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CJ's Vacation photos and videos


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CJ doing some help since he couldn't pay for his hotel room.







He's making a fuss of having a diaper on when he goes in his hotel.



Nothing is better than dancing to good country music.



He likes to play with his monkey.



Getting some relief by getting milked.



He's having a huge hangover.

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He also ran into some problems while on vacation.


HEAD OUT FOR DINNER: A woman driving in Limestone County, Ala., saw a dog and a goat on the side of the road, and stopped to see if they were injured. They weren't, but she grabbed the goat and called for the sheriff anyway. "When our deputy arrived on the scene she had a hold of him and he was standing on the car," said Sheriff Mike Blakely. The deputy knew how to handle a goat: he grabbed it by the horns and escorted it to the back of his patrol car. The dog then jumped up on the seat next to the animal, and the deputy "brought them both back here to the jail," Blakely said. "He said he got some weird looks from people who noticed this goat in the back seat of his patrol car." The dog was housed in the county pound, but as for the goat, "No one has called yet to claim him," the sheriff said. "If we don't get a call on it, we are going to eat that goat." (Athens News Courier) ...To commemorate the Beijing Olympics, maybe he should serve it with a side of dog.

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And got his perm.




Ah yes, back in the late 70's when Disco was huge, CJ did everything just to fit in :D


Keep them coming Jack, they're hilarious. :P


Steve B)

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Great Goat! HEHE!


CJ, you look great and pretty rugged in your poses; I think you would make a good stand in act for Keith and Jensen, when they are gone. You just need a good blond partner:


(Drum Rolls please!)


Beach Goats



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