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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Brothers - 54. Chapter 54



The wolf panted as he came down on Jason’s back. Devyn’s weight pressed into his brother, his hips still thrusting into the neko’s mouth as cum splurted out of him. His ears twisted suddenly; did he just hear his father come in?

Jason seemed to be struggling under him, and Devyn climbed off the neko, the base of his penis twisting around as it resisted the change of direction. It was still stuck in his brother’s mouth, and Devyn huffed quietly, puzzling this out. Maybe it was easy to fix…

Devyn took a step forward and his length fell from Jason’s mouth, still flooding the rubber around it with his seed. The wolf sat down and reached around, licking at himself in an attempt to catch the cum, but all his tongue got was Jason’s saliva mixed with rubber. Not a bad taste, but it wasn’t the taste he wanted.

Even his knot was covered, the throbbing bulge stuck in the tight condom. It felt good, like he was actually tied to Jason. Devyn would have to try licking himself with a condom on, just to see what would happen. Assuming he could get one to stay on when he shifted. Maybe Jason could help with that, after they dealt with the fact that Richard had just caught them having sex.

Behind him, Devyn heard a thump as Jason collapsed on the bed. Abandoning his attempts to lick his still spraying penis, the wolf turned around and started cleaning his mate, trying to make him feel better. He could smell the fear through the heady stench of sex, and Devyn set himself to the task of chasing that fear away.

Wolf cuddles always seemed to help his brother feel better. The wolf flopped on his side, landing on top of Jason with a quiet oof. Instantly the neko’s hands were on him, scratching Devyn and playing through his fur. He was starting to deflate now, without the tie to keep his knot inflated, and Devyn felt the tightness of the condom loosen slightly. A moment later, a hand prodded around his length, before carefully sliding the rubber off.

Jason tied the condom off, before tossing it into the garbage beside the door. Devyn let out a quiet whimper as he watched the rubber fly through the air. It hit the floor next to the can, and the wolf moved to chase it down. A hand grabbed his back leg, and he glanced back at Jason, the neko shaking his head sharply.

Devyn grunted, and shifted back into his bipedal form.

“Did you want to eat it?” the wolf asked.

Jason stared at him in shock, shaking his head vigorously a moment later. Devyn’s eyes flicked back at the condom that held all his juices, trying to figure out why the neko wanted to get rid of it. Sure, it was cold now, but the cum would still taste good enough. Maybe a little tainted by the rubber, but Devyn had eaten worse.

Letting out a confused sigh, the wolf curled up with his brother instead, reaching down to play with Jason’s penis. The neko was wet, and Devyn licked at the bit of juice that he could scoop up from Jason. The sugary sweetness hit him immediately, his penis jumping a bit in response, and Devyn moaned softly.

“I liked that,” he decided. “Can we do it again?”

His brother stared at him in amazement. Rolling off the bed, Jason stood up and nearly stormed into the bathroom. Devyn shrugged, and crawled off the bed himself, chasing the condom down. If he could just figure out how to untie it, he could still get the juice inside.

Jason emerged a minute later, penis hanging limply and his phone in hand.

“Dad just saw us fucking,” the phone said. “I don’t know what he’s going to do.”

The neko stooped down and snatched the condom from Devyn’s hands, tossing it into the garbage again. Devyn bit back a growl. He’d have to get it out later.

“But Dad knows now. That’s good,” the wolf said, pulling his mind back to Jason’s concerns. “Dad wants me to be happy. He’ll let us be together.”

Jason shrugged silently, staring at Devyn. Suddenly, the neko grabbed his brother, pulling Devyn to his feet. Their bodies collided, and Devyn’s hands wrapped around Jason, holding him close as their lips met.

His penis remained limp even with the contact between them, and Devyn pulled back with a frown, staring down at their lengths. Jason’s was twitching, growing, yet Devyn’s still dangled.

“Did you break me?” the wolf scowled. “Was that what you were doing down there?”

Jason shook his head quickly, pressing a kiss to Devyn’s forehead. He began typing on his phone, heading into his room. The wolf followed closely, not daring to let his brother out of his sight.

“Just give it about an hour. But we’re not doing anything with it,” the phone droned.

Satisfied for the moment, Devyn reached for a kilt laying near Jason’s dresser. Jason grabbed his hand, shaking his head yet again.

“Me first. If we’re in trouble, I’m taking the fall.”

“But I don’t want you to be in trouble,” Devyn denied.

Jason sat on his bed, pulling on a pair of underpants. He remained silent as he dressed, pulling on his dirty clothes. His socks followed, and then his shoes, adding to Devyn’s confusion.

“Where are you going? You’re not leaving. I won’t let you leave again,” the wolf growled.

“No, I’m not leaving. But if Dad gets upset, I might stay with Erith for a bit,” the neko typed when his hands were free again. “If not… well, I’m not getting kicked out without shoes.”

“Dad wouldn’t kick you out,” Devyn said. “He knows I’d go with you.”

“No Devyn. If anything happens, you stay here. I’m not risking you,” Jason typed quickly.

The neko pushed Devyn aside, heading for his door. Devyn let out a growl, chasing his brother down, and the two collided against the door.

“I’m not leaving you,” the wolf snapped. “I’m staying with you wherever you go. I can keep you warm, I can hunt for us-”

A finger pressed against Devyn’s lips, and he fell silent abruptly.

“Thank you Devyn. But let me deal with this. I think I can figure this out,” Jason’s phone said. “I love you.”

Then the neko slipped out of the door, leaving Devyn behind.




His feet padded near silently down the stairs. It was an effort to go slowly enough not to be heard, but Jason wanted to scout out the area first, to see how angry Richard was.

“Can you really blame them? I mean, he’s a wolf, and a teenager. That’s a double helping of horny right there,” Patrick’s voice said from the kitchen.

He at least sounded calm about it all. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. Jason might actually have someone on his side.

“I don’t really blame Devyn. He’s a wolf, he’s going to follow his instincts. I just never really expected a neko to trigger those particular instincts,” Richard replied.

Jason took a deep breath as he reached the bottom of the stairs, collecting his nerves after the descent. Taking a step forward, the neko flinched as the floor squeaked under him.

Richard’s head turned from where he was sitting in the kitchen.

“Oh, hey Jason. There’s a letter for you on the table. And don’t go upstairs. Devyn’s a little busy with Dylan.”

Jason frowned, looking back at the stairs. Dylan wasn’t upstairs, he’d left at least ten minutes ago.

“That’s the look of a cat with something on his mind,” Patrick said from the stove, glancing at Jason.

Jason’s ears flattened at the word, and his head whipped back around to glare at the elf.

“Oh… neko. Sorry. Want to talk about it?” Patrick offered, setting a spatula aside.

‘Dylan left already,” the neko signed.

Richard thought it had been Dylan upstairs? Was their secret safe a little longer? But Devyn had been so happy that Richard knew.

“What do you mean Dylan-”

Jason slid his hand across his throat frantically, glaring at the elf. Patrick’s eyes widened slightly.

“He has a girlfriend, doesn’t he? I saw a neko kissing one of the runners. Or was that someone else?” the elf said quickly, covering his mistake.

Jason shrugged helplessly as Richard stared at him curiously. He saw Patrick’s nostrils flare; there was no doubt in his mind that the werewolf knew Richard had walked in on Jason, not Dylan.

The werewolf let out a low chuckle, shaking his head.

“What’s so funny?” Richard demanded.

“You’re going to hate me,” the elf snorted. “I forgot to pick up the cinnamon Devyn wanted. Do you mind getting some for me?”

Richard frowned at his mate, letting out a sigh as he stood up.

“Yeah. Anything else we’re missing?”

“I don’t know. You said Devyn does most of the cooking around here.”

“Yeah. I’ll just pick up some seasonings at the corner store,” Richard shrugged. “I don’t really want to be here when Dylan gets finished. It’s kind of awkward.”

A nervous chuckle bubbled in Jason’s throat, and the neko felt a flush of gratitude that the laugh would never escape. Small thanks, but in the moment, he was thankful.

Richard kissed Patrick lightly, running a hand through the elf’s hair.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes. You can watch these two until then, right?”

“Yeah, sure,” Patrick smirked. “I usually find a neko cooks nicely at 450. You might want to take a longer walk if you want the wolf to be properly broiled though.”

“Ha ha,” Richard said drily, stepping from the room.

Patrick waited until the front door had closed before shutting off the burners on the stove. He pulled out the chair Richard had vacated, and sat down.

“Okay, talk. Better make it fast.”

‘I don’t know what to say. He walked in on us. I thought he was going to kick me out when I got down here,’ Jason signed.

“Richard? He doesn’t strike me as the type,” Patrick shrugged. “You’re playing a dangerous game though. How long has this been going on?”

Jason shrugged helplessly.

‘We didn’t do anything until Margaret left.’

The elf’s eyebrow rose at the name.

“But you’re doing things now. Devyn’s scent is all over you. Not thick enough to be mated, but there is no denying that he’s claimed you as his own.”

Jason shook his head.

‘He claimed me after my fall.’

“And you held him off this long? I’m impressed.”

The elf settled into the table, studying the neko. He let out a quiet sigh, adjusting his seat.

“Look. I can understand why you don’t want to tell your father. But it needs to happen, sooner or later. And I can tell you right now, the longer you wait, the worse it will get. I don’t know how Richard mistook you for Dylan, but he’s walked in on you once. I can almost guarantee it will happen again.”

‘I’ll tell him,’ Jason signed.

“You have three days to tell him before I mention it myself,” Patrick warned. “The full moon is next week, and I know what kids get up to after a frisky autumn dance.”

Panic washed over the neko. So soon? Why was the elf giving him a deadline? This was ridiculous!

“I know you probably hate me now, but it’s for your own good Jason. If Devyn turns you this close to the full moon, it could kill you.”

‘He’s not going to turn me at all,’ Jason signed rapidly, his ears flattening at the thought. ‘We’re being safe!’

“Okay, okay,” Patrick sighed, putting up his hands in a placating manner. “Then do it for your father. He’s taken you into his home, he’s done everything he can to provide for you. Why would you want to keep this from him? Imagine how happy he’ll be when he finds out his sons have a mate. Even if that mate is… a little unusual, given the circumstances.”

Jason paused, his tail twitching as he thought about that angle. Who was to say Richard would be angry? Maybe the human would be ecstatic that Devyn found someone.

“Yes, he was alarmed at the thought that Devyn and Dylan were swapping body fluids, but he wasn’t angry. I think you’re pushing your fears onto him. You’re thinking the worst of Richard and it’s not going to help you. What does Devyn think about telling your father?”

Jason slumped into a seat, hanging his head. He had been stopping Devyn from telling Richard, from telling everyone. It wasn’t fair to the wolf.

‘I’m a terrible mate-’

“Uh uh. You don’t get to say that buddy. It’s too easy to let yourself believe that. And from there it becomes a familiar excuse. I’m not letting you go there,” Patrick scolded.

The elf stood up, returning to the stove.

“Richard will be back soon. I suggest you get ready for dinner. And make sure Devyn knows if you’re waiting or not.”

Jason nodded, getting to his feet. He left the room, mind racing from the ultimatum he’d been given.




The wolf’s head shot up as the door opened, the condom dropping from his mouth. He could see the disgusted look on Jason’s face, a look that had him confused.

“It tastes good,” Devyn said defensively.

Jason’s eyes rolled, and he stooped down to grab the rubber. Throwing it back in the can, the neko pulled the liner out. Devyn sighed as his new toy was taken away.

Then his eyes closed in on a different prize.

The wolf dropped to his knees, feeling strange in this new position. But it got him right where he wanted, right next to Jason’s crotch. He could smell his brother’s musk, his nose inhaling the sweet scent deeply. There was something else that tasted good.

A hand dropped to his head, heavy and firm in its denial. Devyn whimpered quietly, looking up at Jason.

“You haven’t eja… ejac…”

His mouth stumbled over the word, trying to pronounce it properly. With a growl of frustration, Devyn gave up, yanking Jason’s pants down instead. He inhaled again, licking a damp spot on the front of the neko’s underpants. Jason’s hand ran over the wolf’s head, petting him gently as the neko tensed slightly.

And suddenly his mate was stepping away, leaving Devyn alone. He took a moment to process the fact that his prize was gone, only to be startled by the clicking of a door closing.

Jason twisted the handle, before turning back toward Devyn. The wolf could smell the lust pouring off his mate, lust mixed with a dash of fear as the neko returned. Jason’s fingers toyed with his underpants, and Devyn licked his lips, already tasting the sweetness in store.

And then they were off, the neko staring at the fabric he now held in his hands. With a slight shrug, he carried his underpants to Devyn’s desk, setting them in the wolf’s den underneath. The unspoken offer made Devyn’s eyes leak. Jason was offering him his scent?

The neko returned a moment later, pulling Devyn to his feet. He pushed the wolf back to his bed, forcing Devyn to lay down on the mattress. Climbing over Devyn, Jason stared down at his brother, a calculating look in his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Devyn frowned.

His mouth was covered a moment later, Jason’s tongue pushing into the wolf’s mouth. Devyn moaned quietly, whimpering when the neko pulled away again. He was surprised when Jason climbed up his body until his mate was sitting on his chest.

The neko fell forward suddenly, startling Devyn. A bit of maneuvering followed, until Jason’s barbed length was sitting on Devyn’s lips. The wolf took a tentative lick. And then another, and another, until he was frantically lapping at the juice leaking from his brother.

Jason moved again, and his penis pushed into Devyn’s mouth, the wolf huffing in surprise. Suddenly he was being humped by his brother, Jason’s hips pushing against Devyn’s face before retreating again. Devyn’s hands came up, holding Jason’s butt down so he could get his fill of the musk that flowed from his mate’s crotch. His mouth was full of his brother’s meat, meat that the wolf was careful not to bite.

The neko fought his hands, humping into his mouth again and again as his body vibrated in what Devyn could only assume was a purr. Through it all, sweet syrup dripped into his throat, the wolf’s tongue running over Jason’s penis rapidly to coax more out of his mate.

A flood of warm sugar filled his mouth. Devyn’s eyes closed as he swallowed this offering from his brother, and the wolf moaned in delight at the taste that flooded his mouth, threatened to overwhelm him. His own length was standing up again, and the scent of his brother made him want to submit. Jason needed to penetrate him now. He couldn’t leave Devyn alone; it wouldn’t be fair.

His mouth squeezed shut around his mate’s length, holding it in place as Devyn gulped down the last drops of syrup. His eyes opened again, his hands running over Jason’s butt as he sniffed his brother hungrily. A soft growl escaped him as Jason tried to pull away. Devyn wasn’t letting him go. He needed another taste, just one more taste.

A hand held his head against the bed as Jason slipped out of Devyn’s mouth. The neko was panting quietly, his eyes gleaming as they came into sight. Devyn’s brother flopped over on the bed, and Devyn was quick to change their positions, pinning Jason down as the wolf’s mouth closed around his limp penis again.

The neko shook his head slowly, pushing Devyn’s head away. He escaped the wolf’s clutches, getting off the bed with a quiet sigh. Grabbing his clothes, Jason dressed as Devyn tried to figure out why the room seemed to be spinning.

Before he knew it, the wolf was on his feet again, a kilt around his waist. He blinked, and suddenly he was descending the stairs, Jason’s arm supporting him carefully as the smell of dinner chased away the scent of sex.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Devyn and Jason are getting closer and closer. They need to tell Richard they are mates before they complete there bonding.

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7 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Devyn and Jason are getting closer and closer. They need to tell Richard they are mates before they complete there bonding.

I agree they need to tell Richard and they need to do it very soon. Otherwise it’ll just get complicated between them and him.

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Finally…. Sex at least even if mot mating yet. Agreed they need to tell Richard, and soon.

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4 hours ago, AlreadyForgiven said:

Whelp, I was wrong, Richard really is a bit naïve!

What's hilarious is that Dylan and Jason look nothing alike, aside from being nekos.

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