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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Brothers - 56. Chapter 56



A hand pulled the cup away from Devyn, leaving the wolf scowling at his brother. Jason had been following him around since they’d woken up, making sure nothing passed his lips. He was hungry, dehydrated, yet no one would let him have even a little food or water. Worst yet, he was expected to be in human form for the entire day.

It made for a very irritable wolf.

He was supposed to be getting ready for his dentist appointment. Devyn already had his kilt on, and he was wearing the raised shoes Richard had bought. It was still strange not to rely on his cane; Devyn had nearly fallen a few times as he tried to use support that wasn’t there. He was close to giving up, to just wearing his regular shoes. It would be so much easier, but he felt like if he did, he’d disappoint Jason. Though that seemed like a benefit with his current mood.

If there was one good thing about the whole dentist situation, it was that no one had tried to make him shower. Devyn wasn’t sure he could deal with that injustice today.

The wolf glared as Jason carried his water into the bathroom. The neko returned a moment later, tossing a shirt at Devyn. It hit Devyn’s face and fell into his lap.

“No,” he grunted.

Jason rolled his eyes. Stepping up to his brother, the neko grabbed the shirt and unfolded it. Devyn met his gaze, fire in his eyes. He’d had enough. That shirt was not going on him, and there was nothing Jason could say that would change that.

A deep growl rumbled in his throat as the neko held his gaze. He’d started the challenge, expecting his brother to back down, but Jason fought back.

And suddenly the shirt passed between them, the fabric breaking through the staring contest as it was shoved down over Devyn’s head. The wolf snarled, but Jason kept pushing, forcing Devyn’s arms into the constricting shirt.

Briefly the wolf wondered how much trouble he’d be in if he decided to just shift in his clothes. Part of him wanted to bite at the hands that were imprisoning him, but he couldn’t do that to his brother.

Still, the wolf struggled against the fabric, fighting Jason as the neko pinned him to the bed. Slowly, his hands were forced through the shirt holes, and Devyn switched tactics, humping his crotch up against his brother’s butt. The neko refused to back off, and a minute of intense struggling later, Jason rolled off Devyn, the wolf trapped in a shirt.

Jason pulled Devyn to his feet, guiding him toward the door.

“What about my teeth?” Devyn demanded.

He regretted it instantly, but the damage was done. The wolf would have to deal with his teeth being cleaned again.

Already they were changing directions, heading for the bathroom instead. Devyn watched silently as Jason squirted the paste onto a brush. Sighing, Devyn opened his mouth, waiting for his brother to finish. He had already realized the futility of fighting the toothbrush.

Arms wrapped around him, Jason’s body pressing against Devyn’s back. The wolf let out a surprised breath, leaning back against the neko as Jason got the brush wet. It scraped across his mouth, spreading its disgusting flavour everywhere, but each time the brush moved, Jason pressed slowly into Devyn’s thighs.

The wolf huffed in annoyance, reaching around with his arms. He pulled Jason closer to him, trying to pick the neko up so Jason could hump his butt instead. Jason stopped brushing suddenly, and pulled Devyn away from the sink.

They were on the ground a moment later, Devyn sprawled out in Jason’s lap. The tub was right next to them, and the wolf leaned over, spitting the paste into the tub. He felt Jason sigh behind him, but the neko just began brushing again, his groin pressing against Devyn’s butt as he worked.

A minute later, the two were walking back to the sink. Devyn spat more paste out of his mouth, watching Jason reach for a cup. His tongue ran over his lips, his throat swallowing drily as he prepared to swallow whatever water his brother was giving him.

The wolf lapped eagerly at the liquid, filling his mouth quickly. He gagged suddenly as a thumb pressed the space behind his chin, letting the water wash back out of his mouth as he nearly retched.

Spitting into the sink again, Devyn glared at his brother accusingly. The neko ignored him, stepping from behind him to set the empty cup back on the counter before putting away the toothbrush.

“How did you do that?”

Jason shrugged, letting a finger run gently under the wolf’s chin. Devyn gulped under his touch, feeling the tightness that would have prevented any water from flowing down his parched throat. It wasn’t impossible for Devyn to swallow, but the shock and the minor pain had been enough for the wolf to open his mouth and spill the water.

He would have been furious if he wasn’t so confused. It felt like Jason was controlling his body somehow; as though the neko knew just what to do to make Devyn work.

“What about your teeth?”

Jason paused, glancing at the cabinet that held the torture devices they called tooth brushes. The neko shrugged again, pulling out a brush and getting to work on his own teeth. Devyn felt something run through him at the sight of his brother brushing his teeth. Almost a smug satisfaction. If the wolf had to deal with the shame of having his teeth cleaned, then so did Jason.

“Come on boys, we need to leave early to drop Patrick off,” Richard called from the hallway.

Scowling, Devyn reached over and pulled Jason toward him. The wolf shoved his lips against the neko’s, licking Jason’s mouth tenderly before releasing his brother.

“No more for today,” Devyn grunted as he let the neko go.

He knew Richard didn’t know about them, and he knew Jason didn’t want to reveal Devyn’s claim. It ruffled his fur, but for now, Devyn was satisfied knowing that Jason wasn’t trying to back out of his claim.




“Up here Jason.”

The neko tensed up as Richard patted the passenger seat. Taking a deep breath, Jason unbuckled his belt, and slid out of the car. Waving at Patrick as the elf made his way toward the pack apartments, the neko opened the passenger door, and got in.

Richard made sure he was buckled in properly before driving out of the car park. Silence reigned in the car for a few minutes, as everyone gathered their bearings. It was the first time the three had been alone together since Richard had caught the two, and Jason felt a thrill of nervous energy every time he glanced at the man. But it helped take the focus off the cars that were speeding toward them. Small reliefs.

“So… Devyn… uh…”

Richard trailed off. Jason could see the curious look in his brother’s eyes through the rearview mirror, and he cringed internally. There was only one way this was going, and the neko had no desire to listen to this conversation.

“Okay… look, I know I’ve been absent a lot. Margaret’s been the one to really take care of you. But there are things that… well, that a father needs to explain to his son. To his sons.”

The neko resisted the urge to cringe as Richard glanced at him. Jason sat up straight, but there was no controlling the drooping of his ears or the nervous twitch of his tail.

“What do you mean?” Devyn frowned. “Why is Jason upset?”

“He shouldn’t be upset.”

Richard swallowed, staring ahead as he drove.

“It’s something that needs to be talked about. And I never did. I’m sorry for that.”

“I don’t get it.”

A weak laugh slipped out of Jason, his body shaking as he buckled under the stress. Reaching back, the neko motioned toward his brother’s groin.

“My penis? Why are we talking about my penis?” the wolf frowned.

“Well… not exactly,” Richard sighed. “I… er, I noticed you have a box of condoms in your dresser. Have you been… using them?”


“Good. Good,” Richard muttered. “I mean… I’d rather you weren’t having sex, but at least you’re being safe about it, right?”

“But we only fucked once. Jason won’t let us do it again.”

Jason’s entire body tensed up at the words, and he shot a glare at his brother. Beside him, Richard shifted uncomfortably.

“Well… I’m glad Jason’s protecting you,” he said finally.

The neko’s jaw dropped. Devyn had openly admitted they were having sex. Jason looked nothing like Dylan. Was Richard that blind? Or was he just trying to ignore the fact that his sons were fucking each other?

“Look, you’re a werewolf, Devyn. You can… make other people werewolves. And a lot of people want to be werewolves. One of them could… take advantage of you. And you need to be safe. And Jason… I’ve been reading about neko farms.”

Jason hissed in alarm, his mind recoiling from such a vile place. He would never end up at a place like that.

“Both of you need to be careful with who you trust. People want to use both of you. And I’m glad that you’re helping each other out.”

Was he… telling them that it was okay? That they had his permission to be mates? Jason mulled that over in his mind, glancing back at Devyn again.

“I mean, I’m assuming you both know the basics of sex. At least, you do, Devyn,” Richard sighed. “But if you have questions-”

“What if I can’t have sex as a human?”

The car filled with a thick silence, broken only by the purr of the engine. Richard took a deep breath, glancing back at the wolf. Jason’s ears pricked, and he stared out the window, trying to avoid the conversation even as he listened intently.

“Well… You have to find a mate that will listen to you, and who will take your needs into consideration,” their father said finally. “It’s not… unusual for werewolves to have sex in their wolf form, nor is it wrong. It’s a natural extension of yourself.”

“Do you fuck Patrick as a wolf?”

Jason’s head whipped around, his hand slicing across his throat rapidly. Devyn stared at him in confusion for a moment, before looking back at Richard.

“That’s… it’s… that’s not appropriate to ask about,” the man said firmly.

“But you do,” Devyn frowned. “I can smell it.”

Again the car descended into silence. Jason’s ears flattened as he stared out the window. The neko briefly considered jumping out of the car, trying to escape the conversation. But that wouldn’t help.

“My mate thinks it’s wrong,” Devyn said suddenly.

Jason’s blood ran cold. He thought Devyn was willing to wait, to keep quiet. But the wolf seemed determined to tell the world about them, and it terrified the neko. Devyn and Patrick were both giving him deadlines that he wasn’t prepared to meet, and just the thought scared Jason half to death.

“Your mate?” Richard asked.

Of all the times for the man to be observant…

“Yeah. He doesn’t want to fuck me as a wolf, but I keep telling him I am a wolf, not a human,” Devyn continued.

“I see. Well, have you tried telling him that aerafael are still capable of sapient thought? If he doesn’t know you that well, he might be confused at the difference between you and a feral wolf,” Richard said slowly. “But maybe he wants to wait until you’re an adult.”

Jason’s face burned at the words, and the neko stared out the window, stewing silently. He wouldn’t be considered an adult for another few months, and Devyn wouldn’t be an adult for at least half a year. Jason had no problem waiting, and maybe it would solve a lot of their problems. He wouldn’t have to worry about having sex with a wolf if he wasn’t having sex with anyone.

But having to listen to Richard talk about his relationship with Devyn without being able to do anything about it was driving the neko crazy.




A trio of kids ran in front of Devyn as the wolf entered the waiting room. He nearly toppled over, trying to stay out of their way, and a hand grabbed his shoulder, helping Devyn stay on his feet.

Beside him, Richard was chewing on his lip, looking around for a relatively peaceful seat. His breaths were measured, calm, and it went a long way toward calming Devyn himself.

“There’s a seat over there,” Devyn’s father said, pointing the wolf toward a quiet corner of the waiting room.

Devyn shook his head, moving toward the other side of the room. He sat on the floor near the kids who were still running around, watching them play silently. Behind him, Jason and Richard settled into a pair of seats.

“Skylar! Sam! Sit down!” a woman snapped.

Devyn flinched at her tone, as two of the kids leapt toward the seats. Not more than a minute later, they were up again, tearing through the waiting room and drawing a low chuckle from the wolf. The chuckle drew their attention, and one of the kids ran up to Devyn.

“Hey, what kind of shoes are those?”

The wolf shrugged, pulling the wedge off.

“They help me walk,” he said, showing the kid the raised heel.

“My mom wears those,” the kid said, grabbing the shoe.

“Sam, give the man his shoe back!”

Devyn frowned as the shoe dropped on the ground. He picked it up, and struggled to put it on again.

“You look like a girl,” the kid laughed, staring at the heels and the kilt Devyn was wearing.

“But I’m a boy,” Devyn said firmly.

A door opened, and the wolf tensed up slightly, staring at the elf who stepped out.

“Jason Farin?” the elf called.

Devyn’s head twisted in confusion as Jason stood up. The neko crossed the room, rubbing Devyn’s head gently before making his way toward the doctor. A whimper escaped the wolf as his brother vanished behind the door. How was he supposed to protect the neko from the doctor now?

“Jason said it wasn’t fair if you had to face the dentist and he didn’t,” Richard said as the wolf scooted back toward the seats. “They should be calling you in soon, and I’ll go in with you.”

Almost as soon as the words left Richard’s lips, the door opened again, letting a woman out.

“Devyn Farin?”

Richard stood up and helped Devyn to his feet. The wolf’s nose wrinkled as he approached the woman.

“Where’s Jason?” he demanded.

“Your brother is having a routine cleaning. He’ll be in the room right next to yours,” the woman said soothingly. “You’re a wolf, right?”

Devyn nodded distractedly, trying to sniff Jason out. His nose was filled with the scent of bleach, and the wolf sneezed violently.

“Okay, well come with me, and we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.”

The woman guided him through the door, into a series of grey halls. Devyn moved slowly, trying to figure out where Jason was.

“Right through here,” the woman said, opening a door.

Devyn stepped into a small room with blue walls covered in sea life. A chair sat in the center of the room, and Devyn froze just inside the room, staring at the chair that would hold him down through the torture ahead. A table stood nearby, for wolf emergencies, but Devyn knew the table would only be used during a full moon.

“All werewolves have to be sedated for dental work,” the woman said quietly behind him. “Has he had anything to drink or eat today?”

“No,” Richard replied just as quietly.

“Good. You are here for a broken tooth, right?”

“Yes. There is… er… he has to be unconscious for the dentist,” Richard warned.

“His files said as much. Does he prefer gas or IV?”

Devyn stalked toward the chair, not bothering to listen to the conversation. A growl emerged from his throat. How dare a chair make him afraid. He’d show it. The chair meant nothing; it would not win this fight.

“Okay Devyn, why don’t you have a seat, and the anesthesiologist will be here shortly,” the woman smiled, motioning him to the chair.

Devyn sat down awkwardly, leaning back in the leather seat. He tried to watch the woman, but she hurried out of the room a moment later, and the wolf let his head thump back in the chair.

Before he knew it, a pair of elves were stepping into the room. One of them stepped up to Devyn, a warm smile on her face.

“Hey there Devyn. We’re going to get you nice and comfortable for your appointment, okay?” she said cheerfully.

“Don’t poke me,” the wolf grunted.

“No no, all we’re going to do is put a mask over your face. Can you tell me about your shifts? Are they controllable?”

Devyn nodded, watching the other elf moving through the room. A wary growl escaped him as the elf paused near a sink, but the elf just washed his hands before pulling on a pair of gloves.

“Is there any risk of you shifting in your sleep?”

“No,” he grunted.

“Perfect,” the elf smiled as her partner approached. “Now, we need you to relax, okay? We’re going to put the mask over your mouth and nose. You’ll start to feel a little lighter, and you might want to laugh a bit. Before you know it, you’ll be asleep and when you wake up, your mouth will be better.”

Devyn leaned back in the chair, trying not to panic as the mask went over his mouth. His eyes flickered toward Richard, and a whimper escaped him as a hiss filled the room. A moment later, the panic faded, and he let out a breath, before inhaling again. His ears picked up a gentle murmur, numbers counting backwards, and his eyes closed.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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I like that Jason helped Devyn get ready for the dentist.

It seems Richard knows they are having sex together, but doesn't realise they are mates.

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I’m confused about Richard, does he not have the same sense of smell that Devyn has? Or is he not as attuned to the smells? He should be able to smell they are mates right?

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54 minutes ago, VBlew said:

I’m confused about Richard, does he not have the same sense of smell that Devyn has? Or is he not as attuned to the smells? He should be able to smell they are mates right?

Richard is not a werewolf, so he has no where near the same ability to smell as Devyn does.

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