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Gay flamingos can adopt too...

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:) Very nice. What I also liked was that the article was completely non-judgemental -- which is exactly the way it should be.
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I'm waiting for the article that says the FFA (Flamingo Family Association) is moving to pass bills to prohibit the adoption..

But if they pass bills, how will they eat? Flamingos need their bills to feed....

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It's good that they gave them a chance to raise a chick since they worked so diligently to hatch some from their eggs. I've read about some studies in the wild about two unpaired males adopting an abandoned baby, but the "proud papas" version is a lot better. :)




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I will not "gush" on the whole fluffiness this article provides.

I will not "gush" on the whole fluffiness this article provides.

I will not "gush" on the whole fluffiness this article provides.


OMG look at the little pink birdy with his gay parental carbon units (Thanks to my Psychology teacher for that phrase).


*Ahem, Returns to stoic mode*


Hmm, i wonder if any major news channel will pick this story up, like they have done to other nature stories.


Thats is all,


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Isn't this cool? Sometimes, I wish I was a pink Flamingo! At least gay flamingo are accpeted by all and aren't persecuted by religious bigots!


Yay for Carlos and Fernando!



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