, right?” Devyn frowned.

The neko nodded, and Devyn stepped into the street, hurrying across before the light could change again. He could see Jason’s house just down the street, and his nose picked up the scent of wolves again. Their territory seemed to be the entire street, and the message was strong.

“They don’t like us.”

Jason looked at the wolf inquisitively.

“They marked the spot right in front of your house,” Devyn explained. “They’re telling you they’re in charge.”

His brother’s phone was out a second later, the neko’s fingers flying across the screen.

“I looked up the wolf laws. They’re only allowed to mark their legal property. Anywhere else has no claim. You should stay in the yard though, so we don’t start a fight.”

“Silas said you need to change the door colour,” Devyn added as they approached the house. “I like it. It looks fun.”

“It’s an Ythin tradition, to bless the house and let the spirits of the land know that you mean no harm,” Jason’s phone said. “I’m not changing it.”

He unlocked the door a moment later, motioning Devyn into the house first. A switch was flipped, and light filled the house. Devyn looked around curiously, hips wagging slightly at the sight of blinds covering the windows.

Hands brushed over his sides as the door closed securely. The wolf looked at Jason, trying to figure out why his shirt was slowly being lifted.

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to be naked here…”

The neko stood on his toes, leaning up to kiss Devyn’s lips. Devyn’s confused protests faded instantly, his tongue running over Jason’s mouth eagerly. When Jason’s hand tugged at his kilt, the wolf pulled away.

“You said no sex. Why do you want me to be naked?”

‘Changed my mind.’

Devyn frowned at the neko. It was too confusing when people changed their minds. What if Jason decided to change his mind again?

Beside him, Jason sighed, pulling his phone out.

“I’m trying to get over the fact that you’re a wolf. I don’t want you to suffer because I can’t have sex with you. So I’m trying to get rid of the guilt I feel.”

“Why are you guilty?”

“Because you are a wolf, and I don’t like the thought of having sex with feral wolves.”

“Oh. That’s why you want to fuck me in this form…”

“I want to try it in your other form too. But I need to get myself there first.”

The neko set his phone aside, reaching to pull Devyn close again.

“So… can I shift?”

Jason nodded, and Devyn finally let his kilt fall. Kicking it off his heels, the wolf leaned on Jason for balance. His shirt dropped beside the kilt, leaving him naked, and Devyn sat on the floor, unfastening the velcro holding the heels on his feet.

A glance up found Jason staring at him openly for once.

“I’m naked all the time. Why don’t you look then too?” he asked.

Jason shrugged, a faint blush in his cheeks. The smell of lust was growing stronger by the second, and Devyn’s body was reacting to his mate.

Dropping to all fours, the wolf took a breath, gasping as hands grasped his hips. A second later, rough fabric touched his cheeks, and his head twisted.

Jason was kneeling behind him, running his hands over Devyn’s butt. The sight awoke a primal urge in the wolf, and he pressed back against his mate needily, letting out a soft whimper. A second later, he shifted, and his tail swung out to the side, giving Jason easier access.

The hands on his hips moved up slowly, a weight pressing into his back as Jason bent over him. His mate seemed to hesitate. Pushing back harder, Devyn wiggled his butt, trying to encourage the neko. Finally, Jason pushed forward, slowly pressing against the wolf.

Devyn let out a groan, eyes closing in bliss. Jason wasn’t hitting his hole; Devyn didn’t even think he was trying to penetrate him, but the wolf didn’t care. Finally someone accepted him for who he was. There was no more worry about whether he was man or wolf, or that that meant for sex. Devyn knew who he was, and finally, so did Jason.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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It has been a long time coming for Jason to fully accept Devyn for his mate completely.  It is worrying that the wolf neighbors are being unfriendly.

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Well they parked their neighborhood Welcome War Wagon on the front lawn; so much for classmates and friends.

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The wolf neighbors need to mind their own business. It is Jason's house not theirs! As for Jason accepting Devyn, then it would have happened anyway cause it is in the stars for them as mates!

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