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Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 24 - Sept. 30)



No matter where in the world you are, you have 22 hours to get your Anthology in :yes:¬†Actually if you are in Auckland New Zealand, you come out with extra time. As of publishing this blog, you are at 7:40 PM Sunday. So if you are thinking you only have 3 hours to go, no, you have 22 more hours¬†ūüėģ. Same to you in Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Kyiv, Johannesburg. You get where I'm going here ;)¬†

Yes, if you read this blog right at the time of publishing, that is how many hours you got to get in your Anthology. Do we have any stragglers out there? Are you in your final, final edit stage? 22 hours!!

Now I shall get back to our regular scheduled programming for the GA News Blog.

Monday, Cia came hard and fast at us on the first day of the work week with the CSR Discussion Day:

Tuesday our friend Myr dug deep into another genre: 

On Thursday it was the Last Call, but not for alcohol, but for the Leap of Faith Anthology:

 Friday was Cole's turn up at the plate to knock a Prompt out of the park!!

Comicality had another great Writing Tips article this week too!



7 days in one week means 7 Words of the Day:

imprecate, obstreperous, methinks, timorous, termagant, raconteur, watchman


Upcoming Writing Events 

Leap of Faith Anthology! All Submissions due Sunday, October 1 Guidelines here.


Member Participation Blogs - Great way to promote yourself!!

Ask a Author 3.0 If you have a author you want to get some answers from, write a PM to @astone2292

Author Guess Who Get our members to guess who you are and also let everyone know who you are. Also write a PM to @astone2292


Here is the look at the past weeks postings on all our Authors and Poets!

Recently Updated 'Premium' Stories

  1. Lost In Question by Comicality

Recently Updated 'Signature Author' Stories

  1. The Best Year by Krista
  2. Gap Year by Mark Arbour
  3. Dichotomy of Love by Mrsgnomie
  4. Bearpaw: An Old West Tale by Headstall

Recently Updated 'Classic Author' Stories

  1. Keeper of the Rituals by Libby Drew
  2. Beyond the Crags by Kyle Aarons
  3. Seth on the Road to Chaos by Ronyx
  4. Secrets: The Truth is Slowly Revealed by Bill W

Recently Updated 'Promising Author' Stories

  1. The Light at the End of the Tunnel by kbois

Recently Updated 'Author' Stories

  1. Mr & Mister Danvers by LJCC
  2. Re-birth by Justin4Fun
  3. WL's Prompts- Short Stories by W_L
  4. Taming Of The Beast by ASH PHOENIX
  5. Pig in Palm Springs by Hryjknyk
  6. Birthday Present for Patrick by TiggerDude **Complete** 
  7. Pandemonium by frozenphenix
  8. Brian: Taking Courage by Robert Hugill
  9. Lone Wolf Ranch by Justin4Fun
  10. 593 Riverside Drive by RichEisbrouch
  11. He Always Has a Plan by Hryjknyk
  12. Twist of Fate by Remijay **Complete**
  13. Chasing Rusty Parker by Laura S. Fox
  14. Of Pride and Power by W_L
  15. The Enlightenment of Paul Farmer by chris191070 **Complete**
  16. Dating Rules And Pretty Fools by Laura S. Fox
  17. ARROW by CLJobe
  18. My Friend and Protector by Lee Wilson
  19. Antony and Sam - Old Friends Reunited by Hryjknyk
  20. Scapegoat by ValentineDavis21
  21. Wicked Games by CasualWanderer82
  22. Palingenesis by frozenphenix **Complete**
  23. The Giggle Shack by TiggerDude **Complete**
  24. Soulmates by Ajbt2001
  25. Canaan Club by Westley D.
  26. Reggie: Matt's New Friend by Lee Wilson
  27. The Seducer: A Gone From Daylight Inspired Story by MrM
  28. Connor and the Wolves by Yeoldebard
  29. The Earliest Shrine by paren01
  30. Boys Of Eternity by TriadSync
  31. His Personal Shopper by chris191070 **Complete**


Read, Write, and REVIEW!!! (Don't forget to Recommend too!)

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I'm looking forward to the Leap of Faith Anthology being posted, because I can't wait to read all of those great stories.  I've looked over the  list of authors who've submitted stories. and this looks like it will be an awesome selection.  

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