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Weekly Wrap UP (July 16 - July 22)



Wildone is on wild camping vacay, so I'm bringing you the Weekly Wrap up.  We shall all have to hope that he doesn't get eaten by a wild bear (*coughs*) so he can come back next week to resume his usual posting. In the meantime, onward for a refresh on last week's goings on from yours truly. 

Monday I featured a short story by our very own long-term Signature member and admin, Graeme:

Tuesday we started voting on the Secret Author Story Contest. Remember1 reader who votes wins free Premium! 

Did you read the Torn in Two excerpt on Wednesday? 

Or check out the list of all 11 Secret Author Stories on Thursday (and find out you get to guess the author on Monday?)

Friday, you were invited to go take a hike... no, it's fine, I promise!

Saturday Comicality talks about the "Author Experience". What is that? Well...

Words of the Day: 

agnosia   coot   whine   muddleheaded   preternatural    corral    bubbletop

Upcoming Writing Events 

Leap of Faith Anthology! All Submissions due Sunday, October 1 Guidelines here.

Here is the look at the past weeks postings on all our Authors and Poets!

Recently Updated 'Premium' Stories

  1. Paradox Lost by Libby Drew (In Process)

Recently Updated 'Signature Author' Stories

  1. Gap Year by Mark Arbour (In Process)
  2. Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour (Temporary Hold)
  3. By Chance or Appointment by Parker Owens (Temporary Hold)
  4. Dichotomy of Love by Mrsgnomie (In Process)
  5. Broken Path, Starless Tail by Cia (In Process)
  6. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Poetry by AC Benus (In Process)
  7. GFD: Fanboys by Comicality (Long-Term Hold)
  8. The Cockney Canuck by Dodger (Temporary Hold)
  9. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Prose by AC Benus (In Process)
  10. The Best Year by Krista (In Process)

Recently Updated 'Classic Author' Stories

  1. Paradox Lost by Libby Drew (In Process)
  2. Seth on the Road to Chaos by Ronyx (In Process)
  3. Secrets: The Truth is Slowly Revealed by Bill W (In Process)

Recently Updated 'Promising Author' Stories

No stories

Recently Updated 'Author' Stories

  1. The Discovery by Jdonley75 (In Process)
  2. The Case of the Short, Short Prince by Geron Kees (In Process)
  3. Kidnapped by a Vampire by Thirdly (In Process)
  4. Chasing Rusty Parker by Laura S. Fox (In Process)
  5. Taming Of The Beast by ASH PHOENIX (In Process)
  6. 593 Riverside Drive by RichEisbrouch (In Process)
  7. Don't Blame The Band by Lee Wilson (In Process)
  8. Thicker Than Water by John Henry (In Process)
  9. Aedan's Story by RichardWrites (In Process)
  10. A Wizard's War by TeamStilinski (In Process)
  11. Heartbreak To Healing by D.K. Daniels (In Process)
  12. Unchained by Secret Author (Complete)
  13. Lone Wolf Ranch by Justin4Fun (In Process)
  14. Never walk alone- Walk on by Andre Delport (In Process)
  15. Disputed Sea by quokka (In Process)
  16. Desafinado: Slightly Out of Tune by LJCC (In Process)
  17. The Egg Stone by Secret Author (Complete)
  18. Wicked Games by CasualWanderer82 (In Process)
  19. ARROW by CLJobe (In Process)
  20. The Case of Cloud Rider by Secret Author (Complete)
  21. The Book of Poems by Secret Author (Complete)
  22. Silvered Spell by PrismaFox (In Process)
  23. Quantum Shift by Luca E (Complete)
  24. Searching for God by Secret Author (Complete)
  25. Connor and the Wolves by Yeoldebard (In Process)
  26. Beyond Imagination by W_L (In Process)
  27. Revival with "Firebird" by Georgie DHainaut (Complete)
  28. River City by Secret Author (Complete)

Recently Updated 'Poet' Stories

  1. Musings of a Wordsmith by JACC (Temporary Hold)
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  • Site Administrator

We also had prompts on Friday, brought to us by @Aditus, who is also on vacation.  Hopefully Addy and @wildone will both avoid becoming bear food :unsure: 



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Thanks, @Cia for this week's wrap-up while @wildone is shirking his duties and going on a vacation, only joking, we all need a break from time to time.

What I am very surprised about is that so few readers have cast votes in The Secret Author Contest! If we want Authors and their teams, and Site Admin, to give up their time to entertain us with quality stories then we should show our gratitude and vote. I have read all of the stories and cast my vote and ask others to do the same, it's easy, anonymous and important. If anyone reading this comment hasn't voted then I ask that they follow either of the links above and vote, NOW!

Or follow the link below


Edited by Mancunian
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19 hours ago, wildone said:




Funny you all should mention a bear. 

So we were set up in a tenting 'campground'. On Saturday we saw a few conservation officers and then a lot more white trucks with just a Kananaskis logo on the door with a orange light on top going by.

One of the campground attendants came by and asked us to leave our campground and all the food and such and come over towards their trailer and lock up area immediately. The white trucks were 'bear trackers' and we had a momma grizzly and two cubs about 100 feet or less just down a slope grazing and too close for comfort. We never saw them, but knowing is close enough. Glad that they do track especially with all the 1000's of campsites in the area which is a major grizzly area and migration route too! They said it was better to have them find the food on the picnic table than to have us running away with the food from them :o 

Sadly, not even LBO was seen on this trip. 

Actually Steve, I didn't misspell bear, but bares was referring to people that were bare.  I'm happy that the bear didn't create any problems for you, though.  

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