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New Things Are Coming

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I am the type of person who likes documenting my life sometimes, so here is a blog post. :P


I realized that it has been over a year since I posted a story. But this year, two things happened that I am hopeful will get some new work up.


Firstly, I realized that Adderall was completely fucking up my life. I did really well at work (I had the highest productivity back in 2014 and was second highest last year) but outside of work, I was completely miserable. I couldn't sleep well, I could barely eat and any time I wasn't taking Adderall, I was sleeping because I was completely exhausted. Taking my medication was decided by how badly I wanted to be able to eat that day. So I stopped taking it.


Shortly after that, in March, I got sick. My cardiologist and NP didn't do crap for me, but it was after that when my therapist recommended a psychiatrist. So I went.


My psychiatrist is amazing. He changed my life. (He is super hot too, btw). He gave me 2 medicines and I am now sleeping great and am gaining weight like whoa. People tell me how healthy I look. I can focus at work, my productivity is still highest in my clinic, and my boss told me I was awesome in a recent email. (My boss is a bit of a jerk and hardly ever compliments me).


When I stopped taking Adderall, story ideas and the urge to write came trickling back. Now it's like a tidal wave. That is where the new stuff comes in. I have a 12,000 word companion piece to NTS that will be going up soon, as well as a minor revisions and epilogue for Book 3. I am also trying like hell to get a piece completed for the fall anthology. I can't make any promises as to when they will happen, (summers are crazy where I work) but they will happen. And hopefully more will follow. I'm carefully looking at pieces that I have started but not completed and some look promising. It's little steps, baby steps, but I am trying.


I love all you guys. :)

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I'm glad to hear that things are on an upswing.  :)  I look forward to reading your new stories. :D 

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That sounds like good news. I love your stories, so I'm delighted to hear that another is on the way.

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