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Comedy Genre In Depth




Sub-genres of comedy focus on less serious things or have a less than serious take on serious things.

Sub-genres: Comedy Modern, Comic Fantasy, Comic Sci-Fi, Comic Horror, Tall Tale, Surreal Comedy

Top 10 Most Read  - Comedy Modern
  1. Chasing Rusty Parker by Laura S. Fox
  2. Good Guys Don't Date Bad Boys by Laura S. Fox
  3. The Best Year by Krista
  4. Jay's Loelife by Mrsgnomie
  5. Black Widow by Mark Arbour
  6. The English Year by Jwolf
  7. Millennium by Mark Arbour
  8. Makarovia! Yes, I Know Where That is! Sophomore Year by R. Eric
  9. Bloodlines by Mark Arbour
  10. North Meets South, Worlds Collide by R. Eric
Top 10 Most Read Comic Fantasy
  1. Storyverse: Stealing the Show by kbois
  2. Gender Bender in a Blue Blender by Thirdly
  3. First day of Christmas by northie
  4. Corrupting the Innocent by kbois
  5. Spudhunter! by northie
  6. Outlook: Grey and Unsettled by northie
  7. Ivor's short shorts by Ivor Slipper
Top 10 Most Read - Comic Sci-Fi
  1. Ark II by R. Eric
Top 10 Most Read - Comic Horror
  1. Boxed In by northie
  2. The End of the World, NY by Dandy Lam
Top 10 Most Read - Tall Tale
  1. Storyverse: Stealing the Show by kbois
  2. Paul Bunyan, Gay Icon - obituary (1985) by Refugium
  3. A Fool In Love by Comicality
Top 10 Most Read - Surreal Comedy
  1. Prompt #134 - "Why is your underwear in the swimming pool?" by wildone
  2. The Closing Act by Arch Hunter
  3. Welcome to Brain Torture Hotel by Refugium
  4. Teddy Bear Lovers Anonymous by Refugium
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I've read several of these stories and not a one was a disappointment. There are authors included here that I've read, just not the story chosen for the list. Others will be new to me. These lists provide me with an introduction of sorts.

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Great Collection of Comedy & Happy Stories , I’m a Big Fan of R.Eric & Mark Arbour Writings Myself 🌞

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