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Tiger needs to know...

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  1. 1. Is Tiger a socialist? (Read below before answering)

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Not long ago I watched Capitalism: A Love Story. I'd never watched a Michael Moore movie before. I didn't think I'd agree with him as much as I did. In fact, I agreed with just about all of it. Does that mean I'm a total socialist?

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tiger i felt the same way when i saw it and i've never seen anything by him before that, I was faded too.


then i remembered how fat and terrible looking he is and got over it, ignored it even.


still interesting, the swedish look great though. remember when you wanted to move someplace? move to sweden.

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Michael Moore is a polemicist, trying to bring as much as possible people to think.

The fact that you seems beginning to think doesnt make you a total socialist, not even a simple minded socialist 0:)

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Why would you ever take Michael Moore as fact?


I actually do think he misdirects on some things. However, I'm talking more about overall philosophy. Everyone has some kind of bias, and he makes no attempt to hide his own. But of course, anyone who disagrees with him is going to use rhetorical devices to dismiss him or whatever. However, I believe this is out of fear. Y'all have your voices, who often mislead people like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

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I answered Yes, and I'd say "Yes, and that's a good thing". Of course, you'd have to define "socialism" a lot more precisely. In the meantime, you can go with whatever label you want.


The mere fact that you ask the question make it sound like it may be frowned upon. It may be in Texas, and in the US generally. It doesn't raise an eyebrow over here. In my country, millions of people proudly define themselves as socialists. We had several Socialist governments since I was born, and the Earth didn't stop turning. We didn't turn into a Soviet regime despite the CIA's fears.


I haven't seen the Michael Moore movies, though I read one of his books. I'm strongly tempted to side with him on many issues, but I try not to forget that he uses "shock therapy".



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Michael Moore is a big, fat idiot.


He is the left's Rush Limbaugh.


Listen to people that actually graduated from college.


Moore's lies are lies of omission. Like when he was fired from Mother Jones for holding back well documented articles critical of those murdering bastard Sandinistas that lefties were in love with in the eighties. If he doesn't LIKE it, then it isn't real.


After four months at Mother Jones, Moore was fired. Matt Labash of The Weekly Standard reported this was for refusing to print an article by Paul Berman that was critical of the Sandinista human rights record in Nicaragua.[18] Moore refused to run the article, believing it to be inaccurate. "The article was flatly wrong and the worst kind of patronizing bullshit. You would scarcely know from it that the United States had been at war with Nicaragua for the last five years."[19] Berman described Moore as a "very ideological guy and not a very well-educated guy" when asked about the incident.


Moore, when asked about the incident, lied and claimed that Mother Jones fired him because he wanted to cover GM plant closings in Lansing, MI.


I, on the other hand, was in Nicaragua in '85 and got splattered by a friends brains when a Sandy sniper shot him for repairing telephone lines.


So- if you like your truth to be what you believe in your own little head not to be interfered with by objective reality, then a lying piece of shit propagandist like Moore is for you. I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.

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I, on the other hand, was in Nicaragua in '85 and got splattered by a friends brains when a Sandy sniper shot him for repairing telephone lines.


Sorry- I was in Honduras, can't edit.

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I know he's out there. I've never seen Sicko, but from what I have heard about it, I've no interest in it. Anyone praising Cuba is going way too far. They may have universal healthcare (which I really want), but there have been reports that there are separate facilities for the rich and poor, the latter being dilapidated and understaffed. I mainly watched the latest one out of morbid curiosity. I don't believe everything he said. Rather I find myself agreeing with some of it on an ideological level.

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