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Happy New Year 2021: Author Contest Here!



Authors, you have been... awesome stamp in red inkso let us reward you! 

Did you read our Thank You and Happy New Year message? Don't miss it! In 2020, you published 319 new stories and over 4,000 chapter updates. You have worked hard, and we want to recognize those amazing accomplishments. Let's keep the writing flowing with some inspiration reads, perhaps, with these prizes you could word art that says win!

What can you win?

  • Prize 1: 3 months free Premium membership
  • Prize 2: 1 month free Premium membership

How can you enter to win? It's simple! Just do BOTH of the items below: 

  • Follow the GA Writing Tips blog (Click on the follow button in the blog banner above the post if you don't already follow it)
  • Respond to this blog post. A couple of ideas on what you should comment on could be: What inspired you to write in 2020? Do you have any project you can't wait to write in 2021? Do you have thoughts on new GA Stories goals? 

How will winners be selected? 

  • All GA Writing Tips followers who also comment on this blog will have their names entered in a random.org drawing.
  • 2 winners will be selected and shared on Sunday, January 9th. 
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Recommended Comments

Good morning from Hillsborough, NC,

I wrote two books in 2020 which were sequels to books I had written in 2019.  It was an interesting process to write two books at the same time.  Somehow, I think I made it work, but I will not do that again.  Being sequestered in my house, which sits on 2 acres of woodland, provided me the quietness and the inspiration for creativity.  Whenever I would hit the proverbial writer's block, I would spend a day pruning bushes, cutting down trees, or pulling weeds and my brain would work out the details and story line that proved to be daunting.  Then back to the computer I would go to write more.  

I am excited about the book I am working on in 2021.  Notice, I am only trying to write one book this year.  It is historical fiction about a shipwreck off the North Carolina coast in the 1890s where a young Outer Banker saves a passenger from India.  They build a life together in Durham, NC as physician and lawyer.  The fact that one is considered "colored" and the other white presents societal tensions for their lives in this southern city.  Lots of research completed and more to be done.  Trips to the Outer Banks are a gift as I conduct more research.  

The diversity of writing on GayAuthors is very appealing to me.  There is always a story that grabs me and won't let me loose.  

Thank you for GayAuthors.  You are a gift to writers and readers.

Mac Rountree

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I have a small story I've used to keep myself sane the last month. Hope to type it up and have something new. Been a wild year and just need to focus.

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Prize 1: 3 months free Premium membership: @Mac Rountree

Prize 2: 1 month free Premium membership:  @Skinner

Congratulations! Your Premium memberships will be added to your account. 


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